Election of the President – by amie Gibbons

Election of the President – by amie Gibbons

Hello again, everyone. This is Amie Gibbons. Urban fantasy and paranormal romance author, cat mom, and most importantly for today’s post, political nut and lawyer!

The lawyer hat is on, so I have to say none of this is actual legal advice and is not to be taken as such. These are the political opinions (and rants because I’m pissed off!) of this humble lawyer today.

These views also most certainly do not reflect the views of my employer and have nothing to do with them. Why? Because (nervous chuckle) they might fire me if they see this and I don’t have my political self as distanced as humanly possible from my job and make it real fuckin’ clear this is me speaking just for myself and not them. Don’t know what my lawyer job is? Good, you can’t report me. Know what it is? Don’t report me, because I like my job, and I’m buying a house and kinda (really) need the income. I’m nowhere near quit the day job money in author earnings, especially not after the shit show of 2020, trust me 😐

Alright, have I sufficiently covered my ass? Probably not, because I live in the world of lawyers; we’ll always find a hole in the CYA armor to take out our pound of meaty ass flesh if we’re really motivated to, but hell, here goes.

We all know there is fuckery afoot with the votes for the Presidential election! Anyone paying attention, even the people who voted for Slow Joe and the Legal Hoe have to know that. A good breakdown of the numbers on the fuckery is in this post by Larry. Larry’s day job was accountant for years before he went full time author, so he knows a numbers orgy when he sees one. I’m going to leave it at that since he summed it up pretty damn well. I’m also going to have to leave my whole rant on the virus stupidity out because this post got way too long. That’ll be a different post, because I want to rant about that bullshit and it paving the way for stealing this election. 😊

(Warning, there will be a lot of cursing in here. I talk like this when I think I’m being funny and lending an emphatic note to certain points. But mostly I’m just fucking pissed off and scared.)

First of all, and I can’t believe I have to say this, but I’m gonna shout real fucking loud for those lurking in the back of this site just to troll us “crazy, rightwing conspiracy theorists.” THE MEDIA DOES NOT CALL THE ELECTION! No, non, nein, nyeht. We are the knights who say nie!

It ain’t on to the next step till the Supreme Court sings. At the end of the day, if after their rulings (which no, I don’t actually think will happen in time to be effective to change anything in this election, but I’m a pessimist) the Electoral College votes are still up in the air (which are based on the votes and laws in that State, which is one reason presidential elections can get so messy), and after that, if no one gets the necessary majority of votes of 270, then it ain’t over till The House sings.

The below is directly taken from The Constitution of these United States of America. (Which still holds up for now, but if Harris gets into office (If you think Biden will be president for over a year before he conveniently dies then, Hahahahaha, you are retarded, my friend) will probably be rewritten with the rest of our history a la 1984. For one, they have to take an oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution, and we all know libtards wipe their asses with that.

Get a copy of the Constitution including all Amendments now before the pigs take over and teach the sheep to say 2 legs baaaaaad. It probably won’t take long for them to get a real good forger. I personally want a big exact replica of the real Constitution framed on the wall of my new house, hopefully they’ll still be selling those when I have money again. Hint hint, what I want for Christmas 😉)

Article II Section 1:

“The executive Power shall be vested in a President of the United States of America. He shall hold his Office during the Term of four Years, and, together with the Vice President, chosen for the same Term, be elected, as follows

Each State shall appoint, in such Manner as the Legislature thereof may direct, a Number of Electors, equal to the whole Number of Senators and Representatives to which the State may be entitled in the Congress: but no Senator or Representative, or Person holding an Office of Trust or Profit under the United States, shall be appointed an Elector.”

Then add the part as amended by the 12th Amendment:

“The person having the greatest number of votes for President, shall be the President, if such number be a majority of the whole number of Electors appointed; and if no person have such majority, then from the persons having the highest numbers not exceeding three on the list of those voted for as President, the House of Representatives shall choose immediately, by ballot, the President. But in choosing the President, the votes shall be taken by states, the representation from each state having one vote; a quorum for this purpose shall consist of a member or members from two-thirds of the states, and a majority of all the states shall be necessary to a choice.”

Then add the part as amended by the 20th Amendment:

“Section 1.

The terms of the President and the Vice President shall end at noon on the 20th day of January, and the terms of Senators and Representatives at noon on the 3d day of January, of the years in which such terms would have ended if this article had not been ratified; and the terms of their successors shall then begin.”

“Section 3.

If, at the time fixed for the beginning of the term of the President, the President elect shall have died, the Vice President elect shall become President. If a President shall not have been chosen before the time fixed for the beginning of his term, or if the President elect shall have failed to qualify, then the Vice President elect shall act as President until a President shall have qualified; and the Congress may by law provide for the case wherein neither a President elect nor a Vice President elect shall have qualified, declaring who shall then act as President, or the manner in which one who is to act shall be selected, and such person shall act accordingly until a President or Vice President shall have qualified.”

That’s the Presidential Election process. Now, what does this mean in English? That’s why I’m here. The lawyer is supposed to translate Legalese into English for people. (Just like reporters who are supposed to gather information and translate it in condensed bites of truth to the masses, but hey, at least now lawyers can legitimately claim that even taken as a whole, we have more integrity than fucking reporters.) I will do my best, it’s been… er, longer than I want to admit to myself, since I took Constitutional Law in law school.

The Electors who do the actual voting on the president are chosen in a manner dictated by that state, and they cast their votes, this year it’s on December 14th. That’s why when you vote, it asks if you’re voting for the Electors for person A or person B, instead of if you’re voting for A or B.

Usually, the one with the majority of votes in a state gets all the state’s Electoral votes. There are some variations technically possible, like if the Electors decide to go rogue and vote for the person besides the one who got the majority of votes. There are laws against this in a lot of states, and off the top of my head, it doesn’t really happen enough to change an election, but it could. That’s why who gets the majority in a state is so important. 270towin has a good page summarizing what happens in case of an Electoral College tie.

We don’t go off of straight vote counts, we have a winner takes all system for each state, except for in Nebraska and Maine, they’re weird, but probably a better representation of what the people want because it slices up the state into Electoral votes based on Congressional districts in that state.

Like if A gets the majority in the state, he gets 2 votes, and then each Congressional district has its own electoral vote and the winner takes all in that one district. That’s how they get split votes for the state. If they did this in say, California, it would water down the blue on the West Coast a lot because the less populated Congressional Districts to the east would mostly be going red, and that would mean blue would get their 2 votes of popular vote and the votes from those big, blue districts, but red would pick up a few more in the other districts. But I digress.

(As an aside, NO, I am not suggesting we get rid of the Electoral College. If we went by straight popular vote across the country, the big city Dems would take our assess down, chop them off, and distribute them to those with less ass, because they would be a socialist system. I’m suggesting we take pages from Nebraska’s and Maine’s books, and start doing state split votes so the big cities don’t rule all presidential elections in states like New York and California.

The whole point of the Electoral College was and still is to keep a chunk of people in one part of the country from passing decrees down upon the rest of us, when we have very different problems, solutions, and beliefs throughout this great land of ours. This is also why States were the building blocks of the country and had a lot more power than they do now, because one size does not fit all in the big and beautiful beast that is America. That’ll have to be a different blog post, this one’s already long.)

Anyway, back to the election process as it is today. People vote, States count votes, if they’re close, they can be recounted because it’s easy to miscount a few thousand votes out of millions, and then they send their Electors to do the actual vote, and it mostly follows what the popular vote for that state reflected.

In this election, Scotus Blog Election Litigation Tracker is a good site for where the cases in different states are in the courts for how things are counted, or to be recounted, because this all is still being fought in the courts. (Thank you, President Trump for still fighting. I don’t care if you don’t like him, ya gotta respect the iron will to keep up this fight in the courts and running down every possible legal lead.) And here’s an up to date article summarizing how the Trump Campaign is still fighting, and one on the lawsuit asserting the Voter System servers were rigged.

For Trump to take the stolen states, he’d have to prove the fraud very quickly in states like Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona, and Georgia, then figure out how to show that he would win without those fraudulent votes, if the fraudulent ones could even be counted up because at this point, how would we prove which ones were faked, and do it all by the time the Electors meet to vote, or by Jan 20th.  (I think those are the major states with fuckery afoot, but it’s just off the top of my head from all the political crap my brain has been eating the past few weeks.)

Let’s say he does prove enough fraud, or get counts in those states stalled long enough to be able to do so in Court, so that the counts are not in pushing Biden over the 270 Electoral votes (No, I have no clue how any of that would shake out because we are living a historical election right now, and we will be seeing landmark elections cases dictating future elections coming out of this mess) or some Electors go against what their state voted for, which they may do considering the obvious fraud running rampant throughout their states, then it would go to the House. BTW, no matter how this election process goes, it will put 1876’s election to shame by the time the dust settles.

If it goes to the House, then look at the wording of the 12th Amendment, each state gets 1 vote. (Hehehe, those big city populations won’t help you here, Dems. 😊)

We may have another deal being brokered behind the scenes to settle this by January. In 1876, that’s basically what happened. Hayes and Tilden ran against each other, and the electoral votes shook out to 184 for Tilden to 165 for Hayes, with 20 votes from 4 contested states still up in the air. The parties struck a deal to give the 20 disputed votes to Hayes in return for the withdrawal of federal troops from the South, thus ending Reconstruction.

If Trump’s campaign can prove enough fraud in our disputed states to keep those electoral votes from being counted outright, then we may have another 1876, where some kind of compromise gets struck to hand the election to one or the other, and no, we the people will not have a say in it, though some kind of compromise would be better for us than the Dems stealing the whole damn enchilada.

At this point, I can not say how any of this will go. There are court cases over state elections’ rules on mail in ballots, on proving fraud in the voting machines, and on how the ballots were counted because there are allegations of red poll watchers being locked out in some states, so that calls a lot of states’ actual votes into question. After that, there’s still the Electoral College, where if enough go rouge, aka “unfaithful,” plus the uncertainty in the states’ counts, might bring us to a toss up election where we really can’t tell who won.

So right now, I honestly can not say what will happen with any of this.

I can say this. If you claim to be pro liberty, pro self-defense, and pro free markets, but you voted for the socialists and are cheering because it looks like their cheating is paying off…

Pass your freedom card forward, put on your pussy hat, and take your public transit, because you can’t afford a car under socialism, to go stand in line for government rations.

Because you are dismissed, comrade.

Thank you for reading my rant. I feel better after I rant. And hey, if you are interested in books that aren’t full of bullshit wokeness picked by publishers in New York City who care more about an author’s victim points than their actual books, then check out my Black Friday Sale!

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As Sarah always says, be not afraid.

176 thoughts on “Election of the President – by amie Gibbons

  1. Thanks for the informative rant, Amie. As an immigrant who grew up seeing fraud elections, it’s very clear to me that this one was massive and coordinated fraud.
    We know they cheated.
    They know we know they cheated.
    I marvel at anyone who thinks it wasn’t fraudulent.
    Regardless of what the courts and the legislatures do, the resolution rests on the people.

  2. Thanks, Aimee. I’ve been pushing and pushing this (as far as the curriculum allows) in one of my Day Job roles, because too many students think that the media version is the Constitution version.

    There’s a very good reason that the Constitution, as first written, had so many buffers on the popular will and the voice of the crowd. (Federalist 10 gives some of the arguments). The Electoral College is one of those buffers, and having some time between election day and each state’s electors vote has several benefits (not just back in 1790, when it took a while to get vote totals and people to the state capital.)

  3. > The below is directly taken from The Constitution of these United States of America. (Which still holds up for now,

    The Supremes have shown no hesitation to “interpret” the Constitution as needed, right down to re-defining plain English words, or simply ignoring it when they could get away with it. And remember, most of them agreed with the Sainted Ginsberg, and asserted it was a “living document” they felt free to interpret as the political winds blew.

    The Constitution only works when everyone plays by the rules. They decided not to play by the rules. They can’t complain if we set them aside for a while as we clean house, then.

  4. I think that no matter what happens, the Democrats are in deep trouble. If Trump pulls it out, they are in for a shellacking. If they manage to shoehorn Biden and the Whore into the White House, then they have the problem of ‘governing’ a country where almost a third of their own voters think they’re a bunch of crooks, never mind what the Trump voters think. Oh, they can try to change the election laws to make voting irrelevant and pack the Court to make it stick, but I think they will find the Peasants even more revolting than they thought we were.

    Right now, if Joe Biden gave a damn about his ‘legacy’ (which he obviously doesn’t, the corrupt molesting sonofabitch) he would preemptively concede, and call for an investigation of his own party. As matters stand he’s going to go down in History with Benedict Arnold and Quisling.

    1. One thing I’m not hearing enough about — though granted I’m trying to pull back from being such a political junkie — is Republican state legislatures declaring how they’re going to improve voting security. Republicans control 30 state legislatures; each ought to be passing legislation declaring that all city and county election systems need to pass an audit or be taken over by the state until it can consistently pass an audit. (The way that states do with failing school districts.) This is totally within our power! And even where we don’t control the governor as well, we can still make him have to veto this legislation and then be able to tar that governor directly with choosing to allow corruption to go on. When even 30% of Democrats think there was widespread cheating, vetoing ballot security is going to be bad politics.

      1. There was some posturing about it in 2000, but nothing happened. The RINOs don’t want better security, they want to take over the fraud machine for their own use.

        The fraud-enabled system we have did not come about by accident. It is where we are after decades of deliberate policy.

        Paper ballots. Open voting and tabulation, with Guard oversight, in public view. Election void if any part of it is obscured.

        Anything less, no matter how $SHINY, is a vehicle for fraud, and we can no longer afford to assume honesty and goodwill from those running the system.

        And as far as absentee voters… they are a separate security problem. There are a number of practical solutions I could suggest, though.

        1. The last twenty years should have demonstrated that Republican simply can’t cheat as well. In which case, better to stop all cheating than to try to do it better than the Democrats. If you can’t beat ’em, flip the table.

          But absolutely. Paper ballots, ID required, purple fingers, open tabulation, and any kind of shenanigans results in the precinct results being rejected and the precinct workers subject to a Section 1983 lawsuit.

          1. The last twenty years should have demonstrated that Republican simply can’t cheat as well.

            One could hope that was due to some measure of integrity, rather than mere incompetence…

            1. Well, whether the inadequacy is due to incompetence or guilty consciences, either way we’re not going to beat them at their own game. So let’s flip the table so no one can play.

              1. Flip the table, then throw kerosene on it and toss a match in, then spread the ashes far and wide so no one can remake the table…

                  1. Yeah, kind of…
                    Sadly I think that the particular solution I posted would also involve opening the fourth box…
                    And that’s NOT going to be a good thing if (when? Hope not) it happens, it’s going to be UGLY.

                    I am not advocating for any sort of rebellion!
                    (Addressed to any TLA staff reading this and tracking people)

            2. In the Tea Party primaries, the GOPe proved that they were willing to cross ethical and legal boundaries with enthusiastic abandon.
              Just not against Democrats.
              (In my state at the time, they “borrowed” the Democrat machine in exchange for rolling back education reforms. AFTER the reforms had already been in place for four years, and had been proven successful.)
              Fox uttered not a word of complaint.
              National Review managed a single “tsk” buried deep in an article.
              The Chamber of Commerce took a stand–in favor of corruption.
              And a whole lot of folks who were calling for their voice to be heard, suddenly found themselves having tax problems and regulatory compliance issues.

              1. I quote from memory: “There is more of a difference between two socialists one of whom is a parliamentarian, than between two parliamentarians, one of whom is a socialist.”

                Modifications are left to the reader.

          2. There are (at least) two factions in the Republican Party. One consists of angry young (ish) men plus a few older men who can channel the young men they used to be. They might try to do something. The other faction that concerns us here consists of rent-seeking parasites who differ from the Democrats in only two ways; they aren’t quite as ambitious in wanting to push the rest of us around, and they aren’t technically Democrats. They DO want to live the Good Life of a Washington Elite, and resent the way Trump has been shaking things up. Not all of them are vocal Never Trumpers (taking a public position scares many of them), but they aren’t much good to us.

            How many of each faction hold seats at each level of government is something we are about to find out the hard way.

            1. And oh, my, won’t the Left fight you to the bitter end.

              The longer this goes on, the more I am inclined to wonder just how many legal votes the typical Democrat gets.

              1. Indeed … and I am now wondering exactly how the elections that brought the Obamster to the highest office in the land were cooked, to provide the required result.
                And wondering also – how many other previous elections were cooked as well.

      2. My next door neighbor is one of our NH House Representatives (and boy do my feet hurt!)

        I’ll be sending him a proposal to fix our voting system. And the only people it will disenfranchise are those people who are too stupid and disorganized to vote intelligently. i.e. you have to have valid ID and sufficient valid residency documentation when you register to vote, or you don’t get to vote. No, non, nein, nyeht to any “provisional” voting. (Over 50% of all provisional votes are fraudulent as the voters never produce the promised required documentation.) Absentee ballots can be used, but they must be requested by registered voters; and no solicitation for that either. (You can put a link on the town website, mail the town clerk, or come in in person to make the request.) Individual voter fraud penalties to be $10,000 fine or 5 years in jail or both, and for illegals, permanent deportation afterwards. Conspiracy to commit voter fraud $1M to $10M fine, 10 years in prison, and permanent revocation of citizenship.

        1. Heck just get rid of the same day registration nonsense. That in and of itself would probably solve 25-30% oh the Granite States problem. That and putting some residency type time limit on Massholes who move to NH could return NH to its original Live Free Or Die reputation.

        2. Is there some organization in New Hampshire working on voting issues? Or just the Republican party?

      3. If they allow it once, they’ll allow it again.
        “For the good of the country” an’ a’ that.
        For a’ that, an’ a’ that,

      1. On the compliance front, it matters.

        OTOH, there is a significant non-zero portion of their base who not only believes they cheated but approves of it.

        1. 10% of 50% is 5%. If I’m not screwing my math up.

          At that point, outright criminals may be a significant part of their actual base.

          1. Do you know that Bloomie was paying off felon’s court fees and restitution so they could vote this year in Florida?

    2. The thing that I’m angriest about in the Big Steal is the openness, the blatancy of it all. It’s as if they didn’t even care about how obvious it is. It’s as if they are looking at us all and saying – Yeah, we stole it — and whattaya gonna do about it, chump!?

        1. No, they’re pissing on us without even the courtesy of calling it rain.

          Yeah, I know Avatar was all wokey-woke, but it was glorious and had some good one-liners.

        2. Demoralizing humiliation is an important aspect of controlling a population.
          It can also backfire.
          And these NPCs are script kiddies.
          During Obama’s maladministration, I said that everybody still had too much to lose for a civil war to begin in earnest
          I’m no longer confident that this it true.

          1. They made damn sure it wasn’t. They think if we’re all poor they’ll get their socialist revolution. Heaven save us from idiots in possession of a crazy idea.

        3. I’m beginning to think the twitter users who say it’s all a humiliation ritual have a point.

  5. I agree with your idea of splitting states’ electoral votes by congressional district.

    I would like to see another reform of the electoral college: the Wyoming rule. The Constitution clearly intended that the congressional representatives would represent roughly equal numbers of constituents in order to give larger states more say. But by fixing the number of representatives at 435 while still giving small states at least one representative, larger states have fewer representatives than they ought. This gives voters in smaller states an unconstitutionally larger influence than they ought. Of course, if we had the same number of constituents per representative listed in the Constitution, we’d need a House of 10,000 members, which is too unwieldy.

    The Wyoming rule is a way to provide roughly equal constituents per representative while maintaining a workably sized House. Under it, representatives would be distributed in multiples of the smallest state’s population (currently Wyoming). This would increase the number of representatives to 547, with the majority of the new districts coming from states that are Republican.

    And then, since the Electoral College’s size is based on the number of senators plus representatives, the one legitimate criticism of the College would be resolved. Residents of small states were never meant to have more voting power than those of larger states; the whole point of the College was to equalize voting power, not slant it one way or another.

    1. ‘Reforming’ the election process is a can of worms we would be best advised to open AFTER the existing laws are enforced and the rampant cheating is brought under some degree of control.

        1. Exactly. I run into this same problem when I say we need comprehensive immigration reform. I don’t mean amnesty; I mean a top-to-bottom evaluation of who we let in and how we enforce our rules. There should not be waiting lists years long to get an interview for work visa or become a resident alien. We should have a system where you apply and no more than 90 days’ later get a yes or no. Sure, we’ll be saying no a lot, and we’ll have to hire a bunch more paper-pushers to process people through the system. We’ll also have to hire more enforcers to ensure laws are being followed. (I have fond daydreams of ICE doing a sting in Beverly Hills and perp-walking all the lib celebrities alongside their illegal nannies and gardeners to the paddy-wagon to be sentenced to six months in jail for each worker.)

          We have to reform the voting system, from how ballots are filled out and tabulated to how many representatives each state gets. We’re supposed to believe in the Constitution, right? Well, how do you square believing in the Constitutional order and then dismissing a blatant violation of its intent? And it’s not even a matter of maintaining a partisan advantage, because the Wyoming rule would actually create more Republican seats in the House. American conservatism is about conserving the Constitution, not upholding every damn fool unconstitutional decision made since then that has the weight of age. Even the Supreme Court understands the principle that stare decisis can be ignored in the face of significant injustice. (e.g. the overturning of Plessy v. Ferguson) The various legislatures don’t even have a tradition that says you shouldn’t change tradition.

          Sure, if we had good enforceable laws, it would make sense to enforce them first and then reform, the way that if a house has decent finishings, it makes sense to clean up a squatter’s mess before remodeling. But we don’t have good system of voting laws. The house has good bones, but the squatter’s detritus and terrible remodeling mean that gutting it to the bones and rebuilding makes the most sense. We don’t have to live with a decision made by the 1929 Congress anymore than we have to live with a coal fireplace for our source of heat.

  6. Thanks for the detailed legal analysis, Ms. Amie Gibbons. I must admit myself to deep pessimism that the Supreme Court will do the right thing by tossing out crooked results wholesale, ultimately allowing Mr. Donald J. Trump to win a 26-24 Constitutional squeaker. As is true for so many others, my emotions are severely battered and bruised by the colossal electoral frauds of 2020. I fear widespread violence from the Marxists that will force a militant response by heavily armed patriots, leading to an outright civil war. I’m honestly likely to simply die in the ensuing chaos.

    As I’ve said before and probably shouldn’t say again, memetic networks are essentially the answer, the Holy Grail of relevancy engines. And my life is a shabby ruin that may or may not eventually recohere into staggering financial success from having successfully built and marketed the technological, psychological, and business infrastructures for those memetic networks, otherwise colloquially called reputation networks. I have failed and may fail again. All I can do is take it one day at a time, knowing that as has been true for all of the past forty years and more of careful thought, I’m utterly alone in this endeavor. (Yes, one may detect a streak of intense resentment.)

    I guess all I’m trying to say is that in a real if frail way, there’s a great — if theoretical — hope lurking in the background even if the scuttling Marxist vermin succeed in stealing the White House, as appears increasingly likely in a profoundly corrupt legal and social environment populated heavily by sniggering traitors and weak-kneed, indescribably cowardly RINOs.

    Frankly, that last bit is aimed squarely at Mrs. Sarah A. Hoyt and other decent folks who might otherwise be tempted to despair altogether. Let’s not forget as well that the Marxists, in spite of lavish funding by George Soros and innumerable corrupt traitors, still lost seats in the U.S. House and failed to shift their weight in state legislatures across the country. The People remain, for the moment at least, far more conservative and reflexively opposed to Marxism than might be gathered from the endless, relentless, shrieking propaganda of the mass media and their fellow travelers. -_-

    In short, don’t abandon all hope! O_O

    (melancholy music)

    1. If it gets to the House or seems like it will, Pelosi will simply have the Democrats refuse to seat all of the Republicans until after the state by state vote takes place. Without the Republican’s being seated, the Democrats will fully control the state by state vote. After going this far to install Harris/Biden, they have no intention of preventing their installation and will pursue it literally by “any means necessary”.

      Don’t be surprised if some, if not all of the flipped House seat winners, also are not seated by Malignancy and the House Dems “award” those seats to the Dems who lost. They did it in 1984, and there is no reason to think they won’t do it on a much larger scale this time around.

      1. That vote takes place with the existing delegations; those members have already been seated.

        1. But the majority can vote to disqualify them at any time; don’t be surprised if they go that route if Trump wins in Court or the state legislatures act. They can do that on a straight line party vote as well.

          1. I believe the Supreme Court has previous ruled that Congress MUST seat members unless Constitutional qualifications (e.g. age) aren’t met. A vote to expel is a different matter. And frankly, I think expelling all the Republicans from the House probably would be a Step Too Far for even the most staid Republican, and I think the you could fine at least a few reasonably-rational Dems in Congress who could see that.

            1. Naw Mitt the squish would come crawling back asking for them to hit him again and saying he is sorry he angered them.

          2. There are more middle road Dems than Pelosi thinks and if she tries to expel all the Rs from the House before such a vote, she’ll have a rebellion from within her own party by those who are the “steady” ones (e.g. not the “squad”).

          3. Pelosi is many things, but she isn’t *that* stupid. She does that, the shooting starts within the hour, and she is target #1.

        2. No. It takes place with the newly-elected Congressmen.
          I had neither considered nor researched how a newly elected House can determine who may be seated therein, as all House members are then newly elected, while only 1/3 of the Senate is.
          John in Indy

      2. If Pelosi decides to pull a refusal to seat all Republicans, I think we can get enough people together to remove her physically from office to overthrow that act of tyranny.

          1. Even if the rope needs to be gold like Wonder Woman’s lasso it would be well worth the price…

            1. Gold does have some interesting physical properties. I’ve never heard of anyone experimenting with a gold rope; although gold wiring is supposed to be outstanding for electrical circuits.

              1. No, gold makes good electrical CONTACTS because it doesn’t tarnish. Silver and copper both have better conductivity due to lower bulk electrical resistance.

              2. The most odd thing I ever heard tell of in gold was a saute pan. It was made and Julia Child got to use it precisely once. Her opinion was that the heat transfer and cooking properties were excellent. The weight and prohibitive cost ($18,000 in 1979) however made it impractical. I believe it was melted down later (https://www.facebook.com/FiddlersCreekClub/posts/did-you-know-one-of-your-fellow-fiddlers-creek-residents-made-an-18000-gold-fryi/536814733000132/)

  7. Compromises in the House? I have visions of mix-n-matches: Biden/Pence would be nice and weird. The Democrats would get Biden for a year (maybe) and no orange man, and then the Republicans would find out how much the padawan learned from the master.

    I need to get more sleep and fewer weird dreams.

    1. > Biden/Pence

      In 1796 Adams was President and Jefferson was VP, and they were different parties. And Lincoln/Johnson in 1860. But the election process has changed since then.

      However, if I understand it correctly, if neither candidate were to receive 270 electoral votes, Congress gets to pick the President and the Senate gets to pick the VP, which could give us a Biden/Pence or Trump/Harris administration.

      Trump/Harris would be acceptable as long as DJT completes his term. The VP has very few official duties, and there have been several (Burr, Nixon, Gore) who were effectively exiled from the country. And while it’s normally policy for them to be fully briefed, FDR famously locked Truman out of everything, and that has to be OK since the Holiest One did it.

  8. “If you think Biden will be president for over a year before he conveniently dies then, Hahahahaha, you are retarded, my friend”

    I actually do think this and would argue I’m not retarded. =) Here’s why. I think that somehow, someway, Harris, Pelosi, and the DNC will manage to prop Biden up and make him look functional until sometime in January 2023, and by the end of that month (but not before the 20th), he’ll either suddenly pass away or be revealed to be completely incompetent and be 25th-ed out. The reason being that if Biden makes it to slightly more than 2 years, then Harris could fill out the rest of the term and then still run for two more terms, which she couldn’t do if she becomes President with more than 2 years of Biden’s term remaining. I suspect Harris is patient enough to wait 2 years for the potential of 10 years of presidency as opposed to just settling for a potential 8 years by bumping Biden off right away.

      1. Yeah, I don’t think Kamala is going to go gently into that good night.

        And Edith Wilson Jr. isn’t going roll over and play dead for Kamala, either.

        1. No. The cat fights [Yes, I went there. Meow.] in the White House would be epic. Who has the power? The elected VP, or the woman who propped up Biden and Co. long enough to win, if that comes to pass?

      2. Pelosi’s getting up there in age.

        And she was already showing signs of mental failure four years ago.

        1. That, and she seems to be in a permanent state of anger. If she was a guy, I’d suspect steroid abuse. Half the time when you see a picture of her, she is so worked up she has veins sticking out. And usually that finger up, pointing at her enemy of the moment. I keep expecting her head to explode like one of the people in “Scanners.”

          The “words what are coming out of her mouth” moved from “partisan” to “crazy” years ago. Interestingly, a lot of the female Democrats show similar characteristics, right down to the pointy finger.

            1. Now now Margaret Hamilton did that role to a T. and was far more appealing than Ms. Pelosi could ever manage.

              1. Slightly related:

                “I certainly didn’t know my mom when she was thirteen. So I just see the little girl that’s up there.”

                I came across that the other day and it’s to good not to share.

          1. I suspect that she’s under a lot of stress from the different directions that people are trying to pull her right now. For instance, I suspect that Big Tech and The Squad want different things.

            1. In hindsight, my paranoia about the absence of PRC discussion during the ‘Russia, Russia, Russia!’?

              If you plan to do something, and partly cover it up, it makes sense to first falsely accuse your opponent of doing so.

              Possibly these people are nutcases for purely domestic reasons.

    1. I suspect Harris is patient enough to wait 2 years for the potential of 10 years of presidency

      I suspect Harris is delusional enough to imagine she could get away with that. I suspect that there’s no way they can fraud sufficiently to elect that cackling witch.

        1. That’s the main difference this time: With Fox changing sides they now have all the three-letter media securely in pocket, and with their proskynesis to the techlords, the thieving cheaters who thievingly cheat have decided they no longer have to be covert about their thieving cheating ways – it’s 1973 again and they can do whatever they want and just have Commie Uncle Walter tell those disgusting plebes what to think.

          As long as no one talks, everything is golden.

          As long as no one talks.

          1. They never really cared about “Faux News”, though. Sure, they’re glad to have it in their pocket. But they believed that mocking it from the “real” news networks was sufficient to deal with any effect that it might have had in informing the non-wingnut public.

            Kind of like how they don’t care how much Newsmax, OAN, and Rush point out what they’ve done.

          2. I just saw some mouthpiece on Fox announce that there’s nothing the least bit suspicious about the 2020 election. No problems with the mail-in ballots. It’s like the news has become ‘performance art’ where it doesn’t matter what they say, only how they say it.

            “It’s performance art.”
            “He’s shooting paint up his ass and squirting it on the canvas!”

  9. Is there a process for recalling a President? Recall petitions in all 50 states, for example?

    Even if there is no formal process, we should start recall petitions for Harris-Biden just to demonstrate how pissed off we are!

      1. sure. But we need to find a way to withdraw the “consent of the governed.”
        Yes, I know the ultimate way, but I’m not EQUIPPED for that, much as I’d like to.

        1. WPDE
          it hiccuped, reshuffled the comments, and deleted my reply.
          i.e. luckily for the rats, the shortages caused by Shut-Down are making equipping oneself nigh on impossible, and I’m sure that has no bearing on their actions right now /sarc

          1. Equipage in the Standard and Expected ways.. sure.

            As has been said here (perhaps by you, even? Not sure) every Safety Manual can be read ‘backwards’…

            That’s not much good for personal defense, but…. not every “monkey wrench” looks like a plumbing tool.

            1. Sort of like Bob in The Incredibles?

              “I’m not telling you to go see Susan on the 4th floor. Do not fill out Form 238-J and submit it to…”

        2. “Yes, I know the ultimate way, but I’m not EQUIPPED for that, much as I’d like to”

          Most women, hell, most PEOPLE aren’t. There’s more you can do, you’re a good and inspiring writer, and can rouse others. You can spy and record them. You could spread information. Think of Red Dawn, where pretty girls lure out commie soldiers to be ambushed, or charm their way into places to plant bombs. Read Rawles novels. He has sweet harmless looking little old ladies get close to occupying soldiers in a way fighting age men can’t and take them out with the great equalizer of Samuel Colt.

        3. Right now, I would argue that our wordsmiths are more important than our shooters. The Revolution needed the Declaration before the Minutemen. That’s your strength.

    1. You mean a process that doesn’t involve Dominion voting machines, or incumbent senators and congressmen who aren’t beneficiaries of Dominion’s services?

      Dominion is also a player. I find it unlikely they would have done much election manipulation for hire without doing some for their own benefit.

      1. The payoffs are more government contracts and plum positions in the Silicon Valley tech oligarchy. Don’t be surprised to find that Facebook/Google/Twitter “donations” made under the rubric of “encouraging the vote” were made to Dominion precisely to enable the fraud.

      2. Do a search for “STAPLE STREET CAPITAL” – even the NYT “fact” “checker” lists Staple Street as a 76% owner of Dominion, but somehow just forgot to mention where the Staple Street SEC filings say their “private equity” money came from.

        Completely unrelated fact: Pandas are not Winnie the Pooh.

        1. Wasn’t that one of the communist Chinese front companies that paid bribes err, consulting fees to Hunter Biden?

    2. Unlike the case for many states, there’s absolutely no provision for recall in the US Constitution, so any national recall petition would simply be a stunt that would divert resources and effort away from things that would actually acheive something.

      The same effort and money applied to change state laws to allocate electoral votes by congressional district as Amie details (i.e. congressional district vote count winner gets that districts elector, and the statewide vote winners would get the two senator electors) would be more likely to bear fruit, especially if it were pitched so the idiot-Americans would think it’s supposed to “fix” the electoral college, as all the “reliable” media has been telling them it needs fixing. I’d start that in CA where getting changes to the state constitution via ballot proposition is possible, and there’s a strong history of ballot propositions being able to beat the money-spent spread – see 2020 CA Prop. 16 (the “Too Many Asians Get Into UC Schools” proposed amendment that would have reinstituted racism as an allowable basis for state decisions) which beat the money spread massively – spending was on the order of $27m yes to $1.6m no, and no votes ended up 57% vs. 43% yes in the election.

      The challenge now in CA is that the lockdowns effectively prevent collecting signatures in person, and so far there’s no provision for qualifying a ballot proposition in CA by digital signature.

      And many states don’t have any proposition mechanism, so the effort there would have to be in the state legislatures.

      1. A recall can be done, sort of. If enough people get ticked off at the current occupant of the White House, then the House and Senate can impeach the President.

        But you’re correct in that there’s no “direct vote” on a presidential recall. And imo, that’s a good thing.

        1. If Biden’s fraud succeeds, *somebody* should immediately start to work on impeaching him. Of course it would never pass the house… Can Pelosi squash it?

          1. Yes, Pelosi has control of the committee chairs who would move a bill of impeachment forward, so it would never move. that’s why none of the Dem bills of impeachment went anywhere in the first two years before the Dems “won” the majority in the House.

            But if such bills are all filed (and refiled for the new session) and the House flips with an R Senate, then Katie Bar the Door, dependant only on Republican Spine 2.0 still being extant.

            Note unless the R margin in the Senate increases in 2022, that will put all kinds of power into the hands of Utah’s Senator Bag-of-Hair-Gel and Maine’s Senator I’ll-Get-You-My-Pretty-And-Your-Little-Dog-Too.

      2. There were recall petitions for Herr Fuhrer Nuisance at the Stop The Steal! rally a couple of weeks ago. They can’t stop the petitions.

        But the Democrats, at least the ones at the top, would never be stupid enough to split up their massive bloc of 55 guaranteed electoral votes from Kalifornia. If that ever got on the ballot, they’d spend a billion dollars to kill it. Rioting mobs would rampage. There would be targeted murders tragic accidents and suicides.

        I am disgusted but not surprised that 43% voted for racist discrimination in state college admissions.
        Bring out yer dead!

      3. > there’s absolutely no provision for recall in the US Constitution

        There were good reasons why the crown of England was considered the booby prize of the European nobility, even after England became a world power. One of them was the fine old English tradition of killing monarchs who succeeded in pissing off their subjects.

        It’s possible the just-recently-British framers of the Constitution considered the subject so obvious there was no need to make special note of it; it was essentially part of the English Common Law, which the new nation had adopted in its entirety.

        1. Soviets killed off the Russian nobility. The French did a number on their nobility. While it may be a “fine old English tradition”, the Brits don’t have the monopoly on killing monarchs who succeed in pissing off their subjects.

      4. There are two (legal) ways to remove a sitting president, impeachment in BOTH houses (highly unlikely with even the slim margin the demoncrats have in the house), and the provisions of the 25th ammendment. In any case unless some serious weirdness occurs that just gets us Ms. Harris who I fear far more than Dopey Joe. As for illegal was See Garfield or Kennedy, still ends us up with an unsuitable replacement.

      1. Well, I think you won’t find it hard to spot in the “penumbra” of the Second Amendment.

  10. The Hypocrite in Sacramento (that would be California Gov. Gavin Newsome) has just announced that he is “considering” a Christmas shut-down.

    Pretty much means he’s already made up his mind, I suspect.

    1. What were you thinking? Of course they’re going to cancel Christmas! We’re still resisting their Benevolent Rule, and that’s the only stick they’ve got left to beat us with! They’d cancel Boxing Day if we had it.

      They’ll cancel New Year’s, too. A month from now the sun will rise on March 307, 2020.
      Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!!

      1. Spell it how you will, the governor did one thing right by nixing Manson follower Leslie Van Houten’s parole last week.

        Why are they still trying to parole those psychopaths? What did we gain by spending millions of dollars to keep Manson alive in prison for almost 50 years? That whole lot should have been dragged to the guillotine 45 years ago.

        1. Honestly? Leslie Van Houten vs Nancy Pelosi? I suspect Van Houten is far less dangerous.

        2. The still alive status of Manson’s followers is a relic of California’s war between the elites and the masses over the death penalty.

          And letting a Manson follower out of prison is probably one of the few things that would generate enough outrage that even the press wouldn’t be able to cover it up.

    2. Somebody needs to make that calendar. January 2020, February 2020, and then March 2020 for the rest of the year, and beyond. Today is March 276th, 2020 and the end of March is still not in sight.

    3. I hear the ghost of Alan Rickman saying, “That’s it then. Cancel the kitchen scraps for lepers and orphans, no more merciful beheadings, and call off Christmas.”

    4. Darn it Newsome, Theodore Geisel should not be writing your script.

      You’re a mean one, Gov Newsome
      You really are a heel
      You’re as cuddly as a cactus, you’re as charming as an eel, Gov. Newsome
      You’re a bad banana with a greasy black peel!

      Now if I only had the pipes of Thurl Ravenscroft instead of my reedy aging tenor…

    5. Thank-you for narrowing that down; there were an embarrassment of options (although capitalizing Hypocrite did help.)

  11. except for in Nebraska and Maine, they’re weird, but probably a better representation of what the people want because it slices up the state into Electoral votes based on Congressional districts in that state.

    If they did this in say, California, it would water down the blue on the West Coast a lot because the less populated Congressional Districts to the east would mostly be going red, and that would mean blue would get their 2 votes of popular vote and the votes from those big, blue districts, but red would pick up a few more in the other districts.

    If Oregon did this the electoral count would be 2 – Biden, 5 – Trump, (maybe 3 / 4, depending on it really works). Even tho all the votes for Biden would be (technically) stolen won through vote by fraud mail.

    I wish there was a way for All states to award this way. But I can see where it is impractical for states who only have 3 electoral votes as it is.

    Regarding the rhetoric being spilled about President Trump’s chances for a second term. Mom is really in despair because even the few sources she listens to or reads aren’t being encouraging. Not that either of us has any say or route to do anything (she’s 86, I’m over 60), but despair isn’t the route either. What I told her, & I mean it, is “They are so full of shit that it comes out their mouths every time they speak. It isn’t even good for fertilizer it is so toxic.” I don’t know if President Trump will prevail or not. I hope he does. I’m heartened that he isn’t giving up.


    1. States controlled by Dems like Cali and New York will never do this, so introducing it in other states will only help the Dems by enabling to chip off electoral votes in states that are solidly Republican (think Texas for instance). The Dem states cannot be forced to do it without a constitutional amendment.

      1. I know. To both statements. Personally, not against a constitutional amendment. But to get congress to pass it, currently, need to convince the Demorats that it is in their best interest. They aren’t that stupid, unfortunately.

        I’m sure there is someway for the other side to corrupt this concept …

        “nothing is fool proof because fools are ingenious.”

  12. “I’m suggesting we take pages from Nebraska’s and Maine’s books, and start doing state split votes so the big cities don’t rule all presidential elections in states like New York and California.”

    *golf clap*
    Agree 100%. It annoys the crap out of me that only 7 counties in Va are blue, but they carry the state. Never mind that my county is one of those 7, the rest of the state deserves a say.

    1. Same here in Oregon. Greater Portland Metro. Doesn’t even extend down I-5 to Salem. But then it picks up in Marion (Salem), Benton (Corvallis), Eugene (Lane, where I am), counties. Coastal Lincoln and Clatsop (Astoria) counties tends blue too. Jackson (Ashland) county surprised me, it went President Trump (barely). The other light red counties, not that big of a surprise they are fringed by Portland Metro/Salem/Coast blue.


    2. What bugs me is that any majority based system rewards those who can print up a bunch of votes.

      Unless someone was expecting their side to cheat, why on earth would they want a system that is designed so squarely for fraud?

    1. When Trump called in to the Arizona hearing, he sounded all gung-ho again, with no give-up in him. And there was much cheering.

        1. I’d take a bullet for Trump. But anyone else … he who fights and runs away lives to ambush whoever chases him. We need warriors and poets, not martyrs.

            1. Had to go look that up, but OMG what an image… be sure to include a few fireworks for best effect!

  13. at least now lawyers can legitimately claim that even taken as a whole, we have more integrity than fucking reporters.

    But have you more integrity than chaste reporters?

    Aw, who’m I kidding – there ain’t no chaste reporters.

  14. The institutional rot runs deep and even the NASDAQ wants to impose leftist ideology:


    “Waiting” until 2024 is simply going to result in a Harris/Biden administration pushing leftist orthodoxy with the help of the establishment in a way that will make Congress essentially irrelevant, and if they win the Senate, their court packing and federally mandated fraudulent elections will rip the republic off of the support.

    Expect a Harris/Biden DOJ to aggressively challenge legislative redistricting and state election procedures in the name of “civil rights” and for them to impose the full range of Mao’s Cultural Revolution Redux onto every aspect of public and private life, as Critical Race Theory indoctrination is mandated under the pretext of insuring civil rights and where failure to sufficiently clap for Stalin and to accept one’s”guilt” in the mandated struggle sessions will be harshly punished.

    1. > ideology

      California already enacted laws requiring “diversity” in corporate management. I bet similar proposals are being pushed elsewhere.

        1. Which does not make them Constitutionally permissible:

          Such racial quotas violate a federal statute, 42 U.S.C. 1981, which forbids racial discrimination in contracts, and which has been interpreted by the Supreme Court as forbidding racial quotas even when such quotas are motivated by a desire for diversity.

          Not that they care – only a racist, homophobic, white supremacist poopy-head would bring suit to overturn such enlightened policies.


          1. Dang. That /BLOCKQUOTE did not do as I wanted it to. While I do not blame Word Press for my failure, WPDE on general principles.

    1. The language in this part at the end tells you all

      5. Urges the Secretary of the Commonwealth and the Governor to withdraw or vacate the certification of presidential electors and to delay certification of results in other statewide electoral contests voted on at the 2020 General Election; and

      Urges? How about Requires? Or how about just taking the appointment back for 2020?
      This is the Republican majority in PA just trying to look like they mean business. If they actually believed al their Whereas clauses they wouldn’t have come up with that simpering load of crap (pardon my language).

    1. Biden is not only not my president. Biden is not and will never be anyone’s president.
      His Fraudulency should be ignored by EVERYONE and his inauguration, should it come to pass should be the occasion of the BIGGEST Trump rally in history.

        1. OOO !!! get the marsh-mellows, chocolate and Graham Crackers. On second thought maybe not I’mfairly certain the fire source would leave a bad taste in your mouth…

      1. Personally I’m more and more inclined towards “Thief-in-Chief” — despite the classical elegance and fine historical provenance of “His Fraudulency” — since it keeps the kleptocratic nature of a Biden Regime always front and center, as well as having a wonderful metric / rhyming structure (feel free to test-drive the chant for yourself, Huns!) Of course we can always “embrace the power of ‘and'”…

        His Fraudulency should be ignored by EVERYONE

        This is probably about the most benign possible working response / strategy to a “Presidency” that is, on the face of overwhelming public evidence, due to some combination of bare-faced fraud and “ooh, we bushwhacked the system” legal dysfunction. (The “fourth box” is, ultimately, US, and not just the nice collection of toys and tools otherwise inside. The final, last-ditch “check and balance” we have. The United States does not exist because we followed British Imperial Law to the letter, but because the Americans of the time said, “uh, sorry, no.” And made it stick. Hopefully uncivil disobedience might render civil disorder redundant, or at least mostly so.)

  15. And though it comes to me via (non-rewindable) Internet radio, and so has no linkable references, Reliable Word Is that U.S. Attorney John Durham has been promoted (by A.G. William Barr) to full Special Prosecutor status — and that, IIRC, this already happened back in mid-late October, as in pre-Fraudvember 3rd. Obviously this makes it “impossible” for a potential “President” Biden (or successor) to simply scuttle the investigation / prosecution, since any such Saturday Night Massacre II could only happen via overt violation of the law.

    Once again, it seems, the doomsayers are overtaken by events…

    1. The not firing a special prosecutor is merely custom, and has no legal force, as any such restrictions are an infringement on the president’s power over the executive branch under Article 2. This is exactly what Trump asserted when he said he could (but did not) fire Mueller. As much as the Democrats screamed bloody murder when Trump threatened to fire Mueller, they would cheer HarrisBiden firing Durham, and their media lackeys will aggressively push the “but this is different” narrative while their social media arm bans anyone who disagrees.

      Never underestimate the Democrats hypocrisy and willingness to act on it.

    2. They’ve been wiping their asses with the law and the Constitution for five and a half years; you believe they’re going to stop NOW?

  16. As a lawyer, I think my fellow lawyers are overthinking this (one danger of “expertise”). Either SCOTUS will make Trump president or they will make Biden president – they won’t act too slowly to matter or fail to act unless that has the effect of making Biden president. Congress will NOT override SCOTUS – even Rs would defer to SCOTUS. To be frank, I expect SCOTUS to affirm Bush v Gore & throw out all illegal votes (by which I mean votes that were counted as a result of these “innovative” procedures), but – if they don’t – they will bury fraud forever. That is, they will ensure there is no way that anyone could ever prove fraud, so it’s not like 1/21 we find out Biden cheated. We stop him now or history will always say he won (because the courts would ensure it’s impossible to prove otherwise). Honestly, did you ever learn the truth about Terry Sciavo? How about Roe in Roe v Wade? How many people know that the Dredd in Dredd Scott was not a slave? indeed, remember how the NYT swore that Bush really & truly won FL such that Bush v Gore didn’t change the outcome? Turns out the whole thing was meaningless – who knew? Once the courts rule, there’s really no mechanism to test their claims. Sorry, this is all or nothing. I expect all, but don’t think. nothing is a possibility. SCOTUS won’t just reject Trump’s claims – they’ll torch them forever. Or they’ll do the right thing. Those are the options. Let me close by analogy. Suppose you were going to be executed on Wednesday; do you think SCOTUS would hear your case on Thursday? Do you think they’d say, “Oops, turns out he didn’t do it?” Of course not. They’d assure everyone you did it, or they’d set you free because nobody would admit killing an innocent man. Likewise, they’ll never admit Biden cheated – either he won or he lost & they’ll be definitive because they’ll claim they’re correct. They aren’t final because they’re right; they’re right because they’re final.

  17. Thanks for the rant. Small point, but those eastern California congressional districts are not “less populated.” Less densely populated, for sure, but all congressional districts have approximately the same population.

  18. “(If you think Biden will be president for over a year before he conveniently dies then, Hahahahaha, you are retarded, my friend)”

    Pretty good post, really, but I wanted to comment on this. While Harris will almost certainly be the one in charge in very short order (I doubt Joe chooses what he’s eating at this point, much less anything else), they may be tempted to try to keep Joe officially President for 2 years and 1 day… at which point, Harris could finish his term and still be eligible for two more entire terms.

    Well, unless Harris really isn’t in charge, either (Jill Biden maybe? or someone more shadowy?), in which case, Harris and her forces will be trying to get him removed ASAP, while “Joe” (whoever is pulling his strings) will fight that as hard as possible. That could be entertaining, at least. I’m in the “looking for silver linings” stage, as I expect no remedy for the open, obvious, and in several cases admitted violations of the law.

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