It’s Not Because I’m Dead!


It tells you something about where the “me” lives that I feel much better and more focused mentally, and therefore I’m very happy. Even though doing stuff like, Oh, showering, still takes me forever and leaves me exhausted.

I don’t even care, provided I can write and maybe finish my web site and set up the newsletter at last.  Which as I said tells you where I live.  As a friend of mine says, sometimes I need to remember to take care of the meat suit.

I’m hoping I’ve turned the corner on the “clear head” thing, because I DID have the flu vaccine (though son says it’s a poor fit) they said this should last five to seven days, and since symptoms started on Thursday, I hope to be okay on Thursday. Fingers crossed.

One thing that being sick does — I am very fond of Giovanni Guareschi’s Don Camillo books to whom, when he was about to do something inadvisable, the Lord would prostrate him with such a fever he couldn’t leave his bed — is strip away all the unnecessary stuff. Or at least stuff that can be postponed.

I mean, I’m not about to claim cleaning the house is unnecessary. When I start seeing grains of cat littler — carried in the reprobates’ paws from the laundry room — on the dark living room carpet I go a little crazy, so yeah, cleaning at least once a week is needed. But this last week it didn’t happen, and ain’t nobody going to die from that.  In the same way, when I’m in a hurry to finish books and put up revised covers, and finish work, and and and being sick allows to just sit and pretty much not do much of anything.

One of the things it allows me not to do is worry too much about the Democrat primary.

Why should I worry about a dumpster fire that just got hist by a clown car, you ask? Well, because I’m terrified that Bernie Sanders will win the nomination. You guys can be sure that he won’t win the election, and I grant you that a free and fair election would be hard for him to win, but seriously when have we had that, in my lifetime? We all know how Kennedy won, after all.

The fury on the left when they lose is that they failed to cheat enough.

And anyone who doubts that Bernie Sanders will have the full support of what remains of the international communist movement and their money is a fool. Yeah, they’re a much diminished thing, since they lost the cash cow of the USSR, but it worth it to them to put all their money into this, because if they manage it, they’ll have America’s money to finance — finally — communist revolution around the world. If they did that much with the USSR, imagine what they could do with as much as they could extract from us.

I can see the logic from their point of view, though honestly I think it would blow up in their faces in ways they can’t even imagine, from quite likely igniting the boogaloo at the first crazy authoritarian thing Bernie does, to their ruining the country so fast that there is no money for their fun and games.

But no matter how badly it would go for us, there’s a good chance none of us would survive it. And even if we did, the Constitution would for the foreseeable future live only in our hearts and the USA, the last best thing on Earth, would be gone.

I can write about it. I’d rather not live through it. I joined the glorious experiment of my own free will, and I’d rather not see it crash in my lifetime.

Of course we still don’t know if Bernie swept the stakes.  The app the democrats have been assuring us is totally fine for general voting in the late great state of California, couldn’t handle the caucus in Iowa.

Yesterday a friend posted on facebook that he didn’t understand how anyone could look at what is going on in China and believe that centralized government is a good thing.

Of course, he’s missing several things, including the essential goodness and a basic innocence of natural-born Americans, who take certain things for granted, such as that a government works for the good of their people, and that news coming out of a country or region are NEWS and not so tightly controlled that nothing the centralized government thinks bad will come out.

This is ridiculous, since the left in the US knows — or should know — to what extent they manipulate the news. Particularly those leftists at the top. And yet, the assumption of a government existing FOR the people is so baked into the fundamental genes of Americans, that even Mini-Mike (I hear he hates that, so Mini-Mike he is now forever) Bloombug thinks that China’s government is doing things to ingratiate itself with the people, as if they could be arsed.

The other thing he’s missing is the vaunting hubris of kids who were educated in such a way they were continuously told they were the best and brightest and the smartest generation to ever grace the world.  And all the while they’re maleducated, taught a lot of things that just aren’t so, and taught to avoid thinking, since thinking might lead them to step out of the herd and be cut off forever.  The problem with our youthful socialists is that they can look unblinking on the wreckage and stinking graves the regime left strewn throughout the 20th century and think this time it will be different, because, well…. it’s them.

And no, the fact that the app — with which, of course, they hoped to cheat in California, which actually if you think about it makes both eyebrows go up, because if California is  not fully under control, what is? — blew up in their faces will not correct their hubris.

Instead, it will fill them with certainty that next time they’ll do it better and infallibly.

You’ve heard the thing about people dreaming of life extension who don’t know what to do with themselves on a Sunday afternoon?

These people dream of total technocratic control over the world and can’t manage a small caucus in one US state.

May the Lord protect us and save us from the Self Esteem Children.

We’re going to need it.


164 thoughts on “It’s Not Because I’m Dead!

  1. It’s not because you’re dead? So you’re not denying being dead. Interesting . . .

    1. Maybe she’s only *mostly* dead. And mostly dead means a little alive.

      Of course, if she was all dead, there’d be only one thing to do.

          1. “No change. In fact, nothing at all in the pockets but a stub pencil and this wad of paper with, hmm, maybe story notes?”

            “Ah, this one was a writer, then. Makes sense. If they were a Bard they’d be broke too, but they’d be clutching their instrument.”

            1. Ah, but did she specify, like Terry Pratchett, that she wanted all the surviving, incomplete notes steamrollered?

    2. She feels fine, she thinks she’ll go for a walk…

      Though seriously, I hope Sarah gets better soon. I just keep thinking of that Monty Python and the Holy Grail scene when she gets ill.

      1. Zombie Space Princess Sarah would likely station herself outside the polling station closest to the cemetery and start a live (well, not live)-action interpretation of one of her old all-GIF posts.

      2. That’s how we’ll know if she’s really dead.

        “Hi, human-type people. I am Sara, a Hoyt and I endorse (Insert Socialist Name) for President.”

          1. The Democratic primary may be a dumpster fire, but it sure looks like the mouth of Hell. Heck, they’re chanting “Feel the Bern!”

  2. “The fury on the left when they lose is that they failed to cheat enough.”

    Even if the bright and shiny end they seek were to come to pass *without* devolving into the horror that it always has (stop laughing, you- it’s only a hypothetical), the tainted means used to effect that end would be an example the *next* reformer could not possibly ignore. The miracle is how America shook off the past that all the people who made it brought with them and decided on a finer path.

    The founders *could* have attempted a system much more rigid and centralized. Lots of other places did so, and continue to do so to this day. Since the miracle happened here, why not socialism? Or so the socialists of my youth then thought. Today, the story is “we were never clean, nor great, nor virtuous at all.” Bah. Those who refuse to learn history (and who deliberately obfuscate same) are bound to rediscover all the ways it was a bad idea the first go ’round.

    Recall “well, he didn’t win, did he?” For shame, folks who seek worldly ends with infernal means. Of course there will be liars, cheaters, and fools of high order. Always are, in any population of humans large enough (and think of people you know who might fit that description some days- large enough is pretty small, all things considered).

    Expect the shenanigans. Vote anyway. Despite all the portents and entrails read at the time of her Shrillness’ prospective coronation, the crown was snatched away at the last minute by Americans conspiring to steal her election through legal means. It can happen again.

    1. Honestly, most of the strongest socialist/communist types I know seem to think that the default of the human condition is positive. “Nobody should die because they can’t make enough money to live.”

      Well, no, that is a good goal, but you’re fooling yourself if you think that’s the default. It’s the exception to all of human history that most people can work enough to not only survive, but be relatively comfortable.

      Heinlein had a quote about that.

        1. The last thing I want is any of what the Universe owes me; I much prefer mercy and forgiveness.

          1. Our chaplain has added a prayer that begins “May we get what we deserve.” I really, really don’t like that one. I want mercy, not what I deserve.

            1. My goodness, yes, that’s hair-raising — not only in itself but for its implications about his theology overall!

      1. On the off chance there may be a few here unfamiliar with the collected works of Lazarus Long, aka The Senior, aka Woodrow Wilson Smith, as collected in The Notebooks of Lazarus Long embedded within Heinlein’s novel Time Enough For Love, here is the relevant quote.
        Throughout history, poverty is the normal condition of man. Advances which permit this norm to be exceeded — here and there, now and then — are the work of an extremely small minority, frequently despised, often condemned, and almost always opposed by all right-thinking people. Whenever this tiny minority is kept from creating, or (as sometimes happens) is driven out of a society, the people slip back into abject poverty.
        This is known as “bad luck.”

    2. “The miracle is how America shook off the past that all the people who made it brought with them and decided on a finer path.”

      The truth is, the Founders cheated and pulled a fast one on the rest of America. All those Federalist papers were written to try to convince the rest that they were right. The really true miracle is the deceptive blighters actually put something together so well. Most deceivers aren’t nearly as altruistic.

    3. “The founders *could* have …”

      I have recently read a book that attempts to investigate and explain not only *what the Founders were thinking* but also the [or perhaps ‘some?’] source(s) of these strange ideas:

      America’s Revolutionary Mind: A Moral History of the American Revolution and the Declaration That Defined It by C. Bradley Thompson

      I commend it to you, fellow USAians.

  3. that news coming out of a country or region are NEWS and not so tightly controlled

    See the story about Fang Bin in Wuhan, in response to which the Party sent four hazmat-suited members of the Wuhan Goon Squad to break down gates and doors and haul him in.

    When Fang protested that what he’d been saying was the truth, the policeman replied, “You’re not allowed to say that. We have to speak in a single voice.”

    Any Sanders supporter needs to explain why that is not what they are voting for.

    1. In the story I read about him there was another. A video of a man standing on a bridge, yelling about what had happened to him. He had it, he was in the hospital being treated, they told him he had to go home because some worse off needed his bed. THEY SENT HIM HOME! He yelled that his wife and daughter were at home and neither had it. If he went home they would get it. The video gets shaken but you can hear someone in the background saying he jumped. What would YOU DO?

      1. Yes, triage is a cold bitch, but all things considered if the poor guy had enough clear lung capacity to be shouting out on that bridge, it’s very likely there was in fact someone worse off that was a better fit for that bed.

        In general, unless they have something you can’t get along without (like a ventilator), you are almost always better off staying away from that building where they keep all those sick people, i.e. the hospital.

        1. Granted BUT YOU DON”T SEND THEM HOME!!
          You send them to a quarantine center, you don’t send them back out into the public.

          1. True, though many thus kicked out would just go home.

            They could just requisition all the hotel rooms in the region for use as quarantine centers and dump low-triaged patients into hotel room beds. Not really displacing travelers these days, and a hotel room is as good as a hospital room for lying around sick. Better than cots in a warehouse. Nothing on anything like that that I’ve seen.

            This is why people out in the rest of the world think it’s worse than is being shown, even on the stuff from the comrade journalists: Events and measures not being reported should have happened well before what they are showing, i.e. pouring concrete for some new building.

            1. ONe of the things about America that is exceptional in this world is that we typically put our worst problems on the TV, and on the front pages of our newspapers (especially when there’s a Republican president.) Our nation is almost never as bad as our news coverage makes us appear, while three-quarters* of the rest of the world is the exact opposite.

              I’d be willing to argue that such willingness to expose our problems is a hallmark of Western Civilization … although those screaming about various phobias as justification of not telling unpalatable truths (don’t want to risk riling the deplorables) probably wouldn’t agree.

              *I’m a cock-eyed optimist!

          2. And as to the poor guy on the bridge: Someone needed to tell him that he was contagious, shedding viruses at home for a week before he felt sick, so his family is already exposed.

      1. “Someone tell comrade Clinton, you must tell her! I’m on the list! I’m as progressive as they come, a party member, good and loyal! If you only tell her, she’ll srtaighten this all out!”

        *muffled shouts as the gag is applied. Then a single shot.*

  4. I could be wrong (I often have been), but I don’t see Sanders winning the nomination. The Democrat primary system is rigged with their Superdelegates, and since Sanders continues to be, at least nominally, an independent senator, not a Democrat senator, I think the party Superdelegates are going to vote en masse to tip the scale against Sanders. Not that I think we’re better off with any of the other candidates winning, of course.

    1. IIRC, the superdelegates thing was enough of a mess in the 2016 election that the DNC took some steps to reduce their power.

      I’ve also heard that the party leadership is now scrambling to undo some of those changes.

      1. The current rules are that the Supers would vote on a second ballot, with the DNCe now thinking of letting them do it on the first ballot. I think it could add a whole new dimension to the term “Floor fight”.

    2. I don’t think a Bernie nomination is the worst case scenario — I suspect the Party Elders are right that he’d replicate McGovern’s campaign and taint Far-Leftism for another generation.

      I am more concerned about Lizzie Borden Warren, who is Bernie’s politico-economics without Bernie’s integrity (what there is of it.) There is ample evidence that as recently as twenty years ago she knew better, knew fundamental economics, and has repudiated principles in pursuit of personal advancement. The sad thing is, had she stayed in that lane she would likely have been more powerfully positioned in the GOP than she now is with the Dems.

  5. I used to love the Don Camillo stories when I was a lad. Alas, my mother gave them away when I joined the army and I’ve never had time to search for new copies. So I’d glad to know that I’m not the only fan.

        1. Seconded. I’ve infected other family members with Don Camillo, and now the only reason I have copies is ebooks. Because once I lend them out, they don’t come back!

  6. *chuckles* You know, I just hopped over to see if you’d posted anything and had that momentary “oh, heck, what if there’s nothing because she’s–”
    *reads headline*
    Well, that’s reassuring.

  7. Off topic: Sarah, Your “Witchfinder” on the right side of your blog goes to “A Few Good Men” … you might want to change it.

  8. There is a Question that is NOT being asked.
    The Chinese don’t store food like Americans do, they tend to shop every day for food. Their homes are small with little space to store food. There is nobody on the streets, the stores are closed (and empty anyway), the markets are closed, and there are NO REPORTS of the Government handing out MRE’s or anything else.
    It has been a week, HOW ARE THEY GETTING FOOD??? We are talking 30 Million PLUS at least, they might have had something but what could they have NOW???
    Will they just starve in their homes???
    Will they come out to seek food? What food is there in the cities where the millions are???
    Why isn’t this talked about??? Crickets!
    Will they die quietly or not?
    God help them, because I don’t think the Chi-Coms have a clue about what to do.

    1. I saw a report (I think from a different city in China) where authorities are allowing one person per household out of any residence every three days to get food, otherwise complete curfew 24/7.

      Nothing on how they staff the markets.

      China may not be happy about the travel restrictions, but it’s really really best to not spread this.

      And I think this is near the last nail in the coffin for offshoring production to China. Apple will likely have an interesting earnings call this quarter.

        1. The thing about globalization is, bad things as well as good things can spread quickly. This a general phenomenon when larger entities are created out of smaller ones; for example, expanding the power grid to take in more and more geography and population has many benefits for load-sharing and backup when generator failures occur—but it ALSO means that certain failure conditions can spread very rapidly and impact millions of people. See my post Coupling.

          1. It gets interesting when the environazis decide to weigh in. We got dumped from the Bonneville hydropower system because a judge bought into eNazi’s arguments, and the local hydro dams are being dismantled “for the fish”, to be replaced (sort of) by some solar systems. Last I looked, they’ve put in 36 MWe of solar to replace the 100 MWe of hydro that’s coming out.

            There’s a reason why we installed an offgrid solar system for our well.

            1. Pete, I’m working on a project where my employer is subcontracting a team to a CA based system integrator to provide technical expertise. There’s development and testing environments that they have behind a very strict VPN (DoD system).

              Well, yesterday morning about 10 am, the VPN went down. No one could work on the systems behind it. Finally, last night, we were informed that both the VPN servers AND the actual working servers it was guarding were taken out because there were high winds in the area and PG&E shut down their section of the grid….. which took out their entire HQ building. They didn’t get everything back up until about 11 am today.

              And they are going to have to have to do a controlled shutdown Friday afternoon so PG&E can replace the transformer that blew when the grid was switched back on.

              CA is going to lose the rest of their high tech industries if they aren’t careful. I know my employer hasn’t built a new data center there since Enron.

              1. Pacific Power is yet another Berkshire Hathaway company [spit], but one thing they are good at is getting rid of vegetation near power lines, at least in the rural areas. There’s pushback in the cities, but out here, a seriously pruned tree is a much lower level of concern than power outages. OTOH, Pac Power says they would kill power in a wind event if necessary, though that’s mostly in areas west of the Cascades (really rugged mountains, lots-o-trees and lots-o-rain).

                Even so, we lose power several times a year, mostly because the grid in the area is loosely connected to the rest of the region. When I’ve had to report problems, I’ll ask the Pac Power person if cities A, B, and C are affected, too. If yes, we know it’s our favorite 100 mile stretch of high tension line. If so, we know it’s going to be 2-3 hours to fix, and what measures we need to take.

                I have backup power, both for refrigeration and for my CPAP machine. I’ve tried sleeping without it; after 21 years with it, non-pressurized sleep ain’t doable.

                1. We have EWEB. Power goes out here, you can count on 24 hours to days. Problem here isn’t branches, it is trees coming down on lines. Ironically our lines are underground. Every other block lines go underground. It is amazing how often our power is out, but lines above ground are not. But then we have a single failure point for 16 or so homes.

    2. The US guy living in Wuhan who did a podcast with Powerline blog – he said that everybody has giant sized bags of rice at home. People were only going out if they needed fresh produce, and mostly weren’t trying to get meat, at least a few days ago.

      (Which I can believe, because even my rice-eating little brother who lives _here_ in the US has a giant economy-sized bag of rice, divided up into smaller containers that keep better than a bag. Indian groceries sell giant bags, Vietnamese groceries sell giant bags, Korean groceries tell you to go to Sam’s Club and buy giant bags….)

      When Chinese or Japanese people are sick, they tend to eat congee (very thick, very cooked rice porridge). So they probably don’t want much else, although there are probably some produce or meat add-ins.

      1. Costco too. It’s not difficult to find a grandoginourmous bag of rice for not much.

        The issue with rice in sufficiently Bad Times is the clean water to cook it.

        1. Yep, just finished re-bagging (into mylar) 50 lbs of jasmine rice from Costco. Also reason to have water filters at home.

        2. Presumably boiling it to cook the rice would ensure “clean” in the bacteria/virus sense???

        3. Both the discount grocery store and the restaurant supply (open to mortals; no sales tax) stock white rice in 50 pound bags. Not brown rice; we buy 25 pound bags and freeze it for 72 hours to kill weevil eggs. Not good having to toss a lot of brown rice. We use both as well as store-bought white rice flour. $SPOUSE grinds brown rice as necessary.

          Water’s no problem; long term problem would be fuel/energy to cook and heat.

      2. And Sam’s has “Super Lucky Elephant” brand jasmine rice in the suitcase-sized bags… mmmmm….

      3. When we were eating carbs, I used to buy the 50 lbs rice bags at Asian groceries. It was cheap, and if we had some (very little) meat or fish, and some frozen veggies, we wouldn’t starve.

    3. Instapundit has a link up to a NYT article talking about efforts to get food to the afflicted areas. Some of the afflicted areas include farming communities, which has affected food production. So apparently there’s been a call for additional food, which has caused farmers to dig into the stores that many of them apparently keep (primarily produce that likes cold weather). The extra goods are being moved by truckers who don’t want their friends to know due to possible stigma against their families back home (since their work will take them to afflicted areas). And neither the farmers nor truckers know how much (or whether) they’ll receive any payment for what they’re doing.

      Oh, and apparently a new avian flu just showed up in some poultry farms… and they still haven’t recovered from the swine flu…

      1. “Oh, and apparently a new avian flu just showed up…”

        Really? Another bug hits their agriculture? “Once is happenstance, twice is a coincidence, three times is enemy action.”

          1. Apropos of nothing whatever I reread The Last Centurion yesterday. His apocalyptic books leave you feeling uplifted. LC, Black Tide Rising.

            1. I KNOW. Isn’t that weird?
              We were quite depressed, trying to fix the house to sell, and it kept raining, and we had Black Tide on a loop….. Because weirdly it gave you hope.

  9. One: I’ve got enough to do that it should keep me busy until at least the year 24,376. Then I have a couple of open weeks on the calendar that I’ll have to think of something.

    Two: Socialism, well, socialists, are tough nuts to crack. First case in point, number one’s girlfriend is from Brazil. Brazil has a national healthcare program. Eats up a huge part of their tax revenue, but everyone is supposed to have access to it; and if you’re in the top 20% of the economy, you can add private insurance on top of that. Girl has had a couple operations to fix brain aneurysms (one open a few years ago, one ‘scopic recently that fixed the 3 remaining ones. All paid for through the government, ergo, by the tax payers. Guess what kind of health system she supports? Never mind the indigenes in the Amazon don’t have physical access to health care that the people in San Paulo have. Second case, buddy from Germany extolling the free college for all. Except that it’s not for all, just the ones who test high enough; oh, and adult students need not apply; you’re stuck in your government assigned role unless you leave the country. Guess they have a similar situation in Spain, since my 3rd example would be a woman I know who was telling me that they had the same deal that the German guy had. None of them had any problem with a big centralized government making those decisions for them.

    And these are foreign born naturalized citizens who don’t seem to get what Sarah understands. Unfortunately, far too many native born Americans think the same way. It does not bode well for the coming decade.

    Three: I suspect that Bernie was selected as the winner in the Iowa caucuses. I say selected, and not won, since the software sure a heck sounds like it was compromised at the initial coding level, and not hacked. All I can say is, the GOP and others of Conservative bent should make sure they don’t stay home on election day.

    1. Same in Portugal, both cases. And in the case of the medicine, yeah it works sometimes, but the treatment is still inferior to what ILLEGALS get in the US.
      But I can’t tell anyone that.

  10. BTW: The Democrats didn’t break out the excuses for the delay because Bernie won. They expected that an were prepared as always to create enough votes to put him in his place. No they panicked because TRUMP was winning and they didn’t know what to do. So they doubled down on the excuses to give them time to get their *()%^%^ together and get rid of the Trump votes and move votes around. They are still fighting out WHO will be first and second, Bernie they will put third.

    1. Wouldn’t that be awesome, if Trump ended up being both the Democrat and Republican candidate.

        1. I do. And I don’t consider myself old… most days. Excluding the mornings after heavy workout days. But I remember Reagan Democrats.

      1. That happened one year in the NYC mayoral election. Dunno if it was Koch or Giuliani. What Bloomberg has done to my poor city. I feel like Delenn did when she saw the bombed Minbari cities.

    2. I’m not certain that can happen, the way the caucus system is set up. At least, when I was in IA in 2000, you couldn’t have had someone caucusing for one party and vote for a member of another party. Things may have changed since then.

  11. Sarah said: “Why should I worry about a dumpster fire that just got hit by a clown car, you ask? Well, because I’m terrified that Bernie Sanders will win the nomination.”

    He won’t. That’s why the Iowa Caucus had a computer “glitch.” To keep BernBern out. That software was written by a company tied to the Clinton campaign, if Drudge Report is to be trusted anymore. Funny how it didn’t work at just the right time.

    Five devalued Canadian rasbuckniks says this is the setup to get Hillary in the driver’s seat. They’ll crash the whole nominating process into a wall and set it on fire, then Hillary will reluctantly step in to save the day.

    This is clearly an utterly insane tinfoil hat statement… except they’ll probably do it. As evidence I offer the fact that Justin Trudeau the Shiny Pony is still Prime Minister of Canada. Anybody think that was an accident?

      1. At the moment, it seems that “Mayor Pete” is ahead in the caucus. And Team Biden is making lawyer and lawsuit noises. *wanders off to check the status of the popcorn cart*

          1. Now it’s Mayor Pete with more delegates and Bernie as the popular winner. What a *looks at bat-wielding moderator* debacle. Not cluster, debacle.

            1. Not only are the Dims corrupt, they’re Incompetent idiots! I’m originally from NYC. Corruption I can live with, but not incompetence.

          2. Rumor is that some of the candidates that weren’t getting enough votes to matter threw their votes to Mayor Pete, instead. Otherwise Bernie would have won.

            Though I do like the idea I saw elsewhere that what happened was merely the authorities deciding to redistribute Bernie’s votes to those candidates who were more in need.


          1. And please remember that Fluffy does BBQ, not popcorn. The effect of dragon fire on popcorn is — peculiar.

    1. Links to The Dowager Empress of Chappaqua, you say?

      Well then, I was extremely saddened to learn of tomorrows suicide of that app’s development team.

    2. You mean those evil Republican-Russian hackers compromised the noble system created by the Clintons? /sarc

    3. Scott Adams has a hilarious prediction that Hillary may be planning on running thing via Kamila Harris. Basically Kamila is probably going to be the VP pick for the eventual winner, and most of Kamila’s staff are Hillary people.

      If Biden does survive the nomination process, most people will sort of assume that the VP’s team will likely be running him like a meat puppet, and if it’s Kamila, the puppeteer would be Hillary.

      Don’t know if it’s actually a thing or even going to work that way in practice, but it’s definitely possible with that crew.

            1. As we learned from Kamala’s presidential campaign, she changes principles the way most people change sportswear. She was a tough-as-nails, give-em-the-chair, screw exculpatory evidence prosecutor when that seemed the route to rising and she swapped that for defender-of-the-oppressed, guardian of civil rights, advocate for the down-trodden robes when that garb became the fashion.

              There is only one discernible persistent principle: ruthless self-advancement. She’s Stalin in a dress, Hillary without the subtlety, a race card in her hand and and the avidity of somebody with no credit limit.

      1. Harris would be a *really* stupid pick for VP, imo. She’s so bad that she’s unpopular in her home state of California.

        Way to drive down the voter enthusiasm in the most populous state in the Union, Dims.

        1. Whether Kamala Harris or someone else, we can be sure the VP candidate will be a politician of outstanding quality, unchallenged integrity, keen acumen, deep empathy for the struggles of working families and a person woth proven ability to heal the rifts dividing the American People.

          Why, the MSM has already written the glowing profiles and are merely waiting to insert trivial specifics.

      2. My daughter and I wonder if the long game is for the Dowager Empress going all-out for the VP slot, with Biden as the nominee for Presy. If so, he’d better start having his food tasters work overtime…

    4. To be fair, finding a company high enough on the Democrat Crony Ladder to get the contract means having to deal with someone that has had dealing with the Hillary campaign. It’s like trying to find a Communist leader in 1954 who didn’t loudly laud Stalin.
      And logically, that’s not how you cheat- it’s the exact opposite of how you successfully cheat if you already have the fix set up with your software that will Daley up the numbers ahead of the vote.

      1. In my tinfoil hat scenario the purpose of the software is to crash, destroying the vote. Then Hillary rides in on a white horse to save the day.

        Watching Pelosi tear up Trump’s speech last night was really something, eh? My popcorn runneth over.

        1. Hillary riding in at the last second would be about as likely, and welcome as the Detroit Lions trying to take the field & play at this weekend’s superbowl. The only people I see talking about a last second Hillary entry are conservatives. Most of the Leftist I’ve dealt with really don’t like her, and all the power players in the Dem party have about the same feelings as the Mafia after someone loses a fight fixed in their favor.
          They threw a lot of money into that broad, they stacked the deck, rigged the machines, and she blew it! Any attempt to try to muscle them, and we’re back to your tragic chardonnay accident.

  12. 1) Fake grass (the kind used for doormats) works really well for capturing tracked cat litter. My bathroom, with three cats, went from continual sandy beach to never-needs-sweeping.

    2) If your thyroid replacement is still levothyroxin (synthetic) alone, try to get your doc to either add about 5mcg of T3, or better yet, switch you to Nature-Throid (65mg of NDT = 47mcg of synth), and split the dose morning and afternoon. You will discover that a miracle has occurred.

    1. It never was. I take T3 ONLY.
      You see, my body takes the full thyroid and does what it does with the T4 it produces: it makes Reverse T3 at speed. That’s what made me hypothyroidal.

    1. If’s Sarah’s a vampire, does that make Dan a werewolf? I’ve been reading paranormal lately. Cheesecake flavored SF isn’t to my taste. I prefer beefcake or chopped liver. Only the people who knew me in the mIRC days will get that reference.

  13. Please stay alive and get better. I just got a nice chocolate-covered chocolate cake ball recipe that Mom threw together, and I haven’t had an opportunity to experiment with a gluten-free version for friends with relevant health issues.


  14. I prefer my own term for Mini-Mike; FLP: Fascist Little….Putz. (I actually use another word but I’ll keep it clean-ish for your house). I started calling him that from back when he hadn’t yet gotten bored with buying the Mayorship of NYFC.

    I think Bernie getting the nomination is a bigger nightmare scenario in the minds of the DNC types in that I don’t believe they think he could win, and even if he did, he knows that the power base of the DNC has been conspiring to keep him out of the white house for over 4 years and would not feel any need to give them and their agendas even lip service.

    In a historic first I agree with Mikey Moore that the DNC putting FLP on the next debate state is an attempt to get someone they think might win instead of Bernie.

    Give the superficial way the Dems and their ilk sort and categorize people based on external characteristics, to them FLP is just like The Donald: A rich white guy from NYFC. All Same Same. So if they run a rich white guy from NYFC they can get the same folks that denied Herself 16 to vote Dem this November.

        1. Beloved Spouse was reading something the other day that claimed it is a diminishing number — my guess was that with Israelis speaking Hebrew it is replacing Yiddish as the common tongue of the Jewish people.

          A pity, as it was a highly expressive language and the source of many great works of literature.

      1. Not nearly enough…

        It seems any time there’s a concept I need a word for, Yiddish has the exact word I want. I wish I had time to actually learn it instead of mugging it for its vocabulary, though.

  15. C-SPAN streaming tonight!!!I

    The State of the Union, with special guest Nigel Farage!

    (Also his really nice suits….)

    I cannot wait to see how Trump explodes heads this time. And he really is a good orator, in his own style.

    1. I’d love to get a pic of Trump and Boris Johnson together a la the Ronnie & Maggie shots.

  16. AI.
    she has been uploaded to the net, where she will live forever*, continue to write the stories we all love.

    *forever or until the democrats win and get rid of electric anythings. back to candles

      1. Saw last night on the news (Fox news, the lesser of 14 evils) that here in Kalifornia they are making the first noises about nationalizing the ‘troubled utility’ PG&E. Oh, but it’s the STATE government, so… statizing? Statifying?

        Funny thing, nobody jumped up and yelled, “You think it’s ‘troubled’ now, wait till the government gets ahold of it!”
        This comment is also an experiment. All of my comments have been vanishing into a black hole since January 29. I even set up a WordPress account, and tried posting comments that way. One comment finally showed up as ‘in moderation’ but vanished a few hours later. Is there some reason for that? I would really like to know.

        1. PG&E’s a corrupt mess, and is so deeply in bed with the politicians that I’m not sure how much of a difference it would make if the state took control of it.

          1. I’m sure they could make it even worse. I have unwavering faith in their fecklessness! 😀

            I also have solar panels, and I’m planning to get battery backup, Real Soon Now.

            And I’m in SDGE’s territory, not PGE’s.
            Some folks can be taught. Others can learn by example. The rest have to piss on the electric fence for themselves.

      2. Use the Bark Network (Twilight Barking) as a substitute for the ‘net. I don’t think that St. Bernards or Dobermans could bark across the “Pond.” Oh well need the Navy I guess.

        Hi Dear!

        1. In my neighborhood we have a lot more than Twilight Barking. There is a fire station a couple of blocks away and every mutt within half a mile howls at the sirens. Then they spend another five minutes howling at each other.

          One of the neighbors has an Incessant Shrill Yapper that yaps ALL DAY LONG. Never stops. I find it annoying from half a block away, HOW can they stand it in the same house?

          At least cats don’t do that.
          At my house, the ‘things that go bump in the night’ are cats.

          1. If you love the dog you put up with it. Our dog is a yapper. He’s also our auxiliary alarm. We slept through a neighborhood alarm but Nemo woke us up. His barkiness is only second to his pissing on things as major faults of his. Sigh. Everyone has issues and faults.

              1. If he barks, there’s usually someone stirring around outside, even if it’s just a vehicle pulling up across the street.

  17. I think it’s a very real possibility Sanders will get the nomination. Don’t forget people dismissed Trump as well, and the fact Biden’s barely in 4th place tells me, barring a miracle or blatant fraud, he’s sunk. People only consider important what they live through, and my generation possesses no memory of the Cold War.

    The only good thing is, I think Trump’s going to sweep the 2020 elections. He’ll never be popular, but many are going to look at the alternative.

        1. How large a margin of fraud? 1989 was the most amazing year! The Berlin Wall fell. Solidarity was around. I loved the ’80’s!

          1. Depends on the states, but based on 2016? Five million votes, minimum. That’s illegal alien voters, stuffed ballot boxes, people voting multiple times, and people “helping” the elderly and other nursing-home and assisted-living residents vote. CA wasn’t the only state where some precincts had over 100% of the population vote, or over 100% of the registered voters.

            1. Yep. And we’re getting more and more elderly, don’t forget.
              Colorado is not blue. It’s stolen. And MY LORD are they grinding us under the heel of the oppressor. Because they know.
              In fact, I couldn’t find it, but some dem was panicking recently that Coloradans are a bunch of deplorables….

  18. If Sanders wins the nomination, it’ll be because the DNC can’t figure out a way to sandbag his nomination process.

    The DNC is very much in a cleft fork-they need the Bernie Bros to get through the primaries process, but having Bernie Sanders as the presidential candidate would guarantee a Trump re-election. And, assuming Sanders got elected, he’s not getting any younger and he would want to have Socialism NOW! until something happened to him (heart attack, stroke, twenty pound frozen turkey falling from a clear blue sky and crushing his chest…), and the process of doing that to the current leadership of the DNC would be electoral suicide for the next fifteen to twenty years.

    So, they need Sanders to lose, but in a very careful sort of way. Second or third place, just enough to give the Bernie Bros hope and not drive them away. But, not to put him a place where he can win, and at some point Sanders will be offered a significant position in the next administration. The goal is to show that Sanders has a mandate, but that there is a much better torchbearer for the cause.

    This is going to be an interesting election and I really want to see the Jonathan Pie video when Trump wins again.

    1. I thought they needed the Bernie Bros in the general, but for some reason don’t want to work with him?

      1. Unlike the rest of the Party, Bernie actually believes the free stuff for free, neo-commie crap they spew for the rubes.
        Should Bernie be elected, he would very likely cut off all those nice little corporate crony deals- board positions for otherwise useless spawn, six figure sinecures for spouses via supposed charities, and all those wonderful perks that make wealth in a capitalist society so wonderful.

        While the Nomenklatura in a communist state get some perks, it’s still a communist state, and it’s still pretty much only what the common American lower working class people already has. In a rural area, when the interstates are shut down.

        Think back to the way the Dems shut out McGovern back in ’72. I suspect we’ll be seeing a repeat.

  19. “The other thing he’s missing is the vaunting hubris of kids who were educated in such a way they were continuously told they were the best and brightest and the smartest generation to ever grace the world. And all the while they’re maleducated, taught a lot of things that just aren’t so, and taught to avoid thinking, since thinking might lead them to step out of the herd and be cut off forever. The problem with our youthful socialists is that they can look unblinking on the wreckage and stinking graves the regime left strewn throughout the 20th century and think this time it will be different, because, well…. it’s them.”


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