Technique Of The Coup D’Etat

There is a technique to the coup d’etat, particularly one that is known not to be wanted by the people of the country upon which you performed it. As in the French revolution it always involves terror.

I’m very afraid the enemy — what do you call people who encourage you to chant “Death to America” but think the American flag is a symbol of “white supremacy”? — is set to unleash terror this weekend.

This ties up to my post yesterday which, on its face I consider one of the most innocuous and bland things I ever wrote, but which seems to have unleashed upon me the mad fury of the leftist brain washed army of trained zombies.

As in, I went to FB after I’d shared it — I honestly do not remember why, though it might have been to check on messenger if I was waiting for a pm from one of my friends — and I found about 10 pms from people who weren’t friends and who, to the best of my knowledge, I never interacted with. This started with “Please tell me you’re not the Sarah Hoyt peddling conspiracy theories” and went all the way to sending me stupid gifs which would shock me terribly if I were about 80 years old in 1950 and which proved only that a) they’ve never read my books. b) they have never read Heinlein and don’t realize that the fact I’m his fan means I’m rather innured to the idea of different marital arrangements. b) would die of shock if they knew my big treat to myself is some Boris Valejo art for my office walls.

It then translated to my page where they went all over every post. Most of them suffered from serious and extreme intellectual deficiencies, and most of their posts/rebuttals were “But you’re a stupid poopy head” or memes of the quality described above, or involving figures that they imagine are influential on the right, but which I never heard of and who are at best marginal. Yes, there was the usual accusations that I’m a Qanon follower. I’m not absolutely sure WHY the left is this insanely fascinated with Qanon. I LITERALLY had never heard of him/her/it/what? until after the lockdown, when someone accused me of following him/her/it/whatever because I opposed lockdowns and the mask of servitude. So, I asked my kids what it was. They said “It’s a personality that came out of 4chan. It’s not…. reliable.”

I went poking and, dear Lord, that’s an understatement. The funny thing actually is that Qanon did NOT oppose lockdowns or masks. They thought bought were being used to fight against “pedophiles’ or some crap, and you didn’t have to go very far back to see that yeah, the story kept changing. On that and everything else.

I’m not stupid, and I know a con artist when I see one (part of the reason I’m nt a leftist) so I backed away at speed.

So, why did the left choose this to say it’s what the right follows? I mean, most of us have never heard of it. And then it hit me: It’s not even to defeat a straw man. It’s to keep their own troops in order. They tell them that Qanon is what the right follows. And the braver ones among them will go and read it, and see it’s insane, and it will harden their adherence to the cult.

Not that most of those on my page needed that kind of treatment. They didn’t even read the post that supposedly meant I was an nonredeemable conspiracy theorist. And one of them was convinced the Doctor’s Plot (faked by Stalin) which I had a post about on my page, saying that if you don’t see parallels to it you’re an idiot, meant that “it must be the right doing it, because the winning side has no reason to.”

Some granted were a little more thoughtful, and if they ever strayed beyond ‘only the allowed’ news sources would see the stupidity of what they’re saying. They would also realize they’re not brilliant and certainly not natural geniuses that are brighter than everyone else who believes differently. They are, in general, just more gullible. They came up with things like “Sixty judges some of them appointed by Trump said there was no fraud.”

Well, maybe that’s what CNN reported. But you know, it simply isn’t the truth. The fact is cases were dismissed for “technicalities” and in the case of the Supreme Court illegally, since they have to take a case between states.

It’s possible — barely — the SOCUS thought that they were avoiding disorder and strife by doing what they did, and that they thought eventually the fraud would disappear and we’d have real elections again. Maybe. Or maybe there’s lots of pictures of all of them in unnatural positions with Chinese farm animals. Who knows? Who cares? What I care about is that all the courts dismissed the cases in such a way that evidence was never presented or analyzed.

And I don’t care who and from what party appointed the judges. I know the universities that graduated them have been griping about how the constitution is too heavy a burden for sometime now, and upholding as valid cases decided according to international law.

Bsides if Moses and Aaron and all the patriarchs came down and told me that there was no fraud, I’d still not change my mind — though I might wonder what game himself was playing and pointing out that US is not “Job” — because I saw the fraud happen in real time during the actual election. Those numbers are impossible. And while the unlikely might happen, the impossible doesn’t. Also, I know people. And if the Dems were unjustly accused of fraud, they would do what Trump did when unjustly accused of fraud: create a commission to investigate it, and make sure that the people investigating had all the resources.

What they wouldn’t do was gaslight, scream and act injured.

But I think, judging from the invasion of my page, that most of them are fundamentally followers, whether by nature or because our school system taught them there are wrong thoughts that if you have it means you’re “stupid.” (I saw that in action with my kids in school and fought as hard as I could.) If you believe that right thoughts come from above, you ave to believe the right has a great leader. Which, btw, is part of their monkey-with-stick obsession with discrediting and taking down Trump. They think that will silence us. Which, of course, is not how any of this works. Keep in mind that having come to the US and married to a liberal (he got better) I found the news sources I currently read (but don’t fully trust, because I don’t trust anything) on my own, by testing them as news sources and ignoring the shaming.

Anyway, I’m not 100% sure of the thought behind the invasion, except again maybe they think if they come over and call me “crazy” I’ll change my “mind” because it would work for them.

They should absolutely consider that after a year of their playing these games in the US, a higher than ever number of us hunched our shoulders and voted for Trump in numbers large enough that they had to commit fraud in plain sight, beyond their already massive planned fraud. Because it means that most of the US is not like them.

Which gives me hope that at this point they’re just pissing us off.

Why? Well, because their crazy story keeps changing. For instance, and for real, this is the new narrative:

Are they for real? No seriously. It started with the idea they wanted to “kill black people” (which would be a really weird objective since some of them were black.) When that didn’t take, they said the “inssurectionists” were there to kill Nancy Pelosi. As much as all of us at times felt like bitch slapping Nanzi, if they really wanted to kill her, they would have gone about it differently. I’m thinking snipers. At a distance. Not dressing as a buffalo and sitting on the speaker’s chair. Unless, you know, the generation raised on Harry Potter thinks magic is real. It’s like, wow, Buffalo Dude is going to make Nancy turn into a buffalo, or something! (That would be the coolest thing that ever happened to that insane hag.)

Now the FBI is just making up shit. Which surprises those of us who have been observing their actions since Obama re-staffed them (and before) not at all. Because guys, yes, sure. If my intent were to assassinate elected officials, I would absolutely dress as a buffallo and go tromping into the capitol. More importantly, I would ABSOLUTELY be invited in by police (we all saw the video) and walk around like a total gomer, taking selfies and staying between the ropes.

THAT totally makes sense to me. Doesn’t it to you?

The truth is that they’ve taken charge, but it’s not playing the way they expect.

They’re playing it by the book 20th century “take over and revolution.” This includes taking control of the media. In Portugal, all the fricking revolutions and counter-revolutions I lived through were announced with this music. You see, I lived in the outskirts of Porto. Which means in seventies tech that we were on a “repeater station.” I was usually on the morning shift for school (8 to 2 pm. Second shift went in in the afternoon. You had classes Saturday to compensate. Or “how socialist states get around not building schools.”) because mom would bribe or cajole anyone at all to get them to put me in it. Mostly because being nocturnal, I’d otherwise work all night and sleep all morning, which annoyed her. Anyway, this meant I’d get home for lunch and the Porto station would have been cut off sometime during the morning. This meant that the TV was playing the only thing that Porto kept in its studios: an endless re-run of green acres.

I’d come in the door, hear the music, and know that some (usually communist, though there were a few socialist counter-coups) cabal had taken over the TV and radio stations (the radio would at least be playing endless classical music. It could be worse. Imagine what they might have had on hand — actually this led to a joke, as my father got older and started inexplicably liking salsa music. I’d hear the radio turn to the salsa station and go “Be straight with me, dad. Have we been invaded by Spaniards?” — and shudder.

This meant we’d sit by the TV for the rest of the day, doing other things and waiting till the new owners of the country came on TV to tell us their ‘righteous’ cause and why they had taken over. (Yeah, I have a great bullshit detector. It was used. Often.)

The left is playing it by the book, which means kicking Trump and anyone else who might give us his side of the story out of Facebook and Twitter and completely deplatforming Parler for giving him a platform. This is to put it mildly …. not good optics. And it’s not playing internationally as they expected.

Part of the problem with these late-hit remnants of the long march is that they don’t realize in most of the rest of the world — even those like Germany still following the suicide script set by the USSR’s operatives — communism has been discredited. People were too close to it, saw it too clearly. And are sort of crawling backwards away from it, and all its techniques.

The left is also so deep in its own echo chamber that they think the entire world hates Orangemanbad as much as they do. In fact, lots of places int he world are waking up to the fact the whole of civilization is now at the mercy of China, and that the US has gone functionally insane. It’s great fun to be anti-American when America is the solid giant who will protect you forever. It’s not so much fun when America has been taken over by people like you, and will now be unpredictable and as likely to hit you as your enemies.

So, it’s not playing well. And their attempted Kristal Nacht is also not playing well. Particularly with the brighter bulbs on the left — not — like Occasional Cortex saying they need to control the press. And Jack Dorsey being captured on camera saying they’re going to censor everyone. And Facebook banning anyone who talks about the election being fraud. And–

According to polls, President Trump’s popularity has only gone up. I believe this will only extend for however long this tragic farce lasts to his entire family.

Because again, the left is not getting it: THIS IS NOT THE 20th CENTURY. Sure, you can hurt us. You can hurt us badly. My MeWe is still not in parity with my Facebook in hits, which is why I’ve stayed on facebook, even if most of it is preaching to the fish, and will stay until finally banned (it won’t be very long.) But it doesn’t mean things aren’t getting out. Even through the lockdowns, and the masks and everything designed to prevent peer to peer communication, what used to be called “Water cooler talk.”

And even people who aren’t getting the true story are seeing through the cracks in the increasingly ridiculous lies.

As one of my regular commenters, whom I can’t name because I can never spell his name right (sorry. Too Dyslexic. Schoenfield?) keeps saying, the left has been in retreat since their pyrrihc victory of getting Nixon elected. You never see it fully, because they’d captured the media long ago by virtue of doing what they had to to get hired, and then hiring only people who thought like them. (Same as the arts, publishing, and now bizarrely STEM companies. Or not bizarrely. Like most US companies, the STEM ones believe in the economic reports from China, and think there’s this vast wealth waiting for them. I’m not sure exactly how to classify that form of insanity.)

But the fight has been going against them since then. And now their masks have fallen, with the covidiocy immiserating most of America so they could “plausibly” steal an election. And their snarling disdain for everything they claimed to defend, from the common man to free speech has become visible for all but the most brainless indoctrinated to see.

(Seriously, the display of brainlessness on my page was…. astonishing. As was their insistence on doing this thing. One of you says the call to unfriend and block me had gone out. Whatevs. Of note, most of these people were not my friends. Most of them were disposable profiles — one of whom was so smart that he had in the past trying to blackmail a friend by threatening to reveal his kink… When his kink is a major part of his online persona — created by…. insane people.
The invasion did disturb me very deeply, but not the way they expected. I’m always shocked and disturbed by zombie-like behavior, and the shouting and repeating of slogans with no reasoning behind it. It’s like seeing people voluntarily turn into pigs, and both startling and revolting.)

But if we’ve seen anything from the left these last four years (and for those who’ve been awake the last 20) it’s that they always double down on a failing gambit.

They know at some level they’re not making contact, but never mind. They’re going to do it louder and harder and try to force us to listen.

In my mental map, this weekend is throbbing like a migraine. There have been pamphlets circulating (Reziac, would you post again?) that amount to “My fellow Drumph supporters, it is time to reinstall beloved leader. Bring all your weapons to DC or the state capitol, and let’s shoot the bastards, yah?”

This is not how ANYONE plans a coup. Ever. Or even a serious protest to show displeasure. Why the “bring weapons?” All the CCV holders I know carry pretty much everywhere (most of them are women and got them for self defense, because they know they can’t beat men who weigh more than they do and have better muscles.) And those who aren’t CCV holders don’t usually carry. Unless it’s a specific 2nd Amendment rally.

Then there’s this poster, which I’d guess is the masterwork of some FBI mastermind (guys, it’s not so much that you’re corrupted. You are. I don’t know how far the rot goes, but at this point, I’d disband the agency — and the CIA — root and branch, and start again, with the reminder that yeah it is absolutely necessary to adhere to the constitution. It’s more that there are some rocks who are brighter than you boys. Seriously? You think people will fall for this? Seriously. George Washington wept, people.):

“My fellow patriots, we have some pentagrams on the statue of Liberty and we made the entire poster Maoist red and yellow, which is how you know we’re true patriots! And we tell you to come armed, because we absolutely believe you’ll do that, because we think you’re that dumb. And, oh, yeah, note the “liberties of this nation.”” (Well, no. Did you get the template from China, boys? because in the US it’s the natural liberties of the individual, or man, or humanity.) Also, of course, there’s no group on the poster.

This is because, you know, these complete asshats think what worked under Clinton will work here. Ruby Ridge was … well, the murder of a small and innocent (however deluded) family. BUT it was blown up in the media to effectively shame and silence any opposition to Clinton.

So, stay away from the center of your town this weekend. There will be mayhem and insurrection. Probably antifa, of course, but they will tell you it is “Trump supporters.”

On the basis of this they hope to ram through gun control (they can’t do what they want to do to us if we can shoot them) and a terrorism bill that penalizes things like believing there was fraud. (Thoughts lead to violence, you know? Oh, not communist or Islamic thoughts. No. YOUR thoughts. Because you don’t believe the left.)

And my guess is this next week they’ll arrest everyone they think are leaders “of the right.” (Mr. Cruz, I’d be in Texas this weekend, if you’re not.) I don’t know how far they’ll go, honest, and after that invasion, I wonder if I’m on the list. Well, if I don’t post by on, 2 pm any given day you’ll know.

Of course the right doesn’t work by leaders. Most of us don’t fully trust Trump. Or Cruz. Or any of them.

We work by the fact we know when they’re pissing down our backs and saying it’s raining.

So, will the bullshit this weekend work?

Who knows? It might. At least superficially. It might work well enough to do for me and a lot of other people. After all the army has told its enlisted it absolutely accepts the election and anyone who doesn’t will be drummed out.

It might work. For a little while.

But I already know of several projects in the works to replace Facebook, twitter, Amazon. The most advanced are to replace Youtube, since most people are, after all, visual.

But we’re the creative part of the economy. And we’re creating. We need to. We also need replacements for etsy and not beholden to google (like Square) or apple. I know there’s an explicitly Christian alternative to paypal, and please, guys, post it in links. We need to gather lists of “alternatives’ when they come on line.

My project to list non-leftist writers on a page on my blog has become a project to create an alternate site that will promote/make visible non leftist writers, and is not being hosted by wordpress. (More on this as it develops, though I’ll put the page up slowly as I go, anyway. It should take a month to have something like a site up, as it’s being done by one person, part time.

Someone more rural/with more of a tech grasp than I should start a “subscription to your local farmers” site. They’d need to be rural and have a link to other rural people, mind. Yes, there’s some, but they’re …. odd and not very reliable.

In the end we win they lose because their crazy governance always results in misery, poverty and famine, in this case probably hastened by sending what food we have to China. And we have no America to feed the populace and keep it quiet enough for the idiots in power to continue their exploitation of an unwilling country.

Which means in the end we need Americans to rescue us, as they have all other countries that fall to tyranny. And we will. Through every means at our disposal, including creativity, stubbornness, and fighting by every means available (which includes warning people in advance of what they’re going to try to do. A lie predicted is a lie diffused.)

They have taken over the structures of power in our country. My prediction is that as with the dog who finally catches the car, it wont’ go well for them.

They know it, too, which is why the capitol is packed with troops with orders to shoot to kill — something never needed in America for any inauguration.

It’s afraid. But the frightened beast of totalitarianism is full of evil and hate, and trying to take as many of us as it can along with it. It will only get worse as its grip holds less and less.

If you’re in the national guard or any of the services, I know this is going to make you profoundly unhappy, but I want you to — right now — think about whether you’re willing to shoot Americans who are peacefully demonstrating (and there will be more of that in the future.) Do you remember your oath was to your constitution, not your commander? Or are you starting to understand those who answered “Befehl ist Befhel” and think they had a point? In that case, I’ll remind you how they ended.

Go forth and work for liberty.

*Oh, and because the trolls who invaded my page accused me of bullying when I hit back (duh) I’m banned for 24 hours, because of course I am. If you are on Facebork, please share my post. We really need to make it clear how stupid and evil they are, and how they’re trying to set it up to kill a lot of us as a result of both this weekend (like the antifa members who showed up ahead of a pro-Trump demonstration and started beating up locals) and the lies they plan to tell about this weekend. IF they were slightly more sentient, I’d say the purpose of the page-invasion that convinced no one (oh, yeah, and I’m scared of losing readers who don’t bother to read a two-paragraph post before responding) was to take me out for twenty four hours. I’ve gone on a preemptive banning spree (which you weirdly can do while banned) just to prevent that happening again.
Anyway, I won’t be free till 8 pm tonight, so make with the sharing. (Not to my page, because I have to approve those to make them visible, and that they won’t let me do while banned. (Rolls eyes.))
Stay safe this weekend. Keep your sanity. Don’t believe their bullshit. And tell your friends the obvious plan in advance. A lie predicted is a lie diffused.

While you’re at it point out all the free speech and thought crime bills these people are coming up with, and ask your friends and family if these are the actions of an administration that won the minds and hearts of the people.

If I’m still around next week, we’ll continue exploring this crazy time.

503 thoughts on “Technique Of The Coup D’Etat

  1. Sorry, I seem to have my head under a rock. What’s planned for this weekend? The “armed pro-Trump protests” than anyone with half a brain should realize are false flags, or something else?

      1. The basic ahistorcalness (totes a word) of these maroons is simply astonishing. Have they never actually looked into what a coup looks like? As an educational service, here is a high level sketch:

        Glorious Leader Fred El Presidente is sleeping in his official residence bed, when around 3am or so a bunch of troops accompanied by tanks pushes through the official residence fence and rolls up to the front door. A group of troops in full-battle-rattle (or perhaps full dress uniform – depends on the culture) attempts to enter, as kinetically as necessary, in order to arrest Fred.

        If the El Presidente household overnight guard detail suddenly decides they need a donut break, the troops enter and Fred is placed under arrest.

        If a firefight ensues and the household guard is up to snuff, it either ends in the troops getting in and acquiring Fred’s body, dead or alive, or in a standoff, with the official El Presidente residence and the frantic Fred surrounded. Comms between the El Presidente residence and the outside world are cut or jammed. It may be decided to stay in standoff, or to simply blow up the building with Fred inside while securing any defined successors.

        Simultaneously with the above, details of troops either surround or enter and take control of various critical points – local armories, local barracks, the ministry of defense, the local secret police/intelligence installation, the ministry of pubic information, various media outlets, the local police offices if local police are anything more than traffic cops.

        The coup leadership then issues their prepared statement using the media, detailing why El Presidente Fred forced them to take action to remove him in order to save the country from further Fred-ing – which incidentally requires that the coup plotters now control the country until new elections can be held, after various trials of Fred loyalists of course.

        So exactly who, in the instance of something before the inauguration, would a coup be coup-ing? Why in the world would the coup plotters plan something for the 17th? Why not wait until 3am February 10th, when all the guardsmen have gone back into lockdown at home?

        1. But, we’s gonna have a redneck comedy coup, where we get drunk on the front lawn and shoot whiskey-jacks out of the trees. Yeah, I believe that.

        2. Unless, of course, you’re the most recent Turkish coup plotters…

          (yes another reason to believe that one wasn’t exactly a surprise to Erdogan)

          1. Reports are there was one Turkish AF F-16 pilot who had a lock on Erdogan’s plane when he was heading back from wherever he was away. I bet that guy wishes he pickled that missile.

      2. There will be, by the Democrats/leftists; don’t be surprised if you see some key far left Democrats who were supposed to attend the inauguration or be in Washington on the 21st suddenly “test positive” for the CCP Virus and to have to be regrettably absent/appear remotely. The left could murder Biden and a bunch of others of both parties who are not fully committed to the leftist agenda and then use that as the pretext to declare national martial law and “suspension” of the Constitution in the name of suppressing an insurrection.

        Of note is that Commie LaWhorish is apparently not going to be at the inauguration but will be sworn in separately for “security reasons”.

        I expect the Antifa/BLM paramilitary along with FBI and other deep-staters to engage in an attack that is portrayed as being by “white nationalist Trump supporters” and that the apparatus that is going to carry it out is already sending out “warnings” accordingly. Expect a Cersai Lannister destruction of the Great Sept style false flag attack,

        I never ever thought I would be typing something like this at this time last year, but the Democrats/leftists have made it clear that their Will to Power is every bit as rabid as Mao’s, Stalin’s, Hitler’s and every other totalitarian who has ever lived. They mean to RULE forever.

        1. Expect a Cersai Lannister destruction of the Great Sept style false flag attack,

          And then expect then to completely lose it when they realize the rest of the country is cheering at the horrible thing we are supposed to have done.

        2. And they’re too stupid to understand they’re only on power courtesy of Dominion and its masters. And their coalition of Democrats, Antifa, BLM, LGBTQP, Big Tech, unions, treasonous Federal agencies, and the media is already coming apart at the edges.

          Dominion is the key piece, here. They’re the ones who decided which of the crazies would hold what office.

          1. Speaking of Dominion, any news on the forensic audit that is supposed to be happening in Arizona today?

            1. No, but apparently American Thinker got a cease & desist letter from Dominion and has pulled all their articles alleging vote-switching, -weighting, Venezuela, etc., as promoted by Powell & Wood.


              I’m perfectly willing to believe that Sidney Powell said a lot of unsubstantiated potentially defamatory things about Dominion that she got from QAnon AND that Dominion machines are intrinsically insecure black boxes that should never have been used.

          1. The real white supremacists hate Trump. He celebrates Jews and Judaism, supports Israel, and spent his entire business career doing things to help black people, and as President helped create the best economy in the black community in the nation’s history.

          2. Oh I’m sure there are, and there might be so many I need to take my shoes off to count them. And you can bet that most of them will get interviewed and be on the national news at some point.

        3. I’ve read elsewhere that there’s going to be at least 26,000 (possibly 30,000) National Guardsmen in DC by the time they enthrone Biden. NGs from all fifty states. So many state NGers that they’re reportedly running out of spare NGs the various states can deploy and still meet their own needs. Roadblocks. Barbed wire. They’ve turned DC into The Green Zone and deployed more troops than we currently have stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan BOTH. Are they guards? Pawns? Patsies? Targets for some sort of horrible false-flag mass casualty attack?

          The attempts to turn the Great Capitol Buffalo Robe Panty Raid into a new Reichstag Fire are already falling apart, and the Democrats cheerfully revealed themselves to be the Nazis we all knew they were the instant His Fraudulency was declared the winner of the Game of Thrones. I find myself wondering if there isn’t a second, far more horrible, string to their bow. The way they’re pushing the Q-Anon thing is instructive.

          Either way, next week I wouldn’t go near DC or any of the various state capitols . . . and if I were a Republican or Trump supporter who lived in or near any of those cities, I think I’d take a few days off from work and be somewhere else. “IT’S A TRAP!” alright, and then some.

          1. I really start wondering who is pushing for all those troops? Are they there to stop the false flag operation or to create it?

          2. Makes a mockery of the idea that you can’t fight the Military with your AR-15 doesn’t it?

            How does the military fight a war when they are all pinned down guarding the worthless blobs of human trash in D.C.?

            1. most likely with empty weapons – at least tha was he way we were issued them for this kind of stupidity when I was doing the NG thing.

              1. Under those conditions you could assume they would have real weapons.

                I’m think more in terms of, if they will pull in a couple divisions to guard their sorry hides when they know there is no danger, think how much of the military they would devote if they were *truly* scared.

          3. I saw a video of some guy on Oddysee asking whether the units in Washington were even American, or if that’s where the rumored Chinese troops had been dropped.


            1. All the ones I have seen look like bored National Guard of both sexes, do not march funny, and have American heights and builds. (Some are a little tubby.) The chick reading Atlas Shrugged cracked me up.

            2. If there was even a hint of foreign troops in the US (outside of a military training exercise), consequences would ensue…

              Also, I don’t think the US military leadership would take kindly to that.

      3. I have a family member that grew up in Romania. He talks about how the tv would always be playing either a speech by the dictator Nicolas Ceausescu or a Disney cartoon. (Ceausescu liked Disney for some reason.)
        So he has lived through all this communist garbage before. He says even with all the repression the truth would still leak out around the edges.

        1. Time for radio free Yerevan. Thank you AtH, I have one of my home school families on board with Applied Physics: Get your Ham Radio License. Just need two more…

        2. Disney was popular in Romania even before Communism. Apparently Disney characters were popular nose art on Romanian fighter aircraft during World War 2, when the country was part of the Axis.

    1. Raptor, postings all over the net suggesting/demanding all right thinking etc.s go openly armed to DC if they can, state capitals if they can’t go to DC, city halls if they can’t go to capitals and mull around until everything’s right with the world again.

      Yep false flags.

      1. These Leftist agent provocateur’s literally don’t understand proper timing for the Right. And they certainly don’t understand our trigger points. Mostly because they trigger off someone merely blowing their nose; while the right don’t trigger until the body drops in their laps.

        “Well doggone. Those lefty pissants shot Jim and just left his body on top of us. Let me call the church so we can get Jim a good funeral. You go upstairs and change your cloths. Don’t forget to put those in cold water so we can get the bloodstains out. VFW meeting is Thursday, so we can talk about what we need to do about those killers…”

  2. They’re trying to stampede the country off a cliff. They hit hard with the Capitol incident and used it to justify Impeachment 2.0 and the Great Silencing online. The whole point is to panic the public into supporting the real power grab. “We must stop the coup attempt by silencing half the country, seizing control over the media and putting the nation under martial law! You don’t want the fascists to take over, do you?”

      1. I mean, just one listen to your accent and they’ll peg you as a Russian operative for sure.

        1. ls Canada letting USAians in these days? I thought they were still punishing Trump us for our terrible bad no-good Covid handling.

          1. A friend’s daughter got in, because she had been dating her boyfriend long enough to qualify for one of the exceptions. She can of course get *back* because the US has right of return.

          2. The border is still “closed” but what that means as a practical matter, I have no idea. I do know that airplanes are flying in and out of Toronto full of people, so who knows.

            If you show up to an unofficial border point with a suitcase and a sob story, you’ll probably get a free ride and a free hotel room. Because Covid, right? I’m not sure if that’s comedy or official policy though. These days they often overlap.

            1. Canadian “border is still “closed” but what that means as a practical matter”

              Um. I’d say. Did Canada build a wall on their southern border that I don’t know about? That is a long border between US and Canada to cover to prevent entry (either way).

              I’d be more concerned with Canada’s joint military exercises with CCP, personally, if I was a Canadian citizen. Am as a US citizen too. That isn’t water between Canada and the US.

              1. From Minnesota to almost Vermont there’s a whole lot of water between the U.S. and Canada. Vermont, NH, Maine, you can pretty much walk right across; although about a quarter of the Maine-Canada border is a river. But out on the Great Plains and the Rockies? Oh yeah, a whole lot of nothing, and maybe a single strand barbwire fence separating them.

                1. “Great Plains and the Rockies? Oh yeah, a whole lot of nothing, and maybe a single strand barbwire fence separating them.”

                  I was thinking of west of the great lakes … Otherwise, more of a joke/sarcasm FYI … I know there are neighborhoods directly up to the borders, both sides, in the flat valleys between the Cascades and the Puget Sound/Pacific coast. Sure there are backyard fences, because neighborhoods … but …

                  Where the Rockies break on the west side from the plains through the Cascades aren’t a cakewalk across the border either. Especially in the winter. But doable. Even less likely to have any single strand of barbwire fence separating them. There are backpacking trails that traverse from Glacier NP, US to Waterton NP, Canada.

      2. If you get truly desperate, my rental house in the Northern Wastes is presently vacant. (Can’t do a for-free cuz I don’t own it, but it’s not pricey.)

      1. That is going to be hilarious (with plenty of horrible mixed in) when they are forced into the PR choice of letting a little old lady get away with shooting cops, vs killing a little old lady.

        Eh, she was probably Hitler’s grandmother or something.

        1. Most people seem to figure that’s to get away from NY State’s insane lawfare against them. But I don’t know why any right-leaning organization would stay in in NY anyway. They all have targets on their backs. One of the few things good about 2020 for us was that we *did* manage to move out of NY, in March, when the covidiocy started. I saw what they were doing and figured the already insane tax load was going to get much worse…

          1. I got an E-mail and that’s what they’re saying — the Chapter 11 is to break off any possible entanglements with the New York grabbers.

            Maybe that’s what we should start calling them: The Grabbers. Like a bunch of spoiled children, grabbing everything in sight, screaming “Mine! Mine! Mine!”

  3. I don’t think they’ll becoming to my little city. The word I got at the barber shop was that some BLM came down from Chicago a while back to protest the local school’s team name, they got scared and left.

      1. No, much further than that. Tiny city on banks of the Ohio. I was surprised anybody would come so far to such a small place, but that’s what I was told. There are a couple of larger cities nearby so I suppose some organizers might have been there and just been looking for trouble to stir up in the general area.

  4. I am…frankly…more worried about Wednesday. I got that nasty feeling in the pit of my stomach and it ain’t from spicy food. I smell a false flag op…a nasty one. So this weekend I’m going to stock up and TRY and convince my family to stay home that day. Bills gotta be paid so I doubt the staying home will happen. I don’t like what I’m seeing…not for shit.

    1. You, and everyone else with more than one functioning brain cell. Even many of the single-celled thinkers can see it.

      That is what happens when all the Official Sources are doing everything short of yelling “Come out and help us false flag!”.

      1. See, I think they’re actually fully convinced we’re going to attack them during the Fauxguration, (look at the civil guard presence) and so they’re going to do their best to try to get ahead of it with false flag this weekend.

        1. Report from Richmond, VA, 1:10 AM: one bored looking reporter near the capitol downtown with a camera man, giving a bored looking report… probably ” nothing happened, we’re going home”

            1. Another ridiculousness. Because of course it’s still a majority-Christian country, where a fair number of people believe in resting on Sunday. Sometimes you get small Sunday protests by Seventh Day Adventists or Jewish people, but usually these things are on Saturdays. Even secular black people often visit their grandparents and relatives for Sunday dinner, and they keep socializing most of the day after that.

              When you have a big event, it’s usually “prepare on Friday, march on Saturday, go home on Sunday,” unless for some reason things are set to happen on a three-day weekend, so you can have “events over the weekend, pray and have fun on Sunday, march on Monday.” And the three day weekend model is the best for big protests, because it doesn’t exclude people who worship on Fridays, Saturdays, or Sundays.(I don’t know anyone who does Monday worship.)

              Only Antifa would schedule a mass protest of all segments of society on a Sunday. It’s just not practical. And you’re asking a lot of people to go against their beliefs to support a political belief.

                    1. And me — even moderately-right conservatives or libertarians (large-L or small) who despise Trump for his Twitter chatter (first rule of sleight-of-hand is to use the other hand, or something like that– Twitter having been Trump’s “primary hand” while the other got things done) have gotten the notion (fed by the Left-saturated Purveyors Of Culture) that it’s All About Trump.

                      Ah, no. From the first ripples of irregularities, I’ve held that the electoral validity itself mattered far and away more than which of the bastards took the ring. But no…. I’m apparently just a sore loser because my guy lost and I’d have better success bringing Nixon back from the dead than getting it through some people’s skulls that it isn’t a cult of personality!

                      Because these Captains PowerPoint (both our foes and our allies whom they’ve duped) have a four-year-long slide-deck, complete with fancy bullet points and eye-catching clip-art, of just how Eevil Emmanuel Goldstein Donald Trump is, so they’re incapable of any other explanation for our rejection of the 2MinHate. TDS and NeverTrumpIsm are a cult themselves: a cult of anti-personality.

                    2. They worship their Fearless Leaders, therefore we must worship ours. They can’t see us as anything other than distorted reflections of themselves. There is no room in their heads for ‘badthink’.

    2. Aye. There’s reason I’ll be topping of the things that ought be full and draining the things that ought be empty on the 19th or maybe early 20th – and then doing nothing (I’ll deal with snow if that is a necessity). Not even watching the travesty remotely. Why waste my time?

    3. If you’re thinking what I’m thinking, there’ll be a bit of gunpowder theater, and then they’ll be inaugurating Kamaltoe instead. (Is Gropin’ Joe oblivious enough to get blindsided by that?)

      Cuz despite that being a dumb move even for their own side, there are way too many of ’em drunk with power and success, and unwilling to be patient.

      1. The worst job in the world right now is leading China’s Joes Secret Service detail.

        They have to watch everyone except for Frau Doktor Biden as she needs him breathing to play the Edith Wilson revival role.

        1. And the old hands already don’t like him much… not for being an ass but for being just flat out irresponsible (screw my VP duties, I’ll do as I like). Methinks there’s gonna be some serious turnover in the near future.

          1. That the auto (Otto cf Airplane?) VP is NOT going to be present at the fauxnauguration is an interesting point. If I were Frau Doktor Biden I might try to find a reason to be elsewhere. Perhaps Claim Health issues although temporally asynchronous in nature.

            1. She’s not? Hmmm…..

              ….so when and where is the veep-veep to be sworn in?? for liberal meanings of “swear”.

      2. “Is Gropin’ Joe oblivious enough to get blindsided by that?”

        He’s demented. He forgets what city he’s in and what day it is in the middle of a speech. He goes off-script and starts ranting until somebody on the Joe Handling Team flags him down and he starts reading the teleprompter again. He’s toast. Has been all year.

        They’re not going to shoot him, IMHO. Too random, too dangerous. After all, he might live, right? Regan did.

        He’ll just be allowed to make a few jaw-dropping gaffes on live TV, maybe a little unfortunate involuntary incontinence at the swearing-in ceremony, then he will be quietly retired to a nice private funny-farm in Palm Springs CA. The great man rides majestically into the sunset, you know. So sad.

        But yes, all next week will be a great time to stay home and post cat pictures on Farcebook. It doesn’t take a genius to see the new plan is to make a ruckus and then blame Trump.

        1. Biden flat-out said in a nationally-televised interview that if he ever disagrees with Kamala Harris, he’ll fake an illness and resign. He literally said this and the news media pretended not to notice how completely insane that sounded.

        2. Let me rephrase that: Are Gropin’ Joe’s handlers so stuck on his China-friendly that they’ll be blindsided by Kamaltoe?

          Cuz I’m thinkin’ she may not have quite the Xinections, but would sure like to have ’em.

          Occurs to me that the real handlers on this end may be those who are siphoning off their cuts. (Given that ol’ Joe’s remaining brain cells can’t be wasted on such trivia as sidestepping the IRS.)

          1. Reportedly, Harris is mentioned as a recipient of Chinese funding in some of the information on Hunter’s laptop.

            1. Ah, well. Knew there was funding from India; hadn’t heard there was Chinese. But about as surprised that water is wet. We need more leaks.

        3. Have to post cat pictures on MeWe instead. Found Sarah as a person on MeWe, don’t know if she has a group page or not.

            1. OK, sorry, I think I’m pretty much a regular here and I’m stuck on one of the screen questions on the Huns group – What is the porcine entity enclothed or enwrapped therein?

                  1. I’ll be honest, I mostly just answered “Posner is a moron” to all the questions

      3. Biden will be shot, Kamaltoe will hold him and start yelling about the Trump shooters and if only guns were banned. The Media will be PERFECTLY placed to show this, their commentators will have just the right words to tell people how great, courageous, and loyal to Biden she is. Some EMTs will take Biden’s body away, Leaving Kamaltoe standing there, the Chief Justice Roberts will then move toward her as she is crying for Biden, telling her that she HAS TO BE SWORN IN as President. With Biden’s Blood covering her, crying for his loss, she will take the OATH, after that she will face the cameras and give a long speech about the loss of the Great man Biden, how wicked Trump supporters shot him using guns that should have been banned long ago, That the Nation is in danger because of the traitor Trump and his supporters, that Martial Law has to be imposed in this emergency, how she hates with her whole being that this is necessary but there is nothing else to be done, ALL the traitorous Trump Supporters and their leaders MUST be brought to JUSTICE. She will talk to the nation once she has been able to stabilize the nation.
        The FBI with other Fed LEOs helping will already be arresting Trump and many others. They were already in position. Many of the “Trump Supporters” will be killed “Resting” as will all the witnesses (mostly their family). The FBI will also find documents PROVING that they were part of the killing of Biden and the attempted overthrow of the RIGHTFUL Government. These will be blasted everywhere quickly by the Media, almost as if they already had them. ANYONE questioning the narrative will OF COURSE expose themselves as PART OF THE PLAN, Antifa/BLM will be ready to go after them and kill them.

        Doesn’t that just fall into place. If they were even half way competent something like this could work but with the Democrats???? I don’t think they could pull it off. They could DO everything but they would really mess up the timing or something else and it would fall apart. I really hope it would.

        1. The Kamal has already made plans to be elsewhere. Maybe they know something? Like, the ‘white supremacists’ have planted a bomb? Because their first Reichstag Fire fizzled out.

          1. Let’s hope not. One of those images that flashed through my mind in the days running up to January 6 was of the Capitol with the facade partially collapsed, as if from an explosion. It was so upsetting that I didn’t even want to describe it, for fear that it would come true.

            I really, really hope that all of that was just my subconscious, not any kind of premonition.

          2. Well, a bomb to take out the opposition witnesses would be too convenient, don’t you think? But then they’ve been totally ham-handed the entire way.

  5. I find your how-socialists-came-to-power insights and perspective very enlightening! My husband grew up in Warsaw, so I am familiar with the living-under-communism perspective, but it’s interesting to learn more about what happened outside Eastern Europe. I plan on spending next Wednesday praying, crying and not yelling in stress at my family—we’ll see how it goes.

  6. I’m certainly not going anywhere this weekend. No farther than the grocery store, certainly not to downtown, and emphatically not to Austin.
    I also sense the presence of some malign false flag op in the offing. (Got to remind myself to send you the particulars of my own author website for your project…)

          1. You know you can always send overflow to the DP and me. I cannot do the SF techno art most SF uses (yet) but I am solid on fonts / graphic design. And I *will* make time for our team.

    1. I’m interviewing for a job in the Houston area this Thursday, so definitely not going anywhere. Though I guess with my luck the way things are going that job will vanish into the ether as things go badly.

  7. Yep, fools gotta be foolish this weekend, armed and clueless.
    On a positive note, we’ll see who not to depend on for the long haul or to watch our six.

      1. I quite agree the core, leading from behind as much as possible, will be antifa.

        However, I don’t know, Sarah. From postings I’ve read on various blogs, a lot of clueless shouting we gotta do sumthin’ & this’ll show em!

        Remember, by simple definition half of Americans have below average IQ, and we gotta allow, at least some of them is us.

        None the less I don’t think this arranged photo op will changes things. The dems will try to destroy us with or without it.

      2. What if they go through all this and NOBODY shows up? Cops and National Guard primed for ‘insurrection’ and only BLM and Antifa on the field?

        1. They will provide their own props in order to create their desired narrative. It’s how totalitarians and aspiring totalitarians roll.

          1. Agreed. Sadly, there is no option where NOTHING happens, even if they have to manufacture it. (As I am becoming increasingly sure they at least in part did at the Capitol, given the fellow being outed as actual, interviewed-on-CNN antifa agitator.)

            I hate to sound like an awful, terrible cynic, but I am also wondering if this won’t be the bit where ‘pregnant woman’ is shot and killed to make the appropriate sort of martyr. :/

                  1. I said hard to work in… either they have to say “identifies as” or they have to say “pregnant man” which doesn’t have quite the same impact as “pregnant woman”
                    “Jesus, 6 months pregnant” Vs “Maria, 6 months pregnant”

                    1. The former is someone swearing about an unfortunate woman, while the latter *is* an unfortunate woman.


                      On a more serious note, I still remember Castro during the first Dem presidential debate claiming how important it was that we support reproductive justice for transwomen.

                    2. >> “or they have to say “pregnant man” which doesn’t have quite the same impact as “pregnant woman””

                      Oh, I would LOVE to see them try that. I don’t think it will inspire mass outrage so much as a chorus of “wait, what?!?

                    1. I dunno, but I became confused at “how important it was that we support reproductive justice for transwomen” cuz I thought they were gonna get an abortion anyway.

              1. On MLK Day. Just because all leftist propaganda false flag efforts are completely over the top.

            1. One version where nothing happens. The one where nothing happens and we’re all mocked for being stupid paranoids so that noone will listen to us again. Gaslighting on steroids.

              1. Also, we’re used to being called stupid paranoids *and* the gaslighting (which isn’t working anymore on a lot of us, hence their fear), and I’d far rather nothing happen. For one thing, it will also make THEM look more than a bit stupid, what with loading up DC with the National Guard and all.

                I don’t think that will happen, sadly, but I can hope.

                1. I have seen people jeering that the lack of people at the false flag this weekend proved that Trump supporters were frightened.

          1. But, then those are the Eeevul White Supremacists! The cops will have to shoot them ‘to save the Nation’!

            If it just looks like a BLM/Antifa ‘mostly peaceful’ protest, and nobody dies, people will see through the lies.

          2. Sigh. I think we’re all expecting it. And yet the half of the country that only gets information from the Democrat Media Complex will believe their shock and awe. It feels like we’re screaming into the void.

          3. The question is if they do that will they let the National Guard shoot? Given the folks running stuff they just might do that to make sure their own shock troops know who is running things. As they always claim you can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs. Wonderful people…

              1. or in this case, blackshirts, but I get your meaning.

                And they’re about to find out what happened to the real AntiFa.

        2. There will still be nutcases in any group. Larry Elder refers to what he calls the “Elvis Factor” — 12% of the population believes Elvis is alive, 8% believes if you write him a letter, he’ll get it.
          So the Elvis Factor component of any group that sees the posters may well show up.

            1. I almost saw Elvis, but my shovel broke.

              Actually, considering the average poll, methinks those are designed to make us believe Americans are stupider than they really are. And to make us look foolish before the world, that being part of the ol’ demoralization trick.

              1. My understanding is that trolling pollsters is a thing, and has been for a very long time. At best you can reduce the troll responses to 5% or so, but more typically you get those results where some horrifying percentage of people believe that Winston Churchill was a fictional character and that the Civil War was fought in the 1930s following the election of President Ben Franklin.

        3. Someone pointed out that all those troops in D.C. sure look a lot like an occupation force.

          And the whole area is fenced off (with real anti-climb fence, not bike stands). Ain’t no one gonna get NEAR the Official Buildings without either being explicitly let in, or driving a tank.

          1. Or without a wrench.

            According to this picture, the razor wire faces the *inside* and the U-bolts are on the outside. Great way to keep people *in* the Capitol. Things that make you go hmm…

            1. Which is why if I were a Republican I’d stay far away. That thing is simply a giant trap to hold all the attendees for arrest.

                1. It’s set up to keep people in, not to keep them out. Which means those inside can’t run away.

                  The proper term for such a construction is, “trap”. In simple military terms, it’s often referred to as “preparing the battleground”; and is the ideal for any military operation setting up an ambush.

                  1. I can’t figure out if LaWhorish is planning on a rapid ascension to POTUS (possibly via false-flag “terrorists”) or if POTUS-until-Noon is planning a bunch of surprise arrests that day. Of course, there’s the possibility that “and” is still valid.

            2. I wonder who the contractor was. Cuz I don’t quite believe that anyone could make such a dumb mistake by accident, without anyone pointing it out long before the job was finished. (Of course, a potted plant like Mad Maxine would want the “protection” where she could SEE it…)

              Either it was a bit of malicious compliance, or they’re expecting our guys to make a run for it, come the day.

              Or… it’s designed for the false flag to be able to make an entrance.

              Get the hell out NOW, guys.

              1. An article I read said that the fence (and concrete barriers) were set by the NJ National Guard. And yes, the concrete was also set to keep people inside. (I thought the people inside were TPTB, with the deplorable/taxpayers outside. Pretty close to that building, anyway.

          2. I think it would be pretty funny if we showed up at the fence line and kept anyone from getting out.

        4. What if a group of folk glitter bombs them — drawing an aggressive over-reaction of the type that’s made jackboots unfashionable?

  8. Were Mr. Trump a rich and successful businessman he would at this point exit gracefully from office.
    At the legally appointed time of course. And best I can tell there is no requirement for him to attend that dog and pony show on Wednesday.
    Once shut of that whole business put his mind and vast resources in both money and people towards the development of efficient, well run, and unbiased alternatives to every last one of the current censoring social media platforms. Let’s face it, he has a potential customer base of close to 74 million disenfranchised citizens who for the most part, having been vilified and rejected by our betters, will be most eager to sign up.
    And at the same time, he does appear to be capable of multi-tasking unlike most Congress critters, start laying the groundwork for a Presidential run in 2024. Not himself, but a known figure, let’s say perhaps Don junior. Wouldn’t that make heads on the left explode while offering those same 75 millions some modicum of hope for a better future.
    And just perhaps start planning on who to

    1. It’s more than 74m – that total is after completely-not-fraud vote count reductions that we all misremember because of the timeline shift.

      And besides, President Trump’s approval rose to 51% after the Reichstag Fire Capitol Open House Day Walking Tour, and 51% of the 214m registered voters is 109,037,728.

      Plus, DJT lives rent-free in the heads of the other side, so they would be compelled to be audience as well, and adding in people who are not registered to vote, that number would likely be something on the order of 250m.

      1. Which is why there’s a Pew poll out detailing President Trump’s “massive loss of Republican support.”

        1. Completely true if we are talking about the GOP. Or of people who’s loyalty is to the Republican Party.

          Americans on the other hand are divided on the question of whether the GOP needs to be strung up before or after the DNC.

            1. Oh, no – we have to assign most of the available ropes on the receiving end to redress past overuse of ropes by Dems on the hauling-up end.

              To be fair.

              1. How’s ’bout we use both ends of the rope – put a commiecrat on one end and a republicommie on the other? Think of the rope that would be saved (and be available to hang more of the scum).

          1. In 2016: I was a never-trumper who still knew that he was a better choice than Dilma-ing our country.

            My husband insisted we needed to vote for him because he would destroy the GOP.

            “Q” was right again.

          1. Yep – there is no evidence of any actual poll.

            More seriously, if they publish no internals including raw counts, sample sizes, correction factors to get to desired population, there is no actual poll.

              1. At least those with nominally GOP representation. I’m stuck in a state with pure blue congress critters that refuse to represent any conservatives. And I’m seriously wondering if Pappas and Shaheen actually won a fair vote, or if they got frauded in too.

                1. We’ve been wondering that too. Are there any organizations in NH working on election fraud? That’s something I would find worthwhile.

                  1. My town had a manual vote count, and it agreed with the count that the machine displayed. Percentage of votes for Biden was actually less than the percentage of registered Democrats, and the percentage of votes for Trump were greater than the percentage of registered Republicans; but the town still went to Biden with a difference of 6%. For the Senate, there was a 16 percent difference between Shaheen and her opponent Messner, most of which could be attributed to her being the incumbent. Not enough to raise suspicions. Chris Pappas beat out Matt Mowers in Barrington by 339 votes, about 5%. Again, that matches registered voter ratios and incumbent advantage expectations. I don’t have the figures for same day registration provisional votes; although if it’s anything like last time for the state, then the number of fraudulent provisional ballots will exceed the difference in votes between the candidates. So that’s going to be my primary target for legislation this term.

                    1. They’ve tried to fix that before, but were prevented by the Democrats, right?

                      My son was one of those “register on voting day” people and still hasn’t registered his car, etc. He moved in with us last June, but didn’t want to bother changing his insurance and changing his address at work because he thinks he might move back in a few months. Sigh. I’m pretty sure he’s paid more in NY state taxes than it would have cost him for any registration changes, but he’s stubborn. But not actually an illegal voter.

                2. Honestly, just looking at the fact they DARED have a potemkin campaign which implies enough fraud to win without almost any votes, I think they’re at most 25% of the people.

          1. I’m still getting mailings from the GOP begging for money, supposedly in the name of Trump. After that impeachment vote, I’m not so sure about the GOP. We need to do a real purge of the backstabbers.

            1. Yeah. I see the irritating defenses of people like Liz Cheney, and I think… it’s not that I’m *against* “muh principles”, but votes like that show that you’re way too susceptible to the false consensus that the leftists create, and I’d like to get rid of people who are weak in that way.

              1. Bingo. I’m looking for people who will oppose the fascists, and you can’t do that if you’re going to roll over and buy their propaganda.

    2. A peaceful exit isn’t an option. They won’t let Trump peacefully exit. He, his family and his business enterprises will be destroyed by the Left/media/Deep State alliance, out of spite if nothing else. Then they’ll start on the rest of us.

      1. “Don’t worry, Quintus! Once Sulla has finished with the proscriptions, everything will go back to normal and the Optimates will rule in Rome forever!”

    3. I saw somewhere recently about “massive amount of money” remaining in Trump’s campaign accounts, with dire accusations that he would convert that to personal assets (you know, like normal politicians do.) It strikes me as excellent seed money for the types of projects you suggest – alternatives to the Twits, the Farcebookery, the MeToobers and so on.

      A series of short videos exploring the issues of vote fraud, of fake news, of Acosta-ing politicians would be a good beginning. Pick up various additions like Whittle’s, JR’s, Rantburg, Alfonso Rachel, Prager, Daily Wire’s and other videoactivists, enabling them to monetize their work without the restrictions imposed by Youtube.

      If he builds it they will come, as the saying goes.

    4. That’s why I think he’s make a much better mentor and behind the scenes manager of the Trump Dynasty than old Joe Kennedy and his kids. The biggest problem is that The Don has an addiction to the spotlight.

    1. some of those are worse the PP. I wonder at the person who compiled it. “Here’s a list of alternatives for current anti-nausea meds : A: Thalidomide”

      1. Actually, Thalidomide has been back for a while. It’s controlled a little more strictly now. It has a laundry list of nasty side effects besides deformed babies.

        It’s back because it was provably useful against some cancers, organ transplant rejection issues, and some complications due to HIV.

        Like almost any drug, “TANSTAAFL.”

    2. The lists compiled at are not curated in any way, shape or form. It’s not just PayPal: any time I DDG for “alternative to X” I get a link to in the top three results, and it’s usually a mix of good suggestions and “why did they think that’s the same category?” suggestions. Like searching for “alternatives to butter” and getting suggested margarine (yes), Crisco (well, maybe), and olive oil (um, no; even if it is sometimes put on bread, it’s not a good ingredient for your cookie recipe).

  9. I told Foxfier’s blog about this.

    ai do mee dot nu.

    Guy who runs a blog hosting service.

    Might be a viable alternative to that which must be destroyed.

    1. Frankly, I can’t tell the practitioners of that style apart… like romance book covers, I’m sure it’s very clear to its fans.

          1. My favorites were the Neal Adams covers — I damn near bought the whole reissue series just for the covers (and superior condition, as many of mine were bought second-hand.)

            I did buy the Lancer Conan books for the Frazetta covers – it is how I discovered Conan in the frst place.

  10. Hmm.
    under the reply box in reader the suggestions from WP(DE) are some leftoid knob with a single follower complaining about Trump trying a coup, and a leftoid group in the UK complaining that Brexit is just a precursor to militarisation(sic) and a coup (post by the admin).
    (had to reload because of course WPDE)
    Now it is Eyes On Latin America and a post about Bolivia and watching what you say about coups there. replacing the UK nutters

    1. UK is hopeless when their nominally “conservative” governments are committed to full-fledged totalitarianism

      1. attempt 3 to reply:
        What does one expect when someone like Boris is the saner side of things?
        I think all rationality was on a ship that was sunk by a U-boat, and they’ve never replaced it.

    2. WordPress recommended blogs are generally worthless. It keeps recommending leftwing nonsense to me and then “having problems dismissing that site”.

  11. The SilikonAbteilung continues their work on SilikonNacht.

    The UberGeeks of SilikonAbteilung
    foolishly forgot that they, soon, will face the music from their own side, in the inevitable Night of Long Knaves. Because that is what those sort always do when they really think they have won. And the Donks are not about to leave any UberGeeks thinking that they call the tune.

    Heh. I may need more popcorn.

    Not over, by far, no. Our tribe has this amazing ability to pull success from disaster. Often, the very worst thing you can do is land a solid haymaker on America.

    Ask the Empire of Japan how that worked out.

    1. Poppetycorn. That might be something I am a bit short on. No microwave nonsense. And recommendations? Something not giving money to fools and anti-liberty types, and of high quality. Color doesn’t matter. Taste matters. And if it doesn’t have bits that get in stuck in teeth, that jumps it pretty high on the list. I have not, myself, researched what all is out there. With luck, I can find it locally and not have it shipped in. Never mind political shenanigans, it’s Winter here (and how…) and Delays Happen.

        1. Good to know, but I’ll use a non-‘zon source. Local store (regional chain) has some, though not in that size (not a problem – that amount might last me years.. under ‘normal’ circumstances, that is). After/During the BLM nonsense they put up some big banner and had shirt with some ‘woke’ message… at least they were smart enough to make them optional. Evidently, they HEARD what people thought that, LOUD, BLUNT, OFTEN… and smartened up fairly quickly. I don’t recall the shirt design any more, but it pretty much screamed ‘terrorist group’ to me. NOT a good look.

          1. Remember that in some cases, stores put the signs up as essentially Soprano style mob protection payments; i.e. they were not so subtly told that stores without signs would be vandalized, looted and burned to the ground.

            1. I suspect that was the Corporate Decision in $BigCity (which city the coastals would joke about…) but here in $HOOTERVILLE… there’s a reason KKKlantifa and Burn-Loot-Murder aren’t here.

        2. Bernie was a big fan of Orville Redenbacher’s popcorn and endorsed it on his campaign trail, but Redenbacher is owned by ConAgra, which seems to mostly support Republicans with its political donations. However, they did genuflect to BLM and “re-evaluated” their Mrs. Butterworth brand as being racist, and it looks like Mrs. Butterworth is going to join Uncle Ben and Aunt Jemima in the memory hole.

          1. Mrs. Butterworth was black? I had no idea.

            Or are they just removing all human images from advertising?

            Look out Mr Clean! Gerber Baby, run away! /sarcnotsarc

            1. She was to the people who believe that all domestic servants are Black. IOW, racists.

              As I recall, back when Mrs. Butterworth ads featured an animated bottle extolling her virtues the voice was rather British.

        3. Got any thin-crust? can’t stand the hard candy shell caught in my teeth.

          PS. with fresh Parmesan and lemon pepper. 😀

        1. Awaiting copper diffuser so I can use cast iron without having to break out the camp stove – it’s pity the house is just NOT set up for cooking with gas. Don’t have cast iron with such lid — but the big pot I’ve been using seems to work fine, even with metal lid. And coconut oil.

  12. What those protesters did was pretty dumb, but I apply the new rules of the Left in asking why they did it. I don’t condone it, but I sure as hell understand it. You take away the means of redress of the people, even if they’re wrong and you’ve set the stage. You show the country for almost a year that violent protest is a legitimate form of expression, and then you’ve got the gall to act surprised when the other side gets the message?

    What I can’t get on board with is that a bunch of supposedly serious people who demand I take them seriously are seriously telling me that the cast of Animal House dinking around the Capitol building for a couple of hours was a fucking insurrection?? Do they think that the protesters were somehow part of an organized plot, and furthermore that if they propped their feet up on the Speaker’s desk or took her lectern that they suddenly held the keys to the kingdom? I do believe the congress was back to work in a few hours, but I’m supposed to believe there was a credible threat to the government??

    You know, we’ve got a lot of stupid people and sources on our side, and they piss me off royally, and most of us rightly call them out. But the fact that this melt-brain level of stupidity was immediately trumpeted and echoed at the “highest” levels of our society tells me that their bullshit orders of magnitude more of a problem than ours, which is basically some internet randos and not the Joint Fucking Chiefs of Staff.

    Sorry for the language. Please delete if it’s inappropriate. But I apparently still can be amazed at how stupid our “elites” can be.

    1. You show the country for almost a year that violent protest is a legitimate form of expression, and then you’ve got the gall to act surprised when the other side gets the message?

      Exacerbated by the repeated message that if you want something hard enough you are entitled to it.

      What I can’t get on board with is that a bunch of supposedly serious people who demand I take them seriously are seriously telling me that the cast of Animal House dinking around the Capitol building for a couple of hours was a fucking insurrection??

      I was contemplating this earlier. Let us say that the protestors were engaging in insurrection, succeeded in capturing every member of Congress, and then executed them. Would they then have been in control of government? Could they have retained Trump as president?

      Or would each of the fifty states said, “Nope, unh-uh, no way,” and appointed replacements for their House and Senators, convened Congress in some other location and commenced operation as the duly authorized government of the United States, recognized Biden as President, and dispatched the military to arrest (assuming they hadn’t already been taken captive) the insurrectionists rioters, try and execute them?

      At no point, even if they’d killed all in the US Congress (and members of the Supreme Court, just because they could) would those fools have been able to exercise command of the government.

      Now, if they’d captured all those people, held them hostage and threatened to release them …

    1. About the flags… it rang so many bells that the only pics msm showed had Confederate flags, but the livestreams all showed a sea of mostly Stars and Strips with second place going to the Snek flag. I was ready to believe photo shop as much as “one random idiot.” But that’s me. I’m having trust issues right now.

      1. I don’t have any trust issues.

        I fully trust that they’re lying through stolen teeth.

        “How can you tell when a news crew is lying?”
        “What, you mean they stopped once?”

        1. I’m so old I remember when the Democrats/left (but I repeat myself) used to proclaim that the FBI and CIA were utterly untrustworthy and were outright evil.

          1. They were right. Although what Clinton did to the CIA was a crime, and arguably treason, and probably contributed to 9/11.

            1. 1. What did he do?

              2. I’m not sure there is anything one can do to the CIA that can be justifiably called a “crime”. Except maybe helping them; that whole “aiding and abetting” clause.

              1. Clinton gutted the CIA and left a bunch of their agents ‘out in the cold’. Also declined to take Osama Bin Laden from Sudan and put the bastard in Guantanamo when Sudan practically begged him to. Clinton should have been tried for contributing to 9/11.

        2. There’s the knowledge that the stories are seeking to manipulate, I’ve gotten used to that. Right now, I’m not sure where to draw the line between “this person really said that” and “That’s a deep fake” ought to run. That kind of trust issues. It doesn’t help that I’ve just been WAITING for it to appear as part of a big play for the last several years. Stuff that has multiple live feeds concurrently showing events is more believable than one nicely edited official video.

  13. I wonder if anyone is selling poster-sized copies of that “REFUSE TO BE SILENCED” poster. It is, in its way, a masterpiece. Full Communist symbology, yet with just a few fillips to aim it at its target audience.

    That’s inbred rednecks with Bibles, chewing tobacco, and way too many guns, I suspect. They probably expect them to arrive in a convoy of lifted 4wds stuffed with ammunition and coolers full of beer, kitted out in full “Duck Dynasty” branded clothing.

    1. So, I went looking for a poster. It seems like “refuse to be silenced” is a common leftist slogan often found on signs and posters out on the whacktard Left fringe. Never with any attribution to an organization; the Left prefers its demonstrations to be “spontaneous” and anonymous.

      Huh. I wonder if they were trying to incite their own followers and not some imaginary conservatives…

  14. What I’m hoping for is that this is all sound and fury, signifying nothing.

    It’s big on CNN. It’s big on all the other networks. Twitter and FB are blaring out that they’re going after the “white supremacists,” but I keep thinking they’ve overplayed their hand. There’s far, far too many people that know what they’re doing and just not talking about it…openly. When people say they’re afraid to answer polls honestly for fear of cancel culture-and we have 40+% of people saying that something went very wrong with this election, that’s an indicator. And, it should be an indicator that people are watching and reading and understanding.

    I’ve used the term “Versailles Mentality” for our upper political and economic class for years-nothing quite is real for them outside of their enclaves on both coasts and other places. Meanwhile, other people try to make their own Versailles, however inadequate is is, or try to stay in favor with the upper classes to keep the money flowing. Nothing is real to these people outside of Versailles-at best, it’s just scenery as they travel from one enclave to another, at worse it’s the place where the lumpen proletariat they claim to serve lives in squalor. And as long as they are quiet in that squalor, they claim all the virtues of “service” without the mess.

    Here’s the thing, I think they’re scared. And, they’ve been terrified for the last four years, easily. Trump, an oink from Queens, wasn’t supposed to win. Wasn’t supposed to change things. Wasn’t supposed to make the Middle East a better place (after all, they can deal with the oil sheiks, they have money and getting rid of those uncomfortable Jews would be a nice side benefit). He wasn’t supposed to do a lot of the things he did. Yet, he did. And, that scared them-it could mean that the people that are supposed to obey them aren’t listening, or worse…think they might actually be in charge of things.

    It’s going to be an uncomfortable few years. Got that. We’ve had those before, and made it through. It won’t be a fun couple of years, but as long as we don’t lose, they can’t win.

    1. I keep reminding myself that we have had wannabe totalitarians (including those who might arguably have won via fraud) running the country in the past. Van Buren. FDR. Wilson. I’m sure there’s plenty of others. Granted, tech has changed the game in a huge way, but…we’ve survived wannabe tyrants before, and they didn’t prosper. Here’s praying that Himself still has a hand over this land in protection. I know He does, but some days it’s awfully hard to remember that it’s there.

      1. The aspiring tyrants have had an entire generation+ to engage in widespread indoctrination in schools and through entertainment media as a result of their takeover and total control of those areas. That means they have created a lot of useful idiots who simply don’t know any better that can be pointed at those the tyrants seek to destroy at any given moment. Think of them as being Parson’s children from 1984.

  15. ===
    There have been pamphlets circulating (Reziac, would you post again?) that amount to “My fellow Drumph supporters, it is time to reinstall beloved leader. Bring all your weapons to DC or the state capitol, and let’s shoot the bastards, yah?”

    Sorry, have not rediscovered its whereabouts. I think I might have found it via a comment under the blog of He Who Must Not Be Named, since I can’t bloody DDG it through the current official noise.

    However, it was rather less obvious than that Red Guard poster; main clue was the mildly disparaging Trump banner across the front page; *that* made me go WTF, NO even tho the rest looked tolerably legit. And now that you mention it, I don’t recall seeing a name of the sponsoring group anywhere on the site. Methinks that alone is a solid redflag, given that generally they can be backtracked to alliances or funding.

    Frex, did you know that the Daily Yonder, supposedly a voice for Rural America, is funded by Soros? Yep. About three layers back, but it is. Got suspicious because of their backdoor support for, ah, rural socialism, and went looking. And sure enough.

  16. The perfidy of the Democrats is perfectly exposed by their NOT calling those who engaged in riots while chanting “no borders, no walls, NO USA AT ALL” as being engaged in sedition and insurrection, even though they expressly called for the overthrow and elimination of the United States.

  17. Qanon is sort of the Right-wing equivalent of the New York Time or Slate on the Left, except it has far less reach (virtually NObody on the Right will cite it) and acceptability.

    But it is the Left’s idea of what a Right-Wing site would be – as opposed to actual influential Right-Wing sites like National Review (well … it once was), PJ Media (and the rest of Salem Network’s acquisition, e.g., Town Hall, Twitchy, etc.), the Daily Wire … The Left forever needs boogey men on the Right and Qanon serves the purpose without risk of actual credibility.

    1. never heard of it until someone blamed them for something they believed and I asked “But were they right about it?” because of course being nuts means we ignore something they are correct about when someone not them found it or brought it up.
      Other than that in know nothing worth worrying about and care nothing about them.

      1. My question to– were they right? I think they got a lot wrong and still believe that Trump is playing 3-d chess and will still come up with something. I’m sure that he is tired by now.

        1. I forget what it even was now, but that was the blow-off “Well, that’s something Q believes so . . .” Do they think water is wet? does that mean to you, obvs, water is not wet?

          1. Oh you mean the other anti-Trump strategy– if Trump believes it then the other side yells it isn’t true and believes it, which is even sillier.

            1. Trump: The sky is blue.

              Fact Check: At night, 50% of the time, the sky is black. During sunrise and sunset at least part of the sky is various shades of pink, and if it is overcast then the sky is gray. Therefore the claim “the sky is blue” is only true less than half the time.

              Verdict: MOSTLY FALSE

            1. That’s why they don’t teach any sort of critical thinking or logic any longer. Can’t have the sheep think for themselves. They might not do what you want.

    2. I know someone who’s conservative, and a couple of months ago suddenly started posting pro-Trump stuff multiple times a day on Facebook. A lot of it was things she was passing on from others, but that appear to have originally started with QAnon.

      Most of the “info” was either rumors regarding evidence of election fraud, or along the lines of, “Trump is doing X! He’s planned it all out! Trust the plan!”

      1. It’s a first- rate story. I am just shocked more storytellers are not ripping it off / riffing on it.

        It is therefore brilliant propaganda / morale building.

        If you’re wise enough to perceive this, you do not need either.

        Where does the left get its useful idiots from?

      2. Some of the Q followers think that the purpose behind Q was to keep pissed off patriots from starting to go full Rambo on the leftists. There have been indications that Q is endorsed by/affiliated with POTUS, including a fair number of Q posts that were done within a few seconds of the President’s tweets. Occasional messages signed Q+ look as if they were written by POTUS.

        And curiously, Amazon has been taking down the Q related books published by pro-Trump people.

        I don’t know how it’s going to play out. OTOH, no matter what happens, I’m pretty sure there will be blood.

  18. …oh WOW. I hadn’t bothered to look for the poster, just hearing it as unconvincing. A “McDonald’s color scheme,” I was told.

    OMG did they REALLY make a “How do you do fellow Patriots!!” meme in the frickin’ *CCP COLOR SCHEME*??

    Look, I know the left is RIDICULOUSLY bad at Turing Testing as right, but did they bring even TWO of their brain cells to bear???

    Although given that “Wear pearls for Kamala on inauguration day!” is circulating (ROFLROFLROFL I CAN’T), I guess they really might not have that many…

    1. Recently an ‘Alexa’ developer said that the Turing Test should be replaced. I wondered if that was because in his mind Alexa could pass it… or because Alexa could not pass it. Or because Biden could not pass it.

      Hadn’t heard about the pearl thing, and I suspect I best not think on it lest… sometimes ox not slow enough.

    2. Turing Testing

      Oh, no. This whole thing can’t be an actual AI, can it? Was Elon right?

      I mean, ZuckerLizard comes over as an alien android replicant, but he can’t really be just an AI remote construct – Can he?

    3. Look, I know the left is RIDICULOUSLY bad at Turing Testing as right, but did they bring even TWO of their brain cells to bear???

      Why you insult glorious poster of People’s Revolution?

      1. And here I was thinking that it was sexist because pearls were so stereotypically feminine. But nooooo. Had to be a double entendre too.

    4. Somehow wearing a pearl necklace to celebrate Kamala’s rise to power just doesn’t come across as complementary to me.

    5. If they HAD two brain cells, they’d have a synapse.

      As it is, they have to pass around that single brain cell, and it’s getting a bit shopworn.

      “Wear pearls for Kamala on inauguration day!”

      Something about pearls before swine??

    1. Well, since they believe they’re the smartest people in the USA, and WE know how stupid they are, they ‘just know’ we’re even stupider than that. Gomer Pyle would blind them with his brilliance.

    2. They do.
      I mean didn’t you see the troll going on about “Christian Republicans”? I told her not to come to the comments here. Her head would explode and someone would have to clean the wall.

      1. I’d love to have her spew a little. Just more grist proving this is religion based discrimination.

    3. One basic theme of that show was Gomer seemed dumb, but was always getting around the smart people, including Gunny Carter.

      1. Carter? Carter? I seem to remember there was another famous Carter almost equally clueless,..

      2. Just as “The Smart People” never grasped that the Clampetts were making more sense than their wealthy new neighbors.

  19. I’ve read a suggestion that Qanon has all the hallmarks of an FBI disinformation campaign. I don’t know how to verify such a thing, but it does make sense.

      1. Although at this point, nothing would shock or surprise me about any of the alphabet agencies at this point. Just think of them as late Rome praetorians.

    1. The backtracking I’ve seen bruited about claims it originated in a leftist Reddit thread, and all it took to get it going was feeding it to the chans. Might not have started as FBI disinfo but given the Nostradamus-level predictions and “wait for the plan” making it the perfect thing to occupy those susceptible to conspiracy theories …. methinks it’s become mostly an FBI honeypot. “Let’s see who reacts or believes. Put ’em on a list.”

        1. Hell, that would be the list of idiots WE’D like to be rid of. They’d be doing us a favor if they weren’t coming after everybody next.

          There is no cause so noble that a few shitheads won’t follow it.

    2. From back in September:

      A Game Designer’s Analysis Of QAnon:

      When I saw QAnon, I knew exactly what it was and what it was doing. I had seen it before. I had almost built it before. It was gaming’s evil twin. A game that plays people. (cue ominous music)

      The author doesn’t speculate as to who the GMs, er, “puppet masters” are, but he links to another article that suspects the Russians (yeah, yeah, I know, but the GRU is more competent than the CIA & FBI) through various cutouts.

      1. They don’t have to be running it, just observing it. There are enough flat-earther types out there glad to grab and run with any tempting conspiracy theory, and one complete with its own Nostradamus… best ever!

    3. I would say the evidence it is covered with FBI fingerprints is far more convincing than the idea of Hunter Biden’s laptop being Russian disinformation.

  20. Bottom line, it don’t make no nevermind.
    Yes a bunch of clueless will show up armed in DC & state capitals this weekend.
    Yes the media, the democrats will pearl clutch at the horror of it all, demand action and congress will introduce 37 bills to emasculate the population and protect the elite but, hey, no matter what, they were, they are, they will do that anyway.
    Shucky darn, it don’t make no nevermind.

    1. As I have noted elsewhere in comments, their goal is to turn the USA into a single party totalitarian state with political opposition and parties outlawed. Remember Nancy Pelosi already declared that the entire Republican Party is an “enemy of the state” and she did so on the floor of the House. She was the senior most Democratic Party official in the country when she said it. It must therefore be taken as the Democratic Party’s official position and policy.

      1. … political opposition and parties outlawed

        That would last until the 2022 election when the Democrat Party split into Progressive and Not So Fast wings.

  21. > the trolls who invaded my page

    Facebook would certainly have a list of badthinkers, even if it was just grepping old posts for keywords. Some simple pattern matching; “something they don’t want people talking about” vs. “this user posted badthink” and bammo. Probably completely automated.

    They already have that sort of software in place, to censor messages they don’t want visible. They’re issued press releases about that. And the Zuck has said FaceBorg will actively “shape” activity; they issued a press release about that, too.

    Frankly, I’d be offended. 24 hours is just a kitten tap to get your attention. People they really don’t like get at least 30 days in the cooler.

    Of course, if your followers can be shown that they can make you bend the knee, they win whether you stay or leave.

  22. The commies are so assured of their victory that they have called up 30,000 (THIRTY FREAKING THOUSAND) troops to DC to protect the coronation. These are not rational acts by rational people who believe they have a “mandate.”

      1. As a general rule I believe churches should be apolitical. I will give a pass to churches and clergy coming out against politicians who are actively anti-(whatever religion said church/religious institution is). Supporting politicians who are actively and openly anti-your religion? Seriously makes me wonder about said churches/clergies true allegiance.

      2. I lived in Germany for three years and I always liked hearing the bells but right now I’m glad Brigham Young nixed bells on Latter-day Saint chapels.

        1. Presidents usually get sworn in at noon, don’t they? And most church bells ring at noon, either for the hour or for the Angelus. So that is just for pretending that churches like Biden.

          1. Like when the Twits said that Britain was setting off fireworks to celebrate the media calling the election for Biden. The media made the announcement on Guy Fawkes Day.

      3. Ring the bells? Okay, let me finish tuning ’em…

        What do you mean, they’re out of tune and they hurt your ears??

      1. The number keeps ratcheting up. But it’s at least a full division. Apparently without any support gear, judging from the pictures.

        What so many soldiers are supposed to do, and to whom, is a mystery to me.

        The DC NG answers to Donald Trump. The others… only answer to the incumbent if their governors have transferred control to the Fed. Otherwise they’re only answerable to their governors. None of the news stories I’ve seen has had anything to say about that.

        The rolls of concertina wire are a nice touch. Very Warsaw-Pact-ish. Needs some machine-gun nests for the full effect, though.

          1. Well, we had “Escape from New York” and “Escape from L.A.”; a live-action “Escape from D.C.” might be a hit on the Coliseum Channel.

        1. The military is there because the Democrats intend to remove by force the Republican members of Congress that they going to expel en masse as soon as Biden takes the oath of office.

        2. One source I checked – forgive me if I repeat myself, frustration looms – counted the Germans at Normandy at 80K. That was the base force intended to stop an invasion, well at least to hold one off until the panzers arrived. We’re getting close to half that number in DC this weekend. By WW II standards, close to two full divisions. I don’t know any way of making the insanity more obvious than that. Two divisions … to do what, precisely?

          Images of the ANG and the crazed Pretender announcing new nation-wide COVID education, are fear factories. Make people afraid and they will accept many otherwise unpalatable things. My local Chicago paper yesterday called us all – thinking people, inclined to Trump – domestic terrorists. Fear thy neighbor. Trust no one, comrade.

          It’s a good week to sit home quietly. My Bride and I are breaking the rules and taking two days away in a state that allows us to be served at a bar and in a restaurant. Imagine that …

    1. And of course they totes individually pre-vetted all those troops before calling them up – all the way up, no disgruntled troopies in any position of authority in that entire pile.

      There’s a very good reason why the actual military headcount and stockpile of cool toys, like M1 Abrams and Bradleys and those IED truck thingies, within a given radius of DC is very much limited and constrained.

      Again, ahistoricalism run amok on display: Who do they think actually executes most actual coups?

      “So we’re afraid of a coup – let’s bring 30,000 troops into the streets of the capitol, arm them all, and then we’ll be completely safe!”

      1. Secret Service agents dusting off their inventory of anti-armor weapons: “Is this all we have?”

        1. The ATF bought over a hundred 20mm rifles during the Clinton Administration. They’ll punch right through most armored vehicles. The FBI also has a bunch of 20s and .50-cals.

          Those Guard guys might just be there to take the fall if the Feds start shooting. We’ve seen the FBI and ATF gunning citizens down indiscriminately before; I doubt they’ve changed, considering who has been running those agencies for the last few decades.

          1. The armored vehicle I’d use for a coup in an urban environment is the Stryker, and while it’s base hull armor only protects against up to 14.5mm in the frontal arc and 7.62 all aspects, with the ceramic armor kits that are pretty much always installed it’s good against up to 14.5mm from all aspects. There are also Stryker add-on armor kits of reactive armor and for the slat armor that’s installed on almost all of them in ‘stan to defeat shaped charge RPGs, but I have nothing on how common either of those kits are stateside.

            Michael Yon is in DC and has been posting – he says the Guardsmen are not arriving as units or armed, mostly showing up in dribbles in rental cars to billets in hotels in Crystal City, and to his eye they are not combat-ready.

            Yon sounds very worried going forward.

            1. Note Yon is also trying to assemble a direct-email mailing list in case he gets purged or un-DNS’d, which might not be a bad idea at all.

              1. Current mailing list is Mailchimp… didn’t they come down on the other side of the fence?

                1. Right – and he recognizes that, I think in the comments, indicating they are maintaining live backups of that list and will port it elsewhere if mailchimp purges him.

                  He is on the same page as Sarah as to his assessment of where this is going. He said he hopes he is wrong, but fears he is correct, so he expects more ideological e-warfare to come.

                  1. Ah, okay. Well, stuck myself on the list, what’s one more?

                    Yeah, saw his interview the other day re infiltrators and such. Same page, more kinetic.

          2. Could also be an excuse to set up and gut the military and replace them with their own Red Army.

        1. That letter is one of the things that really set me off. If our JCS, in all their years of wisdom and experience, assessed the situation and came up with that hot take, we’re in the very best of hands. /s

            1. There are other modes of potential dysfunction, that may be sufficient.

              We are considering the possibility that a congressman may be carrying out a long term plan at foreign prompting.

              There are associations within the officer corps that use political influence to prevent officers from being removed except on clear cut grounds of what a bipartisan audience can be persuaded off. One has incentive not to tolerate others being purged, because it impacts one’s own opportunities for avoiding being purged, for promotion, and for doing business with the DoD bureaucracy after retirement.

              Once you look at, say, 30 congressmen led in a long term project of ruling the country entirely, the ability of congressmen to nominate to the service academies, and to make funding decisions for the military, becomes usefully exploitable. If people of poor character are nominated for three decades, and congressional influence is used to keep them within the service, the foreign partner’s intelligence service can recruit the officers, and maybe get 5% to 10%. If such has occurred, the foreign power might have assurance of compromising the military’s ability to intervene in a coup. Beyond that, Obama’s slow purge of senior officers may have been intended to clear out anyone who was not a foreign asset.

              On the bright side, this would imply that Congress does not have the ability to entirely suspend funding for defense programs without shorting supporters of their thirty pieces of silver. It is just that the defense programs might be mismanaged such that none of the capabilities the foreign adversary really fears ever materialize. On the other hand, Jinping Xi thought isn’t up to succeeding at technology on purpose, so being able to fail on purpose may be likewise beyond the management ability.

      2. As I inquired back up the thread: Are the National Guardsmen they imported – detachments from all fifty states, for up to 30 days at least, and so many the Guard is reportedly running out of deployable units – supposed to be guards, pawns, patsies or targets?

        Something doesn’t smell right about this. And the Democrats have yet to act like a party that legitimately won power in an election. They have, however, behaved throughout like a party that staged a coup that still hangs in the balance.

        1. Here’s a lovely scenario: while they are in DC, SturmAntifa in MAGA hats visit their homes/relatives.

          1. If they really brought in Guard from all 50 states, then I wish good luck to the SturmAntifa assigned to harass the Alaska folks. And have your wills completed.

        2. It could be simple incompetence with those in charge being so ignorant of things military that they believe they’re doing a great job. Weaponized Dunning-Kruger.

        3. There may not be a single coherent plan. You may be giving decision makers credit for too sophisticated an understanding of applied military power.

          Trump is formally commander-in-chief, but for some reason this does not feel like anything he would arrange.

          Trump’s peaceful protest was declared some time in advance. If Pelosi knew what she would do, she could start raising concerns about security around the time of the inauguration. Biden’s team seems to have vastly overestimated the degree to which civilians would overlook the fraud. They may have similar oversights with regard to the military, and the degree to which consequences are not only what they instruct the bureaucracy to produce. If Biden’s team said ‘yeah, we want more security for the inauguration’, and Trump said ‘okay, fine, do what they ask’, senior military leaders not briefed on Pelosi’s plans or the FBI’s plans may just be trying to comply.

          Pelosi appears to have let the protestors in to panic congress. Congress has panicked, and probably made all sorts of requests for additional security. If Biden and Trump are both saying, “sure, do that”, here may not be any sort of unified plan or considered decision. Now, maybe Tulsi Gabbard is playing a deep manipulation game with the Democrats, and has set up a plan for an actual coup. It isn’t even clear here that the core Democratic leadership includes people who have served in the military, and are mentally competent to understand that the situation is not 100% reliable.

  23. Just finished reading books on 1930’s Germany and Edith Wilson. Too close for comfort.
    And now I know why Qanon always seemed no real. Because it is not real, or is so small and far right it’s left. Ignore either way

    1. As somebody who’s followed QAnon off and on for a couple of years now – it’s entertaining – I’m sure there’s a plan. I’m just not sure whose plan it is.

    1. My guess is that she’s in seriously bad health, sliding down that slope. Last picture I saw of her she didn’t look good.

        1. She was active on social media gloating about Trump being impeached. She also simultaneously blamed him for inciting riots because of his claims that the Democrats committed massive fraud when such fraud can’t happen while also claiming that the only reason Trump was even in office was due to the fraud; you know of the type that she said couldn’t have happened in the 2020 election.

          The only thing missing was a declaration that we have always been at war with Eastasia.

      1. Never stopped her from running her mouth, though.

        I expect she’s sulking about not getting the 2020 nomination, and then again for not being appointed for another important post. Wouldn’t surprise me if none of the Dems will return her calls. She’s poison, and yesterday’s news. Time for Granny to step aside for the Squad and their ilk.

    2. Probably under heavy sedation to prevent her from stroking out from the hissy fit she would have when she realizes that even the left didn’t like her enough to cheat this hard. When Joe Biden is seen as a better choice for candidate…

    1. Klingons are much more respectable. No self-respecting Klingon would dress up in a pansy cow costume. (No offense, Orvan.)

      1. That horn-helmed Dingelfritz?




        There. Was that so difficult?
        I hate to admit it, but Minotaur sissies do sadly exist (Buy your own brain bleach).
        And they are STILL more masculine than that pansy.

        1. There was that one time he fell asleep at the party and wound up paisley, but that’s not really the same thing.

        2. Orvan the Terrible? Naw, too close to ‘Ivan’ And I vouldn’t vanna do dat.
          Orvan the Terra-Bull? Well, Taurus are ‘earth’ signs, so they claim.

          To those about to fling carp.. could you keep the carp well-preserved until Friday*?
          Or use them for the FICUS installment in not?

          * No, not Catholic, just kinda like a Friday fish fry.

          [Pa almost never went to church, until late in life. Had some… issues… with pushy types. Did go to one church but only for the Lenten Wednesday evening fish fry – and that was, as far as I know, the only ‘observance’ of Lent** he bothered with.]

          ** By the way, if you are giving up something for Lent (other than ethanol…) let me know, I might pick it up for you for The Duration… see, I might observe Borrowed. };o)

          1. >> “To those about to fling carp.. could you keep the carp well-preserved until Friday*?”

            [shoves ice chest at Orvan]

            Here, just take ’em out and smack yourself when you need them. Across the face, and put some muscle into it; you’re on the honor system here.

  24. There is no doubt in my mind that if an event happens at the inauguration it will be with the consent of the incoming Administration.
    For a month leading up to the 6th of January the mainstream news, democrat party members and speakers, and the more extreme progressive talk show host have been ramping up their rhetoric of how the right (meanimg everyone not immediately abandoning Trump and supporting Biden) is extremely violent and armed, telegraphing their want and need for an event to happen.
    Now all new cycles seem to be filled with words of violent coup and armed insurrection, again telegraphing what they wish to have happen.
    With their well-documented hatred of trump and anyone who has ever opposed them in the last 4 years, the Democrats coming into Power are looking for just any excuse.
    If just one of the troops is injured or killed, the Crackdown on anything and everything begins and possibly with the military’s involvement.
    With Washington DC under full lock down and something close to 20,000 troops surrounding the capital, there is no way any group armed or otherwise could get near the inauguration without notice (permission).

  25. The folks who said they were opposing “dictator” Trump, opposing “fascist” Trump, have turned our shining city of Liberty into their personal


      1. Most of the monuments are nice, and the Smithsonian has a large collection of artifacts important to history. I would be sad if it were razed. A neutron bomb, on the other hand, wouldn’t cause me to lose much sleep.

        1. Assuming the neutron flux extends well passed the blast damage area and a high enough air burst would result in little blast than a rather windy day. Not sure that that is possible.

  26. Anyway, I’m not 100% sure of the thought behind the invasion, except again, maybe they think if they come over and call me “crazy,” I’ll change my “mind” because it would work for them.

    The purpose is to make sure you’re flagged as wrong think.

    Remember, commenting on the internet is not about convincing the person you talk abusing talking to. It is a performative act for the audience.

    That is why they comment on every post. That way, your fluffy point on crochet dragons is also informing on you for bad think.

    Are they for real? No seriously.

    Yes. People have been telling me I’m nuts, but I’ve been saying since the day after they will hang people for that protest. And I mean literally hang. They will not use lethal injection but will erect gallows, quite possibly in the green space in the center of DC.

    And the courts will fast track denying the appeals.

    I’m willing to bet considerable money no later than Halloween 2022 (so it is in time for the 2022 “elections”) there will be executions for “Trump’s insurrection.

    I also expect some random conservatives (possibly some of us) will be arrested for the “violent acts” we committed at state capital protests. I expect those arrested will be “photographed” at these events. I also suspect they will be people not in DC.

    This is all the beginnings of terror to remind us they can kill us at will, and nothing can stop them.

    That’s why if the police come for you, decide now what you are going to do beforehand.. Make them tell you through the door the reason they want to see you. If it isn’t about the “insurrection” or “riots” or “protest,” you might be okay, but I’d stick with ACAS for self-protection. Regardless, if you choose to go with them about the upcoming “insurrections” because you know you weren’t even there and the courts will protect you…well, I hope your children got their brains from your spouse..”

    1. If “law enforcers” aren’t my known local police, then they are imposters. By the way, half the cops on the local police force also help instruct on firearm construction and usage. Sure, that might mean they’re operatives gaining knowledge of who has guns so they can confiscate them. If I’m that poor of a reader of people then I deserve to be rounded up and put in a concentration camp.

  27. I printed out yesterday’s blog post and some of Larry’s posts about the election. I expect Larry’s blog and yours to be deplatformed. I am not worried about my own physical safety but I think things will get bad for many other people. I’ll keep praying for all of you!

  28. Other than people sharing the above poster (which makes me hungry for some reason, maybe because it reminds me of McDonalds?) and saying that there are no conservative groups planning a demonstration for this weekend I’ve not heard a word about any protests planned here in my state’s largest city, nor in the state capital.

    Beyond that, my state is a Constitutional Carry state so good luck keeping anyone from going around unarmed while obeying the law. As I’ve reminded a few people over the years, half of this state admitted to having firearms in the years before the oil boom and the increase in Concealed Carry permits (before we became Constitutional Carry), so if you aren’t armed you’re in the minority. This revelation came as a bit of a shock to one of my coworkers who moved here OR.

    As for the trolls on Sarah’s page, I looked at a couple last night. They are deep, deep in the progressive swamp. So deep into being on the right side of history that I’m sure if they encountered oxygen they’d likely die from the poison. Those type of people are not worth worrying about. I’m sure we’re all on someone’s list somewhere. Other than being annoying online I doubt most of us need worry about any targeted attacks in the real world.

    1. Troll-mobilization is a form of e-warfare, basically a mental DoS attack with posturing for anyone observing from the sidelines, an attempt to get the target tied up into knots attempting to reply. Sarah ID’d this right away, so they failed.

      I expect all these forms of e-conflict to escalate as we enter the craziest part of the Crazy Years era.

    1. They’ll show up in force, pose for PR shots, and then claim they were so fearsome that the pro-Trump insurrectionists faded away rather than face them.

      1. As I pointed out down thread, they’ll also either derail the “March for Life” or have lots of ready-made targets.

  29. In most cities, Saturday is a local March for Life at the respective state capitals. Jan 22 is the anniversary of Roe v Wade, another day of infamy for SCOTUS.

    For those who believe in God, never forget this is a spiritual battle, too, and the reason to attach this weekend is to attack the Christians who acknowledge that all rights derive from the right to life.

    The father of lies really hates the March for Life.

    so yes, that’s another thing happening this weekend–peaceful pro life Christians are going to state capitols to march. Will NGs stop them? Antifa? We all fight in our own way, but this is bigger than the US.

    The national March for Life, was supposed to be next weekend. The q remains whether our peaceful protest on the Mall will be allowed. I assume it will not. We will ever be allowed again?

    1. And that’s what gave them this idea: “anti-choice terrorists are showing up anyway.” Probably lots of pregnant women, too.

      1. March for Life is the last weekend of the month, but they just decided to go virtual “for COVID.” But really to avoid the domestic terrorist false flag crap. I concur. Smart move.

        1. Are you sure that’s what happened? How do you know they weren’t told they couldn’t come? That they’d be denied access?

          And in what world does it make sense to give up your right to peaceful protest?

          We’re not talking about a political party here. This is an event made up of people who believe life is sacred.

          You may approve, but the end result is you approv of them never letting you speak because Evil people do bad things. Forfeiting your own rights ahead of time? nuts to that.

          1. I approve of not showing up with a bunch of young college kids, high school kids, etc. to be slaughtered and libeled as terrorists, all at the same time.

            The amusing bit is that a token group of old guy pro-life leaders will be apparently be using the permit to march. Much less attractive as targets, and no pregnant ladies.

    2. Despicable Kate Brown has a number of Oregon Army NG troops supporting the OSP in case of idiots and/or false-flag operations at the capitol. The announcement seems to be purposely vague, though they mentioned they would not disclose locations. I saw no mention of numbers activated, nor much of anything beyone “we will be ready to ensure peaceful events and handle emergency situations”.

  30. If you hadn’t told us in March not to get cocky and told us that the opposition (enemy?) would cheat in the election, I’d say you should get to a mental health professional for an appropriate psychotropic. As things are, I want to be optimistic (my default); but I wander….

  31. I find it almost dreamlike that the leftie President of Mexico is volunteering to lead a global effort to stop deplatforming and the attacks on free speech. That shows more guts than our own gubermint.

      1. The Mexican ruling class (and there very much is one) have lots more revolutions in their institutional memory than the US aristo-wannabes, so they recognize the signs better.

        Basically if the boog kicks off, all those Mexican Citizens Living Abroad will stream home, no longer sending home the huge piles of money currently remitted across the border each year, and they will get a refugee problem in the other direction, all of which will disrupt their current arrangements.

        The Mexican Aristocracy can see what our domestic Idiocracy cannot.

    1. Signal has been almost unusable all day. Entirely possible that it is from the massive influx of new users.

      But then gab has survived the influx as well, despite having to run their own hardware.

      1. I know that I’ve gotten multiple notifications that people I added to my work contacts are popping up there.

      2. Gab is still intermittantly rocky. Yesterday, it kept going down, and when it did come up, it was the same posts for much of the day. It seems to be better this morning, but the Far Side cartoon comes to mind. (Can’t find the panel in postable form)

        Two spiders at the bottom of a playground slide, admiring their web: “If we pull this off, we’ll eat like kings!” They might just pull it off.

  32. Someone thinks January 6 was a coup attempt? Seriously? About like how a pop-tart chewed into shape of a gun is a deadly weapon. Here’s the thing about propaganda based on exaggeration. If you aren’t careful, you may start to believe in your own daydreams and turn into a blind sleepwalking fool.
    Armed insurrection? Not until Congress starts passing legislation that is blatantly unconstitutional..such as forbidding and punishing “hate speech” (= crimethink); treating right-wing organizations as domestic terrorists, or making voting for the wrong person a criminal offense, and then the Federal government tries to enforce it.

  33. Addendum to notre Resistance*

    I was explaining “white mutiny” to the daughter product** and we came up with two useful terms: Malicious compliance (apparently there’s a reddit) and “go full Amelia Bedelia on their asses***.”

    I joined the SJW-ist of the SJW work groups and am currently deploying “agree and amplify”.

    Because I love justice like Mr. Wright loves truth at every meeting so far**** I’ve given them a legit idea that would build racial harmony while reducing white establishment power.

    No takers. I feel like Jonah, if God were Allah.

    By the way. To those of you doing grass roots pushback. It’s working.

    *If only I could speak Polish or Finn.
    **”Dad was a nuke
    ***Which stretches further, skin or rubber?
    ****Okay. Two

  34. I wish to bear your children! 🙂 ….But seriously you and Larry Correia should blog together. He nukes from orbit and you use a rapier to poke ’em in a more genteel but just as deadly time on target hit!

  35. And it’s not playing internationally as they expected.

    About that …

    Mexican president mounts campaign against social media ban
    MEXICO CITY (AP) — Mexico’s president vowed Thursday to lead an international effort to combat what he considers censorship by social media companies that have blocked or suspended the accounts of U.S. President Donald Trump.

    President Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s administration is reaching out to other government to form a common front on the issue.

    “I can tell you that at the first G20 meeting we have, I am going to make a proposal on this issue,” López Obrador said. “Yes, social media should not be used to incite violence and all that, but this cannot be used as a pretext to suspend freedom of expression.”

    “How can a company act as if it was all powerful, omnipotent, as a sort of Spanish Inquisition on what is expressed?” he asked.

    Foreign Relations Secretary Marcelo Ebrard said Mexico is starting to build an international campaign around the issue.


    German Chancellor Angela Merkel is among those who have publicly criticized the action against Trump. Her spokesman said Monday the German leader found it “problematic” that corporate managers could deny someone access under rules not defined by law.

    Poland’s prime minister, Mateusz Morawiecki, later called for new regulations that would govern the use of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in the European Union. Without mentioning Trump’s case, he said that “the owners of corporate giants should not decide which views are right and which are not.”

    López Obrador has not said whether he is thinking of trying to regulate social media platforms or perhaps just switching to a new outlet. On Tuesday, he posted an invitation on Facebook — the platform he most frequently uses — for his followers to switch to Telegram.

    Jesús Ramírez, the president’s spokesman, said the Telegram account has been open for a while, suggesting the switch was not related to Twitter, Facebook and other media platforms acting against Trump after a mob of his supporters broke into the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, accusing him of inciting the violence.

    López Obrador says private companies should not have the right to decide who can speak.


    López Obrador seldom tweets, but has a regular, home, folksy presence on Facebook, where he often posts videos of himself playing baseball, giving “fireside chats” to the nation, or showing off landscapes, traditional Mexican foods or landscapes he is proud of.

    During his morning news conferences — unlike any Mexican president before him, he holds them almost every weekday — López Obrador takes many, if not most of, his questions form online or social media news sites.

    But López Obrador has also complained bitterly about “bots” and trolls on social media and has sponsored studies of which so-called robot accounts are purportedly used to attack him.

  36. I got one of these on a post a few days ago – comments all over the place about BLM being just redressing wrongs, while the Capitol was an attempted fascist takeover. A bit of back and forth ensued, capped off with a declaration of how depressed and worthless life felt… at which point I pointed them toward a progressive “help with your emotional difficulties” web blog.

    On reflection it just boggles my mind how empty of anything but “emote!” some of these people are. I read the post, and either I know or can find within a half-hour where to find the facts, where to refute their arguments, where they can find help they will be comfortable with. They wouldn’t be able to do the same for a conservative if you gave them a week to research it.

    1. From what I remember of actual BLM protests it’s not the actual “B’s” in BLM who ended up doing the majority of the “mostly peaceful protests” early Christmas shopping and Bar-B-Qing but the people who you’re writing about. Very unhappy white directionless young adults who need a TON of counselling. And a new education.

        1. The folks I’ve seen wearing BLM clothes were all black. The only times (rarely) I’ve seen BLM protesters they were mostly white. The owners of homes with BLM signs out front have been mixed – and usually have Biden-Harris sign to go with it.

          1. Last BLM protest we had in Barrington, NH, I saw exactly 1 black person. Everyone else was melanin deficient. We had more people of color at the Back the Blue rally; and that was started and organized by a girl who could be considered a black teenager (Mom’s black, Dad’s white; both gung ho go getters, and their daughter is a chip off their collective blocks – don’t know what she’s going to do when she graduates HS, but that girl is going places.)

            1. Yup, it’s well-known that BLM is dominated by white people, and that they often talk nasty to black people and push black protesters on their own side out of the way, trying to drown them out or tell them what to do. If you see a yard with a BLM sign, it’s a middle-aged white woman, possibly married to a white man. If you see a crud car with BLM signs or paint, it’s driven by a weedy-looking white college kid whose parents make a lot of money.

              1. I’ve said it before: here in Seattle exactly zero of the majority-black residential/commercial areas had any protests, destruction or looting. It was all in largely-white hipster/tech-bro Capital Hill and adjacent Downtown. There were plenty of black faces in the news reports, but as far as I could tell only equivalent to their proportion of the overall population.

      1. The Bs may not have started it, but from what I’ve seen they did most of the looting and destruction.

        1. Wiggles hand – not necessarily per se. Out here the organized grab and go gangs were making the looting rounds of major retail in stolen rental trucks. If seen on video, those gangs selective recruitment plans may have given the impression of “race” homogeneity, but that might just be coincidence of which gang was there when the newscopter flew over. Certainly looting is socioeconomically selected, so as a result if looking at LA video you’d see the lower income groups of African descent and Hispanic heritage predominate on camera.

  37. Question 1: Which Vallejo pieces do you have?

    Question 2: Someone tried to blackmail Herb??? Bwajahahaha!!!!!!

  38. Sarah, would you consider writing a book on your “revolutionary” experiences growing up in Portugal? You’ve recounted several anecdotes spread across several posts, but I think I’d like to see them all together with context. I promise if you do I’ll buy it.

    1. Hahahahah.

      I’ve been barking up that tree for a while.

      She’s like our very own Don Camillo, but her plate isn’t just full it’s subcontracting to the ceramics factory.

  39. Sorry you’re being mobbed online by the trolls, Sarah.
    The funniest thung about the fake poster , apart from the commie colors, is that Lady Liberty is holding the torch in the wrong hand. 😂

    1. That was pointed out a day or two or so ago, but I can’t find the comment to properly credit. “Lady Bondage” was suggested (by the one I cannot properly credit atm).

      1. Not just the wrong hand, but her left… sinister hand.
        Which is clearly a secret signal from the FBI graphic artist that “I hate my boss and this is stupid… I’m going to throw a few pentagrams on this just to be sure and then go sit in the bathroom for an hour browsing TheDonald on my cellphone.”

  40. … f I don’t post by on, 2 pm any given day

    Wait, what? Is that 2 pm your time, Eastern Standard, Portuguese or Greenwich time?

    And what is your time, anyway? Mountain Standard, so 2 pm your time is 3 pm Central, 4 pm Eastern, 1 pm on the left coast?

    Do we need a password or code phrase? Something like “Listen very carefully; I shall say this only once.” or even “It is I, Leclerc.”?

  41. As far as projects to replace Facebook and Twitter, the main challenge is technical: writing software that can do what those sites do, and do it efficiently so that it can scale up to millions of visitors without crashing. Not trivial, but not overwhelmingly difficult either. Lots of people in the software industry are capable of doing so. Replacing Amazon would be more difficult: the ebooks part of Amazon would be easy, but the logistics of delivering physical products all over the world are not trivial. If I was going to try that, I’d be approaching an existing company like UPS, FedEx, or DHL and pitching the idea to them of starting up an online storefront. Because the institutional knowledge of logistics they already have is not something you can get easily.

    And then there’s Amazon Web Services (the worst offenders right now) and Youtube. Replacing either one of those would take serious money to pay for storage and bandwidth costs. I’ve never tried to estimate how much new data is uploaded to Youtube every day, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was on the order of a terabyte per minute. Add redundancy and worldwide mirroring so you can deliver videos fast enough to be watched in HD quality, and that’s major cash. Bitchute gets around the issue by using Bittorrent technology to deliver the videos, so the more people are watching a video the more bandwidth is available to deliver it to the next viewer. And there are other major companies offering services similar to AWS, such as Microsoft’s Azure. So it’s not like there aren’t options for those two as well, but those are the two that have the biggest financial barriers to entry.

  42. Just finished watching Tucker Carlson, Hannity and Laura Ingraham. More Leftroid lies exposed every day, and still the useful idiots continue parroting their lines. Is there anything inside their heads at all?

    The ‘preparations’ for inaugurating the FICUS continue. The Democrats want to turn Washington into East Berlin. I guess that’s where they feel at home.
    That is OUR city. You’re just the help.

    1. Z-Man had an interesting take in his podcast today about how the left’s mindset is basically collective dopamine addiction, nothing we didn’t already know but well-explained for the normies. Hence the rejection of facts and reason.

      In that light, a lot of what they mindlessly parrot are comfort phrases.

      I’m suddenly reminded of neglected toddlers in an orphanage, self-stimulating via repetitive motion.

      1. I’m suddenly reminded of neglected toddlers in an orphanage, self-stimulating via repetitive motion.

        Have you seen leftist parents? or the holy schools they pawn their offspring on?

        Being a good parent isn’t really a “political” thing, and yet they beat the odds.

  43. “The more they tighten their grip, the more stars on the flag will slip through their fingers.”

    — The Mighty Buzzard (SoylentNews)

  44. >> “the left has been in retreat since their pyloric victory of getting Nixon elected”

    I think you mean “pyrrhic” here?

  45. “then hiring only people who thought like them.”

    It’s called, “Making sure you’re a good fit in the culture of this company.” Which tends to be true, they all march nicely in step. And absolutely can’t perform worth beans when required to think out of the box.

  46. Stay at home. Clean your rifles. Restock the pantry. Check your defensive preps and your bug out plans. There is a storm coming. If it doesn’t arrive this week, there are at least 100 more weeks in the near future it can come to your house.

  47. I’m not sure we should be providing the Congresscritters with so much security. A little fear of lynching might make them pay more attention to representing the American people, and less to their graft.

    1. They’re turning the place into East Berlin. The minefields and guard towers go in NEXT month.

      1. Occam’s Razor says they have a list of people (congressional staffers, unwoke bureaucrats, Trump appointees) to arrest and don’t want them getting out.

        1. I forgot where, but it was pointed out the top of the fencing had the anti-climb wires leaning IN and the U-bolts holding sections together had the nuts on the outside of the barrier. That does seem Very Interesting.

    2. This is about the road that you take out of town that goes past the Washington Monument. I think they’re protecting the Monument more than keeping people in. Entertaining as that might be.

      But yes, I’ve heard that about the inner fence around the Capitol. Don’t really have the knowledge to understand wall pictures, so I don’t know.

  48. Four years? Twenty years? Oh, they’ve been playing the double-down game far longer than that. Remember your Heinlein! “If you pray hard enough, water will run uphill. How hard? Why hard enough to make water run uphill, of course!” Every failure has always been excused as the result of failing to provide enough resources (prayer, money, whatever). They will never admit that the failure proves that water can’t run uphill, but will always double down in their demands for prayer. The refrain will always be “it would have worked if …” Just for one example, they’ve been playing this game with the educational failures of the government schools literally for generations.

  49. Well let’s see: except for Gropey Joe being FICUS, this looks like a variant of the back half of John Ringo’s The Last Centurion.
    We complain that ‘1984’ was not meant to be manual, but The Last Centurion could be one too.

  50. Regarding next week, seems to me that DJT plus all of his family should go on vacation on Monday night, to the Bahamas or anywhere outside the USA. So he can’t be “shot while resisting arrest”.
    As for the future DJT should set up to run for Congress in 2022.

  51. After all the army has told its enlisted it absolutely accepts the election and anyone who doesn’t will be drummed out.

    Can I get a source on this? Some of those who read here are still (for now) serving.

      1. Thanks! I see (now) that the JCS Memo is also linked above, and for those questioning its validity due to having no date or other header material, (it ought to have at least the date of issuance at the top. And the people who published it ought to have known that.) the Official Version reads the same:

        Click to access JCS%20Message%20to%20the%20Joint%20Force%20JAN%2012%2021.pdf

        I’m not seeing anything about “drumming out,” though. And while I believe their off-target, the JCS are technically correct (the best kind of correct) and very assiduously avoiding taking obvious sides in the matter by not naming names (like that of Trump-worshipping man-child John Earle Sullivan, for instance) as they parrot The Party’s line as usual. The world’s greatest standing army is surprisingly (perhaps to those unfamiliar with the Iron Law) conflict-avoidant when it comes to issues at home.

  52. On the idea of disbanding the FBI and starting it up again from scratch, I half agree. To be precise, I agree with the first part but not the second.
    The reason is the Constitution. Look in Article 1 Section 8. Do you find a federal police force in there? You do not. Consequently, the FBI is unconstitutional. All of it.
    So yes, it should be closed down, not just for what it has done but because it isn’t actually allowed to exist in the first place. But no, it should not be reconstituted because that would be illegal.

    1. well, the response is technically, they aren’t police just investigation. IMO, there’s a lot of interstate and large-scale crime that we need something very much like the FBI to catch…

      1. Especially given that police departments still struggle with communication across jurisdictional lines–even if it’s the next county or town over, and it has led to a lot more cold cases and/or long-unnoticed serial cases. Granted, the FBI has arguably only helped that a teeny tiny bit, but…maybe a better solution that facilitates inter-jurisdictional data-crunching is in order. (Of course, even that doesn’t help departments who, upon being told “Data says you almost certainly have a serial killer” respond by sticking their fingers in their ears and going “Lalalalalalala cant’ hear you”…because humans gonna human, and sometimes that frequently means “being an idiot” alas.)

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