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*I was going to do my own post NOT PRECISELY on Brexit, but life overtook me.  At any rate I want to give Francis’ as much exposure as possible.  He’s below, if you haven’t read it, and it’s the best post you will READ on Brexit.
Meanwhile, my husband having pointed out that the reason my auto-immune is worse could be either age or (and he cleared his throat) stress, I’m going to take some hours off.*

Your long wait is over at last; the Promo Post has returned! After a lengthy drought (and a couple communication snafus), I bring you a trove of entertainment. A quick reminder: inclusion in the promo post does not constitute a recommendation or endorsement by Our Beloved Hostess or myself. That said, a great many of the authors listed here are regulars in the comment section, so the odds are good and the goods are odd. Remember, if you like a book, please be sure to leave a positive review; if you don’t, make sure to provide the writer with constructive criticism. As always, future entries can (and should!) be sent to my email. Happy reading!

Jason Dyck, AKA The Free Range Oyster
Lapsed editor, attrocious correspondent, wary admirer of the starveling cat

Alma Boykin

Shadows and Anguish

A Cat Among Dragons Book 8

Out of the embers wakes a fire. Out of the shadows comes an avenger.

After near death at the hands of her father’s enemies, Rada Ni Drako returns to her duties, her body healing and mind intact. Or is it? The new commanding officer of the 58th Regiment of Foot does not trust her and guards his own secrets. Her strongest allies now serve elsewhere. And new dangers threaten all that the Cat Among Dragons holds dear. From the coasts of Britain to the forests of Drakon IV and the depths of the Harz Mountains, Rada Ni Drako fights her shadows.

Everyone has a breaking point. Rada is about to discover hers.

Peter Grant

Brings the Lightning

The Ames Archives Book 1

When the Civil War ends, where can a former Confederate soldier go to escape the long memories of neighbors who supported the winning side? Where can Johnny Reb go when he can’t go home?

Walt Ames, a former cavalryman with the First Virginia, is headed West with little more than a rifle, a revolver, and a pocket full of looted Yankee gold. But in his way stand bushwhackers, bluecoats, con men, and the ever-restless Indians. And perhaps most dangerous of all, even more dangerous than the cruel and unforgiving land, is the temptation of the woman whose face he can’t forget.



The Inlari Sagas Volume 1

Fifty years after first contact with the inlari, war ravaged the Earth, leaving New Zealand and Australia the victors and survivors, but at a devastating cost. As human and inlari factions compete against each other in the struggle for power and resources, some seek zealotry and dominance. Others strive for peace and unity—and with them, hope still lives.

Interspecies is a shared-universe anthology containing four stories of transformation, survival, and the eternal search for meaning and purpose in a turbulent world. Can inlari and humans alike bridge the gap created by their prejudices? Or will one species forever rule the other?

Enigma Front

A wave of possibilities rolls across the land and nothing remains the same IN ITS WAKE … Dinosaurs. Dragons. Clowns. From nineteenth-century China to the moons of Saturn, from the Renaissance to the aftermath of apocalypse, these eighteen stories share one theme–change, like you’ve never seen it before. NOW, EVERYTHING CHANGES! Read stories penned by Aurora, Hugo, and Nebula Award winners, as well as up-and-coming authors, in a single volume.

Includes the short story “Grasshoppers” by Christopher M. Chupik

JL Curtis

Rimworld: Stranded

A military Sci-Fi short story.

Senior Sergeant McDougal wasn’t a combat troop, he was a maintainer. He was good at it, proud of his status, and on his first planetary detachment as the lead maintenance troop for an outpost.

But, when he got stranded on Regulus Four, a Rimworld and one of the clusters that formed the DMZ between the Patrol and the Dragoons, his status didn’t mean a thing…

Improvising, adapting, and trying like hell not to panic, he did his best to fulfill the Patrol’s prime directive to destroy the portable stargate, and still get himself off the planet in one piece before the Dragoons got to him.

C.J. Carella

Decisively Engaged

Warp Marine Corps Book 1

(WARNING: Contains violence, strong language and adult content)

They picked a fight with the wrong species.

A NATION AT WAR: The United Stars of America. Born in the conflagration of unprovoked alien attack, the newest entrant to galactic politics took the few crumbs of hypertech gifted to it and ran with them, soon expanding over dozens of star systems and establishing a wide trade network, protected by its powerful Navy and the dreaded Warp Marines.

A FIGHT TO THE DEATH: A single Marine platoon, tasked with protecting an embassy on a hostile alien planet. An embassy – and the human enclave around it – that soon finds itself surrounded by armed mobs. Can the Marines and a ragtag band of civilian and Navy personnel survive long enough to be rescued?

SPECIAL INDEPENDENCE DAY SALE! To celebrate the launch of the second book of the Warp Marine Corps series, No Price to High, as well as Independence Day, Decisively Engaged will be for sale at $0.99 until July 4th.

No Price Too High

Warp Marine Corps Book 2

(Warning: Contains violence, strong language and adult content)

The battle for humanity’s survival continues.

Peter Fromm: After barely surviving the Battle of Kirosha, Captain Fromm and the rest of the 101st Marine Expeditionary Unit are sent forth to defend a vital star system. While the US Navy battles a vast alien armada in the skies above Parthenon, the Devil Dogs must fight a formidable, well-equipped army on the ground. Retreat is not an option.

Lisbeth Zhang: The former naval officer, once a rising star, faces the end of her career. She reluctantly accepts a new, secret posting, one that will turn her into an experimental subject in a covert weapons project that may save humanity – or spell its doom.

Heather McClintock: Being a CIA operative in a hostile galaxy is never easy. Out in the cold, with no support but her wits and skills, can she make a difference in the battles to come or just become another casualty?

Independence Day Sale! No Price Too High will debut at a promotional price of $0.99 until July 5th, when its regular price of $3.99 will go into effect.

J.M. Ney-Grimm

Rainbow’s Lodestone

Lodestone Tales Book 3

On a whim, the rainbow’s child falls to earth, where a cruel adversary takes advantage of her innocence. Bereft of her thunder-swept heavens, she dwindles. The sky calls to her, but she cannot answer. This transcendent short story of J.M. Ney-Grimm’s troll-ridden North-lands explores how inner freedom creates outer opportunities.

Earth trumps heaven until ancient music plays.

This edition of Rainbow’s Lodestone includes its sequel story Star-drake.

Karen Myers

Mistress of Animals

The Chained Adept Book 2


Penrys, the wizard with a chain and an unknown past, is drafted to find out what has happened to an entire clan of the nomadic Zannib. Nothing but their empty tents remain, abandoned on the autumn steppe with their herds.

This wasn’t a detour she’d planned on making, but there’s little choice. Winter is coming, and hundreds are missing.

The locals don’t trust her, but that’s nothing new. The question is, can she trust herself, when she discovers what her life might have been? Assuming, of course, that the price of so many dead was worth paying for it.

C Chancy

Count Taka and the Vampire Brides

Welcome, traveler, to wild Tramontana!

Here you will find snowclad mountains, roaring rivers, vast caves perhaps never seen before by mortal man! Here the strong Horses of Night roam the mountainsides – perhaps you can tame one to ride with your charms. Here the shepherds call to the long-fleeced sheep, the sheep to their sweet lambs – and you can find true telemea, the softest and freshest of cheese, in the gift shop, herb-flavored, a dozen special varieties-

Eh? You’re not here for the gift shop?

Ah, the cameras, of course! Forgive me, most of the photographers we see head straight for the ski lifts. Or the whitewater. Yet there’s so much more to Tramontana! The healthy farmers bringing in the hay, the soaring churches, the wild gypsy dancers – you must dance with the gypsies – and Raven Castle! Oh, there’s a place of history… and mystery.

It held the line against the Turks, they say, and the ancient lords rooted out all manner of uncanny beings… or bargained with them. Have you heard the rumors? That Count Herodes has ruled from that castle for over a hundred years? True, I tell you, all true!

&jellip;Monsters don’t exist, eh? Well, well, take your photographs, and we’ll see!

But you must visit the castle. The Blood Moon is coming, yes, and they say that’s when vampire lords can take a Bride! Other years have come and gone with no new lady in the castle, but this year… oh, you should hear Mistral sing the omens! A lass with your modesty and charms-

What’s that? Ah, temper, temper; location shots, yes, I see. Which way to the castle… there are maps in the gift shop, and tour schedules – but we can do better than that! Why, we’ll escort you there ourselves, no trouble at all, I insist

Ooof. That’s a feisty one! Well, she’s packed off now. The other Brides should have some interesting weeks… Mihail? What do you mean, Kae’s not a girl’s name?


(Vampire with annoying relatives meets photographer with terrifying relatives. Hilarity Ensues.)

A Net of Dawn and Bones

Oyster Note: I’m including the author’s note rather than the blurb because I thought you lot would appreciate it. Click through the link for the blurb.

This book was written because I couldn’t find anything like it on the shelves.

…No, seriously. After the umpteenth time picking up yet another urban fantasy that looked promising but on closer skimming had the Designated Protagonist choosing the Sexier Evil, I kind of snapped.

Part of the fun of any story is putting yourself in the character’s shoes. But these shoes I not only didn’t want to slip into, I wanted to set them on fire. Where were the good guys? The honest cops? The ordinary people choosing to do the Right Thing, no matter how hard it was? Where was the belief that there is a Right Thing; that there is Good, and Evil, and you pick the side you’re going to fight for, even if the heavens fall?
In short – where were the heroes?

I assure you, if I were in on ground zero of a vampire versus werewolf blood war, my thoughts would not be centered on, omigod the two main supernatural guys are so darkly yummy in their hellspawn black leather. They would be, stake, silver – where are they and how fast can I reload?

So here they are: an honest cop, a half-demon, and an ancient heretic who just might be a saint. Out to kick butt, save lives, and hopefully save souls.

Welcome to Intrepid, North Carolina.

I’m hoping to stay awhile.

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  1. Sarah, I just started reading Death of a Musketeer last night, and I had to tell you that I’m loving it! I’ve reached “Porthos’s Talent; Laundress’s Honor; Porthos’s Ethics and I’m completely gripped. 😀

    • Thank you. There really will be a sixth, G-d willing in December, unless we have to move again. (not likely, but I had a nightmare.)

      • My dear esteemed hostess, with what you have gone through it would not be surprising to have such a nightmare — please consider that it was just that and no more, a nightmare.

        My you find yourself enveloped in refreshing peaceful restful sleep.

  2. So that’s “No Price Too High” added to the virtual stack-o’-books on the Kindle. The first in the series was excellent.

  3. I love love love LOVE “A Net of Dawn and Bones.”

    • Christopher M. Chupik

      The cover art is superb.

      • I’m certain that both the author and the artist will appreciate the compliments!

        (Friend of the author here….)

    • BobtheRegisterredFool

      I too am pleased to see them here.

      Like Foxfier, I am a fan of some of the author’s other work.

  4. Christopher M. Chupik

    Since my blurb for “Grasshoppers” seems to always get left out, I’ll provide it here: “After the Apocalypse, an elderly prepper deals with some unwelcome guests.”

  5. adventuresfantastic

    I really liked Interspecies.

  6. Reading posts on this blog – especially about trying to be a conservative in the writing world – was one of the reasons I decided to go with CreateSpace for A Net of Dawn and Bones rather than keep sending manuscripts to people who always said “doesn’t quite fit our requirements”. Thanks to all of you for putting this info out there; and I’ve definitely got to check out some of these books! 🙂

    • Thank you. Sometimes it’s good to know one is doing SOMETHING.

      • *G* You’re definitely doing something. I’ve pointed a few fellow writers toward your articles, with, “See? It’s not our imaginations. There really is a problem!”

        Who knows, if enough people go indie, maybe we can get the chain stores to actually consider carrying some titles….

    • The Amazon Kindle version of “A Net of Dawn and Bones” has DRM. Is there a reason why?

      • Is there a reason why not? Please let me know if this is a problem; I’m still a bit fuzzy on exactly what DRM does, and CreateSpace changed some of their publishing options between last year (when A Net of Dawn and Bones was published) and this year. I may not have had the option to take it off last year.

        • The intent of DRM is to prevent reading copied versions of the text, in an attempt to prevent pirating. In reality, DRM is ineffective against pirating, because anyone who wants to do so can get software to break the encryption and pirate the book anyway, so the only real effect it has is to frustrate readers who want to read the story on multiple devices, or convert to a different format (such as epub), so that they can read it on devices which don’t work with Kindle-based files.

          Most of the authors here recommend against incorporating DRM for that reason.

        • In general you lose nothing with non-DRM and you piss off a lot of readers with DRM. What you’re saying is “you guys are all potential pirates.”
          Your book WILL get pirated regardless.

    • Amen to that. This blog and the Mad Genius Club have always been very supportive and informative. And as the gatekeepers of trad publishing become more and more intransigent (a few exceptions like Baen notwithstanding), it’s good to know there are alternative ways to reach an audience.

  7. My answer to the question at the beginning of Peter’s blurb is still…


  8. Dear Free Range Oyster: It worked. The blurb alone got me to buy the book. (When will I read it? it’s summer reading and I have sooo MUCH IndyCar Baen goodness on my kindle!)

    I don’t even know if she’s got what I like in fantasy: authorial voice, setting & plot (in that order. “Characterization” is dead last. I like Dante and Beowulf you philistine)

    But I like the cut of her nib.

    • Gah! Jib. Jib. Jib.

      Why does it keep autocorrect to “nib” even after I manually correct it?

      • Given that quill pens have nibs, it follows that you should destroy your device immediately, because it’s starting to show signs of sentience.
        Specifically, it’s making puns.

        • I wouldn’t say that puns are a sign of intelligence. Quite the reverse, actually.

          • Proof of Inelegant Design?

            • Laura Montgomery


              • A MicroFiction Moment:

                Stanley broke the pleasant silence, “It seems to me ID explains quite a bit, really.”

                “Wait. You? Support ID?” gasped Roger in disbelief, “You, the, admittedly quite mad, scientist type? You’re joking, aren’t you?”

                “No joke. It’s rather painfully obvious, isn’t it? Take a look at the world, it’s rather messed up. Consider interest rates…”

                “Now hang on a moment! What’s that got to do with ID, which pretends to be about biology and where evolution breaks down?”

                “It’s still ID, but fine, biology and evolution. Take the giraffe…”

                “Please!” quipped Roger, to Stanley’s irritation.

                “Giraffes, for example, are tall and have long necks to eat the leaves of trees that also grow quite tall, but getting water or anything from the ground is awkward. That’s because a giraffe has only seven neck vertebrae, the same number of neck vertebrae as a human or a mouse.”

                “You’ve just made a good point against ID, you know.”

                “Nonsense. It’s very ID. You or I or any halfway competent person would have added more vertebrae and made the giraffe’s neck more flexible, at the very least. Evolution generates workable solutions, but those aren’t necessarily good solutions, merely ‘good enough.’ Keeping the same number of vertebrae may be simple, but is rather inelegant. Thus, it supports Inelegant Design quite well.”

                Roger shook his head in disbelief. “Inelegant? Emily Litella!”

                “Who’s she?”

                “Never mind. You’ve misheard. They’re calling it Intelligent Design.”

                “Intelligent?!” sputtered Stanley, “Please tell me you’re joking.”

                “I wish I was. ‘Inelegant Design’ would be so much more appropriate.”

                Stanley slumped, “I think…”

                “Yes, you actually do.”

                “I think,” repeated Stanley, “I need to take a couple aspirin and lie down for a while.”

                ( Original posting: http://vakkotaur.livejournal.com/212016.html )

  9. I’ve picked up some books from these promotion posts before, but A Net of Dawn and Bones is by far my favorite out of what’s snagged from here, and I loved the setting and characters enough to leave a review and comment here for the first time. REALLY hope that this goes on to be a series, I’d buy them all.