Sick And Tired

I’m actually not sick. I am tired. Tired, with a bone-deep tiredness, but not sick.

Well, I just had one of the worst eczema outbreaks of my life — please, no recommendations for treatment. I’ve had this since I was 1. I’ve tried EVERYTHING. One thing works, a medicated prescription cream (Triamcyclone, I think. I have a huge tub of it, but managed to pack it and lose it in the move — which is double weird, because it’s been years since I’ve had anything half this bad, and because low altitude usually stops my outbreaks.

On the other hand, the infallible trigger for my eczema is stress, and between the last few months of the move/fix and the house sale that was ratcheted up to insane levels. By the times things slowed enough, my arms were raw flesh AND infected there were outbreak patches in the middle of my back and some on my back thighs. And I didn’t want to go to the doctor again. (For one, I couldn’t drive. My prescription was way off, and I just got new glasses yesterday.)

But I don’t really count the outbreaks till they go nuclear, so the last two weeks. (But seems to be on the downstroke, now. And almost okay. I no longer look like I have critical burns all over my arms. At one time someone at comicon asked what the outbreak was. He was so kind of advocate for disability, and he was super impressed I was wearing short sleeves, with my arms as bad as they were. Meh. I don’t actually even notice it until it’s affecting my sleep, etc.)

I am tired, though. Boy, am I tired.

Some of this is I suppose normal, considering what the last year was.

But some of it is being super-tired of…. life in the last two years.

Look, when I used to visit Portugal for one or two weeks, it felt like I was spending time in “frustration land.” Anything, no matter how simple ran into delays, contretemps, parts not being available, waitstaff being dilatory (I realized I’d become completely American when I stood on a chair and made like a semaphore to get the waitress who’d been ignoring us to come to the table. The rest of my family who had been waiting for an hour groaned and hid their faces. I wasn’t even vaguely embarrassed. I might to have done it, to avoid retaliation, if what we were waiting for wasn’t the bill.)

I mean, stuff like “I need to buy a notebook” turned into an epic expedition over ten stores, and most of an afternoon because a store would be out of the type I wanted, send us to another, who swore they’d never carried it, then–

And I can tell you it wasn’t lack of familiarity. It was how you lived there. Someone made a comment about how much creativity it took to live in the USSR. Forget it, Jack, it took creativity to live anywhere but the US. You learned to make do, to haggle, to exchange favors. And when to ignore the law. (It was my inability to convince my husband to go the wrong way on a very short street that almost got our rental car wedged in the medieval part of Coimbra, to the point only a helicopter could get it out. Seriously. We managed to get out, but it took 3 hours of turning by inches. And he was like “How come this doesn’t happen to locals” Well, because no one cares about the one-way sign, that’s why. Yeah, it was PROBABLY a source of revenue for local policemen, but better than getting your car wedged. Back then you could bribe a traffic cop for $20 or less.)

It was a relief, like a massive weight lifted off my shoulders, whenever we landed in the US. No matter how crazy the airport, tight the connection, hassled the airport restaurant servers, we knew life had just got massively simpler.

I wish I could take a plane back to the US before people who think they’re universal experts started f*cking with everything.

It’s not even that there are shortages. It’s that the shortages are utterly random and unpredictable. And service? Yeah, there’s a shortage of employees in jobs that are mostly taken by women, and I assume that’s because after the covidiocy many women decided to stay home with the kids, which is a good thing. Statistics seem to indicate so.

But even short-staffed, there’s a curious lack of service in the “dead hours” of the day. And almost everyone I know who is working, their companies have cut staff to the bone and are abusing the remaining employees with crazy schedules and/or overtime. Because, well, yes, the companies are pinched (the war on energy does that) and therefore they’re trying to cut in human resources, as they always do. (And not the actual HR. If they cut HR efficiency and service might go through the roof.)

More importantly, “the way to do things” got broken during the covidiocy. Now you never know if you come in, if you do it from a distance, if they’re going to require masks (And some of us at this point get hypoxic at the thought of wearing masks) if they’ll have what we need in stock, if we’ll have to wait for months, if–

I’ve been trying to get an estimate for some simple work on this house for…. 3 months now. It’s– slow and unreliable. Not as bad as in Colorado, but still slow and unreliable.

And I’m slow and unreliable.

I’m tired. There’s the constant stress of knowing we’re now living in a coulrocracy (*government by clowns) and not knowing what they’re going to do next to fcsk things up for everyone. And no, they’re not making this easy by talking about “possibilities of nuclear war.” No, it’s not panicking me. It’s making me angry as heck, though. I wake up in the night punching something, and then have to apologize to husband or cat.

But it’s exhausting. It all is exhausting.

The new neo asked if everyone had aged 10 years in the last 2. In my eyes, most people, myself included, did.

It’s the stress, the not sleeping well, the waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Nothing is as harmful to the human mind and body as continuous uncertainty.

When will it change? I’m uncertain.

Can someone direct me to the waiting area for the flight to America circa 2017? Thank you.

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  1. I Do Not Want To Hear “Smile, Things Could Be Worse”.

    Because when somebody says that, things get worse! [Very Very Big Crazy Grin]

    Take Care Sarah. 😀

    1. Never tempt Murphy! 😛

      Frederick Frankenstein: “What a filthy job.”
      I-gor: “Could be worse.”
      FF: “How?”
      Igor: “Could be raining.”
      FF: [Gives Igor a very dirty look]

        1. Drought-stricken Oregon. Yes!!!!!!!

          (Yes, there is a classification beyond extreme. We’re in it. California only hit extreme. Sigh.)

    2. Yes – I used that gag in my first novel, with a pair of wagon train pioneers struggling to move a wagon up a rock-studded mountain stream, which was the only way up the mountain pass. “‘Cheer up, Paddy, says the landlord.’ Things could get worse!’ So I cheered up and indade, things got worse!”

  2. I plan to retire in 1954 America myself. I visited there a short time as a kid and it was pretty good.

    1. If I got my choice where to retire, it would be to one of the forests of The Princess Seeks Her Fortune where I could be a wise old woman tell princesses or other heroines that they have to go on to my sister to find news of their prince, and giving them something to help win him when they find him.

  3. A society run by clowns, you say… I’ve got a perfect song for the occasion. It’s been running through my head for most of the past two years.

  4. Been slowly instrumenting myself up to try and sort out blood sugar fun, and got a smartwatch as part of that. It’s one of those Garmin ones, among the various features is it has a thing that estimates stress levels. Apparently my settings are, Medium, High and Railed.

    And that’s without having any meetings with the ‘fun’ customers. I almost wonder if I’ll get halfway through a presentation and “Um, you’re beeping. Are you going to explode or something?” “Ah… well apparently my health tracker thinks I am?”

    Fun times…

  5. That’s one nice thing about Day Job. Some things are predictable and constant. There will be semester tests. Track season will be chaotic. Someone will be gone the day of [major in-class assignment]. The nurse will send out an all-hands reminder about “get your food out of the fridges before it turns furry and starts fighting back.

        1. All I remember is a commercial from the 80’s. Guy in robe walks over to the fridge opens it up and says “Honey the Milk’s gone bad”. Camera cuts to view of fridge with cardboard milk carton with green punk mohawk, leather vest and chains. Don’t remember what the ad was for…

          1. There’s a Far Side cartoon, ‘When potato salad goes bad’ showing a bowl holding up the mayonnaise and ketchup at gunpoint inside the refrigerator. 😀

            There was another cartoon in Byte magazine, ‘A bad sector on your hard drive’. Through a magnifying glass we see a seedy neighborhood of bars, strip clubs, drunks, hookers, pimps and pushers.

            Fun times!

    1. I’m pretty close to home myself.

      Trouble is there are barbarians just over the mountains and across the river…

  6. “Can someone direct me to the waiting area for the flight to America circa 2017?”

    These days, if you catch it, you’ll be in Varley’s “Air Raid”.

      1. That may have been bugging me yesterday.

        I have a feeling that the silent period is over now. Or at least, I feel that I need to mostly mind my own business for long enough that when signal can be isolated from noise, that signal will be relating to future status, not entirely the past. The noise level right now, from the idle chatter of information warfare, is quite strong, so only the strongest signals are noticeable.

      2. The stillness just before the sirens go off. Eerie, your arm hair stands up on end.

  7. A friend does FB and sent me pics “from today n years ago” of her and her kids and me and mine from 4 years ago. I looked joyful. The kids looked young and cute, and now I have 2 teens and a tween, but I was so sad to realize I don’t have that joy or look that happy anymore.

    And the nuts and bolts are good. We are as secure as can be. We love somewhere not entirely insane. We have trustworthy friends, a faithful church filled with sane people, and natural beauty around us. We homeschool, and have good peers for the kids so they can have a lot of normalcy. Husband and I and kids totally on the same page about the world.

    But the joy is gone. I’m so grateful to be here and alive and God fearing. So grateful for my kids and our health.. so grateful for all the blessings I’ve been given by God. But they destroyed my world! And my kids’ futures! They stole so much from us, and it will be so long before it comes back and it may never come back.

    They stole the trust I had in the future. They stole the trust I had in my ability to prepare my kids for adulthood. They stole my liberty.

    I am religious, and I know I’m supposed to find my joy beyond this valley of tears, but the weight of the jackboot disturbs my days.

    I miss that joy when my kids had liberty.

    I guess it’s the same tiredness. I’m not sick. But I’m tired.

    1. So much this. Moved from a deep blue state at the height of covidiocy. Whole family. Both kids launched completely new careers. One in nursing school the other in real estate. But for me is same same. The joy of living is gone and is replaced with blah. I am becoming a grumpy old guy and I hate it. Energy level flags such that finishing projects is difficult. Starting them impossible.
      I think it comes from the memory of the greatness and the liberty and knowing we have to gird up for the fight. Less dispirited then just oh so tired. The word WORN comes to mind.

    2. I can almost smell the trouble coming some days. I had a person I’ve known my whole life, who has been one of those “but what do you need a gun for, Phantom?” call me up the other day, and I’ll be damned if they didn’t flat out ask me my opinion on the right type of gun to buy in case Something Bad might happen.

      This is after me -ranting- about firearms and self defense for 30 years, and getting nothing back but “do you really -need- a gun? Wouldn’t it be better if only the cops had them?” No mention of the cops this time I noticed.

      You see stuff like that, and it makes the hair go up on the back of your neck.

  8. Right now I’m trying to get “Once a Chekist” prepared for re-release as a freestanding e-book (hoping to have it done in time for Sunday’s promo post).

    I’ve been listening to a lot of 80’s music lately. Especially the early 80’s when I was in high school and writing the earliest version of the Lanakhidzist Revolution. Weirdly enough, while that wasn’t one of the greatest times of my life, there’s something comforting about listening to those old faves.

    If I got one wish, it would be to go to sleep tonight, wake up in December of 1983 and hear a spot on the morning news about the senior Senator from Texas and I go wait a minute, didn’t Ed White die in the Apollo I Fire — and then realize that I’m now in the Grissom timeline and the fall of the Soviet Union is going to be kicking off any day now. (Although being 17 again would be a drag after so many years of being an adult, but at least I’d know I had only one more year before I’m 18 and adult and this time I’m not going to make all the dumb mistakes that messed up my college career).

    1. Re-release achieved, although it meant staying up later than planned.

      Woke up still here. Looks like I’m in the Armstrong timeline for the duration.

      I just hope that when I do cycle through to the next go-round, I can keep my memories of this one so I don’t make the same dumb mistakes all over again.

      1. As far as I can tell, those memories are always there but not easy to retrieve. So my plan is to be the best person I can be in this life so I don’t have to start again from a lower status.

      2. “I just hope that when I do cycle through to the next go-round, I can keep my memories of this one so I don’t make the same dumb mistakes all over again.”

        Funny you should mention it, because just less than a week ago I found myself thinking it would be great if I could live my life over again with my memories from this time. I’d be so far ahead in terms of knowledge! I’d have some actual social skills and maybe even find love this time! I could use my foreknowledge to get rich (hello, Microsoft shares)!

        …And then my overly analytical brain started overthinking it and the whole thing quickly turned dark.

        For one thing I’d have to keep it a secret, or I’d be declared insane and institutionalized. So I’d have to spend my entire second life living a lie, especially during childhood.

        And as for finding love, that thought process went something like this:

        “Hey, there was that cute daughter my science teacher had, and from what her mother told me about her she even sounded like a smart Odd. Shame I made a poor first impression last time, but I’ll bet I could do better with her now that I have some clue of how to talk to girls!

        Except, hang on… Even if I’m close to her in physical age, mentally I’d be old enough to be her grandfather. And I couldn’t tell her or her parents to see if they were okay with that. And even if they WERE somehow okay with it, why the hell is a guy my age even THINKING of dating a girl who’s too young to even be past puberty?!?

        This fantasy is starting to make me uncomfortable with myself.

        Oh, and obviously the same logic would apply to every other girl on the planet who’s anywhere near my physical age, so really all I’ve done here is find a reason to end up alone again even if I DID get a chance to relive my life. So… yay me, I guess?”

        Granted, there’d still be SOME cool things I could do with it, such as the aforementioned getting rich. But on the whole, the more I thought about it the more the idea seemed to go from “dream come true” to “endless waking nightmare.”

        Anybody here know how to turn off your brain when you just want to enjoy some stupid little fantasy?

        1. (hello, Microsoft shares)!

          Hell, no, MicroShaft shares!

          I would prevent MicroShaft from ever becoming a thing. I would get on the inside, and see to it that IBM used the Motorola 68000 and OS-9 68K in that ‘little toy computer’ they reluctantly decided to build. Billzebub Gates would remain an obscure nonentity and the world would be a far better place with far better computers.

          Not to mention, I would know the identities of some high-profile criminals. Lots of anonymous tips.
          Cast Away: Only Tom Hanks could make two hours of talking to a volleyball great.

          1. No. Gates is an ass, but a) I HATE APPLE. IT’s designed for visual people. I can’t even navigate it, and it drives me NUTS b) we can’t afford Apple as is, much less with no competition.
            SO NO.

            1. No, I’m talking about making the IBM PC a much better computer by giving it a real processor and a real OS. The piece of drek IBM and Gates foisted on the world held computer technology back by at least 20 years. Every engineer could see what a pile of crap it was, but the purchasing decisions were made by accountants without any input from engineers.

              IBM and Gates made computers suck for 30 years.

  9. I know you said you didn’t need or want advice, but this is simple spelling: It’s Triamcinolone cream, 0.1%. I’ve used it for years, as sparingly as I can get by with (after all, it’s a steroid) and yes, it puts Hydrocortisone to shame.
    As for the topic du jour, I too am battling fatigue and depression. And I know it’s all part of the psyops. If TEPTB (E for evil) can’t make you live in fear, they’ll settle for anger and depression. It’s paralyzing either way. For me the only effective answer for depression has been to take care of the body first. The mind will follow. I simply have to limit my time online, and get outside into the real world. Just digging for a few minutes in the yard, even if it accomplishes very little, is so very therapeutic. Hang in there dear Sarah, there is always an after to whatever we are going through.

        1. A dear lady approached the pharmacy counter at Ye Neighborhood Drugge Store last week while I was getting vitamins. She rolled up her sleeve and said, “My name is [redacted] and my doctor said I was supposed to switch to the pink goop?” as she presented her problem.

          The pharmacist smiled, nodded, and got her prescription. He said, “The pink goop is a slightly different version than the silvery goop, and it seems to work better in warm weather.” G-d bless him, he never batted an eye.

          1. That right there is the difference competence backed up by experience makes. Of all the things that I despise the left for, its war on competence irks me on a fundamental level.

            1. Customers keep complimenting me for doing a good job here. And for smiling and making dad jokes. It is almost unnerving.

              I guess I am naturally depressed enough that I have had more resistance to this nonsense. But I am more than ready to go back to 1989 or so.

              1. I really miss the 80’s. The hippies were all gone, and music was awesome. I want to go back and dance for three hours straight at the Voodoo Club.

          2. I suspect after the first thousand or so cases like that, it doesn’t register as odd.

  10. “I wish I could take a plane back to the US before people who think they’re universal experts started f*cking with everything.”

    That much is certain. I’ve run into the same issue with trying to book appointments for remodeling estimates and even reasonably simple handyman jobs. I’ve tried to do some of this stuff in the past, and if I do it myself it takes twice as long and costs twice as much.

    Good luck

    1. Contractors have been run off their feet for at least two years now.

      If you can get them to come out and looks at the scope of work, they won’t get back to you with an estimate, if they get you an estimate, they can’t schedule you in, and they’re all too busy or embarrassed to call you and say “Sorry, it turns out we can’t do your job.”

      My stepfather can’t even get unskilled trainees to help on his and mom’s house, much less qualified contractors for electric and HVAC. They got completely stood up by two different concrete contractors when they did the foundation, summer before last. They were lucky to get the roof done last year, and only managed it by telling the roofing guy “Just have your guys come up here when you have a couple spare hours after or between other jobs.”

      DIY is becoming your only option.

      1. DIY is usually my first impulse. Back in the day, I reroofed my own house with the help of a handful of family/friend volunteers. I helped my dad roof a house he had decided to build next door just because he could (that one was a bitch; attic trusses, big and steep). A couple years later, my brother-in-law and I reroofed the in-law’s house all by ourselves.

        Didn’t think anything of it. It was actually kind of fun. As constructions projects go, roofing is dirt-simple, but physically, it’s very demanding. I don’t think I’d be up to it now, even if I wanted to (which I don’t).

        Which, along with your experience, highlights the importance of having a good family/friend network.

        Back in the day, I was happy to be one of those guys that a friend/neighbor/relative could call on for something that required extra brawn and maybe even some brains or a bit of craftsmanship. Now I’m more likely to be the one that needs to ask…and what remains of that network is hundreds of miles away.

  11. It’s been a hard year. I retired last July, and have found retired life to be less than hoped for. The finances may be OK, but I’m bored out of my skull. And I’m dealing with a leg that has swollen to twice its normal size (blood clots, I’m on meds for it…but after two weeks, I’m still hobbling around).

    But cheer up! I’m thinking of the wonderful opportunities to open a rent-a-guillotine business (“A basket for every budget”). Prepackaged tar-and-feather kits (it can be a real challenge to get feathers in the city). I’ll make a fortune!

    And watching the Russians embarrass themselves is entertaining.

    1. Don’t be short on Rope and/or piano wire. Tree/Lampost, Aristo, Rope/wire. Some assembly required, directions not provided.

        1. Part of me says we shouldn’t stretch the 8th amendment, but then the other part of me says what the heck go for it…

    2. I’m with you Mike, watching the much vaunted and feared Russian Army screw up by the numbers has been Fabulous for this old Boomer. The stupid pricks attacked the Ukraine in the spring!

  12. Actually it’s been a great day up here on top of the world. I, purposely, haven’t paid much attention to anything beyond shouting distance.

    Finished digging a rig out of 41 inches of snow, a young lady friend (Both the young and lady part are somewhat dubious but, hey, I’m not judgemental.) parked her truck in my yard in the fall when she went outside, down to the lower forty eight. She’s coming back in a few days so I figured I’d dig her transport loose. While I was doing that the roof dumped a load of snow in front of my garage door so I cleared that out also.

    Quite a satisfactory day dealing with the up close and ignoring the distance.

      1. Doing things that have real and discernible results help fight depression. It’s when the things we do seem to have no effect that frustration and depression get worse. Viz 2021…

  13. Eczema is so hideous I just don’t have much to say about it other than that. I’m so sorry.

    A random North Idaho citizen, Viet Nam vet, and I got into a lengthy conversation today in Walmart that centered on the question “what do you think is next, and where will this end up?” And not just the Ukraine conflict, but the whole mess. He and I agreed–it’s the not knowing that drives you nuts. We threw down foreign and domestic policy in the tuna aisle for about 15 minutes.

    My sister and I have had a stressful handful of years, with Dad dying of pancreas cancer and then Mom finally succumbing to the jab last year–gave her a stroke and she died after three weeks in hospice. My brothers were less than useless, destructive more like.

    So now Mary (my sister) has cold/coof-like symptoms, but she can’t get rid of them. Been around for about three weeks. And she and I are both exhausted and grieving and stressed. And it just seems to go on and on.

    We know how to keep our heads above water and meditate and pray and do all the things. But it’s taking a toll, like it is with Sarah. Exhaustion that just won’t go away.

    1. uhh, get her toi the doc… my friend had a ‘cold that wouldnt go away’ and we lost him to CHF

  14. As a pastor I could bring to bear several verses that relate to this, but here is the simple truth: we are in a time of judgment. It is a time to trust God and face it with steadfast endurance and courage. God made us for this time to shine as lights in the darkness. This doesn’t make it easy. Romans 8:28 says all things work together for good, for those who love God, but it doesn’t say all things are good. Many things are simply evil. Nonetheless they can be faced and overcome with faith in Christ. Is the Lord bringing judgment? Yes, He is, but mercy rejoices against judgment. So what are we to do? Live. Trust the Lord. Plan and prepare, but understand those aren’t sufficient. So pray, intercede for the coountry and people, ask the Lord for mercy, grace, and wisdom as to what you should do. Above all, remember that the Lord loves His people and is ever attentive to their pleas.

    Joh 16:33 KJV These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.

    Praying for you Sarah.

    1. Posted this once today. Why not twice?

      On New England’s Dark Day, after several days of yellow skies and red sun, DARKNESS hit. You could go outside noon, hold out a sheet of paper at arm’s length, and not see it. Cows went home to their barns. Chickens roosted. Birds ceased to sing — day birds, whippoorwills started. Frogs also croaked as if at night. Flowers closed

      Schools sent students home, businesses closed, and many people took to prayer in fear of Judgment Day.

      Others went to taverns. As if being drunk on Judgment Day would help.

      On the other hand, the Governor’s Council proposed adjournment. Colonel Abraham Davenport became famous for his statement: “I am against an adjournment. The day of judgment is either approaching, or it is not. If it is not, there is no cause of an adjournment: if it is, I choose to be found doing my duty. I wish therefore that candles may be brought.”

      1. What a well-put sentiment. Myself, I have always felt that Judgement Day – whether for the world, or just my own personal one – does not necessarily have to come with a howling wind, a bitter sleet falling, and lightning in the skies. It could just as easily come on a warm Spring day, with me lounging on the lawn chair, enjoying the gentle breezes while sipping a perfectly made strawberry lemonade and listening to the robins calling to each other.

        Best to act as though every day is “The Day” – and not worry about it otherwise.

  15. At least we know how to deal with hardships like the ones our aspiring totalitarian socialist overlords are imposing; I can’t wait until the woke crowd that supports them gets a real taste of what life is like without all of their taken for granted conveniences and luxuries. They have no clue what real hardship or real work is like and are about to get a very rude genuine awakening. And when they complain about it-well f-em.

  16. Here I stand, I can do no other.
    Strange the stillness in the bother.
    I look to the sky and the stars still shine.
    Something there is that will always be mine.

    The future’s a fog, but it’s always been so.
    Illusions have shattered, at least we know.
    Yet still there are things no one ever can take.
    Still there are things that never fail, only shake.

    The world shifts around me, and yet I am still.
    Others surround me and perhaps some always will.
    We comfort the weary and so steady our souls.
    There will be some to make the shattered whole.

    Battle lines are now drawn against the black sky,
    Lines that are written in powers on high.
    The armies assembled, no flesh and his blood,
    But of Princes of Spirit, against that great flood.

    For us it is given to hold the high walls.
    It is not for us to make the foe fall.
    We stand our ground in a battle of wills.
    When the battle line charges, we will hold still.

    1. I’m not a Winged Hussar. I’m inside with Rudiger Starhemberg, watching for miners tunneling under the walls, and trying to keep up the morale of the other defenders. I’m not St. Boniface, I’m Walburga, trying to keep the guys fed, clothed, and make sure that the chapel is built on time and to specs. (Contractor problems are, it seems, a plaint that knows no time or space.)

  17. If the left really wants to see people with pitchforks, torches, tar and feathers, and other assorted implements, wait to see what happens when the global coffee shortage hits. Coffee growers are having tremendous problems due to high cost of fertilizer and fuel along with shortages and with greatly reduced crop yields, coffee will become in short supply. And we know how people get without their coffee.

    1. Well, the world is safe from my uncaffeinated rage, at least. Dozen large jars of Folger’s Instant on the pantry shelf.

      Not to say that I wouldn’t join in for fun.

      1. Well if on considers Folgers or any instant coffee to be coffee, but I guess if there is nothing else…..

        1. Reviewing… No, I didn’t say “coffee” there!

          I do have a bag of reserve beans in the deep freezer. (Keep on meaning to replace the Black Rifle with some Harv’s, but extra money for that hasn’t shown up when I think of it.)

    2. I have been surreptitiously stocking up on coffee for that exact reason. Though my diet-cola-addicted husband is gonna have a rough time of it if/when THOSE lines go down…

        1. We’ve been stealthily stocking up on both tea and coffee over the last few months. My daughter likes certain brands of flavored, and I love Wagh Bakri International blend, which can be had at Middle Eastern groceries for a little less than on Amazon. But Amazon I don’t have to drive half way across town for …

  18. Yes. Tired. It was nice for that brief time when everything was available at just a cha-ching later. Having lived in some incredibly rural areas with even the closest grocery store being a half hour drive away, I’m used to ‘make do’, without any of the barter or illegal stuff. That last is just against my nature and nope, won’t resort to it. (There’s way to survive, but it’s making do, and scouring yard sales/thrift/flea markets. That’s why I’ve used a wringer washer when I was a pre-teen. Mom found it at a junk store. It worked and was cheaper than one trip to the laundromat. At least the washing part was automatic, but, yikes, the wringing part was a work out!)

    1. Gram had one when I was pre-teen myself. The washing part, though, wasn’t automatic – something more like a manual sewing machine, with a treadle.

      Only one of the reasons that “going to the gym” would have been a completely foreign concept to my Grandmother.

    2. I’m like you, but my wife is from a country similar to what Sarah describes with petty bribes, rule breaking in traffic, haggling on everything, building codes can be ignored, you buy stuff that – when you think of it – the person has no business having in the first place. I don’t like it, or want it, but it’s better than hurting yourself too much.

      This includes medical services, by the way, and this looks to get increasingly important. In Los Angeles doctors advertise prescriptions for emotional support animals for only $50. Vaccination records are now part of this, and of course things like Ivermectin (when it was still available for purchase).

      1. No one could pay me enough to live in Cali. My few trips out there, I knew I was not ‘one’ with the culture. And I’ve actually turned down very lucrative offers. The rest of the country isn’t as crazy, praise God!

        1. Last time I was there was a little over 20 years ago and as beautiful as San Diego was I was struck by how expensive everything was. And how dirty and…of even Anaheim looked and felt back then. I definitely think I picked the right area to shoot for when it comes to escaping what’s now the fringes of Atlanta.

          1. Back when I was a fledgling aircraft mechanic, I was offered a job as a contractor at the Naval Air Station in San Diego. At the wage I was offered, I would have had to rent a couch in the apartment of a buddy who had just separated from the USMC. Glad I dodged that particular bullet.

            1. One of the guys hubby golf’s with at the men’s club was downsized from one of our local utilities as nearing retirement. (Ironically the same utilities NOW are begging for trained bodies. Also his retirement, fully vested, past minimum retiring age, had the years for full retirement, from there is an insane amount. We couldn’t figure out how he was short of money even without SS or access to IRA, without penalty … But back to the story … ) He got hired by a Utility in San Diego. The utility not only paid him an insane salary, he got monthly living allowance to pay for a very nice apartment and utilities/HOA, etc. And two plane tickets a month. He signed on for 5 to 7 years. I guess now, that he is past this commitment and fully retired, he isn’t allowed to cry poverty … I guess he still does, but hubby, at least tunes him out.

              Also, if you want to know why southern (probably all of) CA utility rates are so insane, boy do I have some third hand stories.

      2. Honestly, prescriptions for support animals are basically a gimme anyway, and you either need them or you think you do. And either way, that saves spaces at real doctors for more complicated patient problems.

        1. Isn’t any animal that lives with you basically a support animal? I mean, that’s kind of the nature of the relationship.

          Not knocking the idea; my daughter got prescribed a support animal, and went out and got a hamster that she otherwise wouldn’t be allowed to keep in her little student apartment. As ridiculous as the phrase “emotional support hamster” sounds, having that little beast around really has done her mental state some good.

          1. “Isn’t any animal that lives with you basically a support animal? I mean, that’s kind of the nature of the relationship.”

            Part of the problem with people when they try to dismiss or diss Service Animals (mostly dogs, but *mini-horses are also in the ADA), especially those prescribed for PSTD. They aren’t wrong. But they aren’t correct either as the dissing is not taking into account the TASKS the Service Animal does beyond the emotional support. A critical part of the TEAM aspect is the bonding between handler and Service Animal. Tasking can’t be done without it over the long haul.

            Mini-Horses work for guide, blocking, and other tasks, that can only be performed by larger dogs. Benefits, while handlers can be allergic to dogs, often won’t be also allergic to horses, mini-horses can take a higher percentage of handler’s weight for lead or physical support Tasks than bigger dogs (not a lot more so advantage minimized), and mini-horses live longer, therefore their working life is a lot longer, than larger dogs.

          2. My sister and I picked up a pair of kittens in the fall. Best decision we’ve made in a long time. The stress relief of a purring kitten cannot be overstated. Can’t count the number of times one of us has walked away from a desk to get ‘kitten therapy’ to calm down.

            1. I want a kitten, but I’m afraid Valeria would kill him. 😦 she hates ALL cats. Meanwhile Havey loves all cats and acts like one of the outside waifs younger son is feeding is a return of Greebo. Sigh.

      3. this kinda stuff is why i doubt that the EU’s no guns edict is being very followed….

  19. I’ve been tired of this dumpster fire turd-ducken that we’ve had for the last two years. I can tell from the fatigue alone, just the continual low-level stress and dealing with so much crap in general and in specific that I’m tired and frustrated by it all.

    It’s not just politics, which is bad enough on it’s own. It’s an interlocking set of idiots, wannabe tyrants, and assholes that have decided that they will make everything hard on the rest of us, because they can’t get hard at all. My choices of entertainment have been murdered, all in an identical way that seems more like the work of a serial killer or cult. My friends have declared for a political philosophy that ten years ago they would have fought against. The world has gone into madness.

    Probably the only good thing is that because there is are so few things that I want to buy, I’m not spending a lot of money on things. So, there’s some saving there…

      1. I was thinking about Patreon for a moment for funding.

        Then, two of the people I follow (both do erotic art) are getting harassed by the company. One is getting out at the end of the month, the other is holding on until they can find a viable option.

        I look at Patreon, and the line about “having the Earthly paradise, then they fucked it up” just runs through my brain.

            1. Paypall and Stripe blackballed Subscribestar from what I hear. That means they have to go through another payment processing service. Haven’t heard of them dropping or censoring anyone like Patreon has been doing quite gleefully.

              The Iron Law strikes again.

              1. And, from what I’ve heard, it’s the payment processors that have been the biggest issue. They hate dealing with anything like adult content, because the charge-back numbers for adult content are horrible. At best, they break even or make a little extra, but their profit margin is tiny at the best of times.

                1. Yep. I hope Subscribestar sticks around and doesn’t go woke. More conservatives switching to that platform might help to alleviate the ratio. Wokeism and the woke-tolerant already have too big a piece of the pie.

                  In one way, I can see where they are coming from. Conservatives don’t do boycotts that much. If you are faced with the choice of losing a conservative or liberal, one choice means you lose a handful and the other means you lose a lot more.

                  It’s a largely false premise though. The complaints against many of these companies come from tiny Twitter accounts that don’t patronize the service anyway. The ones that they are losing, have and do. And thus many such companies begin to fail, roll left and die. Then the upper management fails upward into some other lefty position.

                  I can’t do much for boycotts because I don’t patronize any of the woke companies already.

                  1. Me either. I’ve pretty much stopped using most of the streaming services, the only reason why I have Amazon Prime is because I’m needing the free shipping, and if I can’t find it on the high seas, I’m buying DVDs. I haven’t seen a movie since Christmas (Ghostbusters:Afterlife, btw, it was good fun), and in general…

                    Well, I don’t have any to boycott because I don’t have anything to boycott.

                    1. Our video shelves are full. And there isn’t room to put in more video shelves because the rest of the walls have bookshelves. Or framed art.

  20. The Left/Collectivists are desperate to keep you from noticing how impotent they really are. Like 1988 Soviets, they are let everyone know they are invincible. Then -wrecked- and impotent a few years later.

    China is in -worse- shape than Russia, just smart enough to not demonstrate it with their own faceplant.

    Likewise, our tormentors here are -desperate- to distract you while they futilely try to paint over the rot. They badly overplayed the WuFlu, as fearful desperate dishonest folks tend to do, and now the sleepers have awakened.

    Heck yes they are going to double-down yet again. They will likely either use dump trucks to stuff the ballot boxes, or just claim to “cancel” the electoral disaster they see coming. Big mistake. Bigly.

    Won’t save them. They may make you unhappy. You are going to make them … irrelevant.

    Don’t flinch from the necessity to -win-. Don’t pull the rhetorical punch. Rub their noses in it. Because the sane ones need to know they lost. And their crazies will help achieve that.

    And you will be warmed pleasantly by their burning impotent rage. Toast a marshmallow in the rage-flames of their awareness of self-wreckage.

    It’s been a long slog, but we win, they lose.

    1. Always bet on stupid.

      “What else could Clyburn have meant, other than Biden going the Obama route and signing an executive order that implements the objectives of their election-reform proposals? Last year, Clyburn claimed that Democrats would find a way to “get around” the filibuster to pass their radical voting legislation, which they haven’t been able to do yet. So the next attempt most certainly will be for Biden to use executive actions.”

      1. And why not? We always let it work.

        “There are tens of millions of illegal immigrants now in the United States, and it will be virtually impossible to get rid of them. The democrats wanted them here; they didn’t have the authority or support to bring them here or keep them here, but they did it anyway.

        And that’s how the trick works. When they are stymied by laws that have been properly passed by the people’s representatives, Democrats simply proceed with their plans. Sometimes they get away with it indefinitely and sometimes the courts rein them back in, but by then they’ve already gotten their way. (Obama’s DACA beneficiaries are still here, and many have children of their own now, who are native-born U.S. citizens.)

        This Leftist tactic — just going ahead and doing whatever they want even if they don’t have the authority — was widely used to circumvent election laws, especially in swing states, during the 2020 general election. “

        1. And another:

          Some Tennessee schools are still teaching “Critical Race Theory” despite a statewide law forbidding that educational malpractice, according to an undercover video just released by Accuracy in Media (AIM).

          “This law was really well crafted and accomplishes nothing,” Metro Nashville administrator Todd Wigginton told AIM’s hidden camera.

          “So basically,” he continued, “we’re doing what we’ve been doing.”

          What they were doing is now illegal.

          Marion County’s Kimberly Shurett was a bit more sly, merely admitting that “It’s not actively being taught but it’s not actively not being taught.”

          “We’re business as usual in this district… we don’t really let anybody tell us what to do,” she said.

          Not even the law.

        2. And this is why I still work and donate towards trying to win elections, or bring legal actions. I want to strip away OUR illusions.

      2. The problem with that plan is that while Congress has the power to modify state’s election rules, the President does not. Any executive order would be struck down pretty much instantly. There might be an order for DOJ to be more aggressive in enabling the vote fraud agenda, but that isn’t going to help them in what’s coming.

        1. Sure, the executive order gets struck down in court. Even in the Supreme Court.

          And the Democrats will just go ahead and do it anyway. Like they did in 2020. And there will be no consequences this time either.

          They are not bound by any law they find inconvenient. Insider trading, corruption by foreign agents, massive election fraud, malfeasance and treason, they have already done it all. Why would they stop now?

          1. Of course they’re bound by the law, otherwise they’d have us all in camps by now. They and their pet judges may stretch the interpretation of the law beyond all reason, but they are still fundamentally bound by it.

            The changes enacted by the Democrats in 2020 weren’t struck down prior to the election, that’s why they got away with what they did. Of course, they claimed that the changes were necessary due to Wu Flu which, in case you’ve missed it, isn’t working for them as an excuse anymore. At least, it isn’t working outside of the deep blue areas they already control.

            Plus most of the tricks the Democrats used in 2020 only work the once. Already the national, state, and local parties are working on developing the networks to counter them, see Virginia.

            And finally there’s the fact that 2020 levels of fraud aren’t going to be enough. The entire Democrat campaign in 2020 was – once it became clear that everyone but Biden was toxic to the electorate – to keep people from realizing how incompetent Biden is. That’s now impossible. Poll after poll shows that Trump beats Biden handily, and significant numbers of Biden voters regret their choice.

            Yes, the Democrats won in 2020. Just like the Germans won at St. Vith. So. What?

            1. They are not bound by the law. They are merely constrained by the dim awareness, somewhere in the back of what passes for their minds, that people can only be pushed so far before #TeamHeadsOnPikes takes the field. They’re trying to find that point.

                1. Oh, they’re still pushing them, they’re just not getting much traction. Some of the less batshit crazy ones harkened to the sounds of #TeamHeadsOnPikes tuning up in the wings and quietly backed off on enforcement.

                  In other news, Biden’s ventriloquists just opened the gates for 100,000 ‘Ukrainian refugees’ and promised to give them a billion dollars. Did they have the legal authority to do that? Hell, no! But they did it anyway. IF somebody sues to prevent it, IF a court agrees to hear the case, and IF the ruling goes against them — they won’t let that stop them. They’ll be flown to 35 different states in the middle of the night and dropped off in secret. Nobody will even know where they all went, or how many of those ‘Ukrainian refugees’ were cronies of those corruptocrats, agents of Russia or who knows what else…

                  1. Apparently a lot of the so-called Ukrainian refugees have actually been Turks. (One report said 40% of those arriving in Poland.)

                  2. Oh, they’re still pushing them, they’re just not getting much traction. Some of the less batshit crazy ones harkened to the sounds of #TeamHeadsOnPikes tuning up in the wings and quietly backed off on enforcement.

                    Translated: They aren’t retreating! They are advancing to the rear!

                    1. The assertion was that they are constrained by the law. They are not. They are only constrained by what remains of their sense of self-preservation, and their estimation of what they can pull off without winding up a la lanterne.

                  3. No, they backed off when SCOTUS said that the general mandate probably wouldn’t win in court. Right up to that point they were all in on mandating (which is different from pushing), #TeamHeadsOnPikes be damned.

                    And yes, the President does have a great deal of legal authority, granted by Congress, to deal with refugees.

                    It’s obvious that you know you’re wrong, but your ego won’t allow you to admit it.

                    1. And even more if he simply disregards the law. See DACA.

                      “Obama unilaterally made up a new class of illegal aliens — those brought here as children through no fault of their own — who could not be deported. He created the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) policy, granting permission to stay and even the right to work to the young colonists. President Trump tried to get rid of the program but Leftist judges threw monkey wrenches into his efforts, and then the Biden Collective simply reinstated DACA when it took office.

                      In addition, the Obama and Biden administrations use claims of executive discretion to throw the border wide open and let everyone stream in. The Biden Collective even fills planes and buses with illegal immigrants and distributes them all over the country. It didn’t just throw out the Public Charge Rule, it freely dispenses the taxpayers’ money to their new illegal neighbors.

                      There are tens of millions of illegal immigrants now in the United States, and it will be virtually impossible to get rid of them. The democrats wanted them here; they didn’t have the authority or support to bring them here or keep them here, but they did it anyway.”

                      He doesn’t have the authority, and reality showed it didn’t matter. Example after example, and you continue to deny reality. Whose ego, again?

                    2. DACA isn’t ignoring the law, it’s exercising prosecutorial discretion. No prosecutor has the resources to go after every crime that occurs in their jurisdiction, so they have to have the ability to prioritize what gets prosecuted and what doesn’t. When it comes to federal law, the President ultimately has the power to make those decisions, so he did in fact have the authority.

                      I know you don’t like it, but reality doesn’t care.

              1. Functionally yes. In their minds though, that point does not exist. So why worry? They are getting what they wanted. If you’re not, sucks to be you.

                It takes a lot to shock a Progressive out of that mindset. 2016 did a lot of good in that it showed the world what they were like with the masks off. Woke up a few that were mindlessly following along. 2020 was not a good year for those folks. Or us.

              2. And once they find it, they will pull back, quite certain that that will defang the reaction.

        2. I’m sure I’m missing something, but what part of the Constitution gives Congress a general power to modify the election rules of the states? There are specific powers (guarantee of a republican form of government, and dates/times of elector selection and voting, for example), but I could find nothing that gives Congress general power over the election rules of the states. In fact, the 10th Amendment seems to say otherwise, and I can’t see how even the usual misapplication/twisting of the Interstate Commerce Clause could make it apply.

          1. Art. I, Sec. 4:

            The times, places and manner of holding elections for Senators and Representatives, shall be prescribed in each state by the legislature thereof; but the Congress may at any time by law make or alter such regulations, except as to the places of choosing Senators.

            1. OK; thanks. It’s interesting that “places of choosing Senators” was exempted. And of course, it only applies to candidates in Federal elections, not to state or local ones.

              1. Prior to the 17th Amendment, Senators were chosen by State Legislatures, and Congress telling State Legislatures where they could or couldn’t meet, even if just for the purpose of choosing Senators, would have been grossly intrusive.

                1. Point taken. IMHO, and FWIW, the 17th (like the 16th) was a drastic mistake. There was a reason for the way it was structured.

              2. The goal was to ensure that Congress couldn’t use that clause to get around the requirement that Senators were chosen by the state legislatures. And the Constitution was never supposed to dictate the form of state governments, outside the requirement that they be republican in form.

      3. For people who claim that every Republican president is a dictator who is literally the next Hitler, the Democrats are rather enamored of enacting their agenda through dictatorial decree; particularly after they are unable to get the legislature to pass them as occurs in a functioning democratic republic. It’s as if they are…projecting. Shocking, I know.

        1. Leftists project. Always. If you want to know what a Democrat is plotting, see what they’re accusing Republicans of doing.

          Ultimately it’s because they just aren’t smart enough to understand that other minds exist, so they just assume that everyone “thinks” the way they do.

      4. members only story, and i won’t sub to pj media since they shut down pjtv with no notice.

        1. Might be because I don’t allow javascript from (nor most of the others on the list NoScript gives me) but I don’t sub and I had no problem seeing the story.

  21. Yes Sarah, standing on the chair semaphoring the waiter means you have totally adopted United States Citizen traits.

      1. I’m slightly more subtle. Instead of standing on a chair, I’d just walk up to my waitress, wherever she might be, but preferably near at least one other member of staff, and state that either the bill needs to be offered or I will assume that the meal was free and leave.

        I don’t particularly care about embarrassing myself, but if I can embarrass the person causing the trouble, much better. It’s part and parcel of “turn the other cheek.” When someone backhands your right cheek, offer up the left so they have to slap you like an equal. When someone takes your cloak, give them your shirt so they see you naked. When a soldier exercises his right to force you into labor, do twice as much so it looks like he’s the one breaking the rules, not you.

  22. “I wish I could take a plane back to the US before people who think they’re universal experts started f*cking with everything.”

    It’s not that they think of themselves as universal experts; it’s that they consider everyone else to be profoundly retarded. Thus they’re convinced that if only they could get a liberal-leftist of ordinary intelligence to make the decisions that are now being made those by those deplorable subhumans for themselves, things would be eleven-thousand percent better.

    1. I suspect they consider themselves to be “smarter” predecessors of Leonard Detweiler and the Mesan Alignment. So where is the required predecessor of Jeremy X? And how do we get the Audobon Ballroom up and running? (Yeah, I just started “To End In Fire”) 😉

      1. Good read. Much better than I expected, actually. Also much longer.
        Of course, it occurred to me that Honor is Kimball Kinnison and Raoul and his siblings are the children of the Lens (or of the treecats).

        1. I haven’t finished it yet, but I’m hoping that it finally resolves the Alignment (Malignment?) issue. I’ve read every one of the main series and anthologies and the spinoffs, including the “Manticore Ascendant” prequels, and enjoyed them all. And FWIW, I think Honor is more closely analogous to another “HH” named Hornblower; I think of Kimball Kinnison as closer to Zilwicki.

          1. The resemblance to Hornmblower may very well be more than incidental, given the intentional similarities between Haven for much of the series and Reign of Terror France. Fortunately, the inevitable collapse of that Haven government didn’t lead to a new round of warfare at the instigation of a Bonaparte stand-in.

            1. David Weber has said (by the end of the series?) Honor was closer to Admiral Horatio Nelson than Hornblower.

              As for the Honorverse’s version of Napoleon Bonaparte, he exists but never made himself a dictator (or Emperor).

              IMO Thomas Theisman is the Honorverse’s Napoleon Bonaparte. Instead of making himself “Emperor” of Haven, he restored the old Republic of Haven (that preceded the People’s Republic of Haven). 😀

            2. When Theisman showed up and dealt with Saint-Just I thought for sure we had a Napoleon on our hands, But Mr Weber had other ideas.

              1. Napoleon restored the French Kingdom with him as “King”.

                Theisman restored the Old Republic of Haven with him as Secretary of the Navy. Note, that’s the original Republic of Haven not the phony People’s Republic of Haven (that existed at the beginning of the Honorverse series).

                Minor Note, David Weber has stated that he saw the People’s Republic of Haven as a United States that had badly gone wrong.

              2. Esther McQueen was obviously going to be the Napoleon of the series, but by that point Eric Flint had written his first collaboration novel, and Weber decided that Manpower, Inc. (and the shadowy group backing them) made a much better arc villain, and therefore a more interesting story than rewriting the Napoleonic Wars In Space. So he killed off McQueen and took the story in a different direction.

                1. Indeed it became clear later on. But by that point in the series I was reading them as they came out and (spoiler for a book that came out in like 1998) and the cliff hangar ending for that book was Admiral Theisman (Fleet Admiral Peoples Republic of Haven Home Fleet) intervenes “for” Saint-Just shows up with marines to “rescue” the titular head of Haven and then shoots him with his pulser rifle. Exeunt Omnes, end of book behold a cliff hangar. Eighteen Months to the next Honor book and I could have wrung David Weber’s neck but for the fact I wanted to find out what happened and I wouldn’t if I injured the author.

                  In actuality Theisman ends up a cross between Sherman and Washington (with a jigger of Cincinnatus thrown in for fun) as he restores the original Haven Republic. And yes Weber has made it clear that even with it’s Frenchified names ( Robert S. Pierre, Seriously Rob S Pierre?) Haven is a model of a failed USA. Unfortunately our failure mode From Terms 1-3 of Obama and the two covid give aways Trump negotiated is bending that way… Cassandra never got it bad enough.

            3. See my 11:29 PM comment further down the page: Weber made it explicit that he intended Harrington to be a Hornblower expy.

          2. Weber made it obvious that he fully intended the Harrington-Hornblower parallel, by not only dedicating the first book of the Honor Harrington series to C.S. Forester, but also having his main character curl up with an old-fashioned book (rather than a book reader) when relaxing in her quarters during a quiet moment. The book she chose? One of the Horatio Hornblower series, the first book in the series IIRC. She gets confused by the word “pounds”, which sometimes seems to be a unit of mass and sometimes a unit of currency, but concludes that “This Forrester fellow wrote a ripping good yarn”. (Or some words along those lines; it’s been years since I read that book).

  23. I just got back from Adoration, Mass and Stations of the Cross. We prayed the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart that was done by Pope Francis with all the world’s bishops today.

    It is possible that this great pressure of evil we have all felt this last two years has been the final gasp of evil before the thousand years of peace.

    I suppose we will find out.

    Meanwhile, my hubby also suffers from eczema. It it a trial for sure. His is much better if he avoids dairy but that is not easy. And stress makes it worse also. Again, not easy to avoid these days.

    My medical issues are also made worse with stress. So we have been doing what we can to mitigate it as much as possible, but the evil clowns that be are not making it easy. I hate clowns.

    Oh well I suppose the sack of Constantinople and the destruction of Jerusalem weren’t the best of times either so I guess 8 dollar gas will be somewhat less traumatic.

    I hope so anyway. I’m not up for trauma.

      1. Yes everyone has a different trigger. Except for stress which is the universal trigger it seems.

        And clowns. Which is why young children even know to be scared of clowns.

          1. Bad clowns. A proper clown knows how to be entertaining. He does his job and gets paid or he does not and stops being a clown.

            These ones have somehow contrived to be both bad at and wrong at their jobs. And still get paid for it. Looked at from a distance it reminds me a bit of a pyramid scheme. One that is teetering towards crashing down.

            I would much prefer they do their collapse somewhere that wasn’t my back yard. And did not affect my budget. The actions of both the clueless and the malicious have made the rest of us suffer along with them. This displeases me.

  24. My niece has eczema. Her Lupus attacking her skin. As well as extreme migraines. Now she’s been having seizures. Stress make everything worse. I don’t know what is being done for treatment (not in the medical loop, why would I be?).

    Stressed? Yes. I can’t let it get to me. I just can’t. I don’t know what it will trigger this time. It has triggered months of purging, I couldn’t keep anything down. Triggered non-migraine tension headaches. The migraine ones are bad enough. I figure there isn’t a whole lot we or I can do. At best plan on surviving another 40 – 50 years, on my judgement day, go “well dang, I’m not ready”. In the mean time frustrate the heck out of the PTB by just surviving … not that they will know who I am … but I do.

  25. I’ve been that type of creative.
    I don’t recommend it. It does bad things to your soul.

    Here’s the thing, the most powerful corruptive force isn’t money, power, or sex.
    It’s friendship.

    If you’re stuck in an untenable situation, and you have a friend who can help you out, you’re going to ask him for a favor.
    What kind of person doesn’t want to help their friend out of a jam? Especially if it’s not their fault.
    After your friend goes out of his way to help you, you’re naturally going to give him something for his trouble. And he knows that he can count on you to help him out when he gets in a jam.
    And that’s not so bad.
    Except people have noticed that you’re someone who can “get things done”.
    On the one hand, your boss just found an asset that can be used to cover his heinie.
    On the other, you’ve just made a whole lot of friends. Everybody in the bureaucracy has problems, and everyone wants to be in tight with a fixer, who “knows people”, and can “work miracles”.
    And so, you start viewing people as assets. You start making friendships strategically. You trade favors, sometimes coordinating a barter chain half a dozen or more people long so the thing can get done, and everyone involved benefits.
    That said, some people are deadbeats. They want something for nothing. They’re happy to seek favors, but won’t willingly repay. Or worse, they try to blackmail you for “violating procedure” or “misappropriation of assets”. And some of them are likely in positions of power over you. You have the resources to deal with them, and if you’re going to keep the goat rodeo semifunctional, you’re going to have to.

  26. Stress? Check.
    Anxiety? Check.
    Depression? Check.
    Sleep deprivation? Check.
    Wondering if my chest aches because of the list above or because I got the Pfizer shot? Also check.

    To end on a brighter note, Mom and I took the dogs for a walk as the sun set. The air was cool and refreshing, the mountains are snow covered, and no one we passed was wearing a mask.

  27. I’ll guarantee you’ve not tried Ambrotose Life by Mannatech.

    That stuff is amazing. Get the lemonade Slimsticks. Try it for six months. If it doesn’t work you get your money back.

    I use it. It’s awesome.

  28. Sounds like we’re dealing with a lot of the same things. All this uncertainty and waiting games, especially when it comes to important house work so I can get out of this dump, hasn’t been good for me. The weather hasn’t been helping either. I couldn’t help but laugh and shake my head about your restaurant server story, too, considering how yesterday’s lunch at a normally quite pleasant place went. Add in mandatory overtime because of my own Overlords and no wonder I had so much trouble sleeping that I had to take unplanned time off to catch up. Going back to that year would be nice indeed…

  29. A few thoughts on the post.

    Triamcinalone is hard to spell and harder for me to pronounce. It is. however, very good stuff.
    When a clown enters the castle, he does not become a king; rather the castle becomes a circus. Generically, all government are kakistocracies but coulrocracy is a pretty good specific label for the current regime.
    Pain is a great demotivator. I should be preparing a birthday dinner but instead I am setting like a lump trying to understand which of my dissolute habits is causing my knee and hip to torment me.
    Duty is indifferent to how good or bad I may feel. So, it’s time to quit feeling sorry for myself and get the corned beef ready for the crockpot.
    Lack of sleep sometimes causes me to say silly stuff.

  30. I don’t think they have the nerve to try and cheat again like they did in 2020. At least, not in 2022. They will reserve that for the next presidential cycle, when it is for all the marbles.I can’t help feeling though that the real issue is getting lost. That is, Our government should not be so vulnerable or powerful that a new group of politicians coming in can in short order wreck the economy, costing citizens their livelihoods and perhaps their careers by fiat. We have been whipsawed back and forth when each party gets control, and the continuity of law and business has been disrupted. You can’t run a business, a government or a railroad in this slapdash fashion. I believe a Famous Person once said, “He has erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers to harass our People, and eat out their substance” Sound familiar?

    1. Welcome to a political realignment. The good news is that as a nation we’ve been through this before and survived. The bad news is that the last time it was this bad we wound up in a civil war. I don’t think it will get that bad this time.

      For one thing, the power the other side has is fundamentally illusory and every day more and more people see through the illusion. It doesn’t take much brainpower to realize that, of the last 4 Presidents, the only one who didn’t see Putin annex territory on his watch was the one called “Putin’s puppet.”

      Take a look a the absurd answer Judge Jackson gave at her confirmation hearing about defining “woman.” She couldn’t give the normal answer because that would infuriate the leftist base and she couldn’t give the leftist answer or even acknowledge the dilemma without infuriating normal people. And, this is the important bit, she couldn’t afford to infuriate either group. The leftists aren’t a large enough group to win elections but the Democrats don’t have enough normal people to win (or at least come within the margin of fraud) without the leftists. Jackson knew all that so she tried to thread the spear and wound up looking like an idiot.

    2. “I don’t think they have the nerve to try and cheat again like they did in 2020. At least, not in 2022. ”

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Giggle, snort… (Dream on!)

      They have always been cheating and will continue to cheat because they get away with it. And there’s enough Marxists and RINOs on their side at the national, state and local levels that encourage it. (Ask our hostess about Colorado…)

      We, (the actual folks donating time, money and talents to do audits and election investigation sh*t), tracked this in 2020 and are tracking it in this years elections, are prepped and already spotting signs of this in states like Texas. The same metro counties with massive fraud have the same election organizations and voting systems. The same ground organizations are going to try the same old tactics. (We are also tracking child grooming and some other despicable stuff…)

      If you would like a lesson in all the elections fraud shenanigans that occur, please schedule about 2 hours and I’ll teach a condensed class in Democratic fu**ery. It’s worse than you know, just like corruption in Ukraine is worse than you know… (One of my close coworkers is from Ukraine and hates the MSM propaganda.)

      Let’s face it folks, positive change will be very incremental in certain regions until the whole system crashes hard then awakens and red pills more sheeple. This may happen this year with inflation and supply chain issues if the Satanic pedophile idiots don’t get us crisped in a nuclear exchange.

      The only long term solution to these current issues is almost, but not quite as bad as the issues. The future will be biblical, one way or the other. The good can’t continue to play by Marquess of Queensberry rules while evil uses advance terrorist tactics. Future History is going to be EPIC!

      With that rant, I’m going to be positive and go work in the garden the rest of the weekend. Peace be with you.

      1. Ah, but you misunderstand friend Larry. Tim is most correct that they won’t be cheating like they did in 2020. No, really!

        They’ll be cheating harder in 2022. I’ve seen some of the same signs you have, most like. They are most definitely going to try. Are trying. It is on us, the diligent, to confound them wherever we can.

        1. Harris County, TX. “Oops, we discovered 10K uncounted ballots, 6K for one group, 4K for the others. It wouldn’t be fair to the voters not to add those to the final total, now, would it?” Horsepucky they just “discovered” them.

          1. They discovered they were about to be caught out and the Bad Guy was about to win, more like. It’s not always democrats that do this, but you’re a lot more likely to find a D party registration when you go looking for actual election shenanigans than the other way ’round.

    3. Our government should not be so vulnerable or powerful that a new group of politicians coming in can in short order wreck the economy, costing citizens their livelihoods and perhaps their careers by fiat.


      It’s what I’ve been my wife for years now. If you were deathly afraid of what Trump would do (as she was; I was merely skeptical), or if you’re appalled at the damage the Biden-figurehead junta is doing (as we both are), what you should really be deathly afraid of is GOVERNMENT.

      Massive, unchecked government power is the real problem, not which kleptocrat rose to the top of the clown pile.

    4. Thomas Jefferson was cancelled for being a white slave owner. And besides, that Declaration was hundreds of years ago… /sarc

    5. Why wouldn’t they try to cheat again in 2022? They got away with it last time, there have been absolutely no meaningful consequences for anyone involved in the election theft (or all the prior seditious conspiracies against Trump’s administration), and the regime is certainly governing as if they have nothing to worry about.

      It’s full speed ahead for WWIII, the end of the dollar as the global reserve currency and the Green New Deal. And if you disagree with any of it, you’re a white supremacist/Nazi/Putin-loving traitor. Just ask the media as they shake their little pom-poms for tyranny.

      Given the crises we already have in an economy gutted by the Kung Flu lockdowns; transportation bottlenecks; rising fuel prices and lack of fertilizer for planting this spring; the coming food shortages and the constant beating of the war drums, I half expect this year’s elections to be called off, or at the least for the regime to repeat all the “emergency measures” that let them “win” the last time with the connivance of pliant judges and establishmentarians, and the gutlessness of the SCOTUS. Plus we can count on all sorts of trumped-up (ahem) “investigations” of regime opponents carried out by the politically corrupted DOJ/FBI and media, and Pelosi’s January 6 kangaroo court, to disrupt political campaigns by genuine opposition-party candidates.

        1. I fully expect that any Republican in a state with a Soros SecState, let alone an AG or Gov, is NOT getting re-elected. People predicting Republicans will take back the House need to factor that in.

          1. What they have to figure out is that if they steal again in full light people will …. well, let’s say there’s a great anger in the land, and we’ve had enough.
            Problem is I don’t think the left GETS that.

            1. No, they don’t. They deeply, truly believe that their Narrative IS reality, and so the Narrative says that the Great Unwashed are too dumb to see the fraud/corruption, and certainly won’t kick back. After all, the Anointed went to the correct schools, and think the correct thoughts, and sacrifice to appease Gaia, so it will all go according to the Narrative.

              They’re drinking their own ink, and they don’t see that they are going to be drowned in it.

              1. But will they drown before the rest of us, or with the rest of us. “They have an engine called the press by which the people are deceived.” —CSLewis, =That Hideous Strength=

              2. One is also reminded of the “raising a puppy” scene in Starship Troopers. Lots of threats and warnings, but no action. Sadly, a threat that has never been fulfilled in living memory is unlikely to deter.

            2. Sarah, they are laughing at us. And they should be. Good Guys my pasty pale ass.


              Gaetz laughingly continued, “Have you assessed whether or not the first family is compromised as a result of the Hunter Biden laptop?” Vorndran played dumb-dumb and again claimed he knew nothing.

              “So you don’t have it, you don’t know who has it, you don’t know where it is, you’re the assistant director. You know, earlier you talked about whether or not you were the Grant Hill or the Christian Laettner; it sounds you’re the Chris Webber, trying to call a time out when you don’t have one,” Gaetz bellowed, referring to two legendary college basketball games.

    1. Hear!!! Hear!!! If it were being run by actual clowns it would be funny rather than simply pathetic and appalling.

  31. 2 Timothy 3:1-9, AMPC

    But understand this, that in the last days will come (set in) perilous times of great stress and trouble [hard to deal with and hard to bear].

    For people will be lovers of self and [utterly] self-centered, lovers of money and aroused by an inordinate [greedy] desire for wealth, proud and arrogant and contemptuous boasters. They will be abusive (blasphemous, scoffing), disobedient to parents, ungrateful, unholy and profane.

    [They will be] without natural [human] affection (callous and inhuman), relentless (admitting of no truce or appeasement); [they will be] slanderers (false accusers, troublemakers), intemperate and loose in morals and conduct, uncontrolled and fierce, haters of good.

    [They will be] treacherous [betrayers], rash, [and] inflated with self-conceit. [They will be] lovers of sensual pleasures and vain amusements more than and rather than lovers of God.

    For [although] they hold a form of piety (true religion), they deny and reject and are strangers to the power of it [their conduct belies the genuineness of their profession]. Avoid [all] such people [turn away from them].

    For among them are those who worm their way into homes and captivate silly and weak-natured and spiritually dwarfed women, loaded down with [the burden of their] sins [and easily] swayed and led away by various evil desires and seductive impulses.

    [These weak women will listen to anybody who will teach them]; they are forever inquiring and getting information, but are never able to arrive at a recognition and knowledge of the Truth.

    Now just as Jannes and Jambres were hostile to and resisted Moses, so these men also are hostile to and oppose the Truth. They have depraved and distorted minds, and are reprobate and counterfeit and to be rejected as far as the faith is concerned.

    But they will not get very far, for their rash folly will become obvious to everybody, as was that of those [magicians mentioned].

    1. “By thought a crawling ruin, By life a leaping mire,
      By a broken heart in the breast of the world, and the end of the world’s desire.” —GKC, from =The Ballad of the White Horse=, section =The Prophecy of the King=. It’s amazing how much he got right.

  32. I have come to the conclusion that Team HarrisBiden wants Putin to drop a couple of nukes on Ukraine. They desire this so they can use the prospect of a larger scale nuclear war to declare an emergency and “suspend the Constitution” so they can respond to the nuclear threat…by suppressing all dissent and opposition, seizing total control of elections, imposing massive product rationing and income distribution, etc., i.e. their entire agenda of racial identity group commufascism.

    Being power hungry idiots, they think they will be able to get away with it without serious risk to themselves.

    1. Well, Biden accidentally (?) said today that Putin can’t remain in office. Coupled with his mistaken (?) statement to US soldiers that they were being deployed to Ukraine, we have to wonder if he’s so confused that he doesn’t know what he’s saying or if he’s accidentally revealing spoilers. Neither bodes well.

      1. Yet somehow the same Putin who “can’t remain in office” is the person who Team HarrisBiden is relying on as their agent in their appeasement of Iran.

  33. The cynic in me would agree, especially if Putin was to target specific banks; you know, the ones who handled all those huge money transactions between corrupt Ukranian corporations and certain US politicians? Yeah, I mean Biden, but don’t for a minute think there aren’t 535 other US pols who aren;t sweating bullets that a bunch of shady transactions could come to light.

  34. I hijacked the plane and took it back five years. Non-metaphorically, I looked at how I used to spend my time. What did I do for fun? How did I keep in touch with loved ones (since I live on the edge of the known world)? What was my usual routine?

    It’s been great, for the most part. My friends (the real ones) and my long-distant friends have reciprocated my phonecalls and sometimes throw articles into the mail instead of “sharing” information online. However… blushes I miss Internet frivolity and even doom-dwelling with like-minded people.

  35. “Tired and getting over being sick” tends to be me in January-February, so I know the feeling, even if I am not feeling it right now. Also sympathies on the notebook problems. I have an odd fascination for limited edition moleskines (finished filling up an Oz-themed one a couple months back), and my main response to the supply chain panics has been to collect the ones that I like more aggressively.

    Have nothing intelligent to say about current events, so saying nothing at all.

  36. There’s days I feel great. There’s other days I feel like 50 miles of bad road. But every day I wake up is one day closer to heaven.

    Where the Bible promises God will wipe away all my tears.

    Now if I could just find a way to reconcile the friends and family I left behind in some of my more spectacularly stupid choices.

    That bugs me far more than thd crooked jaw after the cancer surgery took out 25 percent. And far more than the kidney and GI damage the chemo caused. And orders of magnitude more than the har permanently lost due to the radiation therapy.

    May it please God that none of you ever make the mistakes I did.

  37. Senator Blackburn missed a golden opportunity after Ketanji Jackson’s lame “I’m not a biologist” answer:

    “Then you do stipulate that ‘woman’ is defined by biology?”

    Watching her try to wiggle out of that one would have been entertaining,

  38. Oh yes, ran into the random staffing shortages twice this weekend. Saturday, daughter wanted Erbert & Gerberts, and there’s a store about two blocks from the auditorium we were at. Got there at 130, to find they were closed for lack of staff. Ended up going to McDs instead. Sunday the girls wanted Subway, which there used to be a store a block away from the auditorium. It doesn’t exist anymore. I looked on the app and there was a store a few blocks away that said it was open, but it was closed when I got there. Drove to the other one in the opposite direction and got there just before the big rush. The government’s covid response has really screwed our economy up. The service reminds me of 1980s Canada.

    1. I yelled at the local Hardee’s about not posting signs when short staffed, and they actually followed the advice of the grumpy old guy yelling at them (drivethru on a motorcycle sux). And instead of the hand written in pen unreadable from 2 feet, they printed up a large block letter signage you can see. Also they often close at 7pm due to not having anyone. Saturdays at Noon they have 3 workers.

    2. We’ve shown up at Red Robin to see a sign “Open for Call In Takeout Only”. They get new staff, then the new staff doesn’t show up after a few shifts.

      Our Go To Mexican doesn’t have that problem. Most (All?) their employees are extended family.

  39. Yeah, I’m tired of being sick and tired. I’m very glad we moved to Texas, because the mood here is definitely better than in PA. I’m still worried about world politics (it’s what I’m trained in…sorry!) but there’s nothing I can do about them, so I just keep up and pay attention. We’ll be buying a lot of coffee this week in anticipation. It’s the one damn thing after another that is getting me down. Just as you try to get up from one hit, you get blindsided by another.

    Going back to the 80s wouldn’t be bad… as long as I don’t repeat my mistakes. But I will take a short rewind to 2017 too.

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