Keeping The Candle Lit

In haste and probably not very coherent, because I woke up really late. You see, I have a sinus infection. This is fairly standard for me this time of year, and being in the house all the time (mildly allergic to cats & very allergic to household dust) doesn’t help. (Yes, I know, cats. shut up.)

Actually that allergy to cats is a good starting point. I’m mildly allergic to cats. As in, if I share my house with a particularly fuzzy one — Pixie first, now Havey — and I don’t vacuum or dust for a little while, I’ll be stuffy. Not very stuffy, just a little.

It’s annoying, but I’ve always (except for between around 18 and 25) lived with cats. So a little stuffiness is normal. And it’s not so bad. I mean, it’s not really uncomfortable. It’s what I’ve always known.

Which relates to the times we’re going into.

None of this is normal. And it’s important to remember none of this is normal. It’s important to not let ourselves be gaslighted. It’s important to keep our own little candle lit, to see things clearly.


Look, they grossly over-hyped a virus, shut down the whole economy in order to crash it and, more important, in order to keep people panic-tied to the TV as they were after 9/11. This allowed them to fraud an election in plain sight and slander President Trump in ways reminiscent of Emanuel Goldstein in 1984. People hate him without any clue WHY they hate him.

Try this with one of your liberal friends, if you still have any: ask them what Trump did that was “shredding the constitution.” They’ll probably come up with something like “children in cages” at which point remind them that a) the constitution applies only to citizens. b) the pictures the saw were from Obama’s day. Then ask what else. The brighter ones will say something like “sent federal troops into cities.” Say “to defend federal property, like you know, the Naitonal Guard in DC.” At some point they’ll snap and start yelling at you that you’re a racist/sexist/homophobe (even if you are a black, gay woman, promise) because you’re endangering their indoctrination. That was the point of having people stuck in front of the TV.

Even so, most Americans hunched their shoulders and voted for Trump. Which is why the left is so terrified. Because they had to fraud in plain sight. In untold numbers. Which isn’t normal and also is not a good look.

Those who expected the Pyrrhic victory to make America normal again are all hopeful today, and we’re in fact probably going to see a temporary easing of the covidiocy restrictions. Why temporary?

Because they need these restrictions on forever to keep control of you. At the same time they need to lift them now because their ideas for the economy (and the bullshit the FICUS already signed) are terrible for us and the economy, and to sell us on “we’re better than Trump” they need the economy to be better for a little bit, before the terrible scourge of Covid or something like it comes back and they have to lock us all down again, destroy our lives.

I expect about six months. Eh. Probably just me, but I expect a second “more deadly” Covid (or third, since the Great Britain one is fizzling out) to kill the FICUS and that will mean we all have to be locked, this time harder. And for as long as they need to get the rebellion under control/from arising.

Look, it can’t last. It won’t last. They’re not very bright. They don’t have even a modicum of support. And they aren’t even disguising they hate this country and their entire purpose is to browbeat us.

Look at that article too, as “don’t do this.” Biden did not become president. There are ways to become president in America and lying, frauding and getting the suborned courts to look the other way is not a LEGAL way to become president. He’s an usurper who acquired the powers of the president. …. for a little while.

But here’s the thing: they’re already starting with the laws and framework to punish dissent. And until they can make them legal/operate, until they weaponize the corrupt structure they stole against us, they’re going to try to browbeat us into submission with “reasonableness”. Which of course isn’t in the LEAST reasonable but will be repeated everywhere until you wonder what’s wrong with you that you don’t believe it.

I saw this after Clinton won the first time, which was bad, because my only outlet was letters to the editor. But suddenly all the newspapers and magazines and everything, including the Mensa Newsletter (or why I dropped out) were selling the 80s as “the decade of greed” and explaining away the fact Reagan had destroyed their narrative of “things get continuously worse and less free, because that’s needed and the way things work.”

After Reagan a whole edifice of lies from the need for price controls, to the need for unions, to a lot more idiotic crap was swept away and never came back, but they tried. Oh, Lord, they tried. And they invented Global Warming as the new stick to beat Western Civ with. (Want to know what we’d have been like without Reagan. Look to Europe.)

They’re going to do the same with Trump.

They won’t win. The battle is in fact already lost– for them. But they’re going to do it, and they’re going to be really loud and demand you repeat the lies.

Some of you might need to. I wonder if some professions are as penetrated as they seem to be, or if the majority is keeping quiet and engaging in compelled speech in order to keep their position, not realizing they’re a majority.

I suspect in the convulsion that’s coming we’ll find out.

For now:
Don’t let them in your head. If you have to say things, don’t let them in your head. The election was a fraud, the majority of people DO NOT want socialism, and criminalizing your opponents’ speech is not acceptable. Oh, and disagreeing with the government is not a crime. It can be punished as one, and cost you your life, but it’s not and will never be a crime. Individuals exist. Seeing things differently is never worthy of punishment.

Harden and diversify. And by that I mean online.
Part of my very hard work the next few months is to make sure that there are other venues where I can continue selling/being paid, in case I’m not allowed in the mainstream ones.
Yes, I do know worse things can happen. Yes, I know I might end up dead. I don’t think I will, but that might be the bias of normality. Well. I like living, but there are worse things than death.
Anyway, harden and diversify in everything, including not keeping your wealth in only one form. Not keeping your food in only one place. Keeping your clothes and weapons where you can find them in the dark, and YES taking care of your body. We all fell into our vices in lockdown, but it’s time to work. You’re more important than you. You’re a vessel of freedom, damn it.

Get Safe. I can’t give specific advice on this because it depends on who you are and what your problem is. For me and my family it means getting out of state. Partly because the state is blue, but honestly we’re in a red pocket. It’s just that–
We don’t know how this resolves. A separation by states (which won’t last, but well…) is likely. Being in a blue state could mean being dragged unwillingly to the enemy camp. On top of that, starving Colorado or at least the area I’m in would be easy, because nothing grows. NOTHING. Well, cows, but after they make those illegal….
BUT more importantly, while our address isn’t public, it’s discoverable because we bought this house under our legal names. And that’s a liability when the death-throes left considers it their right to silence anyone they don’t approve of.
Even without death squads, I have some very …. specific breaking points that make it unlikely I’d survive incarceration. Hence, we’ll move to an undisclosed state. Huns dinners will happen only in “cannonball runs” which we do need to make places where we have family a couple of times a year. (And yeah, it’s going to cost us.) OR they might happen online. I’m trying to set that up, okay?
The people I worry about are those married to CONVINCED leftists. I pray for them a lot.

Don’t raise Stasi members. Get your kids out of public school. They will re-open and the indoctrination is going to crowd out all learning.
Stop that. Even on this blog there are people who will give you ideas on how to keep the crazy left out of your kids’ minds.
Yes, I know some of you MUST work. Investigate forming a pod with other people in the same situation. IF not for the fact we must keep our place secret, I’d offer. I always wanted to teach. Did for a while. Anyway, prioritize teaching the basics. Start now collecting books on history, etc.
IF you absolutely must give your kids to the indoctrination factories, as hard as this is, and as dangerous, you MUST teach them at home after school. YOU MUST. Teach them the real stuff. Enough they don’t grow into Stasi members, but also so they’re functional. Make sure they have the basics of math and reading. Even in my kids’ time that was becoming iffy.

NOT ONE RED PENNY: In the new definition of “red”, not one red penny should go to a blue cause/state/artist/business.
Of course that’s impossible. I’m not stupid! They made themselves indispensable by outright cheating to keep everyone who disagrees with them from succeeding and by incentivizing each other. So, you’ll have to spend some money with them now and then. BUT always evaluate. If they’re not of us, try to find a source that is.
And if you must buy a writer on our side who works for a bad house? Pirate or buy used, send the author a letter with a couple of bucks. THAT is fine.

A RED NET: The opposite of Not One Red Penny is support the right. Hire to the right of Lenin preferentially. Buy from people to the right of Lenin preferentially. Form business alliances. Promote each other.
The left is going to make it as impossible as they can for us. It’s time to fight the way they did to get where we are. No, it’s not wrong. if one side hires preferentially their own, and the other ignores membership in the side in hiring/buying, the second side will lose. AS WE’VE FOUND. Learn.

CREATE: by which I don’t mean ONLY artistic. We need techs to build “alternatives” to the lefty structures. Yes, most of them will fail. Which is why we need many. I’m working on some, and growling as I hit walls (and I’m making shameless use of lefty friends.)
Yes, I know we all have full time jobs; we’re very busy. BUT it’s time. They also fight who create alternatives to paypal, amazon, good reads, facebook, etsy, etc. etc. etc. ad nauseum. (Just harden all of those.)
Or if you’re a social person? well, we need someone to organize (as Spero pointed out) swarms of letter writing and social media posting so the corporations don’t always fall to the left.
Other things we need: People who understand money and can figure out how to keep or people in business/supported when the left makes us illegal.
REAL journalists, who know how to do investigative journalism, and who might have to start their own sites to report the REAL news. Like, say about what happened in the Capitol.
We need, as the professor coined it, An Army of Davids. Because no Goliath can stand before us. If enough join in.
As with not knowing what will make you safe, I don’t know what you CAN do. This blog is however open for blogs, however pseudonymous, where you go “I think doing this will help” and explain your plan, and we’ll see what people think.
I suggest you sit down and tag what you CAN do that will help us and others in the tough times ahead. Be aware for the beginning it will be extra work on top of what you MUST already do to survive. And it won’t pay — it’s more likely to cost — up front. But it might be the difference between surviving and not.
Yes, the left is going to try to make us eat the bread the devil baked. And they’ll try to make sure we suffer the most.
So? Let’s not let them. Let create structures and alternate paths to survive and thrive. DO IT.

In the end, we win they lose. Because otherwise HUMANITY is lost. And I will not accept that.

As an addendum: I’m considering promoting a “shut your purse February.” As in, other than food and gas and other absolutely essential perishables/consumables, buy nothing for the first few month the Economy is on the FICUS shoulders.
I just don’t know if there’s enough time to publicize it. But I’m willing to consider your opinions on this.

Most of all, if do nothing else, don’t allow yourself to forget. And trust your lying eyes over their proclaimed “truth.”

Be not afraid. We’ll win this. It’s just, as someone said, it’s going to take a lot of sweat, blood and tears.
But anything worthwhile always does.

415 thoughts on “Keeping The Candle Lit

  1. I just started looking at pocketnet– I haven’t gotten it to work yet… I also decided to start using a VPN to keep most of my online searches harder to find. I’ve been hearing about others who are unhappy with how the internet has become corporate property. Elon Musk is starting a satellite network and there’s another one called irupt. I’m not sure how well these will work. I’d love to get involved with one that was more than right of Stalin.

    1. The beta testers seem quite happy with Musk’s sat net. It doesn’t reach this far north, Alaska, but he has Fed’s permission to launch 10 polar satellites, if I remember right, in February. So! We might see it up here soon, unless of course, the present misadministration changes the rules.

        1. His satellites only last a few years by design, so he has to keep launching them as long as he wants to keep the system up.

          1. Mars transport may indeed be the ultimate use for Starship, and they may even make the next Hohmann Mars window for an unmanned trip if the engineering stars align, but lofting several hundred Starlink sats at one go (compared to 60 per launch on Falcon 9) at a lower per pound cost is one of the drivers of the Starship development push.

          1. Cyn, if you need something, this is a place you could maybe crowdfund a solution. You’re not by yourself.

            1. I try not to ask for help unless I really need it. Yea it makes me pretty stubborn… and too independent for my own good. 😀 and like some here (hint hint) I sometimes ask too late …

              1. I think that tends to describe the sort of people who lean libertarian / conservative. They have the mindset of Pedro Cerrano from the tail end of Major League, the “I say “F*ck you Jobu”, I do it myself.”

                The wife and I have on occasion been in bad monetary straits, and we’ve muscled through on our own, without taking a handout from anyone or asking for help. We tightened up our belts, made adjustments to our budgets, and pulled through.

                When the wife got laid off at the beginning of the WuFlu, we adjusted our budget to presume she wouldn’t get unemployment and that the $600/wk getting handed out to unemployed people didn’t exist. And we pulled through and are arguably in better financial shape now, then at the start of the lockdowns.

                Does that mean we wouldn’t ask for help? No, but I suspect, like Cyn or our hostess, we’d have to be right up on the line of “ask or die,” with only a little bit of one toe keeping us on the “do it ourselves” side…

                1. I’ve been to the ask or die line… Thankfully I had family who were able to give me a push. But it isn’t something I would do again unless I was there again. I won’t say never because when I do that , I learn that I shouldn’t say such things.

                  1. We’ve got family, but largely speaking, we’re far better off than any of our family (that we’d go to for help,) so we’re more likely to be the helpers than the helpees.

                    And yes, never say never, but be aware of where that line is and know that you should probably ask before you cross it, rather than after when it’s even harder to “fix” things.

                    1. Yup, a stitch in time saves nine. And it’s easier to get money help for small money, with a fair amount of time before it has to be paid, than for big money right away. (Not that we wouldn’t help in the latter case too.)

              2. Independent people? On this blog? Heaven forfend. And the offer is of course open and subject to Hostess approval. It stands, even if it’s a last minute thing. 🙂

                1. Didn’t you get the word? We’re all mindless drones, staggering around moaning “Slaaate… slaaate…”

                  1. Darnit. Nobody ever tells me anything in a timely fashion. I’ll go change clothes.

        1. Yes, for beta testing close to $500 setup and $99 a month. None the less, I’m seriously considering it, my wood fired router, here in Alaska, runs awfully slow.

            1. Welcome to Montana… rural DSL that runs at 5Mbit after their guy tweaked the hell out of it for $45, or fixed wireless a bit faster and a bit more money. Them’s the choices outside of town. Fixed wireless seems to have finally got to where it’s reliable and available most places, and it’s all via little local providers. There’s fiber right across the highway, but it might as well be on Mars. ($100k to get it set up for end users, plus getting it past the highway and RR tracks. Ain’t happening for a dozen houses.)

              In town, tho, you can get 100Mbps for the same $45.

                1. Depends what you call high altitude. I’m at 3200 feet. City of Billings is at about 3100, downtown.

                  I expect the problem is getting sufficient oxygen — significant difference with altitude. Would also explain why masks bring on badness. When I moved from 5000′ to 3000′ feet, I could sure tell the difference, even tho high alt. doesn’t give me any special difficulty.

              1. > There’s fiber right across the highway,

                Offer to pay half of the bill for someone across the highway, then set up a wifi router with a directional antenna pointed at a receiving antenna on your side.

                Probably violates “terms of service” plus FCC regs, but since regulations and contracts are now only for schmucks, there’s no reason for that to be a hindrance.

                1. For $100,000, I understand you can set up your own ISP. (Albeit that was some guy in a town next to Ann Arbor. But sheesh, why didn’t they have Internet next to Ann Arbor? I mean, they’ve had Internet in Ann Arbor for something like thirty years!)

                2. There IS no one across the highway…. it’s a pasture… next nearest place to hook into the fiber is about 20 miles away. And this is a high-traffic highway; sometimes it even cuts off the cellphone signal. Interesting idea, tho…

            2. Where I’m at, 3 land lines (telephone) and two internet (slow) hookups run me around $210 a month through our local phone company. Yes, Starlink’s setup cost is a bit high but the monthly rate, from here, doesn’t look unreasonable.

              1. Comcast, just internet runs, $100/month. No setup fees however. What got me for HughsNet was the data limit restrictions. Well cost if went over.

                We’ll see. I’m looking for something that is portable. But currently we need ours, and son needs his. When home, we only need one.

      1. Note those are just the first 10 polar orbit StarlInk sats.

        Elon leaving Glorious Gavin’s Bear Flag Masked And Locked Down Peoples Republic and moving to Texas is a big deal. I expect the original Fremont Tesla plant to dwindle to just R&D over time, with most of the employees offered jobs in Austin. If they can get enough of the innovators to move it will go away, though without publicity until it actually closes. I don’t have any insights into how he’ll handle SpaceX Hawthorne, but he’s a guy who does grudges, and Fremont and Alameda County pissed him off royally with them reclosing the Tesla plant.

        The main issue is that local and even state bureaucrats don’t have any experience accommodating big-iron manufacturing anymore, even green big-iron manufacturing – State, county and city power-drunk health bureacrats initially locked everything down, but quickly made lots of exceptions for the TV & Movie industry to let them reopen when everything else was still closed. Nobody thought about Tesla and SpaceX because there’s really no other major manufacturing actual stuff in the entire state anymore – all the semiconductor and electronics people manufacture elsewhere.

        Elon raised the issues and got told to shut up.

        As noted, he does grudges.

              1. “Know this, my dear brothers: everyone should be quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath, for the wrath of a man does not accomplish the righteousness of God.”

      2. I saw a tech site complaining about the availability and the fact that you have to pay for the hardware and its not cheap… my first response was ” uhh, apparently you didn’t pay attention to the Hughestnet rollout”

        1. My Daughter tried Hughesnet here in Alaska and was dissatisfied with the service and price after a while.

          I’m a bit more optimistic about starlink, but we’ll see.

  2. And if you can stock up on things NOW and thus buy less in February… (and maybe start it a day early and end it a day late, if possible)… well now. Some things cannot be stockpiled, or the living situation won’t allow it. But those that can, of what can be… and, mind, this *is* the post-holiday season. Aside from candy & flowers, and maybe heating fuel(s) February is _s_l_o_w_ for much retail.

  3. I like the thought of “Shut Your Purse February”, actually. It can be done and quite easily done in my household, since we tend to do the big shopping at the very end of the month when my pension and the Daughter Unit’s VA disability is paid. We can suck it up and buy nothing but milk and bread for a month.

    1. Gotta agree. Already have been moving purchases off Amazon and directly to vendors. But I’d be delighted with a No-Buy/Biden February

      1. And honestly, I will setup a way for people (for say the first month before a book goes to AMazon) buy from me. IF that works, then I’ll keep it. If not….

  4. I’ve been looking at raws for various things to spend my money on. Can’t tax or confiscate a large amount from an account that only has the minimum. Also got a few ideas for emergency needs I want to try. Tools too. need more tools. wonderful things tools. gotta fix things (air quotes on fix)

  5. also, the two WP blogs this time are Cats. WP decided this is about cats.
    First one is about finding cats forever homes, and a late one for saving yon xmas trees from felinids by someone who never spent a tree season with a cat before.

                1. I had a cat, who my father only reluctantly agreed to – providing that cat be kept from getting on the furniture.
                  He learned my father’s car sounds, and would run for my dad’s lounge chair every morning, hitting the back full run, to force it to assume the relaxed position.
                  In the evening, same thing in reverse – took off like a shot as soon as he heard my father’s car pull into the driveway.
                  He would brag to people that he taught the cat to stay off the furniture.
                  We all kept the secret.

              1. Yep. Our old English pranced in front yard for fedex/ups since they gave him treats. Well, until someone subbed in and saw him, nearly threw the box over fence and dove back in truck.

              1. They know times as well. if you come at a regular time they will be ready and waiting. My uncle had no set times though. So they seemed to periodically check the door and give a listen. Then when he was turning off West Metaire or coming from the other direction they’d be rushing for the door.

          1. I’ve seen a few of theirs. I watch Maru, Hanna, and now Miri, mostly and Sherpa popped up some while back.
            Other than that, it’s MCM-Skid Factory-BCW, AVE, This Old Tony, Abom, Mr Chickadee, Bad Obsession Motorsports, Olari’s, Acorn To Arabella, Sampson Boat, Fort9, Diresta, Pask Makes, C&Rsenal, Forgotten Weapons, Taufledermaus, WW2 channel, Sabaton History, History of the world-voices of the past-forget what others he is involved with, Izzy Swan, Habu, History Guy, Smarter Everyday, Slo Mo Guys, um. blanking on the others.
            long list.
            I have a second log in for music stuff.
            Starting to see a few of them mirroring on Odysee now too, and C&Rsenal has a site with other gun blogs (Gun Jesus and others) for keeping theirs from being shadow blocked.
            I dumped tv just before last winter. Lucas Oil Racing and streams of BT Sport or Sky Sports are enough, and this last year a lot of racing was live streamed on YT, Motortrend and Lucas, so that was nice, otherwise get better entertainment and history stuff from elsewhere.

  6. Other than groceries and the gas required to get to/from work (and, of course, bills)…yeah, I could get behind not buying anything for awhile. I don’t *need* any books, given the size of my TBR pile, ditto for computer games, ditto for movies/tv…And given that that is pretty much what anything that doesn’t go to bills/necessities is spent on…

    1. That’s pretty much me as well. Most of what we spend is necessities — food, gas, health. I do check out Goodwill now and then, especially for clothes, but even there I’ve cut way back (not having any conventions at all to sell at last year has really put a crimp in our budget).

      1. We have a thrift store that’s $2 for all you can stuff into a bag. I hate going there, I come home with a truckload. 😛

        BTW if you live in a harsh climate, don’t forget to stock up on gloves/mitts, socks, boots, and long underwear, and a couple extra serious coats. The good stuff makes a huge difference in what else you can get by wearing.

        1. Concur on the serious coats. It’s the only thing I feel like I get a better deal from an athletics store — ski coats.

          That said, a normal coat or a normal coat with some layers under it is fine, if you’re just going from door to car to door.

          However… if you use public transit, or if you walk anywhere (including from the car to work) you’re going to want emergency socks in case you get your feet seriously wet by accident. Emergency gloves or even a spare hat can come in handy, in case you lose something or meet somebody who needs some. Sometimes you even meet someone who needs the emergency socks. This is one of the things that the dollar stores are good for.

          1. As part of my EDC in my laptop backpack I have (among many other things) a pair of gloves, a wool hat, and wool socks, all in vacuum seal bags so they take up minimal volume and can’t get wet. My get-home strategy assumes The Big One at the worst possible time — night and a snowstorm — and that my car will be out of commission and I’ll have to walk at least seven miles through city streets to get home (possibly more if a bridge is out).

          2. Basically, as Things-Fall-Apart Proofing — all the stuff that’s difficult to recreate when yours wear out, just in case it becomes hard to acquire. Most of us can’t make boots. I wouldn’t bet on what most of us would create for socks, and there’s a reason “glover” was a specialty profession. The thinner insulative fabrics are another, especially that furry-velvety stuff. You can get by with poor approximations of other cold-weather gear provided you’ve got good long underwear. ( I’ve found it matters more than whatever else you’ve got on, especially below the waist, and I work outdoors year round.)

  7. Seriously– I’m not spending much money except for food, medical, and that dang Medicare bill every three months. (including insurance, rent, etc, etc) I usually don’t have anything left over for extras. I do dip into my food budget to pay for KU so I have books to read.

  8. Please allow me to reiterate on the basis of my own experience, begun when the Martyr George Floyd Memorial Insurrection convinced me overnight that we had to flee His Excellency Andrew Cuomo’s People’s Republic of New York: If you are over 55 (which you and I both are), your best bet is for that undisclosed state to be Florida. The grueling summer is more easily survived than the grueling winters of the Empty Quarter; free Americans are not an endangered species (far from it!); the “civil service” doesn’t have half the power they have in NY and are even good at their jobs as a consequence; and retirement property is a bargain. Given that the culture is pretty hedonistic, it’s a more normal, benign kind of hedonism, the golf-&-beach sort of atmosphere generally only available to the relatively rich in Leftier places, less likely to be accompanied by drugs and “peak experiences,” IYKWIM. The weremate has family down there — and if you choose to go, I pledge that you’ll have family down there as well, as far as is in our power!

    1. Melbourne, etc up through Palm Coast (Space Coast) are “Far enough South to be warm most of the winter, Far enough North to be relatively cheap.” as Aunt and Uncles old neighbor used to say. Well, not sure any more but it was nice when I visited the parents living there for a bit over a year

      1. Just never mind the region’s far leftist politicians who arrest pregnant women for walking outside and routinely issue fascist decrees that place the entire population under house arrest in ways even worse than what people like Cuomo and Newsome have done.

          1. Victoria region and the City of Melbourne were the ones where they have a radical leftist at the head of the regional government who imposed really draconian lockdowns, including limitations on things like walking the dogs outside, maximum distances one could be away from one’s home, no outdoor exercise, etc.

            1. Jacksonville is the armpit of the state, but there are good areas even there. Crowded and lots of traffic around Orange Park, farther south is more rural.
              The panhandle and gulf coast are worth checking as well.

              1. Yep, Melbourne in Australia has a lot fewer astronauts and Texas Roadhouses. Melbourne in Florida is what they’re recommending.

                I saw a show that said Cocoa Beach et al had tons and tons of houses built during the Moon program, and then everybody had to move out and go to Texas. So back then there were lots of spare houses. (Maybe not so many now, given that half of New York and Canada has moved to Florida to retire!)

            2. Melbourne FLORIDA, not the OZ.
              This area (Space Coast, near Cape Canaveral) is mostly a hour from Orlando, so access to decent medical, etc., but not overrun with leftists.

          2. Speaking of cocoa… there’s been such a drop in the demand for chocolate that the African producers are hurting cuz they can’t sell their harvest. So if you ever needed an excuse to EAT MORE CHOCOLATE, now is the time!

            1. It came out that Nestle, Cadbury, Godiva, and other European candy companies were buying cacao from plantations in Africa that were using slave labor. Hershey and M&M/Mars also got implicated.

              I think it was something about the Ivory Coast getting taken over in parts by Muslims, and then the Muslims were shipping kidnapped slaves from there over the border to Ghana. Or vice versa.

              The previous worry was fair trade prices (which could be debated) and child labor, which was a worry but sometimes was just “Bob helps out on Bob’s dad’s farm.” Now we’re talking actual slaves in many cases, both children and adults. So people have been boycotting, and the big companies have been promising they’ll check out their suppliers to make sure it’s legit, but I think people are still boycotting.

              And I know people are boycotting Cadbury, after their little gross-out commercial for Cadbury Eggs. Bleh.

              1. You can probably reasonably assume the same for anything that’s produced by the majority of Africa.

              2. Oh, you mean like much of what is produced by our great friends across the pacific? And sold by all our oh so holy wokorations.

                  1. But so was working plantations compared to life red in tooth and claw. Heck, if the traders hadn’t existed probably wouldn’t have lived when captured

    2. Ah, another HEACPRoNY (former) resident! I’d been putting the brakes on moving plans for the last few months while I worked out if things were, indeed, going to get sporty (better to know your neighbors, as it were)… but it seems like a fine time to start the gears back up on that if they’re intending to give us a Brief Reprieve.

      (On the bright side, as they continue to ban evictions, my husband’s elderly parents are more likely to come with! (Their business is rental properties.) I halfway have to wonder if that’s why we kept having Serious Illnesses (including once I stayed in the hospital with the baby most of a week) whenever Husband was planning to do an exploratory visit… but, you know, the Plan is the Plan and it’s not for us to wonder.)

      Anyway, Florida isn’t where we’re looking, but the people I know from there are good. And don’t want to be invaded by Californicators, so, you know. Anything Huns can do to dilute the batch, right? 😀

        1. All things considered, I wouldn’t be looking outside of Flyover Country’s defensible borders.

        2. The low country here in South Carolina still feels pretty free. Masks worn into grocery stores and then off as soon as you step outside. No draconian lockdowns. Not too many leftists. Just don’t know what the future holds.

          1. Wasn’t bad, and I spent a lot of time there then. I worked week on week off so many a week off and a vacation day or two was spent there. Dad’s biggest complaint was it rained every day (mostly summer) at the same time. . . on his bicycle ride home from working at Home Despot.

            1. The place where (according to one [editorial?] cartoon KI Sawyer had a Dastardly Weapons Div. and was developing a mosquito about the size of an F-14. Instead of the regular “Can carry away a chicken” size.

              [The lightning bug joke (“It’s no good. Now they’ve got lanterns.”) here.]

            2. We went through Yooperland last year.I got us thrown out of an RV park -apparently I came across as pushy. (Well, there was a reason I wanted to know where the bathroom was). But we had a lovely drive through.

      1. We’ve been looking at Southern Wisconsin – very red and affordable. Small town rural atmosphere and still close enough to good medical care. Our challenge is family in Illinois, and unlikely that my Bride will move to Florida or Texas. Our escape is a small mountain retreat between Boulder and Denver. It’s very remote, hard to find kind of thing. Alas, Colorado has become unrecognizable and likely less than safe anywhere.

        1. Most of WI is ‘red’ or leans that way in action if not always vote. The Bluish parts are: Madison, Milwaukee, and the reservations. And, likely the university towns or parts thereof. Platteville _might_ be an exception to that last, UW-Platteville being more engineering (started as a mining school – lead mines in the area, once upon a time.)

          1. I remember Platteville as being pretty level-headed. We just spent a weekend in Elkhorn WI and enjoyed the experience. Local Packers Bar/Restaurant served solid burgers from local herds and the coffee shop next door brewed coffee from a Milwaukee roaster. Good people, eager to gab a bit and talk up the city. We could do a lot worse. Thanks for the tips

          2. Yeah, but so is almost every state not in New England. And maybe Washington. The cities are the places where corruption and just pure reality create big blue abscesses.

        2. Madison and to a lesser Janesville kinda ruin that part of WI for me, and well, Milwaukee seems to want to do as Detroit and run the rest of the state into the ground via questionable votes and excess stupid, but on the other hand Madison has good medical, and then it all depends on where one is coming from. As a YouTube maker said moving to Illinois was easy to consider cheap and low tax when you were moving there from California. Though, considering they were moving close to the Iowa border, just hopping across the river would be even cheaper.
          So, if getting close to certain parts of IL is needed, yeah, WI (or IA, IN or even MI, KY, or heck, TN, even MO)

          1. Unfortunately, driving from Indiana to family in Chicago requires a trip through all the wrong areas. Highway shootings have become commonplace and it’s getting harder to find a new source that’s timely and reliable. So it looks like North or West for us.

            And what IS it with Milwaukee and Madison, anyway? I wouldn’t want to be in or near either one. Cities have been deep blue for too long. Wasn’t the last non-democrat mayor the socialist Frank Zeidler? Yikes

              1. Heh … there IS that. I grew up in suburban Milwaukee. No real desire to return. I’m afraid to see so many of the things that bound that world together have all faded away … Saw that twice in my life: the first “fading” in the early 60’s when the City’s core was destroyed and then again in the 2000’s when it became a mini-Chicago.

              1. Heh … wish they were. Between the shootings on Lake Shore Drive, the Dan Ryan, and the Downtown carjackings, no one really wants to be in the City. Sad too, because we have good friends who are trapped in what used to be high-profiie, “glamorous” neighborhoods. Someone I worked with at the Hospital hasn’t been outside her condo – excepting trips for groceries – in nearly a year. Caught between Covid compliance and the Crooks, she is.

                1. I have nightmares about that. My eldest daughter lives in Chicago. Works at a school for special ed students. Her apartment house is pretty secure, and the neighborhood is good, but…

        3. Like this, from just before Xmas:

          The FBI has joined a criminal investigation of what police said appears to be an “intentional attack” on gas service lines in Aspen, Colorado, that left thousands of residents and businesses without heat as temperatures in the skiing mecca plunged to near zero degrees.

          Methinks any “convenient overnighter from hives of scum and villainy” is now inside the hazard zone.

    3. I’ll put in my oft-repeated promotion for east Tennessee. So long as you stay out of Knoxville proper, it’s a pretty nice conservative place to live, where people keep their noses out of each other’s business unless invited, and where folks are pretty friendly. Come on down and take a look around, see what you think!

      1. Nowadays, thanks to the idiots that preceded me out of CA, I have to consider both the basic attributes of any candidate escape locale as well as the degree of antiCaliforian sentiment.

      2. I know that unless it’s changed a bunch it’s some of the most beautiful territory in the world.

        I had the chance to drive from Gaston, SC back through the Smokies and across TN back to Fort Sill, OK a couple of times (or back to Fort Benning). Always early morning, heading west, the hills glowing from the sunrise.

    4. I second this. It’s a lot easier to use ice and fans in summer than try to stay alive in a northern winter with no heating oil.

      There are hurricanes. But if you prep for 2 weeks without power, you’re generally good to go.

  9. Part of my very hard work the next few months is to make sure that there are other venues where I can continue selling/being paid, in case I’m not allowed in the mainstream ones.

    I will note that I saw an ad on FB where the blurb started with “My dog took a bullet for me…” and went on to describe the situation, ending with a “PS. The dog lives.” This intrigued me enough to click on the link and by an 8 book collected set purely on the strength of that blurb. Now, the important part of that is not that it was a FaceBook ad, but that I bought the set directly. from. the. author. Now, FB keeps showing me that same ad, or differently worded ads for the same set of books (like I’m starting up a collection of file copies for the same ebook?). Now, I don’t know how many books that author sells that way but it shows that direct selling, author to customer, can work.

  10. Dangit! Brave and WordPress won’t let me “like” the posts here and at MadGeniusClub. But I can log in to comment just fine.

    1. In the url bar at the right you might see two angle brackets left of the vertical bar. Click them and agree to run scripts. Also click the Brave icon just right of the vertical bar and select “All cookies allowed” from the dropdown that has “Cross site cookies blocked” pre-selected. Then reload the page and you should see the WP bar at the top show up.

      1. I don’t have that on Brave, but I clicked on the red/purple triangle and it tells me I can send money to the creator of accordingtohoyt when they sign up…Sarah, we can send money through Brave…

  11. We barely use gasoline anymore, except for going to church. Mr. BTEG works from home now. The Dancer (daughter) works a couple of miles from our home. One thing that I’m going to do is try to sew more of our clothes. It doesn’t hurt that I’m having problems finding stores that carry what I want, but still. Bonus: it’s easy to find fabric not made in the CCP.

    1. Sewing things is one of my plans. I kept my mother’s sewing machine for reasons which I was never clear on. Now I’m extremely glad I did.

      1. I have all the patterns that I had since – about 1978? For my own clothes, the peasant wedding dress I did for my best friend at Misawa AB, and for all the clothes I sewed for my daughter since infancy. Give me a stock of cloth and assorted fittings and notions from the stash – I’m good.
        Still would like to find a good source for cloth not woven in China, though. Any suggestions?

        1. Some of the types of fabric that Spoonflower offers are made in the USA, or at least not-in-China. If you search for “Japanese import fabric” or “South Korea import fabric” you can find some options. I also found some fabrics from unusual places, like Argentina. Polartec still makes some of its fleece in the US. There are Etsy sellers that offer fabric made in the US and elsewhere. Linen sellers there seem to mostly be selling stuff from Europe. I found some Scottish wool on Etsy, and you could probably find Scottish wool some other places. Lastly, Farmhouse Fabrics carries some fabrics made in other countries, but the prices will often make you choke. Their Swiss fabrics made in Switzerland, for example, are outrageously expensive.

          1. Ooh! I can help with this one!

            fashionfabricsclub [dot] com — they sell mill ends so they’re quite inexpensive even for high end fabrics, you can order 1/8 yard “samples”, many fabrics have country of origin, and their email customer service is good so you can probably ask

            bblackandsons [dot] com — woolens, at least some of which say “woven in Scotland”, out of LA so domestic shipping

            fabrics-store [dot] com — “About” page says they sell European and US linen

            http://www.moodfabrics [dot] com — a bit pricey, based in US, many fabrics have country of origin

        2. I have no idea. I haven’t sewn anything in decades. I managed to darn my socks and that’s about it. I’m not going to pull the sewing machine out until after we move. I live in a converted rowhouse right now. I barely have room to turn around.

            1. If sewing, I highly recommend linen fabric. Not linen blend / imitation etc. Linen.
              Cool in the heat, doesn’t stick to you when wet / sweaty, and when pre-washed hot and dried so before cutting and sewing, doesn’t wrinkle much at all. Wears like iron.
     is also recommended.

  12. If somebody talks to me about ‘unity’ it’ll be a struggle not to spit in their face.

    Lie slander murder and burn down cities for four fucking years and stick the fucking mask back on and say lets place nice.

      1. An Firefly…can hardly wait for the promised remake…

        I despise Joss Whedon: he has talent and he glimpsed the truth…but he still sold out.

        But maybe there is justice: he learned you can’t just sell a piece of your soul, you gotta sell it all, and eventually your allies turn on you.

        1. Yeah, every time I watch Firefly I am astonished all over again that Whedon could come up with those story lines and dialogue and not understand it.

          1. He understood it all too well, he was just offered ton of money and hot young starlets to play with while being toasted as a progressive hero and he took it.

            I still despise him…but in my weaker moments I wonder if I wouldn’t have done the same.

            I imagine it was after writing Age of Ultron that he really began to feel the pinch. Ironic since I found his treatment of Black Widow to be highly nuanced and intriguing. Her acumen for deadly combat at the cost of her ability to have children, for instance, and how in Avengers 1 (and Iron Man 2) she was primarily a spy, infiltrator and manipulator who used those sets of skills as much or more than combat.

            I didn’t even care for her first fight scene in Avengers, where she beat up all those mobsters. It was clear from the cell phone call that she was in no real danger, so the fight scene was all superfluous. I’d have preferred it if snipers’ dots appeared on all the mobsters foreheads, and Widow just untied herself from the chair, casually stood up and sauntered out.

            1. Yeah, I like that part where Coulson calls her and she’s like “this idiot is giving me everything” and if you rewind and watch her “interrogation” the mob boss actually was giving away far more information than he was getting from her. 😀

          2. Another irritating progressive sop re: Black Widow was in Endgame. Originally, she was supposed to be caring for children made orphans by the Snap – a perfect director for her character. Instead they stuck Captain America in a group session where he had to share his feelings.

            And that godawful Captain Marvel fight with Thanos? That was originally supposed to be a rematch with the full-on Hulk Smash Hulk.

            But at least Thanos punched her out of the movie. When I watched that I cheered, knowing it was likely the last victory our side will ever get in a mainstream production.

            1. “Instead they stuck Captain America in a group session where he had to share his feelings.”

              I liked that bit after I thought about the discussion groups as a thing he was doing in honor of Sam.

      2. Re: Whedon, it begs the question of who is worse: SOBs who mouth the progressive pieties so they can get success and indulge their vices without criticism, or true believers?

  13. I was on the Book who shall not be named this morning looking for pictures of a friend’s kid. Got a post from an old friend, who is one of the few liberals I can have a conversation with. The essence was, peace and happiness, we should all pull together, just give it a chance. I wanted to spit. This is part of the gaslighting. Unless and until the other side agrees to play by the rules also, any unity asked for is capitulation. Don’t let them sound reasonable to you. They are NOT.

      1. I didn’t. If I had, it would have been more vitriol than maybe he deserved. Don’t know how to handle that from a well, meaning, but deluded, friend.

        1. I’ve seen stuff like that. I don’t reply and either block or limit my exposure. No point in replying anyway, since they’ll just screencap it and try to construe it as why you should lose your job or be investigated.

          One of my lib friends was going on about how wonderful it’ll be now that there’s going to be all these ‘reforms’ (aka truth and reconciliation committees, censoring dangerous thoughts, making sure everyone on the narrative, etc.). I saw her posting links to Parler conversations about conservatives saying they might lose their lives (aka: be attacked) and construing it as calls for violence. Others were commenting about conservative ‘hypocrisy’ after all their complaints about liberal violence – and saying conservatives should be put on lists.

          My (former) friend was more generous, saying they were all just under the Trump cults spell and could be deprogrammed into useful members of society.

          I no longer trust anyone on the left.

          1. So, if I say, “I’d rather not be attacked” that’s a call for violence?

            Fine, put me on your list. You’re on mine.

          2. I just read about a mommy blogger/Instagrammer who was “outed” as a Trump contributor along with her husband by a rival super woke mommy blogger. Other mommy bloggers immediately canceled the Trump supporter, with more than one talking about how kind and generous she was and can’t understand how such a person could give money to the Evil Orange Menace, and one of them even pondered how much racism the Trump supporter secretly put into her mind without her realizing it. (The Trump supporter is married to an immigrant from the Philippines.) You can be a great friend, give a shoulder for someone to cry on, save her kitten from a tree, donate a kidney, etc. and it won’t make any difference to these people. They’ll deny you more times than St. Peter out of fear of the mob, and sell you out for less than what Judas Iscariot got. Clout, avoiding the mob, and politics in place of religion are what matter to them, not people. Not human beings.

            Trust no one, Mr. Mulder.

            1. I know one online mommy (don’t know if she’s a blogger or not) who said during some of the riots if her baby was killed she’d be rioting too.

              She was referring to riots for a criminal who pointed a gun at a pregnant woman.

              Those who tried to point this out were blocked and mocked. And the PRAISE lavished on her by other lefties females was sickening.


        2. I haven’t seen anything that bad…yet. I did see one a former Naval officer no less, say America is NOW great again. I put him on mute. Dr. T, from our hostess I know we are in the same area/city. In the interest of networks we should maybe figure out a meetup.

        3. Possible reply: So we can agree to disagree?

          Alternately: I’ve been pulling all along – where’ve you been?

    1. Safest not to reply: they’ll probably screencap it and construe is as a reason for you to lose your livelihood.

  14. I’ll call it “F U February” if that’s alright. Love the idea in action.

    The most important part of my plan is getting myself mentally and spiritually strong. Which means I don’t read or listen to 99% of the “right” as of yesterday.

    One person I still respect (Scott Adams) says that we can’t “know” the election was stolen. Oh.

    Not listening to Scott anymore.

    1. I’ve quit listening to the “right” as well because of that sentiment. It’s made me distrustful of both sides (okay I was distrustful for a long time… but it tells me where their loyalties are right now). Left/right? Uniparty in my mind. We need something separate from THEM or they whole lot of them will lead us down to slavery. Oh and we need to keep our sanity… I’m pretty sad about the Qpeople who are going quite crazy as well.

      1. Yeah, my impression is there are a lot of big talkers identifying publicly as right who basically seem to be thinking they can stay on the canape invite list while getting more listens by toeing certain lines.

        I’m being very very selective these days.

        1. It seems while I wasn’t looking (heavy illness for about 18 years) the elitists took over both parties. *sigh and media (both sides) etc, etc.

        2. There was a reason I left the Reps and went Independent a few years ago. It had a lot to do with what you are saying and I had a clear thought in the middle of my immunosuppressant. One party was going socialist on the fast track and the other was going on a slow track. They would both get there eventually. *sigh

      2. I agree. And it disheartens me to refuse to eat Chick fil A because of Cathey’s pandering. It makes me mad to have to leave a church I was just ready to join before the ‘Rona–2 microseconds after the installation my little PCA church sent out a “PRAY FOR XXXX because we are commanded to pray for those….” blah blah blah.

        It’s the globalist/communists against us, just like it was them against Trump. I’m seeing only two sides.

    2. Well, strictly speaking, in my case it is only a strong inference, and I could have been persuaded otherwise.

      1. THIS. Loud and clear. Regularly.
        I must never forget the truth. And I won’t.
        Her Name Was Citizen Ashli Babbitt.

    3. I’d reconsider – at best he’s dropping in a meaningless epistemological hedge along the lines of an undergrad bull session “can we ever really know anything?”, and at worst you are cutting yourself off from enemy intelligence.

      1. Remember he made a big deal in 2016 about being a Hillary supporter — “for my own safety” (even though everyone knew it was tongue in cheek). “We can’t know it was stolen” because — conveniently for them — nobody has access to the evidence, assuming the evidence hasn’t been carefully destroyed by now. We can’t “know” that OJ killed Nicole, either.

        1. Thanks so much.
          As long as I’m not *watching* him talk about it in periscope my emotions don’t kick in and I can think clearly. I *do* remember him talking about the Clintons, and I understand what he means.
          He did two periscopes a day during the ‘Rona days to keep people sane and entertained, so he’s solid in my book.
          Honestly, it’s me. The grief and rage haven’t quite subsided yet.

          1. Remember that Mr. Adams isn’t a conservative. He appears to be *extremely* disgusted by what he sees from the Left right now. But his political leanings don’t align with the Right. Kind of like Glenn Greenwald right now (another prominent non-right individual who has been screaming at the top of his lungs for the last three months or so that the Dems are up to VERY bad things right now).

            He might say things about not being completely sure that the vote was fraudulent. But he also posted – early on – that one particular tell right now regarding the veracity of the election is that accountants and auditors on the left are keeping *very* quiet about it. So it looks like he personally believes that something stinks in the claimed results.

            I suspect his attitude is one that acknowledges the *extremely* slim chance that somehow everything just worked out that way for the Dems. When ILOH put his post up asking for input from other auditors and accountants, and whether anyone had seen that level of red flags and hadn’t found fraud, one individual (EXACTLY one) stated that he had indeed seen that once in the past. And there had been an incredible amount of gross incompetence and similar flaws to go along with it which had allowed all of the red flags to emerge. Or in other words, I suspect Adams is merely acknowledging that this might be an instance like the one that the accountant on Larry Correia’s blog mentioned.

            1. I think you’re right. I’ve also decided to forego any further periscopes.
              I listened last night with my sister. She finds him reassuring. I’ve come to find him “in it for the LOLs,” as someone wrote. His mind games, speculation, musings are unhelpful. He is unserious.

              He’s got a lot of insight, but I’m finding him unhelpful in our current situation.

      2. Wisdom.
        I won’t cut him off entirely; his work is great, and has helped my life get better. Most of the time his periscopes have done the same.
        My anger and grief are so raw right now that I can’t easily tolerate even the suggestion of a thought experiment. Once the emotions quit raging I’ll be back on his periscopes I think. For all the reasons you mentioned.

    4. Adams is correct, in the same sense as we cannot “know” we are not in a computer simulation (in which case I want to have a few words minutes in private with the programmer) — being sure of a thing and knowing it are not entirely the same thing.

      They stole it “fair and square” and we cannot prove otherwise.

      1. Yes, he is, and it’s only because my anger and grief are so raw right now that I can’t easily tolerate listening to it.

    5. I think what Scott meant was that it won’t be possible to find the hard evidence (e.g. forged ballots) and get it to the public so that there’s no arguing. I do like Adams a lot and I think he’s a pretty sane voice.

      1. Yeah, totally agree. I’m still just too raw to receive some of what he has to say.

      2. Electronic ballots always seemed a fools game to me. Too many ways to manipulate the bits and bytes, especially with all the data essentially in a single closed (government) system. The little I knew about the finance world seemed to say that both parties to every transaction kept records and the two always had to match. In the old days, a Wall Street trade for example, didn’t “close” until “matching” took place the following day. I can imagine something similar with a voting record: one record from the poll, one from the voter each transmitted separately and matched/verified by a third party. Not sure if that would work, but it does point to the idea of an independent audit trail. Better minds than mine will have thought this through before now.

    6. Scott Adams is one of those guys who likes to mess with people. I see him as basically amoral, with strong self-preservation streaks. Also, a lot of times you have to parse what he says very finely, and he’s been known to just lie for effect, to see what he instigates.

      Shrug. Sometimes he’s good, but I don’t trust him further than I can throw him. He’s in it for the LOLs.

      1. I was a big fan of him when I was younger.

        Was pretty deep into Dilbert, so I read the Adams ‘non-fiction’ books also.

        Eventually parted ways when my life experiences made Dilbert a whole lot less interesting.

        I don’t think I saw any thing then that gives me reason to disagree with you now.

        1. I recall when ‘Elbonia’ first appeared in Dilbert and wondered if he’d lost it. Some months later I read that Scott had decided the comic was established enough he could try an experiment of pushing things ever more unbelievably absurd to see when the letters (“How did you know… ?”) stopped. They never did.

    7. I’m agnostic about it myself….but the “shut up about it or we’ll ban you” crowd certainly doesn’t make a convincing case for electoral integrity.

      1. Especially since we are probably going to relitigate 2016. There are two options. One is complete incompetence and the other is significant amount of fraud. But every two years we get precincts that start with 127% turnout and then find out they (say they) counted the two page ballots separately. But neither should be acceptable since you can get kindergartens to run polls successfully

    8. I stopped listening to him when I realized he was a fence-sitter.

      Tho it is funny watching Tim Pool clinging desperately to the top of the fence so he won’t get deplatformed, all the while railing about all the reasons he’s slowly discovering WHY he should just pick a side and get down off the damn fence.

      1. Tim Pool is such a suckass nobody on either side trusts him.

        I gave up on Adams last night. I tried. But he’s down in Bora Bora f’ing the new missus, and laughs about what’s going on. That totally chill chill attitude… no more.

  15. Once you make it a priority, it’s heartening how easy it is to avoid enemy companies. We used to rely heavily on Bed, Bath & Beyond for shopping in person, and on Amazon for remote ordering. Well, anything one could need for a home is available at for the same or better prices, and their website doesn’t wave any rainbow flags or BLM fists in your face.

      1. Once upon a night we’ll wake to the carnival of life
        The beauty of this ride ahead such an incredible high
        It’s hard to light a candle, easy to curse the dark instead
        This moment the dawn of humanity
        The last ride of the day

        That’s the thought I had but you beat me to it.

        1. Mildly off-topic, but I’m so sad Marko is leaving. I respect his reasons (he’s quitting the industry altogether, and was emphatic it had nothing to do with Nightwish), but I’m still very sad about it. He’s such a gifted singer and bassist.

            1. You know, I wondered back when Human Nature dropped and noticed that he did very little in the way of vocals on it if he was prepping to retire. Then I went “Nah” and forgot about it. Guess that first thought turned out to be correct.

              I do admire him calling out the hypocrisy of the music industry in general, and specifically “allowing dictators in the Middle East who would execute their own people for listening to this music but they (dictator) still gets to make money off of it and the industry allows this.”

              He was also apparently on the Masked Singer? (Huh. Wonder if that contributed or no? I hear that’s pretty…exhausting and obnoxious for the performers.)

              I am really, REALLY hoping that when he said he’ll still be fulfilling commitments for 2021 that he’s referring to the March virtual concert. Because that was announced before he made his retirement announcement, and Nightwish has specifically referred to they will be getting a fill-in bassist for their live world tour…but did NOT say anything about the virtual live concert. (I’ve gotten tickets for that one, because getting to the 3 places in the US they’ll appear at just isn’t possible for me.)

              So we might get one chance to see him perform some stuff from the new album live. And one last chance for whatever of their older stuff makes it into the March concert.

              1. I hear him in it, a lot, but it is in a low harmony with Troy more than Floor. He did have leftovers from his solo he offered Tuomas but said Tuomas told hime he had everything he needed. I think though it was likely his solo tour, dealing with Masked Singer (he won it as well), and the lockdown time to think otherwise, that, yeah, dealing with the run up for the stream, caused him to get fed up. I too hope that he is including that in his commitments.

                1. Speaking of his solo album…I haven’t heard anything but The Voice of My Father, and it about broke my heart!!

                  (Awesome that he won Masked Singer. I’m not surprised, mind you–the man has an incredible voice, and it’s highly trained. He is no pop singer.)

          1. Marko leaving Nightwish? This effin’ year just keeps getting better and better. Are you sure 2020 actually ended?

      1. The point of lighting the candle is to keep it lit, not blow it out accidentally with your vigorous exhales.

        1. Put a covering around the candle so your exhales won’t blow it out accidentally. 😉

  16. I hear Christians talking about how they’re going to have to ‘go back to the catacombs’ aka build alternate, parallel societies free of persecution. Any room down there for folks who aren’t onboard with the whole ‘believing’ part?

    1. I’d like that too.

      Also, although I have not been given the gift of faith, I would like to go to church sometimes because I think it’s good to spend a morning thinking about how to be a better person in the company of like-minded people. Unfortunately all the churches within a doable distance have redefined “good person” as “swallows ALL the Leftist BS including that which was only announced this morning.”

      Maybe when we get out of Austin…

    2. Generally depends heavily on how much the non-believers demand the believers obey them, and how entitled the non-believers are to being allowed to betray the believers for…well, not being them.

      Look at the various “alliances” with “libertarian” groups, which are frequently the reason folks will clarify they’re a different flavor of libertarian– usually, even in a thing where they’re only cooperating for a very specific, shared goal, the loudly “libertarian” folks will go out of their way to slip an attack in when the religious fall short of what they think is right.
      For example, the capital-l-Libertarian party guys with the “bake the cake” thing. Free choice is great unless they decide you decided something for bad think reasons, then they’re OK with stabbing you for the betrayal.



      I think I finally figured out another reason that there are so many of these obnoxious libertarian types– socially liberal is a very good hunting ground for predators, so you *get* more predators, and their victims.

      1. Note CIA scum Brennan is targeting libertarians of any stripe for also getting sent to the camps along with conservatives, because commies gotta gulag.

        Hey, government monitors monitoring this – Are you happy today? What about next week, when the new political appointees finally find their offices and start the witch hunt and purge inside your agency? Ever said anything not in support of the Inevitable Arrow of Progressive Inevitableness to your peers? Did you ever observe that President Obama better not die because of China Joe*? Think not one of those ladder-climbing peers will rat you out to get brownie points with the new overlords? You can’t collect your FERS retirement benefits in the reeducation camps. Are you clean enough to escape the coming purity purge? Just a thought. Have a Nice Day.

          1. And FEMA chief in Puerto Rico? Yeah, baby. We saw you and you know who by the loo, sweetie. And that girl is most definitely not thy wife.

      2. I will admit that doing that in 2016 may have provided Trump. Between bake the cake and gun control they made sure they weren’t acceptable to anyone not all in on drugs, gay rights and supremacy, or immigration.

        1. Yeah, pissing off the ornery on the assumption that all Libertarians are hard-left Democrats who want to have a figleaf was very stupid.

      1. Something that I think fits… Light cannot end darkness by hiding from it.

        Light a candle, hold it high.
        Turn your face up to the Sky.
        Catch the star that passes by.

        Star and candle burning bright.
        Stretch them out into the night.
        Chase the shadows with the light.

        A candle’s flame, so very small,
        A single star, not big at all,
        Yet where they are the dark must fall.

      1. Tuna noodle hot-dish with a sprinkling of crushed potato chips across the top is the entrée to Lutheran congregations everywhere. Especially if you have a lime Jello salad with crushed pineapple and cottage cheese to go with. I understand that this works for Mormons, as well.

        1. I LOVE that jello. I know, something is wrong with me, okay, but I LOVE it.
          However, I’m more likely to bring low carb shepherd pie (mashed cauli, but you’ll never be able to tell. PROMISE) Or some low carb muffins, or custard muffins 😀

          Honestly, at this point, if I had enough religious friends nearby, I’d host a prayer breakfast on Sunday since our churches are effed.

        2. Eldership is yours! With a fast track to Co-Pastor.
          I think lime jello is one of the sacraments. Don’t quote me on that.

        3. Ha! The running joke in my youth group when I was in high school was that whenever we had a potluck, this one guy would bring tuna noodle casserole. That guy is now an Episcopalian priest. I bet he still can’t cook.

        4. We Mormons are more fans of the famous Funeral Potatoes. It’s a creamy cheese potato casserole, with even more cheese piled on top.

  17. Democrats now using the Russia collusion hoax to target Parler and almost certainly every other alternative to the tech monopolies:

    They intend to quickly silence all dissent. I expect within the next couple of months for sites like Breitbart, The Federalist, Echo Times, PJ Media, etc., to be deplatformed and cut off from all financial services, with persecution of everyone who has an ownership interest in, works in a publishing or editorial role, or writes for those sites. They are going all in on totalitarianism and they have a cadre of oligarchs who will cheerfully help them in their pursuit.

      1. Except with financial blacklisting it will be difficult for him to actually get such ventures going. He is already being excommunicated by the finance industry and no financial institution willing to otherwise work with him is going to want the scrutiny from the Feds (i.e. endless audits, reviews, etc.,) that will come with doing business with him

      1. Presume that Rothstein is an Obama appointee given the decision’s repeated references to “incendiary speech” that accepts the leftist narrative that alleging election fraud by Democrats is essentially criminal incitement to riot. It also makes a mockery of contract law and of Section 230 which expressly protects platforms, including Parler, from being held legally responsible for user speech unless the speech itself expressly and explicitly calls for a specific crime to be permitted or is used to organize such a crime.

        None of the speech cited by Amazon or the Democrats actually does that; it is merely speech Democrats disagree with.

        1. It’s been suggested that the solution isn’t Parler suing Amazon; it’s 40 million Parler users class-actioning Amazon. Even if it doesn’t go anywhere (might be tough to demonstrate harm when it’s a free service), that could make a lot of noise.

  18. So. Obama administration used civil forfeiture to seize and shutdown Backpage because adults were placing ads for prostitution in its classified ads, but Twitter allows child pornography, refuses to remove it after being notified about it claiming that it is not a terms of service violation, and they have faced no prosecution by the Feds.

    No doubt they will get a friendly Judge to say that Twitter can;’t be sued for this because they are a platform, even though the absurd current Section 230 case law has not removed the exemption of child pornography from the liability protections of Section 230.

    Trump’s DOJ was too busy going after Trump to deal with the malevolent actions of Twitter and its cohorts in building and then abusing their monopolies, including active aiding and abetting of criminal acts.

  19. “I’m considering promoting a “shut your purse February.” As in, other than food and gas and other absolutely essential perishables/consumables, buy nothing for the first few month the Economy is on the FICUS shoulders.”

    I’ve been doing that pretty much right along. It would be hard for me to boycott them harder and still eat. Most expensive things I bought this year were gravel and fence posts.

      1. NYC actually imposed stricter conditions on religions than other activities and then selectively enforced it against Orthodox Jews and Catholics.

    1. I just snorted: “sploody” and “hooha” in the same sentence was too much for me. (And it served her right.)

  20. Can you get the media to mock the idea of “Shut your purse February”? That would get the idea out there wide and fast.

  21. On the “Smoke and Mirrors” front, we have news from WHO: the test for Corona is -wildly- inaccurate. Many, many false positives.

    What does this do to the fatality rate? When you have a false positive, that means you falsely diagnosed a person with COVID-19. If that person dies, then that fatality is falsely included in the death rate for COVID-19.

    Long story short, the current, ridiculously inflated fatality rate being quoted in the media is 3.7%. The Spanish Flu of 1918 was around 2%. The current official CDC fatality rate estimate is 0.13% across all ages. My blog post has the specific CDC numbers, they already admit no one outside a nursing home is dying of this thing.

    But that estimate is based on the previous WHO testing numbers, which are f-ing well wrong, as they admitted yesterday. One hour after Biden was sworn in. So the actual, real infection rate and the real fatality rate are both lower than what’s officially listed, and those daily infection totals the news keeps reporting are wildly inflated.

    Because false positives mean that people who don’t have the virus and are not sick are being labeled as positive.

    Phantom prediction, when the smoke clears and somebody throws a rock through that mirror, we will be seeing that COVID-19 was -less- infectious and -less- fatal than the common cold/flu we get every year.

    And we will also see that the government knew this right along, and went with lockdowns all year long as an election ploy to defeat Trump. And then had to steal the election anyway.

    Currently the federal Liberals are threatening a spring election in Canada, they evidently hope to steal themselves a majority by mail-in voting. Expect lockdowns to continue in Canada until after an election, folks.

    1. Time to take a screenshot of the WA state Covid dashboard in case they memory-hole the data.

    2. Hasn’t WHO and/or CDC already (gee, why wait until now, hrmm…) call for a Much Lower cap on PCR cycle counts? Which would mean a lot fewer ‘positive’ results.

    3. Yes, but….
      One of our people lost her husband today. Yes, he had cancer, but while that was certainly a big factor it was the WuFlu segueing smoothly into double pneumonia that did him in. (He and his wife both got it; I spoke to her early in the illness and she was absolutely miserable. Now she’s better physically, but…)
      If she goes fanatic on masks, etc, I’m not going to blame her. And no matter how you slice it, if he’d managed to avoid catching it he’d still be alive. For how long, we don’t know, but every day’s a victory in those circumstances.

      1. I get the pain and if someone wants to mask themselves fine. Just leave me out of it. And if you feel the need to be wearing gloves (my biggest pet peeve), face shield, glasses and mask perhaps you shouldn’t be flying.

        But I know this will sound cold but the plural of anecdote isn’t data. I remember spending my Christmas evening breaking ribs on a kid barely able to drink who died from asthma. I remember running code for swine flu patients between hospitals. I’ve seen the conditions at ESFs. No one is guaranteed tomorrow and sometimes you get thru, sometimes you roll 1 and die.

        1. I am sorry for the pain of loss.

          I’m sorrier that I see a pattern emerging: A person is all solid with the facts–face diapers do zero, distancing is fiction, the ‘Rona is the flu/cold virus. UNTIL… someone they love dies. And NOW it’s all due to the ‘Rona. Even when you know their cancer killed them, all of a sudden the ‘Rona is big, bad, and let’s wear the diaper.

          I’ve seen it happen several times. It’s sad. It makes the tragedy worse.

          1. *sad*

            That’s because that’s what the people around them are feeding them.

            What their black dog is feeding them.

            It’s not enough that they just lost a limb– but now they are the reason their loved one died.

            It’s abusive, it’s evil, and I don’t know how to stop it.

      2. On a more sympathetic note I hope she got it second. The propaganda used to keep populace in fear would be a real danger for survivor guilt.

        1. Also honestly, Dorothy, I GET it, but the virus is such we’re all going to get it.
          And also, if it weren’t the wuflu, it’d have been another virus.
          And I say this while I hold my breath, since Portugal RIGHT NOW has the highest per capita death in the world.
          And part of it, I”M SURE is that having tanked the economy everyone is economizing on food and heating. In winter. THIS IS STUPID.

          1. Once it got into a second city there really wasn’t any way to stop. Never mind that every bureaucracy that was supposed to fight this failed horribly. But they get more money and feted as heros for successfully blaming others.

          2. No argument there. I’m back in the tax office and since we hung a Plexiglas shield I’m showing my nekkid face to the world. People seem OK with that and one reason we’re doing it is to protect the business that pays our people’s salaries. Meanwhile, I’m not worrying about it. I’m more worried about next week, when half the clients realize they need us to do their 1099s before the 31st.

          3. BTW, it would be nice if some newsboy asked why, if lockdowns and masks are the way to go, is California now being publicized as a center of infection?

              1. As I growled at the time– when they hyped about Iowa having two of the top ten infection cities in the US this fall, they didn’t mention both of those cities have had mandatory public masking for months.

                There probably is a higher rate of pneumonia, though– wearing masks constantly, especially if you don’t do the “change at least every two hours or when damp”, makes you morel likely to get bacterial pneumonia.

    4. Sorry, I would rather strongly disagree with your assessment on the impact on the mortality rate.

      We don’t know whether a false positive is more, less, or equally likely among the sick vs died.

      Personally, I would lean more likely among the sick, which decreases the denominator more than the numerator, so it is MORE likely the mortality rate increases.

      Secondly, in spite of the WAY over hype this has received, it is not ‘fake’. I’ve read too many charts of very sick people … and know too many nurses (especially ED) who are at some times and in some locations dealing with very large volumes. The clinical presentation alone (absent test results) can be diagnostic — as is the case with many diseases in medicine.

      1. Don

        I get it, here too, lots of very sick respiratory patients (whilst the rest of the hospital is empty) but …

        We get that every year, You? We run >98% capacity every winter (h*ll, here in socialised medicine nirvana we run >95% year round), constantly shuffling into/out of ITU/HDU/other hospitals. You and I both know this is the norm in a typical year let alone a bad season.

        So? How many ‘flu’ patients have you seen? How many bacterial pneumonias? How many secondary to other underlying conditions?

        Here (per ONS) flu (and every other respiratory condition except covid) simply ceased to exist in April 2020 (and again per ONS both total deaths and specifically deaths due to respiratory illness are up slightly over 2019, but down compared to every other year for the last twenty. We had a ‘light’ flu season last year so the ‘pool’ of ‘candidates’ is larger than normal and ‘that’s’ what we’re seeing, all those susceptible are getting ‘a’ respiratory infection. Seriously, look around the world at the data, areas with light flu seasons last year … inundated with covid, those with bad, not so much. London eg. has it even worse because we aren’t just providing for local population, but most of Pakistan/etc. also – see California).

        Clinical presentation is diagnostic to the extent in specifying a (probably) viral respiratory infection. not saying they aren’t, but when the immediate reaction is to then definitively classify it (based ‘only’ on spurious and manipulated PCR) as the ‘OMG death disease’ it isn’t diagnosis it’s … politics.

        Just sayin’.

      2. Here’s some more numbers to run for you.

        “Of the 18,975 people who have died in Canada from COVID-19, I’ve linked 13,803 deaths to 1422 residential facilities. That is an increase of 55 deaths at 3 more facilities than last night, despite sketchy data from Ontario/nothing from BC.”

        I know the disease isn’t fake. I’ve got plenty of comments here saying so. I’ve seen a bad case of Covid-19 in a family member. I’ve also seen that particular case crushed like a housefly by hydroxychloroquine. From serious shortness of breath to zero shortness of breath in five hours.

        I’m not saying it isn’t real, and I’m not saying people don’t catch it. I’m saying there is a huge, unforgivable campaign of misdirection and outright lying going on about the virus, who catches it and who the fatalities have been. See the numbers above: of ~19,000 fatalities, ~14,000 died in nursing homes. Those people died because nursing homes are filthy, disgusting places run by assholes who don’t care, staffed by morons who never wash their friggin’ hands.

        And guess where the last place people are going to get vaccines is, Ron. Nursing homes. Okay?

        They’re fucking lying to you, Ron. It’s not even subtle anymore.

        As to the false positives, the Canadian number of fatalities is, according to the article, 18,975. How many of those were false positives, Ron? MANY, according to the CDC and now the WHO.

        Those false positives died, sure enough. But they died of something else. What does that do to the statistics?

  22. By the way, “” doesn’t work anymore. You need to go to “”. There seems to have been an issue with the administrator who owned the domain name.

  23. I was very irritated to see somewhere that the FICUS administration asked people to light a candle in their windows yesterday for the FICUS. That’s *our* symbol! They can’t have it. It’s not like they even ascribe to the religious symbolism it represents.

      1. I can’t swear to it, but I think all the churches in this area turned off their noonday bells. It just seemed awfully quiet at noon.

        It’s amaaaaazing how sarcastic people can be.

    1. We promptly took down our Christmas window-candle and made Tuesday even, the last night that outside lights were lit. Mourning.

    2. Tyrants Envy.

      POTUS Trump could have millions of us doing crazy stuff if it felt fun and a way we could help something or someone, some cause. Light a candle on Thursday? You betcha! I’d play YMCA while it burned.

      Every tyrant in the world knows the only way people don’t tear him limb from limb is the force of the state. He knows he is puny, piffling. And now a tyrant has the reins of power for awhile. What does he do? What the evil one always does–make a mockery of something beautiful that he can never command.

    3. Between the FICUS call to light a candle and “What did socialists use before candles? Electricity.” I’d be inclined to support a “keep a LED light powered on.”

    4. I see a market for a candle holder. Pairs of them. They look something like a fist, almost. Guess where the candles go. THAT’S the only one (well, two) FICUS and its ilk ought get.

  24. I’m mulling over what to do about my membership. It’s one of the few big platform subscriptions I’ve still got, and just a few more days and I get my next audible credit.

    1. Me as well. What’s the service that lets you download everything? (I mean, I could use Audible download manager, but it purely sucks. And not sure it even works anymore.)

        1. Although someone over on MeWe (I wanna say it was Larry, even) pointed out that, like the ebooks, it wouldn’t damage Amazon in any way, but would hurt the authors. Sigh. I *do* use audible, because I commute an hour each way to work every day. (And on that front, was having anxiety dreams the other night about them trying to force us to sign a loyalty oath to the current administration–see, I signed something that was similar to the oath to uphold the Constitution, etc when I started this job, and I was totally fine with that. It didn’t refer to specific parties or administrations. If they try to pull that, an audible subscription or no will be the least of my worries.)

        2. Audible started doing that thing where they sped up all the books, and it just is annoying. I can set the books back to .75 speed, and it’s about the same as the way they were actually recorded, but… it’s just not right, somehow. It’s harder to listen to it, and it’s harder to sleep to it. The only people who like it are the audio “speedlisteners,” and they could have just sped up their players.

    2. I used the last credit and just plain cancelled. I find I don’t listen to it fast enough to warrant the spending, and I was sick of the #wokeshit spam from it. I was going to drop to ‘Silver’ (credit every other month instead of every month) but they changed things and that was no longer an option. My suspicion? Too many people went that way, so the choice had to be eliminated.

      1. I’m on silver right now, every other month, no problem.

        There’s just too many indies or older stuff being produced on audible.

  25. I took the trouble to look up and read through Biden’s Inaugural address. His speechwriters did a beautiful job of calling for unity and healing. I trust it about as much as I do Sauron’s flattering and flowery ambassadors. The party he leads intends no such thing. I’ve dealt with people who said “be reasonable” when they meant “agree with me or else” before. As long as he persists in the delusion that the violence we have been seeing since summer came from Trump supporters or because of “white supremacy” he is going to be chasing ghosts and hunting witches; and that’s the charitable interpretation. I expect that he is going to try to interpret the crowd that’s burning and defacing buildings while they chant “no USA at all” as his supporters just because they cropped up in the Trump administration…hint: they aren’t. Using, or even tolerating mob violence for political purposes falls under the heading “Do not call up what you cannot put down”, and fiction is chock full of tropes about fools or mad scientists who did exactly that.

      1. This. As long as there are no Democrat disavowals of insanity like putting people who voted for Republicans in camps, calls for “unity” are just more lies. And on top of that, they’d have to think we’re stupid to fall for it. So, really, the calls for unity must be directed at their own partisans, so the useful idiots can keep pretending to themselves that they’re the good people. I have relatives like that. They believe the nasty stuff the Democrats continuously shovel out against their opponents, and that they themselves are morally superior, so calls for unity are basically “give up your evil and join us in the glorious future that will happen when my team gets everything their own way”.

        1. As I noted the other day, just think of everything Democrats say as being said by the Mouth of Sauron.

          1. Yes. It’s a perfect analogy. They take beauty–the truth–and distort it into something foul and inhuman instead of liberating and lovely.

            They are hideous.

    1. You mean like the folk in Portland who attacked Dem Party buildings while carrying signs saying “We don’t want Biden—we want revenge!”

    2. It is very easy to understand the Democrats and what they seek to achieve when one recognizes that the only people cheering as loud as the Democrats that Trump is no longer in office are the CCP, PLO, Mullahs and Maduro. The only unity Democrats seek is with the world’s tyrants.

    3. Antifa is trashing Democrat HQs and carrying F*** Biden signs. Yeah, about those allies… how’d that graffiti go? “Liberals get the bullet too.”

  26. Lighting a new lamp:

    Copypasting my own comments, because I’m lazy:
    Want to see a populist-oriented Patriot Party succeed? get a few prominent Trump supporters to jump ship from the GOP. Ted Cruz, Jim Jordan, Matt Gaetz, a few others of that ilk, who will bring their voting bloc with them. If Trump and his voters make up for their loss of financial and campaign support from the GOP — we could make this work. Because the article is right — the GOP have decided that losing gracefully but keeping their status in D.C. is far more important than the lives and livelihoods of mere voters.

    We might even get the few sane Democrats to do the same.

    As to the problem that James Miller rightly points out in the comments — While I’d agree that we can’t vote our way out of what we voted our way into… the fact is, given all the cheating, we DIDN’T vote our way into this. So the solution is to take the whole thing sideways. Make their cheating fail to count, because we’re no longer the party they’re cheating against. They’ll try, but we’re wise to them, and unlike the GOP, we won’t just accept the results.

    What we’ve been doing politically is clearly not working, and only a moron keeps on doing the same failed method forever. So it’s time to try something else. And NOW is the time, while the iron is hot (and so are the voters who got cheated).
    You’re on the right track about [futility of] voting (see my post above) but not thinking far enough ahead. We need to stop supporting what is clearly failing, or we’ll fail with it. But if we overturn the table and refuse to play their game, we have a chance. It might not work, but it’s better than giving up and letting them win without resistance.
    “If we all move over to this new party, the Republican party will crash and burn and then we are right back to two parties. So I see this as being a Third Party for a very short time.”

    Doesn’t matter. The GOP would be forced to make coalition with us or fade to irrelevance. This is the first time a true third party has had a snowball’s chance to succeed within my lifetime (and no, the Libertarian branch of the Democrat Party does not count), and perhaps the only chance for a party that isn’t rooted in old D.C. politics and old D.C. corruption.

    What we’re doing now is failing and the fail is accelerating toward doom. We can keep on sliding down the socialist slope the Dems are on, with the GOP hanging onto their coattails all the way down, or we can dig in our heels and try something else, and maybe not go over the cliff with them.
    There’s already a Constitution Party, and they’re even less relevant than the Green Party. No, we need one that appeals to disenfranchised voters right now, the ones who went out and waved flags and voted for Trump because they are American Patriots, and who are now aware that as things stand, the Constitution will not save us.

    1. We don’t just need politicians to jump ship, we need a whole infrastructure to jump ship. The two parties are so firmly embedded in the various state legal systems that third parties have to fight their way uphill with both hands tied behind their back. The original Republicans didn’t have this disadvantage in sweeping away the Whigs.

      We need networks, mailing lists, local committees, and especially legions of lawyers. Lawyers who somehow aren’t beholden to the existing duopoly power structure. Sigh.

      1. This. So much this. And I was a Tea Partier, early on – only to see what happened when the grifters glommed on, and the GOPe and scum like the the upper echelons of the IRS piled on.

          1. I was, too. I remember the first rally on the pier in San Diego.
            I refused to become cynical when we were ignored. I made excuse after excuse for the Rs in Congress, for W, for every bit of crony capitalism.

            Not any f’ing more.

          1. We’re Americans. The difficult we do immediately, the impossible takes a little longer.

            As a practical matter, it will probably be less impossible to purge the existing GOP hierarchy and take it over. Give the network machers incentives to win for us instead of for the status quo. Unfortunately, I don’t know how to do that.

      2. All true, but it won’t spring fullblown from Trump’s brow. So we build our own and to hell with theirs.

    2. And here we go:

      In New Hampshire, A Trump Republican Squares Off Against the GOP Establishment
      A race up in New Hampshire will show whether the Stupid Party, as the Republican establishment is so deservedly called, is going to get smart now. On Saturday, the New Hampshire Republican state committee will either re-elect Steven Stepanek as chairman of the New Hampshire Republican Party, or elect Keith Hanson. It’s a contest over whether the Republican Party in New Hampshire will remain the party of Mitch McConnell, i.e., cowardice and me-tooism, or whether it will genuinely offer a choice to voters and a home for people who are genuinely alarmed at the Leftist establishment’s contempt for civil liberties.

      “There is a concerted effort, Keith Hanson told me, “to silence conservatives on the state level, and I stand in direct challenge to the initiatives to push the party to the left in an effort to be liked by progressive Democrats,” of whom, Hanson added, the present New Hampshire Republican leaders are “terrified.”

  27. People hate [Trump] without any clue WHY they hate him.

    Nonsense. They hate him because he is hateful. He personifies all the people they’ve hated throughout their lives: bosses who told them to “Stop gossiping and do some work,” teachers who said, “You can do better than this,” classmates who were mean to them and called their ideas stupid, daddies who ignored them, mommies who didn’t let them eat cake and ice cream for dinner.

  28. … start yelling at you that you’re a racist/sexist/homophobe (even if you are a black, gay woman, promise)

    You can’t blame them for objecting to your multiracial whiteness — that is just performing your white supremacist orientation.

    1. considering some of the beings on this blog – I think “multiracial whiteness” just isn’t … expansive … enough.

      Trans-species whiteness? I’m not sure how else to include a minotaur, wallaby, kitsune, Latin mum with a slipper, clurichaun, and the list goes on…

  29. I’m considering promoting a ‘shut your purse February.’

    Twenty-eight days to flatten the FICUS?

  30. I’m gonna go back to relearn how to sew. Once we get out of here and find a new place, I’d like to try to take up pottery again. We’ll see. But for now, I can teach politics/government/civics and international politics and I’d be happy to help out any homeschool pods.

    1. You just made me think that we have our own Schoolhouse Rock teacher right here:

      “Rockin’ and a rollin’, splashin’ and a splashin’, over the horizon, what can it be? I think it’s gonna be… a Free Country!”

      1. Someday, probably around 2040, we’re going to have a President who will lead us into a pragmatic era of normalcy and conformity, and we will (mostly) welcome it as a great relief after lives full of disruption.

        That President will know how to sing the Preamble.

      1. I taught myself to knit many years ago by propping the little Coats and Clark instruction book up in front of a mirror.

        I am informed that nowadays there are books that teach left-handers how to knit.

  31. For ammunition against the screaming idiots bellowing about Climate Change, hit the website. Anthony Watts has kept a valuable resource up against all odds. Further information for those who’d like to understand what keeps the earth’s climate so stable over hundreds of millions of years, check out posts by Willis Eschenbach. His discussions of emergent phenomena and excellent statistical analyses of real data give hope for the science of our environment.

    I’m tempted to offer tutorials on physics and other subjects, but as yet am not offering it on line.

    1. I’ll go back to my other old standby. The whole reason everyone says they scream that US must be involved is because its all or nothing. So has to all work. Meanwhile when something fails it all fails. It’d be like if a plane disintegrated when the wifi failed. Tats not a plan, thats a wish. Better to find something that gives you an 80% solution and can tolerate 20% failures.

      Yeah, their whole starting argument is trash but you’re arguing against a religion.

  32. I’ve been trying to do more substantial posts on my LiveJournal of late, particularly things to make people think in new ways about familiar things. Today was an essay on how Tolkien upends the Hero’s Quest in The Lord of the Rings, and I have some others on various sf and fantasy classics planned for the coming weeks, as well as some history and culture topics.

    As I was working on it, I was thinking about how a lot of us, especially writers and other creatives, are blogging, but most of us don’t have that much reach. My own analytics are showing daily traffic in the low teens, with relatively little engagement.

    Given that discoverability is one of the biggest problems for beginning writers, what ways can we work together to increase the reach of our individual small blogs? Swapping guest posts are an obvious way, and some people may be comfortable with doing interviews, but I’m sure that there are plenty of other ways that we can use our individual blogs to help keep the Human Wave, etc out there in the public eye while those with the necessary coding skills are putting together the alternatives to Amazon, Goodreads, etc.

    1. THIS.

      For now I’m posting a verbal middle finger to the censors every day or so, not under the illusion that it’s doing much good, but I figure the more of us who do so the harder it’ll be for them to shut us all up.
      But I’d love to get ideas for how I can offend more people per post.

  33. One of the conservative aggregators has a piece saying the WHO has said PCR testing for SARS 2.0 should now have fewer productive cycles.

    This means a small viral presence will NOT build up to a positive result, meaning there will be fewer “cases” reported.

    Decision was promulgated yesterday.

    Timing seems…funny when you think about.

    Funny, funny, funny…

    As to where we go from here?

    Why let’s just replay Dec 2016/Jan 2017:

    This is not normal.

    Not my president.

    Foreign interference in our political process.

    He KNOWS. He knows in his heart that he’s an illegitimate president.


    1. “He knows in his heart that he’s an illegitimate president.”

      Dude. The guy doesn’t know how to find the bathroom on his own. They’re taking him around by the arm so he won’t get lost and end up getting arrested on Pennsylvania Avenue for indecent exposure. He probably thinks it’s 2009 and he’s asking everyone where Barry is.

      1. Speaking of Barry… I read a thought provoking article on American Thinker yesterday which said that the big pile of executive orders they piled up for the Potted Plant to sign were mostly Obama undoing Trump’s undoing of his executive actions. And it made sense. I know we’ve been speculating about whether or not Barry was the one behind the FICUS, and a lot of those orders don’t even make political sense (certainly not economic sense since Dem plans never do), but they *do* make sense as Barry stomping his foot and putting back his abhorrent “legacy”.

        Hmm. It does kind of fall into place.

          1. Somebody is making a f**kton of money out of cancelling the Keystone XL pipeline. For example, anyone who went short on the oil industry in December.

            The DemocRats are the kind of people who will cheerfully crash the American economy and impoverish everyone while selling insider trading deals to the highest bidder. Many of them will consider it a moral victory as well as a great way to get rich.

            In that vein, the TV coverage of the Sniffer’s inaguration (I watched like 30 seconds of it on someone else’s phone) reminded me strongly of the Hunger Games. We’re watching the American media re-enact the evil tyrant’s part of a shitty Y.A. novel. I was expecting to see Donald Sutherland come out in a big black coat.

            What’s the big buzz from the inauguration that the twittering twits can’t shut up about? Bernie Sander’s mittens. We’ll see if they still think it’s funny in December. My bet is no, they won’t.

            1. Donald Sutherland has far too much class to get involved with the Potted Plant and Commie Whore. He’s Oddball, not Screwball.

  34. via Insty open thread;

    From a time when there were still Democrats who opposed totalitarianism instead of aspiring to it.

    1. The full video of that concert is also floating around; a very good show. Tanglewood was one of the theaters that used to record all the shows there (the Capitol Theater in Passaic NJ was another) and even though the video on them can be spotty, the sound on many is quite good, especially for the era of video/sound recording.

  35. Reading about the “Multiracial Whiteness” drivel, I was caught by this description:

    … multiracial whiteness is an ideology invested in the unequal distribution of land, wealth, power and privilege — a form of hierarchy in which the standing of one section of the population is premised on the debasement of others.

    It seems to me that several Amerindian tribes, such as the Comanche, Aztecs, and Inca, were practicing that ideology well before Europeans came to these shores. Shouldn’t the author be complaining about “Multiracial Redness”?

    Have any Hun Historians have any observations to offer?

      1. Yes, they are completely insane, and they intend to try to drag the entire nation into their insanity.

      2. Am I truly the only one who sees this as a masculine/feminine ‘psychology’ thing (not exclusively one or the other of course, but defined as such purely because the majority of those sexes embody it).

        Disclaimer: I’m not even vaguely a misogynist, I quite (OK, really) like ladies but there is a reason for stereotypes after all. The whole “female perspective/approach is vastly superior within the family, and an utter disaster in society as a whole” thing I tend to mention (OK, rant about) occasionally (all the time, sigh).

        [Look at crime and punishment. Masculine tends towards black/white and severe punishments – you steal, you get punished. Feminine tends towards who/what/where/why/excuses/justifications and a nuanced punishment if any. How would you punish your child for ‘stealing’ a cookie from your baking tray? How would you punish someone stealing that same cookie from your store? Now tell me which approach is being implemented in society, and hows that been working out?]

        Disclaimer: I view those ladies here (and most small C conservative women) as having a decidedly masculine approach/psychology (Hey, it’s a complement from my perspective – ducking and covering).

        Look at most ‘relationships’. Man and woman marry (cohabit) and the house is ‘theirs’, except it’s really hers (and he may be lucky enough to be allowed a ‘man cave’ … and be derided/attacked for the presumption). Their bed, they fall out, ‘she’ doesn’t want to sleep with him but ‘he’ gets kicked to the sofa for the night. Wages go on joint bills but any extra, his must be for ‘them’ (and if he spends it on a hobby he is fair game for attack), hers can be for ‘her’ (even if it’s couched as theirs it’ll be for her interest and lauded for doing so).

        OK, there are going (especially here) to be women who don’t act that way, but the wimmins “what’s ours is ours, what’s mine is mine” is so stereotypically entrenched because it’s so common.

        Point? They aren’t talking about ‘actual’ equality but ‘feminist’ equality, where we all get equal paid jobs – but the men get the icky, dirty, dangerous, cold and back-breaking ones. Property, money, status? What they mean is that ‘yours’ is ‘ours’ to be shared, ‘theirs’ is … well ‘theirs’ of course (to compensate for having to live off the sweat of your brow for all those years, and they deserve more for all the work of steeli.. I mean redistributing it).

        I know marxism is seen as the bugbear of which feminism is an offshoot but I believe it’s the opposite. Look to ‘big government’, welfare, increasing taxation and regulation (for the children) and it all began to run riot immediately after women were given the vote. (The current lock-down, all risk must be removed, idiocy – which ‘mentality’ is that?)

        Just sayin’

        [For the record, I’m not against women voting, I’m against anyone voting who has no skin in the game. Don’t pay taxes, no vote. Take more in benefits, no vote. You don’t get to vote on how to give yourself other peoples money.

        Do women pay, of course, but a study many years ago showed that with all the benefits and support barring about ten years in their forties women are a net drain. Men a positive contribution for all but the last ten of their lives. e.g. Car insurance? Women are demonstrably safer drivers, so they pay smaller premiums – that’s only right and fair yes? Health care (women use in excess of 80%, closer to 90% in primary care) yet … pay the same or less (when they even pay for their own)….]

        Climbing carefully off my soapbox

        1. Meh. I”ve long said if you’re not going to teach your daughters to be gentlemen in the public sphere — i.e. to follow the masculine virtues in business and public life — they shouldn’t be allowed to be full adults.
          Look, nothing against women. I am one. BUT our “social mode” is that of the serraglio and the crab bucket. Evolutionary built in, just like men’s natural social mode is the fighting pile of monkeys.
          We make men self-tame by demanding they don’t beat business rivals to death. But “toxic femininity” is invisible and ignored in the public sphere including politics. Like, why are women more leftist? Because women are always attracted to the side that projects “strong and successful.” So women will be leftists as long as the media fluffs the left.
          UNTIL WE MAKE WOMEN CURB THEIR NATURAL TENDENCIES the same way we make men do it, we’re pucked.

          1. I’m not sure I agree (have to think about that).

            Whilst evolutionarily and historically the evidence is overwhelming that women are attracted to the stronger (only women develop ‘relationships’ with their conquerors understandably) what they individually see as stronger varies (biggest biceps, badest tats, nicest car, plumpest wallet), I suspect there isn’t so much an attraction to the left as the majority are ‘naturally’ leftist – not necessarily politically but the aspects we describe as leftist are what most women are like already – group rather than individualist, expectation/demand of being provided for, protected, etc., worth not achievement based but superficial appearance, wishes and feelings, feelings over facts, etc., etc. that’s what I mean by the left being an artefact of feminism rather than the reverse.

            I’ve noticed before that behaviours in one group which are termed ‘deviant’ are often more common in others which are ignored as ‘normal’. Killing random people is quite uncommon in white males, so much so the serial killer is seen as a random deviant, black males commit considerably more of the same crimes in groups, yet white males are suspect and dangerous because ‘serial killer’. Read the clinical criteria for a diagnosis of malignant narcissism (overwhelmingly males, rare, dangerous and locked up when found) and if you don’t know multiple women who exhibit those criteria I’ll eat my hat (all seen as mostly normal and tolerated).

            I spent 30+ years in the military, I’ve worked construction, etc. (all primarily male only environments) yet the vilest, crudest language and behaviour I’ve seen was as a nurse (female dominated). Behaviours which in a male environment are self-limiting due to resulting in a punch, are self-perpetuating in a female one.

            Women are mutually contradictory – I’m independent/you must support me, I’m strong/carry this for me, I’m intelligent/capable but need preferences to get education/jobs. From experience, women are more confrontational, aggressive and violent than men (though not always using ‘their’ fists) precisely because, as with the left, they never face the consequences, expecting others to do that.

            Women are, and always have been, the gate-keepers to a societies morals and norms (it wasn’t men binding Japanese childrens feet, nor men performing FGM. Unwed mothers and abortion weren’t ostracised by men either). Chivalry, that men would respect, provide for and protect women was based on the fact that women would only notice, date and marry men who did. It wasn’t men who destroyed that system, and if demanded by women it would be back in place in seconds.

            Women, in taking anything they want are acting rationally (if not particularly morally, nor amusingly since their claims, empathically) so I cannot see it stopping until we (society) stop rewarding women for behaving that way. Since women hold the swing vote that isn’t going to happen short of a complete collapse.

            Only women can make a difference now, stop the decline and if they don’t they’ll soon regret it when they become second class or just property under the invaders they are aiding.

            I’m not holding my breath (looks like I do agree after all though).

            1. Whilst evolutionarily and historically the evidence is overwhelming that women are attracted to the stronger (only women develop ‘relationships’ with their conquerors understandably)

              doesn’t account for whatever you want to call the dominance games that guys do play, probably best illustrated by gangs. Where men are definitely developing relationships with their conquerors.

              Women are different, when it is a woman that is viewed as sexually available; for a counter-example, my mother as a teacher had several instances where the school gang leader did his stupid dominance game on her– and he lost, because little gal but older brothers, and although her behavior and dress were masculine she didn’t then try to dominate him. Which meant it became “nobody messes with her or else.” (Note, this was roughly 40 years ago and the kids were first or second generation feral, mostly Mexican; different cultures and not having even civilized grandparents as an influence can make this option non-functional, as defeat is death or servitude, with no “crazy guy we leave alone” option.)

              Now, obviously, some of the dominance bull-crud between men does become sexual; prison rape, for example.

              On the less psychotic end of the scale, most small men with social skills have a habit of befriending bigger guys, when/if possible. Men are definitely attracted to those they view as powerful, and the less secure people feel, the more they try to gain strength. The more vulnerable they feel, they more they will back someone they think can protect them.

              Now, remember that line about how in a fight, a guy who’s going against some dude who’s six inches tall and outweighs him by fifty pounds is in a bad situation, while a gal in the same situation is normal?

              And that’s before going on three generations of women knowing they can be abandoned, left alone to fend for themselves, should they fulfil the most basic of biological imperatives. That…significantly raises the threat level, just as guys’ desire for loyalty and love is attacked by the “all women are hoes” philosophy.

              Isolation makes people desperate, because like Sarah points out– we are social apes. If we’re alone, truly alone, we’re vulnerable, and that seriously kicks up the threat level.

          2. They don’t want guys to be gentlemen, either– they just want them to be that kind of scuzzy dude who won’t raise a hand to your face, but’ll stab you real quick or join a mob.

            Well behaved people are targets.

            Look at the defenses of the thugs who are killed beating someone up because they felt slighted– that is not curbing natural impulses. The more obvious male issues are just a much harder sell than, oh, “sexual liberation means free access while ignoring biology.”

        2. Do women pay, of course, but a study many years ago showed that with all the benefits and support barring about ten years in their forties women are a net drain.

          Well, yes, same way that the large areas of farm land in “red areas” are a net drain on taxes.

          Record the profits at the right place, and anything productive becomes a wasted resource, even when a moment’s thought would make you go “oh, yeah, can’t continue to function if we don’t replenish the supplies,” be it farm produce or the next generation of humans.

          This gets even messier if the study is old enough that it caught when most married women’s “job” was full time and still didn’t pay anything– the slow death of volunteer organizations happened at the same time any woman who wasn’t pulling a paycheck became a lesser being.

          1. Interesting take.

            OK, say sexual relationship. No I don’t class male rape as such since it is both proven and accepted that such is a ‘power’ issue rather than sexual.

            Gangs? Men are inherently hierarchical in their relationships with other men (what else is a gang but a faux means of attempting to replace the strong familial male hierarchy to provide guidance, support and protection). Status and dominance being established by talent/skill/ability in the field of operation. Whilst generally stable, challenges do occur, between individuals within the hierarchy, but are settled definitively ‘between those involved themselves’ at the time and a new or reinforced hierarchy maintained.

            Your take on small men ‘befriending’ bigger is … different. Friendships develop for many reasons of course but it’s as likely that the big guy befriended the small because he was skilled/talented in some area big guy lacked. That kind of ‘tactical/strategic’ thinking is … alien to most male relationships. Shared aims, interests, experiences, suffering, etc. being considerably more important. If, if, there are mutual benefits they are often incidental, and just as likely to be negative as positive. If you are talking about ‘teaming’ I’d still disagree to an extent, in that teams develop with ‘all’ members having roles (a small guy there only because he’s small just wouldn’t happen, he ‘will’ have a role playing to his strengths).

            Groups of women operate in more of a status and consensus led manner. There will still be a ‘leader’, less defined by talent/skill/ability than by her status. Challenges occur by challenging the status of one, often by co-opting the support of others. Tactical/strategic ‘friendships’ do occur since status is raised simply by being associated with those with higher.

            Your mothers is another interesting situation. You state she didn’t try to dominate him, yet by being the teacher ‘controlling’ the class she definitively was. Thus his faux macho challenge, backed down, not by ‘her’ but by the unseen brothers (a familial hierarchy leads to an understanding of respect, whilst gangs rely almost exclusively on the superficial and petty trappings and pretences of it). Gangs are, often by definition, filled with the dysfunctional yet even the most feral have ‘some’ limitation on the liberties they take with women (all men, except the definitively mentally ill, do. It’s pre-wired into us), based on their relationship and … the womans male ‘protectors’.

            Of course the normal physical confrontation is male biased (even in males/females the same size men can not only cause more, but take more, damage) which is why women don’t generally ‘physically’ attack men (except when they know will not react as to another man, in situations where they are protected by other men or ‘society’, or because of co-dependency issues) they have developed other methods for dealing with such conflicts (submission, verbal, group, societal, indirect, or use of other men).

            Your ‘abandonment’ issue is particularly relevant I think to what I said (YMMV). As you say, we are social apes, none of us does well alone, men do better though. Women, due to basic biology, are more reliant on support (be it familial, group, tribe or society). Was it moral, or even acceptable, for the women you cite to face abandonment? No, not even close. In a strong, stable culture they wouldn’t be because they have status, power and worth within and without the family, inherently as well as support independent of the male. In a dysfunctional society, they have none of that, and are solely reliant on ‘what they can offer’ right here, right now.

          2. So? That status, those rights were maintained by the demands and support of the males of the family/tribe/culture/society. I’ve lost count of your countrymen and women who have asked me, re. the ‘grooming gangs’ here, why I or other British men have not reacted. You need to understand that for decades the women here have not only refused to date/marry men like me, they have ignored, derided, belittled, sneered at and attacked us … and ‘now’ they want us to face certain arrest and further derision and destruction for them?

            Your bad-boy allusions are correct. They are part and parcel of the status games some women play, where having the worst rep, best tatts, nicest car, plumpest wallet, or as now, being of a different ethnicity is seen as higher. The problem being that they then, as looks decline, want all the things the ‘nice’ boys offer, and then complain that those boys, they wouldn’t even look at whilst they rode the c&ck-Carousel’, aren’t interested.

            It was a New Zealand study in the late 90’s. My point wasn’t that obvious I admit. Men are not only willing, but eager to work to provide for ‘their’ women. Sacrifice, suffer, do without themselves. Women then, unilaterally, decided the reciprocal ‘obligations’ of such relationships were onerous and … exchanged them for forcing ‘all’ men to support them via the big-daddy state. Men don’t get the benefits of such a relationship (and many and varied they were, and worth any sacrifice) but they’re ‘less willing’ to work excess hours, scrimp and save for … just some woman who despises them. And thus will our society eventually collapse.

            1. Men are not only willing, but eager to work to provide for ‘their’ women. Sacrifice, suffer, do without themselves.

              Milton Friedman observed many years ago that the primary economic unit is not the individual, but the family. Individuals will sacrifice, will suffer untold hardships, for the benefit of their families.

              1. Men and women.
                Seriously, Jerven, it wasn’t women who wanted big daddy government. It was all pushed by mostly male socialists.
                In the third world giving money to businesses run by women lifts a family out of poverty. Give it to a man and not so much.
                Because the women will work, sacrifice and do what they have to do for the family.
                Third world men view women as property and children as incidental. So, not so much.
                WHILE I think we need to go back to a public life that encourages “gentlemanly behavior.” running the women out and back to the kitchen is not the answer.
                I DO understand the anger because of the feminist loudmouths and the people who have taken advantage of affirmative action to stomp on men. And the anger is such my granddaughters (if I ever have biological ones) will probably be about as liberated as my grandmother was in Portugal.
                BUT I don’t think that’s the SOLUTION. It’s just turning the leftist bullshit on its head. The left is so wrong they’re not even wrong. Turning it upside down doesn’t make you right.
                MEN AND WOMEN need to rediscover the Western civic virtues. The end.

                1. Granted, unequivocally.

                  I know I sound anti women, I’m really not (my apologies if I seem angry too, I’m now just an interested observer wanting to understand). I guess what I believe is that women are acting rationally in their currently perceived best interests. Yes male socialists proposed and pushed the agenda, but it was only when women voted en masse that those ideas were implemented (at least in The US and UK). They weren’t voting for socialism, but what was (falsely) promised to them by its implementation, entirely rationally, and I don’t blame them even slightly.

                  My belief is that women are the only ones who can reverse this, gatekeepers remember. I’m at least vaguely optimistic they’ll wake from the feminist/socialist lies. After all, read here.

                  My limited view is that both men and women on their own would still be living in caves. Together there are no limits – together!

                  (sorry, really not trying to get the last word in 🙂

              2. Milton Friedman observed many years ago that the primary economic unit is not the individual, but the family.


                Without the pair, the system just dies– as a field without a market, and a market without things to sell, does not function.

              3. One of the big warning signs of “Danger, danger, get away”– is when folks start arguing the “What’s yours is mine, and what’s mine is mine, and what’s ours is negotiable” format for family.

                Usually they’ve been burnt, bad, sometimes they’ve also got a pack of matches to go with the grudge.

                All aspects of the family contribute– there’s a reason the archetypes exist, of protector vs nurturer, grandparents are the past, children are the future, but they are complementary, and mixed. My darling Elf is, obviously, both better at scaring people with looming and at lifting heavy stuff. But I am better at carrying a weight I can lift, and am less physically threatening.

                When one part starts discounting what the others contribute — children or the elderly are useless eaters living on the sufferance of the healthy and grown, women only contribute when they are acting as cads, men can’t do anything right, to broadly cover the most common poisons in pop culture– they’re not going to be happy, and there’s a good chance they’re going to make everyone else unhappy.

            2. So? That status, those rights were maintained by the demands and support of the males of the family/tribe/culture/society.

              *polite smile*

              I see why you’ve been called a misogynist.

              You assumed your conclusion, and failed to address the arguments made, then ran sprinting off full speed for an entirely different subject, again, assumed your conclusion that there is a relevant, and disqualifying to the distaff side, difference.

              Women then, unilaterally, decided the reciprocal ‘obligations’ of such relationships were onerous and … exchanged them for forcing ‘all’ men to support them via the big-daddy state

              Nonsense on a pogo stick.

              Your arguments are based on strong emotion, clearly, but that does not obligate me or anyone else to take them seriously when they don’t even recognize that people did things for a reason, and it wasn’t “they were stupid, and/or evil.”

              1. With respect, I believe I’ve shown considerable respect for the significant, nay crucial contribution of women to both family and society. But without ‘both’ male and female society is broken, and isn’t a common discussion here the decades long, and still ongoing, actual demonstrable diminishment not of the female, but the male in society. What I believe, right or wrong I’m open to be persuaded, is that women are ‘as’ reliant as men are regularly portrayed. It isn’t men claiming to need women like a piscine needing a velocipede, men are honestly desperate to just be noticed, queueing up for the honour, it is women who ‘seem’ to be going it alone. We are different, but equal. Neither is better, and both are diminished without the other.

                What you state about discounting, I couldn’t agree more (although I feel you’re possibly reading more into my comments than were patently there). Most men are the ones being discounted by women sold a bill of goods (thankfully not all, or even I believe most, by a long shot) by that pop culture, and with the ongoing indoctrination in schools and media it could only get worse to all our detriment.

                As to status etc. Point to a single culture where women have full and equal rights they demanded and fought for themselves alone. There aren’t any because in primitive parlance might is right. Just as the endemic norm in every culture of slavery is now (almost) eliminated, because western men and women decided it was abhorrent, and men fought and died to enforce that moral point. Women have rights, as they should, because men demanded it (because we’re not so stupid as to waste the most valuable partnership, aid, support and resource we have) and enforce it (or do you think women alone could fight off the invaders intent on reducing your status back to that of their own women, property? I’ve spent decades in such cultures and western women simply haven’t the vaguest inkling of what true misogyny is, of truly how fortunate they are). So if I make an unfounded assumption, just who is it maintaining womens rights?

                On a pogo stick 😀

                Marriage as an institution was, and is, declining alarmingly. Divorce is at record levels. Single parent families, majority women as the head, are not just the norm but the vast majority in most first world countries. Why? I’m not stupid enough to assume men play no part in causing this, but who is it who institute the vast majority of divorces? Who decides not to marry? Who decides to raise a child alone? All for perhaps more than legitimate (to them at the time) reasons.

                Any relationship, especially marriage, just as chivalry imparts obligations and demands on both parties. I’m more than happy to admit the many and sundry faults and failings of my sex. Men will quite happily (at first) forego the wedding. Whilst hook-up culture primarily benefits a minority of ‘attractive’ males, most women and most men can at least receive some ‘attention’. But since almost all, of the few marriages, whatever the underlying causes (despite the hype most marriages don’t end due to some massive betrayal or abuse but the banal boredom, loss of attraction, lack of attention, infidelity, and whatever the reasons both sides can and are as guilty there, yet) the overwhelming majority of divorces are instituted by women, a simple unassailable fact.

                Women are the gatekeepers of societies norms, morals and values. I’ve said elsewhere that men will do almost anything for women. If women demanded the rigours of chivalry be reinstated today, men would be buying cloaks and looking for puddles within seconds (and men who didn’t would have the life expectancy of a mayfly). Women chose to relax the mores and censures, men went along, many I suspect joyfully as they leapt at the commitment free ‘benefits’. Marriages are hard, they take effort, teamwork, commitment and sacrifice. It is, rationally ‘easier’ when things go wrong to walk away – especially if the only thing you lose is the spouse. Now which side of a marriage does that describe, it certainly isn’t the male facing loss of home, income, children, status is it?

                Just to be clear, nowhere there (or anywhere) have I accused anyone of being stupid or evil, because they aren’t. They are making rational, reasoned decisions in their own best interest. I haven’t experienced it (despite your assumptions but I’ve seen way too may male and female friends go through it) but I don’t think I’d feel ire towards an ex spouse, but considerable ire for the system and it’s deliberately destructive rulings. But, paint it any way you wish, hedge your interpretation with clauses and caveats, whatever the reasons and legitimacy, it is womens ‘choice’ to abandon marriages in favour of the alternative in staggering numbers. And yes, many/most of those women choosing to either divorce or never marry, working or not, do receive support, rather from the husband and father who bears as much responsibility but has minimal or no rights, but from the state … taxes taken from everyone else. So hyperbole or not, the state is their sugar-daddy.

                Apologies if that seemed confrontational, I’m really not as certain as I may sound. As a teen I knew all the answers, as I aged I knew less and less, now I’m not even sure what the questions are. I’m old-fashioned, born decades too late I suspect, some friends suggest eons may be closer to the truth.

                1. With respect, I believe I’ve shown considerable respect for the significant, nay crucial contribution of women to both family and society.

                  No, not really.

                  Unless you count “completely dismissing because guys were involved” to be respect.

                  I’m familiar with this dynamic.

                  I spoke quite clearly, took care to make specific arguments, and am for damned sure not going through the “oh but you needed (group) to do it, so everything belongs to them” argument yet again.

                  1. You did make specific arguments and I made specific answer. If you choose not to read them as such that is your right. Not quite sure what else I could do, I apologise if what I say upsets/irritates you, however I could state the same to you since I see no answers to my posed questions either, and a number of, what if I chose to take them as such, are quite deliberate insults.

                    I neither meant, nor take offence (although I suspect you’ll say I’m somehow being manipulative,or offensive in saying even that. Which I most categorically am not – I do wonder just who subjected you to whatever brings such responses though, or is it juts a natural inclination). I expected, especially having witnessed such here repeatedly, open free discussion in the hopes of learning something. Apparently that isn’t the case, I’ve had less hostile responses from rabid leftist feminists, and subsequent gratifying conversations. I enjoyed reading the banter, the debate, the friendly repartee but it appears it is a closed shop.

                    I realise you are a long-term contributer, and I a mere lurker for a couple of years, so I will withdraw and leave you to your inoffensive echo chamber.

                    My apologies yet again for any offence unintentionally given, though I’d suggest not assuming the worst of anyone might actually allow for less offence to be taken.

                    1. You did make specific arguments and I made specific answer.

                      …just not to the arguments.

                      Been down this rabbit hole.

                      No, no, nope, put in the “nope” octopus right here.

                      I dug through the first few walls of text, built a response— and was given, in return, a “no I’m right and LOOK OVER THERE!”

                      If you want to persuade people, you’re going to have to make a decent argument that looks at what they actually say, doesn’t involve dismissing it as “and thus evil/wrong/stupid” without really good evidence, and oh yes actually directly responds to what they said.

                      TAking, as the honorable gentleman alluded to, the time to write a shorter response would also be good.

                    2. Don’t give up/in so fast, Jerven.
                      I suspect the level of detail used means more than you might believe – you haven’t been simply dismissed.
                      That’s what actual trolls and such get.
                      This? Not that. Stick around.

      3. That just shows how evil we are, infiltrating every society like that and disturbing its natural equality.

    1. They’re projecting. Again. They would LOVE a society where unequal distribution of wealth produced unequal distributions of power and privilege (with themselves on top, natch), and they HATE that the US is socially egalitarian without being economically egalitarian. (“Where is your master, my good man?” “That bastard hasn’t been born yet.”)

      In the US, being rich doesn’t make people “upper class” with the rest of us looking at them as “our betters.” It only makes them members of a different tribe. And so “(stompy feet) That’s not FAIR!!!”

    1. Oh come now, they’re only going with their nature…
      Dem’s love to consider the military (any branch) little more than mindless myrmidons who will blindly follow any orders given, and gladly throw themselves between their “betters” and danger.

      And because of that, they deserve no respect, not even what you would give your waitstaff at a restaurant (granted, I’d bet the way many Dems’ treat said waitstaff would make normal people want to punch them in the face FOR the waitstaff,) and thus they should be grateful they had an electric outlet, much less such a luxury as *TWO* bathrooms!

  36. The Left really are the world’s ugliest “winners”. Their triumphalism is bad for the enamel of my teeth.

  37. Here’s a good quote on the importance of not letting them into your head:

    “Political correctness is communist propaganda writ small. In my study of communist societies, I came to the conclusion that the purpose of communist propaganda was not to persuade or convince, not to inform, but to humiliate; and therefore, the less it corresponded to reality the better. When people are forced to remain silent when they are being told the most obvious lies, or even worse when they are forced to repeat the lies themselves, they lose once and for all their sense of probity. To assent to obvious lies is in some small way to become evil oneself. One’s standing to resist anything is thus eroded, and even destroyed. A society of emasculated liars is easy to control. I think if you examine political correctness, it has the same effect and is intended to.”
    ― Theodore Dalrymple

  38. BTW, on the matter of keeping one’s candle lit, in my experience (depending o the size of the candle in question) a couple shots of good rum every hour or so ought keep any candle well lit.

  39. I have been thinking about your “shut your purse February”. An alternative idea that occurred to me would be ‘move your bank account February’. This would be far less painful to the individual, and something they could keep doing, indefinitely. The convenience of banking at one bank vs another is hardly noticeable.
    We know for sure that all the big wall street banks are big biden donors. I’m not too sure about community banks, but I would say the odds of community banks being big biden donors is dramatically less. And it would be almost painless for millions of people to switch their bank accounts from big, national wall street banks to local banks. This would cause a small amount of pain to the big wall street banks– they would still get the money, or part of it, but they would have to pay a higher interest rate to the local banks for it than they ever have to pay individual depositors. That’s good news right there– pain for them. And that higher interest rate they would have to pay would be helping the prosperity of local banks, and thus, local communities. More good news. And local bankers would make good bet loans in their local communities before shipping off the surplus to wall street– they make more money that way. So, hard to see any downside in this.
    If enough people did it, it would send a message loud and clear too– right to their pocketbooks. There may be no current alternative to Amazon, but there sure is an alternative right now to JPMorgan/CityBank/BankofAmerica/WellsFargo.
    Another possibility would be to move some of your money out of the United States altogether. For example, people could move some or all of their accounts to Canada (perhaps, specifically Alberta). I doubt anyone in Alberta donated to Biden.

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