The Super Stupendous Holiday Extravaganza Goes On!

Yes, yes, more post with wordy things sometime today, but time and floor wait for no woman (I’ve varnished the breakfast nook table because over the last few years we’ve somehow stripped the polyurethane off it.  To be fair, it’s probably my mad cleaning, rather than how much use we make of it, but…) and we need to lay down floor now, so we can do the library tomorrow.


The world’s worst promoter realized at like 3 am that I’d forgotten to advertise the 99c Sword and Blood at Insty.  (Did I advertise it here?)  Anyway, of course by that time it had rolled off.  Argh. So in the spirit of NOT doing that again (And if you’re a fan you should search on my name everyday and set it by price on Amazon and figure out what’s free or dirt cheap.  This goes on till the 30th.)

FREE TILL MIDNIGHT (and yes, I know there’s a typo in the description on Amazon and the cover sucks.  It will get fixed, but not while dealing with floors, and not till my render/art computer is fixed and up again.)

Death of a Musketeer


When D’Artagnan, Athos, Porthos and Aramis discover the corpse of a beautiful woman who looks like the Queen of France, they vow to see that justice is done. They do not know that their investigation will widen from murder to intrigue to conspiracy, bring them the renewed enmity of Cardinal Richelieu and shake their faith in humanity. Through duels and doubts, they pursue the truth, even when their search brings them to the sphere of King Louis XIII himself and makes them confront secrets best forgotten.


(yes, covers suck. I’ve had problems covering this series.)

The Musketeer’s Seamstress (The Musketeers Mysteries Book 2)


Aramis emerges from the water closet to find his lover, a duchess, murdered on her bed. The room is locked, and Aramis is the only one who could have entered it. He’s sure he didn’t do it, but no one else believes him. Even Monsieur de Treville, Captain of Musketeers, doubts Aramis’s word. Aramis must leave Paris and go on the run, entrusting the solving of the murder, and the defense of his honor, his freedom and his very life to Athos, Porthos and D’Artagnan. Can “one for all” carry the day when every powerful person in France believes Aramis a murderer and when powerful interests would gladly frame Aramis for it?

The Musketeer’s Apprentice (Musketeers Mysteries Book 3)


It’s August in Paris 1625 and Porthos, once a dancing and fencing master, has taken as apprentice a young nobleman, whom he’s teaching to fence and ride. When the young man dies, poisoned, the stories of his ancestry and domicile unravel into layer after layer of deception and blackmail, involving Porthos’s relatives and his own past.
Can Porthos, Athos, Aramis and D’Artagnan dodge the Cardinal’s guards while finding the real murderer? Who was Guillaume Jaucourt, and who could have killed him? And why?
It’s one for all and all for one with the swashbuckling sleuths, in a race against time and their own misgivings.

The Musketeer’s Inheritance (The Musketeer’s Mysteries Book 4)


A letter from Gascony calls D’Artagnan home. His father died suddenly and D’Artagnan must come and take charge of the estate. His friends, of course, accompany him. But what Athos, Porthos, Aramis and D’Artagnan don’t know is that the older D’Artagnan was murdered and that they must find the killer, if they want to keep the younger D’Artagnan alive.

It was a Colorado Book finalist.

The Musketeer’s Servant (Musketeers Mysteries Book 5)


When Porthos’ Servant, Mousqueton, is found near a dead armorer or swordsmith and taken up for murder, the four friends, Athos, Porthos, D’Artagnan and Aramis set out to investigate. Their work on this private crime leads them to unfold a bigger plot, against the Cardinal or perhaps the king himself. Will the musketeers have to work on the side of Richelieu to keep Louis XIII safe?

73 thoughts on “The Super Stupendous Holiday Extravaganza Goes On!

  1. Grumble Grumble

    I have those books!

    I need books of yours that you haven’t published yet. 😈

      1. Not only do I not have anything to promote, I’m so shy that it feels like a horrible risk to type a comment on a blog. So I’m the worst promoter to the aleph sub aleph null (ask a set theory friend if you want to know what that means, short version is that it’s a really big infinity).

        1. Oh yea? oh yea? Well I’m so introverted I used to go to movies by myself, but then one day the girl at the ticket made fun*… So now I don’t go. I’m such a bad self-promoter, I can’t even pay someone to go to the movies with me.

          *sadly, it’s a true story. The only thing that kept me from leaving was that I had already paid for the ticket.

          1. Ouch. Didn’t have that, but when the local theater stilled showed animated movies late on Sunday night and I didn’t work nights, that’s when I’d go. I almost always had a private showing, which was great.

          2. I’m so bad a promoter that I make people wish I had books to sell just so they could spurn me. I’m so introverted I can’t even talk to myself. When I go to the movies the projectionists go across the street to a tavern..

            1. I don’t recall seeing a tavern across from a movie theater (not even in the town I grew up in & around in WI, where a “pub crawl” hitting place in town would likely be fatal. I considered a single block a few years ago and decided it was a Bad Idea – and that’s after a good bars have ceased to be.) but it does sound a good idea for such a business. The moviegoers can either celebrate a wonderful cinematic experience, or rather more likely, try to drown the sorrow of having sat through a cinemess.

              1. Best idea are probably those cinemas which sell both actual food and alcohol you can consume while watching (except in my country there seems to be only one, and it’s in Helsinki where I don’t live so I have never tried that).

                Well, except on those rare occasions when the movie actually is so good you’d really like to concentrate on it.

                1. We have a couple “Cinema/Restaurant” type places in the Orlando FL area. The one I’ve gone to had cheaper tickets than the regular movie theaters. However, we quickly found out that the price of the food was way more than it should have been for what amounted to frozen stuff dumped in a fryer, or frozen boxed pizza heated up in an oven (at least it wasn’t just nuked). It was extra sad, because from the hype I had expected a full-service restaurant with good food.

                  Funny enough, I’ve had people tell me about that place and positively RAVE about how good the food is. Except, every time those people have recommended other food places, they have always been terrible. So maybe it’s a taste thing.

          3. Sorry to read that. Not the going to the movies alone part (you can read during the credits in peace) but that some wankstress put you off it.

            I suppose the bright lining on the cloud of Hollywood ignorance, stupidity, and egregious vice is that you needn’t feel you’re missing going to the movies because of the shyness.

        1. Of course Our Esteemed Hostess loves us. She demonstrates this by serving up excellent stories for us to read, as well as posting to and maintaining this blog site for us to play in.

  2. Yes, yes, more post with wordy things sometime today

    Why? Focus on flooring and library things, take the week off if need be. I guarantee we won’t get up to any mischief while the cat’s away. Put it to a Hun-vote if you’ve an iota of doubt.

    Besides, to mis-quote a classic* SF film of the Eighties: “Words? Where we’re going, we don’t need words.”

    (yes, covers suck. I’ve had problems covering this series.)

    Don’t judge a book by its cover. Judge the art director and marketing director by the book’s cover. Judge the book by the fact that neither of those worthies had sufficient commitment to the book to ensure it got a wrthy cover, as if their taste and yours might agree.

    *Is the Eighties the best decade for SF films? What decade offered the best SF on television. Discuss.

    If you like, spend the week through New Year’s putting such questions to the Huns Assembled. You could even let Huns generate the topics for debatement.

      1. Oh! I forgot to add my vote in favor of a day or week off! It’s OKAY and we will BEHAVE like choir girls and boys. No shenanigans at all.

          1. I have never committed a shenanigan! It wasn’t me, I wasn’t there and you got no evidence! Not only have I never shenaniganed, I’ve never even shenanned!

            1. ::Takes A Look At The Secret Pictures Taken Of RES::

              If I thought anybody really believed RES, I could use those pictures as Blackmail Materiel.

              On the other hand, there are some very interesting pictures of RES that I’d could use if I wanted any thing from RES.

              On the gripping hand, nobody would want to see these pictures. 😈

              1. Bwah-Ha-Hah! He thinks RES believe cameras take pictures of RES! LOL and Roll on the Floor, RES not visible to cameras – camera lenses all crack at sight of RES!

                  1. There is a picture of RES being very nice. RES might be embarrassed by that. 👿

                    1. Pictures are but moment in time, lacking in context. For example, a picture of RES tendering puppy a treat might not reveal the large mallet held behind RES’s back.

                      Besides, RES make practice of being nice at least once a year, for tax purposes.

                  1. RES know pictures not by artist because, like Pickman’s model, prolonged staring at RES induces madness.

    1. “Don’t judge a book by its cover. Judge the art director and marketing director by the book’s cover. Judge the book by the fact that neither of those worthies had sufficient commitment to the book to ensure it got a wrthy cover, as if their taste and yours might agree.”

      Yeah but… I think that’s Sarah. 🙂

      Though I *think* these were some of the first-ish ones that she did.

      1. Yes. It was me and these were before I could render. Of course I can’t render again, because the computer is having a bellyache. But younger son and husband promised most faithfully to fix it tomorrow, so there’s hope.

        1. Good luck on the repairs. I made a “Bargain Gamer +1” and wow, pages load, videos play, etc. After 10 years or so dealing with laptops and cheap eMachines, etc, I forgot how nice it is off the proprietary hardware reservation.
          I think I might make another one, even more budget minded, for TV use. It’s getting so I now watch one flippin’ channel anymore, and I can pay $100 a year for that, instead of $100+ a month. Everything else I used to watch seems to only play the shows I greatly dislike from their line-ups.

    1. I bought the Musketeers Mysteries when they first became available in ebook form … for my Nook. Now that B&N is on its undignified way out, I just rebought ’em for my Kindle. I wish I could do the same with Kate Paulk’s Vampire Con series.

      1. It will be up early next year. Sorry. That’s my falling down on my face. We’re trying to figure out how to bring them into zee tiny inkstain publishing press without Dan being chained to accounting four times a year.

      2. Confession time. I remove the DRM & save them off. Too many disappearing ebook sites. Plus I have an app that will read the epub versions. I won’t have to repurchase.

        Use Calibre to track what I’ve purchased from what site.

  3. We just had the dining room done in laminate due to damage inflicted on the carpet (and padding and even the sub-flooring) by felines. My proposal that the cost of said restoration be borne by the ones who were responsible for said felines not having access to clean litter boxes seems have been overruled.

    1. We replaced all the carpeted floors with wood floors in the house we are in at present. The reason for the wood floors was The Spouse’s chronic sinusitis.

      We would have had to replace the carpet anyway. The prior owner and her two large house cats had been living in Charleston, SC in September of 1989. On the 22nd of the month Hugo punched through there as a Cat 4. They all survived, but the cats had never reacted well to rain storms of any kind after that.

    1. the ebook is not on sale anymore. The paper… if you don’t mind the copy from prime books (it has some weird copyedits, but otherwise it’s okay) send me your snailmail via my hotmail account. It won’t go till next week, because being a flooring contractor right now (and the lines aren’t wroth it) but I’ll be HAPPY to send it to you. I have a couple of other things I’ve been meaning to send you and Steve.

  4. O/T: If you need to vacuum the top of a bookcase, I highly recommend having someone else lift the upright vac while you balance on the library stairs and use the hose attachment. Doing it all by yourself is work. Avoid work, especially on otherwise lovely Friday afternoons. (Yes, I did wear ear protection this time.)

    1. I use the smallest shopvac that we own and an extension wand. That plus a 6′ extension ladder makes doing the big shelves above the kitchen cabinets and doors and such a survivable experience. The border collie has a cat-like ability to get her fur everywhere that’s not hermetically sealed, and I’m not sure of that.

      The bookshelves are short enough that I can get them well enough without ladder. OTOH, both the bookshelves and I are 6 footers.

      Small shopvacs are affordable (mostly) and quite available, at least in the farm & ranch store I visited. Home Desperate may or may not have the same selection. I *think* there’s a cordless DeWalt in that size, but I wasn’t paying much attention to it.

      1. When I was young we had a border collie mix (smart and laid-back) whose fur was so clingy we had to comb it out of the carpet. He would sit next to you and watch.

      2. We have a small canister vac that, like our hostesses books, does not suck. I may make it disappear, in part because the bags are no longer made. Thus my hoisting the upright.

  5. Wait. Wait… These ARE NOT vampires. Which means not only do I not own them, they’ll be full of lovely, lovely Dumas-ian goodness without giving me nightmares (Yes. I’m a wuss.)


  6. I believe the anti-mote people are those who are running around with duster thingees making surfaces all dust-free and sparkly and stuff. Looking at my bookshelves, and then around at all the flat surfaces in sight, I think I can definitively say that I’m empirically pro-mote.

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