As I write this late on the 8th, the tsunami is resolving itself into a wavelet.

Or rather, the tsunami has been overfrauded into a wavelet. And it might be frauded away to a Dem win before I wake tomorrow.

This shouldn’t be a surprise to any of us who were awake and remember this:

And we know damn well it was a Trump landslide before that.

So for the Republicans to have picked up any seat, this was the tsunami to end all tsunamis.

I know the usual idiots are out there, already saying “It was abortion: the Womyns came out in force to vote dem.”

Are there women who are single ticket abortion voters. Sure. Most are older than I and are determined to make sure their actions and choices are validated a-postriori. They’re an ever dwindling minority. Married women vote more and more for the right every time. Single women? Who knows? But I suspect there’s been a shift in that too after the last too years. And most of them don’t see that career path ahead they once did.

Then there’s the other bs which is of course “The people don’t want to be free.” That’s bs. The people, every time they can express their displeasure do so. But having the vote taken away from them via fraud means THEY each individual thinks he or she is alone.

Things like “Let’s go Brandon” sweep the nation, but there’s no major legal or financial movement to protest the fraud, because each person thinks “I guess all these idiots are so beaten down they like beaten down, and I’m the only one who is angry.”

Meanwhile the perpetrators know what the people think, and erect barricades in DC to protect themselves from the anger they sense but can’t seem to bring out into the open.

Yes, we’re getting the house, and probably not the senate. Which means a good five/six seats fraud. I’m in a group right now with people crunching numbers, and the fraud is evident. The races the democrats cared out got flipped by turning just those votes for the dems. That’s the flexibility of dominion at work, and the way they can turn a vote into the other.

We have a massive, huge, bizarre fraud problem. This morning, in my red district, 90% of the people chose to vote on machines. Because it’s so much faster and more convenient. And of course, completely unverifiable and unsafe.

Frankly in the primaries, my husband — my very own personal husband — went in ahead of me, and when asked if he wanted paper or machines, took the machines.

Because of course he did. It was early, he was tired, work has been feral, and he wanted to vote with the least amount of fuss. So machines.

And he’s not stupid and lives with a political junkie, who has told him all the problems with the machines multiple times. And for heaven’s sake, he’s a programmer. He knows anything linked to the net can and will be hacked. Heck, around the election of 2020 he poked around what was going on and pointed out the only reason for the machines to be set up was they were had to be to facilitate fraud.

But two years later he’d forgotten and headed for the machines. How much more the people who hear about the machines, and are under the vague impression that has all been disproven?

Of course they assume their friends and neighbors are tyranny freaks who want to be stepped on so badly they don’t care if they’re starving and freezing.

I can’t give you the numbers. I’ll try to get a friend who is a number person to do a post for me soonest. But the numbers stink. Or to quote Larry in 2020 “Fuckery is afoot.” And how.

We have a serious fraud problem.

LET ME SAY THAT AGAIN: We have a serious fraud problem.

Which means we can’t vote our way out of this one. You know what? It was always a possibility, always baked in.

When you say “If it’s not close they can’t cheat” you’re forgetting the magical power of computers.

More importantly you’re forgetting the magical power of fraud by mail.

Yeah, Colorado is intent on getting rid of its last republicans. And it CAN by the magic power of fraud by mail and same day registration.

Same goes for California. Washington. Oregon. Hawaii now PA.

“But those are Democrat” you say.

Are they? HOW DO YOU KNOW?

I’d estimate that even Colorado is AT worst Purple. But fraud by mail.

Look at the way those places are governed, as though they had not a care for the governed. Why not? The fix is in. The states are completely controlled. There is no fighting free.

What I want to ask you is this WHY DID WE LET IT HAPPEN?

No, I don’t mean as citizens. When your state is swallowed, the only sane thing is to move.

As a nation.

Do you think those states are enjoying a Republican form of government? No? THEN WHY DID THE REST OF THE COUNTRY LET IT HAPPEN?

Where were the pundits, the opposition party, EVERYONE?

Colorado went vote by mail only by executive order “to save money” (After they frauded in a dem win, which I watched first hand.)

WHY did no one, from the courts on go “Uh, that’s not a safe form of voting. No other country does this. We wouldn’t allow a recently pacified country to hold their elections this way, because it’s rife for fraud?”

WHY didn’t vast groups of other states sue them?

Because their dirty house impacts everyone?

Because they were busy going “Those d*mn Californians” “Eh, Those hippie Coloradans. They’re all stoned.” “Oh, PA is ignoring the SC. Everything is fine then.”


Guys this is cancer. This is how cancer grows.

Every day your body throws out one or more cancers. EVERY DAY. A cell or two. But your immune system says “that’s wrong” and they disappear before multiplying madly.

Our immune system failed. Parts of our body politic are now permanently captured.

And cancer metastasizes. Other parts are now merely infected. Only the “important to the dems to hold power” races are turned. The others are allowed to be R, when the numbers make no sense.

Meanwhile our immune system goes “well, fortunes of war. Nothing to see here. I guess it was abortion. I guess other people like tyranny.”

And our pundits go a little more left to attract what they think is the center.

And our corporations follow suit. And we become more of a fascist corporatist state.

They can’t win. It’s all going to come apart, because they can’t govern. But they can prevent serious opposition if they convince us they won. If they convince us the future belongs to them.

Already today there were people talking about completely erasing their media presence, disappearing, etc.

That’s the wrong way. It is the actions of people who think they’re in the minority, that the dems won legitimately, even that they will rule forever.

Yes, I know, they will come after some of us. And try to make examples. But they’ve actually proven pretty drawers at carrying out large scale repression, the same way they’ve proven themselves drawers at large scale governing.

There is a danger of maybe horrible harassment. But the more of us who stand up, the more of a network we have. We’re here for each other.

Remember I did this before, in the bad old days of telephone trees. Remember too there were still dissidents in the USSR when it fell. And there are dissidents in Cuba, despite everything. They remain because they keep in touch with others, in and out of their countries, and it would make too much noise to take them down.

And we’re needed.

Lord help me. Lord love a duck. Do you know how much happier I’d be walking away from politics and writing my little stories, most of them not political. And some political but not in ways they’ll get. (Not even joking. In my most floridly Libertarian phase, I was accepted first by a communist editor. He saw things that weren’t there. And didn’t see others.)

But I’m standing here. And I’m going to continue standing here.

Why? Because I might be the only one yelling this, but I’ll continue yelling it: YOU ARE NOT ALONE. PEOPLE DON’T WANT THIS. THE FRAUD IS IMMENSE. NO. BIGGER THAN THAT.

I might be — I will remain — the only part of the immune system pointing at the cancer and saying “That’s not of us. This is not the American people. This doesn’t behave like the American people. This is killing us.”

BUT YOU ARE NOT ALONE. And America is alive and well.

They can’t win. But we can lose. We can let cancer eat us and leave us rife for breaking apart, or for turning into a weird patchwork of fiefdoms, none of us free, though some perhaps not incompetent.

For that we need to accept cancer as normal, healthy activity. We need to ignore impossible numbers. Giant fraud. We need to believe that states with all vote by mail are perfectly free of fraud.

We have to surrender to the cancer.

I’m not surrendering. I hope you’re not either. Tomorrow, particularly if we wake up to a Dem “win” you need to be out there, laughing at people who say it was the womyns or that people love them some tyranny.

You need to be out there putting spine into the idiots, and pointing out that they’re acting as if these idiots can govern forever, when things are already falling apart.

I TOLD YOU IT WAS GOING TO GET ROUGH. Did you think I was joking?

This is where you stand up. You hold your light up for the world to see. You say “I know it’s fraud.” And ignore the insults hurled at you.

Because it’s fraud. It’s cancer.

To fight cancer, you first have to identify it.

Your lives, your fortunes, your sacred honor.

Did you think it would be easy? Did you think it was just a game?

Ladies and gentlemen, let’s make so much noise, light such a big fire they will see us from the future.

And find their way to liberty.

408 thoughts on “Cancer

    1. I think DJT was the first American in the White House since 1988. O’Dea is from the same lot batch as Evan McMuffin and Mittens. That being said, DJT’s post on O’Dea is pretty loud talk for someone who hand-picked Oz to run against a cabbage.

      1. If Oz couldn’t win against a literal brain-damaged stroke victim, he was a pretty lousy pick.

        1. Oh, also: I like Sarah Palin and I wish she had been our VP in 2008, and I think she’s done a pretty good job as a pundit and a commentator.

          But she should have let her ego take a pass and bowed out of the Alaska House election. She and Begich (who I am also two degrees of separation from) are exactly splitting the GOP vote, which means that a Democrat is going to hold onto Alaska. ALASKA, which had a R congressman for almost my entire life.

        2. Well there is the margin of fraud in PA to contend with. But yes. If a cabbage can be elected to the senate then there’s something seriously wrong with the process.

          Maybe next time someone’s horse will be standing for a senate seat

          1. Even the Democrat news channels couldn’t muster anyone to say Fetterman was going to win, or find anyone that was willing to admit they were going to vote for him. That makes it quite clear the margin of fraud in PA is huge.

                1. Yes, there were very strange goings on in 2008 and 2012. Likely it was a mess before that but Pennsylvania was somewhat bluer then with strong union/Blue collar representation, so it didn’t stick out so much.

          2. “If a horse’s *ss can vote, why not the whole horse?” Probably mangled the quote, but I don’t feel like looking it up.

            1. It’s from the Vorkosigan novel ‘A Civil Campaign’ where Miles and Ivan were discussing the history of the Council of Counts, and the affair of Lord Midnight, when a Count designated his favorite horse as his heir.

              Ivan: “Well, if a horse’s ass can be a Count, why not the whole horse?”

              Miles: “Yes, I believe that was one of the arguments.”

              Similar sentiments have probably been expressed in many other places, as well.

          3. According to my sister, after the one and only Fetterman – Oz debate, there were a lot of people calling and asking if they could change their mail-in vote. Unfortunately, the answer is “No”. Fetterman timed the debate well.

            1. And this is one more reason why (obviously, to smart and engaged people like us) mail-in voting is bad bad bad. It doesn’t allow the election season to play out. If I mail a ballot in early September and my candidate turns out to be, say, a pedo in October, I’ve thrown my vote away. Those people must’ve watched that debate and just looked at each other saying “Uhhhhh…we shouldn’t have done that.”

              1. Not only did you throw your vote away; you actively harmed the town, district, state, country the candidate was running in. THAT is what we have to drive home into the alleged brains of these people who don’t see anything wrong with fraud by mail.

            2. Have to see if they remember that next election, or if the lure of early voting blinds their eyes again.

        3. The only way Oz was going to win was if the election officials were more afraid of the wrath of the defrauded than their bosses.

        4. You ignored the warnings that all the fraud was still in place, but it’s all Trump’s fault.

          That logic is why we lose.

        5. He also won the primary by a rather narrow margin. The other guy would have been a much better choice. Which makes me suspect the machines (the human/political ones) in Philly and Pittsburgh made sure Oz would eke out a win.
          Also note the Party did what my dad used to tell me to do, back when the South was majority Democratic: vote in the other guy’s primary (or dump much money into the primary races) for the candidate you have the best chance to beat. It probably won’t help, but people did point out, “If Trump guys are a danger to democracy, why did you donate so much to their campaigns?”

            1. The manitou is what we call him.
              PA snow NY can live with their choices.
              The rest of us are going to keep working.

              1. Yup. I have a poetry book to get out. And writing to do. Maybe some beta readers to find to see if I have short stories or first chapters. Oddly, for me, my work seems to be hawking hope.

                    1. Sorry this has taken me a bit. I have no preference, emails, snail mails, dead drops, carrier pigeon – things get from A to B. how matters not. 😉 initial email/etc should be directed to me semi secure email: my username here at positive particle.

            2. That madam is an insult to potatoes everywhere. At least potatoes are useful as a food source. Unless you have a T Rex or a Great white shark to feed Fetterman is useless, and likely if you did try to feed him to a T. Rex the ASPCA would be on you in a flash.

              1. They have not complained to me. (Though given that potatoes are a favorite food of mine, that might be like a chicken trying to lodge a complait with a fox)

          1. In fairness, Oz was a pretty lousy pick, but he still should’ve won a fair election against Fester. The two aren’t mutually exclusive in this case because he wasn’t THAT lousy.

            BTW, found out earlier, Memphis voters returned a 93-year-old Democrat to the Tennessee state legislature in a landslide. Not surprising, except she died two weeks ago.

            1. “Fairness” is about as relevant as a steam train. He was as good a candidate as many – the idea that he was a lousy pick is more a meme than reality.
              The last several years have broken people.
              It is now a truly dangerous time.

              1. Oz was a good pick. Name recognition, a smart guy, trusted as a doctor. Probably one of the few Muslim candidates that gets trust.

                And of course he actually won. Fraud is the only reason it looks different.

                And now the Democrats have torqued off every Turkish-American and then some… Yeah, enjoy that, because I doubt it will work out well.

                1. I’m not from the East Coast nor do I watch TV, but all of my “name recognition” for Dr. Oz is “isn’t he that kinda skeezy guy from infomercials or something?”

                  1. It’s one of those “embrace the power of and,” things. He is apparently smart, hard-working, ambitious and so forth, but he’s also tied to things like infomercials- an outgrowth of the, “ambitious,” part.
                    But it’s mostly my guess, because I avoid TV talk/morning shows like the plague.

                2. We’ve seen what Muslim Papas do when they get mad–Minnesota school boards are still reeling. There’s still work to be done, but we shall have some interesting allies.

            2. Not the first time something like that has happened. The last time, the governor picked the dead candidate’s wife as a replacement. I’m not sure how that works in Florida, though.

        6. Keep in mind that Fetterman’s condition was hid by a compliant media until well after early voting started in PA, so even those Democrats who now would not have genuinely voted for him because he is not fit for office are stuck with having done so. Of course given that the margin is about 250k votes, that is well within the number of phony ballots ginned up in Philly and its immediate suburbs each general election, so Oz, while a lousy candidate, still wins, even if narrowly,m a free and fair election

      2. Thing is, Trump didn’t pix Oz. Oz what the candidate he was given, not the one he wanted. A situation often found in politics.

    2. Colorado voter here, and I voted for O’Dea but I didn’t vote for him in the primary. He alienated the Trump base by bashing Trump. He declared he was “country before party,” signaling that he would have been another Romney. Maybe he won anyway, because the Dominion voting machines do what they do, but I’m glad he didn’t win.

      1. Squish RINOs are unfortunate, but they’re better than Democrats because if the GOP doesn’t have a majority in the House or Senate the ideologically pure have NO chance to accomplish anything rather than SOME chance.

      1. Kathy, I know you’re sad right now and I am too. But while I thought Trump did about as good a job as he could have as President (pandemic response aside), I am not nor ever have been a devotee of the cult of personality of anybody.

        If I thought Trump could realistically lead the GOP to another Presidency with coattails to sweep Congress with MAGA née Tea Party candidates, I would absolutely still back him. I don’t think he can, and I think in the last few years he’s done some things that actually sabotage his prospects.

        If he’s the nominee I will vote for him, but I will vote against him in the primary because I think he did his best but his moment has passed.

        1. Brother as long as you stay here and don’t quit there is nothing we cannot discuss.

          You never have to justify your opinions. I love your spirit and don’t want you feeling anything other than strong.

  1. On the other hand, I also made this comment on the Stephen’s drunkblog:

    Down thread Steve and others were saying “organize organize organize”. Yes, that.

    But also take the gloves off. The Democrats play dirty at every level and in every dimension, from challenging signatures to padding the census. I’m very tired of conservatives saying “oh, but we don’t want to stoop to their level”. Boo f***ing hoo. WIN. The Allies didn’t want to stoop to the Axis’ level in 1939, either, but we ended up firebombing Dresden and nuking Japan. The metric is not whether you fought dirty, but whether you won.

    I should have said, “but whether you won and then didn’t act like a tyrant”.

    Also, I’m not advocating cheating, I’m advocating playing hard and dirty, like basketball players who know how to foul the other team without getting caught. In this metaphor, cheating would be paying off the refs, or jiggering the scoreboard.

    1. We need to learn how to effectively vote harvest and do it. I don’t like it and I feel voting should take a little effort, not be “convenient.” But Republicans, or any successor party, needs to do it and do it hard from this point forward. If the rules allow it, it’s not cheating.

      1. And if the other side complains, say “turnabout is fair play” and “if you don’t like it when we do it, here’s a proposal to make it all much more airtight that will apply to both of us.”

        1. As if they would care. Like all Cluster B type personality disorders they can not even fathom the notion of reciprocity.

          1. It’s like arguing on the Internet: you’re not really trying to convince your interlocutor, you’re playing for the grandstand. The swing voter independents, in this case; if we can manage to convince THEM that the current system is opaque and easily rigged, we have a chance.

  2. Why no other state sued years ago… no idea. Then again, maybe they did but like TX in 20 were told the lie “No standing, sorry!”, only back then it didn’t make the news either?

    The rest of this is only tangentially related, mostly in the eeyore/”a pox on both their houses” crowds, but it’s oh-dark-30 and I need to get it off my chest. Apologies in advance Sarah.

    My folks – who are 60s in both age and, these days, mindset – abhor the very idea of “rude” Republicans, where Rude is whomever the media dislikes/deliberately (mis-)quotes out of context/lies about today. Obviously they hated Trump. They “don’t watch the news” anymore but they darned sure reads the local affiliate websites on their phones each morning and drink in every word.

    During the Trump years they worshipped at the altars of “go along to get along” and “that’s not how you get things done in DC”. I’d point out that “the way things are done” is not, in fact, the way things are supposed to be done and therefore we shouldn’t play along. It fell on deaf ears, when they could even seem to realize I was serious. They can’t even seem to grasp the concept of “truth is more important than nice” these days. They cling to the Sermon on the Mount and forget the cleansing of the Temple.

    They used to be able to doubt the unions, to believe that all sin was absolutely wrong even if it was popular, etc. I feel sometimes like they’re so determined not to be their parents, that in an effort to avoid ossifying their beliefs, they’re letting those beliefs be slowly washed away.

    It’s occasionally depressing and I do my darnedest to avoid political discussions with them these days. Dad’s turned into one of those pot-stirring people who just has to claim the latest talking point is true, and when you counter, they go into “oh, all politicians are corrupt, and therefore you can’t trust any of them on anything…. and I’m totally not trusting a politician’s talking points when I quote the media/unions!” mode.

    On the bright side, my nephew has managed to talk to me quietly and shown that he may not have it all straight but he’s darned sure a conservative. His job makes sure he sees real-world impacts of things, I’m sure that helps.

    1. It’s not the over-65s, it’s the under-28s. The Zoomers are not alright, they are not breaking conservative.

      1. I’m skeptical of those numbers for a couple of reasons. 1) polling (stop laughing!) has shown Boomers to be holding up Biden’s Depends his entire term. 2) What percentage of GenZers actually turned out? Last I saw, their turnout was extremely low, but everyone’s numbers are kind of funky these days. Contrary to myth, the yutes didn’t turn out for Obama, and I can’t see them turning out in the kind of numbers it would take to overwhelm Xers and Boomers.

        1. There were very few GenZ types at the poll when I was there, but it was rather crowded, otherwise. Also our poll was moved to an elementary school for this one (and the primaries, but as the High School (where it normally is) and Elementary are back to back, it was not a big one. But there was less space so most wards had to go to other rooms for a ballot, then filter into the gym to feed the tabulator.

          1. Yeah, I am pretty sure that a lot of the yutes, without their own knowledge, have voted several times from every address that they have ever had, and a lot that they haven’t. A lot of college voter registration tables are the beginning of a lot of fake voters with the same name.

            And some of the yutes are probably dogs and cats.

            1. That’s as may be, but the D+28 number comes from exit polls, where a pollster asks an actual physical voter how they voted.

              Since it’s mostly red states that still have in-person voting, god only knows how much the skew is in blue states.

              1. Add to that number that vote-by-mail results tend to heavily skew Democratic, be that honest or otherwise. And it would not surprise me if the younger generation would also be a large part of the VBM demographic, along with the older (i.e., either end of the spectrum…older for mobility issues, younger because VBM is easier).

                1. Also, when I was a kid, it was regarded around here as an egregious violation of the secret vote to ask anyone who they voted for, even in your own family or with a close friend. Maybe this is why we don’t get exit polls.

              2. I have been voting for over 30 years, and there has never been an exit poll in any district where I have voted. I don’t even know anybody who has been exit polled. For all I know, they make all that up.

        2. Quite a few in our district based on my horribly poor guessing of ages. I was out sign waving and greeting the entire day.

          Ways to identify possible woke socialist Dems:
          (1) They give you the finger, a wave off, or a thumbs down (100%).
          (2) They’re wearing a mask (90%)
          (3) They walk by and avoid all eye contract or communication with you (90%).
          (4) Any combination of poor attire, bizarre hair, and enough piercings to sink a boat (80%).
          (5) They have enough tattoos to be an animated movie (70%)
          (6) Anyone with a sticker, sign, or clothing item supporting Dems or Dem causes (100%).
          (7) Anyone with an out of state license plate (65%).

      2. If so, then Biden’s magical new Trillion Dollar spending authority to grant college debt relief bought them off — right?

      3. And how many of those theoretical under 30 voters did you see standing in line yesterday?

        Because I didn’t see a single one.

        1. None. I was the youngest person there (50), until a couple with teenagers walked in as I was leaving.

        2. Most I know don’t vote on the day. They vote early, because easier to fit schedule. I usually hear grumblings that they really, really want to vote via computer, not mail-in, because “easy” and can be done from home or on their phone.

          1. Well, gee, not voting at all is even easier! Just let the elitists run the country however they want. The Democrats have conditioned them to believe that the most trifling inconvenience is ‘Voter Suppression!!’

            Do none of them understand that every opportunity for fraud will be exploited by those seeking access to the monstrous power of the federal government, and its trillions of dollars of graft?
            The one thing we need more of from the government is LESS!!

      4. A lot of them are terrified. And blaming “Boomers” which to them is anyone over 25/30. They think the planet is burning (how?), that the older generations, including both X and Millennials, have screwed them over, and screwed everything up. They truly believe that voting for a Republican is voting for fascism, which they know is bad but they don’t know why.

        That’s assuming that they ARE actually out voting, which isn’t necessarily the case.

  3. My rough thoughts before I try and get some sleep, time at the gym, and people teasing me with “HA! You’re wrong!” when I pointed out how bad things are-

    1-Election reform, election reform, election reform. If there’s a ground-game issue that we can all fight for, it’s either this or nothing. If you state has a proposition process, get to work now to get it started.
    2-I suspect we’re waiting on the Romanian Christmas moment, Great Aunt, where everything breaks bad all at once without warning. Just…be ready to hold your own.
    3-Trump either has to make peace with DeSantos and work together to clean out the GOP(e), or he has to go the “elder stateman” route. Or go away. He’s not helping at this point, not at all. This is no longer a game of trolling to just to see people squirm.
    4-Get the alternative lines of communication going. We might have to rely on…shudder the USPS at this point. Learn to write letters.
    5-Don’t lose hope. We didn’t win…but we didn’t lose, either. A divided House and Senate make it harder for the Bidenstein Monster to pass anything. So, that slows things down a bit.
    6-Legacy media is massive…but fragile. I’m just wondering why it hasn’t toppled over yet, and I realized that they haven’t been challenged. Not yet. Not really. But, it’s coming.
    7-Prepare, but sensibly. If you can do the Mormon thing and be ready for a year, that’s great…but even a 30/60/90-day supply gives you options.
    8-Pay cash as much as you can.

    1. As far as election reform goes, it’s got to be about getting rid of mail-in voting and electronic voting machines entirely. Go back to absentee ballots for military only. No idea how you do that in deep blue states with big blue municipalities that can sway an entire election.

      1. Me either, and I have at least one family member who can’t vote in person due to health issues (lung transplant and fear of catching the flu and COVID). So, I’d want there to be a robust mail-in option. That you have to apply for. And have your ID confirmed by a notary (who can either charge you for ten minutes based on the state’s minimum wage or bank each transaction as a tax break).

        1. I’m sorry, but no.

          In person or not at all.

          Once exceptions are made for “Condition X” then all the rest of the alphabet, with numbered subgroups under each letter, will follow. I might agree to a limited-use “handicap section” with a different entrance and a ballot box widely separated from – but still visible to – the main ballot box, with scheduled appointments.

          And +1 on the purple fingers. It’s a small thing, but not only does it control abuse (and, yes, I realize the abuse necessary to control is electronic, not physical) it serves as A Badge (call it a “Participation Trophy” and the Left will force you to adopt it).

          We need a couple, or several, states to lead the way because the Constitution places responsibility for conducting elections in the hands of the states. Assemble a dozen absolutely bulletproof states and, slowly, there will be more, if only from “Oh, you’re from X where they conduct elections by fraud” will become common (maybe….). Which assumes we have the time to accomplish it (and it’s looking more and more like “and enough ammunition, too”).

          1. Before the asshoes in CO went to full-fraud (all mail-in voting) there were a couple elections where I handed my enclosed ballot to a volunteer at a drive-up station with several other volunteers present.

      2. As a Georgia voter, I am sick of Fulton County’s thumb riding so many of our electoral scales. Bill Sherman forgot the salt! I’m thankful that the carpetbagging Stasi Umbridge was foiled again in her bid for Governess (it seems I’m not the only one who remembers her 2018 campaign to make us take our deplorable CRT medicine), but Ralphie Warnock needs to go, as well!

    2. “4-Get the alternative lines of communication going. We might have to rely on…shudder the USPS at this point. Learn to write letters.”

      The USPS is a Blue team player due to their crooked union that covers for the lazier employees. They were the largest group of government employees that were exempt from the clot-shot. Employees were/are involved in election fraud and not punished. Large amounts of personal letters would raise flags and attract the envelope steamers. Even if unmolested, the traffic is tracked.

      There are ways to counter this with remailer and mail forwarding services but these add complexity.

      1. Also, I know for a fact, because we experienced it, that there are people in the USPS who, knowing the mail is coming from a GOP supporter, will deliberately sabotage your mail, delaying or losing it entirely. March 2021 local elections we delivered 5000 mailers to the USPS for delivery 3 business days before the election. Only 1000 were delivered on time. The other 4000 mysteriously were delivered 3 months after the election.

        1. Canada Post does the same thing. Long ago I worked in the office of a Reform (subsequently Conservative) Member of Parliament. As an MP, he has the right to send out periodic mailings to his constituents. One entire batch of these was ‘accidentally’ rerouted at the sorting plant and delivered to addresses in a different district. Took him a long time to find out what happened, and the matter was never corrected.

    3. Pay cash especially for items the government may be interested in, like freedom seeds.

    4. Not just letters – there is also ham radio. Both local and long-distance communications. It turns out that governments have a really hard time clamping down on such mobile communications.
      Check out to find out how to get your license.

      1. As a 30-year ham operator, I will issue one caveat here. It’s a great hobby, incredibly useful in emergencies especially, BUT…your callsign is tied to your address and is publicly accessible via a simple search on the FCC website, and you’re given your callsign when you get your license. And I don’t think they allow PO boxes to be used, I’m not sure about that. So if you are very private about your address being out there in public, be aware.

        1. PO Boxes are allowed. Many hams prefer them, especially those with vanity ham radio plates on their vehicles.

          As a 30 year ham operator myself, I’ve spent plenty of time mucking about in the Amateur part of the FCC’s ULS system and loaded the available data into databases for analysis.

          1. That’s good to know, thank you. My interactions with the licensing database are generally limited to renewing my ticket every 10 years. I’m not hugely active but I like to keep it handy and legal just in case.

  4. In the crumbs of good news column, it looks to me like state and local elections are going redder which means that in 2 years if the state & local people get their act together they can stop the fraud by passing actual voter integrity rules and so on.

    1. Don’t wait. If there’s a proposition process, get it started now. Rope them in as well as early as you can.

      The rough idea I have so far is-
      *Voter ID required.
      *Physical ballot.
      *Vote in person, or by mail (and the mail ballot has to be notarized).
      *Purple finger(s) after voting.
      *Clear chain-of-custody for the ballots and ballot boxes.
      *Initial count must be completed within 24 hours.

      1. I’m not convinced a purple finger is necessary. In this day and age, the issue is manufactured votes (and I use manufactured in a broad sense). In a tightly controlled precinct that’s practicing serious fraud – say, Philadelphia, where they just convicted that consultant for fraud over multiple cycles involving election judges and officials – they’re not going to give a damn about a purple finger.

        They’re not really having one person cast multiple ballots over and over. They’ve got these things preproduced in some cases. So it’s chain of custody and verification that has to be the main focus.

        After that, I agree with Balzacq in that the courts have got to step in here and stop the bullshit like calling voters to “correct” ballots or not allowing voters additional time to vote when the machines go down. Cough Maricopa, County cough

        1. I’m big on “belt and suspenders” theory for when these things go wrong. The more ways we can make it harder for fraud, the more obvious fraud becomes when it does happen.

        2. Purple finger is part of making sure it is understood that voting is serious and fraud won’t be tolerated.

        3. There have been several documented cases of ballot destruction when the ballots were cast for the “wrong” candidates (wasn’t there a recent comment even here?).

      2. Last election cycle there were machines. This year, paper ballots. Last year there was a lady that looked at your license and you signed a book. This year they scan the license for discrepancies and check your signature. Last year there were about six officials running the gig. This year, fourteen (including, I assume, poll watchers). This year the ballots were scanned, then saved in a lockbox. Last year, all digital.

        Last year there were 11 democrats plus the presidential on my ballot.

        This year there were two.

        My little corner of Appalachia is not all of America. We’ve done a few little good things here locally. Be nice if the rest of the state and the country followed along. For that to happen, it’ll take a lot of people doing uncomfortable things. Courts and suchlike. Speaking up and pointing out the blatant lies.

        Perhaps a few miracles.

        Prayers wouldn’t go amiss, I think.

        1. Sounds about like the same measures my county implemented.

          Who knows what goes on when things are tabulated though.

          Most of the “write in” votes for Soil and Water supervisor are currently listed as “invalid” in the unofficial results.

        2. Paper in my part of Texas (actually hybrid, but there’s paper and you have to confirm that what is scanned in to the computer is the same as what you voted on a different machine.)

      3. But…but…my in-law relatives who are converts to the Progressive Religion (though they just identify as “liberals” because that’s a nicer mask) LOOOOOVE them some vote by mail!

        They don’t have go anywhere to vote — so convenient!
        People of color and poverty, who were not able to vote in the past, can now have their votes counted — so virtue signal!
        They also are dead certain that there is/was no fraud or problems in voting– that’s all Conservative conspiracy theory, of course, because if the “right” candidates win, there’s no way it can be fraud!
        They live in a pretty Red-leaning area, so they are proud to be opposing team who are voting down Fascism and saving Democrat-cy.

      4. This is pretty much what I was saying yesterday and got yelled at for.

        on first Tuesday of November,
        paper votes only,
        with ID,
        chain of custody limited to individual riding association ON SITE where the voters can WATCH the crooked government officials count them right there where the vote happened.

        And everything gets watched by scrutineers from the different parties AND the general public. Assuming the fix is in and looking for it is the only way to make it even a little bit secure.

        Otherwise, you should expect boxes of votes to magically appear from under tables if the numbers are going the “wrong” way.

        1. You got “yelled at” for demanding in person on Tuesday only, no exceptions beyond military and foreign service, and then trying to support it with emotional attacks when you got some push-back about practical considerations.

          1. Clearly many US states are dealing with both a corrupt election apparatus -and- anemic voter turnout. Both are dangerous for a Republic.

            You fix both problems by making it impossible to cheat. All the current problems are chain-of-custody issues being exploited by crooked civil servants. Such things are solved by eliminating the chain of custody. One day vote, on paper, show ID, counting on-site to be observed by all parties, re-counts on-site the same day if humanly possible, all results posted publicly on election day.

            That is what works even when everybody knows the mayor, the city council and the whole civil service are bent as a dog’s hind leg. Which they clearly are in several US cities. Like Phoenix. Those guys wish they had paper ballots right now.

            It is worth doing because once it is known an election is bent, no one with any sense will accept it. That’s how you get civil unrest, rioting after every election, and all that fun third-world stuff. Brazil. Or Mexico. They allowed their elections to be corrupted. Sow the wind, reap the whirlwind.

            So I do not think it is an emotional attack to say that edge cases and “yeah but” issues don’t rank on the same scale as the integrity of election results.

            Incidentally, we smug Canadians may well be having this same conversation some day soon. Dominion voting machines have weaseled their way into Elections Canada. One hotly contested election is all it will take for the excitable types to start screaming FRAUD! And sadly, they will probably be right. It probably will be fraud. One button click and your team wins? Somebody will push it for sure.

            1. Clearly many US states are dealing with both a corrupt election apparatus -and- anemic voter turnout. Both are dangerous for a Republic.


              Full stop.

              If someone does not CARE enough to go vote– then them not doing so is not a threat.

              It’s not a great thing, but it is NOT A THREAT.

              You fix both problems by making it impossible to cheat.

              :flat stare:
              You are an adult.
              And I know you aren’t completely ignorant of computers.
              You are above saying, and meaning, such a nonsense statement as “impossible to cheat.”

              Such things are solved by eliminating the chain of custody. One day vote, on paper, show ID, counting on-site to be observed by all parties, re-counts on-site the same day if humanly possible, all results posted publicly on election day.

              And you just hit the three strikes you’re out, because that doesn’t actually eliminate the chain of custody.

              Shortens it, sure, but does not eliminate.

              How about you try to fix your own country before you go all bad movie Victorian on ours?

              1. The threat in low turnout is mostly the election gets decided by a minority of a minority, so whichever group is most motivated (or fanatical) has the best shot. But then, ballot harvesting sort of addresses that by vacuuming up all the votes from indifferent or lazy voters. Assuming, of course, that the mailin ballots were “real,” from actual voters and not nicely printed up fakes.
                One answer to low turnout goes back to making sure your voters are very motivated to get put and vote.

                1. :nods: I can totally agree with the fraud risks.

                  STILL don’t see any issue with stuff being decided by people who Actually Care About This Stuff, assuming they follow the rules.

                  (You’ve probably been burnt by this, too– the folks who have no interest or involvement, but By God they will have an opinion!)

              2. Well okay, but here’s Kari Lake and Tucker Carlson saying -exactly- what I just said. One day elections, paper ballots, counted on-site, no vote-by-mail, no machines, etc.

                As Tucker Carlson says, even France does it that way. And France, like Canada, does have a lot of problems but currently corrupt elections is not one of them.

                1. but here’s Kari Lake and Tucker Carlson saying -exactly- what I just said

                  The :bleep: you think I give an unprocessed fertilizer?

                  France manages to be LOWER on the list of places I’d copy than Germany, and have you the faintest clue low f’d up you have to be to be WORSE THAN LITERAL NAZIS?!?

                  France managed to bring even MORE than the tribal nonsense than Germany did.

                  Not only do I not know who Lake is, but I do not give a squirt what that Carlson guy from maybe-Fox said.


                  1. FYI, Kari Lake is the Republican candidate for Governor of Arizona, who’s job it will be to FIX the corrupt Arizona election system should she manage to beat the scam this time.

                    She just listed off all the stuff I said, on national TV. Watch the video, she says it about halfway through. My plan is her plan. Because that is the way you secure an election when you -know- the civil service belongs to one faction and you -know- they’re crooked. And how do they know? Because the printer problems in Maricopa happened primarily in Republican-heavy precincts. Not hard to figure out.

                    The rational argument is that you can hold a sufficiently secure election even with criminal intent on the part of government officials IF you eliminate “trusted” chain of custody. There can be no point at which the ballots and filled boxes leave the sight of the scrutineers. That’s how you control wholesale ballot stuffing and all the other tricks scammers have used since ancient Greece.

                    In other news, poll watchers in Tripp County South Dakota hand-counted all the ballots before the county ran them through their counting machine. 20% of the ballots did not get recorded by the machine.


                    If you don’t have in-person voting, with ID, then the dead will rise to vote DemocRat. As they have in Chicago for 100 years. If you don’t have a hand-count, you don’t have a secure election because the computer can be hijacked. Particularly when the county elections commission is all from one party as they are in Maricopa, and they have the passwords. If you don’t have a hand count by multiple people cross-checking each other and all being watched by even MORE people, none of whom are friends, you don’t have a secure election. Because lying liars lie and cheating cheaters cheat. If you move the ballot boxes from the polling place to a central counting facility, you don’t have a secure election because five boxes go into the truck and seven come out, as if by magic. Or twenty five, as we saw in Michigan 2020.

                    Absentee ballots. Are they secure? No. They’re in the custody of crooked government employees.

                    Mail in ballots. Are they secure? No. They’re at the mercy of mail carriers, postal employees etc and if they survive all that they end up in the custody of crooked government employees.

                    Early voting? CROOKED. GOVERNMENT. EMPLOYEES.

                    Internet voting? Don’t make me laugh.

                    This is not rocket surgery. The cheese-eating Frenchy election is more secure than South Dakota. A bunch of farmers in South Dakota just made their whole state election system look like bloody fools, and it only took them counting ~320 ballots. An evening’s work exposed the scam. 20% FAILURE RATE on machine counting 320 ballots from one precinct. Not even a swing state or an important precinct.

                    Reality will not bend just because we don’t like it.

                    1. Oh gosh she’s running for office.

                      that absolutely does not change a blessed thing for “support your assertions.”

                      No matter how much you screech about it.

                    2. My “assertions” are historical best-practices and know solutions from elections all over the world for the last 200 years. EVERYBODY knows this stuff, and also it is -obvious-.

                      I still don’t understand your objection. If you leave a box of votes with a crook he will jam it full of fake ballots for his guy.

                      Am I wrong here, somehow? You give him a government salary and suddenly he’s an angel? That does not happen.

                    3. THIS THIS THIS AND OH DEAR GOD THIS.

                      Foxfier, forget that he mentioned “France” since that’s apparently a trigger for you. Maybe try “anywhere the UN has to supervise elections” instead. Because these are standard practices and safeguards, that were all mentioned in the international “WTF America?” articles that came out in November 2020. Like from the freaking BBC.

                    4. France has nothing to do with it– Phantom’s inability to support an argument rationally is the problem, the “But France does this!” was just not an acceptable substitute.

                      I am aware he wants only day of, in-person voting. I do not find that sufficient reason to agree with him about deliberately breaking the system in a very stupid manner, especially when he cannot manage to address the objections with anything beyond appeal to popularity.

                      Bonus, turns out that he’s wrong about his demands being something that is done everywhere else, so even the appeal to popularity is false.
                      There’s also a page for mail voting. It’s about 10% of countries for all voters.

                    5. It’s fine to have VERY few exceptions. Military for sure And people with severe impediments. Not students, they often vote both places. Absentee in one.
                      BUT no other country is this crazy.

                    6. Exactly, improve the situation, so that the costs of the corrections. There’s no need to re-invent the wheel, and the insistence on doing something stupid and absolute rather than much easier to sell, low cost and sustainable is not helped when it’s supported by bad arguments.

            2. Hell, those machines were designed for fraud from the beginning, to rig elections for Hugo Chavez in Venezuela. They’ve got whole menus of different fraud options buried in the system. Nobody is allowed to audit the machines because ‘trade secrets’.

              The company has been bought and sold several times, and is now owned by a shell corporation in Barcelona. They rent server space in Germany. Think about that for a second. 1/3 of the votes in the 2020 U.S. Presidential election were tallied in Germany.
              Elections are far too important to be left up to a bunch of uncontrolled voters. The Party MUST exercise oversight and management to prevent mere voters from electing the wrong candidates!

              1. Voting machine news:


                “On Wednesday, Los Angeles County prosecutor George Gascon dropped criminal charges against Eugene Yu, CEO of the Michigan election software company Konnech.

                Yu was arrested in October, and stands accused of storing data on poll workers in a China-based server, which was a breach of the company’s contract with LA County.

                In a statement, the district attorney’s office said that it had dropped the case due to concerns regarding the “pace of the investigation” and the “potential bias in the presentation” of evidence in the case.”

                Note that the charges are being -dropped- here, can of worms detected.

    2. We have that thin comfort, I suppose. And Abbott won in Texas over Beto O’Dork, who will not go away. Also picked up a couple of governorships.

    3. This, to me, is evidence of either massive fraud or the utter stupidity and foolishness of some people. If we believe the “it’s abortion, stupid” argument, then people should have been focused on the local races that can actually affect the laws, and they weren’t. Unless, of course, they’re too stupid to realize that. And isn’t that a depressing thought.

  5. Election reform, election reform, election reform. If there’s a ground-game issue that we can all fight for, it’s either this or nothing. If you state has a proposition process, get to work now to get it started.

    I fear election reform is going to have to happen via the courts, because a state proposition would have to go to … a … vote. Oh. Right.

    1. The goal is that we want it to show up for a vote and hopefully get enough people voting “yes” that either the fraud is massive or they can’t fraud their way out.

      And, if they take it to court…it’s in the open and we frame it in our campaign as “you need a Real ID to fly, to buy alcohol…why not require you to prove who you are to vote?”-type of campaign.

      1. Which is funny, because I don’t remember any screams over minorities not being able to get on planes or buy drug-of-choice. Huh.

  6. “(Not even joking. In my most floridly Libertarian phase, I was accepted first by a communist editor. He saw things that weren’t there. And didn’t see others.)”

    Reminds me of the time I got a short published in an online journal that the editor described as a funny social commentary in the blurb, but in our correspondence he pointed out the specific social commentary he appreciated. While he took away from it some things I didn’t mean, he missed a couple of fairly obvious commentaries that I did mean.

    Pretty sure he was a Lefty too.

    1. Well if they could see and comprehend the obvious, they wouldn’t be lefties.

      Speaking of which, I work at a middle school. I had a teacher comment the other day how sad it is that we had 4 of our sixth graders lose a parent in the last 6 months. These 40-35 year old people died in their sleep. We have 53 total sixth graders. Seems rather alarming, eh? 4 youngish adults in a small town die in their sleep and it is cause for casual mention.

      So. Yeah. People are not seeing the obvious.

    1. That is not funny, nor does it address the fraud problem. Nor does it even make sense, as we have no tribal divisions. Twit or glowie.

      It is also an anti-Catholic remark on a Catholic person’s blog, so you are batting .1000.

        1. Yes, true, but Hutus and Tutsis were different tribes ethnically, genetically, and historically, whereas you can change your party affiliation in five minutes. Big difference.

      1. Kenny is kinda sad in a way. Does one hope that he is being employed to do this in some security service, or that he really is naturally this disordered, and is in some sort of confined care situation that can keep him safe and alive despite that.

        There are numerous practical aspects to mass murder that he overlooks.

  7. Beware, beware, perceiving only that which confirms your belief.

    Our system is designed to find the approximate middle, thus always are two halves perpetually fighting for slight advantage, then quickly fighting again two years later. Thus also cheating is encouraged. Also treachery.

    But the system, the standing government, the “swamp” itself is never flushed, as the bureaucrats are lifers. End -that-. Term limit -that-.

    Meanwhile, do not let the current kerfuffle weigh too heavily on one’s mood. Don’t give thr p#### the satisfaction.

    1. The major issue with term limits… then the un-elected bureaucrats rule, because they are the only ones that know how to get things done. Why? Because term limits prevent anyone else from learning before their term is up.

      First step is to get the Senate back in the hands of the states. Everything else you’ll want to remain local. Get people organized to start balking at the massive federal overreach. Get your home states to bring the feds to court over it. Make the feds defend their decisions with more than the preamble “general welfare” clause that doesn’t actually exist as a power of the federal government. It’s the preamble, not the powers of the government sections.

      1. He meant “term limit the bureaucrats”, I think. IOW, repeal the Pendleton Act, and make it so any federal employee can be dismissed at will by the President. Corporations hire people on those terms, and they do well enough.

        Yes, it’d be Andrew Jackson’s “spoils system” again, but a permanent civil service is clearly worse for the country at this point. We don’t have the advantage of an honest, nonpartisan body of officials anymore (if we ever did) and we can’t get rid of the hacks we’ve got by electing reform politicians. Jackson was far more clear-sighted than his Progressive successors gave him credit for.

        1. We’re learning, slowly, that the real name of the “spoils system” was “government by the people.”

    2. Beware, beware, perceiving only that which confirms your belief.


  8. Now I am concerned to outright terrified!
    If I had been as blatantly defrauded as for example an Arizona voter has been I would probably get out grandad’s old hunting rifle and file an article .30-06 veto as soon as I had put in enough range time.
    And I think the accomplices in the Marxist press would be just as if not more so legitimate targets as the beneficiaries of these frauds.
    Not to mention the mules and election rigging “officials”.

    It is now like 2:59pm August 1st, 1946 in Athens Tennessee again or Concord on April 19, 1775?

    1. The problem with the high velocity suppository method of voting is that most of those voters only get one vote before being totally disenfranchised. It would therefore behoove one to chose the most strategic ballot box possible to maximize benefits to the risks. Note that I said most strategic, not the highest. Pulling the top block of a Jenga stack doesn’t collapse the tower. Pulling out a keystone block on the other hand, might just bring the whole thing down.

      1. The point of an article 7.62 impeachment is to make the beneficiary of the fraud decide to find legitimate employment somewhere else in a different line of work rather than collapse the arch.

  9. You were warned. As you pointed out last week, the messenger scared you. Until you are more afraid of the reality shown in the message than the messenger, whether DJT or me, you’ll keep watching this happen. Until they close your eyes.

  10. In a bleak and barren landscape,
    A candle raises high.
    In the stillness of the sorrow,
    It still has yet to die.

    We are not yet abandoned,
    Though the bitter scene is cold
    The light is not extinguished
    From the candles that we hold.

    The angry voices raging
    For a moment they are still,
    And all creation stops and listens
    To a single will.

    What is now unfolding
    No prophets are here to see.
    Yet the candle is uplifted
    For wounded liberty.

    Dark days now lay before us.
    Dark souls have gathered ’round.
    But the candles are still burning.
    And a pathway will be found.

    What awaits us on the pathway,
    Still no safe can know,
    There is no other option,
    We must arise and go.

    The option is not waiting,
    But laying down to die.
    We must yet keep on moving
    With our candles lifted high.

      1. Not the topic of this poem. There may be something more warlike later, but that doesn’t seem to be where most of these are going. We’ll see. (As our hostess is wont to say, this writing thing is not entirely under my control.)

  11. NH.
    No vote by fraud here. Absentee ballots need a reason. Photo ID “required” (but can be avoided by signing an affidavit). Same day registration.
    Paper ballots only.

    All of our 3 races were shown by RCP as within 1% up until yesterday.
    In preceding days I saw more than usual Rep lawn signs and fewer than usual Dem.

    I wake up today to 10% blowouts across the board.


    1. In the aftermath of the 2020 election, there were a number of legislative recounts in New Hampshire, when they did the recounts they recounted the whole ballots, in every case Trump gained significant numbers of votes. Such that if extrapolated state wide he would have easily won NH, It’s the counting machines. That’s how.
      10% is out of the margin of recall

    2. Well, if nothing else, we so have a very inspirational bard to give us words to resist tyranny by.

      Thank you. That was lovely.

      You could write hymns too I think. 🙂

          1. I refer to Bethel in Redding California, an extremely charismatic, syncretistic, and leaning heretical church that is massively popular in terms of creating new “worship” music. Man centred tripe. Same with Hillsong and Elevation – All places that are massively popular, but have no redemptive quality. Or theological root. Or anything minus a great emotional high. And a great grasp of old heresies made new.

            1. Oy. I at least try and stick to sound theology. (though as a protestant, that line is probably drawn in a different location than the Catholics I know.) If I make something human centric at least I don’t call it a hymn! Thanks for the references. I’ll say I’m not so fond of most ‘praise and worship’ music.

              1. Praise and worship is … not bad music, some times. But it isn’t fit for corporate worship. However, there are few people making both hymns and praise/worship that are excellent on all counts – the Getty’s foremost.

      1. Thank you. I have a few overtly religious pieces, but this really hasn’t been the place for them, other than the Golgotha one a few days back. And I AM working on getting the book out.

    3. The pollsters may have overstated repub numbers, hoping the lazy ones would not bother.

      Sadly, it works on either party.

  12. They stole it, the statistical probability of all those voting machines going down all at once is impossible..
    The 250000 fake mail in ballots sent out in PA,
    They stole it because they got away with it the last time, it was always going to happen this way.
    Florida cleaned up its elections and there was a red wave as polls predicted.
    Florida is the control group, proof that the pools weren’t wrong,

    If you still think we can vote our way out of this illegitimate regime in 2024, sorry …

    but it’s over.

    1. Don’t forget the precincts in Luzerne County PA that didn’t receive enough paper for the ballots (and a couple didn’t receive any) so people ended up voting Provisional.

      1. Links for either of these stories? I’ve been collecting vot(e fraud)ing links for a while and would love to add these to the collection.

  13. I said back in December of 2020 that they were going to have to fraud the hell out of 2022 because there was no way, with their narrow margins in both houses they’d be able to keep the majority they need to keep control. It is rare that the party with the sitting president doesn’t lose seats in the midterm. That was before Afghanistan, inflation and watching my 401k shrink. With the economy as bad as it is, is there any way they should have kept the majority? Only one: Fraud.
    O’dea didn’t stand a chance in Colorado. They have fraud by mail down on a note. I vote because I want to make them fraud harder. I know my vote doesn’t matter here otherwise. Oz lost because PA couldn’t let Fettermen lose. The Dem machine knew where they had to fraud the hardest and they were ready for it.
    It may take days for them to finally get the results they want but they’ll cheat the way to a majority. Anyone who believe they didn’t cheat is either blind or a fool.

    1. Sorry to be harsh about it but anyone who didn’t believe that they were going to cheat was a blind or a fool ax well.
      It’s like the story of the Turtle and the Scorpion, it’s what they do.
      Unless the people of this country go full Brazil, starting today, it’s over, and of course they won’t so stick a fork in the Republic, it’s done.

      1. If you are so convinced. Lay down and die now. Wallow in your despair. Quit trying to drag others down with you. The rest of us have work to do.

        1. As I said in a discussion yesterday in response to someone saying I was naive for not being a doomer:

          Because I grew up with non-stop doom and had to go look at reality to find out everything wasn’t perma-fucked.

          The arrogant delusion of the doomer is that they declare themselves the only ones aware of reality, and anyone who disagrees with them must be naive. Meanwhile they demonstrate complete ignorance of provable facts, and dismiss anything going well as irrelevant, only to then contradict themselves when someone then provides an example of something that they claimed would be relevant.

          If you want to be Denethor, fine. But please indulge your suicide-by-self-immolation fetish alone instead of trying to drag the people you pretend to be allies into it as well. There used to be a tradition of executing soldiers for cowardice. We shouldn’t have abandoned it.

          1. Of course, Ian is far more eager to shoot the messenger than actual fraudsters in PA. Those he’s willing to tolerate.

            Don’t b

              1. Why must we accept that /your/ message is necessary valid in our eyes.

                We are different people.

                With different personalities.

                Implying different needs in terms of term of focus on ‘operating goals’ that are compatible with a halfway functional mindset. Different states of mental health problems imply different needs in terms of coping mechanism.

                If the words I use for my ‘operating goals’, do not satisfy what you think should be said, why is this a problem for either of us? Why should my words, what I say or do not say in front of you, be a problem for you in terms of your assessment whether people are ‘doing anything’? Why should what you think of my words be a problem for me?

                Ultimately, hating the left is not the sole metric in the state space of political goals. There are a lot of factions within ‘conservatism’ and the GOP whose political goals are /not/ aligned.

                Your goals and my goals can be completely different, and this would be fine. Your calculation of failure is not necessarily my calculation of failure, even correcting for errors of calculation.

                If you have a conclusion of failure, and you tell me that it must also be my conclusion of failure, I have every right to disagree, and to return the behavior norm for norm.

                You do make a number of valid points. But, the holistic thing is individual. Ian’s valid points do not make his assumptions of universality any more palatable to me where they disagree with my assumptions.

        2. Lay down and die?

          After Sarah just said “we can’t vote our way out of this one”, you appear (correct me if I’m wrong) to be suggesting that voting is the only way we can defend ourselves. Did I miss something?

          1. I was responding to Warren, specifically the part where he’s going “Stick a fork in the republic, it’s done.” and saying that it’s all over DOOOOOOM.

            My response was to him, not to our hostess.

          2. Incase i was less clear than I hoped (hapens more than I like): I was speaking against giving up entirely not advocating trying to vote our way out. I’m not sure what the course ahead is (I’m a bard not a prophet), but giving up isn’t it.

  14. You were right and I was wrong. It looks as though the margin of fraud is too high.

    We did our part here in NJ7 getting rid of that a—hole Malinowski. My old district, NY11, held red too. Don’t want to hear another word about that now from those of you in safe red seats.

    I think I’m going to turn off the inter webs for a while until a scab forms.

    Good luck everyone, we’re going to need it.

  15. It’s got to be fraud. Hell, I HOPE it’s fraud. Because I can’t imagine, given the folks I’ve known from Pennsylvania over the years, any other way that the great Commonwealth would elect the addled Uncle Fester and his Auxiliary Neck-Head to the United States Senate.

    1. I would put money on the bet that a lot of people who voted for him either didn’t listen to him speak or bought the, “it’s a disability, you don’t want people to think you’re a bigot, do you?” line.
      Also would bet another subset of the vote would wink and nudge and tell you, “everybody knows,” he’ll reisgn anyway after January and Shapiro will appoint his wife as his replacement.
      That is, of course, in addition to any, ahem, augmentation of the vote count.

      1. “you don’t want people to think you’re a bigot, do you?” line is what got us Obama.

        Now THAT is a regret I wish I could undo when I voted for him the first time around.

        1. I can imagine. I probably wouldn’t have voted for him anyway, much as I worried about McCain, but when I heard his, “We must all make sacrifices,” line, it decided me.

      1. I already said I think the Democratic machine in PA tilted the scales for Oz because they figured he was easier to beat.

  16. I hate mornings after elections. It’s like a hangover without an offsetting party the night before, and there hasn’t been a party in decades. Oh, I’ll get out of my funk in a day or so, and go back to my introverted prepping ways, but in the meantime I’ll grump and avoid other humans.

  17. So for the Republicans to have picked up any seat, this was the tsunami to end all tsunamis.

    This is a point worth remembering, and remembering well.

    In reality, in terms of actual honest votes, it looks like ‘they’ lost big and bigger than last time. (See for instance the “sure” districts that went “red” for the first time in generations.) Which means the conflict between alleged ‘results’ and near-evident reality is clearer, and stranger.

    How hard is it to believe Kari Lake really lost? Or Fettermoron, the poor guy who’s even less ‘there’ than Biden even before the election, in the middle of a debate his opponent had to ‘kid glove’ to avoid seeming to ‘run up the score’ on him, really, actually won? Extremely.

    The public support these margins of ‘victory’ imply does not exist, and is not much credited.
    The legitimacy and authority they might convey if real, alongside the power, will not be there.

    The last time, the bad guys were supposed to win win win (in bizarrely cooked polls that just didn’t match what you saw on the ground and in people’s yards) — and they only halfway-did. This time, they were supposed to lose lose lose (at least in more-believable polls) — and they still sorta halfway-won. The last time, their victory was supposed to be believably smaller than predicted; this time, their losses are quite mysteriously much smaller than predicted. (So now, WHY IS THAT, exactly?? Dumb luck?) The ‘bad’ races practically glow in the dark by now.

    I’m in a group right now with people crunching numbers, and the fraud is evident.

    One big thing we have today that we didn’t have two years ago is a whole cottage industry of fraud analysis: from massive efforts like Jovan H. Pulitzer’s in Arizona, down to individual or “Lone Gunmen” scale more informal work, this discipline and movement has been spinning up in the meantime, making the ugly reality of election fraud less far-fetched and ‘conspiracy theories’ proved. With hard, honest, publicly presented and visible work. The state of the art has advanced, and this election is pretty much guilty until proven innocent for a lot of people.

    The microscopes are already focusing on the pathology, and it’s still mid-Election Week.

    It’s not working, guys, not even as ‘well’ as last time. WE SEE YOU. And no amount of official “pay no attention to that little man behind the curtain” is going to make that vision go away.

    Merry “Christmas” Garland’s Department of Justice (or Something) is real. Joe Biden’s War on Coal (and on lights that shine) is too. Such power (or force) is real… but also is not enhanced by undeserved respect, belief in legitimacy, or eagerness to cooperate.

    Governor Katie in AZ, Governor Oopsie in NY, welcome to the club: as rulers, not leaders. Perhaps you have some Redcoats to go with your royal Governorships… but the Americans underneath you may not be as impressed by your Imperial might as you hope.

    1. Don’t forget that in many states, even those with nominally Republican governments, the Democrats successfully gerrymandered new House districts to favor Democrats. What they were unsuccessful doing in New York, they got away with in a lot of other states. That is also part of the rigging that they did.

      I fully expected what occurred because Democrats did everything but take out a full page announcement in neon lights that they were going to steal the election by any means necessary because they were never going to surrender power to those they have declared to be ‘enemies of the state” to be eradicated. There is a reason they used that type of rhetoric in lockstep and sent Biden out for the Triumph of the Shrill speech.

      1. My optimistic take in recent weeks was that they’d wait (by choice or otherwise) until after the fact, a la 1930s Spain.

        I do wonder if they’ll still try this; after all, the leftists in that example had a close to even split after the elections and gained a ~2/3 majority after the “overtime”.

      2. There was some gerrymandering of districts in NH; but mostly because of some very weird migration clusters. And contrary to the Dems screams, the committee did the best they could to group like with like in sufficient numbers to form districts meeting the population requirements.

      1. Johnson winning means that if Nevada can be flipped (Laxalt is in the lead) the Senate would at worse be the same 50-50 split as it has been, evenif if Walker loses the Georgia run-off. Of course this means Dems are going to do anything they can to steal Nevada as well as their continued efforts in Georgia and Arizona. If they do that they have a 51-49 edge, and would need just one of Sinema or Manchin to cave on the filibuster rather than both to get rid of it.

        Of course if Republicans can take the House, the Democrats are not likely to ditch the filibuster when they won’t get anything they want to kill it for from the House and in 2024 are up against their Senators being the ones mostly up for election without their having nationalized fraud by mail, etc. Thus, I expect massive shenanigans by the Democrats to try to steal enough of the remaining seats in the House to control that chamber, even if it is by the slimmest of margins.

  18. Results are about what I expected. Massive cheating where we had massive cheating last time. (Looking at you AZ and PA…) Doesn’t look good nationwide for 2024. Looks like we may have to rebuild after the crash, since we can’t voter the DUI drivers out.

    In Texas we made Beto a three time loser. Guess there isn’t enough cheating to foist that pendejo into office. 250 million dollars spent on the idiot’s three races.

    The team has started analysis of the Dallas County voter rolls. We are expecting the same fraud from last election. I wonder if the same Australians that voted in 2020 voted this time. Or the 22 people that had their residence as a dumpster on a vacant lot voted again. (Maybe it’s self aware cyber-raccoons?)

    In Denton County, a separate group is looking to replace the US Rep in 2024 with someone that is more US First instead of a GOP rubber stamp. Tired of the local idiot sending money overseas and voting with the CDC.

    1. “Maybe it’s self aware cyber-raccoons?”

      Is Rocket Raccoon a Democrat? He seems a lot more like an Independent, or a dyed-in-the-wool anarchist.

  19. They should have backed off. They should have taken the loss this time, and consolidated their plans for the Great Reset and communism uber alles. Instead they cheated brazenly, including putting a hideous stroke victim in the Senate. Like Caligula’s horse, they are showing the uselessness of our votes and our laws in the face of their power.

    I was hoping for sunshine and bright days ahead, but all I see are storm clouds.

    1. The storm clouds are comming,
      They blot the sun from the sky
      The thunder tears the heavens
      The lightning blinds the eye.

      But the storm is not forever.
      No storm could ever be.
      Though it wreak devestation
      And shatter all we see.

      The storm is not forever
      And we will carry through
      The storm will below itself out
      And we will build anew.

      The storm is not forever,
      What remains we’ve yet to see.
      But the storm is not forever.
      A new day there will be.

    2. In a way, having obvious vegetables like Fetterman and Biden in office drives home how obvious the fraud is. Don’t let the media gaslight you otherwise: people see this crap, even if they don’t say it aloud yet.

  20. To be fair, “people want tyranny” is an easy sell after Covaids and the clotshots, although there’s probably not as many as it seems and it’s mostly Pedocrats anyway. I personally know some “govern me harder, Daddy” types who’d be as miserable as a shih tzu in the Alaskan wilderness if they were granted freedom. Those people exist and will fight for the system like their lives depend on it, but we have to win anyway no matter what because the world is doomed if we don’t.

  21. Went to bed down, both for politics and personal reasons (despite my doing a good job at the office, I’ve been told by the new owners my services probably won’t be required). Woke up down, but then realized…..people will need shawls. For comfort. For encouragement. They need beautiful things. They need someone with a skewed sense of humor to point things out and put them in perspective. They need me. They need us.
    And remember, the entire New Testament was written by people living under an authoritarian government, and almost all the authors were members of a disliked and persecuted minority. We’re not looking at anything new. How we deal with it will be what matters.

    1. Somebody will need your services. You are a good worker, and they probably are just cutting even necessary costs. (Or they have to hire a family member.)

      So it stinks but it is not your fault. Ask them to be references, maybe.

      1. All true…but, you see, until last year my beloved owned the business. He sold it to a couple of his employees and they are thinking, “cut expenses.”
        Problem is, they’re making all the, “pennywise and pound foolish,” mistakes they can rather than figuring out just why my beloved did the things they want to cut.
        But yes, I need to make a phone call.

  22. We are well and truly fucked. Look at the quitters here.
    You all get a pass for a day because this is worse than we expected. But if you remain a quitter, then move. Or just be quiet.

    1. Nobody is quitting.

      We are realizing that the situation isn’t bad enough yet to red pill enough sheep to get off their asses. It soon will be.

      1. Balczac quit. The rest of us need to be not ok with that. I mean, today? Ok let off steam. But good people need to be encouraged to look up on these hard days.
        I don’t disagree with your red pill note.

    2. Vote harder next time?I
      It’s not about quitting. It’s recognizing that the US electoral system doesn’t work in a large enough number of states to impact the whole coun.
      It’s about people who want freedom to recognize that no matter what, Pennsylvania and Michigan and New w York,, California among others are lost, and if you live in places like that don’t expect to be free. If you want to be free, move to a place like Florida or Texas and reinforce them rather than voting harder next time in a place like New Jersey.
      It’s about recognizing that on the current trajectory the US federal government is going to collapse financially and when that happens the US is going to resemble the post Soviet USSR.
      Think of it this way, the first few life boats off the Titanic were less than half full, because people were too comfortable in their warm cabins and state rooms to go out to the lifeboat deck, Those tat did go out early had a 100% survival rate. those that waited until it was too late had a 100% death rate.
      The U S’ iceberg moment was November 2020, it’s been in it’s death throws ever since. Last night was the equivalent of the water hitting C deck, it’s time to get to a free state, to quote W
      This Sucker is going down.

      1. “…the US is going to resemble the post Soviet USSR.”

        No. We aren’t the Russians. We’re the kind of people who LEFT places like Russia and made an entire damn country out of nothing with their bare hands. We can do it again if we have to.

        1. Resemble the.former USSR in that a.separation is coming.. A civil divorce between Red and Blue. We.need to realize that.half.of the country is.more interested in being able to kill.babies than in living in an otherwise civil society. And that’s ok, we go our way,they go theirs.

            1. What is the proper moral and survival response to those that openly kill children and destroy civilization?

              You really don’t want to speak the answer to that question in public, but your heart and brain know the answer.

              The real issue is the operational details.

      2. I will fight against all you have said, quite reasonably, until the ship is indeed gone.
        I don’t think so.

      3. Vote harder next time?I

        Strawman right off the bat. Yay!

        It’s not about quitting. It’s recognizing that the US electoral system doesn’t work in a large enough number of states to impact the whole coun.

        Very few things work when they are ran by their enemies.

        It’s about people who want freedom to recognize that no matter what, Pennsylvania and Michigan and New w York,, California among others are lost, and if you live in places like that don’t expect to be free. If you want to be free, move to a place like Florida or Texas and reinforce them rather than voting harder next time in a place like New Jersey.

        “Just move to a free state bro”.

        I thought we were done with this garbage after 2020…..

        It’s about recognizing that on the current trajectory the US federal government is going to collapse financially and when that happens the US is going to resemble the post Soviet USSR.

        How you manage to get one from the other illuminates your complete ignorance of economics, history, and culture all at once.

        Think of it this way, the first few life boats off the Titanic were less than half full, because people were too comfortable in their warm cabins and state rooms to go out to the lifeboat deck, Those tat did go out early had a 100% survival rate. those that waited until it was too late had a 100% death rate.

        Very pithy. Connection to reality could use a little work.

        The U S’ iceberg moment was November 2020, it’s been in it’s death throws ever since. Last night was the equivalent of the water hitting C deck, it’s time to get to a free state, to quote W

        Pretty sure you meant March 4, 1933. But what’s a century sized mistake between friends?

        This Sucker is going down.

        Ooooooh, scary!

    3. Wait a couple days for people to hack up the phlegm and spit it into the fire.

      Remember, no plan survives the first contact with the enemy.
      Your enemy gets a vote too.

    4. It isn’t quitting, it’s that any productive actions are unclear.

      The simple fact is, that our representatives do not represent us, and have not for quite some time.
      I live in a solidly red state, but I can’t even make my Republican representatives at our state level make an effort to secure our elections.
      They like that they’re insecure.
      They worked hard to make them that way.
      They know the system is wide open for abuse.
      They abuse it.
      I can and have petitioned for redress of this grievance.
      At best, they’ve stopped using my home’s address to create phantom voters, but they make it awfully hard to check.
      I’m incandescently pissed.

      But what I can productively do about it, is very much a question without obvious answers.

      And what I can do about flagrant fraud several states away is even less obvious.

      I get that you’re angry.
      But the circular firing squad thing is overrated.
      Let’s figure out how to discomfort our would-be masters, rather than lashing out emotionally.

      1. Consider this a virtual hand shake of agreement, friendship, and comradeship.
        If I think of anything constructive to do that might help, I’ll let you know. Seems as if you’ve done what you can.

  23. I expected fraud. I expected this result. I voted anyway. I will continue to vote. If I deny my voice and fail to vote because “fraud,” it’s calling checkmate on myself.

    I continue to prepare for what I see coming. To do otherwise would be to deny my voice and fail to vote for my own survival. I will not submit.

    Many people say there’s no point in voting because our vote means nothing. Well, we’ll all die too. Do you stop trying to survive? Of course not.

  24. El Gato Malo put out a column on Nov 3 that covers election reform possibilities in a very interesting way.

    1. Over the decades I have known many people waiting for Armageddon. Everyone always had the same notion based on the Book of Revelations, a massing of armies and a final battle. no one seemed to understand that long before that final battle each would fight one in their heart and across their life, designed to chip away at them until when that Final Battle came they were ready to give up if they had not already.
      We are in the same place with respect to the Steal. they have chipped away at us for so long, since the Civil War if not before. So now it is screamingly obvious and no one wants to face it because it is no longer volunteer canvas work harder to get your guy in, it is now arm yourself. War time. No one wants to face that.
      It is a eal fight now.

  25. John Hayward over on Twitter had an interesting take. First, he genuflects in the general direction of, “yes, fraud, but not enough to turn on a nationwide scale.” But then he basically talks about cheating over outright fraud, and yeah, he thinks that’s more than enough.
    By cheating, he means, “loosening voting requirements and main-in votes to the point the election is decided even before the debates.” Because Democrats have set up a huge ballot-harvesting machine that concentrates on what Hayward calls “the indifferent voter.” They just vacuum up votes from this group, plus the robotic single-party voters, and do it weeks or months before the election. So polls, “momentum,” debate performance, whatever, is irrelevant – that pile of early votes, harvested from people who aren’t paying attention or would vote for a yellow dog if it was a Democrat, is enough to overcome those last minute surges.
    The obvious test case is Florida, where they cleaned up their act after 2000 and the Rs won a bunch.
    So, Republicans have two choices: work really, really hard at cleaning up the electoral process or else get them a vote harvesting machine of their own, and use it.

      1. First I’ve heard of that. Cali Repubs had to adopt a different tactic, because by and large Republicans in California are reluctant to hand their ballots over to a stranger who shows up on their doorstep. Instead, the Republicans set up drop boxes in places Republicans frequent. The Dems sued to stop this, of course, but lost.

        1. vague memory, but I wanna say the arrests were what brought the drop box method about. it was some time ago, and well, Cali, so I pretty much ignored.

        2. oh, and I want to say it was a more local election (maybe a test run) I just recall a few libs gloating over “Hey, we found “fraud” and it was republicans!!”, but it was small potatoes anyway.

  26. We had a record turnout in town. 68% of registered voters voted. 4725 ballots total, 375 absentee. (Mail-ins here are counted as absentee.) Voter rolls were purged earlier this year, so we started with 6584 total registered voters. We had 284 same day registrations (no idea how many were provisional, waiting for proof of residency; but those ballots get dumped into the total vote, they are not sequestered – yeah, fraud hole there, and I saw at least a dozen Massachusetts plates in the parking lot while I was sign waving all day.) Not enough people to follow those who got out of those vehicles to issue challenges at the registration table.)

    Difference between the winner and loser in the US Senate and House races was roughly 150 votes greater than the number of absentees. Difference between the winners and losers for State House was far less than the number of absentees; so if there were frauding going on, that’s where you could expect any to make the difference. Recounts are not automatic, and can only be requested if the difference is less than 20%. (Recount of town votes could be done for Executive Councilor, state senate, and all the state house races, but not the governor or U.S. House or Senate races.)

    These losses were a big hit as one of the state reps who lost was the leading contender for speaker of the house.

  27. The most cogent Canadian comment I saw on the US election was at Small Dead Animals:

    “People in North America have been seduced by socialism and the allure of free stuff. Canada is no different from the States. That is why we have a Liberal/NDP coalition in this country. Other factors include a media cartel controlled by leftists and an educational system designed to pump out loyal little comrades. And of course the billions in dark money. However the main reason continues to be the voters. Until voters wake up and realize that the U.S. and Canada are on a steady decline, nothing will change.”

    We just went through the knothole of a LITERAL PLAGUE. As far as we all knew, the WuFlu was deadly and we were all going to die. The last two years has been a CIRCUS of incompetence and outright malfeasance. They just friggin’ LIED, and we watched them do it.

    Here in DumbF***istan, diesel is $2.10 a quart (liter). That’s ~$8.40 a gallon for the “math is hard” crowd. (Four quarts to the gallon, Lefties. )Anyone with two brain cells to rub together can figure out that’s bad for anything moved by train, boat or truck.

    Have the Normies done that math? Have they driven past the gas station and said “Holy SH*T Martha! That’s some expensive fuel right there!”

    No. Not really. They STILL THINK the government overall has their backs, and they will still vote for the free cheese. That they voted for cheese and got “processed cheese food product” the last three elections, that hasn’t sunk in yet either. Something yellow and vaguely edible was delivered to their doorstep, that’s good enough.

    Was there fraud this time? Well, Arizona had “voting machine problems” and Dems are winning, so I’d say most likely yes. In fact, if voting machines are in use the chance of fraud is 100%. That’s the purpose of voting machines, to make fraud easier.

    But if it wasn’t for Normies wanting their free cheese, no fraud in the world would be enough. You can’t fraud 14 million votes in a state that only has 7 million people, right? Not even with a voting machine.

    Just think about Europe for a second, that’s probably as good a measure for failure as any. You literally have to be living in Ceausescu’s Romania before a common revolt is likely.

    We are a -long- way from Romania. It’ll take something like the Chicoms nuking America to wake the Normies. History records that it took the Japanese sinking almost the whole Pacific Fleet in a sneak attack to wake up the Greatest Generation. And even then, elections in Chicago stayed crooked. Because that’s how Normies are. Okay? They’re f***ing oblivious.

    We, ladies and gentlemen who read ATH, are weirdos. Odd People. We are random goats among the sheep. I might go so far as to say freaks. We see things that the Normies DO NOT SEE. Really, they do not see that stuff.

    We are the annoying guy waaaay in the back of the bus who notices the $8.40/gallon!!! price on the gas station sign we just drove by instead of admiring the beautiful scenery like every other single Normie on the bus. We are the only guy who says “Holy sh*t Martha, that’s some expensive fuel. You think they’ll jack up our return fare back to Podunk?” And poor old loyal Martha probably sighs and says “I’m sure it’ll be okay dear.”

    And it probably -will- be okay. Until, one day, it will suddenly not be okay, and all the Normies will look around and wonder what happened.

    So just keep your eyes open, keep your powder dry, and don’t annoy Martha too much. The poor woman puts up with a lot of crap from you, weirdo. ~:D

    1. As a protest after the ‘20 fiasco, I printed up some adhesive signage that simply said “Mene, mene, tekel, upharsin”, and plastered it on some especially visible walls.

      I was impressed with my cleverness.
      The local Leftists didn’t even bother to tear them down.
      And the Marthas not only didn’t grok the commentary, they didn’t even look it up. Many literally had their smartphone in their hands. But not a spark of curiosity in their heads.

  28. One place the f-ery shows up (Colorado) is in Rob Woodward’s SD15 race. Seems Boulder County put his opponent over the top. It’s always Boulder County…. The beta test site of gold standard f-ery.

  29. 🎶 It’s Springtime, for Biden, and Kamela… 🎶
    Leo: “Well, what can we do? Blow up the theater?”

    [They all exchange Significant Looks]

    1. I don’t recommend trying to slip into the Presidential Box during the show. You never know when Joe might have an accident and you would want to slip on it.

  30. I join those who won’t be voting for Trump in the primaries. I’ll hold my nose and vote for him in the general if he’s the nominee. But I believe if he is that he will lose and bring down any House and Senate gains with him.
    Trump is toxic, Trump is all about himself regardless of how many times he yells MAGA. Never forget the Covid tyranny was aided and abetted by Trump. He is still taking credit for and touting the killer vaccines. An unrepentant man who can’t acknowledge his failures isn’t what the country needs despite all the proper sounding words flowing from his lips.

  31. Well, it’s not good. It’s not quite as bad as it might have been. Florida might show the way forward. As I said before, just winning the election was never going to solve everything. The problems run deep and fixing them won’t be easy. But you know what never fixed anything? Despair.

  32. So, I think this is my distillation of lessons from the midterms (written as speaking to a generic audience):

    Iowa and Florida did the hard work to clean up voting. They had blowout victories.
    Guam doesn’t have voting power. Thus not worth frauding. They had a blowout victory.
    Iowa had tons of abortion, reeeeeee campaigning. The result was to turn redder.

    From that we can make some conclusions:

    It’s the fraud. Anyone who is taking the abortion talking point can kindly stuff it.
    It’s the fraud. If you aren’t interested in doing the hard local work to clean it up, you aren’t interested in winning.
    We have a mild win. Why are y’all casting it as the defeat to end all defeats? I don’t care how much of a losing fetish you have. If you must indulge it hire a dominatrix and do it in private.

    1. This this this this.

      I am not depressed. The US has cleaned up massive voting fraud before, several times. It takes effort.

      I wonder why history textbooks do not talk about it now, hmmm?

    2. ^ This

      The question is.”What can be done about it?”

      I haven’t come up with any good answers yet.

    3. Iowa may have “cleaned up” some of the process but there is still likely fraud and some back room messing around with elections and voting. While the good state of IA did indeed go mostly republican and even put 2nd amendment strength into the state constitution – the wins should have been ‘bigger’ but if you can keep it close (when you can’t cheat enough to win) you create the impression that you will need to “work across the isle” so there is still influence by the Dems and their ilk.

      1. There is always “some” fraud. All it takes is one person filling out a spouse’s ballot, and that’s “some.” Even if it’s what the spouse wanted.

        We edited the state constitution to protect the second amendment, as an individual right, subject to strict scrutiny; we went completely red for the house seats that are up; we went completely red with the senate; we kept Reynolds (R).

        Nunn beat Axne, for heaven’s sake.

        Exactly what are you using to qualify it as only “mostly” Republican?

        1. Ok Foxfier, you are right – the IA situation was a ‘clean sweep’ and when I looked it has been since 1954 that it was all Republican. I was just thinking of the really local and some of those city/county races were not what I hoped. Overall it’s great!

          I am also in the middle of “switching gears” and rethinking how I think about information and politics in particular. Local is the key word – Lake winning or loosing in Arizona is interesting but has no direct impact (and very little indirect) on me or what will happen in my back yard. Oz loosing to that strange Fetterman is disturbing but, again it has nothing to do with me or my concerns. Trump can do Trump and Iowa won’t change. There is an impact from the federal level (taxes, inflation causing policies, etc.) and what goes on there but little or nothing that I can do anything about as that is up to my representatives in DC and IA even as a block isn’t going to influence national policy much.

          To use the cancer concept, I’m the guy out in the waiting room who is worried about my patient but taking time to talk to someone else and encourage them to keep going. The irony about all that is the young guy down the block is going through a terrible fight with cancer right now (it does not sound good) and every time I see him I’m encouraging and tell him stories about my daughter-in-law who was told she had six months to live and is still kicking over twenty years later. That is what I hope for our nation, bad prognosis now but still kicking decades later.

          1. FWIW I was very upset Tuesday night when I went to bed, because Nunn was several points behind…amazing how non-early voting turned out better, huh? :glees:

            The irony about all that is the young guy down the block is going through a terrible fight with cancer right now (it does not sound good) and every time I see him I’m encouraging and tell him stories about my daughter-in-law who was told she had six months to live and is still kicking over twenty years later.


            Can add another– about 1997, one of the dads of my sister’s friends got a six month diagnosis, too.
            His wife divorced him, he gave her everything, he locked down and … well, prepared to die. Didn’t do anything stupid (well, more stupid than his taste in a wife already was, and yes we had Words about that female) but he was doing just enough to live with himself for the six months he had left. (Yes his daughter had views about her mom’s behavior. In theory, the divorce was something about taxes and health care insurance?)

            … Anyway, some six years later, he lost his temper and started really LIVING again, because he STILL had six months to live.

            Last I heard, he was 18 years into his six months, and that’s with normal quality of life.

            1. Thanks for the feedback. Our family has done battle with cancer on several fronts and we have won some and lost some but I think we are overall ahead in the game.

              I’m just an old fart now and yell at the clouds now and again and for the most part am getting to the point of I just don’t care. However there is that switch, buried deep and very rusty but if it has to get flipped… I’m keeping my concerns and cares very local and close.

              This crew here and the exchange of ideas, concerns and philosophies is a wonderful thing and the folks here give me hope for the future and how it can and will be better. I am lucky with being in a stable situation and secure in most every way. Thanks to our host and for her ideas as well as gathering such a great bunch of crazies to be with!

              1. Every day on this side of the dirt….


                This is a perfect place for you, then!

                We even have YOUNG farts that yell at the clouds! 😉

  33. All I can say is, now we are past the ballot box. They have gone too far, and something has to break.

  34. It’s sad and angry simultaneously. Which is morphing into steely determination. But grief for the republic is definitely there. 🥲

    1. I just want to note: I’m a two issue voter. I’m pro-life, and pro 2A. Ideologically I think pro life is more important. But if put to a test, pro 2A comes first, because my gut feeling is that people that are against 2A secretly want to instate CCP style forced abortion.

      I’m also a women.

    2. I just want to note: I’m a two issue voter. I’m pro-life, and pro 2A. Ideologically I think pro life is more important. But if put to a test, pro 2A comes first, because my gut feeling is that people that are against 2A secretly want to instate CCP style forced abortion.

      I’m also a women.

  35. Well, like a lot of people, I knew that since nothing had been done about all the fraud and cheating in the 2020 election, that to expect this one to be any different, was Pollyannish and foolish. But hope springs eternal. Now here we are, screwed again. And for the next two years, the same people will be asking for our (mine for sure) dollars to ‘get out the vote’ and help so and so defeat the democrats. We now live under the boot heel of the United STATE of America. Of course the dems are going to start turning the screws and making us feel some pain. I think our only hope, or the only one I can come up with, is a complete breakdown of law and order in the country. They’re already warning about not enough diesel to get food to cities. Everything moves by (diesel) truck. And, as awful as a collapse will be, I pray for one. For… hope again… perhaps something better will spring from the ashes. We have no leader calling the people to action, other than to vote, and that’s now a joke. We have no ‘man on a horse,’ no David. I look at the pics of Brazil with millions demonstrating in the streets…. with envy. I went to demonstrations just after the 2020 steal. That all petered out. And I have to say, that all this Q stuff is starting to look like some kind of rotten psyops to keep people hoping and doing nothing. Sorry to be so negative, but I think there’s a time for being realistic about a situation one finds oneself in.

    1. They’re already warning about not enough diesel to get food to cities.

      psssssst The number of days of fuel remaining that was cause for alarm? That is the normal number.

        1. Okay, so it won’t be diesel. So we have gobs of it. What I’m saying is that something will push people over the edge. It might be them allowing some 14 year old girl to have her breasts cut off, or some 13 year old boy allowing himself to be castrated… Without telling the parents. Or it could be citizens just forming Neighborhood watches and shooting and killing people who come in with intent to harm. Then the police will come in and arrest the citizens. My point… there had to be a Tea Party in order for the Revolutionary War to ever come to pass. And I hope and pray that we have another one now that we know it ain’t ever gonna get fixed at the ballot box.

          1. We had our Boston Massacre moment when Ashli Babbitt was murdered by Capital Police; but the difference is that the MSM in the 1700s was not the MSM of the 2020s.

            1. Yeah, we’re a lesser people than we were in the 1700s. But we were told not to protest, to go home and eat popcorn, that it would all be handled. AND… we seem to have no leaders, not really. Where’s the big speech today to speak to the masses, like they had after Pearl Harbor? Who is out there rallying the troops with a ‘plan?’ I don’t hear anything. Anyway, again, sorry to be so negative, but I don’t see much to be positive about. Yes, we can all pray. And I’m doing that. But…

              1. Leaders will be co-opted or decapitated.

                That’s their MO.

                It’s what Authoritarians do.

                I’m actually kind of surprised they didn’t arrest Trump today. You’d think they’d have a better grasp of Machiavelli.

              2. “Yeah, we’re a lesser people than we were in the 1700s.”

                What do you think, aliens came and replaced them with us, the lesser, wimpy version? Come on.

                  1. Interesting how one comment about a potential diesel shortage generates so many replies. All commenters agree that ‘the diesel shortage news’ is just a lie to frighten people. Could be, could not be. I don’t know. And, I still say that men from the 17th century likely had a lesser fear of death than modern men. Hey, it’s just my opinion. I don’t have to prove anything and you don’t have to disprove. Just an opinion. And that’s all for today. I’ve no more to say.

            2. Boston Massacre…….. March 5, 1770.

              Declaration of Independence……. July 4, 1776

              Wow. The founders were a bunch of pantywaist spineless cucks. They didn’t even burn down Buckingham Palace on March 6th.

              1. Considering travel time across the Atlantic was 6 to 8 weeks, it would have been difficult to get from Boston to Buckingham Palace to burn it down the next day.

                1. Letting mere reality get in the way of taking a dump on someone for not solving everything immediately?

                  You will never be a real conservative with that sort of attitude.

                2. Given my recent experience with the USPS, which took 9 days to take a certified letter 9 miles, maybe the speed of modern communication technology has been vastly overstated. 😀

            3. Five years elapsed between the Boston Massacre and the first shots fired at Lexington and Concord. Six more years before the Battle of Yorktown, and two years after that for a final peace treaty.
              These things look quick in the history books; we live in reality, where change takes time.

              1. Well golly gee willickers. I guess that means I need to wait 4 more years to lead the rebellion. Hope they don’t mind me doing it from a rocking chair on the porch.

          2. Multiple reports (youtube videos from truckers, pix of bagged pump handles) of all stations out of diesel in some towns in the east. My trucking friends concur, shortage is real and manifest in the east.

          3. I suspect that any “Neighborhood Watch” capable of killing those who come to harm them, will have taken note of the Jan 6th prisoners (who are requesting transfer to guantanamo for better treatment), and will not be submitting to arrest. This seems a likely enough trigger.

      1. /sigh

        I kind of suspected, when they didn’t say something like “half as much as usual” or “gazoomba fewer gallons than usual” or “no room for increased demand in the holiday season” whatever sounded scariest.

      2. I suspected the diesel panic was exactly that: a panic and nothing more. I’m sick and tired of influential people on “our side” peddling fear porn.

        Starting to wonder if these doom pushers are on our side at all. It’s the conservative political equivalent of the left’s global warming panic. They’ve got far too many of us prepping for some huge future disaster instead of doing the necessary work to prevent the political disaster that’s right in front of us.

        1. Still going to lay in some more canned goods just in case. Several cases, actually. I’ll put them, um, somewhere…

        2. Low diesel supply issues would ultimately lead to a government bureaucracy deciding what is “essential” and leaving everything else sitting in warehouses. MSM pundits pontificating on the failure of capitalism. The proposed fix will be more socialism and bureaucracy. Also green energy loons calling for electric trucks thinking wind and solar can keep them charged. The strong possibility of railroad strike concerns me more than low diesel levels. Given high enough prices the us will import diesel from foreign refineries. Although I suspect the railroads would love to dump the unions and hire a large percentage of foreign workers to cut costs but the Railway Labor Act does not give them the freedom of other employers. Union busting is very hard to do for regular employers but much harder for railroads. I don’t think a Democrat administration could allow a highly visible anti Union fight anyway. Tainting their support from unions would be a big issue for Democrats.

    2. all this Q stuff is starting to look like some kind of rotten psyops to keep people hoping and doing nothing

      That’s been obvious for ages.

      It may not even have started that way and it’s psyop-ness may be emergent rather than directed, but at this point it doesn’t matter.

      1. Bingo.

        /Never/ ‘trust the plan’.

        That was clue one that what ‘Q’ was pushing was in no way shape or form productive.

        Left are the theory obsessives whose religion tells them that human behavior is necessarily so predictable that plans based off of theory can possibly be perfect.

        Real plans involving human beings require constant adjustment by the people bringing them into fruition. Relying on someone else to do mysterious acts as part of some grand plan is a recipe for doing nothing.

        Making new and different things happen in your own life is a skill that can take a lot of time to learn. But, you start from that direction if you want to be a ‘pusher’, instead of simply feeling that you participated in doing something because of getting a gold star or a trophy.

        It takes time, and people watching, and opening up to the possibility of being wrong to move your own effectiveness beyond your own usual circles into working with a broader slice of humanity. And, politics is a textbook example of where one maybe needs to work to go beyond those you know how to work with. Maybe one works okay with thirty year olds, but has a lot of trouble with sixty year olds. Maybe vice versa.

        Everyone has five, or ten, or thirty years experience working with a group of people. It is common to have gotten all of one’s experience from a silo, and thus to find navigating outside the silo disturbing, confusing, and difficult. Among other groups, I’m much too uncomfortable with lawyers, and tend to close off working with them by wanting to speak blind diatribes.

        The left has partly tricked us all into thinking that we were completely alone.

        But partly, this is stuff that is hard to do for just about everyone. Baby steps, working ourselves on parts of the problem that we can identify, and act on, and trusting that things will work out if that is God’s will.

        I’m finding it very difficult myself not to simply walk into a business conversation, and start ranting about how leftists have ruined the business, and that we should either address the leftist insanity, or prepare to go out of business. Possibly I need to say these things, but not because I got overwhelmed by anger, and lose control over my temper.

        If the business is truly goign to fail, saying stuff may not be productive.

        If I am saying stuff to people, I should maybe be a bit calmer, and more open to the possibility of action items to address issues.

      2. Q Anon is so obviously a psy-op. Notice how the threat just went away quietly. Now the story is keeping company with Trump’s stolen nuclear secrets and the Pelosi attack and every other ridiculous narrative the media has been distracting us with.

  36. Far be it from me to be Little Suzie Sunshine, however, I would like to spread a little hope for the despairing since, as we know, there is no point in being pessimistic, it never works anyway.

    Counting is not done in AZ and it is looking good for Kari Lake after all. Masters could even still eek out a win. So it isn’t over yet.
    Only 9 of Trump’s picks have lost so far. The VAST majority have won. So don’t lose hope yet. Maybe not the kingmaker we wanted but he’s the only kingmaker we have.
    DeSantis is showing what a really strong leader with great staffing can do. One hopes he can help Trump with staffing issues if it comes to that.
    4.GA is going to a runoff. Walker can still pull this off. He needs help from everyone. Not recriminations at this point.
    5.It looks like Nancy Pelosi will NOT be speaker of the house going forward. This is huge and a cause for at least a little celebration.
    God is still in His heaven. He will help us but He isn’t going to do our work for us. Hard times are ahead no doubt but there are lot of people who need a brick dropped on them before they notice they need to change.
    7.As the saying goes, “It’s always darkest just before it goes completely black”. The lights are going to be going off soon, the hunger is coming, and the government is out of control and can’t/won’t stop it. So perhaps this is the brick we need.

    We’ve seen worse but we are Americans, by golly, and since when do we wallow in despair?! So our planned red tsunami didn’t materialize. Big deal. We don’t need no stinking plans. We are the ultimate pantsers.
    Knock off the whining and get to work!

    1. As the saying goes, “It’s always darkest just before it goes completely black”.

      In our family, the saying is “It’s always darkest before the storm.”

      1. He can’t help himself (he even through Melania under the bus today over Oz’s loss); that’s who he is, which as much as I supported him in 2020, my preference is for DeSantis in 2024-he simply does not carry the baggage Trump has from a personality standpoint and he has shown that he is willing to tell the woke crowd to get lost. He is one of the only Republican leaders who actually stands up to the woke crowd and fights back against their nonsense.

        I think enough people are turned off by Trump’s personality even if they like his policies, and are concerned about his age (he will be 80 in 2024) that I think DeSantis has a far better shot of overcoming the margin of fraud than Trump does.

        1. Typical German-American cri de coeur/steamblowing. A little brisk exchange of insults, and then you ignore it and pretend it never happened, and go back to public discussions of your gut and toilet problems..

          It’s right up there with the annual Irish/Scotch-Irish declaration that the US should nuke everybody currently annoying us, which admittedly would sound more scary if people’s dads were ex-presidents.

          1. Not Scotch-Irish. Welsh-Irish instead, with a bunch of German Bohemian tossed in. Nuke, then follow up with long ships and battle axes.

            Too much Warhammer influence?

        2. There’s also the detail that he’ll be a lame duck the moment he swears the Oath of Office. Part of a president’s power is the threat to run again. When you can’t run again, and everyone knows exactly when you’ll no longer be able to sit in the Oval Office, it causes you to lose political power.

          1. I don’t read her or the NY Times. Why would I read a paper or writers that would have fit in well with Pravda. My thoughts are my own.

              1. I saw it in the NY Post. It is certainly believable given how Trump reacts to things and people. There is a reason he has had multiple marriages. Trump is either hated or loved the same way Hillary is, and Hillary was not electable in 2016 precisely because people who didn’t care for Trump voted for him because “anyone but Hillary”. There is a sizeable “anyone but Trump” contingent to where he will help some races, but hurt others, and that is not the kind of baggage you want in a race where winning is based on victory in key states and districts.

                1. I don’t love Trump at all. I support him because of the positions he supports, that’s all. Maybe I’m ignorant, but I don’t know that he’s tried to ruin entire families just to cover himself.
                  Hillary on the other hand, I wouldn’t shed a tear giving her a lead pill. I know she’s abused government resources and broken numerous laws; tried to destroy entire families who never harmed her, just to make herself look good. Let’s just say that Hanover Fist’s attitude toward Stern is far more mild than what I think of Hillary Clinton.

                2. . Trump is either hated or loved the same way Hillary is

                  No, he isn’t.

                  I’ve mentioned before– my husband was air force reserve in the Seattle blob.

                  Hillary singlehandedly flipped everyone in the office from voting for her, by being on a flight with some of the reserve guys.

                  She actively hates military people.

                  Trump may be an ass, Trump may be a jerk, but Trump will not LITERALLY PUT HIMSELF AT RISK OF DEATH in order to be nasty to J Random Already So Liberal It Makes Your Teeth Hurt air force guy.

                3. Trump is a Democrat.

                  I have no more love for him than for any other man.

                  But, Trump’s self-proclaimed enemies are pursuing that enmity despite having the information to realize that the mainstream Democrats have gone full on mass murdering nuts.

                  Trump has a first mover advantage in whether he can be trusted to not to be secretly collaborating with the establishment, or with the defeatists. Because the establishment and the defeatists have not relented in treating him as a foe.

                  Until the Bush faction is truly gone, no one merely imitating Trump is free from the suspicion that they are false flag, trying to rebrand the Bush faction as Trumpists best equipped to implement Trumpism.

                  It is not that there is necessarily anytihng positive in Trumpism. It is simply a matter of the modern Republican party being substantially evil, (even if a distant second to the modern Democrats), and having so thoroughly betrayed the American public.

                  Trump’s following has itself rehabilitated former staunch Trump foes, so that is far from only being a hazard of Trump’s imitators.

                  Anyone who cannot reconcile with Trump, but could, for example, reconcile with these green energy maniacs is too insane to reach by any reasonable means.

                  1. Trump started as a Democrat. He switched to the GOP. But I really don’t think either term adequately defines him. There’s some truth to calling his political philosophy, “Trumpism”.

          2. I wouldn’t believe what Haberman wrote, but Donald Trump didn’t do himself any favors with what he posted on Gab today:

            “While in certain ways yesterday’s election was somewhat disappointing, from my personal standpoint it was a very big victory – 219 WINS and 16 Losses in the General – Who has ever done better than that?”

            Um…Mr. President, dare I say, it’s not about you.

              1. Did I say anything about throwing anybody under the bus? It’s a bit of a cringe social media post, not exactly a disqualification for holding high office.

        3. Note you already have people either trying to gin up a Trump-DeSantis feud, or saying, “DeSantis is talking to Jeb! And Ryan! He’s a RINO, he’s gonna stab us in the back! Don’t trust DeSantis!”
          Of course, that would be VERY convenient for Democrats, wouldn’t it?
          I do fear we might get a really good candidate (not necessarily DeSantis) and turn him down because he’s not “perfect,” or we think he a phony.

            1. I thought the left and Democrats in general were already declaring him to be “the next Hitler”, i.e. he is a threat to not only beat them in an election, but a threat to go after their ideology and polices. If they thought he leaned left they would be promoting him as “the kind of Republican that is needed” like they do with Romney now.

              DeSantis was one of the very few to push back against the Feds on covidiocy and he has been very big taking on the left’s woke nonsense. He got a whole bunch of anti-woke school board members elected in Florida this week.

              1. This.

                The NeverTrumpers might be indistinguishable from the Left at this point, but the NotAnyMoreTrumpers (like me) want our side to win, dammit, and we’ll sideline the star quarterback himself if we have to.

              2. deSantis was one of the very few to push back against the Feds on covidiocy

                Have you looked at the actual count-out on not locking down?

                Because by the standard of Texas being not locked down….there’s a lot more.

                1. Tennessee stayed pretty well open. Kay Ivy did some Covid stuff (which got her thr nickname of, “Me-Maw,”) but I gather she backed off. She also opened up Alabama’s gun laws, so Me-Maw won re-election handily.
                  But then, I like Alabama. Any state where people will keep reelecting a guy named Young Boozer….
                  No, really, that’s his name. He’s State Treasurer.

                2. Because by the standard of Texas being not locked down….there’s a lot more.


                  Texas was actually one of the more infuriating ones for enforcement of lockdown orders.

                  1. YES I KNOW.

                    My old homeschool group was wearing masks IN FREAKING SUMMER.

                    I’m having gagging fits thinking about it.

                    However, somehow, suddenly “be like Texas with refusing the kung flu lock down stuff” became a meme.

                  2. I have….major issues with masks.

                    To the point my folks have been freaked out about me getting frostbit since I was single digits, because I just cannot cover my mouth and nose.

                    I tried to mask to be at my daughters’ first communion, and my knees gave out– I fell down the basement steps. Thank God, no injuries.

                    Somehow, we ended up in the state that is OK. We had a masking order that was “if you’re face to face for more than 15 minutes, adn don’t have other health issues to make it a bad idea” and it was removed when it did no good.

  37. Per Rick Moran at PJ Media, people under 30 voted 65% for Democrats, the only age group that the Democrats won. Moran noted that they voted like people indoctrinated by the propaganda that leftists have flooded schools, basically as mindless drones doing what they are told.

        1. In all seriousness, it’s hard to see that and not get blackpilled.

          If a country’s own youth is against it, when what hope is there?

          1. Check the turnout of that youth. With a few honourable exceptions, people of that age are too ignorant to vote, and most of them deferred to that ignorance (consciously or not) by not voting. They’ll learn in time, and they will learn in a harder school than their forebears.

            Most of the conservatives of the future were not at the exits to be exit-polled.

            1. Yeah. I saw elsewhere that the under 30 age category had a significantly lower than expected turnout.

    1. People under 30 also have a strong tendency to tell their listeners what they think their listeners want to hear with little regard to the truth. The exit poles are what the numbers are based on. Combine that with (from what I’ve observed, note: leaving the salt here) low turn out in that age group both early and on the day voting, the fact that a lot of the conservative areas don’t do exit poles because it’s considered rude to ask, and that a lot of conservatives won’t answer the exit polls. How accurate a sample do you think there actually is?

      1. Yes, I have always been That Dumbf*** who tells the truth.

        And yet, after 9/11, almost half my class actively went to find my mom and tell her how much they agreed with me.

  38. I’m still working around the edges of this mentally, so I hope it makes sense.

    I think they (The Dems) made a mistake in pushing the fraud through to win enough to essentially maintain the status quo (even if they lose the House, it’s not enough to be a strong Republican House). Because if they had let everything come through untainted and there was the big red wave, the next two years of tight times, recession, inflation, and so on, they’d be able to pin on the Right. Now, they’re stuck with the blame. They can’t pin it on the slim majority House that won’t be able to get anything done with a Dem Senate and President, and people are just going to get more angry.

    The only strategy they have is for one faction to blame Biden and force him out, and that sort of division within their party is only going to be good for our side. Again, still just working around the edges of this, so I’m open to people poking holes in the theory if you see them.

    1. “They can’t pin it on the slim majority House that won’t be able to get anything done with a Dem Senate and President, and people are just going to get more angry.”

      That’s actually not true, Julaire. Under our system, that slim majority House could simply write every appropriation bill to dictate in very explicit terms exactly what 100% of the funds can and cannot be spent on, including for regulations, and then refuse to pass anything else but that language.

      However, the reality is simply that there are simply too many House members who will be happy to reach across the aisle for their share of the pork. That’s been obvious since 1994.

  39. I’d forgotten that this is a war for good vs evil. I’m on a conference call right now with Dr. Stella Immanuel, who as it turns out can pray the bark off of trees, and would pray the snake out of the Garden. We are praying now, and will continue to pray to reject the enemy from the republic, and for eyes to be opened.

    1. You’re right on. The US has a spiritual problem, which is manifested politically.

      A number of states either enshrined the right to abortion in their constitution Kentucky failed to vote in a right to life amendment.
      Abortion is the abomination of Desolation. It is probably one of the most repugnant things to the lord.
      I wouldn’t want to spend a minute in one those places. It won’t end well for them.

  40. Are there women who are single ticket abortion voters. Sure. Most are older than I and are determined to make sure their actions and choices are validated a-postriori. They’re an ever dwindling minority. Married women vote more and more for the right every time. Single women? Who knows? But I suspect there’s been a shift in that too after the last too years. And most of them don’t see that career path ahead they once did.

    My usual warning here:

    This will alter what is said, just like my knowledge of the military’s “totally anonymous” reporting lines made me aware that Obama’s survey about bunking people with those they are publicly sexually attracted to would not be anonymous, and the folks who were publicly harmed WHEN their “anonymous” results were the politically wrong ones made that even more well known.

    So, the change in what folks say is very important, but remember that the actual results are garbage.

  41. If our struggle was hopeless, all their cheating, fraud, and propaganda would be unnecessary. KEEP GOING.

    Found a meme with a cute anime girl saying something to this effect in a linkfest on Powerline or Instapundit or somewhere like that a couple months ago, and it’s been a very helpful reminder.

    Yeah, this whole thing is depressing and disappointing and angry-making, and it feels like we’re screaming into the void, but the enemy is more vulnerable than it so often seems.

    We are not alone. We are many and powerful. We are RIGHT, and people are starting to see it. And we have to make things right one way or another, however long it takes. KEEP GOING.

  42. Very good points, Ing.

    If they were all powerful they wouldn’t bother to cheat, they’d just take over.
    As it is they have to front braindead morons to get their policies in place because normal people don’t work like that.
    Sadly for them, they can’t govern sooo at some point the whole shebang is going to come crashing down.

    Too bad it has to happen this way, but they insist. So, the hard way it is. Lots of people will suffer needlessly but if we keep our wits about us perhaps we can mitigate it somewhat by being prepared for the collapse and helpful to each other.

  43. I’m waiting to see what RazorFist and The International Lord Of Hate have to say about yesterday.

    “Fuckery, fuckery, all, all is fuckery…”

    1. I don’t know about Razor but ILOH, at least on Faceplant, just called it a bucket of meh and doesn’t seem to be considering any f-ery afoot.

    2. Styx has pointed out that we lost even in some places that didn’t have massive fraud because GOP leadership was either incompetent or actively sabotaging MAGA candidates:

      McConnell in particular needs to go, I think.

        1. …Huh. I put that link in a paragraph by itself but it’s not showing the video here. Does WordPress not like Bitchute?

  44. I woke this morning and walked into my yard.

    The darkness was all around me, not a single glimmer of dawn in the East.

    A black dog circled around me, a talking dog, saying “All is lost, the Republic is done.”

    And I despaired.

    I rested for a few hours, took a nap.

    I woke this afternoon and walked into my yard.

    The sky was still there, it was still blue, my heart still beat in my chest.

    And I was reminded of who, and what, I am.

    I may be punched in the face; I will return the favor as best I can.

    I may be bent over from a low blow; I will head butt them in their stomach.

    I may be driven to my knees; I will strike them in their groin.

    I may be laid out prone on the ground; I will bite them on their ankles.

    I may be killed – but I will die with my hand clutching a scrap of ragged cloth.

    I sent that black dog back to its den, to gnaw on the bones that it had stolen, to wallow in its own pool of vomit.

    I was reminded of who, and what, I am.

    I am a USAIN.

    I do not surrender.

    I may despair, but I shall always fight on.

    My scrap of ragged cloth, the piece of the flag of a free people, will be passed on, so long as there is even one human that stands to say “NO!”

  45. Abortion will become a non-issue as jabbed young women find that getting pregnant is impossible without “technical assistance”. She had better be earning top-5% money to afford baby-tech. Oh, and her “Donor” might not be the current fully-jabbed male-person, for better chances.
    Do we know how clumping “diming” red blood cells affects pregnant women and their potential offspring? Will we see more Beta and Gamma low-IQ babies from low O2 in blood?

    And war.

    1. Every woman I know who lost a child after being vaccinated– and yes, I know several, and yes that has me spitting mad– had no issue becoming pregnant again afterwards.

      One who has long standing fertility problems just delivered her little girl.

      1. I haven’t heard this before. If the vaxx isn’t causing permanent sterility after all, that’s great news!

        What about the babies themselves, though? Any signs of unusual health or mental development problems?

        1. Going to be very noisy data, since there’s still a bunch of safety stuff in place that will hurt baby development– my only datapoint there is that when I gave birth this spring, the nurses didn’t see anything odd about what portion of the kids were in the NICU.

          (The NICU was full, but it was because so were the birthing rooms.)

  46. FYI as of right now Decision Desk HQ is showing the GOP House at +8. The Rs only needed +6 to flip control, so bye bye Nancy.

    It’s pretty clear that Laxalt is going to pick up the Senate seat in Nevada, so that makes the Senate 50-49 pending the outcome of the Georgia runoff. With no spoiler parties in the mix, hopefully that means 51 GOP Senators and Kamala HAHAHAHArris gets to sit down and shut up.

    I agree with various commentators that using razor-thin control in Congress to enact big changey legislation (i.e. national abortion bans especially) and run pointless impeachment revenge charades is a bad idea with a capital BAD.† Take the win and use it to block the hell out of all the stupid coming from the White House and the Squad and hold out until 2024.

    † Because that’s what the Ds have been doing and we all rightly called them out on it. I said fight dirty, not govern dirty. Win B(almost)AMN, but then govern as you would be governed and all that.

    1. Murder, manslaughter, and justified killing is and has always been a state issue. Leave abortion to the states.

      I’d like to see Congress put thru sensible no-deficit budgets and force Biden to shut down the government by vetoing them. Doubt they will, but I’d like to see that. I mean, talk about a lose-lose situation for the Dems: sign a major cuts to everything bill or shut down everything.

      1. Unfortunately our current Republican “leadership” does not have the huevos to do something like this, because they are beholden to many of the same interests that would be hurt by either of those options.

        And that is the elephant in the room. Our job is far bigger than replacing people or even reclaiming portions of industry and academia. We have to figure out how to dismantle, or at least de-fang, the entire damned system that CREATES people like our current bunch of career politicians. And that is a very tall order indeed, one that would take multiple generations, I expect, even working at it diligently. A long grind, but one that the Founding Fathers already provided a lot of the instruction manual for.

      2. :vague memory otherwise due to PETA f’ery:

        :dig dig dig:

        Sort of, but only in detail, not in You Can’t Do This-ness.

        It does appear from what I can find that defining how one splits the various levels– like, “first degree murder” etc– is done on state by state, but a state couldn’t declare, oh, killing women over 45 isn’t some form of legally forbidden homicide.

  47. Anyone here who thinks the vote counting was honest in Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Arizona please go get some air. You may be suffering from hypoxia.

    I already suggested that Romans 1:18-32 was what’s wrong with America. Believe it or not, we are where we are. And it’s really self-inflicted.

    Have a blessed life.

  48. I’m sorry and surprised that any of you think that either Ron or Don would have made any difference at all in how this turned out. We had both working hard on this election and it didn’t matter.
    It matters not who we pick as our champion. They will come after us the same way no matter what. The level of cheating, fraud, and dishonesty about the issues and the votes will continue no matter what we say and do.

    These are the ones who are lying about how wonderful your life will be if only you can
    murder your children and anyone who stands in the way of that is an evil fascist who hates women. NOTHING is beneath them. They have convinced half the population that murdering their children is a good thing that should be protected even if it is “sad.”
    Bull hockey! A species that devours their young has no future. Don’t go THERE.

    They will smear us with anything they can, run Zombies against us and cheat, lie and steal until they win.
    We need to be aware of who and what we are up against and REFUSE to let them win forever.
    Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Aim to misbehave for Pete’s sake!

    Cowboy up and act like Americans doggone it!!

    1. We had both working hard on this election and it didn’t matter.

      :pushes glasses up:

      Oh? So I hallucinated Florida? And Iowa?

      And, for that matter, didn’t Georgia not hand over the race that Abrams has been acting like was a done deal for over a year?

      Didn’t Nevada have some rather startling results?

      It sure looks to me like the places where we did the work, things got better.

      Work, in identifying specific issues, pulling out the mops, and brooms, and repair kids, and trying to improve the situation there.

      1. And not running RINOs like Oz in crucial states against mental incompetents who are not fit for office; candidates who are good enough to beat the margin of fraud in states like PA are a must. Oz was not such a candidate.

    2. NJ7, my district, flipped red. NY17, Hudson Valley flipped red and took out a big dem dog, Long Island is entirely red, Staten Island/South Brooklyn NY11, my boyhood home, stayed red. We did our part. Outside NYC, the NY elections were,really, really close.

      I think the problem is that we got greedy looking for a wave. Given the margin of fraud that turned out not to be so. Time to move on to the next struggle.

      After all, this is all we’ve got. If we surrender then the Dem fascists will do exactly what the black pill crowd want so desperately — I really see little difference between them they both seem to relish destruction. The US would go from the last great hope on earth to a burned over wasteland. Don’t know about any of you, but I’m not interested in living through that.

      I’m not looking at any news sites for at least a fortnight and cutting down my screen time as much as I can. After that, I’m going to return to the fray.

      When Biden won, I went back to Rabelais, this time I’m thinking Montaigne and Eliot’s Notes Toward a Definition of Culture, nice and short, but dense. I suggest we all do something similar. One of the worst things the leftists do is force us all to obsess over their obsessions. I’m going to ignore politics for a while.

      1. My refuge is usually Dante. I try to read the entire Comedy once a year. (And every time I read the Inferno, I see more of myself; ewwww. Purgatory is actually my favorite volume).

        1. I always enjoy reading hell, Dante really puts the boot in. Don’t know what it says about me but I don’t really enjoy Heaven,

          1. I don’t enjoy it as much. I use Dorothy Sayer’s translation, which includes a commentary by a practicing Christian with impeccable academic credentials. I am amused by an anecdote she relayed (from Boccacio, if I recall correctly) where Dante’s sons, missing the last 14 cantos of Paradise, were sweating out the idea of finishing it themselves. Then one of them had a dream in which his dead father, after assuring him he was alive, “but in the new life,” led him in the dream to a covered alcove in the house he had been living in at the time of his death. His son went over at once, found the alcove (which he had never noticed before) and discovered within it the missing cantos, almost, but not quite, ruined by mold. Apparently Dante didn’t think they were up to the job, either.

  49. Exactly, Foxifier! Why is everyone “Doom, despair and agony on me” when much has been gained?

    Whobhad massive, MASSIVE rallies for MONTHS to keep up the momentum.

    Who built a road to an island in a very few days to get help to his people after a devastating hurricane?

    Yes both people did the work that was in front of them yet the Zombie candidates and the liars won in some areas.
    So. We still lost. In some places. But not in all places. We have to quit beating ourselves up about what we lost and give everyone who worked so hard credit for what we won.
    That should give us great hope. Because things are going to get very much worse than they are now in many areas. So people who work hard will be needed. But there is a light at the end. We who can see it will need to lead those who cannot to where the light is.
    We just can’t expect our leaders to shoulder the load alone. We have work to do , all of us. Even if it only just encouraging each other when we are down.

  50. Folks, do recognize that ground gained slowly is still gained. Several recent SCOTUS decisions, for example. The House was Donk for -decades- a while back. Now it is routinely in play.

    This has been a knife fight. Expecting not to bleed is … unrealistic.

    The sides are closely matched. Expecting big change is … imprudent.

    Expecting “Win! Over!” Is silly.

    Patience. Persistence.

    1. No. The sides only look closely matched because of massive election fraud and media collusion. Anybody that believes Biden, Fetterneck and Warnock ‘won’ honestly will believe anything. They need to appoint a conservator before they give away all their money to some groovy religious dude.

      1. Not to start a flame war as I’m going to bed and won’t be answering, but I think we have to stop blaming the fraud and start looking toward what we can do about it other than futile and stupid gestures. If nothing, then Il faut cultiver notre jardin.

        For myself, I’m going to defy the lefties and ignore their political obsessions for a fortnight or so and then reassess what is to be done.

    2. Expecting “Win! Over!” Is silly.

      Not just silly– it’s poisoned.

      Look, this is something that I’ve had to fight with being a housewife.

      (wait, no, this is actually relevant)

      It is incredibly tempting to want to do The Thing and then it’s all over.
      “Oh my gosh, I JUST cooked dinner yesterday, what do you mean I have to do it again?!?!”

      Or cleaning the house, or getting the mail, or– my “why yes we have a horde” battle– sorting out clothes that don’t fit anyone. (I’ve given up on shoes, and am fighting a losing battle with dresses.)

      You CANNOT just do the job, get a decent result– and quit.

      It is an eternal battle.

      You just keep doing the next needed thing, and keep your head above water.

  51. Ilhan Omar had a close call in the primary winning by just two percentage points against a well known Dem challenger. In the General she then faced a smart energetic charismatic African American woman who got an enthusiastic response in the community. People’s eyes would light up when they found out who Cicely Davis was. We had hopes for at least a strong showing in that long time Democrat stronghold Congressional District. Final result Ilhan Omar by 75% to 25%. Those numbers don’t make sense even in Minneapolis.

    The local candidate (a former State Senator) for whom I spent the most volunteer time was shifted into a much more Dem leaning district, but came out of retirement hoping to at least make a good showing in what is now a first ring suburban district. She had lost some races in the past but won in 2010, before being targeted by a lot of Dem spending in 2012 (nearly a million dollars in a State Senate race). She didn’t really expect to win, but was hoping for a strong showing. She had never lost her home precinct, even in years when she lost elections. This year she lost 33% to 67% and didn’t even win her home precinct.

    None of these numbers make sense. I don’t know what the real numbers should be, but I don’t trust the numbers that we are being fed.

  52. You may be correct, but the cancer may be scarier than mere fraud.

    Maybe America has moved to the Left, including the Mansonite Left. After all, corporate America has gone woke. All the once semi-trustworthy news sources have gone woke. Aging minds are treating broadcast television news as actual news. And old people vote.

    And then we have the education establishment going full on with left indoctrination of the youth, up to the point of exposing them to perverts.

    There are Long Game remedies for the above, but they will take time. In the near term, some Prevent Defense may be in order. If a district is blue, run a RINO. Running a principled Republican in a Blue district gives the Mansonites and Bernie Bros permission to go wild. (Follow the link associated with my pseudonym for diagrams and details.)

    With all that written, I reiterate that you might be right. Back in my Libertarian days I worked on a county mailing to registered Libertarians. ONE THIRD of the addresses were bad. If such stats held for the other parties (and a local Republican talk show host reported similar states) then the opportunities for fraud are indeed enormous.

    On the gripping hand, polls of registered voters (vs. likely voters) have long over predicted Democrat victories. This has been true for decades. Maybe the move to mail in voting is in fact upping the turnout of low motivation voters. The Party of Santa Claus has an inherent advantage here.

    1. Maybe America has moved to the Left, including the Mansonite Left.

      If that is so, why the Red shift anywhere that voting rolls got even a passing scrub-down?

      All the once semi-trustworthy news sources have gone woke.

      No, the once trusted news sources are recognized as woke. My uncles remember the news turning a victory in Vietnam into defeat.

      And then we have the education establishment going full on with left indoctrination of the youth, up to the point of exposing them to perverts.

      Has been doing that for decades– mid-90s, I’ve complained about the “sex ed” we had more than history before– but NOW home schooling has gone from “about five percent” to “15-25%” of school aged children.

      . If a district is blue, run a RINO. Running a principled Republican in a Blue district gives the Mansonites and Bernie Bros permission to go wild.

      With qualifications, yes.

      It’s not like we’re short of folks who in, oh, July of 2001 would have been perfectly normal Democrats.

      Back in my Libertarian days I worked on a county mailing to registered Libertarians. ONE THIRD of the addresses were bad.

      :curious: Oooh, based how?
      “Return to sender” notes or something?

      I became an adult in Washington State, so I have a pretty wide range of options for bad addresses…..

      On the gripping hand, polls of registered voters (vs. likely voters) have long over predicted Democrat victories. This has been true for decades.

      In any measurement, you should look at what they are measuring, not what they are trying to measure.
      What are polls?
      They are calling up people, and asking them what they will do.
      ….what party has been literally beating people bloody, on video, in public, for over a decade?
      How may this alter responses?

      1. Regarding bad addresses: I was chair of a county Libertarian Party. I wanted to experiment with Standard Mail (i.e., junk mail) as it is far cheaper than first class. I was interested in improving party efficiency at the low level.

        But I also wanted to purge the database of bad addresses. So we did Standard Mail with the provision that the Post Office would notify us of bad addresses. There was a significant charge for each notification/return — that’s the big difference with First Class, where getting bounces is free. If the voter rolls were mostly correct, Standard Mail would have been a big savings, despite the significant additional work. But with ONE FSCKING THIRD of the addresses being bad, First Class would have been both cheaper and more credible. The bill from the Post Office was enough to drain the party treasury and then some. I picked up the tab myself.

        It was a burn your fingers on a hot stove experience.

        1. You… maybe should work on your responses?

          Because right now, you’re “hard to tell from a bot” level bad “what was screwed up in our results” response.

          You didn’t actually answer my question, although you came close enough that it would match “geek goign on a subject they know” levels.

          Something like “how various classes of mail” works might help?

          1. First class mail is expensive because: 1. One price covers the entire country. 2. The Post Office does all the sorting. 3. If the person has moved, the letter gets forwarded. 4. If the address is bad, the Post Office returns the letter to the sender.

            The mass mailings sent by major party candidates — those colorful big post card like things — are generally sent by what is called Standard Mail. It’s way cheaper but a royal pain in the butt. You have to do a lot of the sorting. The big boys pay specialists to do that work. By default, Standard Mail is not forwarded or returned to sender. It’s just stuffed in the mailbox along with the carpet cleaning ads, etc.

            You can, however, ask for address correction, but each address correction costs significantly more than a first class stamp. I forget all the details, as my run-in with that nightmare was over 15 years ago.

      2. And how many people have realized that there’s NO SUCH THING as an anonymous survey? Especially when Big Tech has gone woke.

        1. My family is paranoid as heck about those things, so I don’t have a good sample, and talking to people hasn’t helped.
          People either look at me like I have two heads, or look at me like I said water is wet, when I point out the risks with surveys.


        2. Yes, today polling is incredibly difficult due to paranoia, push polls, and telephone spamming in general.

          However, the difference between registered voter polls and likely voter polls predates the World Wide Web. That’s why I fear that mail-in voting is a super weapon for the Left, even without outright fraud.

          We have held onto our republic in large part because low motivation voters have lower turnout. That’s why the Democrats pushed for the Motor Voter law. If they could, they would make voting mandatory, as it is in quite a few countries.

  53. I’d like to leave this thought here, in the hopes that it may be helpful to some.

    In The Screwtape Letters, Uncle Screwtape writes to his nephew, a junior devil:

    ‘We teach them not to notice the different senses of the possessive pronoun – the finely graded differences that run from “my boots” through “my dog”, “my servant”, “my wife”, “my father”, “my master” and “my country̦”, to “my God”. They can be taught to reduce all these senses to that of “my boots”, the “my” of ownership.’

    Whenever a politician in office talks about ‘a threat to our democracy’, the chances are very good that he is using the ‘our’ of ownership. For Democrats at present, as for Liberals in Canada and Socialists in much of Europe, ‘our democracy’ generally means ‘the democracy that our party owns, whose sole purpose is to keep us in power’. Mr. Biden says that Republicans are a threat to democracy. What he really means is that they are a threat to his party’s ownership of democracy. And of course they are; and should be. The alternative is one-party rule, which is no democracy at all.

    Keep fighting, and remember that yesterday was, after all, a battle won. Should the Russians have given up after the Battle of Stalingrad because they only regained one city, or the British after El Alamein because they liberated only one patch of desert? Should Admiral Nimitz have surrendered after winning the Battle of Midway because he did not clear the whole Pacific Ocean at one stroke?

    A tide has turned, though it will not be the last tide. Years of hard work and struggle lie ahead of you. Your enemies are a coterie of powerful men who believe that the public square is their private property; and they have done their best and their worst to make it so; yet you are still standing. So long as you do not surrender, with God’s good help you shall not be defeated.

  54. Considering we’ve had no serious investigation or consequences inflicted on teh cheaters from 2 years ago, figure we still won’t have any for this election for at least a couple more, if at all. We need some serious JUSTICE soon.

    1. You mean that no actual punishment for committing crimes means the criminals commit more?

      Sooprise, Sooprise.

      Why people can see that connection when it comes to robberies downtown and not election fraud is sad.

  55. I reas that young, unmarried women mostly went Democratic and the instant assumption is they want abortion. But I think it may be a bit more subtle than that. My bet is too many of these young women have bought the, “Republicans want Gilead, vote for them and they’ll chain you in the kitchen!” line.

    1. Based on the chatter I get from some women I know, it may be that. Propaganda works, and with the risk averse, the scarier the better.

      1. Yes I thought I was losing it at first when I went back to show someone your excellent article and it was gone!

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