Where We Stood Still

Yes, I’m all right, though irritated beyond belief. That’s not the reason for the radio silence though. That was a bunch of unexpected family stuff, and expected doctor stuff. (No, nothing wrong, at least not that we know of yet. There is much going on not understood and we’re pursuing it. Faint but pursuing.)

I’ll be back in an hour or so with a post, but just so y’all know this is what’s running through my head.

As well as “o, calm, dishonorable vile submission.”

106 thoughts on “Where We Stood Still

  1. Take care Sarah.

    I may not be responding much as I have too much anger inside.

      1. /sigh
        I’m not angry.
        A bit irritated though.

        Quote from Blazing Saddles does kind of express it though.

        “You’ve got to remember that these are just simple farmers. These are people of the land. The common clay of the new West. You know… morons.”

        1. And there are a lot of politicians and especially bureaucrats, who when not actively trying to make themselves the next Stalin and Beria, are simply trying to keep their “phony baloney jobs” to quote another Blazing Saddles line.

  2. I’ve been angry for a long time….I’m afraid apathy is what I’m bouncing back into. Let them eat ….McRibs. Even with mass fraud there are still a huge (unbelievably huge) portion of real people who are 100% on board with the dismantling of society. I’m sick. Sick and weakened. Drained. I don’t have the strength for anger right now. Reality is just such a burden. I think we win. But I’m not sure I’ll see it in my lifetime enough to make a difference.

    1. Well, it is wise to not overestimate what effects are to expected from politics, even at its best.

  3. I’ve been angry for a long time….I’m afraid apathy is what I’m bouncing back into. Let them eat ….McRibs. Even with mass fraud there are still a huge (unbelievably huge) portion of real people who are 100% on board with the dismantling of society. I’m sick. Sick and weakened. Drained. I don’t have the strength for anger right now. Reality is just such a burden. I think we win. But I’m not sure I’ll see it in my lifetime enough to make a difference.

    1. No. Like F*CK there is a huge portion. You’ve been hoodwinked. And the ones genuinely on their side have been lied to.
      Please stop. This nonsense doesn’t help. It makes it very convenient. You can avoid the fight. But it just ensures destruction for all.

      1. Even if 1/3 of their numbers are fraudulent that’s still way too many ignorant idiots in this country for me to stomach. I live in California. I haven’t avoided shit. Everyone around me is irritated that I continue to fight and make waves. But California is lost. We are moving. There I will draw a line and that is it. I don’t understand your angst towards my expressions of after election sentiment. I’ll get over it. So will you.

        1. Glad to hear you’re moving. You may be outnumbered by progtards in that benighted state, but there are still a lot of conservative, liberty-minded Californians — enough that if only half of you moved out to become Oregonians, Washingtonians, Montanans, Arizonans, you could crush the leftist infection in those states for generations.

          1. only half of you moved out to become Oregonians, Washingtonians, Montanans, Arizonans, you could crush the leftist infection in those states for generations.

            You’d think. But at least in Oregon and Washington, still looking at vote by fraud mail …

              1. I live in WA, so I feel your pain, but:

                If it’s ALL fraud-by-mail, how did Lauren Boebert even get into Congress in the first place, and how is it that she’s come from behind and is now just barely ahead of her challenger?

                Why are there ANY Republicans in Congress in the fraud-by-mail states?

                Answer: because the Big Blue City (or County) Democrat machines can only affect districts within their area, and other than that only statewide races for Governor or Senator or President. And I live in a Big Blue City and so have you, and seriously, the habitual Democrats are a supermajority there, so the habitual fraud is mostly a matter of keeping the Machine Guys in office against other uncontrolled Democrats who might want to upset an iron rice bowl, and making sure that no GOP governor is going to make waves either.

                I agree with you that fraud is a serious problem, and precise, targeted fraud absolutely let Biden steal 2020, but I disagree with you that there are 300 million True Americans (or would be if they weren’t deceived) suffering under the rule of the 10% true believers who have locked themselves in the control room. It’s a much harder problem than that.

      2. There’s been a lot of lefties getting redpilled the last few years. Even in my own unnamed corner of North America, I’ve been seeing a lot of stuff via my job which shows that an increasing segment of the population ain’t buying what the ruling cult is selling.

      3. They may not be on board with dismantling society – but in Florida where we don’t have fraud by mail (although there has been a little retail level ballot harvesting – some of it caught) or unattended drop boxes 40% of voters filled in the oval for Charlie Crist & Val Demings . That’s a lot of folks who are content with Dem control. Some of those are probably educable – but a lot have ossified political stances that will never change. It’s worse in the blue States.
        But it’s not hopeless. Florida is full of retirees who voted Dem most of their lives but learned better. It can happen other places.

        1. The point here is that the Democrat voters don’t think their party’s policies are creating the downfall of society. I think they’re wrong about that, but sometimes experience isn’t the best teacher, it’s the only teacher, and they’re just going to have to get it gooder and harder until they realize it.

          Remember, too, that there are a lot of genetic Democrats still: “Grandad voted Democrat, because it’s ‘the party of the little guy’, and so did Dad, and so do I”. I think that lot is slowly dying out or getting redpilled, but they’re still there.

          1. For that matter, for all that I claim to be a libertarian, I’m mostly a genetic Republican myself, going back to my grandfather and probably to his grandfather in Unionist east Tennessee in 1860.

          1. Not uninformed, unconverted. You aren’t going to change a Wokist or Greenite or Branch Covidian to freedom by telling her anything, any more than I’m going to change you from being a committed Christian by telling you anything.

            They’re each going to have to have their own personal road to Damascus, and we all know of plenty of people who’ve been there and will testify (!) to their change experience.

              1. Yes, and most of them seem to be moving to the Dar Al Redstate while they’re at it. Which doesn’t help us flip the blue states, unfortunately.

                And even then it’s really only at the margins. We need a Great Awakening, which is only going to happen when the Wokist/Greenite/Branch Covidian religions run out of juice. Which they haven’t yet and probably won’t for another 20 years.

                  1. Sure. And you only get the preference cascade when everyone realizes the power to punish has atrophied. Which, as yet, it hasn’t.

                    1. And the preference cascades tend to come when NO ONE EXPECTS THEM, because of little drips that are only clear in retrospect. You’re saying it’s hopeless. The kids are lost. WOE.

                      You’ve said you’re not giving up, but it sure as hell sounds like you’re not only giving up, but you’re writing off anyone who isn’t, right now LOUDLY on your side. It’s a more subtle doom, but it’s still doom. Not buying.

                    2. I’m not the ones saying “Fraud eternally! All elections will be stolen forever! All is lost!”

                      I’m saying it’s a Hard Problem™: we have to deprogram the left half of society away from the Wokist and Greenite cults (literally) one individual at a time, and somehow keep them where they are so they don’t just run up the score in the red states.

                      Because otherwise, we’ll never get rid of fraud-by-mail, or early voting, or DIE, or indoctrination in the schools and universities. Because those things require voters in the states where they need to make the change, not Florida or Texas or Iowa or whatever.

                    3. Neither are we. We’re saying fraud is a huge problem, and if you don’t take care of the fraud, the deprograming, while needed will be 1) masked and 2) largely covert.

                      And I’m saying, because of the fraud, you don’t actually even know how many programed people you have to deprogram. I would be willing to bet that for everyone who’s finally fled, there are five or six (or more) who are equally dissillusioned and staying behind. But you don’t believe in it because ‘the fraud isn’t that bad’. So you turn a 45 degree uphill battle into an 85 degree up hill battle.

                    4. Okay, then let’s for sake of argument accept that there are millions and millions of voters who vote for Republicans in blue states and cities but whose votes are flipped or discarded due to fraud.

                      What is your solution for reforming the systems which allow for fraud that don’t involve bullets and explosions and lampposts?

                      If it’s just evangelism, well, we’re doing that, and the converts to our cause who admit to it tend to move to red states. But blue state voting patterns don’t change much, so necessarily the converts who stay home must be continuing to have their votes flipped or discarded, because if fraud is so prevalent as to flip several million votes, then surely it must be so prevalent as to flip 90% of several million votes.

                      Congress has the power to set rules for the states in elections for Congress, but has never done so. Given massive fraud in the blue states, they will permanently elect Representatives and Senators who will never vote to do so because it would threaten the fraud machine.

                      A SCOTUS decision overturning mail-in voting is possible, I suppose, but the Court would almost certainly punt to Congress since it’s right there in the Consitution.

                      So given that by the implications of your theory, the fraud machines are invincible, again: what’s your proposal?

                      I’m not sure I have a proposal either, other than “keep working the margins and hope the horse learns to sing”, but when I say that everybody shouts “DOOMER!” at me. /shrug

                    5. They’re only invincible because you took every option, including things like the battle of Athens, Tennessee completely off the table. I suspect it will take the FEAR of something like that happening to get that initial wedge in. Which means there will actually have to be armed people turning up at a polling location insisting that the rules be followed, in a blue city.

                      The other option is those states bleed so many people they effectively die and are re-built from the ground up.

                      Things that MIGHT be viable based on how the vote counting of mail-ins works, is arrange to have as many people present for the counting as humanly possible. Ask questions. Ask questions. Ask even more questions. See if you can find places that DID manage to flip things (like Florida) and see if there are ideas you can steal that would apply to your state’s situation.

                      If that’s not viable… malicious compliance. Find all the details of the rules. Find where they contradict each other. Follow them to the letter. The absolute, contradictory letter. Get as many people to do so with you as you can. Make it EXPENSIVE to cheat. (if there was a voting equivalent of the guy who payed his power bill in a pile of $.03 checks to protest a bill from a borked meter that they wouldn’t let him contest, I’d recommend doing that.)

                      If you find any place in your state where the fix is NOT in, exploit it to the max. Get the most through the loophole you can to make the loophole bigger or create others.

                      If you catch them in the act, publish it far and wide. Cost them as much political capitol as you can. Yes, it’ll take time but it won’t be any slower than individually converting every lefty if there are as many as YOU think. You can play dumb about it, too if you want. “This is wierd can someone explain it to me?” And for every explaination that doesn’t make sense “That doesn’t make sense, please explain .” and so forth.

                      Some of these have high failure risk. On the other hand so does the slow conversion route or things wouldn’t be as bleak as you say they are.

                      I’m not sure we can get out of this without shots being fired. But I am, thank Heavens, a Bard not a prophet.

                    6. Battle of Athens = shots fired = the Boog

                      You’re damn right I took that option off the table, because I want to preserve the Republic, not kill it and hope we can resurrect its zombie form.

                      Your other options all fail in the face of the Invincible Fraud Machine (“How do you explain this?” “Who cares, whaddaya gonna do about it? Oh, and you’re a fascist for even asking.”) and possibly get you cancelled and unemployed and forced to move to a red state.

                      If fraud is as huge a problem as you and Sarah claim it is, then the blue states are a writeoff and we have to hope for an Awakening. If it’s not, then almost all of those D ballots are from real people (the fraud being at the margins), and we need to get down to the hard work of converting people — which is what most of your options amount to: heightening the contradictions and so forth.

                      On the other hand, George Soros has got to die soon (or else liches are real and we have bigger problems), social media is staggering around and losing money by the trainload, the MSM is rotting away before our eyes — who knows? maybe the horse will learn to sing.

                1. I suspect you’re right about an awakening. Wish you weren’t right. This is a religious struggle. Too bad! oh, too bad!

                    1. But note that it’s not a Christian vs. Satan religious struggle, or if it is then it’s only a corollary effect.

                      The religious struggle going on is Wokery/Greenery/Miserabilism vs. USAianism (a/k/a the American Civil Religion).

                    2. Nah, that’s just the paint job.

                      The world turns and the world changes,
                      But one thing does not change.
                      In all of my years, one thing does not change.
                      However you disguise it, this thing does not change:
                      The perpetual struggle of Good and Evil.

  4. I avoided yesterday to keep from chewing heads and the scenery, and not really because of Tuesday.
    “Don’t make me come back there!”
    Also, good luck on the issues you mentioned on Discord, and huzzah for the ones that were not as bad as could be.

  5. I remember when Obama stole the 2014 election. We didn’t have a great candidate in Romney, but Obama was brain cancer. And he stole it by running the same script in the important counties. He had to cheat less brazenly because Romney wasn’t winning so hugely, but they ran the playbook. And I was so upset that I started looking at properties in Costa Rica. I would have booked a flight out of the system, like Lazarus Long, but alas, not an option.

    I’m not feeling the same way. The country is recoverable. This wasn’t the red wave we all wanted, but the fizzle pretty much guarantees that Jill Biden will run her husband again against a ferocious elder lion Trump or a young lion DeSantis. We’ll continue to clean up the voting system in areas where we can. We’ll help each other out during the food and fuel shortages. The Red states will continue to prosper and the Blue will crumble.

    I’ll be here with my family, growing and laughing and living in freedom. And if I have to die defending this life, I’ll take an honor guard with me.

  6. Another site pointed out one of the differences in this election.
    The Rs were talking policy and trying to get votes.
    The Ds and MSM were talking fear porn and succeeding in getting ballots.
    And that is before the level of theft baked into the Dominion machines.
    A different site noted that DeSantis had gotten a huge donation from one of the e-Republican $$$ donors, and suggested that after he kissed the ring, Florida had been exempted from the steal to position him as the 2024 candidate and the anti-Trump.
    The ballot collection fraud disclosed in Orlando, by a Democrat, was a retail operation in the black community, which I see as a means of minimizing the fraud, defining complaining about it as racist, and distracting grom the wholesale fraud in the rest of the country.
    Here in Indiana, I observed that the in-person election process was secure, but no longer private, as my ID was directly associated with my ballot, though that was recorded on a paper log.
    The fraud in Indiana, as in many other States, is done by mail, at central locations, and in both the issuance of absentee ballots, the collection of them, and in the counting / spoilation of them.
    They say that living well is the best revenge. I agree, but suspect that I may have to consider alternatives.

      1. Wing: ”Have you ever heard the phrase, Living well is the best revenge?”

        Miles: “Where I come from, someone’s head in a bag is generally considered the best revenge.”

        1. You have definitely outlived the head in the bag, yes.

          No reason. Just commenting.


          (Resumes sharpening new sword)

          (Toothy Grin)


          (Kzin grin)

      2. I’ve done that. It is satisfying, and / but there are no pyramids of skulls.
        – 《

      1. No, I think this is the same phase as “Let’s push Trump, he’ll never win.”

        They’re afraid of Trump, so they’re even willing to push DeSantis. This week.

  7. My google foo is handicapped? Two days still don’t know who won the governorship in Oregon or the results of measure 114 “Too close to call”. Although measure 114 “isn’t looking good” (i.e. passing).

    There goes the gun shops in Oregon. Heck how do they determine when a gun is purchased? Guns can be bought across state lines, taken home, and then “bought before the law”. Not like firearms are on any national database to be looked up. TV trope makes it look like they are … but no national database. I guess technically they can request from manufacturer when it was made. But that implies someone is caught into the legal system where that comes into play … Gee criminals not playing by the rules, who’d think of that?

    I really hope the rumored lawsuits are ready to fire. Granted local judges, OSC, and regional SC will, rule in favor, given “will of the majority of the people”. But USSC should knock it down under the constitution since the constitution should prevent laws of the majority that limit rights.

    Okay grousing over.

    1. You’re getting an even worse version of what Washington got a few years ago — created and bankrolled by the same damn people in Seattle’s Progressive Billionaire Club (Nick Hanauer and the Ballmers can rot in hell).

      The legislature won’t pass laws that stupid but these evil sacks of excrement have figured out how to hack democracy via the initiative process — yet another terrible idea from the early 20th century; there’s a good reason we elect representatives, dammit! — and get fools and idiots to vote their own rights away.

      1. Our legislative is so sucky that the (few) republicans had to leave the state to prevent the legislators and governor Brown do even worse (has to be at least one from opposite party sitting in on the vote, even if that lone vote is against, whatever). Now an initiative, which did pass, overwhelmingly, will stop that, if said legislators want to continue in that career. I’ll laugh like heck if it ends up getting used against democrats …

        Regarding the Initiative process … At least the legislators can’t willy nilly change property tax or implement a sales tax across the board, without taking it to general vote. “Fees”, a percentage on specific industries, that can be passed on to purchasers, apparently (sales tax by another name), at least no one has challenged it in court.

        But … you are not incorrect.

    2. You did see the article where it points out that Google is deliberately filtering search results to influence election voting, didn’t you? You really need to find a different search engine.

      1. Google has also been caught deliberately suppressing emails from Republican candidates and non-leftist groups, by flagging them as spam.

        Remember that shortly after Trump’s win in 2016, Google had a high level meeting where their top officers expressly lamented his win and proclaimed that “they would never let it happen again”, i.e., they would ensure that the candidates Google wanted in office would be installed, by hook or by crook.

        Google Delende Est.

        1. Please. Like I rely on email for whom to vote. I do not want political email coming into my email. So it goes into spam. If I cared about that, I’d pull it out of spam and mark it not spam. I keep my spam bucket empty so I can scan for misdirected email. True of MSN, gmail, and comcast (.) net (not that I use the first or last directly, but I do check spam).

    3. No vote update at Secretary of State’s site since 2230 last night as of 0940 today. https://results.oregonvotes.gov/

      IMVHO, can’t call those contests for yet a couple more days; expected mid-term election participation is recently around 70%, recorded as 53% now, (2018 was 68%, 2014 71%, 2010 72%) so might be as many as 500K still to be counted. (Approximately 17% of 3 million)

      But Governor and 114 are, at the moment, Going The Wrong Way, and the difference had been slowly increasing across yesterday.

      OK – per Federal law, cannot go to another state and ‘buy a gun’; needs to go through some FFL (long guns) or an FFL in the state where you are resident (handguns). Hardly anyone understands 18 USC 922(a) on the point – it’s malum prohibitum, not malum in se, but it has been US law since 1968.

      Since it is not something that actually makes sense, this law is likely very often violated, and, anecdotally, private sales seem to happen all the time – but no way to get a scale of that, as it does not get recorded.

      But should 114 succeed, that’s not the concern for gun stores; they can sell whatever they have. It would be the years in setting up the Permit To Purchase infrastructure and classes that could kill the stores: no eligible purchasers.

      1. Don’t suppose turnout was so low that #114 fails on that merit? That we won’t know for awhile, sigh.

  8. Definitely going to have to do some investigation into what all happened and how, if possible to fix it prior to 2024 (almost typed 2924…).

    One aspect seems to be that the RNC pulled support from all the Trump affiliated Senate candidates at critically bad times.

    Pennsylvania seems to be a combination of the DNC putting off the debates until most people had voted and Philadelphia going 82% Fetterman.

    So it’s a complicated mess right now. We definitely need to push transparent and secure voting, but we’ve also got a bit of a civil war going on inside the party as well, with a lot of the old guard trying to make sure they keep their iron rice bowls.

    It’s possible we may have to keep things from completely imploding until they all age out. McConnell isn’t running another term because he’s just too old, and I expect the D leadership is going to end up augering in in one giant wave. Not exactly ideal, but I’ll take half a loaf over none.

    I will say, I am coming to the opinion that Trump wasn’t especially effective this cycle, but I am pretty appalled at the number of folks who are absolutely gleeful about that. Even if he was Satan Incarnate, chucking due process is a really great way to end up in a despotism. I just don’t get the impressing that the folks cheering his potential downfall either understand that, or care about it if they do. I imagine pointing that out to those folks is going to earn me a bunch of bands and blocks, but oh well.

    Going to be messy all around.

    1. Your typo might be right.
      Trump was more effective than anyone else. There is a determined anti-Trump drumbeat which means erasing the fraud of 20 from the narrative.
      Do not give in.

      1. Yeah. I keep thinking about that CNN poll where 1/3 of their own viewers think Biden’s win was illegitimate.

        I mean, when a third of the winning faction thinks it was fraud, that’s not a country, that’s a time bomb.

        Especially with the highly energetic, monomanical zeal with which we Americans pursue things. Worse than putting up a “No Fishing” sign and expecting to have a shoe left in the lake.

        1. There was also a Rasmussen poll recently to much the same effect. I couldn’t see the poll results directly – I think you have to be a Rasmussen subscriber or something? – but the second-hand reports on it were telling.

          About 60% of the country overall thinks it’s likely or very likely that 2020 was stolen. Respondents were group by age, race and party affiliation Democrats were the only demographic surveyed that said no, and even 35% of THEM said yes. And nearly every other group not only believed there was fraud, they believed it by double-digit margins (or were damned close).

          The country knows.

      1. Same with Shapiro, who I respect on a great many issues, but who really listens to “established experts” far too much.

  9. Romeo and Juliet, Democrats and Republicans, both parties careening toward mutual suicide because they can’t quit each other. A plague on both their houses! I just hope we don’t end up like poor Mercutio when all’s said and done.

  10. The level of ignorance of decent people is staggering. I met with my lawyer yesterday, just to update some secondaries, and she was ranting about the wokeness in her children’s high school … i was nodding along and thinking “where have you been the last 10 years?” And this woman is no dummy, a graduate of Hillsdale and our state’s flagship law school … it boggles my mind.

    1. A lot of people get so tied up in the bustle of their lives that they overlook paying attention to the details of what schools are teaching their children. The lockdowns and forced remote schooling opened up a lot of eyes, as parents, stuck at home and able to see what the curriculum being taught was, redpilled a lot of parents.

      The reaction of parents are just desserts for those who imposed lockdowns as part of an effort to grab perpetual dictatorial power over people’s lives.

  11. This: https://theothermccain.com/2022/11/09/seeking-light-amid-the-gloom-thoughts-on-the-brain-damaged-election-results/ is the most important column you can read today. Part of the huge disconnect between urban and non-urban voting is probably the same culture uncovered by the recent episode in Florida, where one candidate complained that it is common practice for people to come to the door in certain areas and say, “I’m here to collect your ballot,” and then just get ballots handed over to them. Our urban areas are still segregated into areas with completely different cultures from our rural ones. I don’t have magical solutions, but I can at least start by recognizing the problem.

    1. That sounds like a good environment for PSAs like the ones they make to warn people about credit card fraud.

  12. It’s probably a good thing that someone has the energy to be angry.

    I certainly don’t. And unfortunately, worrying about what other states are doing to themselves is well outside the scope of my concern.

    … Even if it would be good idea to pay attention, just because eventually someone’s gong to try the same things here.

  13. I think the question we should be asking today is “what do we do now?” And I don’t mean that in the glowie-start-the-boog way.

    We know we’re in for a couple of really tight years. So how do we prepare, who can we help, where can we make a difference?

    Short-term, I think make sure you have enough and to spare (for your specific enough) for the coming winter. Mid-term, get more involved in local meetings (school board, city/county council), get to know and befriend the neighbors you don’t know. Do what you can to get your county (or state if you can manage it) people to put in better voter protections before the next election. Long-term (for 2024), be a poll-worker or a poll-watcher or run for local office and get involved more in the process. If every poll-worker were honest and dedicated to fair elections, fraud would be harder. Granted I don’t live in Philly or some of the other hotbeds, so I can’t do much about that mess, but I can make sure the election in my neck of woods is as fair as possible.

    Things suck, but if we roll up our sleeves and get to work, we can make our little corner of the world suck less. And then next month suck a bit less than that and then a bit less than that and so on.

      1. I won’t be surprised if it happens, but I certainly wouldn’t ever advocate for it, let alone for our side to be the ones to start it. I don’t comment much, but I read a lot here and I see a lot of advocates for that– most of them drive-by commenters. Since I don’t post much, I didn’t want to be mistaken for a drive-by glowie. I still have hope, that if we each do our part in our little corner or the country, we can come through without any sort of hot-conflict.

        1. anyone trying to start it will get destroyed and allow for more repression.
          No. But there is a non-trivial chance.
          And LOL. I remember your name. The new ones? they’re being watched.

  14. “There’s a gun and ammunition just inside the doorway. Use it only in emergency.”

    -saw them at King’s Dominion in1987 😛

  15. > “Yes, I’m all right, though irritated beyond belief.”

    At least you’re handling it much better than you did the last two elections. You seemed to have skipped the blackpill phase this time.

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