We’re Home, We’re Safe

Sorry for not updating yesterday or really today. Sorry for not doing a chapter of Witch’s Daughter.
That will happen sometime this week.
I’ll probably resume normal posting tomorrow, but…

We were helping #1son and spouse move. Because the cheapest way was to drive u-haul and their cars, this involved all five family members in a multi-day drive, not counting the way back.  Because they got shorted on u-haul (look, everything is upside down and sideways and as was they had to drive 200 miles to get A u-haul, even if smaller than they wanted)  we had to rent a large size vehicle, to take the additional stuff.

Other things: finding hotels that are not likely to be in kinetic zones.  Dealing with outright bizarre and contradictory rules in restaurants: you can it out, you must eat in, you can get your own drink, no drinky touchy, etc. etc. etc. until you puke from ad-nauseum.

The conclusion from dealing with all the crazy rules (in hotels, too like some have a no housekeeping rule. Others, though they took our reservation were closed and sent us elsewhere… where we didn’t want to be. Etc) is that this is a completely irrational and complicated cos-play and I want NO part of it. If we’re going to cosplay, let’s do something fun instead.

Anyway, on way back with #2son stopped some fun places, but because of the issues it all took too long, so we were always rushed. Also, we didn’t get a decent sleep for three nights. (Yeah, I know, bitch, bitch, bitch…. ah, well.)

I had the Huns dinner for the SECOND time this year (Really? Dear Lord, the year has been crazy) and yes, it was sort of thin.  But it was a taste of normalcy.

BUT other than that…  nothing much has happened all day today.  I’m so completely out of sync I tried to set up a doctor’s appointment for tomorrow….

So forgive me. I’ll probably resume normal posts tomorrow.  Today I’m still out of sorts.

98 thoughts on “We’re Home, We’re Safe

  1. Maybe the Great Author decided to make your trip more “interesting”?


    The Great Author sent a lightning bolt my way. Of course, if He wanted me dead, I’d be dead. 😉

    Seriously, glad you’re back safely and as Pam said take some time to relax.

    We can wait for fresh reading material for a while. 😀

    1. We plan. God laughs. Yet He does not say don’t plan. Just be prepared for the unexpected.

      Enjoy the trip with Him. Just ask Elijah about that journey to the widow with nothing, if you have complaints. You don’t have every soldier in the kingdom looking for you….yet.

      1. Of course He does not say don’t plan. How else are we going to learn the huge gulf between what we can plan for and what can happen? Successful planning is an exercise in applied experience and we rarely live long enough to get really good at it.

      2. From General Eisenhower: Plans are useless. Planning is essential.

        Just stay flexible, and, like the Boy Scouts, Be Prepared.

        1. They planned their campaigns just as you might make a splendid piece of harness. It looks very well; and answers very well; until it gets broken; and then you are done for. Now I made my campaigns of ropes. If anything went wrong, I tied a knot; and went on.
          — the Duke of Wellington

  2. I’m finding myself wondering if ‘Nea Culpae’ is legitimate Latin.

  3. That sounds like a fun little odyssey! I’m glad you got them there and I’m glad you made it back. Yes, rest and take care of yourself.

  4. Glad you’re back safe. And it coulda been worse… the trip coulda been full of Plot Points. 😀

  5. Ouch. Sympathies.

    Assuming that Tampa Bay Comic Con even happens next month, we may well be looking at the hotel crazy dance too. We usually take our own food with us for lunch and supper, but typically rely on the hotel’s complimentary breakfast — but if we can’t count on it being there, we need to make sure we have some kind of breakfast with us, because we cannot just skip (medical reasons).

    Still, forewarned is forearmed. And there is still the possibility that it might still cancel — we had two conventions that had insisted they were working with the venue to make the con happen suddenly turn around and say nope, not happening, we’re rolling your booths over to next year. One of them is on an impossible date for us, so I’m now waiting for a refund to process.

    These are indeed Interesting Times.

    1. If it does take place, will it be compelled to promote leftist orthodoxy and slogans as the price of being allowed to proceed? I suspect there is going to be a lot of that in the coming months, with activists trying to shut down anyone who doesn’t and the corporate chains meekly caving.

    2. I’d love to take you both out to breakfast on the Saturday morning, there’s a First Watch restaurant a couple blocks over that opens at seven if that works out for you timewise. I can see if something else opens earlier if need be. Send me a mail at at the Goog’s mail dot com and I’ll give you my cell.

      1. I remember one day when I got home late, opened the door and the cats were sleeping on the couch.

        Me: “I’m home!”
        Cat: Sloooowly open one eye part-way, then close it.

        That was all they had for me. Screwy critters.

        1. Back when I lived in my apartment my cat (at the time) established a routine: upon arriving home I would park keys and such, round the corner into the bedroom and flop on my back, with cat leaping up to perch on my chest and get pettings while head-butting under my chin & nuzzling me.

  6. Glad you’re back safely! Thank you for taking the time to tell us, but now I will just wish you good rest.

  7. Glad you are back save. That you got the son and DIL moved and, if not settled, at least on their way to be so. Welcome home.

  8. Thank you for the update! I am glad for you that the bumps on the trip were not major potholes. Rest, recover, and take care. 😉

  9. To. quote the Bard, “all’s well that ends well”. Today anything short of catastrophe is a good ending

  10. I’m glad the journey turned out all right, even with various levels of “adventure” in doing it.

    Oregon now (as of Monday, anyway) has most counties in Stage 2 (more people in places, barring protesters, but AFAIK, you still need an appointment and a papal dispensation to get a hair cut), with 5 or 6 near the hot spots in Stage 1. Multnomah county (home of Portland, and they can keep it) hasn’t yet gone for any opening, except that protesters/rioters have free rein. (Maybe “free reign” is appropriate for how they’re getting appeased…)

    The hotel I used in late February says they’re allowing last minute cancellations through August. So far as I know (probably should check), there won’t be any bobbles in that medical appointment that month. It was starting to get screwy; housekeeping didn’t do my room but I had no idea that they weren’t going to. I finally traded towels to get cleaner/dryer ones.

    Our restaurants are the “no touchy drinkee” and “if you want condiments, we’ll give you a packet. Maybe”. Dining rooms were open (for various level of hardly any tables), but two places didn’t bother to do so. One was waiting for a corporate edict, while the Chinese place just didn’t know. I’m not sure they’ll make it; at least at lunch, they’d be packed, and those customers aren’t getting takeout just now.

    1. Oh yeah, and because 2020, the garden now has a half inch of snow on it. I expected this, so our raised beds have a layer of frost cloth over the plants, and 6 mil polyethylene plastic supported on hoops over the beds. The official weather guess has a lot of 26F tomorrow morning. Experience says we’ll see a few degrees colder. Brr!

      Unless it gets too warm today, I’ll keep the plastic in place to retain heat. We’ll see how many of the plants made it come Monday. I don’t think we’ll find any seeds if we have a wipeout.

      The tomatoes and carrots in the greenhouse should be fine.

      Has SMOD announced its Final Tour itinerary just yet? I heard it was going to appear with Saint Andreas and the Cascadia Shakers.

      1. It hit 100 in my part of Arkansas yesterday. Official NOAA predicted high was 93; that’s dead nuts for an NOAA forecast…

        Fortunately I got the new window AC installed yesteday morning. When I ordered it I noticed GE now offered black as well as the usual beige. What the hell, why not?

        It’s… shiny black. And so are the accordion panels, all of the trimwork, the screws and metal hardware, the power cord, *and* the filter element. Mrs. TRX is thrilled. I think I would have been happier with boring beige, but as long as she’s happy…

        1. Hmm. I sense a parody…

          (Sitar riff ….. driving beat….)

          I see an A-C and I want it painted black….

      2. Apparently the Yellowstone Supervolcano is joining the tour. Otoh Killer Hornets fizzled out for lack of interest. With faith in G_d we proceed. Pray to at. Michael and be not afraid.

        1. Latest I saw was that “seems to be easing down” or such. Of course, given the quality and accuracy of “reporting’ nowadays that is perhaps more concerning than if they reported “she’s gonna blow!”

          1. Just remember if it erupts you will get the usual “world ending, women and minorities hurt most” headlines from the usual state media,

          1. (Looks at 2020 Bingo card) It looks mine pays out with “Giant Radioactive-Metabolism Sauroids Stomp Blue City” and “Minor (<1 megaton equivalent) Bolide Impact in the Eastern Hemisphere”.

        2. Just got back from Home Desperate with enough concrete blocks to keep the Really Cold Weather plastic from blowing out of place. Absolutely horrible weather today; rain, snow, graupel, and now for a few minutes, sunshine.

          OTOH, Home Depot was busy. Some guy was going out with enough materials to build a large shed or that house addition he designed while on lockdown. Damned few masks, though the guy who used a full-neck gaiter up to his eyes made me glad I had something noteworthy in my pocket… (and I wish I had thought to pack the 1911.)

          The Murder Hornet show has been cancelled due to bad flying weather.

          1. The Murder Hornet show has been cancelled due to bad flying weather.

            The attic in my head is overloaded with odd associations.

        3. Yellowstone Supervolcano is joining the tour

          Yes. Yellowstone took a geologic blink when Helen blew 40 years ago, shouting “okay, boys, 1-2-and-3, let us blow …” 🙂 Granted the t-shirt I got my folks had just the Cascade mountains, plus Shasta & Olympic, leaving out Yellowstone Supervolcano … maybe that was the problem she is feeling left out? Hmmmm? 😉 😉 😉

          Just kidding. The swarms of earthquakes in the greater Yellowstone caldera is businesses as usual.


          Was living in Longview when Helen blew. One of favorite frequent places to visit is Yellowstone. Tend to follow the news … and Yellowstone geological happenings. OTOH Yellowstone does blow … we don’t have to worry about politics. Does give them another fear mongering tool to throw around however …

    2. I made a store run this morning. Hit Harbor Freight and Lowes. A couple of weeks ago masks were a rarity. Today I may have been the only person in Lowes without a mask. At Harbor Freight, maybe 90% were masked, plus they’ve put what look like clear shower curtains between the checkers at the checkout stations.

      Considering summer has rolled in with a bang, no wonder a lot of them looked miserable…

      1. I made a HarborFreight run this morning in Ohio, and saw mask usage at about 30%, maybe as low as 25%.

      2. I wonder if the higher number of masked up people are those who’ve just emerged from lockdown.

        Locally, there was a slight uptick in mask usage last Tuesday, but that’s also the day Fred Meyer has the senior discount (Kroger branded stuff 10% off for those 55 and up), so demographics are skewed a bit older than other market days.

      3. I see more masks and ‘precautions’ all the time. Four months ago they might have made some sense but today it’s all just political theater and posturing. They claim ‘Coronavirus killed 100,000!’ but we can’t trust their numbers. Washington state was caught making false reports: ‘No, no, they died of coronavirus, not the bullet holes!’

        They really are going to keep flogging this until the last corona virus dies of old age.
        Bring out yer dead!

        1. If this was really science, instead of cotton masks that to a virus look like a chain link fence to a mosquito, they’d be be making everyone wear those clear-plastic face shields. They are not, and so they are cosplaying.

          1. That’s crazy talk! Next you’ll be claiming that making people remove their shoes before boarding planes does nothing to stop terrorists!

  11. > If we’re going to cosplay, let’s do something fun instead.

    Conina the Barbarian! And Dan can be Mr. Saveloy…

    CONINA: “Kill them now?”

    SAVELOY: “No, luv. Get the receipt first.”

  12. I finished reading the Allan Bender deposition — somebody put up a link to it a few days ago. Had to stop every few pages and use a couple yards of Mental Floss.

    If only a tenth of that was true…

    He says the security ministry of Qatar owns at least two U.S. senators, an unknown number of Congresscritters, half the Democrat party, the Washington Post, the New York Times and CNN. They’ve got $650 billion available for bribes, and they have ‘invested’ in a number of big shots that might run for president some day.

    Their pet senators pass them classified information, which they sell on to Iran and terrorists. They considered 0bama a useful idiot, not even needing bribes.
    “Neville Chamberlain was very keen on peace!”

    1. They got the World Cup awarded to them through outright bribery even though it is ordinary played in the summer and Qatar is utterly unsuitable to the tournament during the summer heat. They are also a major funder of Hamas and other genocidal Jihadist groups.

      We should be cutting them completely off and sanctioning them, like we are doing again with Iran after Obama’s open effort to make them a world power,

      Of course the part of the Democratic Party not owned by Qatar is owned by George Soros and the leftist tech oligarchs. So are a lot of the establishment Republicans.

      I have special contempt for the Never Trumpers, who would rather be subjugated in hell than have to deal with someone they view as uncouth. None of Trumps policies or goals are remotely harmful to liberty or the future of the US as compared to what Democrats will do should they win in November.

  13. I think anti-abortion groups should do large protests in Democratic Party run cities and states with lockdown orders that cite the number of black babies killed every year through abortion and ending those signs with Black Lives Matter, even the unborn ones. The stream of vitriol coming from Democrats/left and their efforts to shut down those protests would really expose their blatant hypocrisy:

    1. Me mam has been protesting every week outside the PP in my hometown. The most vitriol she has experienced has come from her age group (she was born in ’52).

      Ye reap what ye have sown. Sometimes it is a late late late harvest.

      And I am curious if ye (generic plural ye) told people that Sanger was an avoid racist…. and the PP is just following in her footsteps, so, whether heads would explode or there would just be denial.

      1. They’ve whitewashed Sanger’s past — not just her racism but her support for fascist politicians such as Hitler.

        Tell people their saint has feet of merde and they’ll attack you rather than face the truth.

      2. She’s been defended from that in the past. IIRC, the claim is advanced that her racist views were only in the early parts of her life, and that she’d come to her senses with regards to racial equality later on.

          1. Considering that PP kills a disproportionate number of black babies and then sells them for parts, the devotion of the dem’s suckers is mind boggling.

            1. It all works if you make the assumption that the unborn child is a non-person.

              It becomes the ultimate death or chocolate cake choice:
              Did you rip your baby girl limb from limb, or are you protecting scared women from people who want to abuse them?
              Did you pay someone to poison your first born son, or are you helping people choose the best life course possible?

              For far too many people, to admit that the child who is half an hour from a natural birth is as much a human person in every moral and biological sense as they themselves are is exactly that choice.

              Are they a monster, or are they a hero?

                1. Some of the commenters at Ace’s blog compare it to Moloch worship (which infamously “passed children through the fire”)..

                2. Blood God: Why is it always blood? it gets tedious, have you ever thought that maybe I could use a nice tea cozy?

    2. C’mon, man – you know what would happen! The newscasts would frame it as “Far-Right Religious Zealots Protest To Suppress Black Women’s Rights Over Their Ow Bodies” and such crap. It would be linked to “the sordid history of slavery” and “denial of Black Women’s autonomy.” Exhibit A in the “They want to put y’all back in chains” 2020.

      Any such protests would need to be carefully framed to defeat the MSM’s ability to define the narrative. We’d probably be better off protesting “Yellow Lives Matter” and demanding an end to discriminatory quotas at Harvard, UCLA and other schools.

      1. I like the Hasidic school (yeah, I’m using the wrong words; I was raised Lutheran. Deal.) that rebranded its school carnival as a Floyd George protest rally. They got away with it, too. [VBEG]

        1. Apparently there was a small local racetrack in North Carolina that decided to re-open and advertised the night’s event as being as a protest event in support of Black Lives Matter.

          Now we get to watch Democrats decide which protests are genuine or not, while openly defending looting and rioting.

            1. TL:DR version of the argument: The county sheriff told the governor if you wants the track shut down, get a court order or have your state troopers do it.

              Even shorter version: Sheriff tells governor: You’re not the boss of me.

  14. Any ever have an oven (the kind in its own box seperate from the stove top) jump out of its hole? Can I just push it back? Do I need to drill new holes?

    1. You’re supposed to kill dinner before you put it in the oven…

      There should have been some securing screws, latches, or clamps. Before you push it back, make sure it hasn’t kinked the gas line or pulled the power cable against something sharp.

      1. Yeah, it was more of a slip than a jump, about an inch on one side. Gotta take a shot at it I guess.

        1. It’s been a few decades since I owned one, but a) check for gas leak if applicable. A sniff test should point out something vile. An inch shouldn’t cause trouble, though. b) check power in the stove. I think mine plugged into a dedicated outlet in the cabinet.

          Beyond that, there should be a mounting flange where the oven can be screwed into the cabinetry, or some kind of clamp mechanism to do the same thing. If you don’t have installation instructions and can’t figure it out, do a web search. Manuals are usually on line for anything much more complicated than a manual toothbrush. Usually free, too. If it’s recent, try the manufacturer and/or Amazon or Depot/Lowes/Sears, etc).

          1. Manuals are usually on line for anything much more complicated than a manual toothbrush.

            Some folks do need instructions for those. With pictures and very small words.

          2. It occurs to me that I don’t know how to tie my shoes. I’ve been tying shoes without thinking about it for so long that when I do try to think about it, I screw it up. I have to go back and tie ’em without thinking.

            How many other simple activities get so ingrained that you don’t remember learning how to do them in the first place?

            1. Walking.

              Bipedal perambulation is grossly unstable and requires constant correction. Even with built-in firmware, it takes a new human a couple of years to master the trick. And then minor amounts of ethyl alcohol will jam a stick in the works…

              1. Or just spinning around a few dozen times. Or riding on a ship.
                “I had to drive, Officer. I’m too drunk to walk home!”

            2. Or once you pass a certain age in some cases. My last hospital visit, I was deemed a “falling risk” and told to call the nurse if I needed to get up to use the facilities. Fine, until I had the first attack of diarrhea…

              1. They do that if you’ve had a c-section or maybe the drugs involved in one, too, might depend on state as well.

                You can imagine how impressed I was. -.- (I absolutely hate asking for help. And usually don’t like getting it, either.)

  15. Family first!

    (Also, if I don’t comment much over the next few days, it is because, as per protocol, Vincent has brought home the flu. Which is why I don’t bother with flu shots; he brings them home. Also, I think Rowan is teething or something.)

  16. Y’all are back safe, they’re moved, and you didn’t kill anybody… It’s all good! Now rest up and back to the grindstone! 😉

  17. FWIW – Fled Crook County for family home in Colorado, near Blackhawk at 9,000’. Working on breathing today. COVID paranoia was stronger than I expected when I overnighted in Grand Island. Lots of masks and a hotel clerk who looked like he didn’t want to be on the job. When asked where I could eat sit down, his response was that he tried not to go out at all. I hadn’t expected a high level of fear in Nebraska. Do they have that many cases? On the way up, I stopped in Boulder, and well, I won’t even talk about the crazy vibe there. But that’s Boulder and why we never go there unless we have to.

    1. No, Nebraska didn’t have that many cases. OTOH they have an aging farming population, and a number of packing plants, so the combo could be the problem.

    2. Looks like about four deaths a day reported, really ramped up enforcement about mayday, zero change in anything I can see besides getting stricter.

  18. I’ve been on the road as well, but in Texas, only in small to minuscule towns, and things have been blessedly normal. OTOH, I could do without the blessedly normal June heat wave. Thppppht.

    1. Did a road trip to the Gila River above Winkleman then through Globe before heading back to Tucson, Globe was pretty much the same as Tucson when it came to the COVID-kabuki, but the individuals we talked to at Oak Flats didn’t display any weirdness, just annoyed with the protest-rioting stupidity from Phoenix and Tucson.

  19. Spouse and I are planning the LAST say again LAST Military PCS move (from the Pentagon back to retirement in Southern AZ) to occur in stages this summer and fall. We are trying to get a feel for what level of disrupted operations to plan for. The assumed worst case is pack own food and sleep at rest stops for each run across with cars and later with moving truck. The expected / forecast case is inconsistency in the level of hotel and restaurant operations ranging from the merely humorous to exasperating. In our trips from Northern Virginia to Central Virginia to teach we have seen significant regional difference in compliance and /or cosplay in just a 150 mile range. I may crowd source questions on regional conditions to the community here as we get closer to execution….

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