I am actually alive

But we’re under winter storm watch, so we had to run a bunch of complicated errands to make sure, in the unlikely event we’re snowed in tomorrow, we’re okay.

Last shop run just done.

Meanwhile, my eyes are okay.  Well, I’m still seeing double supposedly, but so much less that my eyes automatically compensate.

So, there it is.


62 responses to “I am actually alive

  1. Complicated errands? Including a stop at the grocery store for milk, eggs, and bread? 😀

  2. Drugs! Gasoline! Dragon Chow!

  3. Paul (Drak Bibliophile) Howard

    Obviously, “you’re actually alive”.

    You wouldn’t be posting if you’re dead. 😉

  4. It’s not a winter storm. It’s a spring storm with snow.

    Snow that doesn’t really exist because of global warming; hence, it’s probably just…marshmallow fluff, or something…sea foam, perhaps?…or maybe cottonwood tree fluff?…or perhaps frozen nitrogen falling from the sky?…but it’s anything but snow, because we were promised an end of snow by now.

    I know that these are supposed to be the hottest years EVAH, but I seem to recall these last couple of winters, and the last summer, to be a little cooler than the ones before. Yeah, yeah, the local is not the global, but it does cause me to be suspicious.

    Incidentally, I saw a video by Bill Nye, which ended by him saying “I offered to bet people that this will be the warmest decade EVAH in Recorded History. No one took the bet!” and I wanted to say, “Well, Bill, we’re talking about weather here, despite the mantra ‘the weather is not the climate’, and that’s known to be rather fickle. That, and just because it’s the hottest EVAH (which, as far as we can accurately determine, is really just “the hottest in the last 50 years”) doesn’t necessarily mean that we’re the cause of it. And just because we’re the cause of it, doesn’t mean that it’s going to be as bad as you say it is. So, no, I’m not going to take that particular bet, thank you very much.”

  5. Snow watch errands? So, you’re prepared to make the French Toast of the Apocalypse?

  6. When I had seeing-double issues due to one eyeball not being a complete team player (forget the technical term for “wandering eye”) I was given eye exercises. I was slightly disappointed it did not involve tiny barbells. (But they did help).

    I imagine the Hoyt emergency shopping list would be very entertaining reading…
    1 pallet toothpicks, for palisade modeling
    stale breadrolls, for the slingshot
    ketchup for the blood trail

    • Frozen carp, in case fresh can’t get delivered for a while.

      • Wouldn’t canned be better if you lose power?

        • Depends – I still need to replace the manual can opener that the kids broke couple of months ago…

          Unless they’re pop tops, of course. Pop top carp. Pop top carp. Pop top carp. Geeze, that’s hard to even type three times fast…

          • How do you break a manual can opener?

            • Me? By using it as pliers. Sigh. I’ve been forbidden from using good silverware as tools, too.

              • … d) using it as pliers, e) a nutcracker. Sigh. There are things that I have resigned myself to never knowing.

                (Oh, I have also been known to use a table knife as a screwdriver myself. But it survives just fine, being from the old Safeway discounted sets when you bought so much groceries in the late 60s. They made those tough!)

            • All I know is that they broke it (and eventually admitted it, when I went looking for it). It could be a) use as a hammer; b) use as a screwdriver; or c) leaving it soaking in the sink long enough to rust. Or… knowing my kids… it could be something that I do not have the imagination to encompass.

  7. thephantom182

    Eye patch! Then you can switch eyes all the time, and confuse people.

  8. Ken Mitchell

    “Well, I’m still seeing double supposedly, but so much less that my eyes automatically compensate.”

    That works while you’re fresh; or rather, it works for me when I’m fresh. But when I get tired, mid-afternoon (and worse in the evenings!) my vision goes double again. If it weren’t for my computer glasses, with a prism correction, I’d get bad headaches every night.

    • I have prism correction from up and down double vision. This, however, is side to side double vision.

      • My mother thought for most of her life that she had some peculiar form of double vision. What she was really observing was parallax (vision doubles for objects you’re not focused on).

        Not saying you aren’t experiencing double vision, just telling stories about my mom. Had she told me sooner, I could have cleared up the confusion when I was in middle school, rather than 25 years later.

  9. Just starting to snow here at the North end of Boulder County.

    • Just peeked at the forecast for Denver. Looks like snow, rain, and then more snow. Ugh, I remember that from springs in New Hampshire. Stay safe up there, hey?

      OTOH, when you people get this – we here in southern Arizona get our last absolutely beautiful days before the furnace lights off.

  10. I love your recent re-release of your Daring find books, I hope you will consider writing more sometime.

    • If she’s going to be snowed in… >:) (well, as long as they have electricity, we wouldn’t ask her to do it the way Agatha Christie did it. Right?….right? Now really?)

  11. Guys, she still thinks she’s seeing double! Buying all those twins was TOTALLY worth it…

  12. I still remember getting my first bifocals and walking to the car with weird sensation that the ground was coming up right before I stepped on it. . . .

    used my old glasses to drive off. And when walking through the next parking lot, it resolved.

  13. ‘A winter storm at the end of April?”


    “Ah, yes.”

    • Idaho, too. Totally season-appropriate.

      Okay, so there actually isn’t a month that it’s unknown, though snow in July is pretty rare. It’s the elevation.

    • Christopher M. Chupik

      Or Alberta.

    • The climate joke around here is we have four seasons:
      Construction (or Fire)

      I need to spray the weeds (it thistles were a cash crop, I’d be rich) but it’s 22 degrees this morning. It’ll be a while before I can start. OTOH, we haven’t had snow for a week or two.

    • Texas. Started snowing here around 0530. And set to continue through 0900 tomorrow.

  14. Sarah, btw, seems one of my comments got stuck in moderation a couple of days ago (due to having links, that is four links to flying car and jetpack companies, or such hopefuls), did you notice it at some point?

  15. I’m also nearsighted, but about half of the problem for me is astigmatism. Was bit of a revelation when I finally had to get reading glasses for the table computer, earlier I could just use my normal glasses but a few years ago it started to strain my eyes too much. About the same time I also got bifocals, earlier I could still read labels etc with the distance glasses but I had gotten to the point where I always had to peer either over them or take them off completely if I wanted to see something near.

    I have always just taken my glasses off when reading books, and that still works, but I do need the reading glasses for the computer. Anyway, with those reading glasses I noticed that I can actually see pretty clearly rather far too with just them. I had always assumed that most of the blurriness was from being nearsighted, looks like it’s actually mostly the astigmatism. I suppose some of the eye doctors I have met during the years have told me that, but I hadn’t really gotten it before I could see it. 🙂

    • Mine is almost entirely astigmatism as well. I can do the pinhole trick with one eye in a pinch.

      • Mine used to be mostly astigmatism. Then I hit my head. It’s now also nearsightedness, enough that I have to wear glasses all the time and not just while read/writing/driving/shooting.

    • Mine was astigmatism and near-sighted. Now I still have the astigmatism, but one eye has gotten to the point of presbyopia (aka needing reading glasses.) But I’ve had bifocals for 15 years because of doing so much reading in grad school. Doc was not pleased when I pointed out that I couldn’t “read less.” I was reading 8-10 hours/day, six days a week.

    • Mine is astigmatism too. I wonder what it is supposed to accomplish evolutionarily 🙂 Anyway, I now need reading glasses to do cross-stitch and other fine work including when I use the computer.

  16. No snow here in the Ozarks; just enough ongoing rain to make me tempted to start looking for an ark. Flood warnings all over the place. I swear I just saw the local squirrels walking past two by two, splashing through the puddles . . . 😛