Derp To The Marx

Marx Attacks! (Go for the illu, stay for the article- SAH)

So the left-wing Marxist soldiers are engaged in a systematic and widespread attack on Western Civilization, armed with the weapons of critical theory: radical feminism, social justice, identity politics, the normalization of homosexuality and transgenderism, and the accusations of racism, bigotry, xenophobia, homophobia, sexism, and evangelical religious oppression. The battle is waged against what they view as the establishment of “whiteness.” The equinsu-ocha, the white devil, is the enemy, and has to be destroyed at all costs in order to bring about social justice and cultural transformation.

The strategy? Criticize, demonize, disrupt, divide, and destabilize Western society and its institutions so that they can be dismantled more easily and a new social order can replace them. The criticism and accusations don’t have to be true, and they almost always aren’t. Truth doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is the Marxist narrative, to be accepted as dogma through blind ideological conformity.

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  1. Spot on. I fully expect the next step in the left’s demands will be for a “final solution” to “whiteness”. It is the logical end of the current identity based neo-Marxist ideology and it is why i think Communazi is the perfect term for them.

    1. I hope they don’t expect us to go meekly like the European Jews did. Actually, I kind of hope they do expect that. It will make them easier to wipe up if they don’t expect an armed difference of opinion to whatever thugs they can whip up. I say “whatever thugs” because I’m pretty sure most of the strongarms they expect to support them would be on our side if push came to shove.

      1. I think they DO expect that. They have a certain amount of strangeness only understandable through their dogma. One of those bits of dogma is the idea that everyone who opposes Marxism is “old” and about to die. We saw that in the Puppy clash, when the woman wishing all of us, old people, would die, is… three years younger than I and older than Brad and Larry.

        1. One of my favorites among their tactics is equating any desire to own a gun as an attempt to compensate fr a weak willy.

          About the only way to rebut their vacuousness is response in equal measure of absurdity.

          Or accusing them of projection. They are, after all, the party pushing granny off the cliff (well, encouraging early demise, assisted suicide, post-birth abortion and other forms of reducing the surplus population.)

          Of course, simply replying with some variant of “What colour is the sky in your world?” or “I think you’ve wrapped your tinfoil too tightly” is equally appropriate.

          1. yes exactly. So apparently, they are going to fight the revolution using their genitalia.

            1. Perhaps they get all their ideas about fighting from One Piece, and are mighty confused about how that girl inspired Zoro to learn to fight using three swords at once.

              I’ve checked, and my One Piece combat ideas are only a one hundred thirty seventh of my total. Many people underestimate the number of good fighting manga.


              1. It is, but it would make our lives considerably easier if they think that simply exposing themselves will cause us to run away in fear.

                  1. “Laugh”

                    Beat me to ^this. I’ll add “Laugh and grade. 1 to 10.” (more like 1 to 6, with a high of 10, and the 5 to 6 range for “creativity”.)

                    1. For months, my college was terrorized by a flasher. Being languages, history and geography the building was 98% female students. And in the middle of deep gardens. There were all sorts of warnings, never walk alone, don’t go through gardens after dark, etc. etc.
                      Then one day I headed out with my friend Estrela, after sundown. Estrela was dark, little and… well, she didn’t take no shit from no one.
                      She smoked like a chiminey, too.
                      So, she was smoking, guy comes out of bushes and flashes us. She looks over, shakes ash from cigarette and says “That’s all? And you’re showing it off? Oh, please.” And we walked on.
                      …The flasher retired that night.

                  2. Reminded of what happened when some joker tried to flash my aunt (this was about 50 years ago). She was working in her yard when a guy pulled up, rolled his window down, and said something, like he was asking directions. She couldn’t understand him so she walked up to his car… at which point she could see he was, uh, driving commando.

                    He repeats himself: “Ever seen one of these?”

                    My aunt stuck her head in the window, took a good long look, and said, “Not one THAT small!”

                    Needless to say, he left disappointed. :P~

                    1. When I was in France, in that little public school/shithole that is now inside a Zones Urbaines Sensibles one of the 12 year old Muslim kids thought it’d be social points for him if he tried thrusting his crotch in my face while jeering that he was what I woman like me needed to learn my place and offered to let me suck his dick.

                      I flicked a glance at his direction and looked very unimpressed. “No hair, child sized… probably can’t even get it up. Shoo, child.” Went back to reading to the laughter of his friends, and to my relief a teacher dragged him away because he’d overheard what the boy was saying.

            2. Don’t trigger the electric cattle prods until you see the whites of their eyes. (Is that racist?)

            3. I sure hope not. yuck!

              Quick, anyone, how do you say “Hey! Stop touching me with that thing!” in the three or four languages that the troops, imported by the revolution might use?

      2. Adam Smith’s men of system — explains everything about how they expect everyone to meekly fall into line, always.

  2. I see what you did there and I like it. Nice way to get us reading and thinking.

  3. He’s a bit late to the party. Better late than not at all. I’ve been hearing similar warnings for nearly 50 years. Yes, this is a multigenerational not-so-secret conspiracy, if you want to call it that. It wasn’t quite so mainstream and in-your-face back then, but it was no less pernicious. There is a sizeable contingent of people who have taken warning and have been quietly building defensive works against this attack.

    1. Most of us haven’t been around for 50 years. And sadly, it obviously didn’t become common knowledge!

      Making the same point over and over, in similar but different ways, is vital to it being heard and going forth.

      1. Well, thank you for sticking around and listening to our tales of the olden days (in between smacking our gums). Heh, heh, hee…

        Actually, there is not a person alive who was even born when the project started. Lincoln is the true fountainhead for the megastate (but can be forgiven, with a war of survival going on). Teddy Roosevelt really got the ball rolling. (Yes, I am aware that most people blame Wilson, but he only takes the honor as the first globalist “progressive” President.)

    1. From the quoted post there: “white people are inclined to hoard their privilege” and “internalize their superiority”. How can one do elsewise when one is continually told of it? Black/brown folks need and deserve extra help! Kinda makes non black and brown folk think they’re superior specimens, doesn’t it?

    2. I definitely agree with the ‘Jews are the canaries in the coal mines’ – I shy away from anti-semitism, or if it turns up in a discussion, I tend to ignore it (so as to not encourage it further by addressing the person on that topic, as trying to argue it in any form or way tends to result in a derailing) simply because I’ve noticed a tendency for anti-Semitic people to eventually turn their hatred on other groups as well.

      1. They have to expand their hate, because their reasons for hating Jews are applicable to everyone else — “them” — that isn’t exactly like their own group –“us” — and it rots their souls and their brains.
        Which is why the Left always finally turns on their own.

        1. Hating Jews is just their warm-up. It feels natural and comfortable to them, and, once you’ve hated one group, it is easier to move on and hate others.

      2. I mostly run into it over in Insty’s comment section.

        So far, there’s been exactly one who didn’t hit the “three strikes against basic, obvious reality and you’re blocked” wall inside of the first conversation, not counting the Jew-hate.
        (I think it’s the guy who has a pic from Seven Samuri, but I can’t really remember.)

  4. Sarah

    How can I send you a free Kindle book? You helped me believe I could write one. Do you have a professional email or something?

    1. sci fi Hoyt at gmail dot com. Without spaces and with obvious replacements. I don’t promise to read it, though, because I tend to forget things, particularly in the middle of the current mess.

      1. No offense TXRed but as far as I can tell cats have a species wide case of Attention Deficit Disorder it’ll be about 30 seconds before they forget it and move on to something else. Adding cans of Tuna or cat food will only make it worse as that will be their focus. They may bring it to our hostess attention, although it might be 2022 before she sees it.

  5. I like this distillation of the typical deluded marxist fellow-traveller:

    For the Bernie-bots who want to give incarcerated felons the right to vote, I say, we should give them instead a right actually enshrined in the Constitution i.e., the Second Amendment. That one is not caveated therein with, “except for participation in rebellion, or other crime”. I envision it working like Trump’s offer to give sanctuary jurisdictions what they want good and hard,

    1. For the Bernie-bots who want to give incarcerated felons the right to vote …

      I wonder what the over/under is on the percentage of them who would deny voting rights to Climate Deniers? I’m guessing at least 75% would grab at that. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn 80% of them would deny the vote to “Fascists” or Diversity B;ockers.

      1. Obviously, the law they championed will interfere with their proposed incarceration of the wrong-thinkiers.
        Should voting rights for felons actually be enacted on a federal basis (over-riding state laws to the contrary), once the Left realizes that there ARE right-wing felons (isn’t it interesting that their current assumption is that all or most felons would vote Democrat?), some sort of amendment would be forthcoming.

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