Sorry And A Sad Announcement

As you probably noticed, I didn’t put up a promo post today. Mostly on account of taking a lot of unscheduled naps today. (I blame the cats for this. Havey kept pinning me down and not letting me move.)

I’m now thinking I’ll do the promo this coming Sunday. I always hate to do that, because sometimes people have promos. So, if you have a promo that expires before Sunday, ping me on Discord, or FB or even in my real email (not the promo email) and tell me, and I’ll figure out something.

On – I think, it’s all a blurr since Wednesday — Thursday night, I received sad news.

The King is dead.

King Harv, of King Harv Coffees, which by and large power this blog, passed away from complications of COVID.

You know, the woo flu while generally at this point about the same danger as the flu had the ability to cause more “What the heck?” deaths than any other respiratory infection, it seems. Or maybe it’s because we’re paying closer attention, and this happens with other viruses too. I just know that while for most people it’s a non-event, and a mild to severe flu, some people seem to become very very ill to an amazing degree. We almost lost one of my ducttape-family who is in his late thirties last year. And I lost half a dozen friends around my age, while people much older and in worse shape survived.

Anyway, the Chinese plague claimed a great coffee artist — seriously, since they started sending me coffee, I can no longer return to my “broke days” habit of just buying some Dunkin Doughnuts. In absolute need, I drink other high quality coffees, but I still prefer King Harv’s– and friend of this blog, one who had besides, a great sense of humor. (I can’t find the print out they sent me with their Planet coffees, but it explained about their great coffee plantations in various worlds. And the coffees are out of this world.)

The house has passed to the capable hands of his son and grandson, but I wish they had a page for us to express our condolences. They’re great people who make great coffees.

Of course, like any artist, King Harv will continue to be remembered in his art.

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  1. I saw someone mention this over at Ace’s blog. And given the timing, I thought it might be a stunt announcement related to Queen Elizabeth’s death. Guess not. My condolences to his family.

    As it turns out, I’m on Day Five of a flu. Since I rarely have flus that last for even two days, I got the nasal swab test yesterday. Positive. First time since the whole mess started. I’ll need to let my job site know, and they’ll probably force me to stay home for a while longer. Fortunately, I also expect to be symptom-free after one more good night’s rest.

  2. What awful news. How sad for his family.

    I don’t drink coffee but did go and browse the King Harv web-site. The coffee descriptions were the best. They truly were entertaining.

  3. Reblogged this on Head Noises and commented:

    King Harv, of King Harv Coffees, has died.

    The folks who do Mars coffee.

    His son and grandson can take up his work, but they’ll never take his place; and I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t want to.

  4. My condolences.

    Or maybe it’s because we’re paying closer attention, and this happens with other viruses too.
    I believe most flu deaths are recorded as “pneumonia”, not “complications from influenza”. Covid is “causing” more deaths than other respiratory viruses because we’re recording it that way.

    1. Sort of; when they’re publishing the “deaths from the flu” trying to get folks to vaccinate, they use the pneumonia and influenza numbers combined, or at least always use to. Kung Flu has now been rolled into that.

      Which means that folks who got bacterial pneumonia from masking are going to be counted as COVID deaths for advertising. 😦

      1. Didn’t it turn out they the flu deaths were basically made up?

        I think I know one person who actually died of pneumonia, and he had a history of lung problems.

        The thing I’ve found with covid is it makes a weird lung tardy that’s a lot harder to clear than the usual stuff, so both times I’ve had it, it kicked my system stress levels to the moon.

        1. It’s…. complex.

          The numbers are real, in the first generation of “what is on death certificates”– since you can’t say “for heaven’s sake, died of old age!”.

          However, they have a nasty habit of rolling pneumonia and flu deaths into a unit, and worse sometimes have “Respiratory infection” added in, and THAT is then reported as “flu deaths.”

          Which is even worse than the “traffic fatalities” that include jaywalkers as someone not buckled up.

          1. There have been SO. MANY. SHENANIGANS with death certificates during COVID. Don’t believe any of the numbers that you hear for COVID deaths.
            My father died of old age and failing renal system in early 2021. He had tested positive for COVID a few weeks earlier. He had no symptoms.
            You guessed it – his death certificate listed COVID as cause of death.
            I’ve heard from multiple other people who are in the same situation with their loved ones and cause of death.
            Don’t believe any numbers you hear for death statistics for COVID.

            1. Oregon, where doctors were told, “Forget the bullet holes and/or knife stabs, he died of COVID!”

              In New York, every ‘unattended death’ (died at home rather than in a hospital) was chalked up as COVID. Statistically, most ‘unattended deaths’ are drug overdoses…
              Jordan Peterson: “If I told you to cook in the bathroom and shit in the kitchen, that would be a new idea. Doesn’t make it a good one.”

        2. I’ve had it twice. Despite having the shot 3x’s. Won’t get another booster. Even if it means not getting to visit to Banff/Jasper, again.

          Okay the first time I had it was “before it was here”. (Pull the other leg …) so no possibility of failing vaccination. Second time got it was after getting second booster.

          Wish I hadn’t gotten the shots. But water under bridge.

          1. Both of mine were after the shots.

            Funny thing, of my brothers and old man, half of us got the shots and half got the bug before the shots, so didn’t both. All of us have had a round or two with omicron, and all of us have had essentially the same bug profile.

      2. Gah. My daughter and I actually had Covid last year … yes, it was diagnosed in the emergency room at BAMC, but what made it worse was that it had kicked off into our lungs. Covid pneumonia – and that was what we couldn’t throw, until serious drugs were prescribed and taken. Once the covid pneumonia was knocked down, we got over everything else within days. But the Covid pneumonia was what dragged on, and on and on.
        Wee Jamie was thoroughly exposed to us both, of course. At the age of six months – he had the sniffles and a mild temp for about a day.

    2. Back when I was looking at “when did the Spanish Influenza reach [location] and when did it depart”, I noted that after the first handful of deaths, it became “pneumonia” under primary cause of death. The .gov did NOT want people to discuss the Flu, so I had to fall back on “died of pneumonia between ages 14-45.” So it appears that the tradition continues. (And today, you get very not-useful-for-historians causes of death, so the technical cause is the primary, and you have to dig down to find out that, oh, the heart failure was caused by severe dehydration caused by cholera.)

    3. I lost an Aunt to the 0bama 2009 flu pandemic but she was health comprimised long before. My Uncle (her hubby) died a few weeks after my Dad from a puemonia I bet was caused by travel from Phoenix to Escanaba, MI via airlines, and being in a cheap mask the whole time (over 18 hours iirc)

  5. Honor the dead by facing the facts; Your friend did not die; He was murdered.

    COVID is a man-made bio-war virus.
    As a Killer Flu, it is a flop; maybe twice SARS1 when it started and much weaker now.

    The mRNA vaccines are also bio-weapons.
    As an Immuno-Suppresser the vaccines are a successful test run, causing people
    to die from disorders with which their bodies were coping…until it came along.
    That is why the symptoms and actual causes of death are so varied, and barely
    above the noise level; It is similar to the rare lethal allergic reactions.

    The CIA did the same thing back in the ’60s: Released a ‘harmless’ virus in the NY
    subway to find out how well airborne transmission worked. The CCP is maleficent.

    Please do not believe a word I write; Search the Web for statistics and peer-reviewed studies.

  6. There was a man who made his mark on the world. He will be missed, and we are poorer for his passing!

  7. Sincere condolences to the family and friends.

    I hope we’ll meet him “over Jordan”, as it were.

    As all my taste is in my mouth, I have to confess I just use Tasters Choice or Maxim because the wife can’t handle even the extra caffeine in decaf.

    I’ll visit the website and see if it fits my budget for Christmas gifts tho’.

  8. I remember seeing the news when I got my mid-month sale newsletter, too, and ended up being the one to tell a few of his fans on Discord and around the job. My condolences to his family as well and thanks to them for getting me into coffee through their Saturn blend. Thanks to you as well for introducing the company to me, too, Sarah.

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