I’ve Been Working On The Promo – Jason Dyck

*Note from Sarah — yes there will be Dark Fate. Later, today.  Now run and play while I finish it. – SAH*

I’ve Been Working On the Promo – Jason Dyck

J.M. Ney-Grimm

Crossing the Naiad

Ancient, cold, and perilous.

Its truth forgotten in the mists of time, the old bridge harbors a lethal secret. Neither marble statues awakened for battle nor an ancient roadbed grown hungry, something darker and more primal haunts the stones and the wild river below.

Kimmer knows the stories, but she doesn’t know why the crumbling span feels so fraught with menace. Her way home lies across the ruin. Dare she take it? Or will horror from the lost past rise up to claim her, when she does?

David L. Burkhead

Big Blue

Two monsters on a collision course with the fate of mankind hanging in the balance.

A stolen submarine and an accidentally detonated nuke in Baffin Bay releases something never seen before, a monster ten times the size of Tyrannosaurus Rex, seemingly impervious to every weapon in mankind’s arsenal.

Undersea Earthquakes in the remote South Pacific of ever increasing magnitude, generating massive tsunamis. A new continent arises and on that continent something stirs, bringing madness in its wake.

Laura Montgomery

Far Flung

In the very near future a seastead offers consumers a choice in governing systems. Adam Tenney’s daughter takes that offer, but what can he do for her when pirates threaten the seastead, the U.S. refuses to recognize it, and he is trapped in a desk job on land?

35 responses to “I’ve Been Working On The Promo – Jason Dyck

  1. Paul (Drak Bibliophile) Howard

    Big Blue Is Great!!! 😀

    • I read that description and thought “waaaait a minute, is this Godzilla vs. Cthulhu? THIS IS GODZILLA VERSUS CTHULHU!” and then immediately bought it.

      • sabrinachase

        I thought it was the other Big Blue…(no, not IBM–Cookie Monster! Now THAT would be a kaiju battle of the century!)

      • Paul (Drak Bibliophile) Howard

        There’s a scene where the US Navy doesn’t want to call the one critter “Godzilla” but calls it “Big Blue”. 👿

        • Well, it’s not exactly Godzilla, nor is it exactly Cthulhu because IP, but same basic idea. 😉

          In developing the cover art, I had to scrap one version because the one critter looked too much like AmeriGoji (from that terrible 90’s movie). Need to keep the lawyers away.

          • Paul (Drak Bibliophile) Howard

            Larry Correia has a short story set in his Grimnoir world where Japan is dealing with this summoned monster and the American Mover sees the ocean charts plotting the movement of the monster.

            He see the Japanese characters for “god-whale” representing the monster.

            The Japanese name for Godzilla means “God-Whale”. 😉

            • Um… Could you tell me what they think the Japanese name for Godzilla is? To the best of my knowledge, it’s Gojira, which doesn’t mean Kami kujira (literally God whale). Giant whale? That would be Dai Kujira, or possible Okujira?

            • BobtheRegisterredFool

              Yeah, I always heard it was gorilla-whale.

            • Paul (Drak Bibliophile) Howard

              The Larry Correia story is “Tokyo Raider” in _Baen Big Book Of Monsters_ (edited by Hank Davis).

              Here’s the paragraph that I was thinking about.


              There was only one marker he didn’t understand. It was shaped like a dragon, was red like the rest of the communist forces, and it had to represent something naval because it was tracking up the east coast of the island, heading for Tokyo bay, and several Japanese naval units had been destroyed along its path, including an entire carrier battle group. Several submarines were marked as missing. The kanji on the marker identified it with the code name: Gorilla Whale.

              End Quote

  2. I’ve Been Working On the Promo…

    … all the live-long day? 🙂

  3. Christopher M. Chupik

    Far Flung has a very striking cover.

    • Laura Montgomery

      Thanks! The art is from dreamstime.com, and Ms. Ney-Grimm schooled me in how to do the fonts and other weird stuff I don’t understand ( and may have done more than a little of the hard stuff for me).

      Thank you for doing this, Sarah and Jason!

  4. Sarah, did you notice how well that Usaian runner did in the Olympics?

    • About the third news article I saw about him it suddenly occurred to me that “Usaian” was his name…