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But to amuse you, here is a book promo and a complex request.  Love you. -SAH



How much trouble would you go to for an inheritance? How much would it matter what your estranged and disliked step brother and family thought of you? How much would you allow the dead hand of your distant father to influence you? Would it matter how much money was involved? And what if in the end, nothing you thought important at the start mattered? What if everything you believed wasn’t the way it seemed. Not only in your personal world but the wider reality you thought you knew. Could you deal with that?

AND ALMA BOYKIN HAS A THING ON SALE! A Carpathian Campaign: The Powers Book 1.


War rumors stalk Europe, but István Eszterházy has other concerns. Or so he thinks.

The Powers—ancient creatures living on the very energy of the land. Allied with the Houses, together the Powers and Houses have guided parts of Europe for a thousand years and more, humans, HalfDragons, and True-dragons working as one. But other forces shift, movements of peoples and of pride. István ignores them, intent on his military duties and his forthcoming wedding. War waits for no man, and the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand turns rumor into red war, setting Power against Power and House against House. And war is not what István imagined.

How can he survive this new world and protect his new family and his House? He must find a way, even as he begins a delicate dance with the Powers, that of his House and some far older and much more dangerous.

István’s world is changing. He will survive this new campaign, or die trying.

And a request:

I’ve been distracted and haven’t put anything up on sale for the holiday sale.  Any of you want to cast an eye towards what I have extant and tell me what I should put on sale tomorrow through Monday? And what else I should put on sale, when?
Yeah, I’m totally outsourcing.

33 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Day Promo

    1. There is always the “Put the oldest books in a series on sale to reduce the entry cost for interested potential readers while boosting the likelihood they will pay full price for more recent entries” strategy.

  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you and all of your family, both blood and voluntary.
    Use the sale decision to foreshadow your upcoming works and releases.
    Personally, I would like some more of the Shifter stories, or Magical Britain.
    I also see the possibility you raised of Magical Britain having the same problems that H Beam Piper wrote of in his Paratime Police stories, but in the ethics of unsanctioned individual plundering of other world lines versus a possible economic need for an officially licensed plundering such as the one Piper posited.
    Thanks for keeping this point of sanity open with your writing, and thanks to all the thoughtful commenters who amplify your efforts. Thanks also for booting the useless trolls.
    John in Indy

  2. Silly writer forgot the self promo:

    There’s Much to Be Thankful for Today
    By Sarah Hoyt
    Lately I’ve been guilty of worrying a lot about our country and where we’re headed; about stolen elections and the madness of those who call themselves Democratic socialists. I’ve worried about a country that can elect Occluded Cortex to the House of Representatives. I’ve worried about how we’re going to take back the culture. I’ve worried about the cold civil war that’s been going on for fifty years going hot.

    I know you worry just as much. Possibly about other things too, like, “Are we going to have baby killing, elder euthanizing single-payer healthcare crammed down our throats?” and “What will happen to the economy if the Democrats steal enough Senate seats to control the entire legislature?” and “What will happen to the world when the U.S. is going crazy?” and ultimately, “What is the future of humanity on Earth if we let go?”

    But we shouldn’t let present worries distract us. Yes, the situation is dire, but honestly, if you look at the past you’ll find they had worries just as big or worse. Why, the Constitution started being modified about 20 years after it was signed. So it’s amazing we still have as much liberty as we do. And even that has been worse at times in the past, in this country. If you don’t believe me, you haven’t read up on primary contemporary sources on people like Woodrow Wilson or FDR.

    And that’s not all. Take for instance the gentleman who obtruded his complaints on me – no seriously! – in a waiting area this week. First, he started by saying no one talked to each other in waiting areas anymore, and where had good neighborliness gone? Then he moved on to complain about all electronic devices and the people who were using them: the lady who was using her computer, probably for work; the gentleman reading on a tablet, and the other person – me – who was texting on her phone. He complained that when he goes to a nice restaurant he sees entire families texting on their devices instead of talking to each other. (A note here, that younger son and I often text each other at restaurants, particularly when liberals are being loud behind us and we don’t want to start a fight. Quipping everything they say makes us get through the meal with a modicum of enjoyment.)

    All of these complaints are valid, of course. Sure, we’ve all complained about people spending too much time on their electronic devices and not paying any attention to us, each other, the world in general.

    Beyond the fact that most of these complaints can be solved by not worrying about what other people do or how they behave and letting people be themselves, they’re complaints I’ve heard from my grandmother. Although, in her case, she didn’t complain about electronic devices but people reading magazines and newspapers and books at all times.

    I get it. No, I really do. It’s hard, as things change, not to see it all in a negative light. There were and are good things in any time, and sometimes those things get lost as life and technology change and other things improve.

    Also, when you remember the past it always seems better, doesn’t it? I remember deep blue summer nights and the smell of things growing. I tend to forget things like the lack of air conditioning and those weeks we had to sleep on the balcony one year because it was too hot everywhere else.

    But even if you think your past – or the past someone told you about – was the perfect time and it couldn’t possibly be improved, and that all recent developments and everything that happened in the last 10/20/30/40/50/60 years, even if you think we face the biggest challenges of every generation ever, you have a lot to be thankful for. …

        1. Ya calls that promoting a post? Now, THIS is promoting a post …

          Antifa vs Nazis: Sibling Rivalry
          By Sarah Hoyt
          In the last few years, we’ve had a bit of trouble with young people taking to the streets and expressing their displeasure hitting passersby in the face with bike locks to fight fascism. In fact, their name Antifa is supposedly from anti-fascism. They’re supposed to be out there, on the streets, fighting fascists 24-7.

          Now, the Left finds this so laudable that they not only praise the young people for their attempts to suppress fascists, but also in cities controlled by the Left, the police are instructed to ignore attacks and property destruction by Antifa, and grown up, paunchy middle-aged leftists talk big talk about “punching a Nazi.”

          Of course, the only puzzling thing about this is that there don’t seem to be any Nazis anymore. There are Neo-Nazis, but once you remove the government provocateurs and informers from that movement, there are maybe a few hundred, and frankly they’re so pathetic they’re at best Live Action Reich Players. Which seems like a menace too small to bring thousands of young people to the street, looking for one of them to punch.

          Or to put it another way, in a nation of three hundred million, you’d have to ration the right to punch a neo-Nazi in the face and also to limit it to, say, ten punches a day, else the Nazi face would become Nazi pulp long before all those who oppose Nazism can even think of punching one.

          Since there is a substantial proportion of the population convinced that punching Nazis is not only worthwhile but vitally urgent, one can’t avoid the suspicion that either they are misidentifying Nazis or that the entire Antifa movement is — despite its name — about something completely different from opposing fascism.

          The question is what it actually is about. …

          — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

          Gotta give the marks a taste to set the hook whet the appetite.

  3. We were given a turkey. Yes, a 14-lb bird. Plus assorted veggies and other fixings. For three brothers. This is either a BIG family dinner, (There used to be 10 of us in the family…so it would have worked back when) or about a 2 weeks worth supply of food. We elected to cook the thing and eat leftovers for a couple of weeks. Are we sufficiently grateful for a little too much of a good thing? Ask again in a couple of weeks.

  4. Well, I saw turkeys today, several were still on foot grazing in someone’s yard, but the rest were in the freezer at Jack’s. I got an Al Capone Roast in the oven, a six pack of Tank 7, and a fresh bottle of Jameson.
    Y’all have a great day.

      1. This year there was a pair of hens with a few young that would walk through my yard and spent most of their time in the woodlot across the street, on the river.
        Plenty of wild life here in town. Not as many deer as in the past, but the house across the street is now occupied, and he has much of a flock of Canada geese polluting the riverbank (plus they’re damned noisy), and there are several Bald Eagles that fly over. Supposedly a wolf or two have been spotted in town Marinette, but folks hear too many coyotes in town for that to be likely permanent, though the coyotes moved in because there are wolves south of Peshtigo. Haven’t seen any raccoons near me but in other parts of town as roadkill, and I have seen a very large skunk a few times, and a porcupine makes an occasional pass though the ‘hood.

      1. It used to be in NC that if your rental agreement for a house or apartment wasn’t renewed, you went automatically to month by month. Somehow I doubt if it’s the same for books. Somebody’s mail must have fallen behind the dresser or bookshelf or … yikes.

        1. It’s not the same with books. And I’ve emailed ten or twelve times so far. Also, let me make it clear I’d never sign that contract today. It was signed before KDP, so I took, I think 10% or 25% or something, because it was ALL I was going to get from reverted novels.
          Nowadays? No.

      2. I thought Baen was more ethical than that. Have you spoken face to face with Toni Weisskopf about this? If not, how about cornering her at the next con you two attend? If that doesn’t yield any satisfaction, let us know. I for one will re-think my purchases and recommendations if this situation continues.

      1. Was this thread also referring to Baen? If so, you’ve already answered my question above, and Baen should be considered Just Another Scumsucking Publisher. Because you either have ethics, or you don’t.

        Which is a real shame.

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