Look, we’ve talked here before about how the lockdown affected people. I think it was part of the reason the left was so insistent on the lockdown, and why they still don’t want it to end.

People are not going out and seeing other people, catching snatches of conversation, seeing the expression in people’s faces. Instead, they’re relying for all their news on an increasingly more deranged MSM and an increasingly stranger social media. (Some of the banned words on FB don’t even make any sense.)

Even I who am mostly anti-social but rely on my one day out a week, and who haven’t been getting it in far too long (do you know how hard it is to schedule things like the zoo ahead of time when we’re also in the middle of various things like the Great Office Move of 20, and don’t know what crisis will happen next?) am feeling cranky and impatient and, frankly, horrified over the bilge being thrown at us by all these megaphones.

Look, it’s nothing new. I had a preview of this in writing circles last decade. These people really, really really treat Marxism as a religion and view their inevitable ascendancy as set in stone. The future will approve of them! Young people are all revolutionaries!

This is all crap. Fables. It’s a Christian heresy, but frankly the Cathars and all the other early Christian heretics are looking on in awe, at how little it takes to get a heresy going these days.

Part of the problem is that the cult has started being disproven. If you read about how cults fall apart, members become more strident and insane and often homicidal or suicidal.  This is what we’re seeing. 2016 was the discomfirmation of prophecy for them. And they can’t handle it. It’s like the day for the end of the world was set, and then no UFOs showed up to blast away the heretics.

All we’ve seen since then is a meltdown because they can’t abandon the stuff they’ve believed all this time. They’ll be left without an identity if they do. On the other hand, they keep raising the ante, and nothing goes the way they planned.

And that last is what you should remember.

You see, there are generations in revolutions. It is probably the reason the USSR disintegrated when it did.

When the philosophy animating the revolution or the revolutionaries, at least, is completely at odds with the way reality actually works, corrosion sets in.

The revolutionaries that seize power have to be sane enough and in enough contact with reality to seize it. It doesn’t matter if those revolutionaries seize power with an AK or by pretending to be completely average people until they have some power over institutions.

But once they are in power, they see preserving the revolution — the ideological bend of their change — as more important than anything else. Because if they lose power, everything they did was for naught, and they’ll not only fail but be exposed as failures.

So they hire mostly for ideological compliance. These people won’t be as competent as they are, but then they also don’t need to seize power and/or slide in under cover. They have power now, and keeping power is easier than acquiring it.

But those second wave people hire third wave people. At this point no disguise is needed, and rewards come mostly for being vocal in support of the revolution — whatever the revolution and whatever it dictates.  This is how we get the arts and literature and news today, where you stare at the supposed journalists on TV, or throw the book against the wall, and wonder how in heck anyone can be that stupid and have that position in the public eye. You wonder how it’s possible for people to actually produce movies that make no sense whatsoever and aren’t even fun to watch. You wonder about someone who was a candidate for vice-president and who is not — unlike Biden — obviously senile, but who says America invented slavery.

The point is, by generation 3 these people are — to be charitable — ass clowns, for whom mouthing the cult chants is the source of all that’s good.  They don’t really get what they’re supposed to do — note editors thinking their job is to “educate” the public — or what they’re there for. They just know the slogans.

They manage to have careers, and pass for normal and even stellar human beings, so long as they have a captive (or in the case of the US, complicit) press that covers up all their issues and makes their every little achievement sound wonderful.

And yes, the people who are in charge of most things right now are third generation, since the left took over most positions of power in education, entertainment, news reporting and even government bureaucracy.  Which is why we have people like Biden who were never that competent, and who were, to put it mildly corrupt, but who manage to have a life of power and influence.

It’s also why the corruption now starting to come out, the bloody stupid stuff that happened under the Obama administration isn’t surprising. Infuriating, yes, but not surprising…. except perhaps for the utter and absolute pants-on-head craziness of the things they did and tried to do.

It’s like the Russia! Russia! Russia!  which had nothing at its back. The only reason the left could hope to win that coup was their belief that the media could convince us all they were right.  And they tried…. oh, boy they tried.

But the internet, and people being able to communicate and realizing they weren’t alone, and that, yeah, the mainstream narrative really was crazy, had long since eroded their Media-created shield of invincibility.

Take a deep breath. I know it’s been insane.  I know we went from fake scandal to fake crisis, ad nauseum, and it’s stupid and you just want it to stop. I mean, it started right after the 16 elections with attempts to “contest” them that made no sense.

But what you have to remember is that none of those attempts worked.

And they couldn’t work, no matter what the media told you. Their play was on the hope Trump would get embarrassed and quit. Which tells you how out of touch with reality they are.

This latest insanity? It’s not even the third generation. The would be revolutionaries are the kiddies that the people in power have been encouraging.  They are very pampered; most of them have no clue where money comes from; and they’ve been indoctrinated with nonsense since the cradle.

They are, in one word, pathetic.

While this is an attempt at the cultural revolution, remember that the people in the cultural revolution were first or at most second generation revolutionaries. They still knew what they were playing for. They’d seen violence against them.

This is not who we’re dealing with. We’re dealing with the unleashed tantrum of the last ten years of college insanity.

These people are cowards and mewling bullies. Yeah, they’ll attack as long as they’re convinced they have the upper hand.  But they really can’t take any resistance at all.

Am I saying the left is inoffensive?

Oh, hell no. They retain enough levers of power, and they have enough — more these last few months — audience in the media to cause a lot of havoc. And yes, like the rest of you I’m worried about vote fraud. 18 was crazy and blatant enough, with polls open for weeks afterwards, under an “emergency” order, until they got the result they wanted, for instance. The fraud in this upcoming election will be epic. It will also be visible. Very visible. And when you’re running a reject from the cast of the Walking Dead, I don’t think people are going to buy that he won, much less in a landslide.

Yeah, they can do a lot of damage, and not just by setting fire to things and beating people. They can seize the country, however briefly.


But they can’t really seize it. Not all of it. And if they seize it they can’t run it. Not even for days.

They can’t win.

Yes, we can lose. But that’s if we give up and we inflict that wound on ourselves. I’d say that’s what the Wuflu panic and the lockdown were all about. Making people lost enough, confused enough to put up with that.

But we don’t have to. Just because they broke the fire alarm, it doesn’t mean the fire isn’t raging. Just because they force people to mouth agreement, doesn’t mean people agree.

There is immense rage building in this country, my friends.  Not the rage of kiddies on the streets, breaking things and hurting people; no. This is the rage of quiet, solid people, who work hard — if the shenanigans of the left haven’t destroyed their jobs — and just want to live a normal live, and who’ve been subjected to instability and insanity by a bunch of cultists.

They might not say anything — who really needs to have their spouse and kids attacked? — but they are angry.

And their anger, right now? Fights on the side of the freedom lovers.

Be not afraid. This is not the end. This is not even the end of the beginning.

This is not the time to despair.

Lift that torch high. You can always get the pitchforks later….

531 thoughts on “BE NOT AFRAID!

  1. I’m all out of pitchforks. Torches, too. I’ve got high output flashlights, some spare batteries, and a couple shovels.. Will that work? I probably need to order a halberd, or learn how to use a quarterstaff.

    1. Don’t see why not. We must move with the times. Hell, I’m night blind, and I probably too weak to wield a pitchfork. So these are more torches and pitchforks of the mind.

    2. Bill hooks can be found at Lowes and Home Depot, although the poles are a bit short. You can buy a piece of oak to fashion into a longer pole at the same place.

      1. Statues would be kind of awkward for beating rioters with; especially the life-size ones of men riding horses. 😀

        1. Yes, but the results are not only really impressive, you can often persuade the target to do the actual work.

    3. At Lowes. Look for an Ames Bank Blade. 4 ft handle, 4″ x 18″ hooked blade, sharp on all edges. Will cut a 4″ tree with one ( strong) swing.
      About $30.
      Or contact James Cohen antiques on Royal St in New Orleans for an original, at a slightly higher price.
      John in Indy

  2. Singlestick. Kendo moves work with it, it can double as a cane, and your possession of it is guaranteed by the Americans With Disabilities Act. You can have a singlestick with you always, even in a police station, courtroom, or the most stringently-enforced “No Weapons Zone.”

    The quarterstaff is a more effective weapon, but it requires clear space to operate outdoors, more space than is usually available indoors, is severely limited inside a vehicle, and even as a “walking stick”, the stealth factor is poor.

    “Better the singlestick in your hand than the quarterstaff you had to leave at home.”

      1. It’s not really necessary. Neither is a pointed end. Either could flip it into the “weapon” category in a courtroom.

        The basic kendo rule is “strike to the hard, thrust to the soft.” It’s pretty simple compared to most weapons.

        1. Non-skid is good. I’ve had a hard time persuading people that the rubber tip on a cane is perfectly adequate for jabbing someone in the throat or solar plexus…

          Striking mostly gets their attention; it’s the thrusting that does the real work. You just don’t have enough mass with a singlestick to do more than discourage an opponent by striking.

          Flip side, few people are actually fighters, and even a singlestick strike can be awfully discouraging. The playbook many aggressors use often lacks any bits about “victim fighting back,” and when things go painfully off-script, they often run away.

          No, not always, but all forms of self-defense boil down to playing the odds. All those YouTube videos of slightly-built elderly women running off armed attackers with mops or by throwing bags of potato chips are hilarious, but they’re examples of solid wins: nobody got hurt, and the bad guys went away voluntarily. It doesn’t get much better than that.

          1. Striking mostly gets their attention …

            It depends where you strike. Wrist, elbow, knee of ankle — essentially wherever there’s lightly protected bone — can be very effective. A good blow to the leg joints offers opportunity for fleeing, arm joints are somewhat disarming or, at least, weakening the arm struck.

            Thrusting increases risk of the opponent grabbing hold of the stick — in everything there are trade-offs, no matter what Liberal politicians say.

    1. I have a nice solid walking stick with a very pointy end, nominally for penetrating snow and ice… you can buy the kit for about $15, suitable for applying to any handy length of hardwood.

      Or just do what we did when we were starving college students: drive a nail partway into the end of some found stick, cut off the nail head, and sharpen it.

      1. I’ve wanted a walking stick for a while, preferably with a simple round hand hold.

        Something that can double as a mace if need be.

        1. Hand to hand fight in my Epic. MC smacks the bad guy with his antique cane, which pops off the head… and he thereby discovers the hidden dagger. Which he promptly uses. Sadly, such arrangements tend to be illegal in Real Life[TM].

          I’ve got a found cane that was evidently designed to double as a mace… metal body (heavier than standard tubing), and the handle is a fist-sized skull cast from some dense material. Weighs just over two pounds… not so good as a cane, but probably a fair club.

          Altho personally I prefer an arm’s length of conduit… light enough in the hand to use like a whip. It’ll stop a serious dog fight, so would probably discourage average humans.

          Have you noticed what a bloodthirsty lot we are? And those idiots still think they can take us? 😀

          1. I like to point to all the YouTube channels full of things Rednecks do when they’re bored and then ask what they’ll come up with when they’re pissed off and have an actual target.

          2. > Sadly, such arrangements tend to be illegal in Real Life[TM]

            Perfectly fine in Arkansas and some other states now. The “knife rights” guys don’t get the PR the gun rights guys do, but they’ve been making headway; through their efforts several states now have the knife equivalent of “Constitutional carry.”

            20-odd years ago in my state, I could clank around with as many pistols as I could carry, but a little Schrade folder with a 2-1/2″ blade or a basic Leatherman tool would result in a fine and confiscation. Now, no problemo.

          3. I’ve got a found cane that was evidently designed to double as a mace… metal body (heavier than standard tubing), and the handle is a fist-sized skull cast from some dense material. Weighs just over two pounds… not so good as a cane, but probably a fair club.

            In the Sherlock Holmes stories in several places they refer to someone who has a walking stick in which the head has been drilled and molten lead poured in. Apparently, this was a thing.

        2. A 1.25″ or so dowel, maybe tapered to 1″ with the top drilled for a 6″ x 5/8″ carriage bolt epoxied in, then the rounded top of the bolt filed in a decorative or faceted pattern before blueing it can make a very comfortable walking cane, while keeping the balance point close to the gripping hand.

      1. My thoughts exactly! A doughty enough “disability aide” to help the not-so-young-as-we-used-to-be to take a knee (or instep, collarbone, solar plexus, jaw, …) and help our self-appointed Betters to póg mo thóin!

  3. > they can’t abandon the stuff they’ve believed all this time.

    It would be like a fish abandoning water. It’s not so much that they believe, it’s that they don’t know anything else, and screechingly reject anything that isn’t in line with the current Narrative as they understand it.

    Until they can decouple from the Narrative, they’re stuck, like flies on a glue strip. And they’re about as likely to get free…

    1. They have to believe in something bigger than they are – but that they can also control. That’s one of the things that makes their heresy so attractive, and part of why hard-core Christianity and Judaism bug them so much.

      1. They have to believe in something bigger than they are – but that they can also control.

        *loud clicking sound as the “what bugs me” in several Crystal Dragon Jesus fantasy stories’ “good” religion*

        Thank you!

        1. Yup. Never any mystery, never any doing what you don’t want to do because it’s right…

          Except when it comes to sex, of course. Crystal Dragon Jesus wants you to have sex with all the wrong people, because Reasons.

      2. They are also being financed by very substantial establishment sources, including not only Soros, but Warren Buffett and The Rockefeller Brothers Foundation, which has its own extremly sordid history of supporting and financing anti-Semitism, including the actual real,.Nazis who carried out the Holocaust. The below by Daniel Greenfield sets this forth in detail, including the RFB financial support for Josef Mengele, the “Angel of Death” himself.

        Now they pay BLM and Antifa activists who openly despise Jews and seek to bring about a second Holocaust. Sadly there is a significant part of the establishment that, if not themselves antagonistic towards Jews, simply don’t care enough if a second Holocaust occurs.

        1. Saw somewhere (with hard numbers) that BLM donations have funneled over $500 MILLION into the DNC’s coffers. Yeah, one begins to think it mighta started as a suck-money-from-the-darkies scheme that got out of hand.

    2. Comic I saw once, I’m thinking Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal–something in that style anyway. Professor type in front of a blackboard teaching “philosophy.” The argument “If X is false, I will be sad. I do not wish to be sad. Therefore X is true.”

      This describes “argument” of the Left. Well, argument from a lot of people but the Left has raised it to high art.

      1. I once saw a college professor actually assert that there can’t be free will because that would prevent a science of human behavior.

  4. > Their play was on the hope Trump would get embarrassed and quit. Which tells you how out of touch with reality they are.

    It’s how *their* reality works. Conform or be punished. So they’re using the punishments they’re used to – criticism, ostracism, all the way to sabotage and assaults on family members.

    They can’t quite wrap their heads around the idea that Trump isn’t part of their heirarchy any more, or that their social pressures don’t apply to him now. He is an apostate, and they’ve devoted their entire culture and Party platform to punishing him for that.

    1. and his history is such that, even when he traveled in their circles, he still wasn’t able to be cowed by such antics. They couldn’t figure it out then (like when he carried Hillary’s water attacking 0bama’s birth cert, their attacks were duck back/water etc), seem baffled they don’t work now when such attacks gain him more base, not cost him.

      1. They were too busy laughing to see his face when that press dinner was happening. That was their mistake. Anyone who saw Trump’s expression knew he was DONE with the Democrats, and was already thinking ‘I can do better than these idiots.’

            1. No question in my mind that was the moment that Trump definitively decided that he was going to run for President, as a Republican. Of course Obama’s mockery was simply typical Obama, as he demeaned and disparaged anyone who was not in lockstep agreement with him and who did not prostrate themself before him. Democrats love to talk about Trump’s ego (and anyone running for Potus in modern times has a huge one anyway), but Obama is the one whose 2008 convention acceptance speech was done in an outdoor stadium made up to look like Mount Olympus, with Obama thus intended to be equivalent of Zeus and proclaimed “we are the ones we have been waiting for”.

              1. Obama’s display needed more Jaffa and Ha’taks.

                (Yes, I’m comparing him to a Goa’uld. Without the symbiote. Same with Hillary.)

          1. There’s some attempts now to try tie him again to Epstein, but it’s not gaining traction as far as I can tell.

            What did interest me was several hours of there being a thing on Twitter about Michael Jackson having been proven innocent of all charges, but supposedly the media refused to report on that. (Personally, I don’t know much about that news, but it was something that drifted across the timeline occasionally so…)

              1. Be a somewhat positive influence on black youth and youth in general? I kind of look back now and realize this was around the time that there seemed to be no positive personalities to look up to, and there was a shedding of the cleaner images of people in sports post the era of Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley, et al, and their promotion of hard work.

                1. Michael Jackson committed the “crime” of looking less black as he got older and more famous.

            1. every time they try to tie him, he points out he immediately banned the man from Trump properties the first time he did something to a Trump employee, and pretty much walked away. All while Eppy and Bill were still buddy-buddy, and all further paths crossing were pretty much all via his acquaintance with Hillary and Bill.
              My Dad, (me distilled) is convinced the MJ was just surrounded by Yes-men and hangers-on who never told him that the known actions were a REALLY bad idea, and Corey Feldman sorta backs that up, saying now, thinking back, MJ never did anything to him, but it sure looks bad from the outside, in 20/20 hindsight. Feldman has pointed plenty of fingers at others who he says did do that kind of stuff. Technically he wasn’t proved innocent, just found innocent as not enough proof was there.

              1. Well, Trump didn’t just walk away. He got Palm Beach police to investigate, and it did somewhat stick. (That’s the first time Epstein got convicted — the one where he got let out of white collar prison in a ridiculously short time, and none of his posh friends minded having him back.)

                And after that, Trump started having problems in various ways, so I suspect some kind of shadow war was going on between Epstein and Trump. Or at least Epstein was trying it.

                1. Part and parcel of why Trump decided to run for Prez as an R, I bet. He has always been somewhat at war with many on the left, so why not make it all of them. He was always rich enough Or getting there being a leftoid wasn’t going to hurt him, so being seen as of the right was not going to affect him either, and somewhat like Larry Correia, he likes the games played, and is rather good at them.

                1. My mom’s summary was something like “they said they thought that he was hurting their kid, and then kept sending him for sleepovers at a weird dude’s house. There’s something wrong, here.”

                  Beyond that, the “nothing we can do about it, and gossip is bad” reflex kicked in.

                2. I haven’t finished the whole thing, but Razorfist has a multi-video defense of MJ starting here:

                3. I doubt MJ mentally grew much from about 11 or 12. Outside a few flashes, he always seemed a bit stunted to that age. Like he never quite finished going through puberty.

              2. Saw a video of MJ playing with a bunch of younger boys. Reminded me forcefully of a client’s kid being mobbed by a pack of puppies: “They love me! they love me!!” That, more than anything, convinced me there was nothing to the charges but the hope of a nice payout.

                [Also tolerably sure MJ’s kids aren’t his, but rather are by that white guy the missus liked to hang out with, whom they suspiciously resemble.]

                1. I would say the daughter looked a bit like one of MJ’s sisters, but they got the knife almost as much as he did . . . okay, not nearly as much, but more than enough that any kid uncut is not going to resemble them like that.

      1. I’m still convinced that the recent ‘Cats’ movie was a left wing wish fulfillment fantasy. I mean Duetoronomy looks *just like* Hillary. And magicking her back after the bad guy takes over? Yeah…

        1. Ack! Spit! No!

          Ermagerd, I think you have just explained that creepy “male roles for Judy Dench” thing. Hillary wants to take over, and the Clinton Foundation must be handing out funding.

          1. Is anybody else thinking of ‘The Producers’ now? The one with Gene Wilder and Zero Mostel, not the remake.

            Leo Bloom: “Well, if we assume you’re a dishonest person—“
            Max Bialystock: “Assume, assume!”

            Max: “We had the wrong writer, the wrong script, the wrong director, the wrong actors… Where did we go RIGHT?”

            Franz: “Ah, yes. Zat iss vhat I thought. Ziss ist der kvick fuse.”
            Everybody: “THE QUICK FUSE!?!”

        2. To be fair, IIRC they majicked Dueteronomy back in the play too.

          And no, I can’t believe I’m defending that mindf*ck disaster of a film either.

          1. I do seem to remember reading somewhere that it’s actually a reasonably faithful adaptation; that is, with the exception of the CGI, nearly all the weirdness was already baked in. I did not experience an overwhelming urge to investigate.

            1. Oh yeah, it was plenty weird already. The CGI cat people just made the weirdness an order of magnitude worse.

              And before anyone asks, no, I was NOT a fan of the play or the poems it’s based on, but Little Brother was obsessed with a) cats and b) Broadway Musicals when he was a kid, and during the period when those sessions overlapped I had to sit through the VHS tape of the play more times than I care to remember.

              1. There is a fundamental difference between seeing a show in theatre and seeing it on TV/Movie screen. Man of La Mancha is a marvelous theatrical journey but a blah film — and not just because of miscasting leads or plodding direction. A play immerses an audience in ways that films don’t.

              2. I liked the poems. I refuse to associate even the lesser works of Mr. Eliot with such assaults on decency and sanity as Mr. A. L. Weber’s abhomination, either on stage or screen.

                1. I suspect that my loathing of the poems is due to the fact that they were forced upon me in 7th Grade English, and my teacher was a HUUUUUUGE cat person and loved them more than any sane, rational person should and wanted us to love them just as much as she did.

              3. My parents pretty much got together over broadway musicals – sang Camelot songs together on a double date, by the end of it they’d swapped with their original dates as I understand it – but they never brought Cats into our house. I guess I know why, now.


      2. I really, REALLY had trouble taking that seriously. Of course, that was before three years of unhinged Fascist Left nitwittery. But at the time my reaction was, “Wait. It doesn’t work like that. They do have to know it doesn’t work like that, don’t they?”

        1. Some years ago, I saw a VWRC columnist’s take of the hypocritical hypothetical scenario

          a) Release pee tape/Russian collusion/yada yada
          b1) Trump resigns in embarrassment
          b2) Do *something* to remove Pence from office.
          c) President Pelosi (pay no attention to the fact that Paul Ryan was speaker) appoints Cankles as VP
          note) perhaps they figured they could get PR to do the same?
          d) That president resigns, thus Hillary becomes President for Life.

          They should have had an idea a->b1 wasn’t going to work after the Billy Bush “pussy tape” had zero or negative effect, but they were so sure Hillary was going to win that they never questioned their assumptions.

          They’re not very bright, are they?

            1. There are zombies on Walking Dead that are better fighters than the Republican establishment.

              1. You have to remember that the current Republican establishment developed back when being an effective fighter meant an Arclight assault from the MSM. Trump’s teaching them the new rules of the game, but some are too old to learn.

                1. Politicians don’t have to be smart, just electable.

                  Sometimes I’ve wondered if the national equivalent of a high school popularity contest is really the best way to select a governing body…

              2. The E!Republicans have been so completely and absolutely beaten by the MSM and other liberal institutions that they have the natural response cycle of a battered spouse. If they don’t answer carefully, they’ll get beaten and they have to not offend the people holding the sticks.

                Trump, for all of his sins, doesn’t care. He’s got his money. He’s got his family. He doesn’t have any real scandals to him (think about it-three ex-wives. If there was a real problem, no NDA in the world would have kept them from talking, especially if someone “sponsored” them to pay the NDA fees off). And, he knows how the MSM thinks. This is really just “how much revenge can I get before I leave?” for him. Four years drove the “liberal” establishment mad. Eight years (and, against Biden? Short of him raping and eating a baby on live TV or massive, “start the boogaloo” voter fraud, he’s going to win at this point) will cause people to stroke out.

            2. Level 3 fighters with 10 STR and 7 Const. Your average pencil neck geek would beat them like a drum…

          1. It isn’t that they aren’t bright. They’ve grown up in a subculture that does models, not research. We see it plainest in the ongoing Global Bologna idiocies; their models are garbage. But it goes deeper; they build Worker Housing (not castles) in the air, and expect real people to move into them with yelps of joy. And they ignore any data that contradicts their fantasies. We have State after State pledging to have zero emissions energy by X date…and they have no frigging CLUE how an energy grid works.

            They are very bright constructors of complicated nonsense.

      3. I’m wondering how well the “Five Stages of Grief” will fit. We’ve had Denial: “Trump didn’t really get elected President, not legitimately, and all we have to do is show that and Hillary will be elected retroactively.”

        Now we’re in the Anger stage. If there’s anything to this idea, Depression will be next, with the Left entering a deep, deep funk.

        1. If we’re lucky, Depression will set in after Trump gets re-elected.

          Still not a fan of Trump, but the alternatives just DO NOT bear thinking about. Holy Shit, out of 325 million people, THAT is the best they have to offer?

          On the other hand, HOW did they find SO MANY obnoxious idiots with only 325 million to choose from? Is the human race devolving before our eyes?
          Londo: “They’re merely expressing their feelings for me.”
          Timov: “I can do that.” [Slaps Londo, hard]
          Londo: “You haven’t changed.”
          Timov: “You have. You’ve devoved.”

      4. That was the entire purpose of impeachment. Several Democratic Party officeholders, including the noxious Maxine Waters, openly stated that once Trump was impeached, Pence was next.

  5. Your comparison to the breakdown of a cult does make sense. But I think the point of stress may not be the obvious one. The obvious issue is that large numbers of people are rejecting the belief system. But cults never have a problem with such rejection; in fact, it only strengthens them, by offering a strong contrast between in-group and out-group and by letting the in-group regard themselves as an elite minority elevated above the common herd. The people who disagree can be rejected as the Damned whose opinions count for nothing.

    The problem seems to be rather that you have to have contradictions that can’t be written off as “well, we think this and you think that.” Christ does not descend again to Earth on the announced date, or the Five-Year Plan fails to make the inner party as prosperous as working class Americans, or Stalin is revealed to be a mass murderer (one of Doris Lessing’s early novels writes about the struggles British communists went through over than in the late 1940s). Or, in this case, you have cities solidly controlled by progressives, and they still have crime and police abuses and economic problems and no jobs for a lot of people with expensive college degrees. The whole myth that if you just let people with degrees from expensive colleges run everything the world will be perfect collides with reality. Or, even worse, the myth that if you let reactionaries run things the economy will be destroyed turns out to be false.

    The thing that worries me is that this may not be a cult situation; it may be the emergence of a new religion. Rome had Christianity emerge in the cities, and dismiss the country folk, the pagani, who didn’t embrace it as ignorant and backward; now we have city dwellers embrace ecosocialism and show similar contempt for the people in flyover country. I find it disturbing to think that the Greens might be the dominant religion of a coming dark age.

    1. Yeah, we could have formation of a new religion.

      However, look at the ‘Genealogy’ around Christianity. Judaism begat Christianity, and Christianity begat Communism and Islam. Look at the viable splinter factions within just those four broad groups. The stress of competing with Socialism/Communism/Environmental is a relatively new environment for Christianity.

      I think new mutation from Christianity is the more serious concern. We’ve had two so far that have proved dubiously compatible with peace, a third could be very ugly and is more likely to be functional if coming from Christian stock. I think mutations of purer socialism are more likely to prove nonviable, and the most functional mutations would be ones that increase the capacity for peace.

        1. Oh, that seems perfectly straightforward to me. Marxism has a promised apocalypse, the socialist revolution; a communist New Jerusalem to follow it; the suffering of the proletariat as an analog of the crucifixion that pays the price of entry into the New Jerusalem; Marx as the prophet; the dialectic of history as an analog of divine providence . . . point for point correspondence. Marx came up with a Hegelian analog of Comte’s Religion of Humanity, which made society rather than God the holy and omnipotent being to be worshipped—or, looked at another way, Comte modeled his religion on the Catholic hierarchy, but Marx’s church was more along the lines of German radical Protestantism.

          What I had thought likely for a long time was a Green religion, which would be a sort of pagan revival, pantheistic rather than theistic. But these days the Greens are all reds.

            1. Both of which are also the source of the virulent anti-Semitism of Lutherism for centuries and the virulent anti-Semitism in Communism. It’s basically “the Jews are responsible for their not being paradise”

              1. the Jews are responsible for their not being paradise

                Well it is true … but we’re not solely responsible, not by a long shot.

                Not even disproportionately responsible. About as responsible for it as everybody else, maybe slightly less so since we’re not trying to eliminate anybody in order to achieve paradise.

                “When after all
                It was you and me”

              2. The leftists have found a whole lot of people who are ‘keeping them from achieving their Workers Paradise’.

                It couldn’t be because their ‘Workers Paradise’ is an unworkable delusion, or because they are not competent to run a small business, much less a country, no, it has to be because Those Others are getting in the way. All they have to do is get rid of the opposition.

                Well, they’ve done that. Over and over. They killed off over 100 million ‘enemies of Progress’ to bring about their Workers Paradise, and, where the hell is it? I don’t see that they’re any closer than they were 150 years and 100 million murders ago.

                Their Workers Paradise must be a very small place, given the vast number of people it can’t accommodate.
                You can’t have the government take away the freedom of only the people you hate.

        2. It’s a Christian heresy. Sell everything you have, give it to the poor, and come and follow me. We know that’s not what it is and we know Marx didn’t believe such nonsense, accomplished sponge and grifter that he was, but many did.

          1. Okay, I know the passage you’re referring to. Yanked out of context, yeah, I can see how they would try to apply it.

            What came to my mind first was “The Church of Christ, Communist” from one of Piers Anthony’s novels…

            1. There were good people attracted to it. Even knowing what I know, Proudhon and Kropotkin can carry me along not to speak of the more libertarian libertarians. Dreams, as a previous post showed, are powerful.

              My uncle was a Christian Socialist even after seeing the burning churches drove him away from communism in the Spanish Civil War. He was there in the Quince Brigada of the International Brigades.

              1. I’m an OWL but it doesn’t mean the Libertarian dream doesn’t resonate.
                That internationalism, though…. I know too much about different culture in fact, to buy it.

                  1. Older, Wiser Libertarian.
                    You should have met me in my fire eating days. HOW I kept it quiet where any publisher might find it only the Good Lord knows.

            2. The “Revolution Theology” marxist bent of the priest at my last regular Catholic parish (the parish I grew up in – us kids in confirmation class called him “Father Leningrad”) was what caused me to stop going regularly to mass.

              In comparison, the best Catholic chaplains almost got me going again regularly.

              It’s my view that the internal divisions in the church between the John-Paul-II not-nutjob wing and the saint-Marx full-nutjob wing is being kept under control by all the external pressure – the church can’t afford a civil war. Even with the current Pope’s … unique interpretations and pronouncements, there are still a lot of rational people inside the vast church structure, and that gives me hope, from my slight remove.

        3. There’s a messianic strain, a fall from grace, sacred texts, and an eventual achievement of paradise for the true believer. Not so much in Marx’s original notes, but look into what Engels added, and then later Communists. Hillare Belloc goes into a lot more detail in his book on Heresies, but you can see the roots. Granted, Marx was a secular Jew drawing on Hegel and on earlier proto-socialists (some of them Christian), but Marxism falls squarely into “heresy of Christianity” much as modern Environmentalism does (despite some claims that it is neo-Pagan.)

        4. It’s a satanic distortion. Watch the people who cite Acts as “proof,” communism works and ignore the fact that by the end of the book (and throughout Paul’s letters) the Gentile churches are sending charity to the home church at Jerusalem.

          1. Or course, the first Christians sharing everything in common was properly treated as a miracle.

          2. There are a lot of people who think the “they held everything in common” at the end of Acts 2 was a long-term thing, whereas I’m convinced it was a short-term response to a special need. Look at the beginning of Acts 2, the miracle at Pentacost. Here are thousands of faithful Jews from all over the world — Luke mentions 15 countries or regions in verses 9-11 — who came to Jerusalem for Passover and stayed through Pentecost. The text doesn’t say this, but it’s easy to conclude that they were planning to go home after Pentecost was over. Then thousands of them believe in Jesus, and decide to stay on in Jerusalem for some time to learn everything they can. Thing is, when they planned their trip to Jerusalem, they brought enough money for their needs from Passover to Pentecost, but they did NOT bring enough money for several more months. And there was no international banking system; they couldn’t just go to an ATM and get more for a small fee. So the local believers in Jerusalem started selling land, and whatever else they had, to take care of their fellow believers who had overstayed their money for the sake of learning more about Jesus. Then eventually the new believers from all over the world went back home, and spread the message of Jesus in their own communities — at which point the need to sell land and hold everything in common was greatly diminished (though not completely removed, as there were still widows to take care of; see the start of Acts 6).

            Notice also how Paul tells the Gentile churches, “You owe the brothers in Jerusalem.” Maybe person B didn’t receive money from the believers in Jerusalem directly, but he came to believe in Jesus through the testimony of person A, who did.

          3. Dorothy, all Acts proves is that the 12 Apostles backed up by God couldn’t make Communism work.

        5. Part of it is that they assumed Christian virtues are inherent to humanity, and therefore they can build a state that COUNTS on them as natural.
          The rest William explained, though the coming of communism is not the apocalypse, but the second coming, the restoration of innocence as in the garden of Eden before humans thought of having personal possessions.

          1. I can recommend Tom Holland’s Dominion for how much of what is good about the west and what distinguishes it from the rest is Christian. He’s an atheist I think and can’t be blamed for special pleading

          2. the restoration of innocence as in the garden of Eden before humans thought of having personal possessions.

            They must never have seen young children. One of the first words they learn is ‘MINE! MINE!’ and sharing is a bizarre foreign concept to them.

            Of course, there are also idiots with fancy degrees that believe ‘little children don’t know how to lie’…

            Thankfully, it takes a while before they get good at it.

            The first words kids learn:

            “Mommy!” or “Daddy!”
            “Not me!” (usually when smeared with the evidence)
            Sanity is like most things — best practiced in moderation.

            1. If my experience of them is typical they’re mostly only children of either older parents or broken marriages. I always wonder just how old were they when daddy left.

        6. There is a key assumption made about the target audience.

          The argument goes humans are oppressed and oppressors, the oppressed are people, and to get them just treatment we must go after the oppressors…

          But that argument simply falls apart if the target audience believes that it is nature for the poor to be poor, that oppressing them is right and proper, and that killing uppity poor to preserve order is of no more moral weight than slaughtering an animal, cutting down a tree, or moving a rock.

          It requires an audience that deeply and unthinkingly believes that all humans are people, that their lives have moral value, and that it can be unjust to treat them badly. Then it starts in with the game of dehumanizing the oppressors. Communism and socialism fail to realize what they owe Christianity, because they believe that such beliefs are natural and universal. They definitely aren’t universal, and are perhaps quite unnatural.

          However, that unthought assumption is present within the ancestral forms of communism and socialism. Where could it have come from? Religions with that trait in the area to provide influence were Christianity and Judaism, and Judaism was probably a lesser influence because of lower population density. Also, the Socialist belief in their version of the Devil is perhaps a bit more Christian than Jewish.

          Now, there is a thinker with the handle Mencius Moldbug, who specifically claims that Socialism/Communism were derived from Protestantism. That sounds like it might seem plausible, but I don’t think it is the full picture.

          It seems plausible, because socialism and communism definitely show the influence of the Alter Call, which I understand developed in North American Protestantism.

          I think it is wrong to presume that Protestantism is the sole influence, because there is also a definite belief in works through government, IE, an established Church tradition. Now, there are definitely Protestant established Churches. I think the correct explanation is that Communism is a heresy of Socialism, Socialism is a heresy of Christianity in general, and both have borrowed from more specific Christian influences as those influences were adjacent.

          One of the reasons I get pissed off at Socialist arguments that argue invalidity of Christianity on the basis of unjustly treating blacks and Homosexuals as though they are not people with rights. If I am not allowed to follow Christianity in believing that the unborn are people with rights, why must I believe that any specific human is a person? It isn’t an accurate summary of Christianity, it cheats in negotiation about the rules of societies, and by not reciprocating is not creating an obligation in me to continue extending that concession. The only obligation that binds me on that is that to do otherwise would be to deny Christ.

          1. Then you have the Social Gospel portion of the Progressive Movement. Which basically held that the State was God’s agent on Earth.
            (It isn’t dead. Bush II invoked it by name as justification for his actions. And there’s a good bit of evidence that Hillary was heavily influenced by it before she went full Alinsky.)
            Naturally, “render unto God the things that are God’s, and unto Ceaser the things that are Ceaser’s” gets fuzzy very quickly, and has a ratchet effect built right in.

          2. It must be acknowledged that, as Protestantism (particularly its North American variant) has found the existence of G-d less central to its Faith it has become correspondingly easier to adopt Marxist doctrine.

            There but for the Grace of G-d go we.

    2. Not to mention the fact that the ‘country peasants’ in this day and age have access to all the same tech, weaponry, and knowledge–and in some cases, especially when it comes to weaponry, possibly MORE–than the city-folk. Nor are the country peasants living hand to mouth in the same manner as ages past. Many of us might be poor–for a given value of it–and living paycheck to paycheck, but missing your utilities bill or even the rent is a good deal different than being a couple of meals away from starving to death.

      1. Urbanites seem to view anyone not living in their ant farm as a cross between “The Beverly Hillbillies” and “Deliverance.”

        That someone might not urgently desire to join them in their dirty, crime-ridden, diseased cesspits Does Not Compute. Simply by living there, they are the chosen ones. Or something like that…

        1. I suspect it is in part a cultural holdover from the days when it really WAS a better life in the cities–there’s always some kids, in my tiny little town, who take off to the ‘big city’ every year (usually, though, it’s just Laramie, lol) only for some of them to find that they actually liked the country better, and opportunities might even be better than in the ‘city.’ And depending on where you live, you have access to all the tech, etc at possibly even better speeds than the city!*

          *I found, to my great amusement, that our internet in Nowhere, Wyoming was better than that at my friend’s former home in the Santa Cruz mountains, and she lived only about forty miles from the heart of Silicon Valley. Each place had only one company that did any kind of internet/phone service–but the one here in Wyoming apparently listened to its customers and made an effort to upgrade (likely those customers were the snobby outsider rich folks on their play-ranches, it’s true, but none of us full-time locals were going to complain about better internet!), whereas the one in her area in California basically did nothing at all (well, it WAS Comcast…)

          1. In Italy and in many “breadbasket of the empire” areas, land outside a city or town was probably part of a big villa or latifundium. And that meant a plantation of slaves, slaves, slaves, slaves. It wasn’t like in the old days when you had a sturdy Roman yeomanry of free families ancient on the land, or minor country gentlemen who liked to farm, or ex-soldiers farming their plot granted by the City and People. Taxes got rid of the farmers, and then rich citizens bought the land and turned little plots into big factory farms.

            If it was someplace like Britannia, the hinterlands did have free people and free villages. But there wasn’t much protection… and did I mention Roman sword control? Yup, lots of laws (as time went on) didn’t permit non-soldiers to carry swords, even if there were brigands around. (Very long knives were sometimes okay, but there were also a lot of clubs and saps and staves.)

            So yeah, free people usually lived in the cities or the towns, and evangelization went slowly in the waybacks.

              1. …Oh huh.

                I did remember the bit in the Old Testament about only Saul and Jonathan having swords at one point because the Philistines were limiting things, and I knew something vaguely about later class or location based restrictions regarding swords, but not this.

                  1. Well, at the time, technically Galilee was an ally state, not strictly Imperial.

                    And the laws varied _a lot_ over different times. In Emperor Justinian’s time in the 500’s, any free male could carry a sword at any time, because self-defense was considered important, and killing in self-defense was sparing the empire the expense of a trial. Even slaves were not just permitted, but required to defend their masters if attacked.

                    But in Jesus’ time, under Emperor Augustus, the Lex Julia de Vi took effect, and swords and other martial weapons for civilians were forbidden except for hunting (spears, bows, swords) and for defending oneself during travel (same thing, and that’s what Jesus was talking about). The law also forbade arming your slaves or freedmen with swords (although clubs, studded boxing gloves, daggers, and sandbag saps didn’t count as weapons!).

                    So… technically Peter was in transit and not at home, but using that sword was a tad bit iffy. OTOH, if it hadn’t been officials, he probably could have gotten away with cutting off somebody’s ear for making moves against his teacher.

                    You also get rules like, in Sicily after the Second Servile War, all slaves being forbidden to carry any weaponry whatsoever. If the critters ate you, too bad.

                    Inside the pomerium/pomoerium (sacred boundary of the city of Rome), nobody could carry swords. (Unless there was an invasion of Rome.) The Campus Martius for military practice was just outside the pomerium.

                    That was part of why Roman armies never were supposed to march into the city with swords and armor, and thus it was a REALLY BIG DEAL religiously that Julius Caesar led his army over the Rubicon and into the city. (And to be fair, Pompey and a bunch of others did it first. “Supposed to” is the operative phrase.)

                    Now, you’ll notice that gladiatorial games were an exception; but technically, those were religious and sacrificial in nature. Just like killing a bull and checking its entrails, amirite? And that’s why the Colosseum was right next to all those temples in the Forum.

                  2. Yup. I’ve noted that a time or two to friends who agree with me politically. I’ve also ocassionally answered “What would Jesus do?” with “Fashion a scourge a beat people with it.” That tends to get some rather shocked looks from people.

                    1. I confess to using a similar response during a discussion with my mother about what to do with/about the sociopathic narcissist that had taken over the church I’d grown up in. Mama Raptor was most assuredly not amused.

                    2. … buff and muscular Jesus breaking the arms of the crucifix

                      Mmmmm … probably not doable. Them crosses was made out of very heavy wood, and it is unlikely a man nailed to one could get leverage to break the arms. Especially as pulling his arms forward would a) pull the nails deeper into his hands* and b) place unbearable weight o his feet/ankles (which were nailed to the upright.)

                      Of course, a surge of Divine Glory changes the whole equation … but would be contrary to purpose.

                      *It would be more likely to pull his hands over the nail heads than break the arms of the cross. At which point the crucified would fall down from the feet, breaking legs or something similarly excruciating.

                    3. He was raised as the son of a carpenter, and likely learned the trade. It would have been surprising if he wasn’t pretty strong. And, incidentally, possibly had experience moving tables…

                1. There might have been practical issues, as well. Swords take some training to use. They’re also expensive to craft (both in resources, and a craftsman’s time). It’s much less expensive and easier to use wooden weapons such as clubs or spears. I haven’t looked into this from an Ancient Israel perspective specifically, but it’s a topic that I have given some thought to for various reasons.

                  1. Also, Jews had a thing about bloodshed being more serious (and causing more ritual problems) than doing someone injury without spilling blood. Not clear on the rules during the Second Temple period, but possibly part of Peter’s lurking in the courtyard was that he was kinda on the edge of unclean, and didn’t want to mess up the priests and rabbis’ Passover week.

                    (And yes, it would be kinda neurotic for him to worry about that, when Jesus was heading for execution and he was on the edge of denying Jesus three times, but I think we’ve all worried about the wrong things.)

          2. Right now, we have our best internet service EVER— because we’re an hour from Des Moines, surrounded by corn fields, and all those guys who use the gazillion dollar satallite guided equipment need internet now.

          3. It seems like the old balance – safer from brigandage inside city walls, safer from disease out in the countryside – is shifting again. There are lots of stories about how NYC and SF elite are expanding their real estate holdings outside of town, and that same direction is backed up by word of mouth at lower price points – a coworker outside Louisville, KY listed on Saturday and accepted a full price plus offer on Sunday, which quite shocked them given their last home took over a year to sell.

            Even connectivity is going to change – if your local provider does not get their act together, you will have the option of paying SpaceX and getting pretty darn fast internet over Starlink in just a few months, and that connectivity box will work even if you decide that rural Costa Rica is more your thing than rural Kentucky.

            1. A year ago we were debating whether to move to Boise, ID or Lawrence, KS. But about when we were making the final decision, C noticed that housing prices in Boise were trending upward. Apparently a lot of Californians were deciding that Boise looked like a nice place to live. Of course, the people who were already there weren’t happy with Californians bidding up real estate, or with Californian votes for progressive policies.. .

              1. That has been going on for the past couple of decades. The Californacaters moving to Boise.

              2. Californication has been a concern in Oregon for a hell of a long time. As an escaped Californian living in a flyover county in south central Oregon, I find it quite amusing. The Californians who move (and stay!) here tend to be conservative, winter-hardy, and a damned sight more practical than the coastal ‘fornians who move into areas west of the Cascades.

                Unfortunately, it does tend to concentrate more libs in the deep blue western part of the state, but local policies tend to stay pretty sane. Usually.

                1. Old enough to remember McCall’s “Come spend your money, then go home” posted at the California border with Oregon. Californians moving to Oregon and out paying Oregonians for real estate is nothing new. Inlaws did it when they retired mid-’70s. OTOH they bought their properties in late ’50s, very early ’60s. They just didn’t do anything with it for 15 or so years.

              3. I do recall the buying of houses as “investments”, where out of state concerns caused the price of housing to more than double.
                The labor market was not able to keep pace.
                It sucked.

              4. If y’all ain’t been there, you might be shocked how BIG Boise metro is (including Nampa and various towns abutting)… it’s closing on a million people, and it’s sprawled out enough that it’s a good hour’s drive end to end.

          4. There are still big swaths of California where your choices of internet are dialup or satellite. Fixed wireless and cellphone access have rather amazing gaps. Where I lived, 30 miles (as the crow flies) from the L.A. city limits, best I could do (and only my last couple years there) was 1.5Mbit fixed wireless, and if my house had been 50 feet further west, I’d have been out of range. (As it was, it was borderline — only worked in good weather.) Dunno about now, but when I left in 2012, there were *still* parts of metro L.A. with only dialup (friend in Inglewood was in one of ’em, and that’s pretty centrally-located).

            In fact, one of the big surprises when I moved to CA in 1984 was how many areas within just a few miles of L.A. had no power or phone, or had once had phone lines but now have remnants of old wires on rotting posts. Compared to flyover country, the whole state seems ill-maintained.

            So, yeah, I actually have faster internet here in rural Montana. 😀

            1. Infratructure money siphoned off for social programs, probably.

              I lived just outside Sacramento in the late 1960s; well within the present city limit. I remember a *lot* of brownouts in the afternoons and evenins. My Mom threw a fit every time her soap operas got interrupted.

              And Sacramento is the state capitol. And they still have major electricity problems, so the obvious solution is to mandate… electric cars.

              “Beam me up, Scotty…”

          5. “the days when it really WAS a better life in the cities”

            Well, until it wasn’t. My parents (still alive and sharp at 87) were 8-9 years old when WWII started, so they have memories of the Great Depression. They said all the stories of hunger, etc. were from cities; the rural people could at least get food.

            1. I agree–I gather the attraction during the Industrial Revolution was better wages. But cities have *always* been vulnerable when it comes to food sourcing.

            1. Wellllll doggies, I wouldn’t call the Clampetts smart, but they had common sense. Jed in particular, but even Granny & Ellie May were sensible. The only one lacking was Jethro, and he was also the one most taken with the ways of the city folk.

      2. Nothing else has ever advanced egalitarianism like the firearm.
        That said, with increasingly sophisticated automation and increasingly competent “expert systems”, this Age may be coming to an end.
        It may soon be that one man with a gun no longer poses any threat to those of wealth and power.
        And that’s the stuff of nightmares.

        1. So, personal reactive armor vs. incoming bullets? At first blush I’d think setting that off would hurt.

          1. More like omnipresent surveillance, collation and analysis of that collected data, the power of a police state to proactively identify and neutralize the threat, and a paramilitary faction to run deniable information and kinetic ops.
            Billionaires and politicians being able to buy armies of autonomous warbots is just icing on the cake, really.
            It wasn’t long ago that Obama’s administration released their list of “warning signs that someone is a potential domestic terrorist”.
            I recall checking 34 of the 40some boxes. (I especially liked “Referenced the Federalist Papers in an argument”.)
            I figure it’s likely that nearly everything I’ve written, purchased, or done since then is sitting in a government file somewhere.
            Especially given what little we plebes have been allowed to know of the FBI, CIA, NSA, etc. flagrantly violating the law for political (read: Leftist) reasons.
            During that time, I don’t believe I’ve broken a single law (other than speed limits).
            But it has been clearly established that innocence is no defense, and that an aggressive prosecutor could find *something* (or manufacturer something) to charge me with.
            That’s in the absence of a precipitating atrocity.
            This, in a moment in time when the clerisy is in full “point deer, make horse” mode.
            Be not afraid?
            Be f&#$ing terrified.
            Be of good cheer.
            For we are the stalwart vanguard of our civilization.
            “To every man upon this earth,
            death cometh soon or late,
            And how can man die better,
            Than facing fearful odds,
            for the ashes of his fathers,
            And the temples of his gods.”

            1. One of the little known things about that poem is that he accomplished his mission, then swam to safety and lived to fight again.

            2. A coward believes he will ever live
              if he keep him safe from strife:
              but old age leaves him not long in peace
              though spears may spare his life.
              (Havamal stanza 16)

              Onward into the heart of battle
              Fought the sons of Odin
              Outnumbered many times
              Still – they fought on
              Blood poured forth from their wounds
              Deep into the earth
              Vultures waited for the broken shells
              That once were bodies
              But Odin alone would choose the day
              They would enter Valhalla
              And in their hour of need
              He sent forth onto them The Berserker Rage!
              Now gods and men
              They rose up from the ground
              Screaming like wild animals
              Such is the gift of absolute power!
              No blade or weapon could harm them
              They killed men and horses alike
              And all who stood before them died that day!
              Hail Gods Of War!

    3. Sure, but Christianity works at a basic level. I mean the values of Christianity don’t DESTROY you.
      Then there is the fact that Christians were willing to die for the faith. Being willing to KILL for the faith is not the same. I don’t think it has legs. It’s more like the late roman cult of Isis, including the self-castration and abnegation of masculinity.
      It won’t last.

      1. The self-castration was the Magna Mater, Cybele (from Armenia/Phrygia) and her creepy consort Attis, along with some related shenanigans in the worship of Atargatis/Taratha (from northern Syria).

        Isis worship was kinda normal, although weird to Romans. (Although you’re right in remembering castration as big in the story of Osiris; and Isis’ magic did a number on the sun god, IIRC.)

        1. You are correct. Cybelle, not Isis. I’m going to blame it on lack of caffeine. It probably isn’t, it’s getting old and information retrieval system creaky. BUT I’ll blame it on lack of caffeine. 😉

          1. We have a ways to go, I hope, before Elagabalus and the roses though the level of perversion in our ruling class shows us how far we have come.

            1. Actually, our friend El-agabal turns out to be pretty topical. He worshipped a black stone, traveled it around the Empire, and put it on his coinage. There’s fairly good evidence that it’s the original version of the same black stone that resides in the Ka’aba.

      2. Sure, but Christianity works at a basic level. I mean the values of Christianity don’t DESTROY you.

        Back when Dear Husband was agnostic, that was his reasoning for not fighting Christianity.
        He didn’t think there was a reason to believe it’s true— but it’s not malignant. Fight the evil stuff, first, not the stuff that just makes you uncomfortable.

    4. Except that one of their cult beliefs is that “The Youth” (and various other groups, but always The Youth) belong to them.

      Boomers are dying off– Millennials are now the biggest generation, numerically– but the ’60s, Media-Type, Progressive Boomer Youth Remake The World guys still haven’t won.
      The mean old parents generation of the Boomers are almost entirely gone, the grandkids of the kids from the ’60s who sang along with “My Generation” are now as old as those kids, and THE PROMISED LAND HAS NOT COME.

      Don’t get me started on those horrible, evil, stupid Millennials who survey all right but don’t vote the way the surveys say that Youth Vote (of folks in their 30s) would! Several elections in a row, even!

    5. The people who disagree can be rejected as the Damned whose opinions count for nothing.

      See Thomas Sowell’s “Vision of the Anointed” in which he goes into that concept in considerable detail.

  6. I don’t know. It feels dystopian to me, and with nothing ahead but extended hard times … made much worse for me by the fact that they got my Lovely Daughter™ through her rich schmuck of a boyfriend, and she now responds with literally shrieking, trembling rage (which is not how she was reared, I can tell you that) to me saying things with which she agreed wholeheartedly a year or two ago. That makes it personal and scarier. How long do I have before the boyfriend “persuades” her to cancel her family for voting for Trump?

        1. Ah, but you see, as the Blessed St. Hillary will tell you, women who voted for Trump did so because they were controlled by their husbands and boyfriends, so it cannot be possible that strong women dissent from their leftist husbands. They’d only be strong if they dissented from rightist husbands. This is the way.

          I need some of Facebook’s emojis to show the sarcasm. Or a different font or something.

      1. I’d make her read the Black Book of Communism and give me a report per chapter.
        Yes, I DID stuff like that to the kids when they ran down a particularly stupid blind alley. I enforced compliance with “Well, do you want financial help with college?”
        Because hell no. They can disagree with me. They can’t be leftist airheads, though.

        1. MY Brother-in-law’s family defected. He required that his sons read it. They seem to have survived an Ivy League education without becoming commies.

          I still find Conquest’s Great Terror better since it emphasizes how the revolution ate its own more than the Black Book did. Most people attracted to Communism seem to think they’ll be the rulers.

        2. One of the first ever conversations about politics I had with my eldest son was asking him a question. I think it was “Do you think it is mean or wrong for rich people to have lots of money?” His immediate response was “No.” I asked him why, and he replied “Because they probably worked really hard to get rich.” I was so happy I hugged him proudly. He was utterly baffled at the thought that people being wealthy is a bad thing. Even the ‘inherited money’ thought route wasn’t ‘it’s unfair!’ but ‘Uh, their ancestors worked for that, it’s up to the who they give it to.’

          This outlook did not change, even after I explained that technically, we stood to inherit some land / wealth because of plantations owned by clan /grandparents on both sides of my family (but because of shenanigans it was unlikely we’d ever see anything of it.) I will probably have to do some paperwork someday to just let whoever of my sibs stays in the Philippines take ‘my’ share.

          1. It’s like with the 19th century passion for reincarnation-even at the time critics noted how many women were the reincarnations of Egyptian priestess/princesses and not Egyptian peasants.

            1. Lots of people were Alexander the Great, no as many were his chief eunuch.

              1. Maybe Alexander and Cleopatra’s ghosts are just wandering around the world, possessing people. Or maybe it’s just really powerful story memes, turned into spirits.

                And Napoleon’s ghost keeps hoping to possess somebody who lives next to somebody possessed by Cleopatra….

                1. But what if they’re making a category error?
                  What if it’s not reincarnation, but genetic memory?
                  (And doesn’t that really have a ton more story potential, anyway?)

                  1. There are some…. disturbing experiments that do indicate we have not so much genetic memory but some kind of collective learning/memory.
                    It’s ….. odd. Because sometimes we apparently remember the future.
                    I stumble on them, then run away, because…. seriously.

                    1. >> “It’s ….. odd. Because sometimes we apparently remember the future.”

                      Sure you’re not just remembering Childhood’s End? Because aside from that and Captain SNES (which I’m guessing you’ve never read) I don’t recall hearing that sort of thing anywhere outside of a time-travel story.

                    2. No, I’m sure I’m not.
                      There are really weird tests of precognitive activity. Not quite enough to pin, but enough in aggregate.
                      And there’s the fact that if you study AFTER an exam your grade will be better.
                      < got nothing.

                    3. >> “And there’s the fact that if you study AFTER an exam your grade will be better.”

                      I’d love to know how you’d even BEGIN to prove that…

                    4. What is deja vu but the feeling that one has already experienced a particular moment.

                    5. > What is deja vu but the feeling that one has already experienced a particular moment.

                      Traditionally, “vuja de.”

            2. Yeah, given my penchant for tinkering with stuff, it is more likely that I was the slave who slathered goose grease on the axle of Caesar’s chariot than that I wasCaesar . . .

          2. “Because they probably worked really hard to get rich.”

            I think this can be generalized: Rich people probably worked really hard to become rich, popular people probably worked really hard to become popular, and nerdy people worked really hard to become smart. (Plus other examples.)

            Also, it’s an underappreciated feature of free-market capitalism that dropping out of the rat race and living a modest or even ascetic life is perfectly cromulent under capitalism. But under socialism, you have a Social Duty to work hard. There’s a quote from Shaw’s An Intelligent Woman’s Guide to Socialism and Capitalism to that effect:

            But Weary Willie may say that he hates work, and is quite willing to take less, and be poor and dirty and ragged or even naked for the sake of getting off with less work. But that, as we have seen, cannot be allowed: voluntary poverty is just as mischievous socially as involuntary poverty: decent nations must insist on their citizens leading decent lives, doing their full share of the nation’s work, and taking their full share of its income… . Poverty and social irresponsibility will be forbidden luxuries.

            Compulsory social service is so unanswerably right that the very first duty of a government is to see that everybody works enough to pay her way and leave something over for the profit of the country and the improvement of the world

            (Shaw quote via David Friedman’s The Machinery of Freedom)

            1. *grin* Yeah, it’s simplified, but he was 11-12yo at the time. It’s enough that he understood the basic bedrock concept, and yeah, the concept can apply to a lot of other things. I am glad I introduced him to manga and anime (and through there, webnovels. One of the ones he’s currently reading is Solo Levelling, and was talking to me lately about the hard work the MC was putting in training.)

              I’m not doing the ‘search for your dream career’ thing with my kids. They’re getting ‘it’s nice if you enjoy and love your work, but it’s also perfectly fine to have a career that isn’t your dream but pays the bills and more so you *can* do the things you enjoy.

              *chuckles darkly* One of the things a lot of these pampered socialist wannabes fail to understand is that now, they’re the cosseted spoiled children of an unprecedented era of wealth and plenty, but under Socialism they would never be the rulers, or even upper management. Oh no. They’d be the ‘working class’, the ones that are made to do the Great Working, and that they don’t really get much choice in the matter, especially if the system does the recommendation of whether or not you get into university or a trade college. You get handed what you are fit for, no more than you deserve, Comrade!

                1. I saw “Solo Leveling” and immediately though of laying Han out with one perfectly placed punch…

                    1. If we went into a dungeon with Han or Napoleon Solo, we’d probably get lots of levels or die horribly. But since we are Beautiful Ladies of Pure Heart, we would probably survive the episode.

                  1. …And I should have read the replies first, or at least remembered what crowd I was dealing with. Of course I was beaten to that joke. 🙂

    1. Modern ideas of dystopia are themselves information warfare operations of the left.

      A lot of ‘does not perfectly fit the socialist dream, therefore everything must be horrible in every way’. They first created an illusion, and now that it is established, they wish to evoke it.

      But what is going on with your daughter is different, and the above does not address your pain.

    2. First you have “the buy-in.” That’s her husband.

      Then you get “commitment.” They raise the ante to all-or-nothing; to keep her husband, she has to conform to their standards.

      Usually “distancing” comes shortly after that; disapproval when she talks to people suspected of badthink. That’s you.

      Then she has “sunk cost”; everything she’s given up *must* be worth hanging on to what she has, or she gave up her ideals and family for nothing. Most people don’t want to admit they made those kinds of bad decisions, and persuade themselves they can’t go back.

      Meanwhile, she gets continual affirmation and reinforcement from her new social structure. Any problem must be with her, because everyone (in her current world) surely can’t all be wrong.

      It’s not necessarily deliberate or organized, it’s just How Things Are Done. For them, anyway.

      1. I’m astonished; you nailed it EXACTLY. It’s all about the boyfriend and her new social circle. The nut of it is that she loves this man to distraction and intends to spend the rest of her life with him … and has been auditioning for the role of His Wife (a.k.a. living together) for five years now … and he STILL will not even make a formal engagement with a ring, no matter how long. She assures me that he is Every Bit as Committed as she is, but is being Realistic about his Career and cash-flow first. Right. (Just like a modern couple.) And there’s nothing I can say about it. Thanks for the support here, Huns.

        1. Oh dear. A five year relationship, and he won’t even make it an engagement? Yeah, that’s not good. Lots of hugs for you–and her, when she finally realizes he’s just stringing her along. 😦

              1. insane geek

                Redundancy Detected: We’re all insane, some of us just have the sense to not Evil Laugh where the muggles can see us.

        2. *serious virtual hugs* That’s a hard row to hoe, Werewife. I’ll add you and her to my “concerns list.”

        3. I’d like to take credit for it, but it probably goes back to prehistory.

          It’s also viciously effective, striking right at the self-image of the victim. Good, intelligent, educated people fall for it all the time, not because they’re weak, but because it sucked them in bit by bit, and they never had any defense against it.

          And then they’re stuck in the tar pit.

          1. C.S. Lewis’ apocalyptic novel That Hideous Strength is all about the temptation of being part of the “inner circle,” the people who really Make Things Happen and Know What Is Going On.

          2. Sounds like he’s just keeping her around until he upgrades to a woman with the social/financial standing he feels he deserves.

            1. The sad saying for this is, “Why buy the cow when the milk is free?”

        4. We went through this with our niece. In another five years, he’ll leave her for young new-new thing.
          IF she’s lucky not with three toddlers and no money in the middle of winter.

          1. C and I got married on the 31st anniversary of our cohabitation. I’ve been pleased to see that it didn’t damage our relationship (I’ve heard stories of that happening): in fact it improved it. But I remember, a few years after we got together, when I was around 40 and she was approaching 30, her saying that she worried about my hitting midlife and leaving her for a younger woman, and I told her that she WAS the younger woman. . . .

            1. Well, yes. But it’s the guy who gives his career or finances as an excuse that usually turns out to be a cad.
              I have friends who’ve been together 50 years and never married and have reasons, usually psychological reasons, but if you’re open with each other that’s one thing. When one wants marriage and the other is making excuses….
              And BTW I know two men now in the position of begging for marriage, while women make excuses, so it’s not as one sided as the stories here make it appear.

              1. Back in the late 1970s my parents knew of the second case, fortunately in a state with Common Law marriage. He kept asking her to marry (after 7-8 years together), and she was terrified to, because her ex-husband had started beating her after the wedding. She had come to associate “married” with “beaten to a pulp,” and nothing her common-law-husband did could break that association.

                1. Oregon does not have common law marriage. Knew a couple of couples that for financial reasons marriage was not happening. Both cases involved widows who lost benefits when they remarried. One couple I didn’t know that well. The other one I worked with the guy. He’d mentioned they went to a lawyer and drew up the same type of contract that legally comes with a single piece of paper, marriage certificate. It was 3 inches thick!

        5. Does the boyfriend not understand that the highest female suicide rates are from cohabiting, or does he just not care?

          Co-habiting gives the woman all of the stresses of being married, with all of the stresses of being single, and none of the reassurances of either of them. It is one of the cruelest things a man can do to a woman.

          1. I would say that it’s one of the cruelest things a woman can do to herself. Unless she’s being chained to the bedpost or oven door, she always has a choice. Always.

            I know, I know, many people (men as well as women) can’t see a choice when it hits them between the eyes. As they say in Germany: “Gegen Dumbheit ist kein Kraut gewachsen.” There are no herbs (cures) for stupidity.

            1. The thing is…. A lot of women are naturally good at making sacrifices and making do, for the betterment of the people they love. And in a healthy family or relationship, that’s good and right.

              The problem is that men naturally like the chase, and that’s fine too, if women understand that. So even though a woman makes sacrifices and magically makes the house clean when needed, it kinda behooves her to make demands too. Not crazy demands, just flirty demands or honest demands. If you point the guy at a goal, and he can go get it, it makes him happy. You praise him. Everybody’s happy.

              I dunno, maybe I’m not explaining this correctly. But I think I get along well with guys at work, because whenever I ask them for help and get it, I give them praise and respect in return. I mean, I do that with my fellow women as well, but I don’t think praise really cranks a woman as much as… I don’t know… peer approval? A space to command for oneself? Stuff like that.

              1. Most men’s mental wiring is organized to build things, fix things and solve clearly defined problems. It’s what we do. It’s how our stimulus-reward response works.

                Being presented with a conflict where no solution appears possible is frustrating. When a woman is upset but says she’s ‘fine’ — how can we fix the problem when we’ve been told there is no problem?

                1. There’s several options on the “fine” thing. Note: the “you” is not, actually, You-Imaginos nor is it You-any-other-specific-person. It’s “you” the person objecting to the “fine” response in various situations I have been able to identify; I’m pretty sure folks here can add to the list, too.
                  1) There’s nothing you CAN do, and she knows it will upset you.
                  2) There’s nothing you CAN do, she thinks she’s being stupid (this one is usually mine)
                  3) She already told you. Possibly repeatedly. You either didn’t listen, or you tried to “fix it” and made it worse, either by making a bigger mess, or by making her feel even worse for being upset in the first place.
                  4) Her having to explain what is wrong is the problem; you’re sitting ankle deep in chip bags and unfinished games, there’s the list that you asked her to make for you so you know what needs to get done and when sitting next to you, and the only time you either speak to her or touch her is when you want something. (This one is especially dangerous because it can grow into unhealthy relationship dynamics that feed off of normal bad behavior– the weaponized “fine” where it finally gets the guy to respond, but it also frustrates him. But he’s responding. He recognizes she exists beyond being a convenience… but he’s only doing that AFTER things are already screwed up, and the original problem chain(s) doesn’t get fixed. Kind of like kids behaving badly to get attention.)
                  5) “Fine” means “just leave me alone for FIVE MINUTES, WOULD YA?!?!?”

                  1. The tricky part is that #2 often means that there is something that can be done, but that the woman doesn’t know/realize it. Because let’s face it, all depressed people tend to get stuck in mental dead ends, and women do often tend to try to sacrifice and martyr their way out.

                    Why, yes, you are sick and you should go to the doctor, not just feel miserable until it goes away or you die.

                    Why, yes, your blood sugar is down and you should eat something and drink water.

                    Why, yes, you should go get your hair done so that you can feel better, and no, that’s not shallow or a waste of money. It’s mental health and social points.

                    (Sorry, I just love impersonal-3rd person-singular “you.”)

                    And as Sarah has noted in the past, a lot of time women are more likely to listen to marching orders from their husbands, if the husbands can figure it out. For some reason, men are good at breaking women’s feedback loops, just like women are good at being heard by men.

                    1. *nod*

                      Very true– which kind of relates to #4, ‘pay attention’. Maybe, if you feel like she’s not telling you what you need to do, you do really need to do the work and figure it out, and no that’s not some sort of unfair demand nor evidence she’s an evil manipulator.
                      It’s teamwork. Cover the other guy’s weak points.

                    2. I’ve gotten better at understanding Dan since I raised Marshall.
                      BOTH of them have trouble asking for what they need and/or clearing up confusion….

                    3. I can understand that (not necessarily fix consequent problems, but comprehend to some degree), or having trouble figuring out what you need, or feeling like you shouldn’t… some of it from inside….

                      But for some reason this reminds me of the time I spent far longer than I should have wrangling (and eventually not posting, which was just as well) a comment to somebody I normally like, a lot, about how saying something like “You can do X if you want” and expecting the person to surmise that she wants X to be done (when from my perspective — I’m trying not to be too specific, but I would perceive X as a probable negative that she was giving permission for) — and lamenting that not doing X indicates a lack of a sense of duty or courtesy — sounds like some kind of evil fae thing to me.

                      I guess it’s the ask/guess culture thing? I’m not always very good at sticking to one or the other but guess expectations that don’t match what I would actually guess make me slightly frantic.

                    4. My Elf notices the #2 type fine and deploys the random bearhug.
                      Because he knows it works on me, either by making me feel better– or by giving me an excuse to growl at him, which also makes me feel better, without making him feel bad because he’s doing it on purpose. 😉

              2. We told our daughter to be high maintenance. Within limits it’s best for everyone in the long run.

              3. Heh.
                I’ve been married long enough to shut up when sacrifices that were made for me are held over my head.
                No matter *how* strenuously I had argued against them.

                1. Her: “I bought this stuff for you. Pay me back!”

                  Me: “I don’t have any use for that stuff. Why did you up and buy a bunch of things you knew neither of us wants or needs? And why should paying for it be MY responsibility?”

                  It went downhill from there…

                  SO glad I didn’t marry her. Turned out she had a shopping addiction, COULD NOT STOP spending money she didn’t have on things she didn’t need.

                  1. I once heard of a man who wanted to buy his wife a beautiful but expensive mink coat as a gift, to show his affection.
                    She replied “When or where would I ever wear it?”
                    He thought about her typical activities and reconsidered.

                    1. A certain someone who shall remain nameless used to buy presents for me (“I bought it for you” would emerge from their mouth)–rarely, but occasionally. Invariably it was something about which I had zero interest, but boy was it in line with their interests.

                      They say “it’s the thought that counts” and, frankly, this shows a complete lack of any thought whatsoever.

        6. In your position I would do some research on the standards for Common Law Marriage in the State they are living in. Cads sometimes do their research, but not often. Not that you necessarily WANT her tied to him, but hewn he shows his colors, she should be in a position to peal him like a pear.

        7. Damn.

          I’m sorry.

          I know I’ve told the story before, but one of our gaming group buddies was utterly devastated– his girlfriend left him.

          After 15 years.

          They’d been living together for at least ten, and it was always going to be fiancé…

          He couldn’t figure out why she left. Everything was great the way it was!

          And, of course, not even buying a ring much less marrying her made it so that the threat of him abandoning her, with whatever mess they’d made, was still hanging around.

          Last time I talked to the guy, he still thought that he was the victim in that situation, when he took decades out of the woman’s youth and gave her nothing more than could be expected from housepets or room-mates.

        8. He’s got her figured out… so long as he doesn’t QUITE commit, she’ll keep trying to bag him. Which keeps her faithful and obedient, while letting him do as he likes.

          I’m strongly reminded of certain posts by Jim of Jim’s blog ( — how’s that for being on the spot when domains arrived) where he talks about management of the female of the species. He’s harsh, but generally dead on.

      2. The scary thing here is…that’s also what abusers do to their victims. :/ (Not saying that’s the case here, but it’s a red flag.)

        1. Yup, and it’s just as likely that when/if the guy actually wants to get married, he will dump the “starter girlfriend” and marry some fresh new sucker. Because he has standards, and his parents probably know lots of nice rich girls; and besides, his original girlfriend is now too old to have many kids, right?

          It doesn’t always happen. I know some guys who did marry the live-in girlfriend after years and years. But it’s the way to bet, if they don’t just remain unmarried until they’re both pretty old.

    3. Is possible you might want to leave this around.

      Or if you think Lovely Daughter’s avoiding anything that suggests that too strongly, here’s a leftward-leaning site that is still very good on “what’s abusive behavior (including emotional/mental) and how to stop it.”

      I don’t agree with the writer’s politics, but that might make it more useful in this case; the writer is a definite progressive, and yet it is still a very good site for “Am I overreacting or is this real Darth Boyfriend behavior?”

      You could even approach it as, “this looked interesting on the site so we can talk more and argue less”.

      Sometimes the only thing to do is leave info where people can choose to pick it up.

      Not sure if this will help, but… personal bit here? I knew there was something wrong in my family a long, long time, which pushed me to do a lot of research and finally identify that one parent had a serious personality disorder. Thought I’d fixed everything when we got away from that guy.

      And then nothing in my life just quite went right, ever.

      It took two shocks in very close succession decades later for me to realize the other parent was also not well-hinged, and had in fact been deliberately sabotaging my entire life. First, after a long siege of verbal abuse, I finally asked if she felt that way about me, why did she insist I stay around?

      “Well, I guess you’re just useful.

      Second, not long after that, finding lawyer’s paperwork I’d never seen – upshot of which was I’d been paying on a shared insurance policy thousands of dollars for years, money I would have used to get out, because of a sibling’s accident that everyone else was told not to tell me about.

      When you love someone… sometimes reality has to smack you with a two-by-four for you to see what’s going on.

      1. On the bright side, you still have the capacity to love, to work, and to create. Your worst day is probably more fulfilling than their best day. I mean, sometimes evil is its own punishment. (Which isn’t to say that it completely punishes people in this life.)

        1. Thanks. Though sometimes that’s small comfort while I’m still in the middle of cleaning up the horrible mess.

          But Oni the Lonely is going – slowly, but going – and if I can pull that off as the trilogy it wants to be, maybe I can also get the Ghost Doctor stories written. Because given my searches on Amazon, either there is no market for non-paranormal erotic romance alternate historical vampire stories… or there is one and nobody’s writing for it!

          1. I know there’s an unfilled market RIGHT HERE for non-erotic paranormal d*mned near everything, grumble grumble grumble.

            1. *Nods!* Hence why I’ve ended up reading a lot of LNs and manga lately, trying to find non-erotica with Amazon’s search engine is ARRRGH.

              Well, like they say, if you want something done right… must work faster on Oni. 🙂

              1. Funny how everything streamed gets multiple detailed snowflake trigger flags for things like nudity and sexual situations and characters consuming gluten, but Amazon can’t get basic descriptive stuff correct to the point of obviously miscategorized products, let alone “book has explicit content”. I’ve noticed authors trying to self flag in their descriptions, but that’s dependent on the author.

                1. And self-flagging is weird.
                  “clean and wholesome” gives a completely different impression of my books than what they actually are.
                  I can’t put “No explicit sex” because amazon triggers off the “sex” and puts me in erotica….

            2. Does it count as non-erotic if a character seduces her own husband by . . . undoing the top three buttons on a high-collar, Victorian-style blouse? And then the screen fades to black?

              Asking for a friend.

              1. Sounds about right to me.

                I’m so tired of details that I’d blush about if I was talking to my husband being included in Mandator Scenes.

                1. I’m not sure if that is Alma’s Familiars or Shikari. Or both. Miss Chan is from more or less our own time, and prefers to wear older styles. Riggie is from a far future, and wears what are then very conservative styles.

      2. Second the Captain Awkward recommendation. Her wokeness and political leanings frequently irk me…but even so she gives quite a lot of pretty sensible advice, especially when dealing with toxic relationships.

        And I have seen a few (a very few, alas) letters written by people of a more obviously not-leftist bent, and Capt Awkward responds to them with the same clearness and kindness as everyone else, even if they clearly would not share political or religious views. So for now, at least, she’s good at realizing that it’s OKAY if not everyone thinks or feels the same way about things.

    4. She knows you are right, and the rage is because she can’t bear the conflict between, “I Love him! He’s the center of my universe!” and, “Dad’s got a point.”

        1. Sunk costs. Oh man, that is a pernicious idea. It really means “I’ve spent so much of my time/energy/money/emotions on a mistake that I must keep going on the minuscule chance that it might turn out alright.”
          Been there. Done that.

          1. Unstated assumption:
            because I can’t go back. I’ve used up too much stuff to get to where I am, there’s no way to get back to where I was.

          2. It’s taken one of my brothers many years to realize that despite a great many bad lifestyle choices (as well as other choices) that we still love him and are really proud of the man he has worked hard to become. (Because he’s been working on paying the consequences of the aforementioned bad choices for the last ten years or so, and is now in a MUCH better place.) He still hasn’t gotten all the way there, but I think it really was a bit of a revelation for him, coming out the other side, to find that we (particularly our parents and me, his big sister) were still here for him. Sure, we’re not gonna be too hasty to hand out money these days (he’s making a better living than most of us, for one thing), and are cautious still in other areas–but I hope he’s finally getting it through his head that we do NOT hate him, and we don’t reject him. I think he was stuck in Sunk Costs Land for a long time.

  7. Yes, the Left depends on being able to shame their opponents into at least silence, if not compliance. They do not deal well with logic and data (unless they can skew the data without getting caught). But when shame does not work, they do not know what to do next, except scream louder. And you’re exactly right, when they are told “no” they are stunned. And Trump refuses to be shamed and he says “no” a lot. They’re furious with the righteous anger of a thwarted three-year old and they react in the same manner, stomping their feet and screaming, throwing themselves on the floor, running through the house. And the Leftists in positions of power, afraid of what they have created, react like those parents we all know who are afraid of their darling child (the Dursleys and their reactions to Dudley’s temper tantrums come to mind). It’s going to be an interesting rest of the year.

    1. They’re the “good people”. Their complete lack of self knowledge is evident whenever you object to them. it particularly hurts them when they think you were a “good person”. The apostate is much worse than the heretic after all.

    2. “Skewed” data is not data.

      The fact they can only achieve their ends with skewed data is the reason everything they touch turns to [dross].

  8. They aren’t pathetic. Pathetic implies some degree of sympathy, and I’ve been fresh out since the early 1990’s. They’re TIRESOME. I keep reading Fascist Left morons saying this makes them nostalgic for the ‘60’s, and I agree…especially the Chicago cops playing whack-a-mole with the rioters. This is the Planter Aristocracy whining because after treating the Northern Free States like bumpkins for decades the power was shifting. This is the washed out Aristocracy of Europe in a huff because the Lower Orders were unruly after the bungling of WWI.

    I read something encouraging today: the pinheaded Fascist mayor of New York has evidently repeatedly ordered playgrounds in orthodox Jewish neighborhoods chained shut…and the Jews (bless them!) have been opening them back up with bolt cutters. Also, they’re suing his ass, but I find the news that they are taking direct action as well enormously cheering.

    1. The haredi rebellion in Brooklyn is indeed encouraging. Little inside baseball here: Jewish law holds that Jews in exile must obey the laws of the country in which they live as long as those laws apply to everyone. The moment a regime starts singling out disfavored groups (and not necessarily just Jews) and practicing a different legal standard with them, Jews are no longer required to uphold it. This is a big part of historical Jewish involvement with the US civil rights movement and anti-apartheid in South Africa … and of course, neither black Americans nor black South Africans will ever forgive the Jews for that. IYKWIMAITYD.

        1. The lawsuit is interesting. It’s rabbis _and_ two SSPX Catholic priests.

          The SSPX is the organization that (while technically not in schism and in good standing with the Church) has long been running around ordaining its own priests and bishops for the traditional Latin Mass, and running its own chapels, without being under the diocesan bishops. (Although nowadays, they do tend to consult local bishops, and act more like a normal religious association; and they have been granted some official rights to encourage them not to leave altogether.)

          The interesting bit is twofold. First, Cardinal Dolan can reap the potential benefits of the religious liberty lawsuit, without actually being involved in it. Nobody from DeBlasio or Cuomo can complain to him about the SSPX priests suing the city and state, because the SSPX priests aren’t his guys at all. Their superiors in the SSPX are far, far away, and don’t care about some NYC mayor.

          Second, the SSPX has a sad history of sometimes having priests (and even one bishop, down in Argentina) associated with anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial. This has held back the SSPX in making its points. Many of the really bad anti-Semites have now followed the bad bishop out of the SSPX and the Catholic Church. So SSPX priests joining with rabbis in a religious freedom lawsuit? That’s a big step.

          (The SSPX also was founded, in part, to escape wishy-washy ecumenicism and inter-faith initiatives, so it’s pretty big that they are engaging in civic ecumenicism like this. And yeah, it’s only two guys, but the object of the lawsuit is bound to get them lots of support in the SSPX and similar dissident religious groups. So even if their theology is on the strict side, they are pointing out that they’re willing to help other faiths in the ways that seem proper and permitted.)

        2. Sadly New York State is one of those states where legal ownership of firearms is effectively outlawed except for “friends of the program”. Of course it does not stop the rampant acquisition and use of guns by the state’s criminal element, but that will surprise no one who reads Sarah’s blog.

      1. I am reminded; my parents (A Quaker and a Methodist) raised me to understand that we owe a HUGE debt of culture to the Jews, because it is with the Jews that the idea that ALL Authority is beneath the Law begins. The Jews, who would stand up to their God, and say, “You promised us thus and so; you owe us!”

        And it suddenly strikes me that this explains why the Fascist Left HATES the Jews (and the former Jews in the Left even more so); the very idea that Authority has limits is anathema to them.

        1. That, and Jewish law was written, fixed in time, and Jews were supposed to know and understand it. A lot different from “whatever the priest or magistrate says today.” Ordinary people liked the idea that the law was fixed and applied to everyone; non-Jewish officialdom viewed it as undermining their authority and giving the plebes bad ideas.

        2. Worse, that Ultimate Authority would listen and encourage His own to pay attention to the agreements, as well as doing their part.

    2. chains didn’t work so he had the gates welded. iirc someone torched/sawed some/all of them open.
      Someone else noticed the poorer non-Jew ‘hoods also had locked up park/playground spaces but those in the high end ‘hoods do no, and are quite heavily in use.
      Taking their cues from the Skate Board community who after getting their park sanded, dumped sand into the revolving doors of the city hall, they should not just sweep away/cut chains, but chain and lock Commie Bill’s workplace and preferred park.

      1. They should brick up his stupid mouth. I don’t live anywhere near the fool, and it STILL annoys me that he can apparently still parrot Fascist Left drivel with his foot in his mouth up to the knee.

      2. They also filed a Federal Civil Rights lawsuit against both NYC and NY State accusing city and state officials,m including DeBlasio and Cuomo, of intentionally discriminating against Jews because they are Jewish.

        1. Excellent! Sue them all, the city, county, state, and Federal courts.

          They have enough evidence that any judge finding against them would probably wind up having to explain his decision, before being relieved of his license to practice law.

    3. If only American Jews would realize, it’s the LEFT that hates them. The RIGHT, by in large, don’t particularly give a schiff. That’s one of the beauties of Capitalism, a paying customer is a paying customer. Skin pigment, ancestral makeup, culture, or religion rarely, if ever, play into it.

      1. Indeed. And while there are no doubt some a**holes on the “right” out there who say bad things about Jews/non-pink people in semi-private, they’ll still take their money and sell them their goods. Another beauty of capitalism (and enlightened self-interest): it encourages even the jerks to behave themselves nominally to gain prosperity. It seems to be only the Left that does the whole “you have a different political view/something different therefore I will boycott your company or I won’t allow you to be my customer” which, when you think about it…is really very stupid.

        1. Because on the Right, it’s “Doesn’t matter what you say, what matters is what you do” (so one may grumble about =those= people over yonder, but still treat ’em fair) while on the Left it’s “Doesn’t matter what you do, only matters what you say.” (Cuz words, and now silence, are violence, doncha know.)

        1. And in places like New York City, it is now government sanctioned antisemitism, and often the city itself is the actively antisemitic actor.

      2. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Any Jew even nominally aware of the world should be a raging Libertarian, since the largest cause of death for Jews over the last few centuries can be characterized as “deliberate government policy”

  9. I think we saw a preview of the TDS syndrome back in 1964. Will use Okla. as an example. Was established by a 10% majority who gerrymandered the poo out of it and ruled with an iron fist until…Barry Goldwater. Conservatives popped up like mushrooms and eventually owned the state. Unfortunately they have to operate under a state constitution written by an avid devotee of William Jennings Bryan and is probably one of the most socialist documents in US pol sci history.

    We also saw the media, unimpeded by the internet, go all out claiming a non-existent missile gap and ascribing to Goldwater quotes about. nuking Russia he never made. Sounds familiar to todays scribblers.

  10. The central falsehood of the left is Marx’s curve fit to ‘data’.

    They believe animistically in simple models fit to human behavior. They also believe that manipulating symbols to alter reality.

    Information we have from external sources could be symbols, or it could be data. There is also information that can be sourced internally, from talking to many people in an unstructured way, and putting together bits of information too subtle to be described fully in words or numbers. This last I am weak and unreliable at. I’m pretty heavily a data or symbols guy.

    Media and social media are carefully curated to be free of data. Redstate is not doctrinaire left, but it is definitely still an operation in the manipulation business, and has to be assumed more symbol than data. Even right wingers buy into leftist notions of symbol manipulation to some degree, and when stressed, as now, might get more extreme at it.

    When you are getting mostly symbol from symbol manipulators, who are more motivated than usual, so doing so more than we have calibrated our intuitions to adjust for, you have to assume that your backbrain screaming at you may be doing so based on falsehood.

    That is what I was trying to say yesterday.

    That realization is what has helped me cope with my own backbrain screaming, making it possible for me to do anything at all, instead of wasting /all/ my time engaging with my own panic. (And I am a self organized worker, bad at self organization, and inclined already to make myself useless because I am panicking over my lack of productivity.)

    Does that mean that others are also panicking because their backbrain is screaming? I assume it is possible, but it is not necessarily so.

    My own internal life is not great, so I will try to pray for everyone after finishing this comment. I’m hoping that will help me drop this topic, and move on with my day. (I’m not determined or excited enough about the next activities to have an easy time avoiding derailment. So part of me is expecting an unpleasant, unproductive day.)

    But first, a joke that may be entirely unfunny.

    Actually, Ian was wrong yesterday. I was actually in the middle of losing the rest of my mind, and converting to hard left.

    Lincoln and the abolitionists were racist for attempting to eliminate the African cultural influence of the institution of slavery. The Confederates were Anti-Racist.

    Martin Luther King, Jr., was a white supremacist. The Segregationists were Anti-Racists only seeking to preserve political institutions associated with pre-colonial Africa.

    1. > They believe animistically in simple models fit to human behavior.

      In their world – academia, politics – it works 100%. The Underpeople are troublesome and don’t always do as they’re told, but that’s mostly because they’re been influenced by Deplorable wreckers and anti-Party agitators. Just turn keep turning the screws tighter and you’ll eventually squeeze all the badthink out.

      People of-the-body obey, or they’re pressured until they conform, or they’re cast out.

      > They also believe that manipulating symbols to alter reality.

      It absolutely does, for them. Fail to count the correct number of lights, and you’re out.

      I just read a short story describing an extreme version of that: “See No Evil…” by E.C. Tubb, from 1955.

      1. “The map is not the territory” in their minds translates as “Too bad for the territory. It will be made to conform.”

    2. I brought this up in a conversation with a relative recently: I like reading PJMedia, Red State, etc, but I don’t pretend they any less biased than other news sources. The difference is, they are NOT pretending to be neutral. So I enjoy reading them, and I take it as “truth” only with a goodly-sized pile of salt. But at least they are trying to provide a different voice, and make an effort to not straight up LIE, unlike the MSM…

      1. Oh, I’m skeptical and paranoid about conservative media playing gaslighting games with me.

        But most of the time here, if someone is saying something not based in reality, it is a sincere delusion, or a joke. Still a serious analytical problem, but hugely less complicated.

      1. It is so much fun to watch someone (the allies) taken aback and rendered completely speechless by some one they consider to be helpless.

      2. How dare those Black women presume to know their culture better than we do!

        Ungrateful cows.

    3. “They believe animistically in simple models fit to human behavior. They also believe that manipulating symbols to alter reality.”

      In other words, they believe in voodoo. (Or more generally, in sympathetic magic.)

  11. after discovering it weeks ago, and a while later replying “After 9 years you ban me, but allow more serious and obviously worse violations go unchecked because they are Blue checks?” I am still locked out of twitter, but yesterday they finally sent an email telling me “Hey, we locked you because of this:”.
    It was a looting london tweet and yes it was tagged #shootlooters. Haven’t been bothered enough to delete it.
    Really all I did was keep tabs on an old online friend who is going nuttier as she gets older (More Green/commie Corbyn loving). Can’t be arsed, to care any more.

    1. I was on twits for a long time, though not active at all. Last year I deleted my account. I refuse to be a monkey in that circus.

      1. I wandered away a bit before Glenn Reynolds started his message against it and FB and whatnot. Never deleted it only because of that one person I kept up with over in the UK. Even her going batty wasn’t too bad as she mostly reposted goat/alpaca-llama/kitty/critter memes, etsy store stuff, and dinner at the Pub.

        1. You can still look at stuff w/o an account – you just can’t follow or obviously post yourself.

          At base both Zuckerbook and TheTwitz are productizing accountholders for sale to others, and I just didn’t want to be product, especially with ethics extremely marginal utility of TehTwitz.

          I’m still barely on Zuckerbook, mostly because of your point – Zuckerbook won’t let you look at posts from outside, and lots of friends post stuff there. But I’m getting close…

          1. Ah, I see autocorrect was on by default on new computer. Second para shoulda read:

            At base both Zuckerbook and TheTwitz are productizing accountholders for sale to others, and I just didn’t want to be product, especially with the extremely marginal utility of TehTwitz.

          2. I don’t bother looking much at all and lately it’s to check something I saw on Twitchy or to see what Iowahawk is up to. Never did FB.

  12. Hmmm. I’ve been grumbling the last while because of the stress–I’ve got an eyelid twitch that I haven’t been tired enough/stressed enough to have since 2001 (when 9/11 happened while I was serving my mission, among other things). I’d assumed it was the lockdown (though I quite liked working from home) and then the riots on top of it…but this reminds me that, oh yeah, the left has been throwing a screaming s**t-fit for FOUR YEARS. They’ve just doubled the volume the last couple of months.

    I’m hoping, very much, that another Trump win will finally shut them up, at least for a bit. I’m not gonna hold my breath on it (mostly I’m just praying they can’t commit enough fraud to steal the election), but…it sure would be nice for a little quiet from that quarter.

    1. I anticipate that if Trump wins, and especially if he wins the popular vote, the left will not be silent, but will go over to “democracy doesn’t work; we need direct action.” Not having control of the government, they’re likely to want to “elect a new people” by more overtly authoritarian means.

      1. Ugh.

        I am prohibited by religious strictures from hating people, but some people make it so hard to avoid the more you get to know them….

        1. Me too, but I don’t deny making a very quiet wish that it would be nice if Someone Up There would find it expedient to maybe strike a few of the really, really dangerous ones out there dead…I know that’s not how it works, but even so.

          1. Heh. I have been praying for patience. Unfortunately, the way that that works is that if I want to work on developing it, I have to encounter situations that require me to exhibit it. This does not help my frustration or stress level, but I persevere.

            1. Yeahhhh, NEVER pray for patience, because God loves to then test it for you on every level. After all, that’s how you get more!! :p

                1. NEVER say that Himself doesn’t have a sense of humor, or that it isn’t rather a puckish, sick and twisted kind of humor. I always imagine Him up there going “You’re gonna pray for that? REALLY? Well, okay then, hold onto your butts…”

          2. Himself is likely to say “You voted yourselves into this mess. I’ll help you out, but only if you ask me. And pay attention, this time.”

    2. > They’ve just doubled the volume the last couple of months.

      You ain’t seen nuthin yet… the closer we get to the election, the louder and crazier they’ll get.

      You remember the freak-out after Hillary! didn’t win, with colleges canceling classes because their students were traumatized, newcasters crying on the air, and the general panic of the Left? The “demonstrations” for 2020 are probably already prepared and waiting to go.

        1. Honestly? I think someone pulled the trigger too soon. Doing it NOW only ensures that an awful lot of people will be on their guard come November. And the politicians giving a big middle finger to most of their not-totally-librarian-poo constituency by openly supporting/encouraging the riots is likely going to result in more than a few quietly switched votes.

          My biggest worry is the fraud. But I’m not sure they can hide it anymore, either. My biggest worry is they’ll do it flagrantly, and use it to ignite an actual fight when called out on it. (Ie, “There is no fraud, you just won’t accept the results, see?”)

            1. I do think they pulled the trigger early, never imagining this wouldn’t completely lock it in. Like OWS they expect the masses to rise up and join the astroturf. That the masses DON’T is a perpetual source of confusion.

              1. I definitely agree on the puppeteers pulling the trigger too early. They made a mistake, and that’s good. The Democrats are so desperately wanting Trump to call in the troops so they can howl that see, see he really is Hitler, and it’s frustrating how the old Conservatives are acting as well.

                  1. That’s what frightens me. So far they’ve been very predictable but you never know when they’ll do something really, really stupid out of incompetence. God help us if they ever end up in charge of something important. Look what they did to education.

                  2. Those socialist gardens have been a source of endless amusement to me.

                    Like, I actually know why they put down the cardboard, but that’s a misapplication of a concept (putting down shredded newspaper, cardboard or wood chips to keep weeds from growing too quickly), and I still laugh whenever I remember how they just plonked the seedling pots on the soil.

                    I mean, my own attempt to grow tomatoes wasn’t fantastic because I was a depressed, grieving wreck and would easily lose track of time (but we got at least some cherry tomatoes out of them, and strawberries!) but I got to show the kids HOW to plant them in pots, and let them play at trying to spout seeds of their own (they succeeded with one red pepper.) It stuck enough that when I showed my son the CHAZ farms, all he said was ‘Bruh.’ ( ´ ▽ ` )

                    1. I don’t doubt they’re messing some stuff up, but I can’t help thinking it would be awfully easy to catch somebody after setting out the seedlings to arrange the spacing and before actually putting them in….

                    2. They had a more recent picture of the garden. It has chicken wire, and a sign that it’s for indigenous people or something. There was some kind of workbench made out of mini ladders that I guess they were moving around, and a watering pot, but it all still looked kinda… unplanted-y.

                      Oh, well. The less I watch them, the saner I feel.

                    3. Gee, if only they had a farmer to tell them what to do…

                      Of course, they could never listen to an Eeevul Conservative, and probably and Eeevul Gun Owner to boot!

                    4. And I had to laugh over what they thought would produce enough food to feed them, and how fast they expected to get it. Pretty obvious none of ’em has ever been closer to a garden (never mind a farm) than the produce section at the grocery store.

                1. Yeah…I’m actually really coming to appreciate what Trump seems to be doing here, specifically with the whole CHAZ (or whatever the heck it is today) thing in Seattle. He chastises the mayor/governor openly on Twitter, threatens to take care of it himself…and then sits back and does nothing. To me, it seems it’s being set up as a win-win for him: either they will cave, and beg him to send in help–in which case he can point to this and say “They ASKED for the military.” OR they will do nothing…and continue to make it clear for all the world to see how much they do NOT care about the citizens of their city or state.

                  It does, however, really really suck to be a normal folk living in Seattle right now, and it super EXTRA sucks for the ones in the CHAZ. On the other hand…well, they need to be really, really noisy about demanding the mayor/governor help them. And maybe, just maybe, there will be a lot of folks there who finally STOP voting these lunatics into office?

                    1. Sure, it LOOKS like an agreed upon name change by universal acclimation and twinkles – but the naming conflict festers. The CHAZians and the CHOPians will eventually have to fight it out, and the winner will have to have purges and gulags.

                      [Orders more popcorn].

                    2. Is it bad of me to hope that they try to get an involuntary donation from the Black Rifle Coffee Company?

                  1. If I were going to bet my money would be on their re-electing the same people. Because the alternative is the unthinkable: voting for Republicans.

                    Sounds like a classic abusive relationship, doesn’t it?

                    1. Very difficult to defeat the brainwashing. Had a lengthy conversation with an older woman who had voted for Democrats her entire life. Wen through the lengthy list of things that Democrats had done to hurt her community, including express statements of ill motive by some of them, such as LBJ. This person expressed agreement with these things. However, when I pointed out that if she and others wanted to stop being taken for granted and be taken seriously and have a real voice, they should vote Republican, or even for a third party, even once, to show the Democrats that they are not guaranteed the vote, the response was “I can’t do that, Republicans are racists”.

                      The Democrats have been so successful in their propaganda with their media allies that even after having all of the items of a logical argument accepted as being true, it was still not pyschologially possible to vote for anyone but the Democrat.

                    2. It’s this kind of thing where I can’t believe they’re incompetent. 😦 Wrong about so much, sure, but effective enough manipulators and abusers to make what they want happen — with all its horrible consequences.

                  2. Yeah, that works (and I know this is late) right up until someone says “Trump’s all talk and no action.”

                    I keep saying this because it’s true: If you threaten something, sooner or later you have to show it’s not JUST a threat. The Left has a FAR better track record in that regard…. which is why Vaclav Havel’s shopkeeper puts that sign up and says and does what that sign’s sponsors demand.

              2. Yep – there were no handy pallets of bricks in place out here in CA.

                Either that or they put Hollywood talent in charge of the West Coast brick logistics.

          1. In a lot of states, either there are no specific laws about election fraud, the fraud they’re doing doesn’t meet the specific letter of the law (probably written in much simpler times and never updated), or the county and state DAs aren’t interested in prosecuting any cases that come before them.

            Stacy Abrams *bragged* about committing fraud, and she’s not only not in jail, she’s still on the short list for Biden’s VP.

            I’m more concerned about the media. I remember 2000, when the media gave the election to Al Gore, and the newspapers, TV, and internet news were outraged that Bush still won by five electoral votes. That hissy fit lasted most of a year.

            Now, how much trouble could that kind of outright lying stir up in November 2020?

            1. IIRC, Dubya ended up firing a bunch of Federal attorneys because those attorneys wouldn’t use their offices to pursue election fraud charges in their respective jurisdictions.

              1. It’s funny, you start looking at outsized advances for books that don’t sell, extremely costly films or games that go nowhere, gofundmes for criminals, celebrity charities, “movements”, and after a while the “money laundering” aspects start to stand out.

                1. Sort of like the Eddie Murphy movie “The Distinguished Gentleman” on steroids.

                2. Books are a pretty notorious way to skirt campaign finance laws. You buy a thousand copies of the candidate’s book, and then hand it out for “free” to everyone who attends the candidate’s “500 dollars a plate” fund-raiser dinner.

                1. There’s *never* enough bribe money…

                  Most of them don’t really *need* more money, and after some point the money becomes a potential liability, inviting unwelcome scrutiny. But money is how they keep score, so they’re always standing there with their hand out.

          2. They have already started talking trash about Trump refusing to leave the White House if he loses.
            Should Biden ostensibly win Trump will have most of three months to prove sufficient fraud to challenge the election. I have every expectation that he has a plan for his people, or just DOJ who believe in the rule of law, to document the entire process.
            And no matter what the outcome the end of 2020 is going to be a very rocky ride.

            1. It’s a stupid attempt to photoshop him with their coat. The question gets asked at 20:47, snd Trump’s answer is “Well, certainly, if I don’t win, then I don’t win, and I go on to do other things…” *shrug*

              Honestly, I expect the Left to have already declared jihad upon him and his house and business and will hound him even after his presidency, another four years or no, because HOW DARE ONE OF THE MERE USEFUL SERVANTS USURP OUR ROLE OF NOBILITY! STAY IN YOUR LANE, TRADER!

              1. They WANT the U.S. to be one of those third-world countries that have a civil war after every election.

                  1. Doggone it, now you two have made me check up on Bolivia, where in two years I saw five Presidents, two national elections, and two coup d’etats. The elections were nearly as riotous as the coups. Nope, stable government hasn’t yet been restored since Evo Morales was forced out. It’s working with an interim president. Elections originally scheduled for March were postponed by coronavirus until May, then again until September.

                    1. Leftists around the world were gloating in anticipation that the U.S. would erupt in civil war over the disputed 2000 elections and the infamous ‘hanging chads’. They all were Shocked, SHOCKED! when we just resolved the issue and went on with our lives.

                      They do not understand us. They never will. They will always expect us to act as THEY would act, blind to even the possibility that WE ARE NOT THEM, and never want to be.
                      Delenn: “The ship which has taken Captain Sheridan is known to us. They are called the Streibs. Over the years they have sent out ships to investigate defenses and acquire samples of any lifeforms they encountered. Their last expedition was into Minbari space. We tracked them back to their homeworld and made sure they understood the depth of their mistake.”

              2. > Honestly, I expect the Left to have already declared jihad upon him and his house and business and will hound him even after his presidency,

                The Attorney General (I think that is her title) of New York has already announced that, and several smaller fish.

                Of course, she’ll be taking on a former President, with all his connections and popular support, and his money. The estimates of his net worth seem to average around just over 2 billion, which seems very low; I expect that’s just his play money and his main assets have already gone to his children or are sheltered in some way.

            2. The Left has been pushing the idea that Trump won’t leave if he loses since just after the election. I remember overhearing someone at work (who I didn’t know) trying to convince his co-workers of this after hearing it from some TV personality (John Oliver, iirc). There’s nothing new about it.

              And in fairness, I remember commentors over at Ace’s blog suggesting the exact same thing about Obama, particularly as the end of his second term drew nearer.

              1. Easy. Trump announces he’s now identifying as “Donna” and is a new person, therefore Donald’s two terms don’t apply to her. And any attacks on her are transphobic, and she’ll have them arrested for harassment.

                Watch the Leftards go into brainlock…

            3. It’s called projection. Democrats routinely accuse everyone else of doing what Democrats do and plan to do.

              Bigger concern for me is that the Democrats are trying to set the stage for an outright military coup of Trump wins by lining up establishment ex-military officers and their active service allies and friends. After all, Democratic Party activists and mouthpieces have been calling for a military coup to oust Trump since even before he was inaugurated.

              1. Like the ones that professed to believe Trump was going to send all the gays off to concentration camps to beat the gay out of them?

                I noticed that for all the crying and hair-pulling, none of them seemed worried enough about the oncoming Gaypocalypse to, oh, move to a different country…

          3. OR. They find excuses for smaller riots now to “normalize” the idea that riots are an outcry of the people against Trump’s policies*. So by the time the election rolls around, the MSM can just bob their heads up and down and report that once again there is a ground-swell of grass-roots protest** against Trump, and people will be primed to believe it. That’s how deep this game goes. Underestimating the progressive, marxist LEFT is a mistake we can’t afford to make.

            * Never mind that Minneapolis has had a Democrat as mayor for a long time, and the President has very little to nothing to do with local police actions. That’s the job of local government, like the Mayor… just sayin.

            ** This is why they are pushing so hard to normalize the re-branding of riots/violence as protest, ie. “Protected Free Speech”

          1. “Light another police station – I’m cold!”

            “Sorry – all out. Last one went in September during the heat wave.”


            “Nope – last one end of August.”

            “Local convenience store?”

            “All the remaining owners bought machine guns.”

            “Well, darn.”

      1. There’s a meme I see on Twitter, and it was pervasive enough that my husband who hasn’t got the time to keep track of this shit sent it to me one afternoon.

        It goes “Coronavirus isn’t working any more, unleash race war next.” Next panel: “Race war isn’t working any more, try coronavirus again!”

          1. Yeah. I don’t believe there being a second plague, but have a feeling in my gut that this has less to do with plague, and more the increasing border hostilities with India, where twenty on India’s side have already been killed.

            1. Well, I believe Beijing is having an outbreak of coronavirus, and I bet other Chinese cities are, too.

              But then, they were freaking dead set on keeping coronavirus out of Beijing, so of course it would run wild when it got there. And Beijing is full of pollution and dust at the best of times, and it’s full of people with very low Vitamin D levels.

              And the locust plague and swine plague are probably worse than we’ve been told, and there’s probably tons of civic unrest we’re not hearing about, because we have heard about some bad stuff on the mainland, not just in Hong Kong. So cutting off air travel within China is probably making the party bosses happy.

                    1. Oddly enough, just this morning I was musing that another way of spelling “Karen” is Carin’.

                1. It means the CCP has released a new batch of the virus with the intent of continuing its war against adversaries as it ramps it its campaign of global conquest. Its aggression against India is simply part and parcel of this. Locking down its own cities simply gives them a pretext to try to scare other countries into doing it and to round up political dissidents and have the lead poisoning deaths count as “virus” deaths.

                  Anything the CCP claims should be taken with the same grain of salt that the pronouncements of Oceania had.

                    1. Oh, it gets better. Chinese gangs, knowing there’s plague, have been deliberately throwing contaminated pig parts into pens of healthy pigs, so the farmers now have to slaughter their swine… and look who buys the meat at a discount and smuggles it back into the market to make money.

                  1. My understanding is that this particular swine flu has also been working its way westward across the Eurasian continent.

        1. The “plague” gambit didn’t give them control, but it gave them a lot of power, and legitimized unConstutitional actions against the citizenry. They’ve run the “riot” gambit several times without getting much out of it; “plague” actually gained some ground for them.

          They’re going to run that one again, as often as possible, trying to wreck the country so they can take over.

            1. That doesn’t mean they won’t try, and we cannot be certain that they won’t get away with it, given the fecklessness of the Federal Courts in some cases (see the Thomas and Kavanaugh critique this week) and the steamrolling of even fellow Democrats by tyrannical governors, such as the Murphfuhrer in New Jersey (he won’t even provide the date or models he is using to make decisions to the senior legislative leadership of his own party.0

        2. The new sky is falling on my social media is how Arizona is now the hot spot for new COVID cases.

          1. Out here it is “The children! Think of the children with it, don’t let them go to Grandma’s house, Houston, the Children!!!” and so on and so forth. To my not great at all surprise, the local Con just cancelled for the year. It’s a pop-culture Con aimed at teens and younger adults.

            1. As of today, we apparently have mandatory masks.

              I still believe if they’re going to force us to do COVIDabuki, they should provide us with oni masks.

                1. The governor of Texas has just declared he lacks the authority to force us to wear masks BUT advised that every pissant tinpot local dictator can require all store patrons and employees to do so. And added that has been his intention all along. As more evidence accumulates that this bug is not as bad as advertized, the badder they seem intent to make it appear.

                    1. It might just be that Governor Abbott is inviting “pissant tinpot local dictator” to put their asses on display in time for the election.

          2. My current drama is that both the toddler and the infant want to be on my lap while I was fishing in Minecraft, so they could watch and fall asleep. My neck and shoulders are killing me lol. Relocation to bed did not resolve the problem.

    3. I’m hoping, very much, that another Trump win will finally shut them up, at least for a bit. I’m not gonna hold my breath on it (mostly I’m just praying they can’t commit enough fraud to steal the election), but…it sure would be nice for a little quiet from that quarter.

      They are going to go ballistic. The screaming will cause birds to fall out of the sky. I’ll be doing a happy dance, but there will be mass coronaries and heads will explode. They have convinced themselves that there is no way Trump can win reelection just as strongly as they convinced themselves Hillary couldn’t lose. Stay out of the cities after the election.

  13. Lift that torch high. You can always get the pitchforks later….

    Well, I’ll bring a source of fire. Can’t promise it’ll be a torch or maybe just that it’ll be a really big torch. I’m not into pitchforks at this point.

  14. Because if they lose power, everything they did was for naught, and they’ll not only fail but be exposed as failures.

    I’m poking at a guest post for you about this– triggered by yet another epic rant someone wrote that was greatly damaged by a stupid add-in acting like only those between the ages of 39 and 24 engage in it. Like the behavior was any more endearing in the 60s, or when Dorothy Sawyers included it in passing between the world wars, or when it was Stupid Nobility Tricks back when the idea of a “world war” was scifi, which hadn’t been invented yet…..

          1. Not all red dots are laser sights, but any red dot could be a laser sight.

            They also serve who only employ laser pointers.

              1. Weirdly, mine appears unable to see the laser dot. I’m trying to figure out if he has some kind of weird cat-color blindness, or if he’s just that dang nearsighted…

            1. I have envisioned a distributed ‘crowd’ all using higher powered (green) laser pointers to boggle the sensors on Corona-drones. Distributed so there’s no ONE person to readily seek out.

  15. Two things I saw in the last couple days that this brought to mind. One, I have a gay cousin who posted something to the effect that, “If you love someone who is LGBTQ+, know that voting for Trump is an act of violence against them.”

    Second, one of the tangential comments from a Democrat Representative from New York (in an MSNBC interview where he stated that conservatives use “religious liberty as a pretext for discrimination”) noted that every major progressive movement today is being led by young people. My first response was, “that’s because we’re not as easy to fool when we’re older.”

      1. Being an activist pays better than working at McDonalds. Until they stiff your pay… but yeah, people with careers don’t become street activists.

    1. You need to post back to your cousin; “The idiocy being pushed forward in your name is brewing a backlash of epic proportions” . I have gay friends and trans relatives, and I seriously fear for them when the storm hits.

    2. Very clear that Democrats intend to include a war on religion as part of their war against liberty. Needless to say there will be one religion that is exempt from this and is treated more equal than others.

    3. THE most openly gay friendly President we’ve ever had, and they think he’s the one waging violence? They guy who’s been fighting discrimination against gays for decades before running for office? The one who has appointed more openly gay people to positions in his administration than all other administrations combined?


    1. Do you really want to be calling on the Hanged God now? He is not exactly a friend….

  16. … rely on my one day out a week

    One day a week???? EXTROVERT!!! Social Butterfly!

      1. I understand. I actually had a conversation with somebody outside the household today.

        I even initiated it:


        “Who should I say is calling?”


  17. Totally off topic!

    Amidst all the idiocy, I have some good news! Somebody has made THE BUTTERFLY KID available as a kindle book. They’ve done the same for THE UNICORN GIRL and THE PROBABILITY PAD too, but BK is really the best of the three.

      1. Only ever read THE PROBABILITY PAD once, and it didn’t leave much of an impression. UNICORN GIRL was ok. It’s THE BUTTERFLY KID that I’ve treasured. Enough so that a few years back I paid to have it scanned into digital. I’ve done the same with Russell’s THE RABBLE ROUSERS and Robert Frezza’s three Suid Africa booms.

  18. Re The Anger:

    Insty linked a story the other day about Public Health Officers deciding their cushy term at the public trough is not worth the consequences ( that points to the direct result of the exercise of the newly found power to destroy economies, which somehow is not engendering sufficient acclaim and appreciation from the proles.

    Interesting to me is if you follow the link to the supposed underlying legal authority, there’s really nothing in CA law that’s quoted that enables the closing of all businesses or “quarantining” of an entire population. And the highest penalty in that law for not complying with a public health order is a misdemeanor.

    In a legal environment where the police no longer even show up for property crimes that rise to felony level, I guess paddleboard-guy’s misdemeanor violation was a special case down in LA.

    And I think those sad Public Health Officers are feeling only the edge of the incandescent rage that is brewing in the general population.

      1. More concerning.

        1. What can they do? They can’t do their jobs. They KNOW their ‘leaders’ will throw them under the bus to appease the mob.
          Dark Willow: “Bored now.”

          1. Yeah. I don’t blame the police. What’s this about the cop who shot the idiot who resisted arrest getting the death penalty? If that’s true then NOBODY should be surprised the police are refusing to answer calls. They’re fucked even when they do EVERYTHING right!

  19. Wow. I just have to say … shortly after leaving my assorted droppings here (it is the way of my people), I actually had to go deal with some of that work-from-home I’m supposed to be doing for the good of (and paid by) the taxpayers of my fair city. Now I was able to come back, and be absolutely astonished – in the best possible way! – by everyone’s sympathy, good wishes, and excellent advice, plus lots more interesting input across the board. Really, sometimes I wish I were older so that I could retire tomorrow and read Instapundit and According to Hoyt as a full-time job for 8 hours a day! (Okay, maybe 7 hours and a long lunchtime.)
    THANK YOU, EVERYONE. Very, very much.

    1. Yeah, 7 1/2 more years until I can qualify for my pension and walk away if they piss me off anymore. It’s gonna be a long 7 1/2 years.

    2. Don’t wish you were older! That will come far too soon all on its own.

      The only thing worse than getting old is the alternative.

      1. You are a cop. You are trying to arrest a large drunk. He resists arrest, and is big and strong enough to fight off you AND your partner and steal one of your weapons. He runs, you give chase, he turns and SHOOTS AT YOU!! BANG! MUZZLE FLASH!

        Why would any sane person NOT return fire?! The officer did that, less than one second after the Taser shot.

        In that chaotic mad scramble, there was NO TIME to stop, and think, and realize that it was a Taser, and had only one or two shots. It was a weapon, it went BANG and FLASH, and you DAMN WELL shoot back before the bastard has a chance to take better aim!

        Rayshard Brooks won a well-deserved Darwin Award. No part of that incident was anything other than his own damn fault.
        They were the bad guys, as you say, we were the good guys, and they made a very satisfying THUMP when they hit the floor!

        1. I’ve seen videos of police with two shot tazers. Which makes sense to me. And there’s the fact it still can be used as a touch weapon. So.

          I have absolutely zero sympathy for Brooks. Whatever sympathy the police involved may have had (in the video, the cop’s body cam shows him asking if ‘Mr Brooks is okay’) will probably have evaporated now. Go ahead, charge the man with murder, and watch the cops in Atlanta go “FUCK THIS TO THE SUN” and refuse to do their jobs. Or leave en masse.

  20. Captain Awkward had a bad day, where she basically asserted that if your older parents drive across the country, THEY WILL DIE. And that it’s your duty not to go anywhere near them, if they insist on being disobedient.

    1. Well gee, she’d be mad at us, then. We drove from TN to Wisconsin and hopefully, we’re going to keep driving on

        1. “Hey, guys, what happened to the last folks who decided to ignore the ‘don’t tread on me’ thing?”

          It’s like they’re Trying to find more bad guy losers to style themselves after.

        2. They have to. The only way that they win is by projecting a level of power that they simply don’t have. They have to make everyone *think* that they are the majority, even when that’s not the case. The prime example, of course, is Lenin’s Bolsheviks, who bear a name that means “majority”. Obviously they wouldn’t call themselves that if they weren’t the majority, right?

          And obviously BLM and Antifa wouldn’t act like that if they didn’t have the support of lots of people, right?

          It occurs to me that the internet is a double-edged sword in instances like this. It can swell your own head by acting as an echo chamber and making you think that your minority position is more popular than it actually is. But it can also do the same for your enemies, causing them to fight harder against you than they otherwise might. Because, after all, everyone they speak with on the internet agrees with them.

            1. If they were just activist groups they would not be the threat that they are. They are the de facto paramilitary arm of the Democratic Party which helps finance them and point them at particular places and enemies in order to further the Democratic Party’s quest for absolute power. It is why the Democratic Party media consistently praises them and excuses and endorses their violence.

              1. Sure. And why they blew up OWS into a real movement when in most cities it was six hobos on the corner.
                BUT be not afraid. Yes, I know like me you see the worst case scenario. But their stupidity fights on our side.

                1. Don’t insult hobos. Six bindlestiffs possibly, but hobos work for what they get. See “The Sixth Column”.

              2. They are the Brownshirts. Or, possibly, Mussolini’s Blackshirts.

                The next step is to intimidate voters, or outright attack ‘conservative’ voters, or people who look like they might be ‘conservative’ voters. They will physically attack ‘conservative’ candidates, burn their campaign headquarters, rape and murder their volunteers…

                And since they have been taught only the fake history that serves the purposes of their masters, they don’t know that we have seen all this shit before. We know where they’re coming from, and where they’re going. We know they HAVE to be stopped.
                Those who do not remember history are doomed to repeat it. Those who do remember history are doomed to watch everybody else repeat it.

                1. Taupeshirts.

                  Ernst Romm’s boys would go through them like a hot knife through butter

                  1. Yellowshirts!

                    “If the Yellow Shirt fits, wear it!”

                    Although they’re likely to wind up more like Redshirts…
                    Bring out yer dead!

        3. But look at what’s happening in NM. The local gov is prosecuting the shooter despite him doing everything right for that situation, except for breaking the rule of “Don’t go into bad areas if you can help it”. If you operate according to the standard rules, but are placed in a bad situation that requires lethal force that you would not be in if you did not resist the erasure of history and culture, and are prosecuted for following the rules – who is going to resist the destruction of our civic culture?

          I’m sorry if that doesn’t make sense – it’s late and I’m still drowsy from putting the kids to sleep…

        4. I’m gonna say the same about these idiots as I do about the RIFs. The poor bastards think they’re winning because nobody has yet been roused to go wipe them out. Eventually they will do something that flips the switch from “piss off” to “ok, I’m gonna come kill all of you now” and it will end bloody.

          1. I think it was Larry Correia who described it this way: To the Left, violence is a dial. It can be turned up or down in increments. To the Right (and I’ll also include most libertarian types in there) it’s a switch. It’s either “on” or “off” with little to no in between. When we flip that switch, things get really bloody, really fast.

            Do not push the right and libertarians to the point where they flip that switch. Just don’t.

          1. A lot of ’em pulled a few points from charisma as well. Maybe we should be grateful when our enemies cover their faces.

  21. That’s an interesting line of thinking about the degeneration of the social justice movement’s political faculties across generations. I appreciate you contributing your very level-headed and experienced (and I believe much more accurate) view of the adherents of these ideologies; it’s a breath of fresh air compared to many other narratives I read on the subject. I’d also really like to thank you for raising the too often unmentioned demoralizing and socially disintegrative effects of lockdown policies, and the fact that these horrifying and dystopian effects extend even to people who aren’t very social.

  22. Hemlock is technically a cure for stupidity that’s herb-based. It’s just not among the herbs that most people keep in their kitchens to add flavor to their food….

    1. I avoid the internet stuff with various games like that; anyway I am too busy playing online poker.

  23. Yep. I agree with your failure of prophecy analysis. The UFO reference suggests you read “When Prophecy Fails.” And the third generation thingy. Because the current lot don’t really know WHY they are doing what they are doing.

    For instance Atlanta tonite. Didn’t that prosecutor think about how the cops might not like one of theirs being indicted so the DA could have a photo-op?

    1. Per Redstate, the DA is trying not to lose the runoff after being tied to stealing/embezzling tens of thousands of dollars, and coercing sex from subordinates.

      1. Of course, that is wholly unnecessary. Raping subordinates is protected under the Civil Rights Act now.

  24. One other point can be made. In the year 2020, Marxism has what it didn’t have one hundred years ago: a track record. In 1919, Lincoln Steffens could come back from his tour of the new Soviet Union and say, “I have seen the future, and it works!” Since then, we’ve seen just how well his future worked. Back then, classical economists could argue that socialism/communism wouldn’t work, but these were theoretical arguments. Now, socialism is no longer promising because it’s no longer new.

  25. I think a heresy at least requires you to acknowledge the existence of God, which they of course deny. It’s a goofy attempt at copying the process of religion though.

    1. I think the important thing is the group ritual based in magical thinking.

      If an individual makes and buries a curse tablet, it is magic.

      If a village makes and buries a curse tablet as a community, it is religion.

      A mystical tradition native to the culture may tend to be incorporated into the mainstream religion.

      A mystical tradition foreign to the culture may tend to only be practiced ‘underground’, as magic.

      And they very definitely have a worship practice that acknowledges a form of spirit. ‘Inevitable historical forces’ are spirits. I’ll admit that they are spirits inspired by then contemporary progress in the sciences, instead of an extension of the human trait of reifying humans to reifying animals and objects as if they also had human minds and souls.

      Would a Christianity variant that only substitutes Shinto Kami for The Lord cease to be heretical if it ceases to really acknowledge The Lord? Okay, I’m not sure that this is something that could exist in actual practice for very long.

      Beyond that, the appeal socialisms make to human dignity slightly and weakly imply that maybe there is a God for all humans to be children of?

      There’s also a subtle implication in the assumption of a structure to reality and human societies, which could then by illuminated by the correct intellectual activity. But the Greeks had a long tradition of structure to reality, not necessarily caused by a god, which could then be mystically understood by the correct intellectual activity. Was very long an influence in mathematics. It only lost important mathematical fights in the 19th or 20th century. It was definitely an influence on Marx, so bringing it up on net weakens rather than strengthens my case that socialism must be understood as a heresy of Christianity.

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