Sorry State


Sorry this is late.  I woke up yesterday feeling a little icky.  Not sick, but my nose was runny and I diagnosed myself as feeling “lazy.”  I didn’t want to take my morning walk, I barely made myself go outside to water the garden, and frankly I just felt like taking the day off, but I couldn’t let myself do it, so I kept trying.

By noon it was obvious it was more than laziness as my eyes were running enough it looked like I was crying (and I wasn’t sure I wasn’t, but I had no idea WHY.)  Then I started feeling clogged and my ears started hurting.  By 4 pm I went to bed, got up at six with some idea of making dinner, only to wander around the kitchen and do nothing for half an hour, before making a cup of tea and sitting down, having decided making or eating dinner wasn’t happening, and I’d wait till 8 and change to go to bed. Which I did.

I’m… better? this morning to the extent I only feel very tired and like I should go to bed, but not like my thinking has shut down and I can’t keep my eyes open.

I have two energy drinks sitting on my desk. I’m hoping to compensate for wellness with caffeine enough to write, and “only” go to bed at five or six (maybe seven) pm.  I have a short story ridiculously overdue, and I DID promise to finish it today. I hate letting people down.

What the heck is wrong?

Don’t know. At first I thought it was an auto-immune attack, but my eczema is not flaring anywhere badly enough for this.  And also my husband is showing (much milder) symptoms.  Because of the suddenness, I think it’s a virus.  Friends who had something similar happen say it’s very bad for 48 hours and then mildly bad for a week.

I’ll post something tomorrow. Might be just a pretty picture.

And now to shower, mainline some energy drinks and see if I can do a story.  Fortunately the plan is rather hallucinatory, anyway.

Note this was written while wearing a virtual mask. Don’t breathe too close to your monitors.

I’ll be back.

56 thoughts on “Sorry State

  1. And here I was wondering what nonsense California or Colorado was pulling. 😉

    Take care of yourself Sarah, we’ll survive if you take a break. 😀

  2. Might be just a pretty picture.

    We don’t care if it’s an ugly picture. And, no, that’s not a request to post anything with me in it. Everyone’s suffering more than quite enough, already.

  3. Rest a lot and get better soon!

    I’ve never known you to be lazy so how about next time you *start* with “I must be sick”.


  4. Take care of yourself. We’ll take care of things here.

    And we promise to hide the evidence so well no one will ever know what we’ve been doing. Or at least they won’t be able to prove it.

    1. Note to everybody: the forms for the minion pool repairs need to be ready *before* the quick-setting concrete is ordered. And next time, explosive lime Jello should not be used without a week’s notice.

      1. It’s okay, I used cherry flavor.

        Oh, wait, you mean the lime-flavored explosives are ALSO gone? Okay, that IS a problem…

        1. The aardvark wishes to remind you that that world is a slow time set. That is, a week their time is often a month ours. It interferes with orders.

          Fix the gray door with the winged pig on it if you want faster time set.

      1. Heh. Every time you talk about dinner at Pete’s, I think of the cat in “A Door into Summer.”


        What’s that? You want to go with Sarah to dinner?


        No, you have to be invited first.


        Geshundheit. Sorry, but I don’t think they allow cats in the restaurant.

        Don’t look at me that way. I didn’t make the rules.

        1. Don’t look at me that way. I didn’t make the rules.

          “Merrf” (with paw shake, followed by chewing of left hind ankle) (Translation:True – but you choose to follow them.)

          1. Eh, third week of mandatory over time with a 2am start today. I probably really am just tired but I’m going to make tea and head to bed early, I think.

  5. Take care of yourself first. Years of experience have taught me that trying to power through illness just to meet the expectations of others almost always means a longer illness and ultimately less work getting done in a timely fashion.

  6. You want to stay away from ickies, little or great, and especially not feel them. Sure, they’re cute when they’re small but that doesn’t mean they’re safe to pet. You never know where they’ve been!

    Rest, recover, recuperate. Rest wishes wending your way.

  7. Oh yes, it is that time of year. Day Job is having the “Annual Faculty Flu Shot and Whine-fest” next week. Which is earlier than usual, but there are Signs and Portents that the viri are coming. Besides my mis-adventures over the last two and a half weeks.

      1. I got the New! Improved! pneumonia vaccine last year, then spiked a 102F fever a few days later. I was out of town (unrelated medical trip), so I had to see the urgent care center nearest the hotel. OTOH, I don’t believe I’ll need to get another round of that in my lifetime. I hope.

        I usually tolerate vaccines well, and the old school pneumonia shot was no problem. The new one, whee!

      2. My wife’s medical insurer sent her a notice ordering her to get a flu shot. A different insurer, some years ago, had ordered her to change her blood pressure meds, on pain of having her policy dropped.

        Some office-droid halfway across the country suddenly decides he can dictate her medical care better than her MD, without ever even seeing her?

        And, hey, now Amazon and Google are in the healthcare records business…

  8. Don’t breathe too close to your monitors.

    Of course, this comes at the very end of the post, after we’ve had our nose against the monitor reading.

    1. WordPress has been doing the occasional several-minute delay. As best as I can tell, it’s worse during primetime hours; and it can occur on other sites that use WordPress. SWAG is that it’s an overload situation with WP’s servers.

      I’ve never had a comment not make it (that wasn’t something stupid that I did).

    2. Have noticed delays, but every so often, WordPress has been known to put comments into moderation for no known reason.

      Known reasons are typically comments that contain more than one link.

      1. Beyond multiple links, if it sees an email address it doesn’t know (can be a typo–or if the satellite ‘net connection goes wonky), it can go into moderation. I think the same thing happens with a different username.

  9. Get well soon. If not better within a day or two, or if your temp is over 101, go to the doctor NOW. I’ve gotten reamed by my physician at least once. 103/104 is okay for infants & toddlers … adults, no, never, ever.

  10. Get better soon-like, Sarah. Maybe a tiny bit of cheer; I just posted my review of Guardian on Amazon, and ordered another one as a birthday gift to the (dag-nab it, still future, these kids can’t seem to get off the stick to give me grandkids to spoil rotten) son-in-law.

  11. Which thyroid med are you on, and how much?

    Cuz a lot of what you say sounds like poor T3 conversion. Such folks usually do better on either natural desiccated thyroid (which provides both T3 and secondary hormones, notably calcitonin), or at least with some added T3; if your base dosage is adequate, 5mcg should be enough.

    Most thyroid patients need T3 in the upper third of the range to feel really well, and to be stable.

    And brand matters; they are not really interchangeable due to differences in manufacturing tolerances and filler ingredients. Some brands don’t work well, or even at all, for some patients.

    1. T-3 straight up, because my system will take any t4 and make it into rt 3.
      I’m on 50mcg right now.
      Dan has same symptoms just more low key. And they seem to be going away, so I’m going to guess virus. (Going away= still tired as hell, but not unable to function.)

  12. Have Dan gen up his inner faith healer, lay hands on you, and say loudly, “Be HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHEALLLLLLLLLLLLLED!!!!” Cast OUT your DEMON!!” And then he brings you chicken soup.

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