There’s a short story being written

Hold your horses.ย  Had some interruptions.
Free ice-cream by and by ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  1. I’m just here for the ice cream. ๐Ÿ™‚
    *puts nose back to grindstone*

  2. Free ice cream? But I’m low carb!!!! Can I haz free low-fat frozen yogurt instead?

  3. Ice cream… (shuffles around like a zombie saying “ice creeeeam….” instead of “brainnns…”) (no horses. I think I ate them)

          1. I got something, but it’s mostly just a snippet. I have the hardest time writing short stories, most often they end up as something which is really only a bit of something longer.

          2. And you are evil. Now I’m thinking how rest of the story goes, and I should be finishing at least one of the three previously started novels, not start a fourth one. This one would need more research too because it seems to happen in the very near future, but there are characters from several periods of not very distant history. Where exactly did American troops deploy in WWII, were there any then in India or near east or somewhere between those areas? All I know anything about are the European and Pacific theaters. *grumble*

            And aliens. There are aliens. I don’t write aliens. Really I don’t.

      1. No horses. I think I ate them. I do remember thinking they weren’t good for anything else anymore, and I was terribly hungry after the fight. Yes, I can strike as fast as a serpent ,
        jump and dodge like a rabbit, fling my tail like a bullwhip, and even throw a bit of flame, but it takes a lot out of me. After my nap, I still didn’t see, hear, or smell anyone or anything else coming. so I went back to cleaning up. Then I could find a place to hide up and rest properly.
        The men who had been riding the horses, I roasted to ash and buried the ash. Manflesh just doesn’t taste that good. Orcs are even worse. This was just a small patrol, four if one of them hadn’t gotten away, but I think I got them all. Someone would be looking for them, and maybe me, too. It would be best not to make it too easy to be found.

        1. “No horses. I think I ate them.”

          “You *think* you ate them. Don’t you mean you did eat them.” I shook my head. An orge, no matter how well matter, was often a troubling choice for a partner. Sure, the stories were often amusing in a tavern after the fact.
          However having no horses with two leagues to cover in just two days to make our deliveryy was not funny. At leatst, it wasn’t funny yet.

          If we missed our meeting with the Crown’s representative it wouldn’t be funny ever.

          1. “No horses. I think I ate them. While I was sorry to lose Snowy, Demon remained bitter, stringy, and disagreeable to the last bite.” Marie regarded the line in her journal, then carefully capped the pen and let the wind dry the ink on the page. The little journal had seemed a fun diversion when they set out. Now, it seemed it might be a lasting record for any future explorers once they found the ruins of their party. She shook her head, chiding her thoughts. She must remain positive! Hopefully, the little journal would provide an amusing family record, somewhere down the line.

            She slipped the journal back in her pocket as the men started to wearily struggle to their feet and shoulder their packs again. Even she had a cut-down pack, weighted to as much as her delicate frame could take. Each day, they weighed less, as they ran out of food. Still, they climbed through the mountains. She lifted her eyes up to the snow-capped peaks, once a bump on the horizon and now almost her entire sky. The captain was coming down the line, checking on the injured and the hale. He stopped briefly before her. “Another day or two, Miss O’Connor. Not much longer, and we’ll be at the roof of the world, and headed back down to the sea.”

            “I shall endeavour to avoid slowing your men down, sir.” She’d said much the same when they’d first met over the barrel of her father’s gun and the smoking ruins of her cabin.

            He smiled, if only by reflex. “Ah, you lift us up, m’lady. We’ll all rise above.”

            She laughed, waving up at the mountains. “We most certainly shall, sir. Above all the cities and the plains. We rise.”

            “Indeed.” He found an answering grin, despite the fatigue most plain. “We shall rise!”

            The trooper behind her sighed. “Even Christ didn’t rise til the third day. Five more bleedin’ minutes, sir?”

            “Christ was dead the first two. You, too, can rest when you’re dead, troop.” But there wasn’t much sting to the rebuke, and the trooper was grinning as they set into their paces.

  4. Quote From Darkship Revenge.

    He paused a moment. โ€œAnd ice cream.โ€

    End Quote

    ๐Ÿ˜ˆ ๐Ÿ˜ˆ ๐Ÿ˜ˆ ๐Ÿ˜ˆ ๐Ÿ˜ˆ ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

  5. Oh boy! The Voices *love* ice cream!

    Unfortunately, the smart-assed one has started a round of “I’ll Take You Home Again, Kathleen” in the meantime…

  6. OK, what’s everybody’s favorite off-the-wall ice cream flavor?

    I loved Baskin Robbins’ Licorice when I was growing up, but I can only vaguely remember the flavor and my fondness may have had something to do with an adolescent fascination with the idea of GREY food.

    I also liked Mandarin-Chocolate Sherbet.

    Sadly, Baskin Robbins seems to have ashcan both flavors.


    You know your entering geezerhood when most of your childhood favorite foods aren’t made anymore.

    1. Can’t think of “strange” ice cream flavors that I enjoyed.

      However, Mom made a mistake ordering one flavor of ice cream from Howard-Johnsons (remember them?).

      She detested their coffee-flavored ice cream and she was the only coffee drinker in our family at that time. ๐Ÿ‘ฟ

      1. Not sure I’ve had a truly strange ice cream flavor. I think I missed the squid ink which might have been as well, but the LN2 ice cream made with Creme de Violet? Wonderful!

    2. Racist, Sexist, Homophobic Ice Cream is the best of all kinds of Ice Cream.

    3. Michigan Pothole. Dark chocolate with a thick fudge ribbon that wasn’t too sweet, chocolate-covered nut chunks. Inspired (or so the server averred) by the creator’s being stuck in traffic watching road repairs after a Michigan winter.

    4. I have very fond memories of a double-scoop cone from BR: one scoop Licorice ice cream, one scoop Blood Orange Ice. Delightful contrast of earthiness and sharpness.

      Any allegations that I was simply enamored of “Blood” in an ice cream flavor are utterly lacking in supporting evidence.

    5. Does greet tea ice cream count? Some of my family acts like its the weirdest thing ever. Kinda tastes the way that freshly cut alfalfa hay smells, if that sounds tasty to anyone else.

    6. Wasabi Ginger Peach ice cream. Which is the reverse order of the flavours; there were chunks of peaces, as well as plenty of peach flavour, but it was saved from being purely peach by the spicy bite of ginger and the delicate hint, not enough to be a bite, of the wasabi.

      Ah, wonderful stuff. I shall have to recreate it some day, to see if I can make my own poor efforts live up to nostalgia.

      Also, there was a creamery in Alaska (probably still is) that used local honey and berries. So you could get highbush cranberry with fireweed honey ice cream, or salmonberry, or currant… I used to sometimes make road trips just to go there. Especially after climbing mountains!

  7. Maple-Walnut
    Anything homemade with gobs of fresh fruit mixed into it.

      1. I like Blueberry Cheesecake flavored ice. Of course, I like cheesecake in any flavor. This does not combine well with meds that cause weight retention and a difficulty with exercise due to health issues.

    1. And anyone can talk TO a horse, of course.
      But if the horse should reply? Then you risk the rubber room.
      So shut up and listen carefully.

  8. Today’s hold your horses lesson.

    If you have been using the [] technique for note where you want to use the name of an archangel in a story when you decide on which one to use do not try replace it with:

    sed -i -e’s/[archangel]/Charles/g’

    (I decided not to use an arch angel’s name after all). Escaping those brackets in sed is important. What’s worse is I kept thinking “Don’t I need to escape these?” but let my horse Sed run free.

    Ugh…nearly 400 words in the scene where the letters ‘a’, ‘r’, ‘c’, ‘h’, ‘n’, ‘g’, ‘e’, and ‘l’ (all rarely used in English) have been replaces with “Charles”.

  9. Heyo. I’ve cleaned up and word-press-ed ready (i.e. you can dump it into the “text” tab & all the html links & formatting are a go) a guest post if you still need them. Drop me a line at carbonelle @ gmail dot com. If not, no worries.

  10. On behalf of Timeshavers Copy Editing, Ltd. (Est. 2031), here is a printout of the edits you will have made by next Thursday. We hope you will have appreciated this complementary advance copy of the changes you have yet to make.

      1. Sarah, you got to be careful with these “time-traveling” types.

        Sometimes they “accidentally” slip into alternate worlds.

        Besides the world where you are a well-known porn-story writer, there is at least one world where you are a well-known progressive writer. Oh, I met that Sarah and didn’t like her one bit. ๐Ÿ‘ฟ

        1. I was just mistakenly sent at least a terabyte of output by way of a dimensional alternate of Timeshifters Copy Editing. Ltd.

          It is from a Sarah Hoyt who, among other things, appears to have broken into the Japanese Light Novel market. (I’ve found at least three different harem romcom series that are missing the first books.) Also a manga series in Shonen Jump. So far, the image files haven’t been super huge, so I’m hopeful that the rest will be as story dense.

          There are some subtle cues that this is from a timeline where most genre writers live longer, healthier, and more productive lives. There are some very interesting collaborations mentioned in ‘other books by this author’ and ‘now out from this publisher’ matter. Also the information about publishers does not match the history in our timeline.

          One problem is that file formats etc. from after that Sarah quit writing, when the collection was compiled, are not easily readable with modern tools. It also might have been better to request the complete works, because publication dates do not necessarily match up between timelines.

          (The different timeline versions of Bleach that lasted ten, thirty, and forty years are wildly different.)

      2. Dear M. Hoyt,
        in response to your request we have attempted to provide the specified materials. Unfortunately the account address your previous novels,, appears to not be currently active. We hope these materials made it safely to publisher. Please advise.

  11. From: Timeshifters Copy Editing. Ltd. (Est. 2031)
    To: Hoyt, Sarah A.

    Per what will have been your current request, we have done some research and located what would be your then-forthcoming works.

    They appear to have included some rather adventurous gender explorations, a vigorous attempt at cross-connecting your discrete markets, and at least one attempt at what would have been called a “rock opera” in your period.

    We have forwarded copies of said works to the most recent address we could locate. Please confirm that is in fact current as of the time of your original request.

    We hope you find this material satisfactory,


  12. From: Timeslippers Manuscript Services, Ltd., (est. 2031)

    To: Hoyt, Sarah A.

    Concerning our previous communications please confirm receipt of previously specified materials.

    This matter is somewhat urgent, as transactions that remain open pose a minor risk of generating temporal inconsistencies.

    Your prompt attention to this situation would be greatly appreciated.

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