26 thoughts on “Unexpectedly busy today

  1. I’m sure that it’s just chance that he was there when you decided to rearrange the furniture. 😉

  2. Just so long as “furniture” isn’t code for “dead bodies.”

    It is generally best to let “sleeping corpses” lie.

    Do not ask how I know this.

    1. >> “Just so long as “furniture” isn’t code for “dead bodies.””

      Guess some ankle-biter on Facebook pushed her too far…

        1. Oh, Sarah. You sweet summer child. You don’t bury SJWs in the yard. You dissolve their bodies with acid.

          Isn’t one of your sons an aspiring doctor? I’m sure he could give you some tips on corpse disposal.

  3. A friend of mine used to say about moving, “Pick a weekend and lift everything you own.”

    1. “rearranging”
      i.e. smashing it into kindling so it’s more comfortable to lie on.
      Or possibly setting it on fire. I could go either way.

        1. Lol
          Oh, the mental picture.
          A great big dragon daintily moving furniture around, shooing humans (and other creatures) out of the way.

  4. Heh. Dad still gets asked to help others move in the congregation. Apparently he doesn’t look like he’s almost 68.

    Next time I move – might be in the spring when the one-year contract is up, if a superior place can be found – we’ll ask him to drive his truck, but I probably won’t ask him to risk his back on our behalf.


    1. I’ve had people come trotting up to me with “that look” in their eyes. Then they see me get out of the pickup, cane in hand, and decide that this isn’t the person-to-help-me-move that they were looking for.

      1. To be fair, the last time I went mountain hiking with my parents – a couple of years back – I was sweating/gasping while they looked like it was a nice morning stroll. I’ve improved since, I can keep up with their walking pace for 3+ miles and converse without difficulty, but that’s here on the Gulf Coast and I’m not sure how well I’d handle the mountains again. Dad’s maintained his 34 inch waistline, and Mom’s equally fit.

        It’s something to aspire to.

        But he’s still almost 68 and a back injury might well not heal all the way.


  5. Rotating or translating furniture holds no fascination for me. I want to be able to move around with the lights off. OK, mostly, I’m lazy and I’m used to the way things are and I see no reason to move things.

    1. Well, we hadn’t got furniture that worked with this house (as opposed to the former house) and opening up the space was part of it. (And we got the furniture used and free, because we’re beyond cheap.)

  6. Just so long as “furniture” isn’t code for “dead bodies.”

    Or the ‘furniture’ in Soylent Green…

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