The Liberation Won’t Be On The Payroll


A bunch of us in the last two days — partly because of yesterday’s post, partly because of other things going on, partly because it’s the zeitgeist — have met in various nooks and cranies of the internet to talk about two things: how those of us who speak out regret/not regret speaking out (yes, I’ll explain) and how those who can’t speak out regret not being able to.

And I woke up this morning realizing something: that’s the key. That right there is where the whole thing hinges as the cultural war escalates.

Look, the crazy that is today was in the works from at least the 1980s. That’s when we started getting lectures on political correctness and half of the books on writing were predicated on how to change our language so it wasn’t racist and sexist (they still hadn’t got to homophobic.)  None of this was IN ANY WAY about eschewing name calling, which I would agree with.  I’d even have cheered if they’d said something like “you can’t use lazy stereotypes in your writing, because it’s stupid and boring.” (growing up, gay guys were used as comedy pieces, which always annoyed me. But what do I know, I used drunkards as comedy pieces in my early writing.)  The whole idea we’re upset at political correctness because we can’t use bad words for people is ridiculous. I’m upset because we can’t use “one” or “he” as the default genderless pronoun.

I’m upset because policemen are now police officers or peace keepers, even WHEN WE KNOW THEY’RE MALE. Not because there’s anything wrong with “police officer” (What’s wrong with peace keeper was joked about enough by Pratchett for me to belabor it) but because it was prescriptive, dictated and from above. Sure, I’ll use it. Unlike “they” for plural it doesn’t make me sound like I need to cough up an hairball.  And unlike herstory it doesn’t make me stand under the sign screaming “Philology, do you even speak it, mothereffer?”  I’m even more upset at the execrable “actor” for both male and female, a medium in which, yes, which one you are makes a difference.

But most of all it was the smarminess of telling us we couldn’t use these words, because these words made us “politically incorrect.”

Look, at the heart of it is the Marxist belief that humanity will change to become fit for communism, if you just cut their avenues of speech and thinking.

It works to an extent. They can forbid words. They can infect even me with things like singular they (because you see it so much. I’m also acquiring a grocer’s apostrophe, though it’s not as bad as when I read a ton of fan fiction.)


But their new words acquire the same old freight as the old ones.  No, seriously.  And changing what we call people who do police work or are firefighters isn’t going to make them primarily female occupations. Because they’re dangerous work outdoors, and it’s older than civilization that that’s male work. The words don’t change it. The world changes the words.  Which is why we have leftists changing to liberals changing to progressives the same way a bad Chinese restaurant keeps changing its name.  Which is why the SJWs were very proud of their moniquer (seriously there was a game about being an SJW written by the SJWs) which, to be fair, was a masterpiece of opposite naming, kind of like the Democratic German Republic. BUT all of a sudden they had to accuse us of coming up with it, and start running from the words. Because it came to mean what it is.

And meanwhile, since the 80s we found a way to communicate outside the channels that were wholly controlled by the left… well, since then at least.

They’re absolutely sure if they push just a little harder, they’ll change us or they’ll change the majority of the people, and then utopia will happen.

But those evil bad thinkers keep evil bad thinking and they meet in places like this blog, and others.  And the left is sure we’re the hoarders and wreckers and the only reason their project is failing harder and faster every day.

So they’ve escalated. Of course they have. Their faith says if they just silence the evilbadpeople utopia starts.

So we’re where we are now: doxxing and threatening and of course, trying to make us lose our jobs.

Some people say this is the time when we refuse to accept the mark of the beast and can’t trade or work. Maybe. It’s not my tradition, but okay. OTOH maybe don’t give them ideas, okay?

It’s going to continue ramping up. That the enemy gets a say, doesn’t mean we’ve lost the war.  Note the game is always the same they’ve played, only it’s working less now, now that us thought criminals know we’re not alone. They are not by and large, safe for the antifidiots resorting to physical violence. (And the antifidiots only operate in the cities where they feel safe.) They’re yellow under all the black paraphernalia. They are using what they always used: doxxing, whisper campaigns, mobbing and destruction of reputations and livelihoods.

They’ve done this my whole life. It’s their modus operandi. It’s just that now half of their campaigns (at least) fall apart and what they wish to keep under the rug comes flying out.  And we’re not alone. And we know we’re not alone.

My guess is that we’re so far from alone that the end-game for the US is the same as Romania, in terms of the worm turning (hopefully not in terms of the stupid afterwards, but that is up to all of us.)  One morning the “progressives” are riding high and by evening they’re cooling meat.

Note that I’m not endorsing this. I’m not endorsing any kind of killing, and I pray every day and every night that this passes from us without actual killing, that we can get back the country without violence on either side.

It’s just that from my reading of history, my “Sense” of what comes next is a sudden, short and violent replay of Romania. And that’s the best case scenario.

But it’s possible a miracle occurs.  It’s possible the insufficiently attached left realizes they’re a tiny minority and conciliate. It’s possible that the real hard cases are so few that they just lose power.

It’s possible.

It’s also possible that it goes far worse than Romania, into something like Gascony was for centuries or Ireland was still in my time: a protracted civil war, with decade after decade of terrorism in our midst, in our neighborhoods, in our schools.

Needless to say I don’t want that.

I don’t see a scenario where the left wins. Not long term. I can and do a scenario where for ten years or so they force us to some kind of black market.  I certainly can see people like me who work in left dominated fields being destroyed and marginalized for speaking out. It’s what the left does. They’ve done it a long time.

So, what can we do? And what can we do to bring about the better solutions, as opposed to the horrible ones?

Well, the left needs to be disempowered.  Not silenced, mind. I want them to speak. The more they speak, the more the masks fall, the more that they show how repulsive they are.

But they need to stop having the power to silence the opposition.  And we, all of us, need to be prepared for the time our identifies are revealed (well, not mine, obviously. I have revealed it myself) even the best kept secrets, because no secret is perfect.  And we need to have a fall back in which we can speak and work and not be broke for doing so.

You know if you’re a writer there’s indie.  I’ve been struggling with this for a year, since I found out via back channels that my trad career was done. The immediate, instinctive reaction is to think your career was done. But that’s bullshit. There’s indie. I thank PJ for keeping us from going under while I got my head straight (It’s almost there now.) Because there’s a mental ramp-up time. And we’d have floundered otherwise.

However that was my fault. I should have started indie with both feet in 2011.  Yeah, health, but I should have anyway.

So LEARN.  Start now.  I’m sure there’s something you can do that is independent and brings in money.  Sure, it might not be your main job.  OTOH even if you’re a college professor, start lectures on youtube, say, teaching your field.  Be good, be catchy (don’t be political. You probably don’t need to be.)  Not only can it be a secondary income, but if you achieve ANY notoriety it becomes harder to fire you.

For writers and artists, it’s easy. If you have questions ask me.

But I know at least one friend in programming already going indie.

Crafters have etsy and heck Amazon and ebay.  Yes, some of those are left controlled but almost all the self panics about Amazon are just that.  Ebay — waggles hand.  I don’t know about etsy at all.

It might be harder if what you do is manual/physical work. It’s not impossible.  Look around. Find out something skilled you can do as a side business. Figure out what people will pay you for.  Yes, Paypal is a problem, but other alternatives are coming into being, and if you’re providing something physical, there’s also other ways.

Learn. Find something you can do outside the left dominated fields.

Yes, I know it’s hard. Look, I took a year JUST to mourn and I’m only now coming out of profound depression over it.

But it’s not impossible.

Get secondary (or multiple) sources of income they can’t take away from you.  And then put your galoshes on and prepare to slosh through hell because it is coming.

Yes, it’s going to continue ramping up until it flares, which could be tomorrow or in ten years.  Yes, the next democrat elected WILL try to strangle bad thinkers out of the marketplace.  And will succeed with some people.

I’m not telling you it’s going to be easy. It’s going to be hell.  Which is why I want you to prepare now. Think of what you can do. Think how you can cut yourself loose from fields where your income will vanish because of a calumnious campaign against you.

And then GO. Because we are survivors. The nature of survivors is that they survive.

Plan, think, and — I’m sorry — work like hell.  Your future freedom and security will require you to work double as hard right now. But then you’ll have security and you’ll have freedom.

It will give you a chance to speak out.  And if everyone speaks out, maybe the crazy stops.  It’s unlikely. But it’s possible. Okay, it would be a miracle, but sometimes miracles happen.

And if worse comes to worst, maybe it will make it brief and relatively painless.

But first, before all that, you must buy your freedom with work.

And so must I. So, I’m going back to work now.



359 thoughts on “The Liberation Won’t Be On The Payroll

  1. I know I’ve covered much of this before; please bear with me.

    I think that the Left has been losing power since roughly the ousting of Nixon. They put an awful lot of political capitol into forcing him to resign, over behavior his two (Democrat) predecessors had engaged in too, largely because he had had the temerity to Defeat Helen Gahagan Douglas in her 1950 bid for Governor of California. Nixon was a RINO, but Douglas was a full blown Stalinist, and as nasty a B*I*T*C*H as you might wish to avoid, this side of Nancy Pelosi. So they got rid of Nixon, and they KNEW that whoever they ran in 1976 was a shoe-in.

    And the best they could do was Jimmeh Cahter.

    Since then, it’s been a slow downhill roll. Oh, they’ve had successes on one front or another, but they always paid too much for them and got far less out of them than they expected. They have been spending Capitol, not Income.

    And they are running out of Capitol.

    1. If they were truly winning, their media wouldn’t be either broke, or on the verge of same.

    2. Most casualties in a war are suffered after one side has clearly lost.

      Just because they are on a down slope does not make them less dangerous.

      1. But what kind of armies are your data drawn from? Could there be a mechanism specific to those armies that does not apply here?

        1. My two big data are the Second World War, both theaters, using Midway and Stalingrad as the points where the Axis lost any realistic possibility of winning, and the US Civil War and July 4th 1863 where the twin events of Gettysburg and the fall of Vicksburg.

          I would argue the IJN/IJA, the Third Reich’s military, and the CSA are different enough that the tendency to fight after futility is at least broadly spread.

          1. “If I go down, you’re going down with me” seems to be a universal enough philosophy to make that notion credible.

              1. Or even “I will me your victory so costly that you will hesitate to press it.” Kind of like the Imperial Japan plan to defend the home islands from invasion…

                1. It is a lesson the US has been teaching our foes for over fifty years and (lessee … Korea, ‘Nam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iraq again …) five wars.

          2. Those are troops in an organized military, under discipline, with at least some time living together either in barracks or in the field. It is not clear that our current matter must have the dynamics such behaviors enable.

            Additionally, there is an argument that the CSA lost the war from the moment they started. Because we know from hindsight that they never were able to force Lincoln to concede. If we ignore their guesses about the Lincoln factor, there is a case for a very high fanatic nutbar factor in their leadership. Which isn’t that much different from the Nazis and IJHQ.

            Tangentially, my fringe view is that the modern Democrats are fundamentally similar to the ACW Democrats, the Nazis, and the Communists. Which means I /am/ inclined to see similarities between the Confederates and the Imperial Japanese.

            What might happen in the current matter that we would not expect in these other conflicts?

            People who previously fought against each other coming to a form of peace. I think this might happen in the future because I think it has happened in the past.

            Forex, you, Misha, and Sarah might be or have been to my left on social issues. I think I may be at peace with you all right now. Yeah, Sarah was for gay marriage, and I’ve always been against since becoming aware of the question. I may get described as crazy, but if any of you have written to people telling them not to hire me, I have not heard of it. And calling me crazy is fair.

            If peace can survive our past and present policy differences, I am not sure it is impossible that a future peace might be created with others in a way that drastically shortens and weakens the damage of the possible conflict.

            1. A lot of damage has been done to the idea that living in tolerance of differences is a virtue.

              1. But are they dedicated fanatics, or poorly socialized and possibly willing to learn if given a great deal of incentive?

                1. They believe that Republicans are EVIL. The compromise or tolerate EVIL is unthinkable to them. With them you cannot get the peace you are thinking of.

                    1. To keep it simple, they just call anyone outside their cult an “evil Republican”… however that person may have voted.

            2. The American Civil War has persisted over 150 years, from open warfare to subversion under Reconstruction, to Jim Crow and onto modern demands for reparations. It isn’t about race, it is about the premise that some are aristocrats, either by breeding or education or both, and are therefore entitled to order the lives of others.

              Theirs is not the labor of the hand, arm and back but of the mind, and they deem themselves entitled to wring their bread from the sweat of other men’s faces, contributing nothing but their glowing enlightenment.

        2. No, he’s got a point. Wars, especially total wars (see the Clausewitzian definition), tend to go on long after the war is unwinnable. Mostly because defeat is catastrophic for the ruling class of the losers.

          1. It should be noted that in the case of Imperial Japan, even after the second atom bomb was dropped, that the Japanese military had a significant faction that did not want to surrender. They went so far as to try to steal and hide the tape made by Emperor Hirohito announcing the surrender. Ironically the plot failed because the tape was protected successfully by an aide to Hirohito who was a descendant of the last ruling Shogun prior to the Meiji Restoration!

          2. The opposition is a cult, not a conventionally disciplined army. What does that mean for their ability to take serious losses in the field and retain cohesion? We are not a conventionally disciplined army. What does that say for our ability to stay in contact with a broken enemy and pursue them to destruction?

            What are the reasons for thinking it won’t be so cut and dried as WWII?

            One, American culture. American culture was created by a process of finding the capacity for peace between individuals of very different cultures. American culture has also been passed on to individuals of very different cultures. Yeah, the public school culture is foreign, but it is not clear it’ll stay once you restore the pressures for cultural assimilation. Like the Mexican illegals and the toxic white supremacism of the DoJ Civil Rights division.

            Secondly, are we looking at the opposition staying in the field as a monolith, or will the rout and fragment? We are aware of the tip of their spear. We don’t have public access to names and faces for those the tip of their spear consider quiet supporters. And some of them assume some of us are quiet supporters. If a lot of their actual quiet supporters become confused and demoralized, go silent, and drop out, then there is an option for a seperate peace with them for a time.

            Thirdly, are we so uniform and fanatic that we would pursue every one of them to destruction? I have loved ones to my left that I am not driven to destroy, that I do not think I would be driven to destroy even should things escalate greatly. Should the pendulum violently swing on gay rights, is Sarah suddenly going to be all in on exterminating the gays? I really, really, doubt it. If the manpower for that shows up from somewhere, it is going to be from young people damaged by lgbt policy, not from some existing fraction of the right having a free hand all of a sudden. My feeling is that the most blood thirsty fraction of a future victorious right wing coalition would be current leftists who become redpilled, in the similar sense to wendigo or fox possession, not people who have experienced a normal conversion, like many of us here. I think current right wingers would be enough of a victorious coalition that we can estimate some of the ruthlessness of it from what we know now, and I don’t see the willingness to, say, check voter registration and kill people with a history of registering Democrat.

  2. Some people say this is the time when we refuse to accept the mark of the beast and can’t trade or work.

    When we live in a world where many/most of our transactions can be tracked on-line and are done on-line, you got to wonder if a future tyranny could prevent “enemies of the state” from conducting business via computers.

    Yes, there can always be a “black market” but the tyranny could still make it harder to exist for “wrong thinkers”. 😦

    1. Recording transactions is one thing, but trying to control of them changes the dynamic.

      The complexity of a human, or a human society, requires so much remote information transfer for a working system of control that anything that is implemented is effectively flailing around blindly. That means that the grey or black market must work around the systems, or people start dying rapidly. If there is enough black market to keep people alive, or at least only slowly dying, there’s a loot of room for a clever wrong thinker to hide in.

    2. Permit me a quote from that sage Harry Harrision:

      “Now that society is all ferroconcrete and stainless steel there are fewer gaps between the joints, and it takes a smart rat to find them. A stainless steel rat is right at home in this environment.”

      It has always been my goal to aspire to the level of one of those stainless steel rats.

      1. Nod.

        The less intelligent “wrong thinkers” will die off but they’ll create more intelligent (and dangerous) “wrong thinkers”. 😈

            1. At this point, I don’t really see Democrats as upholding the law any more, never mind the Constitution. It’s stuff like that that -yes, it sounds alarmist, but they’re doing this shit openly now – makes me think they’re going to push for something HARD either before 2020, or at 2020, because they could not bear their losses.

              And it really, really doesn’t help that there seems to be a solid base of ‘never Trump’ that would rather ally with the Democrats or vote for one, over possibly voting for anyone else.

              While it may be that ‘there are other elections’ I don’t get that impression from the stuff I’ve been getting vibes from while reading (yeah, I know, vibes but) because the way the other side has been behaving is very loudly showing ‘this cannot be tolerated, this cannot continue, we must ensure it will never happen again.’

              I have no idea what might be coming, or what they are planning, but all I can think is what Sarah warns of will happen in 10 years feels like it’ll be sooner.

              1. A generation ago Ronald Reagan made a comment to the effect that American liberty was never more than one generation away from tyranny.

                Well, now we’re no more than a single *election* away from tyranny.

                1. Exactly this. And I have no proof except of how the Left has been ratcheting up their behavior and the things they are pushing for, as if Trump’s election allowed them to get more extreme.

                  But the extremist noisy ones are a distraction. It’s the ones who are quiet and working that should be a worry.

      2. The problem is that although the Rat was unquestionably a hero, he was also unquestionably a criminal by any sane definition. When you are forced to steal because “they” have made it impossible to earn your keep, you might as well “let slip the dogs” as you are already sliding down the slope to being someone no decent person wants anything to do with.

        1. The greater the tyranny, the greater the corruption. The more control the State has over the economy, the larger the black market.
          Big Brother HAS to turn a blind eye (often with a wink & nod) at certain activities lest his whole government come to a crashing halt.

        2. If you’re going to the time, might as well do the crime.

          If they make it legal for someone to even exist, then why should they obey any law?

          Going back my discussion of not wanting freedom, being declared illegal by my very existence would be very, very freeing.

          1. Yeah, Slippery Jim was pretty much an example of the broken window fallacy. I didn’t really understand the blatancy of it until several years after I had read the series–when I actually encountered a discussion of the fallacy in Hazlitt.

              1. I was fourteen or fifteen when I first read them, and hadn’t even heard of the concept of an unreliable narrator at that point.

    3. Meh. I live without plastic. 99% of everything can be handled without a debit/credit card. People ask me why, I quip “As long as Amazon sells ebooks, I’m the last person who should have a card.” (It’s considerably more complex. But that makes people laugh and accept my choice.)

      Things I want to pay for but can’t: joining the state home school association. That’s it. The only thing I’ve found so far that hasn’t got some sort of work-around. Everyone else: buy a gift card at the local grocery store, pay by cash or by check, set up auto draft from checking account. One of those four works.

      It takes a little more work, but it’s doable.

      1. Problem is that any of these, including cash, could be tracked with current technology. Each bill does have a serial number. Just sayin…

            1. A bit offtopic, but when discussing Slate with lefties, I like to refer to it as the “strikebreaker press” – it *was* founded by journos trying to get around the printers’ strike, after all.

              Head explosions are fun.

          1. It’s not just spying. New York State is engaged in a big effort right now to bar insurance companies from writing any sort of insurance for NRA or any gun related businesses, to the point of them telling insurers that they will lose their ability to do business in the State if they issue such insurance. This is being pushed very hard by Cuomo. New York’s leftist judiciary will uphold it, and in Federal Court, the cases will not doubt go to Obama appointees who will gleefully approve of New York’s actions.

          2. “The more you spy, the harder it becomes to process ALL the information about ALL people.”

            The caveat is important. Once you’re “on the radar”, then plotting your backtrail becomes easier. See also: “known wolf”. Yes, someone was “in the system”. No, they weren’t rated with enough importance to pull it all together. Or was deliberately let through; see the Garland TX shooter who had FBI on his tail to the scene.

            1. They’re putting us all on the radar Steve. They’re letting the demons into their head. They can’t trust any of us. Even four or five levels down (and I’m lower than that as are most of you) they can’t track all of that. It’s a very big country.
              Look, it’s like being scared of all the data tracking on Facebook. They have me as a political moderate. Why? I give no party and have “friends” on both sides. That’s enough.

              1. Which was actually my point. They can claim they are “putting us all on the radar”, but again, something will have to paint us out of the background.

                Of course, that can be something as simple as donating to a Republican candidate; combined with our campaign finance laws is how Brandon Eich was caught.

      2. Thus the efforts to mandate use of electronic wallets/transfers and the efforts, already floated by Democrats as well as leftists in Europe, to ban use of cash.

        They know that cash enables people to circumvent the totalitarianism they seek to impose (as do guns) and are making a concerted effort to ban and outlaw anything that helps prevent or do an end-run around their controls.

        1. “The unbanked are disproportionately likely to be poor, immigrant, and minorities. Why are you so prejudiced?”

          It has boggle value for any thinking liberals, and sputter value for the rest.

      3. I don’t know if it would work, but Visa sells prepaid debit cards. Fred Meyer (Kroger) sells them at a 3% premium, and I’ve been given some as rebates for tire purchases. They spend like a conventional debit card, though with an obvious fixed limit.

        1. Visa Rebates – We’ve received … there have been others, but these are the ones I remember of the top …:
          1) Tire purchases as already mentioned by RCPete
          2) Phone update purchases – Version & more recently Xfinity
          3) Test driving a vehicle – Hyundai, Subaru, Chevy
          4) Special purchases at Costco – Blinds

          PIA to track what is remaining on the cards. They make it sound easy. Whatever. I take the full balance & deposit it into the checking account.

          Now prepaid cards that are dedicated to a specific vendor, Starbucks, Kroger/Fred Meyer, or whomever, they track the balance for you. Not enough on the card when you need it, just whip out secondary source.

          1. I keep them on the sheet they came with, with the receipts, and write out the purchases on the main sheet.

            Which ends up with me waiting until I’m on a shopping trip with NOBODY behind me in line at a place like Walmart, and then eyeballing the lady and saying “Are you about to head to break, or having a bad day or anything? Because I’ve got like five of those obnoxious gift cards with stupid random amounts on them I’d like to get rid of, and I’m not going to make you suffer through the drain if it’s a bad time.”

            So far, I’ve gotten one horrified, blank look where I laughed and said “some other time,” and every other time they laughed and we had a good chat while I mangled the @#$ cards.

            1. Don’t know if all banks allow this, but our credit union does, with no charge. Trust me. A lot easier just to take the stupid things in & deposit the stated amount that comes on the card when you get them. Then shred the card.

            2. Fred Meyer sells the Home Depot gift cards, usually with a 2X fuel point bonus (sometimes 4X). For every 100 fuel points, that’s a dime/gallon for fuel. With an 80 mile round trip for shopping, it adds up, even in the best mileage vehicle.

              Between that and the obligatory data breach from Depot’s Point of Sales system, we’ve decided that Home Depot purchases will either be cash or gift card. I can track the card online through Depot’s web site.

              The U-check kiosks at Depot take multiple cards. They used to give change when the balance dropped below $5.00 or so, but that’s changed. IIRC, the change function in the kiosks is a pain in the tail, thus the new policy.

    4. Late last fall, I shuddered at an article portraying an implantable chip for peoples’ hand for things like physical access and instant payment transactions. Tis has been coming for some time, but this latest iteration looks like it might actually *work*.

      Imagine you’re a shepherd or fisherman @ 2,000 years ago and you have a vision of people waving at a hand scanner or putting their face up to a retinal scanner to self-identify for payment for goods. What else could be happening but that you are displaying some sort of ‘mark’ tattooed on your flesh in order to ‘buy or sell’?

      1. What would be the replacement rate of the chips in practice? What kind of time lost are we looking at from recovery, infection, and rejection?

        1. I have known people who cannot wear a watch, who for whatever reason seem to generate an field that interferes with electrical devices. One wonder what happens to any chip implanted in them? Is it likely a woman’s hormonal variances might impair the processing of any such chip, creating gender gap?

          1. And I wonder how long they last in strong electric fields. I once had a job where I’d run what was pretty much a welding cable through a motor stator and feel around for hot spots (shorts in the laminations). At least once that cable carried 400 Amps.. and my arm was up close next to it.

            Or, while an electric fence zap is unpleasant… a couple pulses right at/over a chip might have effect, and..

            1. Only a vile, evil, hateful, anti-government extremist would speculate that such chips might have a capacitor or other device which could be remotely triggered to generate a deadly shock or explosion.

        2. The information is well known. The RFID chips have been used in Miami for decades to do exactly what they are talking about. People didn’t want to have to carry anything to the clubs so they had RFID chips installed.
          Glass enclosed no change of rejection.

    5. This is the logistics side of why the “universal flat tax” thing drives me nuts.

      Just hand them the rope to hang you, why doncha!

    6. Another issue is if one is in a trade or profession that is subject to state licensing or regulation, such as law or medicine. For instance the American Bar Association is pushing revisions to the ethical code of conduct for lawyers that would effectively implement college social justice restrictions on speech, thus making it an ethical violation to speak out against leftist orthodoxy or to resist the efforts to impose it. Those states that adopt the proposed changes would effectively be able to sanction lawyers for ethics violations for non-conformity to leftist orthodoxy. And of course, one cannot legally practice law without a license (practice of law is universally a criminal offense in the USA, and in most states it is a felony).

        1. Not for stuff they do with regards to ethics codes and actions taken under them, nor for laws that govern practice of law.

          1. The current Democrat opposition to Russians is convenient.

            ABA has sponsored or fallen in line with a lot of criminal justice changes since the start of the Cold War. These changes weakened the police, and hence could be understood as weakening counter intelligence and counter sabatoge versus the Soviets and Russians. The key element would be based on research on murders committed by criminals released due to changes in criminal law. Some of those murders would happen in key periods of time for qualifying for RICO. Some of these murders would have national security importance, which is needed for establishing that the motivation for leniency was harm to the US on behalf of a foreign power. Some of the crimes would have caused personal financial harm to the filer, which is necessary to make the filings plausible. If put in place, ABA speech policing would speak to a corrupt policy bias.

            So you do the pro se RICO filings, alleging that the ABA was originally a criminal conspiracy, with many judges and lawyers involved, and they get thrown out.

            Then you file again, alleging additionally that the judges who had thrown out previous filings did do criminally, and owe damages. Those get thrown out also. Eventually, after enough thrown out suits, and enough time with professional speech policing in place, you would have a political case to go to the voters with. Then you get judges in place who will award damages.

            1. Not a chance of such a suit working.
              Also, the fact that they have a leftist ideology and act in accordance with it is not illegal or create any cause of action against them. They are a trade organization. Their proposed codes are recommendations only. It is the states that enact them, and the judiciary of each state has total control over the qualifications and requirements for lawyers to practice in that state.

              Also, filing suits costs of a lot of money. If you think these suits are a good idea, how about you file them and pay for them yourself. FYI, If I were being asked to advise you (which I am not and nothing I post here does not in any way constitute formal legal advice or entry into any sort of attorney-client relationship) would recommend against it given the possible sanctions that could be levied for frivolous litigation.

              1. The purpose of the exercise is not to convince a legal expert. The purpose is to convince a majority of laymen that the legal experts are maliciously lying to them, and need to be dealt with. Which is made easier every time a legal expert screws up and assumes that the whole world is a legal process, with no choice of other alternatives.

                1. I suggest the true benefit of any such suits would be found in the process of Discovery … although the legal expertise required to decipher the upturned documents is likely lacking.

            2. “Eventually, after enough thrown out suits,”

              Bob, look up the term “vexatious litigant”. After you file more than one or two, the judiciary will simply refuse to entertain those lawsuits on any basis.

    7. The NRA is finding it very difficult to do business right now because ShirtStorms keep happening to their bankers and internet providers.

      In the future, the Black Market will all be -off- line. Cash and hard currencies will be the new subversion.

      1. Just look at how many different kinds of rubles the Soviets had, in addition to foreign notes.

  3. During my life, the polite term for a person whose skin had high melanin content and whose ancestry traced back to sub-Saharan Africa changed from Negro, to Black, to “Afro-American”, back to Black, then to African American, all in the mistaken belief that if they could just find the right label then the attitudes they were hoping to change would follow.

    1. African American is so stupid. I had a white friend born in Madagascar he was an African American.

      1. What’s even more idiotic is when foreign born Blacks who are citizens of other countries are called “Africa-Americans”.

        IIRC There was one British Black who was upset at some idiot calling him Africa-American. 😈

        1. My wife is black and originally from Colombia. Till she was naturalized she rejected the term because neither portion of it applied to her. Now she just ignores it.

        2. I remember last Olympics an NBC reporting talking about a man from Africa being the first African-American to win a gold in a particular event.

          1. Hey, it’s NBC. The absolute last network that should be broadcasting the Olympic Games, because they have NO idea of any sports beyond moneyball.

            1. Is it any surprise given that NBC is the network that invented “plausibly live” in order to falsely portray taped Olympic events as being “live” broadcasts, or that their approach to non-sports news is just as patently bogus.

          1. I just saw something about people* freaking out over the sooty face Mary Poppins. (MP dealing with Bert as a chimney-sweep.)

            (*) for loose definitions of “people”. One Daniel Pollack-Pelzner writing in the Noo Yawk Slimes, Jan 28th. Article titled

            ‘Mary Poppins,’ and a Nanny’s Shameful Flirting With Blackface

            1. Beyond the fact that a chimneysweep would be dirty-faced anyway, Dick Van Dyke is from a coal-mining town in central Illinois, so it fits.

      2. I used to know a white folk singer who was born in Malawi and who insisted he was truly African American where the blacks who used the term weren’t really African American. Pissed them off no end. 🙂

        1. And, of course, there that friend-of-the-blog, Kim du Toit, born and raised in South Africa, and a naturalized American,
          but white as the wind-driven snow.

      3. Even better [?]— NPR had a story about ten years or so ago about health problems among Americans of black ancestry. One gent they interviewed groused mightily because he had immigrated here from Nigeria and went to one of the health meetings about (IIRC) sickle cell anemia. And was told by the other blacks that he couldn’t have any say because he wasn’t an African-American!

      1. “Racist.. sexist… homophobe… Nazi…”

        “I invoke the magic words, but they refuse to conform!”

    2. The labels are also to put people into boxes. Because if you get people into boxes it’s easier to control them. It’s also easier to keep them separate and stop them from comparing notes perhaps deciding that those who keep telling them that they’re their “Betters” really aren’t.

      1. Simply apply this handy reference guide to resolve all social issues:

        Courtesy of Power Line’s Week In Pictures.

        1. Even then, there’s complications. If you have a conservative of color vs a woke whitey, then victim privilege is automatically given to the leftist.

    3. Most of these linguistic changes are flights up the specificity hierarchy, as Sarah notes, hoping that changing the words magically changes the circumstances. Hence moron became retarded until retard replaced moron, then it was special. Basically the attempt is to render language meaningless. Language is a slippery devil though.

    4. Sarah Paretsky, in one of her V.I. Warshawski novels, had a minor elderly black character say, “First I was colored, then I was black, then I was Negro, then I was Afro-American, then I was black again, then I was African-American. Now I think I’m just black again…”

        1. I recall a snippet of Barney Miller where someone is going on about the “colored” guy and Yemana responds. At this, the fellow points out he meant Harris, not Yemana. And Yemana replies to the effect that Harris isn’t colored, but black.

        2. And now they areally “people of color”. Because that’s different from “colored.” *rolls eyes*

            1. Scottish, I believe, or possibly Pict.

              “Sergeant, I cannot help but notice our troops have all dyed their skin blue before the coming battle.”

              “Yes, sir – they’re all Pict men.”

  4. Reading along I saw the actor comment and had this thought:
    Is Hollyweird evil for never awarding a trans person a best actress award?
    Or am I evil for pointing it out?

      1. How long before The Good, The Bad and The Ugly ls put on the leftist list for banning because the role of Tuco was paid by Eli Wallach, who if I recall correctly is Jewish and is certainly not of Mexican/Spanish descent.

        1. How about all those White Actors playing Othello in Black Face, those ALL have to be BANNED!

    1. Is Hollyweird evil[?]



      And I only experienced a glancing contact with that industry.

    2. I cannot believe in this enlightened age that is rejecting the gender binary that Hollywood only has the old binary categories.

      Oh, well, at this they will finally recognize the superiority of melanin cinema this year by recognizing Black Panther as best picture.

      1. Yep, and it really ticks me off when I get bitched at for saying “Actress”, when the Hollywood awards (Hollywood being the bastion of PC change that it is) Still has “Best Actor” and “Best Actress” awards.

        1. Haven’t seen it, but then again if I see one movie in the theater in a year, that’s an up year.

          I did go last year. I saw Bohemian Rhapsody, but that was all driven by Crystal.

          Now, if the Peter Jackson WWI documentary would get played here, I’d stand in line.

          1. Reportedly there will be twice daily free showings of Black Panther during Black African-American History Month at some 700+ AMC theatres.

                1. It is a real country, in my head. As are Ruritania, Opar, Erewhon, Lilliput, Pellucidar, Barsoom and many others.

                  Pray you do not correspond to Fenachrone inside my head.

          2. “Now, if the Peter Jackson WWI documentary would get played here, I’d stand in line.”
            We saw that last week, with 3D glasses.
            It was one of the few things I consider to genuinely be Awesome.
            Stay for Jackson’s technical discussion afterwards.

  5. If you comply with everything they demand they will be back next week with a new list. They need to have an opposition even if they have to create it and they thrive in the joy of victimhood.

        1. Only if they are the correct form of victim. One from an oppressor class is defined as not-a-victim, so there! (If I bang my head against the desk will I forget my sore ankle?)

  6. The blatant lie that it’s all about being polite pisses me off to no end. Oh, and if I *intend to* insult you, I will, in fact, use insulting language. It’s the point.

    But it’s not insulting to use “actress” and frankly, aviatrix is an awesome word and tragic if we’ve lost it. My rank was Airman… this did not (as I’ve said MANY times) cause anyone surprise when I reported to their office as female. When I was excited about getting an internship as a landman assistant I felt slapped down and disrespected when the reaction to my news was my professor making a crack about the job title instead of just congratulations. It implied that *I* should not be utterly thrilled and that *I* was wrong somehow.

    It’s not about being polite. It’s not about being inclusive. You’ve got that one right on the nose.

    1. That response by your prof was rude and likely inspired by jealousy.
      How much better to celebrate a female qualifying for a position with a male centric name. Doing otherwise was just mean and petty of someone who should have known and acted far better.

      1. I’m pretty sure that I looked at her like she grew another head and I didn’t laugh at her quip, so I probably came out on top and maybe she even realized that she ought not simply *assume* other women are in lock step.

        1. In this era of gender fluidity her concern over the title would seem an act of oppression. If you want to identify as a man from 8 – 5 with an hour off for lunch who is she to deny you that choice?

          Talk about rude!

        1. My rank (until I made sergeant around the end of my first enlistment) was “Airman.” And none of the other female airmen had any beef with it that I remember.

            1. I’ve no confidence this clip can be found on xoutube, so to quote No Time For Sergeants:

              Will Stockdale: Hey, Ben. Maybe you’ll get to like the Air Force. Zoomin’ all over the sky – and shouting, “Roger” and “Wilco” and everything. Maybe it won’t be so bad.

              Benjamin B. Whitledge: Bad? You know what they call men in the Air Force?

              [Will shakes his head “no”]

              Benjamin B. Whitledge: Air man! Like somethin’ out of a dang funny book! Air man! How you gonna like it when somebody calls you “Air man”?

              Will Stockdale: By dog, I just don’t think I’ll stand for it.

        2. We have female firemen. And yeomen. And damage controlmen. And yes, seamen and airmen both. And apprentices for same.

    2. As I understand it, if the Service had wanted you to have a gender it would have issued you one.

  7. My guess is that we’re so far from alone that the end-game for the US is the same as Romania, in terms of the worm turning (hopefully not in terms of the stupid afterwards, but that is up to all of us.) One morning the “progressives” are riding high and by evening they’re cooling meat.

    It is going to make Romania look calm and ordered.

    The Covenington students proved that to me.

    The progtards are on the edge of violence and while cowards they are also herd animals (not pack animals or ape bands, they are herds) and once the herd starts committing violence they all will.

    When that comes there are going to be people with enough built up resentment who have already left anything (say a handful of bakers) to make me look like I’m being restrained) and not just the progtards, but a lot of people who didn’t speak up to not rock the boat standing next to progtards are going to be mowed down as well.

    It is hard to explain how the Covenington reaction has changed how I view not just antifa types, but bog standard progressives I considered friends and, in one case, a trusted confident as recently as the day before that happened.

    They are evil and they are dangerous and once they push so hard the string breaks it’ll be a blood bath. It is what they want.

    We, the enemy, bet a say too, but our say is going to be whose blood.

    1. I think that the reaction to the prog. reaction to Covenington is currently “They’re insane, pity them.” the line to fear is when that changes to “They’re rabid, put them down.”. Currently that is happening in scattered cases, mostly poor smucks that have had everything they had to live for taken or destroyed. If it goes mass, the gutters will fill. Look to Oregon’s new mandatory home visits for newborns to trigger it, probably in eastern Oregon.

      1. Covenington pushed me from “they’re insane” to “they’re rabid”.

        That said, I have a good job, a wife, my girl, and a D&D group…that is something to lose. Like you said, they’re going to take it all from someone and that will be that.

        1. What was done to the Covenington students has convinced me that there is a much higher number on the left than just the vocal activists who would be very happy sending all the thought criminals and the “oppressor groups” to re-education camps/gulags/concentration camps/death camps. A lot of this is there is entire generation of students that has been indoctrinated to accept this treatment of people who disagree with them as “furthering social justice.”. Even those who may not want to see people sent to the camps will not voice opposition to others doing so nor will they help those trying to fight getting sent to the camps.

            1. Not completely wrong – the press etc. did sorta behave like a coven of bad witches, trying to cast a curse…

              1. A little (very little, I admit) levity.

                “How far is it to Covington?”
                “About ten miles as the crow flies.”
                “How far as the crow rolls a leaky tire?”

            2. YOU’re crazy? I can see Covington Catholic High School from my house! Fingernails on a blackboard has nothing on it. (To be fair, as Glenn says, I did consider that there might have been some deliberate snark to the misspelling.)

            3. I had actually originally spelled it that way, saw the spelling in the prior posts, and switched it match that spelling rather than sticking to it. Shows how herding even affects us at times.

      2. So I went looking, and …. all the conspiracy theory sites quote some single source (obvious since they all use the same language) I didn’t bother to track down that claims it’s mandatory. And the one source I found that quotes the proposal’s backers says it’s just a budget line item to offer free nurse visits to newborns, a function which already exists numerous places.

        But I predict “offered” will mutate into “if you turn it down you must need a visit from CPS”. And given the madhouse that is Portland and its influence on the rest of the state, I can see it coming down hard on some green rural housewife for using cloth diapers instead of disposables, while leaving the baby with the crackhead who’s heard of diapers, but never changed one.

    2. If they actually physically go after kids, and of an age group that is obviously children (not a 16-year old near adult), it will get ugly in a heartbeat. You guys will stand for a hell of a lot, but I can’t think of a situation in the US where kids were attacked where the national mood didn’t go to “hang them high” in seconds.

      1. They do go after kids, in great numbers. It’s called abortion and laws like New York’s just passed law, allows for abortion of babies who if labor was induced or a Cesarean performed, would absolutely survive and be viable, living babies who could grow to adulthood. This can be done even if the mother’s life is in danger. Thus, abortion of these babies, is simply murder, and the left endorses and seeks expansion of this “right to murder” every day.

          1. I think what a lot of public schools do these days both in the failure to teach people to read, write and do math properly and effectively, along with the Marxist political indoctrination, is effectively child abuse.

    3. The progtards are on the edge of violence and while cowards they are also herd animals (not pack animals or ape bands, they are herds) and once the herd starts committing violence they all will.

      As a practical matter this means that anyone carrying needs to put higher priority on round count. Ideally the mob shatters the moment the victim draws, but a mob that is large or frenzied enough won’t notice in time.

      1. Pretty much.

        There would probably be one or two leaders who you can take out to stop them, but I suspect they will hang back and let others take the risk after “leading” the attack.

        1. Not a suspicion: long a MO for professional protest/activist leaders. If they’re in the front, they are not fomenting violence at that time. When they start ensuring others are at the front, that’s a good indicator.

      2. That’s the best reason I know of to not have, or obey laws for, limits on magazine sizes.

        1. I’m wondering when they’ll notice that 10+10=20, and start limiting how many magazines you can lawfully own or carry. (Assuming this hasn’t already been done; I know proposals have been floated to limit how many rounds you can buy or posess.)

        2. As commonly happens, any need for laws on magazine size are being addressed by the workings of the marketplace. Why, I gather the Vogue Fall Fashion issue is a shadow of its former self.

          I think the greater legal need is for better separation of editorial and sales.

    4. There are a lot of Quiet Men who are getting fed up with it all. And once you push us past our breaking point, it’s going to be messy. I pray, and will keep praying, that it will be a bloodless surrender. But I fear it won’t.

      1. That’s my feeling on the matter. The number of people who are running silent in Silicon Valley, for example, is probably very large. More than half, I expect.

          1. Ha, you should see how it is where I live. ~:D So politically non-correct, and so deliberately too.

    5. I suspect much the fauxtrage over Covington is that they did NOT get the desired Angry Physical Reaction from the kid that would let them Enforce Das Narratif yet again. “How DARE he make us look wrong!”

        1. In fairness, he seems intelligent, and his school probably drilled it into their heads that they WOULD be examined by the media for any in to attack the March for Life, and they’d spent the last hour being screamed at by obviously deranged folks. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that he really did think that Phillips was trying to help, just…well, crazy.

    6. I posted this to Facebook a few days ago:

      So you jumped the gun, judged some white Catholic MAGA-hat–wearing kid harshly based on a short video clip and your own racial & class prejudices. You’re human; this sort of thing happens. Apologize, if you’re a decent person; ignore the topic and what you’d said about it, if you’re scum.

      But “justifying” the harassment and threats the kid’s getting, because he wore a MAGA hat and attended an anti-abortion rally, is an “excuse worse than the crime”. That’s a statement that coexistence with your political opponents is coming to an end—that’s a declaration of civil war.

      And in the comments, sure enough, a reflexive leftist friend starts doing exactly that.

      1. That’s5 the whole “A MAGA hat is equivalent to a white hood” thing. Which ignores the fact that rhe hood was a mask to conceal identity–a tacit acceptance that theven behavior being engaged in wasn’the respectable, proper, or legal. Making the mere wearing of a campaign hat tantamount to that means that you are stating that a simple disagreement on policy or philosophy puts your opponent beyond the pale, and outside the protection of the law. That is NOT a recipe for maintaining civil peace.

        1. And note it is the Antifa thugs who go around KKK style wearing hoods and masks to avoid identification as they engage in their violent rampages, and who attack anyone filming them, even leftist so-called journalists. They have gone so far as to dox people who identify them and have explicitly called for violence against such people on social media; yet somehow social media companies like Twitter, which ban non-leftists for stating actual facts, have no problem with these express calls for violence.

        2. That is NOT a recipe for maintaining civil peace.

          Maintaining civil peace is our agenda, not theirs. In their vocabulary, like Islamists’, “peace” means submission.

          1. It occurs to me — there’s a difference in styles & purposes of warfare which actually favors us:
            THEY wage a war of submission – there’s no point in ‘a boot on the face forever’ if there’s no face, therefore they have to leave at least a major remnant to be the recipients of their rule.
            WE wage a war of existential defense – granted, the threshold is much higher (which they don’t really understand), but when crossed we will have no problem leaving no remnant of those of them who participated in the fight, at all.
            Pray God they aren’t quite foolish enough to make that happen.

    1. -ster was the feminine form. So, spinster, webster. . .

      I leave you to speculate about gangster.

      1. I have never understood “seeress”. See-er. Not necessary to have a gender.

        “Authoress” is another one that gets me.

        1. And author is not one where I mind their eliminating “authoress” because you know…. it’s not something where sex has anything to do with it. Not even if you write sex….

          1. That might be why I have no great issue with “aviator” for anyone – the machine doesn’t care. Now, I do like comedienne as it tells me something useful as humor can be teller-dependent. There is a difference between XX and XY chromosomal types using the same line. Consider, “‘Fun size’ candy bars? I’d thought fun would be bigger than that!”

  8. As far as “actor” goes, just point out to them that traditionally “tor” is the masculine form (unless you are a publisher) while “trix” is the feminine form. That’s why we use to use aviator and aviatrix, some how we ended up using tor for both masculine and feminine, while trix is for kids.

    1. tor, right now is meretricious form if you’re a publisher. Worst of all it’s the prostitution meaning, and it applies to bending over and grabbing ankles for the would-be totalitarians of the left.
      In my opinion, of course.

    2. In the early 1990s someone tried using -on as a genderless form of words, so you had “waitron” and “actron” and “aviatron.” It lasted about as long as you’d think it did.

        1. Or just call the whole complex Orgamastron:

          Motörhead – Orgasmatron from orgasmatron (1986) Lyrics

          I am the one, Orgasmatron, the outstretched grasping hand
          My image is of agony, my servants rape the land Obsequious and arrogant, clandestine and vain
          Two thousand years of misery, of torture in my name Hypocrisy made paramount, paranoia the law
          My name is called religion, sadistic, sacred whore.

          I twist the truth, I rule the world, my crown is called deceit
          I am the emperor of lies, you grovel at my feet
          I rob you and I slaughter you, your downfall is my gain And still you play the sycophant and revel in you pain
          And all my promises are lies, all my love is hate
          I am the politician, and I decide your fate

          I march before a martyred world, an army for the fight
          I speak of great heroic days, of victory and might
          I hold a banner drenched in blood, I urge you to be brave
          I lead you to your destiny, I lead you to your grave
          Your bones will build my palaces, your eyes will stud my crown
          For I am Mars, the god of war, and I will cut you down.

    3. Merriam-Webster say tor is “a high craggy hill.” That is probably not how Meryl Streep and Scarlett Johansson wish to be perceived but it certainly seems appropriate to Clint Eastwood.

    4. The “information warfare community” (as distinguished from the intelligence community) used to be known as the “information dominance community”.

      Yes, I was in fact a professional dominator of information.

  9. “Which is why we have leftists changing to liberals changing to progressives the same way a bad Chinese restaurant keeps changing its name.”
    “Progressive” always reminds me of cancer. And progressives ARE a cancer.

          1. Okay, we have a good name for them. Do we have a good, unambiguous, uncontestable (by reasonable people), definition for them? People who support the concepts of the Communist, Democrat, Globalist, Leftist, Liberal, Maoist, Marxist, Progressive, Socialist, Totalitarian demographics seems accurate, if a little alarmingly broad.

            1. “People who support the concepts of the Communist, Democrat, Globalist, Leftist, Liberal, Maoist, Marxist, Progressive, Socialist, Totalitarian demographics seems accurate, if a little alarmingly broad.”
              Well, they do value inclusivity.
              We wouldn’t want to leave any ideology behind.
              “And he asked him, What is thy name? And he answered, saying, My name is Legion: for we are many.” – Mark 5:9

            2. Do we have a good, unambiguous, uncontestable (by reasonable people), definition for them?

              If they were reasonable people there would be no need for this.

              Once they start murmuring, “The state is my father, the state is my mother” there’s no point employing reason on them. It point and duck noise time.

      1. I always like to do this progression (if you will). They are assuredly NOT progressives, as their program of public policy prescriptions do NOT amount to true progress. No, rather they worship at the altar of their mis-cast notion of progressivism — with no actual progressive content. They are therefor, those who promulgate progressivism as a cult and are therefore progressivists.

    1. Actually in fairness, the change to liberal was by people who were smart enough to see the connection between progressivism and fascism and to try and reform.

  10. “…growing up, gay guys were used as comedy pieces, which always annoyed me. But what do I know, I used drunkards as comedy pieces in my early writing.”
    What about a comic relief character that is drunk, gay, and cliche Irish to boot?

      1. He’s a friendly little leprechaun, dressed in red, with the obligatory chin strap beard, strong Irish brogue, carries an ever full stein of beer, and has a penchant for horrible and riske’ puns.

  11. Sarah, it’s always been about Orwellian thought control, to change what we even can think by controlling the languages in which we _do_ think.

    And it should be a capital offense, this linguistic matricide, one for which is mere hanging is just not enough.

    1. Your last paragraph means we’re siblings under the skin! It makes my flesh crawl what they do to words. And people say “it’s just words.” But words is what we as civilized humans are made of.

      1. Words define right and wrong, good and evil. Get rid of words’ meanings and you’re in a time machine, heading to Corcyra, about 425 BC.

    2. I can see it now:
      “My pronouns are xhe and xhir!”

      Bang, bang!

      “Anyone else have made-up pronouns they insist I use?”

      1. If we are going that route, I demand to be called His Most Royal Majesty, Emperor of the Galaxy, Long May I reign, and be accorded the power and respect that comes with being Emperor of an entire Galaxy.

        1. The Inglorious Basterds of language and grammer, fighting the evil totalitarians. I like it. 🙂

    3. The attempt to control humans by controlling language will end about as well as any other attempt to control humans- in futility.
      Humans are pretty dang good at inventing new words (or stealing someone else’s) when it comes time to insult, denigrate, or just say that things aren’t going so well.

      1. Yes, Joe, it IS doomed to failure. The damage done to the language, integrity, civilization, however, in the interim, justifies a lingering and unenviable death.

        1. For cultural reasons, I must enjoin crucifixion.
          HOWEVER having studied and written in Tudor England a lot, and taking in account that America is an anglosphere country, I could also settle for hanged, cut down while still living and their entrails burned before their eyes.
          Cruel is the point of punishment. It wouldn’t be unusual if we did it more.

          1. Too wasteful. Just roll them into an operating room and salvage the heart, lungs, kidneys, liver, and anything else we want. Without painkillers.

            1. You have to use pain killers, otherwise the Surgeon has a terrible time extracting the organs in usable condition. Also you would need to keep them alive until the spare parts were needed. All you are doing is recycling, the Progressives should have no problem with that.

            1. Good heavens, do you want to put food in that kind of smoke?

              Besides, don’t you like dragonfire? Fluffy’s always up for s’mores.

          2. Needn’t actually use a cross to crucify someone. And one shouldn’t undermine the dignity of the state and the law by making them, via their agent, the executioner, have to do any work beyond setting thigs up.

      2. Funny how I still haven’t heard anyone complaining about the use of the word, “denigrate” as being racist. On the other hand, most of those people complaining about trigger word use never read Reader’s Digest Ways to Enrich Your Word Power as kids; and haven’t the foggiest idea about the roots of the word.

        1. HIS Majesty is still a gendered construction. Which is fine with me, I’m just sayin’.

          1. Agreed, but apparently U of M didn’t specify that the custom personal pronouns must be non-gendered.

    4. From a discussion this morning on Farcebook, when some SJW decided that my resitance to Newspeak meant I was ignorant of the fact that language evolves, and another chimed in to add, “Those who oppose allowing for such shifts in language value the maintenance of a static linguistic convention over the dignity of human beings, and therefore deserve no consideration.”

      My response:

      “There are those who balk at shifts in language—prescriptivists; there are those who embrace those changes—descriptivists.

      “But it’s the Ministry of Love and their sort who declare, ‘The language shall change, and in the direction we prescribe.’ Demanding that people use newly-invented grammar and change their language, and saying those who are uncomfortable doing so ‘deserve no consideration’, is an attempt at totalitarianism. Those engaging in such attempted thought control deserve the same as other tyrants do.”

      (Now that I’m writing this—does anyone recall whether it was Ministry of Truth or the Ministry of Love whose job it was to maintain the Newspeak dictionary?)

      1. MiniTrue was the one that dealt with language. MiniLuv did things to you that you wished would be done to someone else.

        1. MiniLuv is the enforcement arm of the government that requires you to have sex with anyone and everyone who requests it. BLEAH.

  12. I’ve found -critter works well. “Congresscritter,” “policecritter,” “chaircritter.” Especially congresscritter. Most especially congresscritter.

    Senetrix (h/t Lawdog) and Solon also work, if only to break the thought flow.

    1. I don’t know, if we got a Senetrix or three the rest of them would probably line up for their services and nothing would get done in DC.

      So, we need to find several Senetrixes to run; it’s a moral imperative. I know a couple I could talk to about running in GA, one is even a lawyer.

    1. Sargon made a video about that and I wanted to laugh.

      If only it was isolated and laughed out of polite company instead of being a cause celeb.

      The person protesting even said we should sacrifice one picture for the greater good.

      Even in Hell, Stalin, Mao, and Pol Pot are smiling.

      1. I’m mightily tempted to foul where I drink, because it is an institution vulnerable to being sucked into doubling down on this nonsense in a way that would more broadly illustrate why it is dangerous to tolerate such.

        No, I haven’t made a great success of my life, why do you ask?

      2. “Rashaad Thomas, opinion contributor” sure sounds like a narcissistic scut. Frankly, I’m offended he claims USAF veteran status. Probably means he served for one term, and wasn’t recommended for promotion because the chip on his shoulders wouldn’t allow him to fit through aircraft doors.

    2. The _New York Times_ [or Slimes] had a dreadfully earnest article about how “problematic” the blackface in _Mary Poppins_ was. You recall, the scene where she powders her face blacker so she fits in with the other chimney sweeps and the children? Yes, that “blackface.”


      1. I saw that article in the Slimes, and remarked that this type of thing is why political satire is dead. The Slimes looks more like The Onion than The Onion does.

      2. The really funny thing is the satire twitter account Titania McGrath had already made that point.

    3. Does ox get to claim genius-hood (not of the Wile E. Coyote kind, either) for simply not falling for that nonsense?

      No? That OK. Ox used to it.

      Alright. But… sheesh.

  13. The current apologetics about Political Correctness, which really makes my teeth itch, is that it’s only about “being nice”.

    Let’s assume that lie, or wanton display of bloated ignorance is true for a hot second. Mandating that people “be nice” through the threats of destroying their livelihood through vaguely defined and arbitrarily defined standards puts new meaning to the phrase “killing them with kindness”.

    1. “…the threats of destroying their livelihood through vaguely defined and arbitrarily defined standards…”

      Reading that remark, it suddenly occurred to me that the same doxxing and ShirtStorm tactics that costs people jobs and careers can also work the other direction. There’s no reason that Lefty shitheads can’t be unmasked too.

      We will know that Revolution has truly arrived when Lefties start getting fired for participating in ShirtStorms.

      1. I’ve already it suggested that data be collected on so-called journalists and various ‘activists’ as at least a hedge, “If you dood it, you get an exposin’!”

        And if this should be left on some insecure bedroom server for any script kiddie to grab a copy of…

  14. I’m not endorsing any kind of killing

    I think we’re in agreement here. Killing’s too good for them; I want them to know they’ve lost, to suffer under the burden of that knowledge and wallow in their futile efforts to change those facts.

    I know what is best in life, and killing our enemies lets the off too lightly for the sins they’ve perpetrated.

    1. On the other hand, reducing “Liberalis Stupidus” to a stuffed exhibit in the Smithsonian makes things much easier for our descendants.

      1. “But they look like everyone else!”
        “Recall that ‘Banality of Evil’ thing? This shows there is also a ‘Banality of Stupidity’ and we must be eternally vigilant.”

      2. I’ve been to the Smithsonian — there’s nowhere enough room to hold ALL the “Liberalis Stupidus”

  15. > all of a sudden they had to accuse us of coming up with it [“SJW”]

    I could have sworn Scalzi claimed to have originated “Social Justice Warrior…”

    1. Earliest usage on the internet I’ve found is a UN document. I have it bookmarked on a computer, will try to remember to put the link in when I get home.

  16. Etsy continues to pander to the resellers and small manufacturers (as opposed to the individual artists and artisans it was supposedly intended for). It’s better in some areas than others, but you need to pay attention to what they’re claiming.

    1. I tried Etsy but it took longer to put individual items up to sell than it did to make them. I suppose that would get streamlined over time but it was an awful slog. I figured that I’d need to make many multiples of identical items in order to make it work.

      1. From what I can tell with Etsy is you put samples of what is available with a description. Everything I’ve ever ordered only had one in stock. With more available as orders came in. Whether they supply one item or multiple. Check out a lot of the Service Dog items.

  17. But their new words acquire the same old freight as the old ones.

    I recall when (perhaps the very end of that when) “mentally retarded” was the “kinder, gentler” term for a condition. And while the alleged adults kept up the pretense for years, gradeschool kids figured it out nearly instantly and the new term became the new insult. “You shouldn’t use the ‘R-word’!” Gee, welcome to, oh, 1974 perhaps? And I likely noticed late, at that.

    1. You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool kids for any length of time.

  18. “I’ve been struggling with this for a year, since I found out via back channels that my trad career was done.”

    Can you expand upon this for a relative noob to your site?

      1. Righto, my apologies – I thought this might have been covered in an earlier post that I hadn’t yet found due to my relative newness to the site.

      1. Listen carefully, I shall say this only once: I fear the proper analogy is France under the Nazis, with multiple Resistance groups backstabbing one another.

    1. I had to read up on the Romanian Revolution (1989 is ancient history!), and some of the signs of coming disaster are relevant today. In context with the American Partisan post, they indicate a general “watershed” environment, but show no way to identify the actual tipping point until after it happens.

      “Social and economic malaise had been present in socialist Romania for quite some time, …Shortly after a botched public speech by Ceaușescu in Bucharest (Romania’s capital city) that was broadcast to millions of Romanians on state television, rank-and-file members of the military switched, almost unanimously, from supporting the dictator to backing the protesting population.[8]”

      Once this summary was unpacked in the subsequent Wikipedia text, the public flipping of the “treasonous terrorists” to “revolutionary freedom-fighters” was the failure of the Ceaușescu regime to maintain the allegiance of the armed forces (emphasis here on “armed”).

      Matt Bracken convincingly identifes the bright line in the USA as being the attacks on the First and Second Amendments (overt and covert operations which are being executed in tandem).
      The Covington Crisis wasn’t yet the tipping point, but it is setting up the conditions that will start the final slide of the slag heap.

  19. On the bright side, there is a Mongolian language, Mongolian historical fantasy flick on Amazon Prime called Genghis: Legend of the Ten. (Original title is Aravt.)

  20. Well, Sarah, you might want to hurry:
    “You may have noticed that you can’t find any Castalia House ebooks on Amazon right now. That’s because Amazon shut down our KDP account on the basis of a wildly spurious claim of publishing material to which we do not have the necessary rights. We happen to have some VERY bad news for them on that subject….”


    You may not like Vox Day, or what he writes, but something drastic needs to be done.

    1. I’m not going to get into a war. I’m just going to say the narrator is unreliable.
      And it’s not that I don’t LIKE him. He’s attacked me several times with no provocation and put words in my mouth I never said.
      Once someone is a liar, I don’t TRUST THEM.

    2. And we all know Vox never stretches the truth–or lies–if it will benefit him.

      Look, go back and read the full email from Amazon he received. Oh wait, you can’t because he only excerpted it. Hmmm, wonder why.

      So let’s look at what we do see. First, Amazon notes that the material might be confusing or misleading to readers. That isn’t the first time Vox has been told this. It is a problem Amazon brought to his attention back in 2017–and on the same title.

      Then we see in the second excerpt that there are “repeated violations”. Hmm, another something we don’t know everything about.

      Here’s the thing, Steve, he signed a contract with Amazon KDP when he started publishing books on the KDP platform. There is a Terms of Service section he agreed to abide by. If he feels they wronged him and his authors, he should be trying to deal with Amazon instead of taking to social media. He should have his attorneys involved. But no, this is Vox and he just loves stirring the pot.

      Am I saying Amazon is right? No, I’m not. I am saying I don’t trust Vox to give us the whole story. Remember, this is the same Vox who has been in trouble with Amazon before.Vox likes to make it seem like Castilia is an influential publisher. So why is it still publishing through the KDP program? Why hasn’t Vox negotiated a publishing contract with Amazon?

      And before you accuse me of simply bashing Vox, I ask similar questions every time someone comes out with an “Amazon evil, they took down my books” story. Most of the time, if you go back and check, you will discover either that Amazon made a mistake and admitted it or, more often, the author in question fucked up and violated the ToS.

    3. Vox picked a fight with Tor, releasing a parody book close enough to trigger a freak-out– pictures here.

      Vox then changed it to a different author and cover and title.

      At some point he changes it again, with an extremely similar title, back to the made-up author that’s similar to Tor’s author, and a cover that looks like the Tor book but in purple, again, from the cached searches. Basically, picked a fight with Amazon.

      He then wants us to flip out at Amazon?

      1. And it’s not “picked a fight” it’s “violated Terms of Service.”
        ALSO why are his paper books, which I’d guess he has a basementfull of still being sold, as well as audio books where he might have some investment and only ebooks are gone?
        If we were dealing with a straight shooter, someone who has never lied in public, I’d go “um… let’s wait and see.”
        BUT we’re dealing with someone who accused me of going to Twitter and threatening to punch him when I was on a frigging plane (and I never get internet on planes. Not rich) and when I NEVER tweet except for blog shares and once or twice in ten years sharing someone else’s tweet because I logged in to read something and decided to share.
        AND THEN after years of my ignoring him, puts up a post telling his followers I want an open border. Why? I don’t know.
        This is not stretch the truth. It’s making up shit out of whole cloth to cause drama, get followers, make himself interesting and who knows? So….
        Yeah — yawns — I’m going to need something that says something actually happened, not just he yanked his ebooks to be cute.

        1. telling his followers I want an open border.

          Well, an open border isn’t an entirely bad idea. Say, about thirty feet wide and fifty feet deep? Moat at bottom filled with sharks with lasers?

          1. Y’know, the formulation of the 2nd A also applies to various basics the Founders apparently thought were too obvious to mention:
            “A well-regulated BORDER, being essential to the security of a free State…”

        2. And it’s not “picked a fight” it’s “violated Terms of Service.”

          I actually chose that phrasing to TRY to go on the positive side– because he accepted the terms, he adjusted to go with the terms, he then changed to violate the terms, and the he complained- but I didn’t want to bake in that he was, indeed, as it seemed obvious to me, deliberately violated the TOS.

          Not cus I could defend it, but cus it’s the extreme of what I can’t defend.

  21. There was a family-run business in Florida – custom gunsmiths who did their business over eBay. They were strictly legal – all finished work was shipped to an FFL for pickup by the customer; all buyers were subject background checks.

    Then one day eBay decided they were Bad. eBay holds payments to sellers for several weeks after the sale. This allows eBay to issue refunds to aggrieved purchasers, and collect interest on the float. With no warning or notice, eBay took all the payments received for that gunsmith that they were holding and refunded them to the purchasers. The gunsmith lost two months revenue, and had no recourse. They were forced out of business.

    So eBay is yet another stronghold of the SJWs.

  22. Regarding going Indy, I think it would be interesting to have the opportunity to do more purchases of stories directly from an author. There’s certainly value in getting your work exposed to the largest audience by publishing your work through a third party, even if you’re doing it yourself via something like Amazon. But once I decide I like the work of a particular author, why does any other entity have to be involved in the process if I’m purchasing an electronic product?

    Full Disclosure: I haven’t spent much time looking for direct-purchase opportunities from authors whose work I enjoy, so please educate me if I’m missing something obvious.

    1. You’re not missing anything obvious so much, as it’s almost impossible to get a decent client and keep track of it. And deal with “I downloaded the wrong book, can you send me the right one” type maintenance.
      And right now at my level, I get more via Kindle Lending Library, which doesn’t ALLOW me to have my own store.

    2. The authors don’t want to spend the time maintaining and wrangling with the direct purchase system. Amazon effectively provides the service to do it for us.

  23. “or Ireland was still in my time”

    “Was”? There was a bombing last week. And it’s funny how nobody seems to get upset at these walls.

    The peace lines range in length from a few hundred yards to over three miles. They may be made of iron, brick, and/or steel and are up to 25 feet high. Some have gates in them (sometimes staffed by police) that allow passage during daylight but are closed at night.

    Originally few in number, they have multiplied over the years, from 18 in the early 1990s to at least 59 as of late 2017; in total they stretch over 21 miles, with most located in Belfast. They have been increased in both height and number since the Good Friday Agreement of 1998.

    (My emphasis.)

      1. Ireland is peaceful now… for certain values of peaceful.

        By the standards of the last century plus of their history, for example.

  24. “For writers and artists, it’s easy. If you have questions ask me.” I’m a writer. Two of my things are and, but I’m also writing a book for 12-14-year-olds. It has some Christian content, as do both of my sites, so I ask: How is it easy?

    1. Well, the WRITING won’t be easy. The marketing right now is. You upload it to the online retailers, and I’m assured 9 books later will be making money.

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