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I debated long and hard on whether to write this. By and large I like you guys. And also yelling at people might cause them to tune me out.

However, let us be absolutely clear: I write this blog to tell the truth as I see it, and give what guidance I can when I see it. If that causes people to stopper their ears, it’s none of my business. It is what it is. My writ, as far as I have one is to tell you the truth the way it’s supposed to be told. Whether you take it up or not, it’s in your hands. Whether you get made at me for it or not, it’s in your hands. NOT my circus, not my monkeys.

So… Sarah pulls off gloves, turns the picture of Heinlein to the wall so he won’t hear the worst of it. Picks up broom. Holds it like a Samurai sword.

We’ll open by quoting Wy Knot from The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress, by way of an opening: Oh, you ROCKHEADS. You DESERVE TO STARVE!

I’ve been wanting to say that for a day and a half. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get something else out of the way.

My groups have gone round and round on the election, and finally the gentle (AHEM) being who comments here as Ian Bruene (Sp? Hon, I can’t spell my OWN name half the time.) distilled and encapsulated better than I could.

So, I think this is my distillation of lessons from the midterms (written as speaking to a generic audience):

1. Iowa and Florida did the hard work to clean up voting. They had blowout victories.

2. Guam doesn’t have voting power. Thus not worth frauding. They had a blowout victory.

3. Iowa had tons of abortion, reeeeeee campaigning. The result was to turn redder.

From that we can make some conclusions:

1. It’s the fraud. Anyone who is taking the abortion talking point can kindly stuff it.

2. It’s the fraud. If you aren’t interested in doing the hard local work to clean it up, you aren’t interested in winning.

3. We have a mild win. Why are y’all casting it as the defeat to end all defeats? I don’t care how much of a losing fetish you have. If you must indulge it hire a dominatrix and do it in private.

Ian Bruene

To this I’d add two notes: there are contests still undecided. By doing the normal GOP and GOPe bullshit of going “Oh, this is perfectly legit with just a bit of fraud” you are ensuring those contests are frauded dem. And that we lose the Senate.

And the other note is: Isn’t it weird we got like ten instances of Trump attacking DeSantis in the last few days? Has anyone sourced and CONTEXTUALIZED THOSE?

Mind you I’m not putting it past Trump to say those things. He’s blunt and touchy. But he doesn’t do stuff like that out of the blue. Is there provocation, overt or covert? Because if you think DeSantis isn’t ambitious you’re nuts? Or is someone telling Trump there is?

It would be okay for you guys to assume he’s just crazy in 16 but NOW? You know better. Yeah, he was bombastic but not without provocation. So, before you cut him off as the left so desperately wants us to, and with it decide there was no fraud in 2020 or now, and go back to that well worn prison of the mind…. can you INVESTIGATE? Because you have to admit it is weird. And at the same time, the left has stopped attacking DeSantis. Things that make you go “Uh”

And yes, it was fraud. I’d guess from looking at numbers, 20% to 25% fraud. This is what they had prepared in 2020 (the biggest most inclusive fraud netowork.) but Trump won more votes, so they had to fraud at the last minute, openly.

This time it was SEAMLESS as planned.

AND I TOLD YOU ABOUT IT. I TOLD YOU THAT WE HAD TO TRY BUT IT WAS POSSIBLY USELESS. And you all told me they couldn’t fraud that many contests. WHY NOT? the machinery was ready.

Seriously, I do realize believing in that much fraud makes you feel helpless and scared. And Americans don’t want to believe that. But convincing yourself it was “just a little fraud” and “it must have been close” is the way to death. Comfortable death, in which you don’t have to do anything but death nontheless.

So, close the organ. Stop singing.

Because I personally am not ready to lie down and take it. If I die, it will be with an ax in my hands and a f*ck you in my lips. I’d never be able to face gggggggggrandma, the Viking bint otherwise.

So what can we do?

Well, you guys know I’m a depressive. And I guess I allowed myself to hope more than I should have that we could take the last exit off this highway to Venezuela. So, I’m still recovering and my vision is grim as heck.

I suspect this is the black dog talking: (WHO THE HECK TRAINED THE BLACK DOG TO TALK?) but I feel at this point Starship Troopers is the best case scenario. And that’s for us. The rest of the world… Do you ever feel like the timeline we’re in, someone came through and made sure Germany lost the war, but the timeline keeps trying to merge to the “main” untampered with one?
Yeah, that for the rest of the world.

So, if it’s that and we go all the way there (I really… there is a voice somewhere, in the back of my mind screaming we won’t.)….

Let’s start with the worst possible option: From the song I put up before: When it all goes to hell we swear allegiance to the flag, whatever flag they offer, with fingers firmly crossed, and teach the children quietly for someday sons and daughters will rise up and fight where we stood still.

We wouldn’t be the first people to do that. And the other is still going, when empires fell.

But meanwhile, there’s stuff we can do.

First, it’s going to get bad. It’s going to get very very bad. These dead alive coup-perpetrators want us all dead, because they were programmed in their youth by the USSR to take the US down. It’s already bad. It’s going to get worse.

ANYTHING you need done on the house, try to get it done as soon as possible. (There will be a post on that later.) Anything you can do to complete your preparations, do it now, even if it pinches (it’s pinching us): You need food and fuel and passive and aggressive defenses for your food and fuel.

It’s going to be a bad winter, and either way it’s going to be a hard landing.

DO NOT BUY THE NARRATIVE. I noticed it was in all the papers. DO NOT buy it. It was a tsunami, which means that even with the fraud we made some gains. Keep your eyes on the disputed ones, and make a noise such that they will hear us from the future. Talk back at every possible chance. Explain. Explain again. DO NOT GO PASSIVE. The quiet road is the one to hell.

And then stand ready. These people can’t govern a mouse in a barrel. They surely can’t govern the US of A.

Things are going to fall apart. And then we need you to rebuild.

Be not afraid. Weary, tired, angry — oh, lord the anger* — but not afraid. And hold fast. They can’t win. But we have to ensure we don’t lose.

I was so HOPING for the miracle of a soft landing.

But we’re going to do it the hard way. We’re going to do it in hard and extreme mode. May G-d help us.

This will stay up as long as I can, and the light will stay on, and I’ll figure out other things we can do as time goes on.

GO prepare, and refuse to buy the mintru, and remain UNGOVERNABLE. You’re Huns, it shouldn’t be hard. If an authority told you to breathe you’d die of asphyxiation. This is your superpower. Go and use it. (But not like that.)

*The anger!

352 thoughts on “Oh, PLEASE!

      Sure they do. which is why all the news are reporting his attacks on DeSantis and stopping their attacks on DeSantis.
      Are you simple? Should we call the short bus?

      1. I think the left would love to gin up a Trump-DeSantis feud to keep us split, and I also think they’re (or a subset, or some just plain troublemaker) is going to gin up, “DeSantis is a RINO, do not vote for him!” Which would also keep us split. Which means “they” are afraid of both of them.
        My bet would also be the Never-Trump folks might try ginning up either scenario, either to keep the Trump supporters fighting among themselves or because they truly are convinced DeSantis is a better candidate. Note, though, that “better,” may not mean what they think it means. If DeSantis didn’t have a good fund of stubborn he wouldn’t be where he is today.
        And many tears ago a would-be manipulator put my beloved in as seneschal of a tiny, about-to-be-nuked shire in the SCA. She was seriously surprised when he cut the strings. And before we left, he’d grown the shire to a barony with over 200 members. So don’t automatically count DeSantis out.

        1. My thought is, if DeSantis is up to being president, he will find a way to bring Trump into his orbit without doing the sort of destructive party feud the left and the newsies are trying to stir up.

          That’s going to be his first acid test.

          1. I still expect the Dems/Commies to steal the House as well as the Senate this year. I warned about their doing so all along. As I noted, politicians who openly scorn polls that show that over 70% of the voters oppose their policies and ideology, and who keep doubling down on it while using rhetoric and imagery borrowed from Riefenstahl and Goebbels are NOT going to voluntarily or peacefully give up power. Ever. They will do whatever it takes to get power and to stay in power “by any means necessary”. This is being proven yet again this year.

            Anyone who doubts this hasn’t been paying attention.

          2. With the advent of electronic voting machines most of the world has been captured by the demons… Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina, the UK, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, Canada, Germany, France, Poland, etc.

            We have a Uni-Party here and they play the game very well. Hoyt is right. Perhaps we should just get this civil war over with. It will give us something to do during the year it’s going to take for the Left to change all the votes in Nevada and Arizona.

            Or we could just split without all the fireworks and kinetic activity. My preference. Throw out the LIBS and RINO’s by force of arms if necessary. Let them crawl to their third world utopia, remember this — they would kill us if they could. They clearly love demented, godless ideas and weird, craped up cities and… democracy! Let them have it, I say.

            We should just declare the RED counties as the Republic of the United States and act accordingly… Shouldn’t take long to get organized, HAVE PAPER BALLOTS ELECTIONS for our leaders… and off to the races building the best nation on earth… AGAIN!

        2. Honestly, I don’t try to analyze the minds of politicians. The highly successful ones are largely unfathomable, those who just barely manage to get their noses up to the trough have none to fathom.

        3. The Republican presidential primary is structurally rigged.
          It’s set up to favor the squish with the highest name recognition.

          There’s a bloody reason why most of the early primaries take place in blue or purple states.
          The party also deliberately tries to get several conservative candidates of roughly equal stature to split the conservative vote.

          And Lord love a duck, did I enjoy watching Trump shove that right down Jeb’s throat.

          They’re trying to run the same play. If they can get both Trump and DeSantis run, they’ve got a really good shot at getting in a trough-swilling moderate, without fraud.
          (But they’re going to fraud. Not as much as the Dems, because most Republican volunteers aren’t down with Party bosses pulling the strings. They’ll do all they can get away with.)

          The thing is, DeSantis, at least, knows the game. I don’t think he’s eager to play spoiler.
          He also knows darned well that the GOPe pushing him to run, are going to shiv him as soon as they’ve finished using him as a stalking horse.
          In 2016, the institutional party was faced with a choice: through their support behind Cruz, or get Trump shoved up their fundament.
          They took a third option, and deliberately tried to tank the election.
          They clearly demonstrated that they would rather lose than elect a conservative and derail their gravy train.

          That’s the situation.
          The media and political system are pushing hard to make it happen.

          My take (based off gut feeling) is that there’s a backchannel negotiation going on between Trump and DeSantis,
          And DeSantis is driving an awfully hard bargain to get Trump to squeal like that.
          People do stupid things out of pride, but after the past sevenish years I think they’re both resistant to toadies playing “let’s you and he fight “.

          1. And there was no way they were getting behind Cruz. I’ve posted the link before about Bob Dole saying he’d rather have had Trump, because he figured Trump was more likely to be a deal maker the GOPe could roll.

          2. I think people forget, or do not know, DeSantis was born in 1978; he turned 44 this past September 14.

            In 2024 he will be 46; were he to run for Prez, and win, at the end of 8 years he will be 54. That’s pretty young to retire from something he seems to enjoy and is pretty good at.

            He has 3 children, one of which is 2 1/2 years old; the other two are 6 and 4. In 2024 they will be 4 1/2, 8 and 6. In 2032 they will be 12 1/2, 16 and 12.

            If he runs in 2024 that means nearly a full year campaigning, if he wins it will mean 9 years during which his family life will be at least partially curtailed because the job demands it. His kids will grow up – specifically, their most formative years – in the Washington Fishbowl, where they will see Secret Service agents a lot more frequently than they will see Dad.

            Trump was born in 1946 so he will be 78 in 2024 and 82 in 2028. There’s a lot of discussion about a 78-year-old running for president, much of it “if Biden the Democrat can do it, so can Trump the Republican.” One difference off most people’s radar is that Biden had the full and complete support of the Democrat Industrial Voting and Media Complex (DIV&MC) during his (imaginary) campaign; Trump will have precisely the opposite – the full weight of the DIV&MC will be brought to bear on Trump, and on anything with which Trump is associated, which could, and will, potentially include DeSantis whether DeSantis runs or not, because, first, their names have been linked and DeSantis now has a Reputation in Florida which can be attacked.

            In 2028 Trump will be 82; four years at 1600 Penn would make him 86. I doubt there are very many people at all, of any political persusasion, who would argue that anyone in their 80s, from either party, is a viable candidate for President of the United States. We will watch that discussion play out regarding Biden in the runup to 2024, partnered by the media applying a more severe dose of the age discussion to Trump.

            DeSantis has a guaranteed job in Florida until 2026 which will finish his second term; Florida law does not limit the number of terms anyone may serve as governor but does require that no more than two terms be consecutive, so DeSantis will not be a gubernatorial candidate in Florida in 2026. He may run again in 2030 if he desires.

            Would DeSantis choose to leave Florida in 2024 to run for President, at age 46, when his children are young, when Donald Trump will be a very contentious issue, when the possibility of Biden running, when the probability of an equally weak Democratic candidate may be running, or would he sit it out and target 2028, when his children are older, Trump is no longer a factor and the Democrats an even larger (and easier) target because they will continue to mess things up as only Democrats (and RINO Republicans) can.

            If so, what does DeSantis do for two years – 2026 to 2028 – to keep his name in lights? Well, the 2028 campaign will begin – slowly, but it will begin – in late summer/very early fall 2027, especially if a Democrat is in the White House after 2024, so it’s actually only about 8-10 months (he will be governor until early January 2027 – the first Tuesday after the first Monday, which is the 5th – when the inauguration spectacle is conducted in Tallahassee). Does anyone think Christina Pushaw cannot keep “Ron DeSantis” as a household name for 10 months?

            There’s a much better than even chance things will be worse, and substantially worse, probably very substantially worse, by 2028 (I would not rule out the Black Flag being hoisted well before then, but we’lll see) thanks to Democrat and (simple baked-in) Washington incompetence. I will not use the term “savior” but there’s a good chance the fence-sitters of 2022, and the too-young-to-understand of 2022, will be ready for positive change in 2028, when Ron DeSantis will be 50, and 58 is a reasonable age for someone to retire and assume Elder Statesman status, especially if he can manage 8 years of federal successes after 8 years of Florida successes.

            In the meantime, stockpile more food, more firewood, more guns and ammunition, and especially more skills, network carefully, keep our heads below the parapet edge while working quietly and earnestly Under The Radar, and we’ll see what happens.

            1. Sir, you miscalculated Trump’s age. He’d be running in 24, not 28.
              Also people age at different rates. My dad could very easily do the job, were he American, and he’s in his nineties.
              Biden was stupid before he was senile.

            2. If Trump runs for 2024 presidential election and wins, he won’t be running again for the 2028 presidential election. He’ll have had his two terms. So how old he is in 2032 is not relevant. Now if he loses in 2024, still viable in 2028, we’ll see.

              OTOH Ron DeSantis … What? No pictures of young children (ex. John and Caroline Kennedy) playing in the oval office while dad works? See what home schooling looks like from inside the White House? Need more examples of how president daddy is not ignoring his young children? I’m sure I can come up with more than a few that turns “sees more of secret service than dad” into falsehood.

          3. Here’s the thing – DeSantis, whatever else he may be, is a politician who both wants to win, and is damned good at it. He has to know that going toe to toe with Trump is a tossup at best, and possibly a disaster that lands him out of office forever. Same with his cozying up to the GOPe – they still have a bunch of power which will make his win a ton easier.

        4. One of my well-meaning but politically amblyopic Fb friends has become convinced DeSantis is funded by dirty money from the left. Not buying it without evidence.

            1. Absolutely, ma’am! Georgia does NOT need another Fulton County Special or Midnight Surprise like the two they gave us to get us here.

              (Yes, two: while everyone was watching the Feebs and their stooges run the insurfiction entrapment show at the Capitol, the Senate runoffs in Georgia quietly returned votes-by-hour graphs the same shape as the Potatus’ winning game plan, complete with a late-harvested crop of Early Voting ballots to put Dustoff and Ralphie in the Senate together. We’re not a “blue” state. We’re a red state with two or three blue cities as pure and honest as a Confederate three-dollar-bill.

                1. Nothing was permitted against the November fraud, and the rot ran deeper than we’d yet guessed. We were then only just learning how lawless our government was, and did not make ourselves sufficiently ungovernable.

                  1. Direct Monsieur “learnez voose le Statist-ix!” to those compiled by Saddest Puppy and Not-a-Real-Accountant Larry Correia.

                    They’re not likely to change their tune, but they might reduce their volume.

                    1. Okay, just saw it: easy to mis-read. And to those who do still insist that there wasn’t– I’ve even heard “couldn’t have possibly been”– fraud in 2020, there’s a Danny Kaye song for that, that goes in part:

                      Look at the king! Look at the king!
                      Look at the king, the king, the king!
                      The king is in the altogether,
                      His altogether,
                      He’s all-together,
                      It’s altogether the very least
                      The king has ever worn!

                    2. There was no fraud: Biden got more votes than Obama. He’s just that beloved. And he lost fewer seats in mid terms.
                      Clearly this whole time, it was OBAMA dragging Biden down.
                      Is the sarcasm tag needed? CAN ANYONE SAY THE ABOVE WITH A STRAIGHT FACE?

                    1. “Though many things have changed in American political life over the past couple of years, one aspect remains a comforting constant: Democrats never lose an election. Not really. Not fairly.

                      “Sure, elections can be stolen. Americans can be misled. Big Oil or Big Business can buy elections – because these institutions possess the preternatural ability to control human actions. Voters always fail to understand what’s good for them (which, amazingly enough, always aligns with the state-expanding goals of the Left.) Whatever the case, something fishy and nefarious must also be going on, because there’s absolutely no way voters could reject Democrats.”


            2. It occurs to me that if the systems can’t be fixed, it might be worthwhile to map the personnel involved. A huge spotlight shone on a few dozen key but non-public individuals a day or so prior to when they are operationally needed could have… interesting effects. Anything that takes them out of play for the crucial 72 hours or so – we have seen that these guys do not do well adapting on the fly.

        5. What (((they))) are truly afraid is a Trump/DeSantis ticket. DeSantis is a Sedevacantist Catholic, got that Crusader blood. He’s going to take all that GOPe elite money then turn around and screw (((them))). Just like he broke up all (((their))) voting power in Florida. Enjoy the show.

            1. No. Just an old mariner who takes a realistic view of things. (((they))) refers to what the apostles called the “synagogue of Satan”. A more modern reference would be Kazarian mafia. I’m not referring to Jews in general as I’m married to one. DeSantis broke the power of Marxist Jews in Florida as well as the black only gerrymandered districts. If we don’t learn to stand together as Americans against the anti Constitutional domestic enemies of liberty, we get what we deserve.

              1. eye roll Sheesh. That canard got old when the Classical Greeks were whining about the Children of Israel, back in the BC/BCE era. Just stop.

              1. My tolerance for anti Semitic idiots was 0 long before I met my lovely wife, and it’s only gotten lower.

                Dishonest antisemites trying to play punctuation games are even worse.

        6. The GOPe is the other front in the war, don’t for a minute think McCon has the maga in his best interests, he’s proven to be a marxist-lite Uniparty traitor. I wouldn’t doubt he’s fueling this made up feud as much if not more so than the marxist’s and their Fake media propaganda arm.

      2. I won’t cut President Trump off, not by a long shot. I’ll worry about who to vote for in the primaries when that time gets here. But I do have to wonder why his people (I assume he dictates this stuff and has somebody else actually post it on his social media) would post this on Gab, on his official Gab account:

        “…And now, Ron DeSanctimonious is playing games! The Fake News asks him if he’s going to run if President Trump runs, and he says, “I’m only focused on the Governor’s race, I’m not looking into the future.” Well, in terms of loyalty and class, that’s really not the right answer…

        This is just like 2015 and 2016, a Media Assault (Collusion!), when Fox News fought me to the end until I won, and then they couldn’t have been nicer or more supportive. The Wall Street Journal loved…”

        I have no idea why he’s going scorched-earth on Desantis right now. Maybe there’s some 5-D chess in there and I’m too dumb to see the strategery (tm GWB). But it’s not a great look when America First needs to be pulling together instead of apart. If he keeps this up, the media and the left (BIRM) won’t have to gin up a feud because Trump has done it himself. Has Desantis responded in kind to any of these shots? I haven’t heard.

        1. Wait Trump is allowed on GAB? I thought he was cutoff from everything except TruthSocial, his new platform, and maybe MEWE.

          Regarding a “I assume he dictates this stuff and has somebody else actually post it on his social media” …. Remember what “assume” leads to. Besides, that has never been Trump’s problem, he does his own posts.

          Now could I believe that Trump and DeSantis wants the left to think they are feuding? Would not put it past either. One way to get them gleefully rubbing their hands, so that later the two can be the cause of “Wait! What?”. Given they are both from the same state now, there won’t be a Trump/DeSantis or DeSantis/Trump ticket. (Unless it is a younger Trump, not residing in Florida.)

        2. That’s because you forgot the lesson Trump and Cruz taught us in 2016. They were flat savage during the primary, but worked together later.

    2. I think some do, and some don’t. Some believe there was no fraud, and think even Biden can beat him again. But anyone in the left who (quietly) believes – or was involved – in fraud to keep him from winning probably hopes he doesn’t run.

      1. The take I’ve seen is, “The Democtawould love Trump to run. He’s the eonlympeson Biden could beat.”
        I have also seen, “Expect the Never-Trumpers and the media to help Trump in the primaries, so they can then shiv him in the general.”

      1. Pretty much from Never -Trumpers who see themselves as, ” reasonable, clear- sighted people.” They can be decent on other topics, but they start right off with the premise that “Biden’s election was legitimate. Trump lost it because he’s such a bad candidate. It’s nobody’s fault but his – and he cost us Georgia and the Senate with his ridiculous fraud narrative.”
        If the Republican candidate had been anyone but Trump, these folks would have been making, “appearance of impropriety,” comments at least. But since they hated Trump and felt supporting him in any way was demeaning to their own sense of integrity and moral probity they stuck their fingers in their ears, closed their eyes and ignored anything that might make them have to say anything negative about the election.

            1. Of course. It has to be something we, as their enemy, find either beautiful or indispensable. They want us to hurt.

      1. The left wants to bend, fold, mutilate, and kill all children for their god Moloch. They also want WW III.

        And they want us to forgive them for Covid years while secretly being mad that the virus and the clot shot didn’t have a higher kill rate.

        All while “Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeing” at us for being racist, sexist, male Mormons with great tits.

      1. I’m not keen on fire or lightning either…

        Though it’s really a paraphrase of the bit from Comrade Don Camillo, where he says if the good people’s homes would float, he pay for the river to overflow, but since they don’t, he’s asking it to be nice and stay in its banks please.

  1. Jer 12:5 UDB Then to show me that I needed to be prepared to endure even greater difficulties, Yahweh said to me, “It is as though you have become exhausted from racing against men; so how will you be able to race against horses? If you only prepare to run on open ground, what will happen to you when you are running through the thick foliage near the Jordan River?

    Or as it says elsewhere in scripture: gird up your loins and act like men.

    Secure your state’s election process or if you’re in deep blue territory then move: stop giving tax money to tyrants. Then work to influence the culture toward freedom and limited government.

          1. “Especially the capital offense.”

            The caveat to that is our current judicial system, which would hang Republicans for a trivial technicality, and praise Democrats for “fortifying the system” with massive irregularities.

            I might go with public stocks and caning, though.

            1. I refer you to this post by Mollie Hemingway as case in point.
              (No blockquote because it gets hard to read on replies; everything under the link is Mollie speaking.
              Many Republican voters wondered how things were allowed to get so bad with elections.

              Republicans Spent 40 Years on the Sidelines
              Part of the reason Republicans hadn’t more effectively fought the election integrity battle before now is somewhat shocking. The 2020 contest was the first presidential election since Ronald Reagan’s first successful run in 1980 in which the Republican National Committee could play any role whatsoever in Election Day operations. For nearly 40 years, the Democratic National Committee had a massive systematic advantage over its Republican counterpart: The RNC had been prohibited by law from helping with poll watcher efforts or nearly any voting-related litigation.

              Democrats had accused Republicans of voter intimidation in a 1981 New Jersey gubernatorial race. The case was settled, and the two parties entered into a court-ordered consent decree limiting Republican involvement in any poll-watching operation. But Dickinson Debevoise, the Jimmy Carter-appointed judge who oversaw the agreement, never let them out of it, repeatedly modifying and strengthening it at Democrats’ request.

              Debevoise was a judge for only 15 years, but he stayed 21 years in senior status, a form of semi-retirement that enables judges to keep serving in a limited capacity. It literally took Debevoise’s dying in 2015 for Republicans to get out of the consent decree. Upon his passing, a new judge, appointed by President Obama, was assigned the case and let the agreement expire at the end of 2018.

              The effect of this four-decade hindrance on GOP poll-watching cannot be overstated. Poll watchers serve many functions. They deter voter fraud, but they also help with getting out the vote. Poll watchers can see who has voted, meaning campaigns and political parties can figure out which areas and voters to call and encourage to vote. They also can observe who was forced to vote provisionally or who was turned away at the polls.

              “Without poll watchers, the RNC would have no good way to follow up with its voters to help ensure a provisional ballot is later counted, direct confused voters to their correct polling place and document irregularities, such as voting equipment malfunctions and other incidents that are important flash points in a close election or recount,” RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel has explained.

              For decades, Democrats built up expansive coordination efforts that the Republicans were prohibited from developing. Republican candidates and state parties could do things on their own, but not with help from the national party. In 2012, the Obama-Biden campaign bragged about recruiting 18,000 lawyers to be poll watchers, providing more than 300 trainings to ensure the observers understood election law. The volunteers would collect more than 19,000 problematic incidents at polling locations that were resolved with or without legal intervention.

              The consent decree also meant the RNC was kept out of almost any litigation related to Election Day. In fact, one main part of the RNC’s legal efforts was training staff to stay away from Election Day operations, including recounts, and fending off litigation that arose from the consent decree.

              It paralyzed the RNC’s political operations, as the slightest misstep would result in getting sued by Democrats. For example, when former Trump Press Secretary Sean Spicer said in an interview with GQ magazine that he’d watched 2016 returns in an oversized utility room on the fifth floor of Trump Tower, Democrats deposed him to show he’d violated the order by being on the wrong floor, one tied to Election Day outreach.

              The Democrats used that trivial fact to try, unsuccessfully, to get the new judge to extend the limitation on their political rivals for another decade. Even though the decree was finally lifted after nearly 40 years, it didn’t mean Republicans were on even footing with Democrats in 2020. Democrats had spent decades perfecting their Election Day operations and litigation strategy while everyone at the RNC walked on eggshells, knowing that if they so much as looked in the direction of a polling site, there could be another crackdown.

              Thus there was no muscle memory about how to watch polls or communicate with a campaign. They had spent decades not being able to organize or talk to presidential campaigns, the National Republican Senatorial Committee, or the National Republican Congressional Committee about any of these efforts.

              What a change, then, when McDaniel announced in early 2020 her “intention to be the most litigious chair in history.”

              1. Hm. I had heard of the consent decree but I had no idea it was that far-reaching. That does explain some things, and goes a bit to refute “GOPe just wants to lose elections”.

        1. Plus counting, in public, at the precinct level, and precincts report their numbers to both their county and the state. Precincts maintain secure possession of the ballots.

      1. May have to learn to use it first, get power and then use the power to dump it. And yes, I know how great the temptation would be to keep it.

        1. As for the elections, of course they were stolen. What did people expect, that after stealing a presidential election and getting away with it, that they would stop?

          And as for 2024, it’s going to be a show election, if it occurs at all, of the kind they used to have in the old Soviet Block.

          Bit I suspect that they won’t occur because the center can not hold. It may last till 2024, but not much past that. It’s inexplicable to me but the Brandon Regime and the WEF people are planning on imposing a top down totalitarian system but what they fail to grasp is that such a system is unsustainable and requires the support of either built up capital, or the free market system to pay for it.

          The economic collapse of the US has been baked in since they took the country went to a FIAT money system. Poor choices like decades of deficit spending, NAFTA the WTO and the whole Biden Regime have accelerated it for sure, probably by decades. Trump would have pushed it back some, and Brandon has accelerated it for sure, but i a collapse that might not have occurred before 2050 will happen a whole lot sooner. If I were to guess, I’d say before November 2024.

          Get ready for the economic crash. Prepare yourself for it, because if you do you have a lot more of a.chance than if you don’t.

          During the war in Europe, my uncle’s PBY was going down over North Africa. He told me that in training they told him to curl up like a ball. He said he figured why not, he had nothing else to do. He was the only one who did so, and he was the only one who survived the crash. He walked away from.it when everyone else was killed.

        2. People I respect are saying this. Use the tool then dump it for paper same day ID and purple fingers as soon as we can.

        3. “I know how great the temptation would be to keep it.”

          Likewise the temptation to post clips from Lord of the Rings.
          If ever we needed to re-read that masterpiece, now might be a good time.
          We’re certain to get around to Scouring the Shire at some point.

      2. Not sure how to get rid of it in Oregon (and any other state where it got instilled via law). If we had trustworthy courts (hollow laughter from the skies), one could try a civil rights suit to get those laws tossed.

        There’s a lawsuit going on here over ballot harvesting. That might have the best chance of winning, but eliminating the fraud-by-mail is quite a three-pipe-problem.

  2. I am way past angry. Yes, I am afraid, but that’s because I have a fourteen and (almost) twelve year old. I’m turning my planning toward getting my family through this intact, as safely as possible (and praying that there’s NOT a long-term eventually-gonna-kill side effect to the mRNA shot for people who didn’t have immediate bad reactions–my other half works for a hospital system).

    This sucks.

    1. I’m still concerned that the mRNA shots primary purpose isn’t in killing this generation; but in sterilizing anyone born for the next generation. There’s several published stories with that theme and they all hit far too close to reality for comfort.

      1. Stories, yes.


        EVIDENCE is lacking.

        The shot is known to cause pregnancy losses.

        there is nowthing showign first-run shots causing sterility, though.

        (which makes sense, the known sterilizing vaccine takes multiple shots over …oh, gosh, almost the same time period as the boosters?)

        1. As I understand it, the mRNA shot cause major immune system responses, and I’m pretty sure that is what is causing the miscarriages.

          I don’t think the shots were intended as anything other than a massive unscrupulous cash grab that got zombie vampire squid marched into the Current Thing.

            1. As I understand it, a sufficiently severe miscarriage can cause other problems, so I can see how the association could come about. And it is doing odd things to immune systems, which can further cause longer term erratic results.

              1. Miscarriage bad, yes.

                I think the association is actually from COVID can cause infertility (in males) which while true is not different from other infections.

        2. The autio-immune problems known to be triggered by this franken-vaxxes is just the topl layer of broad health-reduction.

          It is also Russian roulette. The ingenious lipid protein casings can cause YUUGE allergic responses based on some of the chemicals used to make them in that fraction of the population that might be sensitive to them. Are you? Spin the chamber and find out.

          Also they travel. Where? Who knows? All over. It’s like a biological pachinko game. The fewer balls you put in play the less chance you have to win big. Prizes include spike protein producing nerve, ovarian, and other interesting cells.

          And the pseudo-uridinated rna packages last. At least 60 days and maybe longer, because after 60 days the researchers stopped drawing lymph fluid and testing. See above for fun prize possibilities.

          This one I have not found definitive papers on, is original recipe gain-of-function-corona had 2 spike protein. One of which had the effect of keeping the monocytes that whack the virus-infected cells from self destruction & thus keeping spike toxins from getting flushed. Nicotine was rumored to be an effective counter. But IDK.

          So for beeg time fun, whaddaya think the risk of getting to play #clotshot pachinko from blood transfusions i

          Low-grade population reduction, life-shortening, and lowered fertility are a given.

      2. There was a book I read many, many years ago “Prelude to Chaos.” A “wonder chemical that was used for many things including as a tranquilizer (shades of thalidomide). It didn’t cause birth defects as normally considered. It didn’t do any noticeable harm to the people exposed to it. No, what it did was render the female children of any woman exposed to it sterile. This was back story in the book which was set when things were getting…bad.

        No longer in print but available on Amazon: https://amzn.to/3TsORXp

        1. F.M. Busby did a variation where the government and pharmaceutical companies had rushed a vaccine for a real plague, and learned after the fact that it had the side effect of vaccinating women against their husbands’ sperm (basically, each woman could have one pregnancy by a given male, then her immune system would attack his sperm forever afterward). Being an optimist, he imagined things like sperm banks and social events where women could pick out potential “live donors.”
          This was all a prelude to the discovery that the children born afterwards were functional hermaphrodites and what that would do to society…

            1. Title was, “The Breeds of Man.” Not one of his best, but interesting.
              His Wikipedia page also quotes him as saying he stopped writing in 1996 because mid- list writers were being frozen out by publishers. Hmm.

  3. I’m resigned to the fact that the blue cities will eventually need to burn. And I’m ok with that. If the pedo President wants to brand us enemies, so be it.

    When we lose the last chance election (we didn’t actually completely lose this one) then their cities burn. I won’t live under their boot and when they harm my family, I will fight back.

    “We throw rocks at them” == “the blue cities burn”

    That’s the calculated end unless 2024 ends with a miracle.

    And I’m okay with that. There are only 3 mainstream media pundits that I would piss on if they were on fire. And for the rest of them “can someone give them a light?”

    Fuck the blue, they want it to be us or them, so be it. When voting becomes fully meaningless, it’ll be time for them to die.

    1. Indeed. Caedite eos. Novit enim Dominus qui sunt eius.

      I grew up in the bluest city there is and live just outside it still. We flipped a seat red here and maintained one in my old district. What, exactly, do you want from us? Is revolution and civil war what you want? If it is, then f-ck off to some other country and leave us the f-ck alone. That’s exactly what a sh-t house country is.

      1. You know that I am, or at least can be, an angry idiot.

        I’m feeling pretty good about ultimate victory at the moment.

        So, I’ve been trying to figure out my more optimal choices. One of my big takeaways is that some of the extreme stuff that I make cases for isn’t exactly necessary or even useful.

        One of the things that comes up is “First, do not be a psychopath.”

        1. Just so. My da’s favorite piece of advice was “don’t be an a—hole and you’ll be OK.” He also liked to say “if you don’t know who the mark is then you’re the mark.” So there’s that.

          I want to live in the American Republic, not some smoking hole in the ground. I’ll fight against anyone, left or right, who wants to turn this country into a smoking hole in the ground.

      2. Well if we march by your red suburb on the way into the city, I’d expect you and your red voting friends to join us.

        1. I’ll shoot anyone marching anywhere because whomever is marching through my little purple suburb is going to be my enemy. What the f-ck is your problem? Once we get to the point of marching it’s all over, the republic will be dead and gone, and it’ll be every man for himself. Do you not understand that? Grow the f-ck up.

          I’m stopping now because I don’t want to get banned and I value my access to this forum more than I value trying to educate spoiled children.

          1. I did caveat that we have more chances at saving things. But this last one did not go well.

            Remember the book both our host and I referenced. “Throw rocks at them” was a chilling answer to how their fight for freedom would go. “Burn the blue cities” is our throw rocks at them.

            I should explain that that’s a euphemism for what is really would be stop selling/sending them power, water, food, etc. the burning part would really just be collapse.

            I am speculating what could happen if things get worse and possibly the most worse.

            I mentioned we have more peaceful chances. And my true measure is “has my family been harmed” and so far it has not. As long as they don’t harm my family I won’t come to burn their cities. But if that harm comes, I won’t have anything left to live for and will go for maximum revenge.

            So or pedo President better stop his incessant prodding at his side to attack us, because if they hurt my family I will hoist the black flag.

            That is what my warning means.

            If this can be avoided, that would be best, but I am in full on “I will protect my family with deadly force” mode now.

            It’s past time for the left to Back the hell off. Right now.

            1. I’’m afraid that people who are so casual about civil war are what I have to protect my family from, don’t matter who. I’ve lived through civil war, was driven from my home for being the wrong religion as it happens. All that pain, hate, and dying for nothing, absolutely nothing.

              If you have no experience of civil war, then educate yourself. It’s not pretty and you don’t end up with what you began with. the American Revolution is almost unique in Human history and even there the loyalists ended up losing their homes. The settlement after the civil war is also unique — the survivors of Culloden and the Boyne could have told you that. I don’t think we’d be so lucky a third time and we’d end up like (e.g.,) Syrians squatting in smoking ruins scrambling for crumbs.

              Fighting is not a last resort, it’s what happens when everything else is done and you’re back in a state of nature, red in tooth and claw. I’m an American not a bloody savage and I extend to stay that way.

              I’m also wondering if you glow. Do you? I don’t remember seeing you here before. Glowing types like to stir up violence, good for their careers.

              1. No, I don’t glow.

                I’m just really mad at the crap the left pulls and I look ahead. The crap my son dealt with in college (in a red state no less) as a white male pisses me off. It’s just stunning how vile and mean the leftists are.

                I understand how bad war would be, but I will not live in servitude. Ironically my son is one who would never fight, a far better kinder man than me. But if he were put in gulag, I would unleash hell on those who would abuse him and other kind people like him.

                We have years to go in this battle, but if they win, I will not let the scum rule in a peaceful totalitarianism. Ever.

                Right now we won a slight victory in 2022 and they cheated badly.

                Elections are how you tell leaders they messed up and new leaders are needed. If you can’t vote leaders who make your life miserable out of office, there isn’t any other way out than to fight.

                We aren’t there yet, but I will fight if we in the end can’t really vote anymore…..

                1. “Ironically my son is one who would never fight, a far better kinder man than me. But if he were put in gulag, I would unleash hell on those who would abuse him and other kind people like him.”

                  And that may be a failure as a parent. First of all, unless you’re immortal, you’re not going to be here forever to take care of your child. Second, a person that won’t fight for his rights, soon won’t have any, and doesn’t deserve to have them anyway.

                  1. No, it’s not a failure. He works in a church and may someday become a pastor. He would rather preach to the downtrodden wherever they are, It’s a different strength than mine.

                    His care love and compassion for disabled and sick kids (he has worked many camps with them). Is a skill I don’t have.

                    He can love, thats fine, and I can defend if need be. As I said we don’t need it yet but we really need the left to fall back on their full on assault on reality. They’ve gone too far. Correction is needed, right now the anti abusing kids laws are a start, but we need to get them everywhere.

                  2. No, it’s not a failure. He works in a church and may someday become a pastor. He would rather preach to the downtrodden wherever they are, It’s a different strength than mine.

                    His care love and compassion for disabled and sick kids (he has worked many camps with them). Is a skill I don’t have.

                    He can love, thats fine, and I can defend if need be. As I said we don’t need it yet but we really need the left to fall back on their full on assault on reality. They’ve gone too far. Correction is needed, right now the anti abusing kids laws are a start, but we need to get them everywhere.

                2. No, I don’t glow.

                  And yet you don’t seem to have the faintest fucking clue how le grande bouge would actually be fought, given that it would be fought by Americans.

                  1. Oh, I know how it would be fought.
                    I know that out the back end it’s awful for everyone. But I will not give them 80 years of subjugation like the USSR had. No waiting for their communism to just fail.

                    If we get to where we can’t vote them out we will have to fight or live under the boot. That’s all there will be.

                    We are years away from that, but we can know what the end will look like and prepare and try to stop it. 2024 is a must win, but if we lose, we will get to “have to shoot your way out of socialism time.”

                    Watch Canada and now Brazil. Their fight against totalitarianism is much farther down the road than ours.

                    1. Let’s do something effective rather than pointless and really stupid. Let’s fix the GOP for example. Let’s get the election process fixed. Let’s win the hearts and minds. Let’s go after the Hispanic vote. Let’s go after the black vote. Let’s do the smart thing. Doing exactly what your opponent wants you to do strikes me as pointless and really, really stupid.

                      Running around imitating Johnny Tremaine won’t cut it

                    2. They are also a very different peoples than we are, in both cases. They do things differently. They think differently. (Phantom below is an odd Canadian. He thinks more like an American than a Canadian.)

                      We call you ‘glowie’ because THAT’S WHAT YOU’RE ACTING LIKE.

                      Do I think we can get out of this without shooting? I don’t know. We’ve got some indications of how. (Florida and Iowa).

                      I’m a Bard not a prophet. We may rebuild America from nothing but ash after this, or we may save her. I don’t see a large scale boog. If it does come to full civil war (Lord in your mercy, please no.). As our first, it will be civil war at a level that will horrify the world. Not for mindless atrocity, but for how efficiently destructive we are. And we will rebuild from ash.

                      If you are a glowie, take this to your masters: You do not want to do this. You will not win. Do not pick this fight. You may think you want it, but you have not studied Americans at war. You do not want to fight us. I am begging you with tears in my eyes, DO NOT START THIS. We don’t want a war, so if you force one on us, it will be war to the knife.

                      If you are not a glowie: Take a step back and ask why people think you are one. Spit out the black pill. We’re not asking you to take a white pill, simply spit out the black one. Yes, dark days are ahead. We have seen dark days before. If we pull through this we will see bright days, then dark days will come again. So life goes and has for all eternity.

          1. Well. If you’re so confident we won’t ever need to actually fight the Dems and the Chicoms. What’s your plan for winning?!

            Seriously what is it. Oh ye of all the judgment and wisdom, what’s the easy win I’m failing to see?

            We can’t fight, we can’t warn that if things go certain ways we’ll fight and heck we aren’t supposed to talk about fighting if they actively try to hurt us.

            What is your master plan of zen that routes the woke Marxists? I’m actually interested in seeing it. Is there one magic trick that will end their totalitarian actions?

            1. Okay groomer.

              Sure, I’ll announce my plan to some f-ing random glow-worm on the interwebz. That makes perfect sense.

              But tell me, does the black-pill scam pay good? I could use a couple of extra bucks.

                1. You said: “Well if we march by your red suburb on the way into the city, I’d expect you and your red voting friends to join us.”

                  Yes, I am pretty freakin’ sure you’re not on my side. FBI or freelance idiot, jw?

                  1. Fuck it we can just lose. You hate me I hate you, we’re supposed to be on the same side.

                    We’re all gonna end up dead in the camps or conveniently killing ourselves for the new fascists. Awesome.

                    I don’t thing winning is going to be possible. So you die in your bunker, I’ll die in mine thanks for the pep talk.

                    Fuck this world, Covid let them ruin it and we won’t win it back…..

                    Blackpilled enough for you asshole!!!!!!

                    FUCK THIS WORLD I HATE IT!! Fuck you too phantom. I don’t want to hear your “encouragement” anymore…..

                    There is no white pill, the dark ages come…..

                    1. I just don’t get it. You’ve decided to be cruel to me because “I must be one of them” because I’m at my wits end about how to stop the collapse of civilization into a dark age.

                      Shit, people fully on the left treat me better in online arguments.

                      I don’t know what to say. I’m not a glowie, but if the powers that be decided to cancel and destroy me, people like you wouldn’t lift a finger.

                      They’ve got us. We’re too individualistic and jokers like you will rationalize that anyone they crush under their boot must be part of some sort of plot or something.

                      I mean you joke about glories, but yet I’m not one. But you are oh so righteous that anyone the left scoops will be some “false flag” or not really truly a problem.

                      In Canada the truckers got routed. They lost. People like you listened to Justine and said “oh yeah those truckers were not polite protesters” so it’s ok to take their money and stuff them in jail. La, la, la. And now they know next time there will be less pushback when they take peoples money away. In Canada the entire nation should have seen the truckers get rolled and shouted NO and removed their tyrannical government.

                      But we on the right can’t won’t and will actually fight organizing to push back.

                      Critical mass will never arrive, they’ll pick us of one by one, small group by small group and eventually submit us to room 101 til they can break us.

                      Everything is proceeding as George predicted.

                      And you think I’m the bad guy.

                      Just please leave me alone now. Please.

                    2. Cruel?

                      You think this is cruel?

                      What the heck do you think your own behavior is? Oh, wait– you feel like it’s fine, since you’re doing it….

                    3. Get out of the world in your head. It is not reality. You talk about the truckers in Canada, perhaps you don’t realize that The Phantom is Canadian? and what you’re advocating is coming faster for him than it ever will for you?

                      Spit out the black pill. Quit trying to drag others down with you. You rail at him for not supporting you, yet you want us to all share in your despair. Despair is far more destructive than ‘go away glowie’. Despair leads to death. “Go away glowie” may cause some divisions, but it is not the self-inflicted death of Despair.

                      I will give a different message. “Come to your senses, man! People are recoiling because what you’re saying is POISON.”

                      Something for you to consider:
                      It is over, it is done!
                      When the battle’s not begun.
                      The soldiers fade away in the darkness of day.

                      Yet high upon a hill,
                      One stands there still.
                      As the darkness devours those within its powers.

                      That figure on its rock,
                      Quietly took stock,
                      And says, “I still want my shot”.

                      So he bunkered down
                      With a smile not a frown,
                      And waited to see what he got.

                      As his wait drew long,
                      Another came along,
                      And took another rock for a seat.

                      And then a third came, too.
                      A fourth one they then drew.
                      And kindled up a fire for the heat.

                      And so they passed the days
                      And talked about the ways,
                      They though that this would go.

                      And as time passed along,
                      They turned into a throng,
                      Until along came their foe.

                      In brashness came the foe
                      Because he did know,
                      That in despair his enemy had fled.

                      And the ones that came to fight
                      Had died in the night.
                      And so all his enemy was dead!

                      But upon that hill
                      Those men were waiting still
                      And claimed their the chance of victory.

                      What outcome did they find?
                      Those men of patient mind?
                      Alas we must still wait for it to be

                      But those who surrendered to despair
                      Could never return there,
                      And so the end they’ll never see.

                    4. Wyrdbard, thank you for that.

                      The Canadian Bouncy Castle Model is the most successful thing anyone has come up with so far to combat the Liberal crybullies. There are Dutch farmers flying Canadian flags in their protests because it worked so well.

                      The -purpose- of demonstrating/marching/making a ruckus is NOT TO FRIGHTEN THE GOVERNMENT. They are already terrified.

                      This month and half of October we have been having parliamentary hearings about the Canadian government invoking the Emergencies Act. The one thing we keep hearing over and over and over again is government officials claiming that the Freedom Convoy Truckers were a bunch of violent extremists with plans to burn down Parliament, kill everyone, destroy Ottawa, and so forth. They, the Parliament and the Civil Service collectively, were terrified. (Probably because They know what They did, and They know we’d freak if we found out.) But not the cops. The OPP has testified that it was no big deal, and that they said so at the time.

                      So to repeat again for the reading comprehension deficient, the glow-worms and the FBI agents, the purpose of demonstrating is not to cow the government. The true purpose is to wake up the frigging oblivious masses of Normies who still think everything is a-ok and there’s going to be free cheese forever if they just wear their masks and get their boosters.

                      The Freedom Convoy was the biggest, brashest, best-ever double-middle-finger to the socialists since the Stelco strike in Hamilton in 1946. They parked illegally, and they sat around for a whole month having a noisy party every day. That’s what they actually, physically did.

                      No beatings.
                      No shootings.
                      No weapons brandished.
                      No intimidating the locals with rough talk and shoving.
                      No acting tough and ganging up on the cops.
                      No blocking the roads. (That is correct Lefties, they did not block the roads. Ambulances and cop cars had free access.)

                      Bouncy castles for the kids, inflatable hot-tubs for the dads, rock music and nice speeches for everybody. For a really, really long time.

                      Okay? That’s the model. That is what WORKED. Canadian Normies saw that, saw the CBC and the government trying (and failing) to smear them, and now they’re looking at $2.20 a liter diesel (it went up a dime since three days ago) and doing the math. There’s a lot more “F*CK TRUDEAU” bumper stickers now than there were last February.

                      Compare and contrast with #BLM and #Pantifa, who only managed to piss everyone off and burn down Uncle Hugo’s.

                      Always remember, the way to tell who’s undercover at a demonstration (or on the intertubez) is to listen for the a-hole in the crowd screaming for violence. That’s the cop.

                      Be smart ladies and gentlemen, and don’t let them turn you into a monster.

                    5. For the math challenged that is $8.33/gallon Canadian or ~$6.20 (presume the $2.10 was posted per liter, so includes any fuel taxes). Note, I did double check the gal to liter and the Canada $ to US $ conversions.

                    6. The OPP has testified that it was no big deal, and that they said so at the time.

                      Which is why they had to ship in stormtroopers from Quebec to bust heads and trample grannies. Which the government and the left-wing Lame Stream Media tried to cover up.

                    7. Hi d! ~:D We’re having fun today, eh?

                      “Note, I did double check the gal to liter and the Canada $ to US $ conversions.”

                      Two things about that, the first thing to note is that we are paying CDN $8.33 a US gallon because of CARBON TAX. There is no fuel shortage in Canada, at the moment. This is straight-up taxation.

                      Second thing, converting to US dollars only tells you what happens if Americans buy gas in Canada. If you are a Canadian you just paid EIGHT BUCKS for a gallon of diesel. Because you made your money here, a buck is a buck.

                      $6.20/gal is bad, (and I paid more than that for gasoline yesterday, $1.67/L and it went up again last night to ~$1.71/L) but over eight bucks? That’s crazy talk. I stopped driving the big Ford except for towing heavy stuff, too expensive.

                      Normies don’t like the crazy prices now, and they’re going to like the price of Christmas turkey even less as those fuel costs trickle into the food chain. From taxes.

                      And that is why I keep a little American cash around. If the Kanuckistan Rasbucknik goes to Mexican Peso territory, I want to be able to buy gas.

                    8. Phantom. Yes. I know. But being American, and provided things don’t go to heck in a hand basket, we Will be Americans buying Canadian gas (not diesel) on the US dollar (once the credit card converts it, no conversion rate).

                      Those prices are why, now the RV (towing) VS hotel is a push (at worse) and a lot more convenient (faster + 2 drivers). We have the (can cancel) reservations set for May/June. (Also called the Canadian hotels regarding Service Dog requirements, no SD certification. I do have my medical letter and her general training certifications, and a couple different cards with her picture on them. We’ve stayed in the Jasper Inn before with her.)

                    9. ‘Carbon Tax’ is nothing but a scam for funneling payola to their big-money donors. That’s all it ever was. 99% of the ‘Great Reset’ and ‘Green Newt Eel’ is more of the same. If any of it was actually about the environment, they wouldn’t be shutting down nuclear power plants and tearing out hydroelectric dams.

                      I just saw a video on Ewe Toob of a wind generator in India, on fire and flying apart, with a second one burning in the background. We all saw the frozen windmills that triggered state-wide blackouts and gas outages in Texas last winter. None of it works.
                      The government can mandate stupidity, but they can’t make it not be stupid.

    2. A snippet from a story I’m working on:

      “War is a waste of resources and lives. I have no liking for war.”

      “But…you’re a soldier. An elite soldier, you said.”

      “If you would have peace, you had best be eternally ready for war, and ensure you are more proficient at war than any potential enemy. Else you will know only the peace of a slave collar — or a grave.”

      “Submission and appeasement do not bring peace; they only lead to ever greater encroachments until you have nothing left to appease the enemy, and then they devour you. The time for war is before you start down that road. As your poet Kipling said: Once you pay the Danegeld, you will never be rid of the Dane.”

  4. I think Republicans underestimated the Democratic allegiance to their tribe. They don’t much care about the traditional American values of freedom of speech and conscience, self-government and self reliance.

    Joe Biden’s chief qualification for office was never his popularity, given how badly he did when he ran in his own campaign for the Democraatic nomination that Obama won. It wasn’t his executive competence, given that he had none except for a couple of terms as Obama’s impeachment insurance. It wasn’t his political principles, because he doesn’t have any more than a weathervane. It’s that he had name recognition and he wasn’t Trump.
    Likewise, Fetterman. As far as I can see, his only qualification is that he is a reliable puppet who cannot speak or think for himself and will not oppose the party line.

    The media with their six-year-old nonstop character assassination campaign managed to turn this into a referendum on Trump and Trumpism, Even though he was not officially on the ballot, candidates he endorsed were, and for the most part, they all did worse than expectations. Those who asserted their independence did better.

    Oh, yes, there was certainly fraud, and there are certainly reasons to distrust early voting and mail-in voting. But I think most of it came before the actual election, from the media and the country’s unofficial aristocracy.

    1. I think it’s fraud. Fraud. Fraud. Fraud. They told us it was fraud. They fortified the electoral process.
      Stop hating on your fellow americans and hate on the would be elite.

      1. Biden’s main qualification throughout his career was that he was funded by all those banks and credit card companies that are based in Delaware.

        Man, I thought you guys were the cynical ones. This is right up there with having to point out to somebody that while some people might find true love on Tinder, that’s not the designed function.

      2. I had to take most of the day off the ‘net yesterday after seeing the Woe is Me posts in Insty, complete with blaming Trump for everything that didn’t turn out well.

        There’s documentation around that indicates the machine-fraud was well and truly set up to avoid the sudden jump (in most cases; I gather the usual suspects pulled ballots out of cold storage–looking at Detroit and so on). So any whinging about abortion or Toxic Trump can go where it belongs.

          1. Looked that way to me. OTOH, after the first couple of posts blaming Trump and saying abortion was the tsunami-killer, I figured my disposition and blood pressure needed a break. (To be fair, many of these were articles linked by Insty, not necessarily endorsed, but I’m developing a new list of people to either ignore or take with a pound of salt.)

    2. I’ve been a registered R since I started voting. Not after today. I’m officially independent/unaffiliated.

      F*** THE GOP.

      1. Indeed. A plague on both their houses! Independent/unaffiliated from day one. I vote Republican only because the alternative is so much worse.

          1. Mercutio/Treebeard 2024.

            “I am not altogether on anybody’s side, because nobody is altogether on my side, if you understand me”

            1. I was going to bring up the Treebeard quote in my reply to Kathy, but decided not to. 🙂

              Almost entirely on board with you here…except I’d rather avoid Mercutio; he was right, but also a fool who got caught in the middle of a fight and died for it.

              I’m on board with Treebeard. When the Ents woke up and remembered that they were strong, the forces of evil trembled in fear…and died screaming. The Ents storming Isengard is among my favorite parts of The Lord of the Rings.

      2. I’ve been “Decline to State” for most of the past 49 years. I was briefly registered Libertarian when I thought they had a chance. I was also a Democrat for a few months but that was only so I could vote against Hillary Clinton twice.

        1. You are wise. I feel so cynical today. I’ve been shouting and cursing at the top of my lungs.

      3. Living in a really red county (The RC of my nom-d-net == “Red County”), so if I want any say about local/regional races, I have to vote in the primary. That’s about the only reason…

        1. If I find there’s a tactical advantage in doing so, I’ll change back in a New York minute.

          1. In Idaho, there might be. You can offset all the Ds who register as R for the primaries to select RINO squishes.

            I’m considering that myself.

      4. Kathy, you’re in Idaho. Look up the Idaho Constitution Party. Unaffiliated with the national.

        We could use you, if you like what you see.

            1. I won’t vote third party but I will organize with like minded patriots. I think MAGA owns the R if we want to fight for it.

  5. 1) Ensure your short to medium term food security.
    2) Get in shape and learn to fight. You needn’t try to become a martial arts master but a course in combatives or if you can’t access one, there are DVDs available if you can make yourself get serious about self-training. Spend a lot of time on bag work and learn something about “cold” weapons.
    3) Firearms, of course. But remember a gun is not a magic talisman that will protect you – from your sock drawer. If you think like this you’re better off without one.
    4) Collect a library of books and DVDs about low intensity conflict.
    5) Seek out friends to do these things with.

    1. The guy who does the Bartitsu videos also has videos about that WW2 guy who taught dirty fighting to the SAS and the Devil’s Brigade. And by “dirty” I mean “Don’t do it to somebody you want to survive.”

      1. This guy? https://www.amazon.com/Shanghai-School-Streetfighting-Defendu-combatives/dp/B091DYRB68/ref=sr_1_2?crid=17DWLHGP8W3ZJ&keywords=Tommy+Joe+Moore&qid=1668112439&sprefix=tommy+joe+moore%2Caps%2C113&sr=8-2

        Freelance Press also has a video on Bartitsu/La Canne de Vigny. Good stuff, I add it to the stuff I teach my students in FMA. Because face it, none of us getting any younger and it’s not inconceivable walking canes will be in our future. 🙂

                  1. They are aware of it. But they are the same one’s who after decades still think “lol compensating for smol penor!” is the height of rebuttal.

                    So no matter how aware they might be, they do not understand.

                    1. Because they are so Good and Pure that only creatures of ultimate evil would disagree… and you wouldn’t want to be something they feel justified in destroying!

                      (Hah. Hah hah. People like that always find their reasons to destroy something. All you have to do is breathe in their vicinity, and they’ll find a reason why you shouldn’t be allowed to keep doing that.)

                    2. But that’s exactly part of the point. As far as they’re concerned, our hating them makes us Evil, and justifies them in crushing us farther. And they have to inflict their sadism on somebody, or they’d collapse.

            1. Looks like the progs in Oregon are heading that way. I have to schedule a canoe trip Real Soon Now for any magazines that don’t meet their unconstitutional law. Hoping against hope it’s dumped at the courts.

              1. I’m waiting on them coming to check the gun safe. We have one, since 2006. It is configured for taxes, the checkbook and check boxes, extra keys, my jewelry box, the laptops (when we are not home), and the SLR camera, not a gun, parts, or ammo to be seen … “See? You’ve looked. Now take us off the damn list.” Will not show the location where we had the boat accident … reason why we sold the boat 🙂

            2. If it comes to shooting our way out of communism, the American people are more prepared than any other nation.

              1. Americans being extraordinarily well-armed has already had an inhibiting effect. Not nearly as great an effect as we might wish, and the Authorities are doing their damnedest to hide and deny that they’re being inhibited at all, but the effect is there.

          1. Flexible weaponry is hard.
            It’s awesome to use someone’s clothing as a weapon against them, but it’s pretty impractical unless you’re hardcore and they’re clueless.

            There was I tune when I had a few techniques in my toolbox, but I wouldn’t even think about trying to use them now.

            1. On the other hand the more you have a list of ‘I could use this or this or this or this or this or this’ the greater chance of one of the options being viable.

        1. Yup, he has a lot of videos. I like his show and tell of Fairbairn, because his principles are simple. And nasty.

          The disadvantage is that they don’t seem to have ever reprinted Fairbairn’s book on female self-defense, because I’m sure it’s really really horrifying. And effective.

            1. My father had a wartime copy of Fairburn’s book – Get Tough, which he passed on to my daughter, the Marine. My brother and I loved that book as children (because of all the cool pictures beating up Nazis), and used to practice some of the techniques on each other – usually in the pool, which tends to slow down the force, somewhat. It’s a compendium of the dirtiest fighting tricks known to man, or woman.
              Dad also showed us how to break a hold, on an arm, by levering against the thumb. It’s a darned big man, with powerful hands, who can keep a grip on a woman’s wrist.

      1. If you aren’t learning now, it’ll be a bit late when/if the power goes down. In any case I don’t anticipate an America permanently without electricity. I’ve seen how far a civilization can fall without quite falling apart. (In Eastern Europe in the early ’90s)

        1. If war-torn third world sh*tholes can manage to have at least partial electricity, I imagine we can too.

          1. Biggest problem with unreliable electricity is the brown outs and surges will kill your motors and electronics twice as fast as normal wear and tear. I’ve got power conditioners on my computer systems; but I don’t have them for furnace or other appliances.

  6. I want to believe that liberty loving individuals make up a supermajority and it’s only fraud that cause us to keep loosing (or only making small gains, and generally–historically speaking–temporary one), which is why I tend to be hesitant about believing it.

    1. Jeff Cooper made some comments about holding keys between one’s fingers as an effective way for a woman to put a perp’s eyes out.

    2. The striking thing is that most of the things that stopped the red wave were lone inner city districts.

      Fetterman’s entire margin of victory was in one district in Philadelphia. And that’s pretty consistent across the board.

      1. Which is exactly — and exclusively — where the violates-the-rules-of-the-universe fraud came from in 2020: the central districts of the Big Blue Cities and their machines.

  7. These elections came out pretty much as I expected them to.

    The people (the ones who are nominally on our side) who are talking about this being a repudiation of Trump are wrong. This wasn’t “Gen Z” doing this; since NOTHING was done about the fortification, of COURSE these elections were fortified. As long as elections do not require paper ballots and ID is not required to vote, “thumb drives” are going to continue to be the way the Gangster Party fixes elections.

    I’m tired of all these people who just ACCEPT the bald assertions, from the democrat-media complex, that the elections are honest. They’re not–Time magazine said so (“fortification”) and never retracted it–and haven’t been for a long time, since before 2020. None of the shenanigans has been explained; any mention of them is quashed by “SHUT UP YOU INSURRECTIONIST ELECTION DENIER TRUMPKIN”.

    Polls were all trending hard red and the usual suspects were trying to spin it…and then suddenly the whole country up and votes the other way? I don’t buy it.

    1. Most people are willfully blind.

      I’m still having epic knock down drag outs with my wife over getting the kids jabbed. (No. Absolutely not.)

  8. I have a rant on voter reform, because I’m involved in voter reform in Georgia. I won’t post it, because its hard to remain civil when posting it. Its spilled over into other volunteer activities and gotten really ugly.

    As for the rest, it was a little better than I expected honestly, given voter issues both in mine and other places. I mean out of all the people my CIL was expecting to have their Identities stolen to vote, only five got abused this time, which is better than 2020. No, we don’t know who did it for any of the five, because abscentee voting, when three of them went to the poles. For the other two the mail entries appeared in the wrong places. That’s all I’ll say on the matter.
    Why only to a point, because as someone that has been working on voter reform in Georgia, which is where I live, its a very up hill battle, particularly when everyone wants to cast they are the most likely to the attempts as a betrayal to tabscentee . vote.

  9. As an old lady of very uncertain health, I won’t be doing much fighting myself.

    But the troops need food, medics, and safe places to rest. That would be my best contribution. Hubby and I are working on creating a refuge should such be needed. I have decades of experience with feeding a bunch on a very tight budget.

    People hereabouts already know us as helpful sorts so they will know where to go.

    I have no intention of giving up but we are making plans to hunker down for the long haul.

    And thank you, Sarah for pushing back on the “It’s all Trump’s fault and we should ditch him.”

    That’s what they WANT us to think.

    1. Amen.
      My favorite scene from Open Range is near the end. Robert Duvall, the patriarch, has had a stroke. Enemies come to the door. The men assemble on the front porch. Then, Duvall comes rolling out in his wheelchair, with his shotgun across his lap. He stops, picks up the gun, and joins the other men.
      We will never, ever quit, no matter if we’re basket cases biting off people’s legs and praying for our family, friends, and the Republic.

  10. Thank you Sarah for this post. I needed to see that are others are seeing what I am seeing! For your next radio free posts may I suggest a few more songs for our current situation: “We ain’t going to take it”, “I won’t back down”, and “There’s no easy way out”.

  11. #teamaffixbayonets is with you, ma’am.

    Please overlook that we have overlap with #teamheadsonpikes. It’s only to be expected.

    No, we won’t tell you who’s where. It’s best that way.

      1. Also please do not forget #TeamNoCowsOnPikes.

        It seems to make the point in an even… pointier way, to some of us. (And raises interesting possibilities for an accompanying illustration.)

  12. When I first read Ian’s post, I nodded. It’s about perfect. And this post from Sarah wraps it up nicely.

    Like I mentioned above, I’m finally done with the R. At least the communists come at you from the front–you know they want you dead. The GOP always comes at you from the back, whispering, while they put the knife in.

    Things between us–neighbors–are getting ugly because they are getting honest, and now we are done with polite. Even my silly small county in North Idaho can’t find its ballot totals with both hands and a map. Red? Idaho? That’s a joke.

    1. Yeah, I’m looking at the GreaterIdaho movement with jaundiced eyeballs…

      “Meet the new boss, Same as the old Boss!”

        1. Even in California I care about the state elections. And I’m glad that I do. While the “Abortion is a human right” state constitutional amendment passed, the “tax rich people to pay for EV subsidies” ballot measure went down in flames. Not everything that the left pushes passes even here.

          1. You can’t tax rich Democrats to pay the subsidies on electric vehicles; they’re the ones that GET the subsidies! You have to tax middle-class Republicans.
            Today, every child in America is born $91,000 in debt.

      1. I kind of hate the Greater Idaho Movement with a passion, because nobody is asking Idaho if they want Eastern Washington and Oregon.

        The only advantage for Idaho is that gives them most of the hydro dams.

        The disadvantages include Spokane and the Tri-Cities.

        If E. WA and E. OR want to seceed, let them, but join the two of them into a state instead of appending them to Idaho.

        1. Yes, that’s the State of Jefferson (with a logo of the double-cross–things promised at statehood didn’t happen…), but that’s an even longer shot.

        2. Meanwhile, we who live in eastern WA and OR are getting desperate. We’d love to be part of Greater Idaho. Or Jefferson State. Or Liberty State. (Eh, it’s all pipe dreams anyway.) And besides, there’s one word that means Idaho has absolutely no room to throw stones at our cities: Boise.

    2. At least the communists come at you from the front–you know they want you dead. The GOP always comes at you from the back, whispering, while they put the knife in.

      Parts of it really are that bad; and (read with care if your anger level / blood pressure is not currently well governed to safe areas, post-election) here is one inside look at the ‘bad’ from Uncover DC founder and managing editor Tracy “Beanz” Diaz, also for a long recent while an energetic new (and Ultra MAGA) insider in S.C.’s Republican Party apparatus…


      with a ‘teaser’ quote / summary following:

      This may seem to you like a local issue, but it has much greater implications for the country than just Horry County, SC. The country is burning down around us, and the state GOP is more concerned with how many Facebook “likes” they have on their page than doing the work necessary to save it. They are clearly more concerned with officially “condemning” their most passionate activists than actually focusing on winning elections and fighting the left. But it isn’t only a misplaced sense of urgency, whether intentional or not; it’s the fact that they really despise everyday Americans. They don’t like you, and they are happy to allow the country to go to hell as long as they maintain their power.

      To put it a little differently from your earlier comment, as far as this poxy GOP Establishment element of the overall party — its “Eat Me Last, Please, Lords of the Left” faction — De’il Take Them and the Horse They Rode In On, to go a bit 19th-century on their worthless behinds.

      Though merely ‘worthless’ is probably being over-kind to them.

      1. The big thing to know (other than Tracy is excellent) is that they are disgusted by real Americans. They think we are stupid and stink.
        The use of force against us is nothing to them.

        1. “Rural deplorables had for more than a century before been regarded as beings of an inferior order, and altogether unfit to associate with enlightened liberals, either in social or political relations; and so far inferior, that they had no rights which any liberal person was bound to respect; and that the deplorable might justly and lawfully be reduced to disenfranchised serfdom for his benefit.”
          –riffing off of Taney in Dred Scott

      2. The sidebar at the Beanz post had a story relevant to the Maricopa debacle.
        Yes, it was fraud.
        “Swinick says that the tabulators all worked “perfectly” during the test the night before the election. The problem with scanning began immediately with the first ballots. Voters scanned their ballots between 4 and 12 times with very minimal success. Poll workers estimated about 1 in 10 ballots were being read for the first three hours of voting.”

        Swinick: “In my opinion, the machines were programmed to do this, and it was all planned. The process and narrative, both machines and people. It was brilliantly done. They isolated the ballots to replace or not count them in 223 bags. The hard part for them in 2020 and during the primary was getting the ballots to match their manufactured machine count. This way, they have everything isolated in the bags.”

  13. And we need more candidates who can do what Trump and DeSantis have done – reach out to the working class voters and listen to them, then serve their needs. Plus small businesses and. businessmen and women. The current government, and to a great degree both parties, focus on the perceived “elite”. By definition, working/middle class folks outnumber them. But they need leaders they can trust.
    The Democrats are futzing up by focusing on college-educated, “gentry liberals.” The really don’t know, or perhaps care, how many voters have remained with them out of habit and stereotype. Someone who can convince working class, white, black, Hispanic, whatever, that he or she will have their backs will do very well. Because Hispanics are starting to realize the Democrats take them for granted, patronize them and never keep their promises.

  14. The fix is in! When a dead Democrat wins just so Democrats can hold the seat, you know the fix is in.

    1. Or a nearly dead, brain-damaged Dem is in … like Fetterman … yeah, the fix was in.
      At this point – like I posted yesterday in Chicagoboyz, ” I’m all out of sympathy for blue state progressives. I’m at the point of quoting Cate Blanchette’s character in the movie “Elizabeth”, when her adviser Walsingham tells her that if Norfolk signs that letter, than treason will have been committed, and she says, “Then let him sign it, and let it all be done.””
      My house is done, the HVAC has been replaced, we have a good stash of necessities, my daughter and I are experimenting with making home-made soap, we have two sewing machines … and we’re in Texas, which will likely remain sane, or saner than most blue states.

      1. The walkway is delayed until the Fimblewinter-in-November ends, and we really need to get the house resided, but while the first might happen soon, we’re counting on Spring for the latter.

        Beyond that, we’re more-or-less ready. Need range time for both of us.

      2. The fix was certainly in in Pennsylvania (witness our esteemed Acting Secretary of State [SPIT!] warning that it might take “days or weeks” to count all of the ballots), but Oz didn’t do himself any favors: he was branded as a carpetbagger and did little to contradict the label. He may have purchased a house in PA to “establish residency,” but as far as anyone’s been able to determine, he spent nearly all of his time at his “real” mansion in New Jersey, only coming into PA for campaign appearances and leaving the state as soon as possible afterwards. Fetterman’s team was able to get a lot of mileage out of playing the “Oz is an outsider, but our guy is One of You!” card. Plus, Pennsylvanians generally despise people from New Jersey, especially Pennsylvanians in the eastern side of the state. And if you look at a map of state results, Fetterman carried ALL of the easternmost counties (plus our three big cities and Centre County, only the latter of which was a surprise, to me at least).

        1. Also, Fetterman was the sitting Lt. Governor and I read had been a well-regarded political figure for some years. And then the MSM covered up how bad he really was post-stroke until the debate made it obvious. I read that after that a lot of early voters called up to ask if they could change their vote but no luck.

          Which is to say, bad election laws and media lying-by-omission put Oz at even more of a disadvantage.

      3. I saw vote plots for the Fetterman Monster in PA and Whitmer in Michigan. Both of them got “the Biden Maneuver” where a vertical infusion of votes kept them from falling behind. Whitmer got two. The fraud wasn’t seamless, but it is now beyond being questioned.

        There is no margin of fraud that can be beaten when they don’t even try to conceal committing it.

    2. Hey, it’s only fair that they have dead Congresscritters to represent all those dead voters! 😛
      Grandpa voted Republican until the day he died — but he’s been voting Democrat ever since.

  15. Here in my county in Ohio, we went pretty much straight red. Voting on whether one must be a citizen to vote in Ohiopassed for the yes side by around 77%. No comments on the big cities. Ohio requires ID and also a signature.

  16. Thank you, Sarah. I enjoyed this: “It’s the fraud. Anyone who is taking the abortion talking point can kindly stuff it.”

    Yes, it was Fraud, done very sneakily and scientifically, in just the right places. You could say it was ‘surgical fraud, laparoscopy’ fraud. Unlike the clumsy 99% wins for Middle Eastern and Soviet strong men, this was surgical. Yes, we’ve all seen the graphics with the sudden uptick in the blue line at three AM after the big semi with the ballots pulls in. It only takes about 1.5% to tip the election one way or the other, AND HAVE THE PUBLIC BUY IT. This has all been carefully planned.

    And I liked this as well, “Yeah, he (Trump) was bombastic but not without provocation. So, before you cut him off as the left so desperately wants us to…

    (Amen! And so many, battle-addled folks are already stupidly obliging.)

    … and with it decide there was no fraud in 2020 or now, and go back to that well-worn prison of the mind….”

    Yes! And… speaking of which (Clayton here… ) I was watching my fave show last night, Greg Gutfeld, and I almost projectile vomited on the TV screen. All of them, Jimmy Failla (who I met and chatted with here in Nevada), Tyrus, Kat, AND Gutfeld, all… seemed to have bought this meme, saying in effect, “Look, we gotta stop squawking about the stolen 2020 election. This is not working. Trump should just get over it and move on.” BULLSHIT! This is just like Clinton telling Juanita Broderick, whom he had just bitten on the lip so he could rape her without her struggling, “You better put some ice on that.” It’s the same thing. It’s like if you got mugged and your ‘friend’ says, “ Whaddoyawanna call a cop for? They didn’t kill ya. Just dust yerself off and move on… Whadaya… a pussey?”

    We, the Right, the traditional Americans, conservatives, normals.. have just lost another battle, in my opinion. Massive fraud, done surgically, like I said above. So, in a conventional kinetic war, after the enemy bombs your perimeter to dust… they ain’t gonna just move on. They’re gonna move in and kill the survivors. I’m not saying there will be an armed assault or anything like that here and now, only that, they will press their advantage. There’s more to come…

    Yes, and there’s hope too, for Lake and a few others… But nothing is guaranteed, except the next campaign, and I don’t mean a political one. But, hopefully, more and more Americans are waking up to what’s going on.

  17. Because I personally am not ready to lie down and take it. If I die, it will be with an ax in my hands and a f*ck you in my lips. I’d never be able to face gggggggggrandma, the Viking bint otherwise.

    I don’t know much about my ancestors beyond what 23andMe can tell me but I pretty much feel the same way. If I do have to face those ancestors (I don’t believe there is any afterlife but I could be wrong) I intend to face them knowing I died still true to my principles. I kind of hoped we could push the reckoning back another few decades but that possibility is looking smaller and smaller every day.

    So here I am: 70 years old, overweight, out of shape, and with a less than optimal heart. The odds of me surviving even a short war are not favorable. Nevertheless, if civil war comes I hope I will not balk at at manning the barricades and doing what I can to slow the enemy. Perhaps that will buy you youngsters time to stop the slide down from a technophilic civilization before it becomes irreversible.

  18. Regarding DeSantis VS Trump. In the primary, should he run, I’ll vote for DeSantis, if for no other reason that he is younger than Trump. Regardless of who wins, I’ll vote for the republican candidate.

    Not that my vote in Oregon, vote by fraud means anything. The only way to fix that is to get rid of vote by mail, which won’t happen without a measure to vote on it, which cannot happen before 2024, no matter what. A tweak option would be require notarized signatures, with a marker on the ballot as it comes out of the envelope of verification of notarized signature, no mail in options, must use drop locations, to a person who is assigned to mark the voting envelope (thus making them liable). Next step is ballots certified as coming from marked envelopes, who took custody initially, who ballot was passed off to. Both steps must have two or more people certifying this step. By the time all the needed certification processes are put into place for vote by fraud mail, TPTB will be begging to go back to vote in person on the day. Again, no matter what, unless a court strikes down the vote by fraud mail, nothing will change without an initiative state wide vote, which cannot be on the ballot until 2024. Conclusion: 2024 is screwed in Oregon, unless SCOTUS declares all default vote by fraud is not legal and Oregon is forced back to in person paper votes and tally.

  19. Naw, heck no, it wasn’t fraud. By simple definition close to half the folks in the U.S have below average IQs, hum still hard to believe they all, each and every one of them, voted democrat.

    Couldn’t be fraud. Guess I need assume the six feet under dead have a right to vote too.

    Can’t have been fraud. Hum, over five million criminal alien invaders in the U. S., I’d have to, to avoid thinking fraudulence, that they have every right to vote too.

    Fraud? Impossible. Fetterman won in Pennsylvania . Hum, hum, hum, either the majority of Pennsylvanians are Bat Sh__ Crazy or…

    OK, it was fraud.

      1. They don’t need fake ones, they can just go to a place like Massachusetts and get a real one. Then they can go to the DMV of any other state and do a transfer. And do motor voter while their there.

  20. I don’t have much to prep with, but I am, at least, not in debt. (Barely. But just.)

    Roommate and I have already been discussing if there are any remaining areas we can cut back in a little bit, and stock up more.

    Outside of that, trying to watch for opportunities, and possibly make some, to get into a better situation.

      1. Been busy. And, like the rest of us, ticked off.

        I’m doing my best to juggle bills so they’re all paid on time, and fighting a bit of holiday depression. Rueful You know, the kind that stacks up when you start judging how much money you can save for getting yourself and the car maintained vs. ever-climbing grocery bills. And I need to at least get a couple shirts to be presentable at work, I haven’t gotten new ones in years….

        But I’m still here. And trying to pull together stories with heroes, because if politics is downstream of culture then fighting culturally is valid.

        I just hope we don’t end up going the way of Nirvana in Fire, where a lone survivor spends 14 years trying not to die before he brings about justice….

        1. I figured you were probably busy (and ticked off), but I was still a little worried. Radio silence these days can do that, unfortunately.

          :lots of virtual hugs: Hang in there. We’re pulling for you, too. :thumbsup:

          1. Week before last, ended up working 9 days straight to make sure 1 big bill would be paid. It’s paid. Whew.

            Now my brain is rebelling with “can haz new reference books now?”

            …Nope. Not yet. Later, maybe…. But I’ve picked up Ginseng Diggers to read farther, and that has given me a hint of something to put into a sequel to Oni the Lonely that might get the plot rebalanced enough to work. Knocks on wood.

  21. Thank you Sarah because I needed this today. Feeling very depressed and yes passive. Thank you for reminding me that that’s not who I really am. That I am a fighter and need to make my Viking/Irish/Native American ancestors proud. Plus, listening to Mike and the Mechanics is always a mood improver.

  22. I found the Chesterton quote. It was from his column in the Illustrated London News, Feb. 24, 1906. Collected Works of G.K. Chesterton, Vol. 27, 133.

    He’s not totally serious, of course!

    “…. the really selfish men are the silent men, those sinister and wicked fellows. They care more for their own manners (a base individualistic asset) than for conversation, which is social, which is impersonal, which is divine.

    “The loud talker is humble. The very phrase you use about him proves this. If a man is rude, and bawls and blunders, the snub given to him would be, ‘You forget yourself.’ It is the very ecstasy of altruism — an impersonal apotheosis.

    “You say to the cad, ‘You forget yourself.’ What better, what higher, could you say to the saint than, ‘You forget yourself’?”

  23. They might (might) not get away with it in NV. And if they don’t we need to rise up and drive a stake through the heart of mail in voting (planted on us by the socialist legislature currently in power). Pray for us in our days of need.

  24. 3. Iowa had tons of abortion, reeeeeee campaigning. The result was to turn redder.

    I cannot convey how much SHREIKING was going on for abortion.

    Nunn— pronounced “none”– showed up at least once every 15 minute educational video on youtube. With a grave voice-over saying how extreme he was.

  25. Two hit me today.
    First was from a thought on your “Where we stood still”. The first line of this was an honest question I was seeking to answer:

    Do I betray by standing still?
    Upon this line? Upon this hill?
    If the choice be still or to step back
    Here I stand against attack.

    I stand and look upon the foe.
    I will not yield to any blow.
    If a blow should bring me to a knee
    Yet will I still refuse to flee.

    Will that forward step be mine?
    Or is it for me to hold the line?
    First I must stand then may I go
    Against the storm and any foe.

    There is no back only ahead
    No matter the danger or the dread.
    Yet some must be that hold the line.
    There we begin your task and mine.

    We cannot win if we stand alone
    yet we being, standing on our own.
    I do not know what that first step will be
    yet here I stand I will not flee.

    To those afraid: Hold your ground. That is first.

    For what came from this post. This one may eventually be set to music. It seems to have a chorus:
    What do you do when the world all comes down?
    When the path of devestation is all that can be found?
    What do you do when it all turns black and cold?
    And the only light around you is the candle that you hold?

    Lift high the candle, first above all else.
    Lift high the candle, even if this fails.
    Lift high the candle, strong against the dark.
    Lift high the candle, look for glimmers, small and stark.

    There are other candles, and together they still come.
    Here and there one flickers, then falls to darkness’s humm,
    But still they come together, a silent chorus of strength.
    And so assay the damage, the storm left in its wake.

    Lift high the candle, first the truth to see.
    Lift high the candle, what will be will be.
    Lift high the candle, to know things as they are.
    Lift high the candle, to be answered by a star.

    The world may face devastation, plagues and sorrows, too.
    Yet this is our salvation, the bright and shining truth:
    The light cannot be extinguished, in burns within each soul.
    To this it brings us: what was destroyed can be made whole.

    Lift high the candle, let your voices sing.
    Lift high the candle, make every bell to ring.
    Lift high the candle, know you are not alone.
    Lift high the candle, go forth and rebuild home.

  26. I’m just gonna be blunt…

    after Pelousy et al saying for months that Republicans were going to use the election to steal congress, we eked out a win

    i haven’t heard a single call from Pelousy for an investigation into this supposed fraud (because, of course, a fair and good investigation will turn up their fraud…)


    1. What win?! We haven’t won anything yet. They stopped the counting – they might not even let us keep the house with housebroken Vichy republicans.

      1. Chill. Stop the black pill already. Take a deep breath, and really look at what changed, what didn’t change, and where the good guys are getting ready to continue the fight.

        Do something useful. Rake the leaves. Help your neighbor. Make something. Learn something. Build under, build around, be ready. In the end, we win and they lose. Make sure you have something good or useful or both for when they are needed.

  27. From a regular lurker ….

    As dinner is arriving on the table, had to say …You tell ’em Sarah! Spot on.

    Oh and BoR is brilliant. Just wonderful. Wish I could write just one chapter as good as any of your first four.

      1. As do I. But liars, cheats and political provocateurs abound, and Quislings aren’t always Scandinavian. And provoking actions are only getting worse.
        I think it’s likely to flare; and we’ll need to be ready.
        But I agree, I hope for better.

      2. The alarums are sounding. It’s still (just barely) possible to recover into not-crashing flight. But… the one thing it AIN’T gonna be is easy. Grab that stick/yoke (LOOK, I said YOKE, NOT “toke” sheesh! Ain’t that part of how we GOT into this mess?), feet to the pedals, and FLY THE DANG PLANE! The autopilot is buggy as hell if it’s even working at all!

  28. Vivek Ramaswamy just gave us a great line on Tucker Carlson, about the Democrats and the mega-corporations:

    “It’s not a marriage of convenience, where they have to at least tolerate each other; it’s mutual prostitution, and it works as long as they’re both getting something out of the deal.”

    I think that’s the most accurate description of the relationship anybody has ever come up with.

  29. One thing that I notice is that there’s a lot more conversation about the electoral process than there was 4 or more years ago. That’s a good thing because the process needs to be fixed in many places. In a fair few places the laws and regulations are fine but the implementation isn’t. In others the laws and regulations are (probably deliberately) flawed.

    Changing the laws in states with R legislatures and governors is quiet doable once the Rs decide that there’s no point in paying attention to the REEEEEEEE. Once the laws are fixed then it’s mostly a case of sunlight to make them be followed properly

    The thing is that for voters this is in fact a bipartisan issue. I’ve seen opinion polls report for years that even in dem strongholds like urban philly the voters want ID and accountability. And just about everyone who is not willfully blind can see the problem with mail-in ballots and drop boxes. More to the point (almost?) every other country on the planet with real democratic systems bans these things except perhaps in the cases of military serving overseas and a few other extremely limited circumstances. Likewise registering to vote on the day and all the other crapola that has been allowed in the US in various jurisdictions.

    The good news is that the various voter integrity and ballot observer organizations are getting better at recruiting local teams to do the dirty tedious work of ensuring stuff is legit. Now that obviously doesn’t stop all the fraud (and the pure electronic voting machines where there’s no paper trail are clearly designed for this) but it makes it a lot harder and it means that you have steadily smaller areas in states where fraud can occur.

  30. Sarah, what exactly do you propose that we actually DO?

    Not “what would be a perfect, or even workable system.” What do you propose we DO?

    I think part of the reason it took so long for the GOP to win the working class vote was that the political theorists on the right tend to be self-employed, often as writers. They tended to propose ideas that worked well for self-employed people. Most of us, however, work for corporations. The point I’m trying to make, probably poorly, is that “build around” makes sense for a science fiction writer. Not so much for a blue collar worker.

    I’m not going to come out and propose political violence, but at least political violence is POSSIBLE. Repealing the Seventeenth Amendment isn’t, and when anyone proposes something like that, what it tells me is, “I give up. Just let me die in peace.”

    1. Sarah, what exactly do you propose that we actually DO?

      Homework assignment.

      Explain what part of “Iowa and Florida did the hard work to clean up voting. They had blowout victories.” you did not understand.

      Show your work.

      1. Iowa and Florida were already red states.

        I still have no responses on my question of how do we fix the blue states?

          1. Okay, take Washington. Pretty god damn f***ing blue. D Governor, D legislature, D judges, D bureaucrats. There are plenty of Republicans, but they are an absolute majority only in the very sparsely populated eastern half of the state; everywhere else they are locally outnumbered at least 3 to 2, and more like 5 to 1 in King County, where half the population lives.

            The machine can’t be suppressing the number of party registrations, because the parties control that (unless the state GOP is in on it dun dun DUNNNN). So let’s assume that D-registered voters are going to vote for D candidates and for D-preferred outcomes and vice versa. So the swing voters are the independents plus people who pretend to be good Democrats but are actually crypto-conservatives just keeping their head down. To get a D governor, legislature, and judges, there must necessarily be a majority of D ballots. So either:

            1 . The fraud machine is routinely switching/discarding Republican ballots to obviate the natural Republican majority, or
            2 . Very large numbers of people including independents are actually voting Democrat.

            In either of those cases, please tell me how you intend to get rid of D-preferred vote by mail. I’ll wait.

            Note, of course, that your initiative will be challenged in court at every step, the entire local and national media will call you a racist and a fascist and link your name to every R boogieman they can think of, the D bureaucrats will oopsie accidentally release your donor list, and if you manage to somehow win the 9th Circuit will invent a reason for why you lose anyway. If you try to sue instead of going the initiative route, you might have trouble getting a lawyer with to represent you, and in any case the state will be able to use all their resources to defend against you before a Democrat judge. Oops.

            Again, for the love of god, I’m not giving up. I’m saying that, as much as we would like it to be true, there are not millions of True Blue (Red) Americans who have been defrauded out of their franchise, and “all” we need to do is reform the electoral system and then happy days are here again. Occam’s Razor rather suggests the opposite, that the blue states are blue because all those voters are actually loony, progressive, committed, family, or just habitual Democrats.

            Remember, it’s not what we don’t know that hurts us, it’s what we know for certain that just ain’t so.

            1. That sums up a lot of why I’m still having a hard time wrapping my head around all of this very well.

            2. Swap Oregon for Washington, and this sums up the problem, in spades.

              Unfortunately for those in the east who voted for greater Idaho, even if the counties are allowed to go (Oregon D heavy legislature now gets a say … yea, that it is happening for sure now), are jumping from the fire into the frying pan.

              1. Exactly, I just happen to live in Washington.

                The problem is not “fix the fraud and the state will turn red”, the problem is “turn the state ever-so-slightly majority red for a few years and the fraud will be promptly fixed”.

                I’m willing to entertain suggestions on how to turn states red, but it’s not going to be “turn the country red with this One Weird Trick”.

      2. So did Texas, with similar results.

        One not good result was that Harris County (Houston) and others called in the Feds. Abbott and Paxton (AG) said the same thing FL did, which was “Oh no you don’t, under Texas law you aren’t allowed in the polling places.” Abbott sent 200 monitors of his own to Harris and other places.

        What I haven’t been able to find out is whether the Feds showed up and were allowed in anyway. If the local officials let them in, there may not have been much Abbott and Paxton could do about it. Same question about FL; in both cases one side or both blinked and stepped back. Since the results were apparently good for the state officials I’m not sure we’ll ever find out.

        Texas has a weak Executive under the state Constitution, by design. TX SC ruled last year in a border case that even if a state law is broken, only the DA of the county in which the violation took place can file charges. The AG can’t bring a case anywhere else. So if the Harris County DA won’t prosecute the violations, they walk. It doesn’t help that the Harris County judge (Democrat) apparently got re-elected.

        Bottom line: any crowing about “State X had wonderful results, why can’t state Y” that doesn’t take into account the differences in state law should be looked at with some suspicion.

        PS: One of the most likely scenarios for general boog is when one of those red states actually does something concrete to directly thwart the Feds. Doesn’t have to be guns, either. For example, when the Blizzard of 2021 hit, the EPA refused permission to back off on some of the green regulations to reinforce the grid. Abbott should have told them to pound sand. If he decides to do it next time, that might be enough.

        1. Note that TX’s weak Executive was a response to the IDIOCY of hamfisted “Reconstruction” (the Lt. Gov. is more significant than the Gov., really) to thwart carpetbaggery. That Abbott can ANYTHING is impressive.

          Now, the thing to do with Fed asshats is to arrest them, then put them on a prison ship to go into international waters – with the understand that ANY attempt by at piracy by Federal gov’t result in scuttling, and the Feds go with the ship. No lampposts at sea, you see.

          1. The Law of Unintended Consequences may be the most universal law in Creation.

            And your suggestion has merit…. as long as we are prepared for CW2 as a result.

      1. I honestly don’t get your hatred for me. You have accused me of anti-Semitism, which is completely untrue. I have never made one single anti-Semitic comment, ever, and that particular comment of yours would probably be actionable if I actually gave a flying fig.

        Maybe someone else made some anti-Semitic comment, but if all of the people you dislike just run together in your head, maybe you should switch to O’Douls.

        1. I honestly don’t get your hatred for me.

          You show up, make false accusations, and are generally obnoxious.

          She doesn’t hate you, she recognizes you are annoying.

  31. On a related issue…

    The LA County DA’s office filed charges a while back against the head of an electronic voting company called Konech. The charges weren’t over out and out fraud. Instead, the charges claimed that Konech had stored the personal information of poll workers on a server in China, which is illegal (for obvious reasons). The charges were almost certainly filed without the DA’s involvement, but instead were the work of the Cybercrimes Division.

    DA Gascon has thrown the charges out. According to him, there’s evidence of bias, and he questions how long it took the charges to be filed (i.e. he’s almost certainly claiming that they were filed too quickly). No mention of whether the company actually might have been storing information on a server in China. He says that the office might file charges in the future, after it’s had a chance to properly review the evidence.

    Yeah, right.

    The Recall effort against him is still in courts due to the mess that was made of the signature gathering. However, even if the recall eventually does come up for a vote, I’m skeptical that he’ll actually be removed. Sheriff Villaneuva, who’s been a very pleasant surprise for me, lost his reelection bid on Tuesday to a former chief of police in one of the cities in the county. According to the challenger – who I’d never heard of before – the big issue was “Deputy gangs!” that the Sheriff was supposedly ignoring. I’d never even heard of this issue. But supposedly a good-sized majority of the county’s voters were fully up on it?

    Color me skeptical…

    And as a result, I suspect that a vote to recall Gascon will fail. You can debate about the exact reason for that failure. But the official numbers will probably be roughly 60/40 against.

    1. And it gets better, I mean worse. This case is tied directly into another case and an incident people may have heard of: the recent (and even more recently ended) contempt-of-court jailings of Catherine Engelbrecht of True the Vote (TTV) and OpSec founder Gregg Phillips — central players in 2000 Mules, if you’ve had the pleasure / deeply maddening experience of seeing that movie.

      Basically, Konnech is trying to shut them up using a lawsuit, and/or claim that the data they have that connects Konnech with the servers-in-China shenanigans is (something like) stolen Konnech property. They were put in jail because the judge in that case up and decided they and their lawyers should publicly reveal all their sources for the information they have on Konnech — as part of the case on whether they ‘stole’ or used ‘stolen’ data. Just… because.

      DA Gascon’s dropping the charges against Konnech CEO Eugene Yu could be seen as an attempt to undercut Engelbrecht and Phillips’ defense, to bolster Konnech’s charge that data showing the servers-in-China problem is either stolen or fabricated, and/or to help Konnech and Yu cover up whatever wrong may have been done along the way.

      Because obviously the Left and Lefties hate TTV and 2000 Mules and the things they say and reveal with the burning fire of a thousand suns… and possibly (I have no data on this next thing either way) because Gascon’s campaign was bankrolled by George Soros or some fellow traveller.

      (from: http://www.uncoverdc.com/2022/11/07/engelbrecht-and-phillips-out-of-jail-incarcerated-for-refusing-to-reveal-sources/ )

      “Konnech, Inc. v True the Vote, Inc, Gregg Phillips, and Catherine Engelbrecht is a civil case. Engelbrecht and Phillips assert that Konnech allegedly allowed for the storage of sensitive poll worker data in China. That they were put in jail for refusing to give up sources in a civil proceeding is ‘unprecedented,’ according to TTV spokesperson Brian Glicklich’s November 5 interview with War Room host Steve Bannon.

      “Engelbrecht and Phillips brought the information they found on Konnech to the FBI back in January 2021. They were cooperating with the FBI for a number of months when suddenly the FBI went dark. To this day, Engelbrecht does not understand why the FBI stopped cooperating. She says she has never done anything criminal.

      “October 12 texts released in her October 28 affidavit indicate that she and Phillips began to ‘hear chatter that the FBI was working with Konnech and against [them], and still trying to accuse them of crimes [they] did not commit’ adding that they ‘operated in good faith with the Bureau and never did anything even approaching a crime.’

      “Fast forward to September 12, 2022, Konnech sought a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) to keep Engelbrecht and Phillips from ‘using or disclosing data from Konnech’s protected computers without authorization.’ Subsequent to that, the court asked Engelbrecht and Phillips to disclose to the court anyone who had access to the Konnech data.”

      1. Gee, just last week Democrats were accusing the ‘Ultra MAGA Republican Insurrectionists’ of planning to throw journalists in jail if they won this election. Even planning to murder journalists — like that Democrat politician did in Las Vegas a couple of months ago. Have they never heard of a mirror? Or can they just not see themselves in one?

        Everything about any computers used in our elections MUST be disclosed to the public! Every detail of their electronic and mechanical design. Every one and zero in their software. Open Source all the way!
        “I say we take off and nuke the site from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.”

  32. Beyond the mega-dittos regarding “why do these people all claim that Trump was the sole/primary factor in ANY republican loss, those idiots?”…. that’s a fantastic image at the top, Sarah.

  33. There is a truly immense difference between

    “We can’t vote our way out of this”


    “We can’t JUST vote our way out of this.”

    Even if the first is literally true (and note, unlike ’20 we’re at least headed for an R House, as of this moment), the second is the one of these two that points toward an implementation.

    Sure, it would have been nice if all of the (every moment more likely to be real based on all the available data) Red Tsunami had gotten through, ah, The Process to actual seats for real-not-RINO freedom-lovers. It would have made things easier on all the rest of us, and maybe even also a lot safer for us and those we love in the soon-to-be future.

    Okay, so we didn’t get a wonderful three-decker cake and a new pony, we just got a birthday cake with vanillia frosting. Should we go throw a tantrum, or enjoy the cake we got? (“The summer solider and the sunshine patriot…”)

    [Stop hitting on the doomerbait. Those aren’t delicious licorice balls, they’re blackpills.]

  34. The live-streaming cameras at the Maricopa County vote counting center had ‘technical issues’ for several hours. Like the ones in Epstein’s cell block, while the guards all ‘just happened’ to be taking a break at the same time.

    And the Democrat candidate for governor is in charge of the election.

    Nothing suspicious here, oh no indeedy!

  35. I’m stuck in California and pretty much if SF and LA vote in reasonable lockstep, you’re not going to see anything really happen. I do think the rising Latino population is going to change this as well, just not…quickly.

    I think I’ve said this before. This is the time when we need to have election reform. You can argue a lot of things, but we need to fix our elections. I’ve specified what I think would be a good set of reforms (in-person voting with a tightly regulated mail-in option, photo ID at the polls, machine-readable ballots with clear sequential numbering and specific watermarking, purple finger after voting, regular voter roll purging, no same-day or provisional balloting except under very clear circumstances (i.e. act of God-type circumstances)). If your state had an initiative process, you need to start getting it going now. I’m already looking into California’s provisions as we speak.

    It’s going to be rough…but it’s either hope and do something or wait for the monsters to get worse.

    On the Trump/DeSantis dichotomy-honestly, Trump was a great troll in 2016. He could fight, and I suspect he would have done more if he had a better idea of who he could have trusted. But, he’s going to be in his late ’70s by the time 2024 rolls around and it’s not fair for anyone. DeSantis needs to start getting his ducks-and his allies-in a row now for a Presidental run and start building alternate power structures to the GOP(e).

  36. Is it true that the national popular vote went Republican? Heard this on Tucker Carlson, but was unable to verify on Google (not exactly a surprise, if true)?

  37. Folks, take a deep breath, and chill. Raging ad-hominum just looks weak. Our hostess has the privilege of raging axe-flings, if she so chooses, it’s -her- forum.

    The rest of us should keep it rational and civil. “A polite society” and all that.

  38. Have you ever thought that this is a script that President Trump and Governor DeSantis are running? To keep their enemies distracted? To draw out rhinos? Who’s your real friends? To make the enemy think you’re weak?

      1. Don’t know. A lot of the previous spats between President Trump and others seemed to be manufactured.

        1. A lot of the recent outrages turn out to be manufactured– “So and so said this!” you go and dig it up, and turns out that it’s a rephrasing of a portion of a quote, and is not outrageous in the least.

  39. Posted elsewhere as a sample. I agree with Mrs. Hoyt. Now is not the time to go wobbly!

    You might be right, [redacted]. There’s no peak stupidity in the world, and the human penchant for self-destruction is baked in. No doubt the U.S.A. is a goner and all its people, maybe, including the migrants, addicts, bums, and free-loaders on the streets and in the bureaucracies, are perfectly useless…

    Keep in mind, though, Codex’s codicil to Burge’s famous laws about infiltrating our institutions, gutting them and wearing them as skinsuits. The actual final step is after the once-beloved thing is visibly rotten & crawling with maggots, to convince us it was always thus.

    Places like Iowa and Florida, where they did the ground work of cleaning up the election infrastructure had red tsunamis. So… What magic cured those folks of Peak Uselessness? What is stopping us from doing likewise, except cynicism and hopelessness?

  40. This has likely been said (less overtly) here multiple times already; but maybe it deserves to be said more explicitly.

    Election tampering (vote fraud, “f*ckery”) isn’t simply a power grab OR a psy-op. It can be either or both. And often, it’s both.

    In other words, you don’t “merely” corrupt the process and install a false “winner” into office; you also corrupt the information your “official” outcome at the real polls sends out to everyone, about what voters as a group want and suppport. In a way that tends to create, more than a stolen election, also a false sense of legitimacy and (perceived!) public support for the ringer you’ve just frauded into office. Possibly even a hard and caustic period of self-criticism and doubt, by the people and candidates you just robbed; that tends to have the longer-term effect of discouraging voters, suppressing active support, and moving next election’s discussions and candidates even closer yet to your fraudsters’ “official” (but fake as a $17 bill) “voice of the people.”

    (For me this time of the year back in 2020, I had to just stop listening to one commentator, I think it was Glenn Beck. Because his ‘we made a mistake with Trump, we have to change course now’ refrain was truly too much to take, given how much and how quickly my real suspicions mounted.)

    Think about it: even if all you (as the bad guy) could ever do was turn a narrow 1% loss by your opponents into a “landslide” 20-30% loss, and do it without suspicion by a credulous (or simply naive) public, couldn’t that be a hugely powerful tool of influence? Especially over the longer term?

    We can’t simply choose for a stolen election to be un-stolen; but we can (often) decide for ourselves how resistant we’ll be to the very quiet but insidious gaslighting that comes with ‘fake news’ election outcomes.

    “Are you gonna take the red pill, or the black pill? Choose!”

        1. Supposedly, Churchill gave a speech barely longer than “never quit” on much the same theme; only that tale seems to be one more “urban legend” since searching on “never give up Churchill” gives back a far longer result.

          The quote below still isn’t his whole speech, but it contains the part that’s usually quoted or misquoted. And it has some relevance, maybe even some inspirational qualities, for us today:

          Another lesson I think we may take, just throwing our minds back to our meeting here ten months ago and now, is that appearances are often very deceptive, and as Kipling well says, we must “…meet with Triumph and Disaster. And treat those two impostors just the same.”

          You cannot tell from appearances how things will go. Sometimes imagination makes things out far worse than they are; yet without imagination not much can be done. Those people who are imaginative see many more dangers than perhaps exist; certainly many more than will happen; but then they must also pray to be given that extra courage to carry this far-reaching imagination. But for everyone, surely, what we have gone through in this period — I am addressing myself to the School — surely from this period of ten months this is the lesson: never give in, never give in, never, never, never — in nothing, great or small, large or petty — never give in except to convictions of honour and good sense. Never yield to force; never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy. We stood all alone a year ago, and to many countries it seemed that our account was closed, we were finished. All this tradition of ours, our songs, our School history, this part of the history of this country, were gone and finished and liquidated.

          Very different is the mood today. Britain, other nations thought, had drawn a sponge across her slate. But instead our country stood in the gap. There was no flinching and no thought of giving in; and by what seemed almost a miracle to those outside these Islands, though we ourselves never doubted it, we now find ourselves in a position where I say that we can be sure that we have only to persevere to conquer.

          –Winston Churchill at Harrow, his old boys’ school, Oct. 29, 1941

      1. Written (including some related ‘fighting well on the inner front’ material already done) and sent to “first-initials last-name at not-cold mail dot com” yesterday evening. About 3K words / 18K chars. If the formatting (italics etc) ends up scrambled, I can convert to text with HTML-like tags and see if that works better…

  41. Its the simplest things that have the longest life, isn’t it? Our short Constitution laying out free speech. Freedom from unreasonable search. Simple.

    The problem we have now is that everyone proposes many page solutions. Five hundred page spending bills can not be cornered with annotations. You have to scream that the money must, must, must be counted.

    Think of the beautiful trees Artificial Intelligence would paint if it followed government expenditures to the roots. Seriously, why should we fear AI? It should be the bane of WEF folks. They want to track every one of our transactions and assign carbon debits. I say they go first!

    Every government bank account, expenditure, and redistribution laid bare. That there would expose some shills. Is it curious that we haven’t heard how good AI is at double entry accounting? Seems like the simplest thing for a super fast adding machine to do.

    So…there’s no interest in either side to count the money. At least we could make reporting equal. When I can get fined for not reporting my payments to a WORKER of $600/YEAR via a W2/1099-misc, when are we going to see 1099-GOV for the $650/MONTH addict support?

    Again with adding machines, determining the 1099-GOV median amount will be the tax credit for every American. In other words, the government will consider your first grader as much as the urban camper. A family of five would get a $39,000/year tax CREDIT.

    At that point, the government would be in a feed back loop like we want and they definitely don”t. The more free money they shovel out, the higher the individual tax credit grows which reduces their taxable pie.

    And really, every single government or commercial entity already files a 1099-misc as required by IRS regulations. Changing the header to say 1099-GOV and porting the database of recipients ( name, address?, amount, ID) into the existing 1099-misc legacy system could be done is days.

    Now I’ve scared myself. More than you did. Something that could be fixed in days ain’t happening, and you’re suggesting we prep. I just realized it is for certain going to be a hard landing.

  42. I can’t help but notice that SMOD song was both depressing and oddly comforting — comforting because, yes, it kindof feels like SMOD would be a relief.

    Having said that, it made me think of Elijah, who, after being chased away by Jezebel, felt he was completely alone, and just wanted to lie down and die. (I kindof feel that way right now both for political reasons, and for personal reasons I’m going through at the moment.) How did the Lord address this? He told Elijah to arise and eat. Elijah then encountered an earthquake, a fire, and a wind — but the Lord wasn’t in those — and then the Holy Spirit comforted him.

    What did the Holy Spirit say? “There are 15,000 people who haven’t knelt down to Baal. Now, go anoint a new King of Syria, a new king of Israel, and a new Prophet — and they’re going to go and kick some butt.”

    Yes, we had a depressing lack of a red tsunami. Perhaps it’s time we step back, eat something, and sit through some chaos — all the while remembering WE ARE NOT ALONE, and looking out for the people we can “anoint”, who will rise up, ready to “chew gum and kick some butt — and be all out of gum to chew.”

    And do you know what? The United Nations has a nice little pamphlet on how elections are supposed to be conducted — one that the Democrats insist on using the inverse of, as a template to conduct elections — and we need to use that document and pound Democrats with it over and over again, until they agree to safe and secure elections. And then, for once in its entire multi-decades existence, the United Nations could finally be useful for something.

  43. WordPress seemed to eat this comment, but this is a point I really wanted to make, so at a risk of double-posting, I’m going to try again … (WordPress Delenda Est.) …

    I can’t help but notice that SMOD song was both depressing and oddly comforting — comforting because, yes, it kindof feels like SMOD would be a relief.

    Having said that, it made me think of Elijah, who, after being chased away by Jezebel, felt he was completely alone, and just wanted to lie down and die. (I kindof feel that way right now both for political reasons, and for personal reasons I’m going through at the moment.) How did the Lord address this? He told Elijah to arise and eat. Elijah then encountered an earthquake, a fire, and a wind — but the Lord wasn’t in those — and then the Holy Spirit comforted him.

    What did the Holy Spirit say? “There are 15,000 people who haven’t knelt down to Baal. Now, go anoint a new King of Syria, a new king of Israel, and a new Prophet — and they’re going to go and kick some butt.”

    Yes, we had a depressing lack of a red tsunami. Perhaps it’s time we step back, eat something, and sit through some chaos — all the while remembering WE ARE NOT ALONE, and looking out for the people we can “anoint”, who will rise up, ready to “chew gum and kick some butt — and be all out of gum to chew.”

    And do you know what? The United Nations has a nice little pamphlet on how elections are supposed to be conducted — one that the Democrats insist on using the inverse of, as a template to conduct elections — and we need to use that document and pound Democrats with it over and over again, until they agree to safe and secure elections. And then, for once in its entire multi-decades existence, the United Nations could finally be useful for something.

    1. I now see that WordPress just needed me to be patient — not that I could trust WP, though, to be sure …

      WordPress delenda est, indeed!

  44. Now that’s an interesting book idea, the US, under a timocracy, versus the tranzi world.

    It’s also a wargame, Invasion America: Death Throws of the Superpower.

    The question, though, is how we got to a timocratic US and Tranzi world. I think it has something to do with the civil war we’ll have fought from about 2025 to 2037…

  45. I have been taking a not seeing, not listening attitude since Tuesday. I read your most recent post, then went back and read this one. I could not vote, I am in Canada, but I watched the whole thing unfold on the web and TV. Bill Whittle said that the 2020 elections were the first sneak attack, AKA Pearl Harbor. Well, we didn’t plan enough or actually see what was being planned for 2022, and they pulled another one out of the hat. I know that is considered ‘tin-hat’ talk. As the MSM have constantly said that there is no fraud, so shut up and take the kool-aid. The constant delays in counting, the excuses, and the ballot dumps are all signs that they were waiting to see just how many ballots were needed to win, but only by a small margin. Otherwise if it was a blow-out the Rep party would cry foul. Make sure that there is an accurate count of the number of ballots counted, versus how many ballots were shipped out by mail, early voting, and same day voting. No one seems to want to look into that, at least not once the election is over. The last time, 2020, they seemed to lose, or misplace, all of the ballots, once they were counted.

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