Colorado’s Paste-Eating Governor Polis


As with Obama, I’ve been confused over whether Polis problem was malice or sheer stupidity.

It turns out it’s stupidity.  No, seriously.

This dumb bunny has us all locked down and has now demanded we all wear masks or stay home because he believes a model that’s even more stupid than the one from England.

While the United States and rest of the world panicked in response to a widely followed — subsequently discredited — Imperial College London report predicting 2.2 million U.S. deaths if we did nothing, Colorado’s modelers, led by Dean Jonathan Samet of the Colorado School of Public Health, determined that 2.2 million dead was too low. Samet and his team created a report for Polis on April 6 that showed Colorado’s no-mitigation fatalities would be above 80,000. Applying their simulated death figures to the entire United States would mean 4.5 million Americans would die from COVID-19.

On several occasions, Polis has presented Samet’s modeling as the basis for his decisions regarding restrictions. Samet also appeared along with Polis at the governor’s press conference on July 9, where Polis referred to Samet as “Colorado’s Dr. Fauci” and his model as “informing state decisions.”

Look at that date. This dumb bunny actually believes this bullshit, even though the Imperial College model has been COMPLETELY discredited and proven insane.

Read that article. It’s amazing that Polis can manage to walk and talk at the same time, and since he’s made it impossible for him to be recalled during the “emergency” it’s time someone started a petition to force him to wear a red nose at all times.  At that, it would be an insult to clowns.

We’d be better served if this arrant idiot took his clues from chicken entrails. As for the Colorado School of Public health, these people are obviously computer illiterate, innumerate, and unable to count their own toes twice in a row and get the same number.

As for business leaders and churches in Colorado: You’re going to go along with this buffoon and his Rasputin?

At least the idiots who pretended to believe Hitler’s theories had the excuse that they weren’t — not even the hollow Earth one — as fricken in your face dumb as this.  When you follow the orders of this mentally deficient, paste eating, cargo cult governor, do be aware of what happened to those who followed Hitler’s orders.

Does Colorado have a proviso for removing mentally incompetent governors? If not why not?

Let’s make this very clear: this complete arrant idiot is keeping people locked in their houses, only able to go out — even outside — while wearing face diapers that spread disease. He’s destroying the economy of Colorado. Because he apparently believes ALL stupid theories over his own lying eyes, he’s turning Denver into the Mile-Hi San Francisco, with homeless making the streets unsafe.

And he’s doing all this because he’s dumber than your common, average potato.

To clarify further: COLORADO NEWS STATIONS AND NEWSPAPERS KNOW THIS. They know it’s stupid to the level of eating your own feces. I know they know it, because I had to find out what this idiot was doing from the Federalist.  News sources in Colorado have buried this moron’s idiotic faith in a ridiculous computer model that can be discredited by anyone with two brain cells and a knowledge of Garbage In, Garbage Out.

Their complicity has been noted.

As for businesses and churches: IF you want to survive, it’s time to break out of jail. If you want to be polite about it, first inform Governor GIGO that he’s a moron, (Yes, you’d think he’d know it, but you know…. too stupid to.)  And send a letter to that School of Public Health and tell them they’re fired. The taxpayers of Colorado could more advantageously bring in a Voodoo priest to do chicken sacrifices on their behalf. He’d probably be cheaper, too.

Because this arrant insane clown and his posse are going to keep kneeling on Colorado’s neck till the economy collapses and real estate with it.  They’re going to stare, gold-fish-like into the depths of their self-confirming reality-ignoring program and tell us we’re all going to diiiiiiiiie if they don’t further curtail our lives, our liberties and our pursuit of happiness.

And — wait for it — this clown-shoes fascist thinks he’s safe because he’s made it impossible for us to recall him and thanks to fraud by mail knows he can manufacture enough votes to stay in power.

He thinks — honest to bog — that this makes him SAFE.

I probably shouldn’t be surprised. Apparently computers are just the tip of his ignorance. He’s obviously also never studied history.  Has anyone made sure that he can READ? Because at this point I kind of doubt it.

Hey, Polis, you clown-shoes brain damaged moron: snap out of your cargo-cult faith in a risible computer model and stop killing my state.

The only people even dumber than you in this state are the media who hide your idiocy and the church, business and cultural institution leaders who have somehow failed to notice you only have two functional brain cells in your head, one of which is devoted to power seeking, and one to believing the most bizarre nonsense.

The rest of us aren’t that stupid. We’re just being kept in the dark.

You won’t like us when we’re angry.

357 thoughts on “Colorado’s Paste-Eating Governor Polis

  1. Don’t hold back Sarah!

    Tell us want you really think about him!!! 😆

    1. Honey, I AM holding back.
      I’ve been forbidden by younger son from mentioning the governor’s name, because his “honorifics” keep growing and becoming more …. ah…. explicit.

      1. Heh… Like you said elswhere to me… Chickenf*cker was mild compared to this…and I’d kind of had enough with HIM and went back to Texas. I can’t imagine what it’s like up there right now.

      2. Okay, now, see, you shouldn’t have said that. Because now I REALLY want to hear his list of “honorifics.” And I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one here who is now suddenly curious.

            1. Wait – are you telling me there aren’t people who freeze frame to read the book titles in any shot?

              That’s where The Simpsons drop some of their best jokes and it is a real sign of diligence (or sense of play) in a Set Decorator!

              After all, who wouldn’t want to see Tony Stark’s library (or, more probably, his Kindle TOC)?

              1. heh, too true
                Though in previous vids she was set up a bit different, so they were less readable if they were visible at all. Especially the Players Handbook.

      1. For “dorky and not very glamorous” read “real, rich, and full of meaning, of loving and being loved.” Do not apologize to the propagandists and the glamouristas.

        1. I don’t know about exhausting but it certainly appears utterly, mind-numbingly, boring. And the people you’d associate with and whose jokes you’d be expected to smile at?

          Include me O. U. T.

  2. See, sh*t like this is why tarring & feathering & running out of town (or the state) on a rail never should have gone out of fashion.

    That and the redecorating of trees and lampposts.

      1. Except that the non-lethal nature of the old tar has been forgotten; everyone thinks it was hot tar.

        Not that the victims will be in any way undeserving.

          1. There’s lot’s of tarry like substances available at your local big box home supply store. But for a lot of them hat tar should certainly be considered.

            1. Res, totally off-topic, but I don’t know where else to ask.

              If the American League president could over rule the umpire who called Brett out – which he did – then why can’t that umpire’s obviously bad call on the 27th out of Gallaraga’s perfect game be over ruled?

              1. Brett was out. A bad call is a bad call, they happen. Overruling the rules of the game, as ign if the decadence of the republic.

                1. Gallaraga’s 27th out was a “play on the field” — a judgement call — while Brett’s call was a rules interpretation, subject to appeal to a higher court. St the time of both of those plays MLB did not have Instant Replay in effect, leaving the judgement call unreviewable.

                  1. The rules were very clear, there was no interpretation. Baseball befouled itself and has never recovered. They measured, Brett was out, wasn’t even close.

                    1. Baseball befouled itself? Yeah, when they lowered the pitchers’ mound from fifteen inches to ten after the 1968 season. Or maybe when they first imposed the ban on Negro players. Assuredly when they started allowing nancy-boys to play with fielding mitts on their tender widdle hands.

                      Baseball befouls itself more frequently than a toddler with dysentery. In Brett’s case, failure to disallow the bat when first used in that game constituted a waiver of right to object.

                      So said the League and whether its decision was noble or ig does not matter.

      2. I think that’s the plan.
        The well-connected but incompetent graspers are removed from competition.
        Leaving their more competent and ruthless relatives to wave the bloody shirt.

      3. I was thinking about the possibility of the decoration of trees and lampposts and my brain, the silly thing, goes ‘that’s not really a good idea with the heat here. The smell, you know. Especially with how fat some of these blithering lackwits are.’

      1. And Governor Ankle-Biting-Yapper-Dog (I refuse to call him by his surname as that would be insulting to Canis Lupus) in PA too.

        1. “Polis” is wasted on him.

          Would be much better for Pritzker; he wants to eat enough to be the polity.

          Also the jackass has decreed that we should wear placebos when walking around outside, because ZOMG PARTICLES!

            1. Not even a placebo. The placebo effect is real and is the basis behind ritual medicine. Somehow out of all the cultures that figured out “If we make the sick guy think we’re doing something to help he’ll occasionally get better” not one ever managed to see the benefit of tying a bit of cloth in front of one’s face to prevent disease. The only rational conclusion is that the face napkin is less effective than a placebo.

              1. I walked out of the local Fred Meyer a couple days ago, and passed a fellow with a napkin taped to his face. I enjoyed that.

                1. I have been using a beard net as a mask. Most places are OK with it.
                  Does anyone have a cite to a paper (preferably peer reviewed) on the effectiveness of masks?

            2. Unrelated to here, answering the “not sure what you missed” from elsewhere to avoid restarting the heartburn:

              There was a passive aggressive declaration about “how will you feel when your loved one dies of it” and a snide comment about how if there’d been decent leadership then maybe we wouldn’t have such a bad situation.

              The family friend who died from not getting any treatment outside the ER for kung-flu-but-too-early would have been having his 61st wedding anniversary trip, and his widow has been sharing pictures of their yearly trips to reassure everyone she’s fine. My brother isn’t responding to texts, even unrelated to my sister in law’s breast-lumps. And the wife of the guy who is largely responsible for my husband and I getting together is slowly going insane as she fights against the folks her family has supported, religiously, for at least four generations, killed her grandfather. Plus some other issues where I can’t tell tales, yet, all directly caused by the “leadership” the demander wanted more of.

              It seems that he really, really wasn’t expecting any push-back.

            3. The triggering subject was anything beyond abject joy or demands for more “leadership” in guiding us to the lovely, lovely safety.

    1. Problem is running the idiots out of state (depending on the idiot in question), nobody wants them. We sure don’t want Polis, you sure don’t want Brown … Maybe Canada will take them? No. Canada, despite their own idiot at the top, is smarter than that. *double sigh*

        1. But I don’t want them to have target practice … Or they going to warned who is being dropped? Would it matter? I mean shot VS ground impact … latter they live longer, but still.

          1. Eh, I think Pyongyang’s air defense network is state-of-the-art for the 1950s or so.

            And I’m not totally heartless (or merciful, depending on your point of view), the air-droppees will have static-line parachutes.

            1. Borrow from Starship Troopers and enclose them in delivery pods, with automatically deployed parachutes.

              But I don’t think airdropping them is environmentally responsible — this looks like an excellent time to deploy electromagnetic catapults.

        2. o/` My Guvie flies over the ocean…
          My Guvie flies over the sea… o/`


          o/` My Guvie lies under the ocean…
          My Guvie lies under the sea…

          Bring back, bring back,
          just the aircraft to me! o/`

          1. They were just some gutless Commies and they surely shook with friiiiiiiiiight
            Jumpmaster checked off their equipment and made sure their packs was tiiiiiiiiiiiiiight
            They had to sit and listen to those awful engines roar:

              1. “Drooling comrades from the sky!
                Dumb comrades, who drop and die!
                Five hundred more we’ll drop today,
                Like our model, Pinochet!”

            1. Definitely parachutes. But, because they are politicians, they ought be with no strings attached.

        3. How many Politicians can one stack in the bomb bay of a B-52? If memory serves it can take 72 500 lb bombs. Shall we call it Operation Rolling Dunder? We still have over 90 in servece.
          Q: What do you call dropping 500+ stupid pols from 30Kfeet?
          A: A good start?

          1. 72 500 pound bombs should be equivalent to 144 250 pound politicians, right?

            Boeing lists the B-52’s maximum payload as 70,000 pounds, which would imply that 280 250-pound politicians should be possible, unless they’re too bulky to cram into the bomb bay. We wouldn’t want the doors to jam!

            (I can still see Slim Pickens riding that bomb…)
            “Gentlemen! You can’t fight in here — this is the War Room!”

            1. I think the issue is more how do we wire them into the bomb racks so that when we release them we don’t damage the aircraft. I mean most of the H class B-52 were built before 1963 and really need to be babied.

          2. It doesn’t take away from your point, but the Air Force says that the capacity of the B-52H is about 70,000 pounds of ordnance. My recollection was 96 750-pound bombs (which weigh more than 800 pounds each) and 120 or so 500-pound bombs. My recollection is also that the US Air Force normally uses 1000 and 2000 pound bombs for general purposes, but that’s less reliable because that’s a rumor while the other stuff was research I did when I was studying the uses of airplanes in war.

            I also seem to recall that the only B-52’s left were G and H models. The C’s and D’s were smaller.

          3. I have to suspect this would be deemed a war crime under the Geneva Convention.

            So, let’s drop them on Geneva.

                1. Make that Conventions. War is hell. What arrogance has man that he can limit Hell to make it less?

        1. Different planet? Those jackwagons have gone so far left they’re in a different DIMENSION!!

          …and it ain’t the Twilight Zone.

            1. You want to take care to never get to the Potty Part of the Universe.

              Strange things happen there.

  3. Politicians, models, and idiots. Too much scare mongering these days with little to show it. Face masks are rampant everywhere we go these days and people screaming about the littlest thing. They aren’t helping matters on single bit. Case in point, Ontario is opening up schools at the beginning of September. Full schooling with some things to ‘mitigate’ the spread of the Wuhan Flu. Teachers are screaming in panic because there are too many students in the classroom and they are ‘worried’ about their health and the spread of the virus.
    Meanwhile parents that had to work or had to take time off work to care for their little ones and took massive financial hits are expected to go along with things and support the same damn idiots that were busy striking off and on last year and the beginning of this year because of similar complaints about too many students in a classroom.

    There’s far too much misinformation being passed around by so-called scientists these days and not enough people actually looking at the figures. The curve isn’t flattened it’s actually flatter than a roadkilled rodent.

    1. Yes – our media and our so-called scientific “experts” have blown their credibility big time over all this – right along with many of our chicken-little governing authoritarians…

      1. I would help if those who say they believe or F-ing love science demonstrated the least understanding of what science actually is. Most of them seem to believe that “peer-reviewed” is the same as “verified true.”

        1. That is a common form of dyslexic expression; what they are really trying to say is they love F-ing science, and they’ve doing their damnedest to F- it up really good.

  4. Stupid or Evil. Actually, a mix of both, I believe. The evil comes in because he WANTS to believe the nonsense. Of course, people on both sides give more credence to ideas that support them – nothing unusual there. But this is taking it to the extreme. It’s almost Costanza-like – “Remember Jerry, it’s not a lie if YOU believe it!”

      1. The question is has Polis started to Monologue yet? Thats a dead giveaway between idiot and evil overlord.

        1. I’m surprised at you. All politicians Monologue. Blowing hot air is one of their defining characteristics.

          Idiot Overlord? Is that a thing? Should it be?

          1. Traditionally Evil Overlords try to explain their Evil Plan to the Hero. Has Polis reached that point yet?

            1. That’s because the traditional Evil Overlord wants someone to respect the brilliance of their plan. There’s a small problem when it’s not brilliant.

  5. I don’t know if someone else has stated it, so I’ll hide the serial-number file:

    RCPete’s correllary to Clarke’s Law:

    A sufficiently advanced stupidity is indistinguishable from malice.

    In the case of Despicable Kate Brown, protector Warden of Oregon (yes, I just finished rereading TMiaHM), while she’s clearly a partisan hack, I fear there’s far more evil than stupidity in her. She’s been a firm believer in goal-post shifting (America’a least favorite game show), and blaming the growing vertebrate-natured OR GOP for not going along with her agenda. She’s good (OK, notorious) for putting yes-creatures in places where they will do the most damage, like her 5(!) Supreme court justices, and the GOPe RINO who replaced the only honest, effective GOP Sec of State when he passed away.

    The leading petition for DKB’s recall (deram on) is due for submission at the end of the month. I *hope* it gets enough valid(hah!) signatures to beat the margin of fraud. I don’t expect the recall to suceeed, but it would do wonders to distract Kate from the general election.

    BTW, how did DJP prevent recall efforts? One would think that recall is baked into the state constitution and would need a vote to eliminate such.

      1. Hmm, I’d assume he has a tame supreme court, much like DKB. They were fine with her renewing the state of emergency decrees despite the laws limiting it. Arggh.

      2. They’re shameless. All our governor needs to wield unchecked power to regulate as his every whim decrees is to get his ( same political party) Congress to pass (by Zoom meeting) an
        Extension of the State of Emergency. He cannot be arsed to do that.

      3. That’s… 4th box territory, right there. Just how stupid *is* he?

        I mean, there’s dumb and then there’s inviting assassination.

    1. Rohin, the Med Life Crisis guy tweeted about Grey’s Law, which is “Any sufficiently advanced incompetence is indistinguishable from malice” I haven’t a clue what, exact, incompetence he thinks he’s talking about.

          1. Guys, guys, you are looking at this entirely wrongly! You are trying to make a formula from what should be a circuit diagram.

            Maliciousness generates stupidity, which exacerbates incompetence which amplifies malice which produces greater stupidity and so on …

            1. If it’s a circuit, it can’t exceed the power source. But that’s a lovely bit of Anadiplosis!

            2. It’s a feedback loop, oscillating wildly out of control. Some negative feedback is required. I recommend the application of .45 and .308 out of phase with the dominant regime. That should damp out the most violent excursions and bring the signal-to-noise ratio back within normal limits.

            3. You’re adding a whole new dimension to Transistors. Let’s not talk about Transformers, and variable Resistors are a whole, ‘nother issue.

              FWIW, Tubes Rock!

  6. In November, I will place my vote for Vermin Supreme. At least I will on paper. Who knows how that ballot will be recorded (or if it will be recorded or thrown out because I’m not a registered Democrat). Why? Because in Colorado, it won’t matter. Joe and The Ho will win by a landslide, possible with more votes than there are voting aged people in CO.

      1. Oh I hope so. The higher the percentage, the more likely that they are caught red handed. If Roberts goes squishy on that, then it is time to open the fourth box.

        1. > fourth box

          Sounds like the new flag, then. Numeral 4 inside a box outline, square or [holds up a box of Remington] maybe 2:1 aspect ratio.

          Anyone want to suggest a color scheme?

      2. As I’ve said before, I may be whistling past the graveyard, but I see things as follows:

        The Democrats pulled out almost,all,the stops on their fraud machines in 2016, limited only by the fear they would get caught. They failed. Given how ham handed that entire Democrat campaign was, it seems reasonable to presume that they weren’t anywhere nearly as stealthy as they think they were. I suspect that Trump has a pretty good idea how many votes were manufactured, and where, and who did it. He didn’t bring it up in his first term because A) he didn’t have to and B) it was more important to show he wasn’t all talk.

        He’s done that now (hence the Democrat frenzy).

        Now the Fascist Left is in full panic mode. While I think it’s likely that the 2016 polls were merely flawed, the ones I’ve been reading for the past three years strike me as almost pure fiction. I think the Left’s Panjandrums know this. I think they know that they are looking at an avalanche worthy of an Irwin Allen film. If Trump doesn’t completely misplay his cards, they should be going into the 2020 election with the stench of the ‘Russian Collusion’ fraud getting too strong to ignore, AND the general citizenry sick to the teeth of riots. They think they got away with massive (if ineffective) fraud in 2016; and it’s all they have left.

        My bet is that, however the National election goes, Trump will land on the fraudsters with cleats. Even if he wins, if he has facts and figures (and names) from 2016, he can probably call the election of scores of Fascist Left idiots into question.

          1. Wouldn’t it be fun if somehow somebody arranged for all legitimately printed ballots to have an invisible dye holograph on them, say something which fluoresces under ultraviolet light?

            That would’t solve the issue of invalid voters but would prevent manufacturing of ballots.

          2. And they are so SURE that nobody will catch them…that they will get caught. I think that’s another reason Trump didn’t go after the fraud in 2016 publicly. They think they got away with it.

        1. Agreed. There are indications in various places that portions of DOJ are digging into vote fraud, with some interesting results due before the election. Damn, I hope that’s right.

          We do what we can to secure our vote. Once we get the ballots, we’ll fill them out and take them to the ballot drop in the county clerk’s office. It’s a red county, so I’m reasonably sure they don’t get put in a shredder.

          1. The Fascist Left, as I have commented before, writes scripts for people…and never seems to account for the possibility that people won’t follow those scripts. They got it into their heads that Trump was stupid, and that if they hammered him hard enough he would fold up like a ‘Good Republican’. And they can’t seem to get that idea out of their heads. They expect him to bluster and bloated about one fraud, and then bow out, stage Right. That he would see them coming a mile off and be ready for them just doesn’t fit their fantasy world, so they never consider it.

            They never consider that people who have voted Democrat forever might look at the riots and think, “These morons are dangerous” when The Script calls for the Common Man to rise up and join the Revolution.

            They never consider a lot of things that I think are going to bit them HARD in November.

            1. Then there are the things not seen because they fit the narrative of neither Left nor Right:

              I don’t assume this is real just because it got tweeted, but it is interesting.

            2. Accidentally saw a CNN feed line (I was looking at company anniversary names and the CNN nonsense is under it) prepping for a Dem loss yesterday . . . something like “How Trump could lose the popular vote by 50,000 votes and still win the election”
              It’s their standard “We need to get rid of electoral votes!” sorta but it is normally not this early, and not when they know they got the states tied up.
              Last time they (well She and you did as SHE said) were sure they had the electorals so the fool had them GOTV in NYC and Chicago to drive her numbers up so she would win both the electorals and the popular vote.

          2. We did a test this primary. Both ballots delivered to the ballot drop. I voted for Mrs. Gabard as a Dem. Husband voted Mr. T as a Repub. Guess which ballot made it through. Find out who counts the ballots.

            1. I am beginning to wonder if I should change my party from “Non-Affiliated” to “Dem” prior to the election.

        2. Can we be confident that COVID cannot be transmitted through the mail? Should we dare put all those postal workers’ and ballot counters’ lives at risk through voting by mail?

          What happens if a few people put a pinch of talcum powder in with their returned ballots?

  7. I never thought that would be a Governor who would make Newsom (AKA Nancy Pelsoi’s Nephew) look better (Not good)

    1. My Republican squish of a Governor has been absolutely horrible.
      But he doesn’t even break the top 15 of awful officials abusing their power.
      And, of course, the Dem looking to replace him is bragging about how much worse he’d be.

  8. Somebody at YouTube is either stupid or malicious. They keep posting Democrat fundraising ads on the most conservative, pro-Trump videos. Maybe it’s for the benefit of people who follow links to go REE! but never actually contribute anything to their supposed party.

    1. Or else there are some subversives at Youtube who want to waste the demi-cads fundraising dollars.

      Sarah, you are in error in calling governor anti-Polis a GIGO governor. It’s clear he vomits garbage no matter what the input. It’s what the industry calls ‘sweet garbage’ (akin to what the honey wagon pumps).

      1. It is possible that the Democrats have paid for SO MUCH ad time that YouTube is forces to place them there to meet the quota.

    2. YouTube is definitely compromised.

      Previously, visiting the front page reflected solely my past history on that browser. Now, they always have a bar for the covid alarmism, and a bar for BLM activism. And it is very often the same damned videos, over and over. Nothing in my browsing history would lead to those bars.

      Youtube/Google/Alphabet is definitely working for the Chinese, and would be perfectly happy killing all of us.

      It is not time for vigilante executions or de facto war time assassinations of YouTube, Google, and Alphabet executives. It is not time to blow up or cut power to their data centers.

      It may be that time at some point. a) a gas is a germ is a nuke b) remember the Rosenbergs c) executions may be more, not less, necessary in times of war with serious sabotage campaigns d) the ‘unexpected’ effect of crippling the formal legal system is to legitimize resort to vigilantism.

      1. Those bars are put everyone’s pages, and when singed in you can kill them for a few weeks (at least in Opera with ads turned off) The Googs is getting wierd though. I got about a weeks worth of “Hey India Poeples!!! Come to Canada and work!!!” and pics of PM Zoolander (and family in a few) in his trad Indian Garb. both on YT and in Google ads

        1. For chrome derived (I use Vivaldi…) browsers, there’s a great extension “Click to remove element” that has a memory – it’s how I delete winky blinky ads and other such bilge.

  9. And — wait for it — this clown-shoes fascist thinks he’s safe because he’s made it impossible for us to recall him and thanks to fraud by mail knows he can manufacture enough votes to stay in power.

    He thinks — honest to bog — that this makes him SAFE.

    I probably shouldn’t be surprised. Apparently computers are just the tip of his ignorance. He’s obviously also never studied history.

    “Hey, guys, I turned off the smoke alarm! That means there’s no fires!”

  10. As with Obama, I’ve been confused over whether Polis problem was malice or sheer stupidity.

    It turns out it’s stupidity. No, seriously.

    Malicious stupidity is very likely.

  11. Now, now Sarah. I just lured in new people from Something Awful. Is this really the way to make a good first impression? 😛

    Though to be fair, I suppose this makes a good acid test. If they didn’t come here just to troll and stick around after that, they’ll probably do okay here.

        1. And that is the mark of the maestra.

          “Profanity weakens the mind and cheapens the soul” and reveals a paucity of imagination.

          A poxy whoreson dog by any other name…

          1. Well, there is the “DUMBASS” in the image at the top. So Sarah might be trying to get off on a technicality here.

        1. When Sarah starts bestowing…honorifics…I swear my backbrain translates them all as high-end housecat hisses and snarls. The “you are about to lose a hand/eye/family jewels” variety. Profanity would be gilding the lily.

        2. ‘Ey! Youse din’t hear nuthin’ – you got that? Youse din’t hear nuthin’, youse din’t see nuthin’ and youse don’t say nuthin’.

  12. “4.5 million Americans would die from COVID-19.”

    So, about 180% of what the Spanish Flu would be, adjusted for population? Are we sure he isn’t merely a sock puppet pulled out to mouth the neo-Mao that must be running things behind the curtain? I can’t believe there’s anyone out there that imbecilic (my apologies to imbeciles themselves) to believe that number.

      1. Can’t recall where I saw it, but somebody leaked a Chinese list of tamed/bought
        governors. Might have been around the time the Houston consulate was raided.

          1. The existence of the list was confirmed by Sec Pompeo, as covered here:

            Megan Fox had a similar one. Axios refers to a report in Chinese; I don’t know if the full names are published. I searched on “list of governors bought by china” using the Qwant search engine. YMMV on the others.

            Sounds like there may be some interesting releases as we come up to the election.

        1. Ahh the old legal principle of cui bono, who benefits. I wonder if that bit of information is in Trump’s pocket somewhere to wave in front of various politicians in charge of vote counting returning to the “First Lensman” Analogy of an earlier post. I don’t know about 5d Chess but Trump certainly seems to take advantage of the fact that the Democrats expect him to roll over and play dead like every republican after U.S. Grant. You’d think they’d have learned by now but apparently not.

          1. And they still haven’t figured out that whining, “Donny hit me back!” Is bad tactics and makes them look even more foolish than they normally do.

  13. The Italians knew what to do with Mussolini. The Romanians knew what to do with Ceausescu. Hopefully, Coloradans know what to do with Polis.

  14. > And he’s doing all this because he’s dumber than your common, average potato.

    Hey! The potato is a perfectly respectable root vegetable. If you want to cast aspersions, aim them at that nasty okra stuff.

    You’re forgetting that Da Gov is almost certainly not a free agent. At the very least, he has backers he is beholden to, assuming someone(s) doesn’t simply own him outright. And if he wants to continue in his current office or aspires to another, he must support the Party narrative. Of course, he probably *does* believe all that crap; where would he encounter a non-slanted point of view?

    He’s an employee… but he’s not YOUR employee. And he doesn’t give a damn what you think; his paymasters and the Party will get him re-elected as long as he suits their purposes.

      1. Potatoes and Polis both have eyes but cannot see.

        OTOH, potatoes are an important component of the manufacture of vodka; Polis, an important component of the consumption of vodka.

  15. Sadly, Arizona isn’t doing any better with Governor Douche-y, despite his supposedly being member of Team Red.

    I’ve also heard rumors that there’s a recall petition floating around for Tucson’s mayor QueenRegina Romero. I can’t wait to find, and sign, that. Won’t really make a difference since the Tucson metropolitan area is the big blue wart on Arizona’s underside.

    1. If I find them, I’ll let you know, K. But, sadly, you are right. Even if we give this one a boot right in her brown vagina, we’ll just have another one. Even if, mirabile, we have a “Republican” replacement – the GOP here is very e.

      Keep your head up, though. We sneak one in every so often. (Insert unsolicited plug here for Brandon Martin vs. Kirkpatrick. An acquaintance through his parents and his kids. One of the good ones.)

      1. Metro Tucson is the proof that the “Southern Strategy” side flip on civil rights is B.S.

        Tucson voted to be part of the Confederacy, hosted troops until the California column drove them out. Tucson was “given” the University of Arizona (when the territory didn’t even have a secondary school) because it was a “hotbed of secessionists and Confederate Sympathizers,” and was thoroughly segregated into the 70s. If the “Southern Strategy” was a real thing Tucson would be deep red instead of the Team Blue stronghold it is.

  16. off topic, but anyone who’s following China might want to have a look at your sources. There are major food shortages. The wheat crop came in very short and it looks as though the rice crop just got taken out right before the harvest. The price of Pork has doubled.

    Biggest thing of all. There are torrential in the Sichuan basin and near the headwaters of the Yangtze. The Yangtze has already flooded and the Five Gorges Dam is already in trouble. If the dam should let go we’re talking world historic levels of damage.

    if you’re looking for why they went into Hong Kong and are menacing Taiwan, look no further.

    Back on topic. So many American politicians (spit) are owned by China. China is very, very weak and they absolutely need Biden to win. All the bad decisions are coming home to roost and they desperately need to be bailed out, whether it’s China, or Iran, or NYC.

    1. It’s sort of like the disaster in the late 1000s on the now-Yellow River. To make a horrible story short, the river had an epic flood, jumped the dikes, moved almost a hundred miles north, and killed hundreds of thousands of people, as well as pretty much starting the end of the Song/Sung Dynasty. Eighty years later it jumped back to the south.

      1. All in estimates run as high as 100MM potential deaths from the direct effects of a catastrophic flood and the famine that would follow the loss of this year’s rice crop. 1/3 ish of China’s population and around half it’s industry are in the Yangtze basin. It’s also China’s rice bowl. Worse, there’s flooding in Fujian which is where the rest of the rice comes from. They might regret picking a fight with India because that’s the only place outside the US who could possibly pick up the slack

        Look for more stupid stuff out if China

        1. Always look for stupid stuff out of China. Their governments have been pretty uniformly awful for thousands of years.

          That’s why their popular literature and films are so full of heroes dying heroically.

          1. Floods have often been a sign that the Mandate of Heaven is being withdrawn.

            I was talking to my wife about this. She says the whole Mandate of Heaven thing is just scholars retconning the past to fit the fact that the emperor had been overthrown. I never thought of it I that way but it makes a lot of sense.

            1. Well, akshully…

              Very defensible interpretation.

              The Shang and Zhou were once thought legendary before the archeologists provided evidence that substantiated them. Story the Zhou told about the succession of power was that the last Shang king lost his mind, and started opening up people to see evidence of their moral character on their entrails. Mandate of heaven seems to have been a very important excuse. My vague recollection is that the Zhou ’emperor’ was kinda a religious leader to some other kingdoms ruled by relatives.

              It really becomes established theory with the Qin and the Han.

              There are definitely a lot of features that fit your wife’s model.

              Counterarguments: a) A lot of officials, civil and military, had a scholarly education. If they were raised on that historical theory, it would have some predictive effect simply because of so many people believing it. b) Chinese dynasties were maybe at the limit of government complexity and function that the culture could support. Lacked a lot of subsidiarity and letting individuals price transactions with information personally known. When a dynasty it is established, it has more function than the prior state of civil war. As it continues, it institutionalizes more and more dysfunction. Because peasants are expected to keep their heads down, and peasant, it lacks a bottom up system’s capability for recovery. Ordinary disasters perturb more, and expose more fundamental problems. What happens next could be understood as opportunists taking advantage of a fragile system, or an unworking mechanism being kinetically disassembled, to be replaced by a slightly less dysfunctional system with some potential for change.

            2. I don’t know enough about Chinese History to know whether the ‘Mandate of Heaven’ theory about how awful governments hold on so long holds any water.

              (What I DO know about Chinese history is so depressing, I have little appetite for more)

              I do know that dynasty after dynasty has promoted the illusion that China is a civilized Nation, on the strength of some fairly thin veneer, and that far too many people in the West have bought this.

              What this will mean in the face of widespread flood, famine, and disaster remains to be seen. I hope that whatever else eventuates, the Chinese people manage to eliminate some of the rat bastards running the place.

                1. Mandate of Heaven has dozens of generations of accumulated animistic cruft.

                  There’s something like three and half thousand years of documented political regimes trying to succeed one another. With sometimes wildly different governments trying to pretend that they are fundamentally similar. I’m forgetting if the ‘Zhou dynasty’ was more like twelve or fourteen hundred years.

                  It started with a spiritual theory involving the ancestral cults of a podunk line of kings some where, and the recent stuff is more of an animism of Chinese historical theory.

              1. The only things in the formal economics I studied that make any sense are classical price theory and game theory. Bueno de Mesquita and Smith wrote the Dictator’s Handbook. I recommend it to everyone. It’s one of those books that you’re not the same after you read it, not necessarily in a good way.

                The basic point is that politicians act in their own interest. Many Americans say that the mulllahs in Iran are crazy, but they’re not. They’re acting the way they have to. We think that the goal of government is the good of the people but it’s not. Taking care of allies and punishing enemies is what government is about. There’s a logic to power and the horror is part of it. The founding fathers knew that and built limited government and separation of power so that power would always be divided.

                It’s a great and terrible book. The authors point out why blacks will always vote for Democrats and that as long as they do democrats won’t do anything for them, it explains Sharpton, It explains why voting is important even though the odds of one persons vote “counting” are tiny.

                1. The thing is, with the Left going Full Fascist, they are making the hollowness of their courting of various vote blocks obvious. The New York City police union has just endorsed TRUMP. I doubts we’ll see most blacks vote Republican this cycle, but even the shift of an additional 5% could be devastating to the Democrats….and I’m seeing articles (some from the Left!) suggesting that 5% might be a lowball.

                  And all those reliably Liberal suburban commuters who have been harassed by the Antifa idiots? Ok, most will keep The Faith, but some won’t.

                  “All you comfortable people, even those who generally support us, are irredeemable racists and we hate you. Vote for us.” probably isn’t the worst possible campaign message of all time. But it certainly belongs on the short list.

    2. So in addition to supporting China’s economy with fracking (byproduct, I know), we’ll now sell them more food. Is there wisdom somewhere in this?

        1. I suspect we’d discover there are some things even Chinese won’t eat.

        2. We’re already selling them tons and tons of soybeans. I caught the weekly agricultural report on my way home.

          1. It occurs to me that a dockworker’s strike could have serious impacts here…

  17. The recent news item that struck me the most forcefully (Ouch!) was the item that Basement Joe’s preferred running mate was not, in fact, Senator Round Heels, but instead Governor Gretchen – aside from thinking she has super sniffable hair and broad, strong, squeezable shoulders, he really liked the cut of her jackboots. Unfortunately she did not check off any half-this-half-that grievance checkboxes, so No Go Gretchen.

    1. Jill Biden wants to keep him alive so she can play Edith Boling to his Woodrow Wilson. Wretched Gretchen was less likely to off him than Kamala the Hun.

      1. That would be the cat fight of the century – “Doctor!” Jill Biden vs. Kamala Harris. Probably already is, well behind the scenes.

        1. My wife pointed this out to me when Biden still came outside. She handles him the way you handle someone with dementia. The wife works with hospice so she does a lot of that and so knows

    1. The TX gov was in the region warning about “COVID fatigue” and how we can’t get tired of the kabuki because . . . well, reasons.

      1. *raises eyebrow* So that’s what’s going on.

        NeighborState had a lady in one of the capitol’s sub-departments calling for *attempted murder* charges for not wearing a mask. *shakes head*

  18. Awesome rant Sarah! Shades of little read Mark Twain (Letters From the Earth / A Pen Warmed Up in Hell).

  19. Ox available for COVID policy consultation. Low rates, easy methods.
    Even if ox screw up bigly, ox still not THAT slow.

    * Imagines Polis talking to potato… and the potato walking/rolling off, bored.*

        1. Indeed. While the individual words might not be (too) bad by themselves the combinations can be… nasty. Once upon a time I encountered a fellow who was quite down on someone. The description was NOT merely “promiscuous” nor even “loose” but the memorable (it’s been decades) “sperm-burping gutter slut.”

  20. Isn’t it a shame that GoGundMe and others will not accept open contracts to be paid to whoever completes the contract. Of course NO ONE would actually create such a GoFundMe page.
    Still think of how high the amount could get.

    By the way has anyone thought of suing the Governor for NOT allowing recalls?
    That would seem to be unconstitutional for a lot of reasons.

    1. The guy who theorized — not implemented; theorized — assassination markets got a careful talking to by the feds.

      That idea scares the crap out of them.

      1. Who said anything about “assassination markets”. You people have criminal minds.

    2. I am reminded of Ambrose Bierce’s definition of Absolute.
      “ABSOLUTE, adj. Independent, irresponsible. An absolute monarchy is one in which the sovereign does as he pleases so long as he pleases the assassins. Not many absolute monarchies are left, most of them having been replaced by limited monarchies, where the sovereign’s power for evil (and for good) is greatly curtailed, and by republics, which are governed by chance.”

      1. Or Churchill:

        “Democracy is the worst form of government ever devised — except for all the rest.”

        He was lumping Republic in there with it, I think.

        1. I’m more inclined to think he was doing what most people do nowadays: conflate democracy with democratic republic.

          I, for one, am happy we live in a republic, rather than a democracy, but I’m a little worried about how all the concessions made to the rioters may tip the scale from “republic” to “democracy”.

    3. I suspect it’s one of two things:
      a) a clause eliminating recalls during a declared emergency, without the caveat that the one calling the emergency should still be eligible (ie, they left the get out of jail free card in the constitution)
      or b) the fix is in at the court level. For Despicable Kate Brown (who seems to be trying to ignore the recall drive), she has 5 supreme court judges that she appointed. They’ve already bought off on some of DKB’s unconstitutional crap.

      Possible c) He’s bluffing and hoping nobody calls him on it, or he has the jackboots ready if he is called.

      ballotpedia is silent on any limitations.

  21. Sarah, I cannot help suspecting you are somewhat displeased with your governor’s reliance on SCIENCE. I very much hope you will accept your meds and stop being a Science Denier before an intervention — for your own good and that of your family — becomes necessary.

    If ALL the state news outlets agree with the Science you know it must be right. They could not possibly have any ulterior purposes, after all. They only want Colorado’s subjects citizens to be happy and healthy. Now take your Soma like a good girl and praise your government for legalizing pot.

    1. I hold little hope that the inherent contradiction implicit in the statement “Have Faith in the Science!” Is either apparent or even comprehensible to the morons in charge.

      Prove it to me – that’s Science.

      1. remember though, there is a difference in SCIENCE! and Science. Like most everything, if uttered by a leftoid, the word does not mean what its definition says it means.

  22. Getting rid of Newsome here in California might help a little bit. But until something happens to the state legislatures, it’s largely an empty gesture.

    However, there is a bit of good news today on the California front. The ban of so-called “large capacity magazines” was overturned 2-1 by a three judge panel of the 9th Circuit. One of the judges involved was apparently Trump’s replacement for the notorious Judge Reinhold. So he’s having a positive effect here. The case will of course be appealed by AG Becerra, where it will go to an en banc hearing. But it’s a step in the right direction. Also, since an en banc hearing in the 9th Circuit does not consist of the *entire* circuit, there is a possibility that the ruling by the three judge panel will be upheld.

    1. Reported both the MidwayUSA and Brownells web sites got swamped repeatedly form all the California residents making magazine order to beat a stay pending an en-band rehearing.

  23. For anyone who wonders if it’s possible for a human being to be as stupid as Sarah claims Polis is and still be able to breath on his own…well, I can’t vouch for Polis’s species, but I can say that he is that stupid. It’s been obvious ever since he first showed up in public life, obvious enough that I was surprised that even CO District 2 (i.e. the one that contains Boulder) would elect him. That man’s political career has been a source of amazement to me. I get that we’ve got a bunch of yellow dog Dems in the area (although Polis is considerably dumber than my yellow dog, who isn’t exactly on the right edge of the bell curve either), but I would have thought that someone with a functioning cerebral cortex would have primaried him by now.

    1. It’s clear that he practices at it, until he is stupid without even trying. He may have wiped out every non-stupid component of his mind. (Eternal Sewerdark of the Supperated Mind?)

      1. There is NO evidence to support allegations he watches The Simpsons nightly hoping to catch more of the wit & wisdom of Ralph Wiggum.

  24. PSA to anyone behind enemy lines: Freedom Week II: Electric Boogaloo is upon us! Companies are shipping real magazines into Calistan as we speak.

    PSA to anyone *not* behind enemy lines: Americans trapped in a foreign country desperately need magazines. If you don’t need them don’t buy any kthxbai?

    1. If you think you have enough mags / ammo, you don’t. Go forth and buy more. I would recommend buying from Palmetto State Armory, or Primary Arms. Good deals, frequently. Also, get aluminium or steel mags – D&H and Surefeed are good ones, and cheaper than even Magpul. I personally need more Lancer AWMs. I like those the most.

      1. Bear Flag Peoples Republic residents still have stupid state AWB to deal with, so the best use would be normal cap mags for various pistolage. It is well known that two is one and one is none, but in these days I would posit that ten is probably should order more.

  25. it’s time someone started a petition to force him to wear a red nose at all times.

    Dunce cap seems more appropriate.

      1. Imagine a world ii which some wag has released a virus making nose cartilage grow whenever a person lies. Think of the economic stimulus once Vegas establishes a betting line on the over/under for nose growth by a politician or a newsreader …

        1. “Imagine a world ii which …” in which! I.N.!!! Fricking keyboard — repeats key strokes I didn’t intend, omits key strokes I did intend!

          Think how much faster trials would proceed!

          And once again, a button nose would be in fashion.

          1. Said,y, there is no evidence that anyone has ever used cement shoes as a method of execution..

            Now, we could fill the clown shoes with sodium, strap them on tightly, and throw him in the water.

            1. We could do a Mythbusters-style test using Dem and RINO governors with increasingly-heavy shoes.

  26. College model has been COMPLETELY discredited and proven insane.

    Because of an accident of scrolling that part of a sentence was by itself at the top of my window looking like a separate sentence.

    And I thought, “yeah, pretty much”.

  27. We have a leadership crisis because nearly everyone given the keys to the kingdom as well as the ranks of the bureaucracies are power and status mad mediocrities. Childish mayors still living their campus protest days letting Antifa torch their towns. Bureaucrats insisting its employees wear masks in Zoom meetings to “set a good example.” Politicians deciding what business is “essential” and what constitutes “food” according to their whims. Governors musing that maybe we should keep restrictions in place permanently even after COVID-19 because they will prevent people from getting sick at all (that’s New Mexico in case you’re wondering). As Mark Steyn said, we’re an unserious people so we have unserious “leaders.”

      1. I take ‘mediocre’, in this case, to mean ‘just about good enough, so long as there isn’t anything difficult on their plates’. And my experiences at various jobs have convinced me that such mediocrities respond to pressure by acting out in unhelpful ways.

        I do it, too. I was often a mediocre worker. I try to catch myself at it, though.

        1. Perhaps a Kleptocratic Kakistocracy. The alliteration is quite good and if we could get a 3rd K in it would match the initials of some traditional democrat supporters…

    1. It’s almost like they actively fear a free people, no? People trading with each other freely, speaking their minds freely, starting businesses and providing services with absolutley no governmental oversight… The stuff of nightmares to them.

      Twitter mobs are not constituents, facebook smear campaigns are not polls, and the mainstream media is not news. If you are sane. Sanity-optional folks, well…

    2. Take three deep breaths. With rare exceptions (which a merciful Providence seems to send to the United States disproportionately often, probably because we amuse Them) politicians have ALWAYS tended to be mediocrities driven by lust for power and status. In a representative system, they tend to be marginally better than Aristocrats, but they are bad enough.

      Civilization advances in spite of them. And, as I remarked, we get the occasional Statesman.

      1. The fault is not in our leaders but in ourselves.* As National Review‘s Jim Geraghty notes

        First, Trump critics vehemently oppose the incumbent and see his presidency as national nightmare, and one would think that one conclusion they would take from this painful experience is that the concept of the imperial presidency needs to be dispelled as much as possible. Instead, Kamala Harris believes that the executive branch can unilaterally enact gun-control restrictions that Congress refuses to pass. To many Democrats, the problem is not that we have a president who envisions almost unlimited authority in the executive branch; the problem is that we have the wrong president who envisions almost unlimited authority in the executive branch.

        Second, we would also expect Trump critics would want to jettison the cultural baggage of the president as some sort of national father figure whose authority and responsibility for us all are is comparable to that of parents over their children. Yet one of CNN’s “Republican” commentators recently declared that the reassurance of knowing “Uncle Joe” and “Auntie Kamala” will be there help her sleep soundly at night. Instead of recognizing that the head of state is not a national “daddy,” the perception among some of the president’s critics is that we simply have the wrong parental figure in the Oval Office.

        Read the whole thing:

        *Okay, our leaders do suck, there’s little denying that.

  28. I am wondering what the end results will be of this whole disaster will be.

    If people like Polis and their lik are decorating lamp-posts, my only complaint will be to cut them down in enough time to avoid the Black Plague or something.

    All of these people have destroyed any respectability of institutions, in the idea of creating enough chaos to turn us all into tribes again so that we’re easier to rule by playing us off each other.

    The problem is…the usual American response is, “Hey I got a buddy, he’s cool. He’s got some buddies, they’re cool. Her buddies have some buddies, and they’re assholes, but they’re our assholes. Now, let’s take our city (county/state) back.”

    Gun sales are out of the park-to the point where most stores are even selling crap double-barreled shotguns and are low on ammo. There’s a massive amount of over and under and around people are doing and disobeying Their Betters in the process. Sometimes this is bad (i.e. idiots in LA having massive house parties that encourage the inner Fuhrer of the LA Mayor into action), but we now have a lot of people that are used to handling things themselves and deciding that they’re going to ignore the scolds.

    The shakeup of everything is going to be interesting.

    I only hope people like Polis and Newsome and such are alive long enough to realize that they probably destroyed their only chance of having any power, any time soon.

    1. I differ. Young people in LA (and everywhere) having massive house parties is an essential element of what is needed. It helps recruit young folks to embracing freedom. It comes with very little health risk. And provoking the Fuhrer of LA into ridiculous measures is a feature not a bug.

      Ignore the scolds. Or work around them. If their rules permit protests, have a protest – with loud music and dancing. Or have your worship service at a protest.

      Americans don’t like being told what to do. Freedom wins.

        1. My Lady has several comorbidities. I don’t think she’s seriously at risk, but her knowing I wear the mask in stored and etc. relieves her of one worry, when she already has enough.


      1. Let’s just say that I’d prefer to keep the scolds as ignorant of unrest as possible until the last possible moment, so I can do the most damage when we finally hit them somewhere painful.

  29. Doesn’t Sun Tzu have some bit about not pushing enemies to a point where they have nothing to lose? And I know the left sees all of us as enemies to be crushed and peasants to be ruled.

    1. And, since they know very little history and have poisoned what little they know with drivel, they are unaware of the consequences of treating armed people that way.


      1. They’ve turned history into scripture. “The future is ours” “History goes our way” etc etc etc.
        This blinds them to reality.
        They’re also extremely well off, so they have no clue how humans LIVE.

        1. They are, furthermore, mindlessly confident that if push comes to shove, they are good enough at violence to come out on top.


          They may own some guns, but they aren’t a gun culture. They don’t shoot for practice or for fun. And they routinely disrespect the military and the police that they might think will aid them.

          *shakes head*

          They don’t study military history, have scant grasp of tactics beyond ‘mob and swarm’, the list of their deficiencies in regards violent revolution is vast.

          If everything does go rodeo, they’re going to get rolled over.

          1. Then we just need to make sure to keep our engagement zones clear of Blue/Greens, and when kinetic deconfliction is the only option available, we help them lie down and be good commies.

          2. The “Left” (And By that I mean the oligarchs Freikorps) are confident because they own the law.

            So if they spray and pray and manage to kill some people, it’s all good. The CHAZ killers who shot up some joy-riding teens are still at large. You can block traffic with guns, loot, burn, and kidnap a mentally handicapped man and torture him live on Facebook while shouting racial epithets and get community service… if you’re part of the Red Scarf brigade.

            Perfect fire discipline while being a person of BadThink experiencing Whiteness just gets you George Zimmermaned.

            Not sure what will changed that short of civil war. It’s a bad business.

            1. “Not sure what will changed that short of civil war. It’s a bad business.”

              Been there since 2003. Welcome.

          3. It’s the same reason that the tribes in the middle east– even the scaled up tribes in country costume– keep being absolutely sure that this time, they can roll right over the Great Satan and the Little Satan.

            Because Jews and Christians have restraint, and the tribal world-view does not recognize that. They see weakness. If they offer deliberate insult, and we don’t smash them, then it’s because we can’t.

            Pay no attention to the piles of examples going counter to that idea, they were exceptions. Because if we had the power, we’d use it.

            1. As I’ve said many times, “Some people you can’t just show them the stick. You have to whack them with it every now and then, just to show you’re willing to use it.”

            2. And one day they will manage to make the United States seriously angry in a long term way, and will wonder how Allah allowed Mecca to be turned into a radioactive crater.

              They REALLY need to talk to the Japanese about how unpleasant life can get when we’re mad at you.

              1. *waggles hand*
                Tokyo is still there– and the big damage we did was partly on accident (fire after bombing damaged imperial palace). We do tend to be more… directly damaging, instead of the symbolic BS.

                We don’t want to get them angry or show off how powerful we are, we want to kill them. Different mindeset.

                1. My uncle was a British Officer, the Guards mind, who saw a lot of combat — North Africa, Anzio, and up the boot. He told my father, who also saw a lot of combat in Korea, that the Americans were frightening because they just killed. No one else did that.

                  1. The Band of Brothers episode ‘Why We Fight’ is scary for two reasons. The first is because it shows a brief glimpse of the horror of the Nazi Final Solution (after opening with the men screwing around – quite literally, in at least one case).

                    The second reason is because it gives the men a reason to be in Europe above and beyond “the Axis attacked us”. The final episode shows one of the Jews in the unit fully embracing that.

              2. They don’t understand that for most of you, the switch goes from “lazy afternoon” to “kill f-ing everything”, with nothing in between.

          4. The Left is counting on boiling the frog, on “First they came for…”, on preference falsification, and on defeating us in detail. Those tactics have worked in the past, so they’re not completely stupid to rely on them now. They’re also emboldened by the fact that we haven’t already gone hot – in our shoes they would long since have done so. We have a much stronger sense of “A hot Civil War would SUCK, even if our side won quickly” than they do.

            1. It is also a difference in goals — they want to rule and a civil war could achieve their goal; we want to be left (tF) alone and a civil war would preclude that.

              Plus there’s the clean-up afterward and, win or lose, we know who’s getting stuck with that chore.

              1. Remember how all the working classes united and refused to march off to war at the behest of their rulers, and so stopped WWI?

                Like that.

            1. For the masses to be other than communist would be inauthentic.

              Which prompts the observation that any failure to play the role assigned, to follow the script as written, brands a person or group inauthentic.

        2. Yeah, the “right side of history” thing. Except the path of history is littered with roadkill that thought things like that.

          1. They’ve been saying it for over a century now — and ignore all the past failures for nearly as long

    2. “In difficult ground, press on; On hemmed-in ground, use subterfuge; In death ground, fight.”

  30. I just got my NECHARI Steampunk Plague Doctor mask. Needs a little modification, because there’s hardly any provision for actually, you know, BREATHING while wearing it, but it looks really cool. I will soon be ready for some Malicious Compliance!
    “… It got better!”

    1. I’m not sure how one does that.
      Can we just put him on a diet? As a person of largitude I shouldn’t say so, but seriously. He looks like a once-pretty-boy who went to seed.

    2. Find somebody to run off a few thousand bumper stickers:


      …with a fat silhouette at the end.

        1. OOOHHH I like it to , I’ll check with Mentor but this complies with my visualization of the Cosmic All.

  31. Who’s going to start the betting pool that Comrade Joe Biden retires ‘for health reasons’ before Christmas?

    1. Assuming he wins, they’ll probably at least want him to be present at the Inauguration for appearance’s sake.

      And Dr. Jill Biden will be pushing to keep him in power anyway while she “acts as the go-between for the intensely private President Biden”.

      Hopefully it’s a non-issue.

  32. I made a set of Face Drapes (half-handkerchiefs) that I can hang in front of my phiz.
    They are labeled with: GERMS!!! , Fig Leaf, No Fear, Fake Panic, and (for Colorado) Polis Diaper, and (for California) Newsom Diaper …!
    I have been waiting for a delegation of the traditional Militia to simply walk into the capitol, lift Polis by the elbows, carry him out to the homeless mess on Lincoln Street, and deposit him there, telling him, “You are done!”
    It is Time, and Past Time for We The People to tell these Paternalistic Tyrants to stuff it. They simply *cannot* arrest and lock us all up. And trying to get fines and/or jail time past a jury …?? After clogging the court system with a hundred thousand prosecutions …..

    1. I think the fear is simply that rather than arrests and criminal charges, the various state agencies will simply being up the 25 state environmental regulations and 15 Federal regs you have (unknowingly) violated, each with at least a $5000 fine. Since they are regulatory violations, no trial, no publicity. Just the calm, reasonable statement that if you don’t shut up, all these charges will be pressed and you will either be bankrupted or jailed or both. And by the way, your spouse, children and grandchildren will go into an “informal,” database which will ensure they don’t get into college, have trouble getting jobs, etc. No prosecutions, just an endless round of administrative hearings.

      1. Exactly. That is, in many ways, my fear as well. Which is why a lot of the things I have been seeing about a “cashless society” worry me excessively. Along with the things I have read over the last few days that are mentioning fraud, but in line with ending up having the House and the Senate choosing the P/VP.

          1. This is probably a factor in Speaker Pelosi’s insistence on inserting language regarding pot shops in the next Corona Relief package; with “more than 68 references to the word ‘cannabis.’ The phrase ‘jobs’ appears 52 times and the word ‘hire’ just 17 times as the economy craters.”

            The “cannabis dispensaries” well illustrate the problems of being rendered a “cash-only” business.

            It also enhances the attraction of cyber-currencies and other options for “i-traceable” transactions.

            1. Speaking of cash…

              When I was at the supermarket check-out yesterday, I spotted a new(?) sign taped to the change dispenser. The sign stated that due to a nation-wide shortage of coinage, change would be added to the store’s rewards card instead of being handed out as coinage.

          2. “It forced all the people, small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to be given a stamped image on their right hands or their foreheads, so that no one could buy or sell except one who had the stamped image of the beast’s name or the number that stood for its name.”

  33. OT…Sarah, what’s on with the wildfires? Our volunteer organization has a team pulling out of a camp near Bellvue because they’re on the edge of the voluntary evacuation area and the smoke is getting worse. Also, the camp manager is bailing out to get his family to safety. (Church camps are really struggling this year, so it’s likely the team were the only folks there)

  34. Off thread, but I think interesting is a post up at American Thinker, about a video by Millie Weaver which was to drop Monday, about her being arrested Friday on a sealed Grand Jury warrant.
    The video report is about the links, connections, and coordination between the intelligence community and current political actors / activities.
    There is a link to the video in the body of the article.
    This has given me a lot to think about, and has confirmed for me some of my previously unexplained observations.
    John Sage

    1. I’ve been looking at articles debating the idea that Kamala Harris is a “moderate Democrat.

      She promises to use executive power to confiscate guns. She has promised to re-impose DACA. She says she will act to enable abortion at any phase of fetal development and end all restrictions on state and federal funding of abortions. She plans to pack the courts with a partisan judiciary and called for elimination of the Senate filibuster.

      If she’s a “moderate” Democrat just how far Left has that party gotten to be? Far to the left of the American people, that seems sure.

      If the MSM think she’s “moderate”, how far Left must they be?

      How gullible do they imagine us to be?

      Harris may be a “moderate” Democrat, but if she is moderate I am a kangaroo!

      1. I believe the Wallaby is more closely related to a Kangaroo than Kamala Harris is to a moderate.

        1. There’s actually one or two elected Dems who are actually pro-life– as in, DON’T vote to support it all the time, not the “I am personally opposed as I vote for it in absolutely every instance even when my vote doesn’t matter.”

          ‘S part of why things are so nuts, the sane dems have been going along with Bad Stuff for too long so they can’t just say “oh, nevermind, the last 30 republicans WEREN’T actually Hitler.”

          1. Those Dems are allowed their consciences so long as they do not imperil Liberal victories on “issues that matter” — as we saw when the Blue-Dog Dems got rolled over to put Obamacare in effect. So long as they vote for Democrat control of the House their actual votes are irrelevant: Pelosi, Hoyer, Clyburn, Schiff, Nadler and AOC will still run the place.

        2. What you want and what you will do to get it are the dividing line. Persuading the electorate that “these are desirable” is different from imposing them by fiat (e.g., Obamacare).

          These days a “moderate” Democrat is akin to the mugger who takes you wallet, watch & phone then returns a couple of bucks from the billfold “So you can take a cab out of here; this neighborhood ain’t safe.”

      2. She’s moderate compared to Winnie Mandela.

        Radical Democrat: Wants to get high, rob you, murder your menfolk, rape and torture your womenfolk.
        Moderate Democrat: Wants to enable the radicals without personally being held responsible for every crime.
        Conservative Democrat: Wants to pretend nothing is wrong.

        Liberal Republican: Outright says they want the Democrats to win, in order to remove the perfidious stain of Trump from their beloved conspiracy to defraud conservatives.
        Moderate Republican: Wants to enable the Liberal Republicans without being held personally responsible for every base treachery.
        Extremist White Supremacist Homosexual Exterminating Women Enslaving Republican: Wants black criminals judged by the same standards as white criminals, and consistent legal standards applied from case to case and jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Opposes star chambers, kangaroo courts, and basically every innovative legal practice of King Stalin’s.

          1. That’s probably because they’re so appreciative of their Democrat legislature for saving them the trouble and effort required to go to the polls.

            Sure, that’s got to be it.

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