Christmas Eve Promo by Free Range Oyster


Christmas Eve Promo by Free Range Oyster

Happy Holidays, Huns and Hoydens of Hoyt’s Horde! I’ve only had a couple of submissions this week, but if you regulars and lurkers would like to drop a little self-promotion in the comments (books only, please) for last minute gifts or folks spending gift money or Amazon gift cards this weekend, that’s fine. Just make sure that it isn’t an affiliate link or that it’s Our Beloved Hostess’ affiliate if you’re URL savvy. As always, future promo post entries can (and should!) be sent to my email. Above all, joy and blessings on you all, my friends.

Jason Dyck, AKA The Free Range Oyster

John Van Stry

Loose Ends

The Hammer Commission Book 3

Being on loan to the FBI has its advantages, and for the first time in far too long, Mark is taking a few weeks off with his family. But he’s barely gotten started when he finds his brother unwittingly entangled in a mess that can be traced directly back to an attempt on Mark’s life some months ago.

An attempt that left something unexpected behind.

And now that one loose end has started to fray into many and Mark must hurry to tie them all up, before unscrupulous drug dealers, power hungry witches, and even unwitting competitors of his brother’s biotech company, unleash a power that could destroy hundreds, if not thousands of innocent lives.

Alma Boykin

A Carpathian Campaign

The Powers Book 1

The Habsburg Empire, 1913: where ancient creatures, the Powers, and rulers human and otherwise guide nations and lands. A world where Vienna still has walls, and where István Eszterházy is certain that he knows exactly what the future holds.

And War is not part of the future.

And then a Serbian assassin murders Archduke Franz Ferdinand, and the impossible explodes into life.

Note: Although set in the same universe as The Cat Among Dragons series, the Powers alternate history books stand alone.

The Gods Defense

Amie Gibbons

The Gods Defense

In a world where the gods and magic have returned, enforcing justice just got a lot more hazardous!

Cassandra Berry is a prosecutor with a problem; the Defendant in her latest case is claiming Dionysus made him do it, and if he wins, defendants across the country will be pulling this excuse in every case. In order to get the god to answer a subpoena, she asks Apollo for help.

But divine favors always come with strings attached…


33 thoughts on “Christmas Eve Promo by Free Range Oyster

  1. Shouldn’t that be Alma Boykin not Leigh Kimmel for A CARPATHIAN CAMPAIGN? [Nervous Smile]

  2. Thanks for letting us lurkers jump in 🙂 I did my promo last minute so didn’t have time to send it to the Oyster.
    The Gods Defense is on sale for $0.99 for the next day, then it jumps up to $1.99.
    In a world where the gods and magic have returned, enforcing justice just got a lot more hazardous.

    1. This book was a lot of fun. A very nifty and creative plot with memorable characters. It would be a great book if you are stuck indoors, hopefully in front of a fire. Actually, it would be a great book if you were wearing shorts and sitting on a balcony in Key Largo like I am.

      Merry Christmas to all.

      1. I second the endorsement. It was a wonderful book to read on deployment, engaging characters, fun plotline, interesting ideas. I can’t wait to read the next one!

  3. Where’s that Italian guy — Vinnie Nettes? — who keeps writing all those amusing short-shorts? Doesn’t he usually do something along with the promos?

    Chappy Channukah, y’all! May all your latkes be crisp! (Does anybody know whether “fried in oil” makes battered, cheese-stuffed, jalapeno pepper poppers appropriate celebratory food?)

    The Wallaby genus wishes all of you a very merry Christmas.

      1. …bear trapping Santa Claus

        Sounds like something that the Red Chief would do. I expect that the Red Chief would like to take up the issue of the amount coal of which he has been recipient.

  4. Doing this from my phone on lunch so hopefully it works. If anybody is interested…

    Flash of Copper
    Steampunk flash fiction set in the world of my novella Copper Visions.

  5. I was going to get information in on some older books I’d done new covers for, but then I had computer problems right when I got two article orders in on Fiverr. I went from three working computers to three stuck chasing their own tails. I was trying to get as much a I could done on the tablet, but the virtual keyboard isn’t really suited for high volume data entry.

    At least my brother the computer engineer was able to get my laptop back in working order enough that I could finish the articles and get them off to my clients last night. I’m doing a one-day Christmas gift tomorrow, hoping I can get some of my broke friends to read and review. It may be a mistake, but right now sales are such that I’m willing to take the risk.

  6. Oh wow, thanks for adding my to the main post! That is awesome.

    And Merry Christmas to all the other weirdos out there! 🙂

  7. I thought I understood quantum entanglements. Straightening out last year’s Xmas lights? Whole new level…

        1. I second the motion. *points to tables groaning under the various food-stuffs awaiting consumption* My low-mincemeat light just came on.

  8. Okay, I’ll through this out there. I know I make a lot of self-deprecating references to this, in par because I’m been such an utter slug about getting anything else out, and I haven’t really been doing any kind of promotion, but some good friends have given some good reviews, and I should at least recognize their good taste.

  9. A Merry Christmas (or whatever holiday) and Happy New Year to all of the Huns who may show up here on Sunday. Alas, I have nothing to promote (reasons – and excuses…).

    Leigh, I’m going to wait on your book – until the price goes up again. I’m strange that way sometimes…

    Bear trap Santa? Not showing it to the son, he already left the bicycle in front of the door to trip the poor guy (fortunately he is wise to those little tricks…).

    Um, pardon the rambling. Up too early to glaze the ham, and the coffee mug is still half full. (I think the ham got the glaze, I’m not drinking port wine and mesquite honey, anyway.)

    1. I have the office All To Myself today! No coworkers! Just me! I can play my music without headphones! I can make my tea… Ooh, I could even make a pot of coffee to my preference! No interruptions when Getting Stuff Done(tm)! It’s like Christmas!

      Y’all have a merry Christmas, and a much better year ahead!

      1. Back in grad school, I walked into the library early one morning during Spring Break, looked around, and called (quietly) “Acres and acres and it’s mine, all mine!” The librarians laughed and went back to their card and video games, and books.

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