Culture and its Effects


Yes, I know, you guys are wondering why I’m writing about culture, when it’s obvious I ain’t got no culture.

Well, actually–

Look, I like museums, and historical lectures (if I can find them with minimal or separatable (totally a word) politics, and if we ever get the money we’ll get season tickets to one of the music thingies (look, not enough caffeine, and all I can think of is the Colorado Springs Symphony.)

I’m just fond of that stuff enough to make normal human beings uncomfortable around me (coupled with the fact most TV series bore me to death) while refusing to be high culture, because high culture these days is defined by “does it support the revolution.” Even our d*mn art museum is all about exhibits that high light the plight of illegal immigrants, or whatever. And I dislike those not even because I disagree with them.

I mean,I do. I mean, that plight is easily solvable by not breaking into my d*mn country.  Don’t like your country? Change it. We — quite literally can’t take everyone from a dysfuntional country. There isn’t enough room, but worse, you’ll change us by coming here. You’re already changing us by coming here. And I don’t like it.  Hold on to this thought, it will be coming back around, okay?

For now, I’ll say what pisses me off about “high culture” is that it’s boring. It’s mind-bogglingly, bizarrely boring.  Particularly since it seems to be coordinated from some central location (might be. Might not be. It might just be highly mimetic people who want to be loved all jumping on the band wagon. It’s probably a combination of the two.)  Once you see the bursts of their causes hit the media/art/entertainment/news industrial complex all at once, you can’t stop seeing it. And if the topic is either crazy cakes or just stupid — like the plight of poor law breakers coming into the country to stress all our social welfare services, because they don’t get them in their land — from the beginning, I might find the first one amusing, but by the third, I’m going “Oh, that sh*t again.”

BTW they always did this to an extent. If you go back, you’ll see themes propagate through media/news/art every few years.  It’s just the current ones, in the year three of the Great Unmasking, are generally speaking even more eye-roll worthy and insane than the 80s push to “Make single motherhood respectable and worthy of sainthood.”

But at any rate, that’s NOT the type of culture I’m talking about.

I’m talking about national culture.

One of the comments caught in my spam filter, which I decided not to let through though you guys would have found it AMAZING is the one about how the future belongs to a white culture, with women being subjugated and subjected to the power of men. Or something.

Yes, I know that is a dream on a certain side of the internet (not sure they even register in the political map, but they’re really loud online.) It’s also one of the craziest things I’ve ever heard.  It’s the “left turned on its head” attempt to be “right”.  Except it’s not. It’s also stupid, a-historical and like most things that come from the left, right side up or wrong side up, it doesn’t work with real human beings.

Because, you know, culture isn’t race. It just isn’t. We can get confused by this because certain, broad racial groups got integrated into a global marketplace/visibility while at certain points of social development.  So, most of Africa is tribal and has the issues of tribal culture. Africa is also, largely, one race as seen from other continents (not as seen from inside Africa, because, see tribal.)

But to believe that representative government works all the same for the “white” race requires you to think that the only white people are English. No, seriously.  And even the English not so much, depending on the time at which you study them, because they’ve gone through some amazingly wobbly periods, at different times in their history (like the current. And yes, it has to do with immigrants, kind of, but not really. It has more to do with Soviet infiltration.)  But the French? The Scandinavians? The GERMANS? none of those act like a race that will be great with representative government.  And btw, NONE of them have a tradition of making women chattel, even after women have caused wars or worse. THAT tradition is from a completely different culture, which while also white (guys, the Mediterranean subrace that most Arabs belong to is a subrace of caucasians, okay?)

Explaining things like why the Portuguese used to dominate the world and are now at best a 2 1/2 world country for governance leads to some amazingly bizarre assumptions about the “race” of Portuguese changing between say the 16th and 17th centuries, which is sort of the equivalent of “the parties switched sides.”  Almost wet myself when seeing a “racial supremacy” site support the “race change” of the Portuguese on the basis of… the portraits of kings.  No, seriously.  This requires ignoring that the kings of Europe were mostly related to other kings of Europe, and in Portugal in the 19th century they were all related to Queen Victoria. Etc.

Look, to an extent, I understand the left’s confusion of race and culture. Particularly because of US subcultures that have been propagandized for generations into behaving a certain way and that has penetrated all of education, often in an upside-down attempt at propagandizing (let’s say considering yourself historically wronged does not promote good behavior.)

Also, culture is largely invisible. Particularly when you’re inside it. But you do see it in other groups, and if it coincides with skin color/body characteristics, it’s easy to attribute the behavior to that.  Humans have been doing it since their tribal phase.

But here’s the thing, for all it’s invisible: culture exists. It makes a difference. And it definitely affects how humans govern themselves (and everything they do together.) Culture, not some mythical race change is responsible for both the Portuguese empire and the fact it couldn’t hold.

Culture is not individual. By this I mean, as an individual you have no specific to YOU culture.  Sure, you will have individual ways of acting. But what you have is part of a culture IN YOU. Some of it you absorbed before you could even talk.  And it affects how you act.

It CAN be changed, but it requires several things, including isolation, introspection and will power.  Acculturation hurts and is difficult as hell.

All of this is very important, and all of this is getting f*cked up right now by the view of the culture as indistinguishable from race.  It is this view that causes the left to scream we’re “racist” for not wanting to invite the destitute of the world on over an open border, or for wanting to do rudimentary screening and keeping undesirables out.  Because the left is racist they see only race. And they view doing that as the same thing as keeping people out/down because inferior races. (Thing is, if you talk to a leftist you also find they do believe people who tan are in some measure inferior. They just should be helped and accommodated, and must never ever be made to acculturate or come up to scratch. Because that is somehow “racist.” Never mind.)

It is this view that causes the upside-down left to scream only whites can govern themselves.

And it is all so f*cked up it makes one want to giggle through the tears.

Look–  I have a 23 and me test in hand. What is more, so does my husband. So do a lot of friends.

If race and culture were equivalent, then I’d have come back with 100% Portuguese ancestry. There would be Spanish ancestry. German ancestry.  These different cultures would have isolated, radically different DNA. Okay, I do have a couple of friends who are MOSTLY German. But even that is ignoring all the Romans who left their genes all over the place way further back than we can even test for, and who are now part of “German Ancestry.”  Or how little you actually get from anyone past your great grands (in genetic terms.) Look, as I stand here, I’m apparently descended, in a direct line of mothers, from a woman in 10th century Norway.  My Scandinavian DNA, while more than Fauxahontas Amerindian DNA is something like 2%.  (And yet the facial structure and pale eyes and hair surface again and again on mom’s side.)

Instead Europe is mostly made of Europe. It would be easier for Americans to visualize this, if they see 18th century US stretching into the future a thousand years, then people being tested. (18th century because travel was more limited. NOTE not nonexistent.)  Some people in those conditions, 1k years from now, might have “pure Ohio DNA” or “Pure Colorado DNA” but they would be rare. And in the port cities, with lots of commerce? Or the seaboard states? Katie bar the door. People would be mutts, sons of mutts.

Which is what Europe is, by and large.  Racially, Europe is “potato.” And yes, that goes double for the vaunted Anglo-Saxons.  For one, there was more trade — of everything including genes — between the peninsula and the British isles than you can shake a big stick at (and judging by DNA reports, several very big sticks were shaken… metaphorically speaking.)

However it is true that different parts of Europe behave radically differently in relation to representative government, hiring for jobs, how companies are run, etc.

For instance, all countries that come from Rome are governed by a combination of oligarchy and nepotism (and yes, do business that way too.)  In the Roman Empire this was open, now it’s swept under a prettyfying pretense of “representative government.” But it is no more that than it is pure market capitalism. Or socialism, for that matter. All those are modules plugged in mostly for appearances sake.

And btw, again, not race, but culture. Rome wasn’t race. And the original Roman stock was replaced by adoption/invasion/etc.  What they were really good at though was transmitting “the way things are done” which is CULTURE.

So while I’m willing to entertain the idea that some aspects of culture might be genetic, it still makes no sense when you consider the persistence through near-complete genetic replacement.

Culture is a bizarre, stubborn beast. I bet if you dig really far back, you’ll find that each part of the Roman empire has slight twists on how business is done based on the culture of the tribes that were there and the culture of where legions were recruited when Rome invaded, and the unique cross section of that.

I know there are differences in things like public presentation between the North and the South of Portugal that are cultural and very very old. (People still intermarried.  I mean, 23 and me assures me I have ancestors from — the horror — Lisbon. The cultures remained different.)

And despite the native cultures, you can still see the imprint of the Roman Empire in most South American countries.

Honestly, because most cultural assumptions are invisible to those who make them, they’re almost impossible to shake.

I was talking to friends from Africa and the idea of any government being representative in Africa is laughable. The idea of representative government (outside of a few “good” families) in Latin countries is similarly laughable. Even France has a part of this if you dig (I recommend using gloves.) And this regardless of the level of tan people have achieved.  It has nothing to do with race. Culture is more persistent than race.

Part of the blithering idiocy that was the 20th century was thinking humans could be “remade” into new things.  We’ll forget the biological part (it can’t be done) even at the cultural level, this is impossible. No, trust me, China has tried it several times along its history.  Culture remains, now with an added layer of trauma from people trying to re-make it.  Wrong lessons are learned and applied, and the culture is the same, but now even more irrational.

Even Heinlein thought Americans could make over other cultures in the image of theirs. It was a widespread madness.

And this madness will kill us if we persist.

Look, guys…

It is possible for America to take untold numbers of immigrants and remain the same. Of course it is. No, seriously, it is. We have.

But it needs to be done in a way that allows for acculturation. That means not only that integration and assimilation is REQUIRED but that we can’t import vast masses of people all at once, all from the same culture. We did this before with Italians, sure, but we were getting other people too.  And particularly not from LATIN cultures, because what remains of Roman culture is like some sort of mind-virus and will take over given half a chance. It might be breakable, but I don’t know how for groups. I know how for individuals. Short version, again “hurts like hell, and you have to really want it.”

Letting people just walk in, who aren’t self-aware enough to know there are even other ways to think or act? bad, bad idea.

The other part of this? We need to teach our kids American culture. They too are immigrants, in a way. And they won’t be like you, just because they were born from you.  NONE OF THIS IS GENETIC.

Kids need to be taught about America and our system of government and not “America bad.”  America isn’t. Or to put it another way “Compared to what?”

Selling them “America bad”requires teaching them ONLY lies about the rest of the world, too. And it prepares them very badly for what promises to be a very difficult century.

So, build the culture to support our culture.  And stop importing people from other cultures, who don’t even know they have a culture in ways that allow them to hold onto their culture and change our mass culture to be closer to theirs.

Because representative government and free trade and meritocracy?  None of that is plug and play, and doesn’t work with every culture.  And with all its flaws, it’s the best way of living we’ve found.

Sure took me a long time to say just that.  And yet, it is true.





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  1. The Culture of the Left is the rejection of the popular or common, petrified by habit. Thus; they Left embraced Rock ‘n Roll when it was The New Revolting Teen Thing (every generation’s music annoys every previous generation) and then kept calling whatever they were listening to Rock ‘n Roll right up to the point that Rap surfaced.

    Aside; what is Rap that Gwendolyn Brooks didn’t say, rather better, in 1959, with ‘We Real Cool’?

    Modern Art all revolves around rejecting what the Deplorables are likely to enjoy, which is why such obvious idiocy as Piss Christ and Fountain actually get museum space.

    This is adolescent behavior. The Left is entirely made up of people who behave the way the rest of us grew out of when we realized that it lost us respect and friends.

    1. The difference is that Ms. Brooks seemed to understand just how self-destructive that lifestyle was. Few of her modern imitators have her level of awareness.

      And I think you’re right about modern art. Abstraction was all the rage until the squares decided, “Hey, it’s not art, but you know, that color combination might not look bad in my living room.” (Dave Barry once suggested that galleries should put couches in front of the paintings so that people could get the proper effect). So the artists have instead turned to putting…er, the end products of digestion into jars and calling it their “artistic vision.” (Dave Barry again: “If you found a pile of “vision” on your doorstep, you’d probably call the cops”).

      I can’t remember where I found it, but somewhere there was a quote to the effect that “maturity is being willing to admit what you like, no matter how uncool it might be.” I don’t think most of the “High Culture” folks have reached that point yet.

      1. Likewise, true coolness is liking stuff that isn’t cool. It’s the attitude of “Imma do this, and you can take a flying leap if you don’t” that makes someone or something cool.
        Everyone else is just following that guy.

      2. Marcel Duchamp, the ‘artist’ responsible for ‘Fountain’, was at least a Dadaist, so the thing is INTENDED to be a joke. What it says about the Art World that, since 1917, they have yet to say ‘Ok. We get it. Ha, ha!’ and either throw the thing out or plumb it in.

      3. … artists have instead turned to putting…er, the end products of digestion into jars and calling it their “artistic vision.”

        Problem is, that’s the vision you’re going to get when your head is up between your buttocks.

        1. To be entirely fair, “Piss Christ” is a photograph that (unlike the title) entirely obscures WHY the crucifix is surrounded by a golden haze.

          It’s STILL an adolescent in-joke that in a rational age would be hurled out of any museum with great force.

          1. One of the prints was destroyed by a mob in France. I still say they should have left the remains up and called it “Pissed Christ.”

      4. CS Lewis, about being mature enough to admit enjoyment of childish things, because there is nothing so childish as an obsession with SEEMING grow up?

  2. Let me add that one of the reasons I love this blog is that you are much better at articulating large parts of what I believe than I am.

  3. I love the illogic of “[Favored faith] is a race; you can convert to [favored faith]. But your race is fixed and immutable, and so is your culture, unless you convert to [approved faith.]” That faith can be environmentalism, or Communism, or Islam, or whatever.

    1. It’s like the giggles I get from people when we talk about how “race” changed in the late 19th Century, and I ask, “So, is Presbyterianism genetic? What about Catholicism or Lutheranism?” When you phrase it like that, the folly of Jewish = genetic trait shines through.

      1. Makes one wonder how they’ve managed to forget “The Troubles” and how there was completely zero race involved there. Of course, that’s Ireland and Northern Ireland, whose culture also makes it a fair bit harder for the “English Protestant Way” to stick (and that’s without considering their many valid reasons to want nothing to do with English culture).

        1. That is more the Scottish Protestant Way. But they have been in Ulster long enough that Scottish stuff diverged from them.

          A lot of Norn Irish have realized this.

      2. Well, Jewish kind of is genetic, because it’s defined that way. If Jewish = “any child of a Jewish mother, plus possibly a few converts,” then yeah, Jewishness is genetic. If you want to define Jewish as obeying the dictates that the LORD lay down when they left Egypt…well, you don’t even have to get out of the Book of Exodus before it becomes crystal clear that that part doesn’t come down through the genes from Israel.

        1. There were a ton of converts in Roman times. There were reasons, too. Also Sephardic Jews (MY people) for a while followed the FATHER as the transmitter. (Probably because of Arab influence. Who knows?)

          1. Herod was a Jew. That is the root of Augustus Caesar’s famous crack that it was better to be Herod’s pig than Herod’s son.

          2. Across history, Jews have swung between matrilineal and patrilineal. And we know from genetic analysis that the Cohen line has maintained extraordinary patrilineality.

        2. It’s the “Um, that family converted to Christianity two hundred years ago, endowed a Lutheran seminary, and they smoke their own hams in the back yard. How again are they Jewish enough to claim all their property?” idea that I try to play up with students.

      3. When you phrase it like that, the folly of Jewish = genetic trait shines through.

        I wish it weren’t. Folly, I mean. Race is so much easier to change. Which is why it will make so little difference if it does. But if your culture is “hating whitey” (or darkey”), then even if white literally disappeared into a sea of brown (or vice versa) you’d still be demagogue-ing light (or dark) brown. Culture is identity, and nation and religion.

        For bonus points you can make that include racial characteristics if the old women are ruthless enough and you have enough isolation for the men to defend the in-breeding. Hence the genetic tests “working” and national ethnic identities. But it’s culture all the way down.

        And all sides in the public sphere are making it very clear that there are some things that cannot be said about anyone’s cultures – truth is no defensive – no matter what the cost. The Left is the worst: censorship is the air they breathe, but all the blank spaces on the map keep growing. Here be dragons.

        1. Look at all the brou-ha-ha surrounding Jennifer Aniston’s “In-Style” magazine cover. The woman is *Greek*. Which means she’s going to tan darker than my Northern European genes will allow me to.

          These, mind you, are the same people saying that Cleopatra, who was also Greek, would look darker than many sub-Saharan African groups.

          As to the culture thing: I ask people if “gay culture” is a thing. If it be a thing, then people may certainly object to aspects of that culture without, you know, *actually* hating gay people. But you can’t get that through their skulls.

            1. Which is ridiculous. The elites of Rome LOATHED Cleopatra, and while they weren’t too hung up on African skin tone, it wasn’t Roman and had Cleopatra been noticeably Black some Roman commentators would have mentioned it.

                1. Cleopatra opposed Roman Oppression, so of course she was African, regardless of her skin tones. Roman commentators of that era were probably so racist that they avoided to denounce her as Black because that would have provided a Black heroine.

                  As ever, the solution is simple: figure the dumbest explanation, add Racism and turn the dumbness up to eleven.

                    1. That just proves how much they hated African-Americans. They were obviously sublimating that hatred by convincing themselves to re-direct it toward Blondes.

          1. I know a few Gays who are clearly uncomfortable with the ‘Gay Lifestyle’, and at the same time, I live near New Hope PA, where the ‘Gay Lifestyle’ is alive and playing out as bad soap opera as we chat here. Which I think demonstrates my axiom that every minority includes a small but vocal group determined to live down to the cliches associated with that minority.

            1. I know several gay couples who loathe the stereotypical coastal GAY!!!!! lifestyle and behavior. They’re all really nice people who just happen to be homosexual.

              1. Like my 2nd-generation Mexican-American gay-married photographer next-door neighbor with three adopted kids. Who is more conservative than me. In Seattle.

              2. Like my mostly-trans friend (hormones wouldn’t take him far enough to make the surgery doable) who wants the activist freaks the hell away from him and his family.

                1. In similar vein, there are plenty of devout people wishing the Lord would protect them from His followers … or at least lead Fred Phelps and his gang down range …

            2. I’ve lately come to realize that there are portions of every subculture who don’t *want* to be “accepted”, to peacefully live their lives with their own quirks.

              No, they want to be OUT and LOUD and TRANSGRESSIVE, and when the mainstream culture moves to a position of acceptance of their transgression, they have to move to even more OUT and LOUD.

              We see this with gays, with transgenders, and even with goths (my people). For some people, Sticking It To Daddy is their identity, and it’s actually more important to them than their non-mainstream characteristics.

              1. What they are actually interested in is giving a middle-finger to the world.

                They need to accept the wisdom of Raylan:

                ‘If you run into an asshole in the morning, you ran into an asshole. If you run into assholes all day, you’re the asshole.’

              2. And being transgressive by revolting the other way and being more square than your parents is too much like hard work.

              3. I have long figured that’s why identity activists are so angry all the time. The moment they encounter real people, they find out that *no one cares* that they are black/gay/trans/etc, and they simply can’t process it.

    1. We got a new Ski-doo dealer across the river, and I am pretty sure in the preseason buildup, they have way more than 23 of the things lurking about the place! (~_^)

      The previous dealer was shut down by the factories. Honda, it seems really gets mad if you claim irreparable damage and write off a bike, and then it gets registered and a warranty claim made on it at another dealer. When looking at records they found several cases of off road bikes, atvs, and once Bombardier got involved, snowmobiles, the dealership claimed were damaged, never arrived, or what ever, and then sold.
      In the race downhill, they became a place you could get a decent deal at, maybe, but never, ever let them work on your stuff. The doing that with road bikes though were as ignorant as can be. It had to be registered, and Honda didn’t even ask for an explanation, they just told Bombardier when they were going to show up, and both companies pulled in one day and loaded up the unsold goods into trucks and let them know when the court dates were, and got a court order locking the place down. The IRS is involved. Took over a year before the big fancy sign outside was shut off and the 4 or so things left in the showroom were able to be removed (consignments, bet the owners of those were happy) at least they let the stuff in for service be transferred to other dealers, though having to get to Green Bay or Escanaba was a pain for the customers.

      1. The previous Ford dealership in town wasn’t quite so bad, though they had a well-deserved reputation for charging for work they couldn’t have done (an acquaintance asked them how they managed to do the valve adjustment they charged him for without disturbing the paint he put on the valve cover bolts…). But, more was going on behind the scenes, since the employees were locked out of the place one morning, with the owner having skipped town.

        (The dealership ended up with the Lithia chain, which outfit wasn’t very popular around here. They managed to avoid the loss of several dealership franchises in ’09, largely because of clo$e tie$ to the Democrat powers that be. OTOH, the Chevy dealer lost its franchise. I’m sure the fact that they were republican leaning had nothing to do with it. (Even now, you have to go 80-140 miles to find a Chevy dealer, though K-Falls has 20,000 people.) FWIW, there are zero GM dealerships here, while Lithia now has Toyota/Ford/Chrysler/Ram. (My pickup was a Chevy, now I have a Honda. 🙂 )

        The animosity towards Lithia has lessened, but you still see a fair number of new trucks sporting tags from Lakeview, 100 miles away.. Population for that county was 5000, ours is 60,000. Go figure.

        1. most all the Dodge and GM dealers around Texas that closed were also of the “Not donors to the DNC” class, and whether or not you were successful had no bearing on closer. One of Dodge biggest dealers in DFW got the ax but the 0bama buddy who was behind in most every payment stayed open. Was a good time to be a Ford or Japanese dealer. When the gov’t told them all what they had to do, Ford said “Sod Off Swampy” and muscled through.

  4. We — quite literally can’t take everyone from a dysfuntional country.

    Yes, and we can’t pursue the alternate, go over there and fix things, and still be us.

    The USA actually got a full curative dose of trying this after the Spanish-American War, and look where we left the PI, Puerto Rico and Cuba. The PI is actually the best off, mostly as it was furthest away and had the whole Morro thing, and then the Japanese occupation for contrast, but it’s still pretty Latinate.

    France/Gaul is an interesting study, since Rome really took hold in Roman Gaul, but that culture-in-charge was fully displaced by the great migrations, but the masses of the people were still the same. I’d argue the only Roman influence that was sustained was through the Church.

    The only way to actually attempt a total cultural transplant is the way it was done in prehistory: Kill all the males and any influential females, “marry” …ahem… the rest of the females, and even then you still get culture carrying on through how kids are raised.

    Since we can’t intake and acculturate them here, and we can’t go over there and fix their little $#-hole countries, the best course is to make it really hard to get in here and try and limit the negative effects of things like foreign aid on their home $#-holes.

      1. Yeah, it’s impressive how the threat to impact the ruling class incomes via tariffs somehow magically enabled Mexico to do what they previously said was not possible and stop passing everyone who entered right on through.

        And not just Mexico’s southern border – Note the recent sob story about the African illegals stuck in gulf-coast Mexico internment who are protesting (using preprinted signs in English) about not being able to continue onward into the US as was previously the case.

        I continue to be unclear how all their vast and various home $#-hole problems are somehow our problems.

        1. I think I’d rather see Gunboat diplomacy. A tomahawk somehow doesn’t strike me as making the same lasting impression as a cruiser of battleship, in harbor, firing all main guns. My impression is that the guns would be cheaper, too.

          1. Same principle. Trouble us, and we come over, deliver a thrashing, and LEAVE. No trouble, no rubble.

    1. You mention that PI is the best off. Keep in mind that PR and Cuba likely only have minimal traces left of the pre-Spanish culture. My understanding of modern PI is that while PI still has Spanish influences, the native cultures are still also present to a degree. It’s an open question (best answered by wiser people than I) how much of what we see is actually Latin-influenced, and how much is native that bears a resemblance to Latin influence.

      1. The Catholic influences left behind by the Spanish were very strong for a while. However, what’s strongly influencing the intelligentsia (as usual) is Leftism and naturally Marxism, and has been since the 60s (the NPA may have little differences and loads of alliances with the Islamic separatist groups in the Philippines, but the Lefty thought is filtered down into common culture and the education system). There is a lot of Lefty thought, and that annoying dichotomy of loving/hating the West and America is one of them. I don’t know if it’s as bad as I hear it sometimes is in the US now, but it’s kind of a mix of ‘exploiting the positions of power’ sort of corruption, and greed, and transforming the society is kind of the fig-leaf excuse for the first two things.

        Doesn’t help that we have Pope Guevara on the throne. =/ I’m still furious about the political-correctifying of hymns and prayers; they were dissonant and awkward, and it was noticeable enough in Filipino that my Aussie spouse could TELL they weren’t the same songs and prayers. It makes me want to go and find the old hymns and prayers and songs I remember from my childhood.

        1. It’s not just a Catholic musical problem. My place of worship skipped the last hymnal update because the “improvements” in many of the hymns were musically appalling as well as making little or no sense. (“G-d of our Parents,” instead of “G-d of our Fathers” or “G-d of the Nations?” Really?) I have three old or really old hymnals at home. Very different sense of priorities and emphases in the selection of tunes and lyrics.

          1. It seems strange that the “Smart people” appear incapable of grasping metaphor and abstract imagery.

            I am beginning to think that word does not mean what they think it means.

            1. They understand just fine. They just lie and take everything literally when it suits them, alternatively belaboring metaphor if that suits better.

              They’re trolls, pretty much.

      2. ” My understanding of modern PI is that while PI still has Spanish influences, the native cultures are still also present to a degree.”

        Looking at what’s been happening with the hurricane aid, and the 60 years of infrastructure looting it exposed, I’d say that the “Spanish” influence is still pretty strong……

        1. Hurricane aid? Are you talking about the Philippines?

          Not sure why, but at Hewlett Packard in the 80s-2001, our department had a substantial number of the semiconductor fab operators and technicians. One Hispanic-surnamed tech told me he enjoyed listening into the Tagalog gossip in the photomask room (the operators thought he was Mexican. Oops.) Also had one or two ethnic Chinese from the Philippines at work, too.

        2. Note my last sentence. Some of what looks like “Latin-influence” might very well be pre-Spanish native culture that runs in a similar path (and that was reinforced when Spain ran the country). Corruption and the caudillo are by no means unique to Latin culture, even though they may go by different names in other places. The Spanish likely overwrote much of the upper-class culture when they were in charge in PI. But the lower classes likely still retained parts of their own original culture, and I suspect it bubbles up frequently enough.

          Thus, my suggestion above that the reason why PI is doing better than PR and Cuba is because the native population survived in PI.

      3. As I understand it, the PI was a well travelled trading crossroads with Japanese, Chinese and other Asian influence, and to some degree foreign settlement, well before the Spanish got there. With a strong cross pollination comes a degree of cultural robustness that the native Caribbean island cultures in places like PR and Cuba lacked (to say nothing of the contribution of trade to resistance to new diseases), so the ability for things like Tagalog and PI culture to survive the effects of the PI being a central colonial asset to the Spanish crown is perhaps not surprising.

        And maybe the disease part is the most important – the folks in the PI didn’t all keel over as soon as the Spanish ships offloaded, so the PI natives were a useful in-place workforce asset to the colonial Spanish – in the Caribbean, the pesky natives workers kept all dying off, which is why the Spanish decided to go to the expense of buying a more disease-resistant captive workforce from sub-Saharan African sellers, so the cultural influences that had a chance of surviving were from African tribes that were weak enough to be raided by other African tribes for slaves, instead of the culture of those deceased Caribbean natives.

  5. if we ever get the money we’ll get season tickets to one of the music thingies

    PowerProg festival. You should total get tickets to PowerProg festival next year. Just as loud as DragonCon, less walking, and more allowed violence.

    1. Free stuff, like chamber music concerts at libraries or churches. Bring some donation money, sit in a seat for an hour or two, fall asleep if you want, and hear some good tunes without having to dress up.

    2. {eyebrow raise} I did not know there was such a thing.
      Lots of odd time signatures, long instrumental breaks, and Ric 4001 basses I hope.

    3. ProgPower Europe carries Prog Rock and Prog Metal (which genre I never encountered), while ProgPower USA seems to be strictly metal. I’ll pass, thanks.

      I listened to a lot of Prog Rock in my youth, though seeing a televised concert from shortly before Keith Emerson died was more a reminder that everybody’s gotten older, including me. ELP’s performance of Pictures at an Exhibition currently ranks near the bottom of the handful of versions I have. (Pipe Organ one is least favorite. Pipe Organ? Really?)

  6. it’s obvious I ain’t got no culture.

    It’s couth you ain’t got. Culture you’ve plenty of.

  7. The culture thing really sank home after reading the book ‘Arabs at War’. The book analyzed every single war (at the time) fought by an Arab nation since World War 2. And the only time an Arab nation ever won one of those wars is when they were fighting another Arab nation.

    1. And that is purely a cultural thing…

      Yes, all their officers and NCOs went to the best foreign schools. But you can’t have an effective fighting force when your troops’ primary loyalties are tribal instead of national, and someone stripped most of the vehicles of their wiring to sell the copper for scrap, and the tribal pecking order means that orders won’t necessarily be followed no matter what the command chart says.

      And if that sounds silly, that’s exactly what the British ran into in WWII, when English officers refused to acknowledge New Zealanders above them in the chain of command…

      1. Forget the troops’ primary loyalties being to their tribes. The biggest problem is the officers’ primary loyalties being to their tribes.

        About the only way around it is to recruit a Western-style unit from the tribeless–and boy howdy is that going to be a mess, considering what it usually takes to get kicked out of a tribe–or to organize the military based on a tribal levy system.

          1. Not entirely.

            Keep in mind that the surrounding countries (aside from Israel) are tribal, as well. But when Libya (tanks) went to war with Chad (pickup trucks), who won? And when Iraq attacked Iran, Iraq had to get high levels of outside support (including military advisors) just to pull off a *draw* against a nation that was heavily isolated by the international community. Arab culture in particular seems to have a more problematic kind of tribal culture than non-Arab cultures do.

      2. There’s other stuff, as well. The book describes incidents in which American advisors showed up to explain to the men in a local military unit how to operate their equipment. And as part of the training course, they handed out manuals… which were almost immediately confiscated by the officers. Knowledge is power, after all.

        As a result, vehicle repairs that could be done in the field by a Western military require towing the vehicle back to the batallion depot in an Arab military.

        1. Maybe explains part of why they went with Soviet military gear for a while there, what with Soviet officers typically doing work that U.S. and western enlisted techs do in our military.

          Or maybe that’s just the Soviet Navy and Air Forces?

          1. I suspect the choice to go pro-Soviet was more anti-colonial. And the attempt by the British and French to seize control of the Suez Canal in the ’50s wouldn’t have helped.

  8. the 80s push to “Make single motherhood respectable and worthy of sainthood.”

    That meme took hold in certain circles. It amazes me how often I run into “she’s a saint because she didn’t abort her baby.” Something something soft bigotry of low expectations.

    1. Q. Why don’t men get “he’s a saint because he didn’t murder his wife” appreciation?

      A. Because of gynolatrous sexism.
      Question Authority. (Ask me anything!)

  9. People today, and for the last 50-60 years, have not had a clue on just how HARD it was to absorb Wave 5 immigrants. Taking in Wave 4, the Germans and Irish of the 1835-65 timeframe, was trying (and a not insignificant contributor to the Civil War), but Wave 5 was immensely difficult. They didn’t speak English, were either Catholic or Jewish (a MUCH bigger deal then), and settled in clumps. The “Little (fill in the blank foreign country)” sections of cities.

    Cracking this took focused, disciplined effort. Take a look at World War 2 movies, and they try to portray every infantry squad as a cross-section of the United States. Which they often were…the old single-state regiments of the Civil War were gone with the wind. This was quite deliberately a national army, the culmination of decades of effort to teach immigrants English, teach them American culture, and pry them out of their enclaves. It didn’t come cheap or easily.

    I think this ignorance has had two impacts. One is the tendency of anyone born after about 1950 to assume that democracy is an instinctive form of government. That if we depose the Bad People, the natural democratic instincts of The Oppressed will take over and they will be able to form and run a modern liberal democracy. Alas, The Oppressed don’t have the cultural software and firmware for it.

    The other impact is worse. It’s an assumption that we can take in unlimited numbers of immigrants, and NOT demand that they learn our ways. I’m old enough to remember when the “hypenated American” first became commonplace…and it was troubling then. The situation is far worse today. We’re seeing an ethnic war going on behind the scenes for control of the Democrat Party right now. And it may well spread.

    You’ll get arguments over whether or not it’s possible to run a society without a “blood and soil” national definition. But the only way Civic Nationalism can be made to work is with a strict definition of a Civil Culture. With enforcement.

    1. The “settled in clumps” is the HUGE issue. Takes three generations AT LEAST and might not happen.
      Also on that “with enforcement” — yeah, the Romans did that. See killing of early Christians for corrupting hte official religion.

      1. Jews had a dispensation from Rome that exempted them from worshiping the Emperor and other State gods. After the temple was destroyed, the non-messianic* Jews stopped considering the Jews who considered Jesus of Nazareth to be the promised Messiah to be Jews. Persecutions by old guard Jews of the Jesus followers increased. Jews betrayed Jesus-following Jews in to the Romans for, as you put it, “corrupting the official religion”. Fast-forward seven hundred years and Jews discover that what goes around comes around.

        1. I always got a kick out of the fact that Christianity took over the Roman Empire, lock, stock, barrel, and Vatican Hill.

      2. Yup. If you take a look at Waves 2 and 4a (Scots-Irish in 2, Germans in 4a), they went en masse to the frontier. They may have settled in small groups, but outbred fairly quickly. And that outbreeding is critical.

    2. Part of the cultural change happens when the children of the immigrants start marrying outside their insular community.
      I can see this in my own family- my Polish grandmother got lots of opposition from her parents when she married my Hungarian grandfather. And what we got was my mom & her siblings- pretty much straight up Americans.

      But if the community is too big, it is easier to say inside of it.

    3. Taking in Wave 4, the Germans and Irish of the 1835-65 timeframe, was trying (and a not insignificant contributor to the Civil War),

      Sort of, but less because of intercultural tensions and more because “hey guys, all of these immigrants are moving to states that aren’t dominated by the plantation economy, which means the demographics are even more lopsidedly against us than they were already.”

      Although intercultural differences did come into play once the war started–for example, German immigrants from St. Louis made up the majority of the Union forces in Missouri during the early months of the conflict.

    4. On my mother’s side is a big hunk of German. I say German because they were. But these were Germans who lived in what is now the Ukraine, as a buffer against the Turks, by the Russians. They lived in Russia for years, but stayed German. At the end of the 19th century they came to America and became Americans. They melted.

      Almost 200 years ago when Americans moved to California and Texas pre-war, they stayed American, they didn’t melt. Dana’s two years before the mast has some interesting comments about Americans and California.

      In the 1920’s my grandfather who spoke Spanish (as a descendant of those who came to California in 1776), made a conscious decision to speak only English in the home. You can’t serve 2 masters. It does not end well.

      One very important question: Do Chinese melt? In Asian countries with significant Chinese populations, they seem to stay Chinese. That is a very important question. China has an ancient culture, we are just the latest barbarians to cheat.

      1. Do Chinese melt? In Asian countries with significant Chinese populations, they seem to stay Chinese.

        It is a very good question, one to which I do not know the answer. Perhaps the better question might be: if Chinese* melt, how would we know? It seems unlikely they could melt into a Western or African country, where they tend to stick out. Perhaps in Japan or Korea (either one) buy as both those nations tend to be very prickly about racial history I don’t think “melting Chinese” would be accepted.

        Thomas Sowell has noted great similarity between the Chinese and Jewish cultures, both being examples of successful “Middle Man” cultures. Certainly the experience of Jews who have assimilated does not auger well, as in those cases when they’ve attempted assimilation they tend to find themselves by their more orthodox coreligionists but unable to assimilate sufficiently to be welcomed by their “new” neighbors, as the experiences of Spain’s, Portugal’s, France’s and (perhaps most dramatically) Germany’s Jewish assimilees indicates. It was just such a study of History that convinced Theodore Herzl (and helped him persuade many others) that ultimately the existence of a Jewish Homeland was essential, the sine qua non of the Jewish people in an all too literal sense.

        It may be National Brotherhood Week but it yet seems that everybody continues to hate the Jews.

        1. Dang me! I tagged “Chinese” with an asterisk but failed to justify it.

          *For purposes of this discussion we probably ought overlook the fact that what we colloquially call “The Chinese” actually is comprised of a large number of distinct ethnic identities, making the collective term about as sensible as “Europeans,” “Africans,” “Amerindians / Bronze-Americans” or any comparably confused “race.”

          1. In my experience here on the west coast, it is more likely for non-Han Chinese to intermarry and acculturate than Han Chinese, who seem to seek out other Han Chinese living in the US to marry, though they all adopt western forms. But things like the expectations on the kids seem pretty static.

            There are interesting differences in those Han Chinese who left China-proper back in the 18th century and immigrated to places like Hong Kong and Taiwan to those from the official mainland Middle Kingdom.

            Also note the Han Chinese who had moved to Taiwan well before WWII lived there under Imperial Japanese colonial rule, and that experience looks to be a major multi-generational influence on how those families see things.

            The most amazing thing to me has been how the CCP’s Belt-and-Road-and-Yoke initiative has actually managed to make cooperating with the Japanese, albeit with the US involved as a guarantor, even remotely palatable to the Asian countries who were subjects of the Greater East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere only 80 years ago.

            1. I took Naval War College classes about 20 years ago. One point that was mentioned was that the United States was regarded in East Asia as the Disinterested Friend of all…and a reliable broker.

            2. My understanding is that no one likes the Chinese in Asia. They’re the proverbial 800-pound gorilla, and they’ve always been that way. Sometimes they’re effective in enforcing their will, and sometimes they aren’t (case in point – the war with Vietnam in the late ’70s). But when China decides to do something, everyone in the neighborhood has to respond to it. So everyone is a bit fearful of China.

              The exception, apparently, are the Mongolians. According to an ethnic Chinese friend of mine who came from China, the Mongolians hold the Chinese in contempt. He can’t figure out why.

              When talking ethnicity, China itself is an interesting case because the ethnicity we now refer to as “Han Chinese” wouldn’t necessarily have been recognizable as such two thousand years ago. Various ethnic groups have been assimilated into the “Han” ethnicity over the millennia to make what we now call “Chinese”. In short, ancient China itself managed to successfully pull off a melting pot.

        2. Oh the protestants hate the catholics
          and the catholics hate the protestants
          and the hindus hate the muslims
          and everybody hates the jews, but during

      2. Chinese people can, have, and do melt into places like the US or Australia, but they are mostly from Taiwan, Hong Kong, or were here before the PRC was a thing, or shortly after it was established.

        As RES says, they often fulfill the function of a “middleman minority” in places like Malaysia and the Phillipines. Which tends to make one hold onto one’s own culture more. Or, sometimes, be forced to defend it. Add on the extreme Han nationalism of the PRC and its government, and bad things can happen.

      3. There was a guy at my first assignment in the AF (last name ended in “ski”) who once told me his grandmother thought he was living in a tent, since he was in the military. One of our officers was Ukrainian (noticeable accent) and married to a Polish woman.

      4. Do Chinese melt? – Maybe.

        A couple of anecdotes from South Africa – I know a guy who is of Chinese ancestry, but as far as I know he and his family has assimilated. As far as I know his family arrived with the first wave of Chinese immigrants to South Africa (about 1900). A lot of Chinese from that wave was expelled later – There is a claim that only in South Africa had Chinese laborers been expelled successfully, after being imported to replace locals.

        These was also somebody I heard of from the second wave (about 1980). His family settled as farmers somewhere in the Free State, and when he went to university he was culturally very Afrikaans.

        I do not know where the first wave of immigrants came from, but the second wave mostly came from Taiwan. The third wave (about 2000 onward) came from Mainland China, and as far as I can see they are not assimilating – the numbers and clumping together seems to preclude this.

        1. The Chinese I know (pretty much all my in-laws and innumerable cousins, aunties and uncles) assimilated completely here (mostly).

          First generation arrived from southern China; worked in mining, farming, groceries and (oddly) insurance. (Wife’s paternal grandfather handled a lot of the insurance business for Chinese in Stockton/Sacramento area.)

          Next generation (wife’s parents’ age) off to university; doctors, dentists, pharmacists, nurses, and auto mechanic (not counting the few still running the grocery business to pay college costs for the rest).

          Wife’s generation: college educated; medicine, finance, computers, education, engineering, real estate, … and their kids are all over the map.

          One constant seems to be “you *will* study and work hard and not embarrass the family from back then to now.

          1. An acquaintance of mine has the last name of Chen. He’s from California.

            He once weighed into a “why don’t all the foreigners go home” discussions with “MY ancestors came here before California was a state. Why don’t YOU go home, Yankee-boy?”

            The objects of his wrath were so clueless, they would likely have had no idea why there would have been “Mexicans” waving goodbye as they left…

      5. As I understand it, the only way to be Chinese is to not ‘melt.’

        If you melt, then you’re not Chinese anymore, you have (whatever sub-group) ancestry.

        It’s like how if an “American” immigrated somewhere, and melted, his family would be (whatever) ancestry, not “American.”

    5. “We’re seeing an ethnic war going on behind the scenes for control of the Democrat Party right now. And it may well spread.”

      Already has. In the 90s, black columnists like William Raspberry were sounding the alarm on immigration. Why? Because they foresaw that blacks wouldn’t have the necessary numbers to remain relevant.

      And today? Straight Outta Compton is a mariachi band….. and not in the LEAST peacefully.

      “It was just the beginning of what detectives said was a campaign by a Latino street gang to force an African American family to leave.

      The attacks on the family are the latest in a series of violent incidents in which Latino gangs targeted blacks in parts of greater Los Angeles over the last decade.”

      1. I am so old that I can remember when the population of Compton* population was predominantly white.

        * Compton, CA was founded in 1888.

        1. I remember when Compton (and Lynwood and Watts) demographics were changing from mostly white to largely black…

  10. You said what I was going to comment on, but I will persist on doing it anyway. We are all an amalgamation of evey thing that has come before. And yet everyone is unique to their own upbringing. I did the 23&me expecting to have more Spain and Portugal than I found, but I do have some. And anyone who descends from someone with the Dutch East Indies or someone who roamed the globe probably does too. Our family used to say we were Heinz 57, most people really are.

    Anyone raised in the America I was raised in has a very different idea of American culture than their grandchildren do. I was a depression baby. My own life reflects that culture in many ways.
    It reflects small part individually of the German, English, Scots, and Irish (probably) but none of the French, Portuguese, Spanish, Native American or the dozens of other trace elements in my DNA. Yet, American culture is made up of little traces of those other cultures in so many ways. Lately we see it in all the different food fads and restaurants available to us.

    I am not a prude but I think the 60’s sexuality and “me first” got out of hand and we have what we have now. A generation coming along that is “the use it and throw it away while at the same time mouthing the environmental sky is falling: don’t use that straw while on an airplane pleasure flight. Don’t use fossil fuels, wait, I have a text.” group. It just doesn’t make sense. I am frugal to a fault, waste not want not. No doubt about it. Our culture changed on me.

    As for the social justice/socialism poseurs, I just say wait until Daddy’s money runs out. Whether it is Daddy’s or the governments, it will run out.

  11. (guys, the Mediterranean subrace that most Arabs belong to is a subrace of caucasians, okay?)

    Linguistically they are not Indo-European, but Semitic. I do wonder if that has discernible affect on culture. It does at some levels of story, although that is more apparent the further you go back, because once you widespread trade that starts to either fall apart or hit significant syncretism.

    Still, I wonder how much language family affects culture. Is the fact that the Japonic languages are unrelated to any other known family related to the uniqueness of Japanese culture or are both the offshoot of geographic isolation. Is Korean, an isolate, contributing to a very distinct culture on the peninsula (certainly it leads to very unique topography).

    There does seem to be a growing IE identity in parts of Europe, especially northern Europe, which looks like it will be a fertile hunting ground for white supremacy, although that will take some work to explain why Iranians and Indians don’t count. They are who I referred to when I brought up new paganism.

    1. I’m here to tell you that language affects thinking. Portuguese forces interconnected spirals. You can tell when I’m tired or sick, because my English falls into that pattern.

        1. Was that the 1991 episode of ST:NG in which Lieutenant Worf went through the wormhole into 20th Century America and (supposedly) had a love-child with Amos ‘n’n Andy‘s Sapphire? And that baby grew up to be America’s first Black Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff?

      1. Sarah is right. Language provides a toolbox for describing things and actions. If you don’t have the right tools, you have to use circumlocutions to get an idea across.

  12. And since the public schools are vectors of Marxist brainwashing, homeschool, homeschool, homeschool. Public education is child abuse in almost all cases, and child sacrifice for those singled out for bullying or grooming. (In which cases the administration will do their utmost to keep the parents from getting involved.)


    1. Consider the Somali enclave in Minneapolis. Wouldn’t public schooling aid assimilation to our culture better than home schooling there?
      Public schools teaching our history & civics were certainly part of making the melting pot work – at least until Zinnstory replaced history in them.

      1. Ideally, it would. In present-day reality, how many school teachers would _dare_ suggest that those kids so much as entertain thoughts contrary to the Quran and sharia law?


        1. From what I’ve seen on the net, only those few who have no desire to stay employed by the public school system in Minneapolis. (And God help them.)

  13. I understand the left’s confusion of race and culture.

    The Left is mostly comprised of “A” students … which is to say, the semi-bright who learned to regurgitate what teacher was selling them (and teachers, now more than ever, are what became of the “A” students who couldn’t adapt to the real world and took education jobs.) They’ve not really digested the stuff and only like it because they think they’re supposed to. The world is actually run by the “B” and “C” students. These are the ones with curiosity enough to take teacher seriously and figure out why the teacher was full of [fecal matter] and to analyse what was wrong with it.

    Because this latter group is already prepared to doubt “received wisdom” they are more adept at adapting to the realities of the world and manage those realities to their advantage.

    The Left is confused by race and culture because they’ve only grasped a superficial understanding of either concept but are incapable of thinking their way out of the box.

    1. I also have the theory that C & D students run things because they are not afraid of failing. The A student wants to keep their streak going, so they go with the established, and try to keep the status quo going when they get there via the Right Schools, Right Degree, and Right Connections.
      So, the perfect party apparatchik. He does what she is told, and expects those under him to do likewise.

      Whereas the C students are the one who failed before, so there’s no fear there. She’s willing to ask questions, to read a good book instead of approved improving literature, to form contrary opinions to that of her teachers, and chafes under the Argus eye of education. This person has to forge their own road.

    2. That’s…not quite right. Well, at least if you went to a functioning school.

      The Left has a lot of teacher’s pet and follow-the-leader types, and the Right has a lot more of the IDGAC what you think types.

        1. The problem with American public education is that it barely exists. One may be able to talk about state-level public education, but once you get down to it public education in America is a district by district event.

  14. It is possible for America to take untold numbers of immigrants and remain the same.

    Hey, it worked swell for the Bronze-Americans. (Amerindians, that is: the Asians who crossed the Siberian land bridge into Alaska a while back.

  15. separatable (totally a word) politics

    If readers can understand the intended meaning it is a word.

    I might have opted for “severable” (“Capable of being severed or separated.” – American Heritage Dictionary) or “Separable” (“capable of being separated or dissociated.” – Merriam Webster) myself, but that’s merely a stylistic difference.

  16. “It’s just the current ones, in the year three of the Great Unmasking”

    Camilla: “You, sir, should unmask.”
    Stranger: “Indeed?”
    Cassilda: “Indeed it’s time. We have all laid aside disguise but you.”
    Stranger: “I wear no mask.”
    Camilla: (Terrified, aside to Cassilda.) “No mask? No mask!”

    1. For the record, this was one of my big issues with the DaVinci Code. (A million others, but this one was glaring.)
      IF Jesus and Mary Magdalene had left descendants, it wouldn’t be the royal house of France. it would be EVERYONE.

    2. Nay, mon. Everyone is a descendant of Somerled! (The Viking chieftain who founded Clan Donald. Lord of the Isles. Yes, I’m a descendant, too. Pass the Scotch.)

  17. Haven’t read a thing yet, comment for comments to be frozen long enough that I’ll have a chance to read them tomorrow (maybe late tomorrow), then going to bed after another quick battle with email.

  18. Funny you used the term “mutt,” because that’s always how I described myself when someone asked what I was. I’m English and Black Irish, but also Mexican and probably a dose of American Indian since my family stalled out in Oklahoma before continung west. Never bothered me being a mutt, because junkyard dogs are the toughest there are. It may be culture that lets us dream of the stars, but it’s our mongrel toughness that keeps us going, so God Bless America – land of the junkyard dogs who will always fight to keep what’s theirs…

  19. Culture? I got your culture right here – mostly in the stiff between my toes.
    The effects – not so pleasant . . .

    1. *Stuff* – stuff between my toes. There is no cadaver in my pedal extremities! At least, I don’t *think* there is . . .

  20. This gives insight to a past article several years back.

    A Non-American African-American [aka a black man] had written an article about the perfidious nature of white America. It seemed [to him] that we somehow had a pact where we each agreed to some limits to our behavior. Limits that were sub-optimal to our basic needs, but by universally accepting them, it enabled us to live together and overall prosper and grow.

    What BS, I thought. Yes, it is called being civic minded. If we all agree not to shoplift and steal things, we can have a self-service store providing goods for less mark-up for expenses… win-win. If we all agree to stop for red lights, we all drive without killing one another.

    In the last decade, I have noticed that “pact” seems to be failing.

    1. Many people will be surprised to discover the great expense required to a achieve a middle-class lifestyle in a country without middle-class values.

      1. “Many people will be surprised to discover the great expense required to a achieve a middle-class lifestyle in a country without middle-class values.”
        Sure- the average middle class house will require razor wire, window bars, nighttime security guards, backup generators…
        And sadly, the Democratic People’s Republics in the USA are working hard to make this a requirement in their cities.

    2. After so many ‘free passes’ are given to everyone else from illegal immigrants to big banks, the middle class is beginning to feel that “following the spirit of the rules” and “civic mindedness” is just a fancy way to say “being a chump.” You can see as evidence of it in other areas things like the abuse of “service animal” designations and handicapped parking stickers.

      1. After a bit it becomes impossible to not think of SJWs, politicians and environmentalists as just so many 3-Card Montebanks.

      2. Trust me. If you don’t look disabled you don’t get a free pass (unless your “little” darling is barking up a storm and lunging at everything that passes by, whether on a leash on the floor, in your arms, in a sling or buggy, carrier). You might get asked if you are a veteran (PSTD).

        “Medical Alert” “is not a thing”; “you don’t look disabled”. Never mind your SD is quietly laying/tucked on the ground tucked away between you and counter/shelving, out of the way. FWIW. My standard responses vary: “Wow. Doctor. The make over went great!”, “Practicing without a medical license?”, to “My doctor disagrees. Go away.” Given I’m retired, I work around taking her everywhere. Most her outings, unless we are traveling, are to keep her PA manners (otherwise known as training outings).

        FYI. This is NOT from gatekeepers (employees of the establishment) who are legally allowed to ask two questions if not clear. 1) Is that a SD? 2) What task does the SD do? Neither of which have to be answered such to give away your specific diagnosis. FWIW. My SD is marked both as a SD and with her primary task. Thus (technically) it isn’t legal for gatekeepers to even ask, although I do answer them anyway; that’s polite.

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