And Again

I’m going to postpone chapter till tomorrow. I’m going over the previous chapters and making a bible and making sure I have everything pointing the same place.  This book has been so broken up, I’m afraid it’s a mess.

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  1. What, you mean this free first draft isn’t perfect? I want my money back! 😛

    Don’t worry, we can wait.

    1. Personally, I find that I only discover in hindsight what needs to go into the bible.

      Character list, always, but other things are surprises.

      1. In this case I need notes on minor things that happened before. No matter how well I plot, my brain interferes with misdirection, indirection and new revelations. I need to remember those, and at a chapter a week it gets to be a pain.

  2. It seems t me you’ve run into this problem with previous efforts. It is to be hoped by all that your steps to prevent such problems bear fruit.

    I like apples, myself, especially pineapples.

  3. Meanwhile (back at the ranch)

    Montemayer released part 2 of 3 of his Midway video!

    (IE, we’ll live since we have diverting things to do. Making your master page is probably a good thing about now, er, master cheat sheet.)

  4. Using a bible to keep track of plot and characters in a new work?
    While only dealing with a few minor distractions like home repair, health issues, family, friends, daily news commentary, and two or more daily blogs?
    A sign of weakness, I am sure. SARC/
    Thanks for all that you do to keep so many of us in better spirits.
    In the end, we win, they lose.

    PS. I am keeping an eye on Milli Walker, who has a video up about the overlap between our intelligence community, their contractors, political influencers, and politicians. Was set to drop Monday, but she was arrested at home on a sealed Grand Jury warrant on Friday, and one of her sources released a copy.

  5. I just saw Judge Jeanine announce ‘the upcoming Democratic convection’ and then correct herself. After a quick chuckle, I got ta thinkin’ — convection, hot air, politicians — her mistake might have been more correct than the ‘proper’ term…

    1. I have long eagerly looked forward to the Democrat Conviction – may it come hard and fast!

  6. This book has been so broken up, I’m afraid it’s a mess.

    It takes at least three squirrels to make a mess; I thought everyone knew that.


    1. All right, who left the green door on the seventh level open? The aardvark will be noticing how the squirrels got out soon.

      In other news, Fluffy is offering BBQ.

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