Sorry, Sorry, Sorry

We’ve just finished dinner.  For various logistic reasons, it took a long time to get everything cooked and ready, so I didn’t sit down at the computer the whole time.

So, now it’s too late for vignettes.  I’ll do them sometime this week.

And I’m so sorry.

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      1. With some ice-cream or chocolate of choice.

        Not much, mind you, but you can’t think of giving such indulgences up completely, one needs occasional cheat days. Besides it builds character. Going cold turkey with some other stuff, like alcohol when that is the problem, may be a good idea but since you can’t give up eating you need to learn how to space yourself and eat only small amounts of the more troublesome substances.

        So, go and build character. Sofa, book to read, ice-cream or similar. 🙂

  1. There is absolutely NO need to apologize – for the Love of Life Orchestra, it’s Christmas and if you don’t deserve a respite, then nobody ever has!

    May you and yours have a very happy and HEALTHY New Year, full of books and other pleasures.

  2. For enjoyment reasons I started a few years ago cooking holiday main courses a day or two in advance, carving them up, then just warming everything the day of the holiday. Try it – you’ll never want to go back. Holidays are fun now, not stressful.

  3. This Is Christmas Day!

    You Do Not Have To Apology For Spending Time With Family! [Stern Dragon Look] 😉

  4. Vignettes will keep, family and food are real time events. No apologies necessary. Go, enjoy, and we wish you a メリークリスマス (Merry Christmas!). I’ve taken up watching the eyes and faces of kids enjoying the season. Very nice!

    1. Two days late, but even cows can celebrate Christmas….

      Eddi’s Service

      (A.D. 687)
      Eddi, priest of St. Wilfrid
      In his chapel at Manhood End,
      Ordered a midnight service
      For such as cared to attend.

      But the Saxons were keeping Christmas,
      And the night was stormy as well.
      Nobody came to service,
      Though Eddi rang the bell.

      “‘Wicked weather for walking,”
      Said Eddi of Manhood End.
      “But I must go on with the service
      For such as care to attend.”

      The altar-lamps were lighted, —
      An old marsh-donkey came,
      Bold as a guest invited,
      And stared at the guttering flame.

      The storm beat on at the windows,
      The water splashed on the floor,
      And a wet, yoke-weary bullock
      Pushed in through the open door.

      “How do I know what is greatest,
      How do I know what is least?
      That is My Father’s business,”
      Said Eddi, Wilfrid’s priest.

      “But — three are gathered together —
      Listen to me and attend.
      I bring good news, my brethren!”
      Said Eddi of Manhood End.

      And he told the Ox of a Manger
      And a Stall in Bethlehem,
      And he spoke to the Ass of a Rider,
      That rode to Jerusalem.

      They steamed and dripped in the chancel,
      They listened and never stirred,
      While, just as though they were Bishops,
      Eddi preached them The World,

      Till the gale blew off on the marshes
      And the windows showed the day,
      And the Ox and the Ass together
      Wheeled and clattered away.

      And when the Saxons mocked him,
      Said Eddi of Manhood End,
      “I dare not shut His chapel
      On such as care to attend.”

  5. Never apologize for doing the right thing, Miss Sarah. Most of us have been doing the same thing: cooking, spending time with family, and in blissful ignorance of anything else. Good on you for spending that time. Family is important- these are the lives that most affect you, and whom you most affect.

    It sounds as though (from the cheer) that we all seem to be doing alright (mistyped that as alight, but that works too). May Himself bless and keep you and yours, and all Huns and their own. Celebrate this day in whatever manner suits you best, for our labors await anon.

    Take care, folks. Remember in your prayers those who can’t be with us today, for whatever reason or service compels them.

  6. Pfui! Even the Lord rested after six days’s labor. You can certainly take His birthday off.

    Such a reaction to a day away from the computer strongly indicates an unhealthy relationship to the infernal device.

  7. Nope, nothing to be sorry for. Just got home from my mom’s place a little while ago myself.

    Merry/happy Christmas/Hanukkah Huns/Hoydens

    1. Gah. Just taking an off-topic moment to note my most recent walled book.
      “The Rook” by Daniel O’Malley.

      The reason I’m disgusted enough to make a public statement, is that it was so close to being really good. The setting was great, the genre cross-over was handled well , the characters were engaging, the writing showed the craftsmanship of being clear and unobtrusive. Sure, there was SJW virtue signaling, but it wasn’t prominent enough to be more than mildly irritating.
      But if you’re going to make the straight, white male character the puppetmaster villain and subject of the molehunt, perhaps not every farging clue should point directly at him.
      2/5 of the way through, there was no point to reading any further. Checking the write up, the only beat I didn’t anticipate was the turn towards grey goo in the denouement.
      Most bad books, you’ll know early on, so you can cut your losses without any significant investment of time or emotion.
      This one was promising. I had really high hopes for it.

      1. [I]f you’re going to make the straight, white male character the puppetmaster villain and subject of the molehunt, perhaps not every farging clue should point directly at him.

        This would only be true for those whose enjoyment of a novel is not the moral gratification of the mortification of the wicked. Readers seeking suspense, subtlety, complexity, or other literary device are not the intended readership and should apply at once for matriculation at one of the Dems’ reeducation camps.

  8. No need for apologies. Family first on Christmas Day. I’m just glad to know that all is well.

    There may be another hour or so to pick up books put on free for Christmas Day on Amazon’s Kindle. I don’t know if they base it on Pacific Standard Time (Seattle, where Amazon is based) or by the user’s local time. But there are a number of freebies out there just for today.

  9. I’m seriously bummed you had something better to do Christmas Day than create free entertainment for the likes of moi. The noive, I tellz ya!

  10. Sarah, I think my eyes rolled behind your refrigerator after reading an apology for not working on Christmas day. Can you send them back? I kind of need them for work.


  11. This useful bit of trivia might help all those among us contemplating selling books for their living:
    “They were unaware, says Young, that the average novel sells only 3,000 to 5,000 copies over its lifespan, and that sales of 7,500 gives you a best-seller.”
    From: This man wrote a small book for his family — and it became a best-seller

    Exceptions do occur, of course, but at least half of all books’ sales are below average.


    Jacobsen helped with edits and re-writes over the next 18 months, and they sent it to 26 publishers — half religious, half secular — all uninterested. “Neither group could figure out what genre it was,” Young says.

    “The faith-based people thought it was too edgy, and the secular people thought it had too much Jesus in it. I got caught between edgy and Jesus.”

    Genre divisions are for the convenience of publishers and book stores and may not comport to readers’ interests.


    Young … wound up in a protracted dispute with Jacobsen and Cummings due to their lack of a written agreement. After a lengthy legal battle, Young says he gave up the project’s film rights in exchange for complete freedom and ownership of his work moving forward. While that might seem a large concession, he says the success of “The Shack” has made him easily a millionaire and he has no regrets over the deal.

    ALWAYS put it in writing, if only to ensure you’ve properly thought through the issues. Or that your heirs are covered because as sure as G-D made little green apples you are gonna die someday. Sorry to be the one to break that to you, but it’s time you knew.

    1. “Getting it in writing” is actually as much if not more important when the folks involved are friends, because that gives a bit of distance away from unreliable memories.

    1. For those not recognizing the real life images of John L. Sullivan, himself, and James J. “Gentleman Jim” Corbett, this brief introduction is provided, with some potentially hilarious examples of how words’ meanings can change over time:

      BTW, the film is one of Flynn’s best performances (admittedly not the highest of bars) and provides one of Ward bond’s most endearing performances from a long career of great performances.

  12. You know that with very rare exception even fast food places close on Christmas Day?

    Or is it that there no day of the year that you are willing to trust us to be on our own?

  13. I was tempted to write a vignette on the word “Sorry”. But I’m too lazy in my post holiday haze.
    Merry Christmas Hoyt family, and a Happy New Year!
    (I suspect New Year’s will be a crazy/explosive event around here.)

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