It Is Later Than You Think by Bill Reader A Blast From the Past from 1/22/2019



*I am not sure whether to give Bill credit for his prescience or set him on fire.  Being that’s across the country for me and in lock down in an insane state (A lock down instigated by the new class and the media apropos nothing much), I suppose I’ll have to go with the first. We are in a pitched battle for survival and we must hope that G-d looks after fools, drunkards and the United States of America – SAH*

It Is Later Than You Think by Bill Reader A Blast From the Past from 1/22/2019

“We thought we ranked above the chance of ill.

Others might fall, not we, for we were wise—

Merchants in freedom. So, of our free-will

We let our servants drug our strength with lies.

The pleasure and the poison had its way

On us as on the meanest, till we learned

That he who lies will steal, who steals will slay.

Neither God’s judgment nor man’s heart was turned.”

-Rudyard Kipling—”The Covenant”


It is only lately—and, I think, in conjunction with many others on the Right—that I have properly ascertained both the magnitude and the severity of the threat we as a civilization face. I choose my words carefully, here—as a civilization. Not just as a nation, but all of us in the broader western world. We have all fallen prey to something pernicious. And it is both exactly what Glenn Reynolds discussed in his USA Today column here—and then again it is something slightly different.

I’m not seeking to present anything new to you today. I will consider myself to have done well if I present what you already know together, without the soporific effect of lengthy times between stories, or the calming effect of great distances. This is not about the future. I am not even sure it is about the present, though I remain optimistic. But see it, and judge it, for yourself— and recognize it for what it is, because I’m lately afraid our time is much dearer than we’d suspected.

It is later than you think.

The world’s seven largest economies, in ranked order, are the US, China, Japan, Germany, the UK, India, and France. Traditionally, China, Japan, and India are considered Eastern nations. Therefore in a practical sense—and probably also, arguably (albeit at more length than I care to go into; I have bigger fish to fry), in a pragmatic and philosophical sense— the heavyweights and current stabilizing poles of the Western world, writ large, are the US, Germany, the UK, and France.

It would be troubling for me to write that there had been a coup in any of these. Yet increasingly it looks like there has been a silent coup—or certainly an attempted one, at all events—in all of these. Not because of grand conspiracy, but because of a kind of monoculture among what Glenn Reynolds refers to above as “the new class”. They are easy to identify, by their smug certainty that they know better what ought to be done with and for you than you yourself do. And they are beholden—as often as they can possibly make this so— to nobody, and are guided by nothing except their doctrinaire beliefs in what might charitably be called academic Marxism, and might more aptly be called simple totalitarianism.

Angela Merkel was the bellwether. Guided not by the desires of her citizens, nor by any apparent concern or understanding of its ramifications, but solely because it was pleasant to pretend that Germany could accommodate them, she opened Germany’s borders to vast hordes of impoverished denizens of the third world. As tends to happen with people imported from backwater nations using absolutely no filtering process to guarantee they are even aware of their host nation’s values— let alone support said values— they brought the cultures of their native motherlands along with them instead (not that this is topical in any way). And on New Years Eve, in 2015, “For all of Germany, police estimated in a document leaked in 2016 that 1,200 women were sexually assaulted and that at least 2,000 men were involved, often acting in groups”. These crimes, largely by ‘men of “Arab or North African appearance”,’ were the gratitude Germany got for its attempt at grandiose humanitarian aid.

A heavy price was borne for Merkel’s arrogance, though Merkel herself remained comfortably distant from what she caused, as is usually the case in these “for your own good” schemes. Her only meaningful punishment is that she is not planning to seek re-election as leader of the CDU or Germany—and even still, she fully intends to stay chancellor until 2021. Though not before making German politics decidedly more—interesting. In 2017, along with her ouster, suddenly the Alternative for Germany (AfD) party was a significant force, and her own party was on the back foot—to her shock and dismay. Her citizens chose the “wrong” answer, and the international press was sure to tell everyone as much. (As an aside: the “quality” reporting in the US and UK makes it utterly impossible for me to tell whether AfD is actually a concern in its own right, or just a correction to an overwhelmingly idiotic decision by the ruling party. Insofar as the MSM can’t tell the difference between Trump and Hitler and have reportedly been axing foreign correspondent positions for years, I tend to assume that the AfD would get called Nazis purely for holding stances the Left disagrees with. Actually being German is just icing on the cake. By the way, to any leftists reading, here’s a hint: Hitler probably wouldn’t even recognize Israel—given that a lot of the radical islamic groups in the middle east were originally funded by the Nazis in part because they both hated Jews. He would therefore be decidedly unlikely to favor Israel over “Palestine” by moving his embassy to Jerusalem. Oh, and he probably wouldn’t be Grand Marshall in a Salute to Israel Parade. But I digress. On the other hand, 2017 is also the year “Mein Kampf” got back on the German bestseller’s list, and you can spin that how you like, but it doesn’t strike me as a good sign. I would love it if someone who is near Germany could weigh in with their thoughts in the comments.)

Turn now to the case of Brexit. In a complete surprise to the British elite, a referendum on leaving the EU came back showing that the British don’t like absentee landlords from the rest of the continent telling them what to do. This had recently become especially important since, well, Germany had just attempted to commit suicide by taking a massive overdose of immigrants.

Now the EU was telling the rest of its members that it was no fair not also attempting suicide, and immigrants should be able to move freely into England from Germany. Not that the British press said it this way. No, the British press, curiously, decided to frame their opponents as being “anti-immigration”—which they say in roughly the same way you or I might say “satanist”—thus demonstrating that between Germany and Scandinavia, professional leftists the world over don’t really have a problem with rape, as long as the victim is a blond white chick.

Moreover, the elite in Britain were outraged, since many of their close personal friends happen to be absentee landlords from the rest of the continent, and their favorite hobby to bond over is making up absurd things and telling people to do them. Think of it as “Simon Says”, except to stop playing you have to emigrate—and you have to wait for Simon to say you can emigrate.

But, driven by a resolute belief in the power of democracy, they boldly decided to: not comply with the result. The people, you see, had once again gotten the “wrong” answer. So the British elite dragged its feet, and the EU threw an outright tantrum which made it easier for them to do so. (Not that the EU doesn’t have its reasons—England leaving is an existential threat to the EU, since it essentially destroys the current “rob from the rich and give to the dysfunctional” model it operates on by taking a massive cash source away. If you wonder why the EU is trying to rob Britain blind in Brexit “deal” negotiations, it’s because they can’t afford not to.). This culminated in a “deal” by Theresa May that was so ass-backwards many people think it was intentionally designed to be broken—and it went down in flames by a massive margin. The rest of this story hasn’t even been told, yet, but the smart money is that Britain’s elite is going to try to push another vote on Brexit, and this time encourage people, by hook or crook, to choose the “right” answer.

Say, do you notice a pattern?

Well, how about this story, one you know well. The MSM, to give the First Woman President (TM) the best possible chance, openly prayed for the person they considered the worst, most back-number conservative candidate, to run against her.

And when they got him—good and hard, as you might say—they proceeded to attempt to destroy him the way they’d always done with Republican candidates. EG, they called him Hitler (I always wonder how many Leftists who instantly played the Nazi card on Trump even remember that we endured probably six solid years of the “Chimpy McBushHitler” slander from them, personally, before Trump was even a major national candidate. If the Republicans could nominate Anne Frank to a major position, the Democrats would trip over themselves to call her literally Hitler—and a gender traitor, to boot.)

Trouble was, first, they didn’t factor in that they were still running one of the most unlikeable people on the planet—a person whose tagline rapidly became a single derogatory term for opponents, “deplorables”—that applied, essentially, to everyone from far right to moderate middle.

Secondly, they assumed that running footage of Trump discussing his beliefs and campaign promises would hurt him. To be honest, to the extent that I was skeptical of Trump at the beginning, it was because: A- Given that he was from New York and had pictures taken with virtually every notable Democrat you can imagine, I didn’t think he believed in or would even attempt his campaign promises; and B- I was partially caught up in the media response on the right, from outlets like National Review that, in retrospect, I think were themselves mostly people who couldn’t bring themselves to doubt there had to be fire behind the massive MSM smoke-bomb, and later felt they’d be seen as inconsistent if they changed their minds.

But for anyone else who was in my boat, I can’t imagine that seeing what Trump actually said was especially off-putting. There are things like tariffs I’m not in love with—but most of the platform is solid. Tax reform, an emphasis on border security (of any kind, actually, compared to the import-a-voter Left), reforming (rather than, as the single-payer advocates like Hillary would have it, further deforming) healthcare, deregulation, taking the boot off the face of American energy producers—there’s a lot in there that most of the right and many in the middle can agree on. Meanwhile, Hillary “Adult Fun Camps” Clinton basically offered European governance, except more corrupt. This rather extreme position, the MSM explained, was “moderate”, and they estimated that Hillary had a 99.9999999% chance of winning, with the remaining 0.0000001% being their estimated odds of her being tragically hit by a meteor.

But insofar as this was about five months after Brexit, where it turned out that even Britain had had enough of European governance, this went over about as well as you’d imagine.

Actually, it went over worse. Hillary Clinton went from impossible-to-lose to impossible-to-win so fast it had much of the  MSM exposing their true colors that very night. You remember the tears and shocked faces?

That alone should have put middle America on notice about media bias. And to the Democrats, this seemed like some kind of terrible miracle. I’ve talked about that before, and I won’t belabor it now, but I suspect that’s in part because the upper echelons of Democrats know they rig the game in their favor.

And if you don’t think they know it, first, I offer the examples of Arizona and Florida in the 2018 midterms. And second, I offer the very first bill the new House brought to the floor. And third, as an extension of their, shall we say, morally challenged ways, note the willingness to use the FBI on a fishing expedition against Trump, starting before the election and continuing, now, a full two years in. I’d say there’s very little that shows off to better effect that they want to win at all cost.

Because there patently isn’t any there, there. There never was any. At best it was about using Russia as a convenient excuse to find something, anything, real, with which to take down Trump and thus reverse the election results. At worst, they didn’t even want something real. They may well have simply wanted a string of tantalizing accusations that would then be immediately disproven. Note the unending barrage of Headlines in 30 point font and retractions in 6 point font a week later (if, indeed, any retraction materializes at all), which the media collectively calls “ethical journalism”. In fact, look at what has happened this very week—as we saw a “bombshell” about Trump so stupid it was dissolved by Mueller’s office within a day, followed by a “bombshell” about catholic school-kids disproven by more extensive video evidence than a murder on a movie set, some of it taken by the professional protesto— I’m sorry, I mean “victim”, himself. “You can bury a person just as effectively with potting soil, as you can with real dirt. You just need to buy enough of it,” is the new MSM motto.

And what is all of this ultimately for? Why do it?

Because you, American voter, chose the “wrong answer”. And your elites are here to “educate” that tendency out of you. But first, they need to violate a ton of laws, and take us well into banana republic territory (What else do you call government officials, many from the last administration, rebelling against a duly and legally elected leader and actively fighting everything he does, exactly? Contrary to what the Left likes to say, that is extremely ordinary behavior—from Leftists, no less—in those lovely South and Central American countries that are so well run, we need a wall in part to keep their people from coming into the US en masse. What it is not a legitimate part of, is the tradition of Western Democracy.).

Not because they want to, you understand. If you had simply surrendered like good boys and girls and submitted to your rightful masters, they could have done everything they wanted without breaking any laws. It was you, ungrateful peon, who forced them to use extra-legal means to continue upholding the status quo, and only because they are deeply #principled are they continuing to doggedly fight to ensure your rights are abrogated for your own good. And by the way, as with the EU in Brexit, the Left is fighting Trump tooth and nail because he’s threatening their nest egg.

They know that people from South of the border vote Democrat. If at all possible, the Democrats would like to integrate them into their welfare web (Because on closer inspection, it’s oddly reliable how the “safety net” seems designed both to trap people and make them prey to eternal predation by Democrats. One might begin to suspect LBJ knew what he was about, no?), and keep them voting Democrat for, well, forever. People call them out about flip-flopping on their stances, but of course in their mind they haven’t flip-flopped at all. They were willing to support border security only when there was virtually no chance of it being enforced. That’s why the Trump administration has noted that there are extant laws calling for barriers on the Southern border pre-dating his administration, which were curiously unenforced. Now that there’s a chance of border security being enforced, the Democrats are openly opposing it. But their position is consistency itself.

The only thing that changed is that before they were lying to keep you happy, and now you ungrateful oafs have forced them to acknowledge their actual beliefs.

And so, after all that, what do you do with a place like France? Macron, by all accounts, is only the proximal cause in a long string of abuses on the French people—and more specifically, its middle class.

You see, in pursuit of various personal goals—forcing people into carpooling and mass transit, environmental posturing, good old fashioned money and power—apparently France’s elites have, for some time, been enacting increasingly insane laws that benefit themselves while inconveniencing the populace. At some point, a tipping point was reached, and the people of France donned yellow vests and started protesting—say have I heard this song before? Sounds like it’s being done by a French cover band. At all events, the French government—apt students of history that they aren’t—have responded in the way any reasonable oligarch would: they’ve started talking about banning unsanctioned protests. Yes, this will go well. Obviously. How could it possibly not?

The people of France were successfully talked out of voting for Le Pen, but, mon dieu, they have still somehow fallen backwards and now, malheureusement, have picked the “wrong” answer. It is up to their betters in the elite class to make this gauche and ill-mannered display impossible by outlawing it, because outlawing behaviors the government dislikes has an excellent historical record of causing them to vanish, especially when those behaviors include protesting said government.

But you appreciate that, while we can laugh at this because it’s better than crying, it’s a sign of something deeply unhealthy and vastly widespread?

Every pillar of the Western world, it seems, has revealed itself to be infected with an extremely dangerous political class, formed of people who believe implicitly in rule by the enlightened, by the right people, even while mouthing obfuscating lies about “democracy”.

They believe in populism until someone plays the game of populism better. They believe in democracy, the more direct the better, as long as they think they’ll be in power under it. But mostly what they believe in is power.

The rest is window dressing. They are aristocrats in modern suits, and the government changes around them, but they remain the same. They believe in grand, stupid, and impossible visions that benefit them, and actively harm their people, and pursue them to the exclusion of all else. Oh, certainly they are the “new class”.

But they are more than that. They are a sign that Western Democracy has unofficially become Western “Democracy”. Now that the opinions of the people—in Germany, in England, in the United States, and now in France—have become inconvenient, the governments are finding they would like to dissolve the people and elect another. And they will do anything to achieve that end—”we let our servants drug our strength with lies”. France and England sound poised to commit to these brave new social experiments in their own ways, and the US won’t be far behind if the Democrats ever get enough funding to run a few more fraudulent investigations.

So look around you, while you still can. The sun is high in the sky. The last day of rule by the people—by the actual people, rather than by a “bolshevik” (literally, majority) minority— is half gone already. We’ve all been living in a very pleasant world, but it’s one that’s enabled us to relatively disregard politics, and that has let some very unsavory characters slip in while we were living in a dream. “The pleasure and the poison had its way”.

It is later than you think.

I have said before that I am unsure whether America will have another civil war, even though many of her people are—foolishly, to anyone who has seen one— spoiling for one.

The factors are myriad, but king of them all is geographical emulsification and the lack of clear battle lines. I’ve been trying, for ages, to think of how that might change. Now, I realize, it won’t.

What’s happened in France and is happening in Britain has made me realize that the conflict is fundamentally between normal people who are getting pissed on, and people who sympathize with—and often someday hope to become—the unelected or unremovable power brokers who are pissing on them.

I know of no true historical model for a civil war in a country that looks and acts demographically like America does now.

But—as Angela Merkel learned, and as I suspect France will soon discover—history is wall-papered, end to end, with examples of leaders uninterested in the well-being of their people who eventually faced deposition of one form or another.

I pray that somehow, the leaders of America allow the peaceful and existing processes that could allow that to happen to advance unabated. It will take surviving a bitter old guard and defanging a particularly idiotic new guard of Democrats. It will take acknowledging earnestly that whole departments of our government, just like our press, have largely fallen into the hands of people who hate the nation and its people, and re-evaluating our goals on who to elect and what to do in elected office from that perspective.

But we must rise, face the day, and try. It is later than you think—and getting later. Because, I maintain, part of America’s ability not to become the bloody quagmire that France did during its revolution was down to the people it was revolting against being on the other side of an ocean.

I think we are— all Western nations, and we, no exception— more at more risk than I had initially thought of our own French revolution, and that’s a thing we decidedly do not need, and a place we decidedly do not wish to go. The name might survive—but I fear that nothing else of value in our country would.

101 thoughts on “It Is Later Than You Think by Bill Reader A Blast From the Past from 1/22/2019

  1. What’s happened in France and is happening in Britain has made me realize that the conflict is fundamentally between normal people who are getting pissed on, and people who sympathize with—and often someday hope to become—the unelected or unremovable power brokers who are pissing on them.

    Curiously, I once ran across a leftist on tumblr or twitter or somewhere who acknowledged at least a part of this problem — I can’t find it now, but it was a post about how it seemed like one chunk of the Left was just dreaming of a 20-hour work week, and another chunk seemed to have worrying ambitions of being the secret police.

    1. oft stated, but the left is made up of those who want power, or are too stupid to realize their ideas will not work in the real world.
      Or, often enough Both stupid and evil.

  2. Defiance, disobedience, and outright rebellion is hard-coded into American DNA.

    We have been skimming the Free of the entire world for over three hundred years, even before we told the agents of George III and Parliament to pound sand.

    We are patient by choice. But we are not naturally submissive.

    For the Tyrant, we are Nemesis. And soon, very soon, patience will again be at an end.

    1. Mandatory public schools became a thing a century ago. And what they’ve been teaching is herd mentality, pecking order, submission, and obedience.

      They’ve been trying to eradicate defiance, disobedience, and rebellion for a long time. Even for the smallest and least significant deviations from their inconsistent and illogical demands.

      “Remember, it’s not child abuse if the State does it!”

      What I’ve taken from the whole “lockdown” thing is that the indoctrinators have been largely successful.

  3. I realized this several years ago. These people are aristocracy. Their lives are pre-planned: go to the “right,” school and take one of the “right,” majors. Hopefully, find a spouse of the proper class and major. Upon graduation, go automatically into a job at a family or ally’s firm and begin climbing the corporate ladder. Or, alternatively, begin your planned political career. I do wonder if these families have begun making arranged marriages as a way to cement alliances.

    1. Right they’re wanna be Liege lords wanting to hold sway over the deplorables by force and Divine Right (even though most of them can’t tell Divine from Demonic and believe neither exists). They want the control of Justice High, Middle and Low. Why do you think they set some free from the prisons and entrap and entomb normal citizens? They believe they’re showing their mangnanimity and noblesse oblige to certain oppressed parts of the proletariat/serfs.
      A pox on all their houses.

      1. “You.. made the deal with the Demon rather than the Angel? What.. WHY?!”

        “I made the deal with the one CLAIMING to be a Demon and not the one CLAIMING to be an Angel. Critical difference.”

        “Er… huh… and still.. why?”

        “The one CLAIMING to be an Angel could be lying. So could the one CLAIMING to be a Demon, but I, you, and everyone knows that a Demon is out to get everyone. If the ‘Demon’ is lying, that’s a good thing. The supposed Angel? Really, really bad.”

        “So you GUESSED the Demon wasn’t a real Demon?”

        “No. I HOPED. Notice I did take all that time to read everything in that contract, twice, and had you read it with me, and all four of us read it together. Paranoia? Yup!”

        “So the Demon really is a Demon?”


        “Then why not the Angel?”

        “I wasn’t terrified. First rule of Angels, they say ‘Be not afraid’ for a reason.”

        “The Demon didn’t scare you?”

        “Bad for the Demon biz if they do that.”

        “I’ll never understand you!”

        “Ha! This is just Demons and Angels.”


        “Wait until you meet humans. They’re confusing.”

        “About that drink.”

        1. Orvan I think you’re giving far to much credit to the Powers That Be. The Logic you have there is worthy of Vizzini from The Princess Bride. The Powers that be rarely can cope with simple If a Then B if B then C therefore if A then C level of syllogisms. And they are unlikely to know anything about angels not seen in Touched by an Angel or Its a Wonderful Life.

    2. There is ALWAYS a would-be Aristocracy. The Founders were a would-be Aristocracy, just less toxic than the average and a great deal less toxic than dealing with the British Aristocracy over the Atlantic. The Southern Planters fancied themselves to be Aristocrats, and were correspondingly vile. The Robber Barons and ‘The 400’ of New York considered themselves better than the rank and file. They did a fair amount of good, accidentally or on purpose, but were often rat-bastards.

      I harp on this because I believe it to be important to not behave as if the Progressive Elite are in any way special. They just aren’t.

      It is my belief that Elites often start out actually addressing some real social needs. Not necessarily from the goodness of their black little hearts, but nonetheless…

      Over time, like all human social structures, they calcify. Perhaps the needs they addressed no longer exist, or society has otherwise moved on. They lose relevance and power and begin to act out in trying to regain both.

      Still, throughout human history there have been cliques that devoutly believed that they were placed on earth by Providence to tell the rest of us slobs what to do. And the progress. ( if any) of civilization can be measured by the degree to which the common man gets to tell these pillocks to go climb a tree…and make it stick.

    3. They’ve got on their boots and spurs and are waving their riding crops, unable to comprehend why we aren’t being good little ponies, donning their saddles and opening our mouths to their bits.

      They have never understood the innate mulishness of the American People.

  4. News of the hour is that General Flynn was railroaded into a guilty plea through malfeasance and possibly criminal acts by the FBI. Barr is setting his hounds on the perpetrators which should result in charges sometime later this year, or possibly early next.
    If Trump wins reelection.
    If Biden wins all that unfortunate nastiness will suddenly just go away, abetted by a compliant media of course.
    Seems we are still just one election away from the ruination of our once great nation, followed shortly thereafter by a massive uprising with blood flowing freely in the streets.

        1. He could just have his minions strongarm the indicted into signing a guilty plea by threatening to charge family members with vague or invented crimes. It worked well enough for years, after all. 😛

          1. He’s not a Democrat. And sadly, that’s why a targeted boogaloo is NECESSARY.

            1. Also keep in mind that the staff attorneys who actually draft and present indictments and prosecute cases are the same swamp creatures that are part of the problem to begin with. Is it any surprise that even if given direction to pursue these cases they drag their feet?

              1. Given that these are political nuclear devices and the MSM is poised to poison the well, these initial cases need to be rock solid. Once they’ve proven they can get a few scalps there may be a race to give up their co-conspirators.

                Look at what’s coming out from Christopher Steele getting tips from Clinton Campaign (or were they representing the DNC — and is there any distinction between the two in Summer 2016?) law firm Perkins, Coie, Susan Rice and Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland.

                Christopher Steele claims Clinton lawyer fed him debunked claim about Russian collusion in 2016
                ritish ex-spy Christopher Steele testified he met with Democratic lawyers during the 2016 presidential election, and one provided him with now-debunked claims about alleged Trump-Russia collusion as he compiled his dossier.

                Steele, a former MI6 agent whose salacious and unverified dossier was used by the FBI in its Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act targeting of Trump campaign associate Carter Page, discussed his meetings with two lawyers tied to Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the Democratic National Committee during a deposition in a British court in mid-March …

        1. If the pikes are round and smooth and you stick a weathervane on the back of the head you can have turning heads on pikes at every turnpike.

        2. It has to be by-the-book, unfortunately. The Overton Window still says that only the Left and their thralls get to engage in political violence without mainstream condemnation.


          1. Decorating the lampposts outside media buildings would beautify the urban landscape.

        3. Better, put them at the entrance of every Federal building, as a reminder that eventually we stop tolerating that kind of behavior in our servants.

          1. Considering what’s inside those heads I think we may be looking at a hazardous waste problem.

        4. I’m tempted to have Grand Strategikon Kratman have a go at dealing with the issue at hand. Pour descourager les autres, as it were.

          Would crossroads be appropriate sites for such?

          1. oooh oooh ooh That sounds awesome (or wicked as they say in these parts). Motion hereby seconded.

          2. Kratman’s in charge of cleanup?

            (Starts work on timbers.)

            Gonna hammer in the mornin’, gonna hammer in the evenin’…

        5. Mrs. Hoyt, I like the way you think.

          (Vir, looking up at the piked-head of Morden, smiles and waves.)

      1. Justice moves at its own speed, which is often not the speed that we want. However, reliable sources have revealed that Burr has been talking to the grand jury.

        Or in other words, we probably won’t need to wait much longer for the first of those indictments.

        1. Well that train better be coming to the end of the tunnel damn quick! Give us something, ANYTHING already!

          1. I want to see Comey get arrested. I can’t see him toughing it out or taking it like a man, he’ll either roll over and sell out all the rest of them out or he’ll suicide, I’m betting the latter. I want a picture of his face when they come for him. That’ll be enough for me.

            I can see Brennan toughing it out, he’s an ideological communist warrior. McCabe is a weasel, I suspect he’s already sold them out, Clapper is just a stooge like all the rest of them. It’d be nice if they could cashier them and revoke the pension, but that not going to happen.

            Sundance is saying that O is involved and he makes an interesting circumstantial case. Too much to hope for, but that’s the other face I’d pay money to see.

            1. I doubt Obama will take a fall. For this country to prosecute a former president (especially the First! African! American! president) would be a major, major undertaking and carry serious repercussions.

              And I say that as one who has long believed the Democrat National Party a corrupt criminal organization.

              Unindicted co-conspirator, not named but told to not show his face except at the most banal events, such as the funerals of former presidents, is about the most I think we could hope.

              1. I hate to say it, but this is true. You’d need such a strong case against the former president that the general public would be howling for his blood. Otherwise it’ll risk starting a “we automatically prosecute your guy when he leaves the White House” war when the Democrats inevitably get back into power. Barring (no pun intended…) one or more of the conspirators announcing in court that Obama directly ordered what they did, you’re probably not going to get the necessary public opinion in favor of it.

                The best outcome right now would probably involve slapping the conspirators down so hard that for the next fifty years, people wince whenever their names come up in conversation, and any suggestions by those in power of similar actions are met by involuntary shudders and pale faces from the people who would be carrying out the orders.

                1. The critical consideration is that Obama is a null factor, politically. He can never again hold an office of public trust. (Yes, I know there is a precedent of a former president being seated on the Supreme Court, but there’s scant chance of another Taft, nor even a Hoover heading commissions. And can anybody envision a modern president following the example of John Quincy Adams and accepting a seat in the House?)

                  The people under Obama, however, are a different matter. Their perfidy needs to made so clear that, as with Alger Hiss, to defend them is to paint one beyond the Pale. NOBODY subordinate to Obama who had ANY part in this should escape taint; as you say, people should wince whenever their names come up.

                  Comey, Brennan, Rice, Kerry, McCabe, Strozk, Page — each and every one of them ought have their names entered on the same roll as Aaron Burr, Jefferson Davis, the Rosenbergs, and Aldrich Ames.

                  N.B. – for those inclined to denounce “beyond the Pale” as racist … well, it actually is, sort of. Just not the race you’re thinking. Per Wiki:

                  The Pale (An Pháil in Irish) or the English Pale (An Pháil Shasanach or An Ghalltacht) was the part of Ireland directly under the control of the English government in the Late Middle Ages. It had been reduced by the late 15th century to an area along the east coast stretching from Dalkey, south of Dublin, to the garrison town of Dundalk.


                  Per Wiktionary,

                  From pale (” jurisdiction of an authority, territory under an authority’s jurisdiction “), suggesting that anything outside the authority’s jurisdiction was uncivilized.The phrase was in use by the mid-17th century, and may be a reference to the general sense of boundary, but is often understood to refer specifically to the English Pale in Ireland.

        2. Sorry, I meant Durham, not Burr. I’m not even sure how I came up with the name Burr.

          1. Burr is the RINO on the Senate Intel Committee who’s been working to help the Russia Collusion Crew.

  5. Thoughts;

    China may or may not be in the top economies. It kinda depends on how much you believe the numbers coming out of China. Keeping in mind that it isn’t how much wealth moves THROUGH. A country, but how much of it sticks.

    We have now seen the result of the ‘second Brexit referendum’ in the form of the election of Boris Johnson. Like Trump, he isn’t prefect, but he makes the right enemies.

    What we are seeing is NORMAL. Nations are almost always run by (mostly self-nominated) elites who preach what is best for everyone and run things to suit themselves. America is lucky in that we have had two such elites who were moderately benign: the Founders and the Robber Barons. The Founders were, of course, out for themselves, but they were better (or less worse) for the Country than the more distant elite in King George’s England. They were also, in spite of their many flaws, actual idealists. The Robber Barons, whether by accident or design, oversaw the greatest expansion of wealth seen up until that time.

    Totally-not-coincidentally the current Elite loath both the Founders and the Robber Barons.

  6. The last month should have shown anyone who wants to know just how much our “elite” want to rule us, and the lengths they’re willing to go to do it. They’ve found a bunch of “karens” and “kyles” to support them, but they’ve also turned a bunch of people vehemently against them. Maybe, just maybe, we’ll escape this November with a set of politicians willing to actually uphold the Founder’s ideas and save the Republic. If not, I fear things will get very, very “interesting” in a not pleasant way. And at this point, I’ve gotten less fearful of a hot civil war. I’d rather fight the evil openly than let it hold sway over my family.

    1. Agreed. The devil you know and all that. I suspect over the next few weeks, the increasing differences between “open the barn door” governors and “no, no, it’s still storming” governors will start to irk more and more people. There’s something about being informed over and over that you’re just too stupid to know what’s good for you that makes humans in general . . . peeved. Especially when the weather is nice and other kids are out playing without getting run over.

  7. And now our Glorious Leader Governor Pritzker (IL) got caught sending his family to Florida now that they are opening. When confronted by the media (since when do journos do their jobs?) he fell back on “family should be left out of politics”.

    We of course have to stay home.

    1. Pritzker has ordered everyone to wear masks in public starting on May 1. A month ago I might have bought that as a reasonable anti-virus measure. (Yes, masks aren’t perfect, but don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.)

      But putting the order into effect on May 1? That’s just him indulging in tyrant feel-good. (I have a ruder way of putting it that I won’t use here.)

      1. Good. Grounds for anonymous boogaloo.

        Yes, these people are that stupid. They can try their recognition software against a thousand masked faces.

        1. There exist laws against being masked in public, because armed robbery had popularized the look.

          I’m wondering how, given the above is generally in the same locales as the current overreactions, they plan to rectify the conflict.

          1. Actually, a lot of them were put in place during the civil rights era as an anti-KKK measure. And they’ve already had to suspend them….. which just means they’ll use selective prosecution like they did in Charlottesville.

            1. So you can be arrested for wearing a mask, or you can be arrested for not wearing a mask. The closet fascists are thrilled beyond measure.

              1. “Rule of law” is a mirage on the order of the Emperor’s new clothes. I’ve just been stupid and crazy enough to point that out for years.

    2. Why should we leave his family out of our politics? He isn’t leaving anyone’s family out of -his- politics.

  8. Tom Friedman is now questioning the shutdown, ever so obliquely If you don’t know him, he’s a NYT columnist who gets all of his information from his cabbie in some place commoners like you never go to. His wife is a billionaire heiress. He wrote “the book” on globalism, The World is Flat. Normally, Friedman agreeing with me in any way scares the hell out of me since he is almost always not even wrong. In this case though, Friedman is a canary. if he’s questioning anything in the establishment narrative then the whole narrative is in question by those who matter, not the politicians they can be replaced, but by the money and the power.

    1. I had to read that and report. He lost me with his blythe conviction that the way to end the problems of the Middle East was to provide all those unemployed young men terrorist groups recruit from good educations and good jobs.

      1. He probably is concerned that with clothes not being considered essential by many states that his beloved CPP is losing money by people not being able to buy clothes made in China. Freidman has spent years pining about how the USA needs to be a lot more like China and admiring the CCPs one party rule as they “get things done” . Needless to say he envisions the Democrats starring in the CCP role.

        1. I think one of the greatest faults in life is lack of imagination. He thinks he’ll be on the winning side.

        2. I’ve rarely seen clothes Made In China; maybe I follow the wrong fashions… perusing labels on the first few items both ready to hand and reasonably recent, I see Made in Bangladesh, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Mexico, Honduras, and none given.

          Tho I note Made In USA is conspicuously absent.

          1. Shoes made in USA: some New Balance models are USA. (Others UK)

            Great fit, for me, and they have wide, wider, and widest sizes (also narrows). Well made.

  9. A big part of what they do is move government money around, so that there’s plenty to skim into their own pockets.

    One reason they’re so happy to sell out to Eurocrats, Russians, and Chi-Coms is a meeting of like minds, where of _course_ the unimportant people are there to have wealth extracted from.


  10. A huge part of the problem is the rise of excessive education-based credentialism. Peter Drucker warned against this 50 years ago, especially he warned against “elite” colleges whose graduates would hold a monopoly on the key positions in a society. He said that France had been seriously harmed by this, and that the absence of such a pattern in the US constituted a major advantage for this country.

    That has changed, a lot. Check out the educational backgrounds of, for example, Supreme Court justices.

    While Trump may himself have attended an “elite” (sort of) university, he had made it pretty clear that he doesn’t bow down before credentials. That’s a big reason for the hostility toward him.

    1. While Trump may himself have attended an ‘elite’ (sort of) university, he had made it pretty clear that he doesn’t bow down before credentials.

      Just because a person attends an ‘elite’ school it does not necessarily follow that the person is a Twit.

      It merely greatly increases the probability.

      1. Alas, I had to bite my tongue because a student was dancing with joy at being accepted into an Ivy League school. I wanted to say, “Why did you aim so low?”

  11. Murray & Hernstein did the same in the Bell Curve. The accuracy of their predictions in the last chapter is scary. Of course, they called Murray a raaacist and that was that.

    Good statistics primer if you’re ever interested.

    1. Michigan legislature votes to let lockdown expire. Michigan governor doubles down on stupid. Courts up next.

      BTW. The armed part seems to be a red herring 😳. Evidently you can always go openly armed into the Michigan state house and some democrat was bleating about bullet proof vests. No one was threatened. Lying liars who lie.

      let’s psee Witless ban guns now. That would be bonny.

      1. JAFAX, an anime convention in Grand Rapids which had been planning to still hold their convention the final weekend in June, has announced they will not be holding the convention this year, and everyone’s memberships and dealer booths will roll over to next year. So I now have one definite convention next year, and a second probable (assuming that Visioncon can’t reschedule to a later weekend this year, which they’re apparently trying to arrange).

        On one hand, that’s $$$ that I won’t have to kiss good-bye because Indiana Comic Con rescheduled to the same dates. OTOH, that’s $$$ of working capital that will be tied up for over a year.

        How much of the decision was the result of the political tug-of-war in Lansing, and how much may have been something the venues told the concom, I can only guess.

      2. There were at least two that were in pictures open-carrying carbines.

        When done in a capitol building, that is a Statement.

        Yes, rights. Concur. But do keep in mind the major problem is a disregard of rights. If you are going to telegraph a punch, be prepared to be made the example by the opposition.

        And maybe, a martyr.

        But one has to respect the providing of an in-the-face warning of “enough”.


      This is your final warning
      Posted on 2020-04-30 by esr

      Earlier today, armed demonstrators stormed the Michigan State House protesting the state’s stay-at-home order.

      I’m not going to delve in to the specific politics around the stay-at-home order, or whether I think it’s a good idea or a bad one, because there is a more important point to be made here. Actually, two important points.

      (1) Nobody got shot. These protesters were not out-of-control yahoos intent on violence. This was a carefully calibrated and very controlled demonstration.

      (2) This is the American constitutional system working correctly and as designed by the Founders. When the patience of the people has been pushed past its limit by tyranny and usurpation, armed revolt is what is supposed to happen. The threat of popular armed revolt is an intentional and central part of our system of checks and balances.

      We aren’t at that point yet, though. The Michigan legislators should consider that they have received a final warning before actual shooting. The protesters demonstrated and threatened just as George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry, and other Founders expected and wanted citizens to demonstrate and threaten in like circumstances.

      I am sure there will be calls from the usual suspects to tighten gun laws and arrest the protesters as domestic terrorists. All of which will miss the point. Nobody got shot – this was the last attempt, within the norms of the Constitutional system as designed, to avoid violence.

      If the Michigan state government responds to this demonstration with repression or violence, citizens will have the right – indeed, they will have a Constitutional duty – to correct the arrogance of power via armed revolt.

      This was your final warning, legislators. Choose wisely.

      1. The Michigan legislature declined to extend Whitmer’s state of emergency. She wrote an executive order extending it herself. it’ll go to the courts. It might go to the Supremes and it’ll be hard to hold a decree that the legislature originally approved and later removed approval being found constitutional. She might win, I doubt it but she might, but I really think she’s not very bright.

        The press is going wild as you might expect but the Michigan State Police said essentially, no big deal it happens all the time.

        1. But! But! They only did that because they were intimidated by all those gun-toting Yahoos! Call out the National Guard!

          I don’t know which ‘progressive’ idiots will screech that, but there will be some.

          1. While I was raving at esr’s last night, I came to the conclusion that this is no big deal.

            Stage craft is a significant professional skill for politicians and officers. The US has a lot of people who pass through the officer corps. More successful sorts tend to have discipline, long term thinking, and a great deal of ambition. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were vets in the Michigan legislature GOP leadership.

            I also wouldn’t be surprised if this protest had vet leadership. I imagine that there was some back channel communication between the two groups, and this is basically a careful warning to anyone with sense.

            The Governor can be stupid, but can only use so much force under the emergency powers without opening herself to the national guard being federalized. What this protest does is basically warn the police and national guard that the situation is temporary, risky, and to keep the governor from being as able to consolidate them behind the hysteria.

            This might de escalate things. This might drag out into litigation, which is also good. Or the governor might give a sufficiently illegal order and wind up under arrest.

            There are commentators who take the lack of an arrest already as a sign that things are lost, duh, duh, duh. White mutiny. There are stages between externally obvious active mutiny and complete investment in following the orders given.

  12. Sarah, I sent you a guest post at the thermal mail, a couple of days ago. Check your spam filter?

    1. I got it. Haven’t read it yet.
      Last couple of days have been crazy.
      All good.
      We’re getting ready for older son’s graduation (and supposing the lockdown doesn’t impact it too much) move out of state by late next month (With DIL. I’m going to miss my walk buddy.)
      And trying to keep younger son from imploding as all his tests turned to projects and he’s juggling five of them and going insane. He should graduate mid May.
      Nothing bad, but this would be hell even without lockdown. Fact I can’t do my destress-stuff (date nights with husband mostly) is just putting the pressure on.

      1. Giggles. Day Job announced that one way or another, we would have graduation. The news arrived the day AFTER my full set of academic regalia arrived. The Great Editor is laughing at me again.

      2. Ah. Does he need any advice on being insane? I got a lot of experience.

        Seriously, we are cheering and praying for him.

      3. Governor DeWine here in Ohio extended the “stay at home” order for another month, with the existing “get exercise” exception and a few more. As we hit the phases of economic reopening, people are allowed out for those businesses that are open. I am not amused. Perhaps more significantly, the legislature is not amused, and believe the governor is more-or-less following the director of the Department of Health’s recommendations blindly, without considering the economy or civil liberties. They’re calling the legislature back into session to express their opinion more directly, and to reconsider state law that gives the governor and the director of the department of health their authority.

  13. So because of video of people on the beach in SoCal our Imperious Leader, the Most Magnificent Gavin I, decreed closure of all state park beaches. He later modified this to only punish the Reublicany orange County residents, but it was all based on those videos.

    So here’s a raw vid from the SF station of a crime scene with a gaggle of SFPD at the scene where a cop shot a dog that got loose and charged him at one of the hotels converted to homeless COVID shelters.

    Note the spacing scrupulously maintained between the officers:

    I eagerly await Glorious Gavin I decreeing the closure of the streets of SF, or maybe grounding the SFPD for not maintaining social distance.

    1. I missed the comma and read, ‘Raw Video: Scene Of Dog Shooting Owner’ and went WTF, O? How was that caused by corona virus? What new law are they going to dump on us with that as an excuse? Require dog-proof gun safes?
      They don’t care if the whole nation burns, as long as they wind up sitting on top of the ashes.

  14. m

    Sorta on the subject … there is apparently a currently popular joint German-American production on Netflix expressing “correct” attitudes toward Jews, conservatives and cardboard cutouts in general:

    Aficionados Favor ‘Shtisel’ Over ‘Unorthodox’
    “Unorthodox,” a four-part Netflix series in Yiddish and English, opened to rave reviews in the United States. Time calls the German-American production “profound” and “riveting.” In Germany, where much of the series was filmed in Berlin, it was no. 1 on the Netflix chart for weeks.

    Replete with formulaic motifs, the plot is a made-for-TV bildungsroman. It is the tale of young Esty – Esther Shapiro – trapped in the claustrophobic world of a Hassidic Satmar dynasty in Brooklyn’s Williamsburg. Forced into an arranged marriage at the age of 17, Esty is a tortured soul.

    At first, she submits to oppression by faith and tradition. Then she sets out to break the chains. Secretly selling her jewelry to buy a ticket, she defects to Berlin, of all places. Her mother, now in a lesbian relationship, lives there. An escapee herself, she had left her child behind when she was three.

    In Berlin, Esty goes through the travails of self-emancipation. In a none-too-subtle scene at Berlin’s Wannsee Lake, right across from the villa where Adolf Eichmann and the SS planned the Holocaust, Esty is reborn. Dressed in the garb defined as “modest” by her community, she immerses herself, letting her sheitel float to the bottom of the lake. It is a hard-to-miss message: no more mikvah, no more submission.

    Fending off a search party from Brooklyn — her evil cousin Moishe and her befuddled husband Yanky — she prevails against all odds: no money, no shelter, no friends. Then she finds happiness among a nice, multicultural bunch of music students in Berlin. A happy end.

    Like all morality tales, “Unorthodox” comes with a didactic message. The purpose is to skewer faith-driven oppression on the part of a reactionary community that stifles freedom and degrades women to birth machines. Naturally, “antisemitism” has popped up here and there. Sometimes, such a charge may be a cheap shot, though it is not as inflationary as “racism” in the larger arena. As a real thing, antisemitism is the obsessive denigration of Jews, smearing them as enemies of mankind. The bill of indictment lists deicide, greed, subversion, conspiracy, and the will to world power.

    “Unorthodox” does not replicate such fabrications. Yet on a subliminal level, the series plays with eternal stereotypes about Jews. Esty’s uncle is a rent-gouging real-estate shark who threatens a down-and-out piano teacher with eviction. Cousin Moishe, who tries to abduct Esty in Berlin, is a pistol-packing creep pretending to serve family honor and the Lord. Dutifully praying in his hotel room, he is a bigot who gambles away Yanky’s cash, dragging the weak-kneed fellow off to a Berlin bordello — Jewish-owned, of course. Moishe is a mafioso in side curls and ritual fringes.

    Such scenes are right out of Hollywood’s bag of tricks. But they set the stage for more serious stuff. The Satmarers are portrayed as woman-hating totalitarians on a mission from God, and lest we forget who they are, they get to top every cliché. According to a New York Times review, “the thin eruv wire that surrounds the Satmar community where [Esty] lives might as well be an Iron Curtain.” …


    Sex goes to the nub of “Unorthodox.” It is Exhibit A, and it is neither gentle nor credible, but a horror story, which dwells on the enslavement of women in the name of the true faith. It begins with a pre-nuptial visit by Esty’s sister-in-law who wants to prepare her for the Big Night. She is totally ignorant. So, the older woman coaches her: “Inside, you have a hole. It leads to a passage and then to a small door — to your womb, the source of all life.” Shocked, Esty yells out “no!” A 17-year old who does not know her body? Who has never touched herself? And the sun rises in the west.

    Yet the fabrication is crucial because it sets up the rest. …


    For the subtle, but far more persuasive story go to “Shtisel,” also on Netflix. It covers the same ground, though in Jerusalem, not Williamsburg. These Haredim are not playing out stock characters. Credible and complex, they populate a “generous, lighthearted and nostalgic” story, reports Ruth Margalit in the New Yorker.

    Unlike “Unorthodox,” it is based on attention to detail, and the actors speak authentic Yiddish. The series does not deploy one-dimensional types, either heroic like Esty or nasty ones like the gun-toting gambler Moishe. There are the same tortuous conflicts: self-realization and choice vs. duty to God and the Rabbi.

    “Unorthodox” echoes some elements of “Shtisel.” Like Esty for music, young Akiva, the central figure, hides a talent for painting. Like her, he is beset by matchmakers who foist on him mates he does not want. Like Yanky, Akiva looks like a shmuck, always torn between the self and the group.

    Akiva does assert himself in the end and grows into a loveable fellow. So do others as they wrestle with tragedies and dilemmas while straining to deal with modernity. There are no tyrannical yentas, and the sex is loving and discreet. Non-believers come away with a sharpened sense of real-life Haredim. They learn to see the mensch behind the dogmatism imported from 19th century Europe.

    This is why aficionados look forward to the third season of “Shtisel.” The series does not proselytize, nor manipulate. It opens a door to an separate world peopled by fellow-humans with their fortes and failings. The irony is palpable. For Esty and her Berlin comrades, the overarching motto is “inclusion,” as the new secular faith demands. But only for the worthy: people of color, Muslims, gays, and enlightened Jews. “Unorthodox” bars this congregation against men with kaftans and shtetl headgear. Their women, traitresses to feminism, are infra dig, as well. Recall “Animal Farm,” George Orwell’s bitter satire about far-left orthodoxy: “All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others.”

    1. Oops. Instead of the placeholder “m” that was supposed to read:

      2017 is also the year “Mein Kampf” got back on the German bestseller’s list, and you can spin that how you like, but it doesn’t strike me as a good sign. I would love it if someone who is near Germany could weigh in with their thoughts in the comments.

      Sadly, I got so involved in tracking down and excerpting the description of contemporary “enlightened” German and American views on inconvenient minority groups that I forgot to insert the passage to which I was responding.

      Of course, the treatment of hidebound conservative outliers who oppress their women would be presented entirely similarly if the sect at the center of the story were Islamic.

      Yeah, sure it would be.

      1. Yes. But it would combine Shitesel and Unorthodox so that only the proto-feminist, trans-poitive dark-skinned, anti-American Muslims would be humanized, while the violent, tyrannical capitalist (and dollars-to -donuts, lighter-skinneD (played by Israeli actors) would be one-dimensional monsters corrupted by the West.

  15. There are things like tariffs I’m not in love with

    Well doggies, as ol’ Jed used to say. There are tariffs and then there are tariffs.

    The first kind are ends in and of themselves, the sort of policies Bill McKinley and the mercantilists applauded when the USA was a second-tier economic power and (arguably) needed to protect domestic manufacturing from established foreign competitors.

    The latter sort of tariffs are the stick used by Trump to get the world’s competitors to opt for carrots. Such tariffs are a counter to unfair trade practices as currency manipulation and dumping (remember when that was the foreigners’ strategy of choice?) This type of tariff is instrumental, a hammer to pound down the nails of other nations’ tariffs – factual and de facto – to encourage leveling of playing fields.

    I don’t say I’m in love with them but any reasonable debate over their use needs must distinguish them latter from the former sort of tariff.

  16. … it had much of the MSM exposing their true colors that very night. You remember the tears and shocked faces?

    And did they respond by balancing their viewpoints? Or did they respond by employing the ancient mafioso strategy of “Youse didn’t see nuthin’.”

    Yes, that question is rhetorical.

  17. … you, American voter, chose the ‘wrong answer’. And your elites are here to ‘educate’ that tendency out of you.

    There are five lights.

    An episode with a redeeming message of Liberty & Truth <I<and the prolonged and much deserved torture of Capt. Picard.

  18. I know of no true historical model for a civil war in a country that looks and acts demographically like America does now.

    What little I know of the English Revolution of 1641-1652 suggests that the conflict between the Royalists (Cavaliers) and Parliamentarians (Roundheads or, n modern terminology, Deplorables) might prove an apt predecessor of our contemporary situation. I am not clear on the level of geographic separation the factions held but I don’t recall it as being significant. What we are currently experiencing probably owes more to religious wars, such as between Catholics and Protestants — a battle over ideology rather than of whse buttocks will grace the throne.

  19. Ah ‘specks all Hunsses are alsuh readin’ at Power Line and have seed this by now, but thas’ no cause for not postin’ it heah!

    Babylon, you Bee deplorable!

  20. England leaving is an existential threat to the EU, since it essentially destroys the current “rob from the rich and give to the dysfunctional”

    The European Union: Propping up failed economies by looting the ones that haven’t failed yet. Don’t do anything to FIX the failed economies, just prop them up. They’re squealing because the British are getting out while they still have an economy to save.

    If the Germans had any sense, they’d get out too.

    1. If the Germans had any sense, they’d get out too.

      They can’t – they hold the mortgage.

  21. Apparently there is going to be a protest in Salem OR on Saturday. Might be there. Nous Defions.

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