Very Much Alive

Promo post Tuesday, after I get home.
Sorry no post today. SO TIRED. Much peopling.

I got to meet a bunch of you, though, so that was cool.

Our dinner plans just got dropped…. Oh well. I’m going to nap.

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  1. Friendly, happy people but you were not the only one needing a retreat to quiet at the Hotel of Banishment. Delighted to have had the chance to meet you and thank you for signing my books. Debated saying hello again at breakfast this morning but getting between hungry people and food can be dangerous.

  2. Yay, you peopled!
    Now you get to hide from the world for at least a week.

    Peopleing is good and necessary and important, and it’s a great idea to do it with people whom you like and they like you. We are social apes, and contact with friendly humanity keeps us sane.

    But we’re also introverts, and peopleing is hard, especially when we’re out of practice. I feel you.

    …Even though I wasn’t there, because I was avoiding being That Guy, the one who Brought The Crud to The Con.

    Nobody here expects major posts out of you; you have edits to do once you have your energy back from spending it all on peopling. This counts as a post.

    Take care of yourself! And then take inspiration from the world you just dove into before hopping out of the social pool and running away!

    It’ll all be okay, as long as you’re a hoopty frood and know where your towel is.

  3. “Very Much Alive”?

    Mentally or Physically?

    If you’re “Peopled Out”, you might be somewhat alive Physically but Mentally would be something else. 😉

    Take Care Sarah and we can wait until later for the Promos.

  4. [blockquote] All I know is that while I’m asleep, I’m never afraid, and I have no hopes, no struggles, no glories — and bless the man who invented sleep, a cloak over all human thought, food that drives away hunger, water that banishes thirst, fire that heats up cold, chill that moderates passion, and, finally, universal currency with which all things can be bought, weight and balance that brings the shepherd and the king, the fool and the wise, to the same level. There’s only one bad thing about sleep, as far as I’ve ever heard, and that is that it resembles death, since there’s very little difference between a sleeping man and a corpse. [/blockquote]
    —Miguel de Cervantes

    There are times you can’t resist, and times you simply shouldn’t
    Mostly dead is slightly alive.

    1. [blockquote] All I know…

      WPDE trivia: The html coding needs to have the left and right angle brackets (“less than” and “greater than”) for it to take effect.

      I don’t recall how to escape the angle brackets so they’ll print. It’s doable, but an excess of blood in my caffeine stream robs me of the desire to experiment. 🙂

  5. Still alive…

    On another note, it would be hilarious to see someone figure out a way to have it look like Dr. “I Am Science!” Fauci was singing this.

  6. Sarah, it was great to visit with you at the convention. It was especially great having you for a neighbor. 😎

    Waking up on Saturday morning and hearing a rather distinctive voice coming through the air conditioning…

  7. Yeah, well, did something I might not do again. Went to the big city and retrieved offspring after a night football game so they could attend a cousin’s birthday party. Getting too old for that.

    But what had to get done, got done.

          1. URRR the precedent for that is NOT good 🙂 . Not yet that sleep, our hostess has a bunch of things in process, and she’s a a young’un (at least younger than me 🙂 )

              1. Indeed although sleep has been a circumlocution for death for a LONG time (certainly the usage is common in both biblical greek and hebrew). Of course death has been a circumlocution for other things (in french le petite mort, common usage also in italian madrigals for the same issue 🙂 I am NOT going there…). Language usage is just frikking weird some days.

                  1. Just a polite societal euphemism. Although best not used with small children especially very clever ones as they will know Grandma is not just sleeping and may freak out about going to sleep 🙂 .

                    1. I suppose “Grandma is taking a dirt nap” is a bridge too far. Multi-span, double deck suspension/cantilever bridge. Post Loma Prieta earthquake Bay Bridge comes to mind. [needs more coffee]

  8. sorry about your dinner plans.
    on a happier note, it was a real pleasure for Annamae and I to finally get to meet you. we look forward to catching up on what you have already written so we can be current when great new stories are ready.

    1. Perhaps Someday in Chatanooga or DFW 🙂 . DFW might almost be easier usually LOTS of relatively cheap flights from Boston to Dallas. Chatanooga I expect not so much and 13 hour + drives are NOT anything I see as desirable or even feasible any more 🙂 .

      1. 6.5 hours of driving on Sunday was enough to flatten me for the rest of the day. I made one stop. Probably should have done more, but traffic was light and I did not want to deal with the caravan of wind-turbine parts more than once.

        1. Once I drove the 900 miles from Salt Lake City to Omaha in one long day, stopping for breakfast, lunch, and gas, but was too tired to get dinner. Never again.

          Now, my body says 2 hours of driving in a day is quite enough, thank you. No more 200 or 300 mile runs in a day. I’m too old for that stuff…

          My last long road trip (2014), I was going east on I-80 while the wind turbine parts were going west. Not quite as interesting as the fuselage of a vintage fighter-bomber jet (no idea which) heading west on a civilian flat-bed. I think some collector got a new toy that year.

      2. Looked out curiosity. Surprisingly tickets are about equal cost (within say $50) with DFW being slightly cheaper (there’s JetBlue an option that isn’t there for Chattanooga). Costs are higher than I expected, but Jet-K is up (thank you Turnip) and flight costs are really dominated by that.

  9. Our longest car trek was 20h back during early Coronadoom when I believed the FnGpox* was a death sentence for one’s beloved elders.

    We only stopped for gas at isolated gas stations.

    Cos some people know how respiratory diseases are spread.

    *pronounced ‘fengypox

        1. C’mon man.

          Even if just about everyone was lying about the estimate of disease properties for the last forty spontaneously generated ‘holy grails’ of respiratory viral bioweapons, this one is for sure.

          Bodies filling the streets any moment now. Any moment.

          Probably ought to napalm the dems as a precaution.


          But, we probably need stats to understand something like the risks of an infectious disease.

          But, stats are only ever possibly as good as the integrity of the means by which gathered.

          This has been Goodhart’s law in action, combined with the noise of myriad human interests engaged once the ‘statistical measures’ gained prominence.

          1. Diamond Princess was about as close to a controlled experiment in epidemiology as one is ever likely to find. Everything that has happened since is consistent with what happened there.

      1. You were right of course.

        And there is something weird about this one. I keep finding papers in odd corners about one of the two S-proteins on the virus’ surface that do not behave as Corona viruses should. That and the way we bred for attendant driven mutations… IDK.

        The use of hospital protocols to kill people: Banning early treatment, using antivirals to toxic for ebola, antibody-based treatments that drive ADE, refusing palliative care in-patient to prevent follow-on infections, and badly-run ventilators; obscures the data on the edge cases.

        I’m just grateful for the mostly RNA-drug-freel global south that gave us a “normal” Corona ecology. God grant we can avoid it ending up like dengue.

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