That Uncomfortable Moment


You know, I know, everyone with a basic understanding of reality knows that it’s impossible — even given truly bad practices and lack of ballot custody — that every time ballots are “found” they are uniformly for the democrats.

You know, I know, everyone knows that not only is election integrity in the US so bad it would make camel herders blush, but we joke about it.  We’ve been joking about it since I was first in country.  Chicago is a byword, but we’re starting to get a feeling the practices of Chicago are more or less universal.  In America all the dead are rising and voting… democrat.

And our opponents are okay with that.  They’re fine and dandy with that.  They’re fine with busing people from precinct to precinct to vote fraudulently.  And they’ve done everything they can for maximum fraud and maximum deniability: vote by mail, early voting, same day registration.  Dear Lord, the voting integrity was bad in the 90s, now it’s ludicrous.

And they’re okay with that because their RELIGIOUS fervor in their political credo tells them that we have the upper hand — never mind that we don’t — due to “institutional bias”.  Their enormous racism leads them to believe no system designed by “dead white men” can be fair.  Sure, they don’t see the logical inconsistencies, but their literature and “studies” professors taught them to see all sorts of things that aren’t there, and to take on faith that the only reason the country isn’t socialist is “white males.”  Their faith also tells them that if the people being oppressed (or self oppressed, or that have internalized white supremacy and patriarchy, or another million nonsense phrases to signify “if you’re not doing exactly what I want, there’s something wrong with YOU.) COULD vote their “true” feelings, they’d vote for the dems/socialists/communists (where on that continuum are most of them now?)

So all they’re doing with their fraud and their transparent corruption is balance the scales.  They giggle gleefully as they do it, because  they think they’re striking one against “the system.”

Only what they’re destroying is our faith that we can live as we want and be left alone.  What they’re destroying is the ability to own property and trade, the same system that made them fat, happy and stupid.  Oh, so very stupid.

We who are grown up, we who know history, we who know when applied to the real world their illusions bring only death and mass graves, know they’d be the first in those mass graves if they won, pushed there by their comrades.

We can’t let them win.

But we don’t move.

We don’t move — and some of us, ludicrously, try to pretend fraud isn’t happening. BAH! — because the minute it’s out in the open, the minute the music plays and the dance starts, there’s no turning back.  We like our lives, we love our country. We don’t want to see it riven.

The idiot children — even those older than I — take our silence, our horrified immobility for an admission that what they’re doing is right and just, that it’s a balancing of the scales, that we OWE them.  And they grow ever more crazy and blatant.

We’re still quiet, but anger is growing.  This year more than ever, as the dems prepare to STEAL three senatorial races, without so much as a fig leaf, people all over the country have gone strangely quiet, and in private, horrifyingly angry.

This only ends one way, and the left, ever incapable of forecasting a different result of their actions than what they’ve experienced before, keeps pushing and pushing and pushing.

If you’re a believer pray, pray very constantly that a miracle occurs, that a legal solution is found, that our vote system is cleaned up, that the lawlessness ends without blood shed.  Pray that our cold civil war remains cold until things change enough that it resolves naturally.

If it goes hot, given my necessity for daily meds, my life expectancy is a year or two.  But that’s not what scares me. What scares me is what comes after.  Our last civil war, emphasizing federal power, made us vulnerable to today’s mess.

But there are worse things than personal death.  And there are more horrible things than war.

Take a deep breath. Take stock of your preparedness, your ability to survive.

Take a deep breath.  This weekend, enjoy your life, your family, and this fractured, tentative pause.

Before the music starts and we must dance.

201 thoughts on “That Uncomfortable Moment

  1. The thing is, it takes two sides working together to end a war, but only one side to start one. The left isn’t remotely interested in playing by any set of rules that would allow it to be defeated or marginalized. They’re insisting on a war, and resist fighting them as we have so far, that’s not going to last. Eventually it’ll get to the point where the left creates a “Calvo Sotelo” moment, and things will get very hot, very fast. I’m not looking forward to that at all, but it’s coming.

          1. I thought Critical Mass is what occurs when the Pope announces a prayer service to grant absolution to pedophile priests.

              1. Wait, does he mean “all the Catholics” or “all the Christians?”
                Because the first is simply a desperate attempt to avoid the responsibility for his decision to be an example of the Iron Law of Bureaucracy.
                The second is crazycakes.

                1. I doubt he considers this the fault of Catholics only, nor Christians only, but f all mankind.

                  Given his national origins, he probably means “all the Jews.”

                2. Going off of his prior statements, “we” is “everybody who is on my side, and oh yes I’m going to explicitly paint myself as Christ-like with the rest in the role of the folks He was scolding.”

    1. Peace is the abnormality, harder by far to maintain. The major challenge to war is the high capacity high intensity form of war.

      1. Peace is the abnormality
        Harder by far to retain
        Built on the grave of our savage hearts
        By law and will restrained.

        …and that’s as far as I can kipple today. Anyone else want to give it a go?

  2. Whatsoever, for any cause,
    Seeketh to take or give
    Power above or beyond the Laws,
    Suffer it not to live!
    Holy State or Holy King–
    Or Holy People’s Will–
    Have no truck with the senseless thing.
    Order the guns and kill!

    May God help and keep the United States of America.

    If the dance starts, I am expecting something much closer to ethnic cleansing (with Democrat standing in for race) than to civil war. Perhaps Trump and his new AG can head it off with inditements and orders to disregard the vote in both Broward and Palm Beach, but it will be an uphill fight.

    1. But the part that REALLY gives me chills is,

      “Once there was The People,
      Terror gave it birth.
      Once there was The People,
      And it made a Hell of Earth.

      Earth arose and crushed it,
      Listen, oh ye slain.
      And once there was The People,
      It must never rise again.”

    2. I once started a story where a fella did a Rip van Winkle and ended up a couple hundred years in the future. The answer to the question; “Are you a Democrat or are you a Republican?’ was literally Life or Death.

  3. You’re just saying this because you hate poor people and want the plutocrats to continue to hog all the nice things. If it weren’t for GOP voter suppression the Dems wouldn’t have to manufacture votes representing those who were denied their voice.

    1. They’re hip deep in the Rubicon, wondering why their socks feel so wet, and still don’t think they’re crossing it.

      1. In fairness, given their proclivity for pissing themselves the fact their socks are wet hardly gives them a second’s thought.

  4. I sincerely would wish the Progressives would not take such delight at playing with matches so near to open powder casks.

    This situation in Broward County, FL (which I am watching very carefully as it impacts my Senator, my Governor, and the Agricultural Commissioner that directly controls our CCWs), is so blatant, so abusive to the rule of law, that it’s almost as if they are daring someone to do something concrete against them.

    They traffic on our reasonableness and our restraint.

    1. “Just because it hasn’t happened yet, doesn’t mean it won’t happen ever.”
      -is the polite way I can put the way I feel about that mess. (I’m in it with you, I cannot believe That Woman in Broward County is still there.

      …No, wait, of course I can, she gives advantage to Demoncrats.)

    2. Mentally kids to teenagers. The four year old laughing gleefully while running on the edge of a cliff while mother tries to talk him back without startling him so badly he’d fell off. To the teenagers egging the one driving to push on the gas pedal on a winding road already high in the mountains, with a deep drop to the other side and a wall of stone on the other. Every time they get back alive they think anybody trying to talk them to stop doing it can be ignored because nothing has happened so far and of course they are so damn good they can always survive it. Just a cakewalk, that. And great fun, isn’t it? They are so daring and brave and cool for doing it, everybody has to be admiring them. At least everybody who matters.

      Until one day they drift a bit too close.

      1. And now you’re making me think of the Challenger, because one of the post-explosion commentaries mentioned that such an event was inevitable, given the increasing amount of bypassed safety practices.

        Also note that changing lanes is considered a dangerous practice while driving. Not much, especially given certain other driving practices, but police officers are more likely to ticket a driver weaving in and out of traffic than one speeding, simply because the cumulative risk adds up to the inevitable “accident.”

  5. Because y’all have reminded me often when I was letting the fear and despair get a hold , this. (Hope I actually post this correctly!)

  6. Not that I don’t agree , just know that He watches over us. I will not let the evil control me with fear. It may be bold but it is wrong and will not stand.

      1. Right now I’m thinking that it would be a good idea to avoid these comments.

        My attitude about those shitheads is getting worse. 😡

  7. I wish the Progressives wouldn’t take such delight in playing with matches so near open powder casks.

    I am closely watching the evolving abomination in Florida, as it impacts my Governor, my Senator, and the Agricultural Commissioner that controls our CCWs (don’t ask, it’s Florida.) It is so blatant, and so abusive to the rule of law that it seems as if they are outright daring the Normals to do something concrete about the theft of our lawful processes.

    They traffic on our reasonableness and restraint.

    I’m off to the range.

    1. I could be wrong, but I think they might be in for a nasty shock. If I were Trump I would use this as a pretext for a headlong and very forceful investigation into vote fraud in general. Even if, without control of the House, he can’t get any sweeping reforms passed, he can put the Deemocrats in the position of blocking said reforms….and then hammer them on it through 2020.

      Or they could pass the reforms, and lose a lot of their ‘votes’ for 2020, but not be VERY PUBLICLY the Party of Fraud.

        1. But they get away with that because of the ‘gentlemanly loser’ Republicans. And Trump isn’t one. Half thr reason he drives them so demented is he won’t lie down and die when told to.

      1. This probably falls under the state’s jurisdiction, and not really the Federal Government’s. But if I were the outgoing Florida governor, I’d immediately launch an investigation into why it took such an absurdly long time to get the vote counts done in Broward and Palm Beach Counties.

        And the incoming Republican gubernatorial candidate has a big enough lead that I suspect he’ll survive the recount unless the Dems get particularly brazen.

        1. Of course, the outgoing Florida governor is Rick Scott, the incoming Republican senator from Florida. Should he launch that investigation during his lame duck period, you can be guaranteed that the Democrats and the MSM (but I repeat myself) will shriek to high heaven about witch hunts and such. But let’s hope DeSantis launches that investigation, definitely.

            1. At this point I’m all for the Florida Secretary of State excluding numbers from problematic counties. And if anybody says that it violates Florida law, I suggest Rick Scott issue a pardon to the Florida SOS. And if some judge screams that it violates Federal law, I suggest President Trmp issue a pardon to the Florida SOS. F’ the Democrats and their electoral shenanigans.

            2. I care about their screaming. I want the Leftists screaming loud and long…for the investigation, and the arrests, and the prison sentences. Maybe even the deportations. They Have To Go Away.

              1. Eff it. They’ve proven they’re gonna scream no matter what, so I say give them something to scream about.

                I would smile if Trump announced taps on journalists phones, citing the Obama era precedent.

                1. Front page, above the fold, column six header in Sunday’s Washington Pissed: “Trump’s absence rankles critics”

                  Not half so much as his presence.

                  1. Agreed> I have gone from “let’s be careful out there” to “Let’s do it to them before they do it to us”.

          1. Couching the investigation as a look into why Broward and Palm Beach Counties took so ridiculously long – and made the state a laughingstock in the process – is a bipartisan reason to launch an investigation. You’ll note that fraud is not part of the reason being provided.

            If any were to turn up, then it should of course be investigated. But the point is to approach the topic as an investigation into why two counties are making the state look bad 18 years after Bush v Gore.

        2. The 14th and 24th Amendments put this squarely in the federal wheelhouse. The DOJ should be all over FL, GA, and AZ

          1. It’s up to the states to determine how the voting is conducted for offices within the state (which, essentially, means everyone except for the President). That’s why California can make non-citizens eligible voters – except for the Presidential election.

              1. I’m not sure about the house seats, if the state lets them vote for state representative. Article I Section 2: “The House of Representatives shall be composed of Members chosen every second Year by the People of the several States, and the Electors in each State shall have the Qualifications requisite for Electors of the most numerous Branch of the State Legislature.” With the direction California and some of the other states are going, that gives me nightmares.

                1. Look, what’s going on here is disenfranchisement.
                  Made up votes dilute and therefore disenfranchise legitimate votes/voters.
                  The civil rights of the citizens of those states are being violated.
                  The federal government DOES have a say in that.

                  1. I totally agree. In this case, TTBOMK, aliens aren’t allowed to vote in Florida state representatives, so trying to count alien votes is clearly wrong. The mention just made me go off on a tangent about my long-term concern, such as California pulling something like that to eliminate the chances of a few Reps winning House seats, or purple states passing something like that when Dems have control of the statehouse in an attempt to cement their control.

                2. Too late for this election, but what I want to see for 2020: The National Guard and the regular Army, called up and assigned to oversee every polling place, every counting house, and every office concerned with the election process. No vote to be cast or counted without traceable oversight.

                  No, that’s not interfering with the election process. It’s keeping it honest.

                  And we know how to use the military to do this; we’ve done it before, in other countries.

                  It’s time we did it at home too.

          2. A bit more fundamental than that, Jeff – “The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government,” – from Article IV, there from the very first.

            As in free elections for the government controlling offices, where every person legally entitled to full rights under the Constitution may reasonably vote. (Felons, minors, non-citizens, all have partial rights. Slaves did not have any rights – but once they became free and entered into citizenship, they had full rights – thus, the illegality of poll taxes, literacy tests, etc. that unreasonably limited their rights.)

            As in fair elections, where the electorate, so far as is reasonably possible, has all of its views represented, whether they are majority or minority.

            Fraud in elections denies both of these pillars of republicanism. Whether legitimate votes are discarded, or illegitimate votes permitted (usually it is both in these scandals), the election is not free. When a very small cabal controls the result of the election through fraud, whether it is the majority or the minority of the electorate that is denied reasonable representation, the election is not fair.

            Whoa! That was supposed to be a short reply. Ah well, thank you for letting me get some steam pressure released.

      2. Just need to identify enough fraud to show that each of those Dems was fraudulently elected so they can be legally removed from office.

    2. Offices end up with duties you wouldn’t expect for historical reasons. I was one of the few who actually sat through and heard all of Ted Cruz’ speech at the Red State Gathering in 2011 (because I was managing the audio stream on At the time almost nobody had heard of him, and his title was Texas Railroad Commissioner. While introducing himself he explained that his office was in charge of all of the oil pipelines in Texas, because at one point in history most oil in the state moved by rail and the responsibility for oil transportation ended up staying with the office.
      (Cruz is a man that the wireless mic was made for. He’s learned to stand still at a lectern but he’s at his best when he prowls the stage, bouncing on the balls of his feet.)

    1. This, and *specificallly* this…

      Investigate endlessly “Russian influence” over our 2016 elections, saying their integrity is (still!) in doubt and this is bad in a democracy. [Yes, it is!]]

      Look doggedly for a “Russian collusion” to sway our elections, while two FBI agents are *caught red-handed* saying “Trump must never be President” and conspiring together how to make it stick. [“But Russia, Russia!”]
      Russia, Russia, is probably laughing ’til borshch shoots out their nose.

      Meanwhile, at some point the null hypothesis is disproved, and suspension of disbelief falls to the floor.

      1. There was conspiracy with foreign intelligence assets, and there was collusion with Russians: The Democratic Party conspired with a DC law firm to launder money and pay a known agent of a foreign government to come up with a dossier based on that foreign intelligence asset’s Russian contacts. There’s a straight chain of conspiracy and collusion to influence the US election, from the DNC and the campaign of the Dowager Empress of Chappaqua, through to the Russian Nationals paid by Remington Steele with money laundered via the law firm in DC.

        The foreign asset Steele was known to be working for MI6, but we’ve been authoritatively told he was a “former” employee (I’ve asked before, but how do we know he was no longer working for Her Majesty’s Government? I don’t think MI6 does employment confirmation over the phone for US reporters).

        On the Russian side, all we’ve got is the keystone cops indictment of various Russian Ham Sandwiches which blew up in the Mueller team’s faces when the Ham Sandwiches hired counsel to fight the indictment with sleazy trick like “facts”.

        Basically, if it’s an unconscionable crime against humanity for the Russians to try and influence the US elections via twitter posts, is it also the same for the Brits to do so via supposedly-ex-agent Steele feeding info to the FBI?

        I’m certain Her Majesty’s Government would honor an extradition request for Steele from their close ally to proceed with this investigation, uninfluenced by their known antipathy to the current President. OK, I’m not at all certain. They’ll never give him up. Steele will be in the Commonwealth Witness Protection Program so fast that he won’t have a single chance to shop for a warmer jacket before he takes his new post as postmaster for the Falkland Islands.

        1. And that Democratic Party lawyer, Mark Elias, is leading the Democratic Party’s efforts to steal the elections in Florida.

  8. I hate to say this, but I don’t think it’s a matter of “if” things go hot: it’s a matter of “when” they will go hot.

    The Left is all but openly committing violence against the Non-Left and is, as you said, blatantly stealing three Senate seats (seriously, they’re making the Al Franken recounts look subtle), and the mainstream Republican Party seems thoroughly disinterested in offering more than a token protest against any of it, to say nothing of actually trying to stop it. Whether they’re actively complicit or just suffering from Battered Partner Syndrome writ-large, I don’t know. But they haven’t figured out that The Left is not interested in negotiation, or compromise, or anything other that a choice between total subjugation or utter destruction. So we either go hot, or we allow ourselves to go gentle into that good night.

    I’m not the naive fool that I once was: I recognize that going hot is far from a guarantee that we will regain everything that we have lost. Sarah is right: odds are that we’ll come out of it in a far worse place than where we started. But I believe that there is a chance – a small chance, perhaps infinitesimally small – that we’ll emerge victorious and free. And that’s a better chance than we’ll have if we allow the Left to continue their current course of action uncontested.

        1. It appears that woman is headed for a ride on a lamppost. If she’s *lucky*, it’ll be horizontal and she’ll be wearing tar and feathers . . .

      1. Yeah, the Democrat lawyers objected to a non-citizen’s vote being disallowed. Fortunately, two of the three members of the canvassing board overruled them.

        Unfortunately, this apparently means one of the three is fine with it.

  9. I have address labels – Avery 5160. I’m putting the words:
    Isn’t it interesting that found ballots ALWAYS favor the Democrat Party?

    on each – easy to do in Word. I’m going to affix them to my clothing, possessions, any surface that is in public view.
    Consider it Guerrilla Marketing.
    One small action, hopefully a few will notice them, and think about it.

  10. I saw the… stuff… on the news this AM and I freely admit, the red mist started in my eyes. May G-d save all of us, because it’s become a war of religion, and those never, ever end happily.

      1. possible benefit of being a grumpy SOB is I was able to make my truck a 4×4 again today. Otherwise I’d be seething.
        National day off to vote.
        Paper Ballots
        Purple Fingers
        Effing Cameras run by BOTH parties and viewable by public online, in all counting areas, and NOTHING leaves the damned room, or comes in during voting and counting. Any early votes (and that needs to be only a dire need basis as well) and absentee votes are to be in the voting and counting room by 8am and they need guarding by both parties at all times as well.
        Those corupting the count in Broward and Palm Beach need to be shot, by firing squad in the public square.

          1. At the very least a law requiring employers to give every employee 2 hours off while polls are open.

        1. either NO provisional ballots, or those ballots are held in reserve until checked (seriously, 2016 in CA like one in three ppl were getting provisional ballots when i was there and i bet CA NEVER checks them…

          1. We have testimony of Broward Supervisor of Elections, Brenda Snipes-Hunt, commingling disallowed provisional ballots with ones that had passed muster.

            Part of the problem is that Snipes-Hunt has failed to meet Florida’s mandatory legal requirement to provide a count of all ballots cast, failed by a matter of not minutes, not hours, but by days. Absent such an established number they can continue finding votes until their candidates win.

        2. In our old system, before the electronic boxes, you marked your paper ballot and dropped it in a wooden box. Periodically a poll worker would take the ballots out and carry them to a folding cafeteria table where volunteers – usually senior citizens – marked their count sheets according to the ballots, then put the counted ballots in cardboard boxes for storage.

          Again periodically, a poll worker summed up all the count sheets to a master sheet. Fifteen minutes after the polls closed, they called the results in to the main office.

          You didn’t even need electricity. Just paper and something to write with.

          Funny, precincts running the electronic machines may take entire days before they can know what the vote is supposed to be… er… was.

          1. Oops, the point I intended to make was, other than your marking of the ballot, EVERY STEP at the precinct level was in full view; you could look over the counters’ shoulders, or volunteer to help out, or root through the cardboard boxes of counted ballots. I don’t know what happened upstream, but presumably things were open there, as well.

          2. the more complication the more availability for fraud. It is easy to know who favors fraud as only one group seems to not want it to be actually easy to vote legally and simple to count.

      2. I am not angry. I cannot get angry with this level of evil. They have put themselves beyond the pale and no more deserve anger than a rabid dog does. I wish I could get angry because that would mean that I see them as people rather than as unpersons with no rights that are currently an immediate danger to the country that I love.

      3. I’ve been writing because NaNo. I’m not sure how good the draft will be, but at least it gets me out of my head for a little while.

        And it’s not just anger. It’s… you know that feeling, when you go up in an elevator several floors and it’s just about to stop, and for a moment everything’s weightless and up and down go all confuzzled?

        Yeah. That. Eep.

  11. As I said on another thread, I sent as much money to TrueTheVote as I did candidates.

    I’ve felt like Cassandra the last 20 years, because I saw where it was going, and I said so.

    1. Having an outside group like TrueTheVote doing the work instead is probably a good idea. When some of the Republicans saw some this fraud decades ago and tried to do something about it the end result was that never to be sufficiently damned consent decree.

  12. In the case of Florida especially, the message needs to go out far and wide that we will not accept this election theft and any attempt to rule by law rather than the rule of law will be met with as much resistance as is necessary.

    1. If Nelson from FL or Sinema from AZ are sent to the Senate after blatantly stealing their elections, I’ll be leading a charge to get the Senate to refuse to seat them based on Article I, Section 5 of the United States Constitution which states that, “Each House shall be the judge of the elections, returns and qualifications of its own members, and a majority of each shall constitute a quorum to do business; but a smaller number may adjourn from day to day, and may be authorized to compel the attendance of absent members, in such manner, and under such penalties as each House may provide.”

      1. Refusing to seat them after they’ve been “Democratically” (as opposed to “democratically) elected would generate the mother of all tantrums.

        LET THEM.

        In Palm Beach County, Democrats Argue To Count Votes Cast By Non-Citizens
        [SNIP] During review of provisional ballots to determine whether a recount is justified in the tight Florida governor, senate, and agriculture commission races, Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections Susan Bucher identified a voter as a non-citizen and declared that the ballot would not be counted.

        Attorneys representing the Democratic candidate for senate Bill Nelson and the Democratic candidate for governor Andrew Gillum objected. A copy of the uncertified transcript shows the interaction. …

        1. Strategic plan suggestion:

          Refuse to seat senators from states where election laws were flagrantly violated. They don’t have to send Scott and Sally, but refuse to accept Nelson and Sinema. Put the Senate in recess until proper elections (including obeying laws regarding vote counts) are held.

          Under Federal monitors.

          Meanwhile, let the recess appointments begin! That’s all the Senate was going to do for the next two years anyway.

          BTW – I’m not saying the counties whose incompetence (yeah, let’s call it “incompetence”) should pay for the election re-runs, but it seems awfully unfair for the counties who didn’t screw that pooch to pay a single damned dime to make up for the smart-alecks. Take it out of the pension funds held for those counties’ officials.

      2. The problem with that is that the Senate has already made the rules for seating a Senator and as far as I can tell it doesn’t have any discretion. All I can find is where it talks about the order of precedence in presenting a Senator’s credentials. There’s no vote to accept them or anything. It looks to me that if the Governor and Secretary of State say that someone has been elected Senator, they’re a Senator.

        1. Wasn’t there talk of refusing to seat Roy Moore had he won the election? I am sure somebody is researching and collecting all the arguments in support of that action.

          BTW, a concise explanation of what is going on in Arizona:
          Republicans have gone to court over local election officials’ decisions to continue validating mail-in ballots long after Election Day — something the GOP lawyers say violates the law.

        2. Neither Congress nor the Senate can reject a state’s duly elected representatives. If the state’s electoral system is corrupt, that’s the state’s problem, not the Fed’s. The state is running under the kind of government they have, either because they can’t be bothered to throw it out, or because they think it’s just fine.

          note: in some states, particularly those with high proportions of immigrants, lying, cheating, and openly fiddling elections is not seen as a criminal act by a large number of its people; it’s just the way things are done, and what are you getting all righteous about?

          Once you deny a polity representation because you don’t like their representatives, you’re setting up for another civil war.

          This is a problem that has been building for generations, but it’s not a Federal problem.

          1. Look, I’m as big a fan of a small federal government and observing the 10th Amendment as most of the folks here, but the Constitution’s Article I Sections 4 and 5 definitely grant a major Congressional role with regard to elections, and the 14th Amendment provides authorization for the voting and civil rights acts that do provide a federal role.

            1. The Senate should refuse to seat the two senators, and the tainted ones can sue for their seats.

              The discovery process ought be verrrry interrresting.

              Meanwhile, the FL & AZ GOP can sell (or giveaway) T-shirts bearing the logo “Taint My Senator!”

          2. TRX however the federal government has the right to enforce the constitution on states. Which means states denying their citizens representation through fraudulent dilution of their votes are NOT functioning states, and their representatives CANNOT be seated till they are. NOTE you used “duly elected.” which this ain’t.

            1. It would probably be useful to look at precedents established during Reconstruction, when Democrats in the South were employing extra-legal means to mitigate Republican votes.

              Of course, even then the GOP had more than its share of squishes.

              Dinesh D’Souza’s argument about a political continuity among the Dems has an at least superficial credibility when you consider their use of violence the Klan, Union thugs and so on, up through Antifa. I’m not saying corruption is in the Democrats’ DNA, I’m just saying that I have learned to crap gold bricks and, for a small consideration, can teach you the secret.

          3. The Constitution explicitly grants each house the power to write their own rules about seating members. If that means they write a rule forbidding gingers from being seated, the states need to take that into consideration if they want to be represented.

            I agree that having a lot of restrictions on who gets seated is a bad idea, but they can do it. The fact remains, however, that they haven’t yet so whoever gets certified in these elections, and it wouldn’t surprise be if the Republican secretaries of state decide to go with the initial winner, will be seated.

          4. Well, except for, you know, Article 1 section 5 of the ACTUAL CONSTITUTION.

            There’s also a decent argument that the 14th Amendment is being violated too.

  13. On the other paw, I look east to Poland, Hungary, the Czech and Slovak countries, Croatia. They hung on and didn’t quit, and still won’t quit. If they can hang in there, we sure as heck can.

    “But oh, beware my country when my country becomes polite.”

      1. As long as the belief remains the country will. It may become rather circumscribed in its territory, possibly reducing down to a few living rooms and prison cells, but it will survive.

    1. Uh, yes.
      And some of that goes back a long way.

      My long-gestating alternate Civil War Between The States / steampunk story features someone named Emese Hunyady (yes like the skater, but also as in John Hunyady and The Dream of Emese), who comes to the U.S. after the revolution of 1848. (“Emese” said a lot like Emma-shuh. And no, I don’t reallly speak Hungarian.)

      She’s standing on the (new) Chain Bridge over the Danube between Buda and Pest at night, wondering what to do. (This scene does actually exist already.)

      The revolution has failed, the Habsburgs are back on top, her friend is dead.
      And the verse that keeps coming to her is this:

      And the light shines in the darkness, and the dark does not overcome it.
      (És a világosság a sötetségben fénylik, de a sötetség nem legyőzni azt.)

      Might be something good for us all to keep in mind too, right about now.

  14. The pusillanimity of the GOP in elections past was the main reason the Democrats consistently got away with so much vote fraud. Trump may have sounded a change…and a charge. We shall see.

    1. The GOP was under a consent decree to not charge fraud in elections. The decree was vacated some months ago. We shall see.

        1. This is as good a start point as I have found. This is also worth reading.

          I know this will go into moderation, but since it is primarily for the moderator, that is OK.

        2. Because they are the Stupid Party. And thanks to the Buckleyites, would rather be Good Little Losers than put up a fight.

    2. When we called the Romney campaign about the crazy irregularities in CO SPrings in 12, Romney campaign told us to stand down. Even as people on the phone were shouting about how much worse itw as in Denver.

  15. The war has already started. It started when Donald Trump was elected president of the United States. It’s only going to get worse as the Democrats push to steal more and more power from the rest of the nation. But it’s not really a war between Democrats and Republicans, but a war between those of us who love our freedom and those that think they have the right to rule over us, not govern us. That includes about 4/5 of the Democrats and more than half of the Republicans, plus 90% of the unelected bureaucrats. It’s getting worse, since Trump IS trying to drain the swamp, cut the power of the bureaucrats, and reign in the elected but stupid. All of us on life-sustaining medication need to stock up, because things are going to get worse, and very, very soon.

    1. View the current contretemps ongoing in FL and AZ as battlefield prep for the 2020 races. If they lose those two Senate seats there is essentially No Effing Way the Dems can reclaim the Senate in 2020.

      Has Trump Put the Senate Out of Democrat Range for 2020?
      By Roger L Simon November 7, 2018
      The big story of Election 2020 is not that the Democrats, as expected, took the House, though not in numbers in any way constituting a “wave.” That’s pro forma for a midterm.

      It is what happened in the Senate. If the leaners fall in their current directions, the GOP’s victories in the Senate will have put it essentially out of range of a Democratic majority in 2020, a year in which the Dems have a decided advantage as the Repubs did this year. …

      1. See Also:

        Republican gains may have put Senate out of reach for 2020 Democrats
        by Philip Klein | November 07, 2018
        Republicans’ strong showing in Senate elections on Tuesday will not only allow President Trump to appoint a flood of conservative judges over the next two years, it will likely put a Senate majority out of reach for Democrats in 2020.

        This means that even if a Democratic candidate defeats Trump, it will be impossible to enact a sweeping liberal agenda.

        Though all usual caveats apply about how a lot can change in two years, here’s the uphill battle facing Democrats.

        Right now, Republicans will enter the next Congress with at least 53 seats and probably 54 given that Martha McSally’s grip is tightening in Arizona. Though there’s still an outside chance Republicans will take Montana, it seems like there are enough outstanding votes in Democratic strongholds to put Sen. Jon Tester over the top.

        When looking toward 2020 Senate races, the first step is to immediately deduct an additional seat from Democrats, because they are not going to hold Alabama during a presidential election year with Trump on top of the Republican ticket and when Roy Moore is not the GOP nominee.

        So that means, most likely, Democrats are going to have to flip five seats. But as shown in the interactive graphic below, there aren’t many pickup opportunities. Just two GOP senators — Cory Gardner in Colorado and Susan Collins in Maine — are in states that Trump lost. If Democrats win those seats, to get to 50 (assuming a Democratic vice president gets elected and becomes the tie-breaking vote) Democrats would have to win three out of the following five states: Arizona, Texas, Iowa, Georgia, and North Carolina. Every other Republican-held seat is in a state that Trump carried by double digits in 2016. …

    1. Montana senate vote struck me as questionable too (Tester is important to someone WAY out of proportion to one minor senator’s seat — $15M in outside money for the campaign, and the most lobbying dollars of any congresscritter — WHY?)

      Watched from first counts til the tail end, and around the halfway point, Tester was slowly falling behind GOP candidate Rosendale. But somehow there were still no results from the two most populous left-leaning counties. Somewhere around 65% suddenly Tester took the lead again, then pulled away with startling alacrity, mainly from those two counties.

      I also find it peculiar that Tester’s margin of victory was almost exactly equal to the Libertarian vote (yet more evidence that BY DESIGN, it siphons off the conservative GOP vote) — which might be necessary if his votes get declared invalid since he withdrew and endorsed Rosendale, but was still on the official ballot. Absent that, it would have been close enough to consider a recount.

      At any rate, I eye with suspicion the late-arriving counts from Gallatin and Missoula counties. Both lean left, Missoula severely so, but the question appears to be not “How many votes were cast” but rather “How many votes do we need to ensure an uncontestable win?”

      And tho GOP “Deck him again, Greg!” Gianforte held his House seat by a comfortable margin, I’m rather alarmed at the percentage his far-left challenger garnered, bordering on unlikely in a mostly-red state, even with bright purple spots.

      Butte-SilverBow and Deer Lodge Counties have been under Union control since forever, and at one time were notorious enough that all the poll watchers congregated there, so can be assumed crooked, and as expected went full-on blue. Guess all those out-of-work copper miners are still with us, one way or another.

      The Indian reservations also vote reliably blue, which has always struck me as peculiar… especially with what I hear about the Arizona tribes’ border politics (which could be condensed to “never mind building a wall, we’ll just shoot ’em as they come across”).

      1. Same thing you describe routinely happens in Missouri as well, with Saint Louis. For some reason the St. Louis metro (and its Democrat machine) is the very last area to furnish a vote total, usually hours after totals are in from the rest of the state.

        I can’t remember how many Republicans, and conservative ballot initiatives (like concealed carry the first time it came up) I’ve seen go down to a narrow defeat after leading comfortably all night . . . before suddenly the totals from St. Louis city and county came in. On a couple of occasions leftist judges actually ordered St. Louis polls to stay open two or three hours late to allow more people to vote! Which was why I was really sweating out Josh Hawley’s win over Claire McCaskill . . . and perhaps why it took so long for Hawley to be declared the winner, because apparently the Dems conceded they couldn’t “find” enough extra votes in Saint Looie to put Claire over the top.

        1. I’ve always wondered why states don’t just pass laws stating that no vote totals will be released till all counties or other jurisdictions have reported in. Don’t let the corrupt Democrat areas know how many votes they need to manufacture.

          1. forgot to add that to my list.
            No exit polling, and no totals until counting is done nation wide (Fox News being in a no-trumpian mood called the house for Dems while half the nation’s polls were still open)

              1. That and Murdoch’s children, how are much farther to the left than Rupert is, taking much more active control of the company., and Rupert has never cared for Trump to begin with.

          2. Can’t pass laws to prevent Democratic Party corruption in most states without getting the Dems to go along.

        2. People keep talking about how the cities are liberal and doing all sorts of bogus pseudo-psychological explanations for this.
          Nope. In cities, it’s just easier to steal vote. In fact, the bigger the city the easier it is.
          And then, as in NYC, people KNOW the only people with power are on that side and back the winners. THAT’s it.

  16. What surprised me this election is how blatantly the Broward & Palm Beach Election Supervisors are violating the law in pursuit of their fraud.
    It appears “discovering” the necessary votes was beyond the reach of their just underhanded usual procedures. If Palm Beach continues to defy the Circuit Court order, the FDLE may have to move in and secure things. It may be too late, but since it’s paper ballots and the precincts keep overall voter counts separately there may be enough forensic data to determine how much fraud has occurred.
    It will be interesting to see if the FL Sec of State throws out any of the vote-by-mail numbers from ballots received prior to election eve which were added long after the legally mandated deadline for reporting.
    There is an exception for ballots postmarked in time but received later but even those should have been counted by now.

    1. The defiance of the order is a deliberate strategy by the national Democratic Party. By doing so, they force the Sec of State to move in, and when the Sec of State uncovers the fraud and rules that the ballots are not legal ballots, the Democrats can then with their media allies go scorched Earth and proclaim that the Republicans stole Florida, even though the realty is the Democrats were the ones trying to steal it.

      1. I think the Democrats would love a “new” election, because they are confident all the older people who voted would not vote a second time, which would enable them to win a re-election by a convincing margin.

        1. I don’t know the Florida election laws, but I think it’s not at all likely that there is any legal provision for invalidating an entire election and holding another. And especially so for federal offices, where the election day is set by federal law. It’s much more likely that all the votes from counties where the vote-counting is found to be overwhelmingly fraudulent would be disallowed. The Democrats will then scream about disenfranchisement, to which any rational respondent will say, “Yup, it is. Disenfranchisement by the county election commissions, composed of Democrat functionaries.”

          1. So, just invalidate all of Broward County and any others that have been caught.

            Maybe the citizenry will get pissed enough to do something at the local level. Hey, we can dream…

          2. I just put this up of Facebook and over at Instapundit:

            I don’t want to hear another Democrat complain about voter suppression ever again. Either all these ballots that keep popping up in the recounts for AZ, GA, and FL are blatant frauds disenfranchising thousands of voters or thousands of voters are routinely disenfranchised through slipshod ballot handling practices.

            The secretaries of state should just zero out the totals from the counties still counting, certify the vote, and tell the people of those counties that if they want their votes to count they should elect county clerks that aren’t fucking incompetent.

      2. I’m wondering if maybe the reason Trump is allowing this to go on so long is that the DOJ has tapped some phones – at least the Broward County clerk is known to have destroyed ballots in 2016, sounds like probable cause for an investigation to me – and it gathering evidence. You know that this is being coordinated and if there is an investigation they’d like to get as high up the ladder as possible from the beginning.

        Also, the longer this goes on, the more blatant it is to everyone and the less likely there will be widespread outrage if Trump or the governors do something drastic, i.e. throw out entire counties votes.

      3. the Democrats can … with their media allies go scorched Earth and proclaim that the Republicans stole Florida, even though the realty is the Democrats were the ones trying to steal it.

        No way the Dems would ever do a thing like that! it is unprecedented!

    2. There’s actually a possible issue with a big bunch of mail-in ballots in Maimi-Dade that are sitting in the post office. No one (and I mean *no one*) is certain whether the fact that they’re sitting at the post office is the fault of the people sending them (i.e. they sent them late), or the post office (for screwing up and not sending them along in time).

      1. In the CO fraud by mail rules, when you receive it is all that matters. It must be received by election day, period Getting it in the mail in plenty of time is the voter’s problem.

        1. Oregon too.

          You start seeing local TV & paper announcements that it is too late to mail & have it get there on time; must use the County drop boxes. On time is Election Day or before. They also don’t stamp it. If you don’t want to add a stamp, use the drop box … There is also a web site to verify your ballot has been received. Not how you voted, just that your signed outer envelope was received.

        2. The last federal election and during the last couple of state elections I’ve lived through after moving to Australia, I’ve gotten phone calls reminding me to vote (not to vote for a particular party, but to inform of election day). Does that happen there too?

          1. Generally, no. Get Out The Vote (GOTV) efforts in the US are volunteer groups, which means that they’re almost always political in nature (and might be part of the actual candidate’s organization). Now you might get a phone call that doesn’t ask you to vote for a particular party. But you’ll still be targeted because the group calling you knows that – based on your registered political party and/or other indicated interests – you’re part of a demographic that’s likely to vote the way that the organization in question would like you to vote.

    1. In at least one case, that is exactly what it took (Battle of Athens). I think that Broward county is at the point that it is justified again.

      1. I live near the Athens of “Battle of” fame. Unfortunately, Broward County is unlikely to go that way. Athens was home to a goodly number of recently-returned WWII veterans when the battle took place. I strongly suspect that the great majority of residents of Broward County are just fine with the way the vote miscounting is going.

        1. They had demonstrators demanding that the responsible party be jailed earlier that they blocked with trucks.

          1. To be equivalent to the Battle of Athens, those demonstrators would have had to storm that blockage, take the election commissioners under citizen’s arrest, and turn them over to the FDLE.

              1. But… is election fraud actually a crime in Florida law?

                I’d place a small wager there’s no specific statute, which is why they’re so open about what they’re doing. Or the statute includes a punishment so petty nobody cares.

    2. That was before electronic voting with no paper trail, and before prosecutions stopped in the face of riots and “raaaaacism”.

  17. This situation reminds me increasingly of the experiments where first children raised with guns, and then children raised by gun-hating parents, were given the opportunity to “find” a real gun (but without ammunition and/or firing pin).
    Usually featuring their parents watching live by CCTV from another room.

    First group: “Don’t touch that! It’s a real gun! It’s dangerous! Get a grownup!”

    Second group: “Is that a gun? Cool!” Let’s play with it and point it at each other…

    Really, these experiments (with or without the much-maligned “Eddie the Eagle” campaign) *always* (as far as I know) turn out this way.

    Uh, guys, don’t touch that ultimate American Federal Republic live wire. It’s hot. Stop playing with it. No, really, the end there is bare copper…

    And try, if you ever learned, to remember what happened all those other times when the big, fat sparks started to fly. (Please? Pretty please with sprinkles?)

    And, if not, Plan B is this: Thus be it ever, when free men shall stand between their loved home and the war’s desolation. (Like the guy said in “Interstellar” about something even bigger, “That’s why Plan A is a lot more fun.”)

    May “the Pow’r that hath made and preserved us a nation” stand again with us now.

    1. When kids are not given proper instruction on firearms by someone, preferably their parents, all they have to fall back on is what they learn from TV and the movies, all of which tends to be drastically even fatally wrong.
      And when kids are indoctrinated and lied to by a socialist educational system and a complicit media what else can you expect?

    2. It’s so easy to teach gun safety too. If we could do it in decidedly gun-unfriendly Australia, I don’t see why you couldn’t do it even if one is completely gun-hostile, barring attitudes.

      Heck, one would think it would be even MORE feasible…

      1. I grew up around guns. Knew exactly where the (loaded) handguns were stored; & yes they were reachable. I knew better. The minute any kind of gun came out at a friends home, that was not in the hands of an adult, even then there were situations where (okay, usually before) even a gun in the hands of an adult, meant, leave NOW. Don’t pass Go, Don’t Collect $100, us siblings were out of there, without the gun. Forget the fear of God. Dad & Mom, & Grandma & Grandpa, put the fear of them into us regarding guns.

        As a child, I don’t remember a year when we didn’t spend time firing rifles & handguns under the supervision of our parents & mom’s folks, @ grandma & grandpa’s place. Our kid did not have that level of experience, primarily because dad & him actually had to go to a range. I haven’t fired any gun in years.

        Gun storage. Yes, we do (& parents place, now) have a gun safe. Not because we were afraid of the kid finding them, but knowing folks got robbed (with nobody home) tends to make one think. The thief’s missed the handguns (were with parents) & the rifles (buried in a back closet, trust me no one was finding them, too much trouble without knowing rifles were there); heck they missed the ammo & that was in plain sight in the garage (okay stupid thieves). But it was a wake up call.

        1. Dad kept his gun either on the dining room table or on his dresser. He’d shown me what it did (on cans, in the back field) and explained it could kill when I was 3 or so.
          I never felt the SLIGHTEST interest in touching it, and yeah, if anyone else picked up a gun in any circumstances, leave.

          1. My father had (I think) something like a Luger – a very sleek modern automatic, and another – Colt Single Action Army? (Don’t know for certain, only laid eyes on them once or twice) and they were secreted away somewhere in the house. We had no interest whatsoever in them, Dad had sternly forbidden us to have anything to do with them and frankly – we weren’t hunting and gun enthusiast people anyway, although Dad did nail a pesky gopher with the automatic on one memorable occasion. In real life (as opposed to movies and TV) I did not lay eyes on a weapon other than in the holsters of law enforcement personnel until I was on my second hitch in the Air Force, and the powers that be decided that I ought to qualify with an M-16.

            1. Honestly, figuring out “when I saw guns” would be like figuring out when I saw hoodies or something.

              It’s a thing that was normal, so I didn’t really REGISTER anything related.

              I know at 7 I was doing jack rabbit hunts from the back of a moving pickup after dusk and hitting them in the head 9 times out of 10, and I REMEMBER that 10th time. Ugh. Still needed to be done, but a clean death is preferable by far.

              I can’t remember ever touching one of my folks’ pistols, because they weren’t right for kids. A 22 rifle kicked more than enough, holding that in my hands alone? OUCH!

  18. The big problem is that no matter how proof of Democratic Party efforts to steal Florida and Arizona is shown, the Democrats will treat not being awarded those seats as “proof of Republican vote suppression” and that “Trump is literally Hitler” and they will riot even more than they already have and will try to burn the whole country down.

    1. I don’t think at this point ANYONE cares what they shout. It just makes them look crazy.
      And yeah, they think every time they don’t win it’s “systemic oppression.”

  19. I think the gritted teeth patience on the behalf of the Right in the face of the increasing shenanigans of the Left is because the Right knows that bypassing the rule of law and going direct action is a very bad thing, and a point of no return. Should the guns come out on the Right, we’re not going back to the same freedoms we had before.
    But, if they keep pushing, there will be no other recourse.

      1. Maybe if we start referring to what the Democrats are doing by the proper description, which is coup attempt, perhaps more people will realize the seriousness of what the Dems are trying to get away with.

      2. My fear is, as has been put forward by others so well so I’ll steal it here, that this is the part that gets documented in the history books in the section right before the chapter with all the maps with big colored arrows and Xs.

          1. I have teen and preteen sons. I’ll pray for a miracle, but I think we better hit the range more, too. (Honestly, I’m praying for an amiable-ish national divorce. Seems less impossible than any other peacable option.)

            Oh, and a husband who took the Citizenship Oath. Better drag him along. Crazy family, when Mom’s the firearms boss!

            1. Don’t have that option in the Soviet Socialist Republic of New Jersey. In NJ, the state requires one to have a justifiable need, and they have interpreted it to mean that even someone with a job as an “armed security guard” does not have a justifiable need for a gun permit. Sadly, the State courts are very far to the left (we are talking a state Supreme Court that ruled that a constitutional provision expressly referring to education of children between ages of 5-18 required mandatory preschool of 4 year olds, thus declaring that 4 is a number between 5 and 18), so the Federal Courts are the only way of overturning this nonsense, and there are still enough Obama appointees who simply refuse to follow Heller and allow this nonsense to stand.

  20. Explaining this to people has been like pushing cooked spaghetti uphill. I think our side would haven’t been angry if we lost honestly. But, the moment that fraud starts hitting, we’re going to get upset and angry and start doing something about it.

    And, that our opposition can’t understand why we’re so upset is even worse.

    1. As this drags I, I’m starting to feel like I wouldn’t mind the Sweet Meteor of Death striking Broward right about now, cleansing Florida of an ugly splotch. *sigh* Not very charitable of me, I suppose, but I’m starting to get really sick of this, election after election. *deep breath* I will at least credit Governor Scott, Senator Rubio, and Congressman Gaetz with drawing attention to it and trying to do something, although Scott should have done something long ago.

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