Morning Came Too Early

It’s way too early. I’m way too tired. We had to do something late last night and I’ve slept all of five hours.  I not only couldn’t cue the post, I’ve been trying not to fall asleep again, while sitting here trying to think what to do.

And it occurs to me I have duties.  I’m in this bundle at Story Bundle, you see. And it’s a pretty good buy.

It ends tomorrow, so now is the time to check it out.
And I’m going back to bed.

Screenshot_2019-10-09 StoryBundle

The Vampires! Bundle, curated by bestselling author Kevin J. Anderson:

Now here’s a bunch of books you can sink your teeth into! The Vampires! StoryBundle abounds with the blood-sucking best! Thirteen page-turners across the spectrum of vampire fiction, and all of them with fangs!

If you like Vampire Suspense or Mystery, you’ll enjoy Brother Blood and Sister Death by Bill Ransom. Human-vampire fraternal twins with dangerous sibling issues run from near-fatal mistakes in the city to sequester themselves outside a rural fishing town. This is a special sneak-preview release for this bundle, not available elsewhere until December! And Running from the Night by Ramón Terrell. An action-packed ride filled with diverse and fun characters, immortal societies existing alongside our own, with a pinch of romantic tension. In You Suck by David Wood, Dunn Kelly seldom has a problem covering for his alcoholic father, the only Special Populations detective on the police force, but when teen pop star Delilah Idaho sees a wrinkle on her forehead, Dunn’s world is turned upside-down.

Read more about the TEN other books in the bundle here, and make sure to click on each cover for a synopsis, reviews and preview of each book!


30 thoughts on “Morning Came Too Early

  1. Sleep is necessary for brainily function. I didn’t sleep at all last night either. just means a good nights sleep tonight, right?

    1. Threw myself off a ton last Saturday, staying up to watch motoGP from Thailand. Then, after going to bed when I normally wake, I had left a browser window open from watching British Superbikes, and it came on at 6am, walking me after 2 hours sleep. I shut it off, but only got another 3 hours sleep. Haven’t had more than 6 hours since.

  2. My body has decided that 6 hours of sleep is usually enough, though if something is hurting more than normal, it might drop to 5ish. After a day or two of that, I’ll sleep in and get 7. I remember the days when I’d get up at the crack of noon on the weekends, but that was a long time ago.

    1. My CPAP machine tells me (barring the Cheyne-Stokes* breathing that my doctors say is acceptable**) that I’m getting decent sleep. BC, I gather I had an AHI of 60 or so, so no matter how long I “slept”, it wasn’t enough. Meetings in dark rooms, oof!

      I’ve tried to go back to sleep after my 6 hours, and most of the time, it’s a futile endeavor.

      I’ve been like this for several years. OTOH, I’m pretty sure I had untreated apnea for close to a decade. I’d rather have this.

      (*) Periodic breathing; breathe normally for part of the cycle, then hardly anything at all. Gradual falloff and recovery. The overall pattern is a sine wave, with a period of about a minute for me.

      (**) This tracks various stress levels. Post operative recuperation made for awful numbers for a month or more. (Potent painkillers *cough* hydrocodone *cough* break this, but fuggetaboutit. Other forms of stress cause problems, too, but the only physiological correlation to Cheynes-Stokes is congestive heart failure, and the cardiologist says no. There’s an auto-servo machine that will force the breathing, but a) I couldn’t afford it before Medicare kicked in, and b) I’m pretty sure it would be really annoying in use.

    1. To quote my husband:
      The Japanese are awesome. Their good morning literally means “it is early.” This is the proper way to frame the day.

        1. jumping off the empire state building is not going to harm you.
          falling from it will not harm you.
          that sudden stop. now that’s different.

  3. I slept better than I’d anticipated, but being flat from two nights of Beethoven rehearsals had something to do with it. (Not even all the way through one movement. Five hours of rehearsal. Beethoven… Sliding rapidly off the list of top-ten composers IMCO*.)

    *In my chorister’s opinion

  4. In my Navy days it was “sleep when you’re dead”.

    Now that mindset has take two destroyers out of service and sent several people to the rack early.

    Go get some sleep.

  5. For the first night in about in about five days I slept soundly and long. As I also slept the entirety of it on one side the left lag is all but bloody useless. Good thing I have a few hours before I have to handle (pedal?) a clutch.

    Vampire bundle? Thanks, no thanks – those really suck. (What, you thought I wouldn’t go there?)

  6. The interesting sleep time was the time I got up at seven — hey, I was awake, decided I was still sleepy, went back to bed — and when FitBit analyzed it, it said all my deep sleep was between seven and when I woke again at nine.

    1. Sometimes that’s a result of the sample not being big enough for the numbers to crunch– if there’s any of the little light blue bits in it, that’s not the case.

      1. Then it wouldn’t have told me about the deep sleep at all. Very annoying when it does that for large chunks of sleep.

        1. Mine does, though.

          It reports ALL sleep under the level of “I can break it down” as deep sleep.

          So the night I was up every 45 minutes with the kids was reported as deep sleep, and if I get up at 5:10 for the baby, and then up for real at 6:25, it’s all listed as deep sleep, even if I was awake and tossing.

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