Parallel worlds

Sometimes I wonder what world people are living in. And I don’t mean (just) politicians. I’m fairly sure they’re living, if not in another universe, at least in another plane. (“Hell is empty and all the devils are here” — to quote Kit Marlowe.)

No, these are people purportedly not on the left and at least as capable of thought as I am, since they’re working for higher paid publications.

So, for something like two years now I’ve been saying: At least the left doesn’t have the fig leaf of oil SCARCITY as they did in the seventies. It was a stupid and insufficient fig leaf, but it covered everything from rationing to the dork in chief telling everyone to wear an extra sweater.

And then…. and then right on schedule this guy (some dood) on the American Spectator rushes to give them that fig leaf.

While rightly saying that solar and wind are nowhere near at the point they can replace fossil fuels, he talks about how shale oil was such a disappointment, and how they’re no longer fracking because the shale oil boom was the easy to get stuff, and now it’s hard, and that’s why they’re not doing it.

We’re going to need a bigger facepalm.

No, a MUCH bigger facepalm.

In fact, states taken over by the ‘rats (Ah, Colorado) have been putting more and more environmental fetters on fracking. And of course the cartoon characters (it’s a dark cartoon) in the White house are doing everything but telling us they won’t let us get oil, because they want us to freeze in the dark.

Oh, wait, no, they’re actually saying that, even if perhaps not to the US, and even if our media won’t report it, as in, see this: America’s Pain at the Pump is Due to The ‘Incredible Transition That is Taking Place,’ Biden Admits.

The demented house plant thinks we’re transitioning to utopia, but of course the attempt is to transition us to a shithole.

The problem, even for those democrats who think they have good intentions, is that there is no way for their madcap dreams to work, which they would know if once a year or so they got out of their high rises and took a greyhound across America, followed by a field trip to find where food comes from, and how it’s grown. (And while taking them to those fields, give them some sunflower seeds for their pockets. I suspect they’ll help in a couple three years. Well, help beautify the middle of the coutry at any rate. Might be the greatest contribution these idiots have ever made to other people’s life and enjoyment.)

But the salient thing here is “WTF dude?” No, seriously. What a coincidink. Fracking suddenly stopped being a thing when the serene Zhoe Xiden, first (and last) of his kind, China’s Vice-Roi over the barbarous United States of America, ascended with acclamations from cemeteries and manufactured votes to his position over us.

I totally believe that. That’s not sus at all at all.

I don’t know what kind of mind set a person has to be in to buy that, but I think it involves having all the right (left) friends and reading all the right (left) publications.

In cases such as this, I recommend tilting your head sideways and hitting the uppermost ear repeatedly until the Marxist bullshit comes out the other ear. I recommend doing it over a toilet, so you can flush the effluvium away with relative safety.

I’ll also note that in this entire “woe is us” article there is no, zero, none absolutely no mention of nuclear power, or even a glimmer of the fact it exists and could supply most of our energy needs.

The only thing I have to assume is that for this writer, anything the left declares off bounds stops existing.

Frankly, if that’s how you feel, you’re more than half on their side.

As for the rest of us, you can’t convince us we’re running out of oil, or that the election wasn’t stolen in 2020, or even that Jan 6th was a horrific riot and a threat to the Republic. Oh, yeah, you’ll also not convince us we’re a “democracy.”

We’re not stupid. We have a memory. And we’ll believe our own eyes over the left’s nonsense.

*Completely off topic I’ll note that your cheap, quick-render image from Pixabay is now at the level of average sci fi covers in the seventies, at least where I grew up.
Yes, yes, give me a time machine! 😉 )

212 thoughts on “Parallel worlds

  1. Question: What color is the sky in the Left’s world?

    Answer: Pink when it isn’t Red. 😈

                1. It’s the black screen with the box that says “This channel is not included with your current package.”

                  Or alternatively, it’s when the gaming console TV flips itself to the “over the air” mode, but because it isn’t hooked up to a cable or antenna or computer streaming service, all you get is static.

    1. Perhaps if one takes Incredible == Unbelievable, then maybe. Certainly not a transition to someplace better than what we had Jan 19, 2021.

        1. The incredible transformation comment is consistent with comments by other Team HarrisBiden members pushing their Green Leap Forward, such as Samantha Power’s remarks about the fertilizer shortage being a “wonderful opportunity” to transition to more natural fertilizer like compost….you know the way Sri Lanka did.

          Team HarrisBiden is simply pursuing Obama’s proclaimed “fundamental transformation of America”. Given how many Team Obama people are part of Team HarrisBiden, it is very clear that it is Team Obama pulling the strings as they continue their efforts to “fundamentally transform” the USA into a totalitarian Marxist state.

          The only difference between then and now is that they more often say the quiet part out loud.

          1. They’re just demonstrating that 0bama was a puppet for the same assholes that are pulling Biden’s strings. Granted, a more articulate one.

      1. seems totally believable to me. We said if he gets any power the economy would tank, and lo, it has tanked. Milton Freedman might not be “running the show anymore” but his observations are still valid. Idiotic policies don’t suddenly work just because the people who pointed out they are unworkable have died.

  2. Take heart, folks.

    With maximum effort, the best the Left could do is …. Biden.

    He will set back Marxism here by decades. Maybe by a Century. Never underestimate Joe’ s ability to F things up.

    We will someday toast our opponents for choosing Joe.

      1. I’m not sure…I want to cook hot dogs over the open fire, and don’t want it tainted.

      2. I vote creme brulee torch and copper implements with nice wood handles. We wouldn’t want to burn OUR fingers…

    1. We don’t want to set Marxism back, we want to watch it crash and burn and be totally discredited for all time. We want a world in which anybody mouthing those tired old Marxist slogans gets laughed out of the room. A world in which everybody knows Marxism can never work, and why.
      Welfare is pay without work. In order to provide pay without work for some, others have to work without pay. We used to call that slavery. Now they call it socialism.

      1. “We don’t want to set Marxism back, we want to watch it crash and burn and be totally discredited for all time. We want a world in which anybody mouthing those tired old Marxist slogans gets laughed out of the room. A world in which everybody knows Marxism can never work, and why.”

        I work with and belong to professions where there are large numbers of people that are on paper, smarter and fiscally more successful than myself.

        But they are blind when it comes to politics and do not have a deeper understand of how the actual physical and economic world works. Maybe because they they have been focused on career/monetary success and never really had to pay much attention to history, reality or the world at large. And they go along with “The Current Thing” smugly because they can blindly virtual signal without seeing the dirt and blood beneath the gilt. No do they recognize true Evil in the world outside of the television screen. Emotional reactions without serious considerations of second and third order consequences. Truly programmed.

        Whether it’s the Clock Boy, St. George Floyd, The Holy Democracy of Ukraine, Global Warming, Veganism, Covid Jabs or “Alternative” Energy, don’t confuse these folks with actual facts, statistics or research, they blindly follow the narrative. Life has been good/easy for them over the last two or three decades, so why should they change path or question any “authority”. (Cue Eric Cartman voice…)

        So this latest attempt at Marxism/Fascism/Technocratic Utopia probably will kill billions instead of hundreds of millions. And we will have another generation saying, “Well it wasn’t “True” Marxism/Fascism/Technocratic Utopia. We are smart than them and will try harder next time.”

        I don’t want see them laughed at, I want them, the architects and the higher IQ enablers made an example of… Something creative to discourage any future attempts. How’s that for a writing prompt?

          1. It’s not personal; they’re ruining everybody’s lives. And then bragging about it.

            Is it wrong of me to wish for terrorists to bomb the Davros Davos Summit and blow all those smug rich bastards to tiny bits?

            (I can’t help it. Davos always reminds me of Davros, creator of the Daleks. Gee, I can’t imagine why. “Exterminate! EXTERRRMINAAATE!!“)

            1. One thing puzzles me. Since they have declared war on Putin, why do they make themselves a convenient target within easy range of Putin? Does their arrogance must make them feel invulnerable?

              We already skate too close to doom. What would happen if a rogue nuke goes off in one of those 1500 private planes, with no evidence of who planted it? Do the missiles fly? Or would it cause those left to pull back from the abyss?

              1. Wow that really feels like a Tom Clancy special. I’m not sure if the Oligarchs/ Brahmandarins really consider themselves at war with Russia, or If Putin really views them as enemies or useful idiots. Interestingly Davos is in Switzerland which is effectively neutral. I suspect the Turnip in chiefs second act (first action being getting his depends changed) on an attack on Switzerland would be to declare they are NOT part of NATO and we do not need to respond directly, and then slink off into the background and pass it off to someone more ineffectual than our current government, say the UN.

                Playing with my toy/tool for this purpose I see 2 things 1) You need a fair sized blast to get all the hotels, and it looks fairly mountainous (not suprising it’s Switzerland ) so things get far more complicated than the simple model, 2) Depending on winds the fallout from a ground blast ends up in Lichtenstein/Austria so still no Nato involvement. Probably the only thing saving them is Putin really doesn’t give a rat’s patootie about them.

                1. 1, when people with authority say Putin must go, Putin may feel threatened. Usually all the likely suspects are not one convenient target, but this seems a unique opportunity. Plane lands, “just another rich guy”, but the plane was hijacked, boom. No one claims responsibility. Or a “new” fringe green group that claims they object to using all that bad oil to fly in. No smoking gun.

                  2: Even if you only get half, the others who are there now realize they are no longer safe Do they become more receptive to negotiations?

                  3: With all the openings in organizations, does the “Mafia” need time to figure out who is now in charge. So less attention to Putin. Seems like lots of infighting amongst the “elite”.

                  4: Putin seems quite willing to off anyone who he thinks threatens him, or his version of Russia.

                  5: Does Russia have the capability to do this?

                  Note, I have not checked where the airport is in relationship to the hotels, but nukes come in various sizes.
                  Just asking: Why put all your eggs in one fragile basket?

      1. Two to five generations if we are really lucky. Especially if we can preserve enough knowledge, expertise.and “seed” resources to reboot the basics.

        There are too many issues with current supply lines and interdependencies. Too much specialization and complexity to almost all major industries. Energy and food are key but they have huge networks of dependencies as well.

        If we are super lucky, maybe TPTB will die from Monkey Pox vaccines… (snark)

    2. Possibly not. I sense an intense feeling of desperation among the fascist left elite…a feeling that if they don’t succeed in “transitioning” us into a collapsed mess that they can then “save from evil capitalism” and prevent any others from winning back the country in two more years, they are going to go down in flames. Down in flames meaning they lose massively in the ’24 elections and don’t hold the White House which would lead to investigations, indictments, etc.
      Desperation makes people (and political religions) do stupid and drastic things to retain power. I’m hoping I’m wrong about this….

      1. I have the same sense of desperation of the part of the Left. Trump might not be the standard-bearer of the future, but he certainly proved that there could be something better than the Leftist pap that both parties were selling.

        1. And, more importantly, that the media no longer had the power to destroy anyone to the Right of John McCain.

    3. Who they run is irrelevant as long as Democrats are able to rig the election process and fraud their way to victory.

      1. This 1000 times. We need to clean up the elections. The left knows the tide is turning they will try to cheat even worse than before

  3. My biggest disappointment after the tragedy of the Uvalde murders?

    That the killer targeted school kids and teachers instead of the Department of Education.

  4. Just came in for a wee break, been cutting and bucking trees that I took down last winter that were blocking the road due to snow load. Just got maybe half a cord of firewood from such. Green energy, no matter what they say, in my parallel world.

      1. I could make an argument that it warms you at least thrice, probably quarce and possibly even septence by the time you throw in the splitting stackings & hauling.s 😉

          1. Not if you have the right woodstove. With or without the “required cleaning mechanism”. That is what frustrates me. We currently have a Lopi, which is the legal type. We gave mom & dad the *bigger, not legal now, but still legal then (it is grandfathered, but she can’t change insurance companies), woodstove. It burns cleaner than our Lopi (same wood, we supply her wood) because the design is setup to have the smoke reburned

            Wouldn’t fit our fireplace. Fit theirs. We’d had it in Longview, but didn’t leave it in the house when we moved (for a lot of reasons). When the house has to be sold, it will have to be pulled and scrapped (sent to Alaska?)

      1. True, but irrelevant. All wood fires do is recycle carbon already in the environment; true “net zero”.

          1. They can indeed; during the ~15 years I heated with wood I had to clean the chimney (external, Metalbestos) every year. But proper air regulation in a well-designed woodstove, combined with keeping exhaust temps above about 250F, takes care of most of it.

            BTW, from a previous blog post (“Good As It Gets”), did you find that data I asked for about the research on the effects of consciously lying? I’m interested in it; thanks.

            1. BOB, you’re announcing you’re an idiot and know nothing about human and then asking Mary show you data on being human. SERIOUSLY?
              Go research modern behavior modification therapy. You consciously lie to yourself, to get you to be different. SHEEESH.

              1. OK; no biggie. Thanks anyway. Apparently it’s something that should be obvious.

                1. The bigger problem is that a quick search about “repeat lies start to believe” will bury you in studies going back a very long time about how even just hearing the same thing, over and over, does this– because most people are familiar with the self-hypnotism of repeating things to persuade yourself of what is doubted, at the very least from the common narrative use of “You keep saying that– are you trying to change my mind, or your own?”

                  Getting someone to only hear the Desired Beliefs, and to repeat it (for reward, even if that reward is only approval/not being punished) is how brain washing works.

                  1. I don’t dispute that, but ISTM that there’s a spectrum of lying, with varying effects, from “Uh, sure, man, I see it too” (backing away slowly), or “No, dear, it doesn’t make you look fat”, to repeatedly shouting “Big Brother loves me!” along with a mob of true believers and never hearing anything else (that last is, IMHO, very important, and the reason many people believe everything the see on the MSM).

                    The first is far closer to what I was thinking of with my comment.

                    1. K, now we have a place to start with to try to convey understandings!

                      With the warning that a lot of the USEUL brain-bender stuff is trying to scrape together enough drops of “water is wet” to fill a thimble. 😀

                      You know how you put the far end of less harmful at noncommittal and physically removing yourself?

                      (Digression: there was actually a really good thread about “does this make me look fat” a few days/weeks ago, with the starting point being basically that one needs to figure out what the question means– is she saying “do you love me,” is she saying “give me an answer so I can fight you because nothing will be right,” or is she saying “I can’t see my butt. Is this outfit going to embarrass me?”)

                      Which end of the spectrum does “not just say that Big Tony is a girl because he’s wearing a miniskirt, but punish the woman who cannot wax what he ain’t got, or be attacked yourself” fall?

                    2. I’m not sure how to answer that, because I’m not sure what you’re actually asking. Is it “should I participate in actively punishing someone who I feel to be delusional”? If so, the answer is “absolutely not”. But I suspect what you’re actually asking is whether a fear of being attacked would or should make me engage in that sort of “punishment”, even if it’d a lie. That’s also a “no”, and I consider that to be at the “cheer Big Brother” end of the spectrum.

                      But like everything else, how I’d behave if it happened is a mystery, even to me, until the situation occurs. But I do know that I wouldn’t be in that place amy longer than it took me to pack up and leave.

                    3. I asked you where the stuff that people are actually doing falls on the spectrum that you created.

                      We appear to have hit a wall.


                    4. I have no idea, since I don’t know what anyone is doing, aside from what I read here and elsewhere. I can only know what I think/hope I would do.

              2. Since it was well known back when 1984 was written, that’s not surprising.

                Like Sarah said, it’s as if someone was asking for a citation that chicken is edible.

  5. They demand that we replace Oil with Better Alternatives.

    But when we check, none of the Better Alternatives are ready for prime time.

    So, in reality, they are forcing us to replace Oil with Nothing.

    In order to replace coal, oil and gas, any energy source has to be scientifically sound, technologically feasible, and economically practical. At the present time, only nuclear fission meets those criteria; unfortunately fission is Politically Disfavored.

    So we are left with Nothing. All the people who will starve and freeze in the dark are just experiencing ‘The Pain Of This Incredible Transition’.
    The government can mandate stupidity, but they can’t make it not be stupid.

    1. Nuclear fission doesn’t meet them either. It is wonderful for base load electricity. but unless substantial improvements have been made it cannot be used for peak load because reactors cannot increase and reduce output fast enough. It cannot be used at all for mobile applications such as cars trucks and tractors.

      1. Even if nuclear can’t cover the entire power load, having lots of it would still be very useful.

      2. Precisely…Nor do we have the transmission/distribution capability to handle an electric vehicle a long shot..So we need oil and gas for motor vehicles, especially diesel for large vehicles…

      3. Wrong- because if there are enough plants none of them need to ramp up fast to supply the peak load. Submarines (and nuclear powered targets) can go from ahead ⅓ to ahead flank in virtually seconds. That’s a huge load increase, and they can ramp down just as fast.

        But now that makes me wonder, even having used them for years, why is it ⅓, ⅔, standard, full, and flank and not some other fractional forms?

        1. Eyeball-ability?

          That’s why 12 is a thing– 1/3 is about as accurately as you can eyeball stuff, and 1/4 is just a half of a half, which takes only a little longer….

        2. Probably tradition from Steam ship days. If you let the Naval types run an Orion Spaceship it would probably still have those engine settings 🙂 .

          1. Maybe other types, but an Orion? I believe there’s only one setting, just like for a stick of dynamite. Of course, if someone invents a Warp Grenade…:-)

            1. I think there are two basic ways to control the power of an Orion. First you could have variable sized explosions. This was a well known tactic in weapons into the mid 50s so shouldn’t be too hard. The other option is controlling the rate. The faster you eject the propellant charges the more push you get up to the limit imposed by fratricide of the charges (i.e. the blast from pulse N destroys the N+1 propellant). This brings up an interesting thought, what’s the units ? Kilotons/second, tons/second, or just stick with G joules/sec? Flank would be probably going right to the limits of safety/survive-ability probably possible for a limited time, full is maximum safe, something like that. I think Michael in Footfall uses those kind of settings 🙂 .

              1. Point; I hadn’t thought of those as equivalent to engine power settings, although I probably shoulf have. I suspect the “rate of release” technique would be far easier to implement; variable sizes implies either the “warp grenade” technique (from Simon Hawke’s “Time Wars” series), which AFAIK is still SF, or multiple selectable launchers with bombs of various yields, which I think would be a nightmare to implement.

                It’s been quite a few years since I last read “Footfall”; maybe time to repeat.

                Anyway, thanks!

                1. The variable yield is a known trick. It used to be called dial-a-yield and could be done on the fly (literally most of these were free fall weapons to be delivered by bombers) although there was actually a physical dial. A lot depends on how big the bombs are. You do it by controlling the amount of tritium or other fusionable material you inject into the core (so say the publicly available sources). It would likely be hard to do with tiny charges like 6-20t warheads for the Davy Crockett or SADM W54 warhead as they’re already at the lower physical limits of what works, but something a little bigger you could probably have it software settable and you just waste some tritium in the lower yield state so no different racks for different charges. Not like cost is an objection you’re using hordes of nuclear explosives 🙂 .

                  1. I didn’t know that (although “dial-a-yield” did jog a buried memory); thanks!

      4. It cannot be used at all for mobile applications such as cars trucks and tractors.

        Not if you insist on using the energy in electrical form, no. But in you have widespread nuclear deployment you have the energy budget to make liquid fuels.

        1. You can even produce Sainted Hydrogen, loved as “fuel” by greenies who don’t understand the meaning of “primary energy source”.

      5. Simple solution….have extra capacity available to go on-line like is done now. And nuclear is not a perfect solution to ALL problems….but it IS at least a partial solution, especially with the new designs coming available.

        1. The new small-scale reactor designs are super nifty. And they come with failsafes that just can’t be managed in a gigantic reactor. Get enough of them online, and there’s your “green” energy with none of the downsides of wind and solar.

      6. Nuclear reactors can increase and decrease power as fast as you can open and close the throttles on the turbines. The problem is that doing so causes changes in the xenon concentration in the core, which changes how neutrons are absorbed, which requires adjusting the control rods to keep the operating temperature in spec.

        It’s not that nuclear plants can’t change power, it’s just that the operators would prefer to take the reactor critical, bring it up to 80% or so, and leave it there until it’s time to shutdown for refueling.

    2. most of their replacements require oil based products in order to be made. Then again, idiots think composites occur naturally from thin air.

      1. They don’t even occur naturally from thick air.
        Or they’d be surrounded such already, the air around said idiots being thick with…

          1. No, a hog farm. NUTTIN’ stinks like a hog farm. I’ve experienced both, and Orvan’s relatives are mild by comparison. At school, we knew when the wind was from the east because we could smell the hog farm five miles away.

            “Hey, Craig, that your hog farm we smell?”
            [Sniff, sniff] “Yup, reckon so.”

            1. You ain’t kidding. Back in my teenage years, every congregation in our church took its turn contributing to various church-operated welfare concerns — farms, canneries, etc. Our designated operation was…of course…the pig farm. We’d be in the farrowing pens inside those buildings with shovels all day. There aren’t words to describe how intensely, corrosively fetid and nasty all that concentrated pig shit could get. You don’t wash your clothes after that, you throw them away. And you can smell it on you for days afterward, no matter how many showers and fruity soaps you’ve got.

    3. The left knows that the alternatives aren’t ready for primetime. But the left has grown up on stories about Americans who were confronted with a challenge, and rose to meet that challenge. So the left is artificially creating a challenge, and anticipates that this will incentivize someone to figure out that last crucial thing that will make solar power plentiful and inexpensive.

        1. You know that. I know that.

          However, two articles of faith among Democratic legislators are –

          1.) California is a big enough market that companies will accede to its demands rather than miss out on the California market, and
          2.) If the standard is currently X, and you pass a law saying that in 15 years the standards must be raised to Y, American industry will figure out how to make it Y.

          The second point is effectively what’s driven the American mpg standards for the last few decades (and the left will proudly tout it as exactly that from time to time). Yes, sacrifices had to be made in things like car safety. And yes, the rules are distorted by the car companies offering high mpg entry-level cars that few want, but that distort the average mpg numbers enough to meet the government requirements. But that doesn’t change the fact that the car manufacturers are currently meeting the mpg requirements laid out by the government decades ago.

          That’s the same thinking behind California’s imposition of things like requirements about the percentage of cars on the road that must be electric vehicles by certain dates, or the percentage of its power that must be provided by “renewable” sources even when coming from out of state, again by certain dates in the future. Because in their minds, the industry will figure it out.

          1. To meet the MPG marks they went to small cars, and to avoid making the marks, went to Minivans, SUVs and 4 door pickups with useless sized beds, because a F150 or Silverado doesn’t need to meet the same standards as a Buick Roadmaster. Ford got around it for years by “Importing” the Crown Vic, so it was part of their Import CAFE, not Domestic. So the Left put out the goals, and the manufacturers built around, not so much to the goal. Ford now has 2 cars (only if one counts the GT, otherwise the Mustang is all) and everything else is considered a truck or van for for Gov’t reasons. Ford says it’s because folks weren’t buying sedans, but one could get a better deal by not buying a sedan because it wasn’t as built to as much of a limit.

            1. Like I said, the manufacturers distorted their offerings to meet the numbers. But the left doesn’t care about that. What the left cares about is that the government said, “By this date, you will get this mpg.” And the car manufacturers managed to do it (the fact that there are loopholes involved is ignored).

              Likewise, when California says, “By 2035, the only new cars sold in the state will be electric vehicles,” the left believes that the car manufacturers will figure out ways to get past any problems. Otherwise they’ll be forced to give up on one of the largest markets in the world (California’s gross state product in 2021 would make it the fifth largest economy in the world, if it were sovereign). And once the manufacturers figure out how to make it work in California, the thinking is that the manufacturers can easily up-size it to the rest of the country.

              It’s magic thinking.

              1. It’s a variation on the way they think about the Chinese market, too.

              2. I’m not even in marketing, vehicle sales, or any kind of sales. Even I know how to get around –

                “By 2035, the only new cars sold in the state will be electric vehicles,” the left believes that the car manufacturers will figure out ways to get past any problems.

                When we decide to upgrade our vehicles (somewhere between 8 to 12 years from now), the trade in or resell value will be epic. Not new by any measure they will be swept up and taken to California. Now if California’s law said, “No non-electric vehicle will be able to be REGISTERED in the state of California.” Then there will be a huge problem. Wouldn’t surprise me if California PTB wanted that, but someone with an ounce of brains got it walked back. OTOH if Oregon follows California, then our next vehicles are likely to be our last.

                I don’t have a problem with non-plugin Hybrids, except initial cost, and in Oregon, registration cost (unless choose the per mileage option). But pure electric just don’t meet our needs. Two ways: 1) We would get stranded.13 hour 1500 mile drives are not unheard of. Refueling not the problem. The time to “refuel” is. 2) Size/Configuration, most are a tad cramped even for me, and I’m short.

                1. How would you like an electric car that gets ~150 miles on a full charge, but also has a turbine APU which provides effectively unlimited range and gets 60 to 80 MPG equivalent? And can run on gasoline, diesel fuel, kerosene, fuel oil, alcohol or vegetable oil? $6.50 gas would be much less painful if you got 70 MPG.

                  We could build such cars today. All the necessary technology is well established. Somebody would just have to commit to building small turbine engines in large numbers. That’s the best part — the engine would only need to be about 40 HP. 90% of the time when driving a piston-engine car, you’re only using 20-30% of the engine’s power.

                  It’s not a hybrid. It’s the opposite of a hybrid. It’s an electric car, designed from first principles AS an electric car, and provided with an onboard battery charging engine that’s about 3X the thermodynamic efficiency of a piston engine. It’s a car that would meet the actual needs of the American public in a way electric-only cars do not.

                  Turbine engines are simpler and more reliable than piston engines. If turbine engines were mass produced the way piston engines are today, they would be cheaper than piston engines. They are so much smaller and lighter that if a turbine engine failed, you’d just swap it out for a rebuilt engine in about half an hour.

                  Why is nobody in a position to make such cars possible even mentioning the possibility?
                  Governments can’t create prosperity; at best, they can refrain from destroying it.

                  1. an electric car that gets ~150 miles on a full charge, but also has a turbine APU which provides effectively unlimited range and gets 60 to 80 MPG equivalent? And can run on gasoline, diesel fuel, kerosene, fuel oil, alcohol or vegetable oil?

                    Small SUV? Tow capable? 100%

                    Just because we aren’t towing any distance now, doesn’t mean we don’t want the ability to tow.

                    1. That would take bigger motors (or more motors), a bigger battery pack, and probably a second turbine APU. Still well within our technical capability. Somebody just has to build it.

                      Any of those Davros plutocrats could fund the project easily.

                      Of course, that would address most of their objections to privately owned vehicles and reduce any need to pack us all into trains and trolleys.
                      There is no shortage of people convinced they can create the perfect world. They just have to eliminate all those imperfect people who don’t fit in it.

                    2. The solution for that has been there for a bunch of years. Small (75-90 HP) Diesel with hybrid electric and CVT transmission. 18 wheelers from the 50’s didn’t yield much more than 90 HP but with 18+ gears that problem fell to the driver. Add a CVT to relieve the driver of shifting and the high torque of electric motors for boost solves much of that issue. Also gets rid of diesel lag without turbo or superchargers. Those 18 wheelers could haul 80k lbs, having a 10k lb towing limit should not be an issue. Does add cost issues and might work better as a diesel generator direct electric drive. I suspect yields diesel SUV in the 60-75 MPG range which ought to be plenty for most purposes, and will be plenty zippy (remember high torque electrics). Why Not? At least in the US diesel has ALWAYS been viewed as a looser due to messes like the Olds 88 diesels and Peugot 504 from the 80’s so its a hard sell to the wealthy. Greenies want (admittedly foolishly, but they’re greenies) NO use of oil, of course having no clue how much society post 1910 or so uses petrochemicals. The APUs are a nice concept, but between complex turbines and fancy bearings they’re still trickier to make then a good old internal combustion diesel.

                2. “Not new by any measure they will be swept up and taken to California.”

                  Where they will promptly fail the vehicle inspection required to get a tag. Guaranteed.

          2. I don’t see how the CAFE standards didn’t run afoul of interstate trade whatevers.

            Surely someone could have sued on the basis of one state imposing laws on other states. Or one state’s laws imposing undue burden on other states. Or something.

      1. They are incentivizing people to solve the problem that they have posed, by removing them from power.

        The superstitious innumerate bigots who think that congress can wave their hands and create physically impossible tech.

        1. Exactly what I was thinking. The single best solution to the artificial, unnecessary, and borderline impossible “challenges” invented by the leftists…is to remove the leftists.

          Make even partial progress on that challenge, and literally everything works better. I wonder when society is going to finally figure that out?

        2. “They are incentivizing people to solve the problem that they have posed, by removing them from power.”

          Nailed it. Now to keep the fraud to a minimum when reality bites them…

    4. The best alternative was nuclear.
      The anti-nuke greenies took that pretty much off the table.
      1st and 2nd generation nuclear wasn’t really clean because of the massive amounts of radioactive waste it produced, and nobody wanted to store anywhere near them.
      We’ve gotten much better since then, but the damn moratoriums against nuclear won’t let us build newer better reactors, and the greenies are even worse than they were before.

      1. We used to reprocess ‘nuclear waste’ (actually uranium fuel with some of the U-235 used up) by re-enrichment so it could go right back in the reactor. Jimmy Carter ended reprocessing with an executive order in 1978. Ever since then, spent nuclear fuel has been piling up because there’s nothing to be done with it.

        Billions of dollars were spent building a central underground storage facility, but due to politics no nuclear waste has actually been stored there yet, and it’s looking like none ever will be.

        As in so many other areas, government and politics have FUBAR’d nuclear power.
        If a business tries something and it doesn’t work, they either stop doing it or they will go broke. If the government tries something that doesn’t work, they just keep shoveling our money into it forever.

  6. Well, the biggest problem created for oil resources was barring exploration/drilling in ANWAR, which may have a huge resource…Fracking lost investors more than $200 billion and peaked in 2018, under Trump…I bailed from oil partnerships earlier than’s just too expensive..The US has been importing oil for 50 years, and continues to consume 20% of the world’s production, substantially more than we produce…The answer is nuclear, but no prospect of getting new plants approved in this climate….

      1. I’m including them…the US exports quite a bit but is a net importer of oil…Not true of gas, where we are an exporter, but our reserves are declining significantly…I would ban gas and LNG exports…

        1. well, a little bit ago, we were a net exporter of oil. As recently as… before 2021.

        2. A lot of the oil we import is purely to refine, then export again.

          Not true of gas, where we are an exporter, but our reserves are declining significantly…I would ban gas and LNG exports…

          “Tell me you know nothing whatsoever about the last decade-plus of the oil industry without telling me you know nothing”.

    1. Just for chits and giggles search out a map that has all the active oil rigs in the Gulf Coastal off shore region. Hundreds of dots across from the junction of Mexico and Texas along below Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama. Dead stop at the Flora/Bama line. No rigs at all along the Florida Gulf Coast.
      Riddle me this, how does nature follow an arbitrary political boundary?
      Oh wait, that lack of producing wells has sweet F A to do with nature, other than the Feds and Floridians who go into conniption fits at the thought of icky oil rigs miles off their pristine shoreline. Thing is I’ve been to the Bama Gulf Coast and only thing you can see of the rigs is points of light after dark.

      1. Heck, my daughter and I have been driving down into Karnes County for most of a decade, and we saw how that part of Texas was transformed by the shale oil fracking boom. From dead and dying little towns, to suddenly being revived and renovated, with new developments, man-camps, hotels and businesses going in all over the place.

      2. Many of the rigs are far enough out that Customs must be cleared by the workers returning to shore. I worked at an FOB in NOLA and knew I’d have a Sikorsky to fuel when the Customs guy showed up, unannounced.

      3. Indeed..there is more offshore resource, but the chances of drilling a commercial well are about 6%..My company got lucky and hit one, but it’s expensive and risky…BP’s deepwater well problem inflicted huge damage…Chevron lost $7 billion trying to drill offshore Alaska, due to the violent weather…

        1. Oil is high-risk high-return. What makes the industry unprofitable? It’s over regulated and over taxed and viewed by every government it touches as a cash cow to be milked. There are 60 years of likely profitable prospects without any new exploration to the poh t my company was selling the cost pf processing as refinement for drilling rather than new locations. Dry holes have gone way down in percentage. Before a tax and COVID killed the company, my boss was citing around a 30 percent decrease.

        2. Interesting factoid ignored by greenie activists, some of the worst ocean oil leakage comes from natural seeps off the California coast, yet I do not believe there are any off shore rigs allowed to take advantage of that phenomenon to harvest that wastage or attempt to control that natural pollution.

              1. And botulinum toxin (ignoring idiots who like the “plastic look”), foxglove and cobras; let’s not forget those. And lions and tiger and bears, oh, my! All 100% natural!

  7. I know there is still fraking going on. I get a small royalty check every month. Not a lot because it is inherited and cut up into very small portions, but still coming. I know where the wells are in which county in Texas.

  8. While ND’s oil output is down from it’s high of 2019, it’s still around 2017 levels. It didn’t really drop until something happened in April 2020. I wonder what that was? And it’s been pretty steady around 3.5M bar/month since August of 2020, leaving us 2nd in the US for production and well behind TX.

  9. Part of it is it is just that it is too horrible for many people to admit that our leaders are so stupid and have sociopathic or psychopathic tendencies (it’s almost a given except in times of emergency because sane people have better things to do if politics is not life or death).

    The left is using up all the trust in our structures by doing things like massive fraud, and eliminating all standards and safety for their pet political projects in medicine.

    In every age, the left looks for a reason, a nail, for their constant solution slavery, their hammer.

    The left’s solution to climate change is slavery to the UN. I am deeply skeptical of man made climate change, I lived through climate gate. The lefts favorite climate scientist should be run out of science for the rest of his life. He was caught conspiring to fabricate data for his hypothesis. My main strategy for talks with millennials is to full stop any discussion on climate change unless the solution is nuclear energy, and point out that the lefts solution is slavery to the UN. I often have to point out that we have NO democratic controls on UN representation.

    Having panicked a large segment of the population over a disease with a 98.5% recovery rate. Their solution is to sell us into slavery to the WHO.

    Slavery is always the lefts solution, because they have a G-d shaped hole in their heart, and they make idols of people and organizations who are far away and seem to them to be god like.

    Now the left is using the same tactics they used in climate science to disemploy dissenting views on the pandemic response. But I don’t think it will be as effective, they are running on the historical regard for these agencies. They are burning through that reputation fast. Tucker Carlson, who is very popular, even had a segment where he pointed out that few would ever trust the medical establishment again.

    The biggest problem we have is pride, people don’t want to admit they trusted people that were unworthy of that trust.

    But sooner than we think even average Americans will realize there is no truth in Pravda.

    I hate being right. I would love my pessimism to be wrong, still the world will still go on.

    Sorry for the ramble.

    1. That 98.5% is only if one believes ALL the deaths attributed were actually from the disease, and last I looked, Drug Overdose was not a symptom, among others. It was only that low in the old and ill.

      1. I was just using the old and ill recovery rate because I was lazy and also to give them the benefit of the doubt. Even at the highest rate, the lockdowns and shut downs are ridiculous. The drug over doses, suicides, and lost opportunities far outweigh the risk.

        I actually know someone who’s elderly mom died of Covid. Her son thinks the depression from not having contact with her grandchildren for months made her more susceptible to dying of the virus. Her health, according to him, had been declining from lack of human contact up to the time of her exposure. 😔

      1. Aye. This shows the problem of the saying, “Lead, Follow, or Get Out of the Way!”

        They are too stupid to follow anything sensible, so I cannot lead them.
        They insist on trying to lead me to a stupid end, so I WILL NOT follow them.
        And if I leave them be, they will cause MORE stupid ends, so I best KEEP IN THE WAY!

      2. The climate they grew up with is the ideal, which must never change.

        1. They get all TERRIFIED by a change… that reminds me of ONE SEASON in the 1970’s.

          Total Perspective Vortex might be worth looking into after all…

  10. They want you cold, hungry, and poor! That’s the transition that they’ve been waiting for! Cold, hungry, and poor!

    1. I wish the transition from sweet daydreams to cold, hungry waking reality to be at least as uncomfortable for insulated civil servants and party bosses in gerrymandered safe districts as it promises to be for the rest of us.

  11. If I were granted three wishes, #1 would be for every Green advocate and “Green” politician to suddenly be deprived of any petroleum-based product, all at once, right in front of the cameras (vegan leather, cosmetics, elastic, eye-glasses, synthetic fabrics . . . ) Wish #2 would be for 95% of the wind turbines to disappear (and their foundations, and the giant sticks that support them) and for small, city-sized nuclear plants to take their place on a distributed grid.

    1. Yep – let every Greenie suddenly have to live without petroleum-based products, and without the power to turn a single small fan and light a couple of 40-watt bulbs…

      1. Saw once that every major city is three days away from starvation. All food delivery to stores and restaurants is done by truck, and the vast majority of those use either gasoline or diesel for fuel.
        And the only rural areas at risk in that scenario would by definition be those within walking distance from the hordes rioting to demand that the gubmint feed them.

        1. Another point made by John Ringo in “The Last Centurion.” The urbanites start screaming the countryside feed them.

        2. Nit – rural areas would suck as well, though not as badly. Not everywhere rural is food-self sufficient

    2. If you are going to wish, wish BIG. I like your choices. We’ll need the reactors when the next VEI 6+ volcano goes off…

      I have analysis paralysis thinking about the consequences of my wishes. Don’t want any Monkey Paw situations or power vacuums or wiping out 50% of the population with a snap of my fingers.

      #1 All those involved in WEF type organizations, population control/bio-weapons, election fraud, race-baiting, DEI, and sexualizing children to be turned into penguins at the North Pole.

      #2 All their truly eager lackeys and minions would become polar bears just one mile south of the North Pole.

      #3 The majority of the idiots in the mass media could be made goats on subsistence farms. (Just kidding…)

      Then we can have nice polar bear blankets and goat milk for the children.

    3. Works for me. Lose every petroleum product. Plus must have all naturally produced food, no enhancements. They must walk the talk.

      Won’t happen. But …

  12. Talking of parallel worlds, I saw the Dr. Strange movie a couple of weeks ago.
    The teen who could hop parallel worlds informed us all that on most worlds food was free.
    Thus speaks someone who thinks that it all comes from the store and is a human (and thus should be free) right.
    After that I enjoyed the big FU which was served up to the fans.

    I will note that until I read Kratmans Carrera series, I had never heard such nonsense.
    Nor about the level of compensation for UN toadies.
    Good information.

    1. I hate that movie. Haven’t seen it, won’t see it, knew before the trailer came out it would be a Rude Gesture to fans. Thank you for giving me yet another reason not to like it.





    2. Well, consider this. The food eaten by our great ape relatives, the gorilla, the chimpanzees, the orangutan, and the gibbon is all “free” for them. They just have to find it and get it themselves. Food for hunter/gatherers is also “free”. They just have to find it and get it themselves. The parts that these “free” thinkers forget is: that the payment is to mother nature in the form of sweat, time, and effort; there’s no guarrantee there will be enough for the person trying to get the food; the ones who get the food get first dibs on it, everyone else gets leftovers, if any; and the foods eaten by the apes is raw bugs, raw small animals, and tough, hard to digest plants (nice, sweet, juicy fruit is small, few, and far between.)

      What’s really depressing? All those other worlds visited by America Chavez must have been deep in the communist side; and none of them were nice enough for her to want to stay there.

    3. If that character went to the Grissom timeline and visited Shepardsport, it might superficially look as if the food were free. In fact, bed and board are part of one’s compensation package, like at a research base or a ship at sea (will have to make that clear as I prepare “The Daughters of Martha” for indie publication.)

  13. That reminds me, I need to get some wire in case the lights go out. Making a small generator for a couple of lights isn’t that hard. We did it in elementary school for chrissakes

    1. Buying and fueling a generator is easy. Hiding it and the sound it makes from the neighbors is the harder part.

        1. And head, head is always an issue to consider.
          Y’all get your minds out of the gutter. Head refers to the amount of drop necessary to generate sufficient water pressure to run a turbine.

          1. Which is why seeing the water level in Lake Mead down almost 200 feet makes me want to scream “Don’t you dumbshits know anything about how hydro power works?!” Lower level means more water to generate the same amount of electricity.

            Or when I see other dams open spillways and just dump huge streams of water out of the reservoirs. “Put in some damn turbines and MAKE USE of all that energy!” Even if it’s only for a few weeks every year, it will replace electricity that would otherwise have to be generated with coal, oil and gas.

            Hydro is practically free energy, but for some reason the Greenies hate it. Reservoirs do not ‘destroy the environment!’ they just replace part of a river environment with a lake environment. Different species thrive.
            Most days, I suspect that we could get a better government by picking 537 people at random. On bad days, I’m certain we’d get a better government by picking 537 people at random from lunatic asylums.

            1. TVA’s Raccoon Mountain Pump Storage facility outside Chattanooga. TVA dug a lake on top of a small mountain. During off peak times they use excess electricity to pump water up into the lake. Then during peak demand the water flows back down generating power. It’s estimated to be the equivalent of one nuclear reactor. A similar facility was proposed in New York State but denied due to environmental protests.

              1. There are other examples. Back in the early ’70s, they built a pumped storage facility in Ludington, MI above Lake Michigan. There’s a project started in a handy valley near Flyover Falls that will to the same thing. It’s a valley with only one exit, so damming it up will be sort of easy. (The builders had minor objections to deal with, the most amusing from the people who are afraid of the EMF from 60Hz power. I suppose one could power an entire house with DC power, but Edison lost that battle a long time ago.)

                1. I suppose one could power an entire house with DC power

                  You can. In the modern era just about everything in your house is running DC behind an AC-to-DC converter.

                  1. All (or almost all) the electronics is. But not the main power users; HVAC, refrigerator, lights (even LED and CFL bulbs, if you use them), fans, any other electric motors not part of a computer or TV. Almost all the real power loads in homes use AC, and can’t use DC without being converted. And that would not be cheap.

                    Of course, you could install a whole-house inverter instead; that might be less expensive; I haven’t checked prices for 50kW(?) inverters, but I suspect they’re pretty pricey, too.

                    1. No, you only need about 2 KVA unless you have an electric oven, dryer, water heater or central air conditioning. The heaviest residential load would be an electric water heater at almost 10 KVA. Central air runs 2 to 3 KVA unless you’ve got a REALLY big house.

                      Most of the biggest loads are essentially heating elements, which don’t care whether you feed them AC or DC. With better designs, an oven, dryer or water heater could operate on either AC or DC over a wide range of voltages and currents. Have multiple heating elements that can be switched in series or parallel as required.

                      But that would require actual logical thought directed to solving practical problems in a functional way. Not something we can expect from the current government, or any future government we’re likely to get.
                      My grandpa voted Republican until the day he died — but he’s been voting Democrat ever since.

                    2. Answering Imaginos1892 (no “Reply” link after his post)…

                      OK, I checked my “stuff”, it breaks down like this (specs from the units listed):

                      HVAC system (dual units, 5.5 tons total) – ~19.3kVA
                      Dual oven – ~8.3kVA
                      Dryer – ~6kVA
                      Washer – ~1.2kVA
                      Refrigerator – ~0.7kVA

                      Total – ~35.5kVA

                      (The water heater and central heat are gas)

                      BTW, I live just south of Phoeniz AZ; the house is ~2800 ft^2, about average for the area. Good luck getting by in the summer here on much less. Granted, not everything is usually running simultaneously, but much of it frequently is.

                    3. Really? My AC is either 3 or 3.5 tons and it uses about 2.5 KVA. You’ve got 2 units that pull 40 amps each? That’s a LOT.

                      Hmmm, maybe that’s the startup surge. It might be instructive to put an amp-clamp around the wires and see what they draw as a sustained load. Might help if you avoid letting both units start up at the same time.

                    4. There’s no ‘Reply’ link because we’ve reached WPDE’s nesting limit.

                      You can apply an amp-clamp anywhere you can get at the hot wires individually — at the main panel or inside the cutoff switch/fuse box for the AC unit. You can clip it around a fuse, even.

                      At least, I think it’s the U.S. national electrical code that requires a dedicated cutoff switch/fuse box for an outdoor AC compressor unit.

                      I’m just having a hard time believing that residential AC units can devour almost 20 KVA. That would cost about $4.00 an hour, making the bill for AC alone over $900.00 a month. I think the running load must be much lower.

                      The ‘ton’ rating is a holdover from when buildings were cooled with actual ice. A 5.5 ton system is equivalent to consuming 5 1/2 tons of ice per day if it runs continuously. Most AC systems are sized so the compressor runs 1/4 to 1/3 of the time.

                    5. no ‘Reply’ link because we’ve reached WPDE’s nesting limit.

                      Why I get original posting and all responses after I verify “follow” via email (do not ask how I set that up, did it accidentally when I started following Sarah’s blog). Always have a reply option, even WP quits nesting. Risk WP putting comment “wherever”. Which is why I’ll quote, often when seems unneeded.

                    6. Re: Nesting limit: Aha! OK; thanks.

                      All I can go by is the rated capacity of the compressor system in the “ton” format. As for getting to the individual wires for a clamp-on ammeter, they only exist in the bottom of the outside units, and require removal of the covers. For access’ everywhere else, including the breaker panel and the junction box, the indivudual wires aren’t accessible.

                      And all the other loads, totaling 15+ kVA, are as noted.

  14. Sarah, they are in this world and they are unhappy, without hope, and know deep in their hearts they are on a hell-bound train.

    They just do everything they can to make other people unhappy, too.

    But we do not need to comply.

    We can rejoice i every little blessing. And of course the big ones.

    We can also rejoice in our suffering knowing Our Lord also suffered for us–and try to use our blessings to help those around us.

    As we “celebrate” Memorial Day, let us consider all of the blessings we have received from those who went home before us (particularly service members who died in defending our freedoms); and find a way to multiply the blessings we can pass on to the people who follow us.

    1. The Political/Emotional vultures are trying to turn Memorial Day into yet another nag about victims of gun and police racist violence instead of it’s original purpose.

      Even got this holiday message from the virtual signalers at corporate including the Chief DEI Officer. Along with a reminder that June is “Rainbow” month. (So go have gay sex and get Monkey Pox at Disney to celebrate!)

      Gotta talk to this RAH fellow. Didn’t want to actually live through the “Crazy Years”…

    2. Amen…and also remember the many people in America who suffered and sacrificed to build the wonderful nation we had in the 1950s, now being torn down by evil and greedy politicians..

  15. My prediction for the upcoming fall/winter/spring is that people with fireplaces and wood burning stoves will be chopping down and otherwise acquiring as much wood as they can to use those sources as their primary heat and will not be particular about whose forest they come from in ways and in volumes that not even hunting for deer in the King’s forests in the Robin Hood stories will come close to matching.

    1. There were a lot of horror stories about firewood, especially as the Middle Ages and early Modern times wound on.

    2. Trees in parks in Berlin disappeared one winter not all that long ago, after the Greens managed to pull off some dumb (even by their standards) energy policy. Berlin, Germany. And no one saw a thing.

        1. Nope, but if the choice is that or freezing, that freshly cut green wood goes to feed the fire.

          1. if the choice is that or freezing, that freshly cut green wood goes to feed the fire.

            And every other piece of burnable non-food producing woody plant.

  16. Just over the bode from NY in PA there’s drilling and fracking for natural gas. The same shale formation extends up into the Southern Tier in NY- where it is forbidden to drill and frack. But that’s fine- msince new pipelines cannot be constructed in NY to carry the gas…

  17. The solution is easy. Simple. Build treadmills. Hook them up to generators. Put Leftists on the treadmills. Flog until you have enough power. 🙂

    Can I get my coach, pulled by eight Leftist geldings, up to highway speed? I’ve no idea…but my buggy whip and I will find out. 🙂

    1. My idea was to set up Soylent Green-style bicycle generators in prisons and hand out criminal sentences in megawatt-hours.

      But first, we should do the same thing with the exercise equipment in gyms. Imagine how much energy we could harvest from all those pedaling yuppies! Plus, they’d be doing it voluntarily.

      1. Heck Take over Pelaton. We can get them to pver pay for the generator, pay for the time to exercise AND generate electricity. There’s got to be a way to make money on this :-).

  18. They want to believe in the world that they’ve been told is waiting for them, if they can just make it happen, and yet they can’t seem to figure out what that world actually is and what it would mean.

    They’re all Eloi, who don’t realize and don’t care what it takes for the Morlocks to keep the world running.

  19. “Look, I know it seems terribly unfair to you, but if we don’t rip your beating heart out of your chest then the Sun God will keep taking the sun away and everyone will die. Can’t you stop being selfish and think of the Greater Good for once? Now get up that pyramid and lie down on the altar.”

    1. Wouldn’t work for either Biden or Pelosi. They either have no hearts, or they’re so puny and shriveled that any self-respecting Sun deity would blast the people who dared offend him or her with such a worthless sacrifice.

            1. The Scarecrow is brighter, the Tin Man is more empathic, and the Cowardly Lion far braver than any member of this junta/administration.

      1. Oh contraire mes amie! It’s been working quite nicely for Biden and Pelosi as they are the ones wearing those colorful priest robes and wielding their obsidian knives.
        But Pelosi is a shoe in to be dethroned come November. Debate still open as to when Biden gets turned into a sad short entry in the history books. Certainly by November 2024, but smart money sez probably much sooner. Abject failure in the mid terms may very well push his growing confusion over the edge into Amendment 25 territory.

        1. The FICUS has been in Amendment 25 territory since well before the stolen election. Why do you think the ventriloquists kept him hidden in the basement?

          “And what did you do as a White House aide?”
          “Watered the President twice a day.”

          1. And the name of the insurance policy arguing against Amendment 25 is known as CommieLa Harris.

  20. Just want to point out that a lot of fracking stopped during the WuFlu lockdowns when supply exceeded demand so much that the spot oil price briefly went negative. That was 9 months before Biden took office.
    Of course, the current regime is responsible for the regulatory barriers and lack of funding for restarting those operations now that demand is back up.
    As well as (as they quietly admitted last week) holding up permits for searching for oil on existing Gulf of Mexico leases for a year because of a math error in an Executive Order. Supposedly (yeah right) those permits are now being expedited.

    1. And if you believe that they really are getting expedited, I’ve got some (modern day, not pre K-T Event) ocean front property in North Dakota I’d love to sell you.

      1. Even when they were announcing new leases, HarrisBiden EPA was committed to not issuing the needed permits to actually drill, which is why the leases went unpurchased. No company is going to buy something from the same government that says a different department will prohibit them from enjoying the benefits of the purchase.

        Needless to say, between regulatory obstruction and the Democratic Party “sue and settle” game plan with enviromentalists, no reasonable person can conclude that the Democrats will voluntarily permit ANY additional fossil fuel use or refining as long as they remain in power. The whole “ramp up the refineries” is the same Lucy taunting Charlie Brown with the football nonsense. Team HarrisBiden isn’t looking to increase production, they are looking to create a pretext to blame others for the lack of it.

      1. Two observations:
        First, what our elites seem incapable of understanding is that without our huddled masses to support their lifestyles they themselves would be driven to a poor subsistence living in short order. Food, energy, medicine, all those things that create the luxury of their existence are generated by those dust specks they hold in such derision.
        And the thing about a boiled frog is that once free of the pot their only focus is to find who was controlling the heat, this type of frog has teeth, and the throats of the elite look to be an excellent target.

  21. Can we convince them that Communism works on Venus?

    “Emmigrate today, Comrades! The Radiant Future awaits on Venus!”
    – Pinochet Spacelines

    1. Better, free vacation to the planet Sol, we guarantee you’ll get a fantastic tan.
      Too hot? Not to worry, we’ll book you on a night flight.

    2. Venus does have a warm climate. 900 degrees celsius, melting lead warm mind you. Also I think no capitalist probe has ever contaminated its surface (Ithink the USSr Landed two venera probes) although I think a voyager dropped a probe that crashed on the surface so maybe there is some local contamination 🙂 .

  22. The scary thing is so many ofmthem are sincere. They truly believe while things might get tough for a while, the outcome will be wonderful and eventually we (or our grandchildren) will thank them for it.

  23. Let us consider, say, the year 1800. Nice round number. Ponder the state of technology and knowledge, the amount of work for result, the result, and health and lifespan.

    Now consider 1900 the same way.

    Oh, did you think I was going to say 2000? Sorry. Let’s go to “only” 1950.

    Then to, alas in the 70’s, and yet… 1975.

    Now, 1985. Then 1990. Alright next 1995. Then and only then 2000.

    And THAT was over 20 years ago.

    Let us not screw it all up and have to reset some things back to 1840.

    Except Marxism. It was at its BEST in 1816.

    “But Karl Marx wasn’t born until 1818!”
    Right, and conceived in 1817.
    So 1816 is the best he and his evil idea ever was!

    (Alright, I am ignoring Rousseau… now if everyone would…)

  24. I’m going to go watch the last half hour of POTUS Trump’s Wyoming rally from yesterday. I haven’t laughed as hard as I laughed the first hour, not in awhile. It was hilarious. And the woman who’s going to replace Liz Cheney is fabulous.

    It helps to face the ugliness I can’t do much about. 🙂

  25. I find myself shocked that R. Emmett Tyrell let that piece of crap get through his editorial hands. Although, note the heading: “Another Perspective”. I’m pretty sure that means it was published as an op-ed of sorts for AmSpec readers to giggle and point fingers at, but who knows, these days.

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