A Sorry Excuse For a Post

I’m not going to write a post, because I’m beset by the black dog today. I know it’s most likely the con this weekend.

I could say I’m getting old, because I hate traveling and disruptions of my routine, but the awful truth is I always did, even as much as I traveled when I was young. I traveled because I thought I should, but I hate disrupting my routine. Yeah. I know. OLD AND GRUMPY. Well, at this point likely so, but I’ll point out I was always grumpy too.

Anyway, right now there’s depression and a sense of something not-good onrushing towards… well, all of us. I want to point out I’m very aware I’m small potatoes. As bad as the idiocy has gotten, if they get to people like me, they’ll have locked up half the country. And I don’t think they can do that. They’d like to. Remember their model is small countries in Europe. But they can’t, simply on volume.

It still makes me jumpy traveling anywhere, the same way that traveling in the summer of 20 made me jumpy. It’s like going down a staircase where you know spots are less than sound. every time you hear a crack, you stop, afraid that the staircase will give under you.

I’m still waking up with the horrors. I’ve also become aware of a lot of anger. For what was done to me. For what I’ve done. For what I’ve failed to do. Mostly, because I know the world isn’t perfect nor fair, but it’s a long way down to “It’s a complete cluster of a mess of an excuse for a failure.” And that is twisting all of us.

Clown world is profoundly unfunny and gut tells me it will get unfunnier before we’re done. The sane portion of me that keeps the black dog at bay OTOH informs me they don’t have the … logistics of force for what they’d LIKE to do to us, and that the ever-twisting of their insanity isn’t convincing anyone that the 2020 election was fraud-free either. And they don’t understand that.

You see, much as I rage at how Americans-born-and-bred, unless they’ve spent considerable time abroad have NO clue what it means to come from a different culture, and therefore can’t interpret how others react in foreign cultures, (Which has led to and leads to some…. interesting twists in our foreign policy), there are two cultures in this country, and they can’t read each other at all.

I don’t know if it’s predisposition, or the way believing in Marxism changes you. I do know that the left can’t even understand the portion of the country (probably 3/4ths to be honest) who doesn’t support the left. Hence the madness of “Get Trump” because they’re convinced he caused the rebellion against their insanity, instead of his having ridden the wave of the rebellion.

Because of that they’ll target people like the MY Pillow guy because in their world “Rich and well known equals much influence” while the right is scratching its head and going “He’s not even really fully on our side, what’s wrong with you?” (For that matter, Trump, too.)

In trying to quell the “rebellion” they are therefore going for “Highly visible targets.” Yes, part of this is “pour encourager les autres” but not really. It’s a reflection of how they see the world. They coalesce around people, and have no ulterior, well articulated theories. So remove the people, and they back down. They presume it’s the same with us.

Hence when I say “Before they come for me, they’ll come for Glenn Reynolds, so I’ll have time to run” but you know they won’t even come for Glenn or any of us at instapundit. They will instead go after Ted Cruz and Tucker Carlson, and oh, who is that poor Asian guy who got red pilled when they beat him for trying to film antifa? If they go really insane, they’ll go after Mike Rowe. And perhaps whichever of the Koch’s still survives. (Their hatred of Koch is one of those things of the left. The brothers were libertarian and sometimes a little silly, so they actually supported lefty causes a lot. BUT the left fastened onto them as the ultimate enemy, and it can’t be dislodged from their pin heads.)

Might they take my blog or insty down? Well, sure. But probably not. Mostly because to take all of us down, they’d need robots, and our trigger phrases would take down the potemkin village of the lefty blogsphere too.

I mean, I am at a high enough level not to disappear without a sound, but low enough that in the left’s vision I don’t even exist. (Note all the people who tried to remove me from wikipedia, because they want to claim anyone not with them is not a real author and hasn’t really published anything. And that’s how they treat me, generally, while treating woke with two books out as the greatest of writers. Meh.)

So… I’m probably as fine as any of you.

Which means there will be shortages and discomfort this winter. Probably not hunger. Well, not famine. Not in America. Maybe even not in Europe (Though I wouldn’t bet. They have a more advanced case of crazy.) The rest of the world? I don’t know. I do worry.

But the whole thing still feels unstable and odd. And yeah, part of it might be the introvert being dragged out of her lair, kicking, screaming and clawing at the air.

OTOH…. clown world.

I shall honk the red nose, and tread on the gigantic shoes, and make the best of it.

Post tomorrow.

140 thoughts on “A Sorry Excuse For a Post

  1. Sarah: “I’m not going to write a post [writes 950 more words]. Post tomorrow.”

    I do not think that word means what you think it means. 😀

      1. Loquacity is a gift! (especially when connected to keyboard, fast fingers, and. most importantly, a brain!) Sarah definitely has all three! Kudos SAH!

  2. I feel this. Right now I suspect my entire industry is about to self immolate. And its a thing that I believed in, and honestly still believe is necessary. Yet at the same time, I expect things to come apart rather thoroughly, because of what I’m seeing missing from the pipeline.

    But because of my current context, I don’t think I can just jump before the crash either.. Still, we have it a lot better than many people.

    It just feels disorienting trying to work on things I suspect will never be able to be.

      1. The irony is I’ve been doing the writing at least in part because it’s a thing I can send out, even if it doesn’t end up having a big reach.

        The grass is always greener?

        1. I started writing in part because of the impermanence of the products I produced at the day job. Not that I expected the articles I was writing to have any real permanence (although a few did), but because I had the satisfaction of knowing I had produced something others wanted. A real product.

          It eventually grew into something that produced a meaningful cash flow, allowing me more time to create actual things, instead of the handwaving seen at most professional jobs.

  3. The rail strike if it lasts anytime means the USA gets to share in the hunger and completely bare shelves as well. Hopefully most of us are prepared, as I think we see the chaos coming.

  4. Don’t give the bleeps the satisfaction.

    Also, know that FJB will screw this up like everything else. We will exploit that great f-up, and someday commemorate his election.

    Might be a tad bumpy for a while, but know that the Left is currently on an -epic- bender of upgefucht.

    Stock up on popcorn.

  5. Things /feel/ concerning.

    But, what do I actually know? Right now, I dunno.

    I have a /bunch/ of known unknowns.

    And am currently often working under the assumption that I am out of my mind, and that the most productive thing I can do is wait out my personal insanity. Eat and nap, and take my pills, ETC, as appropriate.

    Which reminds me…

  6. I feel like Sarah does. Getting out of bed every day is the hardest–I’m angry, unhappy, and anxious about things.
    I’m as prepared as I can be.
    I’m just tired of feeling horrible and ugly all the time.

  7. The left had Soros. The right has the Koch brothers. Obviously they must be the equivalent, right? They will probably go after Scott Adams at some point, which will also have most of us scratching our heads.

    1. The Koch brothers are apostates much worse than heretics. They should be men of the left but sometimes they move away from the path of salvation and must be crushed

  8. The boiler for our hot water radiators in our house died. It’s 36 years old so it had a good run. Our son, who is an HVAC guy, industrial plumber and expert in these matters has been helping us find a replacement.

    We have to order a new setup. When he went to order it last week, he was told they were in stock in Denver and it was due to be here tomorrow.
    Yesterday he was told, “Whoopsi! It will be 4-6 weeks.”.

    I really hope it isn’t coming by rail from anywhere. And I hope we don’t freeze either.

    I was feeling pretty hopeful about things until this weekend but then started to feel stalked by the noir canine. I hope this is why. It could be worse.

      1. Remember that fear can be channeled through action to become courage! Take each day as it comes and transform it to accomplish something!

        We all fear what is coming and need to transmute it into inner strength!

          1. The vague sense of incoming badness tends to p*ss me off. Crisis, I can deal. I can make plans, prepare, and execute the plan. Nebulous awful on the horizon? Grrrrr.

          2. Yes, we all have that feeling. It’s been with me since the last selection. I was about sick to my stomach the day after it knowing the steal happened. It’s like all your beliefs (or what I had left of them since 2008) were shattered. We face a great unknown wall ahead of us that we see getting closer as we walk (or run) toward it. The issue is can we find a doorway through to the other side. I think this is what we are all searching for. Most of all, we need hope and this is sorely lacking from the secular world these days. And as a substitute for secular hope, I will find hope from God and pray that he gives me (and all of us) the courage and strength when we reach that wall to find the door or use a sledgehammer to break open a window (apologies to Rascal Flatts for that reference to “My Wish” lyrics.) On a brighter note, my daughter is getting married in a month and that song will be our father-daughter dance 🙂 My gift to her future husband is that we still have a secon d admendment to protect our first one and families.

    1. I’m still hoping for the best but preparing for the worst, which is why I’ve around 8 cords of firewood bucked, split, stacked and covered out in the yard.

      I’m thinking of heading into town tomorrow and buying a couple of kerosene lamps, they’ll light up fine with #1 heating oil if I lose electric to run the oil fired furnace, just in case.

      1. Also, remember when storing gasoline to use that winter preservative. Also, keep some butane cans around and some tubing with an aquarium stone. Put the stone into the gas and bubble the butane a while to help restore the stale gas. The loss of butane (which is normally only soluble in the gas to help engine start and will evaporate fastest) is the most major cause of stale gasoline (besides water in those alcohol blends)

        1. I have a little camp stove and PLENTY of butane for it. And n o, the camp stove is NOT cover to have butane for Other Reasons. I’ve seen what… Other Reasons… can do. Seriously NOT INTERESTED.

          1. No problem. I was adding that butane and stale gas comment for the whole forum to learn (if needed). I’m sure are other uses, but I don’t care about those.
            Camp stoves are great for sure! Keep Cooking!

            1. If the grid is up, I can cook with restive heating or microwaves (no induction, yet). I can cook on butane, propane, charcoal, alcohol (pressure stove, I have it rigged for alcohol for fuel diversity – but it could use kero or white gas). I can HEAT (if not cook) with kero (unless I swap nozzles….). About the only means of cooking I have yet to use at all is, of all things, wood.

  9. Over in the comments at Ace’s blog, someone just claimed that a German politician (not identified) is warning of something that’ll be “Where was I when I heard about it?” big on the 24th. Make of that what you will.

    We’re in for a bad way no matter what happens during the rest of the year, regardless of whether anything actually happens on the 24th. All that I can really do at this point is to play wait and see, and do what I can to get on with my life in the meantime.

    1. Honestly, it’s the Germans. They are a minor shadow of what they once were, and the whole EU together had trouble suppressing Libya.

      They aren’t nearly as important as they think they are.

    2. On the 24th? Is that when Germany is going to re-start all it’s shuttered nuke plants because winter is coming and there’s no fuel?

      I’d remember where I was if I heard about THAT.

      1. IIRC, Germany’s energy guy is a Green. So I’d rate the probability of that happening as slightly less than Ayatollah Khamenei converting to Judaism.

  10. “who is that poor Asian guy who got red pilled when they beat him for trying to film antifa?”

    Andy Ngo. He’s been beaten more than once, stalked, and they’ve tried to deplatform and de-person him. And yet he kept coming back. He’s not the most conservative person, or wasn’t on the interviews I’ve seen of him before.

    But they seem to be trying their damnedest to make him one.

    1. He is (or was) a lefty, iirc. The last few years have at least partially opened more than a few eyes on the left.

      1. These days he calls himself “center right,” according to wiki (which has its own biases). But yeah, especially the last couple of years.

        The process has been ongoing for longer than that, though. Jordan Peterson started out a Socialist. Candace Owens was a radical lefty for several years there. Reagan was a Democrat first. Heck, Trump was a darling of the left before he decided to run for and become POTUS.

        Now if we could just stop electing idiots like Lindsay Graham, Mitt Romney, and Mitch MocConnell…

        1. 9/11 was the first big wake-up call of our era. The left’s response to the events of that day were an eye-opener to quite a few people who were nominally on the left, but were shocked and horrified at the response by many on the left both to the attacks, and the BDS directed against the sitting president. Events during Trump’s presidency – both the TDS, and the COVID response – have further caused many on the left to awaken to the nature of their fellow travelers.

          That doesn’t necessarily mean that they cease to be lefties, particularly with the more recent events. But there are more than a few who are desperately trying to warn their fellows about the precipice that so many on the left seem to be trying to race the country toward.

        2. IIRC even RAH was a sort of supporter of socialism in his early years. He got edjumacated as he got older.

          Humans! They can be taught. But it’s a damn painful process.

    2. He “should” be a leftie. He’s Asian (Vietnamese) and gay. Except he’s too honest to accept being stuck into the “proper” pigeonhole. Sort of like Zombie, who started out documenting the crazy fringe Left for The Blog That Shall Not Be Named, then was at the original PajamasMedia.

      1. Heh. The rampant charge to the left caught a lot of their own off guard. Many got left wondering when they turned into the enemy. Some of them got mad about it.

        The crazier the left gets, the more normies they lose. At this point I don’t think it’s even possible for them to stop before they self destruct.

        If all of us weren’t caught squarely in the blast zone I’d be a lot more sanguine about it.

        1. The good news is that the longer it takes them to finally self-destruct, the more some will have an event that will cause them to come to their senses, and take a step back.

          1. So I do hope and pray. I do not wish evil upon the liberals. Most of them are not paedophiles, bandits, charlatans, thieves, rapists, and murderers. A good many never really had the chance to be anything other than leftist, and they don’t really think much about it.

            Some are even more afraid of us than they are the devil they know.

            America is still here. The morals, culture, faith and family on our side are objectively better. That’s why they have to lie so much.

            1. ” I do not wish evil upon the liberals. Most of them are not paedophiles, bandits, charlatans, thieves, rapists, and murderers.”

              Perhaps “most” are not, but they are the enablers who have created a comfortable and well-protected working environment for those who are. I’m afraid it’s very much a binary choice.

            2. Not “thieves” may be a bit questionable. Especially when you talk about collectivists and how much they want government programs to fund everything by taking from everyone who actually produces something.

          1. Picture a car, with Democrat Party on the side, being driven by Joseph Biden, half way down to the bottom, having driven off the broken bridge, with Herr Biden pointing back up saying, “I did that!”

  11. I don’t think they will be putting you, or me, or other openly pro-Freedom Americans in jail unless we blatantly give them an excuse. I do think they’ll try to and maybe succeed in shutting down little voices of truth. People will have to go underground like in the Soviet states. I don’t think there will be massive starvation in the U.S., but I do think that in the big cities there will be major disruptions, riots, soldiers in the streets… IF food shortages hit. Imagine the pampered cattle that already is rampaging in stores, stealing roll on deodorant, Gucci bags, and floss… imagine them waiting in line at the supermarket for their can of beans, stalk of celery and bag of rice. No, I can’t either. So they will run wild until they are either shot dead and piled on the pavements, or beat to pulp by their citizenry that they afflict.

    But out in the country, in the far flung suburbs, where people know their neighbors, I think these people would survive a chaotic man-caused food and fuel shortage. Of course, there would be a lot of nice things they take for granted that would go by the wayside, but they would survive.

    We can only pray.

    1. ‘I don’t think they will be putting you, or me, or other openly pro-Freedom Americans in jail unless we blatantly give them an excuse.’

      The Reader believes that the fact that we are still breathing free air will be their excuse. The Reader is also sure it won’t go as they have planned.

      1. The various LEO and security services not only do not have the manpower to do major roundups, they are also very sensitive to casualties. If one in 20 people they go for kills a single guy, the operation grinds to a halt.

  12. It does look like something is happening here. I tried to go to “small dead animals”. The response: “there has been a critical error on this website” Another canadian website, “the bitter centurion” just was taken down. Is canada the canary in the coal mind? I am grateful that Sarah is still here.

    Uncertainty is dangerous, because we don’t know what to do. Do we go buy another 6 month supply of toilet paper because of the rail strike? Who moved the cheese? Despair is a sin. I have a picture I took of a truck towing a bulldozer blocking the street, all 4 lanes. I keep it to remind me that occasionally the bulldozer blocks your road, and you need to be patient.

    It is easy to get angry. It is easy to let anger become your master. We must learn to use anger to power us, not let it devour us.

    Be not afraid. Look up the hymn “How firm a foundation”, and sing a few rounds.

    1. Do we go buy another 6 month supply of toilet paper because of the rail strike?

      Well, assuming you have the space it couldn’t hurt.

      Which reminds me, I should probably do the same, and then go rustle up all my sundry gas cans and lay in a spare supply. (With conditioner so it won’t go bad, I’ve done my research.)

    2. “Uncertainty is dangerous, because we don’t know what to do.”

      Uncertainty is far worse psychologically than extremely bad news, because we’re not equipped to deal with it on a long-term basis. If you know the worst, you can plan around it. If you don’t know, you can’t address the issue.

      1. I no longer trust the FIB. I no longer trust the CDC. I no longer trust my doctor. All dangerous uncertainties. Civilization requires trust. So now comes the uncertainty that kills.

        This is why people want to trust the hollow institutions. To not trust sends you into a dangerous world. Ignorance is bliss, until it kills you, even quicker than uncertainty. “I didn’t know that circuit was live”.

        The best managers are cynical innocents, who trust everyone and no one at the same time. One of the more important 306 paradoxes. How do you know who not to trust?

    3. Kate, at S D Animals, noted she was having trouble yesterday. As of 10 minutes ago it was still unaccessible.

      She did note some 8 hours ago; “smalldeadanimals.com continues to be offline as techs work to migrate the database to a new server.”

    4. Kate is moving the Small Dead Animals site on an off-shore server, for reasons which are obvious to anyone paying attention to Canadian politics. Apparently the move will not be without the joys and fun we have all come to expect from WordPress.

  13. Sometimes, when I “get in a mood”, so to speak, I go to YouTube, listen to Metallica’s Unforgiven, Rammstein’s Du Hasst, and then Shane and Shane’s Though You Slay Me, the one with John Piper.

    Although I am, appatently, a bit of a drama queen at times, that works more gently than 3 boxes of spiritual Ex-Lax. It reminds me my place in the universe is not based on my utterly contemptible performance as [insert most things I have done]. Instead, I have a place because of grace. And that chases black dogs away for awhile.

    May God bless all of you who read this. Whether you believe in Him yet or not.

    1. I put Sabaton back on driving rotation. I need the boost. Although I darn near dissolved when “Ballad of Bull” started. I need a break, and for the world to stop going bat-guano bonkers.

  14. Be wary of attributing misfortune as hostile action. Fear and paranoia serve the enemy.

    Not even FJB can stop “shit happens”.

    Nor legitimately claim credit.

    1. Well what would he be doing differently if he was planning all this?

      Or more accurately, what would the fiends who are actually in charge be doing differently?

      1. He/they certainly wouldn’t be setting up for a rail strike, that’s for sure. If the rail strike was part of some Eeeevil Master Plan™, it would be an absurdly dumb plan. Fascists love to brag about making the trains run on time; a rail strike just makes those in charge look bumbling and incompetent.

        1. They wouldn’t plan a railroad strike?

          Oh I bet they certainly would.

          “How do you simultaneously shut down the energy and agricultural sectors without personally going after two groups of people who are armed to the teeth?”

          Railroad strike. TaDa! Both groups shut down and we can blame the unions.

            1. The people who work for a living are no longer the Democrat’s (excuse me, Communist’s) base. They are useful idiots only.

          1. Well, see, I’m working from a baseline assumption of competent evil planners. And shutting down the logistics for the whole country is absurdly dumb. Sure, it’ll hurt your enemies, but it’ll hurt your allies more. And blaming your long-standing allies (unions)? Also absurdly dumb. So if you think the railroad strike would be planned, I have to assume that your foundational assumption is that the evil planners have “can’t find their backsides with both hands and a map” levels of competence. Which would, in turn, mean that everything that’s happened so far, if it was part of their plan, happened only by luck, because people that bad at planning aren’t going to get the results they achieve.

            1. I meant “the results they are trying to achieve” there at the end, but left out a couple of words as I was distracted. Hopefully the meaning was clear anyway.

          2. Many Dems are trying to position “Mayor Pete” as the next president. Having him unable to stop a railroad strike wouldn’t help with that.

            Also, the media has been awfully quiet about the strike. If they’d planned it, they would already have the fall guys firmly cemented in the public’s mind.

            1. If their plan is ‘we have to destroy the evil capitalist society in order to save Gaia’ what would they be doing differently. Enough of them have stated this out loud that I take them at their word.

  15. On another note, and one that I think will amuse our Hostess…

    Over on Facebook, ILOH just revealed that he has killed off one of his main characters.

    In the comments, people started threatening to riot if it was Mr. Trashbags.


    (He’s currently working on the fourth Black Sword novel, and not an MH novel, so the shuggoth that our Hostess recently got to play with should be safe for now.)

  16. A dozen years ago the Left would bleat with words like ‘more fair’ and ‘more just’ society and accuse others of heartlessness. Amoral and anti-human, we now know the the heartless ones are on the Left. Their masks have slipped and their ugliness is manifest. Moreover, they are bullies and thugs — seems to me that they are increasingly consumed by their own hate. Truth-beauty-goodness will prevail!

  17. I think this is a good post for today.

    Hence the madness of “Get Trump” because they’re convinced he caused the rebellion against their insanity, instead of his having ridden the wave of the rebellion.

    Eventually yes. But honestly? Most the time he was running as fast as he could to get close enough to ride the wave.

  18. I heard a brilliant turn of phrase from Steve Hilton: Climate Vanity Projects.

    That’s the Green Newt Eel in a nutshell right there. An endless succession of Climate Vanity Projects to waste our money and make them feel better about themselves.
    When Eric Swalwell farted on camera, it was the most intelligent thing heard from a Democrat all day.

  19. I forgot to remind people that September 12 (Feast of the Holy Name of Mary) does in fact celebrate the Winged Hussars showing up at just the right moment. Also the invention of cappuccino, because loot coffee is the best coffee.

    Today was the feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, aka the Finding of the Holy Cross. It celebrates Emperor Heraclius beating the poop out of King Khosroes of Persia, and winning the True Cross back for the city of Jerusalem. This was 14 years after a previous emperor managed to not just lose a battle, not just lose the True Cross, but also get captured and enslaved in the Persian king’s palace, where his duties involved being a human stepstool and riding block.

    Things have been really bad before. Really really bad. Do not lose hope.

  20. This is probably a bad weekend to be out of town. But then, lots of weekends in the future are probably going to look that way. I guess I’ll go shopping tomorrow and load up on non perishables and TP.

    See you at FenCon!

  21. FUD is a diabolic tool. It tempts us to look at the objects of the FUD and forget what we actually need to do. It’s easy for us to feel isolated and vulnerable because we live mostly as individuals. We take responsibility for our own needs and wants. Now we are under assault by the most centralized authority in the nation and we look with fear and begin thinking maybe we need a great leader to organize us to oppose them. We begin racing with a million scenarios and how to equip for them. Then the thoughts rush in of the impossibility of covering every situation and we spiral.

    We are in a situation where we are overwhelmed with threats and under equipped with knowledge. We’re in a situation where we must trust and implore the Lord for mercy and protection. So pray: pray for wisdom as to what to do, pray for mercy, pray for the Lord to raise up a multitude of leaders, pray for Him to confound every plan of these wicked people. Pray, pray, pray, and keep praying. Intercede for the nation. And as you are praying, take steps to do what you can for your family, friends, and neighbors. Finally, go to a bible believing, bible teaching church. This is above all a spiritual battle for the soul of America and its people…even our enemies. You will need a place where you can be spiritually recharged and strengthened. We are just beginning in this fight, but in the end we will win.

    In the civil war, both sides thought themselves to be on the Lord’s side. Both could have been wrong, but only one could be right. Today, one side openly mocks the Lord and embraces lawlessness and wickedness. One side is definitely not on the Lord’s side. But that doesn’t mean that we are on the Lord’s side. We could both still be wrong.

    So…submit to God, resist the devil, and he will flee.

    Make us strong and steadfast Lord. Have mercy on us and save this people, save this nation, not for our sakes, but for your name. To you be all the glory, praise, and honor. Amen

  22. I’m tired of this chaos, this slow-moving disaster that’s been going on since 2018.

    Where I’ve had to hold my tongue around my family and friends because I’m the only human left among the vampires.

    I can manage a lot of my own life. I don’t need other people making it harder.

    And, despite some happy advantages of the last two and four years…I just want the pot taken off the heat so that I can enjoy things again. Without this fear that is bubbling deep down inside of me.

  23. I’ve been cranky as hell the last little couple of days.

    Still, my regimen of going to bed on time has been helping, also my regimen of staying off the internets before 11AM and no doom scrolling. That’s helping me a lot, actually.

    Every once in a while though, some news makes it through my filters. This one was in an email.


    TL/DR, you can’t ship a sword (or a knife, or many other things) to Canada from the USA. But you CAN ship exactly the same thing from China. That’s annoying.

    Also, Canada buys artillery ammunition from South Korea. That is also annoying, because I do not think we can really make it here right now.

    However on the bright side, it looks like the Organized Conservatives in this country finally have decided that Liberal Lite is a losing strategy. New leader of the Conservative Party of Canada is not a pink-underwear Leftist. He -might- actually break up the CBC and end the Left’s stranglehold on Canadian media.

    Hopeful signs amid the annoying stupidity.

    Illegitimi non carborundum!

    1. Liberal Lite is a losing strategy

      This USAian thinks that would be awesome, but I’ll believe it when I see it. Y’all have just as deep a Deep State as we do, at least proportionate to size.

    2. If you’re feeling tired, then it’s time to take a break. Even the best soldiers can’t stay sharp when they’re on a never-ending alert. Take a down day every couple of weeks. Go to the spa, the beach, a mountain top, the gun range, skydiving, and just flat out, let your hair down and enjoy yourself. Or you can try something you’ve never done before; like walk into a business out of the blue, unsolicited, and tell the manager your here to help (and you’re not from the government.) The looks on people’s faces when you do that are priceless.

  24. Speaking of things that encourage us, does anyone want to join me in a re-read of the shifter books in celebration of the Bowl of Red?

    I will offer the TiaT site as discussion space as we’re still down comics-wise, probably for at least another month. Living in another state from one’s writer while making mad 1.5k u-haul runs every other week is killing our productivity.

  25. And the funny thing about the Pillow Guy Phone Seizure is that nowhere in the article does it say HE was under investigation or charged with any crimes. But they took his phone which is his primary means of business communication and record keeping. One more reason to eliminate the entire FBI.

        Chief of Staff
        Deputy Director
        Field Offices ADICs/SACs
        Office of Public Affairs
        Office of Congressional Affairs
        Office of the General Counsel
        Office of Equal Employment Opportunity
        Office of Professional Responsibility
        Office of the Ombudsman
        Intelligence Branch
        Directorate of Intelligence
        Office of Partner Engagement
        Office of Private Sector
        National Security Branch
        Counterterrorism Division
        Counterintelligence Division
        Weapons of Mass Destruction Directorate
        Criminal, Cyber, Response and Services Branch
        Criminal Investigative Division
        Cyber Division
        Critical Incident Response Group
        International Operations Division
        Victim Services Division
        Science and Technology Branch
        Operational Technology Division
        Laboratory Division
        Criminal Justice Information Services Division
        Associate Deputy Director
        Information and Technology Branch
        IT Enterprise Services Division
        IT Applications and Data Division
        IT Infrastructure Division
        Human Resources Branch
        Training Division
        Human Resources Division
        Security Division
        Finance and Facilities Division
        Inspection Division
        Office of Internal Auditing
        Office of Integrity and Compliance
        Information Management Division
        Insider Threat Office
        Office of the Chief Information Officer
        Resource Planning Office
        Approved by William P. Barr, Attorney General
        December 22, 2020

        Uh, can you say BLOATED?

      2. And there is NOT ONE agent working there who doesn’t know it.

        The line of whistleblowers, at least, should be around the block.

        1. https://cnsnews.com/article/washington/melanie-arter/rep-jim-jordan-14-fbi-agents-have-come-our-office-whistleblowers

          (CNSNews.com) – Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), the top Republican on the House Judiciary Committee, said Sunday that 14 FBI agents came to his office as whistleblowers in the wake of the FBI raid on former President Donald Trump’s home, “telling us this is baloney what’s going on.”

          That was less than a week after the raid, where the office doing the raid didn’t tell the local office until it was go time.

          1. Note, this is one congress critter, for one event, AND I think he was foolish to mention it. Justifiable, but foolish, and it will make folks less likely to go to him in the future.

      3. FBI:
        The Committee for Deep State Security
        The Sword and Shield of the Democratic Party.
        They’re the (Deep) State police, but not really a secret State Police.

    1. ????

      It’s from the United States Attorney District of Colorado, not an FBI investigation.

      They say it’s about “a possible felony”. It’s related to the Tina Peters thing.

      They are trying, very very hard, to cover up the Dominion thing, and being very stupid about it.

      Here’s an archived article that actually managed to get some details:

      Trying to find the other one that I found when all the news articles had zero information.

  26. If they will come after this random, non-celebrity woman, they will come after anyone.
    Or everyone.

    The day after Joe Biden’s notorious Nuremberg speech, three armed FBI agents visited the home of a New Jersey woman named Lisa Gallagher. Why? The FBI had an anonymous tip that Gallagher had something to do with the January 6 demonstration. She also had a pro-Trump sign on her lawn:

    She could prove she wasn’t at the Capitol on J6, because of her calendars.
    We should start calling that the Kavanaugh Defense.
    Tucker Carlson had her on his show a couple of days ago, and although she is a vocal Trump supporter, she doesn’t seem to be part of any big organization or activist group (such as there are on the Right).

    And “anonymous” to YOU doesn’t mean THEY don’t know who called.

  27. @ Amsel > “And 72 hours later they get to watch the cities burn.”

    Curiously, the Left only burns down their own cities.
    I wonder why that is.

    Maybe this Brit has a point.

    Dear Americans who mock us for mourning our beloved queen,
    She dedicated her entire life to her duty and our country even just two days before her death.

    You mourned a man who pointed a gun at a pregnant woman by burning cities to the ground.

    We are not the same.

  28. As I said above, WSJ saying railroad strike averted. For now. WH has reached a “tentative” agreement with the unions.

  29. You don’t need excuses. You have reasons. Excuses are what people call it when they don’t accept reasons. We accept your reasons.

  30. The Koch brothers were very anti-Trump, have great influence in DC, and benefit greatly from the MIC’s spending…The libertarian shtick is not very convincing…

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