No Post Today

Sorry — I am swamped trying to unpack and catch up on work-work before trip to Liberty con/Portugal and my post on “the crazy stuff being said about the Brexit” and “the crazy stuff that might actually result from it” will have to wait.

Meantime read Francis Turner’s excellent post

Brexit: How, Why and What Next? – Francis Turner

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  2. That wasn’t a post, and this isn’t a comment.

  3. Adding a not comment and seconding the “too much stuff to get done before LibertyCon and [not trip to Portugal].”

  4. Paul (Drak Bibliophile) Howard

    No Post Today!!!!!

    There Must Be A Post Today!

    I Paid For One…..?

    Oh, I forgot we don’t pay you for posts. :embarrassed:

    Seriously, Take Care Sarah. 😀

  5. This reminds me of calling in to work to take a personal holiday because it was “Nothing to Celebrate Day!”

  6. Even the Creator rested.

  7. BobtheRegisterredFool

    Not a comment for the purpose of not receiving comments.

  8. The British departure from the European Union is overdue insofar that they got blocked multiple times trying to join and then opted out of so many programs. If you’re not totally participating then it is easier to be out than barely in.

  9. One of the many things I’ve learned since I first lurked here it that lack of an actual post doesn’t mean a topic won’t develop in the comments. Somewhere. At some point. But not here.

  10. It ought be recognized that, with two posts Friday and one Saturday, the routine weekly quantity of posts is unmarred.

  11. Random Topic of Randomness: Unicorn(s)

  12. Randy Wilde

    I didn’t have Post cereal for breakfast today either. And the post doesn’t run on Sundays, so no mail.

    I guess I’ll have to either go lean on a fence, or go postless today.

  13. Patrick Chester