Did Anyone Get That Truck’s License Number?

’cause I’m fairly sure I was run over.

I have some kind of cold “thing.” Yes, if it persists will get checked. Yes, I’m aware that if it is the Chinese plague, although it’s now mostly inoffensive it can — rarely and weirdly — take a fatal turn in some individuals. As someone who almost died of “just a cold” at 33, I suspect this happens with other respiratory illnesses, too.

So, it being I’m almost 60, I’m not taking it cavalierly. IF I’m not well by Monday, I’ll have to get a wuflu test and, if positive, even if massively unreliable, cancel thing in KC next weekend. I’m very much hoping I don’t have to do that.

The main symptom, other than very mild congestion and fever is that I am EXHAUSTED. While I can force myself to sort of function — I just uploaded all versions of Darkship Renegades* and am now in the “When does Amazon send back fighting words?” phase — it’s a lot of effort. To the point that it took me like 3 hours to brave myself to take a shower. It seemed like a really STEEP mountain to climb.

So while waiting for Amazon to get ugly, I’m going to take a nap. There will PROBABLY be a real post later, but I don’t know how much later. Could very well be this evening, because SO TIRED.

Depends on how annoying Amazon gets.

Also, no didn’t forget to send out electronic rewards. I will be (slowly) working on it starting probably tomorrow. I THINK if I send them out in small batches I can not trigger the “We’re going to brick your email, you evil spammer.” We’ll see. If it fails, we’ll have to get WAY more creative.

Now I go zzzz for an hour or so. If you catch the truck, get me the plate number.

167 thoughts on “Did Anyone Get That Truck’s License Number?

    1. IIRC our hostess admitted to being a member of the BiPAP/CPAP community. Some of the newer units supposedly have O2 monitor capability (mine doesn’t.)

      1. The classic finger pulse oximeter can be had at most drug stores or walmart. They run $10-12. If you’re prone to pulmonary issues they are a nice thing to have to give warning that your lungs maybe aren’t doing what they ought well before it is clear from how you feel.

        1. I got one of those way back in April 2020, and when I had Covid a couple of months ago (I’ve had the original two shots but no boosters) my levels never went below 94. For me the signifying symptom was a high fever.

          1. I, unfortunately, went at least six months with regularly seeing my O2 levels drop below 80 several times throughout the night. I have no idea how many brain cells got ‘pruned’ because of that. Spouse says that I went from being practically a zombie to normal in like 3 days after I went on the machine.

              1. Ouch. Like Mike, I was turning into a zombie before my sleep apnea was treated, but it wasn’t quite as bad as your situation. Within a week of treatment I was almost back to normal.

    1. Yes, Sarah, take care of yourself and feel better. Us Huns promise not to trash the place; see, not even crossing fingers behind the back 🙂

        1. Can’t hurt to take a Vitamin D “overdose” and Zinc. When I had the wu flu, my doctor said take about 10,000 units of D at once (one-time only) and extra zinc tablets (be careful on stomach) . Follow up with normal D suplement and zinc the next days… Was lucky I had the HCQ at day three too. Not sure it helped, but that was the best medical advice I was given.

  1. Sorry to hear you are under the weather. I’m 74. I came down with ‘a cold’ after my bro arrived via a flight and he had a ‘cold.’ Took me about two weeks to get over it. And yeah, you can’t help but wonder if… WuFlu. My bro got all the vaccines; I’ve had none. He got over his ‘cold’ and I got over mine. I do recommend Vitamin C, D3, and zinc. Lots of it, and oceans of fluids. Best!

    1. Balanced diet, plenty of fluids, good rest, and, like Dr P used to say, expensive urine (vitamins) are usually the best prescription for colds and the flu.

  2. My prior experience, if it’s omicron, the lung taffy will have a salty taste to it. Otherwise, for me it’s a cold or flu.

    The covid kill thing seems to be that the lung taffy puts the system under a ton of stress that persists for about a week after the primary infection is gone, so even when you’re done with the bug, your lungs are still gooed up and need another week to clean out.

    So keep your inhaler handy, and watch your blood oxygen and blood pressure for a week or so after primary symptoms get done.

    1. Were I work we had a bit of a running not-quite joke here. If your spouse days “I think it’s time to go to the emergency room,” the answer is always “Yes dear.”

      As I said, it’s not entirely a joke.

      1. /sigh
        Guilty as charged.
        Spouse knows that if I mumble something about maybe seeing someone in urgent care, she says, “Put your shoes on, we’re going NOW. And you’re not driving.”

        1. every time I’ve been seriously ill the process to get to the hospital passes by “Dan throws me in back of car and drives.”
          when I passed out in shower almost six years ago and had some kind of stroke event, he didn’t let me rinse off the soap!

          1. Back in Summer 2019, after fights with our respective mothers, a childhood friend and I made a pact that we won’t argue with our kids if they say “You need to go to the ER.” We aren’t raising them to be hypochondriacs. So mine know to invoke “You promised Tuffy” and hers knows to invoke “You promised Holly”.

            June 2019? My mom had a stroke, she’s fine. Her mom had pneumonia, she’s fine. Both of them needed the ER, and mine got a free helicopter ride. (Free? Yes. Dad had already hit their combined out of pocket, and was five days into a two week hospital followed by two weeks rehab stay. I think BCBS rejoiced when Mom retired two years later.)

        2. It’s amazing how parents who teach you that the correct answer to “Should I go to the ER?” is “YES!” may nevertheless talk about maybe they should go.

        3. Spouse goes from. “I’m fine,” to, “I’m not feeling well,” straight to, “I need to go to the emergency room.”

      2. Our family joke is that “yes, dear” is the answer to everything– the amount of sarcasm that can be fit in those two little words, though!

  3. My cousin said she believes she had wuflu last year and the primary symptom for her was fatigue. So rest up and take care. And Vitamin D can’t hurt.
    We’re one sand dune away from the Atlantic in VA and it’s getting….interesting. no rain yet but I think the “wind gusts of over 40 mph, ” predicted may be a tad higher. The only things on the beach (other than us, with binoculars and camera) were gulls and terns, and we left them to it.

    1. Take care. Ian’s track has been creeping to the northeast slowly but steadily. The Reader is still not very worried here west of Richmond but he would be twitching if in VA Beach or the Outer Banks.

      1. Methinks I need to double-check the track. Last I knew it was about Charleston, SC -> north of Charlotte -> Virginia mountains (rain out).
        And 4 to 6 inches rain here; we’re still pretty dry so four inches in a day probably won’t hurt and 40 mph winds aren’t bad if I put a couple of things away.

        (Looks again at the 2pm forecast 2 to 4 inches of rain for a lot of North Carolina.)

    2. What you say about rest if critical. I’ve had two respiratory infections (one WuFlu, the other not), and for BOTH, rest is critical. Not until I spent the better part of two days in bed did either one finally turn the tide.

  4. carlmelcher1 commented above about “lots of zinc”. It’s possible to do too much – zinc competes with copper which is needed in trace amounts for some enzymes.

    1. I’ve been expecting it to go a bit to sea and then rip the Outer Banks, like most storms do. We haven’t been told to evacuate yet, so we’ll see.

  5. Please take care of yourself Sarah! I second the zinc, D3 and would add quercetin. Also, yes, listen to Dan!

    Everyone in Ian’s potential path, stay safe!

  6. Two weeks of feeling “funny” (Not ha-ha) and exhausted in winter 2019, was probably Commie ‘Flu’. Take care, and take it as easily as you can stand.

        1. Err…

          Pushes articles about Nordstream under the rug


          Apparently, undersea NG pipelines need a lot of maintenance to mitigate sea water corroding the seals enough to leak small amounts of water in.

          Apparently, you want to keep the NG moving to sustain processes that remove water from it.

          Apparently, water in NG is very bad, because of the formation of methane hydrates.

          Apparently, dealing with methane hydrates in pipes can be difficult.

          (Note: I read Lawdog’s blog post. It sounds physically plausible to me. But, I do /not/ have any real knowledge of my own.)

            1. Yuuuup.

              When I read Lawdog’s thing, I thought “I know about this stuff, why do I not have it integrated into an understanding of the engineering he describes?”

              Because I read about it in a fantasy novel, and had /not/ connected with any engineering problems.

              Which lead me to “Yeah, Avatar missed a lot of opportunities for a real description of interesting engineering in that setting. I continue to find Korra, as well as much of Aang’s book of fire, disappointing.”

          1. For those interested, Lawdog’s post is HERE.

            I find the idea that the pipeline rupture was caused by Russian corruption and incompetence quite plausible.

            If you claim it was sabotage, you have to explain who did it, why they did it, how they did it, why they did it at that time, why they planted explosives on a pipeline in the middle of a heavily trafficked sea route when there were much less obtrusive places to put them, and how they managed not to be detected.

            If it was an industrial disaster, the locations make much more sense. You’d expect any damage to the pipelines to be where a lot of ships pass over them.

            1. In theory, in heavy traffic, no one is asking you ‘why are you out here, in the middle of no where?’ In theory, you could just drop something over the side.

              In practice, I think one would be lucky to drop something over the side, and have it land right there.

              OTOH, it seems like ordinary traffic would be most likely to cause such damage if they were dragging anchor chains, or something, across the pipe. Which kinda seems stupid and pointless.

              Though, that could be a way to do it. Quietly have ‘your flag’ vessels scrape the pipes with chains until the thing fails. But, there would be no way to control the timing.

              17 hours later could be a freakish coincidence in timing.

              Timing makes most sense to me with the methane hydrate.

  7. Colds can kill you. The coof can be ugly, even if it isn’t on the way to killing you.
    This is a test, and selfishly, I want you to pass it by taking excellent care of your physical body.

    Everything else can wait.

    (Drstellamd.com and the Zelenko Protocol are both very helpful with information.)

    1. Colds, Flu, Commie Flu, Whooping Cough, all can kill, even the latter adults. So, yea. A lot of reasons why last January I did not head for emergency clinic. With a fever of 104, at times, and probably higher, I’d probably ended up in the hospital, with breathing help I probably did not need. Probably almost addicted to NyQuil after two weeks, but I could breath (started in lungs, worked it’s way up after 10 days).

      1. For adults 104 is nothing to mess with. But if the chance of being put on a ventilator was more than minimal I’d probably have hesitated too; from what I’ve read a fairly significant number of patients have been harmed, some ultimately so, by improperly-used ventilators during the WuFlu panic.

        1. Yeah, a lot of people seem to have gone straight from ventilators to the morgue. Especially those from nursing homes. Hmmm…

          Conspiracy theories? Moi? Perish the thought!
          ‘Kindle’ is a rather problematic name for a book reader. It’s like naming a dam ‘Erosion’, or calling a bridge ‘Structural Failure’.

        2. I know. I got a big lecture (okay, nurse and doctor yelled at me) at 19 showing up with a 104 fever. That time it was Strep Throat with tonsillitis … came on fast too. I was fine that morning. Was not fine by the time off work, stopped to check on dog, feed and water her, make sure she’d be okay with neighbor checking on her, drove to ER. Got thrown in the hospital too (out next morning, with mom’s interference). Mom picked me up, with younger sister in tow (needed a driver for my car). We went got dog, packed. We (dog and I) were packed off to grandma’s for a week (do nothing OR ELSE). It was two weeks before I was medically released to go back to work, and then had to work in the office another week before final release for field work. Used up all my accrued to-date sick leave, and most the season’s accrued vacation. (Parent insurance paid the hospital, eventually. Springing me out of the hospital came under “She may not have insurance.”)

        1. I ever get that bad? Just shoot me. NyQuil is nasty stuff. If I have to I can take the dang horse pills, but the liquid stuff “works better/faster”.

          1. The Reader recommends 18 year old scotch instead of NyQuil. The Reader is fond of bourbon but has found over the years that it doesn’t substitute for NyQuil. After much experimentation he found that expensive scotch does. Amazing what you learn when you have multiple respiratory bugs a year.

          2. It’s the worst. I’d almost rather hit the rum and lime juice, and I don’t drink anymore. There’s a cherry cough syrup memory embedded deep in my soul that makes anything even remotely cherry-tasting off limits. For gag reasons.

            1. I have no idea what hard alcohol is in the house (I don’t drink it, probably why NyQuil is so nasty to me). I also do not use the cherry flavored NyQuil for the same reason you do, gag reflexes won’t let me.

              1. Cherry Jolly Ranchers always remind me unpleasantly of medicines from childhood, though not enough for a gag reflex. Oddly, much as the grape ones remind me of some other meds, it isn’t unpleasant.

            2. Just visited an Oregon distillery near Coos Bay, Still Wagon. Bought a very interesting cranberry rum which seems like pleasant medicine. Very tart, intense cranberry; some might need a mixer with a bit of sugar.

              Little of my scotch is 18 years old, mostly 12-15.

            1. He is not wrong. “May cause drowsiness?” How about “Take next to your bed because you will just fall down on bed and sleep”. I don’t quite go into a coma. After all after 4 – 6 hours have to rouse enough to take the next dose. Being able to breath? Priceless. Oh. I pay for it later when the crud starts breaking up, and draining. Worth it.

              1. I had a friend with a reversed metabolism. NyQuil would have him bouncing off the walls, but give him a shot of Jolt soda and he was snoring in fifteen minutes.

                1. To be fair, Jolt Soda would do the same to me. Oh, bouncing off the walls for about 15-30 minutes, but the crash the second half hour, epic. Reactive Hypoglycemia, emphasis on Hypoglycemia, does that.

                  1. I always thought that it was a joke.

                    Then I took a baby benadryl while I was pregnant, to try to clear up some nose issues…. eight hours later, I woke back up…..

                1. OMG. 100%


                  Son is allergic to bug bites, way worse than I am (and to be honest being overweight partly protects me, now). The recommended “treatment” … Got it in one Benadryl. He works with drills and saws, he cannot be sleepy. As a infant/toddler Benadryl just made him sleepy. What are sleepy infants and toddlers? Right … Already cranky unreasonable due to the pain of the infected (always happened) bites, = more cranky unreasonable infant/toddler, at least until actually put to sleep. There are topical options that can help. Mostly he has to just endure until physicians issue antibiotics (no scratching required for infections). I keep tubes of Neosporin cream to use topically on bites for both of us. Sometimes it helps a lot, sometimes it just makes the process tolerable.

                  1. My mom always had knockoff-antihistamines that were crushed and put in tribac (Vaseline would’ve worked, but we always had some type of neosporin.)

        1. Nyquil hasn’t had alcohol in it for a while; too many teenagers allegedly buying it to get drunk and then ODing on all the OTHER things in it.

  8. Today is the feast of St. Michael and All Angels. Everyone so inclined, go smite an evil spirit that deserves it. [Spiritual evil, not That One Guy who fills the dumpster ten minutes after the garbage truck vanishes into the distance]

    1. You know that could be construed as a call to blast half the population of Washington DC, don’t you? I’d not be surprised in half the legislature, and most of the executive, had a direct line from Screwtape, or were outright infected with his minions.

      1. Yes?

        O glorious prince St. Michael,
        chief and commander of the heavenly hosts,
        guardian of souls, vanquisher of rebel spirits,
        servant in the house of the Divine King
        and our admirable conductor,
        you who shine with excellence
        and superhuman virtue deliver us from all evil,
        who turn to you with confidence
        and enable us by your gracious protection
        to serve God more and more faithfully every day.

    2. St. Michael the Archangel,
      defend us in battle.
      Be our defense against the wickedness and snares of the Devil.
      May God rebuke him, we humbly pray,
      and do you,
      O Prince of the heavenly hosts,
      by the power of God,
      thrust into hell Satan,
      and all the evil spirits,
      who prowl about the world
      seeking the ruin of souls. Amen

      1. No, alas. Which reminds me, now that we are down to onece-per-week trash collection, I need to get Athena’s litter box OUT. Way out. Like end of the block out. (I do not like the pre-shredded litter Dad found. It was the only kind available for a while. It . . . is less than optimum with a feline of higher-than-average throughput.)

  9. Feel better soon from me and the kitties! If one or more cooperates, especially after the trauma of bringing people in to clear out some things, I’ll post a picture in one of the usual spots!

  10. Zinc, vit D, and if it is the China crap get Iv*****tin or Paxlovid (i have a friend in his 70s who got that the other week, said it helped him get better.

  11. Well, the stock market took another big dump today. The Dow, S&P 500 and NASDAQ are all lower than the day the FICUS was installed. Gas is up 70¢ in less than 2 weeks. The Nordstream pipelines have been bombed, Russians are fleeing Putin’s military draft, and China’s various crises seem to be finally coming home to roost.

    How is the Biden* Regime going to spin this? “Don’t worry, everything is fine. It’s all Trump’s fault! Those Eeevul MAGA Republican Extremists! Parents at school board meetings! Call up the Stormtroopers!”
    They’re the Experts! They only sound stupid to you because you’re not as Educated as they are.

    1. Gas up $0.70? Heck locally it is up $1, between Friday and Monday. We were sub $4.00 ($3.999). Now it is $5.00 ($4.999).

      1. Constantly shaking hands with the Invisible Man is perfectly normal, don’t’cha know…

        Best line: “Joe Biden has always been stupid, he’s just getting better at it.”

    2. They’re not going to spin it. They’re going to make sure it’s not widely covered.

      None of this has affected the rich suburban wine moms yet, though I’m starting to see very ominous signs around the lap top class. We haven’t had a white collar recession since 1991/92. Things will get ugly. Very fast if the gentry begins to hurt.

      I feel like Cato the Elder with this, but things are bad, very bad. Probably worse than the pessimists think it is. We saw the beginnings of a capitulation this morning but it didn’t follow through, which argues that the markets still have a long way to go down still.

      The press has been all over the UK, but Japan is worse and Germany may well be a dead man walking. China is still China and things there are really, really bad.

      The only thing that is giving me hope is Bob Farrell’s Rule #9 “when all the experts and forecasts agree — something else is going to happen.” Everyone on the street is expecting and prepared for Armageddon — not the academic economists, the pro’s. Let’s hope that different is better.

    3. On the plus side of the down market…

      If you are socking away for the future, 401k etc, this is a serious bargain buy opportunity.

      If you have 10+ years to go, buy more.

      1. LOL.

        I remember when IBM tanked. Hubby bought more (my response was “You did WHAT!!!!“). In the end, by the time the stock had come back, split a number of times, our cost basis was something like $10. That didn’t count the dividend and the number of times he sold covered sell calls above the current price. Staggered calls so some probably would be called away (higher call payment received) to high enough that the odds of it being called away was less. Less money the higher the call price sold. But then still owned the stock to sell again. All Tax Free … at least until money is pulled out of the IRA accounts the stock is in. Did that with the IP stock I had too (a huge percentage of that was company 401(k) matching, back when that was still available/legal). All the IP stock has been called away (he let it get called away when they stopped/drastically-shortened the dividend; there was 1k shares). Not sure the status of IBM.

        Don’t get me wrong. We’ve had some spectacular failures with stock, especially as we were learning to navigate the process. Learned that we cannot discuss whatever to death. He does what he does. I am generally aware what is happening, but rarely interfere. He rarely asks for my input. Two exceptions. Percon (didn’t have financial insider information other than I worked there in Engineering), we already had my stock options (mostly pending, not vested), and matching 401(k) (am I dating myself?). My response was “Whatever you think is best.” He bought more in the outside accounts, sold calls. 6 full years later it paid off. PSC bought Percon. Same question. My answer was “No. No way in hell. Do not do.” Note, PSC was offering stock at discount to employees. We did not participate. BIL did invest (without the discount option) but he plays different than we do, actually was in and out, made money, before the troubles became obvious whether you worked there or not. (Note, until I got RIF’d, even with the cuts, I thought I was safe. So did my co-engineers. Shows you what inside information I did not have. To be fair, our department, understaffed, all figured we were safe. Does not count when the order is cut 20% staff, no option. That meant “not an hardware embedded software engineer?” You are out.)

  12. Good friends , both of ‘ a certain age’ , got covid about a month ago . Mostly mild and fluish symptoms, but they are still very low on energy. Every day they try to at least get up and walk a little, but it is slow to recover from.
    I also agree about the oximeter. I have two – one for home and one for travel.

    1. This week appears to be the third ‘echo’ of the Covid the Reader caught at the end of May. Each one has been a multiday but low level migraine, sinus drip and pressure and general lethargy. Today was a little better than the last couple but still not 100%.

  13. First time I had wuflu it was extremely mild: no cough, no fever, no fatigue, just lost taste smell for a year to year and a half. Second time, none of the above but very fatigued. Started treating with topical Ivermectin and felt a lot better, then wife talked me into getting an antibody infusion. Big mistake: it knocked me down for 3 days. Long term effect since then is I’m very prone to dropping things with my left hand. Latest time was a $500 piece of lab glassware at work. If you can’t get Ivermectin, America’s Frontline Doctors were recommending: Black Seed Oil 2000mg | 120 Softgel Capsules | Cold Pressed Nigella Sativa Pills | Non-GMO, Gluten Free | by Horbaach https://a.co/d/94yqg9a as a replacement in conjunction with zinc and vitamin d3. I take the latter 2 daily anyway.

    Watch anything affecting your lungs very closely and take care. I survived pneumonia 15-20 years ago by couging/hacking up 2+ cups of phlegm in the toilet every 2hrs. Don’t let it get that far.

  14. Mom was traveling in Italy and had to cut the Med cruise off as she came down with the CCP
    Sino Wuhan Middle Kingdom Lung Rot. She flew to Atlanta and middle sis and her Hubby got her, and were waiting for her Luggage to arrive (it didn’t make the same trip, having its own adventures)
    Sis isn’t in panic mode, so Mom must be doing alright. She and Dad got the poke as they had to have it for his cancer treatments, but Ma didn’t go for any of the boosters.
    Goos luck with whatever it is you have. The main flu this year is a nasty one, and some non-flu illnesses are also on the harsh side. Boss at work had a non-flu-not-Commiecough that was bad enough, but the older fella (61) at the Foam Dept, had “Something” (doc tested for much but never got a positive) and missed nearly 2 weeks.

  15. I had SARS-2 last week. Symptoms were mild flu-like, but persisted longer than a normal flu. Lingering annoyances in the throat (not soreness) and nose (not stuffed) right now.

    If you think it’s possible you’ve got it, there’s no harm in getting a test. It’s “free” after all. And you get results within a day or two. Doesn’t hurt to know for sure if you have it

  16. For heaven’s sake, do the FLCCC protocol. Get the Ivm and hcq and the sinus rinse (wines saline if you can’t find iodine) and mouthwash and vitamins. Hurry! You’ll feel better no matter what it is.

  17. Lots of non-CCP Virus respiratory infections going around right now; just getting over one myself that has persisted for a while.

    1. Yep! Out here we’ve got “the fall crud,” allergies raises paw, then covers nose and mouth as sneezes, and a little WuFloo, too. Mostly allergies, since we have not had rain to wash all the gunk out of the air.

  18. Am I stating the obvious to suggest using the CPAP for extra O2 even while awake? And don’t fight the need to rest.

          1. LOL 😆

            By the way, I posted about Darkship Renegades on the Facebook Diner.

            Didn’t think you wanted it posted on the Diner conference on Baen’s Bar.

      1. For that matter, nothing of serious military significance here (that I’ve ever heard of – can’t discount Sooper Seekrit things), just a couple National Guard fighter bases in Portland and Klamath Falls. Given I’m a couple hundred miles from either, not even much direct fallout from an unlikely hit.

        Then again, it’s either Russian missile maintenance or Nork kluges we most likely can expect, so who knows where the birds would land.

        Compared to that speculation, needing a nap every day – needing, unavoidable, cannot function at all – seems pretty upbeat.

        1. Alas, we are only 130 miles south of Portland. 180 miles NW of K Falls. Unfortunately the prevailing winds blows everything, including radiation south along the I-5 corridor. K Falls, well it is on the other side of the mountains …

      2. I feel for all the folks who have lived for years in bright, comfortable double-wides down near the water. A lot of them now have vacant lots, and only Himself knows where their possessions went.

        1. I agree. Most have escaped from somewhere else. Presumption is home is setup to weather the hurricanes. Then lose everything.

  19. Take care, Sarah. I haven’t got anything to recommend that hasn’t already been stated above, except maybe some music. Can’t miss with Vivaldi. Saint-Saëns might work, too. And don’t overlook Fauré.

    Arm punch

  20. I have had “something” for 5 days now. I feel like I’ve been in a boxing match, I have body aches and chills. But my fever only runs 99-100 just enough to be a fever. Last night I found out what happens if you take two Benadryl and a dose of Nyquil. They work together to be extra strong. The internet says not to do this. But, it also says that as both are low-dose over the counter and only last 4-6 hours it is only a “strongly recommend against” and not a “DO NOT DO THIS” It was an interesting experience. I was totally effed up, but at the same time sort of hyper aware of how effed up I was and could not sleep at all for awhile. I also have a low tolerance for stuff to begin with. I’ve never used alcohol or any form of illicit narcotic because I do have an addictive personality and don’t want to risk it. I keep my addictions to the plastic crack in the form of Warhammer 40k and Lego.

    1. two Benadryl and a dose of NyQuil

      Oh. Heck no. I’m leery about taking NyQuil with Tylenol, Advil, or Aleve. I mean any of the combo with PM on it with NyQuil would be in the not good category, but the regular stuff is suppose to be fine. But unless I’m really bad, I stagger the different substances doses. I have low tolerance too.

        1. Benadryl is a big old strong sedative for a good chunk of people, and that chunk gets larger as people get older. And that is without Nyquil involved.

          Be careful, lest you join the “24 hours asleep” club. Do not recommend it.

          1. There also seems to be some evidence massive, regular use of benadryl may be connected to dementia. (Things like taking the maximum dose every day for three months at a time). Makes me leery of using it at all.

  21. Meanwhile, Ian is here. Trailer rocking a bit, but we have power, we’re dry, business as usual. Just supposed to be raining all day.

  22. It was interesting driving about yesterday, how the damage levels changed with only a twenty mile drive. We had small branches blown about, one house shared its shingles with the neighborhood. Two cities over, five foot across oaks went down. Hopefully you’re more towards my area.

    1. Well, that’s what a hurricane is, after all — a big windy rainstorm. It’s just a matter of degree… 😀
      It’s dark here. You are likely to be eaten by a Grue.

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