Friday Update

It’s Friday and I don’t feel like doing a post.

The good news — knocks on head — is that I seem to finally be getting over “whatever the heck this was.”  The bad news is that I’m ridiculously late on everything, including promised covers.

So, I’ll get to those and finishing a few stories, and….  well, I suppose the house needs dusting, really.

So, today, for your amusement “Covers you can get from Pixabay, which are basically covers and ready to go.” And hopefully spotlighting a few artists. Who knows? maybe one of you guys will even decide to hire one of them.


So first, this artist:



I don’t know if the artist s rendering stuff, or using pieces of what other people post, and it’s obvious some of this stuff isn’t cover-quality, but a lot of it IS. And honestly even the so so, depending on genre, would be covers anyone would be proud to have 10 years ago.  Things have changed, a lot. And for the best. It’s easier and cheaper to to get decent art than ever before.

This artist, I linked before. He’s notable because ALMOST EVERY ONE OF the IMAGES IS COVER WORTHY.  There just aren’t many.


And THIS one is unusual because this stuff is done with filters. Good filter use is not always easy to find. Honestly, if I were doing fairytales, I’d be looking at this portfolio a lot.  Of course not every image is right for that genre, but a lot are.



Another portfolio, pretty much all cover-worthy. Just not many there. But I’m sure you can contact the artist, if needed.



This next one I’m going to spotlight because these are handdrawn, and at least in the picture, the artist seems pretty young.

Again, good for fairytales and YA (mostly because of the type of drawing, not because there’s anything wrong with it.)


Anyway, stuff for you guys to play with, while I go do stuff that resembles work….


48 thoughts on “Friday Update

  1. the first two, you’d need to make sure that each element isn’t a: borrowed from someone else’s art and b:depicting something from another work

  2. If you need covers (and I am certain, this time of year, that you do) these are certainly better than blankies. Some seem quite cozy indeed.

  3. Hmmm. If I can get my artist-groove back, apparently there’s a market for ready-to-go covers…

    (This might be an incentive to get my artist-groove back.)

    1. I keep telling my illustrator son that. But he’s abysmally slow about each piece he does (perfectionist), and even slower to put them up on his site.

      1. Speed has never been an issue for me–my preferred “traditional art” medium is watercolor, and you gotta work fast in that.

        My problem is a going-on-more-than-a-decade funk regarding art. I finally traced it, in part, to the fact that going to college for art and getting a degree in it almost killed my ability to art, on account of the conformity of thought/view/outlook demanded. (I just wanted to learn better ways to make cool pictures/design stuff, but they had to force political garbage into EVERYTHING.) Other factors, as well, but that was part of it. (Never go to school for something you love is the lesson I learned from that. I should have gotten a bachelor’s in programming and minored in design, and I probably wouldn’t have any money worries now, sigh.)

        Once I’ve gotten through baby brother’s wedding (in two weeks–not a huge deal, except the pathological introvert that is me has to attend the reception, etc) and gotten things going on making my house livable, I plan to carve out time for some Udemy courses I picked up on digital art techniques that I’m hoping will help jump-start the creative engine again. 😀

        1. You and me both. If I had my life to do over, I would’ve spent that year and a half studying web development, so I’d actually know what I was doing instead of fumbling with cookbook solutions. I’d probably still end up self-employed, but I’d probably get a lot better money freelance web designing for small businesses and doing the convention selling gig on the side.

          Coulda shoulda woulda.

        2. You might try an art challenge site, like writing prompts but more visually oriented. “Capture the feeling of spring” is open enough that you could do it the way you like, without having to do anything in particular.

          I’m sorry the school beat down your love.

        3. Had to read that last paragraph twice.
          I could have sworn you wrote “baby brother’s welding”; and thought you were expanding on learning stuff you love rather than stuff you were required to have to graduate.
          Never heard of a voc-tech school pushing thought conformity, only conformity to the mechanical standards of a contract.

  4. That next-to-last image is definitely cover material, since it’s a “person looking away from the reader” image so popular on book covers.

  5. Thanks for another uplifting post! Love pics 3-4. Hard to believe that 4 is not a straight up digital painting. I’ll be keeping this post in an open tab until I go out for a cuppa wifi again.

    I miss cheap high speed internet sooo much sometimes. I need to update a website for work and the bloody thing won’t load! 😡. The price of living in the sticks I guess.

  6. Some very good art… and I could work with this artist if she has something I like (or he 😀 ) Anyway, it’s been a very interesting week and even I don’t want to talk about it. I’m just saying it involved a death, a betrayal, and a fall–leading to a hospitalization. No didn’t happen to me, but to people close to me. Someone must want me to write a mystery.

  7. I am sorry but the breasts look off in the first picture. They just don’t look right. Does anyone else see what I am seeing? It is off putting.

    1. They look like they’re armored, rather than cloth.

      Are you alright? The last three or so comments from you have been quite odd.

      1. I read their covering as silk, not armor, but I think I realize what looks off about them. First, the scaffolding plays heck with perspective, making it difficult to grasp the degree of fore-shortening in the drawing. Perspective would normally have the breast farther away slightly higher.

        More importantly, with her reaching her right (away) arm up that way you would expect the torso (shoulders, pectoral muscles, breasts) to be somewhat twisted, higher to the away (far) side. At a guess, the character was originally drawn with arms down, then the right arm raised without adjustments below the shoulders.

    2. She’s reaching up with her right arm, and her right breast looks to be BELOW her left one (horizontally, not vertically, which would be really weird),

      1. Thank you both, I couldn’t figure what was wrong just thought something was. Not into art.

    1. I third this motion. There’s nothing like being in an archive with a box of dusty documents or out in dry grasslands to [Ah-CHOO!] cause {Sniffffff} problems for me and those working [ah CHOOOO!] around me. [SNIFF!]

      1. I had to take today off work, under the “There’s no fever, so I’m pretty sure that *cough cough cough* this is just *sneeze* allergies, but *cough cough*, Why take chances?”

      2. The little white blossom-things are blowing around like snow flurries and in a couple of weeks the yellow pollen will turn all the cars and gutters yellow. I don’t know why it doesn’t stick to houses.

        I’m allergic to all of it. The sneezing can be dealt with, but it aggravates the arthritis painfully.

      3. $SPOUSE did a major vacuuming this afternoon (the border collie sheds 365 days a year, just heavier in the warm months), and all morning I was crawling under an old trailer, on a thin coat of pumice over broken/decomposing shale. I have some interesting dust in my sinus cavities, alas.

      1. Yes. I am very grateful for the little knockoff not-a-Roomba that Peter got for me. It’s annoying, loud, slow, and frustrating because it won’t swerve to get that obvious drift of cat fur right there, but… it goes around on its own without me having to breathe stirred up dust behind it, and when it’s finished, I just glove up and clean it out.

        Other people think I have a clean house because I have this adult thing down pat: my husband knows I have a clean house because my health goes rapidly downhill if the dust builds up. Not the same thing at all!

  8. I’m not sure about that second one. The butterfly picture looks awfully on the nose.

      1. Here we see a test of a prototype of the ultimate weapon (at about 30 s into the video), CarpLight…

        Now just know that that was a Cessna and there are DC-10 water bombers.
        Be afraid, be VERY afraid :-).

  9. Out of the blue question– does anyone know if either the guy who went by Thorarinn Gunnarsson for his writing, or even just know of somebody that does similar stories?

    Finally got to unpack a bunch of my books from when I was in the Navy, and found the Dragonlord of Mystara and was disappointed to find out that he’d apparently stopped writing after someone figured out it was a pseudonym. (Which I assumed just from the name, didn’t know he’d made a play bio, too.) Apparently he wrote some other stuff, but it was all I could do to find the Dragonlord/Mage/King books.

    1. That sounds like a familiar name. Looking him up, I’d seen some of his books before; and huh, his dragon character is the source for the DALnet name. I have his Dragon’s Domain book, and was rather sad that I couldn’t find any more of that author’s books.

      1. I saw that in the trivia! Clearly, he has good taste in inspiration, as do those he inspired, but I was thinking about the one-handed knight in the Dragonlord series.

        If anybody hasn’t read them, he’s kind of like Masterharper Robinton, but a knight. ^.^

  10. Serious question: I wonder how many of the “flaws” people note are still visible at Amazon thumbnail size.

    1. Serious answer: a whole lot less, but other things that aren’t “flaws” at this size become, ah, less-optimal there.

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