The Super Stupendous Holiday Sale Marches on and OW!

Hi guys.  I might not post new material till tomorrow, mostly because OW, laying down floor makes everything hurt which makes it hard to sleep… which… but I’m holding on thinking how much easier the house will be to clean afterwards and also I’ll be able to reach all my books!

Meanwhile today Two collections of short stories are on sale:
Crawling Between Heaven and Earth, inexplicably only till midnight (inexplicably because I thought I’d done 48 hours.  I must be weirder than normal.)

Remember ebooks make great holiday gifts if they appear on a person’s kindle on Christmas morning and you put a little card in a stocking. Or something.

Crawling between Heaven and Earth: 99c till midnight


This is the collection of my first-professionally-published short stories now, OUCH about 20 years old.

A collection of short stories by Prometheus Award Winner Sarah A. Hoyt. The first edition of this collection was published by Dark Regions Press in paper, only. This updated edition contains two bonus short stories: High Stakes and Sweet Alice.
It also contains the stories: Elvis Died for Your Sins; Like Dreams Of Waking; Ariadne’s Skein;Thirst;Dear John;Trafalgar Square;The Green Bay Tree; Another George; Songs;Thy Vain Worlds;Crawling Between Heaven and Earth

Trade Winds: 99c till midnight on Christmas Day


The most recent collection of short stories, though the title story is about 20 years old.

A collection of science fiction short stories by Sarah A. Hoyt.
Are there truly aliens among us? What do they really want? And what if our creations could come back in lethal form? Could we resist them? If there were a time police, would we know it? And really, why do people expect enlightenment from the stars? What if aliens needed us for their moral compass? You think our illegal immigration is bad? Wait till its coming from the stars? And what happens when the coin falls on edge? Can you reproduce it? Those not particularly moral aliens might set fiendish traps. And you can never go back again. Also, why would you want to? The future will invent completely new ways of making people miserable. Also how well would a generation ship get us to the stars without humans getting in their own way? If you read the world of Darkship Thieves, there’s a story ten years after the revolution in Olympus. It bridges the gap to the second wave of novels of the Earth Revolution which will be written, eventually. And what if the Carthaginians had sowed salt on the ruins of Rome? How long is memory?

And now I’m going to go back to laying down floor.  Any of you want to help? 😉

19 thoughts on “The Super Stupendous Holiday Sale Marches on and OW!

  1. I might not post new material till tomorrow,…

    To Our Esteemed Hostess, that statement in this context today with the material that follows is new material. You have posted. We are responding. (Hopefully on of the responses will be the purchase of books offered.)

  2. laying down floor makes everything hurt which makes it hard to sleep

    Recovery time seems to go to hell after you enter that fifth decade. Happily, individual books are easy to lift.

    Seriously, make rest of the year posting light. You got better things to do, and we’ll all be too busy with choir practice t get into any mischief.

    I’m going to go back to laying down floor. Any of you want to help?

    Alas, wanting to help and being of any help are separate things. Now, if you need an observer to sit and make sardonic remarks, I might, might be able to get there before you’ve finished.

  3. “I’m going to go back to laying down floor. Any of you want to help?”

    While I would love to I suspect any attempt by me would result in picking up more work for others.  Starting with picking me up from the airport to picking me up from the floor.

  4. I’d volunteer but 1) the commute is a bit long and 2) I did glutes and quads to failure this morning (assisted by yesterday’s adventures with vacuum-cleaner). I can barely stand up out of a chair, let alone crawl around on the floor or fetch-n-carry flooring, adult beverages, or tools.

    Aaaaand now I’ve got a mental vision of Sarah and Dan, after combining adult beverages and flooring, inadvertently laying the parquet in a tesseract and opening a door to an alternate universe where Sarah Hoyt is THE top author and has so much money she has a vault full of paper currency and gold coins that she swims in.

    1. I wouldn’t mind that universe.
      Dan doesn’t drink. I still love him. The thing to remember about our marriage is that Kate Paulk made us a reformed succubus and a fugitive archangel.
      She wasn’t wrong.

  5. Sure I’ll help, if somebody gets me the plane tickets… Okay, with you in spirit. In practical terms maybe I’d better continue with the Great Christmas Cleaning and Rearranging of Furniture project here. Which, it is starting to look like, will continue as the Great New Year Rearranging of Furniture Project, cleaning I may be able to finish by Christmas eve. 🙂

    Or who am I kidding. Cats. There is bound to be piles of old cat hair behind some of the bookshelves, those which I am planning to get rid of because you can’t vacuum behind them (changing all to Ivar shelving from Ikea, which is a bit more storage shelving than actual bookshelves but you can, damn it, clean under and behind them… besides, they come in higher versions too, the highest side units go fairly close to my ceiling).

    Okay, add Cleaning to the New Year part too.

  6. I’ve installed laminate, but 1500 mile rated Waldos are a bit rare. I’m still dealing with the after-ouch of my construction pratfall, and Sara the Lab-Aussie is dealing with yet another round of seizures. This might be an interesting week, I fear.

    Angie the Border Collie’s job (mostly self-appointed) is to take care of everybody else. I was getting my eyes checked in Medford, so it was $SPOUSE’s opportunity to get the Something Not Right alert, gentle version–face lick at 0500. Got my self home by early afternoon, but not sure what more we can do. Arggh. Only good news; she’s had worse and recovered before.

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