Eye Doctor Appointment Today

Will blog later.

We’re going to make sure the double vision has gone away.  Because frankly, no one wants to see ya’ll’s comments TWICE.  It would drive me mad, maaaaaaad, like the necronomicon.  (WordPress thinks that should be micro-economics.  Sounds plausible!)

Hugs and kisses.  I’ll be back later.

38 thoughts on “Eye Doctor Appointment Today

  1. It should be all right if you say the words. Klaatu, Barada, Nik[cough*hacjk]! There, you said them. All okay now.

    (Seriously, get better soon)

  2. Be certain to say these words – “prism correction” – when you talk about the double vision.

  3. No, it is macroeconomics that’s bat-guano insane. Micro-economics actually kinda makes sense, at least the way they taught it [redacted] years ago.

    1. I usually hear it as “micro-economics is mostly figured out and actually works in making predictions; macro-economics is less rational than Voodoo”

      1. When you have a large enough input dataset, you can tweak your algorithms fo come to any conclusion you want…

      2. I’m convinced that the Austrian School description of how bubbles grow and are popped actually has a kernel of truth to it — namely, that artificially low interest rates encourages people to over-extend themselves, and when everyone realizes they can’t continue like that, they go bankrupt at around the same time — and so far, I haven’t really seen anything convince me that this is false.

        Particularly not anything Keynesian (which, shamefully, is the voodoo everyone in government uses to justify the policies that create bubbles…)

  4. WordPress thinks the necronomicon should be micro-economics? Shows what WordPress knows. It is macro-economics.

    (Yeah – I know; TXRed beat me to it. But I thought of it before I read TXRed’s comment.)

    Here’s hoping you don’t have to tell the optometrist, “Hey! My eyes are up here!”

    1. Surely there must be a Necronomicomicon, held somewhere? Perhaps with a motto: Go Mad!

      Those who enter the Dealers’ Room seldom come back.

      I wonder what the panels (and panelists) might be?

      1. Necronomicomicon XIII

        Writer GoH: Abdul Alhazred
        Keynote Address: Cthuluphobia: What It Is, How To Use It

        1. I am not entirely sure I would use the phrase “So, naturally …” in that context. It simply seems wrong.

    1. Yes – prayers. I sacrificed a chicken (or at least its lovely breast) on your behalf at lunch. Also a head of lettuce, a few tomatoes, some bacon and some balsamic vinegar (aka, Chik-fil-A Cobb Salad).

  5. Had fried haddock for dinner. Don’t think that counts as carp??? Hope that double vision resolves itself either with glasses or without. (Richard M. shame on you 🙂 )

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