In Vain I’ve Struggled

Hoping this will actually get written and show up, which shows you the triumph of hope over experience, I’m going to put it up super fast:

I’m okay. The reason there was no post yesterday and there will be no promo post today (promo post probably tomorrow) is that WordPress is embuggred.

We have again the return of “no picture will post, and if it posts, it disappears seconds later” and now with extra special “The post too will disappear suddenly and with no explanation.”

Comments too are having issues.

For the more paranoid among us, of whom I OFTEN am one:
No, I don’t think they’re messing with me personally. I think they did an update, and because I’m using a really old theme it hits me harder than other people. I’m saying this because last time I had to go into the bowels of the post and fix a bunch of crazy settings that had got flipped by the update before I could “post with images” or even read your comments normally.

I’m trying to finish a book, so I won’t have time to do that today and (maybe) tomorrow.

It might be time to change theme. I might even have to — gasp — get a paid theme.

I’m not the only one getting hit by this nonsense, and it’s really seemingly correlated to age of theme (I think mine is from 2016.) I just hate changing themes, period.

Anyway, wanted you to know it’s nothing major. It’s just the forces of evil (technology) messing with me again.

See you tomorrow.

78 thoughts on “In Vain I’ve Struggled

  1. You did it! It showed up!

    May the writing go well! Never mind what we’re up to over here. I’m sure it’ll all be fine. Especially if this theme has to come down anyway, what’s wrong with letting Rex and Fluffy have a little fun?

    1. You want to ask the aardvark about that?

      He may start muttering about green penguins.

      Do you remember the green penguins?


      Anyway, the sea serpent in the minion pool is getting shrimp so Fluffy can make BBQ.

      1. Public Service Announcement: Please remember to grill or smoke seafood, pork, and other non-Kosher items only on the non-Kosher BBQ equipment. Kosher meat and vegetables (not bacon wrapped!) go on the Kosher BBQ and Kosher smoker.

        And do NOT mess with the coffee/espresso machine’s settings! Or else.

        Thank you for your cooperation.

  2. WP is still insisting that I really don’t want anything sent to my email, which is really irritating. Like I’m thinking the checkbox stays unchecked until it actually needs to send an email, and then it’s checked, because I obviously don’t really want email.

    And Grammarly is underlining about half the words I’ve written.

  3. Meanwhile, up here atop the world; the sun’s shining brightly, temperature’s way up to +23°F., tee shirt weather, snow’s only a wee bit over three feet deep.

    No promo post? A good reason for me to push back from the computer & go out and enjoy!

    1. Spring is manifesting around here; the 23F is for cooler mornings, and low to mid ’60s on sunny afternoons. Not bad for Flyover County in southern Oregon. OTOH, it’s still dry, with nothing turning up in the forecast. “Megadrought” is a scary word.

      1. >>“Megadrought” is a scary word.<<

        Yes it is.

        We are getting some rain next week. But not what I’d expect for end of March. This last week was spring break … What? No rain to ruin it? Suppose to get some rain next week. Not what I’d expect for “March to go out like a lion” into “April Showers bring May Flowers”. We’ll see. Roses are putting up shoots, all existing and 3 of the 4 new bare root spring purchases (suspect one is dead). Trees all have buds, except the Flowering Plum, it already has flowers. Camellias are starting to bloom, but not the Azaleas or Rhodes, yet. Paper Birch, achoo, putting out all kinds of pollen; as are the conifers. Grass is growing almost as fast as the weeds. I don’t have hay fever, but pollen is affecting me (lots of sneezing, no stuffiness.)

            1. I leave all my gardens infested with grapes and roses, only in our last house in CO grapes WOULDN’T take. I tried. I left a dozen thriving rose bushes, though.

              1. Which reminds me, I need to do something about the grapevine, so it doesn’t take over the world. Last year’s growth looks like something from a horror movie.

                I imagine Colorado needs a cold-hardy variety. There are several, and they are hardy indeed, unfazed by temps down to -30F.

                1. Not Colorado. I have ordered Albarino vines, because I want to make wind, but also because in fall it will smell like fall should smell. 😉
                  Okay, I’m old and nostalgic, even if the village, my nest, no longer exists in any meaningful sense, except in my mind.

                  1. [goes off, looks it up] Sounds very similar to an unknown-variety vine in my neighbor’s yard. Delightfully flavorful grapes, obviously a wine variety but good eating (if seedy).

                  2. Huh? You want to make wind? Most people try to avoid making wind. 😀 😛 😀

                    The rest of that paragraph makes a very strange sort of sense if that’s the case.

        1. My 2nd year climbers are happy being trained and this year I expect many more roses. I planted 30 gladioi yesterday; 60 more bulbs to go, but I’m spacing them to match my work capacity and stagger some blooms. I may turn the irrigation on earlier this year.

            1. I have volunteer tulips and daffodils and grape hyacinth, sometimes out in the middle of the yard (hwo did a tulip get there??) Tulips are about unkillable so long as they’re not too wet.

      2. It’s supposed to rain here tomorrow. With thunder! Cooool. 😀

        It’s been a dry, warm season so far. I’m putting the rain gauge out tonight to see what we get.

        1. Rain galore, except when it’s snow. 18 F tonight. Tons of wind. Occasional sunshine today, but mostly gray and snow. But Wednesday it’s supposed to be 75 F and sunny. Shrug. It’s definitely spring.

          1. Been windy in my little mountains of late. Mid to high twenties overnight. Forties during the day. Springlike weather at last. No drought yet, but Appalachia rarely experiences true drought. Too many little rivers and lakes, creeks and streams. If the clouds get too heavy, they hit the mountain wall and bounce, dumping a little bit of their watery load before rolling over towards the coast.

            The wind brings the smell of pollen and the sound of angry birds. They dislike the presence of cats in the neighborhood. Though they’re quite fond of the crabapple in the yard. We were treated to one of the neighbor females serenading the eve with her scowling disapproval of one of the local toms. Neighborcat disapproves of the noise and hides under my porch in complaint.

            The occasional squirrel happens by the taunt the felines. Life continues its slow, steady pace in the animal world, uncaring of the worries and frustrations of Men. More scritches, more sunbeams, less dogs and definitely less wind-driven rain is what the furry porch squatters say when asked their opinion.

            The littlest fuzzballs down the street are growing apace. Their furry mom and human mom finally allowed them to be looked at the other day. By random other people, not just the close and concerned. Momma cat looks just a touch frazzled, as mommas sometimes do. Itty-bitty balls of fluff are eager to explore their new world- for a little while. Then its noms and naps in that order.

            An armistice has been reached between the tiny human woman and the pater familias. So far, the stated agreement is IF there are suitable homes AND the cat people agree, then up to three may go. I suspect that there are still battles to be fought on this particular note, but they will likely not be fought in the open.

            Child #3 from up the street is interested. They went around the neighborhood a questing for cash, using school chocolate bars as the bribe. This is a regular occurrence in my tiny town, and a good many adults what know better buy said chocolate in the spring and fall.

            Not many television are playing the national news when one goes a-walking through the neighborhood these days. That marks a change, and a good one in my opinion. Too much dumbness comes out of the idiot box these days. Folks are better off with their nose in a book than their eyes on a screen, be it big or small.

            Speaking of. There’s reading to be done. And writing.

    2. jiminalaska says
      Meanwhile, up here atop the world; the sun’s shining brightly, temperature’s way up to +23°F

      Amazingly this morning (3/28) North Shore MA was yielding +25°F. No snow on the ground (last was gone 2+ weeks ago), though a few determined snowflakes were scooting by the window this AM. Old saying was “March, in like a lion out like a lamb” Although as far as I can tell in most of New England its only a lamb if you have lots of schizophrenic lambs with severe personality disorders.

  4. Take it easy and work on your book. The rest of us can take care of ourselves. The sun will rise tomorrow, as usual.

  5. They did one of their wonderful, super, “you won’t even see the changes but they are great!!” updates. Bless their hearts.

    I had to chuckle at the title, because one of the lines in an anthem I’m preparing is “In vain thou strugglest to get free . . .” (“Oh Come, Thou Traveler Unknown.” It’s Jacob wrestling with G-d, a la Sacred Harp)

  6. WP did one of their wonderful, super-duper, “You won’t even notice things but you’ll love it,” updates. Bless their hearts.

    I saw your title and chuckled, because I’m currently learning “O Come Thou Traveler Unknown,” a Sacred Harp hymn about Jacob wrestling with G-d. One line is “In vain Thou strugg’lest to get free/ I never shall unloose my hold. . .”

    1:10 starts the verse.

    1. They aren’t the only ones. TurboTax is updating every time dang thing gets launched. Only once more today. Son’s taxes are done. Just been waiting for a day for him to be home to help him file Federal and print State.

      OTOH From a programmer’s perspective … We used to get the REEEEE’s you changed something. “Um, did you not read the release note? What part do you not like? Are you sure it is the ability to XYZ that you (plus everyone else) have been asking (repeatably) for? For the last X (5+) years? Turn off the XYZ switch.”

      1. Pale Moon is recovering from the upgrade-from-hell. (One of the major contributors rage-quit, took down his server (which hosted a bunch of add-ons), and then proceeded to get nasty. (Probably illegal as hell, but figuring out which country would get involved would be, er, interesting. (So far, Sweden, US and Mexico have affected parties.)

        OTOH, I got away from the New! Disproved! web-based email, and finally set up Thunderbird for my mail. It Just Works.

  7. Yesterday was the day of writing borked. WP shenanigans, somehow lost my voice (if you find it, tell the thing to come back. It sounds like a slow southern drawl, bit gravelly and baritone. There might be snark), forgot to make breakfast (then lunch, then dinner), wondered why I was getting a headache and the words wouldn’t go, had a reader tell me I should make my book into a movie (hah. Daily wire would probably be the only one interested, and even then only if I got them drunk first), cleaned the shower because the words wouldn’t go, and helped a newbie horror writer find her words.

    Eh. Did a little bit of good with the day. Even if words should have happened but didn’t.

    Scheduling posts has been strange at the home blog, too. Perhaps I should think about reworking it as well. Thinking about another rewrite for the next chapter. The MC keeps getting banged up. I think he needs some armor Of the non-plot kind. I think I need to cook. It’s saturday, right? That means I only missed one day.

    That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it. Struggle on, folks. No one is shooting at us today, and life is hope.

  8. WP has been really not working in different ways for the past few weeks. I mean, yeah, it always suxx, but the past couple weeks I get different issues with different sites, on different platforms.
    I cannot read WUWT at work. On Win10 and Edge or Chrome (All I can use there), WUWT is a hash of too small text, and the stars for rating posts are one star to the screen page. Also, can’t read notifications out of Reader, and to read them in Reader, I need to load page, reload, then reload again. Then if I reply there or to a comment on the page, it may or may not work, but for sure the second reply will not. again 3 loads of the page, then it MIGHT work, or if not too far down the comment chain, I can go to the regular page and after relogging in to WP comment there.
    I noticed week before last that I now stay logged in to Mad Genius, but ATH, and others, no.

    1. CTRL-plus doesn’t embiggen the text??

      For me, Chrome always starts every site with 2 point text.

      1. Oh, sure, because that is a browser function, but the rendering is so hashed you’re never sure if you are reading the post or something else. Also comments may or may not be visible, and the reply text box is a slot and doesn’t work if it is visible, at times it is missing. I should see if it renders in IE. I still need IE for one function at work, so it still exists on my machine.

        1. The reply box here has been effed up since the last WP “upgrade” a couple months back. (It also made all the text here tiny). I can enlarge the box by dragging the bottom right corner, but only downward; it won’t get wider and my typing overlaps the box and about a quarter of each line is invisible. This can be fixed by shrinking text back to microscopic, IF I don’t make the box taller than about an inch. So it’s something busted between the main stylesheet and whatever controls the text box…. it’s not letting text flow properly. There’s something called bootstrap (I think) that is supposed to let text flow properly, but apparently is no longer in use.

          1. I don’t get that issue, here in Reader, or on ATH or MGC home pages on this, nor at home on my Mint box. It’s like everyone has custom made issues, isn’t it?

      2. only slightly better in Internet Explorer on this work pc, I can read the comments, and the reply box for the post is about 4 times the size, but no way to log in. asks to open apps on the desktop. Still unable to reply to posts or comments on WUWT pages. Yep. makes me want to upgrade to pro . . . NOT

  9. And WordPress wonders why I won’t sign up and pay money for the Pro! version…

    I didn’t do a damn thing yesterday but go pick up groceries, so most of you have me beat. Today I hope to get back at my fiddling about in the barn, but it’s 4pm and I’m still “proof reading” [aka staring at the screen and just reading along] so I guess we’ll see.

    I’m not too concerned about it, I’ll pick up speed at some point, I always do. Sometimes you have to give yourself permission to be old and slow. ~:D

      1. wordpress hosted has some advantages, like the ability to change appearance easily (I still hate it.) and being almost unhackable. Yeah, they’re unreliable and part of cancel culture, but meh, so is any host.
        It’s like Amazon. not fond of it, but I do business with it, for the same reason I do business with the law of gravity.
        BUT if they don’t stop their update sh*t I’m going to have to jump. I guess they think Sunday is a good day to do this. Which means they’re retarded, because…. well, even businesses update on the weekend.

          1. They’re more work. I’m having major issues with this, which is why my author site is a sh*t show. I need to corral Dan and get a proper theme installed.

    1. “New and Improved” is almost always marketing speak.

      Technology on the other hand is what lets people have a life beyond mucking around in the dirt for a while and then dying worn out and broken. It is among the greatest goods humans have access to.

      1. I should have been more specific. Computers, generally, and software that keeps getting “improved,” specifically, are what I meant.

      1. Those who know history are doomed to a life of facepalming when inevitably some idiot goes and buggers it up. These are not bright people. Cows are smarter than them. At least they know bullsh!t when they see it.

        1. These are the people who insist Nazis and Mussolini were right wing.

          The usually okay badhistory subreddit has a two part series insisting this. Because the Nazis were anti-Communist, and anti-other socialist stripes, they were right wing. And Mussolini too.

          You can go around and around with people, and they still won’t admit that “group that destroys close competitors on its own side” does not equal “opposes its own political positions.”

          Even though, or especially because, said people are part of leftie groups that destroy any close competition that they run across, on the left.

          1. I know one of them. Won’t listen to any argument. “Everything the Nazis said about being socialist was just propaganda! They were right-wing radicals! REEEEE!”

            1. Were the Nuzzies pro RKBA for citizens? Did they champion the rights of the individual, no matter what race or creed? Were they actually the ones favoring capitalism and respecting private property?

              I kind of missed all the Nuzzie party members going to and being accepted by the TEA party and marching in the Right to Life protests. Wait.

              Were they the guys with the tiki torches at that one event? Or were they the ones with the black masks and Nuzzie flags torching businesses and smashing windows just a few years ago? Because I’m pretty sure those folks ain’t right wing…

            2. Stalin was a right winger, allegedly.

              So suppose that the real communism has never been tried.

              If so, we have no proof that the real communism can ever exist, or that the hypothetical abstractions in question have the best claim to being called communism.

              The only reason to suspect that theory is true is in how closely it matches reality. Matching reality is observation and testing, and the rote reciters of theory who do neither have no foundation to make claims about matches to reality.

              The stuff that the communists allege their theory predicts can be observed to change based on the state of current party dogma. Current party dogma appears to change based on fashion, who is currently in charge of the inner party, who within the inner party is being condemned for heresy, and what appeals are being made to the outer party and to other audiences.

              The left’s behavior of sucking up to the current left position can, by American oral history, be shown to suck up to a very abnormal degree by the standards of American culture. This is characteristic behavior, and traces back to outer party sycophants wanting to persuade Comrade Stalin not to murder them. If the defining characteristic of anyone who identifies as communist traces back to Stalin, than the objective reality of communism is Lenin and Stalin. If Stalin is right wing, and ‘not real communism’, then objectively real communism is ‘right wing’, and not real communism. From there, we can make reasonable classifications wrt to other ‘right wing’ ‘not real communisms’.

          2. Sparty at Time Ghost TV gets all stompyfoot when it’s pointed out Nat Socs and Fascists are Leftwing. Essentually one has to ignore all the actual socialist or leftiod big gov’t policies and concentrate on the fact they didn’t try for full Commie economy and fought Sommies for power, as proof. I asked if Trotsky or Lennin was rightwing, because they and their factions fought one another.

  10. I feel like I’ve met a kindred spirit – someone who loves both science fiction and Jane Austen.

    1. There’s a few of us. 😀
      Have you read Heyer? It took Dave Freer almost dragging me, kicking and screaming. And yeah, she’s not Austen, but she’s immense fun. (I don’t read her mysteries, mind. Just not….)
      If not, start with Venetia.

      1. I’ve read quite a few by Heyer, all Regency romance and no mysteries. Loved them all.

      2. I’ve choked on too much Heyer.

        I seem to hit on opening scenes with too much chatter that’s supposed to be witty and amusing and I am not amused.

  11. Nobody knows, the troubles I’ve seen
    Nobody knows my sorrow
    Nobody knows the troubles I’ve seen
    Glory Hallelujah

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