I’m lazy today. Yes, I owe you chapters, but at this point, I need to read what I have, before I write. And I need to finish a novel.

So….. you know…. This is just something to amuse you.

Blame it on older son who was amusing himself by using it as fortune cookies and shared the funniest ones and infected me….

It’s really funny. Some are insane. Some are just “aroo”? Some are trite. And some make you go “Oh? What does this mean?” And some… well, there’s something in them.

Yes. Well, of course. But seriously.
I don’t want to explore the various meanings of this…. Bob the Registered, is that you?
Yeah, we are Odds. That is how we’re clever.
Again, I’ve said we’re Odds. We know.
Doubtless. BUT right now my continuing existence is hanging on being the plucky comic relief.
I know. I have accepted it. I don’t agree with it.
In what sense? Oh, never mind.
Yes. I think that’s the essence of the scientific method.
While reality sooner or later bites you in the ass.
Oh, you met our would-be aristocrats, then?
Yeah. Now if we can get the idiots to recognize what it can do.
Why else would you read?
Undoubtedly true. And bizarrely profound.
Do this. Herb N. has convinced me this makes perfect sense.
Trite but true.
Dr. Peterson? Is that you?
DUH. Absolutely true.

And now go do something with your day while I finish a novel.

Don’t bother me unless someone is bleeding on the floor or the house is on fire. These rules worked when I had littles, and they’ll work for you as well!

81 thoughts on “Lazy

      1. Sillybot. It told me:

        “Be brave,
        dare to be different,
        and if you’re lucky
        you will

        Er. By this statement alone I am very, very lucky. Also, how do you make it stop? Just for a bit? Or at least present in *English* for a nice change of pace?

      1. Life breaks everyone. And some are stronger in the broken places.
        –E. Hemingway

        (The commie could turn a phrase.)

  1. HerbN is absolutely correct.

    You can’t beautify architecture unless you’re wealthy and own it. You can beautify everything by your physical presence. The store can’t kick you out for dressing nicely anymore than they can kick you out for wearing dirty pyjamas.

    So why not? Uglification has gone quite far enough, after all.

    1. One of my colleagues asked why I was dressed up on dress-down day. I pointed out that I’d gone Full Edwardian, which I normally do not do (mix modern and neo-vintage so it doesn’t look as if I’m in costume.) She approved. I’m normally a little dressier than the other staff are, just because of me being me.

  2. Adventurous slaughter decays adventurously.


    Speaking of, is it just me or are many people who spent a lot of tike warning things are close to kinetic now shutting up about it?

    If so that is not a hopeful sign.

      1. Maybe.

        Long ago at another job I got reported to HR when I asked how my week was going. My reply was “I ain’t killed nobody, bit Novell’s engineers are moving up the list”.

        After my counselling at HR I stood in my cube and asked who turned me in. The universal answer was they didn’t worry when I talked like that. They woild worry if I stopped talking like that.

      1. I’m starting to see it quiet down a bit–not due to acceptance, perhaps people are calculating the odds and making contingency plans.

          1. From some long forgotten movie, there is an unexploded (yet) bomb.
            “It’s ticking!”
            “It’s it stop ticking that we’ll have a problem.”

            And it was not a comedy, as I recall.

    1. I dunno.

      Could be things starting to move.

      Could be a quiet watching and waiting phase of a shadow war.

      Google can know who issued warnings. But they can’t be sure who of those is still committed, and who has the greatest resolve.

        1. Opposition is most likely planning another summer of riots.

          At least one of the lockdowned universities is planning to cease by the fall semester. That could also be a cause, because decrease of oppression.

          But even in a phase before specifically intending to hit targets, before targets and timing are selected, silence could be important.

          Fair warning has been given, so warning speech may no longer be productive.

          Specific operational planning, size and scope of targeting, is partly going to depend on how effective the security services are at identifying others whose thinking is similar.

          Silence now helps gather information on how blindly the security services are carrying out the current attempts to sort out actors from the general population.

          Also, time to practice collecting operational targeting info for riot organizations.

          This is possibly an infantry type conflict, but the early phase may be like submarine warfare. What noise is coming from local organizations, where are they dangerous, and where are they vulnerable?

          Feds for now have the logistics to move strike teams across the country, fast. They have national level intelligence collection for communications over anything electronic. Except maybe very low power radio signals, fully isolated computer systems, etc.

          They can’t just, as a precaution, kill everybody with the skills to be doing the unusual prepwork mentally. They don’t know everyone who has those skills, and the people with the skills would figure it out before the killing was complete. Then they would have a problem.

          To have the visibility needed against these people, they absolutely need local organizations that they can reliably collect humint through. Because even if they had the processing capability, not enough people have phone or car GPSs to be able to collect all the human movements by tapping those.

          Those local collection organizations are potentially visible, and can also potentially can be targeted or suborned after they are identified. Among other problems, they have to worry about backchannel gossip, because of the type of people who would be hired for a local collection organization.

          Anyway, my takeaway is that randomly putting any GPS I have in a Faraday cage will hamper the national organizations a little, forcing them to rely more on local collection. If they have the GPS pattern detection problem sorted out to that extent.

  3. On the “understand that you are older” one, I was just looking at a picture of myself at twenty-five this morning and realizing that I like myself a heck of a lot better now. Oh, I would still take my twenty-five-year-old knees and back and especially pancreas, but I’m smarter now, I’m more accomplished, and I even think that I’m prettier. There are some downsides to getting older, but at the moment at least, I think the upsides have it beat.

  4. The first few more or less made sense, but then: “Remember the mad, for they might someday cast the first stone”.

  5. But what if I’m trying to improve myself by learning how to better stabbing others?

      1. “When attending a shooty fight, do not show up with your stabby thing only.”

        1. When attending a shooty event, I’d prefer /not/ to show up! Concealment and cover are your friends!

    1. I am sure various folks around here would be able produce a list.
      A list.. for the betterment of society.
      A list.. of a strategic target variety.

  6. This is a comment to check in to lack of other comment. If this comment were for other purposes there would be additional data after this message.

  7. About this one:

    I am NOT a genius, I merely live in a reality governed by frigging idiots.

    1. !) Trying to be, yes.
      ii) Nope. Not gonna. Can’t make me.
      C)Compared to what? A mollusk? Certainly not to other people. There are dumb folks, sure, but lots of people are smarter than me in at least one area. You can even learn stuff from the dumb sometimes. Even if it’s just a “don’t do that, it’ll hurt” kind of thing.

  8. Look at how intact that train engine is, at least the design was that good. It was probably operator error that caused the crash. Certainly less deaths than could have occurred with addition of a fire or an explosion.

    Deleted a long digression about this thing I’m reading, and how I’m a bit unsure how good the ending of the latest chapter is.

  9. “Being a reasonable individual can often be like getting blackmailed… a bad idea in the first place.”

    A bit cynical and salty are we, Inspirobot?

  10. “Please keep developing” and “What we destroy is what we sort out”. Since I’m a software developer in the middle of trashing and rewriting a chunk of code, it’s very apropos. :-). Next one is a miss though: “Is beer making us aggressive?” I don’t even drink beer because carbs. “Your physical limitations are the razors of destiny.” All righty.

    1. It’s like potato chips or chocolate bars — hard to stop. “Your mind is a mental interpretation of the intrinsic uncertainty of spacetime.” That’s kinda fun. “Social justice warriors everywhere unite!” OMG. NO. “If you can disappoint her, you can get used to her.” Very lame. “You are not doing your best if you don’t slaughter what society finds unslaughterable.” Unslaughterable?? Really? And kind of ominous. “Appreciate. Analyze. Hate.” Uh… wow. “By pleasing we transcend reality.” I think NOT. “We cannot solve our problems by manipulating ourselves, we can just solve our problems by neglecting ourselves.” So wrong. “Being average can be a lot like being mentally disabled.” What?? “Minds can not and will not take away your muscles.” Heh. “Transcend. It’s never too late to try drugs.” HAHAHA. Yeah, it really is too late. “Believe and get jerked off.” Gack. “Leadership eats people from the inside.” Pfft.

      So the best 2 were the first 2. Should have stopped there. Sorry 😦

  11. I got, of all things, the Taurus astrology bit, and it’s vague enough to agree to much of it, except for “psychic” that is. I *know* THAT one ain’t right.

  12. I lived for a while in a 3-bedroom house with my parents, my aunt and uncle, THEIR two kids, and me. All of us were smart and none of us ever shut up. Our beleaguered mothers instituted the Red, White, and Blue rule: “Go outside. Stay outside. Do not come inside unless there are blood, bruises, or broken bones.”

    1. Hippies gave the doctors chances to witness cases of diseases they had never seen before, because basic sanitation would prevent them.

        1. Our church has a collection for a food bank but they are asking for things like paper towers and soap and toothpaste as well — which you can’t buy with food stamps.

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