Point And Make Duck Noises

I’ve been depressed — oh, I know, no one noticed, right? Like when I start doing posts about the apocalypse — and worried, and very much out of sorts.

I mean, the problem is essentially this: if they manage to fraud their way in, with the most blatant fraud, not just in the history of America, but possibly in the history of the world, what are we going to do?

Logically, there’s only one thing to do, and that’s move on to the next box, once they took the ballot box out of our reach But when will it happen? Will it happen? Can it happen in a way that the first person isn’t demonized and destroyed by both sides? (Actually I think when the left got scared was when we didn’t turn on and denounce Kyle Rittenshouse.)

And then there’s the consideration that perhaps this is just the masks coming down.

Look, I know you guys think I’m crazy when I say that only 10 to 25% of the democrat votes are REAL votes. But think about it: think about forcing Joe-the-houseplant in, and then giving him one of the least appealing running mates possible. And then running a potemkin campaign mostly from the basement.

Tell me what kind of confidence you need to have in your ability to fraud to do that? Honestly, I think they have college professors, stupid young kids who mostly don’t vote, and other than that that a lot of people virtue signal as lefty, but either aren’t or just don’t vote. Oh, and the press which lends to potemkin edifice an air of plausibility.

So, yeah, that sounds insane, but tell me if it’s not more insane to pull the sh*t they’ve pulled, and constantly run on a platform of “We hate you, vote for us” when they bother to run at all if they DON’T have that kind of fraud machinery.

I’ll be honest, okay, guys? I think industrial fraud has put real voting out of our reach for a long time. I’m not even sure W’s wins were really “genuine” or more the loyal and allowed opposition being allowed to pretend to be in charge, since ultimately, it made no difference. Trump? Utter freak accident, and they weren’t prepared for it. They’d deliberately got us who they thought was the worst possible candidate. …. And people voted for him. Hence their confidence before the election and their utter shock after.

And they went so completely out of their minds and really hate us so much for pulling that one on them, that they’ve been throwing a naked rage-fit for four years, and doing what they can to hurt America and secondarily to drive Orangemanbad off. And 2020 has been like the expression of how much they hate and despise us. Yeah, at the top the lockdowns were driven by Chinese agents (this is not under dispute) but the left loves them, embraces them and keeps resorting to them because it destroys small business owners, families and well…. Americans. The fact that they only do this in places they control tells you they hate EVERYONE in America, and also that the fraud is substantive enough they fear no punishment.

So…. are we going to fight for our liberties? Is the fourth box on the program? I’d like to think so. Not because I’m a fan of war and destruction, but because there are worse things than war, and the destruction of the land of liberty from within is one of those, as is our conversion into a boot to stomp on the face of the world (and if you guys missed the “I want to start three new wars” in Slow Joe’s Acceptance of Theft Speech trust me, it was there. And it’s what he wants. Or what his handlers want. Same dif. None of wars are, of course, against his owners, the Chinese. If anything, Joe will take us to war to support Chinese hegemonic ambitions.)

But the fact remains at the individual level there’s not much we can do. Friends who are perhaps more naive than I (but don’t believe they are) tells me the side that starts the dance takes the blame. I’m not sure that is true anymore. Not after that blatant in-your-face fraud. Not after the covidiocy of 2020. But …. maybe it is?

And if it isn’t, how does one start it? Not a single man defending himself. Not even a series of coordinated attacks, and that might be beyond the reach of the individualists who fail to organize.

This type of conflagration starts …. weirdly, and usually due to the official forces employing bizarre force against citizens. FYI that’s what the left was trying to start with the “protests” this summer, because they have two basic beliefs: one that if there’s an uprising it will be on their side; two that the downtrodden who aren’t voting for them are actually on their side, and just need to have it shown to them how to “rise up” and then will do it. (That was all what Occupy Wall Street was all about. An absolute belief that if they seeded Marxist revolution it would grow.)

Trump didn’t respond as they expected. I mean, they made much of how mean he was to send federal troops to protect federal property, but there wasn’t the kind of general melee where they could shoot a few of their own (preferably a pregnant woman: hello Kent State!) and claim that evil “fascists” had done it, which of course, would spark general revolution. They tried to make do with Kyle Rittenhouse, and scared themselves when the American people applauded the — rather heroic — young man. But it didn’t break their illusions, because those are baked into everything they are and believe. They can’t stop believing the people will rise up for their side. (I wonder if China shares the same delusion. I mean, it’s same basic gospel, right?)

However, by the same token, they’ll probably start the next dance. I don’t think they can help themselves. Do you think they’re going to let us mean people disrupt the frauded ones inauguration by turning it into the biggest Trump rally in history? H*ll no. They’ll call out troops against unarmed citizens. Or they’ll arrest Trump and have him not kill himself in jail. Or– I honestly don’t think they can help themselves.

The people who took the narrative that “revolutionaries topple statues” and went on a random statue toppling spree which included an elk, aren’t precisely rational. They’re in fact maleducated idiots (which doesn’t mean they might not have high IQs) running while in possession of a cargo cult. Which is why so much of what they do has a weird ritualistic non-rational quality, a “we’re cosplaying the revolution” feel, or perhaps a “If we do a/b will happen” even though those two only seem related because of their superficial understanding of history and their distorted beliefs.

Therefore, never fear, they’ll start it at the first sign of mass resistance, refusal to wear the muzzle of shame, or perhaps refusing to stay closed and starve to death in the service of their “climate emergency.”

But until then? If you’re like me, you have a stone in your stomach, and a bolus of undigested rage at the fact they’re trying to tell you to believe them and not your lying eyes. (And even more rage at the idiots on our side who buy it.)

There’s only so long you can stand around, waiting for the other shoe to drop, waiting for the rough music to start, waiting….

I called for the toy box before. I.e. go Simon Jester on them. Make fun of them. Protest songs, funny cartoons. Of course I called for disseminating the truth, too.

But I wasn’t FULLY thinking. Today O’Keefe dropped tapes of CNN’s editorial meetings. And that’s devastating for CNN but it’s also HILARIOUS. Because the same people who released unauthorized Melania tapes are now threatening people releasing THEIR unauthorized tapes with the police.

And you know, it hit me that this is the most brittle, incompetent and RIDICULOUS would be elite in the history of the world. Seriously, even the pre-revolution French nobility, with towering hairstyles that included miniature ships were more in touch with reality than these people. The very fact they believe in the Great Reset tells you they don’t know where food (or anything) comes from, don’t get humans and can’t understand unintended consequences.

I mean really, conceive of people like this who think what they’re saying isn’t hilarious:

No, seriously. Rule “by the best” has been such a disaster in the history of mankind, but now he has the solution: he’s going to use KIDS. Bright kids. Indoctrinated in the best bullsh*t.

Seriously, guys, I was …. gifted (mumbles as her IQ is no one’s business) but at sixteen I believed crazy cakes stuff, such as that we could have a better world if we just abolished money. Or… well, actually a lot of the crazy stuff our supposed “elites” believe. Such as that the world has too many people, or that our activities are going to cause us to freeze to death within a year or too. Or bake to death. Whichever.

So, you know– what kind of adult believes it’s a good idea to put these kids in charge?

Look, I DO understand that the left is — quite literally — beyond parody. Our heart bleeds for the heroic folk at The Babylon Bee, bravely staying ahead of current events.

BUT that is also their weak point. They take themselves so extremely seriously. And they live in an echo chamber where everyone tells them how smart and wonderful they are, besides having long since captured the institutions that give the outer wrappings of success and brilliance: awards, medals, etc. (I mean, look, Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize for existing, but Trump couldn’t win it for bringing peace to the oldest war spot in the world. And that’s supposed to be the big awards.)

So…. make fun of them.

I’ve already seen a fellow survivor of leftist oppressing trying to tell people how to stay quiet, so they’ll survive.

But I made my choice long ago. I’d rather go out on my feet than live on my knees. If they fraud their way in, DO NOT give them one moment’s rest.

Highlight their bizarre stupidity (Biden’s proposed appointments are already good for that!) and their slips, and every one of their illusions. Puncture their self-adulation. Throw rotten fruit. Figuratively. And make sure they’re humorous vegetables.

Look, this reminds me of a Pratchett passage pointing out vampires have come back from the grave and the crypt and the desert, but they’ve never yet come back from the cat. In the same way, these self-important would-be oligarchs can hide (kind of) evidence of their crimes, shrug off insults, and scream back at those who scream at them.

They’re very good at reversing victim and aggressor.

But they can’t take a joke.

So, my friends, while we wait for the rough music to start, on with the motley!

Make jokes about these idiots. Make jokes about the unlikely amount of fraud. Make with the memes comparing Kamala to the Joker (unfavorably. I mean, poor joker.)

Have at it. Do you know why no one has found the remains of Atlantis? They gave the appearance to AG bar to investigate. He says there’s no evidence Atlantis ever sank. As far as he knows, its beaches are only wet, not enough to make a difference.

The best part of this? Whether the rough music starts or not, the left cannot live with mockery. They don’t know what to do about it. They’re the mean bullies, who’ve always been told everyone needs to respect their self-esteem.

And they’re about to find out this isn’t their playground.

397 thoughts on “Point And Make Duck Noises

  1. Oh they do how to deal with those who mock them. The marginalize you, get you fired, shunned and physically assalted. They suppress or worse all who do not celebrate their delusions. Therefore, the fourth box will become the only alternative before we are so weakened and disarmed that serfdom is the only alternative. The problem is, as usual, how to get organized and take effective action because the Left will use massive force including the military, the FBI and the intelligence agencies to fully destroy the US as a relatively free country.

    1. “The problem is, as usual, how to get organized and take effective action ”

      Well, have you ever noticed the kinds of stuff we tend to discuss? Murder mysteries, gaming plots, alternate histories, all kinds of different scenarios….. set in real world locations and around real world events even. And of course realism is a frequent theme…. could this really work or is it too unbelievable for our readers to buy?

      Hey, let’s put together a gaming group and play it through. Of course, not everyone can join…. just the people we know. And of course, that will generate lots and lots of online discussion with all the wrong keywords….


      1. The Alien Mind Slavers have attacked! We are so infiltrated, we no longer know who we can trust. The highest level of the FBI are known to have been taken. Most large media outlets . . . who knows how many Senators and Congressmen? And there are rumors about the newly inaugurated President C. R. Ping . . .

        1. Someone has a whole series about shapeshifters working with the Dallas PD that have multiple scenarios where a small group action both official and unofficial is planned for….. and carried out.

          I’m currently in a gaming group that involves an unofficial/official group operating in Miami.

          Monster Hunters without MCB sanction…..

          Endless possibilities.

          1. It should be noted that these zombie mink are the ones that were culled due to a version of C19 spreading through the farmed mink population.

            John Ringo, call your office.

      2. The problem is, at some point they consider planning to be conspiracy to overthrow the government; which it is. New Hampshire is one of the few, if only, state that allows revolution in its state Constitution. There is no such condition in the U.S. Constitution, unless you refer to Article Zero, the Declaration of Independence. The Declaration has 27 paragraphs of tyrannical actions.

        The paragraph following that list states, “In every stage of these Oppressions We have Petitioned for Redress in the most humble terms: Our repeated Petitions have been answered only by repeated injury. A Prince whose character is thus marked by every act which may define a Tyrant, is unfit to be the ruler of a free people.” i.e. They exhausted all reasonable legal means to correct the problems.

          1. Mre importantly, they have to be able to persuade a court (or a jury) that it is planning.

            Of course, given what we’ve learned about FISA Court warrants, that is less reassuring than once it was.

    2. That’s it exactly. A little later, it won’t just be those who outright mock the leftist vermin. It’ll be anyone who remains silent or fails to enthusiastically applaud their every action.

      This is a well-worn playbook, honed to perfection by the monsters of National Socialist Germany, Soviet Russia, Communist China, and on and on.

      1. Then will be those who stop applauding first.

        Still, better to die with a joke on my lips than with sore and raw hands from applauding the Devil.

        1. But there were always Soviet jokes making the rounds.

          And they cannot abide mockery.

          Sarah is correct: Go Forth and Mock!

          1. Perhaps those who enjoy cosplay could don zombie costume with “Biden 2020” shirts, caps, etc.? Gather for rallies. post on Socialist Media, draw up cartoons?

    3. No, they honestly don’t.
      Yes they do all that stuff, but it’s not all that effective against humor.
      And I’m not saying the fourth won’t be needed. I said “while we wait.”

        1. Humor is necessary. A life too serious is not worth living. It gives one the strength to carry impossible burdens, to face down the unfathomable, and to grace to live, and die, with as few regrets as a human can get away with.

          There is no effective defense against honest laughter. And honestly, can you *not* laugh when faced with *2020* of all times, of all places? I mean sure, the betting odds on murder hornets and 99.9% lethal… wait, that was 99.9% *non* lethal virus that we murdered or at least heavily wounded the economy for? Yeah, the original plotters lost the plot, and the stand ins are throwing spaghetti against the wall at this point.

          And the whole party of diversity! Inclusivity! LGBTQWERTY! Defund the police! and Young People! They elected a straight old white dude and a “cop”? The jokes, they write themselves. So much so they will ban you for saying them on certain platforms. That, as much as anything, tells you that you are a threat to them.

    4. I’m reminded of the story of the rodeo clown from Obama’s first term. This fellow would come out during the rodeos, he’d been doing this for a long time, wearing a caricature-style mask of whoever was President at the time…

      The reaction from the MSM when he did Obama?
      /insert meme here

      Not sure if he’s done it since…
      Which, from the following article, kind of think he hasn’t:

      1. That’s a pity – I’m sure Trump would have enjoyed it and only complained because he wasn’t throwing the bull. It would have been worth The Donald’s while to hire him to do press conferences.

  2. Time to bring on the clowns!

    Of course, in a rodeo, clowns are a distraction sent in when things Go Bad. Distract the bull from stomping the rider into the dust; distract the crowd from noticing what is going on in front of them. Sideshows are important for this. But if anyone really wants to look, there isn’t much blocking their view.

    1. I never understood taking offense at comparison to a rodeo clown. Of course, that’s because I know (layman’s value of “know”) what their job really is.

    1. It makes me happy to say “kumquat” like it makes me happy to say “Sheboygan.”

      1. Some things are just inherently funny. Having spent considerable time in Wisconsin, I might not find ‘Sheboygan’ quite as amusing as some, but it still is amusing.

          1. I had to find a video to discover it’s pronounced ‘skwim’. Yeah, that’s funny. It sounds… well, like it has an alternate definition that involves some sort of perversion.

            1. Coastal Salish. What can I say? The whole transliteration of Indian names to Saxon is interesting, no matter the tribe.

              Of course, that’s also what happened to the Gael – Ó Ṁaolḋoṁnaiġ became Moloney, Ó Ḋoċartaiġ became Doherty …


              1. It’s all those dots. Which are also “h”. Which make the consonant they are over a gutteral “ch” or “gh” or just an “h”. Unless it’s an “m” or a “b” in which case it becomes (sometimes) a “v”.

                And the modernized Irish, as far as I could tell, made the spelling even more idiosyncratic. It didn’t help that they would randomly “simplify” stuff, and not tell the school teachers.

        1. Whoopie cushions.

          In the hands of a master such as myself you can make more sounds on those things than exist in the real world. And fun? Lord, you can’t help but giggle.

          1. Squaw Tit, Oregon.

            The Tit is actually a hill with a name, but it makes us giggle to drive past it. And it does look like a tit.

            1. Back when I lived in the Detroit area, a road out in the township of Troy, bearing the name Big Beaver Road, gave rise to much adolescent giggling.

              1. Historical note:
                The name Big Beaver can be traced back to the pioneer era. The village of Big Beaver, settled in 1825, was located at the intersection of the Paint Creek Trail, today known as Rochester Road, and an east west two-track that became Big Beaver Road. The 1877 History of Oakland County states, “The place derives its name from a large dam, erected by a colony of beavers, across a little brook near the place.” The stream, nearly gone in 1877, was better described as a seasonal creek. The industrious rodents probably disappeared before or when pioneer Ira Smith and his neighbors established their homes in the area. Taverns, blacksmith shops, a number of stores, and an inn replaced the wildlife. However, Big Beaver did not grow beyond the intersection. Economic development in Big Beaver and Troy Corners, located at the intersection of Square Lake Road and Livernois, stopped when the Grand Trunk Railroad was routed from Detroit through Royal Oak and Pontiac, and bypassed both communities. For many years, only prosperous farms dominated the landscape.

                1. I grew up in that area …
                  and strangely enough I think we both currently reside in the same state? NC?

                  1. I attended Cranbrook/Kingswood i Bloomfield Hills for two years, although I was not there while Mitt Romney attended I met many like him.

                    I am indeed now in NC. It is not the worst state in which to find oneself. (I think that one starts with awakening in a bathtub packed with ice …)

                    It is a very peculiar world in which we live.

                    1. I went to Brother Rice High School, then on to MSU and Grand Valley State when I went back for my nursing degree. Ended up in Tidewater VA as a Navy Nurse, and settled in eastern NC when I left service (missed a promotion).

                      Lived in Birmingham. Not one of the mansions though … a 3 bedroom ranch which was very nice.

                      Small world indeed.

                    2. Birmingham was our Saturday trip to town from campus. I’ve fond memories of the IHOP, a deli whose name escapes me, a fairly good Chinese restaurant, the Little Professor Bookstore, and seeing numerous movies, including (G-d help me) Peter O’Toole & Petula Clark in the musical remake of Goodbye Mr. Chips.

                      I recall it as a very pleasant middle-class suburb. Wry grin – I wasn’t in Detroit long enough to learn the hierarchy scheme, but as I recall it went something like:

                      Grosse Pointe + Auto Industry Top Management
                      Bloomfield Hills = Senior management
                      Birmingham = Middle Management

              2. I’m giggling now. It’s the word itself: BEE vr. BEE vr. It makes me laugh to type it.

            1. I used to live near there. People would sometimes take detours just so they could say, “I went through Hell to get here!” 😀

              1. I made a point of getting the tee shirt (never mind the horns…) *just* so I could reply to anyone telling me to “Go to Hell!” with “Been there. Done that. Have the tee-shirt.” and be truthful about it. Provably so. (Nowhere does it say one *must* _wear_ the tee shirt.)

            2. I once had a friend from Toadsuck, Arkansas.
              He said it was just down the road from Bucksnort.

                1. A friend in Norfolk, VA said her father was absolutely scandalized hen he visited. Because the local pronunciation is “No’ f*ck” (stress on the first syllable) and he was appalled at all the cursing on the radio.

                  1. That city is legendary for such abuses. There’s a joke about a passenger on a Southbound train

                    After his honeymoon in Florida with his new bride, Virginia, Luigi stopped by his old barbershop in Jersey to say hello to his friends.

                    “Ciao, Luigi. How wassa the trip?” His friend said.

                    “Everything was perfecto, except for the train down.” Luigi said

                    “Virginia and I boarda da train at Grand Central Station. Virginia packa a huge picnic basket. But the conductore came, waga his finger and said: ‘no eat in disa car. Musta eat in da dining car.’

                    So, mea and my bella wife Virginia go to da dining car. We mangia and open a bottle of a nice wine. Conductor walka by again. He tell me ‘no drinka in dis car! Must use a club car!’

                    So, we go to da club car. Then, my bella Virginia and I go to da sleeper car anda go to bed. We just about to hava some fun when the conductore walka through the hallway shouting ata da top of his lungs: ‘Nofolka, Virginia! Nofolka Virginia!’ (Norfolk, Virginia)

                    Then there’s the infamous college cheer: “We don’t drink, we don’t smoke! Norfolk, Norfolk!”

              1. What kind of…
                on second though, I really don’t want to know.
                Wasn’t in Fulton Co. was it?

                  1. I remain perpetually thankful that I’ve had no call to drive on 85 Southbound since my kid turned 12. /shudder

                  1. At one point Beloved Spouse & I contemplated moving to a nearby town and buying a house of sufficient estate (land being cheap there), namig it Storisende after the capital of James Branch Cabell’s mythical kingdom Poictesme … the township? That would be:

            3. Doesn’t that moniker fit the entire state of Michigan at this point? The state even has a demonic overlord.

            1. Yep. Like “tuchas,” another fun word to say. If you say “gefilte fish” with a German accent, it’s Yiddish, too. Norwegian accent is OK, too, sounds very similar. And the Norwegians love them some gefilte fish.

              1. There’s also schtupp, as in (to quote Lenny Bruce) “those guys in prison are so desperate they’d schtupp mud.

                Fans of Diana Rigg and/or black comedy, might have seen a movie titled Genghis Cohn, which revolves around a Holocaust victim’s ghost exacting revenge from beyond the grave, his final words to the camp commandant being “Kissin mir tuchas.”

    2. Paired with the loquat. Or the aptly named ugli fruit.
      And for more citrus giggles ask someone where the navel on a navel orange comes from. The trees are all various clones.

  3. At this point a limited nuclear war to remove the core cities would be doing the country a favor. What was left would be nothing the antagonist would want to deal with and they would be busy rebuilding the infrastructure that was already crumbling and outdated. That’s why I think others will too smart and avoid such a contest. It simply wouldn’t work and the result would be disastrous for the aggressor. Nuke war is too survivable. Go look at Hiroshima.

    1. The first time I read ‘Hiroshima Diary’ it was scary.. but I was Rather Young and was still buying into the media garp. The second time, I was rather older and much more aware and it was, if not hopeful, not nearly as despairing as I had (mis)remembered it. Now, getting nuked is not gonna be a good time for anyone anywhere close (even ‘not quite far enough’) but… it’s not necessarily The End of the World, despite pop. cult. claims.

      1. *wry*
        Do you have any idea how many times I flew in and out of Nagasaki before the very apologetic little story (the one about “nuclear desert for centuries”) in the back of my brain coughed and pointed out it my grandfather had been my age when it was nuked, and I couldn’t even tell?

        I knew it, I simply didn’t realize it. Or maybe integrate is the right word?

        And this is from someone who grew up with a “uranium rock” in the livingroom! (…it was probably slightly more dangerous than granite counter-tops.)

        1. Except for a few hot spots, the radiation level in Chernobyl is well within normal range for, say, cities in the USA. So much for the “ten thousand year nuclear wasteland.”

          1. While I appreciate the lack of unreasoning fear, the danger to be aware of is not irradiation from outside of you. it is low level, long life, radioactives getting inside of you. These don’t radiate much, just enough to cause cancer and/or kill cells. I suspect that anything grown or raised in the area would be medium term deadly despite the low radiation level.

            1. Actually… there’s a lot of evidence that long-term radiation also can kill off things that would otherwise kill you. People who survived Nagasaki and Hiroshima were unusually long-lived, for the most part, and there’s that granny still living in her cottage in Chernobyl’s red zone. Grows all her own food, drinks from her own well and from her own livestock’s milk, and does fine. Unusually healthy lady.

                1. Now I picture a tower, with antenna (and chicken feet) causing problems throughout the countryside.

                  “It all could have been avoided, but Bobbie didn’t didn’t listen and go with a nice, safe log-periodic. She had to have a Yagi.”

                  Yes, Bobbie’s-Yagi.

              1. Big difference between one of two nuclear bombs going off or one or two reactor accidents and dozens of nuclear bombs going off, some of which are far more powerful than the two dropped in WW2.

                Given that Harris/Biden appears committed to dropping sanctions against Iran with nothing in return AND excluding Israel from any discussions about Iran’s nuclear problem, it is pretty good bet that sooner rather than later Iran will try to nuke Israel setting off a larger nuclear response as well as potential for large scale spread (is there any doubt that such an exchange serves as the trigger for Pakistan and India to let loose?)


                  1. Smoking nuclear ex-cities… AND a lack of US-grown food from the other “bright ideas”… as horrifyingly rotten as life in the (former) USA would be, Europe would be so… er… up-ge-fark-ed. I need a deeper labyrinth. Damnit.

            2. Not to mention the fact that there’s been no noticeable drop in life expectancy in Ukraine due to Chernobyl … because they can’t separate out the deaths from Chernobyl’s radiation from the chemical pollution of the Soviet heavy industry that’s still affecting the environment.

            3. A lot of women in Nevada and surrounding areas such as southern Utah get thyroid cancer which is from radiation. That is the kind of cancer I had a few years ago.

              1. Old timers in the SoCal desert like to point out, when younger locals decry the “radiation pollution” from Edwards AFB, that the reason this (primarily research) air force base was located where it is…. is because the desert ground was naturally radioactive and therefore considered unfit for human habitation, so they couldn’t do it any harm.

                Lot of uranium mines out there in the badlands.

                    1. Years and years ago (I think it was called “the ’90’s”) I saw a web site about ‘Engrish’ and one image stood out. Some gal, wearing a ‘cool’ (because English text!) shirt… which read:

                      “I trusted the Government. Now my balls glow in the dark.”

                      I found this far too amusing, and as for the reason(s) being right or wrong… well, I will agree with a Twain character from Mysterious Stranger: DOANGIVADAMN!

                    2. Last weekend, while shopping with Beloved Spouse, we spotted a comely young lass adorned in a t-shirt bearing the logo, “Just Do It!”

                      I commented to Spouse that I can just envision the poor guy charged with sexual assault that he had taken her t-shirt as not just permission but a veritable demand.

                      Beloved Spouse inquired as to how many times was I dropped on my head as a child.

              2. One of my father’s first jobs when I was a small child, was as part of “Operation Plumb-Bob” – his team of biologists went out looking for residual radiation in various desert animal burrows in the nuclear test site area. He always insisted that they hardly found any residual radioactive materiel in the animal burrows – although there was radioactive dust above ground in certain places. For a while, one of the relics (which we weren’t allowed to touch) in his desk was a couple of drops of mildly radioactive glass, fused from sand by a test blast. Another relic was a sketched cartoon of a kangaroo rat, wearing goggles, and the caption was …”turn around, don’t look at the blast, 5…4…3…2…”

            4. Have you ever heard of a Revigator? It’s a ceramic jar coated with carnotite uranium ore on the inside, which constantly releases a small amount of radon gas. Popular in the 1920’s when some people thought a little radiation was good for what ails you. You can read more at:

              Theodore Gray’s Wooden Periodic Table, Uranium

              And now Leftoids are telling us a little communism is good for us. The fads may change, but the derangement is always the same.
              Those who do not remember the lessons of history are doomed to repeat the mistakes. Those who do remember are doomed to watch everybody else repeat them.

              1. 1920s? We have a 70 year old redneck locally who makes annual trips to the Radon Therapy Mine in Boulder, Montana to ease whatever it is that ails him. Yes, there’s still such a place.

      2. While M&M is no major city, I can bet it is a target of MANY warheads.
        Navy boatyards do that. So if I’m home and the KGB nutter decides to help with some surface leveling, I won’t be around for things afterward. ¾ of a mile is not quite out of the blast zone

        1. The radiation enhancement part is very easy – I think it’s a side idea that fell out from the dial-a-yield methodology, but I could be wrong there.

      1. Neutrons are nasty little buggers. They tend to transmute innocuous atoms into radioisotopes. I would think an enhanced-gamma bomb would both be quicker and leave the city cleaner.
        “They were the bad guys, as you say, we were the good guys, and they made a very satisfying THUMP when they hit the floor!”

  4. So, you have been working on this post since the Quack of Doom.


    (Duck call noises)

  5. Ghod bless the Babylon Bee, Tickles my innards every time some idiot lefty demands they be fact checked.
    My guess is that if things do blow up it will be over one or both of two issues: They will either drum up some bull feces excuse to keep extending every onerous and demonstrably harmful restriction on the rights of citizens over the Covid mess, or they will take another hard run disarming the American people. The wondermus Assault Weapon Ban of 1994-2004 had absolutely no effect on crime but a massive effect on politics, costing the Dems both houses of Congress in the 1994 midterms. They were so sure of themselves that it would eliminate all sorts of evil that they allowed a sunset clause to be inserted, ten years and if no positive effects it would lapse, but of course it was going to work so well that it would be renewed almost automatically. Sadly, the only thing the left learned over that debacle was to not allow a time limit on their legislation.
    So, I predict should Joe and the Ho actually take office the media will suddenly be filled with stories of continued and escalating infection rates, probably blamed on those ineffective Trump vaccines, and constant reporting of gun related crimes, all intended to keep the proles alone and fearful and demanding the gubmint save them.

        1. Errr … specific design to be determined. Putting a camel on each, with one labeled “Har” and the other “Ris”, perhaps?

    1. In spite of what the elitiest elite wants to be true, being all burned, burned into their memory and such, the actual Dem party core political machine knows full well that gun control is electoral kryptonite. Given how close the House is, not one gun control bill will move out of committee before the 2022 election.

      Pen-and-Phone executive order crap, on the other hand, will absolutely happen if China Joe and-or the Ho get in – if you want one of those arm brace AR pistols, go buy several, or at least those parts, now. I’m hopeful that the ACB-Supremes will eventually forcefully restate what they already said in Heller and McDonald and reverse such and take a 6 lb. sledge to the lower courts on their ignoring or reinterpreting in 2A cases, but any new cases will take years to work their way through the courts to get to their level. Unless there’s one of the cases Roberts skipped that applies and they can somehow resurrect, or a nearly-there new one, they will have to wait.

      1. there’s apparently two fairly high level AWB cases coming out of CA… well, one AWB and one hi cap mag

    2. “A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

      This time we need to hold them to it.

  6. My personal activity for the duration is to paste TRUMP 2020 bumper stickers throughout Christendom. Everywhere.

    I live in the darkest of dark blue regions, just north of the Marxist heroin hole, Seattle. I shall paste TRUMP in every bus stop. I may even go to the light rail stations, violating my rule to never go inside the City. But for this? I go!

    It’s hilarious to see the reactions when they find they can’t rip the stickers off, nor can they sharpie them away. Their rage graffiti is worth the anxiety I get by pushing back at authority.

    I may work at getting arrested, for the right reasons.

    Meantime, they’re going to get bright red, white, and blue TRUMP stickers shoved in their nasty muzzles.

      1. YES.

        I have blank labels and a lovely printer in the living room.

        The small ones can be enraging. They have to get out of the car, lean over, get their cheaters on, and… RAGE. Super fun.

        PedoJoe and the Ho is my favorite so far, but all will be used. All will be used.

        I’ll try to get photographic evidence, but that is secondary to my mission.

      1. Thank you. I need more of THAT.

        I’ll share any stories that occur, any hilarity. 🙂

      1. Oh, brother, you and I had a psychic connection. Tee hee!

        I might choose PCC, only because the Whole Food CEO seems a solid guy. But his patrons aren’t!

          1. Teslas are a crime against humanity. They are everywhere up here. They shall be first. Honest to Pete, who thought a car with no noise associated with its operation was a good idea?

            PCC Community Markets: https://www.pccmarkets.com. You have to turn your ideology on LEFT just to walk in and not be completely outraged at the signage. Very similar to Whole Foods–you can feel the angry self righteous leftist vibe as you walk through the store.

      1. I got inspired last night: Every time I shop, there’s either a Trump 2020 bumper sticker going onto the front of the cart, or there’s a brown shipping label with something like “PedoJoe and the Ho, No!” Pasted across the front of the cart. While I shop.

        Did it today and laughed and laughed. Also took a picture, that I’ll share here and Parler.

        Keep the humor! We’re winning!

    1. You should find the faculty parking lots of the local university and put the stickers on those cars.

        1. Friends. I have heard. I have several within minutes’ drive.

          I spent the morning shopping with a shipping sticker affixed to my cart, right across the front: “PedoJoe and the Ho! Say No!” Or something like that, I have a few versions. Also, the light poles are festooned with these 2″ x 4″ lovelies.

          The Trump big boy bumper stickers arrive today. THOSE shall find homes at the universities and colleges.

          Excellent thought. Just excellent.

  7. Look, I know you guys think I’m crazy when I say that only 10 to 25% of the democrat votes are REAL votes

    After actually thinking about it– because I simply don’t usually think in those kind of terms, honestly, it’s not something I can fix– I think it’s more like 30-60% real, based off of how excessively they fixate on “get out and vote” (when the only middle-if-the-road-or-right types I know who don’t vote are in the “it’s useless” zone, emotionally) and based on how my entire life there’s been a casual acceptance of vote fraud. Voting for someone who died, just like cashing their welfare checks until the checks stop; signing up people who don’t exist so you hit your registration numbers– and then there’s these piles of ballots hanging out at whatever the address someone used so, well, it only takes a few minutes and Our Guys are the Good Guys, right?

    If you don’t have a means-must-be-justified worldview, but instead have an ends-justified worldview, it’s very easy to see… especially when folks have been whipped up that this is Literally Life And Death against Literally Hitler.

    1. I’m granting Sarah the benefit of doubt; I don’t have enough information to conclude that she is crazy on this.

      10% is around eight million.

      2017-2018 correctional populations in the US report says 2 million in prison, and four million community supervised (probation/parole). Throw in the junkies, and sociopathic unindicted criminal friends, and the criminal population is large enough for the bottom bound.

      And if the lawful cannot take out the criminal population at any time, we have a bad problem no matter what.

      The insistence on addressing ‘mass incarceration’, and on legalizing marijauna is interesting.

      Of course with the teacher’s unions, and other organizations in the civil service, one might expect higher numbers.

      1. Legalizing Marijuana is one of the few issues I agree with the Left on, that they haven’t completely screwed up. Is Marijuana harmful? Almost certainly (the only reason I say ‘almost’ is that BOTH SIDES of the issue have been lying about it for a century or more). Is the harm it does to any great degree ameliorated by the legal forces arrayed against it? Not that I can tell.

        Now, predictably enough, many of the jurisdictions that have legalized marijuana, to one degree or another, have screwed up the process. Mostly by imposing entirely too much regulation and/or taxation, thereby making the black market more viable than legal production and sale. But that doesn’t really discredit legalization. It discredits the ‘taxing pot sale could solve all our problems’ Narrative, but I ALWAYS considered that bushwa.

        1. In calculating making the black market a better option, you have to remember that any system structure that takes price of lawful production higher than “take it from someone who did it legally, don’t pay any taxes” is going to have that issue.

        2. Keeping it criminalized is a compromise between letting the druggies offend with impunity and killing them all.

          Obama and Harris are both products of that soft compromise. If their personal costs are high enough, you would not need many of that sort prevented from gaining power to profit even at the amount that has been spent so far on enforcement.

          To keep the regulation at a low enough level of intrusion, you would need to put a stake in the heart of any kind of product liability. Beyond that, continuing to use the black market is insurance against a change in the political climate using the records of ‘legal’ transactions to come after people.

          At this point, there is a reasonable suspicion that legalization was one of a market basket of policies that the left imposed on us on China’s behalf, so that, among other reasons, the PRC could point to our very public safety issues as a reason for their population to tolerate continued tyranny.

          The problem of being a free representative society is that tyrannies can potentially buy politicians, to push unnecessarily harmful policies to make themselves look better. It is less obvious, but permitting the discretion for that sort of nutjobbery is a trade off against the more grossly destructive costs of unlimited central power.

    2. I think the combination of not being obsessed with politics and the default cultural teaching of who is “good people” and who is “bad people” probably puts them about 75%+ real in Presidental years. That’s when a lot of people who don’t follow politics feels obligated to vote and inertia makes a lot of them vote Democrat.

      Until the 80s and maybe the 90s I suspect a lot of Depression-era survivors were default Dems because “FDR fixed the Depression” (see my father’s parents). I wonder how much the tapering of that generation was behind the GOP’s ability to take both Houses about 50% of the time from 1994 on (House elections are harder to fraud than statewide ones).

      But below 50%? I know too many bragging about voting left people to buy that. At least in Presidential years. Off-year and odd year that might be more likely.

      1. The flailing from my list-ancestry-religion-and-politics type cousins is why I figure it’s higher than that– but they’re also the kind who would say the “right” thing and then not bother to vote if the didn’t like the offering. There was a spate of early doxing stories where noisy Dem folks’ voting records were checked and even the professional politicians hadn’t voted.

        Part of the problem with the noisy folks metric, besides that (if you return a ballot that’s invalid it’s still listed as “you voted”) is that people can and will harm you if they find out you’re on the right, plus residual manners of “well, I know they disagree, so I won’t bring it up.”

      2. No. damn it. No. You know too many people bragging, a lot of them to cover the fact they didn’t vote dem.
        Look, with everything they did and said, and the utter demonization, America was decked in TRUMP.
        And again, i have to ask, no matter how confident they feel….. confident enough to run potemkin campaign? Only if they know their REAL vote is negligible and doesn’t matter.

    3. Per Dr.Shiva’s numbers, derived by banging voter demographics against tallies until a match is found, actual Dem vote is perhaps a bit over half those tallied. Which also means close to half of the so-called Left voted for Trump. Somewhere around 96M to 55M.

      My eyeball estimate was a little lower, but regardless, same ballpark.

      If I didn’t personally know so many yellow-dog Democrats, I’d find even those numbers hard to credit. (And a common theme among the true believers is that we have to get the Democrat elected, and THEN we can “educate” ’em to see things our way. Seriously??)

      The real point is: the Ruling Faction of the Left is not NEARLY as popular as they’d like the rest of us to believe… and most of their supporters really have no idea what the Ruling Left are about.

        1. There’s a voter integrity outfit (can’t think of the name) that has been doing address-and-live-body confirmation followups on reasonably large samples (30,000 ballots) in one of the more-contentious metros, and they’re finding the fake and dead voters come to 8.9% of the total ballots. So a lot, but not nearly on the scale of the rest of the fraud.

          1. Um…..
            Meanwhile CO Springs had something like 25% dead who voted?
            And all the other stuff including unsourced ballots dumped in.
            Think on it. It’s fakes ALL THE WAY DOWN.

            1. And one vote fraud researcher (was on Newt’s podcast a while back) found that 40% of Iowa’s registered voters were invalid, which probably explains why Iowa is considered the early bellweather. No doubt it varies a lot (eg. Wyoming probably has few more than those incidental mistakes that are to be expected from system inertia, and the fraud is probably concentrated in Jackson). Plotting per state “imaginary voters” against “percent of registered voters who vote Democrat” would make a nice predictable curve.

              But if you’re trying to beat a congresscritter into accepting that we really need hardassed election reform and that if he wants to keep his seat, he’d best introduce appropriate legislation, it’s better to have documented fraud numbers that are impossible to refute.

              1. Iowa’s caucus system, crappy as it may be, largely protects against vote fraud. That is saved for later.

                  1. The tabulating software does its magic upstream, of course. The causus attendees can clearly see how many folk stand for each candidate.

          2. Actually, there are several.

            TrueTheVote, JudicialWatch, and The Amistad Project of the Thomas More Society.

            Judicial Watch found 1.5 million invalid voters in CA alone last year.

            1. CA has 15,690,000 registered voters. So that’s around 10%.

              However, that’s clearly an estimate. The one I cited had exact numbers, having actually tracked down each and every one in their sample, and their 8.9% were either definitively no longer breathing, or living at an imaginary address. And they recorded their phone calls to suspect votes (one, when asked if he had voted as the state recorded he had, responded with obvious startlement, “No, I’m a felon, I can’t vote.”)

              Anyway, 10% is probably a good ballpark for the more, ah, creative precincts. Which is more than enough to swing the average election, as things stand now.

  8. I regret to say this, but I think most of the Biden votes were real. I’m not a people person, but I’ve still met a lot of people, and overheard lots of conversations over the years whether I wanted to or not. There are a lot of people who’d elect Joe Stalin if he was running on the Democrat ticket, because they believe the media lies that the Republican Party are Nazis. It’s been that way for decades. The hatchet job the media’s done on President Trump is even harsher than normal, and I’ve hear more than one person, including a couple who I’d previously have described as moderate, say “Trump is literally Hitler.” Given that situation I expect Biden did get a majority of the votes ascribed to him.

    I still think President Donald J. Trump legitimately won reelection. But don’t think that Biden didn’t get several tens of millions. Virtually nobody may have been voting for Biden, but they were voting against the media-created image of President Trump. Not enough for them to win the presidential race fairly but enough for me to worry about the future of this country.

      1. I don’t know, I’ve met a lot of deluded people who would go through a lot of trouble to vote for any Dem, at any opportunity, over any Rep. I doubt there are 80 million of them, but 60 million of them wouldn’t be a surprise – or good news for the Republic and Constitution.

        1. Sure I have met a lot of them too. They are mostly in the intellectual professions. AT BEST 10% of the country. And a lot of them are lying. I know, because I DID for years.

          1. It’s not JUST the intellectual professions like academia, though I’ll admit they are the greatest concentration. My grandfather-in-law is a retired Army Lieutenant Colonel, and he has a bunch of Democrat stickers on his bedroom door like a teenager would have rockstar or TV show stickers, and a big Biden-Harris sign, and far more elsewhere, pictures of Obama and Hillary, etc. A much older cousin of mine, an accountant, has a lot fewer Dem trinkets, but a signed, framed photo of a cousin of his meeting Obama in the Oval Office had prominent place.

            1. Stares.
              So you know some loons? I do too. They fail to be close to a sizeable minority, though.
              How do I know?
              “Get woke go broke” And everything branded Obama stinking on ice and NOT selling. His books tank despite big corporate buys.
              Be ware your own bubble. They’re NOT the world.

            2. I agree with Sarah. If one were to read my FB feed, you’d think I was the only (or one of a very few) conservatives in my friend’s list. But I know that several of my friends who are registered D voted R, or at the very least didn’t vote for Biden. Just because they announce that, or have all kinds of accoutrements hanging around (t-shirts, BLM signs, or that one that says “in this house we believe…”, etc.) does NOT mean they voted for Biden. It means they want people to think they did because they’re scared to death of the reaction from friends and family if it’s found out they left the plantation. So, yeah. It seems like they’re everywhere.

    1. I think you’re wrong. Wildly wrong. The level of theft–once you see for real even a small example of it–might have you running for the euthanasia couch. Honestly. It’s that bad.

      Work for FEMA as a reservist. You will see rampant, in the open, cheered, wildly discussed fraud, abuse, waste, nepotism, theft. It’s insane. And the trouble is, the gravy train is so sweet a lot of us tried to get on it. That’s one reason we know the level of fraud, theft, and hatred for all things righteous. ‘Cause baby, if you don’t fit their black-brain diseased-marxist-low IQ requirement (and these are requirements) you don’t exist anymore, except as a target.

      These people are evil. That 10% is probably too high.

      1. I think there a a sizable number of people wanting to get on the train, probably far more than 10%. Hell, I would put the actual union vote at over 10%. While not all members of the Teachers’ unions, for example, vote Democrat the vast majority will.

        1. I uttered the heresy that I was a Trump supporter during the Hurricane Maria effort in Puerto Rico.

          The government dude started foaming at the mouth and spitting. It started slowly, then ramped up until he enraged himself, stormed off, and came with both barrels at the crack the next morning. Un-hinged.

          1. We’ve a friend of long standing who I needed to contact for reasons. I thought I’d found her contact info – except the person I thought most likely to be her was listed as a Democrat.

            Next time I saw her I asked, and was advised that when she started teaching (years ago) in North Carolina it was (effectively) required that she join the union and register Democrat.

            One of the reasons the Democrats fear Trump is his battle against the unions and their compulsory “dues” requirements.

            1. I know of a man who registered as a Democrat so he could vote against the worse ones in the primary.

      2. Remeber the eye-popping outrage over the Cajun Navy, and the vows to “do something” to stop them?

        Alas, the CN were organized like the Huns; that is, no organization at all. They all knew what to do, and didn’t need anyone’s permission or orders.

        1. Yes! I love the Cajun Navy because all they are is a bunch of American rednecks with trucks, boats, and the spirit of American Exceptionalism.

          The great thing about this crazy time is this: We’re working toward an America that works like the Cajun Navy. “Leave me alone until things get dicey, then I’ll be there.”

          1. A note on American Exceptionalism – it is telling that these intellects believe “Exceptional” in this usage means “better than average” (definition #2 at Merriam-Webster) rather than #3: “deviating from the norm.”

            Of course, it is possible to be both, but the tell is they don’t even consider it is only the latter.

            1. Brilliant.

              I’d always wondered why two men I admire immensely–Conrad Black and Mark Steyn–were unable to comprehend the idea of AE; they knew it didn’t equate to outcome but didn’t understand it was innate. We’re born with it. Blessedly.

              The definition really helps me understand how these guys could get it wrong.

    2. I think it is higher than Sarah, but it was not what he got. Being in this neck I know a lot of regular dem voters. Stupidly dem voters. Many don’t ever vote, so there’s that, but many are registered and I’d bet a lot of the fraud is non-voting registered dems who won’t speak up, or even realize the “voted” this year. Or did and with Michigan’s great accounting were counted twice.

    3. Biden got more black votes than Obama even though President Trump got 50% more black votes than in the last election? Seems passing strange to me.

      1. You don’t have to claim Biden’s totals weren’t juiced like crazy to think Slick Willie’s weren’t. Taking his 1992 45,000,000 as a lower bound of real Democrat votes puts Biden at actually getting over 50% of the votes claimed. Take the proportion on the population from the 1990 census and the projection for 2020 and that gets 60,000,000 for the lower bound, or my estimate of 75% real for Jo and the Ho.

        That passes all my various smell tests: know vocal Democrat voters in different states I’ve lived in, default leftism in the culture, etc.

        Of course, that still allows as much as 25% can be fraud, which is huge. This isn’t swinging the occasional close race with chicanery.

        Even if I’m wrong, if we’re looking towards the 4th box, pessimistic planning says my number is a better one to use when planning.

        1. That’s what I figured, 60 million or so. Trump got over 80 million; they, um, repurposed, yeah, that’s it, repurposed, about 8 million of Trump’s votes, and then pulled another 12 million phantom votes out of…the aether. Like those 1.2 million mail-in votes in Pennsylvania that nobody actually mailed in.
          Bring out yer dead! (voters)

        2. Slick Willie’s were different. They were juiced up, if a lot of the nonsense I hear is true. BUT the media still had FULL control back then. And the narrative was much, much more uniform and strong.

      2. DJT vote total surpassed The One’s last presidential vote total by NINE MILLION VOTES.

        But China Joe somehow beat The Dowager Empress’ 2016 total by FIFTEEN MILLION VOTES.

        The nationwide traditional bellwether counties all went for DJT.

        There were multiple votes-cast-greater-than-registered-voters locations, but only in select urban precincts in swing states – not one precinct in CA or NY had this happen, for example.

        Yeah, sure, that all makes sense. No issues at all there.

      1. I’m feeling more wary than sad at the “regret”.

        That’s what the guards at Auschwitz said when they flipped the switch to “on”. They were filled with “regret” that such was necessary.

        It’s a dangerous word.

    4. Per all the accumulated data and analysis (not spitballing or feelz), around half of Biden’s votes are valid. The rest were either fake, swapped, or in some other way cheated.

        1. Mostly small, ankle-bitey dogs whose owners think they’re “cute” when they attack people.

          I don’t care how small your dog is, I don’t want to be bitten by it.

          1. It is not the size of the dog, it is the pounds that matters, it is the pounds per square inch of the bite pressure.

            The Chow Chow, at 220 psi is one of the more powerful dog bites.

  9. I don’t know if I’d go as low as 30%, but… given all the fraud, it’s possible. I didn’t see much election gear for Biden before or after the elections, except for the days when there were BLM-Antifa type “protests” going on. And there are a good number of liberals that come into the store, wearing all sorts of other liberal messages.

    Of course, if you torque off the university students and the professors, and take away the jobs from the union people, and put half the nurses out of business and overwork the rest… and so on and so forth… you eventually destroy your base’s desire to act like your base.

  10. Biden is the most historic President Elect evah! He got milliins more black votes than Obama, millions more women votes than Hillary, millions na millions more votes than Joe Biden himself over the course of all previous elections he’s ran in in the past 47 years.

    1. In Fact, Biden got more Votes than the Total Population of Our Planet!

      …those illegal aliens, I tellya…

  11. The Democrat “get out the vote operations in Detroit, Milwaukee, Philadelphia and Atlanta sure were legendary, weren’t they?

    CNN should totally interview all the people they had going door to door to ensure every single D voted this year, and people should write books on how those four critical cities were identified and moved to vote in such copious numbers.

    1. Agreed.

      And if it was legit they’d be doing just this.

      I mean, that would have been a valid takeaway strategy from 2016, but I have yet to see any evidence it was used. Not even a suggestion or a claiming of credit (a huge hole in their PR plan…they should have been bragging about it on election night before they stopped and restarted counting).

    2. And the water pipe guys in Atlanta – those heroic plumbers (hey!) getting that horrible yet non-wetting leak under control so counting could continue so late after the totals everywhere else were public, that was critical.

      1. *Volunteer* plumbers, since none of ’em submitted a bill.

        … have since heard it was an overflowed toilet.

        1. Probably from all the ballots for Trump that they tried flushing down it rather than counting them.

          1. More likely because the building was full of Democrats, and they were so full of shit.

  12. It’s not so much who starts the dance that gets blamed (other than at the very beginning) but rather who remains standing at the end of the dance that gets to choose who to blame. Though, there’s probably enough on our side who bought into the progressive BS to still blame the “victor” for “winning” after the fact.

    1. In all honesty, those people “on our side” that you describe are my first target. Securing your rear is important before taking offensive actions to your front.

      Most of Conservative, Inc. is too big a security risk to tolerate if this goes hot.

    1. This Denys Geroult cove makes me think of the “ambush” BBC chick who “interviewed” Jordan Petersen.

  13. My prediction is the shooting will start no later than late March to early April no matter who is occupying the White House. If it is Trump (God please!!!), then it will be earlier as the dhimmicraps unleash their blmantifas, probably in early February. At first in the blue hellholes, then spreading them out into the suburbs where they will find a serious pushback. If it is Biden, then his handlers will push for gun confiscations by executive order in an attempt to disarm the citizenry a couple of months after being sworn in, probably after they use the 25th amendment to push out old sleepy joe and install Kameltoe.

    Spicy time is here. The dhimmicraps are taking away the ballot box, kicking out the soapbox from under our feet and are desperately trying to nullify the jury box in hopes we will not reach for the cartridge box.

    I am in Holden Massachusetts this week witnessing calibration tests on a couple of flow nozzles for a power plant, and most of the folks I have been talking to here in the darkest blue of blue states tell me there was vote fraud for Biden. here too. It is that obvious to even the dimmest of the sheeple here.

    1. I don’t think they’ll push Joe out that quick. I’m about to get out my tin foil hat for this one, it’s going to be a wild ride…

      105 weeks after getting sworn in Biden is 25thed out and Harris takes the reins. In the lead up to this, the MSM has been running stories (more than they are now,) about the evils of non-liberals. There’s been non-stop push to “do something” about firearms (yes, even pump shotguns,) and a couple high-profile mass shooting incidents against “socially just” groups. No reliable information about the shooters ever makes it to the news and oh yeah, the shooters were not taken alive.

      And, lo and behold, in the months leading up to the 2022 elections, civil unrest, it’s too dangerous to hold the elections so the state Govs (not the legislatures!) choose who’s going to DC to Congress and the House. And a solidly blue Senate and House come to be, JUST in time for HoHarris to take the reins from poor, addled Joe.

      Then the secondary (arguably, primary) effect of this kind of a blatant power grab come to light as the simmering civil war comes to a boil and goes hot.

    2. If they can control it, the Ho won’t replace Jo prior to 2023/01/21. That way she gets 10 years.

      And yes, I do expect them to maintain the forms at least through the Ho’s reign. It won’t be real elections, but they’ll put on the show and make her obey them. Her successor, not so much.

  14. 2020 is just one long Twilight Zone episode. Or maybe a season.
    I’ve worried about the people living in the alternate reality of the narrative for years, but I never thought they could become this totally disconnected from reality.
    It would already be over if not for Trump – and it may still be…

  15. One thing this fraud – indeed, the entirety of Trump’s campaign and Presidency – has done is put paid to the whole “Mr. Smith Goes To Washington” fantasy once and for all. Trump managed it, but it’s sure as hell that nobody lacking his resources could have done so . . . and the uniparty oligarchy, with its nonstop #Resistance, the coordinated Big Media/Big Tech assaults/censorship and the fraudulent election, have made it blatantly obvious that it will not be permitted to happen again.

    As remarked back up the thread, we’re running out of boxes. Except for Pandora’s Box.

    It might better be said that we’re now, as a nation, boxed in. And there’s only one way out. God help us.

    1. Well, the French managed to eliminate a substantial portion of their elitists during their revolution.

  16. Like some of the others, my personal feeling is that it’s higher– more like 60-70%. But if you look at the total populace of the country….

    Let’s assume even as high as 3/4ths of the 80million Biden votes are real (75% of 8 is much easier math than 60% of 8, and I’m feeling lazy this morning). That’s 60 million people. In a nation of about 330 million.

    Which means less than 1/5th of the country voted for Biden. Less than 1/8th if it’s 50% of the votes being real.

    Even if you assume every single one of the Biden votes are real, that’s less than 1/4th of the country that voted for Biden. Which really means that the largest majority in the country are those who didn’t vote. Now granted, a good portion of that are people who aren’t eligible (kids, legal non-citizen residents, and so on), but there are still a ton of people who just don’t vote no matter how much get-out-the-vote both sides do.

    So Biden’s big ‘historic vote total’ is, I bet, not all that historic if one goes back and does the math for prior elections to see about percentages. I’m too lazy this morning to do most of the research but let’s take a look at 1984 when Reagan carried every state in the US except Minnesota (and DC, but it’s not a state) and compare it to the news-reported numbers for Biden….

    Reagan had 58.8% of the popular vote to Biden’s 51% and carried 49 of the states to Biden’s 25 states. And 525 electoral votes to Biden’s 306. Biden has a slightly higher percentage of the total population, but at 24% to Reagan’s 23%, that’s not really all that brag-worthy, by comparison. And I would be willing to bet that it would be easy to find elections where a president carried more than 1/4th of the population of the country in their vote total.

    Claiming to have the biggest vote-total ever when the country’s population is the biggest ever is just dumb. But what do you expect from people who claim gun crime (a term in itself that bugs me because what about the rest of the crime/violence– does it not matter? But that’s a tangent) in the US is so much worse than in other countries because we’re 10 or 50 or 100 times the size of the country being compared to?

    1. Using registered voter totals and the “vote” “counts” as published by state (so excluding the territory and DC registered voters and votes), DJT votes were 34.6% of 213,799,467 and China Joe votes were 37.6%.

      So 62.4% or 133,465,150 of all US registered voters did not vote for China Joe.

      Those registered voter totals of course include all the dead voters.

    2. One more stats dive on reported “votes”:

      The nationwide popular vote delta for China Joe over President Trump was +6,264,111 votes (obviously including the undead-American voters across those 4am-broken-water-pipe states).

      The vote margin for China Joe over President Trump in California alone was +5,104,002.

      So 81% of the national popular vote margin was solely from California.

      If both CA and NY are removed from the total, President Trump leads the popular vote by 647,019 votes, and without those 84 electoral votes from CA+NY, Trump would lead in the electoral vote total 232 to 222 as well.

  17. Sooooo… That genius wants to put the world’s Greta Thunbergs in charge?

    Of course, to the average Leftoid, the average 16-year-old probably DOES look like a genius.

    Wait — I know! They want to create the world of Logan’s Run! (In which no one is allowed to live past 16)
    Did the Left drive them barking mad, or were they drawn to the Left because they were already batshit crazy?

    1. No, he wants to put them “in charge” as un-attackable strawmen, and as Red Guard thugs. Old white men and women will continue to be in charge, because they are the anointed ones.

    2. Surprisingly, not California: We had Prop 18 on eth ballot this time, which read:


      Vote totals so far:
      Prop. 18: 17-year-old Primary Voting Rights
      YES: 7,506,474 44.00%
      NO: 9,562,283 56.00%

  18. I found a couple of satire sites on Mewe– check this one out Conservative Humor and Satire– I spread a lot of the memes I find there to my other sites. Humor and mockery is our tools now. GET to it. Also this waiting and anger is not good for me right now. I woke up calm this morning with the knowledge that something is or has happened that will change everything and that I am sitting on a crossroads. I only get this feeling at certain times of my life– and it usually changes the entire course of my life.

  19. If they expected us to turn on Rittenhouse, then clearly they learned nothing from Zimmerman. (I know, scarcely a surprise.)

    And the number of people I know (including a pastor couple) who apparently would cheer for a teenager to be bludgeoned to death with a skateboard is really terrifying.

    1. Yes, but Zimmerman was a WHITE (hispanic) who killed a BLACK teenager. Rittenhouse killed two white people, and permanently maimed a third. Remember, in the eyes of the Progs we’re all unrepentant racists.

  20. We’ve all been depressed. And angry. Their have been times when I felt mad enough to tear bricks with my bear hands and simultaneously too weak to tear paper. The general “feel” I get is from here and other places is that despair is largely giving way to anger as more and more realize what’s at stake, that they are not alone and probably in fact the majority, and what needs to be done. It won’t be easy, but it is doable.

    I’ve said before I’m not sure if gut instinct or wild hope, but my feeling is there is a plan we are just not privy to. My brain calculations are constantly spitting out same best-case scenario: Trump has a good chance of winning bigly and decisively in the Supreme Court. He has a lot of devastating dirt on SlowJoe from the Hunter laptop alone, all that magically goes away if SlowJoe graciously concedes for the sake of unity and being so noble as to lose honorably then win dishonorably. The left goes apeshit and tries to start shit but armed citizens tired of their shit fight back. Things get hard(er) but we pull through. The left isn’t completely defeated (that would take a while) but as Churchill says “It’s the End of the Begining”

    Fully admit I could be totally be wrong though.

    1. He has a lot of devastating dirt on SlowJoe from the Hunter laptop alone, all that magically goes away if SlowJoe graciously concedes for the sake of unity and being so noble as to lose honorably then win dishonorably.

      The problem with this is all that means nothing to SlowJoe’s handlers, including his wife, especially Harris. Hunter will be heroically sacrificed by an assassin along with one or two of his secret service protectors. That it occurs in an opium den by needle or pills, or equivalent, will be squashed. Real tears will be shed (might need onions, but hey whatever) by step mamma …

      1. I think he has enough dirt to destroy that whole messed up incestuous family. Mrs. Biden definitely seems the type to turn a blind eye to her husband abusing her own children (and her son abusing her granddaughter) in order to avoid any scandal. True that might not matter to Harris, (who know what he has on Harris, if anything) but Joe would sell the entire Democrat party in a heartbeat to save his own skin. His senility is an issue, (does he even know what’s going on anymore?) but I think if his wife was shown what would be made public she would immediately start pushing for him to concede. Once he does there’s nothing any other Democrat could do.

        1. The more I think about that laptop the more I’m convinced it has to be part of some plan. Team Trump has had that thing for a while, plus he likely has loyal non-swamp spooks and investigators digging on Biden. If even half the rumors of what’s on that thing are true then it’d be enough to ensure Biden had absolutely zero chance to become President even with fraud because he would be in prison dealing with serious corruption charges and his reputation would be tatters with all the weird family sex stuff. But the public only got a few glimpses, enough to cost the Dems some votes but not the whole election. So why not destroy Biden before the election by making the whole thing public? Because Trump knew about the fraud beforehand and wanted to expose it? Because he wanted to destroy the entire Democrat party, not just it’s presidential candidate?

          1. OTOH, you could also argue he HAS to become President so any charges get delayed until the end of his term or his expiration. Whichever comes first.

      2. Sorry if this all sounds like Hope porn or “4-D chess!” I had two very bad episodes of debilitating depression/anxiety in response to the fraud, but the more I read and observed the more something in my head (my brain? “There’s someone in my head and it’s not me”) started saying, “calculating possibility of violence very high, prepare etc. but Trump wins and left loses big” and I’m like wait, what? I thought we were screwed?! I’m totally baffled by my sudden optimism. Fully admit as on first post I could be wrong, but unlike the Tech Overlords our hostess allows questions and dot connecting on her playground.

        1. Don’t you love it here? I feel like I’ve found a home.

          I have a therapist. She and I work together once a week. I get to rage about all the stuff that isn’t right, then we come back to me. Which is where all the good stuff happens, and also is the home of all the shit that has to be walked through to get to that light at the end of this tunnel.

          All that to say that our hopes are real, and true. I think maybe we’re not going far enough in our hopeful thinking/day-dreaming. We know POTUS, especially if we’ve read his books. He is a badass, scheming motherfucker. He is driven by love, and he’s also a billionaire. He does not believe there are any limits for him–none. Rush has talked about this–POTUS doesn’t even believe the sky’s the limit because there are no limits to what he can do. He knows people, human nature. He’s standing on the bridge, staff in hand, screaming at the Balrog “YOU SHALL NOT PASS!” And our guy has already cut that whip, so don’t try that stuff with me, boyo.

          We have legitimate hope that your scenario on the grid is true, in whole or part. We’ve just talked about why.

          My heart feels very strong right now, after typing these thoughts and rereading your comment. It feels optimistic and joyful, regardless of outcome.

          I think that’s what’s become different for me over these weeks: the outcome of any particular event isn’t what triggers me or influences me. I know this: we fight. I’m pretty sure of this: when we fight together, we win.

          1. “Don’t you love it here? I feel like I’ve found a home.”

            When I first started reading Sarah on LE half the time I was like, “Why didn’t I think of that?!” And other half was “Can this woman hear what I’m thinking?!” Joy was compounded by reading these threads here. Then I lurked around for a while trying to think of something awesome to say so you’d all think I’m cool. 🙂

            I have a therapist who listens to my concerns as well. Don’t think she agrees with me personally about Trump but she’s too professional to let that interfere, and she made me realize that I wasn’t crazy for fearing a Civil War and feeling gaslit by the MFMedia.

            1. You just made me laugh. I’m getting better about crafting my replies so I sound like I’m awesome sauce, intelligent, all that junk. Then what comes out is just me, and I laugh.

              It’ll be fun when we all get together.

            2. I lurked around for a while trying to think of something awesome to say so you’d all think I’m cool.

              Sorry to be the one to break this, but nobody here thinks you* cool. This just ain’t a cool joint, we’ve all been long since rejected by the “cool kids” and realized we don’t want their approval anyway. We vastly prefer insightful, interesting, witty and/or thought-provoking.

              That’s just the way we swing.

              *or anyone else here

              1. I gotta tell this Cute Kid Story-
                Daughter was somewhere around k-grade.

                Song on the radio, something about “I wish I was cool,” so daughter asks: “Are you and daddy cool?”
                “No, dear; we’d rather be right than popular, so we’re not cool like the song is singing about.”


                And now I’m contemplating the claim of Hildebrand that “A gentleman is, rather than does.”
                Which pretty much seals the case on no, I am not cool. 😀
                (Manderville, not Of Sovana nor the old German poetry.)

            3. Then I lurked around for a while trying to think of something awesome to say so you’d all think I’m cool.

              I maaaaaaaay have tried extra hard to make sure whatever I said was worth the time it took to read.



          1. “I think we’re screwed”
            Your probably right, but it’s fun to imagine nice things.

          2. Perhaps, but there’s no reason to pretend to enjoy it, nor to eschew mocking their dinky dicks.

            Having nothing to lose is tremendously liberating.

            1. They never altered their pace,
              Being neither cloud nor wind-borne like the Gods of the Market Place,
              But they always caught up with our progress, and presently word would come
              That a tribe had been wiped off its icefield, or the lights had gone out in Rome.

    2. The other aspect is the Left has left us no avenue of retreat. They have repeatedly said they have no intent to let anyone go peacefully into the night, and after a while, and enough people they’ve destroyed or tried to destroy, one is obliged to accept that they are telling the truth.

      I wonder if the Bolsheviks were only able to disarm Russia because they hadn’t been broadcasting their desire for violent purges everywhere for years beforehand?

    3. Supposedly there are members of both houses of Congress ready to contest the votes of the fraud states when counting the Electoral College.

      If true and they actually do it, then all hell breaks loose. The Dems cannot win in the House now much less with the new Congress, which will be the ones doing the counting.

      All it takes is one House member and one Senate member who already planned to retire in 2022.

  21. I think they have intelligence and wisdom confused in their minds, because no one ever told them that their intelligence doesn’t translate into any kind of wisdom. Wisdom comes from experience, and introspection, neither of which are strong points for teenagers or young adults. Let alone the fact that the schools have trained out anything that can lead to wisdom, ethics, analysis, logic.
    I like kids, I can’t stand teenagers

  22. I’m reminded that one of Niven’s novels featured an Earth that at some point in its past had decided that kids make the best rulers, and developed anti-aging drugs that locked the selected rulers at a pre-pubescent age.

    By the time the protagonist arrived, it was working about as well as one might expect.

    1. ‘A World Out Of Time’ from 1976.

      Three million years from now, most of the population is locked as perpetual children, except for the select few chosen to age normally and breed. Lacking any strong drive to bring them together, the long-lived Boys and Girls are at constant low-level war with each other, restrained only by the need to provide adults of both sexes for their mutual survival.
      Can not run out of time. Time is infinite.
      You are finite. Zathras is finite. This…is wrong tool.
      No, no, no. Very bad. Never use this.

  23. Couple quick thoughts I wanted to share:

    If the Dems had merely diddled the electronic tallies, and hadn’t created mountains of bogus paper ballots, their cheating wouldn’t have been so obvious and might even have slid on through. Let’s hear it for central planning follies!

    Cheering news about the CCP:

    Effing YT won’t give me a timestamp cuz it’s still live, but about 40 minutes in, and again about 50 minutes. I’m starting to be really fond of NTD News. 😀

    1. The general belief is that the Dems thought just weighting the vote talliee would be enough. This is believed to be what Dominion was doing.

      But it wasn’t enough. Even with one hand on the scale, Trump was still winning. The Dems had badly miscalculated the level of support for him, and he was beating the margin of fraud. And as a result, they had to go ridiculously overboard ib those select counties.

      1. and the Dominion “bug” was found quickly when wards were noticing totals that were so far off they stopped things to validate. Poll watcher seeing less Trump votes in his ward than members of his family who he knew were voting Trump, so to cover any other “bug” discoveries they had to toss in more paper ones, and others not in on the Dominion “bug” had already loaded up on fakes so that too is overly obvious.

        1. So far as I know, there were only two counties (both in Michigan) that found Dominion-caused problems. Oakland County (not to be confused with the county in California) had a recount – probably due to the very narrow margin of victory – that found 1200 votes being shifted from the Democratic candidate to the Republican one in a local race after the manual recount. This was enough to upset the earlier result, and give the Republican an 1100 vote win. Another county (Antrim?) had the issue you noted where a local commissioner noticed that his own family of R voters was more than the total number of R votes recorded in the county. A manual recount discovered many (6000?) discrepencies.

          There have been other errors related to the computers, but nothing else I’m aware of that couldn’t be blamed on operators. And AFAIK, there hasn’t been any serious talk of doing recounts solely to check Dominion’s numbers. That’s a mistake, imo.

          1. Then, all the others in that area of the state (and well elsewhere followed suit often enough) are also in the “No, you can’t watch the recount, we are totally not trying to hide cheating, but no you can’t ensure there is no cheating. Okay, you can watch from over there where even far sighted folks can’t see a thing (and every worker in the front rows stops working so only those blocked from view can continue)” and there has been a lot of “Yeah, a glitch but ONLY there. Well, and there too. Really. No trust us. No you can’t recount to be sure. It was positively certainly only those two and NO! you cannot see our source, or check anything in anyway to prove we are right. Take our word for it.”
            Problem being, too many places this is structured to prevent finding and fixing this kind of issue. Essentially an abuse of laws meant to prevent the abuse of recounts.
            One of my biggest “proofs” of the fraud is we were told they were getting massive wins across the board, and after finding votes swapped (iirc there was one small local recount that went from an R to a D win in recount, but not positive it is a Dominion zone), one would think Dems would be crying out for a full and free manual recount to show they really and for true swept the board of those evil Trumpians, instead of the shellacking they often enough got. If it was truly a glitch, it went both ways. They are too sure of, if a recounting occurs it flips, and the amount of invalid ballots comes out, to allow any close examination.

            1. Which I sum up as: If the Democrats have nothing to hide, WHY are they so desperate to hide it?

              If they weren’t guilty, why would they act so guilty?

              They’re guilty. They know they’re guilty. They know WE know they’re guilty. And they’re still trying to hide the evidence and keep us from looking in the box.

            2. That was more or less the point of a recent Federalist article. The article itself was sarcastic. But it was written in a way that could be read completely serious by a Biden supporter. And the point was, “Biden pulled off something spectacular, with absolutely amazing results. Why aren’t the news media congratulating him, and trying to discover the secret of his success?”

            3. The problem of maintaining Socialist Distance from the vote counters while still enabling meaningful observation seems as if it could be handled by using those overhead projectors so ubiquitous from grade school days. The vote counter puts the ballot n the scanner and the votes are clearly visible at a distance.

              Hell, they could mount an overhead camera at each counting station, projecting the ballot on a 50-inch monitor and record the data to hard drives for court review – this isn’t 22nd Century tech.

              1. Each vote counter should be under an HD video camera, all camera feeds live-streamed on an open web page ANYBODY can watch, and recorded both on- and off-site by any party that cares to set up a DVR. Let there be dozens, even hundreds of independent records of the entire ballot-counting process.

                Anybody that whines about ‘invasion of their privacy’ can fuck off and die. Those are OUR votes you’re counting. We have the right to watch.

                Any poll worker concealing even one ballot from the camera to be fired and arrested on the spot.

                Opening mail-in ballots is recorded on-site only, not public, video records to be examined only by court order. Nobody gets to know how you voted, or even IF you voted.
                Talia Winters: “I hadn’t sensed so many lies since I worked for the political bureau.”

      2. Yes, but it’s the panic to bring in MOAR PAPER BALLOTS that made it so obvious no one could miss it. Just putting a hand in the electronic till somewhere after the local results are tallied… that might go unnoticed (and with 20-20 hindsight, that’s what they’ve been doing for the past couple decades.. and have we noticed? Not really.)

        1. We’ve noticed. There’ve been questions for some time now about various things in certain elections. It’s just that it was never blatant enough to get past the “Well, everyone does it. *shrug*” threshold.

          1. That’s my point. We knew it was going on, but hard evidence was scant and as you say, it was considered mostly-shruggery. Now, you can’t avoid the steaming piles.

  24. As a student of history I’ve watched the Judeo/Christian/Greco/Roman civilization, waxing and waning, move across the continents. From the mid sixties the waning in the US was quite apparent. I hoped to see it wax in the Orient, Japan or one of the seven sisters. I had hopes for Russia, having spent some time in their wild wild East following the Soviet’s crash.

    Now I’m convinced, as in the past, the US is the last great hope, if we allow the fall here the whole world’s in for a long dark night.

    1. Quack. Quack-Quack. Quack. Qua-ack.

      That is SOP locally, so quacking them in derision doesn’t work. Although after the local Civil War game, the Ducks’ quacks were crying quacks, as Beavers beat them by 3 AND to add insult to injury, intercepted the last Hail Mary Pass.

      She who thinks Beaver gear at the local Duck marts are worth “Good-” – shirt, jacket, hat, face mask, … etc.

    1. I swear afterwards, someone will say, “huh it really was simple as shoot all the bastards and try not get shot yourself.”

  25. “lockdowns” — “the left loves them, embraces them and keeps resorting to them because it destroys small business owners, families and well…. Americans.”

    Seen any of the recent spate of reports of our Lords Governor (etc.), with their latest Brand New Harder Lockdown to Stop the Virus Orders — getting caught going out in public to eat, etc., in plain view of everyone, often in big, close, and very no-no groups, despite all that? (Enough I won’t even try to list them here.)

    Yes, surely it’s scandalous and hypocritical; but it’s also both illuminating and confessional. In what the math people like to call, these past few centuries or so, “reductio ad absurdum.”

    If you simply (for the sake of consideration) assume these orders are real and based in (perceived) reality — that these officials genuinely believe what they say is the basis for their “orders” (they’re still not laws, or inherently legal), then these officials have to genuinely believe they’re risking their lives or their health, the lives and health of their families and friends, of other people close to them, if and when they ever do things like that.

    But still they do them, and visibly and publicly. Repeatedly on and on.

    And they get caught doing exactly the sort of things — “yes, I’d put my family on that plane” or “yes, I’d happily celebrate Chinese New Year in Wuhan” — that leaders and public figures routinely do to underline, “I think this is safe.”

    When, if they’re competent, logical and rational, informed, and honest leaders like they so obviously want their citizens / subjects / ratty colonials to believe, they can be doing this only to say in deeds not words, “I think this is really quite safe and all that virus lockdown stuff is a load of bunkum.”

    They literally cannot be doing this, if they believe their own orders’ rationale.

    So maybe they are crazy, or maybe they have something like a death wish or a daredevil complex. But mostly, by the evidence of their own actions it becomes ever clearer the virus is an excuse for tyranny, not a reason for any kind of hard-line but genuine “public health” response — as they see it.

    And sooner or later their “safe” downtrodden subjects are gonna see it, too.

    1. Generally even the most stupid, easily panicked American “I ascared of Covid!” sheep believes it has rights. It’s taking frustratingly long but I think you’re right about “sooner of later.”

    2. They literally cannot be doing this, if they believe their own orders’ rationale.

      Doesn’t it seem time for concerned citizen’s groups to file suit requiring such executives step down from office under grounds of mental incompetence? Such inconsistent, irrational, behaviour seems highly self-destructive and poses severe risks to the welfare of the polities.

      If they believe the science requires all citizens to remain in lockdown and yet they perambulate promiscuously it can only mean they are endangering themselves and require removal from office and placement under restraint until such time as their competency can be determined by duly recognized authority.

      The Science Requires It.

  26. I’m not even sure W’s wins were really “genuine” or more the loyal and allowed opposition being allowed to pretend to be in charge

    Or possibly they knew the internet bubble was due to burst and realized they needed a Republican body in the White House to absorb the shrapnel?

    I think it was likely a matter that it was not until after “Florida 2000” that they managed to install their fraud machine.

    1. I’m reminded of the story Kirk told about the Yellow Dog democrat in the early nineties, and “they will hunt us down, and be right to do so”, which is paraphrasing.

      Clintons definitely changed the institutional culture of the Democratic Party.

      Early nineties, by the Clintons is one possible decision to implement. By the Clintons, after the failure of Gore is another. Something was in place for Obama to take advantage of, most likely. So Obama or his handlers is another possibility. But the Harris/Dominion cluster points a finger at Chinese assets in California politics. Which is a timeline with a lot of possibilities.

      1. On that note, here’s a cheering tale:


        Harlen Kelly, former General Manager of San Francisco’s Public Utilities Commision was arrested after FBI agents raided his house and arrested on Nov. 30. Federal prosecutors charged him with wire fraud. Prosecutors allege that Kelly has a “long-running bribery scheme and corrupt partnership” with a local construction company executive.

        The charges include Kelly accepting illegal gifts like lavish family trips to both Hong Kong and mainland China. The FBI has messages from Kelly sent on the Chinese-based texting-app WeChat. He wrote, “Thank you for the best family vacation ever! A little something for everyone!”

        Kelly’s wife may also be a target for investigation, as FBI documents mention her, though not by name. She is Naomi Kelly, a city administrator for San Francisco.

        The recent arrest ties back to another government official who was taken into custody in January. Mohammed Nuru, who was Director of Public Works, was the first domino to fall. Allegations of corruption against Nuru date back to the early 2000s.

        1. Wait, how is that fair? Aren’t the FBI a wholly-owned arm of the DNC? And they gave Hillary and all those others a free pass, so why are they picking on the Kellys, who have done nothing any other reasonable person wouldn’t do?

          Well, actually, I *am* surprised the FBI chose to take notice. Though they did haul some pols from Chicago off a while back.

          1. The French Revolution took off a number of revolutionaries before Thermidor, and the Russian, before the Moscow Show Trials — there’s always infighting.

  27. the side that starts the dance takes the blame.

    History indicates that the side who takes the blame is the side what lost.

  28. January 20, 2021 is a Wednesday. We could hold a MAGA rally, sure. It might even get as much news coverage as the anti-Roe “March For Life” rallies. I’m sure CNN & MSNBC would love searching out a few deranged Trump-followers (and leave us not kid ourselves, there are always a few such attached to any movement) to B-Roll with the coronation inauguration.

    Or maybe that would be a good day for us to all lay down our tools. Take a sick-day, America, and let them see how much they depend on Deplorables. Don’t go to work, don’t answer phones, don’t surf the web or watch the television. Shop not, neither shall we pay attention to them.

    Okay – we could all wear Red RED on that day.

  29. he’s going to use KIDS. Bright kids.

    That won’t work because the truly bright kids will never be found by them. They’ll find the kids who give the expected answers, the ones bright enough to tell them what they want to hear, the Greta Thunbergs.

    They won’t find one kid so bright they get an unexpected insight, a new idea, a refutation of their entire conceptual reality. And there are a lot of those really bright kids running lose. A LOT.

    What they don’t grasp is that they are the Pointy-haired Bosses, their fiefs are filled with Wallys and Asoks, while the few Dilberts they have are playing them.

  30. Make with the memes comparing Kamala to the Joker (unfavorably. I mean, poor joker.)

    The Joker is sufficiently self-aware to be in on the joke. He knows what he is and fully exploits the inability of others to recognize it.

  31. Oh, hey, low carb people, you probably know this — but it turns out that the tasty batter on Indian fried or tandoori roasted vegetables is often made out of chickpea/gram flour. And chickpea has a lot of protein and not a lot of carbs.

  32. 1) Don’t confuse IQ with “WQ”. There is a distinction between “Intellect” and “Wisdom”. I assert to you that, if there were a WQ test to match the IQ test, most PostModern Liberals (which is more than 95% these days) would be in the bottom third of the Normal curve that resulted. And there is no direct link between IQ and WQ — plenty of people rank high in one and not particularly high in the other. Look no further than Noam Chomsky for someone with high IQ who is an utter and complete fool (this is the correct word, FWIW — “Foolish genius” applies)

    2) I personally suspect what is about to occur is the French Revolution, with the Left as the Jacobins. What we come out with on the other side — a resurgence of the American Republic or an American Empire is the real question, one dependent, I think, on the 911 generation rising to the challenge set before them. In the interim, conservatives need to act to retain their capacity to act — that is, fight for gun rights, free speech rights, and all the rest, even at the cost of our lives… which it may well be. I say French Revolution and mean it, in every sense of the historical event.

    1. I don’t think the left are the jacobins. You’re buying their self image. I think when we the people get good and p*ssed the tumbrils will be full of the left.
      They really are A LOT like the ancien regime French aristocracy.

  33. Sorry, no groups or organization. Just like in the Militias and others all the people trying to start something are informers. Get Five people together, 1 from the FBI, 1 a news informer trying to sell the story, and 1 from a Commie group wanting to do a False Flag and maybe 2 that want to do the RIGHT THING and support the Constitution.
    I know of NO ONE I would Trust THAT much.

  34. Is this the Dominion ‘smoking gun’ many of us have been expecting?

    Machine Manipulation of Michigan Absentee Ballots

    From uncoverdc dot com slash 2020/12/02/machine-manipulation-of-michigan-absentee-ballots/ (last paragraphs of the article):

    Here is the conclusion from the report:

    This is very strong evidence that the absentee voting counts in some counties in Michigan have likely been manipulated by a computer algorithm. The comparison of the 2020 results to the normal 2016 election data is dramatic. If no other plausible explanation can be made for these unexpected findings, it appears that this computer software was installed sometime after the 2016 Presidential election. On the surface, it would seem that the tabulating equipment in infected precincts has been programmed to shift a percentage of absentee votes from Trump to Biden. An accurate hand-count of absentee ballots from a sampling of precincts might be helpful.

    [end block quote]

    The real bottom line is this: Michigan absentee ballots were almost certainly machine-manipulated in favor of Joe Biden. This involved subtracting Trump votes and adding them to Biden totals. Given that Dominion systems were widely used in many states across the U.S. this year, the widely reported “74 million Trump votes” are considerably under-counted by perhaps millions of votes while Biden’s total is over-counted by millions. It would explain why absentee candidate Biden’s supposed 80 million total, which has been endlessly repeated by the gaslighting legacy media, eclipsed the totals achieved by Barack Obama (twice) and Hillary Clinton. A large and to-be-determined number of Biden’s votes were fraudulent. It is the only explanation that makes sense. This is a developing story.


    (See also, and especially, the graphs from that article, which are eye-popping amazing, beyond ‘red flag’ territory. It’s hard to imagine that could be anything but outright, programmed, algorithmic machine-based fraud, see article text.)

    “This is a developing story.” Understatement of the year 2020..?

    1. This, unfortunately, requires comprehension of Math and Analytics. “Journalists” generally got into their line of work because they were bad at Math. This is easily dismissed as “geek s[tuff]” and ignored.

      I’ve noticed Glenn Greenwald turning up in unanticipated places, slamming the Left. It’s as if he (and Taibbi and others) have realized the “leaders” on the Left don’t believe squat about what the spew and are loyal to the Democrat Party rather than to policy or programs. They’ve recalled Animal Farm and are recognizing the swine for what they are.

      This is where our hope for the future lies, that the corruption of the Democrat Party leadership will drive off enough people who know the leadership for what they are — and will be willing to call them out.

      1. Speaking of Matt Taibbi:

        With Tanden Choice, Democrats Stick it to Sanders Voters
        The appointment of a longtime anti-Sanders troll to the Biden government is an impressively petty end zone dance by Democrats celebrating the crushing of their left flank
        The Democratic Party is not known for its sense of humor, but news that Joe Biden will appoint longtime Center for American Progress chief Neera Tanden to his government qualifies as a rare, well-earned laugh line.

        Tanden is famous for two things: having a puddle of DNC talking points in place of a cerebrum, and despising Bernie Sanders. She was #Resistance’s most visible anti-Sanders foil, spending awe-inspiring amounts of time on Twitter bludgeoning Sanders and his supporters as a deviant mob of Russian tools and covert “horseshoe theory” Trump-lovers. She has, to put it gently, an ardent social media following. Every prominent media figure with even a vague connection to Sanders learned in recent years to expect mud-drenched pushback from waves of “Neera trolls” after any public comment crossing DNC narratives. No name in blue politics is more associated with seething opposition to Sanders than Tanden.

        Biden is making this person Director of the Office of Management and Budget. Sanders is the ranking member (and, perhaps, future chair) of the Senate Budget Committee. Every time Bernie even thinks about doing Committee business, he’ll be looking up at Neera Tanden. For a party whose normal idea of humor is ten thousand consecutive jokes about Trump being gay with Putin, that’s quite a creative “fuck you.”
        The difference between conventional Democrats and the Sanders movement is that Democrats never allowed themselves to view Sanders and his followers as anything but threats that needed squashing. They were never tempted, even for a moment, to take the idea of a Sanders presidency seriously. Sanders was loyal in the end to the party that made a mission of destroying him, and now gets Neera Tanden up the keister as the first installment in what is sure to be a long program of repayment for the sin of running without permission. Welcome to the eternal law of American politics, where no crime is punished more harshly than being a good loser.

        Gee, I get the impression he’s not buying into their dream.

        1. Sounds remarkably like how Vichy Mitchy and the rest of the GOPe crew treated the Tea Party, don’t it???

  35. When do we start asserting that Biden is “literally” Chavez* Maduro?

    Asking for a friend.

    *He ain’t got enough wattage to be Chavez.

  36. Since I live in CA and have long been in fandom world, it becomes easy to believe there are lots of people who vote en masse for Democrats.

    Well, not after that election (*swallows red pill*). You’re right. They cheat, they always cheat, and that’s how they always win and the rest (unions, dumb kids on Twitter, perpetual dependents, the dopes who believe the media, hippie Boomer broads) is just padding for a veneer of legitimacy. We’ve been played for a very, very long time.

    So now we have a country of endless lockdowns that our overlords aren’t obeying themselves, cops who stand by and watch looters burn everything in sight while cuffing bar owners for staying open or young women for having football watch parties in their apartments, and the most blatant election steal in world history that the “defeated” party is doing nothing about. Small business is being crushed. Silicon Valley oligarchs blatantly censor speech. We’re locked out of churches while Brooklyn hipsters are allowed to dance around the maypole celebrating Sleepy Joe’s fake victory. Our institutions are corrupt as hell and elites are only interested in making themselves richer and more powerful. The rest are cowards. Something’s gotta give.

    1. They cheat, they always cheat …

      I don’t think you were here for the Sad Puppies campaign(s) but yes, they’ll cheat to win* a Hugo Award which they’ve managed to turn into a Mark of Cain on book covers, warning all that “In this book lies Darkness within.”

      If they’ll cheat for that, what won’t they cheat to for?

      Of course, their denial is such that they cannot acknowledge their cheating, so they hate all who see them for what they are. (Which includes their mirrors.)

      *Well, maybe not to win so much as to not allow a worthy writer to win

        1. Cheeting. Addressing inequality. Whatever.

          They can still kiss me under my my tail.
          If I both raised my tail AND *lowered* my standards.

          My standards might well already be low, but at least I _have_ some!

  37. Scenario 13X : Sunset

    December 14th

    Following destroyed associated envelopes and papers, improper ballot/vote errors and unanswered questions to poll workers in Georgia, Pennsylvania and Michigan, state legislatures and election boards fail to certify panels of electors. Due to this, no candidate has sufficient electoral votes to be declared president.

    Additionally, 17 electors (six for Trump, eleven for Biden) vote “faithless”, making the situation worse. Five other electors attempt to vote against the election decision, but their states’ laws prevent this.

    December 21st

    With the presidential selection thrown to congress, lawsuits are filed, challenging the ability to decide in opposition to the votes.

    Every single judge, law professor and historian points out that the constitution specifically grants Senators a straight up/down vote for vice-president and the House of Representatives uses state delegations to decide president.

    This is declared a “constitutional crisis” despite the absolute nature of the constitution.

    January 5th

    A special election is held to assign Georgia’s Senate seats.

    More than $150 million dollars are spent on ads.

    The Federal Elections Commission, along with the US Marshals service, send more than one thousand agents to oversee supervision.

    In Atlanta, Democrats state that this is intimidation and call police to have then removed from ballot counting facilities. After more than five dozen police, poll workers and ballot counters are arrested, the objections are withdrawn and GOP election observers are allowed to watch the tabulation.

    Thirty-seven separate bomb scares are called in, but the facility had been secured for three days. Oddly, tabulation workers and Democrat observers do not try to exit, although they do suggest GOP observers move to a safe distance.

    Near midnight, a worker announces that there is a carbon monoxide leak. A hazardous inspection is immediately performed with a crew that was on standby at the facility. After the gas check is cleared, the FEC representative points out that they also have plumber, electricians, and a crew of structural engineers ready to perform checks.

    The following day, shortly after 7 AM, the two Republican candidates are declared the winners.

    January 6th

    Shortly after the Georgia announcement a joint session of congress meets to certify the electoral vote.

    Michigan and Pennsylvania send panels of electors, but they are deemed out of order. No candidate receives the requisite 270 votes.

    Another special session is called for the 9th.

    January 9th

    The two newest Senators from Georgia are seated as the first measure.

    The house delegations begin their votes. While the Democrats hold as slim majority, it is concentrated in certain larger states. The majority within delegations play out so that Trump would get 26 votes to Biden’s 24.

    Two Republican House members cast their ballots for Biden and three others vote “Abstain”. The vote is Trump 24, Biden 25. The five Republican “faithless” refuse to speak to their colleagues.

    Per the requirements, the ballots are supposed to be cast until a winner is selected. After ten identical ballots, it is moved and approved that the vice-presidential vote be taken.

    Despite a 48 seat minority, the Democrats smile as they cast their votes. A small laugh passes through the chamber as Kamala Harris calls her own name out. Senator Hirano of Hawai’i attempts to make a speech about the importance of voting for her colleague, but she is moved as being out of order by Vice President Pence, serving his position as President of the Senate.

    Three Republican votes cause a stir. After one votes for Mike Pence, he is set upon by the Democrat caucus.

    Mitt Romney (R-Utah) casts his vote for Harris. He refuses to talk to anyone.

    The third instance had a Republican request assistance from the Sargent at Arms to extricate himself from Democrats. He casts his vote for Pence.

    The final vote: Pence-51, Harris-49.

    Mike Pence attempts to call for another balloting for President, but there is a mass exodus from the chamber. With no quorum, he and Nancy Pelosi adjourn the session.

    Before 5 PM, Mountain Time, there are three organized petitions calling for Mitt Romney to resign.

    People speculate as to why the five Republican representatives voted as they did, but any mention of bribery or blackmail is dismissed in the media as “a conspiracy theory”.

    The two Republican Senators who cause upsets on the floor hold press conferences. One apparently had a child out of wedlock before his marriage.

    The other states that he is bisexual, and had two physical relationships with men, both before meeting his wife. He states that he loves and is attracted to his wife and has been faithful throughout his marriage. He offers to resign, but his state legislature holds a vote of confidence, unanimously requesting he remain.

    Again, any mention of blackmail attempts are dismissed as “lunacy”, while the two refuse to make any accusation. When asked why they don’t talk about blackmail in reference to Mitt Romney, the usual resp se is “Why would they need to?”

    Despite an offer not to seek re-election in 2024, the petitions against Mitt Romney reach half a million valid, unique signatures. He announces he will resign on February 3rd.

    Over the next week, daily sessions are called for the House, with each presidential vote being the same as the first.

    January 20th

    The inauguration attendance is estimated to be nearly one million, although there is a fine distinction between an attendee, a protestor, and rioters. District, Capitol and Federal authorities are present in the largest numbers ever for such an event. More than ten thousand arrests occur before 11:30 AM.

    Shortly before noon, Justice Gorsuch administers the oath of office to Mike Pence, renewing his title of Vice President. Despite widespread denial that it is allowed, at 12:00, absent a sitting president, at the office holder’s request, Justice Clarence Thomas administers the oath of office and Michael Pence is sworn in as the forty-sixth President of the United States.

    After his wife, the next person to congratulate him is former President Trump.

    Over the following two days, there is wild speculation that President Pence will name Donald Trump as his VP pick, then resign. The famous “castling” maneuver where Putin and Medvedev switch presidency and prime ministership is referred to frequently on the news. A clip from “Jeopardy” referencing it receives more than 200 million views on YouTube.

    On January 22, President Pence enters the White House briefing room. Despite numerous warnings, the assembled reporters shout out questions and accusations The room is cleared except for the sound and video technicians. The President then announces that his nominee for Vice President will be Former UN Ambassador and Governor Nikki Hailey.

    Fifteen minutes later, an Air Force VC-25 is cleared for takeoff. The modified Boeing 747 is normally assigned the call sign “Air Force One”, but in this instance is simply “Air Force 28 000”, it’s tail number. It takes off without difficulty and heads south to Florida.

    July 4th

    Two days earlier, former President Trump granted his first interview since the inauguration. It airs, showing a confused, often belligerent man. The reporter says he was given very little time. The final question is “What have you left behind?” The response is a nonverbal pursing of the lips and a shrug.

    Seven minutes after the first airing of the interview, multiple websites begin hosting the raw footage. In one continuous, uncut shot from a single camera with accompanying sound, it shows that the interview was more than an hour long, with answers cut short in editing, if not placed with completely different questions.

    The uncut final interaction is as follows:

    Interviewer: Whether you admit responsibility or culpability or what have you, you must admit that the nation had a great deal of emotional issues and divisiveness during your term in office. Given that abuse of the public’s trust and harmony, what would you say is your legacy? What have you left behind?

    Donald Trump: Well, you know, I’ve been reading a lot about Benjamin Franklin lately. Ben Franklin, one of our founding fathers, just a great man. A great man, simply awesome. He wrote a lot, invented things, even ran a newspaper. Honest news, real news, not the fake stuff you see everywhere nowadays. He like the ladies, too, from what I’ve read. Anyway, way back when, someone asked him pretty much the same thing. “What have you left?” And you know what he said? “A republic, if you can keep it.”

    1. Quite a story! I find the details about the Republican turncoats particularly believable. I’ve been wondering what they have on Brian Kemp and his SOS. Bribery by Dominion, I would guess. But we all know they wouldn’t hesitate to threaten people’s families. Sooooo evil.

  38. I’ve got to rain on the parade: mockery might work with a lot of the older Dems at the top – Pelosi and Biden himself – but there’s a whole new breed of leftists on the street and in Congress who aren’t phased at all by mockery. Chapo Trap House, Shaun and Jen, Contrapoints, the dirtbag left, AOC herself – they aren’t the fragile, easily-triggered snowflakes of pre-2016.

    Say what you want about them, they’ve taken to the streets, they’ve struck and been struck, they’ve been ‘hardened’ (as much as that term applies) and they’ve learned to coordinate and strategize, and they can take a joke and make a joke – and they’ll still try and get you canceled, doxxed and attacked on top of it.

    Mockery? They’ll hit you right back with “are the frogs turning gay?” or “hey, what Q telling you about pizzagate?” and there’s an extra, twisted thrill for those who are actually in the know that there’s some truth to those “conspiracy theories.”

    And the mainstream and big tech will conceal their slips and enhance their strikes – how many news stories have we seen celebrating how AOC or another of the squad supposedly puts one troll or another in their place?

    1. No. It actually works better with them. SERIOUSLY. Tey have no clue they’re fucked and they imagine everyone LOVES them. Seriously. I DEAL with these people.

      1. “T[h]ey have no clue…”

        This became obvious when, a few years ago now, one the Great Woke ru(i)nning Penguicon was *utterly shocked* that the ‘progressive’ things they were doing could be taken as UNwelcoming and driving long-time attendees to drop them. The fierce denial that followed should have been predictable… “There’s NO WAY *we* could be like THAT! You, YOU… must be.. EVIL!” sums it up. Haven’t wasted motorfuel returning.

        1. We were in Corvallis, OR a couple of years ago and I wandered downtown. The yarn shop had a sign in the window with a long list of “haters,” who were not welcome there. I went in, but wasn’t comfortable and saw nothing I wanted bad enough to give the store money. (The one clerk, btw, totally ignored me).
          Down the street was a coffee and tea shop. It was full or organic this and that, had fair trade signs up, had a very hippieish feel…and no signs. I bought some very nice tea. Last week I went online and ordered more looseleaf tea from them…because a) it’s good tea, and b) they had no sign and appeared ready to welcome anyone with money.
          (Turns out they add an extra item to every 100th online order, so I now have an 85% dark, organic, fair trade chocolate bar).

    2. Lorne Michaels (head of SNL) apparently knows otherwise. I once heard him quoted as saying that one of the differences between the left and the right is that the right can laugh at itself. The left can’t.

      And Michaels is a lefty.

      Note that I’ve never bothered to independently confirm that he actually said that, mind you.

    3. I’ve got to rain on the parade: mockery might work with a lot of the older Dems at the top – Pelosi and Biden himself – but there’s a whole new breed of leftists on the street and in Congress who aren’t phased at all by mockery. Chapo Trap House, Shaun and Jen, Contrapoints, the dirtbag left, AOC herself – they aren’t the fragile, easily-triggered snowflakes of pre-2016.

      Counter evidence:
      death threats against Mini-AOC.

      1. Disagree utterly and completely.

        Once the baby Marxists get a whiff of non-belief, aka mockery, they lose their shiite. Every single time.

        It turns them meaner and uglier, too. Got to be wary. But we mock, mock, mock.

        1. Sounds like agreement that they can’t take mockery, and a disagreement on using it constantly. 😀

          I agree with you there about the totally flipping out thing.

          1. Now that I’ve read it again, yes!

            It’ll be so much easier to come to agreement at the victory party. Facial expressions help so much.

  39. None of the people we oppose can face mockery. They can’t-they aren’t built for it. I can easily suspect Winston Churchill and Abraham Lincoln not only laughing at jokes about them…but taking the material for themselves and using it ruthlessly.

    So, mock them. Hold up a mirror to all of their pretense and faults and shame-and they can’t take it at all. None of them can. They cannot be mocked, because they are Doing The Right Thing In All Of The Right Ways.

    Don’t apologize to the wokescolds. Or even acknowledge their existence beyond any other large physical object that might harm you. Face down these monsters, one fight at a time and slay them all.

    Defend what you care about. Help your friends, the ones that are faithful and do matter.

    1. Consider Reagan joked, “I’ve instructed my staff to wake me up… even if I’m in a Cabinet Meeting.” And “Yes, I am partially responsible [for some problem] – I used to be a Democrat.”

      And Obama, as far as I can recall, never said an even mildly self-deprecating thing.

      1. During the war, Churchill’s official schedule ran to eighteen hours per day, leaving six for sleep, bathroom breaks, meals, and whatnot. The de facto workday ran twenty or more hours per day, which meant something had to give. There were various meetings he had to attend, given the several official hats he wore, but some of them were essentially “show the flag” presentations, and he started napping through them. He once mentioned waking up during one of the meetings and noting that all the other attendees were taking similar advantage of their meeting time…

        The other lesson is that the iron grip of bureaucracy was so tight that not even Churchill and the highest-ranking officials could escape. Every hour of their time was critical to the defense of the realm and prosecution of the war, but some large percentage was still taken up by bureaucratic overhead.

      2. I think Obama tried to…but never was able to pull it off because he couldn’t laugh at himself. I can’t see him doing it and his jokes fell flat. The one I remember the most was a White House Press Corps dinner when he tried to do the fake humility thing of point out that he wasn’t Superman. He didn’t come from Krypton…

          1. That kind of humor works…in small doses. It’s like any hot spice-too much drives people away.

            And, why should he have to worry about being funny? Everybody said he was the Messiah…and nobody ever really understood the Tleilaxu Epigram-

            “Here lies a toppled god —
            His fall was not a small one.
            We did but build his pedestal,
            A narrow and a tall one.”

            Gods fall because they lose their balance-they lose perspective and height conceals the indicators upon which the loss of balance can be prevented. To the would-be God in any form, humor must be embraced. A certain kind of humility, the knowledge that perfection is a momentary affair and not a solid state, is the greatest defense against the hubris that can cause one to fall. And, if the fall happens, the flexibility to change and land and rise again once again comes from humor.

            The failure to embrace humor-to punish the jester and especially in public, to yank the waggling tongue-means that you have defined where conversation cannot go. You may despise the farce of your life on the stage or screen, but if it drives you to anger…from where does the anger come from? Answer that question, and you will find your solution.

            But, for these would-be God makers…they must climb the corpse of the Gods they brought down so they can try to reach the Throne themselves. Anyone else is either an aid to your climb and used to the fullest-or a threat that must be ended. The clown, to them, is the threat. It reveals the feet of clay, the pettiness of the motivations. It reveals the lack of balance that requires for them to be forever in motion, as the motion in any direction can be seen as “progress.”

            1. To Billy Jeff Clinton’s credit, he proved able to learn to deliver self-deprecating jokes; I recall reading reports around his second or third year of him approaching liberal comics for lessons, but lessons alone are insufficient.

              In Obama’s defense, it is hard to tell jokes o oneself when any such lèse-majesté evokes howls of “Thass racisssss.”

              OTOH, I doubt he was any more capable of taking himself seriously than is your typical house cat.

  40. They are pissed at us for voting for Trump. They are pissed at the Brits for voting for Brexit. The ruling class is absolutely using covidiocy as a hammer to smack down the peasants.

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