Putting The Reverted IP back up

Part of my problem is that I hate editing, even myself.
But it needed to be done.
The Darkship series will take a little longer, because there is about 1/3 extraneous material per book. So I need smart and fanatic readers to tell me if there’s a scene they’d like to see, or something they’d like one of the books to show more of. Failing that, I’ll make Dan read them and tell me if he thinks they need something. (He’s pretty good at that.)
I know there’s maybe ten pages removed from AFGM in editing, (no, nothing off color, just a different editorial opinion) which I intend to put back in, but the rest is not as clear.

I’ve also started putting Kate Paulk’s Con series back up, (ConVent should be live tomorrow morning) hopefully to be soon followed by Impaler and First Blood and then the first of a space opera series.
Sorry all this has taken so long, 2020 was very bad for my productivity.

So, right now these are up (and yeah, I’m proud of myself.)

Draw One In The Dark

Something or someone is killing shape shifters in the small mountain town of Goldport, Colorado.
Kyrie Smith, a server at a local diner, is the last person to solve the mystery. Except of course for the fact that she changes into a panther and that her co-worker, Tom Ormson, who changes into a dragon, thinks he might have killed someone.
Add in a policeman who shape-shifts into a lion, a father who is suffering from remorse about how he raised his son, and a triad of dragon shape shifters on the trail of a magical object known as The Pearl of Heaven and the adventure is bound to get very exciting indeed.
Solving the crime is difficult enough, but so is — for our characters — trusting someone with secrets long-held.

Gentleman Takes A Chance

Family! Can’t live with them and can’t eat them.
Tom Ormson, owner — with his girlfriend — of The George, a diner in downtown Goldport, Colorado is well on his way to becoming a responsible and respectable adult, despite his rough start and the fact that he turns into a dragon.
But then the unpredictable Colorado weather, the ancient leader of a dragon triad and an even more ancient shifter-enforcer combine to destroy his home, put his diner at risk and attempt to kill him.
All this, of course, has to happen while Tom’s friend, Rafiel, is trying to solve a series of murders-by-shark at the city aquarium, and Tom’s newly-reconciled father is attempting to move to Denver.
Fasten your seat belts, a wild ride is about to begin.

Noah’s Boy

Tom Ormson and Kyrie Smith are suffering the growing pains of young romance and young business people. Tom worries obsessively about the new fryer in the diner exploding.
As though he didn’t have enough on his mind, though, life decides it’s time for a sabretooth with vengeance on her mind to come to town, and for the Great Sky Dragon to try to arrange a marriage for Tom.
Meanwhile, out at the old amusement park, the one with the really good wooden roller-coaster, a series of bizarre murders is taking place.
And, as if that were not enough, Conan Lung, dragon shifter, ex-triad member and waiter extraordinaire starts his country singing career with an original song “If I Could Fly to You.”
When Kyrie is kidnapped, it’s all Tom can do to make sure he protects her while not eating anyone.

And yes, I will finish Bowl of Red and All Hot to put out before Summer.

If it’s not obvious my schedule is suddenly very full, which is a GOOD thing. It gives me less time to read the news….

77 thoughts on “Putting The Reverted IP back up

  1. Well done! More to read–I purchased the first one, and will get the others asap.

    You’re a gift, your work is a gift.

      1. ok i’ll just wait to see the results 😀

        these look good. Just remember to keep those character settings for consistency 😀

  2. Glad to see this – I very much like the themed covers — obvious connections for cognoscenti but not pounding it home with blunt implements.

  3. Following the news is a purely productive activity with no downsides and plenty of action items.


    Glad to see those up.

  4. “So I need smart and fanatic readers to tell me if there’s a scene they’d like to see, or something they’d like one of the books to show more of.”

    I have not read any of these. But I skimmed through the Goodreads reviews, and what stuck out as a consistent complaint was too much summarizing the action instead of showing the action.

    [I grok this issue, having had to beat it out of myself.]

        1. I might or might not have bought a book about writing mil sf. Apparently I might or might not be reading it in my copious spare time. Note, I have NO idea why.
          Note also my family LAUGHS.

          1. not what the mumble was. I don’t expect you to. I don’t expect you to cover the battles, really. if you want to that’s fine. I’d try dipping your toes in it by writing a few in-world short stories with it first…

      1. No, that’s not it. The complaint consistent to all such reviews wasn’t from an expectation of seeing battles; it was a feeling of being cheated of seeing the action that the protagonist got to see and participate in. Running up to that action, then skipping over the details and giving the protag’s summary and internal responses instead.

        And it wasn’t just A Few Good Men; the same observation was made about all three books in that set.

        This can be a habit that writers get into — showing all the prep and planning and internal stuff, then summarizing or even completely skipping over whatever happened During The Events, and next thing we’re actually *shown* (rather than being *told about*) is everyone celebrating (or morosing) the outcome over a beer (or a corpse, as the case may be). This skipping-over leaves some readers unconvinced (at the emotional level) that the protag actually *had* whatever reasons and reactions, because they didn’t get to *grow* that reaction *with* him.

        As mentioned, I haven’t read it; I might have completely different complaints. 😀 And if I put on my Editor Hat, I might have a third set. 😛

        I’m in the process of “desummarizing” my own old stuff. So far the first and oldest book (written 30 years ago) has somehow become a third longer, but it is sooooooo much better now that we actually get to BE THERE while the guts are happening, instead of just seeing the results. (And no, it’s not an “action” book, even tho there’s a war going on in the background; it’s a psychological recovery story.)

          1. Well, it’s also possible they’re not your readers. And that is a constant problem with the ‘Zon’s algorithm crap… recommends that are out of our wheelhouse.

  5. The first one is free :). Get ’em hooked… I read these years ago in paperback, but I’ll read them again.

    I’ll have to look around for the Darkship books. I might have bought them on Baen… If we have tweaks we’d like to request, report them by email and … Chapter? page number?

    1. Obviously, I’m not Sarah but I think that it would be better to refer to “which Chapter” the “tweak” should be in rather than page number.

      Page number can vary between paperback, hardback and e-version.

  6. But Sarah, there’s so much Male Gaze in those covers! Why, if you’re not careful, your books might be bought by . . . (shudders) men.

      1. Reviewer Karen: This series is terrible. It invites “Male Gaze” and too many men will read it.

        Reviewer George: This series will turn off any males who try to read it.

        Reviewer Karen in response to Reviewer George: Those men are sexist. They Should Read That Series And Like IT.

        [Otherwise known as Authors Can’t Win.] 😈

  7. The cover for Noah’s Boy especially looks good. Not everybody can do their own covers, but you have the knack.

    1. Second that. But a minor tweak to the cover: “Shifter Series” should be in the same lighter blue as the other text, and it should say “THE Shifter Series” to match the other books. The dark blue it’s in now is poorly readable against the dark background, especially the first “SHIF”.

      1. The bad side of doing this stuff yourself,is that at some point you have a brain fart.
        The good side is that you can fix it easily.
        Just uploaded correction. Should be done soon. 😛
        Look at it this way, I RARELY put my ebooks up for $99 anymore. OR $999.
        Used to happen a lot early on, when my mind decided it was done, and I was still trying to publish;)

  8. Wonderful news.
    Thanks for keeping after the rights to these books, and getting them back in print.
    Somehow I missed A Bowl of Red and All Hot the first time around.
    Looking forward to them.
    Reading Draw One in the Dark now.

    1. You didn’t miss them. We’ve been waiting for them for some time, with one thing and another and then a few others all intruding into the schedule.

  9. And 2020 was horrible for my attitude, health, and productivity as well. At this point, for so many reasons, surviving 2021 may be a challenge.

      1. While I do fine with e-books, it is nice to have paper (signatures…) and Ma is still Old School and paper-only. Though I did mention there is the PaperWhite and there was at least mild interest.

  10. So I need smart and fanatic readers to tell me if there’s a scene they’d like to see, or something they’d like one of the books to show more of….

    Smart Aleck? Close enough, I guess. Fan-a-tick? Hum… fan, anyway. So, go read the Darkship series again and let you know what I think? Sounds like a fate worse than… not reading! Will do…

  11. Big problem with the Shifter Series on Amazon.

    There Are Only Three Of Them!!!!!!! [Crazy Grin]

    1. Cyn, I need some advice if you don’t mind. I’m reading Sarah’s work randomly. I got a handful at the .99 rate, then grabbed a short story compilation (?) from the list a couple days ago.

      Is there a “You have to read this” from Sarah that you could recommend? I’m going to read everything eventually because I love the style, but if there’s a series that’s BOSS, I’d like to read that sooner rather than later.

        1. A blessing you are. Darkship was one of the ones Sarah just got back and shared with us, I think. Going to go look for the link again. Or just go to the ama- and buy the series.


        1. Thanks, Sarah, that’s what Cyn said, too.

          I’m on it. I can’t wait till Independence Day. 🙂

  12. Looking forward to more books!!!

    But the burning question we all need to know the answer to:

    What has the Rodent Liberation Front been up to through the background of all these? 😉

  13. Bought Convent this morning with Amazon credits (I didn’t even know that was a thing until this weekend) and will pick up the rest of the Shifter series as soon as I get home and find that dang gift card from Christmas. Sooo very happy you got these out already.

  14. Thank you Sarah. I had/have the first two in original kindle versions. I’d swear I bought Noahs’ Boy, but didn’t see it and by the time I realized I didn’t have it it was no longer available. I have rectified that situation, hope the ‘Zon remunerates you appropriately, I’m going to read through them all in anticipation of the follow ons. As soon as the 2 books in the queue ahead of you are finished. With no train commute I don’t read as much as I used to might be lateFebruary before I get there.

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