The Eye Of The Storm

Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to publicly tend an apology to every conspiracy theorist ever. They were right. I was wrong. They might not have been specifically right, on what was specifically going on, but they were absolutely right when it comes to “there is stuff going on we don’t even know about, and some of it is bizarrely strange sh*t.”

At this point… Well, at this point if I find out that Heinlein’s puppet masters have landed in 1965 and have been running the show ever since, I won’t even blink. It seems more likely than my idea that the rational daylight world was true.

And then I read articles like this, from people on our side, and I wonder what they’re smoking, and why they think the real purpose is rearranging the deck chairs on the titanic. I stopped reading when he mocks the idea of a Venezuelan program causing election shenanigans because “they can’t even keep the lights on.” Dude. The program was made FOR Venezuelans’s would be dictator (and was dictator) before he took the country to the shithole. That’s one. I don’t know where specifically it was made, but probably America. And probably Chinese financed. Second, even in my most innocent days, there is a fact you must understand and digest: The commies can’t govern, but they can and do seize control. They’re masters at disinformation, propaganda and dirty tricks. THAT’s all they have and it’s enough to grip countries for decades. You ignore that at your own VERY GREAT peril. Also as for “mostly legal” kindly suck what I don’t have, and I don’t care if we work for the same outfit. The fraud is mountainous, in your face and dancing naked, and you’re still trying to go “oh, my, sadly mostly legal”. WHEN will you see you’ve been taken? WHEN? I mean, every accountant and mathematician I know is screaming, and that’s without credible witnesses coming forward to talk about more tangible fraud, from ballots absconded with, to ballots made out of clear air, and you’re TRYING as hard as you can to sweep it under the rug and concede? You have a mission: you and the horse you rode in on. Go. Get to it. Because what you’re doing is worse than what the democrats are doing. They’re weasels and traitors, out for their imagined paradise, while you, you mewling worm, are trying to help them while claiming to be against them.

Sorry, but I’m sick and tired of this. A friend in chat yesterday put this better than I can myself, so I’m going to quote him:

Win or lose, honestly, if you buy this I think the Left has taken up ownership of your thoughts. If sooner or later you come around to what they propagandize as long as they push it hard enough, in defiance of the most basic common sense or prior experience, well, the big lie is working. Why should they stop? Why stop until nature itself reveals the lies, in the form of a stolen system that doesn’t work and shouts at its inmates all the time about its glorious progress to try to compensate? I don’t worry that much comparatively about the outcome of the election per se, but I worry a lot about the outcome of the election– and the future of the country– when I see some of the Right’s best and brightest trying to talk themselves into seeing five lights. Broken dignity is preferable to having no dignity to break. And really– I dunno– if time were fungible, if you could go back whenever you wanted, I have to wonder how far you’d have to walk into their madness before a moment comes that you wish you could come back to and do things differently. I’ve got this terrible vision of the Right’s intellectual class on their deathbeds, still busily assuring themselves that, well, after all, the Left COULD have a point that the dictator du jour loves their children better than they do and the sky is a construct of running-dog capitalists.

This ladies and gentlemen, very much this, is what I see in that article. I don’t actually give much of a d*mn about his point on “redistricting” because if they can steal an election this blatantly in front of our very eyes, and have our own side talk itself into accepting the theft? There is nothing we can do in the future. We have allowed ourselves to be controlled completely by possibly the dumbest would be elite to ever arise, and civilization will end inevitably, because they can’t run anything, and our side apparently just wants to believe there are no tricks or skulduggery EVER.

No. Just no. I’d rather die on my feet than live on my knees, but frankly, I’d rather live on my feet, and I’ll fight for that against all the “reasonable people” who want to concede the fight and lick the foot that kicks them.

To quote Samuel Adams:
“If ye love wealth better than liberty,
the tranquility of servitude
better than the animating contest of freedom,
go home from us in peace.
We ask not your counsels or your arms.
Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you.
May your chains set lightly upon you,
and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen.”

Fortunately that magnificent bastard that is our president is on our side, and he’s neither giving up nor surrendering.

He is right that this is the MOST IMPORTANT speech he’s ever given. Ask yourself why it is not run by any of our so called news stations.

The president of the United States should be able to say “I have an announcement for the nation” and then give his speech. So why didn’t that happen? Some timeline glitches indicate this was written 2 weeks ago. My guess is they were trying, but the so called news were too busy fawning over Joe and the Ho. Stolen elections? That doesn’t make no never mind. Look, he has dogs.

It’s time to fight back with all we have. First, by disseminating this speech as far and fast as you can. Five million views are rookie numbers. Make with sharing it EVERYWHERE.

And meanwhile, since AG Barr sees no evidence of fraud, I suggest we as Americans, the most helpful people on the planet, send him used lenses, and glasses. (I have a few laying around. But if you don’t, there’s always the very cheap ones from the drugstore.) Let’s help him SEE the fraud. Go. We win when they ask us not to send more glasses. DO IT.

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  1. Does this guy not realize that “mostly legal” still means “partly illegal”? If the election isn’t 100% completely legal, then that’s a problem. “Mostly legal” is a terrifying statement not in what it says but what that “partly” bit implies.

      1. Aside from the obvious fraud, far as I’ve heard not a single one of the changes to local voting methodology has come from the state legislature, meaning ALL of those changes are unlawful under the U.S. Constitution, and ALL ballots collected under those schemes are illegal votes (even if cast in good faith).

        1. If Democrats get to pack the Court it won’t matter, because they will pack it with justices like those on the New Jersey Supreme Court who allowed the Torricelli-Menendez post deadline switch on the premise that “it wouldn’t be fair” to the Democratic Party to not allow it. Written text and the intent of the Constitution and written laws will mean nothing. They will impose the results they want “in the name of fairness and equity” and they will bury the last remnants of the republic except the names of the institutions which will be worn like a skin by the Marxist totalitarian tyranny that has replaced it.

          It is why Democrats will be doing anything to steal the Georgia Senate elections; stealing those two seats enables them to complete their “fundamental transformation of America”.

          1. I’m watching the continuing Georgia hearings as we speak. The witnesses from the elections department seem to have set up a lot of plausible deniability (“I was not present to see that”) and certainly are fulsome with praise for the flawless election process, and how everything went entirely according to the process and the law, “and to our knowledge that is what is happening.” And today we’re not really getting any hard questions.

            Yep, it’s a skin suit, worn with elegance and style.

            1. Why would they get hard questions. The GOP just wants this to go away like they want Trump to go away so they can go back to being a well paid loyal “opposition”.

              If you need more evidence look at today’s H1B visa unanimous consent vote.

            2. Gee, this video ought be newsworthy, ya think?

              Of course, we know more know the provenance nor chain of custody of this “evidence” than we know the provenance and chain of custody of the ballots counted. So CONSPIRACY THERY, DEBUNKED, NO EVIDENCE, BASELESS, REE REE REEEEEEEEEEE

              1. This very video from onsite surveillance was just presented at the Georgia hearing (judicial committee, I think?). In much higher resolution.

            3. Almost.

              Today we watched a video, from GA. A videotape. It showed the democrat in charge kick everyone out–the pipes have burst, right?–then she and a few others–ON VIDEOTAPE–start to pull suitcases full of ballots out from under a table that SHE had placed there around 8:30 AM that day.

              The videotape showed them taking the ballots back to the tables and feeding them into the machines.

              VIDEOTAPED fraud.


              1. They don’t seem to have realized that most of these big public spaces have surveillance cameras…

                1. They are indeed that dumb. Breathtaking, but not unsurprising, if you’ve ever worked around government level IQs.

                  1. Yeah, the whole operation just radiates black hole levels of brilliance. Smart enough to think up nefarious scenes; not smart enough to execute them cleanly nor to consider consequences.

                    Occurs to me that if our guys were doing the same level of fraud, you’d never see it happen.

                2. Unfortunately, a lot of polling places do not have that level of surveillance. We conduct our voting in the school gymnasium, and we do not have cameras all over the place 24/7.

          2. I think you’re referring to the 2002 Senate election that ended up with Lautenberg running instead of Toricelli. The court didn’t say it was unfair to Democrats- they said New Jersey voters NEEDED a CHOICE!

            In addition to the crook Toricelli and the Republican Doug Forrester there would have been
            Green Ted Glick
            Libertarian Elizabeth Macron
            Conservative Norman E. Wahner
            Socialist Greg Pason

            But under their logic, 5 people and a Democrat who was going to lose wasn’t a choice, so Lautenberg was unlawfully substituted. The Democrats knew Toricelli was a crook when they nominated him. And he’s still in politics as a Democrat politician. What does that say about NJ voters?

      2. Hell, I’m still willing to concede it was mostly legal (or the fish/water reason), but even I know that barring a good explanation, the margins where it counts are not real.

        If his theory on urban turnout machine is why, why did it only work in four cities?

        1. They focused on those four cities because they were the ones which mattered the most in each of the key states and where the local officials were most amendable to working with them to faciliate vote fraud under the pretext of “high turnout”.

          1. I know why they focused on them.

            What I am saying is his theory of some new novel GOTV method wouldn’t have been that selective.

          2. And it is entirely possible that their concentration and attention to those made the difference. But the actual voting behavior throughout the day? Nope. Clear tell that some kind of major fraud was probably committed.

      3. Hey, the only needed a little bit of fraud in 4 places. (yeah right, it was most certainly NOT restricted to those 4 places) . . . 4 places that give him the win, but hey, 4 places out of how many? See, mostly legal.

      4. Hello
        I have a bunch of glasses in cases that I bought at a garage sale. Do you know how I would address the package?
        I very much want to send these to Bill Barr

        1. Back in the 1980s I once sent a jar of pickled pork brains to a local politician, with a note that said “these are for you since, you obviously have none.”

          Didn’t even get a thank-you card…

        2. At this point, what Barr really needs is a pair of those glasses from THEY LIVE! to reveal the hidden messages and the hideous aliens masquerading as Democrats.
          They’re guilty. They know they’re guilty. We know they’re guilty. They know we know they’re guilty. And still they keep trying to cover it up and pretend they didn’t do it like a dog that just shit in the middle of your hardwood floor.

        3. I’ve heard people pointing out that he said not yet but if he were not trying to throw the election, he would have refused to comment.

    1. “Okay, so our hostile takeover of WidgetCo is all perfectly legal except we’re going to have to trade on just one little piece of insider information to make it work.”

      The SEC would put you in jail.

      Besides, elections are different: they should be considered guilty until proven innocent, because we’re not talking about the individual vs. the vast power of the state, but a public decision as to who gets to control the vast power of the state.

        1. IF a case reaches SCOTUS in the next 11 or 12 days, we need an affirmation that the Equal Protection clause applies to ballot stuffing fraud equally with voter suppression and intimidation — and all of this is heinously involved now.

      1. Remembering that with regard to government power, the Constitution is not a collection of gently-encouraging Thou Shalts, but rather a compendium of bristling-suspicious Thou Shalt Nots.

        Ballots (being The People’s hand on the government’s leash) should perhaps therefore be regarded as “Thou Shalt Not Except for this ONE prescribed way” and all others are evidence of criminal intent.

        [Lost what I was saying in midstream, but anyway, an extension on your interesting point that elections are guilty until proven innocent.]

        1. The Constitution is a bunch of words on paper that only have meaning if people agree to abide by them. Right now we have the worst possible world, which half agree to abide by them and the other half doesn’t. Meanwhile, the first group will knuckle under to demands they abide by them from the second group.

          1. There, as someone once pointed out, is the Constitution’s fatal flaw: in itself it has no teeth. Enforcing it is up to those willing to do so (provided they’ve not been handcuffed).

            Agreed it’s become the Bullies and the Kowtowers.

            1. “You will not be able to reform the election system to reduce fraud until after you fight and win the Second American Revolution / Civil War 2” — Cassnelson134, in too many comments to list from the time since he first showed up here.

              1. Yes. Larry Arnn — in an interview with Armenian-Iranian escapee David Bet David “Is America About to Lose It All?” (SEE YouTube, posted a couple days ago) — is asked about Reagan’s line about how we can lose Liberty in just one generation? Hillsdale’s Dr Arnn says he’s been thinking a lot about that line in recent years. And now it is here, he says.

                In “America’s Color Revolution” which Reagan era Treasury Dept. savant and economist Paul Craig Roberts posted online on September 12th, he accurately and acutely predicted the election course we have witnessed — including the Intelligence Community isolating Trump, getting the world to believe in Bidet the DementiaDent as legitimately elected. The media gaslighting.

                (To be fair, Roberts entirely misses how crucial and effective CCP infiltration and money has been to creating this dire circumstance, however.)

                Dr. Arnn cries out for the importance of peace and reason. Yet very thing else he says in his interview augers that we’re at the turning point where only blood and violence and fighting unto our death matters.

                Arizona legislature has called a special session to address the election fraud. Governor Doosh wants to go down in history as a Benedict Arnold, it seems.

                Apres le Deluge.

            2. I was just going to post the John Adams quote about the Constitution being only for a moral people but in looking up the exact quote, I feel like this bit of it is even more relevant and more accurately describes where we are as a country.

              “But should the People of America, once become capable of that deep … simulation towards one another and towards foreign nations, which assumes the Language of Justice and moderation while it is practicing Iniquity and Extravagance; and displays in the most captivating manner the charming Pictures of Candour frankness & sincerity while it is rioting in rapine and Insolence: this Country will be the most miserable Habitation in the World.”

              (fuller remarks here: )

            3. And if the legal enforces will not do so, that leaves enforcement up to illegal, un-Constitutional means. It’s a catch-22 that I don’t think the Founders considered, that it would require violation of the Constitution to restore it if control was held by those who refused to honor it. Or perhaps they figured that the Declaration of Independence would function as Article Zero of the Constitution as I like to refer to it.

              1. They considered it. Any discussion of the Second Amendment from their era puts it front and center.

    2. That’s like all the “uncounted votes” that keep turning up. Uh… they had *one job*, something that could be done by kindergarteners, and they’re claiming they failed. Which is incompetence, and probably malfeasance. But I bet the laws are carefully worded so it’s not actually criminal. And none of them are going to be reprimanded, much less fined or imprisoned.

      Such a brave new world, where an assertion of one’s own incompetence is met with indifference…

      1. Yet somehow Florida, where they’d just run the fraudsters out on a rail, managed to process a whole lot more ballots and do so in a timely manner. I think I sense a connection…

        But yeah, asserting one’s incompetence as an acceptable excuse for malfeasance goes right along with the Left’s lay-blame-elsewhere culture. They do not see this as a fault, but rather as a valid method of self-improvement (defined as escalating self-esteem). Therefore their handling of the election was obviously superior, because it was so faulty that there’s no end of blame to lay on someone else.

      2. We have, over the course of the last month (my G-D! Has it been a MONTH?!!) discussed improvements for ballot security. One obvious step is to limit the universe of ballots, e.g.: NO ballots may be counted before that particular window is closed.

        For in-person ballots that is a simple matter: when the polls are closed a count of all ballots cast on each machine / each precinct is made. Only when the total number of in-person ballots is defied may counting of votes commence. If the number of votes in any race exceeds the number of ballots they must be re-counted. (Continued failure to conform to the in-person ballot universe results in legal action against the culpable official(s) – legal action may involve tar & feathers.)

        Mail-in & absentee ballots must be received by close of polls on election day. All ballots received after that point attain the same status as people showing up at the polls once they’ve closed: tough, Charlie – manage your time a little better next election. Only after all such ballots are counted and that universe defined can counting of actual votes commence.

        Once ballot universes are defined no additional ballots may be incorporated. It doesn’t matter if the Post Office mislaid them or election officials discovered boxes in their trunks. The only legal recourse for such unincluded ballots is right of action against the responsible parties for interference with right to vote.

        There is much more, including limiting mail-in and early in-person votig, but this seems a de minimis standard for participating in Federal elections.

        As this is a topic which keeps cropping up iit might be prudent for Sarah to establish its own board, as with the Perma Open Post For Interesting Links, or for somebody to compile the proposals a la the RAQ.

        1. The thing that gets me is that reconciling of ballot counts is exactly why being a poll worker is, at minimum, a 15-hour day. You have to reconcile when you open; you have to reconcile when you close, and you damned well have to account for every ballot, including the spoiled ones. And there’s a clear chain of custody as they get turned in.That was 16 years ago, and you really can’t improve on that system.

          1. … you really can’t improve on that system.

            That would, of course, depend upon your definition of “improve.”

            For example, if by improve you mean “prevent errors” you are probably correct, but if by “improve” you mean produce the desired results …

          2. That was the Indiana way before the Legislature whored themselves out to make absentee ballot theft legal, and then hidden.
            First, legislation to PROHIBIT rejection of an ABS ballot for non-matching signature (ballots physically to the precinct), then in the next session, having all ABS ballots centrally counted in each county , and only the names of voters reported to the precinct.
            I quit a 20 year history as an election supervising official after that.
            15 to 18 hour day, yup.

            1. I don’t remember if I said it here or somewhere else, but I might as well say it again: those signatures? They’re worthless. Garbage. An obsolete leftover in the judicial system.

              Up on eBay you can pick up a used AutoPen signing machine for $150, right now. All you need is a copy of someone’s signature – from their driver’s license, any of those delivery-person tablets, their bank, or scanned from a piece of paper – and you convert it to HPGL and feed it to the AutoPen. Which will then write out the signature with an ordinary ball-point pen or felt tip. With about the same price in DIY bits and some tutorials from YouTube, you could make one that would drip a quill in an inkwell and do it.

              Signatures are STONE DEAD as a means of authentication.

              Even doing it by hand is enough to fool the FBI’s trained signature experts most of the time, as we’ve found out through recent exposes on the Feebs’ vaunted laboratories. And they’re expecting untrained and likely biased “election officials” to be at least as accurate as the FBI, and do it in seconds instead of hours if needed. Would you like to buy a bridge?

              “Welcome to the real world.”

        2. Voting 0700-1900 from the wed preceding election day to election day. Voters ID (free on request) Nuke voting list every 10 years. Register when census happens. Any absentees must be of sound mind, request in person (send a state employee around to elderly storage facilities with direct civil penalty against them), and be unable for geographic reason to vote in person; must arrive prior to start of voting period. Purple fingers for all. If someone wants to double vote, bolt cutters exist.

          All in person votes on paper, either of the fill in the bubble or arrow variety. Can be initially tabulated via scantron in full view of voter. No way for local officials to open and a scan counter. Count ballot again after poll close using different machine. Any discrepancy results in third scan. If two match (same number of ballots, votes, etc) that stands. If disagree, all votes sequestered and hand counted. If two “post poll” match, civil and criminal charges by default against all poll workers at precinct.

          1. “Register when census happens.”

            Oooh, I like this idea. It ties a warm body to a legit residence, and it’s a mere one more step to tie it to a voter ID. And it would encourage proper census = citizens results, as if you don’t respond, you don’t get to vote, and only citizens can vote.

            And of course the automatic purging every ten years.

            “…civil and criminal charges by default against all poll workers at precinct.”

            Much as I like this idea (would make everyone be everyone else’s proctor) it does have that problem of collective guilt. However, should be taken care of by automatic charges but the usual presumption of innocence. And a lot of ratting one another out to avoid prison.

            Multiple scans also a good idea, but if hand-counting is done at each precinct, like it was in the Olden Days, probably not necessary — high-speed scanners are only needed because of the centralized counts resulting in massive piles of ballots (and massive piles are easier to inject fake ballots into). Done at each precinct immediately after polls close, there are few enough that ordinary humans can do the tally, and all you need are pen, paper, and suspicious eyes representing all interested parties. Further, there’s no motion or time in which to inject ballots. (That’s how it was when I poll-watched in 1972. We were done by the wee hours.)

            Any tally that can be written electronically can be altered electronically, and there’ll always be that temptation to make it “easier” (to inject your own tallies).

            Today’s 14 hours of hearings:

            Some peculiar things came out in Georgia, like an ACLU rep present at every polling place, and ‘nonprofit’ funding of Dem voting interests by social media moguls.

            Nevada judge ordered both attorneys to stay up all night, er, to present final everything by 10am tomorrow, because he wants to make a decision this week.

            1. We might get around the collective guilt by holding supervisors responsible. Do ballot counters get paid? Putting volunteers at legal risk might mean nobody willing to do the tallies.

              Here’s one additional suggestion: put a blanket ban on vote reporting for forty-eight hours after the election, then all precincts report their counts (balanced against the ballot count, of course) at the same time, to be compiled and reported by central authority (e.g., state election board.)

              We might also add a professional audit of perhaps 10% of all precincts. Not random audit but an equivalent of a financial audit, weighted according to risk. Perhaps establish a department within the state government to conduct routine audits before election days, covering such items as appropriateness of rules, adherence to rules, record-keeping, preservation of evidence (e.g., mail-in/absentee ballot envelopes — and matching of signatures against records, both of registration and request) effectiveness of controls against fraud (e.g., no denying poll watchers access.) The state might even offer up cash prizes for the top performing county election boards (or whatever the organization might be.) Say $10,000 to each of the ten best boards’ audit performance (if more than ten score equally well then ten randomly selected from among the group.)

              And yes, DVR the counting with records sealed until the election is confirmed and all court challenges ended.

              1. Have the state CPA association develop the audit plans and make service in the audits earn credit toward CPE.

                1. That assumes your state CPA association, like the bar associations, medical licensing boards, etc. haven’t been skin-suited by leftists.

            2. Reason I used scans was that a. It could retain a minute by minute ballot count. So if station closed at 2015, the total number of ballots was scanned. Also makes harder for a counter or counters to simply fudge numbers. Sorry, but can’t do honor system anymore

              1. Every ballot ought have a unique identification, whether serial number or a 3D barcode. That would enable a shield against scanning the same ballot more than once.

                1. That would also prevent shady characters from printing up thousands of new ballots in the night after finding out the count wasn’t going their way. Require the state election board to publish the total number of legally printed ballots and their serial numbers before Election Day. All unused ballots must be segregated and locked up.

                  Problem is, the State could record which ballot they mailed out to which voter.

                  That might actually be a feature. If you want your vote kept private, vote in person on Election Day. Mail it in, and the State can track who you voted for.

                2. Oh! And there is a copy of the serial number on that little strip you tear off and keep. If you want to dispute the validity of the election, you have the absolute right to inspect your own ballot, and the electronic record of your vote.

                3. Only if the program checked for duplicates. And then there would be glitches where the bar code was misread. . . .

          2. Disagree on the fingers. Amputees exist. Instead, a purple “I Voted” stamp to the forehead.

              1. Something that could easily be determined. Dye on limb or if none, forehead possibly. But some form of physical marking

            1. Touche. The fingers was more for the sarcastic if you want to vote more than once here are bolt cutters. But your idea more like ashes on ash Wednesday

              1. Can we stipulate the finger inked would not be the index but the middle one? That‘s the American Way.

        3. Legal recourse to be a trial where if the defendant can not prove their machine can not be hacked they and all employees will receive punishment of permanent disenfranchisement as citizens of this country. Any who aren’t already citizens of this country will be immediately deported. (They do NOT get time to pack their belongings and transfer their accounts.)

    3. I’m sure he’s okay with mostly peaceful protests.

      Then again, it’s PJMedia which is rapidly going the way of NRO. In fact, I’ve pissed in someone’s Wheaties bad enough that every comment I make gets a downvote.

      I’m rather proud of that.

        1. The GOP punditry and many officeholders seem to have decided it is better to be in the Outer Party in Oceania than try to keep a Republic.

          Go into the threads about people not wanting to vote in the GA runoff given the fact the GOP is already rolling over on fraud.

              1. I think he’s on his own side, as are most attorneys.

                But his “side” is our “side” right now, so I’m good with it.

                I agree with him about the Senate, if he’s said hell no, don’t help the worthless GOP out, focus on the Presidency. My opinion matters for nothing, I’m not in GA. Anyone there who doesn’t vote has it on their own conscience. I support them either way. If it’s going to be a Marxist theft election, forget it. Not interested. If we fix things and POTUS gets the win he earned, sure ,I’ll vote for a senator.

            1. I know some of it is a false flag, but it is a false flag that only works because of things like this:


              Or today’s Senate vote on H1B visas, which was unanimous consent, compared to the fight over funding Trump’s wall.

              The Democrat false flag only works because the GOP officeholders have so alienated their voters that there is no trust. That was true 4 years ago and was the wedge Trump used to beat a dozen Senators and governors for the GOP nomination. In four years, especially the two when they held all the elective branches, the GOP establishment did nothing to repair it.

              I don’t blame the enemy for exploiting a self-inflicted wound we haven’t fixed in four years.

                1. Oh, in one of the threads on Indy where I got called a troll, I said I’ll mostly date it to Medicare Part D although even the Bush education bill is valid.

                  If the GOP Congress of 2017 had behaved like the GOP Congress of 1995, the Dems wouldn’t even bother to try that false flag.

                  If somehow the Dems don’t just fraud their way forward from now on, but the GOP doesn’t fight they will disappear. If Trump does leave office and starts a MAGA party any GOP officer holder who wants to remain one will jump ship to it.

                  1. And it’s up to us not to allow it without securing some sort of commitment to those actual principles.

                    Say, like requiring proof in terms of actual voting history…

                    1. No automatic nomination for incumbents changing parties from the GOP (I might allow it for Dems…that’s how little I trust GOP office holders). They have to run in a primary and win.

                  2. Farther.
                    I recall Dole not letting most of the Contact With America come up for a vote.
                    And then being rewarded with a largely unopposed presidential run.

                    Not to mention Newt getting overthrown over a BS ethics complaint of “teaching a college course without receiving compensation”.

                    Or we could go back to Bush I taking a sledgehammer to Reagan’s legacy.

                    Or the GOPe siding with LBJ over Goldwater.


                    1. Many US political machinations over the years can be better understood by viewing them as elitists vs. populists, with party distinctions being set aside when any populist wave threatens elitist power.

                      When the elite feel threatened, they try to co-opt it (see Bernie) and simultaneously mobilize the entire apparatus of power to eliminate the threat (see Crossfire Hurricane).

                      The problem is that suppressed pressure only builds, ultimately ending in insufficiently fleet-of-foot elites dangling from lamp posts and freeway overpasses. While this happy prospect does prune back the elite overgrowth for a generation or so, it also traditionally yields the man-on-a-horse solution to end the concomitant disruption of the social order.

                      And this is why it is normally best that all the “start the boog!” idiots on one end and “eat the rich!” idiots on the other should be suppressed – the “Scudder/Buckman” horse dude is the future for both.

                    2. The thing is I don’t remember the anger that far back. Dole didn’t bring it all up for a vote but did bring some and sent it to Clinton so could sell the “my majority isn’t big enough” line. Contrast that to 2015.

                      Bush did back peddle on taxes and paid for it. Reagan and a GOP Senate did do the 1986 tax reform. Conservatives got something at each juncture prior to Bush 43.

                      Post 2000 they have been told to vote but openly treated with contempt and not only gotten nothing, but often got the opposite of what was compaigned on, despite the GOP having all the elective branches.

                      It is easy to sell “take what we can get” when you only have 2 out of 3. However, to offer nothing when you have a three, twice, to do ut with living memory of getting something with 2, and to create a new entitlement as a bonus is going to create something different from the grumbling the past had.

                    3. re 3 out of 3 – one was Paul Ryan, who I initially liked, but he unfurled his elite-club flag for all to see by his neverTrumpiness and well-lets-wait-on-that until he lost the majority.

                      And if you think the fumbly-oh-look-we-lost election effort he managed was an accident I have a bridge that you can buy.

                      If there had really been a 3 out of 3 I’d be angrier.

                    4. Yes, this is a class war, which is something I THINK the Chinese puppet masters don’t get.
                      And yes, I AM a class traitor and proud. I know I make very little that’s necessary. (Well, I do cook for my family, and clean. But other than that.)

            2. My take is Lin Wood is he’s a grandstander for his own benefit, even tho he sometimes comes down on the right side of justice or the Republic. His remarks yesterday completely cemented that opinion: Bad GOPs, so don’t vote at all, because G0d is on our side!

              So, what ya gonna say when all those seats are filled by Dems, who promptly change the laws so they have those seats forever?

              Refusing to vote because the GOP guys are wishy-washy is much like soldiers deserting because the general dresses like a poppinjay. It may briefly feel good but it’ll lose you the war.

              1. If the Georgia GOP not only does nothing about the fraud but actually expands the ability for Dems to do it (see my link above about drop off ballot boxes), I can see the argument for not voting in an openly rigged election as a way to indicate you’re withholding your consent.

                If Gov. Kemp or the legislature would act on the fraud, I suspect a lot of this would go away.

                1. I can see the argument for not voting in an openly rigged election as a way to indicate you’re withholding your consent.

                  To make that argument more clearly and strongly a person would have to cast a ballot, either blank or a write-in vote for Trump.

                  1. After the SCUS last Friday and Mitch yesterday I am tempted to vote for Trump and myself.

                    Oddly, Loeffler (sp) has done work to get my vote. She’s actually fighting which more than Perdue is doing. Maybe Trump and her.

                2. They don’t care if you don’t vote. They don’t care if NOBODY votes, and it’s ALL fraud. They don’t care what you think of them. They only notice you if you vote against them.
                  There is no worse tyranny than to force a man to pay for what he does not want merely because you think it would be good for him.

                1. FWIW, from a post I saw of Lin Wood’s political donation history from FEC records, it looks like he made relatively small donations to candidates of both parties, slightly more donations to Dems, 2004 to 2014. After that he was making heavy Republican donations, including lots of donations to President Trump’s campaign in 2016, Republican Senate candidates in 2018, and a whole lot of Republican candidates this cycle I didn’t notice any donations to Dems post 2014.

                  1. He voted by mail the last two presidential elections and voted for the Democrat in both races. Donations are not the same as votes.

                    1. The courts ruled you have to let voters take photos of their ballot, so it’s not really secret in person, either, if someone wants proof and is willing to extort it.

                    2. Why don’t you just say “he registered as a Democrat and voted in their primary”?

                      It’s more honest, and useful.

                      Since I know there’s several folks HERE who did that to try to minimize damage, and my husband registers as independent….

              2. Refusing to vote because the GOP guys are wishy-washy is much like soldiers deserting because the general dresses like a poppinjay. It may briefly feel good but it’ll lose you the war.

                THIS, d*mmit, THIS. Don’t vote FOR the squishes in the GOP, vote AGAINST the communists on the other side. Don’t think of your vote as going for someone you dislike, see it as countering a vote from the other side that would have put in someone who’s even WORSE.

                1. Amen! It isn’t just these two senators, it is also Chuck Schumer as Senate Majority Leader, Bernie Sanders as Senate Budget Chairman, and a battle between Dick Durbin and Sheldon Whitehouse for the Senate judiciary chair.

                  Then there would be Appropriations chaired by Patrick Leahy, Health, Education, Labor and Pensions with Patty Murray in the chair, and Amy Klobuchar chairing Rules.

                  Which is only about the half of it, before getting into sub-committees. Does anybody want to take Ted Cruz out of the chair of the Judiciary sub-committee on the Constitution and put Crazy Mazie “To the men in this country: Just shut up and step up. Do the right thing for a change” Hirono in?

                  1. And without control of Senate committees, there will be literally no one who will investigate Harris/Biden abuses and all the investigations of the Obama-Hillary abuses will be shut down. Further, their nominees will be able to sail through no matter how radical, and they will be able to ram through court-packing and all the other stuff they seek to push in order to seize absolute power.

        2. I made it a few sentences into Adam’s post, and when he dismissed the fraud in the first paragraph, I stopped. I also lost all respect for him, and now have him on the same mental list as a few other PJ media people. “I have a little list…”

        3. Know of any good general news sources that aren’t stupid left? Pjmedia wasn’t bad, but they really have gone downhill

          Print, for preference, I haven’t got the patience for video.

          1. I’ve been watching (well, listening while doing something else) NTD, but just noticed they have transcripts on their website. (At least for whatever I ear-watched yesterday.) …They never miss a chance to quietly pee on the CCP’s shoes.

                1. He left quite a legacy, including this (just under fifty-five minute video):

                  Beloved Spouse one day a couple years ago ran some errands, picked up carry-out and on getting home to dine turned on the television, flipped up to the local public television feed which we’d only recently returned to watching, and caught that! I imagine heads were exploding in their broadcast studio.

                  It is available through Amazon Prime.

          2. You might try Epoch Times:

            The Washington Times does a fair job, last I checked, but they’ve gone paywall which is a bridge too far for me.

            Of course, for cutting edge reporting you could try the Babylon Bee.

          3. You might also want to try tracking The Daily Wire:

            I think subscription to the site is only required for their podcasts — but I consider those podcasts worth the subscription so cannot say whether that is needed for news only.

          4. Oh, for goodness’ sake! Where’s my sense been? Try the New York Post for a good general news source. Some of their news coverage picks up crap from AP but the editorial page is rock solid conservative!

            One caution: their tabloid ancestry does show i the preponderance of scantily clad women featured in stories, but they aren’t nearly so bad as the Brit tabloids like the Daily Sun.

            1. But that’s a benefit. In last few years, two of biggest stories about candidates were broken by tabloids if you include the post. They have less cushion to just lie like nyt, wapo, etc

              1. Well, if you have a high tolerance for stories about Kardashians, which celebri-ditz is the latest to pose nekkid, or for headlines such as “Model claims sunbathing vagina for 2 hours a day boosted her libido” tabloids are fine.

        1. Given I’m being accused of being one of those lefty trolls, I’m not sure who is who anymore.

          And that doesn’t explain writers like the one Sarah linked to.

          1. J. Christian Adams is a former DOJ Civil Rights attorney who quit over Obama DOJ dropping cases against the Philadelphia Black Panther voter intimidation effort, among other grievances. He should not be confused for a Conservative, merely more conservative than the average DOJ attorney. Click through to his archive and scroll through his articles.

            We need to remember: those “insufficiently” supporting us are NOT the same as those avidly attempting to strip our liberties away. With them we can disagree without rancor.

            1. If by “without Rancor” you mean “not finding oneself humming the Marseillaise under one’s breath,” certainly. No need to pull the grate off the feeding pit.

              But “Hail fellow, USAian, allow me to ‘splain why *this time* my old America-killing cameraden are correct” deserves a tired and bitter, “Pull the other one, it has bells on” in reply.

          2. There are several foreign state actors who have keyboard commandos deliberately screwing with places like PJM. Then there are also homegrown troll farms doing the same thing. One of their favorite things seems to be accusing people of being Lefty trolls.

        2. Yep. Several times I’ve tried to report someone as a troll, only to be reminded yet again that there’s no “Troll” report reason. And the “Google is paying $X per hour” spam always seems to pop up, time and time again, which means that Disqus isn’t actually interested in preventing it. There are lots of patterns they could use to block that particular set of spammers, but they don’t bother.

          Which means Disqus is not actually interested in promoting useful discussion as they claim. Which then raises the question, what are they interested in?

        3. However, Disqus does censor on a per-site basis, which implies the site owner sets the terms. Frex on the Daily Signal, I’ve discovered that one cannot post quotes from the Quran (at least not if they’re from the usual “go kill infidels” instruction set); they wind up in permanent moderation. I post the same quotes on Disqus elsewhere, no problem.

          1. There was a site that banned [singular of Jews]. There were many times when a [singular of Jews] was very annoyed at them for that.

      1. PJMedia is garbage. Even Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit has been edging towards calling people deplorables for not voting R in GA.

        1. I’ve got one more step before Glenn can stuff I’ve enjoyed the format, yet more and more Ed f’ing Driscoll and others, including and especially Glenn, are acting like elitist people with incomes, homes, and influence. And screw the hoi polloi.

    4. That’s good in theory, but let’s be real. If ‘Mostly Legal’ meant 99%, we wouldn’t be up in arms (in a saloon, drinking heavily, maybe). 100% is not achievable in any system run by any for humans.

      Our problem is that the Left has gone to the point where it looks very like 50% or less. They’ve cheated for decades, and the populace has gradually grown weary of their tripe, so now in order to win they have to cheat so much that it is ostentatiously obvious.

      I’m not, yet, at the point where I’m ready to declare that less than a quarter of their votes are legit. But less than half, and many of those piled high in places where the additional millions don’t actually do them any good in a Presidential election? That I begin to believe.

      If the election had been ‘mostly legal’, the shenanigans confined largely to Big Tech censorship and corporate fundraising, I would be less worried. Worried, but LESS so. The election was, at best, slightly legal on the a presidential level and mostly legal below that…which is why the Democrats and their Fascist Left allies lost so much.

      1. Curious, isn’t it, that many of the people who advocate “Zero Tolerance” policies for our schools are okay with “mostly legitimate” elections.

        Of course, in the first instance it is they wielding the whips, while in the latter …

    5. 99% legal in 99% of precincts still leaves room for a boatload of illegality in 1%… and those 99% numbers are optimistic.

      1. Or get medical treatment that’s ‘mostly right’, or paychecks that are ‘mostly accurate’, or have a mechanic ‘mostly fix’ their brakes…

        If they get their taxes ‘mostly correct’ they should expect an audit. 😛

        1. Mostly non-toxic meals, certainly, I do like my almond extract in baking.
          Mostly right medical treatment, what do you think that we get, if we’re lucky.
          Mostly correct taxes, a miracle given our tax code.

          It’s the dose that matters and this election had a lethal dose, hopefully mostly for them.

        2. Well, they are promising us policing that is “mostly” legal and courts that are “mostly” just.

      2. Many Democrats do seem to have a predilection for girls who are ‘mostly legal’… 😛

      1. Not me. I went into Cold Anger Mode back during the riots. I feel =nothing= toward these TWANLOCs other than what I might when shooting a rabid dog. And the cold gets colder every time they spit on my flag.

          1. I’m not purposeful. I’m just waiting for the chance to start fires. Enough Americans would rather serve in Hell than be responsible in Heaven, I’m happy to give them ashes.

            Only worry about the cats is staying my hand.

            1. In cold anger – Where I live I keep trying to find someone WORTH IT. I am having a terrible time. There just is NOBODY that is. They are all such LITTLE Sh1ts, followers, a dime a dozen and easily replaced. If the balloon goes up, maybe. But I will not be starting it.
              IF Trump loses it will defiantly be to late for the Ballot box, the Jury Box will die with the Ballot Box, but not time for the last box. The Overt Act is needed. What that is NO One knows.
              Depressed, Confused, Hoping for a miracle that can save us, and seeing the Judges stamping all over it, willfully BLIND, destroying the Jury Box.
              The Evil cheating Democrats starting it, the Judges helping to cover it up, the Stupid GOPe RINOs helping it along. Have NONE of them got a CLUE that they are backing people into a COURNER!!!! People left with Nothing that they can do, except violence or live on their knees?
              COLD Guns, tools, paper patching, I need better depression drugs.

              1. You’re in love with your country and you’re forced to watch her being raped half to death.

                That’s going to hurt in a way nothing else does. And no, the enemy doesn’t get it.

                But we do. And we will act at the proper time.

                  1. Oh, geez, Sarah. My heart just leaped out onto the floor in agony.

                    The name of your beloved City?

                    1. It took the Soviets at least 5 to turn Moscow and St. Petersburg into shitholes.

                      America. We even do “Communist disaster” better…

                  2. Sarah, had occasion to visit Denver 4 years ago and was amazed. Then again last year and was stunned by the difference. As Dennis Prager states clearly the Left destroys everything it touches whether cities, organizations (Boy Scouts) or ;people.

                    I have gotten to the cold anger stage many months ago. Have done the prep, the training etc. I councel patience but have run out of my own. They clearly have no understanding of humans, taking away the soap box was a clear indicator of intent. this in your face ballot box destruction will leave no choice even if the jury box settles things. There will be violance and massive destruction all of which leaves us very vulnerable to outside force.

                    Last thoughts with my son last night was the absolutely utter destruction that will take place in vast swaths of the world if the US is destroyed. There will be billions dead, but at leat the greenies will be happy the vermin are reduced on mother earth!

                    1. It helped to read your post first thing this morning.

                      So many things are happening at the same time that I have to go outside and just breathe, and not try to be efficient, or “resist,” or do anything today other than paint and create a story and clean the bathroom.

                      This is serious. The enemy does not understand human nature. We have been pushed too far.

                      I used to say that if I had to use my shotgun against someone I’d shoot them, then beat them with it. The damn thing is heavy and kicks like an angry mule. If you make me use it against you, buddy, you’re getting the barrel AND the stock.

                1. 2 Kings 16:15-17 always gives me strength and hope:
                  “15 When the servant of the man of God rose early in the morning and went out, behold, an army with horses and chariots was all around the city. And the servant said, “Alas, my master! What shall we do?” 16 He said, “Do not be afraid, for those who are with us are more than those who are with them.” 17 Then Elisha prayed and said, “O Lord, please open his eyes that he may see.” So the Lord opened the eyes of the young man, and he saw, and behold, the mountain was full of horses and chariots of fire all around Elisha.”

                  And then they took care of business.

              2. I an cold and angry enough to Believe that anywhere Patriots gather, our kind of minds are planning the premature ending of The traitors lives. And the Decent among us will at least laugh and hold their beers, if not buy them fresh rounds.

      2. I’m with you. I might have to walk outside and blow my duck calls.

        I just read this sonofabitch’s article. That creature thinks it is smarter, wiser, and more aware than the 90 million of us who voted for POTUS. Only he, genius boy reeeeely understands what happened, cause he’s got the dope. LOL wow.

        I could take bat to that boy’s head with zero remorse. His kind are the problem.

      3. While the last shoes have not yet dropped on attempts to get justice through the corrupt courts and corrupt political system, I think the US cannot be saved short of an armed uprising to take back the country; either that, or we are going to resemble Cuba or an old Soviet state and those tyrannies can last for many decades.

          1. Russia, not yet. Maybe not ever.

            But some of the Eastern European countries (Poland in particular) seem to have successfully rebuilt themselves as democratic republics.

            1. To be fair, Russia was an economic basket case for several centuries before the Commies took control (i fact, that is part of how they were able to take control.)

              There is a difference between imposed communism (Poland, Eastern Europe) and the imbibed kind; willfully drinking it (Russia, China, Cuba, and yes, Italy & Germany) likely indicates an underlying illness in a culture — one which may be unrecoverable once it becomes feverish.

              OTOH, having communism imposed seems a sort of vaccination.

  2. I do not lose hope. The Democrats have been the party of fraud for years (1st defense exhibit 1960 fraud in Texas and Illinois). Then there is the Hugh Hewitt book , “If it’s not Close They Can’t Cheat”
    President Trump is the first Republican to fight back.

        1. Yep – it was never the case that the mail ballots, which were already sitting there ready to count, got counted first launching China Joe into a lead that President Trump never overcame.

          Not ever.

          On the other hand, IN EACH AND EVERY INSTANCE, the count was showing a steady lead for President Trump until, after non-wetting pipe breaks and count stoppages due to incredible fatigue that required count monitors to be sent away but somehow did not stop actual counting, did mysterious blocks of ballots magically get counted at 4am to throw the lead to China Joe.

          So yeah, likely only 49% fraudulent nationwide.

    1. With the same contempt for those they desire to rule over and the willingness to wreck everything to achieve that rule.

      Frankly, we would be better off under a Cersei Lannister than the Democrats, for the reasons the C.S. Lewis so poignantly noted.

      1. Akshully, with Cersei Martin may have accidentally captured a portrait of the damage of several powerful women of the left.

        Hillary, Harris, maybe Pelosi…

  3. I wonder what they’re smoking,

    Nothing, they see a chance a grift. See, if it wasn’t fraud but a highly specific urban GOTV non-profit, why then conservatives need to get out their checkbooks to build a similar conservative non-profit to GOTV and people like the writer are just the people to run it.

    It’s not a delusion, just garden variety greed.

    1. Additionally weird was that said GOTV effort seemed ONLY to yield success in half a dozen or so strategic cities. Elsewhere Trump did BETTER among the constituencies that the alleged GOTV was aimed at than he did last time. I think Herbn has it right that dude is just trying to kick off a non-profit to allegedly do the same while happily lining his and other “specialists” pockets. He’s just a swamp creature of a slightly different flavor.

      1. And the GOTV effort only manifested when R count monitors were not in eth room.

        49% fraudulent, so mostly legal.

        1. No. 49% LAST MINUTE fraud. Add the fraud we can reasonably infer from Democrat behavior over the last several decades, and we have WAY more than 50%.

      2. Consider: GOTV is not to get more folks out to vote, but rather to provide cover for registering nonexistent voters, to in turn provide cover for bogus ballots.

    2. This.

      What the morons don’t realize is two fold.

      First, the targets of their grift have two bounds that are not fixed. a) Knows little enough about the political situation that will take their methods as credible, and them as experts worth investing in. b) Knows enough about the left’s lunacy to think opposing them is worth investing in, and has resources from personal investment to devote to political investment. When you are endorsing as plausible and normal fraud that anyone who can succeed at personal investment can see through, you are shrinking the market for your grift.

      Profit from personal investment means having something left to lose. They are betting that the Democrats are engaged in ordinary routine corruption and madness, and will not ruin the underlying business by neutralizing the political process and eliminating personal investment. Getting rid of Trump potentially conceals the depth of their perfidy and incompetence. But their argument that we should concede is based in things other people might choose to do in the future. If supporting Trump is a crime they are innocent of, they expect not to be punished by the Democrats, and expect fear of punishment to make us fall back into line, ignoring that fear of partisan retaliation might instead motivate us to intransigence.

      Beyond the obviousness suspect aspects of the alleged cheating, there are at least three ordinary person pattern awarenesses that would be fatal to their grift.

      The reason not to kill or imprison high ranking politicians after they lose, regardless of their crimes, is that doing so motivates them to escalate to civil war rather than accepting defeat. If politicians are already escalating to civil war instead of accepting defeat, and cheating in the process, death or imprisonment might be the only way to make them stop.

      Second is the China stuff. Dems were throwing so much such against Trump and nominally against Republicans, that the silence on the PRC is quite suggestive. Especially given that Mitch McConnell is married to Elaine Chao, who despite her family being more RoC in background, currently the family business has ties to the PRC. If the Democrats were not deliberately remaining silent on PRC influence, they would have raised that concern about Mitch McConnell. There is no reason to buy the explanation of basic human decency. Anyway, PRC influence is possibly quite dangerous.

      Third, the grift is so much an open secret that the grifters are outright talking about who among them is more blatantly obvious. Forex, @esotericcd Jeff is aligned with the Decision Desk. Which was clearly compromised by Democrat information warriors this cycle. He has also been vocal at pointing out that Rubin and the Lincoln Project were objectively Democrats, and grifters. Likewise, Dan @baseballcrank McLaughlin. Both are Lawyers, as is Patterico, so that may be playing a role. Dan’s and Jeff’s deal in politics is being Data Analysis sorts, so they have an entrenched interest in claiming polls are better than worthless. The two have been talking about Rubin, etc., so covering up the grift has basically failed.

      1. “Remembering base human nature: greed, lust. Yes. This is wisdom.”

        Stealing this quote, very Yoda.

      2. Which is why Capitalism works and Communism doesn’t. Capitalism assumes greed and allows room for altruism. Communism assumes altruism, and leaves no room for greed, so greed breaks the system.

        1. Except in reality communism is based on greed: in the form of envy to recruit and the form of privilege to maintain support, or as Rand called it “The Aristocracy of Pull”

          1. Capitalism: He has stuff. I want stuff. I’ll work to get more stuff.

            Communism: He has stuff. I want stuff. Kill him and take his stuff.

      3. You forgot envy. Honestly I think less powerful but much lower activation cost so widespread

          1. No, they’re definitely separate things. The end state of greed is stealing goods from your neighbor so you have what he had; the end state of envy is to destroy your neighbor’s goods so he doesn’t have more than you.

            Greed is zero sum; envy is negative sum.

  4. So I do think our dear hostess’ estimates are a bit low at least in the blue states. There are PLENTY of misinformed idiots in the Blue Northeast and Pacific Coastal areas that allowed the cities and populous suburbs in those states to overwhelm the exurbs and rural sections yielding actual victories in those states. The Down ballot is VERY interesting. Many house seats in fully blue states flipped BACK, Biden harris had NEGATIVE coat tails. But the Higher population seats tended to stay democrat. What’s highly suspicious is in those strategic districts which had large apparent turnouts for Harris/Biden there isn’t a similar affect in down ballot races. It seems like there are ballots with JUST a vote for the top of the ticket. That’s seriously weird, ticket splitting is relatively rare to start with unless you have something like the idiot in North Carolina who could keep his zipper up (the old Live Boy/Dead girl standard). I suspect actually voting ONLY for a single office is even rarer. It’s fairly clearly manufactured. But not only is it manufactured they didn’t even take advantage of other issues like making sure they had the senate and the house were theirs as well as trying to get back the state legislatures in a reapportionment year. It seems that they think holding the executive branch is sufficient. I fear that to a large extent they may be right but it does point solidly at the left who seem to have a fixation with rule by Divine right and an inability to plan further than their next meal.

    1. This is why the fraud is prancing nekkid in full view.
      All that GOTV and their down ticket did horribly?
      How’s that work? They should be demanding the recounts, but then they’d really have to allow non-leftoids to watch if they were the ones demanding, so, snowballs – blast furnaces etc

    2. It was very close in NV. There were a lot of dead voters and non-resident voters (found by strange commercial addresses that someone added Apt to it) and cash for votes schemes. So not all of the blue states were on board with Biden.

      1. Some states do not have straight ticket balloting as an option.

        Oregon isn’t at Jungle Primaries, yet. All federal and state level offices still show party, but one must vote for each office being presented. No single “vote all one party” option, then list the recognized parties. Local offices no longer show which party the candidates represent. OTOH rarely is there more than one candidate running at these levels.

      2. John I haven’t seen straight ticket balloting in MA or CT since I was a kid watching my father vote with a mechanical machine. The issue isn’t that straight ticket isn’t there. The issue is that voting Biden for president and then pure down ticket republican would be rare (essentially limited to Never Trumpers or similar). Similarly voting ONLY the presidential election and leaving the rest of the rest of the down ballot empty would be also rare. A single or a couple down ballots empty I’ve done myself. Many a time in Bluest Massachusetts I’ve seen many state office (e.g. Gov Council ) have only a single option (Guess what party). One COULD vote for a write in, but doing that could invalidate your ballot in MA without proper info (NO voting for Mickey Mouse, Batman or similar) so I don’t vote at all in that race which is permissible and won’t get my ballot kicked out like a write in. But NO down ballot stuff? that’s just kind of weird.

        1. … voting Biden for president and then pure down ticket republican would be rare (essentially limited to Never Trumpers or similar).

          No – the Never Trumpers have made clear that all Trump enablers must be purged as worse than Trump. It is unlikely they’d vote GOP down-ticket.

  5. Calling something a conspiracy theory does not refute it; primarily it exposes an inability to rebut its arguments and resort to ad hominem assault.

    Given the whole cloth construction of the 2016 “Russian Collusion” conspiracy theory and its proponents’ resistance to all evidence contradicting that, it is laughable that they imagine calling something “debunked,” :discredited,” a “conspiracy theory” and “evidence-free” defeats the argument.

    C. S. Lewis addressed this in Screwtape’s remarks about people used to know when an argument had been proven or disproven. Sadly, we’ve lost ground on this front since then.

    1. Most conspiracy theories are fun to entertain, briefly. They also dissolve quite quickly in the face of hard facts. Only someone with no idea how building demolitions work could believe that George Bush managed to have to Towers detonated by a covert operation.

      Believing that the Democrats stole this election isn’t a Conspiracy Theory as such; it is based on observable facts plus the behavior patterns of the Democrat Elite over several decades.

    2. The “debunking” always delivered with a forced laugh.

      Reminds me of Screwtapes other remark about flippancy. Don’t bother making a joke, just act as if something is funny.

      The other side’s version of our hostesses advice about mocking.

  6. I’m not sure how much I can stop much of this… but I can do one thing. I will be calling my Secretary of State and asking that my late hubby’s name is off the voter rolls. Then I will request a purge of the registered voter of dead and non-registered voters. I will see what I need to do next. I think everyone of us needs to call our Secretary of States and request the same thing. … start with the voter rolls…. This might be something we can do.

    1. Regardless of how the legal process works out, and who gets inaugurated, doing our part to clean up the rolls is a bare minimum (note to self to follow through…). I’ve also been mulling how to we (at the grassroots) can get voting processes cleaned up, with more limits on mail-in, stronger controls, and the like. A couple of letters to congresscritters, at the state and federal levels might be a good place to start. If nothing else, it would show that there really is widespread doubt about the integrity of our vote. In theory, it should appeal to all political stripes–regardless of party affiliation (but maybe especially to some of the non-dominant parties).

      1. To clean up the counting we need to master sit-in tactics and use them to force our way into counting rooms and occupy them until the count is finished.

        I’m studying for 1/5 and I have lots of chain to secure myself to the building.

      2. Letters Dongresscritters are fine – but make sure you phrase them properly. Do not simply express concern over vote security, demand to know what actions your Congwesscritter is taking/supporting to secure voting legitimacy.

        Do not send letters to be filed, send letters that call for replies.

        1. And at least a don$ is useful for something…

          Sadly many politicos will just send back form letter regardless. Like mine thanking me for obamacare support (wtaff). So be an arshole

    2. YES.

      Also, local radio stations and television network’s “news” desks. Question them. “Why are you bleating that there’s a POTUS-elect?” “Why didn’t you broadcast the most important speech of the century from POTUS?”

      All of this. All of it. Every day.

  7. Sidney Powell again: “we’ve got the pictures of the check stubs paid to people to ballot harvest watch we’ve got pictures of the check stubs paid to people to ballot harvest and and do fraudulent voting; so this this year was every means and manner of fraud you can possibly imagine and many that you could never imagine.”

    Q: so how many fraudulent votes do you think that joe biden had on his side of the slate?
    A: probably at least 10 million, 10 million fraudulent votes probably how many more and
    president trump lost seven million votes

    Q:how many dead people how many votes of dead people were cast do you think
    A: we’re still tracking down that data to see if what we’ve been provided is real but if it is correct it’s several million

    [from the typical messy video transcript]

    1. And yet she joined Lin Wood in trying to get people to NOT vote for the Republicans in the Senate runoff.

      1. Wrong tactic, IMHO. I understand hating the Republican establishment almost as much as the Dems, but still the wrong tactic.

      2. No. Neither she nor Lin Wood did this. They argued WIN for PDT FIRST! They argued that these RepubloCRATS are flawed (because they certainly are). But WIN the Presidency first.

        That’s how I understood their speeches at yesterday’s demo.

        1. Wait, I’d swear I watched with my own eyes … when Lin Wood said “No votes for anyone until this is fixed” plus or minus some firebranding. But I don’t recall Powell agreeing.

  8. Realize that Google is also filtering you away from things.

    When you do a search, search on DuckDuckGo as well.

  9. I mean, every accountant and mathematician I know is screaming, and that’s without credible witnesses coming forward to talk about more tangible fraud, from ballots absconded with, to ballots made out of clear air, and you’re TRYING as hard as you can to sweep it under the rug and concede?

    Maybe it’s just my age talking, but I keep thinking of this:

    We walked in, sat down,

    Obie came in with the twenty seven eight-by-ten colour glossy pictures with circles and arrows and a paragraph on the back of each one, sat down.

    Man came in said, “All rise.” We all stood up, and Obie stood up with the twenty seven eight-by-ten colour glossy pictures, and the judge walked in sat down with a seeing eye dog, and he sat down, we sat down.

    Obie looked at the seeing eye dog, and then at the twenty seven eight-by-ten colour glossy pictures with circles and arrows and a paragraph on the back of each one, and looked at the seeing eye dog.

    And then at twenty seven eight-by-ten colour glossy pictures with circles and arrows and a paragraph on the back of each one and began to cry, ’cause Obie came to the realization that it was a typical case of American blind justice,

    and there wasn’t nothing he could do about it, and the judge wasn’t going to look at the twenty seven eight-by-ten colour glossy pictures with the circles and arrows and a paragraph on the back of each one explaining what each one was to be used as evidence against us.

    And we was fined $50 and had to pick up the garbage in the snow, but that’s not what I came to tell you about.

    HT: Arlo Guthrie

    Democrats have one hundred fifty-five years experience of making “evidence” disappear. G-D help the witnesses who have come forward and offered testimony under oath because it does not seem as if the United States government is going to.

  10. I am thinking Trump announces his American Greatness Party in January.

    He is bigly a practitioner of “payback”. And would -that- not just spite bigly both left and right boots of the omnipartei.

    How many folks would drop their current affiliation for a Trump party? Hm. Maybe 50+ million?


      1. “I think if this goes on Trump will be dead by January, sorry.”

        When I read that I was reminded of King Leonidas in 300 when his men worried the Persians would try to assinate him “Pray they are that stupid, pray they are that lucky.”

        1. Yes – my reaction as well. They had best take out Don Jr., Eric, Barron and the rest of the family else they’re in for a rude awakening come 2024.

          1. Oh, methinks the rude awakening, involving lamp posts and helicopters, would arrive by February.

          2. If DJT dies, nobody will believe he wasn’t Epsteined somehow. And the boogaloo will be on like Donkey Kong.

            We’ll play our own deguello, and if there’s nothing left but smoking ruins afterward, well, we built a nation from scratch once, we can do it again.

      2. I agree with you, Sarah.

        The enemy understands the stakes, and the game, in a way most people can’t. If you haven’t lived in a place like you have, or if you haven’t lived amongst people (East Berliners, Czechs, Russians) whose eyes were dead and who wouldn’t talk to you, it’s hard to imagine someone standing on a street corner and shooting your neighbor in the head. Then lighting a cigarette and throwing the match on the body.

        The world is a barbaric place. Even the western parts like Germany and France are hideous compared to America–tyrannical, broke, and dirty, everyone scrabbling for crumbs.

        So I know in my heart the enemy has assassination in the cards. Early January at the latest, my guess would be New Year’s Day.

        We all need to look in the mirror and ask ourselves “If that happens, will I fight for my country, still?”

        I’m not sure I’ll be able to.

        We’ll cross the bridge or blow it when the time comes.

        1. You will be able to. I tell you that as someone who’s had hopes, dreams, and large parts of life crushed for decades. Who had just fought and endured and scraped through enough to get within reach of a normal life – and then the Covid lockdowns hit.

          You will fight, because if they take that step, they will have driven us into death ground. We have pressed on for decades; we have used subterfuge. Now we will fight, in any way we can. Because I’ve lived with the dead eyes, the people who think you’re just not worth treating like a human being, and I’ve had enough.

          And personally? Well, you never know. We just might get lucky.

          1. My heart just physically expanded in my chest. Thank you so much.

            Some comments I save to reread. This is one.

            1. Depression is a common side-effect of seeing too much of what’s going on. (Being knurd, in Sir Pratchett’s terms.) We have to keep going regardless, and take care of our brain with uplifting things even when all seems dark.

              After all, if million-to-one chances crop up nine times out of ten…. 😉

      3. Not sure they are stupid enough for that (they managed a lot in last 4 years). But the “nonpartisan” SDNY will pop an indictment on not dotting the right t in some form on 1/22. Will be true, but a case of there are 10 answers, 10 true and 10 false, school of govt forms. With his money and Russian connections of course he’s a flight risk so remanded into custody (as the jails empty of those of right color or status)

  11. if they can steal an election this blatantly in front of our very eyes, and have our own side talk itself into accepting the theft?

    I dunno – which do you like best:

    New Body Snatchers?

    1. New, very much new.

      It was much creepier to my mind. In the big city you already suspect others are pod people

      Or just not real people alomg the lines of Fredric Brown’s “It Never Happened”.

          1. Hopefully if you were there in 11-12 I wasn’t a zombie. Scared a few panhandlers away from me at least

            1. Been there since November of ’10. We used to have a major homeless shelter near our building but there was a lot of pressure to close it. I think they finally did as the area has been less colorful the past few years.

                  1. Ya. I lived in Post Renaissance. Car broken into once, neighbor taken hostage in home invasion. That would be when bought first pistol

                    1. Nah. I never got physically involved or anything like that. I refuse to carry cash and always have at least one defensive tool on me because of those 16 months, though.

                    2. Bob is actually pretty great and not homeless…just eccentric.

                      Homeless Joe is homeless and used not to be threatening, but the last time seemed to have an edge.

  12. The part about know Walter was younger so So well made him his literary executor was one of those statements. Remindered me of Richard Seltzer:

    “A man does not know whose hands will stroke from him the last bubbles of his life. That alone should make him kinder to strangers.”

  13. And meanwhile, since AG Barr sees no evidence of fraud, I suggest we as Americans, the most helpful people on the planet, send him used lenses, and glasses.

    The AP helpfully characterized a quote from him as saying that.

    How much do I trust the AP? Er…well, if they had news anchors, I trust them more as boat anchors ….

    As best I can tell, when asked about an ongoing investigation, he said they hadn’t found enough to overturn the election, which would be the answer until AFTER you file any charges you do have.

    1. I read somebody (maybe Mark Levin) point out how specifically Barr phrased his statement about (paraphrasing) “no evidence of voter fraud on a scale that would effect the election.” Which technically may be true: electronic tampering, election officials pulling out suitcases of fraudulent ballots to count after the poll watchers have left, etc. is electoral fraud rather than voter fraud. But his statement isn’t exactly helpful. It might even be true in the sense that not enough people cared for Biden to commit enough voter fraud to make a difference. Electoral fraud, OTOH….

      1. Is Barr dissembling because he honestly doesn’t believe there was any fraud, or because he wants the fraud to succeed, or because he doesn’t what to reveal the President’s hand before he’s ready to play it?

        This melee is more chaotic than the first Coldain Ring War Raid I tried running back in Everquest years ago.

      1. It reminds me of a story I heard from a fellow convention vendor. They were at a convention where there was a midnight deadline to have the hall cleaned up and ready to return to the venue, or the convention would be fined — and final clean-up had to be done by union personnel. The con crew had gotten all their stuff broken down and out in plenty of time, but the union personnel were cleaning up at a snail’s pace, ignoring every effort to light a fire under them, right up to the midnight deadline.

  14. FYI: the observation platform at Arecibo “just happened” to collapse. And there “just happened” to be a drone up taking video of nothing happening at the site.

    “Nothing to see here, move along.”

      1. Well, nasa will be going whole hog on climate change. Glad I didn’t get the position on SLS.

      2. Putin and perhaps Winnie are very worried about any missile defense capability we may have.

    1. To be fair, they’ve had a drone up every day monitoring the condition of the cables in advance of their planned demolition, since bits and pieces have been pinging since that first cable collapse. And what I saw looks just like the effects of long-term metal fatigue.

      And yes, that video did have several “HOLY SHIT!” moments, and that’s coming from someone who has long watched things like the Tacoma Narrows Bridge collapse.

      (I decided I didn’t want to be an engineer after all after a year and a half of classes, so I saw a lot of things like that.)

  15. My impression is that the Respectable RightTM by and large sees conservatives losing as just how the world works. If losing confirms your worldview what incentive is there to fight?

  16. I’m convinced most people in Washington want Trump gone, even Republicans. The GOP found too much comfort in being the perpetual opposition party, the Washington Generals to the Democrats’ Harlem Globetrotters. They didn’t want to fight for regular people for regular people don’t give millions in contributions nor hook them up with cushy lobbying gigs whenever they leave office.

    1. I swear more than half of the Republican senators breathed a big sigh of relief at Trump “losing”. Very few are doing anything to help or even providing moral support. Trump made things so uncomfortable for them.

    2. Indeed. Look how eager the first Bush was to purge Reagan’s appointees, and how Newt Gingrich was (figuratively) stabbed in the back by his own party. Reportedly, the second Bush prevented Condeleeza Rice from taking a broom to the State Department. There are some Republicans in the House that seem like stand up guys, but too many are in it for themselves, or are acting on behalf of big companies whose interests align with China. I’d say we should all pay more attention to the primaries, and we should, but party insiders seem to make sure that statewide candidates who are for liberty don’t succeed in the general if they win the primary.

      Alas, the Democrats are even worse. So keep voting Republican is for now the least worst option at the polls. And try to unscrew this electoral mess, so that our votes count. If it takes a revolution or civil war, so be it, but I’d prefer to see Constitutional processes save the day. I’m hoping and praying, but not holding my breath.

      1. Just think of them as the Spineless Party (Republicans) and the Communazi Party (Democrats) and it makes sense.

  17. Listened to a song last night which I may have to adopt as an epitaph:
    “I am the least of my kind ” by Three Wierd Sisters.
    Sorry, I can’t seem to link the song through Android.
    John in Indy

  18. Actually, to be fair to J. Christian Adams: his point was NOT “there is no fraud” — he agrees the election has been stolen — but “this vote count hacking story is a distraction from all the verifiable ballot-stuffing that’s been going on and — especially with the absentee ballot — was quite enough to do the job on its own without help from hackers” (Adams is a longtime vote integrity crusader whose work I’ve been following for many years.)

    I know, a few thousands ballots from suitcases here, and some more thousands of suspiciously identical-looking Biden-only ballots there, don’t sound as “big” a story… but add up the by now DOZENS of such stories (with video and/or sworn affidavits) from battleground states, and you’re talking numbers that could easily throw the election even WITHOUT hacking the vote counts.

    This, by the way, does not DISprove the vote countjacking [sic] story. (I could see them doing both, just to be sure in case old-school ballot stuffing aided by the insane “vote by mail” didn’t do the trick.)

    1. I heard that one of the initial sources on the vote count jacking issue was the “I invented email guy”. Who I had previously come to suspect was a little bit of a grandstander and not entirely reliable on rigorously researching and proving claims.

      If I was trying to discredit the allegations of fraud, I would float something that is plausible but ultimately disprovable. If Lin Wood could be a false flag, then it is possible that obviously suspect allegations are being bundled with credible explanations, and that the evidence for the credible explanations is being sabotaged.

    2. The ‘SmartMatic’ software used in those Dominion voting machines was designed from its inception to fix elections for Hugo Chavez. All the ‘features’ for vote switching, vote weighting, tally manipulation and invisible bulk vote dumps are built right in. No ‘hacking’ was required, just using the system as it was meant to be used.

      The Democrats used those functions to quietly generate a ‘win’ for Biden, but when Trump got far more votes than they ever expected, it wasn’t enough. They panicked, and scrambled to whip up truckloads of bogus ballots in the middle of the night. People noticed, inconvenient questions were asked, and the Democrat panic escalated. “Shut up! Nothing happened! There is no man behind the curtain!”
      There’s statistically improbable, and then there’s ‘violates the fundamental principles of the universe’ improbable.

  19. PS: I think the best argument against “there was no fraud” is this: IF I were (G-d forbid) Joe Biden (or his handlers), I would *embrace* a transparent, bipartisan audit just to put to rest any rumors. In contrast, their actual behavior since the election is exactly what you would expect them to do if they HAD it rigged.

    1. Exactly. If the Democrats had nothing to hide, they wouldn’t be so desperate to hide it. Their guilty panic only gives the game away.

    2. The Federalist ran a sarcastic piece that was running along a similar theme, but focused on the media. If we believe the numbers, then Biden ran one of the most successful campaigns ever. If we believe the numbers, then Obama got elected because Biden was on the ticket. The numbers are just *that* spectacular.

      And yet there hasn’t been a single puff piece talking about Biden’s amazing campaign, and how he succeeded in such a spectacular fashion.

      1. Admittedly the argument is that the populace just hated Trump that much. But if the reports where Joe and blow underperformed hil in all but the four cities needed to win, idk…

  20. The price of Liberty is eternal vigilance. I suspect most of us thought that meant look out for bad guys outside our borders, now we’re getting our noses rubbed in the truth.

    We’ve given them a Republic, if they can keep it. Of course we can keep it…, not so much.

    Neil’s New Covenant is the path forward to freedom. Take the time to read and think about what it means, then live it. Read “Down With Power!”, then take the time to do a fish bone diagram about what needs to be done and find something that fits your abilities and JUST DO IT!

    We need education on what freedom means. That means we need to get cracking on real education. Private schooling is a must, with ACCURATE renditions of history, not fantasy renditions! Aristotelian logic and logical thought must be presented. All individuals need solid mathematical foundations, and stimulating deep thought about Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. In particular, using the critical concept in Physics of invariants to explore invariants in the non-sciences such as History. There is a real need for good teachers.

  21. Anyone have a spreadsheet of the contested voting districts, and what records exist of anti-fa/blm/defund the police activity in those areas?

      1. Went too far ranting and raving, stepped away for a week.

        Originally intended two… but cutting my social outlets in half was perhaps not the wisest choice.

  22. The good news: If there is a conspiracy, Biden will probably blow it.

    “Like I told Barack, if I reach something where there’s a fundamental disagreement we have based on a moral principle, I’ll, I’ll, I’ll, I’ll, I’ll, I’ll, I’ll develop some disease and say I have to resign.”

    And look at Kamala’s face after.

    1. Almost 50 years in the Washington swamp, and Biden still hasn’t met a moral principle worthy of that option. The dotard doth protest too much, methinks. It’s all just noise.

      1. Which is why I’m hopeful. Fictional conspiracies have thousands of people keeping secrets for decades. Real life conspiracies are big, obvious and subject to unpredictable factors.

  23. Oh, nothing to see in that ballot counting video; turns out those ballots were immaculately conceived:

    Fact Check: Video From Georgia Does NOT Show Suitcases Filled With Ballots Suspiciously Pulled From Under A Table; Poll Watchers Were NOT Told To Leave
    Does security camera video show a Fulton County, Georgia, election supervisor suspiciously pulling suitcases filled with ballots from under a table after telling poll workers to leave the room? And did that election official continue to illegally count ballots without required monitors in a manner that calls into question Joe Biden’s narrow win over Donald Trump in Georgia? No, those claim are not true: Two high-level officials with the Georgia secretary of state’s office and a state elections board monitor each told Lead Stories that their investigations revealed nothing suspicious in the video. The officials said the ballots seen in the video were in regular ballot containers — not suitcases — and they had been removed from their envelopes and processed while news media and election observers for the Republican Party and Trump campaign were present. The media and party observers were never told to leave because counting was over for the night, but they apparently followed workers who left once their job of opening envelopes was completed, the chief investigator for the secretary of state told Lead Stories. The observers were free to return at anytime, she said. Georgia law allows observers, but does not require them to be there for ballots to be counted, she said.

    The claims made at a Georgia state senate hearing by a Trump lawyer appeared in a video posted on YouTube on December 3, 2020, BY Trump’s campaign titled “Video from GA shows suitcases filled with ballots pulled from under a table AFTER poll workers left” …

    1. The media and all the observers just happened to decide to leave before all the ballots were counted, eh?

      Just how stupid do you think I am?

      1. As stupid as the average journalist?

        BTW – the CV of the article’s author CV includes

        Editor-in-Chief Alan Duke co-founded Lead Stories after ending a 26-year career with CNN, where he mainly covered entertainment, current affairs and politics. Duke closely covered domestic terrorism cases for CNN, including the Oklahoma City federal building bombing, the UNABOMBER and search for Southeast bomber Eric Robert Rudolph.

        So there’s that.

  24. Yeah, I don’t get why Barr says no evidence of fraud either. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see the anomalies; heck, a 3rd grader can spot them when graphed. Every honest statistician, analyst, and programmer can tell you that something is SERIOUSLY wrong with the vote data. We have hundreds of people testifying under oath that they saw skullduggery taking place, effecting tens to hundreds of thousands of votes. 30% of the Democrat party admit that they think the election was frauded.

    What the heck do we have to do? Storm to Biden ship some night and toss them all in the harbor?

  25. J. Christian Adams should follow Insty’s maxim: Embrace the healing power of “and”.

    Democrats ran a massive GOTV operation AND hid a ballot generating operation within it AND screwed with the ballot counting computers to modify the totals.

    “Assisting” voters in filling out ballots is illegal except for handicaps that would prevent a voter from marking that ballot with his or her OWN preferences/decisions. Offering and/or providing a material incentive to vote (note:not to vote a particular way, just TO vote) is illegal. Much of that massive GOTV effort did exactly that.

    The Dems live off the low information voter. They love the demographic that decides their vote by who has the best commercials, so they push for a definition of “universal suffrage” that scoops up the unintelligent and the venal. This gives them plenty of cover when they commit fraud.

  26. Otherwise, any suggestions for correcting my failure as a parent and de-programming my woke seventeen year-old?

    Sorry no. Dashed dreams cured our child. He came of age during the Obama years. Obama policies were directly tied to taking away one of his dream routes thanks to targeted cuts. His preferred career the labs got bought out for their intellectual properties and patents, and shutdown. No proof, but wouldn’t surprise me if it wasn’t China behind the purchases. Now his options are to move to deep CA or NY, at least based on job board postings. He is working, just not what he went to school for. His degree is science based.

    His cousins have come to age during the same era, but they work for Nike or are Teachers.

    1. There won’t be ANY jobs if Trump doesn’t veto that H-1B expansion bill that got passed by ‘unanimous consent’ by a few sneaky senators in the middle of the night. And the communist Chinese will steal all our technology. Again.

      WHY do we let foreign agents come to our country, and teach them everything we know? Is the government run by idiots?

      Don’t answer that… 😦

    2. I’m hoping for Churchill’s age/politics to take effect: if you aren’t a liberal at 20, you have no heart; if you’re not a conservative at 40, you’re a fool.

  27. You knocked this one outta the park! Damned impressive rant Sarah. I LOVE reading your thoughts.

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