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Book Promo

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Yes, I’m sorry. This is another of those weeks where the challenge word JUST didn’t make it. My email was hungry, I guess.

So, your challenge for vignettes is: Tell us about the life of one of the hamsters who runs the internet, and the things that can go wrong (or right.) Make it as serious or funny as you wish.  Make it focused on ONE particularly hamster or the weird effects that happen when one of the runs too fast on his wheel.


FROM MARY CATELLI: The Hall of the Heiress.


She knows nothing of the hall where she lives, alone, where sea serpents prowl the shore, except that it bears the name Hall of the Heiress — not even if she is the heiress it speaks of.

Any more than she knows her own name.

Or whether there is any escape from the hall.

FROM DAVID L. BURKHEAD:  The Chooser: A Tale of Modern Valkyrie.


A Tale of Modern Valkyrie

Göll is a Valkyrie, a chooser of the slain. She takes those who die in battle first to Hel for judgement, then on to their final destination, whether it’s Valhöl or elsewhere. When her latest slain is an eight year old boy she finds herself facing a new challenge, one she had never before faced in all her centuries of serving the Lord of Battles.

FROM MEL DUNAY:  Saving a Queen (Ancestors of Jaiya Book 2).



Journey to the country of Jaiya, in a world not quite like ours. Here the humans wield magical powers and fight against an Empire which seeks to enslave them, but they share their world with insect people and trollfolk, and stranger things lurk in the shadows…

Queen Prasa escapes from her city as it falls to the Empire. Her only hope of survival lies in traveling with Nirav, a smuggler who pilots a type of balloon called a skyboat. Caught between her sense of duty and her attraction to the smuggler, Prasa must listen to her heart in order to find the best way to save her people. But what is the secret cargo that Nirav carries…and why is a flying monster out of the old stories hunting his skyboat?

Note: Queen is meant as a standalone with a “happily ever after” ending. However, the heroes in the later books in this series are descended from Prasa and Nirav, who are also the ancestors of some of the characters in the original Jaiya series. The romance is on the sweet side, but there are some references to the horrors of war, more implied than shown, and violent fights with the flying monster.

18 thoughts on “Challenge and Book Promo

  1. OK, here goes:

    George, Alice, and Ralph were running the internet hamster wheels. Every 20 minutes, they’d take a break for water and HamsterChow. George spoke sharply to Ralph, who was in the wheel, on his back, snoring.
    “Muzzt? Break’s over?”
    “It’s been an hour, Ralph.”
    “This new Colorado HamsterChow is some goood stuff! Want to try some?”
    George took a bite, and WordPress was down for the rest of the day.

  2. It’s only my first day on the job, and I already want to quit. My last job was helping run a guy’s car. There wasn’t much action, and I was getting bored.
    Either no work or too much. (I’m especially reminded of the time he turned us into an ox team and had us lug a trailer up and down some pretty steep mountain grades).
    But this internet thing here is something else. Work, work, work, day and night, and I get zapped for being too slow. A search engine is NOTHING like the kind I was used to. .I have to share my space with spiders and bots and assorted creepy crawlies. And cat pictures. I don’t care how cute they are, cats and hamsters do not mix. I never realized how good I had it. Can I go back to my old job?

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    Dr. Megan McAllister was already a pretty unusual human — NASA astronaut, professional astronomer, polymath — when she encountered the man in the black suit that night in west Texas. What Division One Agent Echo didn’t know, when he recruited her to the Agency, was that she was even more special.

    But he’d find out, soon enough.

  4. Fred got comfortable in his hamster nest lined with lost emails.

    Then something entered his nest and said “This isn’t your lucky day. You’ve become a computer bug and I’m a computer dragon who just loves to eat computer bugs”.

  5. Because it is December 1st.

    This reminder has been brought to you as a public service by Wide-Whorled Wallaby.

  6. Hampton rolled out of his wheel, his fall cushioned by the curled wood shavings. Others lay around him, their legs twitching, while others struggled to climb back onto their wheels.

    The other hamsters around him were the strongest on the Internet, descended from the Hamster Dancers of the 1990s. Hampton was named for his ancestor, who had led their dance across the Internet before they found the higher calling of keeping the Net going.

    Hampton thought of the heady promise of the Internet that his seven generations removed great-grandfather had committed to, and the dream that they all kept alive in their hearts. Then he glanced up at the sign that said “TWITTER” and sighed deeply.

  7. Nell scampered through the hamster tubes in a shimmering quantum cloud of information and probability. One junction after another she hurried, unaware of the chaos spreading behind her. She had only one thought on her tiny mind, to get the message clenched between her teeth to its appointed destination.

    She arrived expecting accolades for her swift passage. How surprised she was to be met instead with fury. “How could you be so careless as to pick up a virus on your way, and infect half the Internet in the process?”

    Nell hung her head in shame. Never again would she be trusted with such important work.

  8. Speaking of things lost in the Internet, did you get the guest post I sent you about a week ago? If it did go astray, I have a copy on my computer and can resend it.

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