Home Now

Keeping this mostly  blank, but wanted you guys to know I’m home, and I’m okay for now.

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  1. I am relieved to here this!, do they have a diagnosis yet?

  2. This comment is also

    mostly blank

  3. Mostly blank comments
    are none the less a joy
    for news they can bring

  4. In my experience, the worst day at home is better than the best day in the hospital. Next thing, I suppose, is to find where your life went while you were in the lab rat cage.

    • William O. B'Livion

      IDK, the last time I was in the hospital I regained most of the use of my left hand and arm, and had some REALLY good drugs.

      • It’s amazing how friendly/grateful a nursing staff is when you turn down the offer[1] of morphine (and aren’t screaming in agony). “Let’s save that for someone who might really need it.”[2] And then the request for more toradol[3] (many hours after initial dose) wasn’t met with as much as a blink.

        [1] You know it’s a Known Big Painful when they tell you, “You know, you can have morphine if you think you need it.”

        [2] I have aunt who works in pain management who heard that story and said, “I might (offer to) kiss a patient who said that!”

        [3] It was a bit disappointing to look the stuff up and find it was toradol and not taur{a,o}dol. Ah well, another one of those ‘Reality’ things, I suppose.

        • Huh, I always get scolded to not wait until I feel like I need it on the pain killer stuff. (Oxy-something.)

        • Ah well, another one of those ‘Reality’ things, I suppose.

          Reality has a terrible way of not being nearly as well written as it ought be. Unbelievable coincidences, plot twists that had zero foreshadowing and entire story lines simply discarded without any sort of resolution, just everybody getting run over by a truck.

          Why, it’s as if the publisher doesn’t care whether we will ever buy more!

    • Wellllll …. one thing about being at home instead of in hospital: at home nobody insists on inserting a catheter.

  5. Glad to hear you are home.

  6. A post that is complete and has everything I need to know. Brevity is just fine.

    Take it easy for the next several days, please.

    • Well, I’ve sent her the next vignette post, so there’s something for here without trouble.

      Though the random word generator has foresight and weird judgment.

  7. Thank G-d. Stay there and get better in body and soul. When I present my humble self to the Space Princess at LibertyCon 2017, may she be in the pink of condition! Or better yet, the red-white-and-blue of condition.

  8. Glad you’re home!

  9. Excellent – I never slept very well in hospital; too noisy, everyone coming and going, and alarms going off, and noisy feet on linoleum floors and loud conversations. Such a relief to be discharged, go home and sleep.
    Seriously, get plenty of it now, kiddo. I have the sense that you are burning your candle at every available end.

  10. SO soon? Er, ah, I mean, that’s great! *pushes cans of plaid paint and portable hole mount out of sight with hind foot* Nothing. I was just looking for mice.

    • The aardvark assures you the exterminators are brought in on a regular basis. Yes, the green ones with ultraviolet hair. They do a good job.

      • Well, yeah: In sub-basement seven where the various *-chow bins are kept we used to just vent to vacuum every couple months, but the rodents started wearing space suits, and vacuum never really bothered those cockroaches anyway, so that’s why we called the green and ultraviolet folks…

  11. glad to hear you’re home. stay well.

  12. Welcome to Home Sweet Home (we ran out of time while arguing over the changes each was to make, so nothing got changed. OOPS)
    Some were for Plaid (they were this close to winning, got down to which tartan) others for a nice calming Fluorescent Green and Chartreuse with Hi-Vis Yellow polka dots.

  13. Awesome news. Keep it that way and we won’t have trouble.

  14. Margaret Ball

    Great news! Being in hospital (well, after they’ve saved your life) sucks. Much better being surrounded by books and cats. Last year I went home 2 days after major surgery because I wanted to pick up 2/3 of our big orange cat. (10 lb. weight limit, 15 lb. cat.)

  15. Welcome news – hospitals are where all the sick people are. The sooner away from there the better.

    So with your salts-shedding issue and your low BP thing, did the doc send you home with a scrip for burgers and fries?

    • scott2harrison

      As I recall, fries are a bad idea for her, but perhaps a huge (1 lb) bun less burger with extra fat, two kinds of cheese and an egg on top (she is a princess, she should have a royal burger).

  16. VERY glad your hospital stay was so short. Take care. Be well.

  17. She’s alive! A-LIVE!

    Glad to hear you’re still breathing. Relax … unless you’d like that part to change.

    Yeah, I’m part of that “tough love” philosophy … except lacking love. It’s more of a “You will do what’s good for you, or I will grab you by the shoulders and rattle you like a rag doll.”

    …. But I haven’t had any coffee all day, I may be cranky.

    Oh, and for the record, I don’t particularly CARE if stress directly LED to the incident in question but I am 100% certain that if you don’t relax, it’s not going to get better any faster.

  18. I’m glad you are home. I hope your recovery is swift.

  19. Get better, relax, do what the doctors say.

  20. Rest well. ((Hugs))

  21. Hurray! Home is bestest for resting. {{{HUG}}}

  22. Oh good Lord … the home has a heart attack so she shifts to two posts a day? Spend some tie with your family, reminding them they cannot manage without you how much you love them.

  23. Still praying. You’re a lot younger than I am. Get well and stay there.

  24. Rest well.
    Hospitals aren’t really conducive to sleep.

    • oh yeah. I got home from the hospital and happily curled up in my bed.

    • Didn’t sleep at all when they kept me overnight. Although maybe that was part of the stress testing…

      Not even going to mention the food. Although maybe they let Sarah have some flavor, her being a salt-shedder. (I know that that hospital kitchen can cook some pretty good food – they also run the cafeteria there, and the daughter and I enjoyed our meal there while the wife was in surgery a while ago.)

      • They put me on cardiac diet, which turns out to be completely inappropriate, which means there was a ton I couldn’t eat between carb restriction and heart restriction. SIGH.

        • Was afraid of that – I was looking at nothing but carbs when they finally let me eat. Fortunately, I don’t have a carb problem (or don’t think so, anyway, your experiences are beginning to make me think on that, darn it).

          Also no salt, which is pretty much a disproven notion in any case. Not good for you, either. (They really should have an MD in the kitchen, dang it, who can read the patient’s chart and prescribe food appropriately, not for a “widget.”)

          Get to your doctor appointments, when you have an assembly of good ones. A doctor a day keeps the hospital away…

        • I have reached the conclusion that almost all diets are completely inappropriate. If it were not for one minor side effect I think we’d all be better off not eating at all.

    • Especially when you have friends who work there and they find out you’re in the ER for dehydration so they come down to mock you… Just me? Okay.

  25. Good to hear you’re already home. I’m sure there are better places to take a break.

  26. I’m glad to hear you’re home. Good luck on getting/staying well and out of hospitals.

  27. So good that you aren’t stuck there until Monday.

    And I like you, so I won’t make jokes about the ST:TOS Salt Monster. 🙂

    But you are definitely blessed. If I keeled over in the shower, nobody would find me until the automatic payments drained my bank accounts and they auctioned my house. Damned cats, can’t train them to dial 911.

  28. Get Well.
    Stay off Facebook
    Posner is a moron.

  29. Christopher M. Chupik

    Some more well-wishes from File 770*:

    “Lis Carey on December 3, 2016 at 11:16 pm said:
    Flint and Hoyt need to understand that they are required to recover. I have no more openings for “deaths, 2016.” This is not negotiable.”

    “Standback on December 3, 2016 at 11:50 pm said:
    @Lis: Well said.
    I hope Flint and Hoyt both enjoy a full and speedy recovery. And I’m sorry for even not-immediately-threatening medical uncertainty; that’s scary as hell”

    “Paul Weimer on December 4, 2016 at 5:28 am said:
    @Lis. Agreed.
    Best wishes for recovery for both Eric and Sarah.”

    (*Note: not sarcasm, oddly enough)

  30. I haven’t read all of these posts so I’m sure I’m repeating others, but please take care of yourself. Autoimmune disorders are tough things to deal with, I’m sure, so pace yourself and try to pay attention to what your body is telling you.

    Dr. Slab

  31. Oof. Home is good. Sleep bed is best. I should do more of 2 now. Good to hear you are in best place.