I’m Petting Cats and Enjoying Time with Kid



Merry Christmas. Happy Fourth Night. Keep the lights burning in the darkness.

Sometimes all we need a light to hold onto, a star to follow, a multitude, each holding a tiny candle, until the entire darkness is turned as bright as day.

Let it be so.

Be not afraid.

47 thoughts on “I’m Petting Cats and Enjoying Time with Kid

  1. On this day let us all be thankful for the blessings we have.

    And doubly thankful our burdens are no worse.

  2. Hoping you’re at home, in your heart, with those you love.

    And remember, family is where you find it.

  3. Madame Hostess petting cats and hanging out with children seems exactly what this day is for. Enjoy.

  4. Merry Christmas! The turkey is carved, the cat has been bought off with scraps, bird feeders filled, and I got to watch the full Christmas program from Temple Square (L.D.S.) Boy, PBS’s version, ah, was lacking. [I know, be charitable.]

    Back to reading one of my new books. 🙂

    1. Be charitable? Toward PBS??? The Feds are already plenty charitable toward them with my tax dollars.

      ProTip: forced donations do not constitute charity.

  5. Over-the-top holiday greetings to everyone celebrating everything, including Solstice! And as long as we’re posting relevant videos, here’s the feel-good number of the year (the year 5780, that is):

  6. Happy Merry everyone!

    I am currently staying out of the way as dinner is working it’s way to the table.

  7. I’m becoming somewhat worried about my brain these days – my first thought was “When did Sarah adopt a stray goat?”

    Anyway, a Merry Christmas Day to you and yours, Sarah, Dan and kids (even if one or more are four legged).

    As for lovely videos…

    On my blog, too, but more people will see it here. The Piano Guys are a duo I discovered last year.

      1. Ah, not so fond memories…

        Mine might be a bit sharper than yours, though – after a three day field drill, he comes close. (This last one, too, I had to look up how to get tear gas residue out. Last group through the chamber, and they had drawn just a bit too many of the tablets from stores – so it was about three times as strong.)

  8. Spent the day recovering from a mad dash and back down to Memphis. Wasn’t able to stay for today (need to be in at work tomorrow morning) but was good to get there as well as have some overlap with Sis and Brother-in-law who came a day after I got there.
    Hope everyone had a great day, and many more to come.

  9. Merry Christmas
    Happy Solstice
    Happy Hanukkah
    or Happy Whatever-else I might be missing

    Back from my sister’s for Christmas dinner. Most everyone made it home for Christmas. Kids are of a age where sharing / switching up holidays with their in-laws are now a thing.

    Last night was Christmas Eve dinner. Pretty much the same crowd except those from Hockinson, who came down today. Double blessings, great niece is 13 months, she & Pepper did absolutely fantastic together. Yes as a SD this was to be “expected”, our 100s of hours of training paid off, despite Pepper has never seen a child this small, and most children only when she is on a leash, with all the people (14 counting baby) & excitement. Both mama bear was please & I was very proud of Pepper.

    Then today, made the kid eyes tear up as he opened his gifts. Sure he was pleased with his 3 printed framed pictures of his little girl (cat, who passed away last month), but when he unfurled the fluffy blanket (Costco Photo) with on of her picture on it, he lost it. Not easy to do these days when kid can pretty much get whatever he wants when he wants it.

  10. Glad to hear you have the important things. Merry Christmas.

    Spent Christmas with my Sister and family, plus their extended crew of cats and dog-who-identifies-as-cat.
    Brother-in-law made his traditional scratch-made Canneloni.


  11. It’s Boxing day this morning, so Happy Feast of Stephen!

    I was finishing(?) the final touches on my new-to-me (refurbished) computer for the house and discovered that a backup drive on the older computer went toes up and managed to foul up the main machine. Spent a frantic hour learning how to unscrew the file that made the old computer unbootable. (I don’t play a Linux expert on TV, though usually I’m Good Enough. Usually.)

    We grilled salmon fillets on the George Foreman for Christmas dinner, and I talked to my mother in the Midwest. In all, a very good day.

  12. Had a quiet Christmas, went for my physical this morning. I suspect I’m going to get scolded about high levels of fats in my blood. *kitty giggle* If not, it wasn’t for a lack of trying!

  13. A thought for my fellow Odds; be gentle with the retail people you deal with for the next few weeks. We tend to assume that with the Christmas madness over, everything is back to normal. It isn’t. Now the poor bastards have to deal with the Season of Returns. And because many of the common shoplifting scams use returns to make money, the return system of your typical Point Of Sale is a pain. Point Of Sale is abbreviated as POS for a reason.

    So instead of the slack time they deserve after the Christmas rush, the sales clerks have lines just as long, and their registers are being worse than usual.

    By the end of January the Return Hell will be over. Until then sales folk are likely to be a tad fragile.

    1. I suspect that there will also be a “After-Christmas Rush” of people wanting to do the “After-Christmas Sales”.

      1. My experience in retail is that the rush for after Christmas sales isn’t big enough to make an impression, compared to Return Hell. In fact straight sales are a welcome relief.

        The real break comes in February; that’s when you get the store back in order and catch up on the cleaning you had to give a lick and a promise during the rush season.

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