Jiggity JIG

Jiggity Jig, home again.

The Chicago Boyz “do” was interesting and fun. It gave me ideas for things to do to (with) the Huns in a series of weekend get togethers, in various localles, when things are a leetle (truly, just a little) more settled, and we’re past this winter, just in case this winter is… interesting in the wrong ways.

I’ll add it’s very weird to find myself a celebrity.

Also, I forgot my authenticator dongle, so I couldn’t get into the book promo email (in case you wondered why I hadn’t posted today, other than being on the road and in and out of internet range most of the livelong day.)

So, promo post tomorrow.

Sorry for leaving you so long on your own.

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  1. Sorry for leaving you so long on your own.

    Well, we survived. Barely. [Very Very Big Crazy Grin]

  2. In our defense, we were left unsupervised.

    Uncle Richelieu gave me my GOJF doc, saying “It is by my order and for the good of the state that the bearer of this has done what he has done.”

      1. I’ll have to check with Lyudmila Putina, though what this has to do with fries and gravy and cheese curds I do not know.

  3. The pink elephants and blue mice were pre-occupied with the bonbons, to the aardvark’s delight.

    1. Jasini, she KNOWS us, which is why she knows better…..

      “I got friends in low places……” 😎

  4. Welcome back Ms. Hoyt. We missed you. Like what we’ve done with the place?

    (Sorry, was just too tempting to pass up the opportunity 🙂 )

    Sounds like a good time was had.

  5. Paypal’s new $2500 penalty has me worried about supporting conservative sites using that service. I donate to several conservative sites and this policy is of concern since these woke financial companies are becoming so unethical. I’m seriously considering cancelling my Paypal account.

    Are there other payment sites that we could use to donate to your site?

    Don Horne


        1. The feline has already escaped the haversack and absconded with the goodies forthwith. No rubes we, knowing the recent and not-so-recent past, it would behoove us to punish such behavior in a matter in accordance with the insult given, i.e., cease to patronize those that seek to patronize us.

      1. I think they can claim cover from the various user agreements, with the latest one apparently a modification to the draconian one that was already in place.

        Whether they’d be immune from a massive civil judgement is not clear, but I’d save a large amount of popcorn when the things get filed. SHTF moment, I’d think.

        1. They wouldn’t, truly because it’s “At paypal’s sole discretion” in the end which means “I can steal from you whenever I want to” THAT’s not legal.

        2. Leonine contract. Also known as an unconscionable adhesion contract.

          Mind you, the lawyers would be busy.

        1. “Paypal Has Made accounts hard to close” makes it sound like PP just changed this. I used PP Once a few years ago. For what I was doing I could not use a “Guest” option, so made the account. Made the payment with a CC. Once knew payment went through (cleared, did not take long), tried to delete the PP account, as I learned of alternative method to make payment to the entity. Could not figure out how to do so. 100% did remove the CC from the account. CC in question has since date expired, CC #, and the verification code, changed. Haven’t used PP since. I think I got a “we will delete the PP account for non-use if you do not indicate account is active” email. Since I did/do not want the account active, let it die that way. FYI. Given them not surprised they are pulling this. If they did not inactive, or delete the account, try to charge against it, not only a police report, but I’ll deny the charge to the CC company, with prejudice (I monitor CC’s like a mother hen who knows the fox, snake, racoon, and possum, are in the chicken coop).

          1. > ““Paypal Has Made accounts hard to close” makes it sound like PP just changed this.”

            I have an e-mail from them acknowledging that I ordered them to delete my account and my data two days ago. They haven’t actually done it yet, but I have a paper trail if I need it in court.

            Just to be safe, though… I need to withdraw some cash from my bank soon anyway, so I think I’ll go in and tell them to cut off PayPal from their side.

            1. Yes. I just closed the PP account too. Got the same letter. Used it once in 2019. Based on the notices got when logged in, no account OR CC attached to the PP account. What I remember is I used the CC and declined to permanently attach it to the account. Foresight? Paranoia? Couldn’t be bothered? All 3? Yep, all 3 is the winner. Canceling wasn’t difficult, did have to use search option to get a link to do so, then a lot of “Yes, Delete it, Already. Dang it.” Clicks (, okay “Already. Dang it” was me muttering … still applies.

      2. I have an account with PayPal but it has no money in it- just my credit card which I use to pay various vendors. If they don’t like what I say, can they charge my CC?

      3. I have an account with PayPal but it has no money in it- just my credit card which I use to pay various vendors. If they don’t like what I say, can they charge my CC?

    1. I set up a PayPal account loooooong ago, and never used it. Probably gone the way of the dinosaurs by now.

      What do I always say, about businesses that do stupid things going out of business? We can only hope.
      Procrastinators Anonymous
      Next meeting: Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Tuesday Soon
      Don’t be late!

      1. When I was at Flat State U, someone put a sign up next to all the dozens of other campus club meeting signs. Said sign read: the Procrastinators Anonymous meeting scheduled for Tuesday night has been postponed.

        The sign stayed up for at least a month before someone official removed it.

    2. My daughter and I are going to go with Square, for processing card sales when we do markets. We’re thinking that our customers won’t touch PayPal with a twenty-foot pole, after this, and we’d hate to miss out on sales. I don’t think I will delete Paypal just yet, but I definitely won’t leave any money there.

    1. Two factor authentication. Some allow you to prove you is who you is by text, others want a USB. It’s a form of extra security in an increasingly insecure world.

        1. Well, private business from home.

          Would that really be personal, or would it be work?

    2. I had a primitive version in the early ’90s or so. IIRC, it was a keyfob sized thing with an embedded clock. A press of the sole button would generate a random-looking number that was good for several seconds to a minute, and I’d have to key in that number to establish the login.

      (Work via dialup at HP in that era was pretty arcane. One version entailed logging into a gateway, then hanging up. The gateway would call me back and my modem was expected to be in autoanswer mode. Problems with this method were obvious, but missed by the admin people. As memory serves this was after TPTB banned unofficial dialup modems hanging on work computers. “Security? You expect this little cluster to have security?” Sneaker net was less of a hassle. The not-so good times.)

      1. We were still using those “Key Generating Authentication Dongles” in 2016 (through January anyway, since I retired the last day of the month) for six client VPN logins. It was a PIA. Long case sensitive alphanumeric keys, difficult to get right in the time allowed. I type and then verify. Either would be in the middle of verification before hitting “Okay” when timed out, or I’d type it in wrong. Um. I was Not getting paid for my keyboarding skills ….

      2. The Reader read a lot of work emails on his Skytel pager while on the road in the 90’s. The Great Big Defense Contractors solution for remote access worked about that well. No one in IT ever cottoned to the fact that we could write rules in Outlook to forward the emails we needed outside the firewall to our Skytel pagers. Eventually they were replaced with Blackberrys.

  6. No worries, Sarah. Nothing really exciting happened this weekend. And only two mildly exciting things, neither of which required more than the usual HAZMAT equipment for tidying up.

    It was nothing like the last time Jeff had to reset the espresso machine/coffee maker. Or when Wyldcat had the little problem with the lid on the can of plaid paint.

    1. The aardvark says that the Halon extinguisher refills will be here Friday. Experiments with Fluffy carrying the fire retardant dispenser were not successful.

  7. And apropos of absolutely nothing, I am going to have to find a way to work this into the next Familiar Generations book:

  8. Glad that you had fun with the C-Boyz! A bunch of us contributors had a meet-up a couple of years ago in Austin, and it was a far-out wiggy blast!

          1. Oh, nothing, nothing…

            I mean, you might want to stay away from the pool for a while, but, really, it’s nothing to be concerned about…we’ll have it back in its cage before you know it.

                1. Umm, I forget – which of that pair was on the leash, and which was holding the leash? Got a little hectic there, with all the splashing and explosionspretty lights.

  9. None of it is my fault. Absolutely none.

    You see, the alternet-local-rag had an article on SmallCity Animal Shelter being overfull, so we did our part by bringing home one Rocket. She is of unknown ancestry, about half a year old, very high energy pupper, and Tru the resident void kitteh is Most Highly Displeased.
    Rocket: Yip! Yip!
    Tru: Hsssssss!

    Sorry, Rocket, Tru does not want to play.

    So, you see, none of the . . . er, changes . . . to the Diner are MY fault: I am mediating cat and dog living together.

    1. We lost one (semi-elderly) in Dec 2016. Early March brought home a 4#, 5 or 6 week puppy. She was chilling in her new bed when our 4 year old cat came sauntering by. He stopped. Sniffed at her. I swear his whole body language was “you Did WHAT!” He was somewhat mollified when he realized that said puppy, at least outside, trailed a long line on the ground. Plus, at least for months, she was smaller than he was. Dog grew up knowing she could herd cats; she can’t, she really can not, she tries.

  10. Don’t worry about the bags of salt. We’re just storing them for when the time comes to salt the earth where Marxism once stood.

        1. Hallways? I think I want a sink and a stove to make pickles.

          Limes are for margaritas. Or just to season the tequila.

          1. Not limes — lime. As in, quicklime. For tidy disposal of certain — organic residues you wouldn’t want to leave lying about where they might draw attention. And flies.

        2. I had assumed they were bags of rock salt and pickling lime, actually. And that it might be the solution to disposing of all the baskets of cucumbers someone donated to the pool party. Or was it zucchini?

  11. I have been noticing …

    So, this place has some number of Authors, who have Interesting Observations. Some of those are Author-things, and many are not.

    And I am not an author, merely the complement, a Reader.

    And I discover that I am reading, fiction at least, and looking at Techniques and Gadgets and Tropes authors use to Accomplish Their Objectives – and it’s making me Grumpy. (I used to be more Happy or Doc.)

    Darnit, I don’t want to notice the bones! I find the stories Less Enjoyable when I notice the bones.

    1. I regret to say that once your eyes are opened, you will never go back.

      It is one side effect of writing, and probably even worse than casual reading about writing.

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