I Have a Post Scheduled for Tomorrow

But I promised you guys things you could use to ah… make our point. Note the picture above is merely a decoy, so FB maybe won’t ban it the minute I post. And anyway, our aim is to hold a candle in the darkness, right?

These were designed for Avery labels, but some of them heck you could cut a stencil for.

At any rate, a very talented friend made them, and I’m fulfilling his wish to pass them along that they maybe be used.

Real post with words and everything tomorrow.

41 thoughts on “I Have a Post Scheduled for Tomorrow

  1. Nancy Got Herself a fine group of thugs that in no way derserve the name of “police”. Modeled on the old NKVD, I suppose.

  2. Post yesterday, post tomorrow, never post today! 😀

    Especially like Justice For on the flag — that one actually LOOKS subversive. The sort of sticker where it doesn’t matter if you know nothing about it, it just screams “underground movement”.

    Side thought: I’m wondering how much …discovery… might come out of a wrongful death suit.

    1. If you expect an argument, sir, you’re not going to get one.
      I’ve been telling people since the USSR fell that there should have been Nuremberg like trials of those in our own structure who’d been compromised and manipulated. And of international communists, too.
      We didn’t. And for this rivers of blood will flow, and only G-d knows if we can win.

  3. Sarah,

    I’ve been reading you on Instapundit since you started. I’m up in the middle of the night all the time. I’m a veteran. I love your fire for freedom. Please understand that this is difficult to write but I feel President Trump has betrayed you most of all.

    Click to access Letter%20to%20Congress%20from%20Secretary%20Raffensperger%20(1-6-21).pdf

    Please read this letter refuting significant fraud in the Georgia election. It is like this in almost every state.

    President Trump has lied about why he lost. Veterans like Ms. Babbit believed those lies and came to DC. She died because of those lies. It is the President who deserves your anger.

    Only after we have dealt with his betrayal, will we be able to deal with the Democrats.



    1. I’m sorry. This is the freshest and rankest bullshit ever. And you’re either a liar or a crazy dupe.
      The fraud is very real, we saw it happen. Every non-traitorous mathematician or accountant knows that. I KNOW THAT.
      On the assumption you’re MERELY stupid and not a traitor (supposing you are who you say you are) to the oath you swore, you can easily see the fraud on three facts ALONE:
      1- Despite what would be outright ASTONISHING numbers in key precincts, the Democrats have not talked about what amazing initiative called for crucial votes to materialize in the middle of the night.
      If it were legal, they’d be bragging.
      2- The democrats and the courts they somehow hold captive didn’t look at ANY evidence. Instead they disqualified cases sometimes in an unconstitutional manner SO EVIDENCE WOULDN’T BE PRESENTED.
      3-The left has asked for no investigation, when an investigation would have forever quieted the disquiet. Instead they’re SILENCING people.

      Look, if you are who you say you are — and I doubt it — you are falling in line to support what amounts to an invasion of our country by CHINA of all places, while Ashlei Babbitt? Don’t sully her name with your mouth. She was a patriot!

      What you and your democrat masters or controllers fail to get is that this is not about TRUMP. The election of TRUMP was not even about him. This is about a free people refusing the yoke of faked elections and treasonous maneuvering to bring us into a world controlled by Chinese techno fascism.

      NO SALE.

        1. What they can’t seem to understand is that this isn’t about Trump. 2016 meant we were already pissed and tired of being frauded at. NOW?
          Oh, baby.
          They can take Trump out, and it’s not as if his “Svengali like powers” will vanish. Hell, he might even believe it is him. But it’s not.
          Take him out and we respond with a MILLION TRUMPS.
          And btw messages like that and the crazy concern trolling? I wasn’t calm before, but this just pisses me off MORE.

          1. Now I’m hearing, “Strike me down, and I will become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.”

            In Trump’s voice. 🙂

            This is why we’re going to win. We can laugh and fight at the same time.

          2. “Yuugely powerful. So much power. Seriously — you’re gonna get tired of all the powerfulness.”

            Okay, I think I just went full Robot Chicken. Never go full Robot Chicken.

          3. It’s probably my twisted sense of humor, but I find the concern trolling to be amusing and exasperating. I suspect it’s a sign of desperation on the part of the Hive Mind the trolls get their talking points downloaded into their neural clusters, which can get exasperating but they’re usually so bad at it I sometimes have to stifle laughter. It’s like that other meme image with that actor* doing the “how do you do fellow kids” thing, but I never saw the show so am not very familiar with it.

            (*Steve Buscemi? Something like that…)

      1. I submit that it doesn’t matter if the election was stolen in the questionable states or not. Merely preventing observation of the entire ballot verification and vote counting process and then also preventing any attempt after the fact to effectively investigate the details of them is sufficient, in my mind, for the election to be invalid. Do you have children? If you’re child brought you news that he got all A’s on his report cards and wanted the reward he was promised for that, but then refused to show you that report card would you still reward them? Would you shrug your shoulders and accept not getting to see your child’s actual grades?

        They let election officials working on the vote count be next to each other. They let the vote observers sit next to each other. But they say that for health reasons the observers cannot sit next to the officials… I’m sorry, the fact that they would even TRY to get us to swallow that b.s. should be enough for the whole thing to be discredited.

        1. THIS.
          Actually the more I think about that comment, the more I go:
          “Hello fellow Drumph supporters! I know you’ve been deceived by his Svengali-like mind powers, but really there was no fraud, all is all right. He’s just mean Drumph”
          AND I’m INSULTED that this shallow level of troll is thought to fly with us. For the love of bob. We’re not the ones who follow “great leaders” as anyone GENUINELY on the right would know.
          And we’re not stupid. We just act that way to confuse the left.

          1. Not good for governmental agencies either.

            Last software I worked on (for 12 years), when clients called, there were two types of calls that warranted “drop what you are working on and deal with this now, no matter how late it was.” 1) Boss was onsite doing training. 2) Auditor’s were there. Be them county, state, or federal.

            FWIW. 99.99% of the time it was the person pulling the information that was panicking because they weren’t getting reports to match because they were doing something wrong pulling one, or more, of the reports. Auditors, regardless of level, loved us. Difference between a week or two audit, VS days, or even hours.

      2. Sarah, it says right there in the letter that those claims have been “debunked” and we all know that a government official (nor any MSM representative) could not make such a claim were it untrue!

        Never mind that the nature nor substance of that debunking is explicated. They even had “fact checkers” examine the claims, and we all know – KNOW – fact checkers are never, ever, wrong. Especially when they are verified with a footnote.

        Shucks, we poor simple folks are so easily misled it is appalling. We must resolve to pay better heed to the words of our betters, the kind of people who use “refutation” when they conduct rebuttal.

  4. Did you actually say this site is on Facebook? I’m surprised it’s lasted this long if it is (and I hope you have a backup plan ready to roll).

    1. Of course it’s on Facebook. AND on twitter. AND I’m not banned. In fact, I only caught a ban for two weeks because a crazy person thought I was breaking federal law. I blocked him, and I’m fine.
      I THINK it’s the profile. They can’t process female, Latin, immigrant, fiction writer, advanced degree in the liberal arts AND to the right of Lenin. It breaks their heads, and they think they MUST be wrong.
      My issue is this Should I leave? (Ethical) Or should I stay, posting increasingly more outrageous memes and truth telling posts, encouraging our side, etc, until they ban me? If they ban me?
      I seriously don’t know what to do.

      1. seriously don’t know what to do

        I vote for making their heads exploded.

        Keep posting the meme’s. Until you are banned. If they don’t ban you? Bonus.

        Heck I might join just to follow you there so they can’t claim you don’t have followers.

        FYI. Must also post the meme in MeWe, Facebook, and on your blog to keep those who are banned from twits …

      2. Both? Stay on facecrap until they ban you, while looking for somewhere to call home? I’ve been checking out MeWe and USA.Life Social Network.
        I had been on Parlor.
        Mostly stay on facecrap because of family. Even the ones who only see “orange man bad” and could care less that communism/socialism/demonrats have just been put in control.

  5. I’d like to see an image of Uncy Joe holding a bottle of 7-Up with the title “The Un-President”.

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