A Friendly Letter To The Foes of the Republic

Look, St. Francis preached to the animals. St. Anthony preached to the fish. I’m going to try to give a friendly warning to the left. Who knows? Maybe I can save us a hard landing. Because they’re preparing a really hard landing.

Let me start by stating that however much the lunatics on the left think they want a civil war, they really don’t want a civil war. It’s not a matter of win or lose. They’d lose. No, listen, it’s not that I don’t realize a lot of them are armed. It’s the hardware in the head. They’re blood thirsty but not disciplined. And their idea of who we are is completely wrong.

Remember the Sad Puppies kerfuffle, where they assured us they were just waiting for us to die since we were so old? The person saying that is three years younger than I. And that’s just the beginning of their misconceptions. There is the “uneducated”, the “poor” and the “millionaires” (And only heaven knows how they reconcile all those.) oh, also the “religious” which is somewhat right, kind of, if you squint.

The thing is, if they go on the war path, they’ll mostly shoot up their own constituents: the elderly who trust the MSM, the rich who have gone woke, etc. And they’ll do it first, because they always believe they’re righteous and that justifies anything.

They don’t want a civil war. They suck mightily at reading the room, and even then the feel of our anger should be enough to tell them they don’t want a civil war.

We don’t want a civil war either. No, seriously, we don’t. It would be worse for them, but very bad for us. If we get to throw down, Starship Troopers might be a best case scenario. And while a dictatorship by Veterans bent on service is not the worst thing that could happen, it’s not the most likely either. The most likely is that whoever ends up on top will decide we need to do away with the left once and for all by…. inverting all their positions, so we end up with socialism from the other side.

As someone who lived both under national and international socialism, let me tell you it’s a tough choice. National socialism kills you slower (unless we go German-efficient, of course, G-d forbid) but makes you much, much poorer and less self-sufficient (no, trust me) in between.

I want the Republic and individual liberties back, not socialism of either stripe.

So, it’s really important that the left listen to this: WE SEE YOU. AND WE HAVE A MEMORY.

Yeah you think that “we see you” is affirmative, recognizing the “good” things you do. Not this time, bucko.

I’m not the only one getting bombarded by articles on how long it will take to count the votes. Apparently you put that in the speech of your zombie in chief, too. And I’m not the only one who’s seen articles on how the right will “appear” to win, but then when all the votes are in you’ll be proven victors.

Let me put this in terms you understand:

NO ONE BELIEVES YOU. Not even a little bit. If you could read the room you could sense that. All of these articles on how long it will take, how wrong the first counting will be is just making people pissed off.

It’s kind of like that brilliant article asking for “amnesty” for things done during the Covidiocy. It might have worked fine if the entire nation had gone amnesiac. But in fact what it did was bring back memories we were trying to forget. AND NOW WE’RE AWARE AND REALLY ANGRY.

It’s the same thing. You THINK you got away with the soft coup in 2020. You stole the elections fair and square. And despite all your fears, no one has shot your skanky *sses into the next century. You put up all the barricades, you practically invited us to boog. And we didn’t. So you think you got away with it.

You didn’t get away with diddly squat. Your own polls should tell you that. As much as our side tries to avoid answering polls, (because we don’t trust them further than we can throw them, and have you seen the weight of some of those pollsters?) a majority of the country thinks you stole the election in 2020.

So, why aren’t we boogying? Because we aren’t you. We’re fully aware of dangers and consequences. We’ve studied history, and not the just-so stories Marxism imposed on it. We know that while there is a possibility of restoring the republic, it’s maybe 10% of chance. And all the others, even if they wipe out the “left,” are fairly horrifying.

They can’t win, but we can lose and lose big, and in the process lose also the lives of any number of innocents. Because both sides have targeting problems, though the left more than the right.

Does this mean they can get away with frauding again and everyone will stay quiet.

Ah…. No.

See, lefties, it would have been okay if y’all had stolen the presidency then sat down and gone ‘well, this is working, so let’s leave it in place. But we’ll definitely change the messaging.’ So you’d live our fuel independence in place, not do crazy sh*t to the economy, leave the border wall and protocols in place, and instead spend your time telling us how much better you were. H*ll, after a while, people might have voted for you for real. Non-politics-addicts tend to forget things like fraud if the economy is good and everything is stable.

But y’all are lunatics. Or cultists. Same/same. Despite the fact that communism in any form has never worked anywhere, ever, you’ve convinced yourselves you could make it work here. (Of course, you also think FDR “ended” the great Depression. Sometimes I think we should make you learn economics. Real ones.)

So you think that the Earth really is going to burn up, because Al Gore said so, and you poor bastards think the failed divinity student is a scientific genius. (It’s okay, my brother does too. A triumph of indoctrination over intelligence) And you think that if you just forbid fossil fuels, or at least forbid them in the US the not-even-enough-to-self-sustain solar and wind energy will automagically become viable. And you think that people won’t mind if our gas goes to same price as Europe — even though seriously I drive farther to the grocery store than my parents drive in a week to theirs. European countries are itty-bitty and everything is close together. We have miles and miles of miles and miles.) You think simultaneously that we’re overpopulated because, well, governments don’t lie, right? And that we must allow people to pour over the southern border (why only the southern, you racists?) because of course they’re “climate refugees.” (And ignore the fact our climate refugees go to FL which SHOULD tell you something, if you ripped off the ideological blinders.)

And so you set around running about with hammers in the machinery of government and — how to put this? — oh, I know: F*cking up everything. At speed. To the point that Jack and Jill public is finding it hard to survive, much less give their kids a good Christmas and honestly, most of us don’t know how to survive the next year.

People are angry and getting angrier.

And meanwhile you cartoon characters (Wile E. Coyote, super genius) are telling us everything is wonderful, the most important thing in the world is not to have voter ID, to keep voter by mail, and to legalize third trimester abortion everywhere. Oh, yeah, and to welcome the “new Americans” pouring over the border with no vetting and immediately enrolled on all forms of welfare.

Are you for real now? Do you have to brain cells to rub together?

The speed with which “Let’s go Brandon” became a thing should have given you a clue.

No one has forgotten 2020. I grant you that the less politically aware have forgotten that you kept polls open in Arizona for an extra 2 weeks in order to fraud Sinema in. Under some severe weather injunction. And they might have forgotten how much you frauded in 2006.

We also remember how quickly votes can be counted. And we KNOW that places like Portugal and France manage it, so why couldn’t we? Unless there is… what was it? Something like “the most extensive and inclusive fraud organization?” Was that it.

You think we’ve forgotten because we’ve been quiet.

But we haven’t. And most people will be open to us putting out articles about those and disseminating the knowledge (I have books to write, and would appreciate guest posts on irregularities perpetrated by dems the last …. 20 years. I’ll do it if I have to, but…. books.)

And we’re looking at your warnings that it takes SOOOOOO long to count votes, and it might be weeks after, and going to the shed and inventorying our agricultural implements.

You have no idea what Americans can MAKE out of pitchforks. Or make pitchforks out of.

Sure, it might “work” again. For maybe a month. And then it will get really ugly, really fast.

People can forgive one massive act of fraud. We know you’ve frauded before.

But Americans are not going to take well to being disenfranchised.

I don’t want to see what an actual American insurrection would look like. Y’all had enough trouble with Afghanistan. This is not the life I want for my kids and grandkids.

You’ve had a good run. Your model sucks. All it can do is kill and impoverish people.

And people are on to you, now you’ve lost the information monopoly. (And are losing more every day.)

It’s time to pretend you have some principles. We know you don’t, but we’ll let you hum the tune.

Take the drubbing that’s coming and shut up. Yes, you probably need a new party and new figureheads, but then again look around. All your great leaders are so old they look embalmed. Except for AOC and she’s so stupid that it’s obvious she’s a dinosaur with a brain the size of a walnut. (If that. We grant you she might have an additional one in her tail, but no, we don’t want to know. Regardless of her illusions, even our males would pay NOT to date her.)

If you try to fall back on old shenanigans, it’s going to be bad. Very bad for you, but bad for us. And a disaster for free men everywhere.

I beg you with tears in your eyes to be cautious for once in your life.

There is no arrow of history. The future doesn’t belong to you. And there is no amnesty where you’re pushing us.

Let it go. Let the fraud go. Let us rebuild.

Your ilk will come back. They always do. they are an inherent malware of the human heart that elevates envy to a virtue.

A healthy society and economy can live with you. What we have right now can’t.

I invite you to study virology and what an exaggerated immune response can do to a body.

Think about it.

Let us stabilize society, and you just might get away with the massive fraud of 2020. As long as there’s no repeats. No one will come for you, because we KNOW what the alternative is. But if you insist on keeping it up…. well. Things can go ugly fast.

No, I don’t know anything. None of us has — that I know — any plans. But I know a lot of people are very very angry. And they’re Americans. No one knows what they’re going to do. Not even themselves. However, if you know our history, when we do things we tend to be …. creative.

Sit down. Have another think. It’s in you best interests — and ours — to let this election be clean. After your performance, no one will believe you won this without fraud.

Sit down. Think. Stop reacting. Do the right thing.

I’ll be here. Inspecting my pitchfork. Which I WANT to use ONLY to mulch the flowerbeds.

Please, let me tend my garden.

370 thoughts on “A Friendly Letter To The Foes of the Republic

    1. After the last election was stolen and nothing was done to correct that… how do we get a different result?

      We didn’t have a “virus attack” we had a “manufactured bio-weapon attack” through the vaccines.

      The “virus” was actually the yearly influenza A & B. The “tests” according to the man who invented them said they were not intended to test for this fake junk. That’s a fraud. Right?

      Karen Kingston a patriot and one of the few people on earth who can read/edit pharma patents has found all the incriminating patents. (see: USA Watchdog.com.) This “bug” attack on humanity is far from over.

      The vaccine is the “bug’. Got it? According to Kingston the vaxx “goo” is half bio (meaning human cell) and half bio-weapon, meaning an AI particle controlled by a Q dot (quantum dot). Meaning man made. That is ACTIVATED by 5G technology — thus the push for these towers and 5G phones… Humanity is still under attack!

      How does one forgive those who murdered millions of humans on purpose?
      How do we stand by and allow a second stolen election?
      Are YOU really going to allow them to finish the job of murdering us all?

      The answer to those questions is that… we cannot, if we are to live. Period.

      So, steel yourselves mentally. They are not repentant, they do not act like humans, they act “of Satan”.

      You must become a WARRIOR because without the warrior, where is the victory?

      We who believe in Lord Christ must act accordingly. He expects it, we were chosen for a time such as this.

      To quote the Bible, “No fear.”

    2. I enjoyed the article as well, and very much agree with its points. Thanks Sarah!

      I’m mainly replying here so I’m not buried way down at the bottom, though, see below.

      One editorial remark, the sentence:
      “Do you have to brain cells to rub together?”

      would be MUCH better as:
      “Do you have two brain cells to rub together?”

      At any rate, have a great Friday all!

        1. The typos add interest, and are sometimes more apt than the usual “non-tyop” phrase. Or as the signature on someone’s phone has it, “Pardon the typoos sent by my phone.”

    1. Remember Jefferson’s famous quote is: “The tree of liberty must from time to time be refreshed by the blood of patriots and tyrants.” Hence my comment above. It doesn’t much care where the blood comes from. This is why, Sarah, your post is so perfect. Nobody wants, or should want, a violent struggle, because there’s no controlling it once it starts.

  1. “All sorrows are bearable where there is bread.” — Cervantes

    Someone should remind the idiots on the left of the Battle of Athens (TN).

  2. PA has blatantly said – to the Supereme Court of the United States, no less – that the State is going to ignore its own rules regarding mail-in ballots and count ALL of the “votes,” regardless of whether the ballots are signed correctly or requested and/or submitted on time.

    Dollars to Donuts says the Dems wipe the floor with the Republicans after thousands of should-be-invalid ballots are “found” at the 11th hour. I should seriously just move to Florida. Or Texas.

    1. And come to find that PA’s Acting Secretary of State – the same a-hole who told the Supreme Court where they could stick their ruling – is warning that there will be “significant delays” in counting mail-in ballots.

      I’m convinced that the fix is in here in PA. There’s no other reason that the Dems would continue to run a literally brain-damaged candidate. Seriously, Fetterman can’t seem to process any form of non-written communication, and he’s even struggling to read correctly.

      1. Fetterman is just another puppet anyway. Like Biden, he need not be able to process anything but what he’s told to sign into law.

        1. His team is barely concealing the fact that Fetterman’s wife is really the one running things right now. It’s so sad it’s almost funny.

    2. Pennsylvania is the state that sent out 1.8 million mail-in ballots — and then counted 2.6 million. No mention of where the extra 800,000 ballots came from, or even a note about the discrepancy. We weren’t supposed to notice. Maybe they believe we can’t do basic arithmetic, like the products of their worthless Public Education system?
      ‘Progressives’ believe everybody else is even stupider than they are. This explains a lot.

      1. Artithmetic is a tool of the racist sexist homomophomic transphobic cisnormalizing white supremacist patriarchy. And anyone who tries to add is an Election Denier.

        1. Aaaaaaaaand that right there is why I need a copy editor before I click “Post Comment.” Lawd, that was embarrassing even for me!

          1. Aww. I was giving you the benefit of the doubt thinking you deliberately put the stutter in there. Birdman, you just blew my illusions away.

            1. lol, I stammer when I talk, but not when I write. Unless I’m in a rush, trying to do multiple things at once, and/or am not paying attention. In this case, it was all three.

            2. I was giving him the benefit of the doubt thinking he was mocking the Democrat candidate for Senate in PA. Of course we understood most of the words so it wasn’t very GOOD mocking 🙂 .

      2. As a retired printer, I think about the logistical challenge inherent in printing ONE million of ANYTHING, let alone a counterfeit ballot, and I wonder how all the workers in the print shops that produced those can remain silent.

          1. Exactly. The print shop doesn’t know how many ballots the state actually NEEDS; they just know how many were ordered.

        1. It’s OK. In your professional capacity you were probably concerned with the quality of the product. The dems don’t care about that, as long as they get to the number.

      1. Yep. And the aforementioned Acting Secretary of State has gone on record saying “too bad, we’re gonna count ’em anyway, and you can’t stop us! Neener-neener-neener!” Unless another ruling came down since last month that I haven’t heard about. But I wouldn’t surprise if Acting SecState said that in response to a new ruling as well.

          1. Along with most of the State Gov. The’ve been running roughshod over the state, barely checked (only because the PA Supreme Court AND the voters smacked ’em down hard last year) ever since Gov. Wolf and his cronies decided that COVID meant they could grant themselves all the “emergency powers” they wanted and basically become unaccountable dictators that could rule by executive decree. Voters might have even let ’em slide if they hadn’t been so stupidly arbitrary about it and show blatant favoritism every step of the way.

        1. If he goes against the state high court, he invites the possibility of having the election results thrown out, and a court-ordered do-over if one of the losers files a suit claiming that the SoS’s malfeasance could have cost that candidate the election. The question is whether the state high court will have the backbone to enforce their ruling if push comes to shove. And if that court order is ignored, then the state is effectively in a constitutional crisis.

          Incidentally, if this gets appealed to them, the USSC will probably defer to the PA high court.

          Further complicating matters is that iirc, the PA court’s vote on that ruling was very much split.

          1. Also if it is tied up in litigation at the time Congress is seated, then Congress essentially has the final choice; and if enough non-Democrats are tied up in such fights, the Democrats might use that to try to grab control.

            I expect a lot of DOJ and Democratic Party activist lawsuits, complaints, criminal charges and outright disappearances between election day and January 2023. I wouldn’t even put it past Team HarrisBiden to try to arrest Justice Thomas on concocted charges (their J6 Soviet show trial is clearly geared towards getting Thomas as well as Trump) and if that doesn’t work outright assassination. They have made it clear in their words and actions that their is no limitation on what they will do in the pursuit of power. The imagery of the September Triumph of the Shrill speech was NOT an accident.

            1. In a case like this that potentially involves part of the government directly and blatantly ignoring a court order, the high court would likely pull it out of the lower courts and hear arguments immediately. It wouldn’t be tied up in litigation for a long time. The high court would hear arguments pretty much immediately. The argument isn’t whether you can prove Candidate B lost as a result of the court order being blatantly ignored. The argument is whether Candidate B might have lost as a result of the court order blatantly being ignored. A long process of discovery isn’t needed for that.

              As a result, by the time the new House and Senate convened, the case should be over and a ruling issued. The result would almost certainly be either a dismissal of the case, or a court-ordered new election. If the latter, then no one would be able to be take the seat until after the election (and the US Supreme Court would likely back that up if Congress tried to pull some shenanigans; the States get to determine their representatives, and not the Feds). There’s a very slim chance that the court could order that the loser actually won, but it’s very unlikely and would require overwhelming evidence of wrong-doing specifically in the winner’s favor (which is difficult to prove with a secret vote).

              1. I’m minded of Jackson’s (?) quip: “The Supreme Court has made its ruling; now let it enforce it.” He was a Democrat. And the Dems have made it clear they’ll flout the law if they think it suits them.

                1. The difference is that what happened to the Cherokee didn’t directly impact most of the people. If PA’s high court declares an electoral do-over, and PA’s executive branch blows them off, the executive branch will be disenfranchising most of the people who voted in the election. That’s likely to get people more worked up than what happened to the Cherokee. Further, in that instance, it would be much more difficult to write off any protestors as fringe conspiracy-theorists. They would have a strong measure of legitimacy because they were siding with the high court, which would lend additional strength to their cause, and likely cause more people to join them in any open actions (such as protests or strikes) against the state government.

            2. I’m happy the knives haven’t already come out, and afraid of the consequences if they do.

        2. The PA SC decision is a couple of days old. Haven’t heard anything about the SecState refusing to follow it.

          They never refused to follow the SCOTUS decision, they just claimed that the decision didn’t apply to undated ballots. The PA Supreme Court said otherwise.

          1. PA SecState, November 10: “Oh look, whaddyaknow, we accidentally mixed the undated ballots in with the other ones and counted them all. Oopsie! Didn’t mean it, PA SC! Our bad! But now we can’t figure out which are which, what can you do?”

            1. Depending on the election, either void the election and order a new one or throw out the tainted precincts and go with the remainder. Oh, and throw all the officials involved in jail for a couple of months for violating the order to keep the undated ballots segregated.

      2. And Jeff is naive and stupid enough, even after infinite examples to the contrary, to believe that they will follow that ruling..

        Or dishonest enough to say so even though you know they won’t.

        There are no alternatives.

        And the precedent reaffirmed by SCOTUS earlier this year is that even where fraud is proven in court the beneficiary will retain the office it stole, the laws it fraudulently passed will remain in effect, and the fraudster will not be punished.

        1. And again with your idiotic comments divorced from reality. The courts have actually said the exact opposite of what you believe they said.

      3. The bozo in charge of the PA election told the Supreme court to take a hike. Do you think he’ll listen to a mere state Supreme court?

    3. I’m in Texas and glad of it. We voted – early voted – this week. Picture ID required to vote, and am I glad of that. Sign in-person on the rolls for my precinct, have a printed ballot spit out of the machine for review, then feed it into the ballot box.
      They’d have to really ramp up the fraudulent ballots in Texas, I’m thinking. Could be done, I suppose – but they’d really have to work at it, to make it convincing.

      1. They tried in in the last election, much of it in the socialist republic of Houston…and many were thrown in jail here too…Texas is one of the last honest states for elections.

    4. I’m not expecting much better in Atlanta, which is why I’m hoping I can get a lot done on the house and related matters this weekend and get that much closer to leaving for a quieter, redder area!

  3. Candidate Joe Biden, August 2020: “We have assembled the most extensive, comprehensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.”

    Minutes later: “What do you mean, I wasn’t supposed to say that?”

  4. Wow! You go! Yeah, I think it’s on too. I think our rulers know this is their last shot. And so they’re not going to play by the rules on Wednesday. This jumped out at me from the post, “I don’t want to see what an actual American insurrection would look like. ” Neither do I. I’m 74 and my hip is slowly going out. I can’t move that quickly. I do have three ‘guns’ and my trigger finger works well. And I do have a yeoman’s knowledge of how battles take place, what can happen, what usually does, that sort of thing. But… I had a recurring vision, a nugget of a story, and that became my little novel, Crossing Over. I’m just a novelist and it’s just a novel, but a lot of people find it compelling. I just hope it or anything like it ever come to pass here in America.

    In closing, I think the people you implore in this fine post don’t have the ears or intelligence to hear. They’re too arrogant. They’re too programmed. They’re too ignorant and too stupid. So I believe we are all in for a hard lesson… Unless the angels parachute down from the clouds and cull out our twisted brothers and sisters.


      1. Okay. That ‘angels’ was a vague reference to the Q Special Ops people who are supposed to be watching and waiting for the go. I conflate that with ‘the angels’ ’cause there are also people who believe that God is actively involved, not leaving it all up to us. Anyway, so who are the First of the Seventy Fifth? I’m guessing it’s an Airborne Division.

        1. Seventy Fifth Infantry (Ranger). 1/75 would be First Battalion 75th Inf (R). There are three battalions. Currently.

          The Rangers are the best light infantry on planet Earth. By far.

          1. As a properly non-patriotic Canadian, I demur. The best light infantry on planet Earth are Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry… on those days when their rifle is working.

            1. Tom,
              The Princess Pats are VERY good…but I don’t think they are as good as Rangers. That said, both groups make REALLY good friends…and DAMNED BAD enemies.

              1. In all seriousness, I agree with you (up to the limits of my knowledge of the Rangers, which is not extensive). But I can never help wondering what some Canadian units could accomplish if they were issued with a sufficiency of modern equipment and allowed to train with it.

                In the 1980s, our military was still using Korean War surplus field radios (with vacuum tubes), and in the 2000s there was a national scandal because our Navy’s search-and-rescue helicopters were unfit to fly and could only be repaired by cannibalizing parts from scrapped machines of the same model.

                There’s an old joke about a Canadian soldier who is sent into battle without a rifle. The supply sergeant gives him a broom handle and tells him to point it and yell, ‘BANGETY BANGETY BANG!’ To his surprise, it works. Swathes of enemy troops fall down dead.

                But one guy keeps coming. ‘BANGETY BANGETY BANG!’ says the Canadian, but that one soldier keeps advancing.

                ‘Didn’t you hear me? I said BANGETY BANGETY BANG!’

                Then, just as the enemy soldier squashes him underfoot, the Canadian hears him replying:


                (Apologies if I’ve told this one before in present company.)

  5. I just hope the Other Side listens. I do not want to see mass bloodshed here, as we’ve seen elsewhere. I’m old, I’m tired, but I WILL NOT GO QUIETLY! I’m a member of the NRA, subscribe to Day by Day (getting increasingly dark) and According to Hoyt. I know I’m on some ‘lists’, but I no longer care.

    1. Note that the NRA has ZERO plans for revolt, rebellion, insurrection, or even armed resistance. Hell, we don’t even have a network for notification of federal or state weapon seizures.

        1. Revolt? No? Sell out and screw over so they can keep creating “doomsday scenarios” that they can use to keep bilking their members out of their hard-earned money? Hell yeah.

        2. This is why I laugh when I see less informed disarmament types railing about Evil Gun Manufacturers controlling the Evil NRA with their big budgets, contrary to the will of the Vast Majority of Americans. Since they do not understand market capitalism in the slightest, it never occurs to them to look at actual budgets for groups, nor understand the number of ordinary people buying guns that made it that way. Knowing the story of Smith and Wesson in the 1990s would be several bridges too far.

          No, contrary to other things we can blackpill about, gun owners have been growing and winning since the ‘assault’ weapon ban expired. And will continue to do so in much of the US with Firearms Policy Coalition, Gun Owners of America, Jews for the Preservation of Firearm Ownership, and many others. Whether or not we drag Wayne La Pierre and company along with us or not.

          As for the other side, say Moms Demand Action? 1 Corinthians 14:35a.

          1. Well, their anti-gun groups are funded by big-money donors (or our tax money) and organized as rigid mini-dictatorships, therefore all gun-rights groups have to be the same!
            If you call 9-1-1 and tell them that somebody with a gun is breaking into your house, they will send two cops in 10 or 15 minutes. If you tell them that somebody is breaking into your house and YOU have a gun, they will send 10 or 15 cops in two minutes.

          2. these people who think the NRA is so evil would likely have a conniption fit if the senior leadership were actually replaced…

  6. Christopher Titus said it: “We build monster trucks for fun! We developed the top fuel dragster, zero to three hundred thirty miles an hour in under five seconds, cause, pfft, we were bored. Piss us off, heh, and see what we build!”

    That’s the America that they’re working on pissing off. It’s really not going to be pretty at all.

    1. If a bunch of barely out of stone age 3rd worlders can continually through shoes into the mighty machines of 1st word nations, how much better can we be at sabotage, espionage, and “removal”?

  7. There is the “uneducated”, the “poor” and the “millionaires” (And only heaven knows how they reconcile all those.) oh, also the “religious” which is somewhat right, kind of, if you squint.

    And then there’s me. While not a millionaire, neither am I poor. My Summa Cum Laude physics degree and 25 years working in bleeding edge science pretty much puts the lie to “uneducated” and the “religious” tradition I follow, I follow precisely becuase the gods, if perchance they exist (I am skeptical) don’t care if you believe in them, just what you do (in the words of Val Kilmer’s version of Doc Holliday: “My hypocrisy only goes so far”, not going to follow a tradition where belief is at the core when I don’t believe).

    So, they’re batting zero there.

    1. Back when everybody decided W. was stupid for saying “nukyular”, I kept remembering a family man I knew in high school, who also said “nukyular”. HE was a Nukyular Engineer and had NASA calling him every January going, “Um, so this year can we hire you? Pretty please?”

      1. I will also note that James E. Carter (a nuclear engineer in the Rickover school) said that. Why? Because for some reason that’s a common pronunciation in many southern dialects. Just like we New England types drop some R’s and add others where they don’t belong. The brahmandarins can’t even keep their snobbery consistent.

        1. A silly theory: The Conservation of Consonants. For every Midwesterner who puts his clothes in the warsh, the R has migrated from an alumnus of Haavaad.

          1. Not just Harvard grads. Listen to any generic Boston accent (and most New England accents) and they are mostly whats called non-rhotic with /r/ being ignored. Except every once and a while they show up out of nowhere, like idea that ends up pronounced idear like it was a deer manufactured by apple…

        2. heh, A team I was on worked on Adm Rick’s personal little submarine up at Groton, and word up there was that Rickover wouldn’t let Jimmy near a nuclear reator.

      2. “W” wasn’t stupid but he wasn’t a conservative either. He was a place keeper, that’s all.

  8. If arrogance was brain power they’d be geniuses.

    But it isn’t and they aren’t.

    I predict they will commence with the big steal and start rounding up anyone who complains. The speeches and whatnot are to demoralize us so we don’t come out to vote and make it easier for them.

    And, in fact, they’ve already started the rounding up. The True the Vote people are still in jail as are the Jan 6 political prisoners.

    How this will go for them, I have no idea. But not as well as they think.

    May God Bless the United States of America.

    1. That’s why they want to empty the real criminals out of the prisons — to make room.
      “A committee is a life-form with a dozen mouths, a dozen stomachs, and no brain.”

      1. “If we go down the light fails.”

        Over their dead bodies. Stacked like cordwood….

        Besides, I squirreled a bunch of chemlights.

        ( grin)

  9. Yes, they crossed the line last time and we’re pretty steamed about it. But they better not cross this line, by golly, or there will be hell to pay.

    Really? Drawing a line in the sand and warning Liberals not to cross is dumb. What will you do if they cross it? Shoot them? Great – you go first. I’ll wait to see how society reacts. If everyone else joins the uprising, I’m right there with you. If everyone else gasps and clutches their pearls, you’re on your own.

    Remember Anders Breivik in Norway? Bernhard Goetz in New York? Kyle Rittenhouse in Kenosha? Were they unthinkable criminals or did they simply misjudge the moment? Leaping over the barricade, waving your arm, and shouting “Follow me” to people unwilling to join the charge does not effect societal change, it doesn’t even make you a martyr, it just leaves your family poor. I question whether this is the moment for it.

        1. It’s a very cool morning, with frost on the ground, here in Barrington NH. I’m wearing a long-sleeved, flannel shirt. and yeah, we cranked the thermostats down another 5 degrees because not only are heating fuel prices going through the roof, now they’re talking about rationing.

          1. Yeah New England is very dependent on #2 heating oil, which is basically == diesel fuel, those that don’t heat with Oil heat with Propane. Every once and a while you come upon some poor B*stard that bought a house built with electric heat in the lat 50’s early 60’s when Nuclear Power was going to make electricity unmetered. Even today with oil running $5-6 a gallon heating your home with electric is 2-3X the price. When #2 was $2.50 it would have been 4-6 times that. That one worries me a great deal

            1. And we just got briefed by Mike Harrington (NHHouse candidate) that LNG is totally buggered, CEO of Eversource says we need to get shipments on their way NOW, all 6 governors wrote to Biden to get it moving, and the Idiot in Chief told them no.

              1. Oh we are SO screwed. LNG is used in the cities and more urban areas in New England. And on top of that much of our power generation is LNG based. Only people in decent shape are those with wood stove backups. Man if the Turnip in chief thinks next Tuesday is going to be unpleasant wait until next presidential election. After two winters of wonky heat New England would vote for a zombie Reagan let alone Trump or De Santis. Don’t take away our Dunkin’ Donuts or mess with our heat…

                1. BINGO.

                  Supposedly our primary source at the moment is in Trinidad and Tobago. Xiden’s reason for his denial was we’d need a foreign carrier to do the delivery as there aren’t any U.S. flagged tankers available. And by the time any do become available, we’ll be icicles. But either the lobby has some kind of hold over our Puppet in Chief, or he’s got something worse in mind. Note also that Eversource can produce electricity using #2 oil, and there’s two coal fired plants left, but they’re not allowed to produce more than something like 15% of all electrical energy due to EPA (carbon) rules or face massive fines.

                  Personally, I think Gov Sununu, and the other governors of New England, should tell the President that they’re going to have Eversource & Co do whatever it takes to keep the lights on, and the feds can go pee up a rope. The governors should be able to issue emergency orders that exempt the power companies from any fines, federal or otherwise.

                  If things start freezing here, I understand running a military coupe using state’s National Guard to seize Washington D.C. is a great way to stay warm.

                  1. The Turnip in Chief will grant loan forgiveness with executive orders, his old boss would grant green card status to the so called Dreamers, neither act of which they had constitutional right to perform and will NOT override the US carrier rules to get fuel oil and LNG to the Northeast, an act that is almost certainly permitted under the law? I mean if it were Florida or Texas I could see him behaving like a spoiled vindictive child, but come on the Northeast? No place bluer but San Francisco? Man someone in the greens must have some serious pictures of him (or whoever is actually running this joint) intimately involved with a goat.

                    1. Like I said, I think we need to sit down with Chris and his Executive Council and tell them it’s about time to man up and tell this country where the bear really shits in the woods.

                    2. The only Jones Act waiver (for foreign flagged vessels serving US ports) I can find is for Puerto Rico after the hurricane, and there is bipartisan (stupid AND evil, as the old joke has it) criticism of that in DC. There is an immensely depressing article at Reason about MARAD, the $987B DOT Agency who in 2018 advocated for treason charges against members of Cato and Mercatus for opposing the Jones Act. Not sure I understand all the politics, but apparently it runs deep.

                    3. That sounds like the stuff, didn’t realize how rare it is to get those waivers. If the republicans take the house & senate they had better make that a high priority or they time in majority is going to be a real short trip. It is not just New England that is white fish product (schrod) but much of our east cost north of Virginia/Carolinas especially as in the second or third year of a La Nina it tends to be super cold and low precipitation which is going to push the need for heating fuels and power HARD.

                  2. The greens are desperate to get people to stop using natural gas. They likely see this as a way to encourage people to switch over to electric for all of their residential power needs in the future. After all, you wouldn’t want to be caught without heating next winter, would you? If you had an electric heating system instead of one that uses natural gas, you’d be fine and wouldn’t have to suffer through the cold.

                    1. Nope. Wood stove. Add one upstairs, so there. Already have one downstairs. Likely need old fashion wood cook stove too. At this point it is heating/cooking with Green cut wood (worse smoke).

                      Seriously. Do not want to go back to wood stove. Really don’t. My combined winter utility bills (power, water, natural gas), runs < $350. Everything electrical based with wood stove assist was running $450, 15 years ago. Granted that was ceiling heat (which the power has been pulled on), but still.

                    2. Heating with electricity is a dreadful waste. Most electricity is generated by burning fuel to boil water, then passing the resulting steam through turbines which convert 30% to 40% of the steam pressure into mechanical force to turn a generator, which converts most of that force into electricity. Depending on distance from the power station, 85% to 95% of that electricity reaches the house and gets passed through high-resistance wires to be converted back into heat.

                      All of that takes 4 to 6 times more fuel than if you just burned the fuel in the house where you actually need the heat.

                      Natural gas is the least ‘carbon polluting’ fuel in common use at the present time; it’s mostly methane, one carbon atom and 4 hydrogens which combust with 4 oxygen atoms to produce one carbon dioxide molecule and two water molecules. By contrast, the coal which is burned in many power plants is almost pure carbon.

                      Heating your house, your water, or your dinner with natural gas will produce about 1/10 as much ‘carbon pollution’ as heating it with electricity which is largely generated by burning coal. ‘Renewable’ energy from solar cells and windmills supply maybe 4% of the electricity, and are least available when they are most needed.

                      Within about ten seconds after you start trying to explain this to the Green Zealots they’re screaming CLIMATE DENIER!!! and don’t hear a word of it.
                      The government can mandate stupidity, but they can’t make it not be stupid.

                    3. Oregon’s power is largely hydroelectric, so the dams have a great big target on them. Several years ago, a judicial decision said that southern Oregon can’t get the benefit of Bonneville power, so rancher’s irrigation costs went way up (and grid-tie solar became quite a feature in any good-sized ranch).

                      There are four dams on the Klamath River, giving 100MWe of power. Not huge, but they’ve been targeted for demolition. Downstream tribes blame those dams for poor salmon runs (ignoring the dams on the Trinity River in California, curious that) and Pacific (Warren Buffett–spit) Power has no desire to install fish ladders, so since G.W.Bush was president, the writing was on the wall.

                      “But we’ve built 36MWe of solar to replace the hydropower. Be grateful, peasants!” Grr. They’re as lousy at math as everything else. And that was good pasture land, too.

                    4. Center of Willamette Valley south east of Wilsonville, middle of farmland. Big solar farm. The farmers south of it are furious at the landowners who allowed it to be installed on their lands. Every time it comes online, every single time, it cuts off their line power. That is shorts out power to their homes, wells, irrigation systems, barns, green houses, everything. AND their power company won’t do a thing until the owners of the solar system pays them $Xk (I think it was $10k) to send a crew to fix it; every incident. These are not small hobby farmers being affected but large extended family corporations. (Cousin just married daughter, only child, of major owner of one of the farms. Drove right by solar far to get to their wedding reception. “So how is the solar farm working out?” Was met with growls of “It’s not ours. Not on our land. It is a PIA.”)

                    5. Oh. I know.

                      Enlisting insurance companies on old wood stove installations. Mom, her age is a factor, is grandfathered in on home fire insurance (she’s been with them since 1955, and current home since 1963). But when the house is sold, the wood stove, currently installed, has to be pulled (1980 Fisher, that can be either standalone or insert, currently installed as an insert). Technically it is our wood stove. Mom and dad ended up installing it in their house in 1985. (Was in our Longview house from ’80 – ’85. Wouldn’t fit in our rental or the new house later. Did not want to leave it in the house turned rental in Longview, for valid reasons.)

                      OTOH just realized, PTB still allow outside wood fire pits. When above stove is pulled. It will make a fantastic backyard wood fire pit …. Just saying. That or put it on somewhere so Alaska or other homestead place will see it under “come pick it up, it is yours”.

                    6. Except until they build more nuclear plants the primary way of generating power is using gas. Coal and Bunker C plants have been kept ONLY to fill in usage gaps As mike pointed out run them too much and the EPA will hammer your ass with fines. So you can either use gas, propane o r #2 fuel oil at 85-95% efficiency in modern burners/boilers in your home OR you can burn Gas/Bunker C/Coal, generate electricity (with some loss), transmit it large distances (as NIMBY no nasty electric plants nearby) at a fair loss, and ultimately use it (very inefficiently indeed) to heat Nichrome directly or to create hot water for a hydronic system by heating coils resistively, both fairly wasteful uses of electricity. The greens are either
                      1) stupid / uneducated with respect to power
                      2) Bat feces insane
                      3) massively corrupt in some fashion that gets them kickback from this
                      4) opposed to humans living at a technological level rising above the late renaissance
                      or some combination of all four. In essence we can use hydrocarbons efficiently or we can use hydrocarbons wastefully for heating. They want to do EVERYTHING with electricity as if someone could wave a wand say “Bippity Boppity Boo” and there would be enough power. They are a cargo cult mixed with a death cult. If Humanity is such a drain on the world why don’t they start by reducing the load with themselves.

                    7. ‘with some loss’? Maybe it’s different on Rigel, but here on Earth when we burn fuel to generate electricity, 60% to 70% of the fuel’s energy is lost as waste heat. Which could still be put to some use, if we ever bothered to try. Instead, we mostly just dump our waste heat into the atmosphere or a handy body of water without getting any benefit from it.

                      Larry Niven wrote an essay about some of the stupidities of our modern lives from the perspective of an alien investigator. “Here in the food preparation room they have a heat gaining device next to a heat losing device, but there has been no attempt to connect the two.” The alien winds up concluding that there is no intelligent life on this planet.

                  3. Except this LNG issue isn’t about household use. This is the stuff running the majority of the power company generators because it’s cleaner than coal or oil. Hence the brown out/black out issue for the entire northeast. The problem with most greens is they have zero understanding of science. To them, it’s a magical buzzword.

                    1. “SCIENCE!”
                      One of the vendors at the fiber festival was a yarn shop run by gay guys and they had that up on a sign. I have to give them credit for some sense of humor – they made up a “periodic table of fiber,” which showed some sign of actual knowledge. But otherwise they were too in-my-face for me to want to enter their space. Which makes me “homophobic,” I suppose, even though I don’t want their store closed or to keep anyone else from shopping there.

    1. Dude? Are you out of your mind? I think you are. I’ve suspected it for a while, mind.
      First, yeah, Breivik was a nut. He killed innocents for no reason. The other two were shooting in self defense.
      You, personally? You’re a loon who doesn’t understand America is slow to anger. Which is good, because we’re terrible in that anger.

    2. Um… a crazy domestic terrorist/mass murderer and two guys that didn’t want to get robbed and/or murdered and were then railroaded for acting in self-defense? Breivik might’ve thought he was a “revolutionary,” but Goetz and Rittenhouse? Really?

            1. LIES! Squirrels are capitalist to the core! They are the ultimate savers of the animal kingdom, we even call saving “squirreling away”.

              1. Um…. I don’t know about you, but I’ve definitely run into the rodent liberation front. If some of you squirrel shifters oppose those… er…. nutters, I’m with you.

              2. I will take this opportunity to say, in all seriousness, and no malice towards squirrels, nor any others, (save perhaps chicken and maybe jays…), “Moo!”

            2. LIES! Squirrels are capitalist to the core! They are the ultimate savers of the animal kingdom, we even call saving “squirreling away”.

              1. Nonsense. It is well known that all squirrels are commies.
                If you are not a commie, then you cannot in fact be a squirrel shifter.
                In fact, you simply must be trans-species. I suspect you are truly a jay shifter. As jays are well known for caching supplies against cold weather, this trait might allow cis-squirrel shifters to delude you into believing that your shifted body is your correct form, even though everyone knows that all squirrels are commies.

                Embrace your inner feathers!

            3. My college campus at $STATE U was an RLF training camp. I could look out the window and see them drill, right out in the open. Teams of four would leap from treetops, stunt roll over the covered walkway to the cafeteria, raid the dumpster, and back into the trees. No one did anything. Later, campus lost power for days after a suicide squirrel dive bombed the coal power plant.

            1. To post a Ewe Toob video:

              Right click on the video at Ewe Toob
              Select the ‘Copy embed code’ menu item
              Enter your text in the Reply box here
              Add a blank line after your text
              Paste the embed code

              That makes the video appear and play here, on this page. Unless it’s posted on Ewe Toob with certain restrictions on remote linking/playing.

              WordPress (DE!) even allows multiple embedded Ewe Toob videos in the same comment. Just don’t get carried away like Foxfier did a few weeks ago. O the horror! 😛

          1. I dunno. Squirrels seem to run on random number generators.

            There’s one squirrel alive because he decided to dash into the road and – knowing squirrels will go any fool direction – I made the split-second decision to aim the car straight over him.

            It worked. Passenger reported absolutely spooked squirrel still there in our wake a moment before he dashed for the nearest tree….

            1. Sounds like the Golden Eagle that I ran into a few weeks ago. He was at the Roadkill Cafe, I saw him and veered left. So, he took off with his prize in beak, flying left. Did not go well for him.

              Haven’t run across any deer or bears on that stretch of road, though cattle will sneak into the Nat’l Forest from time to time. That can get exciting, and is one of the reasons why I usually drive 45 mph or slower through that stretch.

              1. Yellowstone and Grand Tetons roads are 35 MPH for a reason. Hitting a bear (you will be vilified), deer, antelope, eagle, is not good for the animal, as well as damaging your rental vehicle. OTOH hitting an elk, moose, or bison, especially the bison, will ruin your vacation, total your rental vehicle, and put everyone in the vehicle, at least at an urgent clinic, if not on a air flight to a major trauma center.

                The animals in the above national parks thank us for putting these nice clear paths to channel them between pastures. Bison jams, because part of the bison herd decides to amble down the middle of roadway, or a calf decides to nap on the warm asphalt, happen. There is no guessing how they are going to dodge, because they aren’t. While intellectually one knows bison (and moose) are huge, having one right next to the vehicle is still an warrants an “OMG that is big!”

                1. Oh. Forgot. 25 MPH after dark (and that is too fast). In fact driving after full dark is strongly discouraged. Not illegal. Just strongly discouraged.

                  Not that people actually drive 35 MPH or slow down after dark. Smart, knowledgeable ones do. In fact the latter go even slower, pulling off often, letting the other idiot drivers go by.

                2. We had a young male pacing the truck during a bison jam. He was so close I could have reached out and touched him. Since I LIKE having two hands, I refrained.

                3. Several years ago, a couple was driving on the highway SE of Flyover Falls in California. They ran into a cow at night. All three were DOA.

                  OTOH, when I was on the ambulance service, we were coming back from training (at night again) and saw something on the road. Was the back half of a deer. No idea where the front half went to, and there were no obvious signs of car parts on the roadway. We left it as a mystery of $TINY_TOWN and vicinity.

                  1. Open Range – Oh Joy.

                    Hitting a Bison is a whole lot worse than hitting a cow. Although I guess dead is still dead. OTOH where the cow is also going to die, Bison just as likely to get up, shake it off, and walk away … Bison are huge. The hit each other in the head, for weeks, every fall.

                    1. If big trucks use that road, yeah.

                      Buddy of mine used to be in the Marines. He was returning from some field exercise in one of those huge military trucks when it hit a deer at about 60 MPH. Deer exploded. 20+ Marines sitting in the truck were pelted with deer innards, then spent another hour and a half riding in the truck, baking in the hot sun, before they got back to base.

        1. Nah. LawDog has squirrels in his head (seriously, he mentions them at least once a livestream).

          I’m betting this yahoo’s head is full of bulletin boards, thumbtacks, several dozen miles of yarn, and a bunch of headlines/articles covered in red scribbles.

        2. You are mistaken about me, Sarah. I am not a glowie trying to start the shooting. I’m a realist trying to inject some hard sense into the discussion.

          Issuing stern warnings of grave consequences to Liberals is useless. They will ignore the warnings because they believe the Right is toothless and for the most part, they’re correct. Might as well join the next National Review celebrity cruise or issue another White Paper from the Center of the American Experiment.

          We can vote our way into socialism but must shoot our way out – agreed.
          Keep our weapons where we can find them in the dark – agreed.
          Don’t threaten to use weapons because that would draw federal attention – agreed.

          So what’s your plan to save the nation? And how will we know the moment has arrived?

          1. You are not a realist.
            There is no plan. You are not an American, either. Since when do we have plans.
            Note this was not “a line in the sand” It was a warning.
            As for knowing you, dude, I remember the site you used to have as your address.
            NOT ONE INCH of trust.

            1. I’m sorry to hear that. I’ve never had a website and never used one as an address. I suspect you are confusing me with someone else. Regardless, I wish you well.

          2. ((blinks))

            You assume Americans plan their actions?

            I mean sure, they have plans, but when was the last time the action even remotely resembled the plan?

            “A serious problem in planning against American doctrine is that the Americans do not read their manuals, nor do they feel any obligation to follow their doctrine.”

            When something happens, it will be randos acting individually or in small groups. Completely unpredictable, and if it includes the right skillsets, a few dozen million is a low end estimate of casualties.

            1. “When something happens, it will be randos acting individually or in small groups. Completely unpredictable, and if it includes the right skillsets, a few dozen million is a low end estimate of casualties.”

              Absolutely THIS.

              Lemme ‘splain: “Severely Pissed Off” is the Understatement of the Year. I do not know enough four-letter words to adequately convey the mood of the country at the moment, but perhaps this analogy may help: When operating a hand grenade, it is firmly grasped in one hand with the activation spoon held tightly against the body of the grenade, the other hand removes the pin (a safety device), and upon release, the spring-loaded spoon detaches which initiates the fuse. The fuse, after a prescribed interval activates the main charge detonating the grenade (prudence dictates that upon releasing the spoon one endeavors to have the grenade as far away from oneself as possible) .Even after the pin is removed, as long as the spoon is not released the grenade may be toted hither and yon to one’s content with no ill effect. Very, very unsafely, to be sure, but it is possible to do so. And, if the previously removed safety device – the pin – has not been discarded it can be replaced rendering the grenade safe to handle without the necessity of ensuring the spoon is not released.

              The U.S. of A is that grenade, pin out, spoon firmly held against the clutched grenade. You do not want the spoon released. You really do not want the spoon released, because if it is all sorts of things happen, most of them Bad, especially Bad for you and your associates, but plenty Bad for everyone (I will take a moment here to point out the truism that “we are not locked in here with you, you are locked in here with us” and that the dimensions of the planet we both occupy are finite. Something worth considering).

              There are many on our side, and some not on any side, quite willing to endure a very healthy dose of that Bad if it means they get to eradicate you, everyone with whom you associate, everyone who has ever thought of supporting you, and everyone who has ever even heard of you, right down to their dogs, cats, fish and gerbils and wipe any mention or hint of you from all the records, and each will be operating completely independently.

              Should that occur it will not stop until it is completely, totally, unquestionably over, which might not ever be the case. Bush and Powell called a halt to the Gulf War at 100 hours because the mission had been accomplished and the point very well made. There is no Bush, nor Powell, to call a halt if the Boog kicks off. You and yours, anyone slightly suspected of siding with you, will be hunted down for decades to ensure the eradication is complete and there will be no way to turn it off. Webster’s will hire extra staff to work 24 X 7 redefining the word “Pogrom.”

              This will severely damage our country and almost certainly, the rest of the world for quite some time. You won’t know about that because you, everyone you know, everyone you may even have barely heard of or who may barely have heard of you, will no longer exist, nor will any possible descendents of you and your ilk be allowed to exist. But many of us, our families and friends, our casual associates, will be here, and will be still severely pissed off at what we had to endure because of you. What our country gets turned into will be unrecognizable to those who knew it before, if able to be restored to what the stunningly brilliant founders conceived and provided, it will be We who do that, not any of you.

              We understand you do not care about any of that, all you are concerned with is Power.
              Trust us, you do not have Power; you have only whatever Position of Prestige we allow you to have. Enjoy that, to whatever extent we allow, and be content. And for all that is Holy, for God and the Devil, in the names of Whichever Dieties, or Reasonable Facsimile(s) Thereof, you may worship, or tolerate, put the stick down and stop poking the bear.

              This warning will not be repeated.

      1. Excellent, gospodin / sir! Most excellent.

        However, tovarisch / comrade, please note that your talk of “incandescent wires” verges on clear and present wrongthink! Our Enlightened Biden Admininstration (in its ineffable wisom) has decreed that incandescent lights are Wrong, and making or selling them is to be legally forbidden at the end of this year, due to their (minor but intolerable) role in Global Warming (which is bad chiefly because it might even help mitigate our planned Dark Winter of Cold and Want).

        Nothing says “rabidly anti-civilization” quite like literally outlawing Thomas Edison’s signature invention… sigh.

    3. Anders Breivik was a spree killer of children. How dare you mention him in the same breath with Kyle Rittenhouse or Bernie Goetz?!

      What next? Were the Delphi murders a political act too?

      Either you’re ignorant or evil, sir.

      1. Thank you Suburban I go with evil. He can deny it all he wants, but I KNOW the site he used to link as his. (And if it is his, he’s evil and an enemy agent.)

    4. So… a nutbar who killed a bunch of kids, a dude who shot 4 dudes trying to rob him, and a guy who shot 3 people trying to kill him, and not the 4th who backed away.

      Not sure of the commonality between the first and the others.

      And it’s not a “line in the sand” it’s “dude, the cliff is right there, you’re being an idiot by dancing on the edge”. Just how sure are you that out of 330M people, there aren’t enough who will go “screw it” and start shooting? Or, more likely, go in for more creative, engineering-oriented solutions? (I can think of a few things executable by under a half dozen guys where the death toll would be a million+, minimum).

      You’re really not very bright, are you?

        1. Sarah,
          I used to work with a bunch of Norwegians. Anyone who has worked with/lived around those people knows that getting the truth out of them on controversial subjects is EXTRAORDINARILY difficult. Something about the Jante Loven and not wanting to “rock the boat.” However, “in vino veritas” is a concept applicable in spades to Norwegians, and the opinions you couldn’t drag out of them with wild horses sober may well be provided at high volume after they consume enough booze. I heard about Anders Breivik from one of those loaded Norwegians and found the explanation you won’t often hear about his actions. He did not act without what he considered justifiable reason.

          Long story short, Mr. Breivik was extremely unhappy with Norway’s immigration policies which were admitting far too many Muslims. He did not think Norway needed Muslims and seriously disliked the crime they brought to a previously peaceful Norway. He was particularly angry at the huge increase in rapes performed by Muslims on native Norwegian girls.

          Anyway, his efforts to get anyone to even admit there was a problem fell on deaf ears. The government of Norway was then, as they often are, a bunch of watermelons, green on the outside and red on the inside. They simply ignored Breivik and his attempts to point out that Muslim immigration was drastically changing Norway for the worse and that Norwegians had NEVER BEEN ASKED if they wanted their current immigration policy. That immigration policy had been imposed on them by their national government because the party in charge of the government wanted it and deemed it appropriate.

          Breivik, having not even had his thoughts given the courtesy of a hearing, decided no legal avenue existed to have his concerns addressed. He believed that the governing party was too inbred and had become a clique of people impervious to the concerns of ordinary Norwegians, particularly on this matter. He decided that they needed a lesson that they would not soon forget, and he decided that this lesson would best be brought home by shooting a bunch of the party leaders’ children. This would be useful in two ways. One, they could not ignore it, and two, it would remove some of the party’s future leaders.

          To my way of thinking, Breivik’s actions are as understandable as a gagged-shut safety valve on a pressure vessel. He felt that not only were his legitimate concerns not being addressed, it wasn’t even permissible in Norway to even SPEAK about them as such opinions were “outside the pale.” Breivik was undoubtedly not the only person in Norway to feel as he did about immigration, but he was the first one to be angered enough to take violent action.

          His crime is appalling, but I definitely see how he ended up there. As John F. Kennedy said, “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”

          1. Murdering the innocent to punish the guilty? Breivik was a nutcase. A logical nutcase, maybe, but still a nutcase. “Just because he’s crazy, doesn’t make him stupid.”

            However — we have 60 times the population of Norway. Anybody want to bet we don’t have 60 times as many nutcases? And the elitists just…keep…pushing. They’ve plugged up all the relief valves and shut off the alarms, believing that will make them safe.
            Those who do not remember the lessons of history are doomed to repeat the mistakes. Those who do remember are doomed to watch everybody else repeat them.

            1. I think of the nutcases as “canaries in a coal mine.” They’re crazy, but as things get worse the level of “inherent craziness” that gets triggered into violence drops. So a rise in the incidence of craziness could be (not necessarily is, but could be) a warning sign of trouble in Denmark as it were.

  10. They are too arrogant and stupid to heed the warning; they really believe they are immune from any negative consequences. As I have warned from very early in the HarrisBiden regime, Democrats were pushing polices that they know vast majorities of people, sometimes even including a large part of their own party, vehemently oppose.

    Any politician who believes they are facing a genuine election won’t keep pushing stuff they know 3/4s of the voters hate; they will only do it if they think that the fix is in and they can’t lose their office no matter how many people oppose what they are doing. The more they kept pushing such policies in the face of overwhelming opposition the clearer it became that as early as early 2020, they were already planing to fix 2022 elections to further their hold on power.

    These are people who believe they are on a holy crusade to “fundamentally transform America” and they boast about that crusade at every opportunity. Politicians, especially experienced ones, who are worried about a genuine election simply don’t do that.

    Democrats are preparing the battleground to seize power permanently and warnings addressed to them are falling on deaf ears.

    1. And/or they think that the TwitterBots were actually real voters who represented the majority and the will of the people. Despite only like 20% or so of Americans actually having a Twitter account. They’re not (just) arrogant: they’re stupid. And they believe that the opinions they hear in their tiny echo chamber are universal.

      1. They also fervently believe that they know what is best for everyone, and that in order to save the masses from themselves, they must ensure that the “right” people get elected, i,e, themselves, and that this justifies anything they do to ensure that result.

        They despise the people they seek to rule over in perpetuity. Just think of them as a cabal of Cersei Lannisters

        1. I know just enough about GoT to recognize that name, but I haven’t seen a single episode of the show or read a single novel (read two volumes of a graphic novel adaptation of the first book before I gave it up in disgust), so I don’t really know who that is. But I’m assuming they’re a vile piece of garbage with zero redeeming qualities. and a proclivity for raping, maiming, and murdering.

          1. Cersei Lannister ,when told that the fate of everyone in the world if the army of the dead is not defeated is that everyone will die, “I would think that for most of them that it would be an improvement”.

            Of course the analogy has its limits as she was far more competent than the current leftist cabals.

            1. Was she? By the time I left the novels behind, I thought Queen Cersei had done a very thorough job of running the whole thing into the ground. She wasn’t necessarily wrong about death being an improvement on living in that world of grim gray goo.

              1. Never read the books. Solely based on the HBO series. If the books ever get finished, I hope they have a much better ending than the idiocy HBO’s showrunners concocted for the last couple of seasons, particularly the last season, which was an utter abomination of discarded character arcs and plot points that were contradicted for the sake of “let’s create a real surprise twist that is utterly contrary to everything that was done before”.

          2. She starts the novels married to the king. The very first scene in the novel has her sleeping (and not platonically) with her brother.

            It goes downhill from there.

      2. Everyone they know thinks like them, (or else) so they must be right.
        Anyone who doesn’t think like them is unworthy of consideration. But, tiny doubts seem to be arising and a certain discomfort setting in.
        Seems odd that they are wanting amnesty from the likes of us. Generally, they consider the deplorables as unfit to use a leaf blower in their yards.
        Could the light of reason be dawning, however dimly, in the vast emptiness of their craniums?
        Perhaps seeing young Madison bumped from the college lacrosse team in favor of Brandon nee Brandy after mom schlepped Madison to practice every morning at 5am for 3 years is having an eye opening effect?

              1. It would be a real kick in the pants to find out that after all that monthly unpleasantness and all those pregnancies then the hot flashes and whatnot that I was a guy after all.

                My hubby would be pretty surprised too.

                Probably best not to find that out at this point, I’ll just pretend I have known all along.

                  1. Yep
                    You make model rockets, read hard sci/fi, hate housework and are a computer science major?

                    Clearly you are one of those people only a biologist can describe the gender of.

                    Nevermind your penchant for wearing long dress, knitting, cooking and child nurturing skills.

            1. I’m not a biologist either but I paid attention in high school science class. That’s enough.

              At least, it was when I was in high school. Ghu knows what they’re teachin’ the pore kids these days.
              If you don’t want to learn, the best schools and teachers in the world can’t help you.

      3. Pardon them, Theodotus: they are barbarians, and think that the customs of their tribe and island are the laws of nature.

        1. Yes, most classically and timelessly this.

          “And the Gods of the Copybook Headings step up to explain it once more.”

          (Diehard Kipling fans please note, that might be ever-so-slightly paraphrased.)

  11. What she said.

    Y’all leftists are mental if you thought 2020 was successful for you.

    There is no permanency in political affairs. All politics comes down to a group of individuals making choices. Thus, everything can change in extreme, unpredictable, and uncontrollable ways, if your faction of ‘political leadership’ angers enough a sufficient number of people.

    You are perhaps very confident in rigging this or that process forever and ever. The problem you fail to notice is that people may be remembering past events from that process in their estimate of whether the game is rigged, and in how far its probabilities diverge from the officially claimed probabilities.

    You also tend to think that political victories are forever, as opposed to being only for the official number of years. This does not equip you to understand the thought process of someone who is a little sure that the process this time was cheated, but that the positions are minor enough that it is affordable to have them filled by fraudsters for two or four years. Because, all other things being the same, those positions cannot do much harm, and rolling the dice again gives a better estimate of the fairness of the dice.

    The issue, is that because of your idiocy, all things were not the same. You bastards were always out of your minds, but you felt confident showing it now, in your efforts to murder or unjustly cause the death of Christians, Americans, and humans.

    You have vindicated every mad internet rando who was saying that the left, the communists, or the Democrats are too dangerous, or too evil, to be possible to safely coexist with. At some point, the hazard of coexisting with your attempts to sacrifice us on the altar of a non-existent ‘nature’ or ‘environment’ is less then the hazard of trying to kill all y’all psychos.

    You never fooled as well as you had thought you did.

    I’m looking at some state elections. I know very well that y’all have no chance of legitimately replacing the Republican incumbents with your bunch. I know you are still spending on ads.

    You hate these guys, because you have told yourselves that they are ‘too partisan’, largely for not meekly complying with every jot and tittle of your dumbassery.

    You’ve spent a lot of resources trying to succeed in state politics, a lot of credit with the population or public of said state. And you are whining that it has cost you credit with the public, and blaming Republican office holders for saying a few critical words about all y’all.

    It seems plausible to you that these Republican officeholders have alienated the public, because you are very confident in using your theoretical models to project what the public thinks and feels at the innermost level.

    You are in no way allowing for the possibility that Republican office holders are much less extreme in opposition to you than the populations that elected them are.

    These Republican office holders, in my view, are RINOS, squishes, and moderates, who are obviously too stupid, too lazy, or too immoral to see that they should be using the legitimate powers of their office decisively, to do things that would screw all y’all over. If you fraud them out of office, the moronic bastards kind of have it coming to them, for ignoring the policies that would have hurt your ability to fraud.

    But, I understand very well the personal implications for me, and for my chances of living out a peaceful life. I am on vacation from figuring out how best to expend my life, so long as I have some confidence in the possibility of beating all y’all by peaceful means.

    1. Appendix A: I know what you guys do.

      You try to make a human society into a hell on earth. Into a ‘hunting preserve’ for your predators, and abusers.

      It is very reasonable for me to conclude that dead a few years before you would have grown tired of torturing me, and killed me anyway, is by far the better trade off.

      All y’all leftists have given me no reason to hope that you will choose to avoid tormenting me, should you ever happen to believe that tormenting me brings you no benefit.

  12. In late 2020 I was saying much the same thing: “Democrats, please just let it go. Admit the deed, let the guilty be punished, because this isn’t going to go well for any of us…” and so on. Of course, they did not. (May I borrow your shocked face?)

    Once the Go Brandon regime was installed I started saying that the next election had to be 100% above-board, because if it wasn’t–if there was even a hint that cheating was going on–the people would not take kindly to it. I expected the democrats not to try 2020-level fraud based on that–but that’s MY failing, because I forgot how perilously inept they are. From here it looks like they’re going to “fortify” these elections, and it’s going to be obvious.

    And I don’t think it’s going to do any of us any good, not in the long run.

    1. Prediction: The shooting will start when they try to exclude poll watchers in this election.

      1. No blackpills here–I am merely shaking my head in disbelief that they can be this stupid. Or arrogant? Whatever the case may be, you’d think I’d know better by now.

        I’m not so sure the shooting will start next Tuesday…but the problem is, I am unable to deny, outright, the possibility. People are very, very angry; some of them have been made miserable, and they are completely clear on just who is the author of that misery.

        That would mean martial law and an attempt at seizing civilian firearms and a whole slew of other nastiness. We’d win, but it would suck the whole time.

          1. But… I wouldn’t be surprised if a fight broke out somewhere when poll watchers are ejected.
            Not guaranteed. And likely not more than one (the smarter candidates will have instructed their poll watchers to have sympathetic lawyers on speed dial). But it wouldn’t surprise me.

            1. The smarter candidates will have arranged for their poll watchers to BE sympathetic lawyers. Preferably ex-special forces or USMC and impervious to physical domination.

          2. I’m in the same place you are; I just can’t say “it won’t happen” with 100% certitude.

            Though I for damn sure hope it doesn’t.

            What I do know is that if there is blatant and obvious “fortification” of these elections, then a lot of people will start asking some inconvenient questions–not just us chickens, but the whole flock…including people who get their news from the Democrat-Media Complex and thought Trump was a lunatic for contesting the election. Not all of them, but some. Maybe even “enough”.

      1. I don’t know, I’ve met some pretty reasonable salmon. I said “you need to get in my belly,” and after some consideration they agreed that I had a good case.

  13. First why wouldn’t they try to steal it?
    The illegitimate Biden Regime has spent a lot of money, providing massive amounts of graft, including 10%for The Big Guy.

    They have imported millions of people who will never leave, they have been able to give lifetime appointments to hundreds of illegitimate judges including a Marxist on the Supreme Court.

    Annnd Nobody did Something.

    But if they don’t think they can steal it all again, the war that they will start will be with Russia/China. There’s no doubt that they would prefer to Nuke an American city in a false flag attack to prevent the election results from having any meaning.

    For example th regime could take out DC with a nuke, when the new Congress is being sworn in, and Brandon is “visiting” Camp David or Cheyenne mountain.
    Or maybe they will pop an EMP over the center of the country just as the North Korean satellite is overhead, frankly I put nothing past the current Junta.

    there has never ever been a country that fell to.a.Communist or.Fascist Coup that permitted a free and fair election after seizing power.
    Not Germany after 1933, or Czechoslovakia after 1948. What did they say about those elections in the newly independent African countries in the early 60s. One man one vote one time.

    Election.We don’t need.no stinking election.

    1. We haven’t fallen yet. If you think we have, you haven’t missed all the rebellion going on.
      If they have half a brain, they’ll realize that.
      OTOH perhaps they don’t.
      If we’d fallen, Trump would be dead. They don’t have HALF the grip you blackpillers attribute to them.

    2. Let me point out I lived in a country far more legitimately “taken over” by communists than this is even close to being. They had the army. THey had the legislature.
      They were arresting any leader to the right of Lenin, including media personalities. As in, this blog would not exist.
      Do you know how it came down? A series of demonstrations, and the army refused to shoot the unarmed people.
      Was there a plan? No. But life was becoming impossible, and everyone could see plainly what was happening.

      1. It’s not? Well, dang. Eases to Closet of Holding and tucks all the “Wolverines!!!” stuff back into storage. So much for that swag sale.

        1. I think everyone should wear Wolverines! swag on election day.

          Pin, shirt, headband, scarf, sticker, whatever.

          We can all nod knowingly at each other in line.

          1. I get to wear the shirt for my college football team to the polls. I wonder if they’ll make me go home and change? (VERY big evil grin.)

      2. And that’s what’s happening right now in Brazil. People are not going along with the Big Steal, And yes people power can take.down a Regime as happened in Portugal, or the Philippines or India.
        But it usually takes about 70 years before people uprise.

        The Regime hasn’t given Trump the Nino Aquinino treatment, not yet. But the dark powers that be didn’t kill RFK along with his brother In 63 either it was only when it became obvious that he could actually win that they took him out. I suspect that of Trump is on the verge of coming back in he may very well die of Suddenly.the

        At the end of the day the one behind the Biden Coup and the Obama Junta is the father of lies. And he doesn’t care if his servants die because he despises them.
        I wish you were right. I really do.
        But we had an even more obviously stolen election than they did in Brazil, and instead of mas demonstrations, like in Brazil or 1980s Eastern Europe. We had a keystone Cops bizzarro world thingy on Jan 6, Which was most likely actually arranged by the coup plotters.to shut down congressional investigations into the election theft.I

        As for states doing any nullification of the regime. I’m reminded of how St Abraham Lincoln through just enough of Marylands pro secession state senators into the dungeon of Fort McHenry to prevent Maryland from leaving the union.

        They are going to try to steal it because they have no choice. Otherwise some states will decertify 2020 and then the election count act requires a special election through the US House, and Brandon will lose, and he knows it. he fears it.
        That’s the reason for his speech.

        The speech wasn’t about election integrity in 2020, or about being patient in 2022. It was a speech telling his minions what to do.
        It’s a style of indirect communication theory that Obama used to Use. Obama didn’t call up Lois Learner on the phone to give her instructions. He made.speeches and statements and she and the other the lower level people like her got the messages and acted accordingly
        The Biden Regime just sent out a message in that “Presidential” address.
        “Keep counting until we get the results we need, and the federal government will back you up all the way.”

        1. O_o

          The “dark powers that be” killed RFK? And these same powers may become a direct threat to Trump?

          I mean, yes, obviously murder is an evil thing, but somehow it sounds like you’re trying to make connections that … start to sound a little muddled?

          1. The dark powers that killed FDR were either the USSR or the Mafia. Neither is a threat to Trump.
            All of them are a little muddled.
            Look, the fact all the glowies want us to accept all is lost?
            VOTE like you never voted before. We need a … Human Wave.

        2. “It takes seventy years” — bullshit. Also, consider we’ve had seventy years of blue model. But still bullshit. The USSR took 70 years because we were PROPPING THEM UP.

    3. “there has never ever been a country that fell to.a.Communist or.Fascist Coup that permitted a free and fair election after seizing power.”

      In 1990, the communist government of Mongolia held free and fair elections to determine the leadership of the country going forward. When the Communist Party lost the election, it performed a peaceful transfer of power to the winners.

      1. That was not a peaceful transfer of power, but an admission that they had already lost power. The only thing keeping the Communist Party in power in Mongolia was the Red Army, and once that was withdrawn, the same thing happened to Mongolia as to all the other Soviet satellites. So not a valid example.

        1. 1.) At least one or two of the Eastern European countries kept their communists after 1989, albeit under a new name.
          2.) Mongolia was the only former Soviet satellite where the communists voluntarily set the whole thing up. In every other former satellite, it was essentially forced by unrest in the population. That was not the case in Mongolia..

          So yeah, it is a valid example.

          A caveat, though. I suspect a big part of why things played out differently in Mongolia is because Mongolia probably has more in common with large parts of the American Great Plains (albeit with less fertile soil) than with Europe. Mongolia is one of the biggest countries in the world, but with a very small population. And roughly forty percent of that population is concentrated in the capitol city of Ulaanbaatar. So you’ve got one major population center surrounded by a huge sparsely settled rural area. I wouldn’t be surprised if there are similar attitudes among many of the people living in both Mongolia and the Great Plains.

  14. They can’t win, but we can lose and lose big

    You keep saying that, and each time I read it, I think, “But they can win. Their core victory condition is ‘make us lose.’ If they do make us lose, then they will count that as a victory, even if they perish themselves in the doing. And I can’t say they’re wrong.”

      1. To survive, they’d 1) have to understand the American people a lot better (and most Europeans better for that matter), and 2) have a Clue as to how food gets to the supermarket/UberEats delivery box/restaurant kitchen. That’s 0-2.

        1. My sister told by Sister in law, who was one of Brandon’s actual forty million or so voters, that food supply shortages were coming and that Wal-Mart would probably be doubling their pric in the coming year.
          Sister in law responded, in all seriousness, “Well I’ll just shop at Aldi’s then.”That’s
          No clue about what’s happening.

      2. On consideration, I’m sticking with my position. Their idea of winning WAS that they stay in charge. But not any more. Now it’s wipe out the Right, make us lose even if they perish themselves in the doing.

        As for being in charge afterwards, well, they see that as a nice extra, and a useful propaganda-carrot to motivate the useful idiots, but it’s in no way essential to their current goal.

  15. And more of the idiocy of the Progs is that they seem to expect that when they push some of us to violent action, that we will do what they would do in our place.
    They seem to expect that when violence starts, it will be a massed mob like their Antifa / BLM thugs, controlled top-down like they are, and that we will march across the open field like the British at New Orleans. NOT.
    Their “security state” of the FBI, NSA, CIA, the Brit GSCE, Homeland (in)Security, DOJ, their vorporate pattners and the rest of it have taught us that if we have an organization that has not been purged of them, that the organization is filled with .gov agents.
    Unfortunately for them, they have spent decades teaching our people how to be effective as solo operators or in small groups, independently selecting targets of opportunity.
    I hope and pray it does not come to violence, as many likely targets will be infrastructure, as such systems have been left so vulnerable that the economic and commetcial structures which allow our nation to be so successful would break down, hurting or starving us, and destroying much of the rest of the world.
    The interconnectedness of modern industry is shown in microcosm at the BASF chemical process center in Germany. A 10 km square of related factories, each using the products or by-products of other processes, recovering the waste heat where possible, producing a third of the fertilizer made in Germany, running on natural gas as both energy and feedstock.
    The plant has not shut down since 1953, and they warn that if they have to shut down for lack of gas, that they may not ever be able to restart the factory. Oops.
    That could be us all over, looking at the number of our factories shut down for lack of critical parts during the WuFlu panic.
    Sarah, thanks for the warning, but it may not reach the minds who need to understand what our reality is. John, at a new .net

    1. The Regime is.definitely going to try to steal the.elections..Whether they can prevent the Republicans from taking control of Congress, that’s still up in the air.
      Does it matter if instead of the Republicans gaining 75 House Seats they only gain say 10, and instead of 10 Senate seats they only gain 2 or3. So they “Win” but will have a slim enough Majority that enough squishy Mitt Romney types go along with the Regime that it’s the same old go along to get along and The Big Guy has to give Mitch McConnell part of his 10% anf nothing else changes. Then in 2024 the Republicans are wiped out because they have prostituted themselves and sold out their base. Sort of what is going to happen to the UK Tories in the next general election.
      Will people react if the Red Hurricane is nothing more than a Red Puddle? I seriously doubt it.
      If however the Regime and its tech allies in Media and election count industry manage.to overtly steal back the majority, and prevent the GOP winning in State and local offices. Will people react? Again I doubt it. And actually I don’t believe that people should.
      Because all those armed civil “servants” from the three letter agencies down to the pension review board. All of them as.well as the uniformed military, all, except for perhaps the Postal Service inspectors, are walking around with the Spike Proteins Lipid Nanoparticles and Graphene Oxides from multiple injections of a experimental mRNA “vaccine”.
      As Sun Tzu once said, When your enemy is making mistakes, don’t interfere with what he’s doing.
      Why fight them when they are strong, when in a few years they are going to be in a large part dead of Suddenly or permanently and totally disabled?

      1. Events get associated with the president in power, even if Congress is really to blame. No matter how bad things get, people are going to keep linking all of the bad stuff to Biden even if Republicans have a narrow majority in both houses.

  16. They have forgotten that the Tree must sometimes be watered. And some of us are willing to be water.

    1. Nope wrong choice Doug. This needs to go in the Patton model of making the other guy die for HIS country. We’re willing to use the other side to nourish the Tree of Liberty. breaks our hearts, but if it has to be done it has to be done 🙂 .

      1. This needs to go in the Patton model of making the other guy die for HIS country.

        In the words of John Paul Jones, “He who will not risk, cannot win.” You have to be willing to take the risk (of dying, in this case) if you want to win. If you’re not willing to do that, then the fight’s over before it even begins. Or as Rocky Balboa put it: “No, maybe I can’t win, maybe the only thing I can do is just take everything he’s got. But to beat me, he’s gonna have to kill me and to kill me, he’s gonna have to have the heart to stand in front of me, and to do that, he’s gotta be willing to die himself and I don’t know if he’s ready to do that.”

        It all comes down to the fact that the other guy gets a vote too.

        1. THIS. Not sure many have the courage to do this these days. Too much bread and circuses for far too long.

        2. Indeed the enemy gets a vote, Just my preference is in this kind of voting we cheat as much as possible like he does with paper ballots…

  17. A shadow has come over the sun
    The day that is ended had only begun.
    The fire that burns in a valiant ring
    Burns in a soul that won’t cease to sing.

    Death may come marching, as he’s wont to do
    Death may come still, for me or for you.
    Death is no friend, nor is he the foe,
    The truth goes before him, inexorable. Slow.

    The future we craft, they only destroy.
    The work of our minds and our hand they employ.
    They cannot make, nor even yet see,
    That death comes for them, without you or me.

    The Truth is their angel of grim empty fate,
    They sally against her, far, far to late.
    What comes in the future no one may see.
    Yet, truth comes also to you and to me.

    The truth holds a beacon, aloft and on high.
    Perhaps it is that freedom may die.
    Perhaps it is that freedom may live.
    Yet only in light the future may give.

    So lift high the light that Truth will yet bring.
    Sing loud the song you’re heart gives to sing.
    The future still comes, what ever it be.
    Build in the glow, whatever we see.

    1. Your words bless me on a day when I really feel the need for a blessing. Thank you.

        1. I’ve felt punk for a couple of weeks with sinus/vertigo junk, and I work for a call center and introduce myself a couple hundred times a day. So things are generally 😊. Your words are always beautiful and spot on any day of the week.

    2. If I knew less Kipling than I do, I would think that that was a piece of Kipling that I had not read.

  18. The bastards even have me humming songs from the American Revolution. And there are a lot of tree branches and lamp posts in America.

      1. A Roman general is charioting along the road, accompanied by his troops.
        As he passes the hangers-on, he eventually notices one rhythmically moving his head; the general stops the column.
        ‘Tell me what that man is doing!’ he ordered.
        A Centurion approached the foot of the cross, paused, and called out ‘I cannot hear what he says.’
        ‘Build me a ladder – I will hear for myself!’ said the general.
        Improvising, the soldiers built a ladder. The general climbed up to the top, straining to hear.
        In a faint, dry, cracking voice, the man was singing ‘I love a parade …’

      1. Do I sense a business opportunity here? Pre-tied nooses? Along with my rent-a-guillotine service? 🙂

    1. Was eating some raw peanuts yesterday and started thinking of the old song “Goober Peas” too. Some of those old songs were catchy. Battle Hymn of the Republic was too religious for me to like to sing. Did a little Civil war re-enactment in the day. We needed re-enactors on both sides of the “pretend battle”, so you had to know the songs of both sides! Most re-enactors had two uniforms. One blue and one gray. For sure, there were some artillery pieces that worked pretty well, but I don’t think they would handle an M-1 Abrams though.

        1. yes=, and neither did we, they were all sitting back in the motorpool and not allowed by the ROE.

          1. I saw what IEDs did to armor in Iraq, fortunately not first-hand. There are multiple cases of technologically-superior armies routed by “savages”.

            The question is really more about if the people controlling the tanks will drove over fellow Americans. And how many.

      1. If smart, your heroes are not fighting the tank. They fight the squishy things that get out of it to maintain the treads.

        This is why good tankers work closely with Infantry.

        Fight where the armor isn’t. The bars and whorehouses for example.

        Also note that tanks need steady streams of tanker trucks. The fuel is similar to diesel. Also ammo and food trucks. And noe of those trucks are at all armored.

  19. You were close, Sarah, but it would be better to paraphrase General Mattis:

    I am begging you, with years in my eyes, don’t f*** with us.

    There is a limit.

    Fear the man who wants to be left alone. If you make him act, he will rage because you have killed the man he was.

    1. There’s a much longer version of that man who wants to be left alone verbiage. Enough said on that here, but all that talk of lampposts and such is just howling at the moon. Brings to mind an old colloquial saying, “If wishes were horses, beggars would ride. If pigtails were watch-chains, you’d have one by your side.”

  20. All “barbarian” humor aside, I really do not want to contemplate the antics of the typical inhabitants of this forum, when their imaginative “practical jokes” become untethered from restraint or scruples. No boasting. No one-upmanship. Just silent unattributable mayhem.

    Not -yet- anyway do i want to contemplate it. Not just yet.

    And that word “scruples” will be an inflection point. When the majority of Patriots realize “the Left is driven by folks with zero scruples”, and thus ask themselves “Why am I clinging to mine?”

    That is when the wheels come off the Left’s wagon.

  21. unfortunately your appeal no matter how reasonable is just pissing in the wind. I honestly don’t think you can reach them through their mental illness…sorry

  22. “Hey, we can keep pushing, as long as they have something to lose.”
    “Yeah. You know what we should do? Systematically take it away.”

  23. I have never in my life been so coldly, murderously angry.
    My Dad went through 5 years of pancreas cancer treatments, meaning 5 years of ridiculous, worthless, disastrous abuse. It was hideous to watch and deal with.
    As I’ve said here before, the coof destroyed what was left of my Mom. The shot finally gave her a stroke and she died afterwards.

    There is something about my parents being abused that makes me forsake any rules I thought you had for proper behavior. Like, “Jesus tells me I’m not supposed to murder people…” sort of rules.

    I don’t think I can comply with my own morals at this point. Honestly. It’s surprising to me the depth of my emotion on this.

    I’ve spent much of the day reading threads and other blogs reminding me why that whole “no harm, no foul amnesty” BULLSH** and… some of it I can’t even read anymore without feeling bloody minded.

    Sarah, this was probably the “best” post you’ve ever done. This is really good. I hope they listen.

    1. A thousand cuts, a thousand lives,
      A thousand fell to silent knives.
      A cry of rage in anguish torn,
      From those now left alone to mourn.

      Hands have hid the knives away,
      And hide the truth from light of day.
      Yet, light still shines on all that’s true,
      And hearts have turned to see it new.

      The rage it boils beneath the skin,
      And noble hearts fight within.
      They fight their rage because they know
      Destruction’s edge if they let go.

      They know the cost, they know the price,
      They know the bitter sacrifice.
      Yet silent still, they come and come,
      And the line yet forms one by one.

      Yet still there is another line,
      That shines within the light divine.
      Another line of evil foes,
      That earthly vengeance doesn’t know.

      Hands reach to the grieving heart,
      To share the pain, yes every part.
      Hands of flesh and hands of light,
      That bear the tears into the night.

      Spirit now and flesh combined,
      And still the truth will hold the line.
      While wits are sharp and battled honed,
      Remember still you are not alone.

      1. Wyrdbard,

        I sincerely hope you are keeping all these marvelous verses so that you can create a Collection of Verses to Inspire Patriots.

        That would be a great service to all.

        Like the fife and drum corps of the Revolution.

        Words to Resist Tyranny by.

        1. I have been saving them, I had not yet decided what to do with them. I’ve published a few on my (sadly neglected) blog. Beyond that… I’d honestly never considered myself a serious poet until here. Poetry was something to try and set to music (which I haven’t really managed yet.) So I’ve been doing some re-thinking on the matter after the responses here.

            1. I’ll see if I have enough then. Though just from here I have about enough for a chapbook level, rather than a full collection. (a great deal of my poetry is scattered across physical notebooks so we’ll see what the final count is.)

              1. Great poems. Please publish.
                But also consider contacting a band or singer who you think might do a good job setting it to music. (Or their agent?)
                I can barely carry a tune in a bucket, and have a widely variable sense of musical timing, but I play the stereo well, and appreciate good music and emotive writing.
                Thanks, John

                1. barely carry a tune in a bucket, and have a widely variable sense of musical timing

                  I can’t do either. The musical bucket leaks. My musical timing is lousy.

                  I play the stereo well, and appreciate good music and emotive writing

                  I can do this too.

                  wyrdbard, I add my plea to John’s.

                  Thank you.

                2. Definitely thinking about it. I may talk to my sister in law. She’s a composer, and more interested in the instrumental side. She could at least get me pointed in the right direction. I’ve done some composing on my own, but very little has survived. Getting the tune down is the problem. Reading music? Yes. Copying it down by ear? even while I’m singing it? Not so much.

                  1. You might look for a modern program or freeware like the old?Cakewalk, which would /could score a played or recorded audio input, then allow it to be tweaked to get the notes on time signatures, and to alter individual notes that went flat or sharp in the audio file.

              2. Put me down for three copies, I have friends. So, yes, please do publish. When I share them, they are universally well received as a blessing.

                  1. Is there a standard? I say set your own standard. Find as many as you like and publish those.

                    1. I’m not sure. Most of the poetry market seems to be… very literary. (I probably shouldn’t be surprised) But most are running in the 150-300 page range at least on amazon. Kobo has a few that are in the 20ish range. Might be time to experiment with little books of about 40 poems.

                    2. 🙂 Well, yes. Maybe not “quick,” but with intentionality. Your adoring public is waiting.

                    3. Bows, in awe.

                      More impressive that the poems are occurring as you type them into the comments (off the cuff).

                  2. How many pages would they cover? Usually I go by word count, but then I do prose. (One poem, in Journeys And Wizardry

                    1. Just for the poems I have from this blog (not counting today’s) no front/back matter 25 pages at 5.25X8 Most of my poems fit on a single page. (This is with minimal formatting testing page sizes in Word. And a page break after each poem.)

          1. Yes, that. Some of us get stalked and mugged very occasionally by Poems Wishing To Be; yours are consistently of high quality and just. keep. coming.

            “Valley Forge Fireside Words (21st Century Edition)” — perhaps?

              1. Being sure I couldn’t actually produce the entire epic implied, I still got some of the beginning and more or less the entire ending…

                ‘Americans’ (unfinished)

                We froze and starved at Valley Forge,
                But it forged our iron right fine;
                Ragged woodsman Doodles
                ‘Gainst their fabled bright Red Line.


                We look ‘cross this broad valley
                Past where the suns just set;
                Mark the lights of yon further stars,
                Dream to catch them in our net.

                So long ago, we’d tried to stay
                Full tame and meek and mild;
                Till tyranny’s yoke chafed a mite too much,
                And set us free and bright and wild.

                Grant no bows to kings or princes,
                Swear no cozy villainies to abet,
                We’ve set our feet on to this road
                And its end’s not been in sight once yet.

                We are Americans, one and all.
                Come join us if you dare.

                (Is there a poetry equivalent of an ‘earworm’ in music? Asking for a friend…)

              2. Two quick thoughts for poets. Louis L’Amour’s first published book was a book of poems – “Smoke From the Alter”. Itn first addition it’s his rarest and VERY expensive. IIRC he self published it at a time when that wasn’t unusual. (Think Larry C and his first “Monster Hunter” book) Just sayin. . …

  24. You want election results in less than a day? Massively parallel processing. Each precinct tallies its own votes, locks and seals the ballots in case of recount of audit, and calls in the results. Add up each of those totals and viola’, (nearly) instant results.

    Mail in ballots? Only a few tallying sites, so big bottlenecks. But, necessary for convenient ballot stuffing.

    Mail in ballots – secret ballot – ballot integrity. Pick two.

  25. “And they’ll do it first, because they always believe they’re righteous and that justifies anything.”

    Why am I getting Kzinti vibes here? (“They always attack before they’re ready”) although unlike modern Leftists the Kzinti were competent warriors, even if more than a bit impulsive. 🙂

  26. I don’t think they’re going to heed your warning, Sarah. As for me, I’m going to keep my head down, pray, and look after me and mine.

      1. …and keep your powder dry (a generic caution; it covers a multitude of issues, and the Lord helps those who help themselves).

        And FWIW I tend to agree; they’re too arrogant and ignorant to heed a valid and well-intentioned warning.

        1. Wet flour doesn’t keep well. Wet baking soda clumps terribly. We will not discuss what happens to that spare sack of Quick-crete you are saving for patching the sidewalk. (I know that one personally. Don’t be me.)

          1. By “multitude of issues” I was thinking of preparations, as in “keep your clothes and weapons where you can find them in the dark” and “know how to clear stoppages in your favorite persuader”. But valid points, especially the Quick-crete (and grout), even in the AZ desert; don’t ask me how I know. 🙂

  27. Compromises in the election processes – junk-mail voting, hasty changes in election rules, and irregular activity in counting the votes; perpetrated by judges, governors and other unauthorized parties in haste in a crisis-not-to-waste – taint an election as much as bad police procedure taints courtroom evidence that leads to its exclusion … and the government, as opposed to its individual operatives, does not qualify for the presumption of innocence.

    Such compromises are all the evidence that is needed, that an election can’t be trusted The burden of proof is not on challengers to produce examples of fraud; it is on election officials to assure that no fraud – detected or undetected – has significantly impacted the results.

    This is where process matters. Adherence to logically-conceived processes that assure that:

    Only votes from eligible voters
    One vote each.
    Personally cast by each voter.

    Are accepted and accurately tabulated, meets that burden of proof. Deviations from those processes render meeting that burden of proof impossible in a system where the secret ballot (rightly) does not include identifying information once cast.

    It is the job of the government conducting an election, to prove that the election was on the up-and-up. And “because we say so” is not sufficient.

  28. “The most terrifying force of death comes from the hands of Men who Wanted to be Left Alone. They try, so very hard, to mind their own business and provide for themselves and those they love. They resist every impulse to fight back, knowing the forced and permanent change of life that will come from it. They know that the moment they fight back, their lives as they have lived them, are over. The moment the Men who wanted to be left alone are forced to fight back, it is a form of suicide. They are literally killing off who they used to be. Which is why, when forced to take up violence, these Men who wanted to be left alone, fight with unholy vengeance against those who murdered their former lives. They fight with raw hate, and a drive that cannot be fathomed by those who are merely play-acting at politics and terror. TRUE TERROR will arrive at these people’s door, and they will cry, scream, and beg for mercy… but it will fall upon the deaf ears of the Men who just wanted to be left alone.” -Unknown

    And this, folks is before we even get to American Nuremberg II. This is also a response to evil bastards like Ron Klain who presumed to issue our “last warning,” if we don’t vote the way he and his masters want us to.

    Ronnie-boy would do well to consider that one individual with a rifle can – and has – altered the course of history.

  29. My former girlfriend thought I was being dramatic when I told her, truthfully, that I was genuinely scared before the last election. When Prezzie Puddinhead was installed I told her “what I’m genuinely afraid of is that they’re going to think they got away with it.”

    I’m looking forward to Tuesday with dread b/c everytime I think the lefty lunatics have pushed it as far as they dare…they dare one more thing.

    If they try to disenfranchise the entire country -again- I’m with Sarah on this one. No one knows how big the reaction will be but it will be ugly. And I’m again afraid, as each day passes, that my beautiful Republic is at the mercy of people stupid enough to have shoved Puddinhead down our throats & think they’re in charge. God help us; because if we ever needed, then now is the time.

      1. That’s the part that freaks me out the most; the fact that they think things are going well! Of all the possible ways to read the country’s situation that has to be the most delusional. I hesitate to ascribe motivations to people. The fact is that nobody ever sees themselves as ‘the bad guy’ so unless someone says “I’m the bad guy” I just take it as given that “we just disagree” and that’s okay.

        But these assclowns seriously think a)they can act with impunity b) they’re doing toe right [moral] thing, and c) what they’re doing is working. How could we possibly expect such deluded people to make good decisions? I don’t think they’re capable of failing to escalate things.

        When I was a military policeman we were given frequent, potent, and hands-on training that included how to recognize an immoral or illegal order, and how to refuse it.

        After seeing video of cops going into churches to arrest preachers, confiscating heating fuel in a from families with children on a frozen Canadian winter night,, seeing cops here in Miami ticket people for not wearing masks on the beach…and seeing what kind of miserable political hacks now run our military with the huge-ass list of deplorables who will be mustered out of the military for refusing the poke…

        …..I have lost all faith that my beloved Army Military Police Corps will refuse immoral orders and willl (try to) arrest American citizens for thought crimes. Ditto Marines. I no longer trust anyone in the military or police to refuse to obey illegal or immoral orders.

        Blood will be shed and my heart weeps in advance.

    1. You know, you ass clowns are hilarious.
      You don’t understand why the strongly worded letter is despicable, do you?
      It’s despicable when coming from people in power.
      Yes, I saw your comment at the blog that echoed this. IT’s possible you could be dumber without being Occasional Cortex, but I don’t see HOW.
      Obviously neither Thomas nor I can do anything about this mess. Can you? Are you?
      No, as in the other blog you’re acting like a glowy — how does that polo fit — and suggesting no one vote and that we do the boog.
      BECAUSE that is what the left wants. And you’re either smart or the enemy.
      Go. Crawl back to your hole. Some of us are trying to game ahead what can be done within peaceful means.
      You are ignorant of history and what the founding fathers put up with before rebellion, or what a miracle the revolution was in resulting in something better.
      Instead you throw at us a jibe intended for the fucking government when they write “strongly worded letters instead of acting.” And you really wish we’d do something stupid so your buddies in the fed could stomp on us.
      You’re despicable. You’re the scum the scum of the Earth looks down on.
      If you were American you’d be even worse.
      But you’re just a fucking idiot.

    2. The fact that you felt forced to come here and put your idiotic eructation in my comment section says everything needed about your intellectual powers.
      Guy, supper’s on.

        1. That entire blog periodically emits a glow.
          My proof he’s lefty? He can’t meme. “Oh, a strongly worded letter” is devastating applied to a politician with real power. But applied to a blogger it’s “Yep. As it says on the tin.”
          Seriously, this is why they can’t meme. They know our zingers land, but they don’t know WHY.

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