GTFO- Get The Fix Out A Guest post by Thomas Kendall

GTFO- Get The Fix Out A Guest post by Thomas Kendall

               I’ve noticed that current Democratic messaging on the upcoming election is:
               A) We will not know the election results for a couple of days


               B) Republicans need to accept the results of the election

               Given that just recently the Republicans have been very heavily favored to pummel the Democrats in this election, the latter of these would be rather confusing if not for the first.

               So with this in mind, allow me to explain something to our “friends” across the aisle.

               Your brain-dead, know-nothing, goldfish-like mob of quasi-gender pseudo-intellectuals might have the collective memory of a damp rock and be so credulous that you can rewrite their basic goals and desires at the drop of a hat. But pretty much every person of voting age remembers that we were consistently able to count election results to within the statistical margin on election day in the not too recent past. The closest we came to a genuine delay on knowing was Al Gore’s endless recount demands, wherein new Democrat ballots would suddenly and mysteriously appear from nowhere every time the same ballots were counted. Weird how that happens.

               That practice of getting the results the same day suddenly and mysteriously changed in 2020. Extremely coincidentally, that was also the election where a bunch of places that had been trending towards various Republican candidates mysteriously started sliding blue in the magic-extended-counting-time which never existed before then, until they were outside the margin of error, whereupon counting was stopped. And because coincidences are apparently all best friends with one another and love to hang out together, that was also the election where a man whose brain and primary food group are both pudding, a man who had barely the stamina or coherency to be safely allowed to appear in public (and still doesn’t), “won” an election against a president who got more votes than any other incumbent in history. This astonishing feat involved many impressive accomplishments— some of which he might even be able to pronounce on his third try— including pulling larger proportions of the black vote than the first black president in history in various major metropolitan centers. Also, the usual areas with more than 100% voter turnout, which thanks to same day registration is not technically mathematically impossible anymore and so can never be questioned ever or you’re a Nazi (which is funny, given that vote totals mysteriously coming to more than 100% to support an entrenched ruling party was exactly the kind of thing the actual Nazis were fully in favor of).

               Bearing this recent series of amazing coincidences in mind, allow me to translate the points above from Democrat into something more recognizable to humans who didn’t sell their souls to Moloch:
               A) The Democratic party intends to unveil an egregious cheating campaign to save their sorry, worthless hides, the likes of which is going to make South America blush and say “Oh, my”.


               B) You are not allowed to complain

               To which I say:

               Duly. Noted.

               Now before we go any further, I have to say something. Despite this: still go out and vote. Vote so these sons of bitches know exactly what kind of fire they’re playing with. Vote especially because they’ll have to triage resources. They can’t manufacture the whole vote everywhere. They don’t have the resources. If they did the DNC wouldn’t even be fighting this hard to run campaigns for candidates in various places. They’d do what they did with Biden and run Potemkin campaigns—the bare minimum to lend a vague appearance of credibility. National elections are easier to steal, because they can focus attention on choke-points in certain major cities to get disproportionate effect. It’s a lot harder to canvas a lot of little races. Your vote will matter even in blue strongholds. They’re facing huge swings this year. Your vote in a blue stronghold is taking up resources reinforcing ground. They would otherwise be able to use those resources to corrupt close races in less-safe areas. Maybe all it will do is make them take weeks to scrape together enough fraud. Stay with me, there’s a second part to this.

               Now it may well be too late to organize campaigns to protest outside the places where votes are counted when they begin magic-extended-counting-time. There’s a risk to any protesters who do turn out that even if you’re protesting in a perfectly kosher way, you may still be arrested and prosecuted. Being Republican is the only crime the current crop of corrupt kleptocrats care about. Even so, there’s no substitute for real faces in real places, and they’d have the biggest impact if we could muster them and keep them legally kosher (second part’s important, you gotta give your defense lawyer something to work with).

               But there is a plan B. If memory serves, I believe there was a notoriously dirty county in Florida that tried to pull this shit in one of the last two elections and didn’t back down until Trump himself shined a spotlight on them via social media. They do still respond to intense enough public pressure. Of course, Trump isn’t going to able to serve as nearly as much of a force multiplier this time around. We only have us. It has to be enough.

               With that in mind, I propose we prepare to shine a spotlight on them. They’re deathly scared over losing control of Twitter, and recent events show they were absolutely right to be scared. They’re still reeling from it. Biden has been fact-checked on transparent lies twice in the last week—once on gas prices being higher at the start of his “presidency”, and once on social security payouts. Hillary Clinton got a newspaper swat to the muzzle for trying to frame the bizarre hammer incident at Chez Pelosi as right wing violence. The censorship police have been stood down for the moment, and there’s an actual chance of truth shining out through the murk.

               Bearing this in mind, find out how to track your local races. If you have an old Twitter account, light it back up. If you don’t, now might be a good time to get one. Bring a friend. Network with some. Prep to signal boost. And if magic-extended-counting-time starts in your little neck of the woods, start pointing it out. Loudly. Point out how prior elections were counted. @BlueHairZoomer507  can write every WaPo explainer xhe wants saying how it’s perfectly normal for elections to take weeks to count, during which time all the previous trends in the counts mysteriously reverse course. You know better. You’ve lived in a time where that didn’t happen. They’re thieves and they’re liars and they’re trying to gaslight you into doubting your own eyes and your own memory. Point all of that out. “They literally know nothing”. They’re indoctrinated left-wing journalism BAs who think choosing between kale and quinoa on the side of their vegan avocado toast is the height of enlightened humanity. Their articles might sound fantastic to them, except for the tiny detail that we’ve done this in the past. Everybody including them knows the reason we’re suddenly not has nothing to do with incapacity and everything to do with the facilitation of corruption. And while they believe the glorious cause is worth corrupting the vote, they still don’t want to be caught red-handed at it. Our best chance is putting enough public pressure on them that they stand down. Point out the marking on the cards, and the shysters might not be able to pull off the trick.

               And if by some miracle the combination of the above efforts is enough—

               Republican leaders:

               Enough is enough. Your unwillingness to stand by the sanctity of the vote has pushed this country to the brink. It should have been your first fucking priority when Trump was elected. Half of you pissed it away trying to use Trump as a foil to look “principled”. Then you waffled like you were trying to take the eponym from Belgium in 2020, when the fraud was plainer than white bread and screamingly obvious. You don’t seem to understand: the game where you get to be the pet loyal opposition is so very 90s. It’s over now. The Democrats want it all, and they don’t care what they have to break to get it. You are not on the roster— you are on the menu. If you want to take your millions from highly legitimate donations and strangely accurate off-the-record investment advice and move somewhere far enough away from the plebs to not have to bother with us unwashed masses, fine. Do it. We’re sick of you, but fortunately for you, your incompetence has left us with enough fires to put out that we have bigger fish to fry. I suggest you make your getaway. Because understand, whether it’s us doing it, or the Democrats, the trough you have fed so well at is closing. Beat it.

               Everybody else in the Republican party:

               Fair. Elections. Now. Any power you accrue at the local level or state level, I don’t want to hear one damn word about anything until you explain how you are contributing to unfucking our elections. I know you can’t do all of this stuff with the power you’re actually able to get immediately, but we need you doing everything you can, and you need to start thinking long term about what you can set up now so that when you do have an opportunity, later, if we can somehow wrangle you another opportunity again, you don’t waste it.

                We need voter ID, tied to robust verification procedures. Voter rolls need to be purged regularly. Voter registration cannot be same day and it certainly can’t be automatic. Above all, no more voter participation over 100%. We need to be able to tell immediately if that happens that that district is dirty, and audit them until they start playing by the rules of basic mathematics again. Participation in our votes needs to be restricted to A) living people, B) people who actually exist, C) people who are legal citizens, and D) people who are old enough to vote. The only people who find these criteria legitimately problematic are by definition people who are trying to corrupt the vote. Their opinions don’t matter, and should not even be engaged with. If they freak out on Twitter, tell them to have fun freaking out and to go to Hell while they’re at it. These are basic, utterly common-sense benchmarks.

               Scrap early voting, or if you must have early voting, then extend it only very close to the election. Look at the water-carrying for Fetterman before the debate (I know doc Oz is not an ideal candidate—to say the least—but dear God). Do you suppose his early voters might be feeling a little buyer’s remorse? Realize that the con artists in the media are running constant interference. The further in advance you let people vote, the better the odds that this media interference can prevent people from glimpsing the truth before they pull the lever. To say nothing of the fact that if Democrats can get access to those votes, or even polls of people who have voted, they can calibrate their fraud operations with that information. That inability to calibrate accurately is almost certainly why the Clinton machine got caught off-guard badly enough for Trump to become president. That’s why Clinton herself shut down attempts at audits in 2016, even though she was beyond salty at losing—they would almost certainly have revealed the work of the same voting fraud organizations that came back with a vengeance in 2020.

               No more kicking out observers while counts happen. Most especially if a precinct decides it feels some magic-extended-counting-time coming on. If you want to count the ballots of the American people, you will do it in their full view. Poll workers who disagree with this should be dismissed—with the assistance of security if necessary—and replaced by ones who understand the necessity of transparency in voting a little better.

               And no vote by mail. It’s an invitation to fraud. Fraudsters steal the ballots and vote on people’s behalves. They pick them up in nursing homes and poor neighborhoods and vote on people’s behalves. They steal already filled ballots, steam them open, and spoil ballots that vote for the wrong people. They copy blank ballots and use them for all sorts of nefarious purposes. It was alleged by Giuliani in 2020 that this was up to and including “ballots” that were almost-blank sheets of paper with only the appropriate scanning guide-marks and filled in bubbles in places that lined up with where Democratic candidates were on the ballots, so they could be printed off faster to be run through machines en masse (Sure would have been nice if we had done any proper investigation of the voting irregularities given these serious allegations, rather than letting Democratic judges pass endless decrees that anyone who sued on the issue “lacked standing”. It certainly would explain why even the superficial investigation the Cyber Ninjas were allowed to do revealed—among other things— that more mail in ballots were returned than were sent out. But I digress.). Heaven knows, I’m not usually in Europe’s corner vs. the US, but for fuck’s sake, even various European countries won’t do mail in ballots because all these methods of cheating, and more, are opened up. I see people getting their hopes up for places with vote-by-mail like Colorado. I would call these places intrinsically long shots. I think your only hope is to overwhelm them so much it would take them weeks to “win”, and to make the process of “winning” too uncomfortable for them to move forward with. By all means, let’s do this. Just understand that we are fighting an uphill battle.

               If you are a rising Republican leader in a state has vote-by-fraud, my best advice is to start looking at ways to make ballots harder to copy and easier to enumerate. Any lever you can pull to make this happen, do it. Maybe things like watermarks and serial numbers which are not connected to the person who votes in any way, but will flag as duplicates in the system if someone tries to copy them, and will flag as non-existent if someone tries to assign serial numbers that don’t exist (my impression from the work of the Cyber Ninjas was that something like this may already exist, but I’m throwing everything I can out there). My advice would be to make them sequential but algorithmically obfuscate them in such a way that it’s not simple counting numbers—then even if your local Democrats print thousands of extras to give their local fraudsters leeway, they’ll still need to reverse engineer the algorithm or get very lucky to hit on a legitimate number. All of this, and any ways you can imagine, push to make counting more transparent and harder to put a thumb on the scales in, and preferably do it with the biggest public pressure campaigns you can. Sunlight is a disinfectant. A lot of the ballots you’ll get will still be ones spoiled, or stolen and filled out, or filled out on behalf of the barely functional, by fraudsters and ballot harvesters. But at least you can filter the outright non-existent people from the pool. You might need to ultimately wait for us to find a way to bail you out from the national side, but at least it’s better than you sitting there with your thumb up your ass, right?

               Again I repeat: Fair. Elections. Now. This age of unprecedented American electoral corruption must end, and people who insist upon practices that mask and abet corruption must be called out publicly and constantly. Disconnecting the elections from the votes cast is end-stage socialist dictatorship shit. There is no item on the agenda more important than this. It is essential to the integrity of the Republic. There is nothing else we can get traction on before we get this sorted out. Look at all the good Trump did, and look where the fraudulent 2020 election has left us two years later. And Republican leaders have ignored it or even aided the corruption for much, much too long.

               End it now. The fix has been in long enough, now get it out. We no longer have the luxury of playing these games.

173 thoughts on “GTFO- Get The Fix Out A Guest post by Thomas Kendall

  1. Well done. That lays out the case, and what needs to be done, perfectly. Here’s hoping enough like minded people are ready to go on Tuesday!

  2. I’ll be voting Tuesday.
    I’ll also be out there holding campaign signs and greeting people on the way in.
    Don’t be afraid of the Blues.
    We are not alone.

    1. I’m another Tuesday voter. I’d thought about today, but it is snowing, and I have time between Day Job and Other Thing on Tuesday to vote, so I will.

      1. I’m voting Tuesday as well for all the reasons our hostess suggested and I can get a bit of time off from work to do so too.

  3. Weeks before the 2020 election, my Dem friends were told that “you’ll see a spike in votes for trump at first as the in person votes are counted and then the count will ‘normalize’ as absentee ballot counts are added later,”

    I looked up the election laws in a few battleground states and found most of them have the ability to start counting absentee ballots 1-2 days before the election (obviously they can’t report results).

    Look up when counting can begin in your state. If you have early counting, ask the poll workers if it has already started and complain to the state SOS if they haven’t. Make it public about the absentee ballot process. There should be no reason every vote can’t be tallied that evening (certainly not weeks later)

    1. The problem with early voting, at least in the “blue” people’s republic that I live in, is that while the early votes can’t be publicly reported, the county clerk’s office and election officials who do the county are partisan Democrats in most counties, and even in the ones where they don’t control those offices, most of the workers are government employee union members and thus essentially Democratic Party operatives. The number of votes they need to ensure they can “squeak by” can be readily ascertained and manufactured this way.

    2. Everyone who points this out is constantly declared “a threat to democracy”, i.e. a threat to the Democrats gaining and keeping power “by any means necessary:

      If they really won fair and square, they wouldn’t need to keep denouncing people who question them; they would be able to provide evidence that shows the claims being made are wrong. They can’t, because you simply can’t get a batch of several hundred thousand votes run all at once and have EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM for one candidate. Even Soviet elections had a couple of votes that weren’t for Stalin.

  4. Anytime we get involved in another country’s elections (Iraq after the overthrow, for example), we expect prompt and accurate verification of voter rolls and a quick and accurate vote count. And yet for some reason, we can’t–well, OK, won’t–do it here. Anybody remember purple fingers?

    And yet certain groups literally scream like we’re trying to bring back literacy requirements and poll taxes from the Southern Jim Crow days if all we want is a simple voter ID and proper maintenance of rolls. Makes you think. Or it should.


    1. 1) might require a Constitutional Amendment, because it could involve moving the day from Tuesday to Saturday or Sunday. The proposals I’ve seen all do that – national holiday plus weekend date.

      You don’t have to shout.

    2. Sounds effective, doesn’t stand up to even basic considerations for people who aren’t pop-culture norm, and ignores the costs associated with a forced day off. This is besides the philosophical question of by what right does the government attempt to order the citizens?

      Most of the good reasons for absentee voting can be fixed by having early voting available at the court house for a week or three prior, which chops the problem down to a much more manageable size, try it and then fix the problems that show up.

      1. The only excuse for absentee ballots in the American system is military service or foreign service. Otherwise, you know what day it is going to be. It is in the Constitution plain as plain. Don’t be traveling that day if you want your vote to count.

          1. Ranchers, doctors, people with emergency surgeries, people whose only available ride is not available at that time….

            Get the low hanging fruit first instead of trying to get the whole tree then being shocked there’s bitter and bruised fruit!

          2. I would say those all fall under the “too bad so sad” category. One man-one vote is a principle, not a convenience.

            And by the way, while on the subject, who said that every single voter and every single edge case must be coddled and cared for and special means created, no matter that it costs -billions- of dollars?

            First Tuesday of November, every second year. Be there or be square, baby.

            1. I would say those all fall under the “too bad so sad” category. One man-one vote is a principle, not a convenience.

              Says the guy urging depriving people of their vote.

              For the convenience of the state.

              1. It’s all very easy for me you know, I’m a Canadian. ~:D

                But the point of this conversation is the security of the operation. The Founding Fathers of the USA said “First Tuesday Of November.” They said that for a lot of reasons, most of which had to do with the security of the results.

                You have a set day that everyone knows, you have set polling stations that everyone knows, you count the votes right out in public where everyone can see you doing it, you announce the results the same day. It’s very fair, and very reasonable.

                It is also for grown-ups. It is up to the citizen to get to their poll, with their ID, and vote. It assumes a measure of personal responsibility on the part of the people who vote.

                The problem with advance-voting and vote-by-mail and voting machines and all the complex paraphernalia of modern convenience-voting is that every time you add a layer, you make it MUCH easier for people involved in the process to lie, cheat and steal. They steal votes, they steal money, they steal influence, they steal your nation out from under you. As we all just finished seeing in 2020. Boxes of absentee ballots magically appearing from nowhere, exactly as many as needed to swing the vote.

                So, the object of the game is to make it as difficult as possible for insiders to jimmy the results. Sharp-eyed scrutineers (and random nosy citizens) from all the parties involved are standing around the polls, counting every person who comes in to vote, and making sure the same number of ballots is what gets counted. They watch the filled ballot boxes and make sure those don’t get switched. They watch the counters to make sure the counters don’t slip dummy ballots into the count. That’s about the minimum you can have and make it work. That’s what Elections Canada does. (We get socialism anyway, but at least we know the vote is probably legit. Probably. Mostly. We hope.)

                Any bells and whistles you add just makes it easier to steal. You have to assume the officials and insiders are crooked, right from the start. Because they are. What’s the first thing you corrupt if you want to own a county? The voting system. From there you can appoint anybody you want as police, inspectors, regulators, etc.

                You guys don’t have election security right now, because one faction of your government has been actively suborning it since World War 1. It’s crooked. You want to fix it, you might have to be a little inflexible on security.

                Of course the best answer is to shrink the power of government until it doesn’t matter who wins. Socialist or capitalist, they still won’t be able to do (or steal) much of anything. That’s the goal. That’s how you get your free country back.

                1. Fox, consider what Phantom is saying. I wouldn’t deny the vote of those abroad in service of their country (though it often is denied) but everyone else it’s their responsibility to get to the polls, or to have all the forms etc that explain why they can’t but yes still want to vote.
                  The vote is a right, not a privilege. As a right it is the same as life. No one has the right to take it away, but no one is going to keep you alive if you keep dropping from the building.
                  Students are often registered at home AND at college, etc. It’s a huge door open to fraud.
                  And fraud denies other people their votes.
                  The more I look at things, the more I’m becoming convinced there’s no real left: there’s just fraud.

                  1. Rush Limbaugh used to talk about the Founding Fathers being a bunch of cynical guys who assumed everybody and everything in government was crooked. You look at the way they designed the government of the USA, they clearly planned for factional partisans, idiots, criminals and schnooks to make up most of the elected government.

                    What they -didn’t- plan for, to my eye, was for all of journalism to be consumed by one political faction. In their day it was impossible, anybody of even modest means could set up a press and start printing a broadsheet to post in the town square. The Whigs, the Tories, the Grits, every two-bit scumbag political operation in existence had their own pet paper.

                    Which pretty much stopped right around World War 1 with consolidation in the newspaper economy, with highly technical broadcast radio, and later with films. Very centralized, very investment-heavy technologies.

                    The more you centralize something, the easier it is to suborn it. The Founding Fathers knew that. They assumed that the very first thing that would happen was guys showing up to steal from the treasury. What they couldn’t predict was the technologies of the 19th and 20th centuries making possible the takeover of entire swaths of the private sector by one political faction.

                    Which has worked so well for them that the VERY FIRST THING people say when you start talking about voting security, even here at ATH where the cats will not be herded, is “Yeah but what about [insert special case here] voters?!!11!”

                    I can hear the Founding Fathers now: “That is the wrong question! The right question is how to secure the vote when the County Clerk, the County Council and the Sheriff are all in cahoots! Because they will be! If those creatures can successfully scam the vote, they all get jobs for life and they get all the money they can rake in from taxes, for life. They want your daughter they’ll get her too.”

                    That’s what those guys would say. But better, as I am a mere Canadian. ~:D

                    1. As we are going towards highly distributed information again, we’re going back to being able to expose the fix.
                      The problem, of course, is — are you on time?
                      These novelists always wind everything up to a big finish.

                    2. Agreed. Given the internet, a kid with a smart-phone can do what it took a whole television network to do in the 1970s.

                      The distributed solution is always stronger, more robust, more pervasive and with better penetration than the centralized one.

                      My favorite thought experiment, imagine the spectacle of a Federal Ministry of Lawn Care. The government takes on the job of ensuring that no lawn ever goes un-mowed. The mind boggles. ~:D

                      Now expand your view, knowing that as a practical matter, ALL government ministries are the same debacle as the Ministry of Lawn Care thought experiment would be.

                      They’ve covered that up since the Great Depression. The kids with their smartphones are busy ripping the sheets off every day. (This is a “Let them eat cake” moment from Canuckistan: )

                      Efforts to make them stop with the sheet ripping are failing heartily. Twittler just fired half their employees on Friday, and Farcebook/Meta is going to fire half of theirs on Wednesday according to the latest leaks. Right after the election, uh huh.

                    3. As a mere Canadian, I think you meant to say, “They want your daughter they’ll get her too, eh?” 😀

                  2. I did consider what he suggested, which was “military or foreign, otherwise you lose your vote”.

                    As opposed to “must provide reason to not vote on Election day.” (I agreed that was a very good example of picking the low hanging fruit yesterday.)

                    He has yet to offer rational support for his proposal, but has done a very good job of demonstrating he things the strongest support is emotional angles and lots of handwaving.

                    Reminds me of the joke about how to have maximum security on a computer– have it turned off, in a locked room, possibly disassembled.
                    Anything after that, you are balancing security with actually being able to use the thing.

                    1. My specific suggestion was voting at the court house, which would work for the vast majority.

                      :Grin: Remember that I am the person who never got a single one of her ballots in the Navy– but per my record, I did vote. I’ve been beating this drum for a very long time.

                      I don’t even like mail-in for the military, though I’m not sure on the logistics for any other option.

                    2. Tom Kendall told me this morning on the phone “There is no left. There’s only fraud.”
                      He didn’t mean it, not exactly. He meant “Like on Twitter, there’s a tiny very loud minority. And a lot of fraud.”

                    3. I live in Seattle proper, and I have IRL and FB friends all across the country. I assure you that the left is more than a tiny, loud minority. It’s not all preference falsification and keeping one’s head down, it is real and it is significant, and they vote in mass and in lockstep. Don’t think that the political slant to the left is exclusively the result of fraud, because that leads to thinking that one only need to combat the fraud to reverse the slant.

                      The cockiness, eschew it.

                    4. Um… So, TX used to be solid left. I talked to the man who flipped it right. He organized a True The Vote BEFORE true the vote.
                      Yeah, You live in Seattle where expressing contrary opinions is counterindicated and your friends like mine are mostly artsy and intellectual.
                      That’s the 10%, right there.

                    5. I’ll point out the point of action is not different whether they’re 10% or 40% — they’re not that. We know from the cancel the right make it bigger effect but even if they were — it’s CLEAN UP THE ELECTIONS.
                      Oh, and maximize our own voices. Which might mean feeding our actual twitter accounts, yes.

                    6. I mean part of this is that people don’t dare disagree in public, particularly if they’re a certain kind of person, which is why we assume it’s a larger group. People in certain professions or certain demographics don’t DARE stand out.

                    7. “People in certain professions or certain demographics don’t DARE stand out.”

                      I was shocked how many people I assumed were staunch Liberal anti-gunners quietly approached me during the pandemic for firearms advice/support.

                      Publicly of course they remained on the Mandatory Jab bandwagon. But in private? “Hey, what kind of gun is the best, Mr. All-Knowing Phantom sir?”

                      Which is why there’s no going back to 2019. Those people used to be serious about their Lefty bullshit, but now it is all pretense and squid-ink. They got mugged.

                    8. Eh. I am perhaps a little more cynical than Balzacq about how solid the left is, because a) I know the dances I went through before I trusted friends with very mild non-left opinions and the years required to say anything even remotely “right” when I was in the political closet.
                      b) When I was in the process of setting ll my professional bridges on fire with a vengeance, I blew up in a few groups, including a feminist writers group.
                      In every one of them the PUBLIC response was reviling and cancelling.
                      In private about half the group’s members would email me to thank me for speaking up, and begging me not to hate them for their response. You see, they wanted to continue eating.
                      DON’T underestimate preference falsification, even among groups you think you know.

                2. It’s all very easy for me you know, I’m a Canadian. ~:D

                  I have been carefully not pointing this out, because your argument based on assertion is weak enough without the lack of personal involvement.

                  But the point of this conversation is the security of the operation. The Founding Fathers of the USA said “First Tuesday Of November.” They said that for a lot of reasons, most of which had to do with the security of the results.

                  They also made it so we could adjust it to meet our requirements.

                  We have done so.

                  That there needs to be an adjustment to be made after decades to centuries worth of small adjustments does not rationally mean “go back to what was originally proposed.”

                  It means you either fix the specific problem, undo the last fix, or halfway undo the last fix.

                  This is basic troubleshooting.

                  1. “That there needs to be an adjustment to be made after decades to centuries worth of small adjustments does not rationally mean “go back to what was originally proposed.””

                    Well, it all depends on what you want doesn’t it?

                    The Founding Fathers designed the voting system assuming that factions, officials and public employees would try to cheat. Because they did cheat. High, wide and handsome.

                    Currently the US voting system depends entirely on career civil servants and elected officials being not just honest, but incorruptible. That’s quite the shift of philosophy, and if I may be excused for saying, hopelessly idealistic at best.

                    I contend that the correct course, -if- what you want is honest elections, is probably a lot closer to the Founding Fathers original plan than the corrupt mess that currently exists. If nothing else, their plan is a lot cheaper and assumes no use of easily corruptible technologies. The perfect is the enemy of the good-enough.

                    Also, I hope the irony of hearing this particular argument from a -Canadian- on an American blog is not lost on anyone. ~:D

                    1. Well, it all depends on what you want doesn’t it?

                      Well, accurate in so far as if the goal is “find an excuse to do a desired thing” rather than “attempt to fix a complex system,” that’s accurate, but since the claimed desire is to actually fix the problem, needs support stronger htan “we must do something, this is something, so we must do it.”

                    2. I must confess I may be missing something here. The proposal of this post is that the American voting system is corrupt. It has been seized by one faction of political insiders and is being used by them to further their own, corrupt, purposes.

                      How does one fix something like that without assuming the corrupt officials must be thwarted?

                      This is like making a pile of money on the sidewalk and then complaining that people take from the pile, and how do we stop them doing that? The correct solution is: don’t pile money on the sidewalk.

        1. No, the only reason that you want to allow are those.

          The “Assume the conclusion you want to have” BS has outlived its welcome a LONG time past.

        2. I can think of one other…college students residing out of their home district. That was my situation in 1984 (my first election) when I absentee-voted because I was living in dorms and 100 miles from my hometown, in different districts for everything right up to Congressscumbag. I would like to see the rules for it be fairly tight but it’s a circumstance that might bear some thinking about, otherwise the “townies” that live in college towns will get their votes buried under a pile of students who don’t know much about the town they live in outside of the campus.

      2. I don’t know. When I first voted in the US you needed to show things to prove you couldn’t vote the other place/time. Letter from employee. Or plane tickets out of the coutnry.

        1. Offering proof of reason would be a very good fix; that’s much more human-shaped of a requirement, instead of copying the COVID nonsense about deciding what sectors are important enough to be allowed to function normally, without gov’t control over their function.

          A relatively simple option would be copying the jury duty exemption rules.

        1. :nods:

          It’s a step in absolutely the wrong philosophical direction.

          We got in this mess because of big fixes and bad philosophy– and none of it was because our ancestors were stupid and evil.

          1. There is nothing in the Constitution that would support mandatory voting. Nothing. Voting is our sovereign right — as is not voting.

            Although, refraining from voting as a protest seems pathetically passive-aggressive to me. If you want to protest, vote for some ridiculous write-in candidate. Gandalf for President! Dumbledore for Senate! G’Kar for Governor!
            Most days, I suspect that we could get a better government by picking 535 people at random. On bad days, I’m certain we’d get a better government by picking 535 people at random from lunatic asylums.

            1. There’s been some folks who are running unopposed, in no-write-in areas, that I do not vote for; and I don’t vote if I think I don’t have enough knowledge and involvement in a position. (School board while deployed and single, for example.)

              1. That is what we have locally too, down ticket. Single candidates with no ability to add a write in candidate. Also the down ballet (county, city) candidate affiliation doesn’t show even if more than one candidate. Those I don’t vote.

              1. Nobody can straighten out the economy. Nobody can deal with the crime wave. Nobody can come up with a workable energy policy. Nobody can be trusted. Vote for Nobody!

          2. Mandatory voting has been a hallmark of dictatorships who run sham elections to give the veneer of democracy; basically what Democrats seek.

            1. Although I don’t agree with the inflexible nature of the OP’s post, and like many here see a need for exceptions he doesn’t consider, I see nothing in it about voting being mandatory, only that if you want to vote it’s mandatory that it be on the specified day. He(?) even says so (please ignore the shouting; copy/paste doesn’t allow case change): “IF VOTER DOES NOT CHOOSE TO VOTE ON ELECTION DAY, AND DOES NOT FIT EXCEPTION ABOVE, THEY FORFEIT VOTING ON THAT CYCLE.” Pretty straightforward.

    3. Election Day is already a federal holiday in even years where federal elections are held. State elections are dependent on each particular state’s laws, as it should be under the Constitution.

      Compelled voting is the same as compelled speech. Freedom means having the freedom to say no.

      1. Federal holiday? That must be realtively new. What I remember is a Federal requirement to allow employees time to vote (IIRC 2 hours was pretty standard); of course, I retired in ’06 so holidays haven’t been on my radar for a while. 🙂

        1. Voting day as Federal Holiday hasn’t been on my radar either. Retired 2016 (early), plus, as already stated by RCPete, Oregon is vote by fraud mail since mid-’90s (again, I voted NO).

          Unlike some measures put to the people, enough people voted that when it passed the no votes + those who didn’t vote, didn’t trigger the majority requirement (heck might have been before that requirement). Honestly? Almost hoping this is what happens on one of the measures #114 (114 – Firearms: Enacts a law outlining a procedure to apply for a permit-to-purchase a firearm and prohibits ammunition magazines capable of holding more than 10 rounds … also a registration requirement with the permit system) fails because of the 50% threshold requirement, if the no votes don’t take it. That or it gets shot down legally. Otherwise the local pond/river/creek/ocean, where we had our boating accident, is illegal.

  6. Wow, “thieves and liars” and they are so brazen! Corruption of our institutions is pervasive, amoral, and anti-human.

  7. So what changed in American voting since 2000?
    Regional counting centers.
    Until 2000 votes were counted at the precinct in which they were cast, and the number of ballots had to match with the number the poll workers had given out. Those results were then transmitted to the County where the results precinct totals were added up and sent on to the State.
    What did we see in 2020? Huge regional counting centers in Atlanta, Philadelphia, , Green Bay, & Maricopa County. Retail fraud is hard to scale. Regional Counting Centers made wholesale fraud possible.
    We need to push vote counting back to the precincts.

    1. Having lived in WI, I can see nuking Green Bay and starting over as although non-ideal, not the worst idea. Granted, Madison & Milwaukee need fire-cleansing first.

        1. That would mess up so much utterly innocent…. alright, not nearly so guilty.. areas. Some of which I am rather fond of. Even if that stupid spider movie was filmed there. (I recall the locals making fun of the amazingly crap script in almost real-time, fwiw. “Low carbon diamonds” sheesh!).

  8. Don’t forget to read The International Lord Of Hate’s forensic analysis of the 2020 election, “Fuckery Is Afoot” and the November 9 2020 sequel “The More Fuckery Update” (can only put one link in a comment, WPDE). Based on his years of accounting and auditing experience, he lays out exactly why the 2020 election was a fraudulent mess.

    For example: In eight Democrat-ruled cities in six critical states, and nowhere else, they ‘halted counting’ for several hours in the middle of Election Night. When has that EVER been done before? Ummm…never, that’s when. In 1944, in the middle of World War 2, our elections proceeded without a hitch.

    And then, somehow, when they ‘resumed counting’, Biden had mysteriously gained hundreds of thousands of votes while counting was ‘halted’. Either they don’t understand what ‘halted’ means, or they believe we don’t.

    Larry talks about ‘red flags’ which indicate probable fraud to an alert auditor. The 2020 election threw out multiple ‘red flags’ the size of Texas.

    There’s statistically improbable, and then there’s ‘Violates the fundamental principles of the Universe’ improbable. Those pretending the 2020 election was ‘The most fair and secure election in American history’ make Flat-Earthians look sane and normal.
    Candidate Joe Biden, August 2020: “We have assembled the most extensive, comprehensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.”

    Minutes later: “What do you mean, I wasn’t supposed to say that?”

    1. And the thing that really makes me angry is all the usual suspects who, normally, would have at least made lots of noise about the “appearance of impropriety,” kept their flipping mouths mostly shut. Because it was Trump, and they couldn’t, they just couldn’t….

      1. A whole bunch of “republicans” are heavily invested in Democrat wins, because their game is milking the “out” status.

        McConnell for example, needs 25 “R” senators to retain his “leader of the minority”, not 51 for control of the Senate. thus his control of the power/money/graft. If they get to 51 R, he could easily wind up -out-. Note how he dumped the Trump supporter candidates. Because they ain’t his.

        He is innit to winnit
        For -him-. Not you.

          1. No one will really understand politics until they understand that politicians are not trying to solve our problems. They are trying to solve their own problems – of which getting elected and re-elected are number one and number two. Whatever is number three is far behind.

            Thomas Sowell

            Explains why laws so often make no sense if you try to understand them in the context of their purported topic.

        1. “He is innit to winnit
          For -him-. Not you.”

          And in that he’s different from (conservatively) 95+% of all politicians…how?

  9. I see two possibilities after next week’s election. One – that the ballot fraud will be so overwhelming and so flaming obvious that Republicans will not accept the declaration of the Democrat win. Two: that the Republican red wave will be so unstoppably overwhelming that Dem fraud can’t prevail, and they declare the whole election to be invalid and void, refuse to seat the Republican winners, and what are you going to do about it, hey?
    In either case, I can visualize things getting very interesting.

    1. “THIS Valve need NOT be open.”
      “THIS Contactor need NOT be closed.”

      Let the bastards freeze in the dark until they surrender. Or die. That also works, though it IS uglier. THEIR choice, though. AND ONLY THEIRS!

      1. How about every business in the country to BDS every elected Democrat?
        Ms Pelosi? I’m sorry, but we are terminating your electric service due to your opposition of our generating methods.
        Ms Pelosi? I’m sorry, but we are terminating your gas service due to your opposition of our generating methods.
        Ms Pelosi? I’m sorry, but we are terminating your sewer service due to your opposition of our treatment methods.
        Ms Pelosi? I’m sorry, but you’re not allowed to buy groceries here because you have been actively sabotaging our supply chain.
        Ms Pelosi? I’m sorry, but you’re not allowed to buy clothing here because you have been actively sabotaging our supply chain.
        Ms Pelosi? I’m sorry, but we are no longer providing dental services because we went out of business due to COVID lockdowns you supported.

        1. Well, not all businesses would do it (though they should)
          Once had a conversation with a diehard Dem business owner (a visiting Troll* from just outside Detroit), who claimed raising Taxes on business did not get passed through to customers. “So, where do you get the money you use to pay your company’s taxes?”
          lame reply: “My . . . customers . . . mostly.”
          me: “It better be ‘All’, or you won’t be in business long” He stopped talking with me after that.
          *-we were in the U.P. and he is from below the Bridge.

        2. At this point, cue the now-famous rant by “Mad Maxine” Waters, about harassing Trump Admininstration officials when they’re going out to eat or taking the elevator or buying gas or whatever… “get right up in their faces” and so forth. (Remember the bizarre “Little Red Hen” restaurant incident?) They’ve already invented, prototyped, and field-tested this possibility in real life — like so many ideas they don’t seem to understand are also quite usable against them and their assorted delusions and confusions — so all that’s needed is someone in the Right Place at the Right Time to follow along and serve up Sauce For The Gander too.

        3. The problem with that is all of the large corporations and the oligarchs who run them are part of the Democratic Party crowd and works hand in hand with them to impose and implement Mussolini style fascism as the USA’s economic structure.

          Guarantee all those new IRS auditors go after the smaller businesses that voice opposition to the Democrats (as we know they did during the Obama administration) and they send the DOJ after those businesses as “domestic terrorists” and use the refusals to provide goods and services as justification for outright seizing the businesses using civil forfeiture laws and other such mechanisms.

          Look what they have already done to parents who exercised their First Amendment right to express opposition to the insanity leftist school boards are pushing.

          1. S^3. “IRS official? Haven’t seen one. What makes you think it came anywhere near here?”

            1. Or in a different agency, and at risk of fedposting:
              Broke: “I lost all my guns in a boating accident.”
              Bespoke: “Agent Grabber? Haven’t seen him come back from his fishing expedition.”

  10. As Tucker Carlson has been pointing out, the Biden Maladministration has been interfering in the contested Brazilian election, an election which has been following a very familiar playbook: close election, socialist government suddenly takes power, results contested, people contesting results are shut down by the media . . .

        1. Any and all vehicles with “Mystery” votes to be impounded – and possibly SOLD with ALL proceeds going to the “losing” party of the “votes” therein – UNLESS the vehicle is confirmed stolen, then presume it was a setup. To avoid “we steal and blame” NO action is taken save that the vehicle is returned to rightful owner and the folks who showed up with suspect (and thus REJECTED!) votes must pay for restoration – even if NOT damage they can be confirmed as causing. Make the bastages PAY, PAY, PAY, AND PAY MORE STILL. THIS TIME. Second offense? They WALK home… from the dead center of Lake Superior. Starting on Valentine’s Day.

          1. Walking home is good. But I think they need to be required to eat, and swallow, every fallacious ballot, and envelopes they came with. Vomiting afterwards not allowed unless they immediately consume said expectorate. Since they are the Party that pushes for Green everything; said fakes must also be safe and bio-degradeable, right?

  11. I agree with eliminating early voting. If I were in charge, I would make election day a national holiday. To accommodate people who have to work on that day, make it a requirement that no work shift can overlap completely with the times that the polls are open. Each worker must have at least a four-consecutive-hour window in the work day during valid polling hours where they’re not required to work.

    For travelers and people who work out of town, mail-in voting would be allowed, with documented justification for not voting in person (military orders, travel receipts or documents, etc.). The mailed-in ballots must arrive at least two days before election day. All mail-in ballots must be counted on or before election day.

      1. Except for the Australians that voted by mail in the US 2020 General Election.

        (That was a fun bullet point for our audit report…)

      1. I did my PTO leftover for the rest of the year yesterday, and considered doing that, but went with gobs of time taken around the holiday pay. I had 106 hours to use or lose, and I work 4 10s. Also they decided to close the plant for the week of Christmas and New Years Eve. I’ll be off work from the 18th through the end of November, and the 20th through the end of December. I can get to the poll easily enough. I get off work at 3, and the poll is a mile drive away

    1. The polls close at 8:00. My work day ends at 4:00. In four hours I could walk home from work, and then walk to the poll. With time to spare. What’s their excuse?

          1. I’d guess they want someone to bring it to mommy’s basement so they can stay in their Safe Space.

  12. Amen, beautifully stated. Well done.

    What I see is a lot of discouragement, leading to defeatism. Which is understandable. This feels too huge to resolve.

    Try to encourage yourself and your friends. Listen to Alex Jones and Steve Bannon and others who will fight like the Black Knight until they have no appendages left. “Come back here! I’ll bite your legs off!”

    There will be a reckoning.

  13. I’m feeling pretty good all things considered.

    It’s time to taste what you most fear
    Right Guard will not help you here
    Brace yourself, my dear
    Brace yourself, my dear

  14. This is how I want the leftists to feel after the election. I wish I had the skills to repeat this in the voice of and with cartoons of the top Democrats:

    I got me a room in a cheap hotel
    My head was a spinning and I didn’t feel well
    I laid right down and I tried to go to sleep
    But the band was playing in the joint underneath
    I picked up my pillow when I covered up my head
    But the band kept a playing and a shaking my bed

    Honky tonk all night long
    Honky tonk same old song
    Honky tonk my money’s all gone
    Honky tonk she done me wrong
    I turned and I tossed but I couldn’t go to sleep
    ‘Cause the band kept a playing with a honky tonk beat


    Well I’m so blue when my baby’s gone
    She took all my money and she left me all alone
    I’m trying to forget her but I don’t know what to do
    ‘Cause the honky tonk song keeps a leaking through
    I picked up my pillow when I covered up my head
    But the band kept a playing and a shaking my bed

    Honky tonk all night long
    Honky tonk same old song
    Honky tonk my money’s all gone
    Honky tonk she done me wrong
    I turned and I tossed but I couldn’t go to sleep
    ‘Cause the band kept a playing with a honky tonk beat

    [ music ]

  15. We voted early for The First Time Ever! for both of us … but there’s a good reason: We will be working at the polls all day Election Day, from zero-dark-thirty (literally) to cleanup-complete — and at his assigned precinct, the weremate is going to be the Voting Systems Technician, with responsibility for all the machines and their databases. (Your humble correspondent here will act as a mere ID checker/ballot distributor.) I assure all citizens of good will gathered here that nothing but NOTHING dirty is getting past us at least, even though we are in one of Free Florida’s last die-hard Democrat counties. Plus, I will reap the extra personal benefit of being unable to follow the election returns obsessively, as is my usual habit every two years. Our pawprints will be all over this election — in a good and honest way — and “a splendid time is guaranteed for all!”

    1. During WWII, my grandpa and grandma moved to Ocala, because Grandpa was teaching (civilian) at a flying school (military) there. On the first day, they went down to the courthouse and registered to vote, and as Republicans.

      That night, the county Democratic Party chairman knocked on the door and introduced himself. Grandpa was like, okay, but you know we’re Republicans.

      “I know,” he said. “I just wanted to see what a Republican looks like.”

      Which was only partly a joke…. Anyway, that was the start of Ocala/Marion County Republicans having a committee. All those wartime guys.

      1. We go through Ocala on the way to Tampa Bay Comic Con. Right now it and Visioncon in Springfield, Missouri are our longest trips, since we dropped the Minneapolis conventions (bad promoter).

        Bright and early Wednesday morning we go to our last out-of-town convention of the year. Thankfully Grand Rapids Comic Con isn’t that far away. If we need to, we can get back on one tank of gas, although we’d get home lower than I prefer to run it, especially in the winter.

  16. I’m actually feeling a bit of hope today: my phone has been blowing up with spam texts from Democrat pollsters and fundraisers begging for support for multiple Democrat candidates (not sure how they got my phone number, but whatever) and warning of the horrific consequences that will befall humanity if the diabolical ultra-mega-MAGA Trumpster Rethuglicans are able to maintain or, Gaia forbid, expand their majorities in Congress.

    If the Fix was in across the board, they wouldn’t bother begging their supposed supporters (they think I’m someone named Barbara, and no amount of me explaining they have the wrong number will convince them otherwise) for money and votes to this frantic extent.

  17. Oh, and, by all means, VOTE!! At the poll on Election Day, by preference.

    There are two parts to election fraud: ginning up fake votes for their candidates, and suppressing votes for their opponents. If you don’t vote against them, you’re doing half of their dirty work for them. At least make them work for it, and maybe force them to commit enough fraud that it becomes obvious to everybody.
    Grandpa voted Republican until the day he died — but he’s been voting Democrat ever since.



      “Oh, I’ll be SURE to help Senator Griswald out.”


      “BUT, you LOATHE Senator Griswald?”
      “I said I’d help him OUT.”

  18. One thing we can and should do. After you vote go to Twitter and Gab and Facebook and everywhere you can. Report your voting district and polling station and that you voted….presumably Republican. If you filled out a sheet, keepnit and post the image.
    In personal conversations Ivehad people say it violates secret ballot or something similar. It does not secret ballot means the government cannot force people to say who they voted for when they are voting but it doesnt mean you cannot shout it from the roof tops.
    I live in a deep blue area. 30 years ago it was red, at least this county. Now it is always blue. I know there are republicans here.
    Publicly outing yourself will open to the possibility of retaliation….but if a solid blue area show 40% of the voters were repulican and the official.number says only 25%….
    This is probably far too little far too late but it is something we each can do.
    Sarah please if you would put this Instapundit. He has a larger audience and theynlisten to you.

  19. In-person voting; on election day; Voter ID; Paper Ballots; Audit Trail; Purple fingers; One count, one time.

    1. Notice how the same people adamantly opposed to needing ID to vote claiming that doing so is “oppressive” are the same people who insist that photo ID be provided to buy cold medicine that actually works. Somehow making the same people show ID to get medicine is not oppressive.

      Its as if the whole claim by the Democrats regarding Voter ID are simply an outrageous lie that is pushed time and time again because ID requirements are an impediment to widespread election fraud….oh wait.

      1. Requiring ID to buy a gun is Rrraaacissst Oppression!!

        There’s actually more support for that position — Sensible Gun Control has a long history of racist motivation. The original Sullivan Law was intended to keep the Irish from buying guns to defend themselves from the Mafia, the rash of anti-gun laws in the South after 1865 were to prevent the freed slaves from shooting back at the KKK, even before the United States existed there were laws against selling guns to the Indians…
        The Democrats trust violent criminals and terrorists with guns more than they trust you.

  20. Yes, I shredded my paper ballot and voted in person today…But the real fraudsters are in Maricopa county, where the Trump hating McCain machine still runs things..Kari Lake is ahead by at least 11 pts, but they really want Hobbs elected…So…

      1. Yes..In 2020 mail -in ballots, which is what I meant, were stolen out of the mail and fakes substituted for Biden…

        1. We’re in Pinal County, just south of Phoenix. Neither of us has ever used the mail for voting; we get mail-in ballots, fill them out and drop them at the polling place on election day (or in a supervised drop box at the courthouse this year). Just as safe as voting directly, but no standing in line. And FWIW, I’d be happy to go back to standing in line if they do away with “on demand” mail-in ballots, and I’d be ecstatic if they required valid ID to vote.

  21. (1) Vote the straight GOP ticket (even if there are a few wankers, they’ve got to be better than the Dems.
    (2) Vote later in the day. It gives them less time to figure out how much fraud they need.
    (3) Volunteer to hold campaign signs and greet people coming to the polls. Republicans aren’t scary. We’re really nice people!

    1. #1: Check your local laws. TX doesn’t allow straight ticket voting; you have to make sure you vote down ballot for each office.
      #2: Yep.
      #3: Doing that; I’ll be working a shift Election Day.

      1. Oregon doesn’t allow straight ticket voting either, if you mean one option at the top, and you are done. Have to explicitly vote each race. I voted the top tickets, governor, US senate and house, State senate and house, all republicans. The voted on the initiatives. Everything else does not state affiliation with most have single candidates only (mayor and city council might have affiliation, but while in the city growth boundary, not in city, do not get to vote on those).

      2. There isn’t even a place for straight ticket voting on the ballot…Mike meant just voting for all Republicans, which I did also…

  22. Sigh, I have to admit, I think it’s too late. That it’s far past time to beat our computer keys into pitchforks, create a tar and feather shortage and think about dressing up lamp posts. Prove me wrong on Election Day. PLEASE PROVE ME WRONG!

  23. My very nefarious plan is to go to Mas and pray for our country early as it is offered in our Parish.l. This means I will be quite late for work. Then, after work I shall go to the polls and vote.

    I could vote first but then there would be no throwing myself upon the mercy of God.

    Do Mass first. Work. Vote

    The best I can do.

          1. That was this years BasedCon. That’s all there was, no instructions. Had there been such, I might have snagged such and read. As it was, I figured it was best to leave all for others as they might choose and also for the comedic value.

            1. I am going to share it with my neighbors who have a daughter in a convent… 😉
              (We’re all good friends even though wife and I are not Roman Catholic.)

              Hopefully, it spreads and gets the attention of those who need the cross.

              1. Please do. I took the photo myself, so use as you see fit for such. I am not RC either, but found it amusing – especially after that silliness in the Atlantic.

      1. High five back!

        If the rosary was good enough to repel the terrible hordes around the world that threatened Christian lands back in the day, it’s good enough for us here in the USA.

        1. dry kitty tone Given some of the rather, ah, assertive ex voto images I saw of Our Lady while I was in Poland, those are assault weapons shown above. The one of the Lady of Czestochowa acting as spotter for the Christ Child to smite people with lightning was new to me. (Dated from the mid 1700s, so I assume those were Swedes, Prussians, or Russians being smote.) end dry kitty tone

  24. Team HarrisBiden certainly must think the fix is in for the Democrats, because they sent Biden out today to declare that he was going to end coal use in the USA, claiming that solar and wind can provide more energy at cheaper prices; never mind that coal started getting used as a fuel precisely because solar and wind CANNOT, even with modern technology, provide the power generation that coal does.

    Also never mind that India and China each year are INCREASING their use of coal by amounts larger than the USA’s annual total usage; i.e. we could completely stop using coal and it will make no difference on emissions from coal (except they will be dirtier), while USA guts its economy and standard of living. Of course that seems to be the point of Democratic Party policies.

    A hostile power that conquered the USA would not be doing anything different than what Democrats are doing now.

      1. Meanwhile in the Northeast, the top issue in the election is the worry of many people not being able to heat their homes this winter;

        People who are worried about being able to hear their homes are not going to go out and vote for the incumbent Democrats, no matter how loudly they scream about abortion and “democracy”.

        The simple fact is that if the election were completely above board, Republicans would win a veto-proof majority in the House and would gain a healthy majority in the Senate even though they are defending far more seats than Democrats.

    1. Refresh your page? Restart your browser? Re-install windows? I see a post flogging his New York Post column just now timed for 11:09, whatever time that page uses.

  25. So, the New York Marathon is this Sunday. We are unlikely to see any new world records as the marathoners are forced to dodge feral homeless people, looters and random thugs.

    Reports that Alec Baldwin has been invited to shoot the starting pistol are unconfirmed.

  26. I continue to be reminded of the utility of heads on pikes, as narrated by Vir to Mr. Morden:

    “I’d like to live just long enough to be there when they cut off your head and stick it on a pike as a warning to the next ten generations that some favors come with too high a price. I want to look up into your lifeless eyes and wave like this.”

    1. There are valid concerns that Musk may have too much power over the government. However, the solution isn’t to shut Musk down. The solution is to diversify (Silly Dems don’t understand the concept of real diversification) our government’s communication options. The rest of the world should follow suit.

      1. The folks at Google have far more power over the Federal government than Twitter, even when it was run by Dorsey. Google has expanded into the entire economy, controlling one of two operating platforms for mobile devices, one of the two app stores for those devices, medical records, monitoring systems and tons of other areas. Amazon likewise has done so. Twitter has never had an Alexa, Google Nest, or any of the other surveillance state assistance devices.

        As much as Twitter controls forums available for speech, their overall monopolistic influence on the country is vastly less than Google, Apple, Microsoft and Amazon. Those are the Big Four (or perhaps Gang of Four is a better term) who have intertwined themselves so thoroughly into the economy so as to have vast power to manipulate things as they desire.

        Together with big finance/payment processors, they have created an environment that is the dictionary picture of Mussolini style fascism.

      1. Speaking of which, I got a Twitter account so I could follow war news from non-MSM sources, and WOW is there a lot of butthurt over Elon/Twitter. All the western Europeans and 3/4 of the Americans are all bitch bitch bitch omg the misinformation and just before the elections etc etc. The eastern Europeans and 1/4 of the Americans are mostly in agreement with us here.

  27. Definitely going to vote Tuesday. I recently got a contract but wasn’t certain what the start date was. If it was Monday, I was going to go early yesterday (last possible day) since I suspected I’d have problems getting to the polls on Tuesday if I had to work. Now it looks like I’m going to be starting later this month so I have time.

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