27 thoughts on “I’m Alive

  1. whimsical?

    Is that the same as “interesting”? 😉

    Take Care!

    Look forward to the Promos!

        1. Somewhat — I think the more appropriate term would be ‘crazy, but comfortable’ or possibly, ‘crazy but can afford it.’

          Being “able to afford it” makes a world of difference. There is, of course, a song on the topic.

          Had I known her resume includes Mammy Yokum and Mrs. Peachum I’d have probably watched Facts of Life … for about five minutes.

  2. Staying alive is a plus. Take your time. I promise if the blog burns down while you’re away someone will put a reasonable facsimile* back in its place in no time at all.

    *: I’m not saying it has actually happened before… But neither am I saying it hasn’t!

    1. According to Quantum Omniversal Theory Errata (QuOTE) there are multiple possible universes where Sarah’s blog burns down.

      There are NO alternate universes where Sarah is a Marxist. Not even an Improbability Drive Endeavor Assault (IDEA) class ship can get you to one of those. They’ve all imploded (except for one where life as we know it has been reduced to unicellular creatures possessing an genetic revulsion of Marxism.)

      1. Are you perhaps missing Earth 457309AQM715-T? The one where Harpo, having nearly died of TB quits comedy and goes into politics, eventually defeating Herbert Hoover for the 1928 election? In his trademark trenchcoat his terse, trenchant comments won over the country leary of democrats after teapot dome, and avoided both the disastrous stock market crash of ’29 and did not drag what is called the Great Depression in other realities on so long. In fact, the only note in their histories on the matter is more of a cautionary tale on agriculture than full scale economic recession.

        Staunch, no-nonsense conservatism grew from his laconic style. FDR failed to even make the nomination after the new-style “Marxists” successes. Corruption from within attacked the party in ’56, and JFK finally took the presidency back. It wasn’t until president Goldwater that the country elected another Marxist, but after that, the Marxists and the republicans traded the office back and forth for the next thirty years.

        As for Karl? That poor fellow attempted to couch surf with the wrong man’s wife and met his end early. Lenin came by his ideas honestly, but Stalin was put down like a mad dog early in his career. World War II was horrible as always, but the allies didn’t leave the eastern Europeans to the bear’s tender mercies this time. Russia dissolved into warring factions and never unified. The rebuilding of Europe took off like a rocket, and by ’77 even France was trying to pay back its debts.

        It isn’t much visited by those in other realities as their immigration policies are beyond strict. They’ve also never been seriously troubled by interdimensional assault, strangely enough, as “official ports of entry ONLY!” is posted on every gate. One, I’m told, even has the mummified body of one of those “other” Marxists on a pike of all things, put there as a warning to the rest of them.

      2. There are NO alternate universes where Sarah is a Marxist.

        Not QUITE true. There are NO universes in which Sarah is a *KARL* Marxist. There are those four with Sarah as a Groucho, Chico, Harpo, and (astonishingly) even Zeppo Marxist. Gummo Marxism is still matter of speculation, having neither been truly proven, nor disproven.

  3. Braggart.

    Boasting about your privilege is not a good look; there are plenty of dead people who wish they could choose, as you do, whom to vote for.

    1. The Democrats must be terrified by the prospect of a Zombie Apocalypse — all those dead folks getting up and…remonstrating over their posthumous voting records.
      “No, ‘brain-eating zombies’ is a derogatory term that just shows your privilege. They are partially ambulatory formerly-living persons with limited vocabulary and specific dietary preferences.”

  4. Sarah,

    I guess you never found my e-mail from Oct 14? Would you like me to resend (and to any particular e-mail, if so) or just post the offer here? Or are you not interested?

  5. Yeah, I figured she had other things to worry about besides hunting for my e-mail. I just brought it up because she missed another Sunday Promo post and it was specifically about helping her with that.

        1. To be fair, that one was actually my fault. I hit the reply option at the bottom for some reason rather than the one on Fox’s post.

    1. I got it. I honestly didn’t “get” it though, nor see what it saved me.
      I didn’t miss a post. I chose not to post, because it’s not fair to those promoted not to get the additional publicity on FB.

      1. >> “nor see what it saved me.”

        The idea was to give you something you could just cut-&-paste the next time you were too busy/sick/whatever to do the usual Sunday post. It’s happened to you before (even if it’s not what happened this time).

        If you don’t want it that’s your call, though I’m curious what part you didn’t “get.”

        1. In this case, she didn’t see the email.

          They get lost somehow. I gather her mailbox is a mess or something.

          1. I think she meant that she saw it but either didn’t understand it or didn’t see the point. She can clarify if I’m wrong, but that’s what “I got it. I honestly didn’t “get” it though” sounds like to me.

  6. I am glad that our hostess is extant.

    Did anyone get any lost messages from this past Valentine’s day suddenly delivered recently?

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